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6438 No. 6438
The sun was setting again, for the third time since he had seen him last, some how in defaince of all common sense the spider manages to look a little down cast. Almost listfully it brushes a speck of dust off of the ice box, not quite knowing what to do with itself.

Through the dusty window high on the wall the slanted shaft of light changes gradually from a hazy evening orange to a weak silver moon shine catches swirling motes of dust in it's beam. With a strange heaving movement that raises the mighty aracnid's thorax up then down heavily that almost looks like a sigh, the stalwart eight legs pops open another frosty beer and places it upon the shelf by the door ready for the very moment his companion comes home.

Absently he flicks another speak of dust from the ice box, checks his webs for intruders in vain, for a moment he stands almost despondantly in the middle of the floor, then settles down paitently on the cieling with a modest bitter ale.

He'd play a game on the Dreamcast boxed in the corner, but he doesn't have a TV to play it on.

>> No. 6440
cupcakes where?
>> No. 6441
Isn't it sad Beer Spider ;_;
>> No. 6442
Ronery Beer Spider is ronery! ;_;
>> No. 6443
This better damn well be cannon.

Because we're coming back to Beer Spider, we're coming back.
>> No. 6444


And while I agree with your sentiments, GET BACK TO WORK NIGGER.
>> No. 6445
Sakuya Tripfag/HY gets no respect around here.
>> No. 6446
Beer Spider route confirmed for next playthrough.
>> No. 6447
Beer Spider with cannons, coming soon in Pirates of Gensokyo.
>> No. 6449
While I do so appreciate this short glimpse into the life of our friend the beer spider, I must say that those plotton fields seem ready to be harvested.

Verily, my good man. Verily.
>> No. 6450
Add that in a Captain Anon sequence.
>> No. 6451
you mean cirnos adventures in the scarlet lake?
>> No. 6452
No no, Pirates of Gensokyo is a fully planned thing, which I will never have time to write,.
>> No. 6453

He wishes to hand us some cold ones, and devour that faget YAF.
>> No. 6455

But me and beer spider are fuckbuddies, even though I have arachnophobia.
>> No. 6456

No YAF, you are the spider lurking in the darkness.

And then YAF was webbed.
>> No. 6457
>No YAF, you are the beer spider.

>And then YAF couldn't shot web.

>> No. 6484
>No YAF, you are the beer spider.

>> No. 6492
We're fucking going to come back, BS. As soon as we can.
>> No. 6498
File 12158633598.jpg - (190.37KB , 700x700 , YamameWriggleHug.jpg ) [iqdb]
Poor Beer Spider's never gotten over his waifu leaving him for another ma-- ... er, woman.
>> No. 6500

What if the beer spider is a woman?
>> No. 6503
>What if the beer spider is a woman?
You mean Beer Spider isn't gay (in Gensokyo) for David? Blasphemy.
>> No. 6523
"No, beer spider, you are the youkais."
And then the beer spider was Yamame.
>> No. 6566

David dies before he can come back to Marisa's house.
The beer spider continues to live and slowly turns into the youkai known as Yamame.
Yamame decides to leave the shed to search for David.
Eventually she finds his grave.
"I waited for you, David."
>> No. 6567
I think beerspider already IS a youkai.
>> No. 6568

That or Gensokyo is the worst place in the universe for arachnaphobes.
>> No. 6569

I, for one would not mind a playthrough where beer spider turns into Yamame.
>> No. 6572
As I hold up my frosty beverage, its color as dark as the shed you dwell in, I can only think about sharing it with you. The happiness it brings is dwarfed by that of yours. So here's to you, old friend.

>> No. 6573

Me neither.

I think Yamame is a pretty cool spider, eh invites humans to underground parties and doesn't afraid of anything.
>> No. 6574
File 121603180825.jpg - (186.50KB , 1050x1012 , 5e89dbb258b81070579363029add6b20.jpg ) [iqdb]

I'm sure you mean 'seh'. Something that has three pairs of tits cannot be a man.
>> No. 6576

>> No. 6577

I htink YAF is a pretty cool guy, eh gets memes wrong and doesn't afraid of anything.
>> No. 6578
>>I, for one would not mind a Yamame playthrough.
>> No. 6579

I think Anonymaster is a pretty dumb guy. eh has no wits to figure out a simple correction and doesn't afraid of pointless trolling
>> No. 6580
>> No. 6581
You'll get one when ZUN finally releases Touhou 11, seeing as I suspect everyone will vote for either Yamame or Parsee first time around, unless the stage 4-6 and extra characters are particularly awesome.

I was taking the piss. Why so serious?
>> No. 6582
Come to think of it, does any one have any info on what Yamame is like and any translated Doujin with her in? I don't know anything about her character other than she's something like a bearer of disease that brings sickness to humans.

Is she a good girl or a bad girl? A Rumia or a Wriggle?
>> No. 6583
More of a wriggle. She doesn't mind fighting people, she may be the kind that enjoys good fights, but won't attack for no reason. She is apparently cheerful as well. Check her wikia/touhouwiki profile.
>> No. 6585
>I was taking the piss. Why so serious?

Serious? Me? You, sir, should learn2YAF, otherwise this could end poorly~

This >>6583 anon says truth. Check the article, everything should be cleared up.
>> No. 6586

Going by her fight dialogue, she's a cool customer.

"You human? Awesome, brah. Party's in the basement; go have some brewski."
>> No. 6587

Humans are scared of her because of her ability to spread disease, but the youkai like her 'cause of her cheery personality.
>> No. 6601
File 12160638074.jpg - (62.10KB , 614x790 , yamame1.jpg ) [iqdb]
Adorable Beer Spider is adorable. From what it seems, she's Hina but deals with diseases instead of curses.
>> No. 6602
And I don't think Yamame leaks.
>> No. 6603
Anti-Nurgle spider-loli.

I think I'm in love~
>> No. 6642
Technically, I think she could make you immune to all diseases.
>> No. 6657
File 121615482668.png - (85.76KB , 480x640 , yamamewriggle.png ) [iqdb]
Too much talk! Not enough Yamame!
>> No. 6675
You know while I'm hanging around I'm going to make a little comment on my /forest/ story that you may wish to keep in mind for later if you continue on the route you're on. Knowing this will help you perhaps know the true meaning behind a key moment near the end of the game.

You know Schrodinger's thought experiment with the cat in the box? Well, in Gensokyo the wave functions can be interfered with before being collapsed to favor one result or the other as long as the belief in that result is strong enough.

In other words if you really did believe that the cat is alive after an hour and you opened the box, there's a better chance that the cat will be alive than dead.

The more people believing the same thing the greater the chance it will be true in Gensokyo, but one powerful mind can alter small events in the face majority if their belief is stronger. A thousand casual worshippers could have their faith over come by one truly devote soul in the right situation.

Of course these are examples and this doesn't extend to any situation, just because you believe that your neighbor stole your rake doesn't mean he did. But if you see a young girl fly through the air then you'll have a hard time not believing she can, even if you don't worship at her shrine.

The time will come when you'll be presented a situation were there can be two equally plausible truths and you'll get to choose which one you prefer to be true.

If you need me to be any clearer I'll try to without giving anything away.

Incidentally this also explains the existence of Youkai that aren't developed from something that already existed, such as long lived animals that become Youkai, but rather have more indeterminate origins.
>> No. 6676

tl;dr: be optimistic?
>> No. 6677

tl;dr: Planescape?
>> No. 6678
tl;dr if we truly believe, we'll get David x Nanaya end?
>> No. 6681
tl;dr: Yuka is David's father?
>> No. 6682
tl;dr: We can still save Alice?
>> No. 6683
tl;dr: the more unanimously we vote the better the outcome?
>> No. 6685
tl;dr We grow to become as badass as Captain Anon, convincing everyone that we're not totally human, and consequentially it turns out that Yuuka is our mom and Rumia likes us in the end.
>> No. 6692
>> No. 6693
>> No. 6696
>> No. 6708
File 121631261653.jpg - (72.88KB , 531x600 , yamamepose.jpg ) [iqdb]
Too much YAF bashing, not enough moe spider!
>> No. 6740
>Too much YAF bashing, not enough moe spider!

There can NEVER be enough YAF bashing, that Nigger is an attention Whore, he loves when people RAGE about him.
His whole life is unlimited troll works.
>> No. 6748
>he loves when people RAGE about him

Oh yes.

>that Nigger is an attention Whore


>His whole life is unlimited troll works.

I wish. And I actively make this gradually come true.
>> No. 6783
Sometimes I wonder. I used to be all for Alice, but what she did to us is making it really hard to see going back to her. I think we should go after wriggle now, since at least she can show her affection without shooting us with a damn Master Spark.

Also - Scorn, when will we get updates?
>> No. 6793

It's not so much as falling in love and marrying her as it is not isolating herself from all her friends and allowing the last of her humanity to shrivel up and die all because of her loneliness and a miscast spell.

She's a friend and she's hurting, a victim to her own magicks; Marisa & Reimu will be on-board to help her as soon as things are explained to them, regardless of what they think of our relationship with W~r~i~g~g~l~e.

Anyway, we need to get back to Marisa's soon because Beer Spider is ronrey. That and because Marisa promised to teach us magic and provides room & board if we mange to keep her entertained. Wriggle is always conscious of the fact that you're a human, so it won't take much for her to make concessions in living at Marisa's house while still giving Wriggle and her friends your later hours.

Right now, dealing with Alice is top priority for all involved. At Kourindou tomorrow, if we don't run into anyone, we can leave a message, alert Kourin about Alice, and then check out Marisa's house and the Shrine. The ⑨s will be wary, but we'll frame it as we're throwing a party at the shrine tonight, and want to introduce them to our buddy Beer Spider, who will be providing the refreshments and the RESPECKT KNUCKLES. In reality this will be a strategy meeting with Reimu and Marisa over what to do about Alice.
>> No. 6794

What's the matter?
Too YANDERE for you?
>> No. 6795
>> No. 6796

You realize it was only very recently Wriggle had made up her mind to NOT eat David?
>> No. 6797
File 121663557261.png - (339.31KB , 900x1200 , 121162356312.png ) [iqdb]
I don't want Wriggle either.
Wriggle is awesome in her own DAWWWWWWW way, but I want my damn Marisa.
Also, more delicious spider loli.
>> No. 6798
>I don't want Wriggle either.
>Wriggle is awesome in her own DAWWWWWWW way, but I want my damn Marisa.

Well that's just too bad, nigger. Wriggle is the person who David's furthest along with romantically, she's very possessive, and she has a lot of friends that would be more than willing to crush David skull if he breaks her heart. And after all the trouble she's been through in search of you, you think she'll just let you go completely free?

I can't imagine going that way with Marisa; the character interaction between her and David just seems so... innocent and platonic. She has better chemistry on the romantic front with Reimu (who is ronrey and mue herself). Marisa is a good friend and the best fucking housemate ever. And she loves Zeppelin, man. Killer.
>> No. 6799
>>Wriggle is the person who David's furthest along with romantically

Not quite, things are actually rather close at the moment with Alice trailing behind the leading two by a little bit and the newcomer gaining ground fast. But I've said too much.

Anyway, in response to: >>6783

I don't know how to tell you this anonymous, but....

I've been welcomed to the team.

I am now an official Mc Donald's Burger Slave.

It must be hard for you, I know you wanted cupcakes not big macs, but please think of how much I'm suffering! Did you know any ideas I come up with at work are now property of the Mc Donald's Corporation? They OWN my THOUGHTS.

However the plus side of all this is with a steady paying job I can make money to pay for bills, food and most importantly an internet provider! In other words we're reaching the last stretch of setteling into the new house and I'll be online again soon, by soon I do mean weeks though.

So hold on tight Touhous and gentleanon, I'm coming back.
>> No. 6800

>> No. 6801

Also, I'm pretty sure this just means at one point there are two possibilities and the one we vote for is what we get.
Like the possibilities are Alice is at Kourindou and Marisa is at Kourindou, and the one you vote for is what ends up true.

Enjoy this Yamame CP in the meantime.

"Hey buddy, guess who's here to see my favourite beer spider?"
David cheerfully walked into the shed as he did every weekend now. He's been living with Marisa since he married her, long ago, and he's been coming to visit Yamame every week since.
Of course, he didn't know her name was Yamame. He affectionately referred to her as "beer spider", for on their chanced first meeting Yamame handed him a case of beer.
He was quite timid whenever he came at first. Yamame couldn't figure out why. She assumed he was just shy. David warmed to her as he continued to visit, and now he's comfortable hanging out and playing games with her, after he got that TV from Kourindou.
Marisa never knew about Yamame. David came to see her on the weekends when Marisa went shopping, and she was his little secret. God knows what Marisa would do if she found a giant spider living in her shed.

It was only after their third round of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 that David noticed Yamame was not up to her usual standard. You don't usually win a fighting game against someone with eight legs, you know.
"Hey Beer Spider, what's wrong?"
Of course, she couldn't answer. Giant spiders don't speak japanese.
But today there was something for David to pick up on.
"Beer Spider... Have you... Been drinking?"
Along the usual smell of the shed and the giant spider was the smell of alcohol. Lots of it.
Yamame drank for a variety of reasons. Because she was bored, or to pass the time. But she never drank when David was coming.
Today was different. She had let her feelings get the better of her.
"Beer Spider?"
Call me Yamame!
She pounced on him.

"Uh... Beer Spider?"
A minute later, and David was encased in silk. All except for the head, and one other, vital part.
Yamame wrapped her hairy arms around him and grinded her spinnerret against his exposed crotch.
"What are you doing!?"
She couldn't answer, and continued. To his own surprise, David started to get hard.
With a giant, hairy spider rubbing his crotch, David got an erection, and Yamame slipped it into her vagina.
Yamame had been jealous of the affection Marisa recieved, and wanted to claim it for herself, even if she had to take it.
David didn't last long. Shooting his load into Yamame's womb, she was satisfied, and unbound him.

David doesn't visit her anymore.
She still drinks.
>> No. 6802
>>"Beer Spider... Have you... Been drinking?"
You get a gold star for this.

>>To his own surprise, David started to get hard.
>>With a giant, hairy spider rubbing his crotch, David got an erection, and Yamame slipped it into her vagina.

And then you loose it, I'm sorry but you didn't explore your subject matter fully.

>>David doesn't visit her anymore.
>>She still drinks.

Oh all right a silver star then.

Not a bad effort, 67 out of a possible 100 marks. In future you should be more thorough in your work, you had some nice ideas but now you need to expand on them.
Some points to consider:

* How does David feel as it happens, what is he thinking?
* What are David's surroundings? (even a short description of the shed can provide atmousphere key to the situation!)
* What would a spider's vagina feel like?
>> No. 6803

Yeah, I got lazy. Writing a giant spider rape scene is only entertaining for so long.

Consider it a teaser for the full Yamame sex scene when I start my LA. Only less spider and more loli.
>> No. 6804
>David doesn't visit her anymore.
>She still drinks.

>> No. 6914
File 121702390397.jpg - (12.22KB , 426x304 , 121591777899.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6932

With your man-eating mouth in the extermination times,
And your antenna like horns and your scent like thyme,
And your black cloak, and your voice like chimes,
Oh, who do they think could bury you?

With your carapace well protected at last,
And your firefly illusions which tempt like swamp gas,
And your skin like silk, and your tear-mottled face,
Who could they get to carry you?

Sad-eyed Wriggle of the lowlands,
Where the sad-eyed miko says that no man comes,
My silvered knives, my Outsider's gun,
Should I put them by your gate,
Or, sad-eyed Wriggle, should I wait?

With your teeth like metal and your thorax like lace,
And your lepidoptery collection missing the California dogface,
And your tomboy's clothes and your grass-like taste.
Who among them can think he could outguess you?

With your forest home, living by your whims
Into your eyes where the lightning bug glims,
And your match-book size friends and your gypsy moth hymns,
Who among them would try to impress you?

Sad-eyed Wriggle of the lowlands,
Where the sad-eyed miko says that no man comes,
My silvered knives, my Outsider's gun,
Should I put them by your gate,
Or, sad-eyed Wriggle, should I wait?

The leagues of humans on your dinner guest list
Are waiting in binds to be made into your bisque,
And you wouldn't know it would happen like this,
But who among them really wants just to kiss you?

With your starched white shirt, now stained with blood,
And your animal manners like your namesake, the bug,
And your venomed mouth and your pincer-like hug,
Who among them do you think could resist you?

Sad-eyed Wriggle of the lowlands,
Where the sad-eyed miko says that no man comes,
My silvered knives, my Outsider's gun,
Should I leave them by your gate,
Or, sad-eyed Wriggle, should I wait?

Oh, the hunters and the youkai, they all did decide
To show you the spell cards that they used to hide.
But why did they pick you to sympathize with their side?
Oh, how could they ever mistake you?

They wished you'd rather steal cattle from a farm,
But with the cold at your feet, unloved by anyone,
And with the corpse of a villager, cocooned in your yarn,
How could they ever, ever persuade you?

Sad-eyed Wriggle of the lowlands,
Where the sad-eyed miko says that no man comes,
My silvered knives, my Outsider's gun,
Should I leave them by your gate,
Or, sad-eyed Wriggle, should I wait?

With your danmaku memory of the Master Spark blow
And that one who tried to eat you, the ghost princess Yuyuko,
And your tears when harmed, that you can't help but show,
Who among them do you think would employ you?

Now you stand near the nemesis, not in control,
With his blade unsheathed, reflecting your throat,
And your red-painted face and your childlike soul,
Oh, who among them do you think could destroy you?

Sad-eyed Wriggle of the lowlands,
Where the sad-eyed miko says that no man comes,
My silvered knives, my Outsider's gun,
Should I leave them by your gate,
Or, sad-eyed Wriggle, should I wait?
>> No. 6933
File 121719616485.gif - (348.60KB , 350x352 , a-fornorn-inseAAAAAA.gif ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6934

Watching this while listening to Initial D:Space Boy is an awesome experience.
>> No. 6951
Holy mother of-!

That was beautiful, where did it come from?
>> No. 6952

From a poem written for THIS SHRINE, back when it seemed we'd go for Wriggle next. Basically, before it all went downhill.
>> No. 6954
>From a poem written for THIS SHRINE

It's actually a parody of a Bob Dylan song.
>> No. 7053
Which one?
>> No. 7094

"Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands"