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A real rollercoaster of youth.

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"You're key in all of this," I told Kaenbyou. "Let's face it, it didn't go too well last time I tried talking to her and it probably would just overwhelm her to have Patchy there as well." I knew that that truth didn't make it any easier to swallow. It was a grave responsibility and we weren't exactly adding anything new to the table. So, naturally, as any impressionable youth would , I turned to sappy sentimentally. "you need to show your love. If you open up your heart I'm sure your feelings will get through to her. That's all that needs to happen. You need to trust in her and have her trust in you.."

Kaenbyou didn't immediately acknowledge what I said. She looked down at the table, tracing her finger across the dusty surface and drawing lines. "So what now?" she asked.

"I don't think either of us can tell you what to say. You probably need to think about what you really want to say and how you want to say it. In the end, you are the only one who knows what she's really like.."

"A practiced speech isn't so important if the goal is intimacy," Patchy interjected.

"I think mood is more important than any particular phrase or word," I said. "It'll probably be best if we're only in the general vicinity. Out of sight but close enough if you need anything."

"Fine, this is enough then." Kaenbyou stood up. It was obvious that there was a lot on her mind. We weren't entitled to get a glimpse of anything else. As harsh as it sounded, it really was something that only she could resolve. Any help we could give her was moral support at best. "Give me your mail address. I'll send you a message an hour before I talk to her so you can loiter around my house. I don't think you'll be needed at all but I guess you deserve to be there, if only because you're so invested in this.."

"You'll do fine," I assured her, taking out my phone. We exchanged contact details. "This will have a good ending, just you wait and see." There was no guarantee of that, of course. So it was just mostly wishful thinking. But, if the plan didn't work, I didn't think that much else would. Big Sis would have to find another lackey because if I tried anything else by myself it would just make the situation worse.

"We'll see," Kaenbyou said with a sigh. It didn't suit her to be sighing all the time. She was a fiery and expressive personality, it suited her to be confident and brash. "It'll probably be tomorrow at around this time. Sunday is a perfect day, all things considered. I just have to spend the next day thinking about what to say.."

I saw her off, watching her climb down the stairs. I locked up the club room and found that Patchouli was still hovering around me. It seemed like she had something on her mind that she wasn't saying.

"Our work, by and large, is done," I said with a sigh of my own. "It's all up to her now. I don't think we could have done anything else.."

"Quite possibly not," Patchy agreed quietly.

"Do you think it'll work out?"

"People are unpredictable," she said, "it's difficult to tell what's inside of their minds at any given moment."

"It is a gamble, but hopefully it'll work out.."

"All we could do was manipulate conditions to favor a positive outcome. It was never really up to us. The crux of the matter was always to be decided by their relationship and their history.."

"Kaenbyou was the only variable that we could act on directly, it seems.."

"Maybe, maybe not," Patchy said, "the problem with a retrospective view is that the actions taken seem to all have an absolute value. In reality, those are all hypothetical value and possess no intrinsic superiority or inferiority to the paths not taken. We may infer but it is not accurate to be deterministic."

"Mm," I think I understood what she was trying to get at. Because we acted a certain way and seemed to have results with a certain course of action it looks like maybe the other approaches wouldn't be as viable. Maybe it was possible to have gotten through to Reiuji without Kaenbyou. Maybe even more efficient. It wasn't something easy to prove. Or even speculate about. "It is hard to see into the mind of another," I concluded.

"Then there is nothing else to say about this matter," she said, "and there is no more point to my involvement. Goodbye." She gave a little nod of her head and started to walk away.

"Hold up!" I stopped her from going away. "You're not going with me to see how this all works out after she talks to Reiuji?"

"There is no need for me to be there," Patchy said. "I am no longer affecting outcomes and so my presence would be superfluous."

"You were instrumental in cracking this thing over though, don't you feel invested in the outcome?" I was confused at her attitude. The mercenary nature of her words seemed at odds with what she had done for me.

"I did what I could. You were the only active force in play. Everything that occurred is due to your decisions and influence. That girl and I are only used by yourself in this situation. Therefore there is no need for my presence in order for the rest of the events to play out.."

"Isn't that a little too cold?" I asked. "I mean, we're helping people, not simply carrying an experiment out. You're not a tool that needs to be put away after you're done doing your part. We all have feelings and that's what matters now. Whether or not you feel like something as opposed to needing to do something."

"I'm afraid I don't really follow," Patchy said.

I was ready to present her with a clear argument.

[] The truth is that I want her to be there with me
[] It's her responsibility to see the experiment through to the end
[] The truth is that I want her to be there with me.

This totally isn't because I want a Magician harem. Nope totally not. On a side note, I have a bad feeling about this... Anyone else getting that vibe? I could just be crazy.
[] The truth is that I want her to be there with me.

As many things, it might just blow up in our face, and in that case, I'd like some rational thinking with us. Especially one who can think on her feet and play along.
[] It's her responsibility to see the experiment through to the end

Bcause it's fucking true. Also, what kind of scientist/magician wouldn't see the result of her own experiments?
[x] It's her responsibility to see the experiment through to the end

The vote actually say pretty much everything I want to say.
[X] The truth is that I want her to be there with me.

Bit of a tough choice, but I guess I'll justify this as an extension of our previous decision. Having Patchy for moral support today would be great.
[x] The truth is that I want her to be there with me.

To me, I can't choose to hold Patchy's hand and then claim science to get her to stay. Be straight with her, she'll appreciate it.
[X] It's her responsibility to see the experiment through to the end

We didn't devise this strategy to use Rin in this way. Patchy did. She should see this to the end.
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7 votes in nearly three hours is good. So writan time again. Expect something soon.
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"Sometimes I'm afraid that it's not really logical. Even if you play your part and then quit when you're no longer of use you may end up doing unexpected things for unexpected reasons. Or people." I turned the earlier conversation back onto her. "It really is difficult to tell what's inside of another person's mind," I restated.

"I don't understand what you're trying to tell me," she said, sporting genuine confusion in her eyes. I obviously needed to be more direct with her. Seeing other people in situations similar to what she had read about was different than seeing herself in those situations.

"I'm telling you that I want you to be there with me."

"Yes but why?" she asked. "I have no further use.."

"You do to me," I told her, "it's like just earlier when we were sitting down."

"You mean offering advice and analysis? I don't see how that would be relevant if you're just waiting for results." Wow. I couldn't tell if she was being purposefully dense or if she really didn't have a clue to what I was alluding to.

"I held your hand even though it wasn't necessary for us to do so. Do you get it now?"

"We were pretending to be lovers so to present a solid front and spur her into action, hopefully partially because she wished to impress you," she stated dryly.

"Well, I held your hand in there because it felt nice. I didn't really care about all that anymore," I confessed. "That's why I want you to be there. I like being around you. You've been comforting and nice. Heck, I'm outright saying that I like you.."

"Oh..."it seemed that what I meant finally sunk in. For a moment, she seemed to be lost in thoughts, away in her own little world. A faint little smile wove itself onto her lips. "I must admit that I feel... flattered to be the object of infatuation. A little elated, if I am perfectly honest.."

"You understand then," I said with a smile, "why I want you there. I want to spend more time with you. It has little to do with what's going to be going on inside the house. We can even make a day of it," I suggested, "I'll bring over drinks if you bring over snacks. We'll sit somewhere sunny and have a picnic.."

"A picnic?" she looked a little confused, as if trying to picture it but coming up blank. "No, I'm afraid that I cannot." Patchy shook her head firmly from side to side. "You're an interesting person but I don't think that it would be appropriate for us to carry on like that.."

"Appropriate? It's just two people enjoying each other for company. What's wrong with that? I'm interesting, right?" I used my undeniably suave logic, "doesn't it therefore stand to reason that you are interested in me? And wouldn't that mean that you would enjoy finding out more about me? This is a perfect opportunity.."

"I... don't think I can offer what you are looking for," she said with a bit of a frown. "The intimacy and the prospect of developing a relationship... I'm not prepared for it.."

"But you don't have to do anything special, just act like yourself," I said. "You did much more when you were pretending."

"That was an experiment. There was a hypothesis to prove," she began to look a little uneasy. There was some color in her face almost as if the significance of all that she had done had suddenly dawned upon her. "I - I didn't think that it would affect you to this extent. That wasn't in my calculations."

"Let's forget about calculations," I told her with a smile. "Just ask yourself ? 'will I enjoy spending time with him?' If you answer in the affirmative, then it's okay to come with me. It's just that simple.."

"That is a proposition to which I have no answer," Patchy shook her head again. "It wouldn't be right. I... courtship... it's not something that I am too confident... let's just forget it. We may be incompatible for anything else. There is too much missing data and too many assumptions.."

"You can't get all of your experience from books, you know. You have to live a little. I'm being honest with myself. Can't you be honest too? I promise that I have no other expectations other than talking to you for a while. None of what we were doing while pretending has to happen." I concluded, "yeah, there's missing data but the only way to get that is from a live fire test.."

"Ah, sorry," she turned away from me, "I have to go now. There's another... appointment I have and an overdue book that needs to be returned to the library and..? I was about to stop her again when she tripped on... nothing by the looks of it. "Mukyuu~? she rubbed her knee as she got up, still trying her best to ignore me.

I let her go. Pressing her even more probably was just going to drive her away. I called after her as she walked away, "I like you and like spending time with you. I'll keep trying to get to know you better. So meditate, read and do whatever else you need to do to accept that. But this isn't the last time I'll ask.."

That left me all alone, on a Saturday, after class in the school building. There wasn't much fun to be had around campus anymore. Every student was probably out in town, cavorting and having fun or at home, unwinding after a long week.

[] Head into town for fun
[] See if Suika is free
Man, what a slowpoke I am.

I will try to vote sooner next time.
[x] Head into town for fun
Well, that was an interesting reaction. I knew she'd be shy but that was a bit too much.
Still, her hypothesis: 'We may be incompatible for everything else' is worth (dis)proving in due time, if you ask me.

There's no particular reason for choosing this option except that I don't particularly want to read about Suika right now.
[x] Head into town for fun

Here's my plan:
Head to the arcade => Find Reisen.

It's a Saturday night, the poor girl has to unwind somewhere, right? What better place than the arcade, pwning noobs? A girl after my own heart, that is.
[] See if Suika is free

We haven't cleared everything with Suika, have we?
[x] See if Suika is free

She gets the least love and the least attention. Everyone else get more. Maybe Marisa not but who cares about her?
[X] Head into town for fun

Fun having gaems. Time to unwind after all this talking and thinking with Rin and Patchy.

Also, Reisen!
[x] See if Suika is free.

We've been ignoring her way too much, she needs some love too.
[x] See if Suika is free.

It's time to catch that giant catfish. We shall become legend.
[X] Head into town for fun

I think Arc needs to do something not related to the stuff weighing on his mind as I'm not sure how his mood is and trying to talk to Suika if his mood isn't good would just backfire.

If a Wild Reisen is found, I wouldn't complain but it's not my goal with this.
>>51123 here

Changing my vote to:
[x] See if Suika is free

We've got the present from Yuyuko, I say it's time to focus on maintaining our closest relationships instead of blazing forth for a new one. We need to stop taking Suika, Marisa and Alice for granted like this.

I advise that we consolidate and branch out.
[X] See if Suika is free

I suppose it's time to sort that situation out.
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Writing time then.
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I left school, taking a really relaxed pace. Still had most of the afternoon ahead of me. With all the serious business that had been going on, it was more than high time to try to unwind a little. I couldn't keep my A game up otherwise. I fumbled through my phone menu while walking towards nowhere in particular and sent a special someone a message.

A reply came only moments later.

Suitably acerbic. As expected.

I chuckled, thinking of how difficult it would be for anyone to contort in such a way to do what she suggested in her message. I messaged back, telling her that I'd need her to show me how first. And that I was on my way to her place. A few other replies came. I ignored them all. No point in spending brainpower trying to think of clever responses. I'd be dealing with her face to face.

Suika lived closer to school than I did. On the side that was closer to town. There were a lot more 2-3 floor apartment buildings than houses. A lot of younger people who worked in town lived in the area. It was cheaper than living in the center and a tiny bit more spacious. Less noise too. Probably more expensive on the long run than subletting a room in one of the big old houses close by.

I stopped in front of her building. It was a drab little concrete box. Just four units per floor and three stories high. I seemed to recall that she lived in the second to last apartment on the second floor. I'd walked her home once from town and she told me something like that.

No point in pushing the intercom button when the gate was open. I invited myself up the flight of stairs and straight to where I thought she lived. A bunch of circulars at the mail slot in front of the door made me suspect that I had the right place.

"Heya Suika," I called out while knocking, "I've come to pay you a visit.."

"Oh for f-" I heard a voice angrily blurt out from inside. The sound of feet stamping towards the door was always a positive sign. The deadbolt was undone and the door opened. A cheery face greeted me, "what do you want?" Suika scowled.

"I've come to play, of course." I placed my foot in the crack so she couldn't close the door. Yeah, I knew it would be the first thing she'd try to do.

She grunted, annoyed. "I'm busy!" she barked.

"Oh, hey, is the reason that you won't let me in that you're half-dressed?" I noticed how her blouse seemed to have been hastily buttoned. "You know I don't care about stuff like that. Plus, it's not like there's much to see anyhow.."

I almost wish I hadn't said that last bit. In a huff, she tried to slam the door down on my foot. Totally saw that one coming too. I pressed my body weight against the door, immobilizing it.

"Just go away!" she looked hopping mad.

"Oh come on, you know I'm just kidding around. I want to make nice already. I've even got you a little something." I put on my best smile. The angelic one. The one that was reserved for special occasions. "Friends?" I asked.

"You're so annoying," she shook her head. "Fine, I'll let you in. Just give me a moment.."

"Alright, I'll trust you." I held my hands up, like I was ready to lay down my weapons. I removed my foot from the door and stood back. She closed the door and then took her sweet time. She took so long that I thought maybe that she wasn't going to open it back up again. But just as I was beginning to wonder if I should knock again and be persistent, she finally opened up.

"Alright, come on in," she said. She'd gotten changed in the meantime. Trousers and a simple shirt which looked like it was about a size too large for her. At least our uniform gave her a passing similarity to a girl.

"It's neater than I expected," I said, taking it all in. There were piles of clutter here and there, mostly magazines, but it looked like a highly livable space. Single room with kitchen and a small adjoining bathroom. A single large window in the back was her only source of natural light. All in all, the kind of place I expected. "Don't tell me that you took so long because you were putting away all of your panties.."

"Shut up," she fired back directly. "You're a guest and everything but don't push your luck."

"Geez, okay. What crawled up your butt and died? Why so upset?"

"I wonder why?" she shook her head. "Getting a visit out of the blue from the biggest jerk in school after he acts like he's too good to be friends must have nothing to do with it.."

"I've come with an olive branch," I said, "I've been busy and dealing with a lot of crap. But I've sorted most of it out hopefully." I reached into my pocket. "In the meanwhile, have this," I tossed her her gift.

"What the hell is this?" she looked at it with confusion.

"A ribbon.."

"Clearly. I was asking why would you give me a ribbon.."

"Oh, simple," I said.

[] Suika might look cute and maybe even a little bit feminine if she wore a ribbon
[] It's an icebreaker. First a ribbon then something else of her choosing.
[x] Suika might look cute and maybe even a little bit feminine if she wore a ribbon.

This is it! This is our only path. It might be a little soon to tease her, but I can't resist.
[] It's an icebreaker. First a ribbon then something else of her choosing.

What. Trying to be diplomatic. I have no ulterior motives.
[X] Suika might look cute and maybe even a little bit feminine if she wore a ribbon.

It's not a lie at all by any stretch of the imagination, and one of the best ways to start a romance is with shitgiving.
[x] Suika might look cute and maybe even a little bit feminine if she wore a ribbon.

Finnaly! The bromance route flag. I've been waiting for this moment.
Because you should obviously be on the site hitting f5 on a Friday instead of going out and doing normal people stuff, it's writing time.
"You put that thing on and, well," I continued, "you might look cute. Perhaps a little feminine too. Though that might be a long shot. It's just a thing you can try.."

"I'm not one of your bimbos," Suika growled, looking less than pleased. That was a tiny bit of an understatement. Pure murderous intent bubbled through her almond eyes. I was getting a spectacle that few got to ever see. Most people who saw her like that usually ended up missing a few teeth or getting a couple of stitches.

"I've been told that every girl wants to be a princess and you are, last I checked a girl," I dug myself an even deeper grave. "I mean, sure, you're small, got a mouth like a sailor, like to get into fights and have a chest flatter than the steppes but you're a girl. You could stand to try to be a little bit more girly. Start with the ribbon. I think you really might look cute.."

"Are you quite done?" Suika asked, her voice stilted and and eerily calm.

"Just about. It might be worth mentioning that you also tend to have very unladylike hobbies. And that your best friend is me, pretty much a man's man."

"Is that it?"

"I guess. Oh, you've got that pretty hair of yours though. It's long and I've always thought that it's kinda cool-looking."

"That's nice to know," Suika said. "Your opinion is duly noted.."

Scant microseconds later, I found myself flat on my back. Two howls filled the room - Suika's unbridled rage and my roars of laughter. I tried to block and defend myself as best I could between spasms of hilarity. "Suika! Suika!" I tried to shout before I ran out of air. "You're the best! If you'll stop pummeling me I'll make it worth your while.."

Surprisingly enough, she stopped pummeling me. "Give me a good reason not to kill you here and there.."

"Because," I said with a (for the moment) toothy grin, "I really did sorta kinda mean it about the ribbon. It might look good on you. Even if you try to look tough and all it could be like a punk thing. You know, wearing a pink item even though they have the hair and the spikes and whatever.."

"That makes no sense whatsoever," she said.

"It doesn't have to. Do your own thing. Be your own person," I continued to peddle the bull. "A ribbon fits you. Don't let society dictate how you look.."

"What a useless gift," she scoffed, casually tossing the ribbon onto a pile of junk ?So did you really come here to make nice or just to piss me off more?"

"I thought that we always pissed each other off, which is why we're friends. 'cuz other people piss us off more.."

"You're really not going to talk yourself out of this one.."

"It's the truth. Cross my heart and hope to die.."

"Alright, one final chance," she said as she got off me. Only then I realized the strategic position that her knee was in. I had come perilously close to singing soprano. "Let's start over and get to something interesting.."

"I came here to make nice and to hang out like we always do. I'm sorry if my gentle ribbing has gotten you all worked up."

"Oh you're an ass," Suika laughed, "I really should beat you to within an inch of your life."

"As if you'd be able to! I'm made of stern stuff."

"Yeah, yeah, let's not get carried away just yet.."

[] The usual solo revelries with her are the best thing possible for completely mending fences and relaxing before a big day.
[] Take it back home and invite a neighbor or schoolmate or two
[] Take it back home and invite a neighbor or schoolmate or two

Arc needs to build his friendships back up. The Okuu and Orin arc, well, it's been straining his relations with his friends (He barely talks to Marisa due to the arc, Suika's been avoiding him, and Arc's been avoiding Alice due to his bad mood), which is why Yuyuko gave Arc a choice of a gift for all three girls. We've made up with Suika and she's willing to reach out for us. Lets bring the others too Maybe a certain bookish library girl too~ as thanks for helping us with Rin and start healing those bridges as well.
[x] The usual solo revelries with her are the best thing possible for completely mending fences and relaxing before a big day.

Better to not have someone upstage her. Might as well enjoy this before getting stuck with another task. One can only hope that Arc gets some time to mend things before getting stuck doing something else.
[x] The usual solo revelries with her are the best thing possible for completely mending fences and relaxing before a big day.

We've seen in the past that Suika tends to get turned off when Arc is visibly with other girls. Lets try not to mess up this magical moment.

Words of thought. Far as I can tell, the Okuu/Orin arc is over. Which means a few updates of liveliness and then Yuyuko's giving us another assignment, and knowing how games and stories usually go, it's going to be hard. Tenshi, we failed, but in comparison to Okuu, her arc was a lot shorter and Arc managed to take care of it on his own. In the time before Okuu's arc, we got closer to Marisa and Yuuka, which helped us when it came to Rin and Byakuren later on Basically, because we built up or repaired our relationships with the girls Arc is close too, he gained allies that helped him during Okuu's arc.

Furthermore, unlike Tenshi's arc, Okuu's significantly strained Arc's relationships with his friends. Yuyuko offered to help us with three girls, Suika, Marisa, and Alice, on purpose. His relationships with them are fraying. Alice retreated more and more from us until we had to intervine and make it up to her. Marisa, Arc talks to less and less as he finds him self occupied by helping Okuu and Rin. As for Suika, well, we already saw what happened and we're trying to fix it now.

Finally, the strongest reason I have against soloing with Suika is this. She knows about our casanova thing. She knows we flirt and try to sweet talk to fix up relationships. None of that will work on her. Rushing straight out of the blue might make for positive points on a girl we're just getting to know, like Patchy, who was conflicted after Arc confessed to liking her. But on Suika, our usual quick fix tricks won't work. There is only one way for us to really get back on her good side. It's to take it slowly and show that over everything else, we're still her friend. And a way to do that is to just hang out, like they've always done, at Arc's house. Playing video games, drinking, and being friends.
Fair enough, I can get behind this line of reasoning, but if and only if Marisa and Alice are invited.

[x] Take it back home and invite a neighbor or schoolmate or two.
I thought it was a given.
[x] The usual solo revelries with her are the best thing possible for completely mending fences and relaxing before a big day.

I thought the whole point was to make up to her for ditching her so many times, not to overshadow her with other girls no matter who they are.

It's like saying we can't give her a whole afternoon.
[X] The usual solo revelries with her are the best thing possible for completely mending fences and relaxing before a big day.

Just Arc and his best buddy, no one else is necessary.
[x] The usual solo revelries with her are the best thing possible for completely mending fences and relaxing before a big day.

The problem is always that Anon can't settle on one thing. If you start something then see it through until it is done. We came here to spend some time with Suika. Bringing other girls would just piss off Suika and nothing else.
How exactly would it piss her off? Aren't they her friends too? Suika only started getting pissed at Arc for the way he was acting.
An ice pick was lodged in my brain. Just behind my right eyeball. It hurt like nothing else I could recall. Thinking was hard. Impossibly hard. At best... fragments of thoughts came to me. And opening my eyes just made it a whole lot worse.

Light, accursed light, violated my mind. It drove the ice pick further in and made me grimace. I tried to shield my face with my hand but found the action to be much more difficult than normal. Trying to roll over was equally fruitless. I lay still, eyes closed, trying to ignore the pulsating discomfort everywhere.

That really didn't help things.

Eventually, through the power of despair rather than any particular positive desire, I was able to coax my body to sit up and just deal with the horrible all-consuming discomfort. It was then that I noticed that I was dizzy. My head swam and my pulse quickened. Almost fell back down.

Why the hell was there a pile of panties at my feet? That was the first coherent thought I was able to muster. It was a real rainbow collection - undergarments of all colors and style simply lay at the base of my feet.

A few fragmentary scenes came to mind. Something about stopping by with Suika... at a department store? The mannequins... they were wearing lingerie and I said something about her not knowing the first thing about looking feminine. Then, for some reason, we went to a cheaper mom and pop store and I bought panties in bulk. I really wanted to prove her wrong about this or that. Give... a lecture on the various models and their appeal? Crap. I spent money on something stupid.

Where was I?

My brain started coming back online after remembering a bit about what happened with Suika. I looked around, wincing, and slowly recognized my surroundings. It was still Suika's apartment. Except it was a true mess. Like a tornado had blown through. There were cans and bottles everywhere as well as boxes upon boxes of takeaway containers. Enough to feed a dozen people. We always had a bottle in hand as we walked and stopped at every cart we saw.

It was then that my brain decided to re-enable my sense of smell. It stunk as bad as it looked. Like vinegar, chips and cheap alcohol.

I took a look at myself. My hands were dirty. Like I had been playing with mud all night. They were caked in grime. There was a purple plastic ring on one of my fingers, like the type you get with popsicles as a kid. I tried taking it off but my fingers had decided to swell up, making it impossible to remove. My uniform was barely recognizable; Several of its buttons were missing and there were quite a few mysterious stains on my trousers. Worst of all, I had no idea why I looked like that. Not a single recollection came back to me.

Massaging my temples, I tried to get a hold of myself. Putting aside the sharp pangs of pain that seemed to be coming from inside of my skull, there was still a murderously wicked wave of nausea that washed over me. The smell of food made me queasy. The thought of food made me queasy. Alcohol especially made me queasy. I winced and tried to not think about anything as I dragged myself towards the window. It took all of my willpower to open it.

The fresh air didn't help at all. I felt cold. So cold. The sun was painfully bright and the sky was annoyingly blue but my skin felt like ice. I slowly propped myself up against the wall, trying to see if I could stand yet.

I let out a scream. A pretty girly one too, I am ashamed to admit. Until I looked around the rest of the room I hadn't noticed the very lifelike disembodied head just sitting there, staring from the entrance at the room. On a closer look, it was clearly fake. A mannequin's head? It looked soulless and well made up but I wasn't exactly in the mood to get close and make sure. A disjointed memory of Suika and I running, hopping over a fence and dogs barking played in my head. I was holding the head as we ran. And there was also... a giant woman with an eye patch. That couldn't be right.

Something in my pocket vibrated, startling me. I fumbled around, emptying my pockets of the mass of packing peanuts that had been stuffed into them and got my phone out. Battery critically low. And a dozen new messages. Most of them from Auntie. Oh crap. I took a look at one of them and it was not good. I may have sent her an image of myself from the previous night accidentally. I was wearing a cape and had a cane and two... ladies stood on either side of me, smiling and stroking my shoulders. I didn't even want to think about the hell she was going to raise. My head was bound to explode if I tried.

Another message caught my eye. From fifty minutes earlier. Kaenbyou had sent word that she was meeting with Reuiji. I checked the clock just as the phone powered off, dying from lack of charge. It was already mid afternoon, Sunday. I had lost an entire day with Suika.

Speaking of my partner in crime, it only then dawned upon me that she wasn't there. She wasn't passed out under a pile of bottles like I expected. Indeed, it looked like I was all alone. I looked like crap, was late and Suika was likely to be in the same state of me or worse but nowhere to be seen. My heart raced and it wasn't just from the stress of me trying to walk.

[] Rush off to be there for Kaenbyou
[] Look around for Suika
>just as the phone powered off, dying from lack of charge.
I hate when this happens. Usually it happens when something important is up. Just like now.

[x] Rush off to be there for Kaenbyou

What else to do but check on her. Suika knows how to handle herself and we left Rin pretty much alone to take care of something that we forced her into. So yeah, help her out now.
[] Rush off to be there for Kaenbyou

Commitments are commitments
>> A mannequin's head?

Mother of God, what the heck happened? These two sound like a veritable whirlwind of mischief.

[x] Rush off to be there for Kaenbyou.

Arc needs to be there, especially after what he said to Patchy. However, running off like this is no good. Maybe a quick scribbled note to Suika would soften the blow?
[x] Rush off to be there for Kaenbyou.

Pretty cut and dry choice here. Can't just back out of a commitment.
This is what has me worried though, have we fully explored the other option too?

After just saying that we wanted to work on our closest relationships, we're going to take off this quickly? If Arc is already in bad shape, how much worse is Suika? She's gotta be around here somewhere. Personally, I've never been in this sort of situation, so the etiquette is lost upon me.

We aren't Suika's babysitter. She has to deal with the consequences of her actions just like Arc does. If that means she drowns in vomit because she's an idiot with no self-restraint, then so be it.

We promised to hang out with her, and we did so. Let's not get carried away here though, there are more things in life that demand our attention.
Suika is going to be okay even without Arc looking after her. She would only get mad if he were to show up and be all concerned about her.
[X] Rush off to be there for Kaenbyou.

Gotta finish what we started...even if we're hungover and Suika's off elsewhere.
x] Rush off to be there for Kaenbyou.

I'm a bit worried for Suika, but she's no delicate flower, she can handle herself.

Rin's the one who needs us now.
Something has come up and it's unlikely I'll update again today.

On another note, I guess this proves that it's terrible idea to rely on anyone here to be a bro in a time of crisis.
>>51177 here
Changing vote to:

[x] Look around for Suika

This option doesn't really say that to me, though. I have a feeling that this is going to be hilarious, based on what we've seen so far. A chance to see a side of Suika that we haven't seen before.(sober)

Weighing this against being there for Rin is tough. If everything goes as planned, Arc may not even be needed. However, if it doesn't, he'll need to be there to deal with the aftermath.

So I think that's what this comes down to. Do we trust in the option that we chose before, or do we rush in to make sure nothing goes wrong?

But this clearly isn't a crisis.
>implying the obvious choice is the correct one.
[x] Rush off to be there for Kaenbyou.

Although I am all for watching Suika stumble around drunk, or even just spy her in the bathroom, putting on her new ribbon, we really do have to be there for Rin. By keeping our word we'll be encouraging Rin to keep hers.
[x] Look around for Suika

It's odd that she's missing and wasn't our goal to mend things? It'd be half-assing it if we ran off to do something we have no real part in. Between half-assing two things and doing one thing right, I'd rather do the latter.

It's not odd that she's missing. Also, we already spent an entire evening with her, so I'm sure she's good and happy now. Assuming of course she didn't get picked up by police or had unprotected sex with Arc or something crazy like that.
I think you're assuming a bit too much. A good buddy would secure his partner in crime before rushing off, especially after a wild night like that.

No. You are being overprotective of her. If I get wasted after a wild party, im not going to immediatly attempt to find all my friends upon waking up. I understand that tragic things CAN happen in situations like this, but the average person does not automaticaly default to assuming a worst case scenario, exspecially with no evidence.
the general logic would be normally Suika would be near by passed out, not missing from the whole place. And by your logic you favor some cat girl Arc met recently (and under minor duress) more than the oni-girl arc knew for much longer.
[x] Look around for Suika
Very well author, let's do it your way.

That said, it IS kind of obvious: Rin isn't expecting any company now is she?
Well, I've been on the fence about it, but I'm wondering if showing up in our current state for Rin is the best choice. And after last nights bender, who knows what Suika's up to. But I'm still about commitments.
Due to a case of life sucking, I didn't really have the time to write. Now it's more an issue of not really being in the mood/mindset but I'm trying to work on that. I can't really give you an ETA but I'm still trying to get my mind off unpleasantries (in other words, playing videogames and doing everything but writing). Letting you know that I'm a massive faggot so you don't think I've gone away for some other reason or anything.

What do I know? I'm only the writer. Either I mean it and you should take note or I'm making a tongue in cheek comment. Hard to say. Though in my opinion I think some of the stuff people said is outright cold. Some of you are terrible friends and it would be a horrible idea to rely on you to come through judging by some of the comments.
Ouch, hope everything works out.

[guilt]Come on bro, Teruyo would never in a million years make something happen to our best friend. We might have had some minor issues in the past, between us and Teruyo, but I know for a fact that, deep down in his heart, he loves us and will make sure Suika is OK. Ya just gotta have a little faith in him.[/guilt]
I meant I hope his IRL shit works out alright but yeah I hope we won't get fucked over with Suika either.

Likely, if we went looking for her, she'd just get pissed that she's one of the 'princesses' we need to save, or something.
In light of what's been happening it'd be the opposite as the cause of discord is the fact that Arc's seemingly favoring random strangers over his long time friends. Going to Rin's would only reinforce that.
Hah. If only you knew.
I shambled out of the apartment. Things only got worse.

The sun was out in force. Everything, absolutely everything, seemed so dazzling bright. It hurt to look at. I caught myself at the railing on the corridor and tried to get accustomed to the outside before venturing on. It was no good. The marching band in my head was at it with gusto, banging on with annoying liveliness. Even breathing was a challenge. I got winded just walking out of the apartment.

It was one of those moments where you swear that you'll never drink again. I knew better than to make an empty promise to myself. If history was any judge, I would be back at it before too long. Not that it made the present situation any easier. If I could have just curled up in a dark little corner and slept forever, I would have been fine with that. Being up and walking about was definitely overrated.

I was sure that all the normal signs of a lovely Sunday were there. I was also sure that there was no way in hell I could begin to appreciate any of it. My lips were dry and I smacked them together a few times to see if there was any moisture left in my mouth. Enough to last me for the moment, I judged. I didn't really have any time to stop and to smell the roses. I hoisted myself up from the railing and carried on to the stairs. It was a challenge to keep myself balanced while trying to keep my eyes away from any source of light.

Eventually, either through force of will or momentum, I was able to get some semblance of coordination going on. I cleared the stairs, stopped to catch my breath, and then ventured on to the wider world beyond. I kept my head down and to the side of the street, letting anyone by without so much as a glance in their direction. It was a long way to walk in my condition and was made even more challenging by the fact that I had only been there once before. For obvious reasons my sense of direction was anything but perfect. To top it all off, the bottom of my shoe was sticky and made a noise with every step that I took.

Some time passed. Could have been several hours or just several minutes. I had no clue. I arrived at Kaenbyou's home somehow. That seemed like a good enough outcome. Leaning up against a wall opposite her house, I took stock of my situation. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to be doing, anyhow. My head still hurt but at least I had gotten accustomed at the discomfort that came from looking at things. I took a look around me and confirmed that things were as quiet as they tended to be on a Sunday. The normal hustle and bustle of the week was hard to imagine. People were either at home with their families or enjoying themselves at the parks and other relaxing spots.

[] Wait outside patiently.
[] Knock and see what Kaenbyou is up to.

I'm mostly impervious to guilt (and puppy dog eyes), sorry. It might work if you were a lunarian princess. Or if you attacked another of my many other weak spots like [REDACTED] or [REDACTED]. You'd be pretty hard pressed to get me to change my mind about the outcome of anything in a story otherwise. Your best bet is guilting your fellow voters into doing what you want.
[x] Knock and see what Kaenbyou is up to.

Okay direct approach it is.
Welp so much for mending bridges with Suika.
[X] Wait outside patiently.

Let's take a moment to catch our breath and strategize.
[] Wait outside patiently

We said we'd be there but not interfere. And she needs to do this alone. It's their friendship, not ours. Direct method here? It won't work.
[X] Wait outside patiently.

We might disturb them right now. Besides, we look like crap here. Let's fix ourselves up.
[X] Wait outside patiently.

Better not barge in.
There was no point to barging in. Not without knowing if they had finished speaking or not.

Sitting on the street wasn't a comfortable prospect. That's why I made the extra effort to move a little more. There was a small plaza within view. Well, it was smaller than a plaza. More like an open space where parallel streets and backyards intersected. There were a pair of benches and a path that connected the two streets. Under the shade of a few trees too, all in all not a bad spot to loiter.

I sat down and lazily watched Kaenybou's house. A few people passed by as while I was there, none really spared me a second look. I could imagine what I must have looked to them. I probably wouldn't talk to myself, I'd be too concerned about the possibility of me being hopped up on some kind of illegal substance and stab-happy. Live and let live, you know.

"Excuse me, is everything alright?" someone asked. I looked at the source of the question and instinctively gulped hard.

"Yeah... everything's fine," I told the policewoman, trying to play it cool. Figured that I'd run into a foot patrol when I was looking my worst.

"Is that so?" she asked, "may I ask what you're doing here?" She leaned forward, a distrustful look on her face. As far as cops went, she didn't look too threatening. Her red hair was mostly covered up by her cap, and probably tucked in, but the suspicion that it was long somehow made her seem like less of an authority figure. Definitely I wasn't thinking clearly. It was an odd thing to think about when being questioned.

"I'm waiting for a friend," I told her. It was true enough.

"A date then?" she asked but then, evidently deeming it unlikely, she corrected herself, stating, "not looking like that, I'd wager." A bit rude of her but understandable. "Are you sure that there's someone else that wants to meet you?"

I chuckled, wincing at how laughter hurt my brain. She sure wasn't being very subtle. "I'm not a stalker if that's what you're implying," I said.

"Of course you aren't," she smiled, "young people never think what they're doing is wrong. You may want to head on home, enjoy the rest of your Sunday doing something more productive.."

"I think I'll stay here for a while longer. I'm not doing anything wrong, after all. I'm enjoying my Sunday just fine." That was my polite way of telling her to sod off.

"Do your parents know you're out here?" She was insistent. Annoyingly so.

"I think I'm old enough to spend my Sunday as I please, wouldn't you agree?" I answered amicably but inconclusively. I wasn't going to let her know more than I wanted her to. For a policewoman, she sure was weird. Most cops would have been harsher and threatened a lot more.

"I'm not sure about that. A kid in a ragged school uniform on a Sunday, looking dirty and disheveled with the words ?I love watermelon? written on his forehead loitering in a park, claiming to be waiting for someone doesn't exactly inspire much confidence that all is right with him." There was a 'gotcha' sort of smile on her lips. It reminded me of someone else who was fond of proving that they were smarter than I was. Just my luck to run into another headstrong woman on my day off from school.

"I really do like watermelon," I played it off as a joke, silently cursing the person who was likely responsible for what I was sure was a prank. Should have checked myself out in a mirror before leaving. "As far as I can tell, it's not illegal to like watermelon.."

"I'm going to ask you to move along," she informed me. "If I see you here later in my patrol, I'm going to go ahead and take you in for suspicious behavior.."

"How terrible. The citizens of this fair city can't even enjoy their public spaces anymore," I complained bitterly.

"Well kid, we can either do this the easy way or the hard way," she said, "or if you prefer I could go to the nearest police box and call your parents right now and ask them if you're supposed to be out here, looking like you spent the night in a ditch." Interesting, she was accusing me of being a runaway. A stalker runaway... person. She must have wanted a promotion to detective. A regular beat cop would have had much less patience.

[] Call her bluff
[] Move along
[x] Call her bluff

Well, seriously, she can just piss off right now. She can't decide if he hsould be here or not. Looking suspicious my ass.
[x] Move along
Sorry, no stupid votes today.
[X] Call her bluff

This is absolutely ridiculous, and I don't think Arc is the kind of person to bow down to intimidation like this.
[X] Call her bluff

There's no such thing as loitering in a park. She has no right to bully others just because she is in a position of authority.
Just saying, if she does call up Auntie, we're screwed considering she was trying to reach us the whole night.

This could go either way. As of now, I'm leaning towards calling her bluff.
"I think I'm going to stay right here," I said, calling her bluff, "I'm not doing anything illegal so why should I have to move?"

"So we're doing this the hard way," the policewoman said with a calm voice. "I doubt that you would have heard anything about it, but city hall is cracking down on youth gangs and disturbances of peace. I'd say that I have probable cause to haul you in given your appearance and hostility.."

"You're not scaring me, I'm just a citizen enjoying a quiet afternoon in a public space," I restated, equally calm.

"Well," she said, reaching slowly at her belt, "let's see what the magistrate thinks then, I'm taking you in. Last chance. Come with me and I won't handcuff you.."

She was serious. Enough to handcuff me, I felt. I didn't think that I could argue my way out of the situation anymore. "Fine," I still tried to play it cool, trying to think of a plan all the meanwhile, "I'll go with you and report you to your superiors for harassment. If I'm not being arrested for anything then I would rather not be handcuffed.."

"That's a good boy," she said, cautiously stepping back to give me room to stand up. "I wouldn't think you capable of running away in your state so come along nice and slowly with me.."

There was no helping it. I was led along from the park to the police box. Even though it hurt my neck to make the effort, I kept my head held high. I had nothing to fear. That was the message. I was going because I wanted to, not because I was being forced to. So I told myself.

"Watanabe," the policewoman greeted her partner in the box succinctly. The other officer, in turn, nodded before getting back to the sport pages. "Sit down kid," she told me, taking off her cap and placing it on a small desk, "I have to file paperwork on you now.."

I was uncertain on how I should continue to play it. If I told her my name she would get my contact details and if I didn't - I'd probably be moved into the station proper until I was ready to talk. That's what I assumed, anyhow. Truth be told, it was my first time being held by anyone other than the school or family. I wasn't sure where I stood. I had no idea how much trouble I was in. Or if I actually was in any trouble. City ordinances came and went and a student like me usually didn't worry about the law and acted with common sense.

However, before the policewoman was able to sit down and start writing, a nearby radio crackled to life. "Box 32, come in.."

The policewoman took the receiver and spoke, ?32 here," she said.

"There's a disturbance in your sector, by the water tower. Central thinks it may be related to the string of vandalism from last night. Send officer to investigate, over.."

The policewoman frowned, ?32 acknowledges, will comply.."

No sooner than she had acknowledged, the other officer peered past his paper and said, "your turn this time Koto. I covered for you last shift.."

"Alright, alright," the policewoman sighed, "detain the kid until I get back. I want to process him myself.."

"Sure thing," the officer said nonchalantly. As the policewoman left, the other officer moved a stool towards me with a stray foot. "Sit down kid. Eyes forward. Like a statue.."

Staring at the back of a newspaper wasn't very exciting. My head still hurt and I wanted to lie down. I thought about asking for a phone call, even if I got into trouble home was probably going to be better than just sitting around, waiting for heaven-knows-how-long.

"Excuse me, officer," a voice from the door interrupted my thought process. Good old Watanable lowered his paper and directed his attention at the new arrival. "I'm looking for an address which should be around here but can't seem to find it. Would it be too much trouble to ask for directions from you?"

"Not at all, ma'am," Watanabe sprang up to his feet enthusiastically. The reason was obvious. I dared to sneak a peak when he was at the door. A blonde with long hair stood just in front of him. I couldn't see her face or figure, but given how closely Watanabe was standing to her, I could infer that she was probably very attractive.

There was something familiar about her voice, too. But I couldn't remember where I might have heard it. It didn't help that I was also feeling a bit distracted myself. A girl my age stood beside the woman, looking sullen and uncomfortable. Quite the looker too, with that long light hair of hers and well-proportioned legs and hair. Her skirt also looked quite fashionable but was a little conservative in its length. Odd thing was that she had a pair of suspenders over her blouse. Still, I wouldn't mind finding out if her legs went all the way up. Not a bad face either and I was sure it'd look prettier with a smile than a frown. It didn't seem like she was very comfortable around the other woman and she avoided looking directly at her. She avoided looking directly at me too, but I thought I caught her spying on me out of the corner of her eye once or twice. Maybe that was just my ego playing tricks on me.

"Thank you officer," the blonde seemed to have gotten what she needed. "Come on, Ms. Fujiwara, let's finally settle you in.."

With that cue, the girl put her hands into her pockets and followed the blonde away from the box. Watanabe came back with a stupid smirk on his face, his indecent thoughts clearly written on his face.

"Box 32," the radio called. Another message from dispatch. Watanabe's smirk disappeared. Without his partner around he'd have to go out.

"Kid," he looked at me with a more sedate smile, "it's your lucky day. I don't know what you did to piss her off but you're getting a pass. I need to go and I'm not going to bother to take you to the station first. I'm in too good a mood to bother with the paperwork. You're free to go but if you get into trouble again I'll come down on you like a ton of bricks. Now scram, go enjoy your watermelon or whatever else you want to do."

"Yes, sir," I couldn't believe my ears. What a lucky break. Thank you, mysterious blonde for appealing to the baser side of men.

And just like that I was off the hook. Not wasting any time, I made a beeline for Kaenbyou's home. I kept an eye out for the policewoman. I didn't want to get caught again, after all. It taxed my system to keep alert but I powered through the pain.

I knocked on her door. I wasn't going to risk wasting any more time.

Unfortunately, there was no reply. I knocked again and took a look around. The curtains were drawn and there were no signs of life coming from the inside. I went around to the front and found that the business had its shutters down as well. She wasn't home. I went back up and knocked one final time for peace of mind but it was no good.

I didn't know how long she had been gone. The day had been wasted entirely. I had no idea what time I woke up and I had no idea how long I had been at the park n!or how long I had been detained. There was no use fighting it. I headed back home.

"How nice of you to turn up," Auntie intercepted me as I made my way up the stairs. It looked like she had been waiting for me in the living room. "And look, you're mostly in one piece. What a relief for anyone who might have been worried about your sudden and prolonged disappearance." An eerie calm was present in her words. I couldn't tell if she was about to laugh at me or fly into a hysterical rage in just a moment. Maybe it depended on what I had to say for myself.

[] Tell her what she probably wanted to hear and play things down.
[] Tell her the truth about what happened.
[] There's nothing that can be said to her.
[X] Tell her the truth about what happened.

And so we missed Rin entirely. Gee, anon sure picked a good time to give authority the finger. Well, at least we got to see Kotohime and Mokou...better not run into the former again though.

As for this vote, I suppose it would be best to tell Auntie the truth. Saying what she wants to hear would just look suspicious, considering the way we look right now.
Well this day went to hell!

[X] There's nothing that can be said to her.

What? We tell her that we got drunk and did something stupid? We already look like that. She knows it so no need to talk to her.
[x] Tell her the truth about what happened.

Well shit. Shit shit shit.
[] Tell her the truth about what happened.
She trusts arc way too much. While I can understand smaller lies, this is too big to pass off.

I agree.

[X] Tell her the truth about what happened.
[x] Tell her the truth about what happened.

Is this what we ran out on Suika for? I seriously wonder if you people are out to intentionally wreck things.

I wonder if the graffiti was done by Suika or not.
[x] Tell her what she probably wanted to hear and play things down.

Tell her the truth? Are you crazy? Arc doesn't even fully understand what went down last night. All she needs to know is that Suika and Arc hung out last night, maybe tell her that alcohol was involved. That's it. Auntie is cool and all that, but the time to tell her is not now. She's probably been up all night worrying, the worst thing we can do is brush her off. She's about to explode. It's time for damage control and while I'm not 100% certain that Arc can successfully navigate this minefield, I know it's better than intentionally setting them all off.
>damage control

You mean like the damage control attempt that got ditched halfway due to the overwhelming desire to check in on Rin?
Oi, that's past us now. The best we can do is correct our course and hope for the best.
So some other anon could screw it up again for some stupid reason?

Maybe....maybe not. That's kinda what you get with CYoAs broski.
Not just one anon. If people want it it will be voted and choosen from.

Or in short: If we have no guy like >>51567 who thinks and has a good logic then we just vote because no one voices their opinion and everyone just votes like lemmings.

Less single voting and more group voting. But hey, who am I to talk if I do the same thing as everyone else.
There are numerous clues in each update that qualify the choices. The more we pick up, the better off we're going to be. One person usually cannot list all of them, so it's best to have as many people comment as possible to pull them out and make an informed decision.

To reinforce >>51567's point, think back to when you did something outrageous and then returned home to waiting parents/guardians. If that fails, think back to a similar situation you might have seen on TV. When did the protagonist ever tell the whole truth? I can't really think of any examples. Why? Because telling the whole truth in this situation correlates positively to getting a butt-whoopin.

That said, I don't really understand the logic of the "tell her the truth" votes. Honesty is great and all that, but is it really necessary here and now?

>>I couldn't tell if she was about to laugh at me or fly into a hysterical rage in just a moment. Maybe it depended on what I had to say for myself.

Disregard that first part entirely. No matter what Arc says, she isn't going to laugh this off. It completely depends on what he says. To use >>51567's terminology, ignoring her has the best chance of detonating the entire minefield. That leaves two other options, truth or candy-coated truth.

Lastly, keep in mind how sure most of you were that rushing off to Rin was the best vote. If you voted for that option, I'd encourage you to take a second look here. It could make the difference.
[x] Tell her what she probably wanted to hear and play things down.

I wanted to tell the truth because I felt guilty about what happened with Rin. Maybe get some punishment and help from her? Most updates confuse me and every choice is like a minefield for me because all seem equally bad of screwing up to me.

I was always for helping Rin out but you guys had to abandon her right away. So yeah I take every chance I get to help fix that.

Oh boy let's vote for sending her off all alone after forcing her to do this. All alone. Great going there like everything else in this thread.
You think just taking off after waking up is any better in terms of Suika when the whole point of last night was mending bridges after we burnt of it during Yuyuko's "missions"

I voted for the whole truth because Auntie will find out and if we try downplaying it it'll end up worse.
There really was no avoiding it. Any thoughts of escape were quickly quashed. Ignoring her was impossible. It just wasn't practical. More importantly, there would be hell to pay that way. I was too tired to run. And, well, Auntie wasn't going to suffer my foolishness very quietly. Probably. So that only really left one option. Or so I told myself as I suppressed some of the strong impulses that readily came to mind. Disassembling or disengaging were altogether too tempting.

Well, I just pushed on through and told her the truth. Had to sit down first. I was way too tired to give much of a coherent explanation but I told her what I could and as much as I remembered it. To her credit, Auntie let me drone on for as long as I needed once I started. Whatever she thought about my story of excess and subsequent hardship, she kept to herself for the moment. That made it a little unnerving. It felt like I was in front of a tribunal, pleading for my life in front of a stoic judge. A smile or a frown would have at least let give me a hint of what was going to happen and let me adjust my expectations accordingly. It's easier to submit to fate when there's less ambiguity about to the future.

When I was done, Auntie at long last weighed in with her thoughts. "As your guardian I can't look the other way regarding this kind of behavior," she stated the obvious. Even though I expected that, it still made my heart sink accordingly. "There have to be consequences for your actions. We've lived together for a while and we're both used to a certain degree of freedom in our relationship. I can't keep you locked up in your room and I can't really be on your case all day, every day. I think we both know that. So I can't control what you do when I'm not around. I think it would be best if you had some of your free time controlled from now on, so that you'll be to appreciate just how good you've had it. I want to see you every day after school in the store helping out until it's closing time.

"That covers the irresponsible part of your actions. Disappearing on me and not checking in beforehand, that is. There's still the matter of your excessive drinking. It'd be hypocritical for me to say that you shouldn't drink, given that I sit around and have beers often after work." The couch I was sitting on was her favorite spot to lounge around and watch variety shows after a long day of work. "I think your body is punishing you enough right now so I won't keep rubbing it in. I'll just say that it's fine to be young and wild but you need to learn that going overboard is not healthy. Especially if it gets you in trouble. Hooliganism is taken seriously by the police. Your encounter earlier should be evidence enough that it's not a joking matter to look and act like a delinquent. I just hope that you never run into the same policewoman or you'll be in deep trouble. And another thing, you shouldn't push your friends into trouble either. I would be worried sick about Ibuki if I were you. I don't want to get her into hot water otherwise I'd contact the school to ask after any family she has to see if they know of her whereabouts."

Auntie sighed. It was a heavy sigh. Couldn't blame her.

"I'm not going to chew you out any more because you've come clean and that shows that you trust me," she said. "I'm just going to remind you that trust has to work both ways. If you don't want me to worry about you, you shouldn't act stupidly. And if you do ever get into trouble, I should be the first person you go to. I'll do my best to help you out of whatever trouble you're in. We're family, after all. Now go on, go upstairs, wash up and go to your room before I decide I'm really mad after all and call down the wrath of hell on you," so she finished with a impish smile. There was enough of a glare in her eyes to make me suspect that she wasn't entirely kidding. That kicked me into gear.

Cutting my losses, I scampered up the stairs to my room. Like a good little boy I made the effort to wash up and clean myself up before promptly cloistering myself up in my room. I plugged in my phone as I reflected on my punishment. I basically had no more free time for the foreseeable future. It was the first time that I was ever punished like that. Auntie was right that I had a liberal upbringing. She was a softie and I got away with a lot of things over the time we'd been together. Nothing as bad as how she probably saw the present situation. I checked my messages and found that most of them in the last 24 hours had been from her. Deep concern showed through every message. My stomach tied itself into a knot with guilt. I let her down and took advantage of our relationship.

Another message had come since I had woken up. Kaenbyou stating that she was heading out and that it wasn't necessary that I show up anymore. She had the situation under control. I sighed, figuring that something like that had to have had been the case. I wondered if she even cared if I had shown up in the end. I sent a message to Suika telling her that I hoped she was alright. The writing on my face had taken a lot of scrubbing to come off. My skin was rubbed almost raw and I had acquired something of a temporary redness to my face. At least most of the headache was gone though I still felt unbelievably tired

Well, it had been one hell of a weekend. That much was undeniable.

[] Rest up, hope for pleasant dreams.
[] Figure out how to deal with the aftermath.
[ ] Figure out how to deal with the aftermath.
-[ ] Open the window, walk over to Alice's and ask her for her opinion.

I'd like to just rest, but I'd rather do something constructive.
Well. That was terrible. She pretty much summed up our whole actions and the current situation. And on top of it Rin messaged her disgust of Arc and his actions. Screwing up probably does not even come close to describing it.

I am not so sure about voting to go whine to Alice because I am not sure how she will react to it. If we consider that he is currently unbelievably tired and his spirit is probably rock bottom from everything I don't think that it would be best to jsut go on. The last time he did that was ditching Suika and trying to get to Rin.

On the other hand, if, Alice is in he could regain his energy by just letting go and maybe falling asleep in her lap? But can you really be sure of that? Or he can just make plans on how to improve the situation but the question is how effective those would be in his current state of mind. He is a real mess right now.

[x] Rest up, hope for pleasant dreams.

It is always best to just get a clear head and sleep over decisions.
[X] Rest up, hope for pleasant dreams.

Well, it can be safely said that we fucked up.
We'll probably have plenty of time to figure out what to do about it during our punishment.
Well, that went well

[X] Rest up, hope for pleasant dreams.

Rest now. We'll think up something tomorrow. No need to abuse our brain further.
[X] Rest up, hope for pleasant dreams.

We're really bad at this "helping people" thing.
You guy think Yuyuko knows this and is just fucking with us
I hope everyone reflects on the past few choices. It should be obvious to see where we went wrong and how to fix it. Auntie really laid it out for us.

Now, as for what I think went wrong? We changed course in the middle of an event. What I'm taking away from this is that we need to choose an option and follow through. No matter who it hurts, no matter how many distractions the author throws at us, we need to see it through. Hang with Suika? Good, attach Arc to her side until she cuts him off.

While I can see the merit in resting up, Arc *really* needs a plan of action. The aftermath of this event is going to be far-reaching.

Guys, this is our opportunity to plan. Has anyone else noticed that options don't really show up twice? We have the time, Arc is not totally fried yet. Wouldn't it be better to put together a loose plan of action now while the emotion is still fresh? Don't get me wrong, I'm not voting to illogically let emotion cloud Arc's judgement. Rather, I want to use them as motivation to improve and get something done.

Procrastination is a thing. You know it, I know it. "Why plan now when you can do it later?" That's the line of thinking that has been screwing us every time. Trust me on this one, I'm confident that given enough thought, you'll all realize that this is for the best.

[x] Figure out how to deal with the aftermath.
>We changed course in the middle of an event.
We changed opinions often inbetween. Voting is a big tug or war that goes back and forth between whatever the majority thinks is good right now. I fully agree with following through the things that we started but I cannot agree with doing that no matter what. Some things can happen that might need to change the current course of action or just take the situation on from another side. Just blindly following through with something is as worse as just going with the flow.

>Arc *really* needs a plan of action.
Of course he needs a plan but can he really do this in his current situation? If you think back at what happened: He did not help out Rin, he ditched Suika, he got taken in with the police and now got chewed out by Auntie. He must be feeling really crap now and his thoughts must be all over the place. I just want to point out that you need to consider that he might not be making the best choices in this current state of mind. And as you said - this is important. He should do this when he is well rest and has a clear mind.

Of course I trust you but logic is better than "Guys I got this just vote for it". Plus, this time it is not let's do this later it will be allright. You need to take into account the current situation. Something which we failed to do very recently.

Pretty much everything that I can say about this.
>Just blindly following through with something is as worse as just going with the flow.

I do agree that following through blindly could be a problem. But hasn't we been doing the opposite? We vote for one choice and then forget it by the next vote. Doing that takes us in circles.

As for the plan of action, we can argue the merits of resting and such all day, but the fact is that we may not get another chance to sit down and plan like this. You don't need to be prim and proper to develop rough action plan. Arc *needs* to organize his priorities and he needed done yesterday.

>"Guys I got this just vote for it".

While this is essentially what I said, I'd like to emphasize the critical thinking portion. If it was going to be as easy as "wait until morning to think," would the option even be here right now? Arc just took a ton of flack in what has shaped up into the worst day of his life. At the very least, reflecting on that should take priority. He's *not* dead tired and he's not thinking irrationally. Let's do it.
>This story's fans

if they had that, then we wouldn't even be in this mess and won't be in any future messes. Must be a trade mark of Teruyo's stories to have fans that can't stay on task.
Fine fine, changing from >>51985

[x] Figure out how to deal with the aftermath.
He still has a minor headache, and is 'unbelievably tired' to quote the story. I still stand by my decision to rest up now and figure it out tomorrow. It's not like he'll be selling merchandise and lugging crates around all the time during his punishment, he'll have time to think it over...probably.

Or because some updates happen at inconvenient times in different time zones and some people don't get a chance to vote. I'm still upset at that awesome 'hay guize let's defy the authority' decision. Seriously, cops have dragged people to the station for less.
>We vote for one choice and then forget it by the next vote. Doing that takes us in circles.

This is so true that it hurts. No one takes the time to think back about what happened just a few updates/threads ago. It gets voted in a split second without much thinking about it or they just vote for the one who is the most voiced out here. It's just that I think that we should not trade one evil for another because in my eyes that would be just like that. It is not one bit better than what we currently is going on. Hell this whole thing is going downhill even I am getting pretty frustrated here.

>we may not get another chance to sit down and plan like this.
Dead tired, emotional and physical beat. Let the guy rest and make a grand plan once he is in a better shape.

>Arc *needs* to organize his priorities and he needed done yesterday.

First of all a rough action plan does not do too you need to have a good thought out plan on what to do. Second is that you need to set your goals and know what you are going to do.

This is what I mean with just following through no matter the cost because this sounds too much of just rushing forward and just doing something. Rash decisions and trying to make up for all the things that were missed in a short time is not the best way either.

There is a time and a place for everything. If we all work together and start depending more on each other than it will be only for the better.
You're still ignoring the fact that this option is presented the way it is for a very good reason. Tomorrow is a school day and Arc is not a morning person by any measure. Add in the fact that he's going to be feeling extremely fatigued and he is *not* going to have time to do anything outside his normal routine. What then? He's going to go to school without a plan on how to deal with the aftermath of his choices. Again.

We need to stop assuming that we're going to have time to do/fix whatever later. That's a cop out and it reflects in-story. Look at the votes where that mentality is shown. Remember the "experiment" with Rin and Patchy? We said, "oh, let's tell her the truth later." Yeah, so when did that happen? Oh right, it hasn't happened yet and look at how it's affected their relationship?

I can't advocate for this enough, don't put it off, he's not going to have time for it tomorrow morning. The options don't work like that anyway, look back in the story if you don't believe me.
Counterpoint: He'll spend a good deal of time planning and will become a vegetable in school due to lack of sleep.
all the planning in the world does us no good if we don't follow it, which judging by the readers, is a nigh-certainty.

I'm struggling to see this story as anything but a sinking ship.
I've been trying to get back to a more regular update schedule but for one reason or another I haven't been able to dedicate time to writing. It hasn't been easy to concentrate lately for me. That said, the current roadmap calls for there at least to be something in the next day or so.

I'll take the time to also say something that might help to add perspective to some of the argument here. I personally don't think that there's necessarily a big deficit in thinking and analysis, just a lack of flexibility. Making plans or trying to have consistency is all nice and good but all your determination is ultimately meaningless when you won't revisit choices after voting. Either by discussing why your choice is good/the other is not as good with other voters or reflecting and changing your mind. I've said before that talking among yourselves will help the story and I stand by the sentiment. Honestly speaking I think that what seems to be giving you grief now could have been completely avoided if you simply stopped not only to consider other choices but seriously thinking about why other people wanted to go for them. Yeah, standing up to an authority figure with real power and a chip on their shoulder is retarded if you want to just be left alone (and if that's your goal as a reader). It wasn't supposed to be a 'bad' choice (because none of them are) and it had a very distinct narrative purpose but from the aforementioned point of view it wasn't optimal. And this is the kind of shit that is dealt with more easily if you're flexible about your votes and actually bother to come back and see what other people think. Pretty much every vote in this thread would have benefitted from a little less knee-jerk and more flexibility, I think. But yeah, that's just how I see it and that's what I think causes the most problem in the long run. I'm not sure if I'm right but I don't think that there's any suggestions out there that are going to really help. You're anonymous strangers on the internet, after all.

Oh and, as always, I try to update during the afternoons/evening EST because it's best for most of the userbase. Outside of those hours I leave the votes open for much longer so it shouldn't be a problem to get votes in. Though judging from the last few showings it doesn't make that much of a difference even if I leave things just sitting there for a whole day or longer. So you're not really giving me reason to hold off from writing when I can when you're not actively talking about stuff in the story in the thread. I check the site when I can and I also sometimes hold off if it seems like you people are in the middle of an important discussion.

Feel free to get to the lifeboat. There's really no room on the ship for continuous pessimism. I'm still writing FFS and trust me that if I felt it hopeless I would have gone away long ago. Instead I do what I can and hope for the best.
File 137417443974.jpg - (344.94KB, 800x657 , once they were of flesh and blood.jpg) [iqdb]
I tried to get a little rest. Thinking too much wasn't going to get me anywhere. For the moment at least, I accepted my fate.

It turned out that it wasn't that bad of an idea. I had a pretty nice dream involving the beach and the liberal application of sunblock on a particularly smooth back. There was a bonfire and a late night walk with an intimate holding of hands. You know, the standards. Something a just a little bit salacious was about to occur by the water's edge, as the waves gentle lapped on shore and the moon quietly watched on. I woke up just before things became too intense. But, hey, at least I woke up with a smile.

It was relatively good timing too. I was mostly dressed when Alice came in. "You look like you're in a good mood," she noted. "Up early for once. Had a nice weekend I take it?"

"Far from it," I told her with that smile still on my lips, "but that's no reason to sour the week." It wasn't a very good explanation but it was apparently enough for her. We walked on to school like we usually did, with me thinking about how my free time had been severely curtailed. Maybe what I was feeling was some sort of gallows humor; Knowing that you were screwed but there was nothing you could do about it was a bit liberating, somehow. I whistled a carefree tune part of the way until we got to class.

My spare uniform felt a little weird. Tight around the shoulders. Also a little itchy. But the other one was worse for the wear. A button needed to be sown back on and it needed to be purged of the smell of alcohol and... heaven knows what else before it could be worn again.

Suika wasn't around, her seat was conspicuously empty. My left was also empty, Marisa wasn't around either. I was about to ask after her when the bell rang and homeroom began.

"Hope you had a nice weekend," Mima greeted us. "There's no real announcements today so you can talk among yourself while I take care of a few things." Almost immediately the rest of the class began chatting excitedly. There was always a lot of catching up after a day off. "I need you to do something," Mima had approached my desk in the interim.

"Anything for you, babe," I winked at her.

"I need you to take these printouts to Kirisame's home," she said, ignoring my bait.

"I'm sorry," I was immediately forced to lose the flippant attitude. I had to tell her the truth, "I can't go anywhere after school. I'm supposed to help out at our store.."

"I'll just ask Hakurei to do it. I figured you were closest to her so you'd enjoy visiting her while she's sick. Fiancees are important, after all," she said with a smirk. Her way of getting back at my insolence. Well played.

Mima left to talk to Reimu, leaving me alone with my thoughts. And Alice, who seemed to be curious as to why the teacher talked to me.

"Did you get into trouble again?" she asked.

"Nah, it was something unrelated," I said to Alice. "I've been a good boy." Which was true insofar school was concerned. No need to worry her needlessly. "She just wanted me to take a couple of worksheets and printouts to Marisa. I said I couldn't because I have to help out at the store for a while.."

"Oh, that's responsible of you. Good for you," she said with a smile, satisfied at my explanation. Somehow I found it both reassuring to see her glad for me and a little bit annoying. Made me want to tease her a little, if I was honest.

Oh, speaking of teasing... there was a loose end I would have to deal with sooner or later.

[] Go see Big Sis about the results. She'll want to know that things are nearly resolved.
[] The day's too nice to ruin it like that. Relax, maybe pay a little attention to classmates for a change.
[x] The day's too nice to ruin it like that. Relax, maybe pay a little attention to classmates for a change.

I'd argue that nothing good ever comes from seeing big sis. Let her come to Arc.

In the meantime, chat up our classmates.
>No visiting Marisa and looking into a plot point I was interested in
[] The day's too nice to ruin it like that. Relax, maybe pay a little attention to classmates for a change.
[X] Go see Big Sis about the results. She'll want to know that things are nearly resolved.
--[X]Figure out how to deal with yesterday's aftermath.

We now have time and energy for this. Let's do it.
Also, seeing as Reimu has class rep and shrine maiden duties, she probably wouldn't have visited Marisa till later in the evening. I see no reason why we couldn't have worked in Auntie's store till evening and dropped off the school work.

If nothing else, Arc can visit her after work.
[x] The day's too nice to ruin it like that. Relax, maybe pay a little attention to classmates for a change.

>nearly resolved.
Too early for that. Might not wish to lean out of the window and proclaim victory yet.

It is the same as with Suika, don't be an ass to the people you know. Spend some time, be a friend and just social. Working is fine and all but time for other things is very important too.
I would vote for visiting Marisa. It is high time for something like this to happen.

>nearly resolved.
That's a great point, best not count our chickens before they hatch.
I like how everyone ignores the fact that we still don't have a plan to deal with yesterday's aftermath.

We had a chance to vote that way yesterday. I don't think we have time to plan now, too many distractions.
He means that we, the readers and voters, made no plan on what to do. Talking with each other forming a battleplan etc.
After a while of consideration, I decided to re-vote.

Thing is, we're still not sure how exactly the whole thing with Utsuho went. All we got from Rin is some vague message saying that she "has the situation under control", which, all things considered, might mean something different than we think. So, I suggest we should look into this matter before we go and tell 'mission accomplished' to Big Sis, if only to make sure (Perhaps we can ask Alice to check?).

Also, while the odds aren't exactly great, perhaps one of our classmates have seen Suika while they were out yesterday - that'd certainly be helpful.
As such, I'm voting to:

[X] The day's too nice to ruin it like that. Relax, maybe pay a little attention to classmates for a change.
-[X] Try to find out what happened to Rin/Utsuho/Suika, maybe somebody in class have seen them.

Ugh...I hope I'm not over-thinking this...
[X] The day's too nice to ruin it like that. Relax, maybe pay a little attention to classmates for a change.

Arc needs to just unwind for a bit. He's had a hell of a last few days and going full bore back into "I'm Arc and I'm helping" mode isn't going to get anywhere. If he happens to bump into Rin or finds somewone who has, so much the better, but unless Big Sis outright makes him talk he should probably not say this thing is nearly wrapped up until he know where he stands.
I slumped back in my chair for most of first period, half-focusing on the lesson. My notes were more doodles than formulas. It didn't really matter. The teacher didn't call on me and so I was free to pursue artistic excellence for most of the class. All in all morning classes weren't too bad. My doll army was beating back the rabbit army with their tanks and choppers while their general, Shanghai the Cute, stood victoriously with a raised sword in her hand. The very visage of the goddess of victory.

"Don't you have somewhere to go?" Alice interrupted my finishing touches. I looked up. Oh, apparently the bell had gone off quite some time ago and we were having a break.

"Is there something wrong with me staying in my seat during recess?" I asked her with fake defensiveness.

"No," she said, "you're usually off somewhere else, doing something else. It's rare for you to stay in class these days.."

"Well, I'm changing my schedule up a bit," I said and closed my notebook. She didn't need to see what it was that I had drawn. "Aren't you usually gabbing with the other gals in the class during breaks?"

"I guess I'm changing my schedule up a bit as well," she said wit ha smile.

"Fair enough. I don't think I'd mind the company if you're offering," I said. It was the most direct way of telling her that I wanted her to spend time with me that I could stomach to state.

We talked a bit about this and that. Alice reminded me that the sports festival was coming up sometime soon. A whole day of nothing but silly competitions and running around. Not really my cup of tea. I lacked what others might call team spirit. I didn't care which class won. Still, it was a reminder that time flew by fast. Before soon we'd be seniors. And summer would come along.

"You're spacing out," Alice poked my cheek.

"Yeah, I was just thinking about how time is just flying by," I admitted. "Heh, you're practically the one eternal constant in my life though. I'm sorry about that.."

"Why are you apologizing?" she frowned. "It's not like you to act like you're being thoughtful and considerate of others.."

"I guess it's because of that dream I had last night," I teased, "it's hard not to love a good bikini filled by a nice figure.."

"Lech," Alice shook her head, and we shifted back to our usual dynamic. All was right in the world.

Classes resumed for about two hours longer. By the end of those periods I had expanded my simple drawing of warfare into an epic tale of bravery, love and betrayal and ultimately redemption. Took several sheets of paper to do it properly and a lot of patience in drawing the detailed gore. But it was more than worth it. I wanted to shed manly tears for the fallen.

Lunch break arrived just in time. I was getting bored of drawing. As per usual, I hadn't bothered to pack a lunch. I'd have to brave the throng of students in the cafeteria to get something to eat. I caught myself as I stood up. There was a much more obvious alternative sitting next to me. I could cash in on the goodwill between us lately and eat like a king. Her lunches were always the best.

Oh, I had also overlooked something else interesting. It wasn't directly related to food either. The class rep was struggling out the door with a heavy-looking pile of documents. She swayed from side to side with every step she took, looking highly unstable. There was someone I also ignored lately in my string of mad quests.

[] Alice's delicious lunch awaits!
[] Catching up with Reimu is more important than food.
[x] Alice's delicious lunch awaits!

We chatted up Alice for a bit, no harm in following through and taking the opportunity to enjoy more of her cooking.

The Reimu is completely and utterly tempting however. But I will not be distracted, Alice time is now.
[] Catching up with Reimu is more important than food.

I will be distracted. We haven't talked to the class rep in some four threads. Being on her good side means getting help around the school. Do you want to be reliant on Yuyuko for everything? Someone of Reimu's standing can help us out when we need it most, especially when the story plays on VN tropes where student leaders have unusually broad powers.

As for Alice, she's happy with us, we can develop other relationships as well. What we can accomplish is dependent on who is willing to help us. Being friendly with Yuugi got us support and help with Rin; being friendly with Yuuka got us help with Byakuren and later on, let us meet Patchy and get her help too; being friendly with Marisa helped us with Rin; Becoming friends with Patchy helped us deal with Rin. The more friendships we grow, the easier it is to deal with Yuyuko's tasks.

Keeping the above in regard, the best choice in my opinion is to talk to Reimu.
Whelp, if I want to update again, I have to start writing now. So doing just that. Congratulations, guy.
"Hey Alice," I shamelessly pulled up a chair next to her as she unwrapped her packed up lunch. "I've told you how awesome I think your cooking is before, right?"

That made her laugh. The complete lack of subtlety on my part was amusing. I didn't care how transparent I was though, I had a clear goal and I would stop at nothing to achieve it.

"You should really start cooking for yourself," she remarked, deliberately taking her sweet time undoing the cloth around the plastic container.

"Hey, I can cook, I just choose not to. Besides," I argued, "I can't ever hope to mimic your skills. So why try at all? I'd rather just get the real stuff, unadulterated, from my favorite friend in the whole wide world." Yeah, I had no shame. Men were beasts, deceitful and voracious when it came to food. Serving a delicious meal was the quickest way to control a man. And no fellow male could ever fault me for being so pushy with Alice.

"You're such a kid," she said with a sigh. "You know that I'm not going to turn you down already. Even though I should to teach you a lesson about personal responsibility.."

"But you're not, right?" I put on my best impression of doe-like eyes. "Alice is too good of a person to toy with my heart like that. She'd never hurt me."

"I'm going to let you have half. But you better not forget the favor."

"No ma'am!" I nodded enthusiastically at her terms, "not in a million years. I'll never forget your kindness. Now, if you'll excuse me..."I helped myself to the food amid a second sigh from her. It was top-notch stuff, as usual. Really hit the spot, satisfying both body and soul. If I sat under a big tree and closed my eyes, I bet I could reach enlightenment.

"You barely chewed your food," Alice critiqued as I stopped eating. "You should pause and really taste your meals, you know.."

"It's okay, I could taste the love you put in your food with every bite," I spewed some nonsense, still feeling elated by the meal. "Your feelings were the tastiest part.."

"I'll never understand you," she said quietly, taking the time to properly chew and swallow her food. Whereas I was finished in all of five minutes, she took considerably longer. I didn't really mind, gave me time to bask in the comfort of a partially-filled stomach. And I didn't really have anywhere else to be either. Even I wasn't curt enough to eat part of someone's lunch and then ditch them as soon as I was done.

"All kidding aside, your food is much better than the junk at the cafeteria," I told her. "I wouldn't trade places with anyone else at school right now. Even the guys who sneak out of class before the bell in order to get the curry special before anyone else." Well, maybe just a little. The bastards hoarded the best food for themselves. Why the cafeteria didn't stock more of their most popular item was a complete mystery.

"Flattery isn't going to get you anywhere," Alice remarked. She was too used to me and my idiocy to get fazed by my usual tier of comments. She gently pressed a napkin against her lips, fastidiously cleaning any stray crumb or grain that may have gotten stuck onto her face. The action somehow reminded me of those foreign dramas on tv with the lords and ladies having tea and talking their wealth.

Truth was, just being around her some more was enough to remind me of the urge I had had in the morning. The more self-assured and composed she looked, the more I wanted to tease her. It was a childish impulse, certainly, but one that was commonplace in our relationship. I couldn't have her thinking that I was becoming more like her, after all.

[] With domestic skills like hers, she'll make a great wife one day.
[] Her food is great but to rank it objectively it'd be necessary to ask every other girl in class for a sample of their cooking too.
[x] With domestic skills like hers, she'll make a great wife one day.

It's true, that and too much teasing might backfire and it'd be nice to have something not screwed up.
[] Her food is great but to rank it objectively it'd be necessary to ask every other girl in class for a sample of their cooking too.

The other option is just too cheesy to take seriously.
[x] With domestic skills like hers, she'll make a great wife one day.

Both of those options look like teasing to me but one is being an ass.
Thinking back on how we voted to spend time with Alice threads back this is going places. She is lovely girl and it certainly would be great to spend some more time with her. I would like to try to spend equally much time wtih every girl there is. There is most likely no route lock but who knows if Teruyo suddenly throws in Kaguya true route.

As for the situationw tih Rin and Yuyuko, we should try to look into it and what can be fixed and what not. Maybe the situation can be miraculously saved.
like your choice is better? It sounds like even more lechery.
It does seem rather cheesy. I'm sure how to respond, to be honest.

One is a direct flirt and the other is indirect. Without going into the psychology of each choice, I think I'll go with this one.

[x] Her food is great but to rank it objectively it'd be necessary to ask every other girl in class for a sample of their cooking too.

>She was too used to me and my idiocy to get fazed by my usual tier of comments.

The former choice seems to be on line with his usual tier, don't you think? Whereas the second is a different strategy entirely.
[X] With domestic skills like hers, she'll make a great wife one day.

Somehow I don't like the second choice.
"You know," I started, an obvious smile on my lips, "you're really good at stuff like this. I mean, not just making food but sewing and I bet that you're good at cleaning up and doing all sorts of other domestic skills. I bet you get top marks at home economics." I paused, trying to gauge if there was any immediate reaction on her part. She was too busy putting away the container and wrapping it back up in cloth to pay much attention to me. I therefore decided to keep at it. "What I'm saying, Alice, is that you'd make a great wife one day. You'll make your husband real happy with these skills.."

"...I don't know if I want to get married," she said, surprisingly enough. I wouldn't have figured her for the type. "It'd be nice, I guess," she elaborated, "but I don't think that I need something that formal. I mean, Mama is happy the way she is so I think it's possible to be happy without a husband.."

"Oh, I thought most girls your age were a lot more romantic than that," I said. "You know, prince on white stallion sweeping them off their feet, living happily ever after.."

"I guess I'm not like most girls then," Alice shrugged. "I think love is really important but I don't know if the traditional solution is the best.."

"Well, uh, regardless," I floundered a little, "you'd make your partner really happy with your skills. That's what I meant to say.."

"Thank you, but I think that equitable division of labor is also important, realistically speaking." Then, she turned the tables on me. "I don't think you'd make that great of a husband, you'd need someone that was really patient and understanding of your flighty ways," she teased with a giggle. "You'd need a woman with the patience of a saint and a heart of gold.."

"Ouch," I winced, "I guess I deserve that.."

"Well... maybe if things changed a little..."

"What do you mean?"

"Nothing, never mind," she shook her head and refused to elaborate any more.

And that was that. I enjoyed the rest of my break just taking it easy. We talked together for a while, about nothing in particular. It was the same kind of small talk that was happening all over school, between classmates.

Afternoon classes passed by pretty quickly. The only thing of note was that the class rep went missing until halfway through the first lecture. It seemed like it was something that the teacher was aware about as he let her come in and sit with a nod of his head. There was nothing left for me to do at school after classes. I hurried straight to the store as quickly as possible.

What awaited me was just more of the usual. Move boxes full of inventory, occasionally work the register and sweep the floors. It wasn't hard to do but a little bit boring. At least compared to freedom to do whatever I wanted. I returned home late in the evening, as Auntie was working the books at the end of the day. I was pretty tired at the end of all of that, truth be told. Work took more out of me than expected. Even if I had wanted to sneak out, I didn't think I had the strength to stay out. As boring as it may have seemed, I had a light dinner, drew a bath and then just listened to music before ultimately going to bed.

And the cycle continued. I got up a bit earlier than usual, met Alice, walked to school, sat through classes, did nothing particularly remarkable and then left for the store and worked and then went home and slept. Suika showed up, looking as she always did. Well fell into the usual pattern of banter and sometimes crass comments during breaks. I didn't really feel like getting into some of the things that happened and apparently neither did she. We weren't really spending much time together however. Normally we'd skip a class and lounge around the roof or go out but for some reason we just stuck to those basic interactions.

A week had gone by before I even really noticed it. Maybe that was Auntie's plan. Keep me too busy to get into trouble. If so, it was working. I sat at my desk Monday morning, thinking that perhaps I had kept my head low for long enough. If I didn't do something different, I'd start losing my mind.

[] Sneak out of school and spend some time in town
[] Ditch and go back home and relax
[X] Sneak out of school and spend some time in town

So Arc doesn't even get the idea to ask Rin about Utsuho's situation or what has happened? At least the weekend with Suika got solved up easily.
I was expecting as much.

[] Sneak out of school and spend some time in town

Gotta do something. Being passive solves nothing.
Apparently he does not take the time to think about it or does anything about it. Thank god for that time skip, huh? Things with Suika are going sour fast too.

[x] Sneak out of school and spend some time in town

I would not have expected Alice to turn the tables on him so quickly. He has much to learn. Well she always was a lovely girl with a great mother.
Not really I think something's being avoided about that and I can't say if it's important or not but teh fact there's a wall up isn't a promising sign.

On the bright side I think we don't have to worry about Alice for now.

[x] Sneak out of school and spend some time in town

I just don't think he wants to stick around home for now.

But it's odd how there's no mention of visiting Marisa while she's sick, also a worrying sign.
On the contrary actually, I think paying more attention to Alice would be a good thing.

[x] Ditch and go back home and relax.

The only people that we'll find in town are other ditchers and older women. As enticing as that sounds, I'd rather chill at home and recharge.
I must admit that some of that is just to make writing more convenient for me. Having too many things going on in each update isn't good. Since you decided not to talk to Yuyuko, that's been put on the backburner for a moment. Part of the trouble of having a large cast and a lot of plotlines is figuring out how and when to present them. This little detour should be brief, though.

Well, you had a chance when she first disappeared. And might have had one if certain things hadn't happened and would only have another if you somehow managed to have a little free time again. Well, it's not that big of a deal. It's pretty difficult to hit every single flag in these things anyhow.

It also seems like there's only five or so you you anyways, and it doesn't seem like the choice is controversial, so this is as good as time as any to start writing.
Sometime between morning classes, I made my move. I slipped out unnoticed, while the teacher was out. Big Sis' keys made getting in and out a cakewalk.

Town was busy as always. People rushed back and forth from business to business like ants oblivious to the larger world around them. That's how someone still dressed in his school uniform could get by unnoticed - everyone was way too self-absorbed to care about other people. I didn't really feel like spending money just because. It was partly because I wasn't getting compensated for my after school work and partly because I had used up a lot of my cash reserves during my wild evening with Suika. That meant that my options were a little limited.

A large crowd was gathered by a department store. Curious, I gravitated towards the store. It was a line of sorts. I detected a common denominator to the makeup of the crowd almost immediately. Still, against my better judgment I asked the least greasy-looking slob in the queue about what was going on.

"Like ohmahgosh," the repulsive man looked shocked. He quickly adjusted his glasses on his face and explained in the most condescending fashion possible what was going on, "for those of us who haven't been living under a rock, it's a great day. Cosmic T's new album is finally here."

"Cosmic T?" Some sort of musician?

"Only the greatest and bestest idol in the whole wide world," the manchild excitedly explained with a blast of halitosis. "Anyone who has even the slightest bit of taste is lining up for this exclusive launch. Rumor has it that T-chan herself is going to show up and sign a couple of albums for her dedicated fans," he said with a disgusting rash of a blush on his cheeks.

"Alright, gotcha buddy, good luck with that." I disengaged the pack of losers as quickly as humanly possible. The smell of fermented feet and instant noodles was too much to stomach.

'Cosmic T' was a pretty stupid name, I thought. I looked through the display window at the promo CD with a little bit of curiosity. Looked like that the usual limited edition bait was going to be included in the release. A bunch of stickers with lyrics to the songs and a few glittery moons and stars. The artist was a young girl who had probably been digitally enhanced by the latest in image manipulation technology. She wore a lot of glitter and had her hair done up like some sort of black octopus. A space octopus, maybe. Would fit in with the rest of the cosmo/astrological motif going on.

"You're a fan too?" I was asked.

"Nah, I was just curious as to why there was a crowd. I never heard of Cosmic T," I replied.

"Idol culture is strange, don't you think?"

"Bunch of losers projecting their insecurities on airbrushed women if you ask me," I looked away from the display with a smug grin. Ah, how lucky. A normal looking girl had been talking to me. No, scratch that. A beautiful girl had been talking to me. Dark, straight hair and dark eyes. Well proportioned features and sublimely radiant skin. 'Be still my heart', I commanded, 'don't get too bewitched just yet'. I was trying to work out if I was dreaming or not. Girls like her usually were too busy jet setting and modeling in magazines to wander the streets, let alone talk to me.

"That may be a little too harsh," she smiled, covering her lips partially with her hand. Like it was too immodest to laugh at my comment. It was the kind of polish seldom seen outside of a period drama or a high-class private academy. "They simply find joy in certain things that other people do not care about. We all have our own interests.."

"I guess they aren't hurting anyone, though they could collectively stand to take a bath," I said with a smile, seemingly joking but actually meaning what I said.

:?Oh, you're too much," she smiled again, shyly looking at the pimply crowd out of the corner of her eyes. It felt good to make her smile. I wanted to do it some more.

"I haven't seen that uniform around before," I observed, looking at her outfit. It looked like a school uniform but it wasn't the one from the nearby girl's academy. Realizing I may have said too much, I followed up, "that is, I'm sorry for assuming it is a uniform." Girls wore pleated skirts and blouses just because, too. "It looks good on you regardless," I added weakly. Not my smoothest moment, I had to admit. Truthfully, I was a little tongue-tied. She was the prettiest thing around and not only because all those nerds were nearby. She would have stood out in a normal crowd too.

"Thank you," she smiled again, perhaps just out of politeness. I didn't care. It made me happy all the same. "You're right, it is a uniform and it's not really from around here. I used to go to a school far away. Incidentally I am to get to know my new school today before starting later in the week.."

"Oh, so you're a student like me. What grade are you in?" I asked.

"I'm a second year," she said. "I know that this is unconventional and a little bit of presumptuous of me, as we've just met, but I would like to ask you for a favor."

"I don't mind, if it's within my power, I'd love to help out," I said, smiling.

"The kindness of strangers is always such a welcome comfort," she said placidly, "I must admit that I had an ulterior motive in talking to you all along. I saw that you wore a school uniform and thought that perhaps you were familiar with the institution I will be attending. I'm afraid that I've gotten a little bit lost in this city. It's a touch embarrassing.."

"It happens to the best of us. So are you going to the all-girl's academy?" I took a guess, figuring that was the logical stop for her.

"No, I'm not," she shook her head, her long hair swaying from side to side. It was like a piece of shimmering silk flapping in the breeze. "I'm to attend the Tokimeki Academy.."

There was a God. I had to hold back the tears of happiness that were forming in my eyes and concentrate.

"You're in luck," I said, "I just happen to be a student there. I can guide you right to the school. Can even take you right to the faculty lounge or whomever else you need to see.."

"Truly?" her eyes lit up at my declaration. "I'd be in your debt if you helped me out.."

"None of that, please," I dismissed her thanks, "it's no trouble for me at all.."

And so, as suddenly as I had decided to leave school, I was making my way back.

"Oh, before I forget," I told her, "the name's Arc. And I'm also a second year. There's a chance we might end up in the same class.."

She bowed politely, "I am sorry for my rudeness, forgive me for not sharing my name right away. I am Kaguya Houraisan. It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Arc."

"It's just Arc," I told her. Houraisan? That was a mouthful. I'd call her by her first name but something told me that I'd be breaching some sort of protocol maybe if I did.

[] Act with politesse. Be on the best of manners.
[] Pomp and special treatment is overrated. Dare to be familiar.
[X] Act with politesse. Be on the best of manners.

I suppose it's best not to act too familiar just yet. We should probably be polite until we can get a better grasp of this Kaguya's character.
Guess with Mokou in the story, Kaguya was bound to appear. Wonder how long will it be until they're at each other's throats.
[X] Act with politesse. Be on the best of manners.

Listen to how she's talking. That's not the kind of elegance someone runs into every day; the least we can do is be on our best behavior (as much as a scalawag like Arc can have "best" behavior, anyway) and keep it formal until she's more at ease with us.
[x] Pomp and special treatment is overrated. Dare to be familiar.

I don't think fancy treatment would be right as A) Arc didn't start out with that and B) I think it was Arc being himself that got her attention not being some asskisser.

That and if she's like her canon self, she hates being put on pedstals.
Due to stuff coming up, I most likely won't update again this evening. Think creative though.
What would Teruyo do?

[x] Pomp and special treatment is overrated. Dare to be familiar.

She looks like she's been treated with politesse her entire life. Most guys that she's interacted with have probably acted all proper and such.

This is how Arc stands out from them. This is how he's going to leave an impression.
[] Pomp and special treatment is overrated. Dare to be familiar.

I see no need to be polite.
File 137428790835.jpg - (54.51KB, 490x600 , donnez-lui le dick.jpg) [iqdb]
>What would Teruyo do?
[x] Pomp and special treatment is overrated. Dare to be familiar.

Teruyo would not care about such things and treat her like everyone else. Everyone equally.
[X] Pomp and special treatment is overrated. Dare to be familiar.

Arc's gotten Kaguya to laugh and smile by being himself. For better or worse Arc needs to be true to himself, besides she went to him instead another random fan of hers. This is probably more due to his school uniform, but details, details.
So is there still someone who cares for this story? It would be great to get some updates and progres here but I fear that Teruyo can't do it on his own.

I have been watching this thread and waited for someone to actually do something here. All the commenting and discussion was mainly me and some other guy for the most parts in this thread and I fear that I can't do this alone with my bad english and only mediocre deduction skills. A writer can only write but he needs the people behind it. This is an interactive story where everyone gets together to just enjoy it and throw in their thoughts, fears and joy that they are feeling. A writer needs to see that he is actually accomplishing something! He wants to see that everyone has fun and feels something while reading. I understand why he wants to see comments, it is so that he actually knows that his readers care and feel for what is written. The same is for the readers too. Some are trying to get a discussion about the recents updates but if no one cares to read more than an update and just comes back a day later to just vote and forget what is there to enjoy? Pretty much nothing. It is just wasted effort and time that the people who care and the writer invest.

Been 2 weeks since someone actually posted anything. So speak up and let me know if there is still someone interested to get this continued. If not then let's just forget this and move on because, seriously, we need to start thinking about what went on 2 updates ago and put some thought behind the voting.

Eh, I'm tired of actually having to think about the story every time I vote. Some of us are just here to take it easy.
I've been trying to do that but >>52894 has a point as his views refect the majority of the site.

That and few equate "high school story" with deep thought as the archetype is the direct opposite of say Ancient Gensokyo.
Same thoughts as this guy >>52894

I really don't think we should do an argument between choices when the frigging choices are basically "Arc reacts in this way" and "Arc reacts in that way" This caused unbelievable shitstorm back in thread 6 when Teruyo complained about it when people didn't argue about the choices. Anon got really mad about it.

Of course some things need actual thinking and planning. We have done that in solving Utsuho's problem. Then again we failed with Tenshi.

I'd like to see this continue so I'm hoping this is a RL issue Teruyo has right now or a writer's block. If it turns out that he isn't continuing because of the similar problems in thread 6, I fear that the majority of anon is calling it quits.
That is kind of sad guys. This story is neither deep or hard to understand. It most likely requires 10 minutes of your time to think a little bit about what to do instead of just voting whatever looks the best. I wonder why you even bother to check when everything else is too much of a bother for you?

It just comes down to interacting with the other readers and enjoying the story together. The updates get written with our thoughts, ideas and wishes in mind. If no one cares then I fear that the writer does not care too. I mean why should he? I want this to be continued but it is impossible to do this alone because it just defies the whole purpose of a cyoa.

You can always just write out your wishes and thoughts. Or just come to IRC and talk to the man himself.

Like I said, entirely too much effort. You can get all passive aggressive if you want, but that's not going to change how I feel about what constitutes an appropriate and logical amount time to spend on one of the many stories I happen to be reading on this site and others in my limited spare time.
File 137565978779.jpg - (312.33KB, 648x906 , going forward without worries.jpg) [iqdb]
You really shouldn't be following this or any of my stories if that's how you feel. I honestly mean that, with no hard feelings. I've gone over my vision of what these stories should be several times before so I won't go into it yet again. I don't think that a few minutes of your time to think about choices or what has been occurring in the plot is that much to ask for if you care about a story. I put a lot of myself in writing and I don't think it unreasonable to ask those who are building the story with me to put a bit of themselves in as well. It's not about overanalyzing stuff nor having to make long posts every single time.

Really it's about the small stuff. If you want to take it easy, take it easy by contributing to the thread. Make a joke, post an image of a character you like, keep the thread lively. I think that there's something seriously wrong when what's a supremely cliched premise full of cliched comedy and situations has an audience about as enthusiastic as a bunch of rocks. Apathy is a killer. I've gone out of my way to try to foster a laid-back atmosphere via making fun of tropes (think Flan) or just by plain old fanservice (Reisen, the poor bunny). It really shouldn't be the case that people vote (saging when the thread is already at the bottom of the page!) and then the thread dies until whenver I update. This is your story too and it should reflect as much. But, hey, in the end, I know this isn't something that I can force. It's something that you either do freely because you like the story or you don't because the story isn't worth it.

It's taken two weeks for someone to say something. Unfortunately it was serious business instead of a lighthearted jab. I can't force you to like a story nor to care about it but it would be nice to know if the majority of you are as apathetic as the people whose posts I've singled out. I'll decide what to do depending on what you say.

There's at least two of you who have seriously gone above and beyond the call in trying but now I'm asking about the others. Treat this like a vote with a write in option being what you feel. Or don't say anything if you don't feel like it. That's the great thing about apathy, it's easy to infer.

Oh jeez, now look what you've done. you went and woke Teruyo from his eternal slumber. well...since he's already here I guess we can go ahead and get this shitstorm started up in full swing.


Hey man! you can't tell me what to read and what not to read.

Well guess what; I don't even think you belong on this website. I honestly mean that, with no hard feelings. Fanfiction.net has a neat little "review" function that I think you would love. Have you tried writing over there?
Look, here's the problem. Your story requires both the author and the readers to give in equal amounts. You feel anon's not giving enough, we feel you aren't giving enough. You said it yourself, activity in the thread dies two weeks after you update. We talk, we reason, we post why we think we should do something. At times, there are people writing long paragraphs and trying to convince others, but eventually, we run out of things we care to talk about regarding the current vote and the thread dies. Look, this isn't AWiY. I'm not interested in autosaging the thread every time.

You can moan about anon not interacting the way you want, but the burden lies on you. It's a negative cycle with you not meeting our expectations and us not meeting yours, that much is obvious, but you're creating the content that everything feeds from. Here's the thing, if you want this story to keep going, like the rest of us do, you need to update more so we have something to regularly work with. Any discussion, any rallying of votes, etc. all depends on how much content we have to talk about or argue with.
So far, 2 apathy and 1 non-apathy.

>we feel you aren't giving enough
How am I not giving enough? Seriously, I want to know. I spend long periods of time writing updates several times a day full of events, character interactions and different choices. There's a lot to chew on.

>activity in the thread dies two weeks after you update
It dies within a few hours of me updating. It shouldn't be a burden for people to spend time in a story they like.

Honestly, guy. When I'm updating I'm easily the most prolific writer on the site. It doesn't seem like you'd run out of things to talk about so easily. And no, don't blame the occasional gaps. For the most part it's days or even weeks of more or less regular updates.

>I'm not interested in autosaging the thread every time.
There's middle ground in between filling a thread for every update and having the average update be 3-4 votes and no additional comments, even after giving it longer than usual.
Do you like writing?
If yes, then why do you start this shit?
If no, then why are you here?

Do you like reading?
If yes, then why in hell do you start this shit?
If no, then what the hell are you doing here?

I'll be honest and say that my interest has gone down greatly due to recent events. There's a shitstorm around every corner! This was one of the first stories I read on THP, and I enjoyed it! I caught up to it when it was on a hiatus, so I waited patiently for it to start back up. When it finally did, I had almost forgotten about it. I kept putting it off and by the time I got back to it, it had already reached another argument!

I understand Teruyo wanting discussion, I really do. But he can't force us too if we want to be lazy pricks and just vote. Just as we can't force him to update when he doesn't feel like it. In order to write he needs to be motivated, in order for us to provide said motivation we need to be entertained constantly.

This shit is getting old fast. Teruyo, you can't force discussion and your attempts to do so are merely making people frustrated.

I ask you Anon and Teruyo, are you man enough to shake hands and attempt to finish this story? Well ARE YOU?!
Posting on my phone so I can't say a lot.

I like this story and I'll wait however much it takes for update. But I'll admit I'm get discouraged by how much we seem to fuck up in the story.
>How am I not giving enough? Seriously, I want to know. I spend long periods of time writing updates several times a day full of events, character interactions and different choices. There's a lot to chew on.

>When I'm updating I'm easily the most prolific writer on the site.

To be fair, it's not a matter of not writing enough. You do write. That's good. Keep doing that.

Thing is, so do the other writers on this site, and they don't try and drag anon into discussion about how special and thought-provoking their stories are. That's why we feel you aren't giving "enough". We want story, progression, things to think about and vote about, and instead you actively spend time complaining when you could be writing more.

It's a perception thing. You might think that the guy who only updates once a month doesn't give as much as you do, but that anon doesn't try to drag us into discussions about how unique his story is. You're the only one who seems to -

... you magnificent bastard.

>the average update [gets] 3-4 votes and no additional comments
>trying to make this sound like an unacceptably low amount of activity

Mate, some of the newblood here would kill to have this level of attention. Get your head out of the clouds. I don't know where this level of self-importance came from but it needs to go away, and if it has to go with you so be it.
File 137566831993.jpg - (151.47KB, 567x800 , Imgettingangry-mokou.jpg) [iqdb]
3 years ago you started the same argument in a story that you had started anonymously. 3 Years ago I called you out on the fact that you are demanding discussion like you think that every post should be discussed like a teacher insisting that there is hidden meaning in the green light visible from Gatsby's manor. 3 Years ago you effectively quit two stories that I enjoyed if only for the premise, because anon was upset that seemingly innocuous choices were having disproportionate consequences. 3 years ago I posted this very image when I finally got tired of having to read your tired diatribe about how your posts SHOULD be thought provoking and we just weren't getting it.

If there isn't a heated discussion on something, and people vote one way? That's because sometimes there is an obvious choice. This isn't a bad thing. Its a fine balance between letting the reader enjoy something and allowing them the ability to approach it from a different angle. However from what I understand is that you seem to treat this as every choice should be agonizingly difficult. Why? Sometimes things really don't need to be said in order to convey what is happening. Sometimes? A Cigar is just a Cigar. You need to relax, and just let things roll their way with some things left unsaid. This really should not be as difficult as you and some folks are making it. Rather than demand discussion, how about you ask what people think. Find out what they want to know, or hell, just leave an option for a write in. It is safe to leave the rails. Even if it ends in tears. Or hell, stop in the actual IRC channel and get feedback. Otherwise it just appears you are pandering for archived attention.
I'm more of a fan of storytelling than writing itself, to be honest. And the only reason I am even bothering to point out these things (as opposed to just dropping stories and quitting) is because I care. Also I believe that people engaging in conversation can reach an understanding after a while. None of this is to chastise you and tell you that you're rubbish but to try to move past rough spots towards something that we can all enjoy. I know you're frustrated but I'm frustrated too. I'm just trying to figure out what adjustments, if any, are possible so we both get what we want.

Thanks man! That's nice to hear. But you shouldn't be worried about fucking up. I've said it before and I'll say it again: just because you hit a bump in the road doesn't mean you won't have a chance to work things out. Life is full of ups and downs and it's the same in the story. Arc is an optimist and so should you be. I know it's easy to get discouraged but it's all the more reason to prod your fellow readers into taking action.

Mm, I have a few bones to pick with some of what you're saying.

>discussion about how special and thought-provoking their stories are
I don't really want that. That's quite frankly a form of assisted masturbation. I just want people to get into the story and talk about choices, characters, plot points or how sexy an image is just because it's benefitial to them. Not to get me off. If people are talking it means a higher likelihood of being able to persuade others to your vote, to pursue the characters you like and to influence what I decide to put into each update (since I work in comments whenever I can, especially if it's a majority opinion).

>instead you actively spend time complaining
Not really instead most of the time. Most of the time I write and I write and I write. It wasn't the last choice that suddenly made me feel like you guys weren't really engaged. It was the last time I updated with a single vote, when you started regretting telling off the police a few choices after instead of discussing it during, when you don't try to convince other people of your position when you've got strong feelings. I wrote through all of that but eventually it's important to stop and try to take stock of the situation.

>You might think that the guy who only updates once a month [...]
Speculation at best, strawman at worst. In any case, I'm not saying that I care about my story and other people don't. I'm just letting my feelings be known in an attempt to be earnest.

> Get your head out of the clouds
3-4 votes is average fare on the site. I've often updated with less votes. You've missed the point; I'm not complaining about the number of votes I'm saying that the story doesn't need to be the most popular on the site and have a single update fill a whole thread. Somewhere in between bare minimum and crazy is just fine. And It's not a matter of self-importance. It's a matter of having an understanding with the people participating. It's a covenant we're both in as reader and writer. I want to have a story where you're free to express yourself and do so whenver you can. None of this apathetic sometimes vote and then come back only for the next update. I can't force you to do it, but I can encourage you via integrating stuff you say into the story and general fanservice. And, in the end, I'm also asking in hopes that the message will get through.

So you're saying that I was arguing that choices were important, people didn't listen to me and then they got upset when it turned out they were important? Yes, I know I'm oversimplifying what you're saying but, hey, you're doing the same to me. Seems only fair. I doubt you've even read any of my posts on what I wish the story will be like. Summarizing in hopes you'll see it:

You misunderstand my fundamental objective. I don't want attention for attention's sake, I want feedback so the story can continue going. This is a collaborative effort. People discussing characters and choices give me material to weave into the story and updates. I wouldn't write a CYOA otherwise. I'd just do a regular non-interactive story. This story is as much as mine as it is the people who participate. Without them pitching in, there's no point to writing. This story model isn't for everyone but I'm being as upfront as I can be about it. It's not about analysis and looking for things hidden in every update, it's just about being a part of the process and eagerly acting within the framework.

tl;dr - apathy 3, non-apathy 3, people who don't read anyways 1

I keep saying I won't repeat myself then I do, ah well. As someone on IRC pointed out to me: the energy put into naysaying would be better spent in actually talking about the story. I guess we'll see if that resonates in the coming hours.
>>52905 here


I have written those arguments that have more than a few sentences. Teruyo can confirm that. What did I get? One guy pointing out I don't have a plan, but he didn't think anything to suggest. Other referred to the section that didn't concern about the plot at all. I got into an argument back in last thread where the opposition stayed silent after I made my counter argument.

I say it again. Those votes I argued about were either important in our current objectives or can be debated with ease because the votes are very different. That's why I stood up and talked about it. Sometimes I don't vote with arguments because my thoughts are very similar to the majority. Why argue when you have no one to argue with? And I also miss updates sometimes. This vote here is not big thing. We met a stranger and we are now deciding how to act. I don't see why we should do an serious argument between "act polite" and "act like old friends". Arguing about it is like two adults fighting for a cookie. Why argue about such a small thing? It isn't like we would fuck up so much that it goes "GG Bad end" or "Anon, you just fucked up another arc" unless the writer decides to be a dick and does it without warning.


This is sometimes why I don't vote in this story. Sometimes both votes are indifferent to me, like this one. I can't really vote in this with some discussion because I'm pretty much "meh" on both choices. Me voting would either end up as bandwagoning, cracking a bad meme joke
or doing it on impulse without thoughts. So that isn't really good.


There is only shitstorm in this thread/story and only when the author complains about the lack of discussion.


I think the Anon that said you were actively complaining was referring to thread 6 shitstorms. No writer complains about the lack of discussion except you. And this is dangerously veering into another big shitstorm. I don't get it why you would want to have bigger discussions about small things. Look what you managed to cause in thread 6 with this. I, other anons and you, don't want that to happen again, now do we?

I don't think that's what Teruyo meant when he asked us to talk about the story. You might wanna rethink your post before he accuses you of being in league with the Strawmen.

I'm interpreting his desire is to want us to talk about the choices or just voice general opinion or reason on the choices so he can know what we think about it and then integrate it into his story.


Aren't these guys doing it?

Well...yes they are, but he really likes it when we continue talking about crap even after we vote. Kinda like a certain story about a wizard somewhere on this website.

I think that was what he was alluding to when he asked us to stop strawmanning and talk about recent developments in his story.

AWiY is totally in a different league. It has had a big base of loyal readers since 2010 that have been bantering through the whole journey. You just can't expect people reading this story would also act like that. And I'm not saying that the banter and regular/big discussion comes with age. Little Soldier has been around since 2009 and people still vote with absolutely no discussion at all. I applaud Serial ATA for writing so long with no discussion from anon at alll.
That is rather remarkable, and I think I'll go check out that story now that you said that.

More on topic; I find myself attempting to come up with reasons why this story doesn't get the ridiculous amounts of discussion that stories such as AWiY and GH get/got respectively.

First of all is the sheer numbers. The amount of active voter participation on this site has drastically fallen over that past two years.

Second of all; Teruyo only offers us two choices on where to go per update. Sure there is always the invisible write-in option, but a lot of times Teruyo writes the update such that the options he presents represent the only logical course for Arc to take. Maybe if he included more options, or just simply left the entirety of the decision up to us, like a certain author on this website who loves yukkuris, we would have no choice but to think before voting.

Only problem is that kind of freedom often leads to some very strange updates, which probably isn't very good for a high school fic.

I'm going to stop rambling for a while though. Good luck with getting Teruyo's butt in gear.
[x] Pomp and special treatment is overrated. Dare to be familiar.
As far as that goes, well people tend to have a goal to not really discuss, though I must say the fact LSL's votership appared to have dropped with time distressing.

And AWiY has less bantering than DnD wankery and as of late, other sentiments barely associated with the story.

I would think they are but that's just me talking.

>every post should be discussed like a teacher insisting that there is hidden meaning in the green light visible from Gatsby's manor.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel this way at times.

>>52968 has a bit of a point; as most writers that get the almighty "discussion" do so with their writing, not demands for it. Just look at Underground LA where each monthy update had enough 'meat' to provoke natural disucussion, not comments that one had to force themself to make.

In this regard the last update was pretty good as my comment was pretty natural.
File 137576478393.jpg - (1.05MB, 1200x933 , schoolgirls and bikes.jpg) [iqdb]
Your post actually helps get my butt into gear. I've thought about write-ins and more than two options plenty of times. I've actually experimented with them in this story and certainly have tried them lots of times in other stories as well. They're not that good for getting people to say stuff, remarkably enough. People bandwagon because I think they don't feel they're 'capable/smart' enough to add anything or make their own write in. I can only think of only a handful of situations in five years of writing where people have gone back and forth with a passion during one of those votes. Another problem is that it slows the pace down of the story immensely. I feel that people wait for the 'right' write in and are generally too timid to say something in case it looks stupid or something. I know, sounds silly, but I've asked people on IRC at times and they tell me more or less that. I don't think it'd be feasible in this story save for the last update of the day (ie when I go to bed or have to do Teruyostuff?).

I'm not sure that 'meaty' has a direct correlation with how much people talk. Even without me badgering you people it seems to be a crapshoot. Sometimes you'll argue about 'pointless' (relatively speaking) things in the story for no apparent reason and then be mum about long updates where a lot happens. I'm aware that it sounds like I'm criticizing you for it but that's not really my intention. I genuinely do try to learn the how and why of things to see what I can do to improve myself and stories. In other words, I really am a crazy bastard and mean it when I make these long replies. I think discussion is healthy and important (if admitedly a bit tedious if all you want are updates).

As per usual, I didn't really mean this one choice in particular was something that had to be overanalyzed to death. I just think that in general it's healthier for the story if you guys are more engaged in it. As someone's pointed out, it's not something I can force but it's something I hope for anyways. I bring it up directly because the more indirect methods (ie writing updates and leaving 'hooks') doesn't seem to be working as well as I want it. So I'm limited in my options.

My goal in general is to have you people completely immersed in the story. Checking whenever you have free time. Being anxious about updates, choices or what other people say. Basically a fast-paced story like in the old days of the site. I'm more than prepared to spend a whole afternoon writing if you people are as excited about it as I am. So its a cultural problem as much as a practical one. I'm asking you to get into things as much as I am and the 'reward' for doing so is fanservice. Getting your opinions integrated into the story, characters appearing, even faster updates. Stuff like that. The hope in asking you to comment and be active is that eventually you'll start doing it on your own and we'll get a positive self-feeding cycle where we all win with magical girl fanfiction. Personally this is one of the things I think is most sorely needed on the site. The problem is that it's something of a chicken and egg situation. People don't say stuff and post things because no one else does and in order for them to do so you need to have an atmosphere where people post and say stuff just because. So that's why I insist so much. The hope is that more and more people will join in and we'll all end up getting caught up in fun.

...I did say I was crazy, right? Honestly though, that is what I'd like to see most on the site. And if I seem like a moody ass it's only because I believe in this vision of fun. I don't need a large voter base for this to happen successfully, though it certainly can't hurt. You should always vote because it helps, even if only a little. You should always comment, because it might inspire others to do the same. You should recommend this and every story you like everywhere, so that more people can join in and we can get past the deadness and inertia that's so prevalent on the site. Elect me as supreme overlord and you'll get a free moonbunny

A shitstorm is where everyone is angry and flinging insults just because. What we're doing now is talking and discussing, in a mostly civilized manner. I know it's tedious, but I do it because I hope to be successful one day in carrying the above out.

It's only a strawman when you start arguing against things I haven't said. Like me claiming I'm entitled to stuff or that I think that I'm special or some other rot. I don't mind actual criticism especially if it's constructive like the last posts.

So... what now? I hope my direct explanation of my ludicrous dreams will have appealed to the romantic inside of you. Gotten you all fired up. I hope that my explanation does good. I don't think I can get new readers with a post like that but I depend on you to recommend this story to other people. And for you to take heart, be bold and say whatever you want in a story and participate in more than just voting or thinking about a choice. That's nice and all, but I don't need walls of text of analysis. Most of the time the story doesn't merit it. It's much more important to have people going back and forth whatever, even if it's just inane stuff about how awesome Suika is (she is awesome, deal with it). Let yourselves become a real part of the story.

I really do want to pull off the type of story I described. Just day in and day out of touhous, fun and broken f5 keys. It's late and it'd be mostly pointless to update now and resume activity. But, I think all the same that it's important to make a demonstration of good faith. I haven't been sure whether or not the TD cast and later should appear (including HM and other media) and I'd like for you to simply [x] vote for your favorite of these characters and give me a short reason why you like her. I promise you that I'll use this stuff somewhere, somehow.


[x] Yoshika
Zombie moe.

[x] Kokoro
Cuter than Satori and without all of the suck, easily the best character [fanboy post goes on for 1000 words more]
Well...I really like Kokoro because the idea of teasing a mute tsundere and watching her masks go crazy makes me giggle like a schoolgirl.
File 137576652167.jpg - (295.33KB, 597x800 , 779d387d20c9bb34ba63ff7ff05d1d36.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Toyosatomimi no Miko

Awesome Hair.

I don't know how you'd characterize that kind of awesome, but I can't wait to see how it'd play out. She'd possibly have a bit in common with Arc.

You monster.
[x] Mamizou

I imagine her being the big sister people wish they had and unlike this story's Yuyuko it wouldn't be an act. God knows Arc needs a real big sister type among all the unconvental people surrounding him.
[x] Yoshika

Zombie moe is the best moe.
[ ]Miko
We've met Byakuren. Watching the interactions between the two leaders is of interest to me.

I forgot about the bitchin cape.

I don't even know what to think about Miko anymore after HM. See seems like a drill-haired, desu wa~ kinda ojou-sama now.

That's just a guess tho, since I can't into moonrunes and don't feel like looking up her exact dialogue on the wiki.
It is not like I want to tease Touhous but that man brought up a way too good point.
[x] Kokoro
>stop relying on the masks and discover her own, true emotions
Or in the end pretty much this because that would make a grand story. Blushing masks, shy masks, pouting masks, her true smile and happiness? It would just be beautiful.
You know what to do.

[x] Kokoro

I'm partial to either Mamizou or Miko, but the possibility of seeing Kokoro get written is too tempting.
File 13758012548.jpg - (387.34KB, 724x717 , eternal blossoms of youth.jpg) [iqdb]
"It's rare to see transfer students this late into the year," I made a bit of small talk as we walked together. Since I was leading, I adopted a bit of a relaxed pace. I was in no hurry to get to school, for obvious reasons.

"I'm afraid I find myself under rather special circumstances," she said vaguely. Something about her wording made me decide not to prod further. Girls were best when they had some mystery to them, after all. Still, her circumstances must have been special alright. The end of the school year was near. Exam season was just around the corner.

"Well, I'm sure that you'll fit in just nicely at school regardless."

"I should be fortunate if the rest of my new peers are half as welcoming and friendly as you," she stated. If Suika, or hell, even Alice had said what she said, I would have suspected sarcasm. With her saying it, it was a definite compliment. A natural-sounding one at that.

"Well, I'm kind of a special sort of guy, Guya," I tried my nickname for the first time out loud. I scanned her face for a reaction.

"What a strange thing this is," she observed with a laugh, "getting an odd nickname from someone with whom I've just become acquainted." A knot of nervousness formed in my stomach. I tried not to look at her too much because I knew that the probability of it turning into a leer was high. My eyes hungrily captured the details of the girl whenever they wandered over her. There was nothing flashy about her or her dress and, in fact, even her mannerisms seemed to be understated. A feeling that was hard to define also filled my insides. It was like some sort of longing or nostalgia. My body wanted to drink this feeling in heavily. That's why I couldn't stop talking to her even if I had wanted to.

"We're friends and Ms. Houraisan, while absolutely lovely, is too long-winded to say all the time." I explained my 'logic' with a bit of a sly smile, "and certainly you must agree that there's something a little improper for me to use your given name so quickly. At least when you keep being so formal with me. Hence the nickname. Short but still lovely and befitting friends.."

"It sounds very queer to my ears, truth be told."

"That's because you aren't used to it. Here," I said, "let me help you with that. Guya," I repeated the nickname, "Guya. Guya. Guya, Guya. Gu-ya. Guuuyaaa. Guya. G'ya.."

She shook her head with a smile. "If I am honest, it sounds a little like the cry of some sort of creature. If formality bothers you so, just Kaguya will be more than fine.."

"Fine then," I said, a little disappointed if I was honest. "Kaguya it is. We can revisit the matter of a nickname when we get to know each other a little better.."

The mood between us wasn't too bad. Though she continued to speak in a mostly polished and well-structured manner, I simply considered that to be part of her character. I took to explaining a little bit about the path to school instead. For some reason our school was on a hill so it was easy to pick out what direction to go in once we were clear of some of the narrower streets and taller buildings. If you were new in town like she was it would be real easy to get turned around in the center.

"I hope you're a morning person, because it's a pain in the butt to climb to school if you're sleepy. Especially if it snows in winter. I'd personally rather stay in bed on days like those," I blathered on as we got close. It hadn't occurred to me that I was just going head-on towards the main gates with no concern until then. Well, I'd just have to deal with it if a teacher raised a fuss.

"I'm simply awful in the mornings. It takes me a good while to get ready to go," Kaguya said with a small heartfelt sigh. "Brushing my hair can take a great deal of time."

Yeah, no surprise there. It probably took an eternity to wash properly as well.

"Is something the matter?" she asked. We were in front of the gates and I had stopped, spacing out.

"No, nothing. So who do you have to go see?"

"The headmaster."

It would be a terrible idea for a truant like me to show up along with her. In fact, it would probably be better for me to say my goodbyes and leave her altogether. But I was a stubborn idiot. I just did what I could to minimize the potential damage. The smaller gate that the staff used to get in and out of school during the day was open so I opted to go in through there, taking Kaguya up to the main building. Classes were still in but it would soon be lunchtime.

"The headmaster's office is up the stairs at the end of the hall," I told her once inside. We were as close as I dared go lest we pass the faculty offices and I get busted. "You can't miss it.."

"Thank you so very much for the escort," she thanked. A nervous edge had appeared in her eyes sometime between the front gate and the hallway, There was a conspicuous awkwardness all of a sudden - like she wanted to ask something else but couldn't think how to. Then she closed her eyes firmly shut and brought a hand to her chest as if trying to reach a decision. It was awkward to stand in the middle of the hallways exposed as we were without doing anything else.

[] Offer to keep her company a while longer.
[] Wait to see if she says anything first.

Poor Kosuzu, no one likes you.
[x] Offer to keep her company a while longer.

She is nervous about something. So why not just go and help her out here? Company is always nice and she looks like she needs it at the moment.

You could always argue that you can wait until she speaks up about it but being first might save time and make her less nervous.
Wow, that was really forward of him. "Guya"? Seriously? It'd be pretty comical if it wasn't their first meeting. Oh well, it did get him on a first name basis after all.


I'm on the fence. On one hand, I'd love to stay and keep her company. But on the other hand, Arc has been in enough trouble already. Encountering the Headmaster is going to be a problem, one that will preclude smooth talking and quick thinking. The best way to mitigate that risk is to maybe ask Kaguya to vouch for him.

I'll hold off on my vote and see what other people have to say.
This is a story about youth and Arc has a way with words. He talked with Tenshi father so I see no reason why he would not be able to accomplish this.

I see no reason why not just spend some time with with her. It is not like he is asking her out for dinner or meet her parents. Having fun and a good time can be allowed but the question is if she wants his help here and now.

Wait a second though, this vote isn't really about spending time with her or not. Instead, it seems to be about take the initiative, right?

It's either "offer your services" or let Kaguya ask you to stay. It may be a bit embarrassing for her, hence her hesitation. So, save her the embarrassment or don't.

The question is, how does this choice relate to the previous one? Since we were very forward, wouldn't it make sense to continue taking the initiative?

[x] Offer to keep her company a while longer.
[] Wait to see if she says anything first.
I have a feeling seeing the headmaster might not work out for us. Nothing more than a hunch.
It is not about spending time with her. I just feared that something like the thing with Sanae might happen again and voiced out that concern because I am still not sure how spending time with touhous/flirting works for or against us.

>So, save her the embarrassment or don't.
That sums it up.

Here's the the thing, if Kaguya asks us to keep her company for a bit, don't you think she'd be a bit more inclined to vouch for Arc when he gets in trouble with Headmaster? I don't know that a write-in asking her to vouch for him would work very well.

With that logic in mind, I'm tempted to change my vote.

The way that both choices are structured, Arc will stay to keep her company. Is it really important to follow through with our previous vote or is a change of strategy warranted here?

I want to prioritize and follow through while keeping the previous vote in mind. The question is, am I doing it right?
"Hey listen," I started, bringing her out of her awkward state, "I think I'll go with you all the way to the headmaster's after all. I've come this far, after all.."

"Oh..."she looked at me with the oddest expression. Seemed like she didn't expect me to offer myself. "Well, I suppose that would be fine with me. So long as it isn't any bother to you.."

"None at all," I insisted, once again leading the way. The devil's own luck seemed to follow me around. We didn't run into a single teacher or staff member on our way up to the office. It was a surprisingly long way up, in a part of the building I hadn't been before. It was the side of the main building that faced the center of town and most of the smaller offices we passed probably had a good view of the city. The people in the offices weren't teachers. I'd never seen them before, for one, and signs on the offices seemed to indicate that they were administrative staff. PTA liaison, community manager and a bunch of other ill-defined jobs. Probably a few offices for the trust that managed the properties and the school as well.

The headmaster's office was at the very back of all the office space. As far as way as physically possible as the students. Something which struck me as no accident. A sign on a set of large wooden doors let us know we were at the right place. Before we could knock, however, a woman with short hair intercepted us. "Do you have any business with the headmistress?" she asked.

I replied, "Yes, she has an appointment. Transfer student having a face to face meeting."

"And you are?" the woman asked with a raised eyebrow.

"A member of the transfer student welcome and management committee," I lied through my teeth, trying not to sound too sarcastic. I held back the urge to tell her that I was also a member of the 'mind your own business committee'. I didn't deal well with bureaucratic types, apparently.

"Let me just check the schedule..."the woman went to a nearby desk and pulled out a large leather-bound notebook. "Ah, yes, Ms. Houraisan, I presume?" she looked over at Kaguya.

"Yes, that's correct."

"We thank you for coming in today, but I'm afraid that a very important last minute meeting with the city's board of education came up and the headmistress is currently engaged in discussion at city hall. If you wish we can reschedule but there is another staff member you may also speak to if you wish. I'm sorry for not informing you but all of this occurred not ten minutes ago.."

"Oh, that's unfortunate," Kaguya stated. "I suppose I have no issue in talking to this other staff member.."

"Good, good. She'll be on her way shortly.."

Before we could take a seat and wait like patient little boys and girls, the alternative bureaucrat arrived with extraordinary timing.

"Ms. Houraisan," a very jovial and familiar voice greeted her. I knew who it was even before she entered my field of vision. "It's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Yuyuko Saigyouji, I'm a counselor at the school and I'll be speaking to you today." And, wasting no time at all, she acknowledged me, "I see that you've become acquainted with one of our more special students already. Good, good.."

?'sup big sis," I greeted nonchalantly.

"As you can see we're like family here at Tokimeki," Yuyuko said with a smile, "I hope his behavior has reflected well on our fine institution.."

"He's been most helpful," Kaguya said quietly, probably picking up on the weird energy between me and the ever-lovely Big Sis. "He helped me my way here from the business district.."

"Commendable," Yuyuko remarked. If she cared at all about my truancy, she didn't show it. "Well, come down to my office and we can talk some. Thank you so very much for helping out a new member of our family, Arc. You may return to class now." After a moments pause, she added knowingly, "if you wish." What a woman.

[] Leave the girls to their business
[] Continue to watch out for Kaguya
File 137582308964.png - (446.23KB, 583x800 , 7c02052a9619df7a5559edf9881c12f1.png) [iqdb]
[x] Continue to watch out for Kaguya

Of course, it would be Yuyuko. She makes me want to leave, but I do want more Kaguya. The only thing is that my instincts are telling me to back off, this is where I'd withdraw coolly. I'm torn.

I do see a red flag though, she told Yuyu exactly how she met Arc. I don't think we can count on her to vouch for him yet.

Despite my misgivings, I want to push forward and seize the moment.
[x] Continue to watch out for Kaguya

The least we can do is make sure Kaguya doesn't get ensnared like Arc did.

As far as Kosuzu, it's not that anyone dislikes her, just that she'd likely be a first year and thus only get a minor role. There's also the fact that Arc appears to have a bad habit of damaging bridges, thus requiring constant repair. The temptation of other characters were greater as well.
Kaguya is really perceptive though, I'm hung up at her response to Yuyu though. She says that Arc has been helpful but then calls out his truancy. Was she expecting him to get in trouble or is she hinting that he should back off?
File 13758235542.jpg - (586.77KB, 850x963 , sample_4187879af0e8d4b16a3354e7159e35bf.jpg) [iqdb]
Agreed. Kosuzu seemed like she'd be a first year, especially if Koishi is too.
Did not expect another update there. First of all it seems that we were dead on.

If we go with what >>53093 and choose the path we already did then we need to go and just continue on with them. Arc and Kaguya understood each other, the ice is broken and she is new here. Let us not forget that she asked him to help her. But is it time to back off now or do you just continue on in hopes that it is not a bother for her?

[x] Leave the girls to their business

Changed my mind.

As much as I want to watch over Kaguya I think that she can handle it alone from here on out. Big Sis knows what she is doing and it would just be outright rude to listen on their conversation. You can be helpful and friendly but you should not overstay your welcome. There are enough clues that it is time to leave.
[] Leave the girls to their business

>Big sis
Whoa. Nope. I'm out. We're leaving. Uh huh. Not getting rolled up in her scheme unless she's pulled a straight flush and we're stuck holding a pair of twos.
You would risk leaving Kaguya to get Ensnared in her schemes then? The sudden change in mindset reeks more like "not wanting to get involved with something" more than anything else if not a repeat of "let's ditch Suika to try to get into Orin's pants"

Whoa whoa, chill out with that bro. Our love for Orin is completely platonic and non-creepy.

[x] Continue to watch out for Kaguya

If she is cooking up some crazy scheme, it's better to at least be in on it rather than be blindsided.
[X] Continue to watch out for Kaguya

Alright then, let's stay and see.
While I do think that she can handle it alone, it is her first day here. Couple that with leaving her in Yuyu's company? I have to stick to with my vote.

This is it, following through even when it hurts. At the very least, we haven't tried it yet.

I'm as much of a fan of Yuyu as you are. That is to say, not at all. I really like this Kaguya and I do not want to let Yuyu put any unnecessary ideas into her head. Mostly about Arc.

I may be reading too much into it, but I don't think she's happy with his results.
"If it's all the same to you," I told Yuyuko, "I'd rather stick around."

"Such dedication to hospitality is most admirable," she retorted with a bit of a smirk. "It's rare to see such pure-minded young men. Alas," she sighed dramatically, "I would be remiss if I let a third party sit in on what is supposed to be a confidential conversation.."

Kaguya definitely picked up on the tension. It didn't look like she understood why Yuyuko and I behaved the way we did. The slight crease in her brow and twitch of her nose showed her slight unease. But that was the extent of it. I didn't know if it was because she preferred to avoid open conflict or if it was out of a sense of gratitude to me but she came through for me. "I do not mind if he sits in. It's all just formalities since the headmistress isn't here to discuss the important details."

"My, you must have made quite the impression of her. It's nice to see such fast friends," Yuyuko smiled and relented. There wasn't any sort of excuse that she could give that wouldn't be blatantly hostile towards me. Thanks Guya. "If his presence isn't a problem for you, then it isn't for me. It's nice to see people caring and following through for a change."

I almost came to regret my decision to stick along with Kaguya. Back in Yuyuko's office all she talked about was the boring details of everyday life. Explaining how the cafeteria worked, staff hours, counseling sessions, dress code and more stuff that could not possibly be more dull unless it were mimeographed poorly on yellowed paper. Of course I sat there in silence. And just when I thought that she was done droning on about minutiae, she broke out a standardized test. "to better help the guidance staff understand you and your needs," Big Sis said. It just meant that I sat in silence for another ten minutes while Kaguya filled out multiple choice circles on a pre-formatted answer sheet.

"I think we're just about done here," Yuyuko said happily as Kaguya turned in her test. "You'll be assigned a class sometime later in the week after you speak to the headmistress. I believe you have a few small details that you need to work out personally with her. But if you have any questions feel free to call me," she handed a card identical to the one she gave me to Kaguya. "Or I'm sure you can also ask one of your new peers, they're indubitably a friendly bunch.."

Kaguya got up to leave, thanking Yuyuko for her time. I prepared to do the same. Yuyuko's eyes followed me with a clear streak of bemusement in them. I almost immediately learned why. Once again she knew way more than I did about the situation.

The door to her office opened after a light rapping. The school nurse stood at the entrance, a large smile plastered on her face. Kaguya's eyes came alight at the sight. "Eirin!" she exclaimed, rushing over to give her a powerful hug. "I hoped that I'd run into you.."

"I was told you were to come in today," Eirin said, reciprocating the hug tenderly. Those two obviously had a long history together. The impression I got was of old friends... or perhaps even family. "I'm sorry I wasn't able to go into town earlier to bring you here but I'm happy that you managed to find your way.."

"Oh, well, yes," Kaguya said excitedly, "I had help finding my way even though earlier..."

Eirin cut her off, laughing, "you can tell me all about your day later. I'm off for the afternoon so I thought we could get lunch and catch up properly. Would you like that?"

"Mmhmm!" Kaguya agreed happily. It was incredible how her behavior changed as soon as she saw Eirin. It was like she was a different person. None of her usual polite reservation remained. Hastily saying their goodbyes, the pair disappeared from the office, happily chatting down the hallway.

That left me alone with Big Sis. And, of course, she was still smiling. She knew all along that things would turn out like they did.

"So what now?" I asked with a sigh. "I'm assuming that you wanted to see me anyways.."

"Oh, it might be time we had a little chat, I agree," she said pleasantly enough. "You've been a busy little boy, haven't you? The vigor of youth never fails to disappoint. But first, I want to ask you a few things."

"Go ahead," I said. As if I had a choice. She'd get down to her questioning no matter what I said.

"Do you find Kaguya to be a nice person?"

"Yeah, she's alright," I answered as vaguely as possible.

"You wouldn't mind being her friend, would you?"

"Pleasant enough company," I once again replied. I was wary of saying anything that she might use against me.

"Good, good, it's important that you form bonds with people of different backgrounds and temperaments." She nodded like they were sagacious words.

"What's it to you who I'm friends with?" I said wit undisguised hostility. She could deal with it. I didn't like her seemingly harmless questions.

"Two reasons," she chuckled, "One: I'm your counselor. I'm interested in helping you live a healthy and productive lifestyle. The second is a bit more selfish: I'm not sure what to do about class assignments. With at least two transfer students incoming, it's important to accommodate them as best as possible. We're fast approaching the end of the school year, after all.."

"So what do you want me to say?" I sighed again, wishing she'd get right to it.

Mercifully, she did, "basically I want to know if you think that I should assign her to your class or place her elsewhere. Though a few certain individuals drag down the grade point average in your class, it does have a high concentration of honor students."

"You're asking me if I won't corrupt her somehow if she appears in my class. Ain't that right?"

"No, nothing like that," she shook her head. "That would overvalue your abilities a little too much," she teased. Not a bad jab, I had to admit. Almost made me like her a little bit more.

"So what do you want me to say?"

"Just your honest opinion. There's no deeper meaning to this. I am relatively certain of what my own suggestion to the headmistress with but another perspective is always handy to have.?

[] Kaguya should be in the same class
[] Kaguya should be in a different class
[] Don't offer an opinion
[x] Don't offer an opinion

I would vote for not in the same class but two can play that game. This is a battle of wills and we will win.

Not more stuff now please. Arc has a big backlog with things that he still has to do. Like Tenshi, Marisa, Rin and locking in that Alice route that we nearly got.
[x] Kaguya should be in the same class

If this is one of her tasks, it'll be something not difficult or high maintence.... for once.
[X] Don't offer an opinion

Not dealing with Big Sis's shit today. That and I don't think we should get involved with what class a fellow student is placed in.
[X] Don't offer an opinion

I don't think Arc is qualified to judge where she should go, especially since he didn't really find out how good a student she is. I also don't want it coming back to bite us later if someone found out a student was involved in another student's class placement - that's red tape Arc doesn't need or want to deal with down the road.

Sticking it to Big Sis is just a bonus.
hmmm... a tough decision. She's already a little suspicious of our relationship with Big sis, so I would be hesitant to put her in the same class, but at the same time if she gets put in a different class and happens to be bullied, then that going to fall back on us.

The bottom line here, is that Yuyuko is the one who knows the intracacies of Kaguya's unique situation, and would better be able to determin the choice herself.

So while I hesitate to pick the wishy-washy option, I think i'm going to go with;

[X] Don't offer an opinion
[] Don't offer an opinion

I'm with the anon few posts above. Too many things left on the backlog that are more interesting than Kaguya, namely, magician and celestial subplots.
You guys realize that you're not voting for what plotlines to enable and disable, right? Don't be silly. I'll continue to railroad that. This is when you probably should put on your thinking hats and give voting another whirl. Or at least come up with a better reason for your votes than nonsense about plots. It would be stupid of me to enable your schizophrenia by having you pick three positive straight choices regarding a character and then making it so it didn't come up again. So yeah, I suggest you try to see the choice from another perspective. More centered on why you would say something or not to Yuyuko.
[x] Kaguya should be in the same class.

Easy. With >>53159 in mind, I suggest that we conclude this set of choices with the goal in mind. Why did Arc choose to go this far? Because he likes Kaguya. It's only natural to follow through here.

That said, I honestly can't think of why he wouldn't want her in his class. It might have more to do with the current personalities there. Putting Kaguya in a different class would alleviate some of the pressure that would build up if she was placed between Suika and Alice. With Suika not keen on being Arc's wingman and Alice finally starting to take Arc a bit more seriously, adding Kaguya could be a mistake. Emphasis on the could there.
You want to sit Kaguya in a class that has already some girls who don't like Arc being around other girls? Suika hates that and Alice really likes Arc. Perfect valid reason to not sit here in there.
That's exactly what I pointed out. Kaguya wouldn't be easy to hate. Remember, we're not dealing Kaenbyou here. Suika said that she didn't like the way Arc was acting around Rin. Suika didn't seem to hate Alice or Marisa either.
She's a pop singer with perfect mannerisms, beauty and charisma. She will attract attention and crowd out the other girls in the class with out her intention. Not to mention none of the girls have a reason to like her, considering they felt jealous of Rin.

Well everyone included in "girls who don't like Arc being around other girls" need to grow up and realize that males enjoy having female friends as well.

Why should be base our life around the misguided opinions of others?
I don't think she'd go out of her way to do it from the looks of things, rather she'd try to be merely herself.

As far as Arc's three friends, I wouldn't worry too much as so far Arc's being merely friendly not doing any tsundere-flirting or such like with Orin.

Though I can only hope Suika's bridge isn't that badly brunt.
Well said.

I think what matters is how Arc acts.

If it is a problem? Fuck the jealousy in the ass. I hate that tired old shit of jealous non-girlfriends. Do you like Arc? Yes? Then make a move. If not, get a life. Luck favors the bold and all that jazz.

I also miss Marisa. Her views on this sort of thing were refreshing. I hope she's alright.
Hopefully we'll get a chance to visit sometime soon before the cycle of Arc putting his foot in his mouth hears its head at the moment.
I wanted to update at least once more before taking a break but this is going nowhere fast. So might as well stop for the night. I don't get why instead of voting or rethinking votes in non-route terms people are discussing other girls and characters that have nothing to do at all with the choice at hand. Those are unimportant hypotheticals as this junction. You can focus on harem management if/when that ever becomes an issue. Again, the choice is not about activating nor deactivating subplots. You're already tumbling fast through the rabbit hole. All that matters at the moment is Yuyuko and Kaguya. The choice is 95% about them. Not equally split either. I don't think there's anything else I can say that isn't outright biased and prodding you towards one direction or the other.I dunno, maybe re-read the few lines of dialog?

inb4 a few people talk but no one actually budges.

I don't think you are being fair to us, as readers. Consider these statements before I explain why I feel that way:

>other girls and characters that have nothing to do at all with the choice at hand
>unimportant hypotheticals as this junction
>All that matters at the moment is Yuyuko and Kaguya
>The choice is 95% about them. Not equally split either

All of those statements are metaknowledge. And not only that, but also metaknowledge that we, as readers, were not privy to before you posted it. As such, out votes/discussion reflect that.

Now that you did post that information, however, I suppose I could reconsider my vote, but I'm not going to because the original reasons I voted the way I did are much more important to me. Even when faced with information from our all-powerful author.

You say the other girls aren't important to the choice at hand? well guess what? I don't agree with you. I feel that, in any given CYoA, characters off-screen are just as important as characters on screen, And, just like in real life, must be accounted for.

You say that all that matters at the moment is Yuyuko and Kaguya? well guess what? I don't agree with that either. Adding anything into the volatile chemistry of Arc's strange love-life is an act that, in my opinion, requires deep consideration and planning in order to balance out the conflicting personalities already present.

I suppose you can consider me to be among those who aren't budging. If I may be so presumptions as to assume there even are others.
I do agree even though I think Kaguya being in the same class won't have a negative effect, who knows she might actually be a big help to the clusterfuck that's Arc's life between Yuyuko's schemes/tasks, Arc's flares of social retardation (and thus having to mend things with his main three friends every other moment), and general school life.

In most stories thinking beyond the choice itself would be applauded, hell if people were thinking this much a few choices back, Arc wouldn't have been picked up by the cops and thus grounded (thus hindering our efforts even more)

I would say that this story would be better without Yuyuko's 'side quests' as on top of being difficult, they tend to wreak havoc on Arc's 3 core friendships.
[x] Don't offer an opinion.
Very interesting, I hadn't considered this before. I still stand by my choice since my gut feeling was to vote for Kaguya before I even read the votes. While I absolutely do not want to give Yuyu anything else, I think it'd be a shame to waste this opportunity.

See, if you guys really want to throw a curveball at Yuyu, wouldn't it be smarter to tell her not to place Kaguya in our class? That flies in the face of her observations quite effectively, wouldn't you think?
Nah if anything she'd expect such a knee-jerk denial coming, that and I wouldn't feel right possiblyh having Kaguya suffer out of some half-ass spiteful move.
I am glad that this story has someone like you.
>?Just your honest opinion. There's no deeper meaning to this. I am relatively certain of what my own suggestion to the headmistress with but another perspective is always handy to have.."
>I asked with a sigh
>I answered as vaguely as possible.
>I sighed again, wishing she'd get right to it.
>I said with undisguised hostility.
Two things here: 1) A character is telling you that she has her mind made up. 2) Arc is being antagonistic to Yuyuko.

The choice immediately follows both things.

How does it relate at all to anyone else but the subject matter (Kaguya) and the relationship with Yuyuko then? As far as you know Kaguya will be assigned to a class without you having any influence over it.

My all-powerful word of god here is just asserting what is a general rule in the story: advancement of relationships with most characters don't depend on the relationship with other characters. This has been stated in various forms before as well. Unless you're specifically in a choice deciding for one character over the other (ie: go with Rin or Okuu) you generally shouldn't think that any one 'route' (for lack of a better term) cancels out the other. In essence it'd be like worrying about Marisa when you were trying to get close to Okuu when you were all alone or worrying about Alice when you were using Patchy to get to Rin. Those weren't really relevant concerns at the moment.

I might as well be completely honest and say that originally the end of the scene and the choice was different. The don't say anything option was later added as bait. Conversation bait, specifically. Like most of the other times I have included third or unusual choices. This is because some of you are painfully predictable. As such the result of the choice isn't that important. So far it's been successful in getting a few people to say stuff (along with my prodding) but you're still being incredibly inflexible and no one has changed their mind. I think that this general stubbornness isn't very helpful in a story, overall. What I've been hoping to accomplish here and the other times I've done this sort of thing is get you to realize that.

So yeah, no one's budged and you're all worse off for it.
You lost me.

Look, I appreciate what you're trying to do, but badgering your readers isn't the way to do it.
I don't feel I'm badgering anyone. Sorry if it seems that way. I'm simply communicating to readers about something very important to the story and choices. What else would you have me do? Actual question there, not rhetorical. I prefer transparency. I don't like the alternatives I can think of: Say nothing, let mistaken impressions remain? Or to punish/reward them through the results in the story without readers knowing why it's happening?

Where exactly? Or is this just a stock meme reply I'm supposed to ignore?
That's rather unrealistic and may set a negative trend should these people read other stories. Then again this is based off of a forgotten genre of VNs.
It does not matter. I just can't follow that train of though at the moment.

I happen to like that he takes the time to discuss things with us.

>Or to punish/reward them through the results in the story without readers knowing why it's happening?

This hasn't worked in the past, I prefer it when the writer comes out and tells us that the option we're voting for won't actually let us achieve what we want. At least, that's the gist of what I'm taking away from all this.

I appreciate the dialogue though, I feel like we're actually getting to the heart of the issues we've had with the story.
File 137594362551.jpg - (249.38KB, 700x581 , who would her anyways.jpg) [iqdb]
Sorry for no updates, been busy. And also I really wanted to see this conversation concluded in some way. I'm never quite sure if the people who post the counterarguments and retorts ever get back to the thread and then see what I have say since most of them don't say anything again. If you're not saying anything because you think that it derails the thread, there's always IRC. In fact, I encourage you to speak to me there. Saying stuff and then waiting for a reply isn't very convenient on an image board. It's a bit frustrating to ask for examples of what some people say and then not get a reply. I'm not always right and I'm always open to ideas. Anyone who is also confused by stuff that I say or simply wants to say anything at all is more than welcome to bother me. I don't mind explaining stuff further or just listening to rants why x character should get more scenes. if you start talking about characters while I'm at the right level of drunkeness it could result in smut/fanservice


Quite the contrary! It's quite realistic to have. Please bear with me here. If you have a story with a large cast of characters and the potential to romance quite a few of them how would you organize it so that it's not a giant clusterfuck the moment you get anywhere with anyone? My solution is, admittedly, partly an homage to certain older games but I think it works well. Every character has a plotline (or 'route' if you prefer) that plays out the closer you are to them and the more time you spend with them. This route is independent of outside influence (ie: most other characters). Furthermore more than one 'route' can be going on at once and getting further into each one is largely independent of what you do in the others. AT THE SAME TIME, HOWEVER, there is a 'calender' which is the general plot of the story. School events happen, time passes and certain special opportunities occur. It's kind of an overworld map. It's where you choose which characters to engage (think recently the choice between going to town or home or choosing between Marisa and Alice when dealing with Rin). That determines which subplot you're going to engage in at the moment. Sounds convoluted? Not really in practice. It lets you have the best of both worlds: choosing who you want to spend time with and once there, how their routes play out. So when you're with a character or a group of characters how you interact with is generally limited to raising/lowering only the individual affection (I don't use a point system btw, kind of a hybrid flag system). It's like how commenting about Alice's cooking/being a good wife was only particular to Alice and wouldn't affect how, say, Reimu's plotline played out. Now, if you're still with me you may have a couple of lingering doubts. Like, what happens when the readers want to setlle down? To which I say, have fun first and play the hand you're dealt as best as you can. It'll be towards the end of the story that you start making much more permanent choices about what happens for the ending. Youth is a wonderful thing and at the tender age our characters are, they can expect a category 5 love tornado ('lovenado') to sweep through their lives before they're done. Or perhaps some sort of love volcano ('lovecano') to erupt. We'll see.

There are a couple of exceptions to the above. Like mutually exclusive choices. Like if you told another character about a date with another one, then they'd obviously be involved as well. Or if you locked eyes with Alice in the middle of class, got up, picked her up bridal style in your arms and then proceded to kiss her in front of everyone else. That'd probably limit your chances with the other characters present (or not. maybe beforehand you'll reach a deal with Marisa in which she'll join you for the honeymoon). Generally though you'll only require common sense to pick those out.

Hopefully that helps.

Warning the rest of the post is me being bored and slightly drunk and is not necessary to read in order for you to understand the system:

Used to be that you met girls through random events or went to certain locations and saw them. Then that'd trigger a smallish scene and it'd raise or lower your affection points depending on a variety of factors. Usually up unless there was a choice with a 'bad' answer. Since having all choices be 'luck' (go to city, go to library, etc) until you met a few characters was a bit of a crapshoot I decided to direct the story more. Which is why generally when you get to 'move' you more or less know what kind of character will be there. Unless it's a hidden special character, which you guys will never unlock. Alternatively it could be tied to stats or other activities. Being athletic made you encounter athletic girls, nerdy got you the attention of the honor students and (Mrs. Robins-err Mima) and being fashion-conscious made you get all of the trendy girls (including the eternal 17 y/o). It'd probably be too unfair to do so in a CYOA format. Too much freedom is bad and you need the writer to guide you a bit towards situations. That's the conclusion I reached at least. Man, let me tell you though, I laughed my ass off when I thought about what would happen if I took a cue from Tokimemo and introduced a 'bomb' system. Where if you didn't pay attention to characters or scheduled a date on the same day as someone else, your relationship could blow up. So you'd have to keep them happy and make time for them every so often. Hopefully the idea will also make you laugh. Anonymous readers could never pull that off without destroying everything they ever held dear.

Oh and like tell people to read and vote. We really need more activity as a whole. The more and the faster the votes and discussion the faster I'll update in general. As is, this is like the worst school story on the site. It barely has any of the unwashed masses clammoring for little sister types or engaging in duels for the honor of aformentioned little blonde girls.

It's clever of me to state the last paragraph here because it's the part that supposedly doesn't matter. Just like I'm now stating that updates will be in a few hours probably. And you shouldn't disappoint me.

To be fair, only one story on this site ever had unwashed masses clamoring for little sister route, and I dont think we need to summon the vengeful spirits of shitstoms past by mentioning the name out loud three times.
File 137599611476.jpg - (306.81KB, 523x803 , Gensokyo High Gensokyo High Gensokyo High.jpg) [iqdb]

Ah, I can feel the shitstorms overtaking me... It is a good pain!
Yuyuko stared at me intently and unflinchingly. Her lips were stationary, the edges curled up ever so playfully in an almost patronizing smile. I had to admit, it was difficult not to smile back. Even thought I felt anything but happy looking at her. It was part of her charm. Perhaps more than that it was an ability that had been finely honed with practice throughout the years. She could likely dissemble with ease and most people would be none the wiser. I sure still couldn't make up my mind if she was constantly working in a selfish angle or if she was genuine in her dealings.

"What's the matter?" she asked, cocking her head slightly to a side. It was an unmistakably coquettish action.

"I was just thinking of how cute and desirable you'd be if you weren't so manipulative," I said with an exaggerated sigh.

"For someone so bold, you sure are dishonest with yourself," she commented with a playful like shake of her head. No harm, no foul, huh. "Not going to share an opinion?" she asked, once again leading the conversation. I didn't even have a chance to reply before she seized control of the conversation, "as if there could be any doubt about how you feel about this subject. Actions speak louder than words, after all. And a few hours worth of actions sure say a lot about a person.."

"I'm afraid I don't follow," I said, following just fine. My self-satisfaction quickly crumbled. It hurt my pride a little that she could see right through me so easily. Not even Alice, with all her years of hands-on training, was as adept as dismantling me and using my ways against me.

"Oh, it's not important then," she teased, "I think I have a general idea of your opinion at any rate. We should move on to more important business.."

"Yay," I said with mock enthusiasm. One of the few defense mechanisms still available to me.

"I think you need a reward," she stood up and walked around to the front of the desk. Leaning on it with her hands keeping her stable, she adopted deliberately casual body language. I looked up nonchalantly, ignoring the obvious pitfall of staring of the parts of her that were now at eye level. Still, wearing a tight clingy skirt to the office? It may have been a testament to her own relative youth or maybe just a ploy to get the boys she counseled to act more cooperative. Nothing particularly daring about the blouse but the open-toed sandals were nice.

"For what?" I asked, realizing that I was looking at things other than her face, after all.

"The sports teacher tells me that practice has been going smoothly as of late. A quick follow up interview shows that while things are not perfect, they are going as reasonably well as they could. In short, you've done what I asked.."

"Always nice to hear." I wasn't sure whether or not I was happy hearing what she was saying. In the end, did I actually do anything? It was a problem that solved itself.

"You can stop looking so pleased with yourself," she said with a teasing smile. "You did good, there's no need to frown.."

"I'm not frowning. I'm just not feeling very satisfied, that's all.."

"Because you don't feel like you did much??Big Sis placed a hand on my shoulder with what was likely intended to be a reassuring gesture. Her words, however, left a bigger impression on me. "It doesn't matter how the Gordian Knot is taken apart so long as it is done. You may not have been there for the climax and the emotional conclusion that followed, but you set events into motion. Make no mistake that that red-headed creature sung her praises of you in her own stilted way when I talked to her. Your actions and decisions put all the pieces into the place they needed to be. Could it have been done differently? With more elegance and finesse? I don't think it matters in the end. You got the results that you wanted. Be happy of that. I'm proud of you."

"Gee, thanks mom," I literally shrugged her off, moving my shoulders violently to get her hand off of me.

"I know that it must be hard for you to hear honest praise but you did good," she laughed, "you need to be easier on yourself. You're not as bad as a person as you believe yourself to be.."

"Done embarrassing yourself?" I asked, feeling uncomfortable. Damn Big Sis to hell. At least I was sure I wasn't showing my discomfort on the outside.

"Just about, precious," she riffed off the 'mom' line with a self-satisfied giggle. "I talked to your guardian just earlier. I told her how you had been working hard to help our team be in tip-top shape. She understood that you'd been a lot of pressure and that your involvement was earnest. As such, she was sympathetic to your cause. Congratulations, your free time is your own again.."

"Wait, how did you know I got into trouble with her?" I asked a stupid question.

"What sort of big sister doesn't keep track of the shenanigans her lovely little brother got himself into? I'm genuinely concerned for your welfare.."

Ugh, I hated her. But, for some reason, I smiled as I shook my head disapprovingly.

"I think you deserve a little break from being so helpful," she continued to praise me. "I don't think I'll need you for at least a week."

"So... there's more stuff that you need me to do?"

"There always will be," she replied. "Don't pout, it makes you look unmanly. It's not like I haven't been generous in compensating you for your time either. I'm prepared to give you and a member of our school of your choice a free pass from a day from school. I can't tell you that it'd be a date, because it'd be unethical for me to excuse you from school for that purpose, but it'd be an opportunity for you to chat and fraternize with whomever you think has been indispensable for this last task of yours."

"My, how generous," I said sardonically, already thinking of whom I owed this to the most.

[] Alice was the pillar of stability I needed to succeed.
[] Couldn't have done it without Marisa.
[] I owed Patchy a huge debt.
[] Kaenbyou was key.
[] You know what, Big Sis needs a break too!
[] Suika was brutally honest and deserved a reward for putting up with me
[x]Suika and Yuugi double date


This is a 'bonus' choice with no direct relation to the end of the plotline with Okuu and Rin. In other words, fanservice. Go for your waifu or character of choice without caring for plot.

I recall that the first school story also featured little sisters prominently. The strongest and most adorable ones.
[x] Couldn't have done it without Marisa.
Only girl we haven't spent time with in ages.
I think it's been a good 3-4 threads since we met Marisa.
Plus, she helped us kick the whole Rin arc into gear by getting us somewhere with the cat.
It has no effect on the relationships? Just asking as I'm tempted to vote for one of the big three to try to mend things up.
[X] I owed Patchy a huge debt.

So true yo. Mah nigga patchy confirmed for bro tier.
[x] Alice was the pillar of stability I needed to succeed.

Alice is the key to everything here. She is loyal, loving, has adorable dolls and is a great friend. Who else but to choose her?

It is only bad that this won't have any lasting impact on the story.
You're dealing with a character directly, obviously it'll have some impact on your relationship. And therefore future interactions with said character. What I meant is that it's more of a special self-contained event than any particular storyline. Like the Golden Saucer date in FF7 kinda of works as an analogy.
[x] Suika was brutally honest and deserved a reward for putting up with me

Might as well make it up for ditching her.
[X] Couldn't have done it without Marisa.

Not one of you thinks about Alice. Shame on you guys.
[x] Alice was the pillar of stability I needed to succeed.

Thought this was going on another Hiatus. Hm.

Anyway, Alice has been the most important in Arc's life since forever. She's the only constant who deserves anything from him.
File 137606131294.jpg - (91.53KB, 800x800 , You either have your Patchy or you eat her.jpg) [iqdb]
I know this is a terrible analogy, but this choice is like the writer is laying out a plethora of cakes for us. They all look delicious, but you can only choose one.

It's hard to pick, and we should probably go for someone that Arc has progressed further with, but I keep picturing Marisa's smile and it just melts my heart.
File 137606264174.png - (1.69MB, 995x1371 , 1c0809cf46fe8a20955f178d6c5697e0.png) [iqdb]
Bug Teruyo about GHE. That's nothing but an Alice route all day, every day. Or that guy doing the Alice story with the toastergami.

Vote for Marisa.
Wasn't this story dead?

Sigh. Lots of things to catch up to.
Alice's relationship is in pretty good shape though.
File 137607781850.jpg - (368.54KB, 1000x1422 , You'd keep her warm right.jpg) [iqdb]
>>53470 here
Changing vote

[x] I owed Patchy a huge debt.

I'd honestly rather use this opportunity to get closer to Patchy. Putting Marisa off again hurts, but as the writer said, this is a fanservice opportunity to advance the relationship. As such, I think Alice or Patchouli would be best. We've come the furthest with them, therefore I think the next scene with them will be all that sweeter.

Marisa WILL get her time. We're going to resolve her story as soon as it presents itself. I need my fellow Marisa fans there with me when it happens.

I honestly expected more sparks to fly. Not even a single punch was thrown, I want my money back.
File 137608148953.jpg - (185.44KB, 1280x720 , normally nuclear options are not this cute.jpg) [iqdb]
Come on, you can do better than this. I shouldn't have to start a new thread following what's basically a 'waifu' option with this level of indifference prevelant. You're getting a chance to have fun with the girl of your choice. Forget everything but the allure of your preferred touhou and think that every other jerk in this story might keep you from having a nice time with them. It's time to convert the heretics. Or be converted. Forget that you have or have not seen a character in a while and simply follow your heart. And possibly corrupt other peoples' hearts with flawless logic and suggestive images. Love is a battlefield.

I've already left this open longer than I would have normally because you people are slow and timid. Now I have to go do Teruyostuff for a few hours. When I get back I better see some real partisanship and coalition-forming/vote changing. Ties and having the most popular option be 2-3 votes overall simply will not do. Get the apathetic to vote and participate in this conflict. I'm prepared to use the nuclear option and make it so Yuyuko sees your lack of enthusiasm and instead forces you to go to a family restaurant with her and Auntie where they both talk about stuff that's embarrassing to Arc and perhaps treat him like a little boy in public. You know, picking his Sunday best out for him and pinching his cheeks. No one really wants to see that instead of a hearthrobbing whirlwind of a date with a schoolgirl I take it. I know I don't. I'd rather see Suika in a frilly dress acting all girly or Rin purring happily while being held at the end of a romantic evening*.

*neither of these things are guaranteed, but should be striven for dammit.

>implying the marisafags can even be reasoned with

You make funny joke my friend. I mean...you've said some crazy things in the past, but let's try to remain at least a little bit realistic here.
>forces you to go to a family restaurant with her and Auntie where they both talk about stuff that's embarrassing to Arc and perhaps treat him like a little boy in public.

Two older women having their way with Arc? If somehow Shinki could make her way to them, they could change their way to a pub and later home for drinking then it would be complete. DO IT. You know you want to write it, Teruyo. Drunken mature women being all over Arc, all suggestive and a bit of lewd.

Please tell me it is possible.
Such a thing would go better if Arc wasn't in the habit of damaging the three most important friendships due to these tasks. Currently out of the three, Alice seems to be in the best shape.

That and while I'll stick by my Suika vote, I won't complain about some other choice winning, just that I'd like to remind them once the story resumes normally to seeing how things stand with Suika exactly.

Personally I very much dislike the cycle of repair and damage those three relationships suffer as a result of Yuyuko's tasks.
Yes. Please. This sounds great. Shinki and Mima show up too.
Biological necessity mandates sleep. Use that as a last chance instead of trying to call my bluff.

Meh, I wouldn't appreciate someone trying to change my opinion on which girl I like best. So I would never do that to someone else.

I'm not going to start such as silly and subjective argument with another person just because you asked us to.

I mean really...what do we look like, unwashed neckbeards?
File 137613898614.jpg - (222.68KB, 850x804 , sample-66f3827eb0c080b246372ae7455acd8d.jpg) [iqdb]
If I could, I would write in something for Reimu. She's been pretty distant to us lately. I wonder if we can convince her to cutback and relax sometime; the poor girl deserves it.

Write-ins are always allowed. Feel free to vote for her if your spirit moves you to do so.
>[x]Suika and Yuugi double date

Why such a tease, Teruyo? I'm not seeing a Chen/Satori option in there either. ;_;

[x] Kaenbyou was key.

Guess I will gp with the best girl then. Because Orin was indeed the key.
It's your fault Arc got grounded.

Being grounded is part of youth. Helps build character or somethin.
You still haven't answered me, Teruyo. >>53523 Not that it matters at this point but I still would like to know.
New thread >>53576

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