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A Moral/Treia collaboration...

Q: Isn't this just an excuse to write more for Aya?

A: Well... Maybe.


A jet of sunlight burns through your half-closed blinds, forcing you to wake from your much-needed sleep. Closing the blinds fully, your bedroom enters into a familiar darkness. You blink a couple of times before rousing yourself out of bed. Your high school diploma, the pride of your recent years, remains tacked onto the wall, permanently enclosed as a plaque. The world seems heavy today, despite your willingness to get up. You heave yourself over to the washroom. A groggy face in the mirror greets you as you wash up, fit with unkempt hair. How lovely. A quick wash in the shower quickly fixes that, however. As you tidy up and put on a change of clothes, you fully open the blinds. A view of the city awaits you, or at least as much as you can see before everything is cut off by a towering building. Still, you were glad to be awake! You have no time to waste. Your clock glares '7:25 A.M.' at you with bold, red letters, reminding you that you have an interview with the newspaper agency in thirty-five minutes. Which is plenty of time. Finally, you'll get to have a job of your own! You at look in the mirror. "Yes!" you exclaim to yourself. "I'm ready."

You take your map and keys to your apartment room, leaving early anyways. Pocketing the smaller items, you grab your portfolio with your other hand. The bus stop is conveniently placed down the road. A small crowd is huddled around the bus stop, but that doesn't stop you. With a bit of time before the bus arrives, you whistle anxiously as you wait. A white bus slows down to a halt, opening its doors. You step inside and walk briskly over to an empty seat in the back. The rest of the seats are taken, as usual. It's considered good to even have a seat at all. You take a look at your map. Running your finger through the city of Kyoto, you find that the agency resides in the outskirts. Nervousness creeps through your body, but you calm yourself down. You're completely ready for this. You tap your fingers on the chair in anticipation. The door closest to you opens suddenly, breaking you out of your thinking, so you pass the rest of your time looking idly at the passing streets.

You check your watch after a while. In small, digital numbers, it says '7:50'. Soon enough, the bus is starting to approach your stop. You pull on the string to signal that this is your stop, resounding in a small beep. The bus rolls to a stop, and the doors open, leading you to get out. Double checking your map, you navigate from the bus stop to the entrance of the syndicate headquarters. Finally, you're here! Only the interview stands before you and a job as a journalist.

The interior is strangely, quiet – only one person sits before you at the reception desk. A secretary of sorts. She adorns thick glasses and can't be younger than forty, but you don't say that aloud. She does give you a very friendly smile.

“Hello, what can I do for you?” She says loosely. “Do you need something from the agency?”

“Yes, actually. I've come here for an interview...?” you inquire. You hand her your portfolio. She flips through a few pages, nodding the whole time.

“I see you've come straight out of high school.”

“Yes, but I have many references, such as starting and managing a newspaper during my high school career. I'm sure I can work hard and stay on task!” you reply.

“Hmm, yes,” she retorts, going back and forth through your folder. “I understand that you have been in the newspaper club for all four of your school years.”

“I admit, I do like journalism. So I applied here, where I can work as a journalist.”

“That's wonderful.” The woman gives you a toothy grin. “We need more spirited young men like you around here. I think the boss will be pleased to have you around.”

“Do you really think that the boss will hire me, though?”

She merely crosses her arms in a satisfied fashion. “No need, you're hired.”


“...I'm sorry, could you run that by me again?”

“You're hired.” She reiterates herself. “In this agency, I am the one who hires people to work for us.”

You still couldn't grasp the concept. “But why?”

She laughs and hands you your portfolio back. “You could say that the administrator is a tad eccentric. Personally, I think he's crazy. Watch out for him, he can be hard to adjust to.”

“Will do.” You grab your portfolio, tucking it under your arm. “So when can I start working?”

“Now.” The secretary shuffles a few items around in her desk cabinet, before pulling out a slick, plastic card. “Here's your pass. You'll be needing it to access the elevator to your work.”

“Really?” you ask incredulously.

“Yes, now please take the pass.”

“Yes ma'am! I'll be happy to start today!” You hold the pass in your left hand, looking at the small card. Once more, you look over at the woman, and then back at the pass in awe. You couldn't stop your grin from growing.

“You put the card into the slot for the elevator. Once you get in, press the button for the fifth floor. It'll take you to your desk. There will be some free offices, so feel free to take an unoccupied one.”

“Alright, thank you very much!" You're dismissed with a wave of her hand. But before you turn around, you're stopped by a yell.

"Your work day ends at five, okay?" she gives you a thumbs up.

"You got it!" you respond after checking your watch - it's 9:10. A tall, metallic door stands before you, with a tiny card slot instead of a button. You slide your pass in, and it disappears before popping back out. A red light next to the hole lights up. In short time, the elevator doors slide open with a small ring. Entering the spacious elevator lobby, you push the button labeled '5' on the wall. During the wait, you look through the glass on the other side, giving a grand view of the suburbs. With the smaller buildings around the outskirts of Kyoto, you really how immense this building is.

The 'ding' of the elevator bell lets you know you arrived. As the doors slide open, a vast array of cubicles litter the room. It's...different from what you expected. A man breezes past you carrying a box of donuts. He just came up the stairway next to the elevator. “Hey....this is the work floor, right? Aren't there supposed to be offices around here?”

“New guy, huh?” He smirks. “Nope, no offices around here. But we've got some lovely cubicles throughout the whole floor. Fancy, isn't it?” He hands you a donut. “Want one?”

“No thanks,” you decline. “But thanks for offering.” He just shrugs, sitting back down on his chair. “So, uh...” you start off. “Should I just sit anywhere?”

“Yeah, feel free to take any spot you want.” he replies, leaning back.

“Okay then. Thanks.” You wander around the room, searching for a cubicle. You pass by a few empty and some that aren't.

“Hello.” A quiet voice mutters as you pass by. You stop to turn to a cubicle, facing someone hunched over as his desk. He doesn't even look up as you face him, so you respond with a hello and pass by. In the adjacent cubicle, you see a man with a dress shirt and tie scribbling down some notes on an article, barely even noticing you. He gives you a polite but impersonal nod and continues on his work. Finally, you find a suitable cubicle of your preference. You take a seat, and put your portfolio down on your desk. It's cluttered with papers of previous articles and the latest rumors. You quickly organize them into two piles, separating the notable articles from the junk. Looking around for some supplies, you find that the pens, pencils, and staplers were all cluttered in one cabinet. Rearranging a few on the desk, you felt like you were ready to work.

...If only you knew how. Looking around, you realize that nobody told you what to do, exactly. So you sit there, examining a few papers and guidelines for a while. Once you've finished skimming through everything, you tap your fingers on the desk idly. What were you supposed to be doing, exactly?

Just then, a hollering through the whole room breaks your brainstorm. You look out through the hallway only to see a man in a full business suit, jogging up the stairs, with a woman behind him. You leave your cubicle to get a closer view of who was probably your boss. Surprisingly, the boss isn't winded at all from running up all those flights of stairs. He slams open the door, garnering the attention of everybody. “Employees, this is your new manager and boss!” he bellows. “I was very impressed with her, so work hard for her! Any objections?”

But before a single word could be said, he disappears out the stairway. You force back a sigh. The boss was...exactly like the secretary told you he would be. Staring at your new boss, she seemed to be oblivious of everything that has been going on. Her black tie hangs loosely from her shirt, complete with a black skirt. A bright red hat sticks out from her black hair. “Pleased to meet all of you! I hope we can work hard to find the best scoops together!”

You wondered how to approach her.

[ ] Introduce yourself, find out if she has any idea what you should be working on at the current moment.

[ ] Welcome her, but otherwise keep to your own devices.
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I just want to write, please don't hurt me. ;_;
Also, God damn, I just wanted to get to sleep.

Pic related, because Aya's always related.
[X] Welcome her, but otherwise keep to your own devices.
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[x] Welcome her, but otherwise keep to your own devices.

I've never seen a more transparent excuse for Aya.
[x] Introduce yourself, find out if she has any idea what you should be working on at the current moment.
[x] Introduce herself, find out if she has any idea what you should be working on at the current moment.

>3 stories about Aya.
...Wow, that's some dedication. Hope you don't disappoint, Moral/Treia.
[X] Introduce yourself, find out if she has any idea what you should be working on at the current moment.

Works for me~!
[x] Welcome her, but otherwise keep to your own devices.

Be polite. Also, retarded error. Second try.
[X] Introduce herself, find out if she has any idea what you should be working on at the current moment.

Can't really work if we don't know what we're supposed to do.
[X] Welcome her, but otherwise keep to your own devices.

Don't be hasty. We only just got comfortable.
[X] Introduce herself, find out if she has any idea what you should be working on at the current moment.

It's time for some more Aya.
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Sorry! We're already writing!

We totally chose that though, because it was tied 4-4. Please wait warmly for updates.
Oh, so you're working together, not handing off after each update. I was wondering about that.
File 131522045037.jpg - (294.88KB, 500x665 , bb02307a39a4f7a024633a586355b393.jpg) [iqdb]

Correct. I am driving the plot, planning the updates, and editing the work. He's doing all the hard, writing work. So expect his style to be dominant here, I quite love his dialogue and the way his characters can project their feelings...

Pic related. Rushing to edit the update now.
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[x] Introduce yourself, find out if she has any idea what you should be working on at the current moment.

You stand up to meet your new boss, extending your arm for a handshake. However she pays no attention to it, ignoring your greeting, staring at you directly in the face. You're confused to why she wouldn't accept your handshake, but you continue on. “Hello, I'm new around here, but I hope it'll be a pleasure to work with you.”

“I'm sure it will!” She gives you a wink. “I'm Aya Shameimaru, by the way.”

You drop your hand, aware that she's not interested in your greeting. Some jerkass snickers behind you as you do so. You pay him no attention, but instead ask her a question. “I'm not entirely sure what I'm supposed to do, and I need to know what to do in order for me to start working. What should I be doing?”

She only slips on a huge grin and responds, “I have no idea!”

You almost stagger back in dismay. “Well, do you at least have some suggestions?”

Aya puts her finger on her mouth, adopting a thinking pose. She creases her eyebrows in contemplation. “Ah!” she comes to a realization. “We should find some scoops!” she exclaims as if reaching an epiphany.

You're utterly speechless at her advice. Everyone gathers around, hoping for some sort of instruction. Nobody seems to be sure, except Aya, of what to do.

“Actually, that doesn't seem like too bad of an idea...” The guy with the donuts comments. “Naturally, we'll need to find some material so we can actually do something, right?” Your co-workers all seem to nod in agreement, reaching a quick consensus.

You sigh dejectedly as they go along with Aya's plan. But you decide to go along with it anyways. “So how are we going to do this?”

The man with the business outfit steps up. “I think it will be best to split up in pairs to scour the most ground.”

The guy who brought in the donuts takes a look around the room. His eyes scan over you, Aya, mister business, and the so-far-quiet one. He immediately nods, and hurries over to the quiet guy. “I'm with him.”

You take a look at the the only guy in a business suit among you. He crosses his arms and gives you a condescending look. It practically screams out, “Do you think I'm going with her?”

That just leaves you with one choice. Realizing you have no other choice, you sigh and walk over to Aya. “Okay boss, let's do our best to find something we can write an article about.”

“You got it. I'll make sure we find some interesting scoops!” She gives you a thumbs up.

“Alright, I think everything's in order here.” The professional comments. “I'll stay here and get everything in order. While you're searching, I'll be here setting up the newspaper.”

“Okay then.” you answer. “Then I suppose we'll be heading out now. We'll see you in a few.” Aya waves at him before opening the door to the stairs. You look at her peculiarly before motioning to get on the elevator. The door opens with a ding, and the familiar transparent glass wall greets you.

“Hm?” Aya tilts her head.

“Well, aren't you going to get in?” you respond.

“Sure?” She says in a question tone. She steps back once the doors close, looking as if she was in danger. Her expression quickly fades as she looks over the scenery through the glass wall. “Wooow! This is almost as good as flying!” Aya laughs at the thought.

“The view isn't that great, seeing as it's blocked by buildings, but it's still nice regardless.” You lean back and smile.

The elevator rings, and the doors slide open to the first floor. You nod to the secretary, who sends you off with a nonchalant wave. Once you do get out the building though, you realize that you still don't have a clue where to start. You look around the streets, wondering where to go. But to no avail, nothing interesting pops out. Of course, a scoop isn't going to just fall into your lap.

Suddenly, a soft hand grasps yours, surprising you greatly. Aya is already moving ahead, pulling you along with a big grin on her face. “Come on, there's news to be found! I can just feel it!” Her firm grip allows you to follow her, although it's more like dragging until you get in step. You arrive at the regional park for the city, but a swarm of black covers the surrounding trees. A large group of cicadas flit around the park's greenery, devouring everything in sight. People are fleeing from the scene, but Aya only moves in closer with a face that you can only describe as 'jackpot.'

“Ah.” Her eyes go wide. “M-My camera...where is it?” She pats her chest, about where a camera would hang from her neck, then starts sifting through her items, but you casually pull out a digital camera, turning it on.

“Not to worry, I came prepared.” You flash her a smile. You take a few snapshots from different angles for the newspaper, but from the corner of your eye, you see Aya standing in awe.

“Wow, its charge time is really fast!” She says, bright eyed. “How do you do that?”

“It's built in automatically to the camera.” you reply. You're rather surprised she's not used to such a camera. This one is actually a year old, and you know how technology loves to keep marching on.

But Aya's eyes gleam in amazement as you take a few more photos of the cicadas roaming around the park. You make sure to take a few pictures of the trees after they've been assailed by the bugs.

“I think we got enough, boss. We should leave now.”

“Gotcha!” She's obviously excited, retaining a big smile on her face. “Thanks for being prepared.”

“Well, you found the cicadas, so we're even. Even if I did bring the camera, what use would it be without anything to take pictures of?”

“It's not a big deal. There's bound to be a lot of scoops in a place like this.”

You walk around, taking a look at your surroundings. Surprisingly, there are a lot of stores in this district. You didn't notice it at first because Aya was pulling you with no time to check the surroundings. An ice cream store attracts a prominent crowd on the left. “Hey, you know what would be nice after finding a scoop? Having an ice cream scoop.” You chuckle to yourself, but Aya just seems confused.

“What's ice cream?” She questions innocently.

“Trust me, it's good.” You assure her. Your boss seems a bit skeptical, but lets you order two vanilla cones. While you're already into eating it, she just stares at it, squinting closely. You felt that it was a bit weird to see her just staring. “Aren't you going to eat it?”

“Huh? Oh, right!” She bites into it at first, but she clutches her head and walks back and forth. “Owowow....”

You shake your head. “You're not supposed to eat it so quick.”

“Alright, I got this!” She makes it sound like it's an important mission. The agency is only a few blocks away, so you idly walk beside Aya. She groans in pain, probably experiencing brain freeze again. She's so odd, but something's definitely a bit more than “odd” with her. Yeah.

[ ] Something's wrong with her. Keep an eye on her.

[ ] She must be new to the area, she mentioned flying earlier. Pay it no mind.

[ ] She might be a little eccentric, but you could say that with many people. Including the big boss.

[ ] Her curves really accentuate her figure. Investigate more.
[x] Something's wrong with her. Keep an eye on her.

This Aya needs more jade!
[X] She might be a little eccentric, but you could say that with many people. Including the big boss.

Denial and obliviousness are funny, dagnabbit.
[x] Something's wrong with her. Keep an eye on her.

We need to keep her in check!
[x] She must be new to the area, she mentioned flying earlier. Pay it no mind.
[x] She might be a little eccentric, but you could say that with many people. Including the big boss.

[x] Her curves really accentuate her figure. Investigate more. With your penis.

Why not?
[X] Something's wrong with her. Keep an eye on her.
[X] Something's wrong with her. Keep an eye on her.

>“What's ice cream?” She questions innocently.
This question should obviously set off warning sirens. Ice cream has existed since the 18th century, though only modern refrigeration made it common.
[X] Something's wrong with her. Keep an eye on her.

At first I thought this would be one of those "Gensokyo is a modern city" type of CYOAs, but those little indications make me wonder if Aya's stuck in the Outside?
It is the Outside, has been since the first post.
>the city of Kyoto
Kyoto is the old capital of Japan.
Gensokyo isn't that backwards, not with all the Lunarian,Kappa and outsider tech floating around. one way or another, there would be ice cream there, just perhaps not available to most. Aya could easily access these places.

[x] She might be a little eccentric, but you could say that with many people. Including the big boss.
File 131536434490.jpg - (97.52KB, 847x600 , b0a940f53c364d41aefe036745e69927.jpg) [iqdb]
There is no ice cream in gensokyo. Mmmkay?
[x] She might be a little eccentric, but you could say that with many people. Including the big boss.

Nothing's wrong. Really.
[x] Something's wrong with her. Keep an eye on her.

That hat seems a little too red...
File 131553212484.jpg - (180.88KB, 750x1000 , yandere aya.jpg) [iqdb]
I wondere why...
[x] Something's wrong with her. Keep an eye on her.
Being eccentric is one thing, but...something's not right here.
File 131555381214.jpg - (149.32KB, 1280x1024 , XNNol.jpg) [iqdb]

2 out of 2 authors agree, trident gum is best that is a lovely Aya.
Wanna unionize this workplace~
File 13156552396.jpg - (45.95KB, 220x151 , 130568855215.jpg) [iqdb]
We started writing!

I fell asleep in the middle of it!

We didn't get the update done!

File 13158227997.png - (560.19KB, 800x800 , 58b506a6e0c3fb9f9b3cae88a531b678.png) [iqdb]
[x] Something's wrong with her. Keep an eye on her.

On the outside, she seems normal enough. But there are those situations now and then that you think she's just a teensy bit insane. Or crazy. She just comes across as blatantly strange, even though you know that she was picked off the street by the boss. Other than that fact, there was the issue with the elevator. The way she looked at it was just unnerving, like she had no idea what it was. She had the same exact look with the ice cream too.

You decide to test her a little bit by asking her questions. “You know, I never got to ask you where were from?”

“Gensokyo!” She states with a big smile plastered on her face. It sounds like a Japanese town, but you have never heard of it. It must be a rural area. That would explain a lot, including her little 'problem' with the elevator and ice cream. The two of you arrive back at the front office of the agency, greeted by the familiar secretary. You tip your head to her in acknowledgment as you slide your card through the elevator slot. The doors almost close before you press your hand on the side, conveniently reopening the elevator lobby. You wave her in, but still she remains unresponsive with that wide grin stuck on her face. You practically coax her inside, using your hand to pull her in. As you go up, you see that the sun is nearing the horizon, gleaming orange in the reddening sky. Aya's only staring at the horizon, looking lost in thought.

“Are you okay?” You ask out of courtesy.

“Yeah, I'm fine.” Her eyes are turned toward the glass pane, looking fondly at the view. “I'm just remembering about good times I had flying.”

“Oh, do you fly often?” You ask, your interest piqued.

“Yes, I fly all the time!” she replies cheerily.

“Really now? Where do you fly? Is it a moving thing, or just recreational? Which airplane companies do you most often use?” You bombard her with questions.

“...Huh? Airplanes?” She says with pure surprise. “What're those?” You simply stare at her, unsure if she's kidding or not. But she returns the stare, tilting her head slightly.

“...Never mind then.” you mutter. Calling her weird was an understatement. She's really weird. Unpredictable, too. You make a mental note to keep a close lookout for her.

The elevator comes to a stop, the doors sliding open. Looking in, the whole crew is there in a small congregation in front of the cubicles. It seems like you and Aya were the last ones to arrive. By the looks of it, nobody had found anything of interest for the newspaper. The guy who brought in donuts and the quiet one are lounging on chairs. The former is eating a few donuts, while the latter is swiveling around his chair. Mister suit and tie is glaring at the office. He makes eye contact with you, giving you a leer. Obviously he was in bad spirits.

“Well, I hope that our esteemed boss has found something interesting.” He remarks in a gruff voice.

Aya only gives him a smug smile. You nervously laugh and pull out your camera. “Actually, we did find something that might catch your eye.”

He grabs the camera swiftly, flipping through the digital photos. He nods approvingly. “Elaborate.”

“Well, we were passing through the city's regional park, when a large swarm of cicadas came and devoured everything in sight. As you can see from the pictures, they tore up the majority of the trees and greenery. It happened so suddenly, but we made sure to take a lot of photos during the incident.”

He smooths out his business suit before turning off the camera and ejecting its SD card. “Alright then, let's get to work, gentlemen.” A quick few commands to the other team, and you think you hear the word 'slackers' used at least once, but his instructions are too quick and not directed at you to hear.

He hands the card to the quiet guy, who immediately gets to his computer. He starts typing, focusing on his work. The other organizes and arranges the notes, handing one at a time to the quiet one. He reads over it, scanning the page before setting back on typing.

You watch over the two, idly standing by. “So, what can I do?” you direct this to the pro.

He motions for you to sit down. “Take a break. I think the two of you deserve it after the work you did.” You have no reason to refuse, so you grab the nearest chair and lean back on it. But you stare at Aya, who is observing the computer inquisitively.

You stand up from your chair, motioning for the pro to come over. “Hey, I think something's up with Aya. She seems a bit different from most people.”

“I knew that the moment she walked through the doors.” He states. “But anyways, I think I actually have something you can do. Do you know how to properly take notes? No? I assumed as much. Listen, for proper note taking, you have to... “

The sun sets down on the horizon, barely even touching the surface of the landscape. The last hues of red color the edge of the sky, quickly turning to night time. The donuts guy had already left, leaving you, the man in the business suit, Aya, and the quiet one.

“Alright, I think we're done here.” The business suit man says. “Good work, everybody.”

The quiet one bows and takes his leave. You stay behind, not entering the elevator. “You know, I think I'll stay for a bit more. I need to clean up and take a good look over my cubicle again.” You just like to be ordered and neat.

“Okay then.” The pro responds, holding up the final draft of the newspaper. “I'll get this printed by tomorrow. Good night.” He remarks before the elevator doors close. Moving back to your cubicle, you rearrange your supplies so that they're not all over the place. Just some quick ordering and counting and rearranging and you're done! You stretch at a job well done, and get up to turn off the lights and close up. Before you can flick the lights off, a peculiar figure catches your eye at the back of the office. Aya is sitting down on top of a table, her head held up by her hand.

“Hey,” you quip. “what are you doing here?”

“...Huh?” She widens her eyes. “Oh, I don't know.”

“You don't know? Shouldn't you be getting back to your home?”

Aya is still in a small daze, holding that confused look on her face. “I don't know where that is.”

[x] “I could let you stay over at my place for tonight. Only tonight.”
File 131582311038.jpg - (75.53KB, 600x480 , 1293984813543.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] “I could let you stay over at my place for tonight. Only tonight.”

[x] You can make a bed out of office supplies. Make sure it's cleaned up by morning.
[x]obligatory sex option

[x] “I could let you stay over at my place for tonight. Only tonight.”
[x] “I could let you stay over at my place for tonight. Only tonight.
[X] “I could let you stay over at my place for tonight. Only tonight.”
[x] “I could let you stay over at my place for tonight. Only tonight.”

As if any other option could possibly win.
[x] “I could let you stay over at my place for tonight.
[x] “I could let you stay over at my place for tonight. Only tonight.

[x] “I could let you stay over at my place for tonight. Only tonight.

Best roommate ever.
File 131591606055.gif - (203.96KB, 600x600 , 130431402475.gif) [iqdb]

I'm sorry - Exactly HOW the fuck does this work? You'll have to draw us a diagram or something, because I am completely lost as to how this would be feasible or an alternative to sleeping on the floor.
Some paper, maybe shredded, here, some piled wiring there... it should be more comfortable than the floor. Probably.
... Wiring?
File 131604042434.jpg - (95.79KB, 355x330 , 1308464968205.jpg) [iqdb]

Never tell your password to anyone.
Wednesday, September 14, 2011
6:39 PM - Scout1 (Treia): Hello!
6:41 PM - that fucken Deva: hey
6:41 PM - Scout1 (Treia): so
6:41 PM - Scout1 (Treia): an anon suggested we make a bed out of office supplies
6:41 PM - Scout1 (Treia): how the fuck would that work
6:44 PM - that fucken Deva: Using a stack of paperwork as a pillow, the MC set off to find an assortment of staplers and three hole punchers as the springs. A cover of thick board paper labelled 'Office Max' serves as the mattress, while the collection of newspaper prints became the blanket.
6:44 PM - that fucken Deva: Aya could only stare dumbfounded
6:44 PM - that fucken Deva: there we go
6:44 PM - that fucken Deva: next update done
6:45 PM - Scout1 (Treia): ok!
...What the hell is this?
File 131618402222.png - (133.08KB, 600x400 , 16lxrw8.png) [iqdb]

Partly a ridicule of the assumption there's anything *but* an Aya route, an insight to our regular writing process, and a humorous look into how we would construct a bed with office supplies.

Is there a problem?

There certainly is, we need to know this! That sort of bedding, is it more like a firm mattress or a softer mattress?
It seems more appropriate to call it a nest rather than a bed since, if you think about it, that's quite a bit closer to what you would be making.

>6:44 PM - that fucken Deva: next update done
Any sort of ETA on that update?
File 131622301630.jpg - (147.12KB, 645x800 , 1308196890769.jpg) [iqdb]

It wasn't serious. It'll be done when it gets done.
[x] “I could let you stay over at my place for tonight. Only tonight.”

I'm really liking this take on Aya, especially how loopy the disorientation at being in the real world is making her.
File 131625752817.jpg - (190.12KB, 600x600 , 1840ff231edc970c5467604760e7198d29834a01.jpg) [iqdb]

Okay it probably would've been done today but my sleeping schedule interfered.
File 131674242740.jpg - (307.40KB, 1485x1000 , 490bc0b5b5f26a96a3f8c35a2aded52e.jpg) [iqdb]
You breathe a sigh, reluctant to go ahead with what you know is the only option. “I guess it can't be helped, but I could let you stay over at my place for tonight. But only tonight, you got that?”

She lights up, throwing her hands up in the air. “I gotcha!” Aya stands up and puts her arm around your shoulder, making you turn to the windows where the city lights are fully lit, like little fireworks through the night. “As expected of my reliable assistant!”

“Don't be too excited. And please let go of me, will you?”

Your boss releases her grip on you casually. She points at the full view of the landscape. "The view looks pretty up here. It's not Gensokyo, but I think I can get used to this!” She grins, leaning on the glass wall.

“Yeah, yeah.” You motion for her to come with you. “Well, let's get going. It's getting pretty late.” The two of you file into the elevator. The elevator goes down the floors leisurely, allowing you to get a good glimpse of the night. It's gotten really dark, you notice. As you step out into the streets, the sunlight is gone, instead replaced only by the dimly lit streetlights. “Crap...it's gotten pretty late.” you mumble to yourself. “The buses won't be running at this time...”

“Hm? Did you say something?” Aya turns her head to you.

“It's nothing.” You dismiss her with a wave of your hand.

She shrugs. “Okay, then.”

You can't help but look at Aya from the side of your vision. A woman of questionable background is now going to reside in your home for a day. You still don’t know much about her, she’s either psychotic or mentally ill, and who knows what she might do when you two are alone. That doesn’t exactly sit right with you. “We'll file a police report tomorrow or something...” you mutter. A sign for the subway catches your view. The nearest station is just across the street. “Looks like we'll have to take the underground subway, since we have no other form of transportation.”

“But there are oni down there!” She replies in a hushed whisper. “Besides, I can't go down there.”

“Sure you can.” You nudge her a bit. “That's just a child's tale. You'll be fine.”

“No, really. I can't go down there. We had an agreement long time ago.” She mutters about 'the last incident' and something about a raven.

“Who is this 'we'?” you question.

“The oni.” She states bluntly, like it was obvious.

You keep on nudging her down the stairs. “Whatever, let's just keep going.” You notice a few scattered souls boarding the train. Looks like you won’t need to wait for the next stop.

“What is that?” She asks, incredulous of the train lights. As the rings for the last boarders, her eyes widen.

“It's a train.” you explain halfheartedly. “It transports people to set destinations. Now, let's go.” You pull her along to the train, with her still gawking at the train. Both of you board and notice that it seems to be almost empty at a time this late. Aya is completely fascinated by the train, gluing her eyes to the window, watching the tracks pass by through the dark tunnel only lit by the train's lights. You roll your eyes and do your best to stifle a chuckle.

“Will it be long before we get to our destination?” She inquires.

“No, it won't. We'll be at our stop soon.” A quick glance at the map plastered to the side of the train tells you it will only be about 15 minutes before you get to the stop near your apartment. You spot an attendant coming through the cars checking for tickets, and realize you didn’t buy one back at the station. A quick fumble through your pocket for change and you realize you actually have a month’s pass for the subway! You nearly fumble it, but you bring it out and show the attendant. He gives you a friendly nod, thanks you, and moves on down the train. Thanks Dad!

That’s pretty much the only excitement, however. With the rest of the car silent, and nobody going through, it’s pretty silent. You cover your mouth as you yawn. Feeling a bit tired, you shut your eyes for a moment, giving them a rest. The hum of the train moving across the tracks as well as the quiet shuffling of feet lulls you into half-sleep.

Then, all of a sudden, you're stirred from your almost-nap. The train is at your stop, opening its doors with its usual timetable efficiency. Quick, loud, and not being stopped by anything. It probably woke you from your slumber. Aya peeks in from the outside of the door. You rub your eyes and force yourself from the train bench.

The familiar sight of your apartment greets you warmly. Ah, home...

You unlock the door with a flick of your keys, and open it so that Aya can go in first. Ladies first, and all. “Come in, make yourself at home.”

“Okay, thank you!” She immediately enters, giving you a small bow.

You pocket your keys and close the door behind you. It takes a lot of effort to keep yourself from falling over right here. It's been a long day for your first time at work. Not to mention your boss is a bit crazy, and her boss might be a tad bit insane too. A shuffling sound comes from the room. You look up, and–

–And Aya's taking off her shirt. You stand there, being utterly confused. Your mind clears soon enough, and you rub your temples. “What are you doing in the center of my room!" Are you some sort of perv–“

You pause mid-sentence. Just now do you realize that something is off about her. Maybe it's the fact that there are black wings sprouting from her back. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re several feet long and definitely incapable of being hidden under her shirt. You blink your eyes a couple times to make sure that you're not hallucinating from your tiredness.

[ ] Been a looong night… Crash time. Right here. Right now.

[ ] Holy shit Aya you have some sort of monstrous growth on your back AND IT’S BLACK AND FEATHERY AND WHY DOES IT LOOK SO MUCH LIKE WINGS

[ ] Scream, wet yourself, do something. Panic time. Oni? What’s next with this girl? TENGU?
[x] Been a looong night… Crash time. Right here. Right now.
>“We'll file a police report tomorrow or something...”
Isn't it supposed to be "fill" instead of "file"?

[x] Been a looong night… Crash time. Right here. Right now.
Yeah. Sure. That's can't be anything else but a hallucination. Stay logical. Drop Mister Common Sense through the damn windows, but keep Mister Logic close. He's your only friend.
File 131674374817.jpg - (371.24KB, 1000x1429 , 1309410252045.jpg) [iqdb]

Nope! Google it, if you please.
File fits more.
[x] Been a looong night… Crash time. Right here. Right now.

Denial is the best way to handle anything!
[x] Been a looong night… Crash time. Right here. Right now.
[x] Been a looong night… Crash time. Right here. Right now.

Nope. Nothing out of the ordinary here. G'night!
[x] Been a looong night...Crash time. Right here. Right now.

What's that? I dunno.
[X] Been a looong night… Crash time. Right here. Right now.

My obsession for wings wants to take a closer look at this "black growth", but closer examination may likely lead to Aya explaining herself, and it's better to leave this guy ignorant about Gensokyo and Aya's true nature... Makes the story more interesting.
[X] Holy shit Aya you have some sort of marvelous growths on your chest and they look soft and lovely and I would like to examine them.

... what?
File 131680498590.jpg - (509.75KB, 1014x1572 , 1308290640343.jpg) [iqdb]

Hoho, took me a sec to get that one. I like the way you think.
I think looking at them would have caused him to freak out more.

I'm surprised that for being written by an Aya fan that Treia didn't go into other details about Aya.
[x] Been a looong night… Crash time. Right here. Right now.
File 131680952017.jpg - (110.90KB, 500x700 , 305a8c38a4feb3c235543d28eddb1d6b.jpg) [iqdb]
Moral's doing the writing, okay? :C

I shall demand and edit in description porn next update as necessary.

I shall also try not to write and/or edit at 4-6 in the morning.
Speaking of which, didn't he already use that picture in another thread? Sloppy.>>36842
File 131681595650.png - (578.37KB, 800x600 , 16500641.png) [iqdb]
Saving something only to use it once seems wasteful..
File 131681979745.jpg - (165.77KB, 900x721 , 2aaec863aeabb182172ba742436add6b0b3685ab.jpg) [iqdb]
What?! Organizing our Aya usage and output? Madness...

This shall be implemented immediately.
File 131684288124.jpg - (360.69KB, 600x750 , not too gently.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Holy shit Aya you have some sort of marvelous growths on your chest and they look soft and lovely and I would like to examine them. 

“Aya.” You call out. Suddenly, nothing else matters anymore. “There seems to be something growing over there.” You point to her body. “Are those...?”

“Ah, if you want to know, these are wi-”

“No, not those!” You confront her upper torso. “These!” you exclaim as you flail your hands towards her chest. “It's beautiful! I must examine the growths on your chest, which I might add is soft and nice to touch.” You note as you start fondling her succulent breasts.

“Okay but-”

“No, you don't have to say any more.” You whisper to her cleavage. It feels so warm and plush, so you instinctively bury your face. In her boobs.

“...Are you done now?”

“Hold up, just a little more.” you reply, muffled by her well-shaped curvatures. You caress them one more time before letting go. Your face too. “Yeah, I'm done.”
>You whisper to her cleavage.
Okay, I lost it when I read that.

Oh you.
File 131685398074.jpg - (112.38KB, 1113x740 , 1309410143736.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Been a looong night… Crash time. Right here. Right now.

You stumble back a few times, keeping yourself from knocking out on the spot. Your vision starts to blur, fogging up and jumbling the images you're seeing. Heh, those 'wings' must be hallucinations. It must be. Your feet take another step back involuntarily, sending you toppling over. Black haze fills most of your vision as you lose your balance. The last thing you can painfully remember is the thud of the ground.

You are woken up to a sharp prod to your sides. You roll to the side, straining to open your eyes. The side of one shoulder aches, and your neck feels cramped up and stiff. Plus, your back is killing you. Aya pokes you on the cheek, awake and already fully dressed, making you wonder what time she got up. Speaking of the time...

“Mmm...” You smack your lips. “What's the time right now? Where am I?”

“Oh, your clock says it's ten something!” She cheerfully states, like nothing was wrong. Your mind goes blank for a second.

“I'm sorry, did you say ten? As in, the number one over nine?” You sit up straight immediately from the floor, ignoring all the pain that you're experiencing right now. The clock glares a bright red “10:23 A.M.” at you. You swipe the clock and grab it with both hands, staring at it in hatred. But you don't have time for that. “WE'RE LATE!” you yell, rushing over to your cabinet holding the bulk of your clothes.

Snatching a few garments, you quickly rush over to the bathroom, brushing your teeth while changing into some new work clothes. Rinsing your mouth while putting on your pants, you splash some water on your face and check your pocket for your keys. Never left the pocket last night, it seems. You grab Aya and drag her out the front door to her complaints. With Aya following at arm's length, you rush for the nearest bus stop. Fortunately, the buses run all day, and you're just late enough to have caught the next bus stopping by. You pull Aya through the doors, not wasting time to decide whether she will get in on her own accord or not.

The bus starts shifting into gear, starting its engines up. On the plus side, you made it in with Aya before it left. On the bad side, buses take absurdly long to get to places. You tap the chair in front of you anxiously, waiting for your stop to arrive. The bus continues on its path leisurely, taking its sweet time to get through the streets. Aya swings her legs idly, looking through the windowpane to the side. She seems unfazed by that fact that the two of you were outstandingly late to work. Doesn't she have any sense of responsibility? You finally arrive at your designated spot, after waiting for what seemed to be an eternity.

The moment the doors open, you dash through the exit, making you way to the agency building as fast as you can. You can barely give a quick “hello” as you run, making short time from the secretary to the elevator. Aya walks in a short time later, evidently not even bothering to hurry. You urge her forward, every second you spend in the lobby another second you are late. She obliviously continues her leisurely stroll, not at all phased by your beckoning. Finally, she enters the elevator with a small skip. It's like she doesn't even care!

The elevator closes with a push of a button. Once the elevator hums, you slink back on the wall, succumbing to your fatigue. The sleep you got was not good sleep. So far as you can remember, it was on the entrance floor, whilst resting on top of your arm. You didn't get time to tidy yourself, either. Before the elevator comes up to the work floor, you dust off your clothes and straighten yourself to look presentable. Upon entering the floor, you notice that your colleagues are all sitting together discussing something. The donuts guy notices you first and swivels his chair to your direction.

“Err...I'm sorry for being late!” You bow apologetically to the three of them. “I know I shouldn't have any excuses, so I'm sorry to let you guys down on my second day. The truth is, I overslept and didn't wake up until ten in the morning.”

Aya comments unabashedly, like she wasn't late. “Yeah, when he closed the door, he just took one look at the room and collapsed on the floor!” She grins widely at you.”Just dropped down to the floor and started snoring.”

“Wait.” The donuts guy inerjects. “Was she...?” He leaves his sentence trailing off, snickering at you. You only get a single raised eyebrow from Mr. suit-and-tie. Your cheeks flush in embarrassment, leaving you to settle yourself.

“A-anyways, I'm still sorry to be so late when I'm still just a fresh recruit.”

“No worries,” The professional-looking man remarks.”You're not really late. We're a bit off track on working right now. In fact, we've started our introductions. I'm Kamio Tadashi.” He extends his hand to you. “We've already introduced each other, but since you're new...” You shake it vigorously to give off a good impression.

The guy with the donuts - another box this morning, you notice - flicks his hand upwards. “Eda Yoshio.” He turns a full 360 degrees around his chair. You also notice he doesn't take his other hand off the box of donuts. “Don't let me down or else.”

Finally, the quiet one looks up from the chair and nods to you politely. “Ah, I'm Komatsu Manabu.” He says curtly and softly, not saying anything else.

“Aya Shameimaru. But I'm sure you already knew that!” she chirps from behind you.

And you are....

[ ] Well?
[x] "Well Wellington"
[x] Gerard Woodward.

Gerard Damiano made the movie. Bob Woodward exposed the watergate scandal. Let's mix them, and create the perfect perverted reporter!
[X] Saiga Tatsumi. Kudos to those who get the reference.
[x] Yamada Taro

Generic name is generic.
[X] Gerard Woodward.

Going with the English name.
Reporter huh?

[x] Kai Shiden
[X] Gerard Woodward.

The Woodward line has a noble history, dating back generations!
[x] Yamada Taro
[X] Gerard Woodward.

"You like Aya, don't you, Woodward?"
This must be said in this CYOA at some point!
[x] Yamada Taro
[x]Inubashiri Taro

I like this better then Well Wellington

[x]Inubashiri Taro

pissing against the tide
[x]Inubashiri Taro

This cracks me up and must happen.
[x]Inubashiri Taro
I really want to see Aya's reaction to that. epic lulz
[x]Inubashiri Taro
File 131700431897.jpg - (239.68KB, 1500x876 , 8b3f22edd3087ff2625458f1e4e95c9c.jpg) [iqdb]

Samefag. Votes will not be counted.


Similiarly. Votes will not be counted.

Closing it now.
File 131700499871.jpg - (151.19KB, 800x852 , 0962ab1a8ab03207ab83dc7ff62fc9ff.jpg) [iqdb]

Oops. Leave it to me and kap to not read
properly. So instead we're tied! Hooray.
[x] Inubashiri Taro

Fuck it, I can roll with this.
[x] Inubashiri Taro

This name pleases me.
[x] Inubashiri Taro

Works for me~!
I didn't think that that name would take off so well. Whoops...

Would you have preferred "Baef Stroganoff"?
I know I wouldn't. If I met someone with that name I would never be able to take them seriously.
so the MC's name will be Inubashiri Taro huh? does anyone else find this hilarious?
I got nothing. Ijust went along with it for the lulz factor. ...OH GOD WHAT HAVE I BECOME?!

Taro is a Really Generic Name, like a Japanese Jack/John/Joe. That's probably all.
Same goes for Yamada being the equivalent of 'Smith'.

So it was a choice between the most generic name we could think of or something that could get a funny response from Aya.
File 131771035168.jpg - (386.15KB, 1000x1383 , fh4b.jpg) [iqdb]
Sorry for the delay, but I must point out that our schedules are not matching up well. I personally will do my best to get it done either tomorrow or the day after!
File 131771211667.jpg - (53.66KB, 525x525 , 0022c751a8f67bad0c7a0a8305547947.jpg) [iqdb]
He says, being offline for like 6 minutes when I wake up!
File 131781249161.jpg - (320.53KB, 800x600 , 9ce75a471b51e4d88da565ab0107effb.jpg) [iqdb]
“I'm Inubashiri Taro. Please to meet everyone.” You take a small bow to the rest of your co-workers.

Tadashi, the man in the business suit, nods in acceptance. “Inubashiri..."Ah, that's from a distinguished lineage.” He shows a curt smile. “I'm glad to have you with us.”

“Inubashiri, you say?” Aya pipes up from the side. “Oh, I know someone from the family of Inubashiri!”

“Oh, really? Do you know my father?” you question.

“Nope! I know someone else though. Her name's Momiji, and she used to be a subordinate of mine! I think I pushed her too hard at times, and we'd always squabble, and..” she continues rambling, but is interrupted by Tadashi.

“Enough idle chat, we need to get started right away. While looking through our documents and paper work, an issue arose from the files.” He had a leadership aura around him, quickly gathering the attention of the rest of the members. Even Aya is focused on him. “After a look-through on our papers, I had found out that we don't actually have a paper.”

“...What?” You weren't quite sure you heard that right, so you gape at him. “Could you run that by me again?”

“We don't have a paper.” Tadashi reiterates with the subtlety of a brick. “The newspaper is only recently starting up, so the actual newspaper hasn't been formed yet. It's a new division of the company, and has only finished its approval through our big boss, so we have work to do. First, we should start by putting it together.”

“Wait, do you mean that we need to actually make the newspaper?” You half-shout out of shock. “Who exactly gave us the permission to do this kind of work!?”

“The big boss himself did.” He shakes his head. “I went to have a talk with him after my discovery, and he gave us the option to do virtually anything we want to, regarding the paper.”

“Alright,” Yoshio comments as he strokes his chin. “So it means that we need to define our newspaper, right? So what will it be like?”

Aya is the first to speak out. “Oh, how about having our newspaper have all the interesting and dramatic articles normal newspapers look over?”

“No, that won't do at all,” Tadashi replies. “We'll need to establish a reputable newspaper. Having articles like that will stain our reputation. That won't boost our sales figures! We'll need to be a reliable source of information that everybody turns to.”

“But don't the tabloid-like magazines sell out within the first day, unlike standard news?” Yoshio adds in. “After all, everybody loves scoops like those.” He seems to be enjoying this debate.

“Yeah, exactly! What I understand is that having interesting news will definitely bring in better hits, which leads more people wanting to buy our paper! Plus, we'll have better and a larger amount of articles than the rest of our competition!”

“What you fail to acknowledge is that being a reliable news source gives us a vast amount of reputation as the only news that gets our facts right. We'll bring an immense amount of revenue that way.” Tadashi remarks quickly.

“Right, so as a leading newspaper, we could direct and basically monopolize all the news as reputable info.” Yoshio grins, amused by the direction the conversation is going.

Aya taps a few stapled sheets of paper with her index finger. “Then are we just going to waste the whole article about the cicadas? We have already finalized it, so are we going to let our only article be whisked away and never found again?”

“...Can't we have both?” You add in, resulting in two focused stares at you.

“Shut up.” They both recite to you with glaring intent in their eyes, before turning to each other again. You decide to stay quiet and out of this bickering.

“By the way,” Yoshio adds in. “Who is going to direct this?” He starts chuckling lowly, covering his mouth with one hand.

“It should be me!” Aya concisely replies the fastest. “Since I'm in charge already, I should be the one to direct it. So as the leader of this group, I–“

“You aren't a good leader!” Tadashi lashes back. They continue squabbling over the details of the newspaper, reaching an endless stalemate.

You involuntarily cough, making all three heads, including Yoshio's, turn to you. Suddenly, Aya and Tadashi start attacking you verbally.

“Hey, you should be the one to decide! Because I have no clue what to do!” Aya exclaims in exasperation.

“You know, I agree also. We're going to need a third party in order to solve this state of affairs.” Tadashi says with a dead-on look straight to you.

“Why me...?” you plead.

“Because you were the closest.” Aya states as if the reason was obvious. Yoshio gives you nothing but a smug look on his face.

You hang your head in defeat. “Alright then...”

[ ] Make it a reputable newspaper.
[ ] Allow 'sensational' articles within the newspaper.
[c] Make it a reputable newspaper.

A story about Aya who is actually likeable. I like it already.
[x] Make it both.

Come on, Some people want facts, some people want rumors and shit. What newspaper has both? Besides, We cant really get the most out of the other workers if one wants gossip and the other wants facts; its forcing them to do something they arent good at, which will drag the paper down.
[X] Cover the most interesting stories possible, but always do the fact-checking a reputable newspaper would.

This is the best compromise I can conceive, mostly because I'm unwilling to give up journalistic integrity. Honest and straight is the way to go.

... maybe a regular newspaper with an "incidents" section?
Also, I don't really that this vote. I have the feeling it's a "Aya or not" kind of vote.
[X] Cover the most interesting stories possible, but always do the fact-checking a reputable newspaper would.

A good compromise leaves no one happy.
[x] Make it both.

It's do able it's just that reputable papers call their not so fact based sensationalist type stuff gossip and political commentary.
[X] Cover the most interesting stories possible, but always do the fact-checking a reputable newspaper would.
[x] Hard-hitting investigative reporting. Piss off as many powerful people as you can.

Lots of enemies! Both people seeking to destroy our reputation and people trying to take our lives~ But Aya's quick tongue and quicker fist will protect us from all of it!
>Aya's quick tongue
For some reason, I have a boner now.
>and [Aya's] quicker fist
Oh yeah!
[X] Cover the most interesting stories possible, but always do the fact-checking a reputable newspaper would.

You know what? Every other paper out there is either a stuffy old paper that covers the same depressing stuff about war, politics, and the economy, or a celebrity gossip rag or sensationalist rumor mill. You know what this newspaper really ought to be? Something about how awesome people are. Normal, everyday people you could meet on the street.

You can have a paper about incredible people doing incredible things without sacrificing journalistic integrity.
You're freaking right. Changing my vote to:
[X] Cover the most interesting stories possible, but always do the fact-checking a reputable newspaper would.
What about an update?
File 131879936429.jpg - (539.93KB, 1157x818 , 7428289cad5679fe66ecc7ed8960cd2c.jpg) [iqdb]
Okay, going to be honest here! We (read as: I) wrote ourselves into a corner, and with my crippling lack of a proper social life, I've no idea what to do with this next part! Now taking suggestions, ideas, and want-to-see scenes and whatnot! I just don't know what to put in this next update, so if you guys want to see anything (minus Aya sex - That's for later, sorry!), throw it around here!
[X] Cover the most interesting stories possible, but always do the fact-checking a reputable newspaper would.
>Aya pouts a little
>to make up with her, we decide to go see around if there's something interesting
>we happen to notice a weird girl with blue hair and a backpack (EPIC FORESHADOWING)
>says nothing to Aya
>ask her about that Inubashiri she knows
>shit happens (aka: earthquake, robbery, or anything uncommon. Let's say it's karma)
Also, this isn't a vote, this is the winning vote.
File 131880130185.jpg - (796.32KB, 1000x933 , delicious miko get.jpg) [iqdb]

But, but... Nitori's not going to show up.
I want to see Ayayaya kick mean people in the face. Please find some mean people for her to kick.
I want Aya to keep bunking with us, for one thing.
But not just that. I want Aya to get home late one night exhausted and mostly unconscious, and flop on to her bed and immediately fall asleep...only it's actually our bed. And naturally, we're in it, watched the whole thing, and she landed right next to us.
Maybe have her shiver a bit or something so we can put a blanket on her or arm around her.
That's sweet enough to interest me. But we can't have just Aya. We need a plot! And since Treia doesn't want to involve Nitori, we'll have to play with MC's name to bring up something interesting.

Either that, either hoping there's an earthquake. Since tengus are old, they must be used to earthquake. I wonder how they'll react. Flapping theirs wings, unreveiling the fact that they aren't human? Or do as any other human, hiding their head under a desk?
The story is titled an excuse for Aya... so it may be just hijinks with Aya in the outside world.
Give Aya a fear. I've never really seen Aya scared of something.
I've got this running fantasy that Aya flew into and got lost in a thundercloud when she was young and has been scared of big thunderstorms ever sense...but that's pretty out of character and/or cliche.
File 13188991013.jpg - (135.38KB, 1042x631 , ce8611084baaf71f7f46897d47f1787f.jpg) [iqdb]

These are being considered. I especially like the second idea. However, Moral's going to kill me since I dodged him again for updating. Still no idea what to do *next update*! I am working on brainstorming, but it may be a while until the next update.
I would like random hijinks. Perhaps she takes the whole "Fact checking" phrase too far, and drags him around to break into buildings and spy on people?
I actually really like this.
As far as stuff to cover? More Aya getting use to the way the outside world works and her commentary on news out here.
Something should occur to disrupt the fact that Aya is not a weird human, but a tengu. We still never addressed the fact that Aya had wings.

Also, updates?
File 131920370877.jpg - (91.72KB, 850x602 , vLWou.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Cover the most interesting stories possible, but always do the fact-checking a reputable newspaper would.

“Then how about covering the best stories, while doing all the fact-checking a reputable newspaper would? That way we can gain both reputation without sacrificing anything we can use as material.” You give them think in silence, giving time to let the idea sink in. “Both of you can be happy this way.” you add in finally.

Tadashi eyes you, staring sternly into you before retracting his attention back to Aya. “Still, it'd be wholesomely better if we had some sort of established newsline that doesn't delve as low as a tabloid does.”

Aya scowls, paying no attention to what you had just said and instead retorting back to Tadashi. “So are you saying that a tabloid has nothing credible going for it?”

“That's precisely what I'm saying.” He basically spits out. “Like obsessing over what the latest idol did with the movie actor from some vague show – it's disgusting.”

“Look,” Aya points out. “I have no clue what you're talking about with idols and movie whatever, but it's not disgusting! There's still the scoop, and newsreporters do whatever it takes to get it!”

The bickering continues, forcing you to tune out from all the comments going back and forth through the room. You had unintentionally sparked the reiteration of the fighting between them again, and you really regret saying anything. Though, you felt like this would've happened even if you didn't say a word. Sadly they forced you to make a choice, and either choice you made would've probably resulted in the same fighting.

You figured that no work was going to be done this day, but you made yourself appear useful by sketching out a few rough drafts for the newspaper. Having the main column one-third of the page, you hastily scribbled where the main header was going to be, as well as having miscellaneous news in both the left and right sides of the outer columns. It was pretty standard newspaper format, but it was a good way to actually get started on the newspaper itself.

The sketch of the planned paper was actually not designed poorly, in your opinion. So you sent it to the quiet one, Manabu. He adjusts the frame of his glasses, and nods to you. “...I'll have it taken into consideration.” he comments quietly, then gets working on the computer. You see him scan it before moving back to your own office.

You were lucky you made it through the day. Surprisingly, both Tadashi and Aya didn't lose their voices over the course of the work hours. You felt tired, even though it was a minimal work day. However, you did move supplies in and out of the building by the courtesy of the big boss. After several boxes, you almost felt your back give out, but thankfully Yoshio stepped in for you just in time. Both Aya and you wind up taking the bus, watching the bus hover through traffic. Aya was energetic as usual, unfazed by arguing through the whole day straight. However, you felt sore and reclined on the seat of the bus lazily.

The stop you needed to take was next, so you pulled the cord signaling the bus to slow down. Again, you have to pull Aya by the arm so she leaves the bus. The keys jingled on the chain as you unlocked your apartment door with the main one. Feeling utterly fatigued, you drop yourself on the couch.

“Aya,” you call out to her. “Could you do me a favor and buy some groceries?”


“Good. Can you get me some packaged meat, wrapped cabbage, and some uncooked rice?” You sit back up on the couch to hand her some money. Right after, you collapse back on the couch. Before she leaves, you stop her. “Actually, just get everything.” You throw some more money at her to send her off.

“Okay, I'll get some!” She waves at you before closing the door shut. You close your eyes to rest before she comes back....then you suddenly realize what you have just done. Opening your eyes wide, you jump off the couch.

“...Wait a minute.” you say under your breath. “Did I just send Aya, someone who has no knowledge whatsoever of the city, on a shopping trip in the busiest city in Japan?” As you run to open the door, you hear screeching of car brakes, and tires rolling across the pavement. A horn blares at an oblivious Aya walking through the middle of the street. “Oh, right.” You didn't have anybody else to blame but yourself. Running through the street, making sure to go through the walk signal, you catch up to Aya. You can't leave her alone like this – something bad will happen.

“Oh, you're here!” She exclaims.

“Yeah, on second thought I think I should go with you.” you reply, sweat dripping off the back of your neck. She nods and thanks you for coming, oblivious of the fact that you're actually there to make sure she doesn't die or kill someone.

The trip to the grocery store doesn't take long, but you pointed out to Aya that you must wait for the signal that shows pedestrians when to walk to avoid any accidents. She, of course, did not get it the second and third time either.


“Are all of the groceries packaged like this?” She points to a plastic container filled with frozen ground beef.

“Not all of them, but the ones that are usually spoil when defrosted.” It was like talking to an isolated child who is going to the store for the first time. Placing the items in the cart, you wheeled it to the fourth aisle, with express check out. Aya stared in awe as the items were whisked across the counter, scanning the prices. You forked over the spare cash in your wallet to pay for your groceries.

Again, you had to suffer through the same ordeal again as Aya almost stepped in headfirst through traffic. A thought ran across your mind – a leash would be convenient. But quickly, you dismissed your crazy presumption and crossed over to the apartment. Fumbling with the keys again, you let yourself and Aya in.

Now, you can actually sleep without interruption. “Feel free to make anything with the groceries and with the food in the fridge. I'll be clocking out.” You didn't hear anything else, so you trudged over to your bed and fell on top of it, not even bothering to get under the covers.

…A slight disturbance bothers you. You blink your eyes, unaccustomed to the change in light. You couldn't find your clock, but you assumed it was later in the night. The window was painted dark, dim except for the orange haze of a streetlight. A yawn escaped Aya's lips.

...Aya's lips? Just then, you realized that Aya was reaching under the covers, draping them over herself.

“Why are you here?” You mumble drowsily.

“There's only one bed.” She states bluntly as usual. “Besides, it's cold today...”

There was only one thing you could do.

[ ] Fall asleep. You were just too tired to move to the couch.

[ ] Sacrifice your position. The couch seemed comfortable anyways.

[ ] Hey... it must be a talking bed warmer. Aya? Who's Aya?
[X] Snuggle up. She can't have all the covers.

I bet she's soft.
[x] Snuggle up. She can't have all the covers.

I bet her wings are softer.
[x] Snuggle up. She can't have all the covers.

I think we all know who the softest would be.
[x] Snuggle up. She can't have all the covers.

"What? That was my bed to begin with!"
[x] Snuggle up. She can't have all the covers.
[X] Snuggle up. She can't have all the covers.

Who wouldn't vote for this?
[X] Snuggle up. She can't have all the covers.

You must huddle together for warmth.
[X] Snuggle up. She can't have all the covers.

Be a man, snuggle the lovely woman.
File 131939048996.jpg - (252.29KB, 800x1131 , 128785760039.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Snuggle up. She can't have all the covers!

You move closer to her so you can pull some of the covers to your side. “Leave some for me...” you mumble, still half-awake. A breeze from who-knows-where brings chills to your spine, so you automatically reach for the closest warm thing you can find. Sifting through the thick covers, your hands pull Aya closer to your body. You felt the warmth of her body radiating through the blanket and you. She tilts her head a little, resting her shoulder on you.

Aya sighs happily, grabbing ahold of your waist a little too tightly. “Warm~” You blink once before closing your eyes again, still tired and incoherent. Moving aside, you roll around the bed a little to get into a more comfortable position. As Aya shuffles around, she clutches your torso, wrapping her arms around your upper body. Her skin felt surprisingly soft and lithe, more delicate than you expected. You felt the steady breathing coming from her, the rhythmic motion of her chest rising lulling you into sleep.

In the midst of nodding off, you felt something weird brush across your arms, as if a second pair of covers was upon you. It wasn't your actual covers, having a clustered, plumy feel to it. But it was oddly soft, just barely brushing past your cheeks. You peek one eye open, barely seeing a flash of black, but it was just the shadows playing tricks on you. Your eye closes by itself anyways, being too tired to keep itself open. Not paying it any more attention, you drift off to sleep.

Your ears ring as your alarm clock blares a monotone beeping, '7:10 A.M.' imprinted in bold, red characters. It's a bit chilly in the morning, so you decide to stay in the bed a bit more. But suddenly on the other side of the bed, Aya rolls around, taking all the covers from your side. It takes a while to register first why Aya was in your bed, then how she managed to grab all the covers to herself. Resigning yourself to the bathroom, you groggily get up and wash your face with cold water. You jump right in the shower with warm water, and give yourself a quick rinse-through. By the time you're finished drying your hair, Aya is still settled in your bed, now sprawled out on the whole bed.

“Aya.” you call out. She doesn't budge a bit, so you lean over her and shake her for a moment. All she does is turn over and curl up inside the covers. “Aya!” you say louder, but she refuses to wake up. You push her over a bit, but she's dead asleep. Miffed, you go over to the kitchen and cook up some eggs. Waiting for them to fry fully, you stare at Aya some more. She actually seems normal in that state, having a pure and serene face.

The eggs are done, so you scrape them into a plate. Before eating them, you waft the smell directly to her nose… No response. You check up on the clock, reading '7:25 A.M.” The bus will come any minute, so you hurry up and scarf the eggs down your throat. They burn a little going down, but otherwise you're fine. You shake your head at Aya and reach for the keys on the counter. Looks like you'll have to make up something for her.

You reluctantly head to the bus stop alone. But for once, the trip is oddly quiet without Aya constantly talking about everything that comes up to her mind. Oddly, the ride on the bus felt longer than usual. But it ends, and you find yourself taking the elevator back to work.

As you arrive, you see Tadashi and Yoshio first, both giving you a slight nod in your direction. They seem to be looking around, checking around the elevator.

“Huh,” Yoshio remarks. “Where's our boss?”

“Yes, our staff isn't really complete without our boss around. And she seems to be late, too.” Tadashi comments. He directs his eyes to you. “Do you know where she is?”

“Uh...” you pause to think about it, looking around the room for some answers. “She's....sick. It was pretty cold yesterday.” That lie felt pretty flimsy, but you work with it. “So I think she got the flu.”

Yoshio stares at you with an odd smirk. “...So how do you know she's sick?”

He got you good. You try to think of something to say to that, but you're finding a hard time grasping for words. “She....was coughing a lot yesterday, so I assumed she's ill with something.” You barely manage to spit something out, but you felt embarassed for sleeping in the same bed as Aya. In retrospect, you really shouldn't have done that. But you'll deal with her later.

Tadashi snorts. "She wasn't coughing yesterday..." You sputter, having to think quickly. "Yeah, yeah she was! Your head was just too far up your ass to notice! Haha... yeah." Tadashi grunts and leaves, irritated, but apparantly okay with your lie. However, Yoshio lingers around until he is far enough to not overhear. Then, he says with a sly grin, “Aren't you just making An excuse for Aya?

You don't have time to think of another retort as he walks away swiftly, chuckling to himself. Wanting to get your mind off of this, you start on working about the paper. You decide to write the proposal to the big boss, seeing as nothing productive will ever come out of the dispute between Tadashi and Aya. You give the basic outline, detailing the procedures and articles the newspaper would take, while doing thorough fact-checking a reputable news source would. Essentially writing about a more unique newspaper that would bring both scoops, while keeping everything straightforward and truthful. A page is filled with your writing, then two. Soon, three pages are filled – both front and back.

“Oy, Inubashiri!” Yoshio returns, calling you from outside the cubicle. “We need to get some work done, so make sure to find some time to work with us!” He doesn't bother entering your space, but yells at you as he's passing by. You just about finished up your proposal paper. It left you some time, so....

[x] You might as well work with...
-[x] Yoshio
-[x] Tadashi
-[x] ...That quiet guy? Manubu.

[x] Maybe you should check up on Aya, to see if she's okay...and hasn't set your apartment on fire already.
[x] Maybe you should check up on Aya, to see if she's okay...and hasn't set your apartment on fire already.

We should see if she's awake by now.
[x] Maybe you should check up on Aya, to see if she's okay...and hasn't set your apartment on fire already.

>“Aren't you just making An excuse for Aya?”
Oh ho ho ho.
Also, two update in less than a month? You're overworking Treia.
>Then, he says with a sly grin, “Aren't you just making [i]An excuse for Aya?” [/[

That was... Just why.

[x] Maybe you should check up on Aya, to see if she's okay...and hasn't set your apartment on fire already.
[x] Maybe you should check up on Aya, to see if she's okay...and hasn't set your apartment on fire already.

I'll just assume the proposal being turned in is a given.

>Then, he says with a sly grin, “Aren't you just making An excuse for Aya?
Subtlety isn't your thing, is it?
That's strange, I only see one option listed.

[x] Maybe you should check up on Aya, to see if she's okay...and hasn't set your apartment on fire already.
[x] Maybe you should check up on Aya, to see if she's okay...and hasn't set your apartment on fire already.
[x] Maybe you should check up on Aya, to see if she's okay...and hasn't set your apartment on fire already.

It's on fire, isn't it? Oh god we're homeless.
File 131942909541.jpg - (869.86KB, 1359x971 , 9ecf852d1b0b07f79141d4733d24c211.jpg) [iqdb]

I love you. Have some Aya.
[x] Maybe you should check up on Aya, to see if she's okay...and hasn't set your apartment on fire already.
File 131944731076.jpg - (1.37MB, 1133x1600 , 75243e3916ff7d0e3b55df28e880b86a.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Maybe you should check up on Aya, to see if she's okay...and hasn't set your house on fire already.

You should probably go home, to see if Aya's doing alright. Actually, you know fairly well that she will be alright, but the same can't be said of your own property. You start sweating bullets, thinking of what mayhem she might cause in your home alone. You excuse yourself from the office, leaving the proposal write-up in a small folder. You hope that your home still stands in one piece. Releasing a sigh, you felt that Aya has caused you a great deal of trouble. You'll give her a talk about why coming into your bed in the middle of night is unacceptable when you get back.

You start to feel uneasy as you find a seat on the bus. Try not to think too hard about what Aya could've done, erase it from your mind. You drum your fingers anxiously on the window. Thoughts of Aya wrecking your house come into mind. Maybe she burned the house apartment complex down, or stole everything you owned the first chance she had the place to herself. It was easy to envision Aya also doing something clearly stupid, like short circuiting the whole apartment by dumping electronics into water. You clutch your head, which was starting to spin. Ugh, she is starting to give you trouble even when she's not around.

The bus creaks to a stop, and you make a mad dash towards the buildings. Once you arrived, you checked to make sure that nothing exploded on itself. Check – the apartment seemed to not be on fire, or crumbled to pieces. You unlocked the door hesitantly, mentally preparing yourself for any sort of anomaly in the room.

Looking inside, it seemed that everything was in order. Nothing was ransacked, or exploded into a million pieces. Aya, who was sitting chin on the table, was watching the toaster. There were pieces of half-toasted and over-toasted bread laying around, some clearly have been re-toasted multiple times. Aya is keenly watching the toaster with wide eyes, looking like she expected a rainbow to come flying out.

'Ding!' the toaster rings, as some toast shoots up from inside. Aya gasps, jumping along with the toast. Then, she places the last two slaces of bread into the toaster and presses the slot to insert them inside.

“Aya...” you begin. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Shh!” she quiets you. Pulling you aside and sitting you down, she stares in awe of the household appliance. “Watch!” Aya insists excitedly. As the toast shoots back up, she stands up in amazement and puts the toast back inside...then turns it on again.

You felt yourself fight the urge to punch the wall, your fingers twitching. The urge to rest your head on the table was too great, and you succumbed to losing a bit of your sanity. “Do you...” your voice is strained. “Do you know what a toaster is?”

“Nope!” She answers back in a way that makes you cringe.

“Okay then. How about household appliances that are common?”

“Appliances...?” She questions.

You knead your forehead before continuing. “By any chance, do you know what a washing machine is? A dryer, even?”

“No clue.”

“Okay, then.” You look around for more examples. “Then, how about a waffle iron?”

“Dunno what that is either.” Aya states.

You excuse yourself for a moment. Lugging a vacuum cleaner out from one of the closets, you address this to her. “Do you know what this is? A vacuum cleaner?” You plug it in and turn it on, making a crickety noise as it moves.

“That's a fake.” She replies immediately, leaving you confused to what she was going off of. “Real tengu gods don't need external power to control the winds!” Was she some sort of Shintoist? That would make a lot of sense, seeing as how she's devoid of any contact from the modern world, as well as being a bit...crazy. Sometimes, you think the Shinto believe in almost everything. Hell, even a stream or a rock could be a god in Shinto belief.

“Okay, never mind then.” You put the vacuum cleaner back in its place, and begin taking all the pieces of toast and trashing it in one of the bins. The smell of burnt bread still lingers in the area, but luckily, the toaster was right next to the kitchen. Turning the fan on, the smell starts to dissapate slowly.

[ ] Going to have to get new bread. Time for another trip to the store. Again.
-[ ] Bring Aya. She shall fetch things for you, since she wasted all your bread and goodness knows what else.
-[ ] Don't bring Aya. She's too much trouble. Let her toast the bread repeatedly some more. It's a good distraction for her.

[ ] Write off the bread, tasty as it might have been. Tomorrow will be no toast thursday! Your stomach hates you already.

[ ] Have a serious talk with her. As cold as it may be, there are restriction to what she can do, like jumping into bed. Or toasting all your bread!
[X] Have a serious talk with her. As cold as it may be, there are restriction to what she can do, like jumping into bed. Or toasting all your bread!

No regrets, only path, et al.
[x] Have a serious talk with her. As cold as it may be, there are restriction to what she can do, like jumping into bed. Or toasting all your bread!

You know what they say? All toasters toast toast!
[X] Have a serious talk with her. As cold as it may be, there are restriction to what she can do, like <strike>jumping into bed. Or</strike> toasting all your bread!

Perhaps, we should start... you know showing her how things work. If only to prevent any more removal of supplies in wasteful ways.

Or perhaps, we can simply watch and enjoy with frustration to our friend here as things slowly get destroy.

On a side note, I am surprised she put bread in the toaster without someone prompting her that is where it goes.
File 131946675774.jpg - (301.13KB, 700x613 , 60b19ceaab81e8e9a154ebdc5a59d3fe.jpg) [iqdb]

And then MC finds his cell phone, remote control, wallet, notepad, socks, and utensils in the trash, toasted to a crisp.
[X] Have a serious talk with her. As cold as it may be, there are restriction to what she can do, like jumping into bed. Or toasting all your bread!
[x] Have a serious talk with her. As cold as it may be, there are restriction to what she can do, like jumping into bed. Or toasting all your bread!
File 131949635455.png - (1.22MB, 1359x971 , 9ecf852d1b0b07f79141d4733d24c211.png) [iqdb]
Joke update based on the image in >>37327

Please continue voting like normal! This is an extra!

Your mouth can't seem to close itself, fixed in a permenant gape. You blink once, then twice for good measure. It's still there...or rather, not there. Rubbing your eyes again, you want to make sure if this was a dream or not. You pinch yourself on the cheek, but much to your chagrin, you don't magically wake up and find that everything is alright.

Your house is gone. All that's left is a pile of ashes, smoldering down to a sizzle that you can faintly hear. In front of the remains stand two women – Aya and a girl with white hair both looking frustrated about the situation. Once Aya sees you, she stumbles across to you, but the other girl pushes her back. She bows to you, looking seriously displeased with Aya. “I'm so sorry this happened, Taro.” She glares at Aya with such intensity that the sun would be embarassed. “Aya decided that tampering with some of the machines in your house would be a great idea!”

“Wait, how do you know my na-”

Aya sweats, nervously smirking. “I just wanted to see what a 'toaster' was!”

“The house was on fire!” The white haired girl exclaims, throwing her arms in the air. “You set it on fire! What the heck were you thinking!?”

Aya sheepishly grins, stepping back from her. “...I just wanted some toast.”

“...You burned my house down.” you blurt out dumfoundedly. “With a toaster? How is that even possi-”

“I'm sorry, okay?” Aya spits out, exasperated. “Look, it wasn't even really my fault! I mean, Momiji just-”

“Wait, how can you blame it on me? I wasn't even near the thing!” She yells, pointing at what used to be where your house was. “I was minding my own business, waiting for Taro to come back, and suddenly, flames everywhere!”

“No, I distinctly remember you being in the vicinity when it exploded.” Aya taps her chin, recalling the past.

“How does that make me the culprit? You basically admitted to it beforehand!” The girl, Momiji, shouts, frustrated at the turnaround.

“Now where am I going to live, Momiji?” She shakes her head vigorously. “This is horrible!”

So you're left homeless, on the street, with two questionable girls hanging around you. “Alright, the first thing I want to ask is: who are you?” You point to the girl known as Momiji.

“Ehh? How could you not know her? You two are related!” Aya points out as if it was common knowledge.

Momiji looks at you with hurt eyes. “How could you not know who I am? I'm Momiji Inubashiri!”

“...Who?” You haven't seen her before in your life, but she seems to hold the same name as you. But you recall Aya mentioning knowing someone with the same last name.

She pouts. “That's not funny, Taro! How could you treat me like that, now that we're...” she trails off mid-sentence.

“We're...?” you question, utterly confused at how this is progressing.

“Do I have to say it?” She blushes, fiddling with her hands.

“Well, yes.” you admit.

“Now that we're...f-f-fiances.” Momiji inches closer to you, grabbing a tight hold of your arm. “I don't really mind if you tease me now and then.” She mutters softly, red tinted all over her face.


Aya squints at you. “So that's how it is? Wow, I can't believe you were like that with my very own acquaintance.” She wags her finger at you. “To think that you would go behind my back like that.” She snakes herself around you, pulling you in for a hug from behind. “But you love me the most, right?”

Momiji responds by clutching your arm tighter, and attempting to get Aya off of you. “You can't have him! He loves me the most!”

“No, obviously he would love me the most!”

They continue arguing over your possession, as if you were some sort of valuable item. Still dazed from processing everything, you aren't sure how this all happened, and why fate decided to doom your life.

You collapse weakly on the ground, assessing the ashes. You think you'll knock out now.


Feeling a bit stiff, you stretch on the bed. A bed?

...A bed. You were on a bed! Opening your eyes, you wonder if that was all a dream. Maybe the whole Aya incident was just some nightmare.

And you sneeze, covering yourself with the back of your hand. It's a little black. Inspecting it, it clearly seems to be....soot.

No, it's...ashes.

Well, shit.
And now I want Momiji to pop up even more. Damn.

Nice bonus though. Quite enjoyable.
You have to fit Momiji into the story somehow or I will not love you anymore.
File 131955119690.png - (1.44MB, 1750x1084 , You love her more huh.png) [iqdb]

Isn't it sad, Momiji? ;_;

One time Momiji picture for the lost wolf tengu.

[X] Going to have to get new bread. Time for another trip to the store. Again.
-[X] Bring Aya. She shall fetch things for you, since she wasted all your bread and goodness knows what else.
[X ] Have a serious talk with her. As cold as it may be, there are restriction to what she can do, like jumping into bed. Or toasting all your bread!

There, let's combine these options.
That way, we can both spend time with Aya, and have a serious talk with her.

I don't understand why this guy would mind having his arms around Aya, though - she looks so soft...
[X] Going to have to get new bread. Time for another trip to the store. Again.
-[X] Bring Aya. She shall shut up, watch and learn so she doesn't mess things up worse than she already has..
[X ] Have a serious talk with her. As cold as it may be, there are restriction to what she can do, like jumping into bed. Or toasting all your bread!
File 131966770552.png - (616.79KB, 1000x1133 , 7100c37014964e146479865d3f9ac4ef.png) [iqdb]
[x] Have a serious talk with her. As cold as it may be, there are restriction to what she can do, like jumping into bed.

You shake your head to the side. Aya stares at you with an innocent guise...geez, what is wrong with her? Unconsciously, you start muttering to yourself about her. She cocks her head to one side, watching you talk to yourself. While you're talking, she reaches for something in your pocket and deftly places it in the toaster. You take a closer look into the toaster. It happens to be something brown...and full of cash. You take a whiff, and it comes off as burnt plastic.

...Wait. "Did you just toast my wallet?" You clench your fist, holding it up to your own face, repeatedly pounding your forehead. "Why would you even do that? Don't you realize how important those stacks of bills are!?" you spit, shouting out your comments even though she was right in front of you. Reaching out to the toaster, you quickly yank the wallet out of the insides, singing your fingers a bit. "Ow, ow, crap, ow." you wince as your hand opens itself to free itself from the pain. The wallet drops with a crunch on the table counter. Your fingertips turn a slight pinkish-red as you rush to the sink and run your hands over cold water.

After wiping your raw fingers gently with a cloth, you stop to look over Aya. She seems a bit bothered by the dilemma, but merely looks to the side and doesn't say anything."Look, you have to understand that you can't do things like this!" you point to the crisp wallet. "Don't you have any shred of common sense in that brain of yours? You shouldn't just go and do things without the permission of other people, especially when it deals with their own appliances! Isn't it just common courtesy to leave people's possessions alone? Don't pester me about everything that comes to mind. Or is it your aim to trouble me at every chance you get!?"

Aya hangs her head, looking guilty. She mumbles a few words that you can't catch. Uncharacteristically, she meekly quivers and stares down at the floor. "S-sorry...." she apologizes dejectedly. "I was just curious to see what would happen."

Seeing Aya act so unnaturally crestfallen at this state makes your stomach drop. You had an uneasy feeling in the pit of your gut...maybe you pushed it a little bit too far with your lecture-rant. After all, you were sure Aya didn't mean to do it with ill intentions. Biting your lip, you glance at the walll, not facing Aya as you rub your arm in discomfort. You have to admit that you were being brash, but you can't just take back the words you said to Aya.

"Look." you direct to you. "I know that you're unfamiliar with a lot of things here, and that you cause a lot of trouble because of it. But I should teach you so that a situation like this doesn't happen, okay? I'm sure you never meant to do anything that might cause another person to suffer. So... okay?"

Aya hesitantly brings her head up to look at you, a small, earnest shine in her eyes.

"See this toaster?" you point to it. "Basically, it heats up specifically bread to make toast. The heat generated comes from this power outlet, which supplies all the energy needed to create electricity." Moving on, you continue to go more in depth about the vacuum cleaner, washing machine, ironer, and everything that you could find in your tiny cabinets. With each explanation, she raises her gaze higher and higher up to you, looking less gloomy as she matches your eye-level.

"So the power...is it connected to the kappas? Do they manage the energy source?" Aya says almost exuberantly, returning back to her old self.

You weren't sure what she was referring to, but you decided to roll with it. "Um, sure..." you comment. "But lastly, I need to address one last issue. Sleeping in the same bed may be warm during cold weather, but there's just so many things wrong with it! First of all, there are numerous misunderstandings that happen at the same time, not to mention that if anybody ever so happen to find out, not only will you be in trouble, but I swear, both of our reputations will be ruined!" Aya smiles and nods blissfully as you explain. "Are you even listening to me?"

"Uh-huh." she shakes her head up and down.

"Seriously." You wag your finger at her playfully. Thankfully, she seemed to bring you into a better mood. "You really shouldn't go to bed with me."

"Oh really~?" She sings, mischievously.

"Yeah, it would be pretty terrible. Just think about it-" you barely get out before she tackles you with a wham. You're dizzy from the sudden impact, but you regain your sense of balance. With Aya pinning your arms to the bed, you look up to see your assailant. Her tie is loose, the front of her shirt half unbuttoned. She wears an impish grin on her face, taking a deep breath. You feel your heart skip a beat, or two, as she moves closer.

...Then, a pounding on the door makes your heart stop completely. You feel a lurching sickness as you think about getting caught in a position like this. Throwing Aya off of you with great force, you smooth your clothes out, redoing your tie. "Straighten yourself out!" you half-whisper in a panic. You creep to the door, open it, and peek out just a tiny bit to see....

[ ] Tadashi
[ ] Yoshio
[ ] Eda
[ ] All of them!
[x] All of them!

For teh maximum lulz. I'm a sadist reader.
Who are those guys again?
[X] All of them!

When it rains, it pours.
[X] All of them!

It is time to shit bricks gentlemen.
[x] All of them!
As if there was any other choice.

Coworkers from the paper.
From the office

[x] All of them!
lol wat

They will be so jelly of our new pet tengu.
[x] The Tengu Must Die!'s protagonist!
[x] All of them!
Or are we the pet of the tengu?
Our home or no she seems to be wearing the pants in this relationship.

inb4 there are no more pants to be had
I just noticed something:

>The guy with the donuts - another box this morning, you notice - flicks his hand upwards. “Eda Yoshio.” He turns a full 360 degrees around his chair. You also notice he doesn't take his other hand off the box of donuts. “Don't let me down or else.”

Two choices are the same person!
File 131977069382.png - (897.14KB, 800x853 , deeply sorry.png) [iqdb]
We're terribly sorry with that! I'm sorry I failed to catch that, but I promise my it won't happen again! Thanks for telling us, and the next update is on the way!
File 131979072524.jpg - (49.19KB, 897x314 , a10a2f0cc24a6ea8de714a8f727d2653.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] All of them!

Your co-workers. All four of them, waiting for an opening. A split-second silence. Before you can slam the door in their faces, Yoshio jams the door with his foot and face, trying to squeeze in. "LET ME IN, INUBASHIRI!" He screams while pressing his face across the lock to prevent you from shutting the door. Struggling to keep him at bay, you heave your whole body against the door frame, preventing anybody from passing through.

"Never!" You retort back. He's obviously straining, gritting his teeth while managing to turn the door another centimeter. You look around, Aya nowhere to be found. You can only hope that she went and made herself disappear, but it usually never happens like that. But you absolutely can't let them pass. You imagine the event to play out by first start off with a huge misunderstanding, followed by Aya making the situation worse. Furthermore, with a predicament like this, it's in your best interests to keep them away from discovering that Aya lives in your apartment.

But, he jumps back a bit, leaving you unbalanced from holding your weight against the door. But before you can slam it shut, he gives the door a kick, sending you flying back to one of the desks and nearly bashing your head onto a sharp corner of the table. While you roll around in pain, Yoshio leads the way by casually moving throughout the rooms. Tadashi excuses himself, then strolls inside, looking out of place with his suit and tie. Lastly, Manabu comes scurrying behind, keeping his head down as he passes you. "Wait, no!" you yell at them. "You can't go in there! Stooooop!"

Yoshio sneers for a bit before checking the last room – the bedroom.

"Wa-wait..." you struggle to assert yourself, managing to stand up in time. "You're not allowed in here..." you trail off as Aya emerges from the bedroom. Maybe, if you can try to signal to Aya, you can make this seem like it was spontaneous. Wait, her shirt's still put on wrong...

"Oh?" Aya tilts her head. "Oh, hey guys! I didn't know everybody was here!" She exclaims with vigor. "Have you all come here to check up on me?"

All three have mixed looks of deadpan surprise, Yoshio's mouth gaping. He moves around Aya, sprinting to the bedroom. Tadashi meanwhile takes a handkerchief in the front pocket of his suit, wiping down his forehead. He seems to be sweating, taking a long look from you to Aya, and back to you. "How uncouth she is, and her shirt's also disshevelled..." he remarks with no hint of emotion but nervousness.

Then, Yoshio edges out of the room, hysterical. "T-T-T-T-T-The bed!" He stumbles on his words. "The bed's all messed up!" Both Tadashi and Manabu have blank faces, their mouths left agape.

"Oh, yeah!" Aya comments. "We were just goi-"

You get to your feet faster than you ever have before. Slapping your hand over Aya's mouth, you nudge all of them to your door. "You know, I think you guys should leave. Right now, even." Clenching your fist, you usher them outside, where Yoshio starts snickering.

"You want us to leave already? But we just got here!" He smirks. Tadashi mutters something to him, with a displeased look. Straightening up his tie, he places his handkerchief back in his front pocket. Manabu just stands behind Tadashi awkwardly in his shadow. "So." He pauses, nodding over to Aya's direction. "How about you tell us what is Aya doing here?"

[x] Tell them the truth.
[x] Lie about the situation.
[x] Let Aya explain.
[x] Tell them the truth.

I don't think lying would do any good, and we honestly took her in because she had no place to stay. Now if anything more happens, well... I doubt we'd complain
[x] Let Aya explain.

Come on, lets do it. It her right to explain this or mislead them either way. Plus depending on how truthful we may be, Aya might get put off. Overall let her do the talking seems best.
[x] Let Aya explain.

This will end badly. By which i mean hilariously.
[x] Tell them the truth.
[x] Let Aya explain.

Why would anyone pick any other option?
[x] Let Aya explain.

"I was playing with that slit hot thing, and then he came."
Bonus point if they misunderstand 'came'.
[Z] Let Aya explain.

It's not like it's any of their business anyway. At least until it starts affecting work at least.
[x] Let Aya explain. Then carefully tell them the truth when that doesn't work.
[x] Tell them the truth.

Don't let Aya explain. That way madness lies.
File 132001768656.png - (535.40KB, 600x450 , ayayayayayaya.png) [iqdb]
Letting Aya explain can only end well.
File 132007482291.jpg - (61.45KB, 648x906 , 1088e7cf430a6f28dad8b395eb1d3d85.jpg) [iqdb]
This one goes out to Kry! Shipping out to basic today, I hope we got this one out before you departed, buddy.

[x] Let Aya explain.

You were feeling a bit tired, so you dodged the question. "...Why don't we just let Aya explain?" All three heads turn to Aya's direction, who seems confused and out-of-place right now. Only then do you realize you've made the second biggest mistake of your life, in the same fashion.

"Ah!" Aya snaps out of her confused look, putting her index finger to her forehead. "Now I remember!" Somehow, that wasn't comforting to you. She looks around for a moment as if examining the room would give her a better account of the situation. "So I was using that hot slit thing until Inubashiri came!"

"Okay, that's just-" You complain, but nobody hears your reasoning. They cut your voice off with mumbling and muttering between themselves, eyeing you suspiciously. You sigh and accept your gruesome fate. You couldn't even stop her, seeing as you even told her to explain. Both Aya's career and yours have been tied by the neck with a noose.

"However, he got mad at me because of inexperience, but we made up." And now for the finishing blow, you think to yourself. "So I just pushed him to the bed until you guys showed up!" She ends her tale with a satisfied grin. The three just stand there, horrified at the nightmarish misunderstanding.

"Y-You....A-Aya...t-t-t-the b-b-ed-" Manabu stutters, finally voicing himself for the first time since he introduced himself to you. Meanwhile, Tadashi just stands there, fully petrified from Aya's 'explanation.' He doesn't even focus his eyes to you or Aya anymore, just staring straight through you.

Yoshio is the only one with something remotely akin to a sneer. "So is that going up two positions in the corporate ladder? Eh?" He jabs you in the side with his elbow. With no hope, your only response is to just give up, so you collapse on the table, laying facedown. You have nothing else to say anymore to them. "Well enough talk, we all should be leaving. Ehehehe..." he starts chuckling. He snaps a few times in front of Tadashi's face, breaking him out of his trance. Manabu follows the rest of them, but looks back once warily.

"See ya guys later!" Aya waves goodbye to all of them as they exit through the door. She closes the door, skipping back to the table. You can't understand how she was so bubbly when both of your careers were at stake – and now probably ripped to shreds. Curious, Aya nudges you a few times even poking your cheeks. "Why are you face down on the desk?"

Still not raising your head, you reply. "My career...it was shot down even before it can take off. I didn't even have the chance to even start the newspaper! And it was because of you. The misunderstanding you caused will probably get us laid off. This is why we shouldn't sleep in the same bed! Bad things will happen."

She tilts her head questioningly. "Why would we be fired...?"

"Because it's unethical." you state. Aya doesn't seem to exactly get it, still retaining the same unsure look.

"Isn't this just like bad tabloid material? It's all gossip and speculation and no proof. Sure, it makes a great story and article, but nothing underlying it. No foundation at all!" She crosses her arms, apparantly happy that she made a good argument to dispute their claim. But it doesn't help.

...Wait. It does help! You don't have to be laid off if the big boss accepts the fact that it's all just rumors spreading around. Dashing to the telephone, you press the numbers connecting to the office. It rings a total of three times before someone picks up.

"...Hello, who is this?" A tender voice answers. You recognize it to be the secretary.

"Yes, miss. This is Inubashiri! Could you please deliver the call to the boss? It's very important that I speak to him directly as soon as possible."

"Of course, it will be done in a moment. I will connect you. But more importantly," her voice changes slightly mid-sentence. "how is Miss Shameimaru doing...?"

"What do you mean by tha-" The line cuts off, and is placed on a different connection.

"Yes, hello who is it?" He seems to yell in his usual loud voice. Blaring music is heard from the background, muffling his voice a tiny bit. "I'm having a little run, what can I do for you?"

"Ah, this is Inubashiri, part of the newspaper work group." you introduce yourself, knowing that he probably has no clue who you are by name only. "If you had heard about the incident, could we please file a dispute about it? It's all baseless rumors and we would not like to get fired due to it."

"Fired? Hah!" He scoffs at the idea. "If anything, you all should be getting promotions! Besides," he adds. "There's nothing wrong in getting some tail once in a while. I wish you good luck! Good job on your catch!" Before you could respond, he hangs up on you. The last thing you hear before he disconnects is him singing lyrics to what sounds like a Scandinavian song, very clearly pop music. That guy is just... weird.

"So...?" Aya asks, eager to know what is going on.

"Okay, I talked to our boss and he...said he was okay with it, I guess. In a way, he supported whatever was going on and offered us nonsensical promotions. So in the end, I suppose we aren't fired after all."

She was wearing an intimidated look on her face, but switches to a more confident, smug smile. "See? I told you that nothing will happen! Good job!" Aya pats your shoulder. You can't help but feel like you were her loyal dog or something.

God, you were tired now. Jumping over to the couch, you take the remote to the side and turn on the TV. It was a documentary about crows, but you were so tired you didn't mind. Aya however, was glued to the TV set, in pure awe of the flashing screen. 'As crows are naturally one of the more intelligent bird species...they can solve logical problems due to their immense thinking capacity...'

"Wow, they know about crows more than I do!" she comments on the documentary.

"...What exactly did you study during college?"

She looks surprised. "College?"

"...Never mind." With Aya engrossed on the TV, you felt a little bit more relaxed. Grabbing a spiral notebook from the side desk, you jot down some notes and ideas about what to do for the newspaper. Generally, you just write down quick ideas and see if you can go further from there.

"Oh, yeah. Inubashiri! What I don't understand is when they were talking about sleeping together 'for real.' What's it like?" She presses on with gleaming eyes.

You turn to her, and stare for a good ten seconds. Then, in sheer disgust, you shake you head and go back to writing yout notes.

After a while, Aya leans over you and views your notes. "Oh, is this for our newspaper? I could help you a bit with that. Besides, you look like you need to rest." She points out your unfocused, blank gaze. "Seem a bit tired there!" Reluctantly, you hand her your notes. Aya seems to scribble incessantly, filling up the first four pages in less than fifteen minutes. You watch her the entire time, to make sure she isn't just doodling. But Aya is amazingly on task, staying on topic even. She presents the additional notes to you, filling up seven pages in total excluding your two pages.

"Wow...this is actually work!" You gasp, incredulous by her writing. It was neat and tidy, which surprised you because she seemed to scribble things down with seemingly no regard for elegance. Although, her substance tended to trail off into opinions rather than facts, it checked out as plausable. You might even bring it up the next time there was a meeting.

"Huh, it's getting late!" Aya looks around for something. "Do you have any pajamas, by any chance? Could I borrow some?"

"No way. I'm sure if I loaned you any, it'll come back and bite me in revenge." But Aya has already found a pair in one of your drawers, unbuttoning her shirt. You attempt to run out of the room, faintly remembering that a similar situation happened not too long ago. But as her shirt is halfway over her head, she stumbles back and collides with you. Not knowing where she is, Aya moves around to regain her balance. She falls back on the balcony, a gust of wind blowing off the rest of her shirt. It flutters in the wind for a second, then disappears far off.

Aya yelps, having nothing to cover her breasts but her hands. She wraps her arms around them, meekly shielding them from view. But you weren't focused on that. A set of black wings flapped against the wind fully spread out, making a great shadow on the balcony floor. The gust ruffled the feathers audibly, a few stray ones caught in the wind.


[x] "About your wings..."
[x] Stare harder
[x] Throw another shirt at her!
[x] "About your wings..."
-[x] "C-Can I touch them?"
[X] Stare harder.
[X] "About your wings..."
[x] "C-can I caresstouch them?"

Can't possibly go wrong!
[x] "About your wings..."
-[x] "C-Can I touch them?"
[X] "About your wings..."
-[X] "C-Can I touch them?"
[x]Stare...no, wait!
-[x] Throw another shirt at her!
--[x] "About your wings..."
---[x] "C-Can I touch them?"

Don't be a jerk, anonymous. Give the poor girl some modesty before burying yourself in those gorgeous black fluffy wings.
[x]Stare harde-NO. BAD DOG.
-[x] Throw another shirt to her.
--[x] "About your wings..."
---[x] "C-Can I touch them?"

[x] "About your wings..."
-[x] "C-Can I touch them?"

Think about it! Shirts are unnecessary anyways!
>Aya yelps, having nothing to cover her breasts but her hands.
...what about her wings?
You fool. Don't you understand that they're our main target? She's leaving them be, tempting us!
I think he's asking why didn't she use her wings to cover her breasts. And her wings are the first target, not the only one.
[x] "About your wings..."
-[x] "C-Can I touch them?"

Since groping her tits would make this an /at/ story sadly.
We could still grope her. Not everything is labelled /at/. There's a nsfw tag for a reason.

[x] "About your wings..."
-[x] "C-Can I touch them?"
[x]Stare...no, wait!
-[x] Throw another shirt at her!
--[x] "About your wings..."
---[x] "C-Can I touch them?"
[X] "About your wings..."
-[X] "They're beautiful..."
-[X] "C-Can I touch them?"

Come on, we need to give her a compliment for those wings - show we like them.
And then we can, hopefully, touch them.

Besides, I bet that must be, like, one of the best possible things you can ever tell a Tengu girl
That's a good point. Consider [X] "They're beautiful" added to >>37480.
If he actually says "About your wings..." instead of omitting that part that's a perfectly good joke wasted right there.
Likewise, for >>37482
[x] Ask the writer and editor for an update/progress report.
So when does Aya rape the MC.
It's only rape if he doesnt like it.
[x] "About your wings..."

The first implies the second, really.
[X] "About your wings..."
-[X] "They're beautiful..."
-[X] "C-Can I touch them?"
We don't really need to freak out about them, and we do really need to get her to like us.
File 132064585373.png - (58.70KB, 265x317 , Momiji_Woof.png) [iqdb]
...Waiting warmly for an update.
Hey, great, people approve of my addition!
It really does seem like something we should say, so she doesn't take anything we say the wrong way.

And this brings it up to 4!

Yes, getting her to like us is the main objective, here.
File 132082309076.jpg - (1.38MB, 1520x2150 , 44bd.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] "About your wings..."
-[X] "They're beautiful..."
-[X] "C-Can I touch them?"

Won, due to a coin flip between the original post and the write-in addition. Expect an update within one to two days!
File 132100562183.png - (126.02KB, 720x600 , d14dbcfa4706d128cc5e250dfc3aaf0e.png) [iqdb]
We're sorry, we really are sorry. It's all my fault, I'm just so busy and fucked up lately. It's all my fault. Updates soon.
You say that, yet find time to update your violence fetish story before this one.
Hrmph, hrmph, hrmph.
File 132145025420.jpg - (461.66KB, 900x1350 , aya_shameimaru_touhou_cosplay_by_tenori_tiger-d2zk.jpg) [iqdb]
Don't give me that. I'm sitting on the finished update right now! I am just ruined by my state of mind which is not allowing me to proofread. I will burn through it soon, as I must.
you know what would be great? an update
You know what you could use? Some patience.

You know what you guys could do? Sage.
It's the first thread in the page, so what's the point? Symbolism? Tradition?
It's the first thread in the page, so whether you or I sage or not is completely inconsequential.
>Oh hey, the story's at the top of the page, maybe it updated!
>Nope, just a bunch of faggots bitching about no update

Such is life.

If you have to ask these kinds of questions, please, stop posting altogether. It's a rule-of-thumb to always sage unless you're updating or voting.
File 132162395256.jpg - (160.67KB, 728x1097 , wind_god_girl_by_thekaiserin-d48e1ea.jpg) [iqdb]
After squinting a few times, you realize that indeed she has wings sprouting out from her back. And this time, it isn't just hallucinations from your mind. You just stand there, stupified from the sheer nonsense going on. Aya's eyes meet yours, and you keep staring at her, unable to look away from her wings.

"Just what the fuc-"

"Stop looking at me!" She cuts you off, yelling, while shielding herself.

"No." You declare, keeping your gaze level to her wings. "Not until you explain just what the hell is up with those!"

"I would, if you would stop looking at me!" Aya exclaims.

"That's not the point, you're not explaining why you have wings!" "Why do you even have wings anyway?"

"You're just a pervert!" Aya lashes at you verbally.

"I am not! Any sane person would call you out on the fact that you have large wings coming out from your back!"

"What is with your-" You begin.
"What is with your-" Aya replies at the same time.



It takes a good two seconds to pass before either Aya or you can comprehend the sentences thrown at each other. You realize how stupid you are acting to her, and decide that talking to her about it is the best course of action.

"Err, I'm sorry I did that..." You apologize to her, turning your back to her. Taking a large towel out of one the cabinets, you go over and hand it to her and look the other direction quickly as she puts it over herself.

"No, it's alright..." she murmurs.

You move back to the central room and away from the balcony, sitting down on the nearest chair. You motion for Aya to sit down as well, pointing to the chair adjacent to you. "So, could you please explain what's going on? And why you have wings?"

"Well, from where I come from, Gensokyo, wings and the sort are normal, you see." Aya tilts her head to the side, tapping her chin with her finger. "I fell asleep on my desk, and all of a sudden, I was in this city, on top of a tall, metal building so high I could practically touch the clouds!"

"...I see." You bluff, allowing her to continue on with her story.

"Gensokyo is much different from here. There are a lot more fairies and oni there than here. I didn't even pass up on even one shrine maiden! Come to think of it, nobody was flying during the time I was in the air..."

"Uh-huh." You nod skeptically.

"Ever since I came here, I saw no fairies, no shrine maidens, witches, and no fellow tengu!" She exclaims, exasperated at the thought.

"Fellow tengu...?" You raise an eyebrow at her comment.

"Yep! I'm a tengu!" She stands up for effect, raising her wings proudly as to show off. But as quickly as she stands, she folds her wings and sits back down, keeping her towel from falling off.

"I'm not so sure I can accept that just yet." You rub your temples. "So you're telling me that you woke up in a brand new city, on top of a skyscraper, whereas previously you were in a place filled with fairies, demons, and winged tengu?"

"Yes." She nods straightfowardly.

"Unbelievable." You state.

"What, really? I am a tengu!" Aya yells at you with determination. "My wings are only the best!"

"Then about your wings..." You felt ridiculous just hearing that she can be a tengu. But still, an insane presumption can only lead to insane requests. "C-Can I touch them?" Before any other misunderstandings can occur, you clarify, "The wings, I mean."

"Eh?" She chews on her lip, looking nervously around the room. "S-Sure, I guess you could."

"Okay then." Taking a deep breath, you place your hand gently on her extended wings. Aya flinches initially, but settles down and stays still. You ruffle her wings with your hands, causing a content sigh coming out Aya.

"Ahh, that feels nice. Keep doing that. I haven't had a chance to extend my wings for a while." You keep tousling her feathers, feeling the soft exterior of the wings. This keeps going on, until you felt increasingly stupid for even thinking about the situation.

"I think I'll go to sleep now..." You stand up and rush to the bedroom. Throwing yourself under the covers, you close your eyes, still processing the fact that Aya has wings. Your mind grows weary, as it blanks out a couple of times, feebly attempting to stay awake. The sheer thoughts that are running through your head simply sandbag you from wired to tired in a few minutes. Just as you start to nod off, the bed shakes as another person jumped into bed. "Aya..." you mumble drowsily. "get out."

"No can do. It's warm here, and comfortable."

...Whatever. You're not in the mood, or awake enough to make her do anything. You just wanted to get some shut-eye. Aya starts to breathe steadily. She already fell asleep. Adjusting the covers to fit both you and Aya, you drift off to sleep too.


A loud, incessant ringing snaps you out of your sleep, clanging on the desk next to you. Straining to open your eyes, you see that the phone's making that horrible noise. Turning over, you wait for it to stop. After ten painful seconds, it finally ceases, allowing you to lie in peace once again.

...Only for it to continue its streak of blaring rings again. Using all of your strength to pick up the phone, you drowsily blurt out, "Yes, who issit?"

"It's Yoshio. I need to speak to Aya, okay?"

"Alriiiight." You hand over the phone to Aya, who you now realize is wearing your pajamas. She's still half-asleep, mumbling to the phone. At that moment, you slap yourself awake and snatch the phone back from her, who didn't really notice. From the receiving end of the phone, you can hear Yoshio laughing.

"...Anyway, what do you want?" You begrudgingly ask him. You check the clock. "...Why are you calling me at 6 o' clock in the morning?"

"Just wanted to say that there won't be any work today, so don't bother coming to the office, unless you like working alone. There's a few publisher issues going on, as well as the newspaper format being decided. 'Sides, don't want to spoil your honeymoon, or anythin'." He snickers through the other end.

This time, you tactfully dismiss it. "Yeah, whatever. Thanks for telling me. Goodbye." Pressing the phone back on its handle, you roll over and turn, trying to get comfortable. Suddenly, Aya's wings press against your face, disrupting your rest. Reluctantly, you realize that you can't sleep with her there like that. So you opt to go to the other room, leaning over the balcony for a bit. You spitefully look over to your occupied bed, wishing that you had a spare bed right now. The couch seems inviting now that there's no more mattress left for you. Setting the volume on low, you flip through various channels on the television. The drone of the TV puts you into a trance-like, dreamy manner. You curl up and doze off.

...And what seemed to be a ten minute respite was gone soon enough. You're awoken to a tapping on your head, something cold and metallic pressed against the side of your cheeks. Aya is staring at you, holding the unplugged toaster in front of you. "Hey! Come on, wake up! Let's use this again and eat!"

You sometimes question the reason of your existence. Still groggy, you drag yourself over to the kitchen, Aya bounding right behind you like a lost puppy. Using long, flowing movements, you flick two pieces of bread into the toaster and dramatically press the button. Aya watches with deep enthusiasm. Two slices of toast are produced, and you magnificently spread butter on both of them. You hand one to Aya, then start chewing on yours. You weren't particularly hungry, but you still needed to eat.

You finish your breakfast, licking your fingers clean. Aya watches you, then starts licking her own fingers carefully. careful instructions for her so she doesn't burn the house down, though.

[ ] A day to yourself, huh? Wish you could sleep in. Too bad, too bad, you're already awake. This just means you'll have to spend it all on leisure time. Where did you set that novel down"...

[ ] ...Just the two of you, huh? Yoshio & company already think you're on a honeymoon or something dumb.
...Honeymoon. Yeah...
(Have fun with Aya)
File 132162553284.jpg - (444.76KB, 829x653 , 23f53b91ce953fb51aaf87655038ad29.jpg) [iqdb]

Did these tags change, or can I really not remember strike-through tags?!
File 132162560634.jpg - (270.87KB, 1000x624 , 6f412e64246f60bbc79ee7c8be60e893.jpg) [iqdb]

>strike-through tags still the same
>I somehow replaced the strike-through tags with the entire word "spoiler" and tagged it
>I am really dumb

How does this even happen
[x] ...Just the two of you, huh? Yoshio & company already think you're on a honeymoon or something dumb.
...Honeymoon. Yeah...
(Have fun with Aya)
[x] Alright... you need to distance yourself from Aya. Spend the day doing something useful. Something... outside-y. Be sure to leave careful instructions for her so she doesn't burn the house down, though.

We've just experienced an Earth-shattering revelation. Let's give it time to settle before we press for more details.
[x] ...Just the two of you, huh? Yoshio & company already think you're on a honeymoon or something dumb.
...Honeymoon. Yeah...
(Have fun with Aya)

Silly one option updates.
[X] ...Just the two of you, huh? Yoshio & company already think you're on a honeymoon or something dumb.
...Honeymoon. Yeah...
(Have fun with Aya)

We're not going to leave Aya, dammit.
Besides, interaction between Aya and MC have been fun!
[X] ...Just the two of you, huh? Yoshio & company already think you're on a honeymoon or something dumb.
...Honeymoon. Yeah...
It'll give him a chance to atleast talk to her, not about the wings though. He should talk to her at at least try to get to know some more about Aya. THEN the wings.
[X] ...Just the two of you, huh? Yoshio & company already think you're on a honeymoon or something dumb.
...Honeymoon. Yeah...
(Have fun with Aya)

If there's only one option, there's not much point having a vote. (No offense to Lion.)
[X] ...Just the two of you, huh? Yoshio & company already think you're on a honeymoon or something dumb.
...Honeymoon. Yeah...
(Have fun with Aya)

Let's have fun with Aya!
[X] ...Just the two of you, huh? Yoshio & company already think you're on a honeymoon or something dumb.
...Honeymoon. Yeah...
(Have fun with Aya)
Hey Moral/Treia, what the fuck happened to this story?
File 132331847761.jpg - (169.69KB, 909x980 , 5b0f9b607597f1569383e7ef8864e2d0.jpg) [iqdb]
Finals week every week. Also much of the blame is on me. We hope to update soon. Please wait warmly.
File 132601235271.jpg - (67.71KB, 640x613 , aya despair6.jpg) [iqdb]
Hey...Treia...do you think you could update this some time soon?
I really, really need some happy Aya right now...
File 132618803828.jpg - (113.12KB, 850x891 , sample-34f6dd1da36236e0b2aee5307bd13f29.jpg) [iqdb]
Your mind drifts off to what you should do for the day. Seeing as it's a day off, there isn't much work to be done. Thinking about how to spend your day, your eyes wander around the room looking for answers. Nothing comes to mind, but your eyes eventually lock on Aya. You're blatently reminded of why you couldn't do anything today. You weren't sure how to deal with Aya, much less spend time with her around.

"Hm?" Aya tilts her head, noticing you staring at her.

You sigh and shake your head. "It's nothing." You recline back on your chair, leaning back on two of its legs. There isn't much to do right now, and it's only breakfast time. Just Aya and you casually relaxing in the morning. You remember the call from Yoshio early in the morning. The way he mentioned 'honeymoon' brought your chair back down on four legs. From the corner of your eyes, you see Aya staring at you expectantly.

...Honeymoon, huh? Immediately, you feel flustered, and think about what else to do.

"Heeeeeey." Aya groans, fidgeting around in her chair.

"What is it?" You ask, expecting an Aya-like answer.

"My clothes feel uncomfortable." She complains to you, pouting all the while.

"Then you should fix it." You reply nonchalantly.

"It's too much work!" She leans on the table, putting her head down in the center. You offer no reply, not wanting to drag on the conversation. You get some paper towels in the cabinet to clean the crumbs off the table. As you turn around, Aya has her top off, unloosening some fabric wrapped around her chest. You recognize it as a sarashi, staring at it for a full second before turning away.

"When I said you should fix it, I didn't really mean this instant..." you grumble, head turned to the side to avoid looking at her. "Don't you have the decency to change privately?"

"Huh? But you told me to adjust my clothes, so I did!" Aya says bluntly, a look of confusion on her face.

"It's just...ah never mind." You were going to say it is just common sense, but you decide against it. "Whatever. Are you done now?"

"Almost, let me just put on a new shirt~" she says impishly. "All done!" Aya says excitedly. As you turn around, she's wearing a big grin, as if waiting for your evaluation. "How is it?" She adds.

"...How should I know? I can't even see it."

"Oh." She seems puzzled by the sudden realization. "Right."

Looking over Aya's outfit, it seems the same as usual. She doesn't seem to have a variety of clothes, all looking the same with her usual white shirt laced with black. Her modest black skirt falls to under her hips, accentuating her figure. A crudely tied ribbon adorns her collar, partially covered by her hair. You should probably get her some clothes in the meantime, so she doesn't have to wear the same thing all the time. "Hey Aya, since we have some free time, why don't we go shopping?"

"For what? Food?" She wears a serene look on her face when she mentions food.

"Nah." You decide that this is for the best. It should be fine to get her just two or three pairs, since she shouldn't be here for much longer. "We should go shopping for some clothes. You need to get some clothes. As tasteful as your clothes are, you can't wear them all the time."

"Oh?" Aya says cheerily. "Alright, that sounds fun!"

"Okay then. Want to go soon? I don't have anything planned today." It seems you'll have to pay for her again.

"Sure!" Her watchful eyes glance towards you insistantly, eager to start the day.

"Let me just wash up and change." Thankfully, Aya's eyes don't follow you. Splashing some water on your face, you dry yourself with a small towel. From the mirror's reflection, you realized that you slept with your work clothes on. The sleeves are wrinkled from crashing on the couch, and the collar is somehow loose. You sigh and slip on a casual gray shirt and jeans. Exiting back to the living room, you wave to Aya. "Well, shall we go?"

"Yeah!" She grins and opens the door for you. Grabbing your keys, you close the door and lock it. The elevator comes to the floor in no time. "Where are we going?" She asks.

You decide not to be so blunt about it. "We could just browse around a couple of stores. I think we can go to the plaza over at the centre." The elevator doors open, so you lead the way. The subway station to your right seems to be open, but a large throng of people pushing to get in doesn't seem like it's worth spending the effort to get in. So instead, you take a different route walking. Aya doesn't seem to mind.

Going at a brisk pace, Aya follows you wordlessly, turning her head around several times to examine the buildings around the street. She has an unusually radiant smile, staring at awe at everything around her. "How do people make the buildings so tall?" She asks out of the blue.

"...By construction?" You blurt out, surprised by the sudden question. "They use machines to build a foundation first, like a skeleton structure."

"You mean they don't fly and build it?" Aya seems shocked, opening her mouth in a gasp.

"No." you try not to voice yourself with a deadpan tone, but it comes out naturally. Still, you can't help but feel uncomfortable when it comes to Aya's wings. They're not visible at the time, but you can't stop yourself from glancing at the back of her shirt. But for once, you smirk at the thought of how ridiculous you were being.

The centre comes into the distance after a while. Dozens of stores are lined up, exhibiting all kinds of trinkets, accessories, and clothes on the side. Aya stares in wonder, seeing all the shiny displays presenting their merchandise. You grin.


"Yeah, Aya?"

"Let's go!"

Aya almost leaves you behind, making a dash for the nearest shop. You weren't sure if it was even a clothing store, but you pull her out by her collar. "Not so fast. The easiest way to shop is to first look at what they're selling." Pointing to the window filled with expensive electronics that you could never afford, you shake your head. "And this is a hardware store."

Walking around in still a quick pace, Aya glances left and right every few seconds. With a glint in her eyes, she enters a store to the left of you. You follow her into a generic clothing shop. Aya is nowhere to be found, so you pause to look around the area. In a few seconds, Aya is bounding to you with a beige sweater and a scarf imprinted with autumn leaves. She sways from side to side, staring at you with steady eyes. "How is it?"

The way she waits ever so brightly for your conclusion sends your mind into a state of confusion for a while. "It looks great." You reply.

"Really? Thanks!" She smiles shyly. It's obvious that she's happy about the outfit she has on. You turn for a split second, but Aya has already disappeared again. This time, you wait for her. She returns with a black camisole and a light skirt. She does a little sweep of the skirt, briefly revealing her natural figure. "So...?" She awaits your response.

You chuckle. "It's lovely, Aya."


The elevator opens at the first floor. You felt tired from watching Aya prance around the whole centre, only managing to barely keep up with Aya. She doesn't seem winded at all, keeping her bright smile plastered on her face the whole time.

"How do you manage not to get tired after speeding through all the stores?"

"Actually, it felt too sluggish for me."

You mutter, "She's crazy..."

"You're talking to yourself again, Inubashiri!"

You press the button to your floor as the sliding doors close. "Gah, my wallet's hurting. When did clothes get so expensive? What a pain." You say lightly.

"You were the one who suggested to get clothes for me!" She grins, pointing directly at you.

"...Right." You sigh. The elevator doors open to your floor, but you see a man and a woman knocking at a door. Your door. You step closer to get a better look at them. "Oh god." you blurt out.

"What? What is it?" Aya questions.

The man and woman. They're your parents.

[ ] Push Aya off the railing.
[ ] Roll with it and play it cool.
[ ] Run the hell outta here.
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Special thanks to Fyhlen on proofreading and generally helping out.
[x] Roll with it and play it cool.
>[ ] Push Aya off the railing.
Hahahaha, how cruel.

[x] Roll with it and play it cool.
[x] Push Aya off the railing.

She's got wings, It's cool.
[X] Roll with it and play it cool.

Hooray, this is back!

Yes, and if we push her away, we can kiss any chance of ever touching those wonderfully soft wings again goodbye.
We just can't risk something like that.
[x] Roll with it and play it cool.
I needed this. Thanks you so much, both of you. Or is it all three of you now?
Now don't go disappearing again.

[x]Be cool.
[ ] Roll with it and play it cool.
[x] Roll with it and play it cool.
[x] Disable her wings.
[x] Push Aya off the railing.
[X] Roll with it and play it cool.

The pushing might piss Aya off.
[x] Roll with it and play it cool.
[X]You're boxed in! Jump off the railing.
[X]Roll with it and play it cool.
[x] Roll with it and play it cool.

Moral/Treia, I just want to let you guys know that this story makes me feel good for some reason. Keep writing guys!
[x] Roll with it and play it cool.
[x] Panic attack halfway through.
[X] Roll with it and play it cool.

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