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The Forest of Magic, a dark, mysterious forest that spans much of Gensokyo. It's abundance of trees creates a gloomy sort of darkness, perfect for the many mushrooms that grow there. Because of it's atmosphere, not many people bother to enter, which makes it a perfect place for reclusive people to live, magicians in particular.

Inside a particular house, a pair little blonde girls are working, kneading dough and boiling a kettle.

“How's it coming along?” the short haired girl tending the kettle asks, looking over her shoulder at her sister. She's lost in her work, focused entirely on the spreading wad of dough in front of her, rolling it out with a wooden dowel, her long hair tied back with a red ribbon to keep it out of the way.

“Almost done,” she mutters, giving a final push, smoothing down the last of the dough on the tray and smiling to herself before looking up at her sister, practically glowing. “There! Now we just need to bake them. Do we have enough time?” The girl tending to the water looks out the window, tilting her head.

“She said she'd be back in the afternoon, and it seems close. I'm not that good at telling time still,” she answers, looking back to the kettle and making sure the fire stays strong. “Let's hurry.” The two of them move to the oven, stocking it with a little more wood before lighting it. After letting it heat up, the two girls move over to the tray and carry it to the oven, sliding it in together.

“She's going to be so surprised we did this,” the long haired girl says, looking at her sister. Her sister returns a smile and a nod.

“I hope we finish in time,” the short haired one says, looking back at the kitchen. “We should clean before she does get home, first.”

“Oh, good idea!” the long haired sister replies, and the two of them set to work on cleaning up what they don't still need to use. The process takes them several minutes, which works perfectly in their favour. The baking is going well, and the kettle is ready to be taken off the heat. The two of them return to their respective duties, the baker tending her products, and the other measuring out tea leaves for the kettle and setting it to steep. Several more minutes pass as the girls exchange silent but excited glances, until a third girl with red hair appears in the door, another sister.

“She's coming!” she declares, and the two working in the kitchen smile at each other. The timing is perfect. The biscuits are done, and the tea is just perfect. The two girls pull the tray from the fire, ignoring the heat, and quickly arrange the treats on a clean plate. The final touches are added with a tea cup at the ready just as the sound of a door opening in the front of the house is heard. Shuffling footsteps enter the house, and a few seconds of silence until heavy footsteps walk towards the kitchen door. With a quiet creak, the door swings open.

“Shanghai, Hourai, are you-” the woman in the door stops on the spot, seeing her two dolls floating happily over the results of their hard work.

“Surprise!” the two small girls shout in unison, the rest of the dolls that had been hiding around the house floating out to surround the stunned woman. It takes a few seconds until she reacts, and after having wiped away some building tears in her eyes, Alice steps into the kitchen, setting down her grimoire and pouring herself a cup of tea, smiling all the while.

“We wanted to do something special for you today, Alice!” Shanghai says, adjusting her red bow slightly.

“To thank you for all you've done for us over the years,” Hourai says.

“The care and love you've shown us,” the red haired doll says, Dutch. “For the anniversary you gave us all life.”

Alice remains silent while she stirs in a single lump of sugar for her tea, and slowly takes a sip from the cup. She lowers the cup with a content sigh.

“You girls are the best thing I've ever done with my life,” she says, and at once, all her dolls gather close to her for one large family hug.


I'm getting this out now because the idea just won't leave me alone ever since the idea came to me while cooking and I nearly had a heart attack on the spot, and someone has said that they wouldn't mind seeing shorter works done.

Sorry for not updating my whim. I don't know if anyone here could accept allergies as an excuse. In any case, this isn't quite done with yet, so consider this just a warm up for when the site is restored. I hope you enjoy this until then.

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cute little story!
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I d'aww-ed. This was nice to read.
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This is adorable, and I love it.

That is all.
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Thats it. Finding Mima in FotLS is now top priority.