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In the interest of keeping track, I've compiled a list of the current status/whereabouts of all the Touhoes in Fallout: Gensokyo that I can think of. I will periodically delete and repost this thread after enough corrections and updates flow in, so don't say anything here that you'd like to have last for a while.

Any corrections/fixes/whatevers are welcome. Please feel free to say something.

Skipping down a bunch to avoid spoiling.

Reimu Hakurei: QUESTION MARK -- Dead, or possibly youkai-ified, and talking on the radio.
Shingyoku: UNKNOWN -- Not yet explicitly mentioned
Yuugen Magan: UNKNOWN -- Not yet explicitly mentioned
Elis: UNKNOWN -- Not yet explicitly mentioned
Sariel: UNKNOWN -- Not yet explicitly mentioned
Mima: UNKNOWN -- Mentioned in passing, current fate unknown
Kikuri: UNKNOWN -- Not yet explicitly mentioned
Konngara: UNKNOWN -- Not yet explicitly mentioned

Rika: UNKNOWN -- Was she mentioned at all?
Meira: ALIVE -- Half-youkai living in Vault ⑨
The 5 Magic Stones: UNKNOWN
Marisa Kirisame: DECEASED -- Died of drowning in her own potion. Served as a General in the USSMC.

Ellen Aureus: ALIVE -- Works as a teacher in Vault ⑨.
Kotohime: ALIVE -- Working security in Vault ⑨.
Kana Anaberal: UNKNOWN -- Not yet explicitly mentioned
Rikako Asakura: UNKNOWN -- Researcher, pre-War
Chiyuri Kitashirakawa: ALIVE -- Feeling terrible in ⑤
Yumemi Okazaki: UNKNOWN

Kurumi: ALIVE -- Working for the Scarlet Family as an extension of Remilia's will, or something.
Yuuka Kazami: ALIVE -- Duke of New Gensokyo, (Vault ④?) and head of the Flower Brigade
Gengetsu: QUESTION MARK -- Forcefully ejected from Vault ⑩ shortly after Internment.
Mugetsu: PRESUMED DEAD -- Did not make it to Vault ⑩ in time.

Sara: ALIVE -- Working as a gate guard at the SDM
Luize: PRESUMED DEAD -- Did not make it to Vault ⑩ in time.
Alice Margatroid: ALIVE? -- Overseer of Vault ⑩, possibly nuts.
Yuki: DEAD -- Left Vault ⑩, died due to secondary effects of radiation.
Mai: DEAD -- Left Vault ⑩, died due to secondary effects of radiation.
Yumeko: QUESTION MARK -- Mentioned in passing as residing in Vault ⑩. Also mentioned as working at the SDM. Didn't Alice kick everyone else out?
Shinki: SOUNDED KINDA DEADISH -- Mostly sure she bit the dust back in the attack on Makai, way back when.

Rumia: LAST SEEN ALIVE -- And out of it. Last seen in Vault ⓜ (I think?)
Daiyousei: SORT OF ALIVE -- AI and resident goddess of Vault ⑨.
Cirno: ALIVE -- Overseer of Vault ⑨.
Hong Meiling: UNKNOWN
Koakuma: UNKNOWN
Patchouli Knowledge: HINTED TO BE ALIVE -- But in a bad way?
Sakuya Izayoi: HINTED TO BE ALIVE -- And down a lung? Also a Lunarian. Whereabouts unknown
Remilia Scarlet: ALIVE -- French hikki. Hasn't left the house in years.
Flandre Scarlet: UNKNOWN
Frisca, Sera, Wednesday, Kazuki, and probably every other SDM maid from various stories: PROBABLY ALIVE -- Probably in Vault ⑨.

Letty: HINTED TO BE ALIVE -- Yuuka's Champion of the Seasons at Vault ④.
Lily White: UNKNOWN
Lyrica Prismriver: UNKNOWN
Merlin Prismriver: UNKNOWN
Lunasa Prismriver: UNKNOWN
Youmu Konpaku: HINTED TO BE ALIVE -- and looking good.
Yuyuko Saigyouji: REACHED ENLIGHTENMENT OR SOMETHING -- Ascended the karmic something.
Chen Yakumo: UNKNOWN
Ran Yakumo: UNKNOWN
Yukari Yakumo: ALIVE? -- Living it up in Hawaii and doing Time-and-temperature.

Layla Prismriver: PROBABLY DEAD -- Since she was dead already. But death doesn't mean as much, in Gensokyo, or didn't.
Youki Konpaku: HINTED TO BE ALIVE -- And looking the same as always.

Wriggle Nightbug: ALIVE -- Wearing a funky outfit and pissing off Chiyuri.
Mystia Lorelei: ALIVE -- Runs her own restaurant, even
Keine Kamishirasawa: ALIVE -- And still single. Co-DJ at KVV along with Akyu
Tewi Inaba: DIED, BUT THEN SHE GOT BETTER AGAIN, KINDA -- Bit it when the bombs fell, returned as a hungry ghost. Drives a taxi.
Reisen Udongein Inaba: HINTED TO BE ALIVE -- Whereabouts unknown.
Eirin Yagokoro: HINTED TO BE ALIVE -- I think. Whereabouts unknown.
Kaguya Houraisan: FROZEN IN CARBONITE -- Allegedly.

Medicine Melancholy: UNKNOWN
Komachi Onozuka: ALIVE -- Still a shinigami.
Shikieiki Yamaxanadu: ALIVE -- Still a Yama. Still sexy.

Minoriko Aki: UNKNOWN -- ?
Shizuha Aki: UNKNOWN -- ?
Hina Kagiyama: UNKNOWN -- but she's got what sounds like a shrine maiden in powered armor, if "The Spirals" are indeed her faction.
Nitori Kawashiro: HINTED TO BE ALIVE -- Runs a car dealership or a junkyard or something with her sister, Mitori.
Momiji Inubashiri: ALIVE -- DJ and rabble-rouser or something.
Aya Shameimaru: ALIVE -- Still cranking out the Bunbunmaru, or something
Sanae Kochiya: FATE UNCERTAIN -- Was originally "The eternal high school prom queen," but that was said before or shortly after The Game began, which seems to have influenced where she is and what she's doing in this story. Or maybe I misinterpreted that.
Kanako Yasaka: UNKNOWN -- ?
Suwako Moriya: UNKNOWN -- ?

Kisume: KARMIC SOMETHING OR OTHER -- Water spirit of some sort
Yamame Kurodani: UNKNOWN -- ?
Parsee Mizuhashi: UNKNOWN -- ?
Yuugi Hoshiguma: UNKNOWN -- ?
Satori Komeiji: UNKNOWN -- ?
Rin Kayenbou: UNKNOWN -- ?
Utsuho Reiuji: KARMIC SOMETHING OR OTHER -- Water spirit of some sort
Koishi Komeiji: UNKNOWN -- ?

Nazrin: ALIVE -- Comedian at Mystia's Bar & Grill
Kogasa Tatara: ALIVE -- Noodle shop/Pizzeria owner at the Cafe of A Thousand Chairs or something in Vault
Ichirin Kumoi: UNKNOWN -- ?
Unzan: UNKNOWN -- ?
Minamitsu Murasa: HINTED TO BE ALIVE (OR POSSIBLY EXPLICITLY MENTIONED, I FORGET) -- Whiling away the days shelling a Lunarian base with a flying battleship.
Shou Toramaru: UNKNOWN -- ?
Byakuren Hijiri: UNKNOWN -- ?
Nue Houjuu: UNKNOWN -- ?
Myouren Hijiri: UNKNOWN -- But probably long since dead.

Suika Ibuki: UNKNOWN -- ?
Tenshi Hinanawi: ALIVE -- Does broadcasting on the NOAA frequency
Iku Nagae: ALIVE -- Stripper at Mystia's Bar & Grill
Rinnosuke Morichika: UNKNOWN -- But I think he was mentioned as being alive. I forget.
Renko Usami: ALIVE -- Fighter, thinker, pill-popper, lesbisexual, all around ass-kicker and ass-saver.
Maribel Han: ALIVE -- Alcoholic shrine maiden of Daiyousei, formerly of Vault ⑨. On her way to becoming metahuman, which may not be good.
Toyohime Watatsuki: UNKNOWN -- ?
Yorihime Watatsuki: UNKNOWN -- ?
Lord Tenma: UNKNOWN -- ?
Sunny Milk: DECEASED -- I had a fairy for you, but they eated it (Died in Vault ⓜ)
Luna Child: DECEASED -- I had a fairy for you, but they eated it (Died in Vault ⓜ)
Star Sapphire: DECEASED -- Committed voluntary suicide.
Tokiko: UNKNOWN -- Got married to or adopted by Rinnosuke, pre-War.
Ruukoto: ALIVE -- Working at the SDM.
VIVIT: WAIT, HOLD ON -- Am I confusing her with Ruukoto, or did she get mentioned at some point?
Genjii: UNKNOWN -- ?
Hatate Himakaidou: ALIVE -- And still a talentless hack.
Sasha Somethingorother -- KARMIC THINGY -- Chaos elemental. Bad times ahoy.
Rin Satsuki: DECEASED --
Isn't it sad, Sacchin? ;_;

Should this go in /words/, do you think?

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Good god. I should have gone over this before posting it. Left a lot of words and bits out.

Well, it'll be redone eventually anyway.
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Oh my god, this' a big post. You should leave it here. No one ever visits /words/ anyway.
Thanks, by the way.

-Utsuho Reiuji: KARMIC SOMETHING OR OTHER -- Water spirit of some sort
Wasn't she somewhat of an assistant of chaos spirit? Well, whatever she was, I'm pretty sure that 'Kiss Me' (I misss that story ;..;) was the only water spirit.
She was explicitly mentioned by the author to be currently inside the lunarian base that is bombarded by the good ol' captain on a daily basis. Also, she's gone mad. Probably.
-Minamitsu Murasa
Confirmed alive and still running around with her ship. Dunno about her state of mind tho.
Confirmed alive when mentioned in opposition of Reisen (The latter being a lunarian loyalist and the former, along with Sakuya, being exiles)

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Ack. Æther spirit, not water spirit. I repasted the line without thinking. And no, she's no assistant. Little Miss Chaos just hijacked his dream for a short bit.

Although I consider "confirmed" to mean that it was mentioned or witnessed in the story, not just in his spoilered notes. That's why I make a point of saying "Hinted at being alive."
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>Rika: UNKNOWN -- Was she mentioned at all?

Rika was name-dropped in passing.

>“Hey Ren, if you want to rummage through my trash, you're very much welcome to!” One of Ren's Snakes.
>“Yeah? Fuck you very much too, Rika!”

She's also mentioned in a spoilered section as being a Vault technician who can upgrade Ruukoto.