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The mind is indeed a terrible thing. It resists my charms and my allures, and even a small hint of deception wears away my web of lies.
The mind is indeed a terrible thing. Its links are small, narrow, and occupied, but even an overworked mind holds enough power to strip me of all influence.

The body is indeed a shameful thing. A tool used for pleasure and wants, successes and losses, a thankful-less husk of incomplete matter.
The body is indeed a shameful thing. The hindrance of many is existence plenty, what rarely is flaunted is just merely jaunted, expression is falsity born.

The spirit is indeed a mischievous thing. No matter the reason the spirit cries treason if it is not fully sufficed.
The spirit is indeed a mischievous thing. From inception at its birth and impeached in its midst, it quietly awaits its own death.

Only three of those statements are factually true.
The rest...define me.

Who am I? Oh, I'm sorry, where are my manners? My name is Kana Anaberal.

What I'm about to tell you is a secret. It's the story of my life in the new Gensokyo, and my hatred for the woman who has forever ruined my life.


This is a new idea I've just finished writing in my head, and since I lost a couple of passwords I can't post this week's update in /eientei/. So, instead, this week, I'm posting a new story from the perspective of Kana about how life has changed ever since "The Inception". (For the purposes of this story, this refers to the event in which Reimu instated the Spellcard Rules throughout Gensokyo.)

For starters, please pick an active spellcard for Day 1.

[ ] Poltergeist Sign 「Noise Proliferation」
[ ] Poltergeist Sign 「Ghastly Soul Birds」
[ ] Lonely Sign 「Power of Solitude」
[ ] Energy Sign 「Blinking EMP」
[ ] Nothingness 「Curse of the Night's Shadow」
[ ] Remembrance 「My Final Wish」

You may also pick any other PC-98 character to be a secondary character. Yuuka and Alice are included in this, but Reimu and Marisa are not.

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[x] Nothingness 「Curse of the Night's Shadow」

Can't really say I'm interested by this story, because I don't like inception, but I think you'll be able to make something good.
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This has nothing to do with the movie 'Inception'. I chose the title because of its relevance to the story, not because it's the name of a movie.
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It's good to know.
I think I'll enjoy this story more that I know that.
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[ ] Remembrance 「My Final Wish」
>> No. 30291
[x] Nothingness 「Curse of the Night's Shadow」
-[x] Shinki

Now, which of those three statements are defining Kana, and which are fact?
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[ ] Energy Sign 「Blinking EMP」
>> No. 30308
[X] Remembrance 「My Final Wish」

[X] Alice. The enemy of an enemy is a friend, but what's the friend of an enemy?
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[ø] Nothingness 「Curse of the Night's Shadow」
-[ø] Yumeko
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Since I'm writing, I'm going to call it for:
[x] Nothingness 「Curse of the Night's Shadow」

Regarding the characters, I'll give it another day or two to finalize, so in the meantime, I'll give a sneak peek at how each character would be used if they were chosen.

- Shinki's role would be a mysterious benefactor of Kana's that delivers gifts at regular intervals to help her. Kana will find out who Shinki is towards the end of the middle third of the story, which might influence her final decision.
- Orange would be one of the youkai who hadn't died in the Spellcard Rules Inception. She won't appear until a little later, but will become a close ally of Kana's. There will not be any meeting between Orange and Meiling, though.
- Alice would be looking for Kana for a good portion of the prologue, finding her and apologizing for being responsible for leaving Kana alone. After a spellcard battle between them, Kana agrees to forgive Alice and solders on with her.
- Yumeko's role would be during Kana's nighttime soliloquy as a second conscience. Eventually through the course of the story Yumeko will take form and participate in her own battles, but she'll mostly play a background role.

You may vote again in regards the character, and I'll close those votes after the update goes live. Feel free to cast a vote for any other PC-98 character as long as it's not Reimu or Marisa.
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[X] Meira
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eh I wanted to go with either Yumeko or Shinki, but Yumeko route sounds rather boring and already knowing who the unknown benefactor is, kinda sways me away from choosing Shinki as well.
[ø] Alice
Let's go with Shinki's daughter, then.
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[ø] Alice
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No votes for Orange? Damn, and I had faith in you guys too.

[x] Orange
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[x] Yumeko
>> No. 30370
[x] Shinki
>> No. 30371

Who's Orange?
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This has got to be an ironic post, no one can possibly be that stupid. Ignore him, my fellow gentleman.
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I don't think you know what the word "ironic" means.
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I'm right there with you, friend.

[x] Orange
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Maybe it was in the sense of "Who is Atlas?"
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Was the irony in this post intended?
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[x] Nothingness 「Curse of the Night's Shadow」
[x] Alice

There's a lot of things I want to tell you, and I hope by the end of this story I'm not alone in my struggle. But please, sit down. This will take quite a bit of time.

Ah, you're seated? Good. Would you like some tea and biscuits? Oh, I'm sorry. That's all I know how to make. Alright then, let me take you back into a time in the past. To a time when all was carefree, energy was more rampant, and when I, Kana Anaberal, was still a good girl.

It was like any other day. My eldest sister called from the stairs to our illustrious mansion. "Kana, hurry up," she shouted, with a sense of urgency. I hadn't yet started on my hair, but I knew better than to make my sister wait. "I'm coming, Shuko," was my reply as I hurried from my room downstairs. My hair was still a mess, but nothing my summer hat wouldn't fix. At the very least, I had managed to get my dress on properly. If anything was going to be perfect, my appearance would be it.

Today was going to be our weekly picnic. My sister and I always spent this time together, and despite her being older and busier than I was, it was always nice that she took time to spend time with me. I didn't know what she did, and she wouldn't tell me, but I didn't mind not knowing. She was my kind sister, taking me out each week, and I was happy to be with her.

I'm not really sure what happened. We were coming home, descending the stairs that would lead us to our lakeside house. The last thing I remember was turning around to see my sister's palms extending towards me. The only thing I know is that I died that day.

Even though my family was rich, I couldn't help but think it odd why my family didn't give me a funeral. Sure, they sunk my body in the lake, but that was about it. No procession, no mourning. Nothing of the sort. The next few months were all a blur for me. I couldn't really process much of what was happening, only that my vision was getting dimmer and hazier.

Oh, I'm sorry. I never really did explain that, did I? Well, you see, I have the power to possess the future. I think it means that I can make the future my own, but I can't really control that future. All of these visions were clues that I was about to be brought back to life, except as I am now: a ghost.

Well, anyways, the first face I saw was my dear sister Shuko, who immediately enveloped me in a big hug. I returned the favor, glad to see my sister's face again. About that time, my mom and dad walked in and asked Shuko to come for dinner. It was the first of many shocks to come. While Shuko could see me, and I could see her, my mom and dad's faces were blurry, and they didn't seem to recognize me at all. But that didn't matter to me then. My sister was back, and that's all that mattered.

Over the next few years, my dad died, Shuko grew up and got married, and even had a daughter. But every week, like before, she'd always pay me a visit, talking to me and conversing with me. I was seemingly bound to my room, but Shuko was there every week. She'd never leave me.

As you can probably see from my lack of restraints, I'm no longer bound to my room. Shuko was brought to the mental institution by her husband, concerned that she might be experiencing hallucinations. Eventually, after mental attacks by me on both Shuko's husband and daughter, they left the house. I was all alone, and this time, I was sure I wasn't going to see my sister's smile again.

I stayed in my house for so long that I didn't really know how long I had been in there. Days passed into weeks, those weeks into months, those months into years, and those years into decades. It took a while, but I finally realized I could walk and move, and after struggling to regain control of my limbs, I left my house to a different world. I wasn't much of a spiritual person myself, but since I had become a poltergeist, the swarms of fairies, apparitions, and spirits didn't really shock me.

Oh, they're called youkai here? Well, that helps quite a bit. Thank you!

As soon as I left, I found people wanting to challenge me to a battle. It was difficult, and while I won some, I lost some too. Thankfully, I got through that barrage of people almost unscathed, and went to try and find my bearings. I met the queen of the realm, and she told me that I would be under her protection as long as I stayed here, as this was a haven for people like me. This was rather strange for a total stranger to be nice to me, but I accepted it with gratitude.

A few weeks went by, and I got a request from the queen to come visit her. I was asked to be a friend and playmate to her daughter, Alice. This is definitely an honor; I have to go and accept, I thought, so I came by. Over time, we became friends, though she reminded me of my sister when she was younger. Since I hadn't seen Shuko for so long, I had forgotten her face, so I couldn't not tell if my thoughts were true or not.

One day, when I came, I noticed there was a lot of confusion going on around the place. Instead of a quiet and orderly place, it was full of ruckus and hatred. I carefully got out of the way of projectile fire, and made my way to my friend's room, only to find her resting in bed, bloody wounds coming from her arms and legs. In desperation, I applied part of myself to her to stop the bleeding, knowing that in a few months time she'll wake up and forget everything she had gone through with me. Maybe I couldn't protect my sister, but I can protect this little girl.

The three people that beat me, along with a fourth, had attacked the place where my friend had lived. They went after the queen and, while unable to kill her, severed her powers from her body. From my vantage point in Alice's room, I could see everything taking place in the courtyard, and I set my plan into motion. I took the sleeping girl in front of me, along with the book tightly held in her hand and one of the dolls we played together, and I fled the premises. I noticed a cottage in the far-off woods and I headed there, intent on taking Alice there before I went back and got my revenge.

Yes, you're sadly right. I got there, but I had used up so much energy in my adrenaline-filled moment that I passed out outside the cabin. When I came to, everything was different. I immediately noticed the landscape and sky was so much brighter, which hurt my eyes immensely, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. The mood was different, humans were numerous and decently-skilled (as I saw a child exterminate a small...youkai not that long after), and most of all, the cabin was missing. I had to fend for myself and survive, and now I'm here.

Well, you're a good human. You surrendered immediately on seeing me, and while that may not be smart, it was wise. I know you won't mistreat my kind; I've given you enough warning as it is already.

Oh, I'm sorry, where are my manners? I haven't even asked your name this entire time. I should probably untie this bandana so you can tell me.

[x] Write-In
>> No. 30401
[x] Nomiki
>> No. 30407
[x] Nomiki

I fucking hate naming choices. Going with this because I'm an uncreative faggot who can't think of anything.
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[x] Nomiki
>> No. 30457
[ ] Kikyo
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Update won't be happening this week, something happened out of the blue and I have to move. Packing bags in an emergency is quite annoying.
>> No. 30562
Um, shit.

I hope things get better soon, or at least stabilize.
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[x] Nomiki

Y-you're a girl? Oh my me. I'm truly sorry about that. Let me untie you completely. I thought you were a man! You looked so much like a man when I saw you--but maybe you had just finished fighting a youkai and your looks were just tousled. I'd think you're lying, but your voice is too much like a girl's to--I'm sorry, I'm rambling again.

Oh, yes, of course. Here, some water. I'm sorry once again. Oh, thank you. You're such a kind human, forgiving me after I've done so much wrong to you.

Eh? What do I need from you? Well, I know this seems silly, but I want revenge. I hate whoever changed my world, and whoever forced me to live a life away from other people. But, thanks to you, I'm certain I won't hate most humans. It's just the ones that want to try and kill me that I won't like.

Oh, alright. Wo-would you be my friend, Nomiki? Thank you.


Something short since I'm still in the middle of moving in.
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Sounds lovely for some reason.
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I'm not dead, just so you guys know.

Anyways, the place where I keep all of my files (stupidly only one place) has been out of service for almost a month now, and in addition I'm back in school, so what free time I have I'm studying.

Don't worry though, I'll be back tomorrow to post a time-skipped update. It's a bit different, and it skips ahead straight to the first chapter. I had some time to work on all four of my stories (two on this site, two on another). I'll post my handwritten work since I literally have no time to type it up.
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File 129611080141.jpg - (772.47KB , 1912x1616 , InceptionUpdate.jpg ) [iqdb]
Here we go. Please note that this isn't an update, aka no votes. It's just proof I've been working on the story, and for Inception, it's a look at a future update (aka the one after the next one).

I will accept votes for this post as it is technically the next update with a vote, but please bear in mind the actual update for those votes will come in three updates from now.

Thanks for reading.