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30321 No. 30321
And so it begins.

Hunting season rolls around again as it always has, the same faces lining up for hunting license. Paying for my license as usual, I return to my car, preparing for the hunt as usual. And what was the main target for this season?


Opening the trunk of my car, I take out my trusty rifle. Looking at the stock, I smile at the notches: 20 notches for 20 kills. Quite a small accomplishment, no doubt. Putting the rifle around my shoulder, I continue sifting through the trunk of my car. I pick out the necessities; matches, flasks, sleeping bag, the like. Though my first hunts were marred with difficulty in deciding what to bring, I become accustomed with deciding what would be the proper tools for hunting. Strapping my knife to my leg, I close the trunk, adjusting my shades before trekking into the forest.

Around me, I the sounds of gunshots ring out, with accompany cheers and jeers as fellow hunters enjoy themselves with the hunt. Passing by a few hunters, I watch them holding their fresh trophies in the air, tying them to sticks and parading out with their kills. Heh, simple-minded folk who find the first rabbit they can and shoot at it several times before leaving to flaunt their single kill to others. I prefer letting the hunt last longer, finding the right thing to kill and enjoy every moment of it. Trekking deeper into the forest, the gunshots become more distant before fading away entirely.


Looking around me, I feel the whole of nature surrounding me, marveling at her majestic beauty, the sight making me smile. Taking my rifle into my hands, I start scanning the area, to see what was ready to meet its end.

In the corner of my eyes, I see it; A pair of rabbit ears sticking out of the underbrush. What perfect timing. Bringing the rifle up to my eyes, I take my aim, steadying myself, my finger ready to pull the trigger.

[X] Pull the trigger. The rifle demands another notch.
[X] Move in closer. Revel in the thrill of the hunt.


Just a little side-project I want to work on.

>> No. 30322
[x] Move in closer.

I'm sensing reisen/bugs bunny mash up!
>> No. 30323
Sound the horn of Urgency!

>> No. 30324
[X] Move in closer. Revel in the thrill of the hunt.
>> No. 30326
[X] Move in closer. Revel in the thrill of the hunt.

I wonder what would happen if we end up killing Tewi. Would we get all her luck or something?
>> No. 30327
[X] Pull the trigger. The rifle demands another notch.

>> No. 30328
[X] Pull the trigger. The rifle demands another notch.
>> No. 30329
[X] Move in closer. Revel in the thrill of the hunt.

Patience. If we shoot now, we will only be another simple-minded hunter who shoots the weakest rabbits. We are better than that. We will out-sneak, and out-fox the smartest rabbit. We will bag Tewi, or we will die trying.
>> No. 30331
[X] Move in closer. Revel in the thrill of the hunt.

Makes sure it's a rabbit.
>> No. 30332
[X] Move in closer. Revel in the thrill of the hunt.

Don't wanna end up bagging a small one, so let's make sure it's of good size.
>> No. 30334
[X] Move in closer. Revel in the thrill of the hunt.

For your listening pleasure: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iATzgXyhYRs
Imagine the singer is Tewi.
>> No. 30337
File 129230301894.jpg - (259.11KB , 640x540 , Dog and Rabbit Ears.jpg ) [iqdb]
Looking at the rabbit ears, I continue aiming down the rifle. With my finger on the trigger, I anticipate where the rabbit would move. Standing there for several minutes, the ears refused to move, staying still. I ready myself to pull the trigger. Yet, I don’t. If I pull the trigger now, what would happen? All there would be is a corpse. A corpse for no effort. No… I want something to chase… I want something that runs… I want something… to Hunt.

I step forward.


The ears perk up, facing me. I stand still, holding my breath for a moment, anticipating the rabbit’s next move. The ears hold still. Time seems to freeze for a moment, my hand waiting to fire.

I step forward again.


The ears take off, moving through the underbrush. Seeing my prey take off, I chase after it, holding my rifle at my side. The chase is on at last. Moving through the forest, I push aside low branches and charge through bushes, feeling the branches scrape across my cheeks. I keep my eye aimed on the pair of ears, seeing it continue through the underbrush. My legs begin to slow, yet the rabbit was showing no sign of slowing down. I could not allow my prey to outrun me.

Taking my rifle in both hands, I stop and begin aiming, squinting as I watch the rabbit move farther and farther away from me. This rabbit may be faster than me, but it takes more than speed to outmaneuver a hunter. I hold my breath, my trigger finger at the ready.

The ears stop, as if wanting to know if I had given up following it.

A foolish mistake.

I pull the trigger of my rifle.


The gunshot roars through the forest, causing several birds to fly off. A short yelp of pain follows as the pair of ears disappears beneath the underbrush. I smile. I let my rifle rest on my shoulder as I walk towards where the pair of ears was. Strangely enough, I swear that yelp of pain sounded similar to that of a young girl. No matter. It must simply be my mind playing tricks on me.

Standing over the spot, I push aside the underbrush. To my misfortune, there is no rabbit. But there was some good news. There was a flesh splattering of blood, and a bit of the rabbit’s ear still there. Good. I have left my mark. I pick up the bloodied piece of ear and place it in my satchel. It shall help to remind me why I am here.

To hunt.

I breathe deeply as I look at my surroundings again. The rabbit was injured. It could not have gone far without stopping. And it is marked. It will be unable to escape my sight now. I look at the stock of my rifle, looking at the notches again. Heh. Soon, there will be 21.

[X] Continue chasing after the Rabbit. It could not have gotten far.
[X] Make camp and set a trap. Only the most irresistible trap that can be made.
>> No. 30339
Darn it. I'm torn, on one hand the creature is definitly scared and probably won't return any time sone. It's also wounded so it's possible that it's fight or flight instinct has kicked in. Or it want's revenge and will possibly head back to us. So...

[X] Make camp and set a trap. Only the most irresistible trap that can be made.

Even if we lose it there are always others, unless our MC is a very stubborn person that is.
>> No. 30340
[X] Make camp and set a trap. Only the most irresistible trap that can be made.

Chasing her is too simple, we would be playing right into her hands. The rabbit is a dangerous opponent, one who is wise and weary of the Hunter's way. If we chase her down now, we will play right into her hands.

So we rest, and bait her. Only when we have successfully lured her into our den of death can we continue our strange entanglement of venery. We must think outside of the traditional hunter's thoughts, lest we be played for the fool. With patience and cunning, we will soon be eating rabbit stew.
>> No. 30343
[X]Continue chase.

Elemer Fudd in Gensokyo!
>> No. 30346

*Elmer not Elemer
>> No. 30351
[X] Make camp and set a trap. Only the most irresistible trap that can be made.

It'll end up coming back this way on it's own anyway, searching for wild vegetation and what not.
>> No. 30355
[X] Make camp and set a trap. Only the most irresistible trap that can be made.

Hopefully it doesn't bring friends.

The kind that shoots back.
>> No. 30358
[X] Make camp and set a trap. Only the most irresistible trap that can be made.
>> No. 30420
File 129272743665.jpg - (23.26KB , 500x376 , rabbit-snare-breakawaydevice.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Set camp and start making a trap for your prey.

No, no, no. It would be best to not tire myself out yet. The rabbit is already injured. There is no reason to give chase to try to tire it out. The rabbit will simply do it to itself by its own accord. All I need is to give it time and to ensure that the rabbit will fall my hands again.

Looking around, I make my way to a nearby clearing by a stream. This place will do nicely. Removing my bag, I start gathering a small pile of wood together, planning to stay as long as possible. By the looks of the sky, it the sun was starting to sink, signaling that it will be dark soon. Piling the wood together, I take out my matches and light the pile, making a small campfire.

Feeling the fire warm me up, I set my rifle near the fire and task myself next to making the trap in mind. At first I thought to make a trap that would kill my prey, a surefire victory for me, yet I think against that. To let a trap deal with this rabbit would take the joy out of personally ending this rabbit’s life. No, the trap that would be used would ensnare this rabbit, holding it and letting me have my way with it, to enjoy the ability to rip the rabbit’s little heart out of its chest.

Taking a snare out of my pack, I move back into the underbrush, looking around for any sort of used trails that the animals in the area frequent through. Pushing aside leaves and bushes, I take notice of a dirt path amidst the growth, with many dead plants strewn along it. A perfect area. Adjusting the snare, I firmly place it in the ground, having the snare cover the entire path. Knowing that one snare would not be enough to capture anything, I return to my camp, taking out a few more snares, returning to the underbrush to trap any other paths I find.

A sudden sound causes me to stop, my ears tingling in anticipation. I was not alone, and by the sounds of it, there were several things in the underbrush with me. I hold still, the sound of rustling underbrush continuing, moving closer to me. I feel my mind screaming to do something, remembering about my rifle back near the campfire. Would I make it? Would it chase me? Would it be enough? Adrenalin pumping into my veins, I ready myself to act.

[X] Run for the rifle. I will not face whatever was here without it.
[X] Hold still. Whatever was there may ignore me if I don’t do anything.

Guess where I'm updating this? On a plane.

$12.75 for one internet session. But hey, at least I updated for you guys.
>> No. 30421
[X] Run for the rifle. I will not face whatever was here without it.
Much appreciated.
>> No. 30423
[X] Hold still. Whatever was there may ignore me if I don’t do anything.

Surrounded by traps, and presumably armed with our knife. We don't need to go get the rifle; we got this.
>> No. 30425
[X] Hold still. Whatever was there may ignore me if I don’t do anything.

>$12.75 for one internet session.
Ouch, what airline was this? I know US Air is $5 for 1.5 hours, assuming you get one of the few planes with wi-fi.
>> No. 30427
[X] Hold still. Whatever was there may ignore me if I don’t do anything.

If it's a youkai, running will just make it plow into us, and possibly through us.
>> No. 30429
[X] Hold still. Whatever was there may ignore me if I don’t do anything.
If it gets closer.
-Grab knife from leg sheath.
>> No. 30434
[X] Hold still. Whatever was there may ignore me if I don’t do anything.
>> No. 30460
File 129293000521.jpg - (145.19KB , 375x500 , 653413541_c6638f81b1.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Hold still. Whatever was there may ignore me if I don’t do anything.

If whatever was in the underbrush was chasing after me, if I made noise, it would know where I was and it would start chasing me.

No, no, no! I refuse to be chased like some game animal! I am the hunter, not the hunted! These animals are nothing in comparison to me. I will not be the victim, but I shall be the victor! If these animals want me, then they can come at me, and they will die.

Holding my ground, I watch several areas of the underbrush shake. I keep watch on the underbrush, taking a glimpse behind me to make sure that nothing was sneaking up on me. Placing my hand on the handle of my knife, continue watching the underbrush, the creatures coming closer and closer, my grip on my knife becoming tighter. I was expecting for something to jump out. I was expecting something that was going to try to claw at me. I was expecting an attack.

Instead, I hear a loud squeal. One of the creatures got snared in one of my traps. The other creatures stop moving, the squealing continuing out, almost as if the ensnared creature was crying out for help. The other creatures turn away and run away from me, leaving me to deal with whatever creature tripped my snare.

Walking towards where the creature was ensnared, I watched the underbrush move violently, whatever creature that was trapped in there was really trying to escape. My knife at the ready, I crouch down and push aside the underbrush, wondering what I caught.

It was a rabbit.

Staring at the rabbit, I watch it continue to squirm, the snare wrapped around its neck. Though the rabbit made a valiant effort to escape, the snare continued to hold, leaving it stuck there, the rabbit continuing to squeal out for its friends to come back to it. The rabbit then looked up to me, looking into my eyes as I looked into its. The rabbit grew silent. Exchanging glances, I could feel a sense of fear in those tiny eyes.

For a moment, I feel sad. Sad that this creature had be ensnared in my trap.

Sad that this creature wasn’t the one I was looking for.

Grabbing the creature by the neck, I pull out my knife from it’s sheathe and point it at the rabbit. The rabbit again tries to squeal.

What an annoying noise it makes. I slit its throat, the rabbit becoming silent. I could still feel the rabbit was still squirming, so I then cut its chest open, and ripping its little rabbit heart out.

Much better.

Standing up again, I bring the dead rabbit to my campfire, ready to deal with this rabbit. It needs to be cleaned. It needs to be prepared. It needs to be eaten.

At the campfire, I look up into the sky, seeing that the sun had sunk deeper, the moon visible in the sky. I sigh, before looking back at the rabbit below me. It would be a full moon tonight.


[X] Add a notch to the rifle. A kill is a kill.
[X] Leave the rifle alone. This is not worthy of a notch.

Irisu Syndomre.

Game makes me wish I had a Boston Basher for Scout.
>> No. 30466
[X] Leave the rifle alone. This is not worthy of a notch.

Only kills made with the grace and poise of the mightiest hunter get added to the rifle. Killing a retarded rabbit with our knife isn't glorious enough to be added.
>> No. 30469
[x] Leave the rifle alone. This is not worthy of a notch.
>> No. 30475
[X] Leave the rifle alone. This is not worthy of a notch.
>> No. 30479
[x] Leave the rifle alone. This is not worthy of a notch.
>> No. 30496
[X] Leave the rifle alone. This is not worthy of a notch.

If it was a battle of life and death, that would be worthy of a notch.

Still, I think we just killed a youkai rabbit. Tewi is going to be pissed.
>> No. 30554
[X] Leave the rifle alone. This is not worthy of a notch.
>> No. 30555
if that was the case, the hunter would soon become the prey; Tewi's a master trap maker.
>> No. 30673
[X] Leave the rifle alone. This is not worthy of a notch.
>> No. 30782
File 129439929525.jpg - (96.53KB , 550x366 , 1_1202846940_rabbit-tracks.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Leave the rifle alone. This is not worthy of a notch.

Though it would be nice to put another notch on the rifle, it wouldn’t feel right. The rifle is reserved for important kills, not simple kills. If I change my ways now, I would have to put notches for all those other kills I made that I didn’t think was worthy enough to mark.

No, this rabbit is simply good for a quick meal. Finishing up skinning the rabbit, I stretch the pelt over a nearby log, then move on to the messy business of cleaning my kill. Walking over the stream, I cut open the rest of the rabbit, letting the insides fall into the stream. I proceed to cutting the rest of the rabbit; first head, then feet, then tail, until I was left with the main body of the rabbit.


Tossing the extra parts into the stream as well, I bring the rabbit meat back to the camp. Walking over to my backpack, I look at my fire. I stop in my tracks.

My rifle.

It is gone.

Almost dropping the rabbit carcass, I quickly toss the rabbit carcass away into my bag, planning on dealing with it later.

Who could have taken my rifle?

I start pacing around the fire, looking for any tracks that could lead me to where the thief could have gone.

Was it a thief? My bag wasn’t tampered with when I returned to camp.

I knee down to where my rifle was, pressing my hand down on the grass, trying to feel any tracks made. At first, I could not find any tracks, but after a short time of searching, I was able to find tracks leading to my rifle and away back into the underbrush. There was only one thing that was wrong.

The tracks were too small to be made by a fellow hunter.

There must be something wrong here. Maybe it’s because I’m panicking, maybe because my rifle has been stolen, but how could the tracks be too small to be human?


No, impossible. The thief must think he’s clever by disguising his tracks with that of small tracks. But no, there’s no fooling me. It’s clear that some idiot has stolen my rifle. Probably to pawn it off. I will not let this happen.

Standing up, I check for my knife, placing it in it’s sheathe. Though I probably could overpower the thief through strength alone, I should not be afraid to turn to my knife if things go sour. Grabbing my bag and putting it over my shoulder, I look at the tracks again; ready to chase after the thief.

Then I see them.

A pair of ears sticking out in the underbrush, away from where the tracks lead. A pair of ears sticking out, pointing at me. A pair of ears with an obvious hole in one of them. A hole made by my rifle.

The rabbit.

It’s here.

[X] Chase the thief.
[X] Chase the rabbit.
>> No. 30784
[X] Chase the thief.
>> No. 30785
[X] Chase the rabbit.

She knows. The rabbit knows who stole our rifle, and has come to laugh at us, silently mocking us with her presence. She will regret this.
>> No. 30789
[X] Chase the thief.

Can't hunt without our trusty weapon.
>> No. 30793
[X] Chase the rabbit.
>> No. 31052
File 129519789595.jpg - (13.66KB , 400x283 , 400_F_5142690_Op83nfdFmbwQfsjFdP1ZQWioVZ7gbooq.jpg ) [iqdb]
In my entire life, I have always been with my rifle. It belonged to my father, and to his father, a real classic gun from the earlier years. It has been a part of my family longer than I have been alive. It was important. It was a part of me. It was family.

And damn it all, I must chase the rabbit.

Though it pains me greatly to forego my rifle for chasing after a rifle, I can constantly hear the rabbit in my head, mocking me, laughing at me, insulting me. It insults me by running, by escaping. I will not let this insult get away without punishment.

I will chase the rabbit.

And by god, I will capture it.

With my bag strapped tight to me, I ready, my knife, watching the ears move through the underbrush, moving further and further away from me. And then, I run, giving chase after that pair of ears.

I started this.

I shall continue it.

And I will end it.

Moving swiftly through the underbrush, I feel a mix of emotions in my body, that of joy of chasing after my quarrel, that of fear of losing my target, and that of pleasure, as if this was some sort of gratification for me, to the point where I have wired my very body to rely on three things; food, sleep, and hunt.

Charging through the woods, I watch the rabbit ears try to swerve, trying to evade me, but it underestimates my tenacity, my voracity, my insanity. The rabbit has become the only thing on my mind, constantly running from me, trying to escape, and as I continue to give chase, never leaving my sight.

I could feel my legs starting to grow tired, but I force myself to run further, pushing on and on, feeling my body continuously pump adrenalin through my veins, my commitment overriding my limits. I soon start screaming, like some wild man, driven purely on instinct, to hunt, to capture.

To kill.

My target soon darts into a hollow tree, trying to hide now, but my senses are too strong to let that to happen. If my sight fails, my sense of smell will guide me, continuing my chase, leaping over fallen trees with ease.

My body, my mind, my soul. All of it, it is in euphoria. A smile starts to grow on my face.

I am happy.

I am truly happy.

I am… falling.

The ground before my disappears as I feel gravity pulling me down. Instinctively, I reach out ahead of me, grabbing a large root sticking out for me. My arms stopping my fall, my senses return to normal, making me look around, realizing that I had fallen into a pit, and only with my instincts, I was able to avoid falling to the bottom. Gazing at the bottom of the pit, I could make out a bunch of pointed sticks in the ground, all pointing upward.

I have escaped death.

I pull myself out of the hole, catching my breath, my legs finally surrendering to fatigue.

A hole? Perhaps made by another hunter? No, no hunter would be stupid enough to use a pit trap to catch something as small as rabbits. And by the look of it, the hole was made to catch something bigger, like humans. But rabbit is the only game that can be hunted. I then begin to look around, trying to orient myself to my surroundings.

Where am I? I have never seen such trees before. Such tall, thin trees. Now that I think about it, I think I’ve seen these types of trees before. In movies. From Asia.


My legs slowly returning to former strength, I stand up. Something is wrong. There’s something that’s going on. Maybe I should retrace my steps

But the rabbit.

If I go back, I will lose it.

The rabbit… the rabbit… the rabbit…

I can’t lose…

[X] Go back.
[X] The rabbit…
>> No. 31058
[X] The rabbit…

We're coming for you, Tewi. Neither of us can run forever, but we shall outlast you.
>> No. 31068
>And damn it all, I must chase the rabbit.
No, you are the rabbit.

[x] The rabbit…
>> No. 31069
[X] The rabbit…

[i]That rabbit.[i] It cannot be allowed to run from us any more. Once was humiliating enough, but to escape our wrath twice? We shall not stand for this.
>> No. 31289
[X] Go back.

Token sensible choice.
>> No. 31292
File 129610075131.jpg - (174.23KB , 1072x691 , TheRabbit.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] “The Rabbit…”

The Rabbit.

The Rabbit.

The Rabbit, the Rabbit, the Rabbit.

If I cannot hunt it, then what am I doing?

I am a hunter. I live to hunt. I hunt to live.

If I cannot live, I cannot hunt.

If I cannot hunt, I cannot live.

So why does the rabbit entice me so?

My rifle… it is gone. My closest companion, my best friend, my lover, my spouse; gone.

What am I without it?

Without the tools to hunt, all I have is my knife.

My knife. The rabbits…

My knife. The rabbits…

To hunt the rabbits…

I will not stop.

I will not rest.

I will not relent.




Taking out the rabbit corpse from my backpack, I see that there is still a small coating of blood on it. Taking a small coating of blood, I slowly begin to smear it on my face, marking it, coating it, preparing it.

I am a hunter.

And I will hunt.

With the rabbit’s corpse, I find a nearby stick, using my knife to sharpen one end. Then, skewering the rabbit on the stick, I place the skewered rabbit on the ground, the stick propping it up.

My enemy, the rabbits.

They will fear the day they messed with me.

With the rabbit on the ground, I look around, the bamboo trees giving me a strange sense of comfort. This is the wilderness. I have always hunted in the wilderness, deep in the forests. I feel safe. I feel secure.

I feel… at home.

I hold my knife close, knowing it to be the only thing I have besides my hands to deal with these rabbits. But that’s okay. I will not stop. I will not rest. I will not relent.

And I shall have the prize.

I will not let the rabbit escape. I will be the one to win. The rabbit shall be my greatest kill yet.

I begin walking through the brush again, before stumbling upon a path.

Strange; the woods never have a path. Looking at the path, it goes in several directions, as if people have been moving through here a lot. Have I chased the rabbit this far? To the point where there is a path in front of me? Whatever, the rabbit would not use a path like this. But… it could prove useful…

Following the path, I keep on the lookout, looking for any signs of rabbits; and perhaps traps. If there was a pit trap once, there may be another.

Though it feels weird to look for pit traps, as if I was facing an opponent that could possibly think, what a silly idea, it pays off. Though at first it seems that there was nothing wrong, but as I look closely, I could see a strange… alteration in the dirt. Tapping at the alteration with my knife, the dirt collapses down, revealing a pit, at the bottom of the pit being a set of bamboo spikes.

This is too strange; Pits with spikes on the bottom. How can there be pits… rabbits dig holes, but not pits equipped with spikes… something is definitely going on.

I continue my trek, when I hear a rustling in the underbrush surrounding the path. Looking towards the disturbance, the brush was moving… and at the top, I could see the tips of rabbit ears.

Are they watching me? Why would they? They’re rabbits. They should flee, I am the hunter. Do they fear me at all?


Something’s going on…

The rabbits…

The rabbits…

The rabbits…


[X] Continue down the path.
[X] The rabbits…

The rabbits, the rabbits, the rabbits.


Kinda like ribbit.

>> No. 31293
[X] The rabbits…

Nothing else matters in this world. If we wander along the path, we will lose the rabbit's trail, and that cannot be allowed to happen.
>> No. 31294
[X] Continue down the path.

Wow losing it so quickly?
>> No. 31305
[x] The rabbits…
Because the Rabbits......
>> No. 31415
[x] The rabbits…

How much spare ammunition are we carrying? Useless information until we recover our rifle, but it would still be nice to know.
>> No. 31701
File 129714145597.jpg - (365.71KB , 868x1227 , 7f4e34ec3d8ed8514ecb798581c3f16b.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] The Rabbits…

The ears… Those mocking ears… Why do they look at me so? These rabbits should be afraid of me! Are they teasing me? Are they testing my wrath?! These rabbits know nothing of how great of a hunter I am!

I’ve hunted for years in my life, spent weeks on end chasing after my prey. I’ve borne witness to the harsh sun of the desert. I’ve held the great skull of a leopard in my hands, a leopard I KILLED. I’ve tracked lions into the heart of mountains themselves! I’ve hunted after the most dangerous game that nature has to offer.

And these rabbits mock me! Small creatures, no bigger than a box, yet they have the audacity to challenge me, my skills, MY MIGHT! These are no rabbits… these are suicidal mindless sacks of fur. If they want to die, why don’t they just toss themselves upon my knife and get it over with already? Do they enjoy teasing me? Do they think themselves to be invisible or even immune to what I am capable of?

These rabbits… These things are truly nothing more than simple monsters, monsters incapable of thought, of reason, of self-preservation. All they care about is one simple thing, one simple god forsaken thing.


They mock me. They mock me by being so close, as if ready to fall victim to my knife.

I do not need their signal to strike.

Gripping the handle of my knife tightly, I leap into the bush, tearing it a part with my rage, ripping, tearing, cutting, gutting…

I stop.

My breath stops for a moment.

In my hand, slowly being strangled to death is a young girl. Staring at the girl, I look at her pink dress and deep red eyes, complimenting her dark brown hair. The young girl shift between looking at my blood-stained blade and at my fury filled eyes. Though the young girl does not talk, her eyes plead with me, pleading with me to let her go, tears starting to drip down her cheek.

Mister. Let me go.

Mister. Let me go.

I look at her head.

I see a pair of rabbit ears.

I squeeze her throat.


My knife cuts into her dress, puncturing skin. The young girl begins to convulse, her eyes starting to roll back. I dig my knife deeper, ripping apart tendons, muscles. The young girl starts to gag, her face becoming pale. My knife continues in, cutting in deeper and deeper as I watch coldly, continuing to hold her down. Her convulsions become stronger as blood continues to seep from the cut, turning the girl’s pink dress a deep red. My nostrils flare as the smell of blood enters through them, my knife reaching the young girl’s weakly beating heart.

I hesitate, hearing her heart beat in my ears, each beat weaker than the last.

My arm twitches.

It then cuts.

The beating stops. The young girl convulses strongly before finally stopping, her eyes rolling back as far as they can, a final gasp for air dying in her throat.

I pull my knife out, looking at it drip a fresh red, letting the blood drip on to my hand.

I look back at the young girl, her mutilated corpse amidst a broken bush.

I blink.

The rabbit bleeds profusely, its fur almost completely red thanks to the gash I made.

It was a kill.

A slow, dirty kill.

I look up.

Standing in front of me is a young woman, wearing a tie and blazer, with long, purplish hair and red eyes. Her face is neutral as she stares at me with her red eyes. I stare back in kind. I look at the top of her head.

I see a pair of rabbit ears.

[X] The rabbit…
[X] The rabbit…
[X] The rabbit…


Ammunition means nothing.

All that is left is the rabbits.

And why do I bother giving you anons a vote here anymore? I might as well write this out, see who posts and continue until the end.

This is an experiment, of course.
>> No. 31712
[x] The rabbit… (This is rabbit choice number 2, if it makes a difference)

One rabbit down, and only one rabbit left. Reisen dares mock us with her nonchalant expression. We murdered her best friend, and she dares stare at us as if nothing was wrong; as if this were just another day in the forest?

Looking upon us with those beautiful red eyes, encompassing the scene, taking in every minute detail, silently judging the weight of our sins with the gaze of those illuminated scarlet orbs. When we rip them out of her skull, she will regret mocking us so.
>> No. 31725
[X] The rabbit…
3rd is the charm
>> No. 31726
[x] The rab- wait what the hell's going on here

No, really. We didn't kill Tewi by the way, it was just Reisen fucking with us to see if we'd kill a girl just because she had rabbit ears. It was really just an ordinary rabbit.
>> No. 31727
I agree, TS, write to your heart's content.
>> No. 31729
[X] The rabbit… (3rd)

We're either railroaded on a bad end, or something interesting will happen. Actually, those aren't mutually exclusive. Do continue, Twitty.
>> No. 31773
File 129731763231.png - (736.29KB , 1240x755 , ef578c0681799ec6cf5f52bfd8863adf.png ) [iqdb]
[X] The Rabbit…
[X] The Rabbit…
[X] The Rabbit…
[X] The Rab- wait, what the hell is going on here

I continue to stare at the young woman, holding tightly to my knife. I look at those rabbit ears of her, my arm twitching, blood dripping slowly from my blade. Why is she looking at me? Why? Does she care? Does she even think?

And those ears…

I stare at her ears. What is she? As you stare at those ears more and more, you feel a burning well up inside you. Why does she flaw herself so much? To associate herself with these… creatures… these… things?

I breathe heavily, continuing to stare at those accursed ears. She mocks me… She mocks me! Associating herself with rabbits… she is no human… she deserves no human mercy at all! And those ears… those ears…

How I want to… rip those ears off, to rip them off along with her skull… and use those ears as part of a hat… as a trophy. Even if she just wears a silly rabbit band… I’ll make sure to rip off her head along with those ears. It would be a horrible waste.

I stand to my full height, holding my head high, looking down at this woman, neither a frown nor smile on my face. All that is left inside of me is the desire to hunt, to win…

To live.

I bring my knife up, the young woman standing still. She has no self-preservation, she has no intelligence, she has no fear… she’s just like a rabbit.

A rabbit…

I feel nothing as I bring the knife down, to cut straight into her skull. Even if her skull gets in the way, I will just continue to slice through, continue to slice through until I make the progress I want.

The knife goes down, the young woman is gone.

I blink.

She can’t be gone. She simply vanished, not even with any signs of being there before.

Was she there before?

Did she even exist?

I turn around. I see her again, continuing to stare at me with dark red eyes. Why red? What is it that those eyes hide? I neither want to know nor care to know. All I want now is to stop her from staring at me.

I thrust my knife forward, piercing her chest, blood starting to drip out. Yet she does not react, she only continues to stare at me. I let go of my knife by instinct, leaving it in her chest, the wound still dripping with blood. Impossible. She still stands as if nothing has happened.

Her hand then moves, reaching for the knife. Pulling it out, she drops it, the knife embedding itself into the ground.

The fire inside me burns hotter as I leap forward, tackling her to the ground, placing my hands around her neck. She continues to stare at me as I squeeze on her neck.



Why won’t she stop staring at me?!

I squeeze harder, but no reaction, she continues to stare at me, her eyes as red as before. I breathe heavily as I let go of her and stand back up.

What am I doing?

What is going on?

Why isn’t she dead?

The young woman stands up again, completely unaffected by my attacks. What is she?

She opens her mouth, yet I hear nothing. Her eyes glow brightly and I am blinded by red light. My legs start moving, by instinct they run. To run away from this woman, to run away from this undying creature.

To run away from this monster.

My vision returns to normal as I continue running. I no longer feel home in this forest. All sense of my connection to nature vanishes. I am a foreigner in a hostile land.

And the ears... the ears

I see them everywhere… chasing me… following me… ahead of me…

Why won’t they stop?



It's counting down...

It's time is drawing near...

It's soon here...

Oh, right.

I'm not this Hunter.
>> No. 31781

Nice, I can't wait to read more.
>> No. 31782
[x]Make them stop

Nothing will stop us. We are the hunter, they are the rabbits; we kill them. Anything less would be against the natural order of the universe.

I don't even know if we can vote against the other option. Are you just going to continue to write out this scenario with no choices? Should I just stop voting?
>> No. 31783
[x] Be killed by this rabbit.
[x] Be killed by this rabbit.
[x] Be killed by this rabbit.
[x] Be killed by this rabbit.
[x] Be killed by this rabbit.
>> No. 31784
>> No. 31979
Sir, while I do love a writer who can make the main character come off as a crazy fuck without making their story "lol, so randum XD", I am thoroughly confused at this point. So, I present to you this question of utmost importance.

What the fuck is going on?
That's not a serious question, don't answer it. Keep writing, though.
>> No. 31980
Your praise is going to confuse the fuck out of him, you know that? He thinks this is a throwaway story.

Update already.
>> No. 32020
File 129827138013.jpg - (425.33KB , 700x750 , 03c2544fc3dde356ed19464b57847813.jpg ) [iqdb]

Why won’t they stop? Why are they starting at me, staring as if I had done something wrong?
What have I done wrong? Hunt? There’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve hunted as long as I could remember, and never did anyone look at me as if I had done something terrible. All I received was praise, trophies, rewards! And now these… things think I am wrong? What gives them the right to say what is wrong and right? They’re not human. They’re just animals! Animals!

And yet…

I run.

I run, I run, I run.

Why do I run?

Do I fear? Am I afraid? Have I let emotion conquer reason?


I cannot let this happen.

I am the hunter. They are the prey. This is a defiance of the natural order. Man was given rule over all the creatures of the earth. I will not let these creatures rule me!


My legs slow, going from a run to standing still. I will not let these rabbits best me. To let rabbits actually make me run, to make me feel fear, they must pay. This is no longer a simple game of cat and mouse.

This is revenge.

The ears come closer, their owners in plain sight. They too have the same glowing red eyes as that woman. And yet… they seem apprehensive now. They continue to stare at me, surrounding me, leaving me no way out.


I have no plans on leaving anyway.

One of the rabbits moves closer to me, as if to investigate the situation. Hopping forward, it stands before me, tilting its head, examining me. I stare down at it, the two of us staring at each other, the rabbit looking into me, and I looking into the rabbit. I bend down, my face only a few inches away from the rabbit.

My hand reaches out for the rabbit, grabbing it by its throat. The rabbit begins to squirm, trying to escape my grasp. I stand up, lifting the rabbit up with me, continuing to stare at it. The rabbit bites my finger, breaking the skin and causing blood to slowly drip out. I continue to stare at the rabbit, wondering what to do. I could strangle it, but that would not be enough… I needed something to quench my thirst for vengeance.

I open my mouth. Bringing the rabbit forward, I close my mouth down on its neck. Squeezing down hard, I heard the rabbit squealing out, futilely trying to escape my grasp. I continue biting down, feeling the skin give way, blood dripping onto my tongue. I pull the rabbit away, some of the rabbit’s skin tearing off, staying in my teeth. The rabbit squirms grow weaker until it becomes limp in my hands.

I spit the skin out, dropping the rabbit on the ground. I feel an emptiness growing inside me. What am I? Am I truly a hunter now? Or just seeking revenge? I grasp my head, screaming out, birds rustling out of roost for miles around.

Is this what I am reduced to?

The rabbits start to swarm me, coming at me in endless numbers. They want revenge too. For those who I hunted, killed, maimed, murdered. They want revenge. I feel them starting to climb up my legs, forcing me down. Yet… I do nothing. Is it because I no longer care? Is there something more at work?

But… I refuse to surrender.

I flail my arms around, striking away rabbits, keeping them from climbing up further. This is no longer a game of hunting. This is a game of survival. I’m not longer playing for the lives of others, but for my very own.

With all my effort, I continue to keep the rabbits from bringing me down. Why won’t they stop? How can this be such an endless sea of rabbits? This cannot be real… but I feel that it is. I stare out into the countless rabbits continuing to swarm me, and in the crowd, I see a pair of ears… a peculiar pair of ears.

A pair of ears with a gunshot wound through it. I stare at those ears, watching them move closer. Attached to those ears is a young girl in a pink dress and black hair. Time seems to slow as the young girl moves closer, watching her brandish a large, wooden mallet.

This is it. Face to face, we finally meet. The Hunter… and the Hunted.

But who was I?

I crawl forward, pushing through the sea of rabbits, forcing myself to not give in. The rabbits continue to pile on to me, slowing me down as I try to reach for the young girl.


Why is it like this?

This was supposed to go my way. How did it end up like this, crawling to a young girl as rabbits continue to try to force me down? But now there is only one thing left.

To end this.

I started this. I will end this. This rabbit is my prey, and I will finish this off. Even if I never leave this place, I will not leave this unresolved.

This rabbit must die.

Or I will die trying.

The young girl stands in front of me, holding her mallet. We look at each other, neither of us uttering a single word. She looks into my eyes, I look into hers. From there, I can see… anger… and arrogance. An arrogance of victory. An arrogance of defying nature. Of besting the hunter. I feel my body burn with anger, my hands shaking, pushing away rabbits.

I reach out for her.

She jumps.

And brings the mallet down on my head.

Darkness envelopes me as I collapse to the ground, the rabbits swarming over me. Is this it? Have I lost?

I feel weak.

I don’t want to live.

I don’t want to die.


[X] Live
[X] Die

This story is long overdue its finale.

The choice is yours, anon.

Have a good day...
>> No. 32023
[X] Live

>Bringing the rabbit forward, I close my mouth down on its neck.

Awesome. Now we just need to kill the boss rabbit, before we can rest. Death, and whatever awaits after that, will just have to wait until Tewi meets her grim demise.
>> No. 32030
[X] Die
>> No. 32032
[x] Live

Ha. She thinks she's gonna get away with this.
>> No. 32033
[x] Live
>> No. 32034
[X] Die
>> No. 32039
[X] Die

"If you are going to kill, then you must be prepared to die."
>> No. 32040
[x] Live

Must DIE!
>> No. 32041
[X] Live
>> No. 32047
File 12983486357.jpg - (118.66KB , 850x606 , sample-cd0e452ddc075ffcdc7333cf5a21c372.jpg ) [iqdb]
The order of nature has been defied.

The creatures of the earth have risen up and defeated man. They defy what nature had dictated since time immemorial. These rabbits… these things… these monsters have beaten the hunter.

I feel empty as the rabbits continue to swarm on top of me. I feel myself unable to care anymore. I am a hunter, and if I fail my hunt, what is left of me? Nothing but a hollow husk in the shape of a man, a man broken by the very sport he once ruled.

There is nothing left for me. I feel my purpose of life is gone, shattered by this impossible situation. I wish for death to take me, to release me of the sorrow I feel. Yet… I linger. My body refuses to die, as if acting in defiance of my reason. It no longer wants revenge, it only seeks self-preservation.

Like an animal.

I nearly laugh at this macabre thought, knowing that I have become the prey of these creatures. Woe to how far the mighty have fallen. I wonder if anyone will notice me gone. I highly doubt it; I’ve always been distant with my family. Heck, I doubt they even remember I exist. Isn’t this silly, thinking about my family when I’m about to be eaten by thousands of rabbits.

My mind grows dim, no longer feeling the rabbits standing on top of me. I never thought this is how I was going to die; to be eaten by rabbits. If anything, I was hoping I would die chasing after some elusive beast. Either way, there’s nothing left but to wait for the end.

The last thing I feel before losing consciousness is my body relaxing, accepting its fate. What a shame… I thought it would last longer…

“Hello? Wake up.”

My eyes slowly open, blinded by bright light. As my vision adjusts, I feel that I am lying on something smooth; different from the dirt the rabbits forced me down on. Strange… am I dead? Is this what death is like?

I move my head around, seeing that I am in a room not too different from an operating room. Perhaps someone brought me to a hospital. What a nice person…

So why can’t I sit up?

Looking down, I see that I am strapped to this smooth surface, realizing that I am stuck to an operating table. Begin shaking my arms, but the bonds hold too strong. Or I was still feeling weak.

“My, my, aren’t you quick to notice.”

I look to my side, seeing a woman standing over me. Her long, silver hair goes well below the table I’m on as I also notice her wearing a strange nurse hat. I tell myself that I should feel calm; saying that I should believe this nurse is here to help me. Yet I feel that there is something wrong here.

Something, very, very, wrong.

I continue to squirm, trying to get out of my bonds, but all I achieve is making the bonds bite into my skin. I see the woman give me a sinister grin as she leans in closer, brushing my chin.

“You’ve caused quite a commotion, you know? Normally, we would kill people like you, but I’ve decided a better use for you.”

The woman then walks out of view, and then you hear the sound of metal moving around. The silver-haired woman returns back into view, holding a syringe in hand. You tense up for a moment, looking at the syringe.

“It’s hard to get human subjects to test my medicines. So, I decided that you should become my next subject! You should be so proud.”

I watch as she brings the needle closer to my arm, not even bothering to clean the area up. Then, in the corner of my vision, I see two figures watching me. One taller figure with purplish hair, and a shorter figure with black hair. They both have rabbit ears, and the black haired figure has one of her ears bandaged up.

I scream as the needle pierces skin.

I want to die.

But I don’t think I will.

This is not a bad end.

This is just an end.
>> No. 32051
Fate Worse Than Death, I see.

Props to you for writing this. Glad to see something a little out of the norm.
>> No. 32053
Well, that was completely unsatisfactory.
>> No. 32056

What were you expecting?

A good end?
>> No. 32057
I don't know. I guess the most I could have hoped for was dead rabbits. I'll just have to be content with that particularly awesome kill we got.
>> No. 32173
I've no clue what you're talking about.
>> No. 32352








What else is this story talking about?


Rabbits here

Rabbits there

Rabbits everywhere

And where am I?

I'm right here

Writing and writing every day

People care and people swear

All the day without a way

Nothing forth but nothing still

A rabbit-y person indeed is ill

A hunter's story long begone

Now it's only over and done

Twitty is here

Twitty is there

Twitty lives

And ends it here
>> No. 32355
What is this? Some sort of butt-flustered resignation?
>> No. 34488
Well I dunno, but you could at least post the second ending as a bonus for all your faithful readers.