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Sit down and pay attention, I have a story to tell you. A story that you yourself are the main lead in, why this is I know not, but you're in it and without the need to enter any of those auditions either. Should you be grateful to be in this story about to be told? That's up to you, not me. I'm just the guy who tells, you are to be the one who weaves it. Do you have a choice in the matter? You might, but then again, would I be going on about all this if you did? In anycase, welcome to your story, a story only you can write and a story only you can finish. What will you see in this story, what kind of people will you meet, what trails and challenges will you face in this story, all these questions can only be answered by yourself and your resolve. So what are you doing just standing there for, hurry up and write so I can start telling, I'm getting tired of waiting!

...Oh wait, before you do that...choose which Phase you want. I dunno why, just do it. It's something for the story, you understand, right?

(PSI Phases. These will determine the type of PSI your Anon will have. Choose wisely, for you will not be able to change this once the story starts).

-[ ] Ninten Phase (Defensive PSI only, 1 Assist included. Good for readers who think a best offense is a good defense)
-[ ] Ness Phase (Offense PSI is abound here, has few Defensive (about 2), and NO Assist. Good for readers who wish to nuke things with the expanse of their mind).
-[ ] Lucas Phase (Excels in Assist PSI, Some Defensive included. Good for readers who want to support their team mates rather than fight).
-[ ] Don't Care. (Randomly selects)
-[ ] No PSI please. (NO PSI will be given to the character at any point in the story. However, if you wish, you can proceed to the options below if you select this.)

(Specify what kind of ability you wish to have. Take note this will alter who your party members will be).

-[ ] Invention (Invent things with scrap items and such)
-[ ] Thief Training/Tools (Allows for easy access to areas on normally could not get into. Skills induce ailments on enemies and are purely defensive)
-[ ] Emulate (Mimic the enemy by transforming into them. Good for intrusions but you gain the stats and weaknesses of the enemy you Emulate).
-[ ] Spy/Sniff (Indentify you enemies weaknesses by using you heightened sense of smell).
[ ] Animal Communication (Allows one to talk with the animals. Purely story oriented and houses few uses in battle unless opponent is an animal of some kind).
-[ ] Other (Specify what you want).
-[ ] No abilities or PSI. I wish to remain normal.


Yeah, this is Mother/Touhou CYOA. Consider this the starting screen for the game, the rest will come when the story actually starts. Also, I know not if it should be done but I'll also include the New UFO characters in this as well. Also titles kinda stupid so it will change once I think of a better one.

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[x] Emulate (Mimic the enemy by transforming into them. Good for intrusions but you gain the stats and weaknesses of the enemy you Emulate).

I always used Gogo in FF VI, and if it's nice having two who can blitz, then wouldn't it be nice to have two to Quadruple Spark?
>> No. 19996
[X] Ness Phase

Fuck yeah, Mother/Touhou crossover.
>> No. 19999
[x] Thief Training/Tools

Riches await!
>> No. 20003
[X] Ness Phase
>> No. 20004
[X] Ness Phase

PSI Rockin' Omega Muthafuckers!
>> No. 20008
[X] Ness Phase

Go go overpowered.
>> No. 20009
[x] Tools

Brush our teeth to blind our enemies, hell yeah.
>> No. 20011
[X] Ness Phase
>> No. 20015
[ ] Emulate (Mimic the enemy by transforming into them. Good for intrusions but you gain the stats and weaknesses of the enemy you Emulate).
>> No. 20017
File 124320108595.jpg - (291.86KB , 1568x1185 , Please__Give_Us_Strength.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Pray (supplication to deities & spirits result in a luck bonus & random support buffs on all allies; power, %success is determined by strength of accompanied write-in, party condition, and the entity specifically invoked).

Kind of gimmicky, but we'll prove our worth in the final battle.

Maybe we're a shrine maiden?
>> No. 20019

Your prayer was swallowed by the darkness.
>> No. 20020
[X] Emulate (Mimic the enemy by transforming into them. Good for intrusions but you gain the stats and weaknesses of the enemy you Emulate).
Shapeshifting is always fun.
>> No. 20022
>[] Ness Phase

No. Let Marisa/Yuka/Mima the Master Spark PSI, please.
>> No. 20027
File 124322513724.jpg - (40.92KB , 252x300 , assist15_080206_art4.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Invention

who needs offensive PSI when we have MULTI-BOTTLE ROCKETS
>> No. 20028

I think "Master Spark" would become "PK Love Omega". At least Marisa's version of it.
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Calling votes. Looks like Ness Phase won, with Emulate coming in a close 2nd.

Although, the page won't fully load (for whatever reason is beyond me), so I can't really see (all) the votes anymore. Simply put, I'm just going by memory, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

In anycase, writing now.
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File 124326665859.png - (170.05KB , 231x480 , Ness.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Ness Phase

Alright, then looks like you've finally chosen, eh? Whether the choice was good or bad is up to you so I won't protest on it. In anycase I wish you good luck, if you need me I'll just be sitting back here watching you write.

What? Didn't I say that at first?

... ... ...

Whatever, just write already will you...


The year is 199X

A bus on the road to the Human Village, a small town in Gensokyo

Ah, Public Transit. Something you thought you'd never really use, well, being you prefer to walk rather than take the bus. Now though, you realize why you never ride this cursed machine, it's noisy, crowded and there's always that one guy who just happens to forget to shower upon getting on the bus and decides 'Hey I'll sit beside you because I like having people smell my funk'. You glance back and suddenly hear the piercing cries of some woman's kids, apparently one of them is throwing something of a tantrum and the mother is ignoring it. Why would you ignore something like that? You find yourself not only applying palm to face toward her actions but also a mounting headache that seems to be surfacing.

Why would you ride the bus is beyond you, but now you didn't seem to have much of a choice, well, given to what's happened anyway...

You can still remember it like it was yesterday, matter of fact, it was yesterday; your house, all your stuff, was just...destroyed. You can't really remember how it happened, you were gone off on an errand that day, just to buy some more of your favorite food. Then once you were headed back, you saw fire trucks and police cars racing past you. You begged them not to turn left, for your house was the only one in that direction, to your dismay, the vehicles disobied your pleas and went in that very direction. When you managed to reach the scene, there was nothing was left. It looked as though a meteor had just came soaring from the sky and crashed into your house with the force of the gods who had frowned upon you that day.

The worst part is that you don't even know what caused it, everything was fine when you left, there wasn't anything running or nothing. But the firemen told you that something in fact did go wrong in the house, the circuit breaker apparently shorted out and caused a fire. As plausible as that sounds you don't think a fire can out right obliterate a two story home in as little time as it takes to go to the local supermarket and come back. However, they insisted on this to be true even though you disagreed on alot of the reasons they had given you. Oh well, the police and fire department weren't always reliable in figuring somethings out on their own...it looks like now just happens to be one of those times.

Tuning out the chaos that's surrounding you, You look out of your window and start taking in the scenery from outside; It's the usual, mostly woodland terrain, with a few houses here and there, but really nothing else. You look down to the road the bus rode on and can see that it hasn't been worked on in a while, the sidewalk being the worst of the two. Although should probably be expected being this part of town is more rural than it is anything else, although it still has some good people living in it. However you were told that Gensokyo wasn't always like this, in fact, all of said cities just recently started popping up after the sort of 'Modernization' it went under. Of course that's not really saying there aren't bigger cities in Gensokyo, you've heard of a few, but have never went to any of them yourself.

"Hey buddy, what's the matter?" You look up and notice the source of concearn was from that funky man that was sitting beside you. He looks pretty large, although more in the muscular sense, his biceps nearly tearing the sleeves of the strange orange jumpsuit he wore. You wanted to ask why he wore such a thing, but decided not to and simply answered his question.

"Alot of stuff has happened to me lately," You begin, your head turning to stare out at the green countryside that swiftly passes you by. "Just yesterday my house was destroyed, and I dont even know why, they say it was the circuit breaker...but I don't believe any of that."

"Oh, that's too bad..." The man responds before going quiet for about several minutes. "Well, I'm sure stuff will get better for you, these things happen so you just have to hang in there." Huh, despite the scent that obviously says otherwise, this man doesn't seem like that bad of a person. This must be one of those 'don't judge a book by it's cover' sorta things.

In anycase, you didn't really have a house of your own any more so you were going to crash with one of your dad's long time acquantinces. You can't really remember their name or anything, but you do know that they...

[ ] Collected strange things, and wasn't quite understood. Had a strange complex about being a policewoman.
[ ] Was a teacher at the local kindergarten. Boring to the kids, but generally a kind and selfless person.
[ ] Worked at shrine, or something.
[ ] Were a shopkeeper, who ran a store that housed some...interesting merchandise.
[ ] Screw it. You can't remember a lick about them (Randomly selects)


I couldn't think of a better name for the Human Village, but I figured to just leave it as is.
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[x]A rather odd woman. She seemed to have quite the affinity for flowers.
If write-ins can't be accepted then
[x] Was a teacher at the local kindergarten. Boring to the kids, but generally a kind and selfless person.
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File 124327101840.jpg - (19.15KB , 180x163 , 180px-Jurgen.jpg ) [iqdb]
Holy shit, we're sitting next to Jurgen.

Going to have to go with this.
>> No. 20044
[x]A rather odd woman. She seemed to have quite the affinity for flowers.
If write-ins can't be accepted then
[x] Was a teacher at the local kindergarten. Boring to the kids, but generally a kind and selfless person

This. Nothing can go wrong.
>> No. 20045
[x]A rather odd woman. She seemed to have quite the affinity for flowers.
If write-ins can't be accepted then
[x] Was a teacher at the local kindergarten. Boring to the kids, but generally a kind and selfless person
>> No. 20048
[x]A rather odd woman. She seemed to have quite the affinity for flowers.
If write-ins can't be accepted then
[x] Was a teacher at the local kindergarten. Boring to the kids, but generally a kind and selfless person
>> No. 20051
[x]A rather odd woman. She seemed to have quite the affinity for flowers.
If write-ins can't be accepted then
[x] Was a teacher at the local kindergarten. Boring to the kids, but generally a kind and selfless person
>> No. 20053
<3 Auntie Yuka.
>> No. 20054
A Touhou Mother CYOA? Fuck yeah!
I spent two days watching the translated youtube videos. Good stuff.
>> No. 20055
Looks like a unanimous decision, as for Write-ins, they're fine with me, so long as they aren't retarded or anything. In anycase I'll get to writing tomorrow.
>> No. 20061

>> No. 20063
File 124335539875.png - (4.88KB , 240x160 , m3_SunflowerField.png ) [iqdb]
[x]A rather odd woman. She seemed to have quite the affinity for flowers.

Ah yes, now you remember. Yuka Kazami was her name, she was a rather odd woman, had a real liking for flowers, mostly of the sunflower variety, and often hung out in a place called the Field of The Sun during sunny days like this. You're not quite certain as to if this bus' route goes to such a place, but the driver claimed that the bus went pretty much anywhere except 'The Underground', whatever that is. You can only assume it's some slang name for a ghetto or something of that nature.

The drive continues on as it does, the only change in the ride being the scenery as it slowly gave way to more urban features and less country ones. Along the way, a few folks get off at their stops, so now that makes the bus bit more peaceful as opposed to it's chaotic state before, which is good being your headache is still irking your nerves. Matter of fact, you've had this same headache for just about the entire day now, maybe it's the stress that's getting to you, but you can't understand why it came out of nowhere like this. Maybe it would be a good idea to just sleep for now, since the bus is tad more quiet, it will be easier to relax and get some shut eye.

"Headin off to sleep?" Came the voice of the burly man who sat beside you. To be honest, you had completely forgotten about him, once you had gotten used to his rather pungent stench, although you only hoped that it didn't rub off on you...

"Yeah, I got a bit of a headache..."

"Alright, I'll wake ya when you get to your stop," Ah that was nice of him, but then again you did have a feeling that he was a good person. "Where you headed by the way, The Human Village?"

"No, Field of The Sun, y'know the place with all those Sunflowers and stuff..." You answer with a yawn.

However, upon hearing this them man freezes for just a moment, as if someone has told him something mortifing, he stares at you with a look that you can't quite read but you can tell it's something along the lines of 'are you serious?' Sure enough he swiftly gives a response that mirrors his expression. "Are you...serious?"


"Oh nothing, just curious." The man answered before he falls silent for another moment and then speaks up again to give you some friendly advice. "Oh, before I forget...Do not screw with her flowers."

"I won't. We knew each other, albeit a little, so I know not to mess with her stuff." That's true, you know not to get between Yuka and her flowers and that she doesn't take kindly to those who do. In anycase, with your trust placed in this strangers hands, you turn on your side your sight now gazing upon the scenery outside. For some reason watching it pass you by is strangely relaxing and before you know it you close your eyes and your mind is soon clouded over in the sweet haze of dream and slumber, the real world now slowly being shut out from around you.

... .... ...

... ... ...


You feel the sleep that once embraced slowly lift itself from your body as the world comes . However something doesn't seem right, for starters you feel as though you're laying on her back instead of the position you were in on the bus. What's more is that you feel something poking you in the side, was it that man who promised to wake you? Only one way to find out; you slowly open your eyes, but came to see that the sun's bright light was proving to be quite troublesome in terms of getting your eyes open all the way.

"Oh, so you're still alive." Came a feminine voice. "Shame, I was thinking about using you as target practice~"

You can't really make out her words entirely, being your still half asleep, but you can tell the voice belongs to a woman. You rise up and shake your head a bit, to get rid of any sleep you may have lingering in your mind, and look around to get your bearings as to where you were. One thing is for certain; you're not even on the bus anymore, matter of fact, you also find that you're nowhere near the road, or any road for that matter. You're just in a vast sea of sunflowers that look as though they stretch ed infinitum. How did you get here? Did someone put you here? Maybe that man placed you here once he realized you were about to miss your stop. All of hese questions soon bring that same persistant headache charging back to you, it's not as bad as it was before but it still hurts. "Hey, where am I?" You ask to the woman who was beside you.

"Field of The Sun." The woman answers briefly, giving you enough evidence to believe that she was in fact Yuka. Although upon relizing who she is, you come to notice that her hair is shorter than last time you met her, by a large margin no less. Perhaps she cut it some time ago? "Hmm, you look...familiar..." Yuka ponders as she begins to give you an examining look before adding. "Hey, what's your name? I might remember who you are if you tell me." It has been a long while since you last seen her, so perhaps she really doesn't remember you that much.

[ ] (Name him.)
>> No. 20064
Also while I'm still here, I'd like to point out that the Phase you chose at the beginning didn't really 'name' the character, just chose what PSI you have.

I know it seems kinda out of place to say that now, but I just thought I'd point that out in case someone asked/got confused or something.
>> No. 20066
[X] Dizzy. Most people just call you Diz.

Diz like if you were to try and pronounce "DS," because, you know, Mother and Mother 2 starred Ninten and Ness. So yeah.
>> No. 20067
[X] Dizzy. Most people just call you Diz.
>> No. 20068
[x] Faust
>> No. 20069
[x] Faust

>> No. 20072

We already have one of those.
>> No. 20073
[x] Kenzaki
>> No. 20074
[x] Kenzaki
>> No. 20075
[x] Kenzaki
>> No. 20076

Well, if we're going to name ourselves like that, why not use

[x] THomas.
>> No. 20077

Yes yes yes

[X] Thomas
>> No. 20078
[X] Thomas
>> No. 20079
[X] Thomas

Thomas is a very nice name.
>> No. 20080
[X] Thomas
>> No. 20081
I resign my Faust and instead vote
[X] Thomas
>> No. 20088
File 124343713816.jpg - (586.17KB , 810x1200 , 122741952941.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Thomas

"Oh right, now I remember you. You're that human's kid, right?" Yuka responded having now heard your name. You nod in response and get to your feet, feeling it's rather odd to be in this position while talking to her. "Hm, I thought so, then again how could I forget such an odd name~" At that point, you really wanted to make a little crack about her own name. Thomas is a very nice name, at least compared to 'Yuka' anyway. However, it would be best to hold off on those sort of things. For one, Yuka was going to be the one to take you in. Well, if she wanted to anyway. Besides, Yuka's rumored to be crazy strong, which, last you checked, you weren't. "So what brings you here? For the son of an acquantince, you hardly ever visit."

Telling Yuka the incident would be no trouble (so to speak) but it was the 'can I crash with you' part that had you on the fence as to if she'd really let you stay, to her you're almost a complete stranger given the fact that you hardly showed yourself to her until now. "Well, you see a while ago, yesterday to be exact, my house got blown up, don't ask why because I don't even know either, and...well-"

"Ah, I know where this is going." Yuka comments as she holds that parasol over her shoulder. Huh, so that's what she was poking you with. "You don't have a house, so you're looking at me to let you stay in mine, am I right?"

"Yeah, if it's not too much trouble anyway." You were expecting her to figure out what you were saying rather quickly. But for some reason it felt as though she let you get as many words as you did before interrupting. Well, that's nothing to be too concearned about so you explain your situation further to Yuka. "After the house was blown sky high, I couldn't find mom or dad anywhere, police told me their bodies weren't in the house nor were there any traces of their escape. They asked me who my parents were closest too and I said that 'my dad was an acquantince of you', so..."

"Fine." Yuka answered in a nonchalant and abrupt tone as she turns to walk back to where you think is her home, even though it's nowhere to be seen around here. Case in point, is there even an exit to this place?

"You mean the 'I'll take you in; Fine', or..."

"The 'I'll take you in, fine'." Yuka finished for you yet again. It appears that she's making quite the habit of this, isn't she? "Since you went and got the police involved, I suppose I have no choice but to watch out for you now~" She adds in a tone you can only think is that of teasing and/or sarcasms. Did she really care about the fact that the Police knowing about this whole situation?

...Now that you remember it, one of the officers did say something rather provacative about her...

"You poor, unfortunate soul...here's the number to the 'Funny Farm'...if she get's outta hand, do NOT hesitate to call there..."

Wait, not that one. The other one...

"Well...I won't expect her to accept you, so, in case she doesn't, here's the address to the nearest Orphanage."

Well...maybe you should keep both of them close at hand, just in case. Although the number to the 'Funny Farm', really sent chills down your spine...was there more meaning to her being called a 'Crazy Strong' youkai...more than likely there is...

"Hey are you just going to stare into space all day, or are you coming." Came the echoing voice of Yuka from afar before she starts walking further ahead of you again. "I'm going to leave you, y'know, so if you don't catch up you'll be stuck here all night~" That was...unlikely since, now that you took the time to notice, Yuka's not really that far ahead of you, in fact you could probably catch up to her by just casually walking up to her side with no change in speed. How odd, but would expect anything less from her?

Not wanting to chance the fact of being stuck here all night (and on top of that not knowing what exactly comes out at night around here), you simply walk to Yuka's side and proceed forward through the vast sea of Sunflowers. Although you can't really say you're that much of a flower person like Yuka is, you do have to admit that this type of scenery is rather picturesque and serene, something to put someone's mind at ease of all of their problems. In fact, you notice that after gazing upon the yellow field your previous headache seems to have simply disappeared.
>> No. 20089
File 124343728458.jpg - (122.55KB , 500x1000 , I need more Yuka pics.jpg ) [iqdb]
[- Mugenkan -]

The field, however, doesn't stick around for long as you and Yuka seem to pass through something which has suddenly teleported the both of you to the path leading toward a mansion up ahead. You froze for a moment and look back noticing that the sunflower field was indeed behind you further off in the distance, but you could have sworn that there was no mansion, trees or anything around during the walk. So how did...

"Hey Miss Yuka."

Your thoughts are, yet again, interrupted by the sound of another female voice, this one not belonging to Yuka at all. Looking up ahead you see a blond woman standing in the door way to a small structutre that looks to be a booth where gaurds hang out. The one thing you take not of is her odd hair style and that rather odd looking scythe that seems to have a bend in it giving it the look more of a boomerang than a scythe.

"Hello, Elly." Yuka responds casually as she passes the blonde woman by and continues forward, most likely unaware that you weren't really following.

The blond scythe wielder watches her supposed mistress walk off before she lays her eyes on you. "Eh? Who're you?" Elly inquires with a raised eyebrow. "Did...Miss Yuka bring you here or what?"

"Yeah, I'll be crashing with Yuka for a while." You answer. You were expecting her to be confused as to why you were here being this is rather sudden, but there was something more behind the words to her last sentance. You just couldn't fathom what they were...

"Huh, that's strange, normally Yuka doesn't much care for humans, let alone let them see her mansion" Elly shrugs a bit "Then again, she did say something about a certain human who she was an acquantince of...would you be that human by any chance?"

"Nah, I'm his son, Thomas" Was it really so strange for Yuka to be interested in humans? If that's the case, you beging to wonder as to how your father actually came to know her over the years. Perhaps you'll ask Yuka about it later or something. "And you're Elly right?"

"Yep, that's my name, I'm the gatekeeper to Miss Yuka's mansion for...I dunno how long now." The blonde woman responds as she takes a seat in that booth of hers and leans back in the wooden chair a bit as she continues on. "Well, introductions aside, you better get going, you may be the son of an acquantince, but that doesn't nessicarily mean Yuka will go easy on you."

"Go...easy on me?"

"Well..." Elly trails off as if trying to find the right words to a sentence, something that doesn't really make you feel all that comfortable really. "Let's just say she's a little rough...so take my advice and stay on her good side...if you can tell it apart from her normal violent tendencies that is..."

Why, do you feel as though you've made a huge mistake in coming here?

"Now scoot, or she'll lock you out." Elly advises putting your attention back on the green haired youkai that was still walking ahead of you. Oh right, you forgot she was already ahead of you, looking forward she seems a bit far off but once again you can probably catch up to her if you walk a little faster than normal. Wait a second...why was Yuka faster here than she was in the field? Honestly, this day is just full of odd mysteries and what not.

[- Mugenkan ~ Yuka's Abode -]

You manage to catch up to Yuka just as she was about to close the door behind her, although you had to speed up your pace a bit to actually get this far. "Huh, about time you showed up, I was just about to lock you out~" Why would she even do that? Oh wait, that's because she's crazy. Well that aside she let's you in nonetheless and it is then you are able to see the interior of Yuka's mansion. It's actually something you would expect from her, being the wallpaper is covered in elaborate flower like designs the carpet is also of a red plaid color matching Yuka's current attire quite well. For someone who could be classified as clinically insane, she sure knows how to decorate a house.

"Dinner will be ready in about another hour." Yuka spoke placing her parasol on the small loveseat located near the door. "So don't be late or no supper for you~" And with that Yuka heads off upstairs to do...god knows what. Leaving you to do the same. You have about an hour (tops) before dinner's up so...what do you want to do?

[ ] Take a nap, supper's not until later anyhow.
[ ] Talk to Yuka some more. (What should you talk to her about?)
[ ] Maybe talk to Elly? (What should you talk to her about?)
[ ] Explore the mansion a bit.
>> No. 20090
[ ] Explore the mansion a bit.
>> No. 20091
[ ] Explore the mansion a bit.
>> No. 20094
[x] Explore the mansion a bit.
>> No. 20095
[x] Explore the mansion a bit.

But of course.
>> No. 20098
>You manage to catch up to Yuka just as she was about to close the door behind her, although you had to speed up your pace a bit to actually get this far. "Huh, about time you showed up, I was just about to lock you out~" Why would she even do that?

I think more worrisome is the fact that you're now locked in.

[x] Maybe talk to Elly?
-[x] "Do you know how my father and Yuka became acquaintances?"
-[x] You ask because the people at the village seemed so afraid and distrustful of her, but you can't think anything bad of a person who would take in an orphan.
-[x] Explain to Elly why you're here, and what happened to your family.
-[x] Ask Elly about herself.

Seems kind of important, being the only other member of the household.
>> No. 20100
[x] Maybe talk to Elly?
-[x] "Do you know how my father and Yuka became acquaintances?"
-[x] You ask because the people at the village seemed so afraid and distrustful of her, but you can't think anything bad of a person who would take in an orphan.
-[x] Explain to Elly why you're here, and what happened to your family.
-[x] Ask Elly about herself.
>> No. 20101
[x] Maybe talk to Elly?
-[x] "Do you know how my father and Yuka became acquaintances?"
-[x] You ask because the people at the village seemed so afraid and distrustful of her, but you can't think anything bad of a person who would take in an orphan.
-[x] Explain to Elly why you're here, and what happened to your family.
-[x] Ask Elly about herself.

In before Buzz Buzz.
>> No. 20103

You mean Wriggle?
>> No. 20104
"A boy, I am not."
>> No. 20148
Wake me up when we get to Moonside.

(Yuka's been there; she knows the way.)
>> No. 20172
[x] Do as she says and simply leave.

Let's not make a scene the first day we're here.
>> No. 20173
[x] Explore the mansion a bit.

Well, you have some time before dinner's ready, about an hour, so why not have a quick look around to get the feel of your new home. The area you're within now seems to be the foyer of Yuka's mansion; the large staircase in it's center leading up to where the paths branch off to where you think the east and west sides of the house is located, you recall Yuka heading down the left way so perhaps the bedrooms were on that side of the mansion? In anycase, there's is also a door to your far right, and since it's on ethe same floor you decide to take a quick peek through there to see what's behind door number 1.

[ -Yuka's Abode ~ Dining Area- ]

Just as those words say, this seems to be the dining area of the house, the color scheme is about the same as the foyer, only the flower wallpaper is another shade of red, a dark shade to be exact, possibly crimson. As you walk inside, you began to wonder as to who will be preparing dinner, you're certain it's not Yuka, for she went else where in the mansion. Well, this IS a mansion so perhaps Yuka has a maid or something? Anyways, leaving that train of thought behind, your attention is now drawn to the rather large table set in the center of the room there are about 8 chairs total (3 on the 'long' ends, and 2 on the 'short' ends) and there seems to be a fruit basket located in the center of the table. Were they real fruit or just fakes like most people tend to put up for show?

Only one way to find out...

"NO!" You suddenly felt a sharp, stinging pain slap across your outstretched hand and, by reflex, quickly withdraw it. Wondering on where such an assault came from, your gaze floats up to what seems to be a fairy, donned in maid's attire. She didn't seem very pleased with you either.

"What was that for?" You say, demanding to know the reasons behind such an abrupt, and possibly, unnessacary action.

"You're not supposed to touch this stuff, it's bad manners!" The maid responds in a scolding manner. "And what are you doing here, dinner isn't ready yet, it's rude to be poking your head into the kitchen while people are preparing it!"

What's this fairy's malfunction? You don't recall that it's not really bad manners to touch false fruit, nor is it rude to peek in on someone when they're cooking, although the latter can be a bit unnerving to say the least if you don't like folks watching you do things. Before you can really say another word, more fairy maids come into the area, 2 carrying plates and the others carrying silverware, which means they're probably going to set the table for dinner.

"Hey, human are you listening to me?" There's the annoying voice again, although this time it's accompanied by a soft pushing on your chest as the miniture female attempts to push you away from the table, her insect like wings are beating at an unworldly speed as they attempt to give her the leverage to move the human who, supposedly, intruded into the dining area. "You're...not suppose to be here...go somewhere...else!" She's...really having a hard time with this, case in point, she's actually putting alot of effort trying to move something that's obviously bigger and heavier than she is. Still, no matter what the fairy maid did, she can't seem to move you, so that leaves your coming reactions up to...well you.

[ ] She just disrespected you, tell that fairy off!
[ ] Retaliate against the fairy to establish your place in the house.
[ ] Correct her on what she just said.
[ ] Do as she says and simply leave.
[ ] Shout for Yuka to come help you.
>> No. 20174
[ ] Do as she says and simply leave.
>> No. 20175
[X] Do as she says and simply leave.

>> No. 20189
[x] Grab her and drag her off to show her her place with the Emperor's mighty staff of piercing.
>> No. 20192
[x] Do as she says and simply leave.


>> No. 20201
[X] Do as she says and simply leave.

>> No. 20205
[x] Do as she says and simply leave.

Bet you she's cooking people.

Food better be good is all I have to say.
>> No. 20320
[x] Do as she says and simply leave.

It's best to just do as you're told and leave the area like she wants, despite how assertive she's being, this IS your first day here, so it probably wouldn't look all that good if you got in a fight with a miniture flying girl who was the size of some kind of insect. You yield to the fairy's pushing and allow yourself to step back through the doors you had first come through. Letting it seem like she's actually making progress in pushing you out. Once your outside the fairy still continues to push on your body, that is until you say something about it. "Hey...we're out side now."

"Oh, uhm..." "Now don't go poking your head in the kitchen like that again, one of us will come get you when dinner's ready, okay?"

"Fine, see you til then." You turn and part ways with the assertive maid and proceed to just head on upstairs to continue on with exploring the mansion as you were before. It's hard to tell as to how many fairies are actually employed under Yuka as maids, there could be many more of them located upstairs as there were in the kitchen. Eh, they shouldn't be as loud or bossy as the one you just enconutered, in fact, she seemed to be rather large for a fairy, being slightly bigger than the others, so perhaps their size can give some indication to their rank in the house, with Elly ranking 2nd highest as the gatekeeper and Yuka being on the very top as Mistress of the house. Yeah, that's a good assumption to make.

In anycase you climb the stairs and see that you can go down the hall that leads to the East side of the mansion or the West, but since you're closest to the East why not start down this hall first, you can go down the second one once your done here...

[ -Yuka's Abode ~ Library/Study- ]

The 1st set of doors you come to see leads you to this area, a rather large library that also appears to be a study as well.

You stop for a moment as you hear noises coming from somewhere in the library, pausing for another moment or two, you come to realize that it sounds like someone's organizing the books or something. Natrually curious on who else could be in here, you follow the faint noise to it's source, taking care to look in the aisles as you go. Eventually after reaching to the 2nd to last aisle in the library you come to see that there is someone else in here, it's a young woman, to be exact, having blonde hair and dressed in some weird witch cosplay (or at least you think it is), although you can only distinguish the hat as something a witch would wear, the apron is something that's completely new to you. However her strange attire doesn't stop you from approaching her out of curiosity, to which the stranger responds to by looking up.

"Oh, didn't realize anyone else was in here, ze." She says placing a book she was looking at into a large backpack. Huh, she seems friendly, but what's with that 'ze' at the end of her sentence?

"Me neither, what's your name, are you the librarian here?" You ask thinking that this person perhaps worked for Yuka, just like Elly does. Although your assumptions are soon proven wrong by the girl's next answer...

"Nah, I'm just the ordinary witch, Marisa Kirisame, ze." She answers with a toothy grin that puts most you've seen to shame. "Now, since I don't ever recall seeing you around, Im going to ask what your name is, ze."

"My name's, Thomas, and I don't think-"

"Hee, what a weird name, ze~" Why do people think your name's weird, hell it's the one of the more normal ones around, compared to the one's you know so far.

"My name's not weird..." You retort with a cynical look, before you realize this witch is trying to throw you off by indirectly insulting you. How clever, but not clever enough. "Wait a minute, if you're not working for Yuka then what are you even doing here, matter of fact does Yuka even know you're in here?"

"No." Marisa replied bluntly as she continues to drop more books into her back pack. "I'm just borrowing some books from her library." She adds with another grin.

"...Without asking..." You raise an eyebrow

"Yeah, isn't that what borrowing means, ze?" You really wish she'd stop with those 'ze's already, it's getting rather annoying.

"No, that's stealing." You answer still not letting her off the hook on what crime she's comitting.

"Ah, but this is a library, so you can borrow books from it regardless of who it belongs to, am I right, ze?" Ah that's...well, that is technically true, libraries do allow those who wish to borrow books to do just that so long as they return them, but for some reason you don't think this witch is going to return with Yuka's books anytime soon...if ever. Before you can really say anything else you notice the witch has slung the, now full to bursting, backpack onto her back and has now grabbed her broom. "Anyway catch ya later, Tom~" She's headed for one of the windows which, now that you look more closely, has been opened and lay waiting to let the theiving witch out scott free. You weren't sure if Elly would try to stop her (since she obviously got past her in the first place) but, you certainly have the option to now...that is if you want to. Yuka's not around, so you can just let her go and she won't know the difference...

[ ] You should probably stop her, because well, she's stealing!
[ ] Let her go, you can just tell Yuka about it later.
[ ] Let her go, but don't tell Yuka about it later.
[ ] Ask if she'd like to stay for dinner.


Yeah, sorry to keep stopping you like this again. But it saves from having to wall you with Thomas simply moving from room to room. That would be kinda boring now that I think about it.
>> No. 20325
[x] Ask if she'd like to stay for dinner.

This can only end well.
>> No. 20333
[x] Ask if she'd like to stay for dinner.
[x] If she declines, you'll have to stop her.

I was hoping we could be friends.
>> No. 20339
[x] Ask if she'd like to stay for dinner.
[x] If she declines, you'll have to stop her.
>> No. 20340
[x] Ask if she'd like to stay for dinner.
[x] If she declines, you'll have to stop her.
>> No. 20410
[x] Ask if she'd like to stay for dinner.
[x] If she declines, you'll have to stop her.

I'm guessing a Yuka route is impossible?
>> No. 20465
>I'm guessing a Yuka route is impossible?

Why are you assuming that?

We're the Ness-type. Who better to learn our equivalent of PSI Rocking/PK Love than the originator of the Master Spark?
>> No. 20582
File 124417534710.jpg - (221.49KB , 425x600 , acf70f657770be305ad5ee023b39e07e.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Ask if she'd like to stay for dinner.
[x] If she declines, you'll have to stop her.

The witch pauses in front of the open window for about a few minutes before she looks back to you, apparently not expecting you to ask if she would like to stick around for dinner. Then again, you did sorta spring it on her out of nowhere. "You want me to stay for dinner?" she echoed still looking back to you with a raised eyebrow. Was it really that strange for someone to ask her that. Well, if she's accused of theft in other homes...probably. But enough about that...

"Well, yeah, you seem like a good person..." You respond, pausing for just a moment as you add the next few words. "...Even though you were stealing."

Marisa doesn't seem all that offended by your last words, in fact she manages to crack another one those smiles of hers as you responded to her. "Well...as much as I'd like to stay for the free food, I have to say no, ze." She answers as she continues towards the open window, leaving you to question as to why she'd decline (although you have a small hunch as to why she did say no).

"Why don't you wanna stay, I...dunno what we're having, but I'm sure it's pretty good."

Marisa just shakes her head. "You said it yourself, Tom, Yuka doesn't know I'm here, I dunno if she'd like having me over if she knew I was y'know stealing from her." The witch did prove a bit of a point, most people don't usually enjoy having over uninvited company, but then again Yuka's...not like most people, so perhaps she wouldn't mind, and if Elly let her get past her there has to be some connection between Marisa and Yuka, maybe they do know each other...or maybe you're just overthinking things. In any case Marisa doesn't seem like she'll be accepting your offer so easily. "I think it's best if I make myself scarce while I still have the chance, ze."

For some reason you really wanted Marisa to stay over for dinner, you can't really explain why you feel this way, perhaps you want her as a friend? Yeah that's probably it, although having a friend who steals things is a rather questionable taste in people. Just as she is about to reach for the window you get in front of her and hold your arms out as you firmly stand your ground between her and the only exit in the library.

"Uhm...what're you doing, ze?" The witch inquired with a puzzled expression on her face.

"Stopping you." You answer bluntly still not moving from neither your position nor your defensive stance in the least. Marisa wasn't going to leave her until she said yes to your offer. "I really want you to stay for dinner, Marisa."

At first Marisa doesn't seem too impressed by your act to keep her here and attempts to simply push past you, but soon realizes that you really weren't going anywhere no matter how much she pushed and pulled on you. "Why're you so bent about this, ze?" The witch says trying to get past you so she can escape through the window.

"I...don't know, I guess I was hoping we could start off being friends..."

Marisa goes quiet upon hearing you say those words and looks away for a moment as if she were unable to find the right words to say on the matter. "Okay, I guess I could stay, since you're really not going to let me leave anyhow, ze." The witch finally answers as she rubs the back of her head. You smile at her answer and shut the window behind you, although as the window shuts you do hear Marisa suck her teeth a bit. Was she planning on high tailing it if you didn't shut the window? Maybe she was...maybe she was...

"So when's dinner?" Marisa asked "I am getting kinda hungry, now that I know I won't be goin' home for a while, ze"

"Well, Yuka said dinner would be ready in an hour so I guess, we have some time left be it's ready to eat." You answer as you look for a clock to be certain, but come up short of one, but you still feel that there's plenty of time left before dinner.

"Oh, so that's why you were roamin' around in here, ze?" Marisa questioned. "To pass the time?"

"Yeah, pretty much." You respond, moving ahead of Marisa, motioning her to follow you. "C'mon, I was just about to move on to the rest of mansion we can still explore other parts of it before dinner." For some reason you feel rather excited to have her around, not that it's a bad thing. It's good to have this sorta feeling, right? Ah, of course it is.
>> No. 20583
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The rest of the way, you and the supposed 'Ordinary witch' Marisa look around, Yuka's mansion. Although, Marisa herself claims that she's been around here before, albeit, 'a long time ago' (or so she says anyways, you have a hard time believing if this is really the case or not). Marisa often found fun out of messing with the numerous fairy maids the both of you ran into, usually telling the ones who were slacking off that Yuka was standing right behind them and laughing at how much they freak out and panic once she told them such a thing. You do feel rather bad for the fairies at first but come to laugh with the witch after, like, the 3rd time she manages to fool one of them. One thing, however, does strike you as strange, and that's the fact that you didn't see Yuka anywhere around the mansion the entire time the two of you were roaming around. It's as if she just disappeared without a trace. Something that, at first, worries you a bit, before Marisa notes that Yuka is probably asleep somewhere, she herself having heard from Elly that Yuka tends to nap often during times when she isn't out on 'errands' or admiring the flowers.

Nevertheless, the two of you seem to have a rather good time exploring the mansion, and despite the awkward foot the two of you got off on, you seem to get along well with Marisa, although you do think she could show a bit of self control at times. Eventually the both of you come to an area where you may be able to kill some time while waiting for dinner to start...

[ -Yuka's Abode ~ Recreation Room- ]

This seems to be the area in the mansion where Yuka, or her guests, can sit back, chill and basically have a bit of fun. There seems to be alot of electronic appliances in here, most of the entertainment variety, something you thought Yuka wasn't usually interested in, but you suppose that even she wants to indulge in watching TV sometimes, although the video game console was something you thought she would never play. The TV is rather large, but doesn't seem to be one of those newer televisions with the flat screen (which you are a bit disappointed in at first). You're about to check out what channel's it can get when something else calls for your attention, namely, a certain black-white witch...

"Hey Tom, lookit this." Marisa calls to you from back at the doorway. You look over and see that Marisa is staring at something, what this something is you're not sure of, but there's really only one way to figure out just what it is that has her attention. You walk over to her location, expecting to see something rather interesting...only to have your hopes of such a thing deminished by Marisa standing in front of a rather ordinary looking door. "There's something weird about this door here, ze."

"You're kidding right..." You told her in a cynical tone, obviously unimpressed by what Marisa had called you out here for. And here you were expecting something mind-blowing, like some huge trunk or something. "This is just some ol' door...nothing special."

"Really?" The witch says with a raised eyebrow before pointing to the floor. "Then what about that then, ze, I wouldn't consider that 'nothing special'."

You give her a weird look, but decide to humor her and look down as she said. However, when you do, something strange happens...for one thing, you see these weird lights glowing from underneath the door. They're rather faint, but their still visiable none the less. Stranger still, is this sudden feeling you get upon looking at those lights; a dizzy, light headed sort of feeling, almost like you've been spinning in place for an extended period of time.

"Hey, you okay?" Came the voice of Marisa which didn't seem all that clear until you shake your head a couple of times to regain what sense you apparently lost a moment a go. "You looked like you were zoning out there for a minute, ze."

"I...guess I was, huh?" You answer still rather unsure as to what happened to you, or what was even the cause. Which ever the case maybe, it certainly wasn't anything you normally experience, that's for sure. That said, you are a little curious as to what's going on behind this enigmatic door, perhaps it's something no one has ever seen before up until now? However, your rational side tells you to stay away from this door, at least until you consult Yuka about it. Something about this door...didn't seem right to you.

[ ] Go in, what's the worse that can happen.
[ ] Don't go in, you're not sure as to what's going on back there.
[ ] Let Marisa decide.

-If you decide not to go in, then what else should you do?
[ ] Play some vidjya video games~
-[ ] With Marisa?
[ ] Watch something on TV. (What would you like to watch?)
[ ] Move on elsewhere into the mansion instead.
[ ] Don't Care. (Randomly selects)
>> No. 20584
[X] Go in, what's the worse that can happen.
I'll take plot exposition for 500 Gus.
>> No. 20585
[x] Door is bad news! Do not want!
[x] Watch a bit of James Bond: GoldenEye.
[x] Humans taste a whole lot like pork. Maybe we'll have Marisa for dessert...Whoa! Where did that thought come from?
>> No. 20586
[x] Go in, what's the worst that can happen.

She'd have locked the door if there were something dangerous, since fairies & all.
>> No. 20590
[x] Door is bad news! Do not want!
[x] Watch a bit of James Bond: GoldenEye.
[x] Humans taste a whole lot like pork. Maybe we'll have Marisa for dessert...Whoa! Where did that thought come from?
>> No. 20591
or maybe the fairys just know better and it has never needed to be locked. Glowing lights and shit that mess with your head are never a good thing.
>> No. 20592
Faries are stupid as fuck, as exemplified by the cute one trying to push us away.

[x] Go in, what's the worst that can happen.
>> No. 20595
[x] Go in, what's the worst that can happen?
>> No. 20599
[x] Watch a bit of James Bond: GoldenEye.
[x] Humans taste a whole lot like pork. Maybe we'll have Marisa for dessert...Whoa! Where did that thought come from?
[x]we'll deal with the door after dinner. Its not like its going anywhere.
revised my vote then.
We should not miss dinner because a) it gives our host a bad impresion of us and b) we miss out on eating as Yuka pointed out.
Of course it could also drive us just as mad as she is and make relateing to her a hell of a lot easier.
>> No. 20605
[x] Go in, what's the worst that can happen?

Do not want cannibalism.
>> No. 20606
[X] Go in. What's the worst that could happen?

The only people eating I want to see is the kind that only involves pulling down panties.
And this isn't even that kind of story.
>> No. 20611
[X] Go in but have Marisa ready to pull your ass out if shit goes south.
>> No. 20679
>> No. 20680
[x] Door is bad news! Do not want!
[x] Watch a bit of James Bond: GoldenEye.
[x] Humans taste a whole lot like pork. Maybe we'll have Marisa for dessert...Whoa! Where did that thought come from?
>> No. 20688
x] Door is bad news! Do not want!
[x] Watch a bit of James Bond: GoldenEye.
[x] Humans taste a whole lot like pork. Maybe we'll have Marisa for dessert...Whoa! Where did that thought come from?
>> No. 20689
[X] Go in. What's the worst that could happen?
>> No. 20711
File 124457936699.png - (1.44KB , 89x150 , yume_nikki_door.png ) [iqdb]
[ ] Go in, what's the worse that can happen.

"Eh? You're actually going in there, ze?" Marisa questioned with a surprised expression on her face, apparently she wasn't expecting you to make the decision to explore whatever lies beyond this door. You dismiss that dizzy feeling as your presistant headache from before trying to come back, but now it seems to have subsided you feel there's nothing to fear. At least not yet, anyway...

You place your hand on the door's knob and look to Marisa as you tell her what you're about to do. "Marisa, if something happens...be sure to pull me out as fast as you can, alright?" You felt that you had to run that by her, although you expect her to do that sort of thing regardless if you told her to or not.

"10-4, ze." The witch nods as she gives you a bit of a thumbs up and steps back a bit to let you go through with your plan of exploring the interior of the 'room' behind this mysterious door. What in the world could be behind this door you don't know but your about to find out right here, right now. You twist the knob that you held and slowly pull the door open, the hinges creaking ominously as it opens wider with each second. You can't really see much, which is mostly due to you having your eyes closed, not wanting to be surprised by whatever it was that was behind the door. Marisa doesn't respond much to what's inside either, which is strange unless she too closed her eyes. When you feel you've opened it far enough, you open your eyes to gaze upon what lies behind the door that irked your curiosity so...



"What...what was all those lights for, just now, ze?" Marisa inquired as she looks to you, as if you knew the answer to that. Christ if you knew anything on it, matter of fact, you wanted to know the answer to that same question but found it rather pointless to ask such a thing to someone who didn't know.

"Hold on, we're just looking at from where we're standing, if we just go in, we'll be able to find out something." You explain as you step forward, tossing you mounting fear aside, and soon step across the threshold that led inside the darkness. As soon as you do...you realize something isn't right the moment you set foot in here. You look down and see...stars, floating below you. How...how is that possible? How could this door, lead to the vaccuum of space? More over, there seemed to be other things floating around in this supposed void as well, most noteably are sets of red floors that house the same pattern on Yuka's clothing; Plaid, the lot of them just seem to slowly and aimlessly float on by into the infinite expanse of this enigmatic space of reality. You also discover that those weird lights you saw earlier, belong to glowing orbs of, what you can only think are, energy. Simply put, everything about this place seemed...wrong and out of whack.

"What is it,?" Marisa calls to you, although, you can barely hear her voice from where you stood. "You alright in there, ze?"

"I...I don't know..." You mumble, speaking nothing but the truth with those words. This. None of this made sense, it was really starting to mess with your head...and your head isn't taking it too well either, just as soon as you got in here, your headache comes back full force, slamming into every corner of your mind with an unworldly force. The pain is so bad that your vision is beginning to distort and blur with each passing second.

You can hear Marisa's voice again, but it sounds as if it's too far away to hear, besides your headache is so bad you can barely hear your own thoughts, let alone form any. You want to call out to Marisa to come and pull you out but, the ache that racked your mind just too much for you to talk at the moment. You soon find yourself on your knees one hand on the side of your head from the intense pain that throbbed within it, everything around you slowly falling mute the longer you stayed within this uncanny plane of space. Soon enough, you can hear a faint voice call to you from the depths of the void...you...don't know where it's coming from, or who it belonged to, but you can tell it's there nonetheless...

"coshm jwuao..." Is what it appears to be saying to you. Whatever that meant, matter of fact how can you even comprehend that? You look up to try and find the source of the voice calling to you and notice that there's someone standing far away into the void, you can't make out who it is, but there's someone there.

[ ] Move on forward...towards whoever that is up ahead.
[ ] Stay here, your head hurts to much to do anything.
[ ] You feel tired, sleep here for now?
[ ] Screw all of this, you have to get out of here or you'll miss dinner.
>> No. 20712
[X] Screw all of this, you have to get out of here or you'll miss dinner.

>> No. 20713
[ ] Screw all of this, you have to get out of here or you'll miss dinner.
>> No. 20715
[X] Screw all of this, you have to get out of here or you'll miss dinner.
>> No. 20716
[X] Screw all of this, you have to get out of here or you'll miss dinner. You'll check it out later.
>> No. 20730
[x] Screw all of this, you have to get out of here or you'll miss dinner.

welcome to dreamside
>> No. 20943
File 124568165336.jpg - (139.58KB , 1024x768 , hyperspace.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Screw all of this, you have to get out of here or you'll miss dinner.

This is a serious 'Do Not Want' situation, and even with a headache of otherworldly proportions you know full well that you can't, and won't, stay here. With some effort, you pull your body up from the non exsistant floor below you and turn to make a run for the door way. Finally, you'll have sancturary from this mentally torturing tartarus of a dimensional space...only there's one small problem that just might prove to be a hinderance to your escape. Oh, it's nothing major or anything it just that the door is gone...

... ... ...

Wait, the door's gone!

It was right behind you a second ago, where (or rather how) could it have disappeared? Come to think of it, you did notice that Marisa's voice was getting further and further away from you, a few moments ago, you just had a hard time realizing what was truly going on with that pounding headache of yours.

You try to keep calm and not panic in this situation, but now knowing that your only means for escape from this mind raping space is pretty much gone proves to be a tempting offer to just lose it. You're eyes frantically dart to each corner, hoping to see if you can find that door anywhere nearby, but it doesn't turn up anywhere, all you can see is nothing...nothing for miles upon miles...or is it really that far off you could just be in an enclosed space no bigger than a closet space (which would be ironic).

"...Coshm jwuao..."

There's that weird voice again. Turning around you also realize that the figure in the distance appears to be moving toward you. It's...hard to tell, but you feel like you can see it inching to your position. Needless to say, this isn't a good thing as you have no idea as to what can actually live in here, or, more importantly if they're even human to begin with.

Suddenly you feel something jerk you by the collor of your shirt and pull you back. "Ack!" You choke out having your air supply suddenly cut off by this abrupt action. Then everything around you appears as if your speeding through Hyperspace or something, as streaks of light start flying past you at an untold amount of speed. You peer down below you, the speed in which you're traveling rendering you unable to turn your head, and see something coming toward you and it's coming in fast.

It looks...like a girl, with angel wings? Is she some kind of celestial being or something...or did you actually die in the closet?

However, any and all aspects of her being a girl suddenly get pitched out the window as she gets close enough to you, giving you a grin that can only be modestly described as creepy, the edges of her maw spreading almost the wibth of her entire face exposing rows upon rows of fangs that could easily rip human flesh to pieces. Her yellow eyes grow wide the pupiles within them begnning to shrink and take on an ominous glow.

"I SAID COME HERE!" She shrieks in an almost satanic tone, her maw of fangs opening impossibly wide and ready to bite down on your vulnerable body with the force of a god.

Is this...is this how you're going to die? By the hands (or rather mouth) of some girl you barely know? It's sure looks like that...

You screw your eyes shut. You can't watch...


... ... ...

... ... ...

... ... ...
>> No. 20944
File 124568189081.jpg - (137.97KB , 743x900 , 94885b113716c68781a6eb722dbd1a4a.jpg ) [iqdb]
... ... ...

... ...



Huh, What's going on?

"Hey...say something."

Are you...alive?

"Stop playing around, this isn't funny, ze."

That's...Marisa's voice. You slowly open your eyes and see that you had been laying on the witch's lap.

"Ah, you're okay." She said in a tone of relief, that same grin she gave you before returning to her face. "I was getting a little worried, you were really spazzing out in there, ze." How did you get back here, did Marisa somehow manage to pull you free of that hellish dimension? Well, it sure looks like it. Marisa goes quiet for just a moment, as if waiting for you to say something...

[ ] Tell her everything's alright. No need to worry her like that.
[ ] Ask how she was able to pull you out.
[ ] Hug her. She just saved your life...you don't know of any other way to repay her...


Also, I'm sorry for disappearing like that, I had some other things to take care of beyond the computer and such.

Should be able to update normally now.
>> No. 20945
[X] Hug her. She just saved your life...you don't know of any other way to repay her...
>> No. 20946
[X] Tell her everything's alright. No need to worry her like that.
>> No. 20947
[X] Tell her everything's alright. No need to worry her like that.
>> No. 20949
[X] Tell her everything's alright. No need to worry her like that.

Sounds like that was either Sariel, or Gengetsu.
>> No. 20955
[x] Hug her. She just saved your life...you don't know of any other way to repay her... Just 'cuz.

You don't need a reason to hug Marisa.
>> No. 20964
[X] Hug her. She just saved your life...you don't know of any other way to repay her...
>> No. 20978
>She just saved your life...you don't know of any other way to repay her...

Oh my God this is so retarded
>> No. 20979
[X] Tell her everything's alright. No need to worry her like that.
>> No. 20980

All right wise guy, instead of whining about it and doing nothing, make a write-in of your own.
>> No. 20983
[x] Hug her. She just saved your life...you don't know of any other way to repay her...

PK Love
>> No. 21043
File 124616896437.png - (399.13KB , 525x700 , 9f39cda13e9266f0ba9137801d418bb0.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Tell her everything's alright. No need to worry her like that.

Marisa gives you a smile now knowing that you're okay and that you didn't seem to have anything broken on you or the like, matter of fact that pounding headache you had earlier has all but disappeared now as well. "Ah that's good, ze." The witch commented that grin still plastered on her face, geeze she really knows how to smile. Of course, you may not be the only one to know of this. There's another pause, this one seemingly brought on with nothing for the both of you to speak of, well there is one thing left to address and that's... "So, what was it like in there?" Ah, that's it Marisa. Well, you can't say you didn't see it coming.

"It was...uhm..." You hesitate, you can picture it just fine, it's just rather difficult to explain it all to someone else. "It was...weird."

"Weird huh?" Marisa echoed looking at the still open door, the inside all but darkness now, but now you knew it was something far more sinister than that. Something that almost had you killed. "Well, I wouldn't blame you, it sounded like something real off the wall from what I was seeing."

Hold on, how did Marisa see you? From what you remember, the door had disappeared the moment before you were pulled out of that weird dimension, so there would have been no way of her seeing you dring that time. "But...the door...it disappeared."

"Huh?" The witch raised an eyebrow at your statement, her head tilting to one side slightly.

"The door disappeared from behind me when I was in there, there's no way you could have seen me" You repeat once more. "Matter of fact, I dunno how you were able to pull me out of there in the first place."

"That's weird, cuz I could see you just fine, ze." Marisa shrugged. It would appear that this matter of things didn't concearn her much. "You were just standing right in front of me not but a few feet, matter of fact. When I saw you were getting all spazzy I pulled you out."

You simply stare at Marisa, your mind put right back into the mess it was in before as you attempt to make sense of how Marisa was able to not only see you, but pull you free from a dimension that you were at first trapped within. Perhaps, the space you were in was playing with your head and making it seem like there was no way out. Hm, that seems like a valid assumption to make, at least until you learn more of what that world is and why there's even a doorway to it in Yuka's mansion to begin with. However, while you're putting these current developments in the back of your head for now, you come to hear a feminine voice chime within the room.

"Hey, nosy human!" That sounded alot like that fairy from earlier on. Which means that, "Dinner's read-!" Huh? Why'd she stop? You pull yourself up and see the fairy simply staring at the both of you her hands on her mouth as if she had uncovered something truly astonishing just by walking into the room.

"What?" You spoke with a raise eyebrow.

"Y-you have a weird woman in the house" The fairy maid says, her small hands pointing to Marisa in a accusing manner. "On top of that, you were doing something naughty with her too! I'm telling Miss Yuuka on you, this instant!"

"Hey hold on!" The witch interjected turning her full attention to the fairy. "Who are you calling weird, ze!" Huh, Marisa didn't seem all that concerned that the fairy was going to tatle on both her and yourself for some reason. Well, if she wasn't then you sure as heck would be. You have to live with her after all...

"Look, I invited her to stay for dinner tonight" You spoke up, paying Marisa's interjection no mind. "Is that okay, I dunno if Yuka would mind it or not..."

"You'll just have to see when you get down stairs." The fairy answers bluntly, her words for once not being nonsensical or just out right stupid. "Miss Yuka doesn't usually like human visitors in her mansion, but I guess since she took you in, I guess we were wrong about her."

"So I guess it's okay if I stay then, ze?"

"Didn't I just say you had to wait til' you got downstairs?" The fairy says a little annoyed that she had to repeat herself. Although her exaspiration gives way to shock as she realizes that she wasn't her to argue or anything else of the sort. "Oh no! W-we have to go, hurry up and follow me or you both will go hungry tonight."
>> No. 21045
File 124616960571.jpg - (426.55KB , 640x840 , f6ff985b0a647b057961841fc6702215.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ -Yuka's Abode ~ Foyer Area to Dining Area- ]

The walk back to the Foyer is rather quiet and doesn't take as long as you had first thought it would and by the time you get there you see that Yuka's already there waiting for you. Now that you see her, you suddenly begin to wonder as to what it is she was doing during all this time. "Ah, on time I see-" Yuka halts mid sentence as her red eyes meet with, what you think, is Marisa coming in behind you and the fairy maid. "And you've brought a guest too."

"Is it alright that I do, if it isn't then that's o-"

"It's fine, I figured she would be in here anyway." Yuka answers, once again finishing your sentance.

You look up to Yuka in confusion, mostly at the last part of her answer to you. "Wait...what?"

"Marisa isn't just an ordinary witch you know," Yuka spoke "She's a well known thief in Gensokyo; breaking into houses, stealing their books and other precious things, it's really quite annoying."

"Ah, you say it like it's a bad thing, ze." Marisa said in a tone that seemed to mirror some form of modesty. She really isn't ashamed to call herself a thief.

"Oh it's not bad thing, at least to me it's not." Yuka replied turning toward the door way to the kitchen before looking to Marisa, having a predatory glint in one of those red eyes of hers. "For if I caught you stealing from me, I'd be sure you pay 10 fold for what you stole. You don't want to be missing an arm now do you?~"

"Eh, I'd kinda like to keep'em, ze."

"I guess you would~"

Well, it looks like you may have involuntarily saved Marisa from losing her arm(s), which, now that you think of it, meant that the both of you were even as far as her saving you from that dimension goes. Wait, that reminds you, since Yuka's with you and Marisa now, you have the chance to tell her now and maybe get some information on what that place is and why it's in a house such as this anyway. Hopefully, if it wasn't an area that was meant to be kept secret, Yuka would not be too mad at you for wandering inside...

[ ] Tell Yuka about what happened now. It's important that she know of this.
[ ] Tell her after dinner, you're starving. Hmm, wonder what's for dinner~
>> No. 21046
>Yuka's Abode
>The Place Yuka Abides
>Yuka Abides

Fortune: Strange luck

>[ ] Tell Yuka about what happened now. It's important that she know of this.

"I have temporal lobe epilepsy" is a wonderful starter for dinner conversation.

>[ ] Tell her after dinner, you're starving. Hmm, wonder what's for dinner~

Tildes are probably a good sign.

...at least until you start talking in ǝsɹǝʌǝɹ.

On that note:
>[x] Tell her what's for dinner, you're starving. Hmm, wonder after dinner~

Yuka seems to be in tune with our thoughts so far. I wonder how far she'll go to entertain us. Marisa doesn't know how long we've been a resident either.

>"Oh it's not bad thing, at least to me it's not." Yuka replied turning toward the door way to the kitchen before looking to Marisa, having a predatory glint in one of those red eyes of hers. "For if I caught you stealing from me, I'd be sure you pay 10 fold for what you stole. You don't want to be missing an arm now do you?~"

It's great when your dinner comes right to your doorstep.

[x] Speak up: You'd like to start off with Grace.
[x] Then with Judy and Pamela.
[x] But give Marisa a reassuring a smile, tell her that Yuka always saves the best dish for last.
[x] But it's a surprise! Dessert will only be served if you eat everything on your plate.
[x] Dig in.

"Well, I'm afraid we ran all out of Soylent Red and Yellow yesterday..."
>> No. 21048
[X] Tell her after dinner, you're starving. Hmm, wonder what's for dinner~

The other option is neat-o dandy, but I do not like it myself.
>> No. 21058
[x] Speak up: You'd like to start off with Grace.
[x] Then with Judy and Pamela.
[x] But give Marisa a reassuring a smile, tell her that Yuka always saves the best dish for last.
[x] But it's a surprise! Dessert will only be served if you eat everything on your plate.
[x] Dig in.
>> No. 21061
[X] Tell her after dinner, you're starving. Hmm, wonder what's for dinner
>> No. 21062
[X] Tell her after dinner, you're starving. Hmm, wonder what's for dinner~
>> No. 21066
[x] Speak up: You'd like to start off with Grace.
[x] Then with Judy and Pamela.
[x] But give Marisa a reassuring a smile, tell her that Yuka always saves the best dish for last.
[x] But it's a surprise! Dessert will only be served if you eat everything on your plate.
[x] Dig in.
>> No. 21120
Huh, looks a tie. Well, I can't update with a tie going on. Anybody mind breaking it for me so I can get this show on the road.
>> No. 21121
[X] Tell her after dinner, you're starving. Hmm, wonder what's for dinner~
>> No. 21132
Hell, why not do both?
>> No. 21229
>> No. 21247
Had an appointment w/ the dentist. Updates tonight.

Also, I hate flossing.

Just might consider that~

Also will keep that in mind, just in case this happens again (the whole 'tied votes' thing that is).
>> No. 21253
File 124755615332.png - (434.63KB , 700x819 , 659dfdef9989546e2197cdf33388fbd3.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Tell her after dinner, you're starving. Hmm, wonder what's for dinner~

Ah, you can always tell her after you chow down first, it's been a long ride from your old town and you haven't had much to eat since you left home. Your stomach seems to agree with you on this matter, as well and nothing good comes of ignoring your stomach's wishes. Still there is one thing you want to know before you get ready to enter the kitchen... "So what're we having, Yuuka?" You speak up, eager to know just what it is that the fairies had been cooking up til now. The fact that the one floating nearby was the one who told you to leave until it was finished only succeeded in feeding your curiosity (but, sadly, not your stomach).

"You'll find out when we get there." Somehow you expected her to answer in that sorta fashion. Well, she is rather odd, and such a person wouldn't always give a straight answer. "Now, come, you two aren't the only ones who are hungry y'know."

"Ah, I hope it's somethin' good, ze." Marisa commented as she followed behind Yuuka only to be cut off by the rather pissed off fairy maid. "What?"

"I take offense to that!" The fairy maid chided, swiftly poking Marisa in the face with her small hands. "We fairies work hard to prepare good home cooked meals for, Miss Yuuka!" Somehow you highly doubt SHE would be the one doing the work. This fairy seems more like the one who stands behind all the chaos in the kitchen, shooting off orders from the big mouth of hers.

"Actually, half of you tend to screw up more than you do work." Yuuka pointed out before she turns to you to emphasis her point a little further. "Fairy's are quite dumb, you see." The fairy in question gives her mistress a sharp glare to which the green haired youkai simply rolls her eyes and pushes forward into the dining area. Hm, this could prove to be a rather 'eventful' dinner, to say the least...

[ -Yuka's Abode ~ Dining Area- ]

When you finally pass the threshold of the dining area, this time not having to worry about loud mouthed fairies trying to push you away, you come to see that dinner was surely something to have waited for. Although, the spread is not large or outlandish it's still looks delicious in it's own right; juicy grilled Chicken breasts (which you assume is boneless), topped with various seasonings and glazed with oil. The chicken itself is accompanied by Mashed Potatoes and a basket of freshly baked crossiants.

Yuka seems to have the same thing you're having, but it's a bit different having a more meaty selection in place of the potatoes you have. Yuka takes her seat at the far end of the table while you take yours on the other end, Marisa sits on the left side. Not wasting any time, you get ready to dig in when the voice of a certain witch catches your attention (and interrupts you long awaited chow time) "Hey, where's my plate?" Marisa questioned, looking a little offended that she didn't get anything, unlike you and Yuka who had a full course meal sitting in front of you. Well, you would be too, given the way things look.

"Oh yeah, I forgot to mention," The green haired youkai began, the tone of her voice making it seem like she didn't really forget, rather she didn't say anything on purpose. "You had to let one of the fairies know that you would be joining us for dinner, Hm I guess you'll be going without dinner tonight."

"That's playing dirty, ze!" Marisa declared "Why didn't you say anything about that before?"

"It's common sense." Yuka replied nonchalantly, taking a sip of the red wine that sat next to her meal. "Since you love to steal books most of the time, I can only guess you were in the library before Thomas found you, and since fairies don't, or can't, read, none of them would be caught dead looking around in a library of any sort."

"Ugh, whatever, I'll just ask one of them to fix me something..." Marisa remarked turning to a Fairy who seemed to be heading out the very moment she said this. "Oi, fairy, gimme what they're havin', ze!"

"Go on, eat up." Yuka says to you. "You won't get another plate if yours gets cold."

"Alright." You nod and finally start on your dinner to which you . Despite wha Elly told you, Yuka seems like a pretty good youkai to live with. Yes, she does have her moments that send an odd chill down your spine, but otherwise you feel fine living here (except for that weird space you and Marisa encountered some time ago). Perhaps it's because she was an acquantince of your father, but in anycase you feel as though that maybe...you're going to like living with her.


"Ah, that was the best grilled chicken I've had since...ever." You commented, leaning back in your chair, now having your stomach filled with such a fine tasting feast. You turn your gaze to the witch to see if hers was just as good as yours was. "How was it?"

"Eh it was okay." The witch replied with a shrug. "I think it was overcooked or something...it was kinda rubbery."

"The fairies tend to do that." Yuka spoke up.

You blink for a couple moments as you process Yuka's statement. "You mean the fairies cooked it like that...on purpose?"

Yuka nodded "Yes. Although the act is something they do of their own accord so don't blame me for it~"

"That's just messed up, ze." Marisa comments with a cynical look. "Shouldn't you do something about that, I mean it's not really all that nice to give guests food that's not cooked right."

"Noted. Anyway, you want dessert?" Yuka asks turning her attention to you.

"Dessert?" You echo with a raised eyebrow, not really expecting her to ask you something like this.

"Yes, you cleaned your plate, right, so you get dessert in return." Yuka says "On second thought, you don't have to get dessert. The last thing I need is a human kid hopped up on sugar this late in the day."

"Hey, I'm not a kid, y'know." You retort, with a frown on your face a blush of embarassment to accompany such an expression. Although, Yuka doesn't seem to change her mind on the matter...

"To me you are~" the youkai remarked in that sing song tone of hers, signafing that she was making fun of you. "Anyway, you want dessert or not? If not, then I'm off to bed."

[ ] Yes, dessert would be nice~
[ ] Yes dessert would be nice, but only if Marisa gets some too!
[ ] Hold off on dessert (for now). there's something you have to tell Yuka first.


[ ] Ah, wait til' tomorrow to tell her. Let's play with Marisa~
[ ] Ah, wait til' tomorrow to tell her. Let's play with (Auntie) Yuka~
[ ] Ah, wait til' tomorrow to tell her. Let's play with the Fairies~
[ ] Ah, wait til' tomorrow to tell her. The bed is calling you...
>> No. 21254
[X] Hold off on dessert. Not so much of a sweet tooth tonight.
[X] Ah, wait til' tomorrow to tell her. The bed is calling you...
>> No. 21255
[X] Hold off on dessert. Not so much of a sweet tooth tonight.
[X] Ah, wait til' tomorrow to tell her. Let's play with (Auntie) Yuka~

On one hand, I don't want to bug her.
On the other, I love her.

>> No. 21260
[X] Hold off on dessert. Not so much of a sweet tooth tonight.
[X] Ah, wait til' tomorrow to tell her. The bed is calling you...
>> No. 21320
[x] Hold off on dessert. Not so much of a sweet tooth tonight.
[x] Ah, wait til' tomorrow to tell her. The bed is calling you...

If going to sleep is good enough for Yuka, then it's good enough for us.
>> No. 21344
Writing now. Updates following close after. Sorry for the disappearance.
>> No. 21346

>> No. 21348
File 12481158427.png - (5.54KB , 128x128 , AwesomeYuka.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 21373
File 124832080778.jpg - (72.33KB , 500x625 , G'night youkai moe.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Hold off on dessert. Not so much of a sweet tooth tonight.

[x] Ah, wait til' tomorrow to tell her. The bed is calling you...

"Hmm, I see." Yuka voiced, rising from her seat and stretching a bit. She didn't look any more tired than any normal person would, but you can tell by the sound of her voice that sleep wasn't too far off her mind. "Well, if you don't want any then suit yourself, I'm off to sleep." She adds walking past you and heading out the doors to the foyer, where she would most likely continue straight to her room.

"Alright, g'night." You say before pausing to realize you had no idea as to where to find the room you'll be staying in. Acting quickly, and just before Yuka leaves the dining room, you call her back to her to get the low down on where you needed to go, so you too can hit the hay. "Oh wait, before you go where's my room at?"

"A door down from mine." Yuka replied just seconds before pushing past the doors, "Just look for a door with a sunflower on it and go down one, it shouldn't be that hard to miss." And with that, Yuka makes her exit, leaving you and Marisa alone. The fairy maids are busy gathering the dirty dishes for the night, most getting the job done in pairs due to their bodies being slightly smaller than the plates they had to carry. The maids are surprisingly focused on their duty and make effort to say anything to you or the witch who's now raising from her seat. Well, it's not a bad thing anyway, you don't really feel like talking to them right now, given how sluggish you feel. You can only guess that Marisa feels the same.

"Well, I suppose I should be heading home too, ze." The witch spoke with an exaggerated yawn, before she takes a quick glance at the fairies who were just leaving the area, the table now free of the dishes that once lay upon it. "Although the food wasn't all that great, I still had a pretty good time today, ze."

"See, aren't you glad you stayed for dinner?"

"Eh, I guess," Marisa said, shrugging her shoulders in a nonchalant manner. "It's been alot more eventful than other days so far, that's for sure." More than likely, she was refering to that closet fiasco that transpired sometime ago. To be honest, you really owe it to Marisa for being there. Yeah, she did point it out which indirectly led to you going in (like an idiot), but had she not been there to pull you out of there, you don't know what would've happened. Frankly...you try not to think about it that much.


With nothing else left to do in the dining room, (save for observing fairies do work) both you and Marisa took your leave and headed back to the Foyer to say goodbye to each other for the night. You would have walked Marisa back to the library but you just want to go to bed for now, having had a pretty long day as it stands...

You glance out a nearby window for a moment and see the slowly receeding light of the setting sun, it's gentle rays painting the evening sky in a radiant hue of pink and orange. You can see the coming blanket of the night washing in as well, bringing in with it the faint twinkling of the stars above. But, seeing as you're in the house you can see the sky in all it's glory. Ah, maybe if you weren't tired you would star gaze, but for now it's best to stay inside. Although, you also come to wonder if Elly will be okay out there, you've heard that alot of nasty creatures come out at night, but you remember that she's the gatekeeper to the mansion Yuka lives in so she had to be pretty strong in her own right.

"Gee, you really space out alot don't you?" Came the voice of Marisa, a chuckle following her words as she nudged you from your trance. "You sure, that closet space didn't scramble your eggs, ze~"

"Huh?" Scramble your eggs? What in god's name is that supposed to mean? Is she referring to your head...or something else. "Are...you making a lewd joke..." For some reason you felt inclined to ask. Well, it is worded like one anyway...

"Nah, not really. Gee Thomas, get your mind out of the gutter, ze." Marisa says giggling to how you mistook her joke for something perverted. Although it is rather embarrasing to find out that your mind wasn't excatly in the cleanest of places when you said that, but still, you find your self chuckling along with the witch, despite this mistake. "Anyway, I guess I'll be seein' ya."

"You mean, you're going to come back?"

"Eh, why not?" The witch replied with another nonchalant shrug of her shoulders "Yuka's library isn't as big as Patchy's but it's still worth coming back to now and then, ze." Looks like Yuka's words had some truth to them, by the way Marisa worded that last sentence she's been to another library before, or rather is a more frequent...'visitor' to 'Patchy's library than she is to Yuka's.

Although her saying this does bring things back to one forgotten detail, "...You're still going to take those books you had earlier?"

"Of course, ze" Marisa answered as if it were the easiest question in the world to answer. Which to her, it probably was. "I have an awesome stash, so why would I just leave'em?"

"Because Yuka would kill you if you didn't." Truth in many ways, I suppose.

"Ara, she'll have to catch me first, ze~" Marisa laughs for a moment giving you a gesture which would most likely fall under 'Ah, don't worry about it' category. How can she be so lax towards everything, especially someone who she knows can kill her 3 ways before she hits the ground. "Wait...you're not planning on ratting me out are you?" Marisa ventured "I mean, it won't really matter if you do, 'cause I can hold my own against ol' Flower Power upstairs...but still..." Yeah, from the way she was wording her sentence she could hold her own, but you can only assume it's the principle of 'snitching' that matters the most here (which is something that puzzles you, but let's not get into that just yet). Still, Marisa would ask you a question like this without a good reason...right?

[ ] Ah, it's just a couple books, what's the harm in that?
[ ] She was a guest in Yuka's home and she's still going to steal from her? Unacceptable!
[ ] Only if she does something for you in return~ (What would you want Marisa to do?)


Also, sorry for cutting it off like this (...and keeping you waiting), but I don't want to bore my readers with walls, so I feel it's best to do this so I don't...well, bore you.
>> No. 21374
[X] She was a guest in Yuka's home and she's still going to steal from her? Unacceptable!

People who steal books...
I can't forgive them.

I just can't.
>> No. 21390
[x] This is a library, so that means it's a place for lending out books, right? Find a piece of paper and jot down the titles, date, and name of borrower.
- [x] A month should be long enough for each book, and if not, she just has to come by for dinner every 30 days until she's done.
- [x] A maximum of 3 books out at any time should tide her over. If she finishes one quickly, she can return it for a new one. And assuming this works well, you can always increase the number alotted.
-[x] Of course, she can read any number of books while she's here. You'll shelve them for her.
-[x] It might be interesting to know what she's been reading anyway, since you're her new friend right?

Here's something you can do to actively participate in the household. You can be Yuka's librarian. This isn't an unreasonable suggestion.

Since it'll our responsibility, Yuka will be angry with us if Marisa steals something. And if Marisa does steal knowing we'll get in trouble, we'll know she's not a friend worth having.

Additionally, I'm hoping our protagonist can eventually pick up some magic by reading the books as she returns them.
>> No. 21391
[x] This is a library, so that means it's a place for lending out books, right? Find a piece of paper and jot down the titles, date, and name of borrower.
- [x] A month should be long enough for each book, and if not, she just has to come by for dinner every 30 days until she's done.
- [x] A maximum of 3 books out at any time should tide her over. If she finishes one quickly, she can return it for a new one. And assuming this works well, you can always increase the number alotted.
-[x] Of course, she can read any number of books while she's here. You'll shelve them for her.

This is business, not friendship.
>> No. 21394
[x] This is a library, so that means it's a place for lending out books, right? Find a piece of paper and jot down the titles, date, and name of borrower.
- [x] A month should be long enough for each book, and if not, she just has to come by for dinner every 30 days until she's done.
- [x] A maximum of 3 books out at any time should tide her over. If she finishes one quickly, she can return it for a new one. And assuming this works well, you can always increase the number alotted.
-[x] Of course, she can read any number of books while she's here. You'll shelve them for her.
-[x] It might be interesting to know what she's been reading anyway, since you're her new friend right?
>> No. 21425
Looks like this is as far as votes'll go. So writing now.
>> No. 21429

>> No. 21462
File 124892949853.png - (77.52KB , 294x264 , I'm just using anything now.png ) [iqdb]
[x] This is a library, so that means it's a place for lending out books, right? Find a piece of paper and jot down the titles, date, and name of borrower.
- [x] A month should be long enough for each book, and if not, she just has to come by for dinner every 30 days until she's done.
- [x] A maximum of 3 books out at any time should tide her over. If she finishes one quickly, she can return it for a new one. And assuming this works well, you can always increase the number alotted.
-[x] Of course, she can read any number of books while she's here. You'll shelve them for her.
-[x] It might be interesting to know what she's been reading anyway, since you're her new friend right?

"Eh, you want pen and paper?" Marisa questioned as she looks to you with an equally puzzled expression. "What for?"

"I need to write something down." You answer, which is easily the first thing one would expect when asked for pen and paper. Apparently, this didn't seem to apply to Marisa. How strange...

"Well, I didn't bring any with me, but there's probably some in the library," The witch voiced, gesturing up the stairs as she turned and readied herself to bound on up them. "C'mon we'll go there together since I'm going that way as it is." Eh, why not, this shouldn't take long anyway.


[ -Yuka's Abode ~ Library/Study- ]

The mansion has gotten really quiet after dinner, that is one thing that you notice on your way to the library. There are practically no fairies out at all, and the air has this weird feeling to it. It's nothing really bad per se, it...just gives you an odd feeling is all. But, considering this mansion has a door to another dimension in it, you're not entirely surprised about this feeling. Heck, the reason you feel this way could be tied directly to that weird dimension itself. Who knows, you sure didn't.

All that to the side, you and the witch arrive at the library in no time, the starlight from outside being the only means of illumination in the darkened library. You feel around on the wall and pluck the light switch on to shed some more light into the room so you can search for some pen and paper. "Ah, there's some," "Over there on that desk." Just as she said, there's a stack of lined notebook paper on a desk located in between a shelf of books, complete with an ink pen as well. Score~

Making your way over to the desk, you check to see if the ink pen laying on the stack of notebook paper still has ink and, to your , it does seem to have some left in it. "Alright I want you to tell which books you're taking with you out the mansion." You say glancing back to Marisa who only raises an eyebrow to your statement.


"This is a library," You point out, matter of factly. "So, that means it's a place for checking out books."

It's at that point that Marisa seems to get where your coming from and, as you would expect, didn't seem all that excited about where things were going. Well, can you blame her, she's used to stealing books rather than actually borrowing them. So her bringing them back is going to be tedious to enforce, of course, you have something to remedy that. You may be young, but you have a sharp mind on you.

"Well, okay..." Marisa mumbled as she tead over to her overstuffed bag and tugged it over to where you stood. Marisa then turns the bloated bag over and dumps out the multitude of books she had originally stuffed into it, the torrent of books and pages that pour out of the bags mouth, is what helps you realize that you may have to do something about this. Keeping track of all of those books could be a bit taxing in it's own right. So while Marisa is hoisting her bag back over her shoulder, you devise a plan...

"How about you borrow just three books instead," You suggest, grabbing the witches attention once more. "And have them all back, say...a month?"

"Just three?" Marisa said a hint of a gasp in her voice, apparently not paying attention to the fact that she could have them in her possesion for a month's time. "But, I have to read alot to get batter at magic, ze."

"Don't worry, if you finish one faster than you thought you can return it in exchange for a new one." You reassure the witch, trying not to roll your eyes to her concearn on how many books she was allowed to check out. "I can also have you check out more of them too, IF this works out. Meaning you actually return the books you borrow."

Marisa goes quiet as she appears to be pondering on what she wishes to say in response to this. "And you say I can check out more, right?"

"IF you promise not to steal them and bring back the ones you borrow on time." You reply, still holding firm to your newly enstated library policy. You hope Yuka doesn't mind you taking charge of this area of the mansion. You feel that since your friends with a witch who steals books, it's your responsibility to kep an eye on her so she doens't sneak any away with any precious things from this library.

>> No. 21465
File 124892999697.jpg - (155.85KB , 577x640 , bed41424b09dd99f4e2ad8bd57d5c276.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Ah, alright," Marisa answered after another moment of silence. "You drive a hard bargain, but you have yourself a deal, ze."

"Good," You give the witch a smile before turning back to your paper and ready yourself to write down the books Marisa will be checking out tonight. "Now, which books are you going to be taking out with you?"

"Uhm..." The blonde witch looks down to her pile of books and begins to rummage through them, looking for the three she had wanted the most out of the bunch. Eventually, Marisa stacks three books of her choice on the desk although she looks to be unsure if she made the right choice. "I guess these three, ze?"

"Alright, lemme just write those down for you..." You nod and jot down the names of all three of the books Marisa wished to check out. One was adeptly named Phantasmal Mushrooms: 1,000 uses of a magical fungi, another was called Advanced Hakkero Mechanics for (9)s, and the last book seemed to be an encyclapedia for mushrooms as it is named Kinoko Gari Handbook: 5th Edition. You don't really pay much mind as to why such a selection of books were even in Yuka's library, she's an odd woman in her own right so perhaps she likes to read books of the same nature. "There, all done~" "Be sure to have'em back at or before a month's end and you're always welcome to read more if you come by for dinner."

"Heh I knew it, ze." Marisa chuckled as she placed the books in her bag.

"Knew what?"

"You want an excuse for me to keep coming over for dinner don't you, ze?" Ah, that's partly true yes, but there is another reason behind this...

"Maybe," You reply in a coy tone. "Although, I'm mostly doing this so I can have a way to pitch in around the house."

"Ah, makin' sure Yuka doesn't kick you out for being useless, eh?"

"Eh, you can say that." Given Yuka's personality, you don't think she would just, 'kick you out' if you did prove to be nothing but nigh useless. Although, you try not to think about that as a whole, for the imagery your mind is able to manifest is...rather unpleasent. "Anyway, see you in a month, or less, and thanks for coming over." You add waving good bye to Marisa.

"Catch ya later, Tom~" Marisa voiced making her way over to her broomstick as she prepares to launch herself out the window. Truth be told, this will be the first time you've seen such a thing. "Oh, and good luck with, Yuka, ze~" Before she flies off though, you can here the witch mutter 'You're gonna need it.' before she rockets out of the open window. You walk up to the window to close it and watch as Marisa goes off soaring into the nightly horizon, a trail of (what you think is) stardust sparkling behind her. Hm, now that you've seen it, you wonder if one day Marisa would give you a ride on her broom, it seems like fun~

But for now, you're pretty bushed and nothing seems better than to hit the sack for tonight and get ready for what tomorrow's gonna throw at you. So with nothing left to do here (at least for a month anyway) you take your leave and turn off the lights....


[ -Yuka's Abode ~ Your Room- ]

Following Yuka's directions from earlier on, you managed to come to what you believe is the guest bedroom of the mansion, and easily figure that this will be the room you'll be staying in while you live alongside Yuka. It's not a bad room to be staying in to be honest; it's decently sized, well furnished . The only thing you don't seem to fancy that much is flower motif, but tonight it's not much of a problem as you're too tired to really care. With no real pajamas for tonight (or the drive to find any) you decide you should just sleep in your underclothes for tonight and shower the next morning to freshen up. Yeah, seems like a plan.

You peel off your shirt and jeans, placing them on the back of the chair located at the desk and then slink into the comfortable sheets of the bed, your mind instantly welcoming the warm embrace of sandman...

(What do you dream about?)
[ ] ??????


Yeah, dream sequence. Plug in any random scenerio and I'll write it. Eh, I think it will be fairly amusing to see what you come up with. DS' don't have to pretain to the main story as a whole, but if their interesting enough, well some just might~
>> No. 21466
[x] The Adventures of Marishroom, The Magical Mushroom Hunter.
>> No. 21467
[x] Explore Yuka's Abode ~ Dreamside.
>> No. 21469
[X] You are a butler. The best goddamn butler in the world serving Yuka.
>> No. 21475
[x] Yuka's Amazing Singing Sunflowers.
>> No. 21476
[X] You are a butler. The best goddamn butler in the world serving Yuka
>> No. 21505
[X] Welcome to Moonside. Wel come to moo nsi ns dem oons ide.
>> No. 21533
Butler dream called. Writing now.

However, things in life are getting a little hectic, so the initial update may take awhile to post.

Stay frosty, private. I'll try to get it up as soon as I can.
>> No. 21619
File 124980021572.jpg - (479.18KB , 800x914 , The best usually have to do things themselves....jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] You are a butler. The best goddamn butler in the world serving Yuka.

Just as you welcome the darkness of sleep, your mind soon pulls you into the chimerical world of your inner most subconcious. The place where your dreams and fantasies are given form and you can finally walk amoungst them while your body lay at rest for a new day. You soon open your eyes and find yourself in a room that was most likely apart of Yuka's mansion, the color and pattern motif of the wallpaper pretty much a dead give away to that aspect. The room in general's fairly larger than you remember most of the rooms you've been in and behind you are fairly larger windows that give you a glimpse of the vast sea of colorful flowers that stretched on into the horizon. Although, that's not the only thing that's different here, your attire is a litte different as well. For starters it looks...really nice...and expensive; an elegant black suit, with pants to match in color, and a white dress shirt adorned with a crimson tie bearing a marking that could be seen as small sunflower like symbol. You also notice you're wearing something on your left eye. You take it off and come to see that it's nothing short of a monocle.

Well, fancy eyewear aside, you have another look around and see Yuka sitting at a small table, having a cup of tea as she stares out of one of the large windows, more than likely admiring the absolutely beautiful day and the vivacious rainbow of flowers that were before her. "Hm, It's a nice day, wouldn't you say, Thomas?" Yuka pointed out taking a sip of tea whilst she glanced over to you.

"That it is, Miss Kazami." You replied in a formal tone you thought you never had. Well, being a butler must do that to you. "A most beautiful day, indeed."

"You can just call me Yuka, y'know~" The youkai chuckled taking another sip of tea before continuing. "You maybe my one and only butler, but I think we've known each other long enough for you to call me by name."

"Ah, but a butler must always remain formal to their master," You reply, pouring the youkai another cup of tea as she holds out her cup. "It's how we show our unshakeable loyalty and devotion towards them."

"Hm, True..." Yuka shrugs as she stands and begins to take her leave of the room, her hand grabbing the parasol by the seat as she goes, leaving you to take the tea set with the both of you on the silver tray you held in your arms. "Let's say we go outside and enjoy this nice weather, come along Thomas~"

"As you wish, Miss Kazami."

"You're so uptight, Thomas." Yuka said in a mocking tone, before she goes quiet for a moment. "But, I suppose that's why you're one of my best, and only, servants."


On your way outside, you come to notice that Yuka's words are actually true, for there are absolutely no fairy maids or otherwise roaming the hallways of the mansion, also the halls and such are remakably clean and organized every article of furniture looks to have been polished and dusted many times over. Did you do all of that? Well, there's no one else here so you had to be the one doing all the work around here. On that note, one has to wonder though, since you're the only one serving Yuka where does this leave Elly, the mansion's gatekeeper?

The answer to this will soon be revealed as you balance the silver tray on one hand and open the door for Yuka, your wandering eyes taking in the florishing visage of the mansion's courtyard. The path leading from the front door is adorned with many different flowers, all look to be exotic, while Elly's 'house' (for a lack of a better term) is nowhere to be seen. Normally, one would be able to see it from where you stood, but instead all you can see now is a rather large patch of tulips that now replaces the area in which Elly once lived. So, did Yuka get rid of Elly because of how great of a butler you were?

"Ah look there, a flock of Ellys are out today." Yuka observed as she motioned to a nearby tree letting your eyes feast upon a rather surreal image of a flock of birds with red plumage, a white underbelly...and a miniture version of Elly's head replacing that of a normal bird's head, complete with blonde drill hair and her usual hat. Although, her scythe is all but gone now, which is understandable, seeing as to how birds can't use them anyway...or can they?

"Tweety-tweet, tweety-tweet~" The 'Ellybirds' sung in a cheerful and upbeat tone as each of their heads tilting this way and that in a rythmatic motion. This very motion of the head is the closest thing to 'dancing' you think a bird could actually do. For a moment, the melodious flock of Ellybirds remain in the tree for a before one of them supposedly spots you and Yuka walking along the path that lead to the field and swoops down from her perch to join you. "Mornin' Yuuka, tweety~" Ellybird chimed in as she came to roost on your shoulder. "Going to the field again, tweety~"

"That we are," Yuka answered simply, her gaze turning to the Ellybird roosting your shoulder "Do you plan on joining us, Elly?"

"I would if I could, but we have to race in go-karts today." The Ellybird answered, her head turning to the trees around you and she lets out a shrill bird call to her comrades as she starts flying toward the sky above. "C'mon Ellys! let's go before they start, tweety~" She exclaimed and with those very words an immensly thick swarm of Ellybirds begin flying out from the many trees that surround the mansion, the once quiet atmosphere soon becomes saturated with nothing but the beats of wings and the constant 'tweety-tweet' call that you're sure echoes far beyond the mansion and the field itself. The epic flock soars into the air high enough to blot out the sun, however the flock of birds don't move and simply sit there blanketing the area in an ominous shadow.

You pause and glance to Yuka who doesn't seem to enjoy them just sitting up there and, supposedly, sunbathing in mid-flight. "Thomas." She says sternly, her red eyes still fixated on the avian powered blotch in the sky that was quickly growing well beyond that of normal proportions. "Move them. They're blocking the sunlight for my flowers."

"As you wish, Miss Kazami." Yuka's wish is your command, that is the way of the butler (or any other servant for that matter), even though the Ellybird Skyblanket has now grown to sizes that even a jet airplane could not budge without encountering problems, you will still do whatever it takes to make any of Yuka's demands a reality. Such is your duty as the best butlers in the world.

Balancing the silver tray on one hand, you glance up at the bird flock above and make your first move against them, by crouching down and rocketing yourself upward in a leap that can only be described as mighty. As your body flies upward at god knows what speed, you begin to notice something strange with the enormous flock, it's becoming more...amorphous, more unified.
>> No. 21620
File 124980064998.jpg - (159.92KB , 1024x768 , I don't even.jpg ) [iqdb]
Suddenly in one quick motion, the flock takes shape into one single entity, it's sheer size alone far bigger than anything you had ever laid eyes on, and a quick glance downward can tell you that the size of it streatches far beyond that of the Kazami Mansion onward, the ominous shadow it cast blanketing the entire area in a sea of darkness. You definetly had your work cut out for you here, but did that stop you from moving forward? Not at all. Yuka wanted this thing gone, and you'll make sure this request is fulfilled, no matter what this thing is becoming or what it will bring down upon you. It is your duty as butler...no, it's your duty as the BEST butler to get rid of it.

The true form of the, at first shapeless, entity soon comes into full form revealing a grotesque abomination that dares call it self a bird and a human; A harpy as some would call it. In fact, it looks an awful lot like that angel girl you saw before back in that weird dimensional space.

"!!ErEh EmOc, tHgIr TaHt'S" The beastly angel shrieked in a near demonic tone that thunders through the heavens, her immense wingspan spreading wide as you flew forward to challenge her, the immensity of her maniacally grinning face alone taking up your line of vision.

Not losing a single shred of momentum, you bring your leg up to your body and turn it towarda your opponent's face. Then, like that of a pilebunker, your foot slams square into the nose of the harpy, a low booming sound resonating from the sheer force of the impact. As your foot sinks into her skin, a faint snap and crackling coming from the spot you attacked, you attack with your other foot and kick her a second time, thi s time even harder, this time a trail of blood comes spurting forth from her, now broken, nose as she is thrown back a good 5 feet froom your tremendously powerful kicks.

You glance behind you and see that gravity is starting to take it's natrual effect on you in pulling your body back down to earth. Unfortunately, that harpy isn't quite done yet, and she begans to come down on your from above, her features simply seething of anger and murder. Hmph, you weren't done either, and while your assualt on her earlier was pretty powerful, you'll need to unleash something else...something arcane...something phenomenal.

As you fall back to earth you close your eyes and relax yourself, drowning out all earthly noise and distracitons. You chant a single phrase under your breath, and bring your free hand out in front of you and into the open maw of the harpy that threatened to eat you alive. Without any other warning, your erect hands give way to a beam that puts all others to shame, it's size just enough to take out the head and thensome of the harpy that was going to have her vengence for you kicking her in the nose.

The harpy lets out a weird grunt of surprise as she takens in the sight of your attack and tries to swerve to dodge it. Unfortunately, the speed she was going isn't enough to escape your beam of death as it nailed it's target spot on and engulfed her upper body into a rushing world of photoelectronic energy. You don't know how far up the beam goes, but your certain that it has already pierced the heavens and can now be seen from the infinite void of space.

When all is done, and your devastating beam disappates, nothing remains of your enemy save for a body that now had a of Marisa in the shape of grilled chicken come spurting from the area where her head would be. The decapitated body convulses for several minutes before exploding into a could of Grilled Chicken Marisa that screams "Books, ze!"

"Hm, not bad." Yuka comments as you return to the earth, silver tray still in hand and the fragile china set falling perfectly in place on the tray you balanced in one hand. One would be in awe at the fact that you managed to defeat such a large monster and land perfectly without spilling a single drop of tea, however, when you're the best butler there is, such things are only routine. Although, Yuka seems a little nonchalant about your accomplishment, you can tell that she's quite pleased with your performance. A servant knows his mistress, after all.

"I do what I can, Miss Kazami." You reply with a bow and see that she's heading forward toward the field ahead.

"Well, if we're done here, let's keep moving before you wake up~"

Huh? What did she mean by that?

"I-I'm sorry?" You say with a puzzled look on your face. "I...didn't quite catch that, Miss Kazami."

"Let's keep moving before you wake up." Yuka repeats only this time her next words are barely audible and the world around you slowly begins to lose focus as your conciousness comes back to you, letting you know that everything that just occured was all but an illusion of the psyche...
>> No. 21621
File 124980104811.jpg - (73.89KB , 560x560 , G'morning youkai moe.jpg ) [iqdb]


The sound of someone calling to you and knocking, or rather banging, on the wooden door to your room comes ringing into your ear as your brain shuts itself out of dream mode and into a haze of waking sleep, your eyes half open and your vision still kinda blurry. You pull yourself up and rub the sleep from your eyes before glancing over to the window and see that your room is being bathed in the warm morning rays of the rising sun. You must say...you haven't slept this well since...ever.

"Thomas, wake up."

Ah, that's Yuka's voice, best not to keep her waiting. "C-coming!" You spoke up as you quickly pull yourself from the bed and open the door, the image of a fully dressed Yuka standing in the doorway and waiting. You would have at least expected to see her in hr night clothes too, or was she awake far earlier than you were?

"Ah, finally awake I see. You sleep like a log, you know." Well, that's only because she kinda woke you up on her own. "I just came by to let you know that breakfast will be ready in about 15 or so minutes, so don't be late or you won't eat." Looks like the same thing applies here as it did for dinner, although the time margin is far shorter than it was last time. Was she doing this on purpose, or did it really not take that long to prepare breakfast. "Oh, and take a shower. You smell." And with that she turns and walks down the plaid hallways leaving you to your own devices and tasks for the morning. Hey, wait she didn't tell you where the bathroom was. How were you going to freshen up if you didn't know where to go to do so.

[ ] Look for it yourself.
[ ] Find a fairy to guide you.
[ ] Go back get Yuka.


Only one of these options takes the shortest amount of time to do. So, basically choose the option that takes the least amount of time to do and you'll get to eat. Simple as that.
>> No. 21622
[x] Look for it yourself.

Random Demonic angel encounter~
>> No. 21623
[ ] Find a fairy to guide you.

I think this would be the quickest way (you're sooner to find a fairy than Yuuka or the bathroom)
>> No. 21624
[x] Look for it yourself.
>> No. 21626
[x] Go back get Yuka.
>> No. 21627
[x] Look for it yourself.
>> No. 21633
[x] Find a fairy to guide you.
>> No. 21649
[x] Look for it yourself.

Yeah, you think you can find it all on your own, you haven't seen any fairies around nearby, and Yuka's long gone now (probably already somewhere else at the moment), so it would be best to rely on yourself for this sort of thing. Besides maybe Yuka will see you as more independent when she sees that you know your way around her house on yor first time being here...that or she'll just say 'you got lucky', which, now that you think of it, would be the first thing that comes out her mouth once she hears of that sort of thing. Oh well, less day dream, more washroom finding!

You quickly dart back into your room, scoop up your old clothes and run into the hallway. It's a race against time, and there was no room for slowpokes in this race. Well, there never is, unless you count that story of the rabbit and the turtle and the moral to that story didn't sit well with the current situation you were in. Alright, time to put somethings into a logical prespective, if the bedrooms were here on the 2nd story then no doubt that bathrooms were near by, it's usually common to have bathrooms near a set of bedrooms as a means of easy and swift access in case of 'emergencies'. Now the only problem is, which way should you go? Right goes toward the foyer and the library. Left however...was uncharted territory, so to speak and being you saw no such bathroom when going to the right last time, you can only assume

"Left it is then..." You turn on your heels and make a run for it down the halls, only to slow down and stop once you realize one tiny detail that put a huge monkey wrench in your plans of finding the bathroom. There were doors...alot of doors to be exact. None of them looked labled, save for some that harboured some form of flower like symbol. Other than that, if the bathroom was one of these doors then a guest could easily walk past it, and wouldn't even know until someone (most likely a fairy) told them otherwise.

Maybe, you should have gone and got a fairy instead, despite them not being around here at the moment, there were probably some downstairs. Well, you're on your own now, so might as well make the best of it and find the bathroom on your own...

[ ] Check the door holding the Rose
[ ] Check the door holding the Azalea
[ ] Check the door holding the Lily
[ ] Check the door holding the Violet
[ ] Check the door holding the Carnation
[ ] Check the door holding the Wildflower
[ ] Give up, go find a fairy instead
[ ] Give up, go find Yuka instead
[ ] Give up, go check the right side of the mansion again, maybe you missed it or something...


You can check the doors multiple times so be sure to keep track of which doors you entered. Also only one door leads to the bathroom.
>> No. 21650
[x] Check the door holding the Lily
>> No. 21652
[x] Focus your mind...one of these doors has got to be it.
[x] Check the door holding the Lily.
>> No. 21653
[x] Focus your mind...one of these doors has got to be it.
[x] Check the door holding the Lily.
>> No. 21656
[x] Focus your mind...one of these doors has got to be it.
[x] Check the door holding the Lily.
>> No. 21706
Hmm. Looks like this is as far as voting will go. Writing now.
>> No. 21707

>> No. 21727
[x] Focus your mind...one of these doors has got to be it.
[x] Check the door holding the Lily.

Let's not get psyched out by the sheer amount of doorways and possibilities to get lost, the moment that occurs is the moment you lose the race. The time constraints are also something to relax yourself about. Yes, you only had 15 minutes to get washed up and be down in time to eat, but 15 minutes is not the same as 15 seconds. You can make the time even if you do go at a steady pace (just try not to go too steady).

You take a deep breath and focus, taking your mind away from physical distractions and placing it on your task at hand. One of these doors has to lead to the bathroom, and you think it may have something to do with the symbols each door bears. Let's see, which flower would represent a bathroom. Well, let's try to rule out bathroom and find a more general term that associates with a bathroom; Water. Yes, all flowers need water, it's the rule of nature itself, but there has to be at least one flower that represents the concept of water itself.

You've been told that the Lily was said to represent water at times, there were a few other flowers that fall under the same category as well, but none of them were present on any doors. With that in mind, why not check behind the door that carries the Lily? After considering everything you thought before, that has to be the right door, or at least, the first one you should check.

Never the less, you make your way over to the door in question and push it open to find that you were indeed right; behind the 'Lily door' is the bathroom to the mansion and a rather spacious one it is at that. The flower motif still stands strong here, although the plaid seems to be gone now, the wallpaper is a soothing shade of sky blue with (surprise surprise) Lily designs adorning them.

Well, fancy washroom or no, you haven't forgotten as to why you're here and what you need to do (a quick sniff under your arms can quickly remind you of that), so let's not pussyfoot around and get down to cleaning ourselves off for the morning, you're still under a time limit after all.

You turn on the shower, adjusting the tempreture of the water to about medium warm (don't want it getting too hot) before finding a blue towel in the lenin closet and placing your folded clothing on the sink to get back to later. You don't really have any spare clothes with you, so you'll have to find away to buy another set later once you get the chance (you might be able to do it today, if Yuka feels like heading out into town). For now though you slip off your under clothes and hop on into the, now warmed up, shower.

As you come to clean yourself off you use the limited amount of spare time to reflect on what has happened so far; for starters that 'other world' is what really bothers you most about staying here with Yuka. You're still not sure as to how it's even able to exist here or why it does, all you know is that it's not for anyone that's normal that's for sure. You also recall that you were going to tell Yuka about how you and Marisa came across it yesterday, so perhaps some answers as to what that place is will be given to you. Even so, there's still that weird angel like girl whom you encountered there...you can't say that she wasn't real, but she felt...alot more vivid than just any ordinary hallucination. Plus there was the fact that she appeared in your dreams...

Wait, now that you think of it, you did notice something familiar about that bird...thing that you dreamed about last night. There was probably a connection between the angel girl and the bird monster, but with no real way to see if this was actually true, you really have no way of knowing for sure. Unless you ask her in person, which is pretty much an insane errand in it's own right. For god sake, the woman tried to eat you the first time you two met...

Now for something less heavy; you're 'job' as a Librarian, you don't think Marisa will finish a book today, or tomorrow even, (the three she checked out looked rather thick, now that you remember), but you still needed to make sure that the black-white witch actually abides by the agreement you made with her. Maybe if you had her address you could remind her, but then again...you don't want to be an annoyance to her. She was your friend after all...but those who steal from you with full understanding that you'll get in trouble aren't really your friends...let's hope Marisa actually plans on following through on her end of the bargain.

And then there's Yuka, the owner of the mansion you now live in. There are still somethings about her that you don't know of, like how she and your father came to be acquantinces (your father never actually told you the details on how they met, so maybe it's a good idea to ask Yuka). Otherwise, Yuka is a rather...interesting youkai to be around, despite her reputation for being dangerously insane and violent...you can't help but a little feel safe when you're around her, probably because you think that if someone messes with you, Yuka will most likely step in and do something about it...something that could seriously maim the one bothering you. However, Yuka also seemed like she wanted you to be more independent, and self reliant, what with the way she often leaves you to your own devices and thoughts.

Elly also seemed like someone to get acquainted with as well, despite working for a powerful youkai, she seems rather laid back, maybe when you had time you could sit down and talk with her a bit too.

In anycase, let's focus on cleaning ourselves off for the day...
>> No. 21728
File 12502795919.jpg - (123.43KB , 500x500 , dfeac81b453f4b297036e2715cbfecd1.jpg ) [iqdb]
When you feel that you've washed every inch that needed to be attended to, you turn off the water and swiftly grab your towel to dry yourself off. You notice that you're not cold like your normally would have been upon turning off the shower water, in fact you feel as though you . How odd. Still, it's best to dry yourself off regardless, don't want to be dripping water all over Yuka's floor. Drying off takes little time and once you finish with that you grab your clothes and head back to your room to see how much time you had left...hopefully there's still some time left...

[ -Yuka's Abode ~ Your Room- ]

Yuka woke you up at about 7 or so and when you glance at the digital clock by your bed you see that you had at least 3 minutes left to get down stairs. That's good news seeing as to how you thought you wouldn't be able to shower and get dressed in time for breakfast. However as you're about to put on your old clothes you spy something on the desk by the door, walking over to it, it seems to be a note written by Yuka. Hm herhandwriting is really good especially since it's written in cursive. Is it okay to chuckle at the fact that Yuka dots her 'i's with small flowers?


I noticed that you didn't bring any clothes with you when you got here,
so I took it upon myself to get you a few more.
You can find them in the closet across from your bed.
Oh, and if you're reading this now, that means you have
about a minute left before breakfast.
Don't be late~


Glancing back at the clock you notice that she's indeed right, and you have at least 1 minute left before breakfast. You quickly open the closet and see that, there were indeed more sets clothes (about 7) inside and most looked to be your size as well, how Yuka managed to buy these in so little time is questionable but right now you don't care and grab the nearest set of clothes you can get your hands on.

[ -Yuka's Abode ~ Foyer Area to Dining Area- ]

You rush down the hallways, past several fairies who laid you out for running in the hallways and managed to reach the foyer just in time to see Yuka about to leave.

"Did...I make it?..." You panted as you walk down the stairway toward Yuka who was checking her pocketwatch to give you a clear verdict on your question.

"By...30 seconds, yes." The youkai replied truthfully slipping the watch back into her vest from wence it came and coming to look you over for a moment. "Oh I didn't know you were a fan of Plaid, Thomas."

"Eh? Plaid?"

"That's what you're wearing now, isn't it." Yuka remarked pointing your attention to your attire which was indeed of the plaid variety, in fact it's somewhat similar to Yuka's if only by the blue coloring it has and the fact that your pants are denim rather than matching the color and pattern of your shirt. "To be honest, I picked that out myself, the rest of the clothes were designed with just inverted colors of the original."

[ ] You really appreciate what Yuka did for you. Give her your thanks for the outfit and maybe compliment it as well.
[ ] Don't say anything, but let her know you're okay with it none the less. Not much a plaid fan really...
[ ] Let's...just go inside and eat.


I could have had this up , last night but I didn't know how to end the update properly, I think this'll do fine, right?
>> No. 21729
[X] You really appreciate what Yuka did for you. Give her your thanks for the outfit and maybe compliment it as well.

Sure it's weird but I'm sure it'll serve as a deterrent since it kinda says "I live with Yuuka"
>> No. 21730
[ ] You really appreciate what Yuka did for you. Give her your thanks for the outfit and maybe compliment it as well.
>> No. 21732
[X] Don't say anything, but let her know you're okay with it none the less. Not much a plaid fan really...
[X] Preferably, let her know by using a thumbs up. Not a condescending one. Just a thumbs up.

I can only imagine the compliment one done as the character saying "THANK YOU MOMMY YUUKA, THIS IS THE BEST OUTFIT EVER."
>> No. 21733
[x] You really appreciate what Yuka did for you. Give her your thanks for the outfit and maybe compliment it as well.

It's pretty much a tag that reads "Yuka's stuff, touch it and face the consequences."
>> No. 21734
I said deterrent since just wearing it is enough to scare many things off. Since anyone that knows of Yuuka knows to avoid her.

And frankly Yuuka didn't have to take you in, feed you or give you clothes. But she did so anyways in her own way.
>> No. 21735
[X] You really appreciate what Yuka did for you. Give her your thanks for the outfit and maybe compliment it as well.
>> No. 21736
Holy fuck I butchered that sentence.
>> No. 21738
[X] You really appreciate what Yuka did for you. Give her your thanks for the outfit and maybe compliment it as well.
>> No. 21739
[X] You really appreciate what Yuka did for you. Give her your thanks for the outfit and maybe compliment it as well.

100% cotton
>> No. 21753
[X] You really appreciate what Yuka did for you. Give her your thanks for the outfit and maybe compliment it as well.
>> No. 21756
Alright, votes called. Will get around to updating in a bit.

But first, I'm going to get some sleep first. Can't write good if you're dead tired...
>> No. 21770
[x] You really appreciate what Yuuka did for you. Give her your thanks for the outfit and maybe compliment it as well.

"Ah, so you like it after all." Yuuka remarked with a smile. "That's good to hear~"

"Yeah, the blue is a really good color for plaid." You say as you look over your new outfit, before you look to Yuuka's and swiftly add, "N-not that red isn't a good color for it either..."

Yuuka only chuckles at your compliment, but she seems to appreciate your words none the less, which is really all that matters, right? "Ah, don't worry, I know red's a good color for plaid, why do you think I've been wearing it for this long?" That is true, this is pretty much all you've seen Yuuka wear, at least since you started staying here, and plus there was the wallpaper that surrounded you which was of the same color and pattern. "Anyway, breakfast should be ready by now, come along, Thomas."

[ -Yuka's Abode ~ Dining Area- ]

As soon as you walk into the dining room your nose is greeted by the inviting scents of scrambled eggs, toast and bacon. There only 2 plates set, one for you and the other for Yuuka, which is obvious seeing as you're the only two here, although you do wonder as to how Elly gets her meals...maybe the fairies take her some breakfast each morning? Speaking of those fairies, you can see that a group of them were now leaving the dining room and heading back to the kitchen, the lot of them working together to carry a pitcher of orange juice back from wence it came. For being rather simple minded, the fairies prove to be hard workers at best, perhaps they have their strong points, even if they are few in between.

Yuuka comes to take her seat at the same spot she did yesterday evening, at the far end of the table. Which means your seat is at the end opposite of hers, at the plate holding the fresh set of scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and orange juice. "Do I always have to sit here?" You speak up as you pull out your chair and take your seat. "I'm just saying, since this is the same spot I was sitting in last time..."

"Hm? If you want to sit somewhere else, just move," Yuuka replied bluntly. "The fairies just set your plate according to their memory, so you don't have to sit there if you don't want to." Right...that was pretty much common sense wasn't it. Well, still didn't hurt to ask, right?

With that out of the way, Yuuka starts on her breakfast in silence, leaving you to do the same. You must say, these eggs are really good, the best you've tasted in a while, who knew the fairies could be such good cooks. Tally that up as another strong point for fairies; they make excellent chefs. Still as both you and your youkai gaurdian feast, the silence starts to become a bit stale between you. You're not certain if Yuuka would want to talk while she's eating but it would make this time you have together less bland. Maybe...you should try talking to her...or at least let her start up some coversation...

[ ] Start a conversation with Yuuka.
-[ ] (Talk about what happened yesterday?)
[ ] Wait for her to say something first.
[ ] Finish breakfast first, then talk with her.


Looks like we're finally back. In anycase here's the update sorry for the wait and the short length. The start out is kinda rough, but it's all I could come up with at the time. The next update will be better than this one though. Gaurantee it.
>> No. 21774
[x] Start a conversation with Yuuka.
-[x] (Talk about what happened yesterday?)

Might as well get that scolding out of the way.
>> No. 21781
[x] Start a conversation with Yuuka.
-[x] (Talk about what happened yesterday?)
>> No. 21804
[x] Start a conversation with Yuuka.
-[x] (Talk about what happened yesterday?)

I love this story.
>> No. 21935
File 125234286270.jpg - (649.01KB , 1000x1415 , 724822897b7b4a522bac5a5d227a6eab.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Start a conversation with Yuuka.
-[x] (Talk about what happened yesterday?)

Well, if anytime was good to speak of your exploits of yesterday, then now was definetly a good time to do so. Telling her about that doorway and the screwy place that was behind it, was something that you had to tell her. Although, there was still the glaring thought of Yuuka laying you out about snooping around in places that you probably should have stayed away from to begin with (the headache it gave you just for looking at the lights should have been a clear warning). But, you have to tell her sometime, better than her finding out anyway. You take a quick sip of your orange juice before taking in a deep breathe. "So, uhm, Marisa and I went exploring in the mansion yesterday."

"Oh?" Yuuka voiced looking up from her feast for a moment. The obvious question soon follows. "She didn't try to steal anything did she?"

"No...well, a few books, but we worked out an agreement on that." You recall that you and the witch worked out, and how such a thing called you to become something of a Book keeper of Yuuka's mansion, but for now there was one glaring thing that you wanted to tell Yuuka, something that nearly took your life...or at least you thought it did. "But, I'll tell you abou that later, right now there's something I have to tell you about the Recreation Room upstairs, there's something...weird about it."

"Weird?" Yuuka raises an eyebrow to your last statement as she took a bite out of her crossiant taking the time to chew it before swallowing and answering. "What's weird about it?"

Did she really not know, or was she drawing this out on purpose? You weren't really sure but since she lives here and should probably know this place far more than you, the latter seems plausible on many accounts. "Well, there's this door up there, near the TV," You began trying not to sound nervous on the matter, but your hand that was twirling your fork around in your eggs say otherwise. "At first we thought it was just a simple closet, but Marisa said it was something more. We were curious on what was behind it so...I opened it."

At this point, the straight face Yuuka was giving you drops to a frown, and it didn't take much after that to know that she didn't like what she heard or at least was displeased about something you said. The youkai sighed for a moment and took a long drink of her milk before she addressed you in a stern tone. "How did you open that door, Thomas."

"Huh?" You blink for several seconds at the odd question, Yuuka posed for you. "I just opened it like any other door-"

"No. I'm saying HOW could you have opened it." Yuuka repeated in the same tone as before, something that clams you up rather quickly. "No one is able to open that door but Elly and myself."

"I don't think I follow..." As stupid as you may sound, you actually don't know what Yuuka's saying. You place most of the blame on how vauge her sentences are.

Yuuka only sighed in response to your obliviousness towards the point she was trying to get across. Yuuka sat up in her chair and looked away for a moment, her silence letting you know that she was either thinking or gave up on telling you in annoyance. "Let me put it this way; that door you 'opened' has a special lock on it to prevent other people from going in." A special lock? Well, it sure as hell wasn't 'locked' when you opened it, so what could she mean by this? "I placed that lock on there myself a long time ago, usually due to the fairies who were prone to doing the same thing you did and, as a result, most of them never returned from that place."

You froze in your seat as your blood suddenly ran cold. Could the same thing have happened to you if Marisa hadn't pulled you out? As much as you try to deny it, there's a huge possibility that would have been the outcome if you didn't escape when you did. It's...a chilling thought at best, to be so close to being lost in an unknown dimension, where no one was able to find you...at the mercy of whatever monster or abomination lurked with the spacial void. The thought of this alone was enough to make you shiver in your seat. "What kind of lock did you put on the door?" You ask trying to direct the subject away from what you just heard.

"A lock that would only yield to those who could use PSI. The fairies are capable of using a small amount of PSI, but they're so weak that the lock won't even recognize them as PSI users so it all works out from there." Yuuka explained, as she bit into a piece of bacon and continued. "Case in point, I don't even see how you were able to open it, because you don't know how to use PSI..." After saying that, Yuuka suddenly trails off for a moment and places a finger to her chin in a thoughtful gesture. She remains like this for several seconds before leaning forward with a different look in her eyes. "Thomas...have you been having headaches recently?"

Well that was a little random question, still you felt obliged to answer as it IS somethng that's been bothering you for awhile now. "Yeah...they've came and gone at random moments, but didn't start until just recently when my house was destroyed."

" I see..." Yuuka nodded before going quiet for another second or two, apparently thinking on somethings. She then looked back to you and spoke again, this time in a more tone that was more curious as opposed to her stern one before. "And what about before, when you were inside that area, did those headaches get worse?"

"Did it ever...I thought my head was going to split apart..." You sighed as you rubbed your head, recalling just how bad said headaches were, and basically not wanting to experience them again. "Yuuka...do you know what's wrong with me?"

"It's hard to believe, but all the signs are there..." Yuuka spoke, her words made it seem like you had a rare, but deadly, disease, which more than worried you. Fortunately, this doesn't appear to be the case. "Thomas, I think you may be able to use PSI."

"PSI..." You echo the news itself just as hard to believe as Yuuka says it is. Hell, you didn't even know what PSI was until Yuuka said something about it. Speaking of which, "You said something like that before, what exactly is it?"

"To put it simply, PSI is a mental ability that allows you to use 'magic', if you want to call it that." Yuuka replied going back to eating her breakfast for a moment before she continued on with her explanation. "It's most commonly shows up in us youkai, but some humans are capable of using it as well but most aren't as good at it as youkai are." Her last few words end on a note of confidence.

"So...if what you're saying is true, I can use PSI like you can?"

"Well, not as good as I can, but we'll see~" Yuuka chuckles giving you an amused smile. "From what I can see, your PSI powers are still latent and developing, so your lightyears away from doing the things I can do~"

This was new, not too long ago, you had no idea you would be capable of using this...PSI Yuuka spoke of, and yet, here you were with the knowledge that you were able to call upon such a mysterious ability. You take a moment to wonder on the many things such an ability could grant you, if what Yuuka says is true then PSI would allow you ti pull off all the things those superheroes on TV could do. In that sense, maybe you could fly like Marisa could...or perhaps you could fire off a huge beam like you did in your dream last night? Who knows, only time will tell if you could do those things...and thensome.

"Still, all this doesn't change the fact of you going into that door without letting me know first." Yuuka spoke up, snapping you out of your daydream with a her tone of voice alone. From the sound of it...she was scolding you. "That place is extremely dangerous, and the things that run around in there will kill you, unless you know exactly what you're doing...you were fortunate Marisa was there with you, otherwise you probably wouldn't be sitting her eating breakfast with me." That was true, in your case, that angel girl would have eaten you if Marisa hadn't pulled you out when she did. Yuuka sits up and crosses her arms over her breasts as she gives you a look that was equal to her tone. "I'll let you off easy for now, since you didn't know about it, but from now on, you don't go anywhere near that door unless I'm with you, understand?"

"Yes, Yuuka..." You answer in a low mutter, your head hanging low in shame.

"Good boy. Now, finish your breakfast, we'll be heading into town later on." Yuuka suggests pointing out that you didn't touch your food while she on the other hand, was nearly done. "In the meantime, tell me about this 'agreement' you made with Marisa."

"Well, I had her promise that she would return the books if she wanted to get anymore." You explain as you start back on eating your breakfast, which didn't taste any good at this point being it had gotten cold now. Nevertheless it's best to clean your plate regardless. With a hardy gulp you continue explaining things to Yuuka. "So now, she'll have to return what books she has at the end of 30 days and can check out 3 more at that time, OR she could come here and read them...you know like a library"

"Hmm so, by that logic, you're my librarian now." Yuuka commented as a grin spreads across her face. "Maybe I should find you some glasses and a pocket protector to complete the set~"

"Th-that doesn't make me a nerd, you know..." You tell Yuuka with a cynical look, the plaid wearing youkai only chuckling at your response.

"Ah, you're no fun, Thomas~" Yuuka said, her grin not disappearing in the least. She must really get a kick out of teasing you. In anycase, you continue to tell Yuuka on the situation and she seems rather interest of what you've done, if only because she wishes to see how Marisa will actually go about holding up her end of things. Yuuka told you that the idea was a good one but it's also one that may not always work, given Marisa's personality and kleptomania she will most likely lie about something if only to get new books. The only advice Yuuka gives to you is to keep a close on her actions and don't be afraid to enforce things if she tries to weasel her way past anything. Although Yuuka didn't say it, you do keep in mind to tell Marisa just who she's stealing with if such a thing arises. Maybe with a little terror she'll change her ways...

When the two of you finish breakfast you follow Yuuka to the foyer where she heads up stairs leaving you for a moment until you spoke up with a question. "Hey, Yuuka," You call to the yuouki who glances over her shoulder to face you. "When're we going into town?"

"In a little bit," She answered "Maybe a few minutes from now, at best." There she goes being vauge again. Still, at least you can assume she doesn't intend to wait long before going out. With your question answered, Yuuka heads upstairs leaving you to do what you will until the time comes for you two to head out on the town for the day.

[ ] Go read some books, maybe learn a thing or two about this PSI ability you have
[ ] Talk with Yuuka about something (What should you talk to her about?)
[ ] Go chat with Elly for a little while (What should you two discuss?)
[ ] Take a nap instead. You're feeling lazy~
[ ] Go mess around with the fairies.
>> No. 21938
[ ] Go read some books, maybe learn a thing or two about this PSI ability you have
>> No. 21939
[ ] Go mess around with the fairies.
>> No. 21941
[X] Go chat with Elly for a little while
--Any other odd places best left alone for now..?

Messing with the fairies may be fun but considering there are worse things than a mad mob of them, it's the last thing Thomas needs. Plus it couldn't hurt to get more information right..?
>> No. 21949
[ ] Go read some books, maybe learn a thing or two about this PSI ability you have
>> No. 21951

This; we should learn more about where we live.
>> No. 21960
[x] Go read some books, maybe learn a thing or two about this PSI ability you have

Yuka didn't bother to tell us to stay away from that door, because she naturally assumed we couldn't open it. Given her stringent warning about going there in the future, I don't think Yuka would be leaving anything out now.
>> No. 22015
[x] Go read some books, maybe learn a thing or two about this PSI ability you have
>> No. 22019
[x] Go read some books, maybe learn a thing or two about this PSI ability you have.

Maybe it was all that talk of being a librarian, but now you're starting to feel rather book-ish. Although, part of this urge is brought on by the assumption that perhaps Yuuka had books centered around PSI and the like. If that were true then you may not have to go back to Yuuka in order to learn more about it. If conditions are right, you may even be able to teach yourself how to awaken and use your PSI powers on your own. But...let's not get ahead of ourselves, there's stil the fact of finding the books on the subject and you weren't going to do that by just standing around in the foyer. "Hey, I'll be in the library reading, okay?" You inform to Yuuka who was about to round the corner. It was best to let her know just in case, she was ready before you were done reading and had to come get you.

"Alright, try not to take too long." She responds, her voice losing volume as she continues down the hallway that leads to her room, the sound of a door closing following soon after. You do take the time to wonder as to what Yuuka does in there with her spare time, if it's anything hobby related, then it probably has something to do with flowers. Still, wild guessing doesn't make it true, perhaps that can be a subject you two can discuss on your way to town? In anycase, you bound up the stairs and head eastward towards the library.

[ -Yuka's Abode ~ Library/Study- ]

The moment you pass through the door that leads to the Library, you're immedieatly hit with the realization of not knowing where to exactly look for books that house knowledge of PSI, although the library is not as vast as say, a public one, it's still relatively large which could make for finding your desired book(s) a bit more tedious and difficult. Still, there's more than one way to locate a book in a library, and to start one must look for the Card Catelog. Unfortunately, upon looking around there doesn't seem to be such a thing around. Hmm, well, maybe you could check the shelves and see if they are in alphabetical order, if so, then you could simply count the aisles and estimate where you might find something.

You walk over to the very first shelf and scan through the long line of books, and come to see that each book has a title that starts with the letter 'A' and walking further down soon gives way to books with titles that begin with the letter 'B'. Obviously enough, this means that everything here is indeed arranged in alphabetical order, and thus makes your search all the more easier to conduct. Still you were pressed for time, and if you wanted to get as much knowledge about PSI as you could, you had to look for the right books that held the most information.

[ ] Search books with titles beginning with 'B'
[ ] Search books with titles beginning with 'M'
[ ] Search books with titles beginning with 'P'
[ ] Search books with titles beginning with 'S'
[ ] Search books with titles beginning with 'Y'
>> No. 22020
[ ] Search books with titles beginning with 'M'
>> No. 22025
[x] Search books with titles beginning with 'P'
>> No. 22031
[x] Search books with titles beginning with 'P'

P is psionics.

Also, plaid.
>> No. 22033
[x] Search books with titles beginning with 'P'
>> No. 22042
[x] Search books with titles beginning with 'M'
>> No. 22044
[x] Search books with titles beginning with 'P'
>> No. 22047
I'll be updating this in the morning, once I rest a moment and refresh.

Same goes for Black Soup.
>> No. 22059
[x] Search books with titles beginning with 'P'

Ah, despite the choices, searching through books with titles starting with the letter 'P' seems to hold the most likely chance of turning up something desirable. The others are good none the less, and will be your back-ups if this search turns out to be a total bust. Not that you think it would, after all, PSI does begin with the letter 'P' and...maybe it was Yuuka's influence but 'Plaid' also comes to mind when you think of the letter 'P' as well. Huh, weird...

In anycase, you get down to business on locating which aisle has the books you wished to read, thinking that if the front housed books with the letters 'A' and 'B' then 'P' would most likely be in the back somewhere in the back of the library. You walk past several selves of books counting them off in your head, as well recalling the 2 letters of the alphabet at a time as you go, since each aisle has 2 sets of letters on them (the first had 'A' and 'B').

After about several seconds of walking, you pause at around the 8th shelf, having reached the letter 'P' at the point you reached it. You check the nearest book on the self and find out that this shelf indeed had books that start with 'P' in them and better still they organized in aplhabetical order too (then again, why wouldn't they be). Let's see, since the word you're looking for is spelled 'PSI', (at least you think it was, you weren't really sure if there were any other words for it), so you walk toward the end of the section and look through the lines of books there.

During your search you manage to come up with one book that looks as though it might be of the most help to you.

Psionics and Parapsychology

Well...it did have 'PSI' at the beginning of it's title, even though you had no idea what 'Parapsychology' was, so it might have the information you wanted in there...somewhere. Throwing the definition of 'Parapsychology' out of the window, you open the, rather thick, book and decide to read the first few pages, just to see if this really was the book you were looking for;

Introduction to Psionics

Psionics, or "psi", is the study and/or the practice of using the mind oe psyche to evoke paranormal phenomena or events. Telepathy and telekinesis are among some of the many examples of Psionics and other such mechanics that function outside normal human ability. Due to the rather large variety of subjects that Psionics has presented since the many years of it's discovery, it's study and functions has been broken down into several different areas of study including, psychokinesis, telepathy, empathy, remote viewing, and precognition (to name a few). However, like most subjects in the Paranormal, the existance of Psionics has been widely debated ever since it's discovery many years ago, and many are convinced that Psionics, and the many supernatrual phenomena it can cause, doesn't exist at all and that all events concearning it are nothing but hoaxes and 'mind tricks' perpatrated by shady individuals who claim to wield psychic powers. Scientific studies conducted on these individuals usually result in producing very little data or none at all in most cases. Even so, the subject of the matter remains a popular point of discussion and study for scientists and some psychologists alike. This popularity can be taken to another level when one is to consider those who claim to have psychic powers and have shown others that the ability is in fact real.

Hmm, now this was odd, by this book's logic, PSI seemed more like a branch in science and didn't seem anything like magic nor did it state that PSI could be used like it. More over, the book also didn't say anything about the ability being tied to youkai, like Yuuka said it was during breakfast. Maybe it's a typo or something? Then again, this book seems too legit to have something as careless as a simple typo inside it's covers. Still it is rather curious to see different viewpoints on what PSI actually was and where it came from, whom ever wrote this must have done a fair amount of research to conclude that PSI wasn't tied to any of the things Yuuka said they were. However, Yuuka made it seem as though PSI could only be used by youkai, with exception to some 'gifted' humans, such as yourself and perhaps many others like you, provided they exist. Maybe you should read more into this book before you judge it, or perhaps you should find another and compare findings. Either way, what Yuuka told you is surely being debunked by...whom ever wrote this.

[ ] Read more from this book.
[ ] Let's try another book instead.
[ ] Check and see if Yuuka's ready to go yet.


And with this, I'll get to work on updating Black Soup~
>> No. 22060
[x] Check and see if Yuuka's ready to go yet. That's after taking note of the book's title and location.

We can read later on anyways.
>> No. 22061
[x] Check and see if Yuuka's ready to go yet.

Don't keep a lady waiting.
>> No. 22079
[x] Check and see if Yuuka's ready to go yet. That's after taking note of the book's title and location.
>> No. 22275
While I'm still in the spirit of writing...

May I ask for a tie breaker please?
>> No. 22276
[x] Check and see if Yuuka's ready to go yet. That's after taking note of the book's title and location.
>> No. 22282
[x] Check and see if Yuuka's ready to go yet. That's after taking note of the book's title and location.
>> No. 22364
File 125414800274.jpg - (753.50KB , 1000x820 , 9dd1510aab7015d0c5995b3500065a39.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Check and see if Yuuka's ready to go yet. That's after taking note of the book's title and location.

As much as you would like to stay here and read more into this, or rather find another book instead, there's still the chance of Yuuka being downstairs waiting on you. Something you didn't neccasarily want to happen, so why not get up and go check just to make sure? It wouldn't hurt much and if she didn't happen to be out there you would simply return to the library to read a little more, and then repeat from there. Yeah, that sounded like a plan...

However, this book seems interesting, and you'd rather keep reading regardless if you have to go or not. With that in mind, it would be a good idea to simply take note of this books title as well as to where it was ocated in the library so when you get back you can simply recall of it's title and easily find it again. You glance at the books title, to which it reads;

Psionics and Parapsychology.

~Written by: Dr. Rikako Asakura~

With the books title in mind, you crane your head upward to find the empty space this book once sat, looking over the other books nearby to see that the one left of the space was a book titled Preemptive Strike - a detailed look at the Lunar War, while the one to the right was titled, Psychology of ⑨s. Obviously, enough the book you held belonged between them so it shouldn't be too hard find it again if you simply recall those two aforementioned books. Remembering that a certain youkai (and a dangerous one at that) could very well be waiting for you to return, you swiftly jam the book back from where you found it and quickly made your way through the aisle and out of the library doors, taking care to close them behind you in your haste, as you ran back to the foyer to meet up with Yuuka. Provided she was actually down there of course, if not then you'll either wait for her or come back to the library, no big deal.

[ -Yuka's Abode ~ Foyer Area- ]

The trip back to the foyer was fairly short since you practically ran back there anyway. You weren't sure if Yuuka was going to meet you here or not, but it's still a good idea to check. You remember your father once told you, long ago that it was never a good idea to keep a lady waiting...you weren't quite sure as to why he said this or to whom he was speaking of since you recall him saying it when your mother was still at home (albeit, elsewhere in the house). Now that you think of it, there are alot of things your father hasn't told you about before the accident...

However, this thought (and probably many others to follow) were quickly put on the back burner, for when you arrived at the foyer, the first thing your eyes came to see was the red plaid attire of Yuuka standing at the foot of the stairs, parasol in hand and, by the looks of it, ready to go into town. It seems like it actually was a good idea that you left the Library when you did, huh?

"There you are, Thomas." Yuuka says, the smile she puts up is what makes you forget about any worries of you being late or the fact that you could have kept her waiting on you.

"Oh, Yuuka I-" You sentence is cut short by a swift bop to the top of your head, curtosy of a certain parasol that actually proved to be more painful than it was frilly looking. How odd...but considering the one wielding it, you probably shouldn't be surprised. You groaned in discomfort as you gingerly rub the area that Yuuka had hit you at, taking the time to see if she broke anything up there. It stung quite a bit, but overall there wasn't any further injury. Matter of fact, Yuuka didn't seem to have hit you that hard, mind you, not enough to knock you slam out. Be that as it may...that didn't change the fact that it still hurt.

"Ow! What was that for?!" You chided toward the flower youkai who only gave you a smile in response to your annoyance.

"For being late." Yuuka replied flatly whilst she waved her parasol about as if she was wagging a finger to you. "Although, you were only late for a few seconds, so I won't punish you...this time~" You don't say much in response to this, while you probably could understand the fact of her punishing you for not being punctual (it's common place actually), but when Yuuka's the one doing the punishing...you suddenly feel that you'd rather be here 20 minutes earlier than her next time, just to make sure you escape what scary things she'll do to you if you were say...20 minutes late. Of course, you wouldn't be that late...would you?

"Anywhom, let's get going, alot of people tend to be in town this time of day." Yuuka says, heading toward the door way, yourself following close behind.

Passing through the mansion doors, you and Yuuka are greeted by the serene visage of nice sunny day. The tempreture out isn't too hot, but it's just warm enough for an outting like the one Yuuka was venturing out on. You spy a few fairy maids tending to the flowers in front of Yuuka's mansion, taking note of how the small winged girls use team work to lift heavy things, in this case said thing being a watering can. Many of the fairies take the time to greet thier mistress and wish her a good day on her trip to the Human City. Yuuka doesn't say much in response, but you take a moment commend them on their hard work. To your confusion, the lot of the maids go about saying that they didn't need praise from a human, but oddly enough thanked you for your compliment none the less.

How odd...were all fairy girls like this?

"Stop playing with the fairies and come along." Yuuka called from ahead of you, the youkai not far from where you were in the least. You simply nod to the fairies and rush back to Yuuka's side, the youkai in question just now passing by Elly's small house. The house itself wasn't really that big compared to normal houses you've seen. In fact, it's only about as big as a large garage, and you could only assume that it had one room in it, two at best. Either way Elly looked fairly content with what she had. Then again, considering the one she worked for, it's doubtable she would complain much...even if her living quarters are no bigger than a shed.

"Headin out for the day, Miss Yuuka?" Elly asked poking her hatless head from out from one of the windows to her small home.

That I am, Elly." Yuuka answered not slowing her pace in the least. "You know what to do."

"Alright, see ya later then." The gatekeeper said with a wave goodbye to her mistress before she spoke up once more saying, "You be careful with her, Thomas~"

"Uhm...I will...?" You weren't sure on how to respond to that, given it could go both ways. Even so, Elly laughs to your reply and heads back inside leaving you and Yuuka to your walk. You gaze up ahead and see the path that leads to the sea of sunflowers, however when you reach the field in question you notice a rather odd feeling pass through you as you did so. You look back and see that there is absolutely no trace of Yuuka's mansion or the woods surrounding it, let alone Elly's house which was probably the closest to the path than anything else. It's...almost as if the mansion, and everything near it, never existed or was invisible to the outside world.

If that made any sense at all...by this point, you weren't sure what did in that screwy place.

Strange things aside, the open area of the sunflower field gives you a chance to marvel at how beautiful the day truly is, the sky above not having a single cloud in the sky and the cooling breeze that blew in the air, making gentle waves within the ocean of yellow flowers, the tall plants swaying this way and that in rythm to the soft winds that rocked them about. You could see why Yuuka would want to spend her time here alot...this place is rather soothing and you can guess it does wonders for stress and over all bad moods.

Speaking of Yuuka, you notice that she's awfully quiet now, well she could be taking in the scenery as much as you were, which is understandable. Still...maybe you should say something, and start a conversation with her, perhaps get to know her better.

[ ] Let's talk with Yuuka to pass the time
-[ ] (What do you want to talk to her about?)
[ ] Ask if you can go back and get Elly, maybe Yuuka will allow her to come along too.
[ ] Keep quiet, if Yuuka wants to talk, then she'll say something...


Had to force this one, otherwise I would have never gotten it done...Also a few questions.

-Am I doing a good job portraying Yuuka here? I haven't written anything involving her before, and while I do think I understand how she operates, I dunno if I'm doing that good of .

-I've had several ideas for H-scenes involving this story (yes, H-scenes), and while I would like to write them out (if only because this gives me a good excuse to write a Yuuka H-scene, since there's a disturbing lack of it), I won't touch on it if you guys don't want me to. I have alot of ideas for NSFW one shots concerning this story, but most of them have massive spoilers in them and would be best held off until I got to that part of the story however I will say that One H-scene I had in mind, was involving Yuuka, Thomas and the Nine Squad.

Mother and H-material don't always work (Excluding Giygas) so I can understand if anyone doesn't want me to do it.

Either way, answer my questions if you have the time to spare some thoughts and thanks for reading as well.
>> No. 22365
I have no problems with H-scenes... and it'll be quite interesting for Thomas. And your suggested notion would be unusual.

But I don't think you're doing a bad job with Yuuka

[x] Let's talk with Yuuka to pass the time
-[X] Talk about some of the books you found in the library, such as the one you were reading; she might have her own opinion on it.
>> No. 22367
You seem to be doing a good job with her.

On the subject of H scenes, I'd like to see a submissive dere Yuka. Because the idea of a bloodthirsty youkai who's seen as death incarnate being shy and meek in bed is incredibly hot.

[x] Let's talk with Yuuka to pass the time
-[x] Talk about some of the books you found in the library, such as the one you were reading; she might have her own opinion on it.
>> No. 22370
[x] Let's talk with Yuuka to pass the time
-[x] Talk about some of the books you found in the library, such as the one you were reading; she might have her own opinion on it.
>> No. 22371

That would be a big shock for Thomas, and it'd be great for his first time. Mmmmm Deredere Yuuka
>> No. 22373
[ ] Keep quiet, if Yuuka wants to talk, then she'll say something...
>> No. 22375

She likes to cuddle, but people are often too dead for her to cuddle with.
>> No. 22376
[0] Let's talk with Yuuka to pass the time
-[1] Talk about some of the books you found in the library, such as the one you were reading; she might have her own opinion on it.
>> No. 22417
[X] Keep quiet, if Yuuka wants to talk, then she'll say something...
>> No. 22463
>> No. 22466
I'm on it~

Also, I', just now realizing that the character in upper left hand corner of the OP is a fan character...forgot her name though, but I know she appears in Touhou Mother none the less...
>> No. 22480
[x] Let's talk with Yuuka to pass the time
-[x] Talk about some of the books you found in the library, such as the one you were reading; she might have her own opinion on it.

You're not exactly sure as to how far it is until you reach town, or at least a road leading to town itself, so why not pass this time by talking with Yuuka?

"Hey, Yuuka." You call to the youkai, who turns to you and gives an expression that showed Yuuka was a bit vexed by you calling her just now. She didn't look to be out right angry, just a little crossed, perhaps she really was enjoying the scenery, and you just happened to be the one to disturb her during this moment. Given Yuuka's love of flowers, sunflowers especially, this looks to be the reason for her silent disapproval. Maybe, it would have been a better idea to have remained silent, but now that you've said something, it would probably make things much worse if you didn't continue so let's just speak our mind, while we have Yuuka's attention. "Uhm...Is it okay if I talk to you about something?"

"Go ahead." Yuuka responds flatly through the slight frown that she wore. This only made you feel that Yuuka wasn't really going to pay attention to what you had to say, but you were already knee deep in this so why stop at the half way mark?

"Well, I was in the library reading books on PSI and stuff, and I found one I thought was worth mentioning."

"Oh?" Yuuka's expression changes slightly as she takes in your words, you can't actively read it, as it's fairly...how do you say, 'straight'. That said, at least she doesn't look annoyed anymore, something that was unnerving you at first.

"I was reading the first page of it, and it didn't say that PSI was tied to youkai nor was it a kind of 'magic' like you told me earlier." You explain to the flower loving youkai, before quickly realizing how that may sound to Yuuka, the one who told you about PSI to begin with. "N-not that I doubt what you said to me or anything, just thought I'd mention it to you is all..."

Yuuka, however, doesn't seem concerned with what you said last, and instead goes silent for a brief moment, her eyes gazing off into the distance as she appears to be thinking on the first part of your comment. "Hmm, tell me...who wrote that book you were reading, Thomas?" The youkai finally spoke up.

You take this moment and recall the notes you took on the book, particularly the title and author for obvious reasons. "Someone by the name of Rikako Asakura."

"Heh, I figured as much."

Yuuka didn't seem like she was acquainted with anyone besides Elly, her living in what you think is some freaky alternate dimension maybe why your think this of her. "Do you...know her or something?" You ask, tilting your head to one side as you raise an eyebrow.

"Not personally, no." Yuuka answered with a nonchalant shrug. "Although, Rikako is well known in Gensokyo for not liking Magic. So she writes alot of books that focuses on science and how it applies to Gensokyo and usually leaves alot out about magic and youkai."

That would explain why it was completely different from what Yuuka told you about PSI. "So...she's biased?" Which seems likely given how Rikako focuses on the scientific aspect of a subject and not the other half.

"Maybe, but alot of humans do take her notes and musings seriously, nowadays. Personally, I don't much care for all that scientific nonsense, I know what I believe in and that's all that matters to me." Yuuka shrugs as the conversation seems to die down from there. That is until she spoke up again on something that caught you completely off gaurd. "The same should go for you, Thomas."

You don't immedieatly respond to Yuuka's statement afterward, for you weren't really sure what she was getting at to begin with. Your only reply to her comes in the form of a puzzled look and a slightly tilted head, a gesture Yuuka easily picks up on and prompts to explain a bit more on what she was trying to say.

"There's a reason you asked me about that book, isn't there?"

"Well...yeah." You weren't entirely sure, but you feel as though you were slightly conflicted as to what you wanted to believe; on one hand Yuuka seems to know a great deal about PSI and the other subjects surrounding it, while Rikako has well...Science to back her claims up. "I guess, I was a little confused by it, seeing as to how I'm just learning about all this PSI business and all..."

"How you use your power, or rather how you want to see it, is up to you, Thomas. Not me. I won't be angry with you if you see PSI as a science rather than magic." Yuuka comments as she turns her gaze to the slowly receeding sea of sunflowers, as the path below slowly becomes more and more visible the further you two strolled on. You take the time to look around as well and see that there was a dense forest a little further up and glancing to your right you could see a large hill in the distance, a sea of red flowers surrounding it and a rather melancholy aura that undulated from the lonely mound. As you look away for a split second you see something move in the corner of your eye. Looking back you catch a glimpse of a black and red figure retreating behind the massive tree that sat atop the hill...

Then, as your eyes remained fixated on the lonesome hill, the figure peers from behind the tree, watching you and Yuuka head in the opposite direction. You stop for just a moment and fixate your curious eyes toward the faraway figure that seems so fasinated by you two, the body of said figure slowly pulling itself from behind the tree and coming into to full view.

"Thomas." You flinch as your ears take in the stingerant voice of Yuuka who, upon looking back, is standing a short distance away, waiting for you to rejoin her side and continue toward the Human City further down this path. It would appear as though you had subconciously wandered in the opposite direction for a brief moment, namely toward that hill in the distance. "Quit daydreaming and hurry up, this isn't the place for a kid to be wandering around." Yuuka added sternly as she turned and started walking.

"Yuuka!" You call to the youkai as you run back to her side, and attempted to get her attention by pointing to the hill the both of you were walking away from. "There's someone on that hill over there."

"I know. Someone lives up there." Yuuka said bluntly. "But it's best that you avoid that place like the plauge it is."

"Eh? Why's that, it doesn't seem all that dangerous." You take a quick glance behind you, and suddenly feel your words proven wrong on so many levels as that strange, yet miserable, air that rose from the hill grips to your senses and sends a cold shiver down your spine. Okay...perhaps it was that dangerous after all...

"Well, for one, that 'someone' is a pretty nasty youkai, one that probably wouldn't have hesitated to kill you if wandered up onto her hill." Just when you thought it was only the air of that place that made it seem dangerous, Yuuka's description of this 'nasty youkai' only seemed to make it all the more worse. You can feel the blood run from your face, as you once again realize that your curiosity could have gotten you killed again.

"...Is there any place around here that isn't[i] uber dangerous?" By this point, you would be surprised if there were any. To be fair, the town you lived in was pretty laid back and almost nothing ever happened there, Yuuka's probably been exposed to the dangers of Gensokyo far longer than you have by a long shot, so perhaps she's used to it by now?

"Excluding the Human City, and a few other towns, no." Yuuka answered. "Gensokyo's a dangerous land, Thomas."

"...But as long as I stay by you I'll be fine, right Yuuka?"

"Of course~" Yuuka chimed, putting on a cheerful smile. However that smile doesn't last long as it soon gives way to that of a serious expression, letting you know that what Yuuka says next is something you should probably pay close attention to. "But I want you to remember that I won't always be with you when (or if) you get into trouble, in those times you'll have to fend for yourself and make your own decisions." Ah, why weren't you expected her to say something like that...

[ -[i]Human City
- ]
(♬) BGM ~ Happy Town? {}

It doesn't take long for the two of you to reach the city, proof that talking while you walked helped passed the time. The city itself looks to be just winding up for the morning business, various humans and, what you think to be, youkai strolling along the side walk or riding off in their cars to the work places or where ever else they had to go. The atmosphere is rather upbeat and cheerful, the beautiful weather seems to add to the charm of walking into a town where everyone looked to be so friendly towards one another. However, all of this seems to take a turn as the citizens laid eyes on Yuuka. Although, it's subtle, but you can feel how quickly everything changes; people who were walking in front of you suddenly turn and cross to the otherside of the street, others who were either getting their mail or otherwise finish up their chore and either head in their homes or get into their car and speed off down the road.

You may not have been here alot, but your certain as to why everyone's acting this way, and the reason is walking right beside you, smiling as if everything around her was simply routine. While Yuuka seems to be used to this sort of treatment, you on the other hand, are not. Having to lay witness to everyone, essentially, flee from the very visage of Yuuka makes you feel a little melancholy, especially when you consider this has been happening to Yuuka for far longer than you can imagine. All of this makes you wonder if Yuuka's really had any associates besides your father and Elly to talk to over the years, but considering the scale at which the humans and youkai were avoiding her now...it's unlikely. Even so, there are still a couple bystanders who don't focus on Yuuka and have come to direct their staring eyes at you.

As you and Yuuka walk further into town, you see a two women stare at the two of you for a moment before they appear to start gossiping about the sight the both of them just laid witness to. Again, you notice Yuuka pays no mind to this...but you can't help but feel uneasy and uncomfortable towards this.

"What's with you?" Yuuka questioned with a raised eyebrow, taking notice to how you've scooted a little closer to her side.

"Everyone's staring..." You whisper to the youkai, turning your head to see two children approach you from their yard to your left only to have, what appears to be, their mother swiftly coming to their side and holding them back, strictly telling the curious tykes "Stay away from him." and taking them back inside their home. "It's...really weirding me out."

"I'm afraid you're going to have to get used to it, Thomas." Yuuka replied dryly with a sigh chasing after her words. "This has been happening to me for as long as I can remember, so it's best to simply pay them no mind like I do and go about your business."

"Alright..." While you can understand where Yuuka's coming from, you can't imagine having to live with everyone shunning you like you had a highly contagious disease. Yes, you weren't always popular with others, but you still had a few associates to talk to. Now, it seemed like you won't be able to make any new friends here in the city...which is a disappointment. It's not easy to swallow, but...at least you have Yuuka, Elly and Marisa(?). Taking your mind off the previous subject, you focus on something you probably should have asked Yuuka long before you left home this morning. "By the way, where exactly are we going?"

"To the flower shop." Yuuka answers, to which you probably should have expected. Yuuka extends her arm forward and points to the street corner the both of you were nearing. "It isn't that far off now, we should be getting there after we round this corner here." While, you're all for staying with Yuuka (especially after having everyone stare at you just now), the adventours side of you wants to explore the town a bit more, you know see what this city had to offer. You're certain Yuuka wouldn't want to come along with you, at least not until she spent time with her flowers, that said, this means you may have to go somewhere by yourself if Yuuka would allow it that is.

[ ] Let's stick close to Yuuka and go with her. You're not exactly...comfortable going anywhere on your own for now.
[ ] You're feeling adventerous, ask Yuuka if it's okay to go off on your own somewhere. (Choose location below)
[ ] Go with Yuuka and wait til she's finished then ask if it's okay if the two of you went somewhere together. (Choose location below)

Where would you like to go? (You may choose up to 2 locations max.)
- [ ] General Store
- [ ] Arcade
- [ ] Kamishirasawa Kindergarten
- [ ] Playground/Park area
- [ ] Freeroam (Wanders freely throughout town, but makes no stops anywhere)
>> No. 22481
>(♬) BGM ~ Happy Town? {}


Link should have gone in between the brackets there.
>> No. 22482
[x] Let's stick close to Yuuka and go with her. You're not exactly...comfortable going anywhere on your own for now.
>> No. 22483
[x] Let's stick close to Yuuka and go with her. You're not exactly...comfortable going anywhere on your own for now.
>> No. 22484
[x] Let's stick close to Yuuka and go with her. You're not exactly...comfortable going anywhere on your own for now.
>> No. 22488
[x] Kamishirasawa Kindergarten
[x] Playground/Park area
>> No. 22549
I'm be taking a bit of a break for now. Just to unwind from school and the like. I'll update accordingly whenever I get the chance (like wise for Black Soup, which is in need of one badly...)

Just thought I'd leave a message to those wondering on where the updates are.
>> No. 24007
File 126237976856.jpg - (28.13KB , 451x301 , FlowerShop.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Let's stick close to Yuuka and go with her. You're not exactly...comfortable going anywhere on your own for now.

Maybe it was the fact that everyone was giving you some form of the stink eye, but you're not really too confident going out on your own just yet. You're positive no one's going to really give you a hard time, given who you waltzed into town with, but still it just makes you feel uneasy and nervous when everyone stares at you the way the numerous people do. With that in mind, you feel that it's easier on the mind if you stick by Yuuka for the time being and go with her to the flower shop. Maybe when you get used to the people treating you differently you can move on to other places on your own, but for now you feel a bit safer with the flower youkai...

As the both of you round the corner, the nearby humans having all but resumed their routine tasks, you come to see the flower shop Yuuka spoke of earlier. It isn't very large, at least compared to other shops you've seen, and looked rather old as well, the adjacent buildings and houses look to be in better shape than the shop, yet you can still see several other individuals entering and leaving the flower shop. Must be one of those cases where the service is still good even though the look of the shop is alot to be desired...

"You're not going off on your own?" Came the voice of Yuuka "Pretty sure you would like to go explore the village a bit after being in the house for a while."

"No, it's okay," You answer with a shake of your head. "I think it's safer if I stay with you."

"Safer?" You hear the youkai utter something of a chuckle that blends with her words, maybe finding some amusement out of you sticking close to her, but with Yuuka...you can never be so sure. "Well, if that's what you want, we can always come back anyway."

Well, yeah there's that too...

The moment you and Yuuka near the flower shop, you notice something strange...the people in and around it, don't seem frightened of the youkai's prescence, in fact they greet her as if they would have anyone else. A blond lady is the first to speak up to you both at the entrance of the shop.

"Oh hello, Miss Kazami." A blond woman greeted to Yuuka who casually waved in response. The woman wore a red dress, with straps that drape over her shoulders, and is adorned with wheat like patterns along the bottom (at least you thought it was wheat), the dress goes up to her chest, wherein it then reveals a yellow blouse. Although the one thing you come to notice about her is the strange hat she was wearing; which was lined with a cluster of...grapes? People have such strange fashions these days. Be that as it may, the lady seemed pretty nice, and apparently knew of Yuuka, which would explain the friendly greeting.

Minoriko looked to be ready to say something else to Yuuka before the gaze of her red eyes trailed down to meet you. "Oh and who is this~?" You have no idea who this lady is, or if Yuuka knew of her, but you one reflex to this situation is to scoot closer to Yuuka as the woman approaches.

"Ah this is Thomas, he's the son of an acquantince of mine that'll be living with me." Yuuka answered, as she prods you in the back with her parasol issuing you to go forward and greet this woman. "Thomas, this here is Minoriko Aki, she works part time here at the flower shop."

"Hello, Miss Aki."

"it's good to meet you, Thomas." The woman replied with a smile as she goes back to her work of organizing the flowers on display outside. "I'm sure if you're living with Yuuka you'll be seeing me alot, so please, you can call me Minoriko, even Mino-chan, if you want."

"I think I'll just call you, Minoriko..." The nickname 'Mino-chan' sounds kinda weird, especially since you've just met her like...a few seconds ago.

"Alright then, suit yourself~" Minoriko giggled before she turned to Yuuka. "Anyways, Yuuka, we got those Alpine Lilies you wanted to see. They came in...yesterday I believe, their near the front if you want to have a look at them."

"Ah, Alpine Lilies, it's been awhile since I've seen those." Yuuka says as she walks into the shop, silently gesturing you to follow. You quickly wave goodbye to Minoriko and follow suit with the youkai into the flower shop. Once you enter you're immedieatly greeted with the scent of potting soil and the various aroma of different flowers the lined the aisles of the shop's interior. It's a bit cool in here, but not too much of a difference as compared to the outside, so you should be fine wearing this short sleeved shirt for now. If not, then you can just head back outside to warm up if you feel the cool air bothering you.

There are a few other people inside the shop as well, most were observing the large selection of flowers just like Yuuka was doing now. Although you do spy one blond girl who looked to be hanging out at the cash register near the back of the store, she looked relatively bored from where you were standing, and appeared to be simply watching the sparse collection of customer's pass her by. Was she the owner of the shop? She looked pretty young...but, you've heard of younger people taking on family jobs when their mothers or fathers couldn't continue. Perhaps that was the case...who knows...

Either way, Yuuka was quietly gazing upon the lilies she wanted to see, so you were left to do things on your own again...

[ ] Look around a bit to pass the time.
[ ] Talk to Yuuka about something.
[ ] Talk with Minoriko a bit more.
[ ] Say something to that blonde girl, maybe you can start a conversation with her?


Forgot I wasn't using my old computer, so I forgot to put my trip first time through...
>> No. 24008
[ ] Talk with Minoriko a bit more.
>> No. 24010
[x] Say something to that blonde girl, maybe you can start a conversation with her?

I'm curious and I think Yuuka would rather look at the flowers in peace. That and we can always ask her about stuff later.
>> No. 24031
[x] Say something to that blonde girl, maybe you can start a conversation with her?

My first thought was that this is Shizuha, but she's supposed to be the older of the two Akis. Of course, it's not entirely uncommon that an older sister ends up looking significantly younger than her sibling. Anyway, let's find out who it is.
>> No. 24034

yeah Shizuha's the slimmer figured sister out of the two, despite her being older. (I guess it's a perk of being the harvest goddess compared to the leaf color changing one)
>> No. 24224
Okay, so it's been about a week since I last updated. Don't worry, I'm working on them, I just have limited internet access at the moment (I'm working with a borrowed wireless device now...which isn't exactly reliable, but hey, beggers can be choosers).

Fortunately, classes start soon. So maybe I can upload something from there...when I'm not busy with college work...
>> No. 24436
File 12639205457.png - (396.71KB , 490x600 , Shizuha's the thinner one of the two.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Say something to that blonde girl, maybe you can start a conversation with her?

As you've seen before on your way to town, Yuuka liked to gaze at flowers in silence, so it's a good idea to leave her be if you don't wish to annoy her. Plus you lived with her, so if you wanted to say something to her then she would always be somewhere in the house when you needed her. That said, perhaps you could talk with someone else around the shop, that's always a good to pass the time. Minoriko seemed like a good person to chat with, but she looked rather busy at the moment, and the browsing customers looked pretty focused on their 'shopping' to be bothered, so why not try the girl at the register?

You leave Yuuka's side for a moment and head straight to the register, paying no mind to the other people who had their eyes glued on the many variety of flowers that were on display here. The blonde girl raises from her sedentary posture to greet you, apparently seeing you as a customer who either wanted to purchase something or needed assistance (to which you wanted neither). "Welcome, how can I assist you?" She says putting on a friendly smile to you, one that was the total opposite to her expression when you first saw her...

"Nothing much, I just came to talk to you." You answer putting on a friendly smile of your own.

"Oh...uhm..." The girl blinks, her eyes staring blankly into yours as she turned behind her and looked at a half open door that stood a few inches away from where the checkout desk was. "Well, the owner won't be back for awhile so I suppose I can spare some time."

"Huh, so...you're not the owner?" For a moment, you thought she was being most would have taken up their position at the cash register if there was nothing else left to do in the store in which they owned.

"Nope, I only work here part time along with my younger sister, Minoriko."

You freeze for a moment and stare at Minoriko's (supposed) older sister, you face clearly speaking volumes of how much you wanted to say 'What'...but instead you simply went along with, "Minoriko's...the younger sister?" Which is quite odd in many ways, you could have sworn to god that Minoriko was the older one of the two...she gave off this sort of vibe that made you think she was an older sister. "But...she..."

"Looks older, and bigger, than me?" The blonde girl concluded for you a bit of a chuckle following those words as she relaxes her chin into one of her palms the other hand now beginning to fiddle with the red leaf that was clipped to her hair. "Yeah, we get that alot...I'm always mistaken as the younger sister even though I'm a bit older than Mino. It happens so much people don't even see me as the older sister anymore."

"Does it bother you, I mean, it could get annoying sometimes always getting called the younger sibling."

"Ah, it used to, but Mino told me not to worry about it that much," Minoriko's sister shrugged as she puts on a bit of a sly smirk, her next words indicating why such an expression had suddenly appeared. "Besides...there are some things I can do now that I wouldn't have been able to get away with if I was the big sister~"

[ ] "What do you mean...?"
[ ] "Huh, is Minoriko the same way?"
[ ] "I don't think you should be taking advantage of Minoriko like that..."
[ ] (Write-in)
>> No. 24438
File 126392195679.jpg - (16.15KB , 350x300 , shizuhaislove.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] "What do you mean...?"

Well Shizuha being the slimmer one is no surprise, being a leaf goddess compared to her sister the bountiful harvest goddess.

The pic is from a series of pics with Touhous smacking the guy (with sometimes bloody results, mainly from a few very powerful folks), but unlike her sister, Shizuha pets the guy.
>> No. 24441
[ ] "What do you mean...?"
>> No. 24444
took me a while, had to re-read to make sure I didn't forget something about thomas.

[X] "What do you mean...?"
>> No. 24445
[X] "What do you mean...?"

Are you thinking naughty thoughts Shizuha?
>> No. 24501
Gonna catch some sleep and start writing in the morning.
>> No. 24509
File 126417860376.jpg - (709.94KB , 822x1024 , I perfer older sisters myself_.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] "What do you mean...?"

That was rather vauge...what could she have meant by that? Well, there's no harm in prodding for answers, after all the two of you are conversing and you're curious so why hold back on gaining more knowledge of a potential friend? "Erm...what do you mean...?"

The girl remains still for a moment, blinking in response to your question, apparently thinking you would have known what she was referring to. Nevertheless, the girl explains herself, "Well you know, some places give discounts to minors. Like...there's a resturant down the way that only charges half price for children. Although I don't really look that young, they still give me a discount if Minoriko speaks up about it." Oh, well that makes sense, you do know of some resturants who don't charge much (or anything at all) for children...depending on how old they are. Still is that the only thing she meant by this...?

"Of course, there's also the fact that there are people who like the younger sisters over the older ones~" Oh, so it was one of those kind of things. You probably could have figured as much, but hey some people like what they like so there's no use judging. You nod silently to the blond and glance back to Yuuka who's now looking on at other flowers as she walks past them.

"So...what about you?" Minoriko's younger sister spoke once again, bringing your attention back to her, to see her face bearing a friendly smile. "Do you like younger sisters?" W-where was this coming from? Well, the subject did provide this question a nice oppurtunity to spawn...although that still didn't change the fact that it was rather sudden. Was she just joking around with you...or was she serious? Neither of which you were sure of, so what you say may or may not have an adverse effect on how she'll react...

[ ] "Nah, I prefer older sisters."
[ ] "Yeah, they're okay."
[ ] "Uhm...I...dunno...?"
[ ] "... ... ..."
[ ] (Write-in)


Erm...sorry if this is subpar, and short, but I couldn't resist this short of question...

Forgive me if it's corny or tasteless...
>> No. 24510
{x}So long as she's usually amicable, older or younger is no big deal to me. Then again, I've not experienced enough to know which I'd prefer..

One can say they have lived a long time but never seriously encountered such a situation. This can be said without Thomas be seen seemingly childish nor greedy; I hope.
>> No. 24511
[x]So long as she's usually amicable, older or younger is no big deal to me. Then again, I've not experienced enough to know which I'd prefer..

Seems Yuuka has a new challenger.
>> No. 24515
[X] "Well, I like you, so... Yes?"

>> No. 24516
[X]So long as she's usually amicable, older or younger is no big deal to me. Then again, I've not experienced enough to know which I'd prefer..

works for me~!

Seriously press her to try something...
>> No. 24524
I wonder if one of the sisters might take the stage away from Yuuka. Good thing I don't really have a major preference (though the notion of Yuuka teaching 'hands on sex-ed' to our lead sounds very appealing).
>> No. 24525
[X] "... ... ..."

> Yuka teaching 'hands on sex-ed'

Might be a little rough though, this being Yuka. Of course, you know how slow she is...
>> No. 24526

I don't think Yuuka (particularly this Yuuka) to be brutal outside of "Death to those that hurt my children" mode. Instead this Yuuka seems kinda cold-mannered but actually cares.
>> No. 24527
{x}So long as she's usually amicable, older or younger is no big deal to me. Then again, I've not experienced enough to know which I'd prefer..
>> No. 24536
I'll try to get some writing done tomorrow, if not expect something on Monday.
>> No. 24546

>> No. 24566
File 12644047803.png - (614.15KB , 1447x1447 , 9032c32127c690094d4db24760e6e329.png ) [iqdb]
[x] So long as she's usually amicable, older or younger is no big deal to me. Then again, I've not experienced enough to know which I'd prefer...

The blond picks her head up from her palms as she takes in your answer. At first, she looks as though she wasn't expecting you to answer in the manner you did a moment ago, but eventually this expression drops from her face and is swiftly replaced with that smile of friendliness she's shown to you before. "Ah, I see, that's a really intellegent way of putting it I, suppose." She says as she gazes up at the ceiling for a moment, looking as though she's gone off into thought for the time being. "Still, it's normal for a boy your age to not really know which one they'd really like yet. I suppose you still have a lil' growing to do~" The blond giggles playfully as she sighs and looks off at a flower shaped clock located near the cash register. Apparently it's around...10:45 am, still rather earlier in the day...and here you felt like it was at least 11 or so...

"Oh! Here I am mouthing off to you and I haven't even introduced myself yet." The blond suddenly spoke up in a slightly embarrased tone as she extends her head from across the counter toward you, "I'm Shizuha Aki, I'm sure you already met my 'little' sister, Minoriko."

"I'm Thomas, nice to meet you, Shizuha." You reply to her as you shake her hand. The two of you fall silent afterward, as Shizuha stares at the clock and sighs a bit as she realize that the time has hardly changed from what it once was. "You bored?"

"Ah...well, somewhat, I usually don't mind working here honestly, but I guess you could say I just woke in one of those moods." Shizuha muttered a bit as she fidgeted with the clock a bit and, noticing you didn't promptly answer, decided to explain a bit further. "Y'know, where you just don't want to do anything and you want to sleep in for a little while longer?"

"Oh right, I see what you mean..." You say with a nod, having expereinced such a thing before even though you don't really have a part time job...well sorta, if you don't count the library duties you know have. "I get like that when I go to school, although mom doesn't really like it when I get like that..."

"Hmm, speaking of which shouldn't YOU be in school now?" Well, on a day like today...yes, you would have been at that prison...but seeing as to how it's summer, you highly doubt you'll be going to one any time soon. "Oh wait...nevermind, it's summer break right about now, huh?"

"Yeah." Once again, the two of you fall into a silence, the both of you looking off in opposite directions as one of you thinks on something to say. For a brief moment, you were struck with this sudden feeling that someone looking at you, turning around to confirm this feeling, you can only see the back of Yuuka as she bends over to closer inspect an Iris of somekind...

It isn't until Shizuha starts speaking again that you realize...well, that she's started speaking again...

"So...you come here by yourself?" Shizuha says, her eyes not making contact with yours for some reason. Slightly confused by this, you simply answer in kind and point to the green haired youkai who actually, wasn't that far from the two of you were (about a few steps, tops). Huh...now why would she ask that? Well, she wasn't really aware that you came here with Yuuka, at least you thought she wasn't.

"Ah, no I came here with Yuuka."

"Yuuka?" Shizuha perked up, looking as though someone had just told her startling news. "You mean...the Yuuka...as in...Kazami Yuuka...?"

"Uhm...yes?" You answer with a raised eyebrow toward her odd behavior. "Why...is something wrong?"

Shizuha pauses and gently scratches her left cheek for a moment as she responds, her eyes once again not making eye contact with you as she spoke. "Oh...erm, no not at all..." For some reason, you have this odd feeling that Shizuha's hiding the true reason as to why she was surprised on the matter of you being here with Yuuka. You could prod her for answers...but, not alot of people like being bothered about questions they don't want to answer...

[ ] "Come on you can tell me~"
[ ] "Hmm...alright, let's talk about something else."
[ ] "Huh...maybe I should ask Yuuka something, be right back."
[ ] (Write-in)
>> No. 24568
[x] "Come on you can tell me~"
>> No. 24570
[x] "Come on you can tell me~"
>> No. 24575
[X] "Come on you can tell me~"

Thomas may already have an idea but it's at least something to talk about.
>> No. 24580
[x] "Come on you can tell me~"
>> No. 24582
[X] "Come on you can tell me~"
>> No. 24583
[X] "Come on you can tell me, it'll just be between us right~?"

Felt I should amend it so it's not as if we're gonna snitch on her or anything ridiculous.
>> No. 25192
File 126645600772.jpg - (329.59KB , 750x750 , 3205877605d33d5da0ea60fb09da762d.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] "Come on you can tell me~"

You give Shizuha a smile, knowing that there wasn't any harm in asking her on what she was hiding. "Come on, you can tell me~" You say, leaning forward a bit and adding a bit . Yes, you were prodding her for an answer, but only out of curiosity. It never hurts to satisfy one's curiosity...welll, sometimes it can, but let's just hope this is not one of those times it can end negatively.

"Well...alright," Shizuha conceads, her free hand fidgiting with her hair ornament for a moment as she casts her eyes upward to Yuuka who was now moving away from the counter. Apparently Shizuha was waiting for Yuuka to leave before she said this, "You see, Yuuka's not really known around these parts as the...nicest youkai around from what I hear. Alot of the folks who live in town are afraid of her even though she usually comes by a few times a week." Which you're aware of, although the people of your hometown seemed to be equally afraid of her even though Yuuka hardly appeared there.

"You probably saw how everyone in town practically avoided you right?"

"Huh...how'd you know that?" You inquire with a curious tilt of our head. You of course know of this because you witnessed it first hand, although you never thought Shizuha would know...

"It's been happening for a long time now, Thomas. Way before me and Mino-chan started working here." Oh right, Yuuka did give hints to the fact that people have been avoiding her for a good long time now. "The only reason the folks in here aren't avoiding her is because they've probably gotten used to her coming to the shop. I know when the owner first told us that Yuuka would be a regular here, me and Minoriko got so scared that we actually thought about quitting to go and work somewhere else. Matter of fact, that's part of the reason why most of the part-timers this guy hires runs off...because of Yuuka."

"Wait...so you mean you're first of the part-timers to actually stay here?"

"Pretty much," Shizuha answered with a simple shrug. "Well...I guess the only reason we stayed was because we had to...not alot of places around here were looking for new workers when we got here. And we needed the money either way so...here we are."

"When you got here?" You echoed with a curious tone in your voice. "Sounds like you moved here from somewhere else."

"Yep, we just moved here about...a week ago, all the way from the New Youkai City." Huh...why does that name sound familiar to you. It feels like you've heard of it somewhere before. "We didn't really like how Miss Yasaka was runnin things, so we packed our things and left for this town. It's...pretty quiet here for a city, alot more peaceful than NYC that's for certain."

"It does have the peaceful air too it, I guess." "My hometown's kinda the same way, but that's only because it's smaller than the Human City."

"Ah, you just move here too?" Shizuha inquired as she smiled and gave you a playful wink. "Looks like we have something in common~"

"Heh, I guess so...but I don't really live here in town, I sorta live with Yuuka at her house a little ways away from here." "Before, I used to live with my mom and dad, but when my house was blown up by something--still don't know what blew it up--Yuuka agreed to take me in."

"You mean to tell me that...you actually live with Yuuka?" Shizuha gasped with wide eyes; Your reaction nothing short of a slow nod probably because of the sheer amount of shock you managed to see on Shizuha's face. Eventually this shock seems to dissapate from Shizuha as she comes to chuckle slightly. Perhaps at the thought of you living with someone as feared and powerful as Yuuka. "Heh, who'da thought Yuuka would take in a little orphan boy. I suppose, you don't have to worry about other kids bullying you; Just tell'em you live with Yuuka and they'll run off so fast, they'll be pulled over for going over the speed limit."

"I don't really think it's weird," You disagree with a somber shake of your head. Yuuka may be feared by the humans, and maybe you fear her a little too...but if a feared youkai can take in a person who is essentially an orphan, then you can't see anything wrong with them. Then again... "She was an acquantince of my dad long before I was even born. Dad's told me a little about her, but this is really my first time meeting her in person."

"Oh izzat so, your dad must have been pretty brave for a human. I don't even know of any humans who would even think about talking to Yuuka directly...at least not without choking up." For the most part, you can agree. Although you know very little on the relationship between your father and Yuuka as a whole...at least not beyond what little he told you. All you know is that he knew of Yuuka and the two would meet up in this very town when he went to work. "So tell me...you and Yuuka...you like living with'er?"

[ ] "Yeah, it's...interesting to say the least."
[ ] "Sorta, she can be a bit...scary at times. But it's all good."
[ ] "Well...it's a place to stay, so..."
[ ] "(Write-in)"
>> No. 25195
[x] "Yeah, it's...interesting to say the least."
>> No. 25199
[X]"Aside from having a firm schedule of things and maintaining certain areas of the house, by personal choice mind you, I'm for the most part free."
-[x]"In fact, Yuuka did offer to let myself wander around the nearby for a bit, but considering I don't really know my way around well enough, among other things, I just decided to stick around instead this time around."
--[x]"I'm glad I did though..."

I had to try, that write-in option was begging for something filling
>> No. 25203
[X]"Aside from having a firm schedule of things and maintaining certain areas of the house, by personal choice mind you, I'm for the most part free."
-[x]"In fact, Yuuka did offer to let myself wander around the nearby for a bit, but considering I don't really know my way around well enough, among other things, I just decided to stick around instead this time around."
--[x]"I'm glad I did though..."
[x] "If I catch you on a day off, think you can show me around?"
>> No. 25226
[X]"Aside from Yuuka keeping a firm schedule of things and I maintaining certain areas of the house, myself offering that service by choice mind you, I'm for the most part free."
-[x]"In fact, Yuuka did offer to let myself wander around the nearby for a bit, but considering I don't really know my way around well enough, among other things, I just decided to stick around instead this time."
--[x]"I'm glad I did though..."
[x] "If I catch you on a day off, think you can show me around; or do you think perhaps your sister would be willing to?"

Did some minor grammatical/oratory editing

to make it more appealing imho.
>> No. 25754
[X]"Aside from Yuuka keeping a firm schedule of things and I maintaining certain areas of the house, myself offering that service by choice mind you, I'm for the most part free."
-[x]"In fact, Yuuka did offer to let myself wander around the nearby for a bit, but considering I don't really know my way around well enough, among other things, I just decided to stick around instead this time."
--[x]"I'm glad I did though..."
[x] "If I catch you on a day off, think you can show me around; or do you think perhaps your sister would be willing to?"
>> No. 27431
Well, after that long break, I think it's time to get back to writing. Sorry again for disappearing like I did, I really should stay faithful to this and keep you guys entertained...

In anycase, should I just start a new thread? I forgot the autosage limit, but my gut tells me it's at least 250 posts or something along those lines. Either way, I'll be writing up the next update.
>> No. 28167
So....is this story dead? A shame, too: Auntie Yuuka was very interesting.
>> No. 28230
File 127657759668.png - (4.78KB , 249x157 , Satan_PP2.png ) [iqdb]
No, I'm just taking my sweet time with updating...

I've been sidetracked with other things and just couldn't find the time to write the update I had planned. I'm gonna revive this story...I just need to get some work out of the way.
>> No. 28232

I'm glad it's still alive.

Good luck.