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Hey guys, just wanted to mention before this gets started. Yes this is my first story, though I've been on THP for a while, and am not new to writing. I figured what the hell, why not contribute something? Feel free to tell me where I fuck up, though I will play with a few things to make it work. You get a character shortly, just have to get this part out of the way.


“Kanako-sama, I've been wondering something...”

“And what would that be?”

“Why is Gensokyo in Japan?”

“Ah...here we go.”

As the current Moriya goddess sat in the sunlight, she took a moment to look out at the beauty of Gensokyo. A peaceful, easygoing place where most conflict is resolved without real harm. It was a nice retirement.

“I'll answer that with a question. Why do you think Gensokyo exists, Sanae?”

Unsureness flickered across her face, but she answered as best as she could. “It...was meant as a hideaway, wasn't it?”

A smirk appeared on the goddess' face. “A refuge. None of the youkai had expected humanity to flourish so well, and were bordering on extinction because of it.”

“But...why was it created here? It seems like Japan would be a difficult place to gather.”

“There was no gathering.”

Sanae's eyes widened considerably. “Wait...I thought they all got together to form Gensokyo...?”

“Not quite. That was actually done by a small conclave of the most powerful in Japan, the only known member of which is Yukari Yakumo. All other youkai were welcome, but had to find it themselves.”

“But...what about youkai in other countries?”

The goddess gave a small laugh. “Most broke into open warfare. Our youkai are actually exceptionally civil in comparison to other cultures.”

Sanae actually felt a little disappointed in that response. Although...

“Most? What of the rest?”

Kanako actually jumped a little. She hadn't realized Suwako was listening.

“Go on, what happened to them?”

Sighing, she prepared to explain the whole complicated deal.

[ ] - Exposition away!
[ ] - Make something happen.

No. 32770
[x] - Make something happen.

To be honest I do not really understand these choices. But whatever.
No. 32772
[x] - Exposition away!

>“Most? What of the rest?”
A small pocket of outside youkai who flourish in a technological land?
No. 32773

It's just a chance to dodge the long explanations that I thought you guys might not want to have to read.
No. 32776
Well, I would like to read the explanations but I'm still not sure which vote that is. I'd think the former. Must be my english.
No. 32777
[x] - Exposition away!
No. 32781
[x] Exposition while something is happening.
No. 32782
[X]Exposition away!
-[X] Something happen afterward.
No. 32791
File 130004514956.jpg - (1.23MB , 2400x1350 , 2.jpg ) [iqdb]
Kanako looked back and forth between the two, amused to get both of their rapt attention so easily. She internally wondered if maybe she could use all these old stories to get faith...

“Do you know what happens to a god that loses all faith?”

She was met with silence, though Suwako got an edge to her look.

“It is hard to be certain, but it has been suggested that they would have to survive the ending of their own existence. To watch as they fall into the void, all of their divine power gone. A horrific thought, to be sure.”

The frog goddess was getting irritated, having been so very close to just that state.“And this has what to do with it exactly?”

“Youkai...are not so different from gods. The only difference is that they run on magic. So when they betrayed their own, the result was inevitable.” She paused for a moment, if only to add to the tension.

“The survivors turned to the humans for aid.”

Wide eyes all around. When Sanae started to sputter her confusion, she continued. “Humans are weak. All one would have to do to make a friend of a man is promise him power, and so they did. In legion. Within half a year of chaos erupting, virtually all youkai outside Gensokyo were bound to humans, who in turn were using the power for yet more petty wars and violence.”

Ever the practical one, it was obvious to Suwako. “That can't of ended well.”

“Of course not. When the youkai benefactors tried to collect a return investment of magic power, they were denied. The humans had become greedy, and had decided they would take control through their magic. After abandoning the ones they owed their strength to, they turned against the other humans as well, starting yet more destruction in an effort to conquer.”

“Well...this certainly wasn't in the history books.” Sanae tried to laugh it off, wanting to ignore such a gruesome thought.

“You want history on it? How about this; what the magicians had forgotten was that their magic was still that of the youkai, which means they could be destroyed and banished all the same. When the priesthood acted, it ended in the Crusades, witch-hunts, and the Inquisition. And finally, there was no one left to betray. Not many of those magicians survived, and those left fled to hiding, while the youkai had become...you guessed it...just like the faithless gods.”

“That's pretty brutal ze! Good story though.”

Everyone turned to look behind, where the famous white-black Kirisame was clapping dramatically. And holding a silver statue from their shrine.

“It's no story witch, every bit of that happened.”

“Suuuuure it did. I bet you're also among those who think Izayoi is a trained ninja?”

Sanae facepalmed while grabbing her gohei, then shouted “Give me that statue you thief!”

“Nah, I'm good.”

Master sparks ensued as the two goddesses watched, sipping drinks procured from seemingly nowhere.

“Is that really all true, Kanako?”

“Of course it is. In fact, they say finding and powering an ancient phantom youkai is a way to become powerful, as they would be indebted to you.”

“You know, I'm glad we came to Gensokyo. Crap like that is just too complicated and depressing. Left.” They both quickly floated up to dodge a spark coming from said direction, making sure not to spill their tea.

“No kidding. I dread the day those people make it here. Which might not be too long considering how things were when we left...”


“Dammit...” Thick crowds, loud streets, tall buildings. You would think it would be easier to escape someone in this kind of setting, but it's just plain hard to get through. You look behind you, to see a commotion about fifty feet behind. They're catching up.

“You would think my own colleagues would be supportive of finding an actual youkai in the middle of freaking Tokyo, but no! Greedy bastards want it all to themselves.” You mumble to yourself, if only to relieve the tension of being hounded by your so-called-friends. They're getting closer.

“Use the powers!”

Damn, your new ally is right, you need to do something. Think fast...


[ ] - Listen to the youkai
- [ ] - Use ice power, freeze the sidewalk to cause a distraction
- [ ] - Use friction control, a fake earthquake will cause a good panic
- [ ] - Use dimensional slip, vanish to safety
- [ ] - Use gravitation, scare the crap out of your pursuers

[ ] - Ignore the youkai
- [ ] - Wait in the alley, take then head on
- [ ] - Try to escape on your own, no need to show off
- [ ] - Ask the police for help

[ ] - Write in

[?] - Character name/gender

Just to be perfectly clear, the power options are to decide what the focus of the youkai you got your hands on is, and you are welcome to write in a power as long as it's reasonable.

Also...I'm ashamed to have to ask, but dammit I can't find an explanation. How do I get a trip code?
No. 32819
[x] - Ignore the youkai
- [x] - Try to escape on your own, no need to show off
[x] Ian. Male

Seeing something not receive a single vote after this long is just too sad. I hate naming choices, so if anyone wants to pop up with something much better, they should do so.

Can't help you on the tripcode thing, as I am unaware of this mystifying process myself.
No. 32820
Tripcodes can help verify a user's identity to others, and are a type of pseudo-registration. To use a normal tripcode, place an octothorpe ("#") followed by a word or short phrase after what you've entered into the [Name] field (ex. "User#password"). Upon submission, the server will generate the hash unique to that particular word or phrase. The previous example would display "User !ozOtJW9BFA" after being posted.

[x] - Ignore the youkai
- [x] - Try to escape on your own, no need to show off
I abstain from name voting.
No. 32831

Thanks, I got what they are, just not how to use one.


Yeah, no kidding. Is it honestly that bad?
No. 32834
It's not bad, but you made a couple mistakes in your execution of this thread:
1. You started it at the same time as multiple new stories started up in other boards, and 2. You started with the exposition when you should have used the old Hollywood strategy of thrusting us right into the action to pull us in as readers and explain what's going on only a bit later. It's much more interesting that way.

I'd advise you to keep going even with few votes. If you keep this quality up, eventually more readers should start pouring in.
No. 32836
[┼] - Ignore the youkai
- [┼] - Try to escape on your own, no need to show off

[┼] Ian. Male

I'm fine with pretty much anything as far as names go.
No. 32838
Alright then, that'll do. Should have something within 24.
No. 32843
It might be due to the fact that stories in /th/ and /others/ don't have much of a life expectency.
No. 32848
> Ian. Male

Huh. Never knew I'd turn out to be a mage. Or end up in Tokyo.
No. 32851
Youkai needs fog powers. Fog is cool. Good for. Being fog. And not much else.
No. 32860
File 130019827618.jpg - (359.58KB , 1060x1510 , 3.jpg ) [iqdb]
You take a deep breath. You can do this, you've escaped people before...even if it wasn't twenty people back then...and they didn't know all your tricks. No! Focus dammit.

Taking a quick look around, it becomes apparent that the area is very thickly packed. Using magic could start something ugly with this many people, plus there are ways to use a crowd. Up ahead is someone you recognize, a particularly tall bastard with a disposition comparable to a hungry bear. Perfect.

Making yourself look small while moving ahead, you quickly tap the back pocket of a man standing in front of the rather large and suspicious looking man who wants you dead. The stranger wheels around and grabs the prick by the collar, shouting in Japanese faster than you can translate it, though you can distinctly pick out the words “thief” and “die”.

OK, time to go. You take the distraction to dodge into an alleyway, noticing that a few of your pursuers have stopped to help their friend. Not all. As you turn a corner, you see two men blocking the way ahead, and another three coming up behind you. Shitshitshitshitshit.

“Where ya going Ian? We wanna talk to ya.” Smug fucker.

“Why do you care? It's not like power will make you any less disgusting to women, Jack.” Regardless of your calm words, your heart is beating like a drum.

He frowns. “It's a shame. If you were more willing to hand it over, we wouldn't have to kill you.”

“I refuse to let it fall into your grubby hands. We've taken enough bad rap because of people like you going maverick.”

He smiles a very disturbing smile. A part of you wonders if he finally snapped. “Then I guess we get to do this the fun way!”

Oh SHIT. The three behind you begin charging spells, while Jack and his monkey charge straight at you with magic blades. Just as it occurs to you that you cannot possibly take on FIVE people at once.

“Now now, that won't do.”

And everyone stops.

Out of the shadows of the head on alley, a woman walks calmly toward the scene. Parasol, long blonde hair, exceedingly decorative clothes. Your experience with elder mages tells you that somebody is fucked. You hope it isn't you.

“Who the hell are you!?” Jack shouts at her, spittle practically flying. “Somebody take care of her!”

The other guy with the blade hesitates, but does as he's told and charges her. The instant he gets within two feet, he stops moving and falls to the side. Dead.

“Surely you can do better than that?”

The increasingly furious leader of these goons shouts more attack orders at the other three, but they have already run for their lives. The woman steps up to him.

“What an angry little man you are.” She says as she grabs him by the shirt with one hand and lifts him up into the air. The way he thrashes about looks downright painful. “Now what shall I do with you, hmm?”


[ ] - Ask he to spare Jack. This is just cruel.
[ ] - Ask her to finish Jack. It would be dangerous to let this madman live.
[ ] - Watch silently.



I can think of a few dozen ways to kill a man with that power.
No. 32861
[x] - Watch silently.
You don't interrupt the deus ex machina!
No. 32863
[x] Watch silently

We should probably use this opportunity to run away, but watching works is fine too.
No. 32865
[x] - Ask her to finish Jack. This is just cruel.
No. 32866
The premise is good and you should feel good.

[x] Watch silently

Also? Dimensional Powers all the way. The only guy who ever had border-related powers is on hiatus.
No. 32868
[+] Watch silently
Around predators it's best not to make sudden noises or movements & you do NOT suddenly run from them. That just marks you as prey.
No. 32869
[ ] - Watch silently.
No. 32874
File 130025234389.jpg - (903.63KB , 1000x1412 , 4.jpg ) [iqdb]
“You know what, I don't get to step Outside much, may as well make this good.”

You watch in horror as to her side, a...hole appears. It's LOOKING AT YOU. What!?

“Let's see, where would a guy like you fit?” She moves the panicked boy toward the hole, showing great amusement on her face, as he bites her.

He doesn't even tear her glove.

“Oh ho! A scrapper. How about...Pakistan?”

His eyes tear open as she drops him. By the time he's in knee deep, you turn and run. You run as fast as you can possibly move. But you don't move. You can't move. She's looking at you. Oh SHIT.

“Oh my, now that was quite a display, wasn't it?”


What the...?

“Hmm? How odd. Such a strong presence.”

“So many years...”

Please help me.

“It seems you really did find them. Excellent.”

“We will prove ourselves to her!”

You feel a strange pressure begin to well up on you. In you. It's like the area just under your skin is confused. The terrifying woman eyes you oddly. You are no longer terrified.

[i]”WE WILL GET IN!!!”

All at once, the pressure pops. It was like your entire nervous system just had an orgasm. Then slowly, the dizzying feeling begins to drain from your body, though not completely. It all compressed into an invisible ball in your hand, which tingles like before. You look up at the woman, who seemed more shocked than anything. You felt GOOD. Better than any magic had ever made you feel.

Instinct takes over. Who's instinct, you can't say, but you liked it.

It's about time you had the upper hand.


Hate to have such a short entry, but it's power choice time. Pick anything you want, including the options from before. Yes I will ignore anything obviously stupid.
No. 32875
[x] Gravity powers

The enemy's face is down!
No. 32876
Dammit. I wish there was a way to edit out typos in a post.
No. 32877
There's always deleting and reposting. Not elegant, but it works.
No. 32880
[x] Friction Control
So many uses.

I'd vote for a classic, like Fire Creation+Control, but this is Touhou we're talking about and there is already someone who pretty much has that.
Looks like I'll never get to make something burn as hot as the sun. Oh well.
No. 32881
..No? Well, it was worth a shot.
[x]Gravity powers
No. 32882
[x] Friction Control

I got nothing.
No. 32885
[x] Speed manipulation powers
Also very useful.
No. 32887
[X] Border Manipulation

No. 32888
That's just copying Yukari. She's standing right here, you know.

Fuck it.

[x] Power mimicking
No. 32889
[x] Jinx powers.

Murphy's Law: the youkai.
No. 32890
[X] Manipulation of mass and energy.
No. 32893
Wow, vote division much.
No. 32894
Pick your favorite, I guess?
No. 32896
[X] Power mimicking

Fuck yes.
No. 32897
[X] Power mimicking

Hell yeah!
No. 32903
That works, I shall begin writing.
No. 32905
File 130034318375.jpg - (326.93KB , 595x842 , 5.jpg ) [iqdb]
Long post is long


Yukari takes a step back, her face halfway between pleased and disturbed.

“So you're playing it that way?”

You just grin. She moves her hand to bring forth another hole in space, and you notice as she moves that your senses are raised to insane levels. It looks like she has lag, or an afterimage. When she actually pulls it open, your eyes instinctively snap to it, and things start clicking. Measurements, energy readings, conceptualization, it all just flows into your brain, your eyes moving at speeds that normally would ruin your sight. By the time her gap is open enough to fire a volley at you, you already know it is going to.

And how it will do it.

Tightening your grip on the energy in your hand, you make the exact same motion she does, ripping sideways in front of you, and beginning your own attack. Her attack. Her eyes narrow as the equally placed bullets slam into each other and cancel out, almost as if she expected it. She tries again, to the same result. She then begins to implement other attack methods, such as concentrated beams and diversion strikes. You clone each one perfectly.

This mirrored dance continues for several minutes, becoming increasingly destructive and for that matter, confusing as hell. Being that they were launching attacks from the gaps, and occasionally themselves, there were blasts coming from every conceivable direction, and a few directions that weren't. Soon enough the deflected shots were flying up into the air as fireworks, as smoke from a damaged pipe simultaneously covered them up.

Both of you freeze as you hear a skidding sound, followed by a huge amount of people appearing around corners everywhere. The three runaways got backup. Almost all of them have spells prepared, and they fire them immediately. There must be thousands of missiles coming at you. You turn back around to see Yukari falling into a gap, apparently refusing to get hit.

Well, shit.

Then you lose your balance. You are falling. Everything falls out of focus, and starts to blackout.

The last thing you see is a wall of eyes staring at you.


You fall back into consciousness. Before even opening your eyes, you feel...numb. Not like you have no feeling, but more like there is nothing to feel, which is odd seeing as you can clearly tell you are on a futon. Actually...that numbness starts to hurt after a second.

You hear someone snap their fingers, which seems followed by feeling returning in something of a wave. Your eyes snap open. Hearing a soft laughter, you look in front of you to see the woman from before sitting comfortably in a lounge chair.

“You are an interesting boy, aren't you?”

“Well, I'm interested in what happened to me, so I suppose so.”

She give that soft chuckle again. “Indeed. And I suppose I could help you out there.”

Crap. You sigh. “And the price would be?”

Her smirk actually becomes slightly disturbing. “Consider it a gift. I can get whatever I need through the debt of saving your life.”

With a groan, you flop back onto the provided bedding. You now apparently owe your life to someone. WONDERFUL.

“Still curious?”

“Urg. Just tell me where I am.”


Well that necessitates a raising of eyebrow. “And that would be in which prefecture?”


Red flag. You KNOW you have heard that name before. Some story from the old days that you can't quite place. That and...is she laughing at you again?

“Hehehehe~ you look so confused, it's amusing! But on to business.”

Within an instant, he posture shifts solid. In fact, you aren't sure you've ever seen someone that serious.

“My people need assistance.”

Whoa. You aren't even sure why, but that seemed heavy. You take the chance to ask. “Who...are your people?”

She takes a moment to inhale deeply, then snaps her fingers again. The sound makes you blink, and when your eyes open again, three of the walls have become translucent, revealing some incredible scenery.

“Welcome to Gensokyo. Home of youkai.”

Ho. Ly. Shit.

Come to think of it, where is your youkai? Is that even the right way to say it?

“I am Yukari Yakumo, and as I said, my people; youkai and human alike, need your help.”

Yakumo? That's what the youkai said when she showed up. And come to think of it, you remember hearing of a cult dedicated to that name.


“...Why the hell am I here?”

Her smile returned, though this time somewhat remorseful.

“We sealed this land from the world a long time ago, for protection of course. But we overlooked one thing.” There was a slight pause in her words. “With little room for expansion, and cut off from the larger world, there is stagnation. Societies are pressing up against each other, almost begging for violent conflict. We tried inserting an experienced figure into the situation, but their efforts seem to be causing only more chaos.”

This was kind of hard to comprehend. Moreover, it was night impossible to imagine how you could possibly help. You just sit there quietly, hoping she gets to the point soon.

“Of course there is no actual threat of death; our peacekeepers can quite handle it, but if they all turn to war, this place will fall apart, spilling refugees into your world. The amount of damage this would cause to both groups is immeasurable.”

There is no way this can end well.

“Well if growth is what they require, I will give it to them. I need you to act as liaison, so that we can reconnect ourselves in part to your side.”


“Uh...and why am I of all people the one you want for this?”

For the first time since you met her, her smile is pleasant.

“Because he chose you.”

Blink. “Who chose me?”

“The youkai of knowledge, Mugen no Chie.”

There is a flare. You aren't sure of what, but you quickly turn behind you and to the left to see...something. It's like a moving distortion in space, nearly imperceptible. And somehow very familiar.

“Good senses, most contracted humans don't attach very well.”

OK, now things make sense. That distortion must be where the phantom youkai is...but why wasn't that there before? Oh well, that is to be figured out later.

“Well I suppose I do owe my life to you. What exactly would you have me do?”

“Such a good boy~ I want you to take your new friend there, and end all this restlessness by any means necessary. A freedom allowed rarely here, and only under my authority, but we are running low on options.”

You try to pick together strings of thought, but it still doesn't make any sense, so you give up and just do what she says. “Alright. I don't really have a choice.”

“Excellent! Now get out of my house~!”


...Damn, travel by inter-dimensional gap is a bitch. Naturally you landed ass-first in the middle of the freaking woods, with no safety in sight. Getting up, you take a look around for some clue what to do. Let's see...

To your left is a post of wood with some blue cloth attached. It seems like some kind of cheap road mark, though there is no road. There also seems to be an opening in the skyline about fifty feet ahead, maybe a way out of the woods. Anyways, you can't stay here, that's for sure.


[ ] - Follow the road mark, travelers tend to mark safe stops.
[ ] - Get the hell out of the trees, this place just doesn't feel right.
[ ] - Anything could be a trap, ignore the obvious choices and walk randomly.
No. 32906
[x] - Anything could be a trap, ignore the obvious choices and walk randomly.

Hah, your Yukari is great. As for the choice, all the Touhous I like are in /forest/ so yeah. I'm not really expecting it to win.
No. 32907
[x] - Get the hell out of the trees, this place just doesn't feel right.
Do we keep part of the abilities of the people we fight?
No. 32911
[x] - Get the hell out of the trees, this place just doesn't feel right.

What a typical thing (on THP) for Yukari to do. Putting us smack dab in the middle of no where and with no instructions.

But I'm curious about who she meant by "Experienced figure that only promoted more chaos"
No. 32915
[x] - Follow the road mark, travelers tend to mark safe stops.

Well, this could only be a trap or refuge. Traps like this aren't really a youkais style, so I'm banking on that.
No. 32917

Keep in mind exactly how he did it. When you copy an attack you do learn that attack, but not the method. IE: You don't know how to make gaps, you just know that making that exact motion with a specific type of magic energy will cause that exact gapmaku. Incidentally, you can only copy things you see in their entirety.
No. 32919
[+] - Follow the road mark, travelers tend to mark safe stops.
No. 32920
So we aren't defenseless right now, but we lack flexibility, right?
No. 32921
> Ninstructions.

She gave us instructions. We are to make peace between everyone. How we do so is up to us. The more extreme/evil of us will notice that this can include blowing them up in a ball of nuclear fire or something similar.
No. 32922
that's an objective, without any real training or support, not exactly a wise thing to do when you want someone to do it well.
No. 32924

You're a mage remember? You ARE trained.
No. 32925
why did you make your name my name?
No. 32926
File 130040385372.jpg - (593.98KB , 800x940 , 8db958778376f0c154a32a7f044da4cf[2].jpg ) [iqdb]

Because I havn't seen you before. It doesn't matter, this is what trips are for.
No. 32928

the name of a person who writes a story is quite important regardless. Yet since I'm not one to argue, I simply changed my trip to the correct spelling of Cthulhu.
No. 32929
Who are you?
No. 32930
He writes >>/th/135095

It predates this story by a whole ... three or so weeks? That's a long time.

Anyway, vote more, this blind choice isn't going to resolve itself.
No. 32931
Come on guys, I need a tiebreaker or the next update will be delayed.
No. 32932
[+] - Follow the road mark, travelers tend to mark safe stops.

Or it's clothing from a little girl that was dragged into the forest.

Fun times ahead either way I guess.
No. 32933
Good. Writing now.
No. 32945
File 130045743392.png - (962.94KB , 1300x1065 , 6.png ) [iqdb]
Hmm. It seems a little ominous, but the sign has to lead to something sentient, so it's your best bet. After taking a moment to figure out which way the fucked up rhombus looking thing is pointing, you take a deep breath and get moving. You didn't quite notice before, but this place is DARK. It seems almost pitch black, even though you can see the sun past the trees. Picking up your pace, you start to feel a little paranoid.

You find it hard to think clearly, your instincts telling you to panic at being in an unknown and probably dangerous area, maybe even being hunted. As if a miracle, you hear shouting off in the distance. Realizing a chance, you sprint off in that direction, breaking out of the darkness as you get near.

You heave a sigh of relief to see two blonde women yelling at each other in a clearing ahead, in front of large house. As much as you want to get acquainted with the only people you've seen so far, past experience tells you that catfights are ugly things, so you wait in the treeline for a chance.

“Dammit Marisa, I told you a dozen times already! I'm out here to be alone, stop telling people where I live!”

“But you're always helping out lost travelers, so I thought I would make it easier ze!”

“By turning my house into a pit stop!? I had five people at my door just this morning!”

“Geez, calm down! I just put up some signs in the more dangerous parts.”

“Then take them down, you idiot!”

Well this kind of explains things. It goes on much like that for the next few minutes, and you just start to think maybe you should leave.

And then you hear a clang.

You turn back to them to see a...small floating thing you can't quite make out try to stab the one apparently known as Marisa, who deflects it with a broom and moves back.

“Oh, Alice is mad~” You can practically hear the smile in her words. Didn't she nearly get stabbed just now?

The other girl -Alice, presumably- growls and drops into a combat stance. A ton of those little floating things appear from out of nowhere, all pointing at the one Marisa.

Are those...are those dolls?

Within a split second, the situation turns into an explosion of magic and spears and all kinds of other crap. These girls are putting out a lot of destruction...is this the standard power level here? Come to think of it-

“Oof! Hey sorry about that buddy! Gotta run!” Marisa gives you what might be considered a wave and runs off, Alice standing there fuming. Huh.


[ ] - Go after Marisa.
[ ] - Hope that Alice is in a better mood.
[ ] - Fuck this, just leave.

[ ] - Write in.
No. 32946
[x]"So, I uh, happened to overhear you take in lost travellers?"

I got a good feeling about this guys. I'm sure this will improve Alice's mood.
No. 32947
[x]"So, about that pit stop?"
No. 32948
[+]"So, I uh, happened to overhear you take in lost travelers?"

Put on your best smile!
No. 32950
[+]-chase teh black-white.
No. 32955
[x] - Go after Marisa.

She wants to foist travelers off on Alice, eh? Let's see her get a taste of her own medicine.
No. 33040
File 130085041363.jpg - (481.21KB , 800x651 , 7.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry for the wait guys, Minecraft and The Sims had a contest of who was more addictive. It was a tie.


You stare after the evacuating Marisa for a moment, wondering if this was a bad idea. Oh well. You take a step out of the treeline, hoping Alice isn't still in the mood for attacking.

Her glare feels like it wants to break you in half. You both just stand there looking at each other, wondering what the other is going to do. After about half a minute of silence, she slumps her shoulders with a sigh. Looks like you got lucky.

The dolls slowly file back into their hiding positions as Alice walks toward the house behind her. She turns her head to call out to you.

“I suppose I can assist one more...”

She sounds tired. You feel a little guilty for bothering her, but follow anyways, deciding to make it quick.

Holy crap.

The inside is absolutely covered in dolls. Lined on shelves, flying around, cleaning and repairing furniture. You've seen this kind of magic before, but damn. There must be hundreds. You try not to stare at them all as you follow to a small table with two comfortable looking chairs, where she quickly takes a seat. Two of the dolls fly over with a pair of teacups on a tray, one of which she takes.

“So what is this one after, I wonder? Food? A bed? Or perhaps another with decidedly more...” her face scrunches up like she wants to spit out something rotten. “...male pursuits?”

Having been unaware that it was possible, you now feel even less comfortable in here. Brushing your unease behind, you just give the safest response you can think of. “Just directions. You seem to have enough problems to deal with, and I'm sure you want me out of your hair.”

For some reason you can't imagine, she looks surprised, then starts to chuckle.

“Really now? Is that consideration? You are the first to show it here in quite a while.”

You can't help be smirk. Survival lesson number one: be likable. “For the past thirty seconds, you have been my host. One does attempt to be polite.”

“How wise of you. Very well.” She raises her hand, in which a piece of paper is inserted. She hands it to you. “This should serve your purposes.”

Opening the folded paper up, it seems to be a map, with several locations marked. Oddly enough, this house is not.

“Thank you, this will be more than adequate.” Remember kids, good speech goes a long way towards sounding like someone not to kill.

“Indeed. Just make your way out of the treeline, and your current location should become apparent.”

She gives you an odd smile, one which you can't quite make out the intent of, while looking you straight in the eye. It feels extremely ominous, convincing you it's time to leave. Taking a final sip of the provided drink and putting the folded map in your pocket, you stand and give a nod. “I am grateful for the assistance.”

She casually waves it off. “Surprisingly enough, it was no trouble. With those manners, you are welcome here any time.”

Huh. What an odd woman. You take your leave and get moving to escape the forest as she said.

Moving a doll to replenish her tea, Alice couldn't help laughing to herself. “Perhaps one of his nature can do something about all these overpowered nuisances. Lucky me to find the one mimic outside Makai.”

Not that she didn't like Marisa and the others, but somebody needed to teach them that power wasn't everything. And who better than one against whom raw power meant nothing? A plan began to form in her mind.

Oh, this was going to be fun.


You move quickly, hoping to get out of the treeline as soon as possible. There is no sign of the odd darkness from earlier, but the area still feels hostile. Moving in a straight line for long enough allows you to escape, and you are greeted with a falling sun. Shit.

Attempting to pick out as much as possible in the waning daylight, you move up a hill for a vantage point. Somewhat nearby you spot a clocktower, and further off in another direction you can make out low walls, surrounded by hilly terrain. According to the map, the clocktower is part of a large mansion to the north, and if that is accurate, the walled area is likely the ambiguous human village in the general south-east.

The sun is fading fast, so you must make a choice quickly.


[ ] - To the mansion, you need shelter ASAP.
[ ] - To the village, large settlements are generally the safest place to be.
[ ] - You still don't trust anyone or anywhere, make camp in a hidden area nearby.
[ ] - Write in.
No. 33042
[x] - To the village, large settlements are generally the safest place to be.

We'd blend in better over there and attract less attention.
No. 33044
[+] - To the village, large settlements are generally the safest place to be.

A bustling village full of people. Great place to base out of, gather intel, and plan.
No. 33045
[x] - You still don't trust anyone or anywhere, make camp in a hidden area nearby.

It's not like we have anything to fear from an enemy, with these powers.
No. 33272
[x] - To the mansion, you need shelter ASAP.
Mimicking the resident's powers... would be interesting,
No. 33273
Good news guys! I've had my writing time put off due to a bit of a crisis, but I'm free now. I'll try to start writing tonight.
No. 33275

I'm really looking forward to meeting more excitable characters. Hopefully it'll create a feedback loop and blow up in our faces.

[x] Mark Alice's house on the map as soon as its location is determined.
No. 33284
File 130205530956.jpg - (724.06KB , 1024x768 , f03c5ba560d11f38c14e80ef97337550[1].jpg ) [iqdb]
Time to go. With some hesitation, you make your way towards the settlement. Being in a place full of carnivorous monsters makes it somewhat prudent to get in contact with humanity at large. The roadway actually seems fairly peaceful, some small farms dotting the landscape, a few children playing.

There seems to be some commotion nearby, and lots of shouting. Oh well, never a good idea to get involved in other people's problems. Except when you owe them your life, of course. You quicken your pace to get to the actual town, finding it more well guarded than you expected, though this only amounts to a couple guys with rifles. They ignore you walking through, being way more busy doing nothing.

The town is somehow...less impressive than you expected. Simple buildings and small crowds moving about. The people here are pretty archaically dressed. Not knowing where to go, you just start walking. Nothing really catches your notice, until you reach what could only be a town square. In the middle is a statue of a dragon, surrounded by a rather ornate fountain. The eyes are glaring red.

Once again, you hear shouting, this time behind you. You turn back to see one of the most disturbing things you've seen in a while. An entourage of large men, dragging along a little girl. A wounded, struggling little girl. Ragged blonde hair and a torn black dress. Looks like she's eight years old. What the FUCK is going on?

Dragging her along by the rope she's tied up with, they pull into the open square, getting lots of room from the other people. The one in front begins shouting at everyone, indicating the apparent victim.

“Good men and women of the village, we have captured the Night Demon! This little monster of a youkai was seen approaching your homes! Preparing to go after your children and families! Me and my brothers here were lucky to have been present in such number as to subdue her!”

The fast forming crowd seems uncertain what to think, though a few immediately begin cheering approval. There is a priestess in the crowd, watching the show with narrowed eyes. The man continues.

“We, as a people, have suffered this kind of attack for too long! I don't know about you, but I for one, am ready to take action!”

He pulls out a short curved sword, with a strangely glowing emblem of a star on the side of the blade.

“This, my friends, is something provided so very charitably by the Moriya shrine. Unlike the situation we were forced into for so long, the seal on this blade will in fact kill a youkai destroyed with it! Enough hollow justice! Blood for blood!”

He pumps his fist into the air, as do many of the townsfolk, cheering him on in this insanity. You take another look at the girl. She looks so weak...and scared. Terrified. This seems well beyond messed up, but if she really is a youkai, it is possible that she was out killing people like he said. She looks over at you.

Directly at you. Her blood red eyes are streaming with tears.


[ ] - Intervene, loudly.
[ ] - Intervene, violently.
[ ] - Watch silently, you can't possibly stop this many people.
[ ] - Leave.
[ ] - Write in.
No. 33286
[x] - Intervene, loudly.
No. 33292
> Blood for blood!

Oh god he's been corrupted by Khorne.

[X] - Intervene, loudly.

If Rumia was going to be sealed, this situation would be fine.

If this goes through, word will get out, and there will be a bunch of unhappy youkai due to this.

If the Moryia Shrine can make such weapons, whats to say that they won't mass produce them? This could upset the power balance in Gensokyo, not to mention Kanako (and by extension, the Moriya Shrine) getting swarmed by youkai that.

Now, we can't just violently attack them, as they may surprise us, not to mention getting ousted by the main human settlement in Gensokyo, so that leaves trying to talk him down, or an awesome write-in. I'd prefer the awesome write-in, but I can't think of one good enough.
No. 33294
Also Rumia might not have been that malicious as in light of news of Gensokyo being unstable, some folks might be trying to take advantage of it.
No. 33295
[x] Do as the priestess does.

Oh hell no. There's not much more you could do to piss me off in a Touhou story than this. I'm sure Reimu can handle it, but I'd also like to intervene, so here we are.
No. 33296
[x] Do as the priestess does.

I'd rather make a write-in to take part, but I can read the mood. That sort of thing would only start shit with some of our youkai loving friends. This is a nice alternative.
No. 33307
Vote for whatever you like. I can hate silently better than the next person.

More importantly, someone break this tie.
No. 33311
[X] - Intervene, loudly.

This has gotten out of hand. Do these guys even have proof that she was going to attack the village? I'm guessing "approaching your homes" is really "we found her in the forest, moving in the general direction of the village." Though I really think she was following the MC, given the earlier "unnatural darkness."

>I'm sure Reimu can handle it
How do you know the priestess is Reimu and not Sanae? What if she just sits back and does nothing?
No. 33312
[+] - Intervene, loudly.

Stopping this is exactly the sort of thing Yukari was talking about.
No. 33314
[x]Killing permanently a Youkai in a land full of them will trigger a war they can't possibly win. Do what you must.
-[x] Intervene, violently

As a MC with a Youkai inside, I'd have thought he'd be more sympathetic after seeing a young one crying.
No. 33315
The guy claims Moriya gave him the blade. The priestess narrowed her eyes. If it was Sanae, she wouldn't react that way.

Or, he could be lying and Sanae could be narrowing her eyes because of that. Either way, there's a pissed off priestess about to intervene.
No. 33317
>The guy claims Moriya gave him the blade. The priestess narrowed her eyes.
She narrowed her eyes before he displayed the sword. What if it was a look of disdain directed at the youkai?

>Either way, there's a pissed off priestess about to intervene.
You sure about that? Also, stop using meta-knowledge; Ian doesn't know this stuff and can't predict how a stranger will react.
No. 33319
>What if it was a look of disdain directed at the youkai?
Good point. Still, that was described while everyone else was cheering the man's words. It seems reasonable to assume she was glaring at him, not the youkai.
Ian can see her reacting differently. That's enough basis. I made the vote knowing she might decide to sit back and watch (and that it probably wouldn't win).
No. 33321
All this talk about the priestess being Reimu or Sanae I'm sure is incorrect. They're Shrine Maidens, and I'm sure the MC knows the difference at least.

There's only one priestess I know of in Touhou Canon and that's Byakuren. You know, the one who's fighting for Human/<b>Youkai</b> equality?
No. 33331
File 130214921314.jpg - (531.61KB , 1500x1062 , 9.jpg ) [iqdb]
That's it, fuck these people. Amidst the cheers of the angry crowd, you step forward to face the man, a look of conviction and contempt the only thing showing.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?”

Instantly, all voices stop at the sound of the quiet voice you produce. Everyone's gaze turns to you, including the emotional ringleader.


“You heard me.” Your voice gets louder. “What the FUCK is wrong with you people!?” You say, turning to the crowd with a scowl and indicating the hostage. “Does this look like a monster to you? A beaten and bruised little girl being dragged into town by a bunch of angry men? Do any of you even know who these guys are!?”


“Did it not occur to ANY OF YOU IDIOTS that a man eating abomination like he describes would kill them all instead of crying on her knees in front of this wannabe executioner!? LOOK AT HER, DAMMIT!”

Behind you, the girl cringes as everyone finally notices just what has been placed before them.

“Y-you weren't there!” The yet unidentified man defends. “That little demon nearly took my head!”

“Then why do I see not a scratch on you? On any of you? I don't think the people here are stupid enough to believe you can defeat some nightmarish killing machine unarmed, and win with not a single wound!”

Murmurs of dissent were arising in the crowd, along with a few cries of “Yeah!” and “Who do you think we are!?”

“But we found her near the village, and-”

“YOU DID NOT, however, find her killing or attacking anyone. You just jumped at her for god knows why, and now expect people to believe this madness! You know what? How about we ask them. Who here believes this man, on lack of any evidence whatsoever!?”

The rage the mod produced was tangible. Looks like they didn't like being manipulated.

“Damn it all, I did this to protect the people! Don't you slander me you little punk!” He shouted at you, well under the volume of the crowd. With a growl, he pulls up the sword to point straight at your neck. “You are a traitor to men! You will be the first-”

Within an instant, an unidentifiable shape slams into the blade, knocking it out of his hand. You both look down at it to see a strange rectangular paper stuck to it, and the odd symbol producing sparks as it ceases to glow.

“That is quite enough.”

To the other side, the priestess you saw before is calmly walking toward the man, a glare of pure contempt trying to burn a hole in his head. He flinches back in fear and surprise, stuttering “H-h-hakurei!?”

“Leave. NOW.”

He scrambles away with his companions, a few of the onlookers shouting and chasing after them. The priestess ignores you and walks to the sword, picking it up and examining it.

“Destroyed...I wanted to examine it...but this is ok too in the end.” She turns to you with a serene smile on her face, looking somewhat proud. “You did a good thing, stopping those men without violence. I would have just blasted him in the face, but that would start a riot.”

You just rub the back of your neck awkwardly, not being used to such praise. She puts her hand on your shoulder, quietly adding “You should go see to your new friend.”

As she walks away to shoo the last few observers, you look over to the poor girl, surprised she was still tied up. You walk to a good foot and a half away from her and kneel down. She is looking up at you with a surprised expression, and some lingering fear, though the tears seem to be drying up. You slowly reach out to cup her face, which she initially flinches back from.

“You don't have to be afraid. They won't hurt you anymore.”

After a moment of looking anxious, she relaxes to your voice, and you smile as disarmingly as you can. You bring your right hand up to your face, raising your index and middle fingers. Using a basic spell to charge condensed energy into them, you swipe them across the rope, slicing it into pieces and freeing her. You get on your feet and offer your hand. Hesitating more than a bit, she reaches out to take the assistance, and you pull her to her feet. She gives a weak smile and wipes her eye.

“What's your name?”


She looks down, blushing from embarrassment.

“Well Rumia, let's get you home. Where do you live?”


Crap. By this point, it's dark as hell outside, and getting darker. Well, you can't just stand here.


[ ] - Hell or high water, get this girl home!
[ ] - No choice, find a local inn.
[ ] - Maybe the priestess can help.
No. 33333
[+] - Maybe the priestess can help.
Maybe we can get some information out of her too. Yukari gave us a broad explanation but the devil's in the details.
No. 33334
[x] - No choice, find a local inn.
No. 33339
[x] - Maybe the priestess can help.

Now's a good time to start making allies and if anyone knows of the exact shit going down, it'd be Reimu.
No. 33341
Huh, looks like I was wrong about it being Byakuren.

[X] - Maybe the priestess can help.
No. 33347
[x] - Hell or high water, get this girl home!

Rumia likes darkness. Not a problem.
No. 33349
[x] - Hell or high water, get this girl home!
No. 33350
[x] - Hell or high water, get this girl home!

What a surprise, the leader of that little mob was a fear mongering bigot with nothing going for him. One who was swiftly displaced by MC with nothing more than a few quick words. You could have at least attempted to make his reasoning sound, or gave him some depth to his arguments. I was honestly surprised he didn't mention how MC was clearly an outsider, trying to stir up shit just because he has no idea of the underlying conflict involved in human-youkai interaction.
No. 33353
but the MC presented better logic right after breaking the guy's verbal momentum.

And do you really want to risk going out into the forest at night in these times? Youkai might just viciously attack him assuming he's a human oppressor.
No. 33354
Do I want to go out at night, alone with Rumia? Hell yeah I do.

But no, that guy has a point. Ian got the crowd on his side way, way too easily.
No. 33355
Better logic? Are you kidding me? His only defense was pointing out how she was just a scared little girl. Who are you going to believe on this one, an outsider who has no idea of what he's speaking of, or someone you've grown up with, who knows the danger of a youkai no matter how she looks.

And yes, I wish to take Rumia home. If any other youkai attacks, Rumia will protect us.
No. 33357
>Rumia will protect us
If she's that powerful, why'd she get captured? Ian's more than powerful enough to protect himself and Rumia, in any case.
No. 33359
There are more ways than just fighting to protect someone. We're going to Rumias home turf. If any other youkai attacks us, she'll tell them to stop, or fuck them up if they are some of the youkai of lesser intelligence.
No. 33361
>His only defense was pointing out how she was just a scared little girl.
No. His defense was pointing out all the holes in the would-be executioner's story. Ian just pointed out what the riled-up crowd didn't notice. Even if we throw out the fact that Rumia is a little girl the rest of what he said is still perfectly valid.
No. 33362
No it isn't. It's all circumstantial evidence at best. Ian wasn't there to witness all of those events, nor was the mob. However, the masses just whimsically decided to follow the outsiders words over the men they know and trust. This was made easier since the ringleader was conveniently an incompetent shitfuck who decided he had better silence "the traitor to men," instead of denying or, really, doing anything smart at all to defend his claims.
No. 33363
But it was the matter of if she was such a fierce monster, the guys would have gotten some wounds in the process. But they were completely unharmed.

That's assuming too much, and you'd rather risk your lives going out to a forest as opposed to talking more to Reimu?
No. 33365
Now look who's assuming. We know absolutely nothing of how they caught Rumia. It would be entirely too easy to justify their lack of wounds.

In the end, it was his word over ours, and we definitely shouldn't have been able to sway the mob; not without some flawless fucking logic on our part. Instead we won their faith because the opposition was conveniently retarded.

And yes, I would much rather hang with Rumia then talk with Reimu. I'm not a big fan of her, but that's neither here nor there.
No. 33366
Take it easy, guys. The writer isn't going to enjoy reading his thread's replies at this rate.

More importantly, someone break this tie.
No. 33367
>Break tie.
[x] - No choice, find a local inn.
No. 33369
File 130221496330.jpg - (25.37KB , 500x281 , Cantbelieveimissedthat.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Do any of you even know who these guys are!?”

It seems I omitted a part of >>33284 by mistake. Allow me to clarify, the village is a great deal larger than the usual Gensokyo's. Like to the point that you don't automatically know everyone living there anymore, nor regognize an odd-one-out like yourself.

Just for the sake of avoiding a shitstorm, I'll tell you now that people's unusual behavior is both intentional and plot related.
No. 33370
[X] - Maybe the priestess can help.

There, tie broken.
No. 33373
File 130223769446.jpg - (0.96MB , 1447x2046 , 10.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hmm. Maybe that priestess could help, she's clearly local after all. Looking around, you try to spot her red bow amidst people, only catching sight at the last second as she turns a corner.

“Ah crap. Rumia, come with me.” You take the girl by the hand and walk quickly, trying to catch up. Damn crowds. After a minute or so you manage to get within range, and reach out to touch her shoulder. “Ms Prieste-ahhh!”

Just before you make contact, she twirls around, simultaneously grabbing and twisting your wrist and swinging a fist directly at your face. She stops just short of knocking your teeth out.

“Oh, it's you. What do you want?”

She releases you, causing you to release a breath you had held in.

“Damn, that was unnecessary.” You look back at your little follower, who seems rather disturbed. “Me and my “friend”, as you put it, could use some help. You see, I'm not from around here, and...”

She raises an eyebrow. “You're from the outside? That outburst in the square was a risky move.”

Sigh. “Yeah, I know that. Anyways, we don't really have anywhere to stay. Do you know where we could go?”

“Hmm...I know someone who may help you. Follow me.”

Without anything further, she starts walking in the other direction. This girl seems all business. You make your way through about ten minutes worth of not having any idea where you're going, until she stops outside what appears to be a storefront near the edge of town.

She turns to you. “I warn you now, the man is rather eccentric.”

You just raise an eyebrow, and she walks through the decorative doorway. Following inside, you find nothing less than a technical graveyard. Everything from mp3 players to squirt guns are lying around on shelves and in semi-organized piles.

“Hey Rinnosuke, I have something for you!”

After a certain amount of shuffling, a nearby pile of crap seems to erupt with a person. An odd looking man with silver hair and gold eyes with glasses. He gives your guide a quizzical look, indicating you.

“What's with these two?”

She seems thoroughly unamused with the situation. “This man needs a place to stay. He's from the outside world.”

He immediately perks up. This can't be good. “Ohhh, the outside huh? Good, good. Consider your tab cleared, Reimu.”

“Great. I'm going to leave now.”

The speed with which she gets out the door is impressive. This really can't be good. His unidentifiable look turns to you.

“Soooooo, You need a bed, huh? I have just the deal for you.”

“Uhh...what kind of deal?”

“Well you see, I am a trader of unique goods.” He indicates around him. “The kind that come from your home dimension. Problem is, I don't have the damnedest clue how any of them work. Tell me about my merchandise, and I'll let you sleep in one of the empty back rooms.”

That...actually doesn't sound too bad. It's not like you have much of a choice anyways.

“What the hell, I don't see why not.”

“Good, good...we'll get started on that in the morning.”

Something in you just doesn't like the way he wrings his hands.


You wake up the next morning to a loud scraping sound. Hmm. Where are you again? Oh right, that weird guy's. Damn you're hungry. Moving to get up, you notice something out of place. Rather than in her own provided mat, Rumia seems to have curled up next to you like a cat. Deciding to just be lazy, you make yourself comfortable on the sheets, finding some amusement in your situation.



What the fuck is going on!?

Your eyes snap open as it occurs to you just what your situation is. The last day or three (you can't even tell anymore), you have been constantly on the run from any number of dangers, up to and including being transported into a parallel dimension for no clear reason whatsoever. You have no allies here. You don't get the place. You are stranded in unknown territory with severe doubt about ever returning, and even if you did, everyone you ever knew is after your life. Come to think of it, where the hell did that mystery youkai go to anyways? What did Yukari call him?

You feel...lost. Confused. Every moment leading up to this was fueled by nothing but adrenaline and the rush of magic. It seems like a dream, but the faint warmth to your immediate left clearly states otherwise.

That is the most confusing part. Whatever part of you felt compelled to involve yourself with this girl, you didn't know jack shit other than her name. How do you even begin to deal with what you have gotten yourself into?


You cease movement. Your anxious shifting was waking her. OK, calm the fuck down. Rational is how you always have dealt with surprises, and it's how you'll deal with this one. You have shelter. That's a start. Assuming you can get food and water, you need information bad. As previously stated, you don't know shit.

Maybe Rumia or Rinnosuke can help. Hmm.


[ ] - Try to learn from Rumia.
[ ] - Try to learn from Rinnosuke.
[ ] - Just go with the flow, you can pick things up yourself.
[ ] - Write in.
No. 33374
[+] - Try to learn from Rumia.
[+] - Try to learn from Rinnosuke.

One is bound to know some things & have some insights the other doesn't and I don't see why we can't/shouldn't ask them both.
No. 33375
[x] - Try to learn from Rumia.
[x] - Try to learn from Rinnosuke.
No. 33377
[x] - Try to learn from Rumia.

I'd rather focus.
No. 33378
[x] On second thought, this is too much shit to deal with right now. Cuddle and go back to sleep; you'll figure it all out later.

What can I say, I like the Rumia.
No. 33379
This is a pivotal choice in the story: we're Human and Youkai, which side we'll focus on.

[x] Rinnosuke

I think that hanging out with the 9 team is better suited for other kinds of stories. I'm not saying that we'll forsake our partner, but that, for now, the human side is dominant.
No. 33380
>This is a pivotal choice in the story
Says who? There's nothing indicating that.
No. 33381
[X] - Try to learn from Rumia.
No. 33382
It is just, like, my opinion man.
No. 33385
[X] - Try to learn from Rumia.
No. 33386
problem with your logic: He's BOTH.

But I doubt it's such a huge choice.
No. 33387
First line of my post:
>we're Human and Youkai, which side we'll focus on?
Although I can understand that you couldn't, my grammar is just that bad (God, I even forgot the fucking question mark)
No. 33388
Well, in any case, it's way too early to be deciding which group to focus on. We don't know jack shit about the youkai societies and very little about the human one.

I expect we'll catch a plot hook soon making this discussion pointless, too.
No. 33389
I was referring to Rinnosuke.

No. 33505
File 130284254226.png - (435.09KB , 865x1080 , 67542f29e9ef57d5e2afe66cd7d46c5d[1].png ) [iqdb]
In exchange for your patience, I provide you with THIS!


Taking stock of your options, it is immediately apparent that the only person left in this...any dimension that you can actually trust, is this child. Clergy excepted. Basic traveler's rule, you can trust the church, provided they don't know you aren't interested in their religion.

Another crash in the front room. You make a mental note to ask Rumia some questions later, but for now, better go assist your new business partner. As you somewhat expected, you didn't expect what you see.

Just as you enter the room, the man smashes a toy robot to pieces with a hammer, and throws the parts onto a newly formed pile of destroyed electronics.

“What in god's name are you doing?”

He jumps up and turns around rather quickly, a lopsided grin on his face. “I had an idea!” He gestures to a table fan to your left, which is actually on despite your doubts that this place has electricity. “You see, it occurred to me that if I made a bigger fan, it would be more effective, right? So I'm going to take those pieces of wood over there and make one, then attach it to the ceiling!”


“I know, it IS a great idea isn't it!”

“...So why are you breaking toys?”

He looks confused for a second, then bounces right back to how he was. “Well how else can I get the stuff to wire it? It doesn't work if I don't connect it to the generator!”

“You have a generator?”

“Yup, it's around back.”

Now this was just too good to pass up. How could he possibly get his hands on electricity like that? Walking out the back door, you hear an odd humming emanating from a small shed. No visible wires going to the house. You open the door to find...

...things your mortal mind cannot even begin to process.

All you can see through the five square feet of duct tape is an old military ammunition box ejecting sparks and a couple of hamster wheels. It makes a sound equivalent to a cat being raped on the other side of a wall. Once again, there are NO WIRES leading from this device to the house.

Slowly backing out and closing the door, you vow to never try to figure out what you have just seen.

You return to find Rinnosuke calmly eating breakfast. Above him is a fully functional ceiling fan.


“Hello there! I got you something to eat, so we can get started right away.”

You eye the plate he hands to you. Looks normal enough. Shrugging, you go to share with your little companion. You guess she could smell it, because by the time you enter the room, she is sitting there looking at you expectantly. Unable to resist a small smile, you put the food down next to her and sit. She immediately assaults the first piece of meat she can get her hands on. Must be pretty hungry.

“So...you're a youkai?”

Momentarily stopping, she nods silently.

“What kind of youkai are you?”

She takes another moment to think of a good response. Deciding not to bother with words, she settles for a display. In an instant, all of the light just falls out of the room, sucking the two of you into utter blackness. Oddly enough, you can still see her clearly.

While incredibly impressive in execution, this isn't really much different than what you've seen before. Taking this as a good chance to learn a little something about youkai first hand, you close your eyes and focus. It takes a good few seconds, but you can still feel that thread of pressure plugging your senses. You take a strong metaphorical grip on it and pull hard.

It feels even weirder than the first time. It's like an air current sucks your mind into what is outside of yourself. You start to feel light, almost like you're going to float away. Then it all comes crashing down. Energy, raw and pure, suffusing every part of your body. Damn does it feel great.

When you open your eyes, the amount of information coming in is practically blinding. Normal magic would be like a wave, with the only strong energy being on the outside of the effect, but this is different. It's like the space there just said no to any and all light. Of course the energy to cause that must be enormous, but now that you are paying attention, it is rather obvious that the air in general is practically saturated with such energy. A natural draw...?

The darkness quickly shrinks away, causing you to blink rather hard, your eyes having readjusted. You turn to look at Rumia, and see her staring at you with wide eyes. Regardless of the red flags that brings up, you cannot help but notice that the energy around Rumia is behaving in ways usually considered extremely alarming. Little inside-out sparks are silently cracking like lightning in an ion storm. Their color can only be described as purple under a blacklight.


Eyes? Huh? You stand up to find a mirror, spotting one conveniently stored among some other crap in the room. Brushing off some dust, you do indeed find something wrong. Your eyes are purple.

“Wait...that can't be right!”

Blinking repeatedly and rubbing your eyes some, you find that they are indeed purple. In fact, even the pupils are a shade of purple. And here you thought your quota for weird shit was long achieved. As you had abandoned your magic related efforts, the feeling of the energy was starting to fade, leaving an odd tingling in your limbs. Even more strange, the unwelcome color in your retinas left with it, returning to their usual color.

“What the fuck is happening to me?”


Oh right, Rumia was worried. Walking back over to her, you kneel down and ruffle her hair a little, showing that everything was normal. “Don't worry kid. And call me Ian.”

“...I'm not a kid.”

You raise an eyebrow, but opt to say nothing as you know la zilcho about her species in general. You plop back onto a cushion and heave a sigh.

“So tell me about yourself then.”

She gives you a confused look.

“You know; where you live, what you do, that kind of thing.”

A look of recognition flicks across her face. “Oh, well I-”

“Yo guy, I need you in here!” Rinnosuke announces, poking his head through the doorway. Rumia looks positively trampled by the interruption. If he did not own the building, he would likely have a table in his face at this point in time.

“...Sure. Sorry ki-Rumia,” you quickly correct. “we'll have to continue this later.”


Oh hell no. You lean over and give her a quick hug, catching her off guard.

“I'm not going anywhere kiddo, you just relax.”

She looks down to hide her blush, but you can see it well enough. Victory. You get up to follow your “benefactor”, making a point to flash a smile on the way out. This guy has managed to be both disturbing and annoying in just the time since you woke up; he had better make up for it fast.


“I'm telling you, this is a BAD idea.”

“Oh come on, how bad could this end up? It's just a bag.”

“I'm going to watch from the safety of another room.”

Rinnosuke Morichika is one crazy motherfucker. Having decided a vacuum cleaner wasn't convenient enough, he had rigged parts of it to his new ceiling fan via insane contraptions, along with a number of things he thought would help create a wind tunnel. The upper half of the room was an industrial Frankenstein. Worse still, he intended to stand directly under it to prove it would only pick up dust.

“Here we go!”

He flicked a switch.


The fan started to move.

Everything kicks on, making a jumble of metallic noises.

And then, all hell broke loose. From what you can tell, it started with the bag getting caught in the fan mechanisms, then shit just started falling apart. Within seconds, pieces of steel and duct tape just start flying everywhere, causing you to back up into the doorway, which narrowly avoids a painful death as a jagged object flings like a throwing knife in your direction.

After all the commotion stops, you take a tentative peak around the corner, to see metal disturbance number eighty-seven of the day. First of all, everything has fallen into more or less the same piles as it was originally. Second, he is standing right where he was, totally untouched, and smiling at number three. And three, the damn machine was working.

Pretty much everything had fallen off, but there were a few parts left that did in fact make the fan go faster, and were causing the dust to rise off the objects in the room.

“Is the entire universe on drugs right now?”

He pushed his glasses up his nose, making his amusement as noticeable as possible. “Perhaps, but such philosophical quandaries are not especially my talent.”


“Heh, very well. You have been very helpful, feel free to go do whatever.”

“Thank you...so very much.”


[ ] - Rumia Time!
- [ ] - Ask more about Rumia.
- [ ] - Ask about area.
- [ ] - Offer to take home.

[ ] - Serious mode.
- [ ] - Seek alternative shelter, this man is fucking NUTS.
- [ ] - Experiment more with local magic weirdness.
- [ ] - Explore town.

Pick any two. I will combine the two most voted for.
No. 33506
[x] - Rumia Time!
- [x] - Ask more about Rumia. .
- [x] - Offer to take home.
- [x] Don't return. This man is FUCKING NUTS
No. 33507
[x] - Rumia Time!
- [x] - Offer to take her home, if you know what I mean.

>She looks down to hide her blush, but you can see it well enough. Victory.
Ian is a lolicon. I'm more then okay with that.
No. 33508
[x] - Rumia Time!
- [x] - Ask more about Rumia.
- [x] - Ask about area.
No. 33512
[x] - Rumia Time!
- [x] - Ask more about Rumia.
- [x] - Offer to take her home.
[x] - Serious mode.
- [x] - Experiment more with local magic weirdness.

I like your mage-babble too much to not toss a throwaway vote in its direction.
No. 33519

That...wasn't my intention.
No. 33521
You know how viewers read gay subtext into all anime, without exception? Yeah. This is the same thing.
No. 33523
people love to project their desires on to things.
No. 33562
[x] - Serious mode.
- [x] - Seek alternative shelter, this man is fucking NUTS.
No. 33563
AND if that get two counts only suboptions add:
[x] - Rumia Time!
- [x] - Ask more about Rumia. (when getting hell out of Doge)
to vote above.
No. 33615
[x] - Rumia Time!
- [x] - Ask more about Rumia. .
- [x] - Offer to take home.
No. 33618
File 130352581332.jpg - (163.68KB , 640x496 , 2dba2ee4bd3d728864c1b41bebc9a855[2].jpg ) [iqdb]
Ok, called for

[x] - Rumia Time!
- [x] - Ask more about Rumia.
- [x] - Offer to take home.

My time has been getting violated as of late, but I swear to have an update by sunday night.
No. 33621
File 130352658017.png - (1.44MB , 1400x1250 , 13715645.png ) [iqdb]
No. 33671
File 13037509986.png - (28.85KB , 150x150 , Thishappened.png ) [iqdb]
Many apologies, but due to unfortunate circumstances, the update will be delayed a bit.
No. 34302
File 130624190643.jpg - (228.59KB , 849x1081 , party orin.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 34315
File 130629980240.jpg - (63.34KB , 640x732 , 12.jpg ) [iqdb]
A fucking month!?!? Unacceptable.

I enjoyed writing this scene. You have been warned.


Ok, now that that's out of the way, you can actually do something important. You go back into your room to find Rumia staring solemnly out the window, a strange calm on her face. There's nothing out there but a bland selection of small buildings.

“Of course you don't want to be here.”

She wheels around, surprised. Must have been thinking pretty deeply.

“How did I not think about that? I'm sorry.”

Her head bows slightly. That doesn't look like a good sign.

“Whaddya say we get the hell out of here?”

It immediately rises again, eyes wide and shock evident. Is it that confusing that you wouldn't want her miserable?

“You...would leave? But you're human.”

Now you can't help but show confusion. “Why does that matter? You don't want to be here, and honestly neither do I.”

“They'll eat you outside.”

Ah yes, the whole “hungry youkai” thing. Fuck that, you aren't some defenseless wimp. Though she hasn't really seen you fight, has she? “Kid, I may be a squishy human, but I'm not as weak as I look.”

Rumia did not seem impressed.

“Seriously.” With the snap of a finger, a twisted mass of inverted matter erupts from the ground next to her, to dissipate at head level. “I don't mess around.”

Judging by how she jumped back, you assume she understands...well enough. People always find the flashy party tricks more impressive than useful magic for some reason. Looking out the door, you see your manic host leaving the room, presumably to go to the bathroom.

“Alright, let's get out of here.”

She shifts around awkwardly, but comes after you as you sneak out the door.

The throng of people isn't quite as big as it was before, conveniently enough. You grab the girl's hand, not wanting to risk her falling behind or something. It's surprising that no one really pays attention to the two of you, with what happened yesterday, but that's probably for the best.

Sighting the town gate off to your right, you pick it up a little. This place is starting to creep you out a little yourself. You didn't really notice before, but this place seems so dead for being full of people. Nobody talking, no children playing, and the look on their faces...

No matter. The handful of guards ignore you as you leave, though one of them eyes you warily.

Everything seems normal again when you get to the countryside, with all the standard things you see people doing in the distance. Peaceful breeze and gentle sun. It's hard not to like it out here, so simple.

A good fifteen to twenty minutes pass along the road, so of course something has to go wrong.

“Oh, looka wha we got here!”

Once again, it's that idiot from before. Flanked by the same goons and looking smug as ever.

“Guess the youkai lover was trying to get away! Whaddya guys say we get him back for before?”

The man draws a sword, this time a normal one, and points it straight at your chest.

Sigh. Ok, better take them clean. Stay focused, ready a spell...

What the fuck?

Rumia is gone. Turning to look in every direction, you can't see her anywhere.

“What's wrong, boy? Looking for help? You're all al-AGGGH!!”

It had happened in an instant. The pitchest black you had ever seen descended upon the men like a fog, shrouding everything within except screams. For what must have been less than a minute, clashes and yelling and begging for help...then silence.

When the shroud lifted, you quickly wish it hadn't. There were bloody mangled parts everywhere. One of them was still alive, reaching to you with a desperate look as a shoe descended upon his head, smashing it like a melon. At the center of this mess was Rumia. Covered in blood and sneering viciously at spattered brain matter.


Your brain doesn't even get to catch up to what you are seeing before she turns those glowing red orbs to you.

“Are you ok?”

It suddenly occurs to you, she is at eye level. At least you think so; in one blink she is 3'4 again, tilting her head questioningly. She would probably look cute if she wasn't plastered in gore.

You can't take the sight. Dropping to your knees and vomiting, your eyes like dinner plates, you feel yourself shaking. Tears. You've seen people die, of course, been forced to kill even, but for someone to just be torn to shreds like that...

“Mister Ian...?”

You look up and see that concerned face...you can't help but...


[ ] - Scream.
[ ] - Collapse.
[ ] - Calm down.
[ ] - Stay silent.
[ ] - Write in
No. 34316
[x] Recoil

It's only natural. Even if we knew youkai do things shit like that, to see it up close and personal is entirely different. For her to casually slaughter a large group of people, and follow it up by being concerned for our well being, while covered in gore to boot... it's monstrous. It's only natural that a somewhat normal human would balk at it. We'll make it up to her later.
No. 34317
File 130630423379.png - (12.45KB , 640x480 , BSoD.png ) [iqdb]
[X] - Stay silent.
[X] - Collapse.

A problem has been detected and Ian has been shut down to prevent damage to his mind.

Hello my old friend.
No. 34319
[X] - Stay silent.

No. 34320
[x] - Stay silent.
He's strong but no one can simply dismiss something like this. He needs some time.
No. 34321
File 130631865615.jpg - (371.33KB , 770x980 , 19065670.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] - Stay silent.

Nice scene. He'll put his foot in his mouth if he tries to talk now.
No. 34322
[x] - Stay silent.
No. 34337
[x] - Stay silent.
No. 34340
[x] - Calm down.

If only for Rumia's sake.
No. 34605
[x] - Stay silent.
[x] - Swallow.
[x] - "L-Let's get out of here."
After that, grab her (still bloody) hand and
No. 34607
[ ] - Collapse.
No. 34609
[ ] - Recoil and then...
[ ] - Collapse.
No. 34668
File 130748522962.jpg - (184.98KB , 562x599 , 13.jpg ) [iqdb]
You can't help but just sit there staring. This girl...is this why youkai are so feared? She was so weak and afraid before, but she just mulched a pack of large men all but effortlessly! What if she turned that against you? Could you stop such a quick killer on a drop? And the brutality with which she did it...you make the mistake of looking back down, and cringe hard at the spattered ground. Now that you think about it, you didn't even know who any of them were, or their names, or anything.

They were just out here trying to stop a murderer.

Wiping bits of your breakfast off your face and trying to suppress a pain in your gut, you notice the blood-soaked youkai seems to have taken her attention off of you. She picks up the remains of a jacket and shakes it, causing an odd circular device to fall out.

“Hunters and their traps...” she says, seemingly to herself, as she takes up a discarded blade and jams it into the thing. It briefly glows with a green light, then falls apart and disintegrates. It must have been another one of those anti-youkai weapons.

But wait...traps? Of course, they must have lured her into a trap to capture her! Which means...they didn't just overpower her, they tricked her. They were right. They had saved people by stopping her, and you had her released. You killed these men. Why didn't they just say how they did it before!? Everything could have been made clear, and you could have just walked away.

“We need to leave now.”

What? She is standing in front of you, hand held out to help you get up, and eyes narrowed down the road towards the town. It strikes you that you are in fact sitting in the middle of a crime scene for which you are partially responsible. No matter what the situation is, they all know you were the one that vouched for her, and they will blame you. Hesitantly reaching out to the proffered assistance, you try to ignore the red that seeps into your sleeve on contact. Leave, need to leave. Need to leave now, or it'll be your head next.

Whatever the consequences, you have cast your lot with this girl, and it would likely end in death to turn back on that now.

No matter how disgusted you are.

You both quickly take a slow run to reach the brush before someone shows up and sees the mess. With a certain amount of luck, you are thoroughly gone by the time you hear a terrified shriek. You and Rumia both stop and look at each other.

She suddenly seems so...hardened.

“You might need this.” she says, handing you the shortsword she had previously lifted. Still not trusting yourself to audibly respond, you cautiously reach out and take it. It's surprisingly clean, and seems almost new. Lucky you. Yeah, really lucky.

You have a passing urge to impale yourself on it.

But enough of that. You are stuck with a killing machine, and you have to accept that. All the blood...

You just follow as she stalks further into the underbrush, clearly knowing where she's going. You are quickly reminded why you left this damnable forest in the first place; even before nightfall it's dark and oppressive, and you are absolutely certain there are things out there watching you. Come to think of it, you haven't actually seen anything alive around here.

After only a half hour or so, your guide stops and pulls a nondescript looking piece of greenery out of the way, revealing a small cave in the side of a hill. This girl really has her shit together out here. Those guys must have really roughed her up to make her how she was before, all quiet and reserved.

You kind of miss that Rumia. Oddly enough, it makes you feel kind of lonely. You have always been more or less alone, of course, but having that weak little girl with you for less than a day made something of an impact. Someone who seemed to depend on you. Now you are with this...murderer. Making it so much more painful is that she isn't even cold. No, the look in her eyes still shows concern and a certain amount of fear, but the ruthless efficiency with which she can do those things is haunting. You just can't figure her out.

Walking into the opening as she re-hides it behind you, you wonder about some of the other outright strange crap that has happened recently. Starting at the beginning, what is the deal with you even being here? That Yukari woman only said it was because that phantom chose you. Where the hell is that thing anyways?

When you try to look around for it, you once again see a small distortion nearby. You really gotta practice spotting that thing, maybe even get some words out of it. There's all the people in that town too. Something felt seriously wrong with all of them, they acted erratically and seemed to jump lines of thought ridiculously fast, like that shopkeeper or the big violent guy. The latter talked like he was mentally crippled or something. The only really normal seeming one around was that priestess that helped you, and there's no way you could find her to ask. Come to think of it...


Interrupting your thoughts was Rumia. She seemed worried. It also seemed she had changed her clothes when you weren't paying attention. Where did she get those?

“Please say something.”

Ah, there's a small cabinet leaning against the back wall. No telling where she got that.

“Please talk to me...!”

If she's this well setup, maybe she knows someone that could help. You certainly don't want to hide in a cave for the rest of your life.


Ugh, why is she shouting? You don't see anything wrong.

Don't ignore me!

In an instant, she jumps over at you and grabs two fistfuls of your shirt. She pulls at you and looks up at your face.

“I don't want to be alone anymore...”

Those eyes.

Those tear-stained, blood red eyes.


So much blood.

“Help me!!”

“Oh god, I don't want to die!!”

Bits and pieces everywhere. Everyone shredded like paper. She killed them all. You helped her kill them all.

And here she is, begging you to respond to her.


[ ] - Control yourself dammit!
[ ] - Lose it.
No. 34669
[x] - Lose it.

I won't even bother with a justification. I know this option is going to lose.
No. 34671
[x] - Lose it.

I really, really like Rumia. And this Rumia is a pretty good portrayal so far. That's why I really want to see how she reacts to this. What will she do? I want to know.

I won't mind if this loses, either. It probably will. But I hope it doesn't.
No. 34672
[x] - Control yourself dammit!
No. 34673
[x] - Control yourself dammit!

Attempt to stem the tide of stupidity.
No. 34674
[X] - Control yourself dammit!
It's not unreasonable that he would seize a hold of that bit of Rumia that he wanted back.
No. 34675
[x] - Lose it.
No. 34676
[x] - Control yourself dammit!
There's nothing to do, he has to kill her. That's the least he can do to redeem himself.
He had good intentions, but the road to hell is paved with those, or so I heard.
No. 34702
[X] - Lose it.
No. 34704
[X] - Control yourself dammit!

Ian needs to realize that those guys were going to kill him, and Rumia acted in his defense. Hell, since they were hunting youkai, it was only a matter of time before they went and pissed off one that would have no qualms about killing them.
No. 34706
I don't know why people are voting to spaz out when they KNEW this was coming. Sure Rumia was rather helpless at first, but as a certain story showed, push a harmless youkai enough and she stops being harmless. Just ask a certain trio.
No. 34708
Uh, guys, the fact that she killed them is sort of the point. She could have easily incapacitated them instead.
No. 34711
Ian did similar and look at how they came back for revenge. Rumia merely provided a solid way of preventing any more cases.

And here's a reminder: It's Youkai we're dealing with and it's a youkai that's basically fused with Ian.
No. 34712
[X] - Control yourself dammit!
No. 34719
>Rumia merely provided a solid way of preventing any more cases.
Haha. Right. The hunters' loved ones and friends won't hate youkai any more at all when they discover the mutilated corpses.
No. 34723
It's like morons and the bear. When the bear kills morons that provoke it, no one blames the bear as everyone knows you don't fuck with a bear.
No. 34724
Youkai are not animals. Argument destroyed.
No. 34726
They are far closer to their instincts than humans despite their humanoid appearance.
No. 34727
File 130779784040.png - (166.52KB , 424x600 , 1266708861949.png ) [iqdb]
If Rumia's actually a murderer - not just in self-defense, but killing innocent people - why was Reimu so eager to free her from the hunters earlier?
No. 34728
Maybe she doesn't know. Maybe Rumia has taken a turn for the worse lately or broke her seal by herself or something.
No. 34732
Or maybe Reimu is just trying to keep the peace invoked by danmaku rules. Simple as that. Actually killing Rumia would stir up a lot of shit.
No. 34998
This is Rumia we're talking about. The Humans who know of her would feel relieved that the man-eater is dead, and the majority of the Youkai would be indifferent or amused that the troublemaker is finally gone, before wondering if maybe they could help set shit up to get rid of some of the other annoying nuisances/trouble-makers.
No. 35008
[x] - Control yourself dammit!
No. 35129
If this updates on the 7th again, I'm going to be slightly pissed. Or pleased. Probably both.
No. 35136
>Merry Christmas

You tryin' to tell us something here? At this rate you just might be the next Glasnost.
No. 35137

Fuck. I didn't pay attention to the words, so that's my fault. I'm writing now.
No. 35138
File 130903964548.jpg - (219.29KB , 1024x768 , eientei cosplaying as superior faction.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hooray! You're oddly receptive to prodding. I'll make a note of this.
No. 35140
File 130905483698.jpg - (153.16KB , 800x1030 , 14.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm not sure I'm totally happy with this, but I don't want to drag it out any longer.


Dammit...STOP, just stop. You can handle this, it wont beat you. It's just Rumia. She had her reasons, definitely. Just...need a break. Catch your breath.

You slump to a sitting position on the ground, leaning against one wall. You feel momentarily grateful that the rocks in here are fairly smooth. Of course, Rumia never let go, which leaves her right on top of you, looking confused as ever. All fear and shock aside, an increasingly large part of you feels the need for a friend, somebody that is actually on your side. You're already in this situation, so why not make your life a little easier?

With that particular flavor of desperation on the forefront of your thoughts, you reach out and pull the girl into a tight hug. For reasons you don't even understand, you find yourself whispering a small “thank you”.

It doesn't take her long to relax into it, letting out tears into your shirt for yet more reasons you don't understand.

“I just...didn't want them to hurt you...”

Hm. Well, you certainly don't feel lonely for the moment.


Your eyes open rapidly to find darkness. You don't even remember falling asleep; must have been more tired than you thought. From the light level, you would guess it's pretty far into night. You aren't particularly surprised to find Rumia still clutching to you for dear life. You crack a small smile at the scene. This kid...

What was that? You know you felt something, some kind of magical emanation. Still can't see shit, but in a way it's beneficial. The lack of sight makes it easier to focus on local energy sources, and there is a pretty damn strong one nearby. Really nearby. Small but dense, and from what you can tell, focused on you. You try to focus your senses right back, pouring energy through the field between you and it.

The moment you spot it, something happens. Your senses burst and leave you dizzy and numb, and a tidal wave of pure thought crashes into you. You start to see things, feel things that are clearly not your own, pouring through your consciousness faster than you can follow. When it all starts to clear, you have no idea what you just experienced, yet somehow...you understand. That was the youkai phantom. It was displaying it's amusement at your current situation. You can practically see it standing there smirking, when you can't actually see anything at all.

Think, did you read anything about this? Were you ever told? It has no form, no physical access, so it fired thoughts at you. How would it have shared thought? Some kind of bond, or maybe something more invasive? Did it even do so intentionally? God, this was making your head hurt.

Rumia starts to shift around. Not wanting her to wake up and distract you, you stroke her hair to try and relax her. It seems to work. Hmm, emotion? Maybe it avoids direct connections by throwing a wave of thought in your general direction that you would be bound to catch part of. That makes sense, but one would have to be paying attention to catch it. It seems to be paying attention, so maybe you could try it? No reason not to, you suppose.

In order to test your theory, you focus energy into a single point in front of you. Emotion, it needs to contain emotion, so you try to fill it with your confusion and curiosity. Compressing it into a little spiritual package, you push it at and into where you believe the entity is. For a moment nothing happens. Then you...feel laughter. This thing is playing with you, isn't it?

Ok, it wants to play, we'll play. Carefully setting Rumia down next to you, you get up and steady yourself. This probably won't be fun. Once again, you focus energy in front of you, but rather than a little blurb, you sharpen it to a fine point. You're not asking, you're demanding. Now then, who are you!?

Twisting your blast of irritation into it, you are surprised to see it outright deflected into one of the walls, scattering into sparks on impact. Oh hell no. If this thing is going to be tied to you for a second longer, you are going to get answers. So you forge more, close to a dozen, and twist them at it in a pattern.

It squirms in between your strikes, leaving you standing there impotently as they collapse into an invisible light show in the energy field. So you make more, a lot more. Close to fifty little blobs of thought and force are thrown in a twisting circle towards it, and once again, make you look like an idiot as every one is avoided or deflected. Ugh, forget this damn thing, you can puzzle it out later. What was it Yukari said it's name was?

It occurs to you that to a youkai, waves of collapsing energy would be fairly loud, which would explain why Rumia was now sitting up and yawning. Oh well, you have questions for her too.

“Ian? What's going on?”

“Meh. Don't worry about it kid, just playing with ghosts.” Opting not to explain that one to her, you reach out a hand. “Whaddya say we take a walk? It's kinda cramped in here.”

After a moment, she nods and accepts the proffered hand.

As you thought, it's dead of night. Not that it's much different than in the day. Now that your eyes are totally adjusted though, you can see well enough. Still nothing alive to be seen. Rumia quickly takes lead again, motioning to follow her.

She takes you through a winding path of trees and plant life, staying completely silent the entire time. The two of you eventually reach a small hill with far less foliage than everywhere else. On it is only a single tree, but one large enough to cover the entire area by itself. She walks over to it, and starts climbing up, indicating for you to do the same.

It seems odd, but you figure what the hell and go for it. Using magically enhanced jumps makes it rather easy to get up, but she didn't need any help. When you catch up, you give her a raised eyebrow, which she responds to by pointing outwards.

The view from up there is absolutely incredible. You can see all the way back out to the mansion from before, and a little ways further. The starry sky, the cool breeze, and the peaceful sounds make for one hell of a place to be. Rumia seems rather content, her eyes closed and a small smile on her face.

This Gensokyo may not be so bad after all.

You don't want to interrupt her moment, but there is information you need. Maybe you could just compose your questions for later, and enjoy the view.


[ ] - Ask about the Human Village. Something is wrong there, and you have been recruited to fix problems.

[ ] - Ask about Gensokyo at large. This is a completely different dimension, it would be best to clear out whatever common knowledge you lack.

[ ] - Ask about Rumia. You don't know nearly enough about some one you are so close to.

Note; you more or less learn it all anyways, this is more deciding what you focus on for the moment.
No. 35141
[x] - Ask about Gensokyo at large. This is a completely different dimension, it would be best to clear out whatever common knowledge you lack.
No. 35142
[x] - Ask about the Human Village. Something is wrong there, and you have been recruited to fix problems.
Only one ghost I know... Well, only one that doesn't hang around in the other side.
No. 35144
[x] - Ask about Rumia. You don't know nearly enough about some one you are so close to.

Rumia route is already go.
No. 35145

Careful with that, this story is just getting started.
No. 35146
[x] - Ask about Gensokyo at large. This is a completely different dimension, it would be best to clear out whatever common knowledge you lack.
No. 35148
[X] - Ask about Gensokyo at large. This is a completely different dimension, it would be best to clear out whatever common knowledge you lack.

I've always liked working my way down to specifics.
No. 35151
[x] - Ask about Rumia. You don't know nearly enough about some one you are so close to.

I'm always walkin' after midnight~
No. 35152
[x] - Ask about Gensokyo at large. This is a completely different dimension, it would be best to clear out whatever common knowledge you lack.
[x] - Ask about Rumia. You don't know nearly enough about some one you are so close to.

Wall me.
No. 35155
[x] - Ask about Gensokyo at large. This is a completely different dimension, it would be best to clear out whatever common knowledge you lack.
-[x] - Ask about Rumia. You don't know nearly enough about some one you are so close to.

Between cuddling Rumia, magebabble, and thought danmaku, that was a very conceptually satisfying update, even if it could have been executed better.
No. 35156
[x] - Ask about Rumia. You don't know nearly enough about some one you are so close to.
No. 35161
[x] - Ask about Gensokyo at large. This is a completely different dimension, it would be best to clear out whatever common knowledge you lack.
[x] - Ask about Rumia. You don't know nearly enough about some one you are so close to.
No. 35183
A three-way tie where one of the options is the other two put together. That is a new level of even split.
No. 35185
[x] - Ask about Rumia. You don't know nearly enough about some one you are so close to.
No. 35186
Are you implying that you were planning to write sometime in the near future? I'm skeptical.

I already voted, but let's add a write-in anyway:
[x] Silence is golden.
Let's enjoy this peaceful moment~
No. 35191

Challenge accepted. Called at Rumia.
No. 35201

No. 35209
File 130921556172.jpg - (576.04KB , 1000x750 , 15.jpg ) [iqdb]
Looking at it now, it seems kind of weird. This girl seems so straightforward with you, it's hard not to feel familiar, but all you really know is that she controls shadows and kills people. A chill runs down your spine at that thought.

But really, how could such a quiet kid do stuff like that? Must be the racial barrier at work. She seems pretty at peace now, though. You almost wonder if she fell back asleep there, until she starts speaking.

“I like to come up here when I need a break. A friend showed it to me once...but I haven't seen her in a while.”

Her voice sounded...distant. Like she was remembering something unpleasant. You make a point to be careful continuing.

“Do you...know many people out here?”

A small smile appears on her face as she scans over the forest below. “No, just the one. We used to hunt together.” She pauses for a moment. “I think the youkai hunters got her.”

Well, shit.

“How long ago was that?”

“A couple of months, maybe. I don't really keep track.”

Huh. That would kind of explain why she seemed so lonely. You make a mental note to see if you could look into that later. Deciding a few moments of awkward silence were enough, you go with another line of thought.

“So, tell me about yourself.”

She looks at you sideways and starts kicking her feet. “What do you mean?”

“You know, you. What do you like to do?”

“Hmm~ Sometimes I like to wander around and look at stuff. Humans make interesting things when they aren't trying to cut my head off.”


“Yeah, like the Hakurei Shrine. A lot of the youkai around here don't like artificial buildings and stuff, but that place kinda fits in with the forest somehow, it's really peaceful. Or those long guns they have now. The people I've seen suck at using them, but it's still interesting.”

“Yeah, I saw a couple of them. They looked like something made three-hundred years ago.”

She shrugged. “I wouldn't know anything about that~ I used to not be able to see anything when I went out, cause I had to hide in my shadow. But then everyone tried to use me as a parasol, so I figured out a trick.”

She stops moving for a second, and you watch as she takes on a subtle gray tone of color, with a little sheen when she waves her arm.

“I figured that it would be easier to just stop the light than make a big dark bubble. Definitely not easier, but it beats bumping into trees all the time.”

You both share a little laugh at that, though you don't really get it. To your magical senses, it seems she's just softening the light with a thin layer of whatever-the-hell her darkness is, though how that works, you don't even want to think about.

The two of you fall into a comfortable silence, her starting to hum some tune you can't identify. It's nice to really relax for once. Another casual thirty minutes or so pass before you start to get stiff, and run out of things to say.

“Heh. Sorry kid, but I gotta get out of this tree and sleep. Let's head back.”

She makes a little pout and crosses her arms. “Aww. And I told you not to call me that!”

You let out a little chuckle. “Oh yeah? And how old are you exactly?”

“Uhhhm...no fair, I can't remember!”

“All's fair in something and something else.”

“Wait. What?”

“Ugh. Don't worry about it.”

Why does no one ever get that joke?


You do not have pleasant dreams that night. Something lurking in every shadow, a twisted tone to every word. When you awaken, you can't remember any of it, other than the sight of your childish friend hanging by the neck from a support beam.

Glad that this time Rumia isn't laying on you, you quickly get up to splash some water on your face. You then realize you are in a hidden hole in the ground, and are not in fact anywhere near fresh water. That could pose a serious problem. For now, you settle for sitting down and meditating. A little morning magic should calm you down.

Once again, that damn phantom is just standing there looking at you, with no discernible intentions. Almost as a token, you fire a burst of energy at it, knowing full well it won't collide. You'll get that fucker eventually.

Out of curiosity, you tune that particular signal out, searching further into the forest. You haven't seen any signs of life, but they have to be there. There is a thick layer of magic energy in this forest, but below it...the signs are there. The little blurbs of thought and activity indicative of life. There's no telling how many are youkai, but in a place like this, it has to be a lot.

Soon enough, Rumia starts stretching as she gets up, but stops after a moment and watches you. You suppose this would seem kind of odd to her.

There is fun to be had.

Completely unable to resist, you focus out to a point just behind her, which she doesn't seem to notice. Carefully, you grab onto that point and crack it like a whip. With a squeal, she jumps as far away from the burst as she can. The look of surprise on her face is priceless.

She got over it really quick apparently, as she walks straight over to you and pops you upside the head.

“Don't do that, you jerk!”

“Haha, sorry, sorry.”

Pretending you don't see her trying not to smile, you start to wonder about food. “Say, you got anything to eat in here?”

Her frown comes back full force. She takes a moment to rummage through that little cabinet in the corner, eventually producing a half-eaten loaf of bread.

“Sorry, it's all I got.”

“Nah, that's ok. Lemme see it.”

You're surprised she had anything at all. Removing a piece of it to eat, you try to figure out your next course of action. You have to find out if the humans are blaming you and Rumia for that killing, plus whatever else it was Yukari wants you to do about that town. She wouldn't have dumped you so close if that wasn't where the problem was, right?

The first option seems to, of course, be that priestess from before. Rumia said she knows where the Hakurei Shrine is, and she seemed helpful enough before... But on the other hand, she may not have known you were helping a killing machine. She may just turn you in, or try something herself. Hm, so you have to decide if you can trust her, without even knowing who she is.



[ ] - Seek out her help.
[ ] - Find an alternative.
No. 35212
Fuck yeah, I love being proven wrong.

[x] - Find an alternative.

Hopefully this means checking out the youkai situation. Maybe finding out what happened to Rumia's friend or finding her some new friends. We can bug Reimu later. Or perhaps she'll come looking for Rumia?
No. 35213
[x] - Seek out her help.

Rumia has proven herself to be surprisingly mature. Choosing Reimu option because I wish to see more aspects of this slightly different Gensokyo. I mean seriously, guns? Reimu herself might be older and wiser than her canon counterpart.
No. 35214
[x] - Find an alternative.
No. 35218
[X] - Seek out her help.
No. 35219
[x] - Seek out her help.
If Reimu goes loco we can hold her off until Rumia leaves. I don't think that'll be the case tho, I ahve a good feeling about this Reimu.
Finally, knowing how to make her amulets may come in handy later on... we should probably ask her about that.
No. 35223
[x] - Seek out her help.

I think Reimu wouldn't find much fault with Rumia. Humans tried attacking her and Ian, she counter attacked.
No. 35230
[x] - Seek out her help.
The other option is stupid. Reimu is the protag, It's a proven fact she knows all.
No. 35231
Remember what they say: there there is no such thing as a stupid vote, only stupid... you know the rest.
No. 35232
We aren't going to take Rumia with us if we see Reimu, are we? That's incredibly stupid. Other than that, both options mean more exploration, so I don't really care what we do.
No. 35233
Reimu seems more a moderate compared other humans at the moment, that's how bad things have gotten.
No. 35234
I think your humor detector is malfunctioning.
No. 35235
[x] - Seek out her help.
Need to get more delicious background story going. I wonder about what the author has changed.
No. 35236
File 130929575276.jpg - (251.00KB , 525x719 , cac5e8a33efcdf6cee0070e162d1fba1.jpg ) [iqdb]
I blame the ass-stickiness to /blue/ and their self-policing/thread-derailing bullcrap.
For the record, I'm sorry.

No. 35242
File 130931099148.jpg - (49.77KB , 450x338 , Work in Progress.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 35244

No. 35324
Proving you can update quickly was a ruse to get our hopes up. Well played.
No. 35389
I hate giving excuses, but this is pretty bad. Medical problems, malnutrition and exhaustion. Keep trying to write and can barely stay conscious. I'll get it out eventually.

No. 35390
File 131001757068.jpg - (640.97KB , 1085x1408 , ribbon.jpg ) [iqdb]
Um. Please worry about yourself before you worry about your story.

No. 36679
File 131593494781.jpg - (33.11KB , 590x326 , Team-Fortress-2-Der-Medic-590x326.jpg ) [iqdb]
Feeling better?
No. 36767
Oh wow, I still have readers? Well since you asked, I'm on the recovery. Going...slowly. Alive though.
No. 36768
File 131641298396.jpg - (165.51KB , 750x750 , unicycle.jpg ) [iqdb]
You're not dead. Hooray!
No. 36868
Of course you still have readers, silly! We don't give up easily on this site here.

How about some info, yes? On you and the story.
No. 36976
File 13176023027.jpg - (38.48KB , 492x600 , She shall return.jpg ) [iqdb]
Nobody has the vaugest clue what's wrong with me, so I figure I'll start this up again when my long term memory exceeds a couple hours.
No. 38161
File 13221703985.jpg - (77.48KB , 350x600 , 1067766.jpg ) [iqdb]
Don't mind me, just reaffirming that I still like this story. Please don't die on us.