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1498 No. 1498
It's a brand new morning and you wake up feeling much better.
It's Saturday today, so you have no classes. You can spend all day relaxing and looking for more friends.

Getting up, you feel stinging sensations all over your body. They remind you about what happened last night...
But you're not going to let it bother you. That's all in the past and it's a new day that will be filled with new adventures.
You remove your bandages and find that all your cuts are now just blemishes on your skin. Patchouli's magic did wonders. They should be gone by tonight.
You stand up with no problem. You should be able to walk as long as you don't put too much weight on your right foot.

Everyone was feeling a little down yesterday, but you have a plan to win them back. You'll make them an awesome breakfast!
You enter the kitchen and realize that your plan is not going to work, because Alice is already making breakfast.
Alice turns to you with a smile. "Oh? You're up. Don't worry about breakfast, I got it covered."
It seems she's gotten over what happened last night as well. You match that smile of hers. "I'll help you!"
You approach the stove, but Alice stops you. "I said not to worry about it. You aren't fully recovered, are you? Just go take it easy for a while, I'll call you when breakfast is ready."
She speaks in such a cheerful voice, but why does it feel like she's pushing you away?
She doesn't actually kick you out, but you get the feeling you're not welcome here, so you leave the kitchen.

What do you do until breakfast is ready?

[ ] Check on Youmu.
[ ] Check on Suika.
[ ] Check on TV.
[ ] Check on internet.

>> No. 1500
[X] Check on Youmu.
Plot move
>> No. 1502
[ ] Check on Youmu.
>> No. 1503
[x] Check on TV.
Find out how badly we fucked up via a news report.
>> No. 1504
[x] Check on Youmu.
[x] Check on Suika.
[x] Check on TV.
[x] Check on internet.

Your valuable time. I'll be taking it.
>> No. 1505
File 121295478925.png - (13.90KB , 117x209 , 1202073110453.png ) [iqdb]
[ ] Check on Youmu.

Let's try to befriend Myon.
>> No. 1506
[x] Check on Youmu.
[x] Check on TV.
>> No. 1507
[x] Check on Myon
>> No. 1508
[x] Check on Myon

>> No. 1509
[x] Check on TV.
[x] Check on Suika.

All those Suika points we built up people, let's keep at it!
>> No. 1510
[x] Check on TV.
>> No. 1511
[x] Check on TV.
Find out if there are any clues towards an alternatives to the problem that we still have since we just, uh, threw the best possible solution out the god damn window.
>> No. 1512
[x] Check on TV.
[x] Check on internet.

Need leads after the last fiasco if we're going to pass off anything remotely suggestive of competency. We don't want to be pre-empted by a "what's the plan for the day" question.

We can rouse the others once breakfast is ready.
>> No. 1513
[x] Check on TV.
[x] Check on Suika.

As I said in the other thread, we should discuss the situation with everyone and what their thoughts are on the happenings of last night. If they think we should try to resolve things, we might as well do it. Alice would probably say yes, Youmu, not too clear, and Suika probably wouldn't care.
>> No. 1514
>an alternatives to the problem that we still have

Mary and Renko.
>> No. 1515

We saw Mary and ignored her, but at least we have an idea of where we can find her if it comes down to it.
>> No. 1517
[ ] Check on TV.
[ ] Check on Suika.

Let us see what chaos we have unleashed so far, and what disasters await us today
>> No. 1537
[X] Check on Youmu.
[X] Check on TV.
>> No. 1538
[X] Check on TV.
[X] Check on internet.
>> No. 1552
[ ] Check on TV.
[ ] Check on Suika.
>> No. 1555
[ ] Check on Youmu.
[ ] Check on TV.
>> No. 1599
[x] Check on TV.
[x] Check on Suika.
>> No. 1620
Man, votes are all over the place.
Can someone count them for me?
>> No. 1622
Wait, with Mary, couldn't we just start sending Touhous back directly? We can ask the ones who are looking for others or otherwise want to help to stay, and the more troublesome ones we can send back.

This would alleviate the limited housing situation, without losing characters permanent we could always go into Gensokyo to ask for help. Think of the house space as active party slots, and Gensokyo as our reserves.
>> No. 1628
File 121303916252.jpg - (5.80KB , 139x174 , believe.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hey Donryu, seeing all the fuss youkai make on the outside, how much time we have before FBI and UN will find out and try to investigate?
Illuminati for sure alredy know about Gensokyo, magic and Lunarians.
And when whe find agent Moulder knocking to our door?
>> No. 1629
You can only carry a maximum of 6 Touhoes at a time. If you catch a seventh Touhoe, it will be immediately sent to Bill, eh, Gensokyo.
>> No. 1631
You're going to have to wait until Day 5 to find out why we can't do that (assuming we don't stupidly ignore them again).

Eh, I don't really want to deal with a real government organization. Wait until Day 4 for some development on that though.

Anyway, I counted the votes since no one was doing that for me. Writing now.
>> No. 1632
>And when we find agent Moulder knocking to our door?

Fuck yeah. Best government visit ever.
>> No. 1633
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You were sleeping 50 years mr.ANON
>> No. 1634
I don't think that Generic Drawfag lurks here, so can somebody ask him if he can draw Reisen with black shades and that flash stick?
>> No. 1638
[x] Check on TV.
[x] Check on Suika.
Alice still gives me that bad feeling after /eientei/
>> No. 1639
The news may have some information you so desperately need. You head to the living room and turn on the TV.
You notice Suika sleeping on the couch, but there's no reason to bother her, so you leave her alone.

There's not much on the news that concerns you. It seems someone ransacked the mall last night. You wonder who could have done that... oh wait, you think you know who that was. Luckily, they say that the only things missing are easily replaceable and that the culprit left no evidence. The incident is being blamed on police negligence. It looks like you're in the clear.
You continue watching in hopes of learning something. Luigi's Butcher Shop is having a sale. A whole pig for $25?! That's got to be an exaggeration! Wait, who cares. That's not important. There is nothing of interest on TV.

You turn off the TV, but Alice hasn't called you, so breakfast must not be ready yet.
You decide to check how Youmu is doing. She's the newest member of the household and you really haven't talked to her all that much.
You find her in the empty room you gave Alice. Alice said she would share the room with Youmu, so you guess it's Youmu's room as well.
Youmu is sitting on the floor and seems to be polishing her sword.
You greet her. "Good morning."
"Good morning." Youmu puts the sword away and is about to get up, but you wave her down.
"Don't mind me. I just came to see how you were doing. So how do you like my place?"
"It is a... nice house, and an excellent shelter. Much better than where I was going to stay."
"Thanks." Yes! You are better than a dusty warehouse. This is a compliment to you.

There is an awkward silence when you don't know where to move the conversation.
You stand by the doorway. Youmu sits in a kneeling position and Myon floats around the room. Alice still hasn't finished breakfast.

[ ] "So, what is your opinion about last night?"
[ ] "So,... you like... swords?"
[ ] Grab Myon.
>> No. 1640
[ ] Grab Myon.
No tenko story bullshit.
Just hug it.
>> No. 1641
[ ] "So,... you like... swords?"

Weird sexual undertones asides, best place this convo can lead while her sword is still drawn.
>> No. 1642
[x] "So,... you like... swords?"

Why not?
>> No. 1643
[ ] "So,... you like... swords?"
>> No. 1646
[x] "So,... you like... swords?"
>> No. 1649

[x] "So,... you like... swords?"
[x] Grab Myon.
[x] use your 'sausage-saber' on myon
>> No. 1650
[ ] "So,... you like... swords?"
[ ] Sword-chucks, yo.
>> No. 1655
[X] "So,... you like... swords?"
[X] Grab Myon.
>> No. 1656
[X] "So, what is your opinion about last night?"

How much of a fuck-up do you take me for?
>> No. 1657
>[ ] Sword-chucks, yo.

Wish I could hate you dead.
>> No. 1658
File 121305783920.jpg - (47.13KB , 520x520 , dante.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1661
[ ] "So, what is your opinion about last night?"

Collect opinions damnit, then make an informed decision based on what we learn.
>> No. 1668
[X] Grab Myon.
>> No. 1669
[X] Grab Myon.
Lets see if could bad end this.
>> No. 1708
[X] Grab Myon.
Say with an absolutey CRAAAAZYYYY look on your face
>> No. 1770
YES, another month for update.
>> No. 1779
Sorry about that. I've fallen into one of my don't-feel-like-writing moods again. I might have something written by saturday, but no guarantees.
>> No. 2318

>> No. 2325
It's only been Ten Days. Be more Patient.

...wait a minute.
>> No. 2460
>> No. 2510
>You continue watching in hopes of learning something. Luigi's Butcher Shop is having a sale. A whole pig for $25?! That's got to be an exaggeration! Wait, who cares. That's not important. There is nothing of interest on TV.
>not important
>nothing of interest on TV


Not important!? With all the Touhous we have at our flat, we could do with a deal like this!

[ ] Ask Youmu if she can butcher a pig

If yes

[ ] Take her with you and go buy it


[ ] Buy it anyway
>> No. 2552
And then Anon is is too much of a pussy to let it get killed and wants a pig route.
>> No. 3823
I might write again soon, but not now.
>> No. 3825
forgot your awesome.jpg
>> No. 3888
What the?
>>3823 is not me

Sorry I haven't written anything in a while. My schedule has been a bit busy lately, I haven't even been on this site in the last two weeks. I just came here today to check if anyone still cared about the story. Now I find someone impersonating me. I don't even see why they would want to.

Well, uh... does anyone still care about the story? I probably won't have time to write anything myself, but I'm still up for the idea of letting someone else take over. Or we can let this fade into obscurity.
>> No. 3889

We always want more writefags. Keep going.
>> No. 3891
I'm probably in the minority, and likely to piss everyone off by saying this, but...

Unless you're going to restart the story, and proceed with a quick writing pace, then you probably shouldn't bother. The story's quality just significantly dropped off after meeting the SDM crew, so much that, to me, it's pretty much unrecoverable.
>> No. 3892

If you don't want to write, then don't. No one is going to make you write, we will not complain, since most of us have forgoten about this and probably don't care anymore.
>> No. 3893
I'm not trying to sound like a dick here, but this story is better off dead and forgotten. Sorry.
>> No. 3903
I don't blame you guys. I have to admit, part of the reason I stopped writing was because I looked back at the whole SDM part and thought "Why the fuck did I write this piece of shit?" and I wanted to avoid it. Things went down and I was planning on bringing it back up on this story day with the return of Mystia along with Cirno, but I just couldn't pull myself to write anything. My biggest regret now is that I'm ending it on a low point. Then again, the ending I had planned would likely have turned into shit as well: Touhous came to human world because the LHC messed up the border, Reimu and Yukari are imprisoned, you and your crew raise a shitstorm, then when everything is over ZUN appears out of nowhere and fixes everything with unexplainable methods.

Oh well. This story is officially closed.
If anyone is wondering about any plot details I had planned, I'll gladly answer any questions. Otherwise, I'm going on with my life.
>> No. 3921

Oh wow, that would have been hilarious if had actually manage to do it. But well, now it has ended.

Congrats, yours is the first serious (it was serious, right?) VN to end abruptaly before any plot arrived.

And no, FUIG and Breasts are were not serious VNs.
>> No. 3928
Any chance of just restarting the story, or are you out of ideas? It was pretty good up until the mall bullshit. And more Suika is always a good thing.
>> No. 3947
I have plenty of ideas. I had the meetings of every major character already planned out. I even have some ideas for other stories (OSotB wasn't even my first idea. I originally planned a school life/demon hunting story, but school days in gensokyo was going on at the time, and the entire thing was a shounen parody, so I didn't think anonymous would want it).
It's just that I don't have time right now to be writing great walls of text, so rather than making you guys wait who knows how long, I decided to end it here. Plus I don't think this turned out very well. I'm confident in my ability during the planning stage, but it all falls apart when I actually write it.

I really would like my ideas to get out, which is why I suggested someone else take over, then I could e-mail them a general outline of what happens and they could write it, but I realize no one here wants to write someone else's story.
>> No. 3971
>It's just that I don't have time right now to be writing great walls of text

Then when would you be able to write?