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In this LA, a select group of Touhou girls find themselves taken to a strange location. Here, they find themselves void of their powers and abilities, and must find out where they are, why they are even here, and how to escape.

It is soon realized that they need to stay alive as well...

You will take the role of one of the girls to escape this predicament. Before the story proper begins, this thread will be for you to choose the Touhous to be involved in the mystery. Already some are preselected for cases of plot or just the author's favoritism at work.

Starting girls: Mokou, Kaguya, Alice, Komachi
Unselectable: Anyone from UFO, as I am still unfamiliar with it.

You may make a vote for up to ten Touhous. Once a girl has at least four votes for her, she will be added to the roster. Once seven more girls are added, I will start the story in a new thread.

If there are not enough votes or activity, I will pick the remaining girls myself.

>> No. 22083
Typo: Not seven more girls, eight.
>> No. 22084

Lets see her brought down a few steps buildings.
>> No. 22094
[X] Yukari
[X] Yuka
[X] Reimu
[X] Sakuya
[X] Remilia
[X] Utsuho
[X] Orin
[X] Cirno
>> No. 22095
[X] Yukari
[X] Yuka
[X] Reimu
[X] Sakuya
[X] Remilia
[X] Utsuho
[X] Orin
[X] Cirno
>> No. 22097
[0] Yukari
[1] Yuka
[2] Reimu
[3] Sakuya
[4] Remilia
[5] Utsuho
[6] Orin
[7] Cirno
>> No. 22100
[x] Reimu
[x] Marisa
[x] Sakuya
[x] Remilia
[x] Hina
[x] Sanae
[x] Kanako
[x] Satori
[x] Orin
[x] Utsuho

The above 4 posts should really be checked for votespam. I'm unconvinced that 4 anons all decided to vote for the exact same characters, and all didn't realise that you could vote for up to 10 options.
>> No. 22101

I'm >>22095 and voted for this because I liked the vote.
>> No. 22102
[ø]Yuyuko - does being devoid of power mean that she's a human now?
[ø]Youmu - You just can't not include our gardener when you have Yuyuko
[ø]Yukari - Haha I wonder what Yukari will do without her gaphax.
[ø]Yuka - I just like her.
[ø]Shinki - I just like her too.
[ø]Shiki - Since Komachi is already chosen, let's include Shiki.
[ø]Reimu - uh... Reimu cannot be excluded from such list.
[ø]Marisa - take it easy~ ze
[ø]Kanako - our goddess is powerless now.
[ø]Suwako - powerless goddess #2.

Haha, it's really hard choosing just 10 of the Touhous; I love most of them.
>> No. 22107
In no particular order, I think.

>> No. 22111
[x] Yukari
[x] Reimu
[x] Sakuya
[x] Remilia
[x] Yuka
[x] Flandre
[x] Marisa
[x] Kanako
[x] Satori
[x] Koishi

Changed my vote.
>> No. 22117
[x] Yukari
[x] Reimu
[x] Utsuho
[x] Remilia
[x] Yuka
[x] Flandre
[x] Marisa
[x] Kanako
[x] Suwako
[x] Satori
>> No. 22140
>> No. 22142
Current Standing

Yukari 6
Yuka 5
Reimu 7
Sakuya 5
Remilia 7
Okuu 7
Orin 5
Cirno 2
Marisa 5
Hina 2
Sanae 2
Satori 5
Yuyuko 1
Youmu 1
Shinki 2
Shiki 3
Kanako 3
Suwako 3
Mima 1
Flandre 3
Yumemi 1
Mystia 1
Koishi 1
Reisen 1
Yuugi 1
Suika 1
Patch 1

While I have enough girls, I'm thinking I'll leave this open overnight to see if any interesting choices are made. I might just add all qualifying girls instead of picking. Maybe.
>> No. 22143
>> No. 22157

Would be interesting to see them without powers.
>> No. 22158
>> No. 22164
[X] Reimu
[X] Sakuya
[X] Remilia
[X] Yukari
[X] Youmu
[X] Reisen
[X] Shiki
[X] Satori
>> No. 22165
>> No. 22170
Alright, voting closed.
>> No. 22176
So, which board are you putting the new thread?
>> No. 22216
Where is the thread, anyway? I'd like to know what board he put it on...
>> No. 22218
I'll make it on this board once I've got some good time to start writing.
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File 125452069197.jpg - (20.44KB , 320x240 , 125264427564.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 22430

1.) You posted twice. Don't do it.
2.) Stop that.
>> No. 22432

Server error. Sometimes it doubles the post.

It has happened since THP existed, seems it will happen in T-HP too.
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Didn't think that chiken teriyaki I ate would result in 2 months of waiting for this story.

sage for unfunnyness
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You should be able to solve this.
>> No. 28217
Yeah, I abandoned this one in favor of the other stories I'm writing.
>> No. 28222

Such as Touhou 4 Dead?
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Stop hack the program!!!
>> No. 29810

Did you just bumped this story or did someone hack and necro-bump this thread like one of YAF's abandoned stories in /shrine/?