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14904 No. 14904
Alright, so. If Nightmare is an attempt to get a break from the absurdity of TAiG, this is an attempt to get a break from the planned-outness both of them have. Yes, TAiG was planned out a fair amount, even if it didn't seem like it. Regardless, this is going to be a bit different from most CYOAs.
First of all, it's going to use quite a different method of counting votes. It will be 100% write-ins, like some other stories, but unless there's an overwhelming majority of votes for one specific option, they'll count more like suggestions: I'll choose the one I like best or combine multiple ones as I see fitand update based on that.
Because of this, it won't have particularly long updates. And because of how malleable this voting system makes the story, it won't have any set plot, either. It's meant as less of a serious CYOA, but more of one that you vote on to pass the time.

Now about the story its self: it's going to be an attempt to redo the very first version of TAiG, ever: the IRC version. Only this time, on the imageboard. Why? Because it's insanely fun to write with this style. Chances are the main way it will work will also be the same way it did with the IRC version: I'll choose a time at which I'll start updating, and that's when updating occurs. Either that, or if I decide to update it only on certain days, I'll announce it the day before.
This particular style of CYOA just doesn't quite work out when it doesn't update quickly. That's why it'll have short updates that will be fairly frequent and likely in bursts.

Now, the beginning of the story.

You wake up tired one monday after a long night of playing Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. You find yourself feeling like something dangerous is going to happen today. You are in a one-room apartment, cheap because you need money to fuel your nerdy habits.
On the north wall of the room, there is a computer desk with a computer on it. West wall you have a closet with your hunting rifle and ammunition in it. The south wall of your room has your bed, with your hunting knife stuck between the matress and box spring. To the west is the exit.


>> No. 14905
The apartment is so fucking boring.

[X] Skip ahead
>> No. 14909
You suddenly find yourself standing in the middle of a large mostly empty grass field, somehow. This is odd because you never left your bed, yet you're standing fully dressed, carrying a few inventory items with you. All directions look equally unusable from here, though in different ways:
North, there's just a massive lake.
South, runs into forest.
East, there's a very large desert.
West, more forest.

Of course, you could choose any of them, or any combination of them, instead traveling in the direction of the resultant of their vectors. Or you could sit here for a while, but that'd be boring.

>> No. 14910
[X] East.

Fuck yeah desert.
>> No. 14912
[x] North towards the Lake.

Always. ALWAYS.
>> No. 14914
[x] East.

What the hell's in the desert? Other than giant scorpions and a horse with no name.
>> No. 14921
You decide to head east towards the desert.
And it is quite a desrt. It is most definitely deserted, and it is definitely hot. No one in sight.

Until you run into a giant fucking scorpion. The speed that the thing moves gives you the impression that you wouldn't escape if you tried running. Jesus christ.

>> No. 14923
enter turn-based combat mode.

you have more AP than the scorpion. kick and run away, and then repeat.
>> No. 14925
[x] Wait until some weirdo with a tied-up child riding on a crazed horse crashes through it.
>> No. 14927
You decide to just wait. You don't even know if this fucker is going to attack you or not. It's perfectly possible that it doesn't even care that you're there.
However, luck is not with you, and it does know it's there.
Rearing up its stinger for a deadly blow, it begins to pounce.

However, someone decided to steal your kill, crashing through the bug on a crazed horse. They also appear to be carrying a tied-up child.

Well, you're in the middle of the desert with a dead giant scorpion, a few cacti, and an odd-looking shrub.

>> No. 14928
[x] Get the scorpion's tail.
>> No. 14929
[X] Try to hide in a shrub
>> No. 14930
The thought occurs to you to hide in the shrub. Initially you shrug it off as a dumb fucking idea, but then you realize:
Shrub == shade.
Shade == less heat.
Less heat == holy shit you're in a a fucking desert how the hell could you NOT want less heat.

Walking up to the shrub, you climb inside, effectively hiding yourself. It's not a big shrub, but you manage to squeeze yourself in.

The thought also occurs to you to grab the scorpion's tail, but you decide to do that as you leave, whenever that may be.

Well, it is cooler inside of this shrub. But it's also prickly, and it feels like you've got a bug crawling on you.

>> No. 14933
[x] Dodge Roll.
>> No. 14934
File 123613746561.jpg - (90.29KB , 680x1000 , 06.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Catch the bug, eat it for nutrition.
Fuck yeah this story is so random I laughed.
>> No. 14935
Heh, bug. Who the hell does it think it is, climbing all over you like that? You'll have to teach it a lesson.
Grabbing it, you stuff the motherfucker in your mouth. You also perform a dodge roll, but you're unsure why. In any case, it gets you out of the shrub, but also destroys it in the process.



>> No. 14937
[X] Gather the leaf, disguise yourself as a shrub king.
>> No. 14940
Well, might as well gather the remains of your destroyed home.
You manage to turn them into a convincing disguise. Everything will think of you as the shrub king from now on. Everyone.
You also gather the scorpion's stinger. You need a weapon, obviously. While this thing might not last for very long, it should protect you for a few days at least.

>> No. 14941
[x] Start humming.
[x] Confidently walk off in a random direction.
>> No. 14942
[x] Start humming.
[x] Confidently walk off in a random direction.
[x] Gather more shrub to be your followers in the process. We're going to take over the world.
>> No. 14943
Shrub master route is go.
>> No. 14944
You decide to just make off with your life, and possibly escape the forest, gathering a bunch more shrubs to be your followers on the way. You select a random direction and begin walking.
Eventually you run into a forest. You don't run into any shrubs along the way. However, you do run into a large squad of giant fucking bees who attempt to use you as their hive. Not wanting this at all, you discard your new disguise and run off, not bothering to try and defend yourself.
Seriously, those things were huge. You're not sure even the scorpion's stinger would kill them.
You're now lost in the middle of a forest with a scorpion stinger in your hands.

>> No. 14945
[x]Crack open stinger
[x]Use lighter on poisons
[x]Inhale smoke
>> No. 14947
[X] Befriend some nearby gorillas.
>> No. 14948
Well, being lost, there's not really that much to do.
Except get high off of burning stinger smoke.

Cracking open the stinger, you light the poison on fire.
It burns, giving off a noxious smoke.
You die quickly.


.>back 1 choice
>> No. 14949
[X] Befriend some nearby Alice.
>> No. 14951
[X] try to camo yourself until you reach 80%+ camouflage rate, using nearby stuffs like dirt and leaves.
(if there's a shrub king leaves, use it too.)
>> No. 14952
Hmm, you must be in Wonderland. Giant fucking scorpions, giant fucking bees, people running through giant scorpions on crazed horses while carrying tied up kids.
Yeah, makes no sense. Which is why it's probably wonderland.
So where's Alice?

After about ten minutes of searching, you don't find any Alices. But you do find a young girl with short blonde hair wearing a black dress.
Wait, this COULD be alice, but...Isn't Alice supposed to wear blue, or yellow? You've never heard of Alice wearing black.

>> No. 14953
[x] Tell the girl in black we have an important message for Alice.
>> No. 14954
[X] Standing there, frozen by the girl's beauty.
>> No. 14955
Holy shit, this girl, she's...Beautiful.
Jesus christ, she's just a kid, and she's so beautiful. So beautiful you want to eat her up. So beautiful you want to do inappropriate things to her
So beautiful that you hardly notice the pain when her mouth clamps down on your arm.
Hey wait. That's not the normal biting kids do. This is HARD. As if she's trying to take a bit out of your arm, to EAT IT.



>> No. 14956

[x] Stab her in the neck with the stinger.
>> No. 14957
[X] Counter-bite her in the neck.
>> No. 14958
Last one tonight.
If she's going to bite you, you're goddamn going to bite her.
Grabbing her by the shoulder with your free hand, you lift her neck up to your mouth. She's quite light. Definitely too light, even for a child her size. You graze your teeth against her neck for a tiny bit before tightly sinking them in.

"AEHHHHH!?" the girl screams, in the process letting go of your arm.
"W-what are you doing? Don't bite me! That's just rude! Just sit there and let me eat you like good prey!"
"No, if you're going to eat me, I'm going to eat you."
She puffs out her cheeks. "But I'm stronger than you, so that means I win! Let me eat you!" she seems irritated.

I guess I'll pick this up tomorrow.
>> No. 14959
[x] Stab her with the scorpion stinger
>> No. 14960
File 123614121470.jpg - (53.21KB , 384x323 , 4a9901e9c68931d245690e621b60fb0d.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Flex, to show her you are way stronger than her.
>> No. 14961
[x] "That's nuts! If you were stronger than yourself, then that means you would have to force you by yourself to eat yourself."
[x] "And thus, if you ever want to get stronger than you are and succeed, you must go backwards in time and eat the you that is weaker then. You'll be erasing yourself from the past! You can't do that, you'll create a time paradox."
>> No. 14962
[X] "I love you. You can't eat me if I love you."
>> No. 14967
[X] "I love you. You can't eat me if I love you."
>> No. 14968
[x] "That's nuts! If you were stronger than yourself, then that means you would have to force you by yourself to eat yourself."
[x] "And thus, if you ever want to get stronger than you are and succeed, you must go backwards in time and eat the you that is weaker then. You'll be erasing yourself from the past! You can't do that, you'll create a time paradox."
>> No. 14969
[X] "I love you. You can't eat me if I love you."
>> No. 14970
[x] "That's nuts! If you were stronger than yourself, then that means you would have to force you by yourself to eat yourself."
[x] "And thus, if you ever want to get stronger than you are and succeed, you must go backwards in time and eat the you that is weaker then. You'll be erasing yourself from the past! You can't do that, you'll create a time paradox."
>> No. 14976
[X] "I love you. You can't eat me if I love you."
>> No. 14992
[X] "I love you. You can't eat me if I love you."
>> No. 15000
Stronger than you? Hah! She's a little girl! Like hell she is!
You'll show her!

Ripping off your shirt, you flex your bulging muscles. However, being a nerd, this isn't very effective.
"Um, what are you doing?"

Right, that didn't work. Time for the next option.

"Right, you can't eat me. I love you. You can't eat me if I love you."
"You what? I can't? Since when? Please tell me!"

>> No. 15001

[x] "Since always. You just forgot because we haven't seen each other in such a long time.
>> No. 15002
>> No. 15005
[x] "I love you because you love me. After all, we both sought each other out to fill a need."
>> No. 15006
[X] "I love you! You can't! It's always been that way!"
[X] Pull her into a hug.
[X] "Can't you see? Love transcends everything! Love is why friends fight for each other, why the brilliant do foolish things, why hungry people don't eat each other!"
[X] Kiss her softly.
[X] "And I... I! Love! You!"
>> No. 15007
"WHY? WHEN? FOR WHAT REASON? ALL MEANINGLESS! LOVE HAS REASONS THAT REASON CANNOT UNDERSTAND!" you shout your triumphant statement. "I loe you! You can't eat me! It's always been that way!" You pull her into a hug. "Can't you see? Love transcends everything! Love is why friends fight for each other, why the brilliant do foolish things, why hungry people don't eat each other!"
YOu pull her into a soft kiss. She doesn't resist, but it seems as if she doesn't know what you're doing.
"And I... I! Love! You!"

The words echo through the empty forest.

"But...That's silly." She just blows you off, that easily. "So, if I can't eat you, what can I eat?" she asks innocently.

>> No. 15008
[]Cinnamon toast crunch.
Part of a healthy nutritious breakfast.
>> No. 15009
[x] The scorpion stinger.
>> No. 15010
[X]Things that don't love you.

>> No. 15011
[x] Smoked scorpion stinger.
>> No. 15013
"Well, obviously, things that don't love you." You resond affectionately.
"But...What doesn't love me?"
Looking around, the only thing you can think of that wouldn't love such a cute girl is this hideus scorpion stinger you're holding.
"Smoked scorpion stinger, maybe?"
"But, last time I tried eating a scorpion, I was sick for weeks!" Well damn. Don't want that.
"Ah! Let's go eat at Mystia's stand! I haven't seen her in a while!"

>> No. 15014
[X] Accompany her to that said "Mystia stand"
not much to do here.
>> No. 15015
[x] Think about Mystia's Stand. Maybe it could stop time or make inanimate objects into living tissue? How exciting!
>> No. 15018
[X] Accompany her to that said "Mystia stand"
[X] Hold her hand
>> No. 15019
[X] It is your love's desire! To the stall!
[X] Carry her there in your arms, like a good lover should!
>> No. 15020
[X] It is your love's desire! To the stall!
[X] Carry her there in your arms, like a good lover should!
>> No. 15029
[X] It is your love's desire! To the stall!
[X] Carry her there in your arms, like a good lover should!
>> No. 15033
Alright, I can't update this without votes. And the format doesn't work with update frequencies like my other stories.
It is imperative that everyone who reads this votes, even if it's just reaffirming someone else's decision. Preferably, I'd get a large range of different votes to choose from, but even just a few that I can tell multiple people want is good enough. However, sitting there for ten minutes with one single vote usually isn't a good thing.
Even though you don't know what this "Mystia's stand" place is, it is your love's desire! To the stall!

"Come here, my love." You pick her up and begin carrying her there in your arms.
"Just guide me and I'll take you anywhere you want to go."
"Alright! Now go, uh.. North! North from here!"

After a while of traveling, you come across what looks like a foodstand. No one appears to be present. Rumia just sits there patiently. You get a feeling that this girl being patient for food is a special thing that should be cherished forever, but you have no clue about that.

The stand owner still isn't anywhere visible.

>> No. 15034
[X] Search through the owners supplies
>> No. 15035
[X] Search through the owners supplies
>> No. 15036
[X] Is there a bell or something on the stand? If so, ring it.
[X] After you're done with that(or in the case there is no bell at all), wait patiently. After all, you don't want to act like a fool in front of your love.
>> No. 15038
You decide to search through the owner's supplies. There isn't really that many. Large amounts of some kind of meat, various spices and seasonsings, some sauces it looks like, and plenty of sake. That's not that much different stuff, but you could definitely make something delicious out of it if no one comes.

>> No. 15039
[X] Make something delicious out of it because no one's coming
>> No. 15040
[X] Shout and see if anyone is around.
>> No. 15041
[X] Ask your love if she would like you to make something for her while you wait.
[X] Feed her whatever you prepare if she says yes.
>> No. 15042
"My love, would you like me to prepare something for you to eat while we wait for the owner of this establishment to appear?"
"Nope, I want my stomach to be compleeetely empty for Mystia's delicious food~"

>> No. 15043
[X] That's fine, then. Sit and wait with her.
[X] Ideally, pick her up and place her in your lap, so that you can hold her close as you wait.
>> No. 15044
[X] Learn to fly
>> No. 15045
[X] That's fine, then. Sit and wait with her.
[X] Ideally, pick her up and place her in your lap, so that you can hold her close as you wait.
>> No. 15046
[X] That's fine, then. Sit and wait with her.
[X] Ideally, pick her up and place her in your lap, so that you can hold her close as you wait.
>> No. 15047
Well, no need to worry about it then. If she says she wants to wait, you'll let her wait.
You take a seat right next to her, then pick her up and place her in your lap, proceeding to hold her close to yourself.
Ah...You could sit like this forever.

>> No. 15048
>Ah...You could sit like this forever.
Then why don't you do it?
[X] Sit like that as long as you can, waiting for the owner.
>> No. 15049
[X] Sit like this forever
>> No. 15050
[X] Sit like that as long as you can, waiting for the owner.
>> No. 15051
[X] Play with Rumia's ribbon

>> No. 15052
[X] Sit like that as long as you can, waiting for the owner.
[X] Snuggle~
>> No. 15054
Which is a good reason to draw it out as long as you can.
She doesn't seem to mind.
Pronouns get a little tiring.
"Hey, what's your name? I forgot to ask."
"I'm Rumia." She returns to patiently waiting for her food.

"Oh-ho." A voice from behind the stand startles you. Jesus christ, when did this person get here?
...And what the hell? Wings? that's quite a far-fetched costume, even for a food place like this. It seems so well-made, as if it's not a uniform. It also seems quite a bit more..fancy than you've seen most dresses, while at the same time feeling like something someone could wear any day without getting weird looks. Even though you're giving weird looks for it.

"What can I get you~" the girl behind the stand asks with a beautiful sing-song voice.
>> No. 15055
Whoops, forgot my
>> No. 15057
[X] Whatever Rumia wants.
>> No. 15058
[X] Whatever Rumia wants.

We have money right?
>> No. 15060
"Whatever Rumia wants." You respond, still staring at those wings.
"Alright, it'll be a few minutes~" She fires up a grill and begins preparing the food. She skewers pieces of meat on a stick, seasons them, and begins cooking them, putting all her attention towards the cooking.
Rumia is staring more intently at her cooking, though.

>> No. 15061
[X] Hey wait, do you even have money to pay for this?
>> No. 15062
[X] "What kind of meat is that?"
>> No. 15063
"What kind of meat is that?" You ask , curious.
"Lamprey~" Lamprey? isn't that a type of fish, or something?
But, it does smell good. You're getting hungry.

...Wait. Do you have any money to buy this with?
You reach into your back pocket and pull out your wallet, opening it up. Inside, instead of the $20 you stuck in there in case you needed to buy something somewhere that doesn't take debit cards, you find two 10,000 yen bills.

>> No. 15064
[X] Well that's cool. Remember to act like a gentleman and pay for Rumia's meal too.
>> No. 15065
Due to slightly slow voting, I'm going end updates for now. I may start again later tonight. If I do, it'll be around 9:00 PST.

Now, I've decided that just randomly starting updates is bad because no one knows I'm going to update. I'd like to have an idea of what a good timeframe in which to update this ting in would be.

>> No. 15066
[X] Well that's cool. Remember to act like a gentleman and pay for Rumia's meal too.

Starting 19:00 server time is my ideal.
>> No. 15067
[X] Well that's cool. Remember to act like a gentleman and pay for Rumia's meal too
>> No. 15068
>> No. 15069
[x]Order wine
[x]Learn to fly
[x]Ask about grilled scorpion tail; see if there is a proper way to prepare it.
>> No. 15070
[x] Order Minoriko's pee
>> No. 15072
Well, that's...Interesting. You have no idea what you could use yen for.
Wait. You never...drank last night. In fact, it's been a few weeks since you touched even beer. That's...Odd. What else could cause you to fly to Japan and have your money changed to yen? And how'd you end up in this kind of place in the process? This makes no goddamn sense.

...But you distinctly remember getting out of bed in the morning. Holy shit, what the hell happened? How the hell did you get here? Where IS here? Why the hell did your $20 get turned into yen!?

"Here you go~" the nice girl, Mystia you have to assume, slides two plates of the meat she's been cooking out onto the bar-like table at which you are sitting. Rumia immediately sets to work- wait, she's getting a second order? And..A third? You haven't even gotten a third of the way through your first skewer...

Fuck it, you'll worry about that later. Besides, 20,000 yen roughly translates to $200. Even at THAT rate of eating, you're sure this will cover the entire meal.

It's quite delicious, though. And this Mystia makes good company.
Eventually, though, it's time to leave. You're finished with your food and Rumia seems a bit bored, even though Mystia seems to be a friend of hers.

"I'll race you to the human village!" Rumia ecstatically exclaims, then darts off towards the human village. She isn't running all that fast, though. Small stride, of course.

"So, what's the damage?"
"Don't worry about that~" Mystia seems extremely carefree. "Rumia is one of my best friends, I'm not about to charge her for eating here~ But it is nice to see that you were willing to pay for it~"
"Well, I-" Wait, saying that you're in love with a girl that small...The repercussions. They're quite serious, aren't they? Even if you teleported to Japan, she can't be old enough for it to be acceptable, right?
"But, you need to be extremely careful." Mystia's carefree tone disappears instantly. "I can tell you're not from around here. Rumia, she's extremely dangerous to people who don't know how to defend themselves. You...don't look like someone who knows how to defend yourself."
Now hold on...
"In any case, it's intriguing to see a human who could convince her not to eat them~ That's very, very rare, you know~"

Rumia's probably quite a bit ahead of you. Looking down the road, you see her just within sight. You can catch up if you run, though.

>> No. 15073
[X] Run! Run to your love!
>> No. 15074
[X] Run run as fast as you can
>> No. 15075
[x] stay and chill with Mystia.

for variety.
>> No. 15076
"Indeed, it is. But if I don't leave now, I won't catch up with her."
"Indeed~ I hope to see you again sometime~"
You nod, and take off running.

Catching up with Rumia was... Yeah, you never really liked running. Especially at such speed for such a distance. Luckily, you did catch up, however.

Keeping a leisurely pace right next to your love, you make sure that neither you or she will win this race to wherever this village is. When you get there, though, you need to take a break.
And so does Rumia. it appears she doesn't run too much. It's a bit sad.

Well, now that you're at the village, there's multiple things you could do, with or without but preferably with Rumia. Hopefully no one starts looking at you strangely for doing these, but in any case.

>> No. 15077
[X] sneak into the village
>> No. 15078
[X] You've taken your love to dinner, so don't you owe her a show?
>> No. 15079
[X] You've taken your love to dinner, so don't you owe her a show?
>> No. 15080
Argh, whoops. I was reading ASSM. Shouldn't have done that.
Yes, you've taken your love to dinner. You owe her a show.

...But where? You know nothing about this place.

>> No. 15081
[X] You've taken your love to dinner, so don't you owe her a show?
>> No. 15082
[x] Start your very own song and dance number. You know that the villagers will join in.
>> No. 15083
You start your own song and dance number.


I don't like musicals. Fill this in your damn self.

After your dancing and singing, you're in the same spot, just ten minutes further in time.

>> No. 15084
[x] Holy shit! You can time travel now?
>> No. 15085
[X] Ask Rumia about what she'd like to do.
>> No. 15086
[x] try singing rap to see if you can travel back ten minutes before.
>> No. 15087
"Hey, Rumia. What would you like to do?" You ask her, so that you know what to do next.
"I don't know... Usually people here don't like me. They chase me off into the forest." She seems a tiny bit downcast.
"Maybe we should go somewhere else, then." Yeah, you're not sure you want to stay here if they hate her.

>> No. 15088
[x] This is where we'll go
To a magical place I know
Where we're all friends that play
With giant pork chops all day.
>> No. 15089
[X] "They can't chase you away while I'm around."

This anon ain't no hero, but he will do his best.
>> No. 15090
Protip: saying things like this doesn't get you actually doing something
"They can't chase you away while I'm around."
She doesn't sound too convinced.

>> No. 15091
[X] Convince her
[X] Head into the village
>> No. 15092
[X] "Hey! Let's play chase! I run! You chase!"

This is gonna be one hell of a chase.
>> No. 15093
[X] Visit stalls, find something she likes.
>> No. 15094
Might as well take a look around at the local businesses with her. Find her something she likes, maybe?
...Perhaps you should avoid food shops until a bit later.

"Let's go look around the shops. Like I said, they can't chase you away if I'm with you. Hopefully."

Well, there's lots of kinds of shops that you can tell from just their signs. There's shops selling food, of course; there's also shops selling clothing, general supplies, tools, toys, weapons. There's even a small stand that looks like somewhat of a pharmacy. It's surprisingly modern-looking compared to everything else; even the girl running it looks more modern, with her white dress shirt, tie, and miniskirt. She also has rabbit ears, but that's...not as weird as wings.

But you've got lots of choices.

>> No. 15096
File 123632619131.jpg - (127.05KB , 776x895 , meeeattt.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Buy her chunk o' meat!
[X] Buy her a new shoes!
>> No. 15097
[x] Use the meat to make her new shoes. So juicy and comfortable!
>> No. 15098
Well, avoiding the food shops is a good idea to start with, but...You're going to end up visiting one anyway. You just know it.

After looking around for a while, you find something nice: a shiny new pair of black shoes that would fit her dress perfectly. Other than looking nice, though, they can replace the ones she's wearing, which...Aren't that new.

The purchase makes her quite happy. She puts them on immediately, and decides to...float, to preserve them.

...Float? That's...that's a bit strange...

Well, in any case.

You buy a large chunk of meat for lunch. Large. At least five pounds. You're going to need to find a way to get it cooked, though.

...Shoulda thought about that before buying it, though. it's wrapped up nice and tight. You're going to end up needing to find a place to stay for the night anyway. Somehow you doubt Rumia's got parents to go back to. That means you're going to have to get lodging for both of you. Lodging should come with something to cook the meat with.

...You notice a woman dressed in blue failing to sneakily spy on you. It's a tiny bit odd.

>> No. 15099
[x] Walk casually, and first chance you get duck behind some cover and sneak up behind her.
>> No. 15100
[X] Pick up a pebble and throw at the spying woman.
[X] yells "STALKER!! EEEEEKK!!"
>> No. 15101
[x] Walk casually, and first chance you get duck behind some cover and sneak up behind her.
>> No. 15102
[x]Burn the village down in a fit of insanity
>> No. 15103
[X] Use your KILLER EYE LOOK to shock the spy with your nerdy beautiful eyes.
>> No. 15104
[x] Walk casually, and first chance you get duck behind some cover and sneak up behind her.
>> No. 15105
[X] Walk casually, and first chance you get duck behind some cover and sneak up behind her.
>> No. 15106
[X] Use your KILLER EYE LOOK to shock the spy with your nerdy beautiful eyes.
>> No. 15111
You decide to burn down the village.
First, you light a straw roof on fire with your lighter. Then you take some of the burning straw and throw it on bigger targets, working your way up until the whole place is up in flames. There is lots of screaming and pandemonium.

Well, that's what you'd planned on happening. Instead, right after lighting the straw on fire. the girl who was stalking you grabs you by the arm and holds you up off the ground (jesus christ she's strong) and sternly questions about what you're doing.

"What the fuck are you doing!?"

>> No. 15112
[X] Stop daydreaming, that didn't happen
>> No. 15113
>> No. 15114
"What're you doing?" Rumia politely asks you, snapping you out of your daydream.
"Uh, I was just thinking about things. Stupid things. Thanks for distracting me."
"Oh? I see...But I'm hungry."

>> No. 15115
[x] "I'm only doing what you told me to do, you psycho!"
>> No. 15116
[x] Grind your culinary skills.
>> No. 15117
[X] Look for that woman
>> No. 15118
[x] Grind your culinary skills.
>> No. 15119
[x] Grind your culinary skills.
>> No. 15120
"Alright, I'll do what I can do."
"Yay!" she excitedly jumps up and down.
"But, where can I cook things? I mean, I'm sure Mystia would let me use her grill if she weren't in the process of using it, but...That's a bit far.
"Hmm. Uh, well, we could rent a hotel room. Wait, they..they hate me too. And they'll think you're weird."

>> No. 15121
[x] Firewood, lighter. Cavemen style cooking!
>> No. 15122
[x] Firewood, lighter. Cavemen style cooking!
>> No. 15124
[X] Get a room, let them TRY to stop you.
>> No. 15125
[x] Village, lighter. Arson style cooking!
>> No. 15126
[x] Firewood, lighter. Cavemen style cooking!
>> No. 15127
>Cavemen style
>> No. 15128
Haha, you think them hating Rumia will stop you? Hell no.
"I don't care." you boldly state. "They can hate you all they want, they can think I'm weird all they want. Regardless of that though, they can't escape this one true fact: The customer is always right."
"...But that's silly."
"Doesn't matter. If they turn us away, they don't get our money. Let us go to the hotel!"

You make it to the hotel. Before booking a room, you look at the signs. Apparently they have three types of rooms. A normal one, an expensive one, and an extremely cheap one.

...You're not taking the extremely cheap one. No way.

YOu have 20,000 yen. The cheap room is 1,000 yen per person. The expensive one is 5,000 yen per person.

>> No. 15129
[X] Cheap, you need money for gifts.
>> No. 15130
[X] Cheap, you need money for gifts.
>> No. 15131
[X] Cheap, you need money for gifts.
>> No. 15132
Of course, you need money for gifts to your love.

You take the cheap room. Indeed, everyone looks at you funny, and first they deny you your room, but after you slam them with the "customer is always right" line and talk to the manager, they eventually give them you a room.
You feel sorta bad about being one of the sucky customers you've dealt with when working in retail, but that's unimportant.

You've got a room. Well, two rooms. There's the main room with the bed and kitchen. There's also the small bathroom.

So, dinner. Or..?

>> No. 15133
[X] Dinner
>> No. 15134
[X] Dinner
>> No. 15135
[x] Make the best goddamn steak ev- wait how does you cook.
>> No. 15140
You decide to make dinner.

Somehow you succeed, and you have quite a delicious dinner out of the meat you cooked.

Suddenly the outside wall of the room is impounded by a giant red fist.

>> No. 15141
>> No. 15142
>> No. 15146
>> No. 15178

Come on!
>> No. 15180

........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''............. _.·´
>> No. 15182
........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''............. _.·´
>> No. 15186
........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''............. _.·´
>> No. 15187
........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''............. _.·´
>> No. 15188
>> No. 15190
........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''............. _.·´

>> No. 15205
Sorry about no updates. My mom was on stage 2 of the Kübler-Ross model stages of loss tonight.

...I know I'll be more careful with doors in the future.
>> No. 15245
Of course, the answer to this problem is fucking obvious.
It's a red fist. Slamming through your wall.
Most importantly, it's a fist.

You raise your own fist and slam it against the giant red fist. The result is an explosion of awesome as the world rethinks its natural laws after this BROFIST. First of all, your fist should be fucking broken. Second of all, the rest of you should be fucking broken. However, you manged to hold the thing back with just a fist of your own.

It disappears in a shower of tiny sparkles, leaving no actual damage to the wall behind.

>> No. 15246
[X] Manly tears for your comrade's demise.

My comrade... I'll miss you.
>> No. 15247

[x] "Well that was incredibly fucking awesome."
>> No. 15248
[X] Present your delicious dinner to Rumia
>> No. 15249
Tears form in your eyes. Loss of your companion, who you had shared a BROFIST with so recently, stings like the pain of getting eaten by a cute hungry youkai girl.
Wiping away your manly tears, you turn to your own cute hungry youkai girl. She definitely is hungry at this point, you're sure of it.
"Alright, how do you like your meat?" You decide to ask her before cooking, to make sure it turns out like she likes it.
"Unspoiled." ...Well, it's definitely nonspoiled.
"No, I mean. How do you like your meat cooked?"
"I don't really care, as long as it's not burnt."

Well, you've got to come up with a way to cook this mother fucker.

>> No. 15250
[x] Boil that shit. There's no way you can get it wrong.
>> No. 15251
Why cook? Raw's the best.

[X] Dip it in mayonnaise and give it to her.
>> No. 15252
[X] Cook it deliciously, again
>> No. 15253
You throw the meat on the grill to cook it, when you realize.
Fuck it, she said she didn't care how it was cooked.
Might as well just dip it in mayonnaise and give it to her like this.

Well, she doesn't seem put off by it at all, eating it rather quickly, as you'd expect. You can't shake the feeling that it's going to take a lot of money to feed her.
"It was delicious!" she excitedly exclaims.
You begin looking around for the other meat, the meat which you did cook.
Ah, there it is. Cutting it in half, you give her half and take half yourself.
You can't hope but think that the hunk of meat you ate was compensation for lost of your BRO.
In any case, it's late. Probably time to go to sleep.

>> No. 15254
[X] Tell Rumia a bedtime story
>> No. 15255
[X] Become homoerotically attracted to the nearby source of light.
>> No. 15256
And indeed, you should go to sleep. As should Rumia.
And you can't pass up the opportunity to tuck her in while reading her a bedtime story. Missing this would be like slapping god in the face with your dick.
"Rumia, it's time for bed."
She goes to stand up, but you catch her first, and instead carry her to bed yourself. Laying her down, you pull the covers up to her neck and tuck her in nice and tight. You retell her a bedtime story from memory. There aren't books to read from. That's an oversight that was easily avoided.
She falls asleep quickly enough. You climb into the bed beside her, and snuggle up with your love. Sleep comes quickly.

You wake up in the morning to find her gnawing on your arm in her sleep. It's not painful, she hasn't broken the skin or anything. It's actually quite cute.

>> No. 15257
>> No. 15258

>> No. 15259
[x] Good morning forehead crusher
>> No. 15261
Seeing something so cute, you can't help yourself. You have to touch it, show it affection.
Reaching out with your free hand, you begin rubbing her head slowly. She doesn't stir, just continues gnawing on your hand.

...How much you'd like to stay like this forever.

>> No. 15262
[X] Toki wo tomare
>> No. 15263
[x] Good morning forehead crusher

>> No. 15264
[X] plug her nose.

Wake her up, and make her let go of the arms at the same time.
>> No. 15265
[X] plug her nose.
>> No. 15266
But nothing lasts forever. Even this. It must come to an end.
And it needs to now. You can hear your stomach rumbling. You're hungry for breakfast. And given that she's gnawing on your arm as such, you can guess that she is too.
...But to feed her and yourself, you need to wake her up.
But how? Just shaking her awake would be boring. Plugging her nose would just be mean. And you don't want to risk actually suffocating her if it doesn't wake her up. SHe doesn't seem like she's going to let go of your arm until she wakes up.
"Forehead-crusher!" Concentrating all of the power in your body to your middle finger, you flick her forehead.
"EEEEH!?" she jumps out of bed immediately.
"Wh-what was that?" she asks, startled.

>> No. 15267

[x] "Sorry, you wouldn't wake up."
>> No. 15268
[X] "Sorry, you wouldn't wake up."
>> No. 15274
"Sorry, you wouldn't wake up." You apologize for your attack.
"Ah! But... It hurts." She rubs her forehead with the palm of her hand.
"It hurt me when you bit me yesterday, too. But I still forgave you, my love."
"But...But..." She sounds like she's about to complain.


Her stomach complains louder than she does, though.

"Uuuuuuuuu. I'm hungry." She goes from rubbing her forehead to clutching her stomach. You just want to wrap your arms around her to help her with her tummyache, but that won't help. This isn't just a normal stomach ache, it means she needs to eat, and soon.

>> No. 15277
[X] "Where do you normally eat?"
>> No. 15278

[x] "I'm going to head into the market to see what kind of stuff they have for you. Mind waiting outside near the forest and waiting for me?"
>> No. 15279
[x] Feed her the entire contents of the pantry.
[x] And the fridge.
[x] And the manager.
>> No. 15283
{x}Burn the inn down in a fit of insanity
>> No. 15295
[X] "Where do you normally eat?"
>> No. 15322
You need to get her fed, fast. You couldn't let your love go hungry, nope.
"Where do you normally eat?" you ask, so you can find a place to get food for her.
"Hmm, usually I just wander around the forest waiting for someone to come around like you did, and then eat them."

>> No. 15323
[X] "I could wander around and you could jump out at me."

This is a good idea
>> No. 15324
"I could wander around and you could jump out at me." Without thinking the words fly out of your mouth.
"But...But...You said that I can't eat you because you love me."
"Right. You can't eat me. But you can jump out at me."
"...But I'm hungryyyyyy."

>> No. 15325
[X] "How about we go back Mystia's stand?"

I think it's only open at night, but I don't care.
>> No. 15327
[x] "You're a darkness youkai. You produce darkness. And darkness is the removal of light. So, shouldn't you be able to eat light? Try it out."
>> No. 15328
[x] "Hungry enough to eat a scorpion stinger?"
>> No. 15329
>>15065 I never did get a proper answer for this.
"How about we go back to Mystia's stand?" You suggest. Rumia brightens up.
"Yeah! Let's do that!" she jumps up out of bed.
Well, at some point she seems to have removed her dress, since all she has on are her panties.
That quickly changes, and she's dressed and ready to go more quickly than you are. She must be starving.

"Let's go!" she excitedly shouts as you leave the hotel lobby. You ignore the strange looks people give you. Instead, you begin on your way to the stand.

When you get there, you find it closed, a curtain pulled to stop people from seeing inside. However, you hear sounds from inside, telling you that Mystia is probably there and just preparing to open up for the day.

>> No. 15330
[x] You know, if you find a ninja outfit and attach the stinger to a chain, you can go around calling yourself 'Scorpion' and challenging people to mortal kombat. Just so you know.
>> No. 15331
[x] Get Rumia to sing with you, the 'Hungry Hungry' song.
>> No. 15333
[X] Have Rumia pull open the curtain

Maybe Mystia isn't dressed; As long as Rumia is the one to open it we should be fine.
>> No. 15334
"Hey, Rumia. Pull open the curtain."
"Because if I do and Mystia's not dressed or something, bad things may happen. If you do it, less bad things will happen."
"Oh, I see." She walks over and rips open the curtain, not bothering to give you time to turn away or anything.
She immediately jumps back.
"W-what..." You can't tell what she's so scared by. All that's happening is someone with pink hair dressed in blue bent over behind the counter.

>> No. 15335
[X] Get a better look

This is important