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BEEP BEEP BEEP! Your alarm clock goes off awakening you from you pleasant dreaming.

"Ughhh" you groan as you lazily grab your alarm clock and look at the time that is displayed on it in a light green tint, '6:00 A.M.' the digital alarm clock displayed in a dull glow, realizing it's time to get up; you turn off and set the alarm clock down on the nightstand right beside of your bed, and stretch your arms and rub your eyes to get the blurriness out of them.

You then proceed to slowly arise from your bed and make your way to the door of your room while lazily flicking on the light switch which is beside of the door, which causes you to squint at the sudden light hitting your unadjusted eyes, you then make your way down the hall to the bathroom, making sure to turn the hallway light on along the way. After making your way into the bathroom, and proceeding to turn on the light and use the bathroom...

After using the toilet, you get ready to brush your teeth pausing momentarily to look at yourself in the mirror; you see a rather fit-looking, brown haired, blue eyed, teenage boy of average height staring back at you, seeing that it's indeed your own reflection staring back at you, you proceed to brush your teeth, and commence with the rest of your daily routine, which includes getting dressed, you then proceed to make your way into the living room of your house to store away your school books, along with other various school supplies into your mesh book bag before quickly glancing at the time on the clock mounted on the wall in your living room.

Taking a quick glance at the room you see that it's rather simple, complete with a sofa and a love seat, as well as a rather nice looking flat screen television mounted on the wall facing the sofa, and love seat, along with several pictures of random landscapes to "break-up" the blandness of the room, along with a rather large wall clock mounted on the wall overtop of the love seat. Glancing at the clock, you see it is now only '6:25 A.M.' which gave you about twenty minutes before the bus arrives at the bus stop located at the end of your street, which gives you a little time to turn on the television and sit and relax before heading off to school, or allowing you to take your time to walk to the bus stop at the end of your street.

[ ] Relax and stay home for a little bit before heading off.

[ ] Take your time walking to the bus stop.

Been lurking on THP for a while and felt like taking a shot at writing my own CYOA, please tell me what you think!
[x] Take your time walking to the bus stop.

So long as all the updates arent this short, I think this might be pretty good. But then again, I like to judge something by the first post and am usually dead wrong.

staying leads to shark end
[x] Take your time walking to the bus stop.

Pretty damn generic start like you'd find in /th/, hopefully this becomes something of note.
>Been lurking on THP for a while
Obviously, not long enough.

>please tell me what you think!
This is painful to read. Your paragraphs are giant run-on sentences. Please stop abusing the poor comma and use the freaking period to separate statements.
What he said. There are spelling errors, there are grammar errors, there are major narrative problems, and it's boring. Sorry, but you're probably going to want to try again some other time.

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