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Welcome one and all to the Write-a-thon! Where YOU are the judge!

The rules are simple. In this thread you announce that you'll write a short for any/most/all of the competitions. The three categories are Normal, Erotic and Drawing.

Normal can't have any erotic content!
Erotic has to have erotic content as the theme! It takes place in /at/
Drawing takes place in /i/ and only drawings are allowed.

The participants must write a one post long short/one drawing in any medium in the respective thread today with the voting commencing tomorrow.

Anybody can join, not just writefags.
The rules can be changed if there is a major problem.

Register here and get writing!

No. 3948
Oh, and one entry per person.
No. 3951
I... guess I'll do something for the 'normal' category. Not sure what, but we'll see what happens.
No. 3952
Is the deadline really 12:00 GMT? Giving THP-speed writefags no more than 13 hours with no advance notice doesn't seem like it'll garner you a lot of entries.
No. 3953
Maybe I'll be able to make something in the ''Normal'' thread.
No. 3954
File 127013807459.jpg - (1.89MB , 1012x1500 , a602cfc7fdf53fc8d98911001b346f37fb519f30.jpg ) [iqdb]

May want to give it three days before Judgment Day should occur imo...

I have an idea what I'd like to write but not a whole lot of time currently.
No. 3955
I might take a crack at the 'Normal' category. Assuming I finish in time.

Just to get back in the writing groove.
No. 3956
I'd have to agree with the deadline extension, especially considering the fact that some/most people have school, jobs, or other obligations and this is in the middle of the week. That aside, people who want to participate might not have ideas just lying around or might want to put more effort into it than just shitting something out.

That said, I'll try and do something for Normal.
No. 3957
Alrighty then! Deadline has been extended a few days. On Monday morning the vote thread opens where anon may vote for their favourite story!

Don't forget to use tripcodes for your entry.
No. 3958
Count me in.
No. 3960
Fuck it. I'm in.
No. 3961

Forgive my newfaggotry, but how do you use tripcodes, anyways? I've been trying to figure that out for ages.
No. 3962

in the name field: [name here]#[your tripcode here]

Use any word you want as a tripcode. It'll show up as that jumble of letters and numbers we all have (Yay hash functions!).
No. 3963
I will not write something for the first two. Unless I do. Then I will.
No. 3964
I'll give normal a shot. I would shoot for erotic but...yeah...
No. 3966
hey am i considered cool if i join this
No. 3967
Why do you want tripcodes for this? If you don't want this to turn into an internet popularity contest, if you want people to judge the winner based on the actual quality of what's written, then entries should be made anonymously.
No. 3968
When our entries are ready, where do we post them? In the thread for that area, or separately? And if the latter, do we need to do something to designate them as entries?
No. 3969
Drawfag here.

So...uh...we can draw whatever as long as it's Touhou-related or what?
No. 3970
Seconding this. I think this will be most fun if submissions are made anonymously, then the authors reveal themselves after voting ends.

I'm guessing in >>/th/115968; there isn't much reason for that thread to exist otherwise.
No. 3971
I suppose I'll join in, anonymous or not. Anything that forces my lazy ass to write is good.

Also, yay tripcode.
No. 3974
This pleases me.
No. 3975
Finally, an opportunity to put a few long-unwritten one-shot ideas to rest. I'm in for Normal and Erotic.
No. 3982
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No. 3986

Well shit. I saw these a little too late.
No. 4003
Lion, you attention whore.
No. 4004
f u
No. 4011
Seems we only got entries for the 'normal' category.

So how's the whole voting thing supposed to go?
No. 4013
If Bro& doesn't show up in the next day or so, I'll start up a voting topic for Normal.