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File 13683882412.jpg - (134.46KB , 724x463 , JPEG (1).jpg ) [iqdb]
49888 No. 49888
You open your eyes to what is the beginning of your very first memory. Color, large splotches of color, a lot of greens and browns, with holes of bright shinin—

Ah… it hurts if you look directly at the brights. You blink, and find your vision plagued by phantoms of the brights. They dot your vision, even with your eyes closed. A lesson learned, the brights do not like to be looked at.

You begin to lower the hand that reflexively shot up to your eyes’ defense; once halfway, you let it fall. A splash, wet, cold; no, you were always wet, all over even. Upon sitting up, you investigate the source of the wetness, a puddle; clear, shallow, wide, wet, cold.

A nod comes unbidden from you —acknowledgement— your upwards motion continues till you find yourself standing on bare feet. A glance side to side reveals that the browns… trees you think, extend tall and wide, as if they were afraid of nothing; not that they have much to—

Something that chirps, flaps, and flies interrupts your thoughts as it swoops before you, barely more than a blur. Once again your hand reflexively reacts to the stimulus, reaching out, far too slowly, to a now empty patch of air, and curiosity begins to burn away at you as you take your first step towards…

[x] Perhaps over to where the bright is abundant…? Maybe it won’t mind as long as you don’t look at it.
[x] More puddles? Surely there is more cool and wet around to be had.
[x] Those… trees, they are tall and wide many times more so than you.
[x] The thing that swoops, flies, flaps, and chirps. It runs; you must chase.

A test, stream of thought style of writing, blunt... sometimes? Who knows, let us see how this wreck of a train turns out.
No. 49889
[x] Perhaps over to where the bright is abundant…? Maybe it won’t mind as long as you don’t look at it.
No. 49890
[x] Those… trees, they are tall and wide many times more so than you.

Not sure about the choices, but let's explore the trees.
No. 49891
[x] Perhaps over to where the bright is abundant…? Maybe it won’t mind as long as you don’t look at it.

Hmm. You have my attention.
No. 49892
getting the update proofed, because I can write these in short order. called for bright.

doubt it matters, the calling.
No. 49893
[x] bright

Yes, your curiosity burns as bright as the brights that pained you. They aren’t so bad, pretty even, so long as you keep your eyes to the ground.

The brights grow in abundance, becoming more and more frequent as the trees grow less and less –hesitation— there are no more trees to shield you from the brights wrath. Curiosity, you slowly step forward into the br—light; warm, pleasant, pretty, painful, bright, golden, dry. You decide the light is nice; it warms your not so wet and cold body.

Your eyes adjust to the light; there is more green than brown now and some gold but it’s small and far. This green waves back and forth… to and fro. Grass, expanding till your eyes can see no more. Another glance, this time to the other side, blue lots of blue. A big puddle, not quite, the puddle was clear; this is not. It must be even more wet and cold. Trees that are neither so tall, nor wide on make themselves known on the side the puddle, which is too blue, is not.

The light it is not so bright, it is growing dimmer and cooler as it was under the trees. In this dimming light, things that don’t swoop, flap, nor chirp are flying towards the small and far gold.

[x] To the gold, small and far, curious are things that fly but do not chirp flap and swoop.
[x] To the blue. Cold and wet you know; gold and red you do not.
[x] Trees, tall and wide, where the swooping, flying, flapping and chirping things are.
[x] Perhaps something else caught your interest?

I have nothing.
No. 49894
[x] To the blue. Cold and wet you know; gold and red you do not.

...The lake?
No. 49895
[x] To the gold, small and far, curious are things that fly but do not chirp flap and swoop.

Let's not jump into the lake so soon.
No. 49896
[x] To the gold, small and far, curious are things that fly but do not chirp flap and swoop.
No. 49897
[x] To the blue. Cold and wet you know; gold and red you do not.

Haven't had a Lake option in a while.
No. 49901
[X] To the blue. Cold and wet you know; gold and red you do not.

This looks to be quite interesting so far.
No. 49902
[x] to the blue

To the blue, the big not puddle, you know cold and wet it has been with you since the beginning… trust, familiar, constant. Gold that grows red with dimming light, unfamiliar, new, wary, you do not.

So you find your feet carrying you through this endless grass to the puddle that is too blue and too big to be a puddle. The light fading has turned the blue to something else, darker, almost black, but not quite, navy or dark blue your mind tells you… another nod, navy it is.

The grass grows shorter until it does not grow any more, the ground replaces it; dirt but not, yellow, sticks between your toes and to the bottom of your feet. Not unpleasant, but not pleasant either. This not dirt, sand, is soft, sticky, yellow, warm, lots, loose, unstable. Sand, you decide, is okay.

The sand ends and brings you to the puddle, that is too navy, that expands farther than your eyes see. A step forward, cold wet, navy, lapping, deep, wide, not puddle… lake. This lake is as you thought, colder and wetter than the puddle from before. So many times bigger than you or it too, so being more is right. A smile, expectations met, satisfaction— no, not quite, almost.

A croak, sound, odd, not chirping, harsh, to your side, your head is already moving to let your eyes see; eyes look and find nothing but sand. Another croak, more to the other side, right; a splash, more wet and cold hit you, ripples float out… another thing that runs?

You almost begin to chase it into the cold and we—water. A sound though, of not croaking, not chirping comes from the right, further right. Something Blue, white and pink-yellow, tosses a ball of something. Not at you, to the big… lake, you frown, another splash, thrown thing floats. Your eyes see that there are more things that were thrown, floating with it; so many.

The Yellow-pink, white, blue thing makes another sound, it’s loud but not, it repeats, peals, not unpleasant, no… it is pleasant, a smile forms on your face. It stops, too soon, you liked laughter, just like the light, but neither is here anymore. You frown, another croak to your not right, left, you see it this time, briefly; it flies then falls into the lake.

Your mind pauses... so many things.

[x] Sand follows the lake, for more than your eyes can see… maybe it knows something?
[x] The thing that croaks, flies, then falls. You want to chase, so it runs.
[x] The yellow-pink, white, blue thing that throws, and laughs.
[x] Perhaps you want something else?

depending on if I can stay awake enough during today I probably will write updates as I get enough votes for them.
No. 49903
[x] The yellow-pink, white, blue thing that throws, and laughs.

If it has an innate understanding of colours and a vocabulary, why not trees and water and beings? What's the arbitrary distinction here?

Sorry, I know it's irrelevant. Just always makes me scratch my head.
No. 49904
its less that it understands and more that I need the words to describe, a failing on my part I know.
No. 49905
[x] The yellow-pink, white, blue thing that throws, and laughs.

A fairy, maybe...?
No. 49907
File 136846044812.jpg- (28.68KB , 439x480 , JPEG (424).jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] The yellow-pink, white, and blue

The yellow-pink, white and blue thing that throws, and laughs… or laughed, it is not anymore, and you want to hear more of this sound; it’s nice.

A step forward, another throw, another splash, another floating thing, but no laughter; disappointment, you continue, the blue, white, pink-yellow grows closer. You can see it better now; it has skin, hair, eyes, large patches of blue, white, hair, and floating things. A person, you realize, this one is smaller than you by half.

It notices you, its smile growing larger, on its right a pile of things to be thrown, it makes another sound that is not laughing, croaking, or chirping. Curious, you wait, its smile lessons, the sound again, and more. The noise is constructed, intentional, methodical, organized… it is speech. It speaks again; you listen just as before, a frown, this person’s smile has become a frown.

Curious, you too, open your mouth to speak, “Ah,” a sound, you made a sound. It was not like the chirping, nor the croaking, nor even the words the person has said to you. It was nice, though, natural, it makes your smile grow wider… a sense of accomplishment? No, not strong enough, closer to satisfaction, spreads through you.

The one across from you speaks again; words are hard to understand, too many, complicated more so than the puddle, trees, light, grass, sand, and lake you have seen before.

Your mind begins to wander… considering…

[x] You want to hear it laugh, throwing things made it laugh, and that pile is full of things to be thrown.
[x] Words are hard, noises are not, maybe it will understand..?
[x] There are many things here, all of them interesting, which has caught your interest?

just to clarify that last choice or things similar is the write in option.

Image is too lewd to show, be warned. It's intense.
No. 49908
[x] Words are hard, noises are not, maybe it will understand..?
I wonder if we could sing?
No. 49909
[x] You want to hear it laugh, throwing things made it laugh, and that pile is full of things to be thrown.
No. 49910
[x] You want to hear it laugh, throwing things made it laugh, and that pile is full of things to be thrown.

Playing games is easy to understand.
No. 49911
might be a day or two before I update again, as i work 12-14 hour shifts the next two days. Doubt it matters much on thp though.
No. 49919
File 136853190392.jpg- (394.29KB , 800x1033 , JPEG (393).jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Laugh, throw, and be.

You want to hear it laugh, throwing things made it laugh, and that pile is full of things to be thrown. You nod, more words are said, it doesn’t matter words are not laughing; feet already moving out of the water, back onto the sand, around the person, and to the pile of things.

The pile contains balls of clear, with something in the center. You reach out, cold, even colder than water, solid, slippery, clear, a ball of ice with a green, small, four legged, flat headed… frog in the middle. You tighten your grip, almost causing it to fall out, and mimic the throw. Disappointing, it falls to your feet only to roll into the water and float away. You frown.

Laughter, you smile, it worked. You heard it again, longer this time; the person falls over, water growing in the eyes. Curious, you watch it listening to the pleasant noise. It curls up holding its sides, laughing harder.

You look away, satisfied, light has gone and something else has replaced it. Things are not as colorful more dull, there is something big and white in the sky and a lot of small whites. The vast darkness has come to show the full moon and the smaller stars.

The laughing stops, you look back to the person, its hand is held out to you. You watch, uncertain, it says something and smiles. The person grabs your hand, holds it, then gives it a shake; more words are made. It yawns, waves, and then flies towards the tall and wide trees. It is gone before you can follow… flying is fast.

Your mind wanders…

[x] That gold turned red from before, what was it? Curious.
[x] Sound, your sound, what all can you make...?
[x] You have seen many things since the puddle, not all have been learned.

it seems that I lied as I have just enough time on lunch to write an update and eat. Go figure.
No. 49920
[x] Sound, your sound, what all can you make...?

Can we speak?
No. 49924
[x] Sound, your sound, what all can you make...?
Can we sing?
No. 49945
[x] Sound, your sound.

You find yourself thinking about all the sounds you’ve heard: the chirping, the croaking, the laughing, and the speaking. You don’t chirp, and you don’t croak, but you feel as though you can laugh, and speak… it makes you want to try.

At first the noise you make is simple, “Aaah, Oooh, Aiii,” and other various noises. It’s fun, not nearly as enjoyable as laughter but it’s still fun.

You stop for a moment, can you laugh now?

You remember that person’s laugh; how it sounded… you try to mimic it. A flinch, yours, that sound was bad, unnatural, not enjoyable, unlike that person’s. You try once more… again… and again. Each time it gets better, each time it becomes more natural, more pleasant.

You smile, you can’t help it. You finally can laugh; now you can enjoy the pleasant sound whenever you want. If you can laugh, surely you can speak too.

You begin anew, this time with speaking; it’s harder than laughing but you are determined. After many attempts, the words finally sound the same, “Hi!” you say confidently, “I’m Cirno, the strongest in Gensokyo!” you finish, proud of yourself.

The light, you notice, is starting to return, and while you were making noise your feet must have been carrying you forward as the trees are much further away than before.

Curiosity overcomes you as you see a giant thing float on those big fluffy… clouds. A smaller thing, a person probably, flies overhead heading the same way you have been walking. You could always go back and look at anything you missed before.

Either way, your eyes find themselves back on the ground, hesitant to incur the wrath of the light.

[x] Get closer to the giant thing on clouds, curiosity demands it.

[x] That person, you want to use your newly found speech craft on it, excitement boils within you.

[x] What does your curiosity dwell on? Even you are not so sure where it wants to go. (Write in)

sanctum 2 happened
No. 49946
[x] Get closer to the giant thing on clouds, curiosity demands it.

Ooh, shiny.
No. 49948
[x] Get closer to the giant thing on clouds, curiosity demands it.

Liking this so far.
No. 49955
File 136887718313.jpg- (257.04KB , 899x936 , JPEG (16).jpg ) [iqdb]
[x]Get close to that Giant thing

Your endless curiosity, once again, demands that you find out what that thing is: this time the giant cloud floating thing.

You begin moving towards it, one foot in front of another, and so on and so forth. It’s far away and countless of you over the ground. Still, it doesn’t stop you.

You have to look at the ground now; the light is growing wrathful at you for daring to look up for so long. Hesitation, curiosity, and uncertainty flash through you.

You find that your feet have long since left the ground; that you have been walking through the sky: not-ground, blue, filled with light and clouds. Strange, you decide, you didn’t know you could sky-walk… but then you didn’t know you couldn’t either. You nod, satisfied, and begin walking anew towards the cloud thing of giant.

The light is less bright when you finally arrive, your eyes already taking a good look at this Giant-sky-could-thing. It’s made of wood with harder than ground –stone— pillars on the outside. Behind it stone extends upwards until it fades from eyesight. It’s a giant, sky-floating, cloud-sitting gate that is there to prevent you from going to the other side.

Your curiosity burns, stronger than ever, where does it go? You want to go find out but the gate is closed, and it’s many times bigger than you… so it must be stronger just like those mighty trees.

You glance around; there are other things that catch your curiosity’s eye, like the yellow field with something big, red, and green in the middle, it is pretty far though. You can see the gold field you passed, back towards the forest; now you can see small brown things in the field. There is also a line of grass-free ground leading away from the gold field, and off in the distance, you could see where it goes?

[x] Gate or no, the stone steps of endless extension, calls to you; sky-walk over the gate, and up the stone.
[x] The Yellow field, with the red, and green thing in the middle.
[x] The gold field, with the small brown spots within it.
[x] The other end of the brown strip, it extends farther than you can see… even up here.
[x] Your mind wanders even further than you can keep track of. (Write in)

picture somewhat related, close enough by way of too lazy to find a better image
No. 49956
[x] Gate or no, the stone steps of endless extension, calls to you; sky-walk over the gate, and up the stone.

Curiosity knows no bounds!
No. 49964
[x] The yellow field with the red and green thing in the middle.
No. 49973
File 136896758440.jpg- (926.22KB , 718x1000 , JPEG (73).jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Yellow Field with the red and the green.

Your burning curiosity will have to wait till the gate is open, you nod; you barely assert control, and manage to not sky-walk over the gate. You turn towards the far field of yellow, red, and green.

Slowly, you begin sky-walking away from the gate, hesitation; your eyes find the stone steps fading again. You shake your head, and continue step after step till it fades from mind. The light, just as the gate, fades into darkness, the moon and stars make themselves known again; a day, you realize, has passed.

Morning comes, light shines, and you arrive, close enough to see. You step down onto ground just outside of the field of yellow. There are many yellow things that are not quite yellow, with brown and green… mostly green. It smells pleasant here, a smile forms on your face as they sway.

Your feet carry you closer as your hand reaches out to touch one: soft, weak, gentle, yellow, brown, smells good, green, has petals and leaves. A flower of the… your mind hesitates… of the sun: bright, light, painful, in the sky. You quickly avert your eyes from the small sun flowers, hesitant of any wrath they may have.

Your feet are already bringing you into the sky, heading for the other curiosity; your eyes are having problems finding what to look at— the sun above, and its flowers below. The red and green thing is found; your eyes lock onto it, grateful.

A person in red, less white, green hair, and little black is sitting in a chair at a table with a patch of pink at its side. It notices you and watches, not moving.

This person has things on its chest, they are large and round… they sort of remind you of clouds. You remember the last person you saw didn’t have those. Is this person different somehow? The green and red thing behind this different person is huge, bigger than the trees, and even the gate of sky and cloud. The person that is different says something, all things you haven’t heard, your curiosity endless curiosity, begins to burn anew.

Your mind wonders, what, this time, is it directed at?

[x] The different person
-[x] What is on its chest
-[x] Speak to it, you know how!
-[x] Laugh, you enjoy it so they should too.
[x] The huge thing that makes the tree’s look like you, and the gate like the trees.
[x] You don’t want to incur wrath from the flowers of the sun. (write in)

I decided to coin flip and then write about the split between choices as in character hesitation. It felt right, but perhaps its bad. I don't know, you will; tell me what you think? Maybe.
No. 49977
[x] The huge thing that makes the tree’s look like you, and the gate like the trees.
No. 49979
[x] The huge thing that makes the tree’s look like you, and the gate like the trees.

I like the cut of this options jib.
No. 49980
>Title misspelled

Off to a brilliant start, I see.

[x] The different person
No. 49981
[x] The different person
-[x] Speak to it, you know how!
No. 49993
and now my ocd is killing me.
No. 50011
File 136916193450.jpg- (227.92KB , 500x667 , JPEG (25).jpg ) [iqdb]
Picture unrelated, I just felt like sharing the warmth of male Yuuka.

[x] The choice that should have been combined with other viable options.

You continue to sky-walk past the different person, ignoring their words, to the red and green thing that makes trees look like you. There are many things too look at on this thing, clear things that show other things, rectangle things, square things, round things, red things, green things; your mind and eyes are having problems focusing on any one thing.

The Giant red and green thing is made of many smaller things: a door that’s green, windows that are clear, red walls, chimney, roof, arches, spikes, and railings. You smile, excited as you find each new thing: curtains, couches, desks, drawers, stoves, fireplaces, candles, lanterns, lamps, beds, and more.

You open another door, when your mind finally catches up to your body, hesitation… when did you get inside?

You think, trying hard to remember… a half-way open window that you slipped inside of to— you frown, you can’t remember the way back. The door lies half open, just as forgotten as how you got here.

If forward got you here… then backwards will get you there; you nod, a step backwards, soft, big, round, warm, smells like flowers of the sun, a hand on your shoulder, not yours, gripping.

Your eyes find their way back, head following along; to see the person, that has breasts —warm, round, soft, not on everyperson. It speaks to you, more words you don’t know, smile clear on its face.

You smile back, deciding now is your chance to speak, your mouth opens; it remembers the words, “ Hi! I’m Cirno!” you say, “The strongest in Gensokyo!”

Its smile falters, a different look comes over its face… perhaps you did it wrong?

You start again, “I’m Hi! Gensokyo! The strongest Cirno!” you finish with a nod, confident this time.

The person with breasts starts laughing, its entire body shakes, the hand not gripping you moves to cover its mouth muffling the sound. This laughter, you realize, is different, more… deeper…? You frown; you didn’t realize there were different types of laughter.

Another hand, on yours, grasping, the laughter has stopped and words are said; your eyes find its face again, smiling… warm somehow. The hand on your shoulder is gone and the person begins walking through your forgotten door bringing you with it.

Your mind wanders….
[x] Follow this person, perhaps it will show you more new things..?
[x] There are many things outside; your curiosity wants to see:
--[x] So many unnamed things (write in)
[x] There is another open door just over there… what is in it?
[x] Your mind is scattered further than you, where did it go? (Write in)


long story short, update didn't happen as soon as it normally would due to the fact I poisoned myself with Calcium, Lime, and Rust removal fumes. Apparently its pretty nasty, go figure.
No. 50012
[x] Follow this person, perhaps it will show you more new things..?

Hmmm. Follow that Yuuka.
No. 50029
[x] Follow this person; perhaps it will show you more new things...?
No. 50085
File 13693466794.png- (1.26MB , 435x600 , PNG (17).png ) [iqdb]
[x] Follow the person
Your mind wanders… at where exactly this person is taking you; behind the forgotten door is a large room longer than wide with a long table, many chairs on either side, and something with many pointed ends hanging from the ceiling… a chandelier.

This person brings you through the room to another, and another, and another yet. It’s in this room with a stove and cabinets that it stops; plenty of metal things fill this room: pots, pans, forks, spoons, knives, and more. It lets go of your hand and begins to reach into cabinets, pulling out various fruits. A knife finds its way into the person’s hands, ‘tap, tap, tap,’ can be heard as she cuts the fruits apart. A pause in the sound, her hand is holding out to you a cut fruit, apple.

You nod, you know of apples, eyes finding the persons, waiting for something new.

It reaches out, knife forgotten on the board, grabs your hand, and places the apple in your open palm. You look at the apple, and then back to the person, confused.

The person picks up another slice of apple, then slowly places it within its mouth and… chews. You watch, realization spreading through you, it ate, people eat, you are a person too, and so you too eat. You take the apple, and very slowly place it within your mouth and chew. Sweet, juicy, crunchy, pleasant, your hand is already out asking for more.

The person smiles, another slice, two even, are given to you as the tapping sound and cutting starts again.

You chew each slice slowly, enjoying the apple, soon another fruit is given to you, cantaloupe: soft, juicy, big, and pleasant. You smile at the person as it gives you a new type of fruit each time you finish.

You frown, and look down; it feels unpleasant, full, filled with fruit. You realize that you can become full; your hands already reaching to rub your stomach.

The person laughs, no not quite, giggles: small, controlled, and happy.

A hand, not yours, held out to you, words are said, “… you… little one?”

Your hand almost reaches out to take it from habit, hesitation.

Your mind wonders if you should stay with this person, it already has shown you many new things, or if you should find more new things outside.


[x] Take the hand, this person has treated you well.
-> [x] Time skip
->[x] Don’t time skip
[x] New things outside, there are more than in this building… probably.
[x] Write in.
This vote is a little different; I grow tired of having to explain each new thing. Accepting her hand will initiate ‘operation Yuuka teaches.’ Rejecting it will eventually return you back outside. There is also a sub vote for Yuuka, in which time skip a week or three forward or stick to day by day, either is fine by me as I am bringing this up far before I actually get fed up with “thing: ect, ect, ect, is name” so the choice is yours.

I also apologize if it’s worse than usual, I have felt like trash.
No. 50089
[x] Take the hand, this person has treated you well.
->[x] Don’t time skip

This is just too cute.
No. 50090
[x] Take the hand, this person has treated you well.
->[x] Don’t time skip

I just can't say no to Yuuka.
No. 50096
[x] Take the hand, this person has treated you well.
-- [x] Time skip

A yuuka is fine too. I wasn't sure about the time skip, but why not.
No. 50097
[x] Take the hand, this person has treated you well.
->[x] Don’t time skip

This is my only path
No. 50099
[x] Take the hand, this person has treated you well.
->[x] Don’t time skip

No. 50122
File 136945755251.jpg- (74.17KB , 420x252 , touhou_flowers_chibi_red_eyes_short_hair_green_hai.jpg ) [iqdb]
>This is my only path.

I am the bone of my love.
Flowers are my body and sun is my blood.
I love her in over a thousand ways.
Unknown to hate.
Nor known to love.
Yet these hands will never hold her anyway.
So, as I pray...

[x] Take the hand, this person has treated you well.
->[x] Don’t time skip
No. 50168
At a con buying all the touhou stuff, update sometime by Wednesdaday probably.
No. 50173
File 136959418827.jpg- (658.24KB , 1600x1200 , yuukas! Billions of them!.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 50261
File 136998257955.jpg- (118.53KB , 850x850 , JPEG (104).jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Hand taking, play by play

Your mind settles, without any doubt, this person knows more than you, and so you will stay with it; you take its hand.

You smile up at it, a smile already on its face to greet yours. The person leads you out of this room, into a hallway; words from the person, only one familiar, “… you…” Through another door, into a room with two shelves and a bunch of baskets; there are fluffy, white, warm looking things in each basket –towels.

Your eyes wander; you see two cloudy looking window doors, and the person that brought you here looking at you expectantly.

You watch the person, it watches back; you stay like this until it says, “… go on, get…” and more words that you didn’t understand.

You look at it, confused, the person begins to place its hands over its clothing, changing how they look, tugging on them; the red portion is on the floor and more white is shown. More movement… a bra and panties, red like the dress; you nod.

The person makes more words; you briefly wonder just how many different words there are, “Your…” a pause while you continue to watch it, “… let… you…” Its hands reach for you and you feel something slide off.

A sound, from below, your eyes find their way down; white cloth, bundled around your feet, clothes, yours, you decide it must be so.

The persons’ hand reaches out to grab your ands pulls you through the cloudy doors. It’s warm, steamy, a large puddle of water, buckets in the corner, boxes too; there are a couple bottles next to the buckets— colorful. The person brings you to them; it sits on one, while gesturing towards the other. You mimic it, eyes already wandering; the bottles are close by and open, they smell good… like the person, who is holding a bucket filled with water over your head.

You watch as the bucket tilts; cold water, freezing, more so than the lake, less than the ice, hits you, your body shivers, involuntarily.

You frown… the person is smiling warmly again; hands covered in small clouds that smell like the flowers of the sun. Your eyes instinctively look away, not wanting to risk its wrath; the bra and panties, that were red like the dress, are gone… a dawning realization hits you, much like the bucket of water. This person is female, a woman, soft, has breasts, and other things.

You briefly consider retreating from this cloudy sunflower thing and the woman with the breasts… or you could sit still and hope this thing isn’t wrathful like the sun..? Or maybe some other thing caught your fancy.

[x] Retreat, the sun is not to be trusted.
--[x] Towards the bath
--[x] Towards your clothes
[x] This woman has treated you well, food in your stomach, words in your mind. Trust…?
[x] Your mind is unpredictable. <write in>

So remember how I said Wednesday? Yeah, that was before I was sneezing blood.
CLR poisoning is intense and I highly recommend responsible use of the product.
No. 50262
[x] This woman has treated you well, food in your stomach, words in your mind. Trust…?

Hasn't gone horrible yet, no need to panic at all.
No. 50263
[x] This woman has treated you well, food in your stomach, words in your mind. Trust…?
No. 50264
[X] This woman has treated you well, food in your stomach, words in your mind. Trust…?
No. 50265
that was all very surprisingly fast, update later today
No. 50273
File 137003516994.png- (440.90KB , 640x1000 , d8abd4f1938366f5b56c37ea705d4018.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Trust… you are sure that is the word.

You sit still, trust filling you more than wariness, the woman’s hands close in and begin making circular motions through your hair; calming, you lean into the feeling. Her hands move elsewhere— to your back then your front, legs, and even arms.

You look down at yourself completely covered in this cloudy sunflower soap. Your ears hear the bucket being picked up, your eyes find the bucket raised and tiled just soon enough to see the wall of water coming down at you.

It’s cold, just like before; you look down at yourself all the soap is gone, you look back to the woman; she has a bottle in hand holding it out to you. You watch for a moment then hold your hands out. A yellow-green substance comes out and pools in your hand, the woman sets the bottle down, grabs both your hands and rubs them together; you watch in amazement as the yellow-green substance becomes the cloudy soap.

The woman pulls your hands to her hair, “Go on, little one…” and more words.

Your hands are already rubbing in circles, you watch in amazement as a little soap becomes a lot, your hands move like hers did—to the back, then the front, legs, and arms.

Your eyes look around before finding the bucket with water, you lift it up tilt and all the soap is gone. You nod, satisfied, and set the bucket down.

The woman is smiling again, takes your hand and brings you over to the large puddle contained by walls; she climbs in gently tugging on your hand.

You follow in after her; the water is warm, hot even, pleasant, you sink down into it, satisfied. The woman pulls you close, and begins speaking, “… clean…” she pauses, “… you… little one?”

You begin to wonder, you have heard those two words often… is that what you are? You look down at yourself, you aren’t too much shorter than her and you certainly don’t have as large breasts as her. You frown, you suppose it must be so...

You look back at the person, her breasts rather, then back to your own, smaller chest; you point to it, “… little… one?” as your eyes find the woman’s again.

The woman starts making weird noises, choking you realize, your hands go up hovering, unsure as you are, the sound stops; the woman begins laughing and pulls you closer.

Skin, is a lot softer than clothes, “… little one… you…” most of the words said you haven’t heard before, you frown.

She pats your head, “… do you have a name, little one?”

You smile, words you have mostly heard before, you wonder though wouldn’t your name be person? Or perhaps that is what you are…? You frown as your mind considers this…

[x] Watch the person; you do not know what your name is…
[x] Your name is little one isn’t it..?
[x] You like these sounds and so it will be your name <write in>

updatan yuukan also the second one basically is remain without a name for those that are opposed to it.
No. 50277
[x] Well, little one sounds nice, so if we run it together we get 'Lillun.' Which Yuuka can probably correct into 'Lillian.' So, Lillian.
No. 50280
[x] Well, little one sounds nice, so if we run it together we get 'Lillun.' Which Yuuka can probably correct into 'Lillian.' So, Lillian.
No. 50326
[x] Your name is little one isn’t it..?

Because heart attacks
No. 50329
File 137014808916.jpg- (292.06KB , 987x1000 , 1367116676855.jpg ) [iqdb]
update sometime today? or tomorrow however you want to say it. Probably around noonish. Too drunk to write now, votes still open till the end.

Pic related to how I think I look when drunk
No. 50330
[x] Your name is "little one," isn't it?...
No. 50332
[X] Watch the person; you do not know what your name is…

The first name you go by is chosen for you. Kids are bad at picking names.
No. 50333
[x] Your name is little one isn’t it..?

I see this ending well.
No. 50365
[x] Well, little one sounds nice, so if we run it together we get 'Lillun.' Which Yuuka can probably correct into 'Lillian.' So, Lillian.

What? Little One is evolving! It turned into Little Lilly!
No. 50369
File 137023195387.jpg- (518.23KB , 614x788 , b245d3b80c2faf6938c48343740b5754.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Well, Lillun, corrected to Lillian.

Your frown deepens, brow creasing, your mouth begins to move, “lilliun…? Littlun…? Littleone…?” You continue playing with the sound, forgetting entirely about your name; focusing on the different sounds you can make.

The woman laughs, startling you from your play, “Let’s name you Lilian then,” her smile displays itself, warmly.

Your eyes find hers, “Lilun?” you point to yourself, “Your name is Lilun?”

The woman struggles with something for a moment before patting your head, “… name is Yuuka, and your name is Lillian.”

You nod, point to her, “My name is Yuuka,” and then to yourself, “Your Name is Lillian..?”

Yuuka laughs and pats your head, “Well… let’s get…” she stands up, water dripping off, and climbs out. Her hand held out, yours quickly takes it out of a growing… habit, and she helps you out; back through the cloudy window doors, to the baskets and towels.

Your world quickly becomes white as the fluffy and soft towel covers your face and begins rubbing; you can see again, Yuuka is rubbing it all over you, making you less wet and more dry with each rub.

Your hands find a towel, from one of the baskets, throw it over Yuuka’s face and begin rubbing, and rubbing. You quickly move down, the towel, drying her chest, then legs, and finally arms—just like when you used soap.

Yuuka smiles, reaches into a small cabinet, along the wall; two fluffy robes, red just like her dress, are pulled out. In a whirl of cloth, that your eyes nearly spin trying to follow, Yuuka slips into one. She closes in, with a smile that unnerves you; hesitantly you stay still. Trust, you remind yourself, you trust Yuuka, she is a nice woman…

She wraps the cloth around you, warm, soft and fluffy bathrobe, “Come this… Lillian,” she takes your hand and leads you back into the seemingly endless hallways, “Let’s go get… clean clothes.”

A new door, one you haven’t seen before, it’s decorated differently, inside its bright; the room is decorated with flowers of the sun, a large bed, dresser, a window that reflects… mirror, a closet that’s opened filled with many different clothes.

Yuuka brings you over to it, the closet, and puts on a red dress, just like before; her eyes find yours before looking up and down. Clothing, of all different colors and types, are held before you; a frown, on Yuuka’s face, never leaves, “No, that won’t do,” and other similar things are said, many, many, many times.

Your mind wonders as you grow bored…

[x] A red dress like hers is fine… she has so many.
[x] Your white clothes are fine—the ones in the bathroom still.
[x] Oooh, that one is nice..? Or, or, maybe this one?

So that noon estimate? try midnight. I didn't really stop drinking till two hours ago.
No. 50370
[x] A red dress like hers is fine… she has so many.

Now all we need is to know the hair color.
No. 50374
[X] Your white clothes are fine—the ones in the bathroom still.

I am definitely not picking this option for symbolic reasons.
No. 50380
lillian... white..? If not I am lost
No. 50384
[x] Oooh, that one is nice..? Or, or, maybe this one?

And now, the introduction to clothes.
No. 50404
[x] A red dress like hers is fine… she has so many.
No. 50417
[X] Your white clothes are fine—the ones in the bathroom still.

No. 50430
File 137048673950.jpg- (257.40KB , 1200x686 , 35615e2d3029dab03a2a0c98dc47ec52.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Red dress, like Yuuka’s, so many to spare.

Your boredom causes your mind to wander, followed by your body; your hands are reaching for another red dress, your feet already moved you towards it.

Yuuka behind you holds up another set of clothes, but you moved, your hands find the dress and pull it down. The woman finds you again, “Hey… are you…?”

The bathrobe, the one you were wearing, falls to the ground and you slip into the red dress just as Yuuka did. The dress is loose in the chest, again you frown… you must really be ‘little one.’

A sharp exhale, not yours, Yuuka’s, a sigh, brings you out of sulking, “Well, I… that will do…”

You nod, resolving to get your not-so-forgotten white clothes back later.

Yuuka grabs your hand, “Come with me, I will…” you are already following before she finishes, out the door, down the hall, another, and another hallway yet leads you to two large doors, bigger than the rest.

“This is the library, it…” Yuuka pushes one of the doors open, leading you inside.

Rows, upon rows of shelves and … books line the place; you let go of Yuuka’s hand, moving to the closest shelf, a hand already reaching out to feel the back of one. Your curiosity burns at the potential information each contains.

Your eyes find the words, you can’t understand it yet but it feels like your mind is trying to wrap itself around it, the words that is. Excitement, you look around to see book after book, you could spend days here and not learn everything.

You look back to Yuuka, who seems amused, a new feeling overcomes you; much like trust did, even similar but not the same… appreciation? Gratefulness… no those aren’t quite right… you tilt your head as you think.

“Ah,” you quietly murmur as your mind figures it out, like, you like Yuuka, more than fruit or the bath… but maybe not more than both together..? You nod, that’s definitely it.

If only you could say it to her, you look back at the books, but you could show it to her… right? When she rubbed your head, and back it felt nice; maybe if you did that? You frown, maybe you should wait to do it right..?

Your mind wanders as you consider this.

[x] Try to do it now, pat her head, and rub her back. Maybe she will understand..?
[x] Waiting to do it right, seems right.
[x] Warmth is nice, so maybe if you give her warmth she will understand.
[x] You don’t even know what you are doing anymore <write in>

I was waiting to see if the tie would break, then it didn't so I flip the coin of choices.
No. 50431
[x] Warmth and rubs felt good, so maybe she'd fell nice if you did it to her breasts?

Once again, I see in no way this can go wrong. Remember, we know nothing!
No. 50432

[x] Warmth is nice, so maybe if you give her warmth she will understand.
No. 50433
[x] Warmth is nice, so maybe if you give her warmth she will understand.

Magic time!


I like the way you think Anon. Side /at/ thread when?!
No. 50448
File 137055932795.jpg- (801.67KB , 779x1100 , 969339c9aed8010ddedb4e91cf621b8f.jpg ) [iqdb]
Last update for the weekend upcoming in 3ish hours, going to another con. Completely expect to not update for a couple days after while I recover. Picture sort of related to recovery.
No. 50456
File 137057221888.jpg- (50.43KB , 400x280 , ff90a7b73ad9912c0af69418545998e8.jpg ) [iqdb]
[Warm] is nice, make her feel warm, but how?

Warm is nice, so you’ll make her feel warm… but how? You frown, the sun makes you feel warm but there is no sun in here, her breasts were warm too but you have none, the bath was also warm, but you are not a bath.

Your frown deepens; your feet bring you closer to Yuuka while your mind is lost in thought. You are neither the bath and water, the sun, or even have breasts; maybe if you just try and be warm like the sun, her breasts, and the bath it will work? You hope so… you blink, hope? Where d—

Yuuka’s voice brings you back from your own mind; your ears didn’t manage to hear what she said. Your hands have found themselves linked together, around Yuuka; she is warm, a sigh, yours, happy, content… your hold on her tightens as you try to become warm.

“Such a good girl, Lillian,” Yuuka’s voice calls from above you, her hands link around your back; they pull you closer, enough for your feet to leave the ground.

You decide that you like Yuuka more than fruit and baths together, she feels so nice, warm and soft, kind and helping; your arms tighten as she begins to set you down, you don’t want to let go yet.

Yuuka laughs quietly, though you think it’s less of a laugh and more of an amused giggle, and crouches down; your feet touch the ground again. Her arms are around you once more as she hugs you more gently, as if you were fragile… like glass. A feeling overcomes you, protected, safe; like not even the suns wrath could harm you here.

Two sighs, both happy, yours and hers; you both linger in each other’s embrace for a while longer before Yuuka finally breaks it. You almost keep holding on but decide against it. Surely she understands from that, you nod, more than satisfied. Your hand finds hers as your mind begins to drift. You half bask in the afterglow, half consider what you want to do.

You could always get started on learning the words from the books… you look around, slowly, feeling more than lethargic; you could always explore more… but you think it would be slow going with how you are now…

You roll your head to look back at Yuuka, a warm smile on her face, as her eyes watch you.

You smile back, unable to stop yourself, your mind already floating away again…

[x] The books, that can teach you words; you want to learn.
[x] Explore, maybe with your slower pace you will find something you missed…?
[x] Your mind is floating more than you… even when you sky walked. <Write in>

Vote away anons, vote away.
No. 50461
[x] Books, that can teach you words; you want to learn.
No. 50464
Lillian? What happened to
>“I’m Cirno, the strongest in Gensokyo!”

[x] The books, that can teach you words; you want to learn.
No. 50465
Lillian was just repeating Cirno's words that she didn't understand.
No. 50470
[x] The books.
No. 50475
[x] The books, that can teach you words; you want to learn.

Hit them books!...wait, no, please don't punch the books.
No. 50508
[x]Books, that are full of words to be learned.

As your mind floats away, you notice so too does your body; the books, and their shelves grow closer. Down the aisle past the first shelves, your mind catches up to you, your hand reaching out for a book that looks different from the others.

Yuuka’s hand is over yours, “No, no...“ her face is slightly red.

You look up into her eyes, slightly confused, “No?” a frown forming on your face, “No… books?”

She hesitates, “Not… this book,” Yuuka firmly says, her hand pulling it off the shelf and holding onto it.

You nod and float further, another book, colorful; your hand reaches out for it. Words cover it, words that your mind slowly begins to process: It’s a tale of a boy who finds a dragon and goes on a trip to kill the evil king. During his travels he meets elves, then dwarves, raises an army before finally bringing it to force the Evil King to his knees.

You set the series of books down as you finish, a smile on your face; your eyes glance around and find Yuuka sitting across the table from you reading a book. You nod, and return the books to their shelves, you want to read more. Your mind burns with the new knowledge of dragons, magic, elves, and dwarves; of Evil kings, and countless people. You feel excited as your want to read more burns within.

Another book, that looks different, you bring it back to the table: A fairy tale, like the ones before, one about a witch having trouble learning magic; flight was especially troublesome. This makes you frown; both sky-walking and floating were really easy for you… you don’t even really have to try. You begin to wonder… are you somehow different from this witch?

You look up again, Yuuka hasn’t moved, “Yuuka?” your voice startling her from the book.

“Yes, Lillian..?” her voice trails off, as her eyes find yours.

You pause, considering exactly how you want to ask this…

[x] <write in>

Hey, don’t look at me, you get to pick the general wordiness of Lillian, I will adjust the placement of words to an extent but you get to set the level of words she will use for a while yet. Only notes to be had are: you know words, most if not all, and I am no long keeping track so it doesn’t matter.
Drunk Writing Anon out
No. 50540
Votes to be had because write ins aren’t:
[X] “…Am I different from other people?”
[x] “This witch had troubles learn to fly, but I didn’t; does that mean I am different somehow..?”
[x] “In this story the witch had problems learning to fly…”

not that I blame you or anything
No. 50543
[X] “…Am I different from other people?”
[x] “This witch had troubles learn to fly, but I didn’t; does that mean I am different somehow..?”
[x] “In this story the witch had problems learning to fly…”
No. 50553
should probably clarify, that was me, or rather the writer of this shindig. It was not an actual write in or vote.
No. 50554
[x] "Am I different from other people?..."

My guess is we just read The Inheritance Cycle. (The evil king story, not the witch one.)
No. 50556
[X] “…Am I different from other people?”

Of course no- well, wait...maybe. Maybe sounds like the safe response, I think.
No. 50577
[x] “… Am I different from other people?”

You chew on your lip, slightly, “… am I different from other people?”

Yuuka looks odd… surprise perhaps?

“I mean, this witch had problems learning to fly, I just sort of do,” you gesture vaguely with your hands, “and with you,” you point to her chest, “You have breasts, I do not…” you trail off quickly becoming lost in thought.

Yuuka’s voice brings you back before you go too far, “... every person is different,” she pauses, frowning, “… could you always speak?” her brow knits.

You frown, “I said hi when I first met you, remember?”

Yuuka shakes her head, “But that was… broken, to say the least.”

You point to her, “You taught me words,” then to the book, “and gave me books filled with words..?”

“I see…” Yuuka nods, “Well that’s fine then.”

Yuuka’s eyes go back to her book, as she begins reading again.

You smile, close the book, and return it to its shelf, “Yuuka,” you draw her attention once more.

“Hmm?” she looks up from her book.

“You should show me new things!” You say with a nod.

“What sort of new things?” Yuuka closes her book and returns it.

“New things, things that I haven’t seen yet, unknown, foreign, blank, new,” you explain.

Yuuka smiles, “Well, how am I supposed to do that? I don’t even know what you have seen.”

You frown, “Well I have seen trees, grass, puddles, light, lakes, people, birds, frogs, dark, ice, water, gates, moon, clouds, flowers of the sun, buildings, and breasts,” your frown deepens as you run out of fingers to count on.

Yuuka hums, “Perhaps tomorrow, it’s getting dark out after all.”

“Can you not do things in the dark?” you pause, “even the witch went to bed when it became night…”

Yuuka shakes her head, “She was going to sleep Lillian, something most things need.”

“Do you sleep?” You ask Yuuka.

“Yes, I do sleep. It’s something that can be enjoyable,” she says while nodding.

“I see…” You frown, you know what sleep is but you don’t understand why things need it… perhaps if you saw it you would understand. You start to chew on your bottom lip, or while Yuuka does this sleep you could explore by yourself, dark poses no problem for you…

Your mind wanders as indecision catches up to it.

[x] Watch Yuuka sleep, maybe try it yourself.
[x] Exploration time:
-[x] In the house
-[x] Outside of the house
[x] You don’t even know what you are doing any more. <Write in>
No. 50578
[X] Get the Book Yuuka Forbid us from getting.
Curiosity killed the cat, but cats have 9 lives.
No. 50579
[X] Get the Book Yuuka Forbid us from getting.

Lillian can be really sneaky, right?
No. 50580
Guys, please.

[x] Watch Yuuka sleep, maybe try it yourself.
No. 50581
[x] Watch Yuuka sleep, maybe try it yourself.

There will be other opportunities to learn about that stuff. Especially for a newborn fairy with a breast fixation.
No. 50584
[x] Watch Yuuka sleep, maybe try it yourself.

Possibly involving curling up with Yuuka.
No. 50586
>Especially for a newborn fairy
I will say this because it seems to have been missed, you are twice as tall as Cirno.
Or rather I wrote that to tell you that you are not actually a fairy. Too many fairy stories everywhere; this is not one.
No. 50587
[x] Get the book Yuuka forbid us from getting.

If there's anything we are, it's curious. I mean we were just born/made(?) And if something bad happens we'll learn from our mistake.

Actually we probably won't. This is Anon I'm talking about.
No. 50588
[x] Watch Yuuka sleep, maybe try it yourself.

I'm for either this or the FORBIDDEN BOOK. If we do go FORBIDDEN BOOK ROUTE, I hope there isn't a /at/ side story to it. Yeah, I know. This horny bastard of an Anon doesn't want a SEXY TIME route. Lillian just seems too young and naive for that For now.....
No. 50589
[x] Watch Yuuka sleep, maybe try it yourself.

Sleeping time.
No. 50593
File 137140009519.jpg- (208.99KB , 797x1038 , 3d19e9f14944edca9db8eda31c586509.jpg ) [iqdb]
To explain my tardiness in updates, my uncle passed away. Update may be later today or tomorrow depending on how quickly I can get back into the mindset.

In the mean time, have a Yuuka picture.
No. 50611
My condolences.
No. 50644
File 137177468085.jpg- (769.85KB , 800x1347 , 8f18ab0a6312d19269beea37d6db181e.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Watch Yuuka sleep

Your mind wanders, before settling on sleeping with Yuuka. You nod to yourself, “I want to see, I want to sleep,” you look up to Yuuka, “Please show me.”

Yuuka looks out the window in the distance, and to the fading light, “It’s a little early to sleep… hmm, well whatever, a little extra sleep won’t hurt anyone.”

Yuuka’s eyes find you once more, “Alright then, let’s go to bed.” Her hand held out to you in its now customary position.

Your hands meet and Yuuka once more brings you through her house; this time ending in her bedroom.

“Get undressed Lillian, we need to change into sleep wear,” Yuuka slips out of her dress while speaking.

You struggle with getting out of your own; elbow caught just at the wrong place and refusing to budge. It takes several minutes of trying, during which you decide you dislike hard to remove clothing.

A slip, and your elbow and arm finds its freedom from the dress, a sigh of relief from you, and a lesson well learned; that is not the way you remove your arm from dresses. The other arm goes much smoother as you take your lesson to heart, letting the dress slip off and too the floor.

A smiling Yuuka is waiting for you; pink clothing, folded neatly, held out to you, a similar set already worn by her. Your hands find the clothes, smooth and silky, and you quickly slip into them enjoying the feel of it on your skin.

“Do we sleep now?” You ask while rubbing the silky pajamas.

“Yes, we can sleep now,” Yuuka pulls the covers aside, “Go ahead, climb in and lay down.”

Your hands and legs sink into the soft cold mattress while you slip underneath the covers, Yuuka follows in after you; bringing her warmth to the bed.

You scoot closer, Yuuka closes her eyes, “Good night Lillian, rest well.”

“Good night Yuuka,” Your eyes close as you try to learn about sleep.

It isn’t long before your mind brings you to an unfamiliar place… this must be the dream world…

[x] Nothing is something
[x] Something is nothing
[x] Something plus nothing makes anything

Sorry for being late, it took me a while to get out of that mood that came with the news. You can thank the Yuuka figure that just arrived from AmiAmi for revival if you care to thank anything at all. It’s probably terrible but words are better than not words.
No. 50645
[x] Something plus nothing makes anything

Perfect logic!
No. 50706
[x] Something plus nothing makes anything.
No. 50733
[x] Nothing is something

I can't believe I missed this little gem of a story until now. Carry on.
No. 51079
File 137238293199.jpg- (83.29KB , 500x406 , 1372298739098.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Something plus nothing makes anything

Your mind wanders in this unfamiliar place, lost and found, real and fake… a place that contradicts its existence.

It is nothing, but then you are something; this world is rapidly changing. You cannot even begin to tell where it will end up. Anything is possible, you decide, anything at all.

Your mind begins to settle, this world still rapidly changing around it. Showing you all the things you have seen since the puddle and then some. The things you read about in the books; mere words floating in front, behind and to the sides of you.

Your hand reaches out and grabs; it’s not the words it grasps. Yuuka’s hand; she looks different, cold, menacing, a field of flowers—red like blood, words float fluidly. Another hand on your shoulder this time, warm; your eyes find another Yuuka, the one you know, friendly, warm, smiling. You lean back into her; the fluid word blood gone, the other Yuuka fades… lingering.

An oddity, a double warmth, occurring both in this world and the other. Your mind balks as it tries to understand; the sense of duality throwing it off as the warm Yuuka from your dream and the warm Yuuka from the other world hugs you. Your arms tighten, pull you in close.

An eye cracks open, dark, you let it drift back to sleep. Your dream and body have peaceful rest.

The morning light comes leaving you slightly confused and filled with possible questions. Dreams, you remember from the books, typically mean nothing…. You shake your head Yuuka groans and rolls over, on top of you.

You frown, she is heavy…. Your mind wanders; too many things to consider.

[x] First things second, you must be less laid upon.
[x] Second things first, you must sort out your dream.
[x] The need to lay upon Yuuka as she has you is there. Weight is uncomfortable.
[x] Fourth thing is anything. <write in>

I promise at least one update per week. I recently picked up a spawn of satan and time is being consumed. I imagine once I get over the newness of the mmo I will return to an update per three votes.
No. 51081
[x] The need to lay upon Yuuka as she has you is there. Weight is uncomfortable.

A Yuuka pillow!
No. 51113
[x] The need to lay upon Yuuka as she has you is there. Weight is uncomfortable.

I don't see any other option, to be honest. That dream is interesting though, I wonder what it represents?
No. 51242
x] The need to lay upon Yuuka as she has you is there. Weight is uncomfortable.

Cranking the adorable up, we are.
No. 51536
[x] A pillow of Yuuka we made.

Heavy, you decide, is uncomfortable; Yuuka is heavy. You try to wiggle out one way, then another… to no avail. Yuuka groans again, stretches, and rolls. Freedom, from the weight, is sweet, and delicious—not food delicious, but delicious all the same.

Yuuka, you decide, will feel the same discomfort that you have. You try to roll onto her as she did you; her chest successfully thwarts your attempts. You frown and kneel next to her before falling forward.

“Umpfha” a sharp exhale from Yuuka, her eyes wide open now, find yours.

You quickly latch onto her with your arms and legs, determined to not be displaced just yet, “You,” you pause to lift you head, giving yourself a better view, “are heavy.”

Yuuka blankly stares at you for a moment, only the sound of her breathing to be heard.

“What…” she sits up, taking you with her, you must be a lot lighter then, “in the world are you talking about?”

You frown up at her, “I am counter heavy-laying you,” your frown deepens, “but I am not as heavy as you are, so it’s not working very well.”

Yuuka’s face has darkened slightly, “Lillian, we should have a talk about things you never speak of.”

You suddenly have a brief flash back to the dream, and nod meekly.

“Do not worry Lillian… I am not angry with you, because you didn’t know. Keep this in mind though; you should never mention two things about a woman: Her age and weight.”

Yuuka rubs your head, “You shouldn’t ever mention these, understand?”

You nod, and Yuuka continues, “Good, next time you want to wake me up just call my name; jumping on me is a bit much.”

You nod again, realizing this went surprisingly well. Yuuka starts to slide out of bed with you still attached.

“Come on now, we need to dress if we are to go find new things for you to see.”

Your mind begins to wander…

[x] Dress, Eat Explore.
[x] Ask questions, about dreams and their meanings.
[x] You remember from the books, two words that seem good to say.
[x] Books, you wish to read more of them. New things can wait until another time.
[x] Perhaps something else has caught your fancy. <Write in>

So, This would have happened Thursday but I started drinking and didn't really stop until about 8 hours ago. I successfully ran out of all my stores. Next update within a week supposing the votes happen.
No. 51540
[x] You remember from the books, two words that seem good to say.

What are the words?
No. 51545
Sorry, seemed self evident namely 'I'm sorry.' I realize now though it only seemed that way due to knowing what they were.
No. 51583
[x] Ask questions, about dreams and their meanings.

Curiosity trumps etiquette.
No. 51594
[x] You remember from the books, two words that seem good to say.

Because it's cute.
No. 51623
[x] Two words from the books you remember

Your mind settles as you let go of Yuuka, a decision made from a memory of the books. In each these two words occurred, they now seem appropriate. A new feeling wells up inside you, a slow bad feeling that clenches from your chest. You frown, it’s not quite guilt… regret maybe? You don’t know it’s weird; you don’t like it… you want it gone.

The words ‘I’m sorry,’ from the books float before you. You nod, that’s it, the source of this unpleasant feeling is you did wrong to Yuuka, by saying she is heavy. That’s not good, you didn’t want to do wrong.. you were just doing what you thought was right. Your frown deepens.

You look up to Yuuka, during your wandering thoughts your eyes had found the ground, “Hey… Yuuka,” you say hesitantly.

A muffled, “Hmm?” comes from Yuuka who is in the middle of changing out of clothing.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to do wrong…” your gaze finds the ground again as that feeling twists again.

You bite your lip, Yuuka is silent only the sound of fabric brushing to be heard.

Silence, you see Yuuka step closer from the edge of your vision; the peripherals you think. The chest feeling sinks lower the longer the silence lasts. You nearly jump out of your own skin when you feel Yuuka’s arms wrap around you.

“Such a good girl, Lillian,” Yuuka says as she pulls you in for a warm hug, “It’s okay, you have already been forgiven.”

Yuuka’s warm melts the pit of the feeling away from you in a wash of incomparable relief. Tension you didn’t even know you had releases. Your hands go from tugging on your shirt in dreaded anticipation to hugging the ever kind Yuuka.

You burry your head in her chest as a wet feeling streaks across your face… tears of relief it seems. Yuuka hands rub circles on your back.

Your mind begins to wander, these feelings, new and old, you realize are intoxicating, overpowering, even blinding. Your body seems to know how to handle them better than your mind. You bite your lip as your grip on Yuuka tightens, you feel as though with time your reactions will be less severe but for now everything is still new. Your mind boggles as it tries to consider how much everything really is…

“It’s alright Lillian, I am not angry with you,” Yuuka’s calm reassurance breaks you from wandering in your mind.

The feeling of relief and not guilt are almost entirely gone, you pull back from Yuuka and wipe your now wet face with the back of your hand and a sniffle.

Yuuka crouches down before you with a warm smile, “All better?”

You meekly nod, “Yeah…”

Yuuka rubs your head, ruffling your hair, “You sure?”

Another nod, stronger this time.

“Good, lets finish getting changed… no matter what, we at least need to do that much,” she stands back up and begins slipping into another red plaid dress.

Your hands grab clothing as your mind wanders, body already operation independently of your mind.

[x] Outside, you have seen many things in this house, less so outside. You wish to go there.
[x] The books, you want to read more books, so much content in so little space.
[x] Questions <write in>
[x] A thing to do, random or not. <Write in>

I sort of just had feels to write I guess?
No. 51651
[x] Outside, you have seen many things in this house, less so outside. You wish to go there.

Exploration time!
No. 51671
[x] Outside option.

I would copy the actual text, but my current platform lacks a copy/paste feature.
No. 51672
[x] Outside, you have seen many things in this house, less so outside. You wish to go there.
No. 51928
File 137394666928.png- (706.33KB , 667x1000 , 0b74f4049065fc8d64f80c3c79c2a4b3.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Outside, you wish to go outside.

By the time your mind comes back around you are already fully dressed, Yuuka leading the way.

“Since its light now we can go see new outside things?”

Yuuka glances back, “After breakfast, then we will, okay?” she finishes with a smile.

You think for a moment before nodding, eating food and feeling full sounds like a good idea.

Again you are brought through this massive house and into the kitchen. Yuuka lets go of your hand and begins slicing fruit placing them on a plate next to her. Almost as soon as she lets go of the fruit your hand reaches for each sweet piece of fruit and brings it to your mouth. After the fourth slice of apple Yuuka glances down, at you; you have a single slice in your hand and are currently chewing through two slices of apple.

“I was planning on eating together, but this is fine too,” Yuuka takes a napkin and wipes your face with it, “just try not to overstuff yourself this time.”

You nod, swallow, and slow down. Soon both Yuuka and yourself have been fed, and you are once again being led around the house; this time to the outside. The sun is just as bright as you remember; your hand goes up to shield your eyes as they adjust to the light.

Yuuka is waiting for you, “So Lillian, there are a few places I can take you, another mansions with a few people and several things you haven’t seen yet, a mountain with a shrine on top, a magicians house, and a store with things hardly anyone has seen. “

Your curiosity burns for all the places, but you can’t decide which to go to first… magic? Maybe. Shrine? You don’t even know what that is… A store? In the books they had random things. Another mansion… you are skeptical about.

Your mind whirls as you try and pick...

[x] A mansion, that is not this one.
[x] What is a shrine? You don’t even know.
[x] Magic, can be magical, so a magicians house must be.
[x] The store with new things that hardly anyone knows.

this took longer than it should have because I was doubting if it was good or if I should rewrite it, I decided a post is better than no post.
No. 51942
[x] A mansion, that is not this one.

Reimu and Marisa are hardly upstanding role-models for an impressionable young youkai.

A visit to Kourindou would, by nature, require an explanation about the outside, and thus the border. Our protagonist certainly learns fast, but I still think that should be saved until she has a better grasp on the world around her.

Which leaves the mansion... it says a lot about Gensokyo that the SDM seems like one of the saner places to visit, doesn't it?
No. 51951
[x] A mansion, that is not this one.

With more fairies like her.
No. 51956
Protagonist is not a fairy.
This has been said multiple times.
[x] The store with new things that hardly anyone knows.
Something attracts me to this option.
No. 51958
[X] What is a shrine? You don’t even know.

Learning how to bug a shrine maiden is an important lesson.
No. 51959
[x] Magic, can be magical, so a magicians house must be.
No. 51979
[X] What is a shrine? You don’t even know.

All the cool youkai hang out at shrines.
No. 52014
[x] A mansion, that is not this one.

Maybe we'll find an even bigger library there?
No. 52225
[x] Shrine.
No. 52406
Update later today delayed due to terribleness. Expect it around 1700 east
No. 52411
File 137461354552.jpg- (472.84KB , 848x600 , b14f5cb961032f19076384867daa3ec85dc6297a.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] What is a shrine? You don’t even know.

Your mind whirls, and twirls, all in a dizzying indecisive storm. You almost can’t decide between the mansion or the shrine. A frown forms on your face… you would go to the mansion but… you bite your lips, you don’t even know what a shrine is; more to see, more that must be known.

You look up to Yuuka, “The shrine, I want to see it!” you pause practically boiling over with curiosity, “Does it taste good? Is it soft? Warm? A person? A mansion?” you relentlessly ask question after question, not even pausing for an answer.

Yuuka places a finger on your lips, causing you to stop in confusion, “We are going to see, like you wanted.”

A smile spreads across your face as you begin to fly away from the door, “Show me!”

“Ah, This way Lillian,” Yuuka corrects your direction, now flying towards a mountain across from the lake.

You nod happily, following after her; as you fly, below you the landscape changes but stays the same. The flowers of the sun surrounding Yuuka’s mansion come, and soon are left behind for a field of grass with random animals, people, and tree’s marking it.

By the time the sun is overhead, revealed by a glance skyward, the field of random things changes into a lake; pockmarked with random spurts of activity, people flying close to the water and large fish(?) leaping from it… One even looks familiar with the blue, white, and pink-yellow look to it, but you are not certain.

The lake is replaced by a forest, not unlike the one you first saw; only this one is slowly, then quickly, then rapidly going up into a mountain. A glance to the sky shows the sun almost to the ground, a day almost passed on flying alone.

The slop of the mountain picks up, almost to the top, stairs, stone in nature, appear. Yuuka slows, and lands at the base of them, “We are almost there now, these lead to the entrance.”

You nod, excitement barely contained, excitement that has slowly grown over the course of the day, “We can go then? See the shrine, now.” Words flow free from you, barely structured like the books, as you climb the steps quickly.

“Yes, we can go see,” Yuuka’s steps follow you, “Just be careful not to trip,” a laugh hidden in her voice.

Step, after step, after step, leads to a landing, a really big step rather; red wooden poles on either side and one above, a sort of gate that doesn’t close you figure. You pass several of these, every so many steps, the final largest one adorned with rope the size of you, marks a much wider step with a building unlike Yuuka’s mansion in the center. White walls, Ropes everywhere, a box in front marked with donations, and in between you and it, a person stands in white and blue, green hair, sweeping and staring into the sky. It shifts, woman you correct yourself.

Yuuka comes up behind you, “This is a shrine Lillian, and that person over there it’s maiden.”

A smile spreads wide across your face, so many new things to see; you are unsure which should be first… the shrine maiden is closest, but she is a person and you have seen people… The shrine isn’t too far and it’s new and unlike Yuuka’s mansion… movement to your side and forward, fast enough you didn’t really see…

Your smile widens as you have problems deciding.

[x] The closest thing, that is a person and a maiden of shrines.
[x] The furthest thing, the building unlike a mansion.
[x] The fastest thing, unseen and curious.
[x] A fancy, to be had, by an overtly curious mind. <write in>

All I have to say is, Raymoo lives on a hill, not a mountain. I do not blame you people for the mistake as I really sort of expected it.
It was not the only mistake in the votes assumed.
No. 52424
[x] The fastest thing, unseen and curious.

A reporter? A frog-goddess? Must know.
No. 52426
[X] The closest thing, that is a person and a maiden of shrines.

>All I have to say is, Raymoo lives on a hill, not a mountain. I do not blame you people for the mistake as I really sort of expected it.
I actually expected Moriya shrine. Note that in the previous vote, I said "bug a shrine maiden," as in any shrine maiden.
>It was not the only mistake in the votes assumed.
So the magician's house would have been Alice's, or perhaps Ellen's? The mansion choice is harder to pin down, since there's several others: the Prismriver's, Hakugyokuro, Eientei, the Hieda's and the Palace of the Earth Spirits.
No. 52511
[x] The closest thing, that is a person and a maiden of shrines.

Ideally this will lead to Sanae hugs, which are good.
No. 52534
[x] The closest thing, that is a person and a maiden of shrines.

It will be a miracle if no one gets hugged during this visit.
No. 52700
[x] The closest thing, that is a person and a maiden of shrines
No. 52796
File 13754113126.png- (368.31KB , 500x600 , PNG (1).png ) [iqdb]
Not dead, just recovering, on medications that make it really hard to even get out of bed, let alone form words that make a story. Should run out by tomorrow so update this weekend.

In the mean time have an unrelated image.
No. 53043
File 137575494545.jpg- (169.83KB , 849x771 , JPEG (1).jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] The closest thing

The maiden of the shrine that is a both close and new. The person with green hair, white clothes that have blue trim is still idly sweeping, gaze turned upwards. You smile as an idea from one of the books you read comes to mind.

You turn towards Yuuka and place a finger to your lips, she raises an eyebrow at this; the beginning of a smile plays across her face. You nod as you hover, just above the ground, around and behind the shrine maiden; still oblivious, and leap through the air.

Everything seems to slow down as your hands close in on your target… moments before sweet success is achieved you feel a body, that is equal parts soft and hard, collide with you from the side. Speed returns to things as your target quickly speeds away from you. The ground, made from flat stones, is approaching, your flight denying it from touching you.

A frown displays across your face, as your mind starts to catch up. Another person is touching you, white hair, odd ears, hard, soft, and making an odd noise… growling?

Your target, that is seen from the side of your vision, jumps, “Wha- Momiji!?” her already wide eyes, open even wider, “Yu-yu-yuuka!? Wh-What are you doing here!?”

The soft and hard, white hair, odd eared person that growls, pushes you away, and lands in between you and the shrine maiden; you continue to float, slowing down, disappointment filling you at the failed attempt; the taste of sweet success, as the book said, gone.

You place your feet on the ground, now close to Yuuka, and away from the maiden of shrines.

Yuuka looks to you, a blank face, neither sad nor happy, “Are you hurt?”

You shake your head, “I didn’t get to surprise the maiden of shrines,” you complain to Yuuka.

“You shouldn’t do that to people you haven’t met, you never know how they might react,” Yuuka shakes her head, and looks to the maiden, “As you can see, I am showing this Little One around.”

The shrine maiden seems to relax some, though the woman with white and red clothes, does not. The white-red is glowering at you, her fierce eyes accenting it well.

A smile replaces your frown as you watch the maiden and the white haired, white clothed woman, you wave, “Hello!” you call out, feet already carrying you forward, failed attempt forgotten.

The maiden relaxes, like she was before, a smile to match your own on her face, “Hello!” she calls back, waving, “What’s your name?

You point to yourself, “My name is Lillian,” and then to Yuuka, “Her name is Yuuka, not Yu-yu-yuuka,” you nod with satisfaction, happy to help.

You hear a muffled laugh from behind you, and the maidens face turns red, odd.

“Ah.” The maiden coughs, “I see, thank you for that…” she mumbles, just loud enough for you to hear, a hand runs through her hair, “My name is Sanae, and this is Momiji,” she gestures towards the white haired, white-red, white tailed person, “It’s nice to meet you Lillian,” she finishes with a warm smile.

Momiji bristles at this, glancing back to Sanae, then to you.

You nod at Sanae, still moving closer, Momiji walking with you staying between you and Sanae, your mind briefly hesitates as questions begin to appear.

You want to ask Sanae what a maiden of the shrine is, or more about Sanae herself… people are different. Then there is also the shrine, you still don’t really know what it is besides a different building… plus this Momiji person has different white ears and a tail that looks both soft and spikey…

[x] Shrine Maiden, Maiden of the shrines… you must know what it is; your mind is refusing to grasp it.
[x] Sanae is a different person with green hair like Yuuka; perhaps they are similar but different?
[x] This building, called a Shrine is different, but how?
[x] Momiji, has other things that people other people do not, you want to know more.
[x] That tail looks soft and spikey, you want to confirm this…. <obligatory tail option>
[x] Your mind is wandering. <write in>

So, I lied, but this resulted. I like it, hopefully you do too.
No. 53050
[x] That tail looks soft and spikey, you want to confirm this…

This is what we were born for.
No. 53052
[x] That tail looks soft and spikey, you want to confirm this…

I am obligated to pick this, no matter the results.
No. 53077
They need to put up a sign: "Beware of wolf"

[X] That tail looks soft and spikey, you want to confirm this….

This will end badly, but it's impossible to resist.
No. 53078
File 13757815445.jpg- (146.52KB , 1000x1000 , JPEG (608).jpg ) [iqdb]

Sanae was just as surprised at the wolf as she was you... one could say it was a miracle she was saved.

Also I could not resist posting this, my mirth could not be contained.
No. 53431
[x] Shrine Maiden, Maiden of the shrines… you must know what it is; your mind is refusing to grasp it.
No. 53448
[X] That tail looks soft and spikey, you want to confirm this…

Must... Resist.. Fluffy tail... ...Argh! TOUCH IT!
No. 54044
A heads up, not dead, just being evicted from my apartment, already have another place; just moving at the moment. Should be back to at least weekly updates by Wednesday.
No. 54343
File 137688598787.png- (1.05MB , 1181x1478 , ada4fefeef5fb5185e64449271a1b007.png ) [iqdb]

The tail that is angrily swishing back and forth keeps your attention; you must touch this soft and spikey tail.

You try to circle its owner, Momiji, to no avail. She always turns with you, counter circling even. You frown, recognizing Momiji as an obstacle, quickly you change directions, still circling; Momiji replicates the movement. You consider this for a moment, before deciding you will just need to catch her.

You change directions again, heading straight for her and leap. Momiji leaps, towards you, her hands balled up. At this rate you will collide with her chest, not what you want, so you alter your flight path just enough that you impact just below her waist.

You hear a yelp of pain from above you and feel her curl around your head; your hands quickly reach around and latch onto her. Something hard greets both of you; a tumble and roll slows you down to a stop with both of you on your side. Momiji whimpers, her hands and arms clutch your head.

You hum happily as your hands find her tail and quickly explore it. Soft and fluffy, it apparently only looks spikey; you let a sigh of happiness go and continue to pet it. The whimpering changes to a confused sound.

“A-are you alright?” you hear Sanae ask, slightly muffled by Momiji.

You feel Momiji’s arms pull you away; you allow it only so that you can roll over her and stroke the full white tail, enticed by its fluffiness. You pull it close to you; smile wide as you hug the softest thing you have felt yet to your chest.

“… Lilly?” Sanae asks, curiosity filling her tone, “What are you… doing?”

You glance up to her, her face red, a blush you decide, “Tail is so soft, and fluffy,” you almost offer to let her feel, but decide instead to keep it to yourself.

“I… see,” her brow furrows as she glances to Momiji then to where Yuuka was.

“Pl-Please let me go,” you hear the person in front of you ask, her voice wavering.

You shake your head and a moment later you feel a hand on your shoulder.

“Lillian, didn’t I just tell you not to do that?” Yuuka says calmly from behind you, a cold familiar and yet unfamiliar feeling flowing from her.

You swallow hard, remembering your dream, “… sorry?” you half ask, half say.

“Let go of her tail Lillian, it’s not yours to play with,” her tone, you can tell, is not asking.

You slowly let go, and are pulled to your feet as soon as you do, “Now help her up and apologize to her.”

You mutely nod, walking to the front side of Momiji, who is uncurling; you hold a hand out to her. Momiji hesitantly takes it, glancing between you and Yuuka, “I’m sorry, Momiji, you tail just looked so soft…” your eyes find it once more before glancing back to her face and staying.

Momiji is silent for a moment, “Well it’s okay. I guess I was a little too on edge…” she pauses for a moment more, “We both made mistakes, I am sorry for responding harshly; it seems I misjudged you.”

You tilt you head to the side, “…I was judged?”

She nods, “because I thought you were trying to attack Sanae, I see now that you are a bit too… innocent to do so,” Momiji shrugs and begins brushing her clothes off.

“Attack? You mean like the boy in the books?” you tilt your head to the side, a frown forming, “Why would I want to hurt Sanae?”

Momiji’s hand reaches out and ruffles your hair, “See, the simple fact you can’t see the why proves my point.”

You lean into the hair ruffling as Sanae speaks up, “So… now that all of that is out of the way… why don’t we all go in for some tea?”

“That would be lovely, Sanae, thank you for offering,” Yuuka says from behind you.

Momiji’s hand is removed from your head and she nods, “Can’t say I am opposed.”

You shrug, more interested in going into the shrine than about this tea, still you nod, since tea will get you inside.

Sanae leads the three of you inside, you are shocked to find what you thought to be the wall is actually a sliding door, in fact it seems most of these walls can slide. You also notice that instead of carpet, this place has hard wood floors.

You are quickly brought to a room with a very short table and several pillows lying around it where you would place chairs. The floor in this room is some kind of softer material, not carpet, but not hard wood… you stare at it for a moment before shrugging.

Sanae gestures to the table, “Please have a seat, I will be right back with the tea.”

You pause for a moment watching Momiji, and Yuuka; they both kneel on the pillows, sitting on their legs. You frown, already preferring chairs found in Yuuka’s home before taking the pillow next to Yuuka.

Your mind is already beginning to wander as you adjust yourself.

[x] There is an odd shadow on that wall over there… kind of short.
[x] Calmly wait for the tea, you don’t want to see what will happen if you do something wrong again.
[x] Ask about Momiji’s tail, maybe you can touch it more. Or get one yourself?
[x] Another thing that has been thought somewhat randomly. <write in>

Moved and somewhat settled in, maybe now shit can stop happening.
No. 54348
[x] There is an odd shadow on that wall over there… kind of short.
No. 54349
[x] There is an odd shadow on that wall over there… kind of short.
No. 54350
[x] There is an odd shadow on that wall over there… kind of short.

Boundless curiosity.
No. 54372
[x] There is an odd shadow on that wall over there… kind of short.

We must make more friends! Friends with hats! Hats we can be friends with!
No. 55209
[x] There is an odd shadow on that wall over there… kind of short.

Thread Watcher x