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File 128547860371.png - (1.10MB, 1027x759, Picture 4.png) [iqdb]
[X] I don't know if that's a good idea, we don't know who Nitori is with.

"Marisa... I don't know if we should..." You begin to say, a bit late you notice, as the witch begins to sneak up behind the rambling kappa. "Wait!" You whisper urgently at the black-white as you stumble toward her.

You'll never catch up to her at this rate; if that other girl is who you think it might be, then Marisa's in for some bad luck if she scares the two of them. You've got to act fast.

Just as Marisa is about to pounce on Nitori you summon your most pleasant voice and shout to the kappa, "Oh! Hello Nitori!" The entire group turns toward you, including Marisa who bears a look of surprise and disappointment across her face.

"Aww c'mon... why'd ya hafta-" Marisa begins before being blindsided by a pair of arms attached to a rather joyful kappa, holding the witch in a warm embrace.

"Marisa! It's so good to see you again!" Nitori beams, lovingly nuzzling against the witch's cheek. "I was just showing..." She trails off as she notices you standing behind the somewhat annoyed witch. "... this thing to... I uhm..." Her face flushes red once again. "W-Well... uhm... Y-You know..."

"What's got ya all flustered?" The witch asks the kappa before following her gaze to you. "Ohhhh..." She sighs somewhat exhaustedly. "That's right... you have issues talkin' to... boys... and humans and you're..." She says as she points to you. "Both."

"I-I'm getting better, Marisa!" The kappa whines as she clings more tightly to Marisa. "B-Besides... i-it's not just that..." She whimpers.

"Hey, whatdaya mean by that-" Marisa starts.

"H-Hi..." Nitori waves meekly at you, trying to change the subject. You return a weak smile and wave back at the timid girl. "Th-thanks for earlier... Y-You know... when Marisa was mad at me..." She blushes in quiet gratitude, though she shows a fondness in her face and voice as she quietly thanks you.

But before you can linger anymore on those thoughts, the girl that seemed to be producing the now oddly absent fog approaches you. "Hello, good sir." She greets you in a rather polite manner. "My name is Kagiyama Hina." The green-haired curse goddess takes a step back, crossing her legs behind her before spinning once and bowing into a curtsy.

"O-Oh! Th-This is Hina." Nitori pipes up as she snaps out of her daze. "A-And Hina, I'm sure you remember Marisa the witch, a-and this is h-her uhm... g-good friend."

"Yes I do remember having a run in with this rather rambunctious witch, who I distinctly recall ignored a warning I issued her about this mountain." Hina replies with a hint of scorn in her voice. She steps noticeable closer to Nitori and wraps an arm around one her arms.

"Well, I turned out okay and I helped solve the shrine goddess incident with Reimu, di'nt I?" The witch retorts as she grabs the now fretting kappa by the other arm.

"Uhm... Ahem." You cough, trying to get the girls' attention, however they seem to just ignore you until you cough even louder. "Ahem!" After a moment, the girls stare at you before releasing the now trembling kappa, who promptly collapses to the ground, her face flushed.

The curse doll goddess apologizes to Nitori before turning her attention to you with a sudden start. "Hrmmm..." She muses as she moves toward you with a curious gaze. "You seem to have an interesting sort of misfortune about you." She continues to stare as she circles around you.

"What is it?" Marisa asks abruptly. "Can ya fix it?"

Marisa's question is answered with a sharp gaze from the goddess before she turns back to you. "If it would be alright, I would like to try removing this misfortune. For you, though not for her, if for no other reason than my not having seen misfortune such as yours." Hina says in a strict voice.

"A-Alright." Comes your somewhat worried reply. "What do I have to-"

"Come over here and stand before me." Hina directs as she drags you toward her. "Many who come near me face much in the way of strife and misfortune, however many people do not know that I am also able to remove misfortunes."

After distancing herself, she closes her eyes and seems to focus herself on you.

"Now just stand still and relax." The goddess breathes in a much calmer voice.

"Alright." You reply.

As the words come out of your mouth a sense of calm suddenly washes over you. For brief moment you feel as though you can forget all of the grief and anxiety that you've endured over the past week: all the failed experiments, all the arguments, all the battles. Your body goes limp but you somehow remain standing, though it feels as if you're floating on air. As you allow yourself to become entranced by the feeling of Hina removing your misfortunes, your trip ends as the world abruptly comes crashing back before you, leaving your stomach with an awful wrenching feeling.

"Argh... What'd you do... Hina...?" You huff as all your stress and anxiety seems to return, bombarding you all at once. As you look toward the goddess, you find her lying on the ground, breathing heavily, and her forehead drenched in sweat.

The three of you quickly surround the curse goddess and try to attend to her. "A-Are you alright? W-What happened?" Nitori asks nervously.

"I... I'm fine..." Hina says as she slowly rights herself. "I was trying to remove his misfortune, but then I found something that I couldn't remove. It was like trying to move a mountain, but then..."

"But then...?" You ask.

"There was some sort of... It was as if the misfortune was fighting against me... and... and I think it won." Hina wheezes as Nitori helps her back to her feet.

"Whadaya mean by that?" Marisa asks, her eyebrows furrowed with worry.

"I... I don't know... but there's something definitely wrong with him." The curse goddess warns.

At that Marisa turns to you with a very concerned face. She clings tightly to you and leans her face against your shoulder. You try to ease the witch's worries by patting her on the head and leaning against her as well.

"It'll be alright. Everything will turn out fine, I'm sure of it." You try your hardest to seem sincere, although you're not even sure that you believe yourself at this point. Marisa only seems to sigh at your attempt to comfort her.

After a few moments of silence you speak up. "Maybe we should get going, Marisa." You think aloud as you unwrap yourself from the witch and look up at the mountain through a clearing among the trees.

The mountain seems to have cleared up, but several tengu still seem to be circling around the mountaintop. You look back toward Marisa who rubs her eyes a bit before speaking up.

"Maybe you're right!. I mean we can't just sit 'round here feelin' sorry for ourselves, we gottta getcha fixed! A-And maybe that miracle shrine maiden can do somethin' about it!" Marisa chimes in, confidence once again beginning to fill her voice. "Even if a certain curse goddess can't get rid of yer problems maybe Sanae can do it!" You're not certain about her logic but you can't complain about her resolve.

As you look up toward the peak of Youkai Mountain, you try to consider what your next course of action should be.

[ ] Let's just go in gung-ho! No more sneaking around!
[ ] Maybe we should see if Nitori and Hina can help us get to the mountain shrine.
[ ] Don't we still have those belts? Let's try sneaking past incognito.
[ ] Something else? (Write-In)


Hey, THP. Yup, I've started the old writing engine back up and have decided to get back to the story. I'm not entirely sure of the rate that I'll be putting out my updates, but hopefully I'll be able to eventually get back into the full swing of things. Anyways, read, vote, and enjoy!
[x] Maybe we should see if Nitori and Hina can help us get to the mountain shrine.
[X] Maybe we should see if Nitori and Hina can help us get to the mountain shrine.

Good to see you're back.
Woah, it's back.

[X] Maybe we should see if Nitori and Hina can help us get to the mountain shrine.

Can't turn down a Hina choice.
File 128550126024.jpg - (378.55KB, 823x543, 16251758571d1b1ecb9d9c678b817c55.jpg) [iqdb]
[c] Maybe we should see if Nitori and Hina can help us get to the mountain shrine.

>OP uses Hina picture
I can't get anymore happier than this, apart from the fact that ORBS is now back. Huzzah!
[shh] Don't we still have those belts? Let's try sneaking past incognito.

This seems like a good idea. Nothing could possibly go wrong with this.
[X] Gung ho time. Heads must obligatorily fly. possilby Aya's.
[x] Maybe we should see if Nitori and Hina can help us get to the mountain shrine.
[X] Maybe we should see if Nitori and Hina can help us get to the mountain shrine.

You're back!
File 128561418663.jpg - (191.38KB, 650x650, 5c176a9bb3c05391a68bab0a1728806d.jpg) [iqdb]
Thanks everyone, it's good to be back. Also, it looks like we're going to see how Nitori and Hina might be able to help us get to the shrine. The update has already been started, so expect it in the next couple of days.
File 128595715170.jpg - (407.69KB, 995x600, 6248e1656156b631596c55d5fadf7f8c.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Maybe we should see if Nitori and Hina can help us get to the mountain shrine.

You turn back toward the kappa and curse goddess; perhaps they'd be able to help you get past the tengu. The pair look as though they were about ready to continue their conversation from before you and Marisa arrived, and they don't seem to notice you looking their way as you walk toward them.

"Excuse me, girls." The girls look up at you as you call to them.

"Y-Yes?" Nitori asks as she pulls a cucumber from her backpack and begins to nibble on it cutely.

"Do you think that you could help Marisa and me get up to the mountain shrine?" You ask, causing Marisa to glare at you.

"What?! What do we need their help for?" Marisa whines. "I can get the two of us up there just fine, tengus or no tengus."

Hina raises her eyebrow at Marisa's interjection. "What was it that you needed help with again?" She asks with a sly smile, likely seeing this as an opportunity to annoy Marisa. "I'd be more than happy to help."

"Well, I appreciate it, Hina. We just need some help getting past the tengu in order to get to the mountain shrine." You explain, the two girls respond with puzzled looks on their faces. "We... are sort of on their bad side right now." You continue your explanation, brandishing Aya's camera.

Nitori's expression changes to one of wonder as she examines the device.

"U-Uhm... W-Where'd you get that from?" The kappa asks as she continues nibbling on a cucumber.

"Where do you think?" You reply with something of a grimace.

Nitori stares at the camera for a moment before gasping audibly and covering her mouth. "Y-You... You didnt' steal this from..." She takes a moment to swallow. "A-Aya, d-did you?"

"Borrowed. Booooorrrroooooooowed." Marisa annunciates. "Ain't nothin' wrong with that, right?"

"Well, not if you're going to return it, there isn't." You reply.

"Hey, you're the one that kept it." Marisa retorts, stepping toward you and poking you squarely in the chest.

"W-Well... I-I... We had to get rid of those photos, right?" You reply defensively. "I-I mean, we had to stop her harassment somehow."

"Calm down." Marisa huffs as she pats you on the back. "I was just kiddin'. Besides, it's nice to see ya takin' after me; it's kinda flattering actually." She winks at you with a wide grin.

The curse goddess clears her throat loudly, grabbing both Marisa's and your attention. "I don't mean to interrupt your little lover's spat, but we may be able to assist you." Hina cuts in. "You said you needed help getting around the tengu, correct?" You nod in response. "Well, Nitori and I should be able to lead you up there, we do know the mountain much better than you do."

You smile as you accept the curse doll's kind offer. "Well, we'd be more than happy to have your assis-"

"Hold on just a sec!" Marisa butts in. "Whatcha gettin' all buddy-buddy with my boyfriend for? We can handle it just fine on our own, right? Right?"

You shake your head in reply when Hina speaks up again. "I would just like to help you in my own way. If I can't remove your misfortunes with my power, then perhaps I may be able to give you fortune by assisting you."

"Come on, ya can't want to accept help from these two, right?" Marisa pleads.

"Well, we're not even sure if Sanae will be able to do anything for us, but we've got to try, don't you think." You do your best to reason with the witch.

"I-I guess." The witch deflates and puffs her cheeks. "I s'ppose we need all the help we can get."

"So what do you propose we do?" You ask to the curse goddess.

"Nitori, do you remember that path around the other side of the mountain that you showed me earlier?" Hina asks.

The kappa thinks for a moment while still nibbling on her half-eaten cucumber. "Uhm... I-I think I do." She thinks aloud. "Oh that's right! Y-Yeah, I think I do remember." Nitori continues after a moment of thought. "Yeah, I uhm... I set up some holograms around there to hide the path that leads to the back entrance of my lab."

"Hey, maybe we can use those holograms to cover our ascent up the mountain." You suggest.

"U-Uhm... Yeah! Th-That might work." Nitori agrees as she covers her face with the brim of her cap shyly.

"Well then, lead the way." You reply.

"W-Well... We'll have to travel by foot, otherwise we won't be covered by the hologram 'cause of how close they're set to the mountainside, a-alright?" Nitori explains.

With a collective sigh, the four of you make your way around toward the opposite side of Youkai Mountain. After awhile, your group eventually comes upon a seemingly impassable mountain face covered in vines, but just as you begin to sigh, thinking that you've been led down the wrong path, Nitori steps through the mountain causing it to ripple with a an unnatural flickering of what looks like static and wireframes. A moment later, Hina follows right after the kappa.

Both you and Marisa look at each other for a moment before stepping through the holographic image.

Inside you find what looks largely like the mountainside you were just on. You're covered overhead by a canopy of foliage and mountainside, at least the image of one, however from this angle you can clearly see the framework of digital wireframes creating the illusion.

"So this is what the inside of one of your holograms look like." You think aloud as your group continues the slow ascent up the mountain. "It's like nothing I've ever seen before."

"W-Well it should be." The kappa muses, her cheeks rosy pink from your compliment. "It's all made from my own custom technology. Y-You see, I've planted all these little projectors around this path and it's all controlled with this little remote here." Nitori proudly explains as she holds up a small remote.

"Ah, so that's how you control i-" You begin to say before tripping over a stray rock in your path. Doing so causes you to lose your balance and fall into Nitori who drops the remote; what awful luck.

As you recover from the fall, you notice a bright red kappa blushing beneath you. "S-sorry, I don't know what happened there, I must've tripped over a rock or something." You explain.

"I-It's okay..." Nitori meekly replies. "B-But c-could you please get off of me..."

"S-Sorry!" You apologize as you stand back upright, but as you look around, you notice that something looks different. It's a lot brighter than it was before. That's when it hits you.

The hologram has disappeared.

As the realization comes to you, you notice two tengu crow guards accompanied by familiar white wolf tengu.

"Hey! You there!" Momiji shouts.

[ ] Let's just run for it.
[ ] Let's fight!
[ ] Something else? (Write-In)
[X] Let's just run for it.

We don't need a fight now, on top of everything else. Just run for it.
[X] Let's fight!

We've done enough running.
[X] Let's just run for it.
> :D

Don't do that, ever.

Oh, and drop the name.
[X] Let's just run for it.
[X] Let's just run for it.
[X] Let's just run for it.
-[x] Try to leave some sort of distraction to slow Momiji down.
[x] Let's fight!

>what awful luck.
way to go, Hina

>"Come on, ya can't want to accept help from these two, right?" Marisa pleads.
So mean. I forget, is this after SA?
File 128657430253.jpg - (630.52KB, 1200x1000, Giygas.jpg) [iqdb]
Bump for update. 5 days since the last post. Come on, MikoSpark. Rise from your grave.
He's still alive. I have connections, so I kinda know. (in otherwords, I'll harass him moar to get back to work.)

Praying to Giygas isn't a good plan.
File 12866048004.jpg - (52.58KB, 654x669, c9e0d75d57f9f23593517f06fa48905b.jpg) [iqdb]
Sorry, this update is coming along kind of slowly... I'll try to have it up soon. I'm having issues trying to figure out where this is going to go.
I aM GiyGaS. yoU cAn praY mE. yOu arE SafE.

Giygas doesn't talk like that, nice try Anon.
File 128707923942.jpg - (359.00KB, 1200x858, 2aac9f112d4bf917e94a93b20a2572ea.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Let's just run for it.

Your immediate thought as you hear Momiji shouting toward you is:

"Everyone run for it!" You shout urgently at the girls accompanying you.

Without a second thought, Nitori immediately takes to the sky, shortly followed by Hina who is shaken at seeing her kappa friend abandon her so quickly. Meanwhile, it take a moment for you and Marisa to get positioned atop her own flying broom.

"Stop right there!" Momiji shouts toward the two of you, while her two accompanying guards jet toward you.

"Marisa, let's go!" You demand.

"I got it! I got it!" Marisa yells back as she rears the broom back and sends the two of you flying up the mountain with the group of tengu following in hot pursuit.

As the two of you continue spiraling up Youkai Mountain, you quickly lose sight of the kappa and curse goddess as they speed ahead of your witch's burdened broom. Meanwhile, the group of tengu begin to close the gap behind you.

"Marisa, they're gaining on us!" You warn frantically as you contintually switch your gaze between what's ahead of you and the tengu behind you.

"I know!" The witch shouts, obviously annoyed. "Gah, I hate flyin' so slow." The black-white growls. "I'm gonna try to lose 'em! Hold on!"

With that, the witch swings the broom toward the mountainside, flying dangerously close to it.

"Hang on tight!" The witch warns as you feel your stomach drop and Marisa suddenly begins to weave in and out of the cliffs and foliage protruding from the side of the mountain. The dizzying spins and sharp turns Marisa pulls leaves you feeling a bit queazy, but you do your best to hang on.

"Duck!" The witch abruptly shouts.

In a surprised stupor you look ahead and are swiftly struck by a stray tree branch, causing you to lose your grip a bit. How unfortunate.

"I told ya to duck." Marisa says, her voice carrying that 'I told you so' tone in it. "Ya gotta be carefu- Oh crap!" Marisa shouts as she turns her attention back to the front.

As you hold your face with one hand, trying to hold back your pain, Marisa quickly pulls up on the broom, narrowly avoiding running into the mountainside. This causes your grip to fail even further.

"Marisa I can't..." Your fingers continue to slip as you try to regain your grip with your other hand.

Suddenly, you feel only the cold of the wind rushing past you, the warmth of your witch is abruptly absent. As you look up you see a black-white blur suddenly stop and look back toward you as she continues to shrink in the distance.

You're falling. Your grip has failed. What terrible luck.

[ ] Try to shout to Marisa and pray that she gets to you in time.
[ ] Try to remember what Mima taught you.
[ ] Do you have anything on you that might help?
[ ] Something else? (Write-In)
[X] Try to remember what Mima taught you.
Nothing like a life or death situation to activate any latent powers.
[x] Try to remember what Mima taught you.
[x] Do you have anything on you that might help?

Use the sword.
>[ ] Try to shout to Marisa and pray that she gets to you in time.
She's already noticed you falling, so what good will this do?

[X] Try to remember what Mima taught you.
inb4 caught by Momiji
[X] Do you have anything on you that might help?

That sword had something to do with wind, right?
[X] Try to remember what mima taught you
[X] Kusanagi might be helpful now. o3o
[x] >>21823

Fuck you
Hump for update.
Given that writefag is making models for TF2 instead of writing, this story is more or less in hiatus.
He's also busy with other things in additiona to this; and he was making the basic designs, not the actual 3d modeling.
File 128825515362.jpg - (708.23KB, 1000x705, bb0fad1239239f37cf3d0709373dd596.jpg) [iqdb]
Hey guys, thought I'd give you an update on what's taking so long.

Yes I am creating new concepts for the new TF2 Touhou skins but those don't take that long to make, it's just becoming inspired and putting it down on paper. What has been keeping me away is my nephew's funeral and working on six costumes and preparing my panel for Youmacon, this Halloween weekend.

Sorry that I haven't had time to update but this story has taken a backseat to the rest of life. I'll try to update when I can, hopefully within the next week or so.
Please wait warmly.
Sorry for your nephew.
We'll wait.

Condolence to your nephew.

Dichotomy GO! Hot pic, hope you feel better about your nephew.
File 129038154763.jpg - (565.92KB, 800x800, HUG.jpg) [iqdb]
Hey, MikoSpark.
I found something Heart-Warming.
Take it, feel better, and write again.

(TL;DR: Shameless bump with a cute picture)
Sorry to bump this, but...
Update please? We know you're busy drawing for Captain "I Hate Canon" Murasa, but don't drop this story!
File 129565580253.jpg - (486.94KB, 693x693, e66d5433e3554540f1c4682225a6fd2f.jpg) [iqdb]

Ask and you shall receive.


[X] Try to remember what Mima taught you.
[X] Do you have anything on you that might help?


That's the only thought that crosses your mind as the reality of the situation hits you. Frantically you flail but quickly realize how fruitless that is, there's got to be something. Marisa zooms toward you, but not nearly fast enough.

You try to think. Something. Anything! You quickly check yourself to see if there's anything at all that you can use. Camera, no. Watch, no. Sword... Something scratches at the back of your mind as the wind continues its deafening assault on your ears. Wind... It's a sword with the power of the wind, right? Maybe you can use it somehow.

You quickly yank the sword from it's sheath, unleashing a torrent of powerful gusts from the blade. Suddenly, you begin to feel heavier and have to cling tightly to the sword as gravity seems to want to drag you away from it. Wait, you're slowing down, the sword is keep you from falling. You're flying!

As you shakily pull yourself up onto and try to position yourself in a standing position upon the sword, Mima and Marisa's words come echoing back to you.

>"...Really it's a sword that houses the power of the wind and air."

>"So do ya think that he can fly with it an' stuff?"

At that moment, Marisa finally catches up with you. With tears staining her fair cheeks. "Y-You're okay!" She cries.

"And I'm flying." You gasp, a relieved smile crossing your face.

"Yeah! You're totally flyin'! And on that sword too!" The witch exclaims, wiping away her tears. "I guess Mima knew what she was talkin' about afterall."

Your celebration is cut short as glowing danmaku bullets split the air between the two of you. You both look up in time to see the group of tengu continuing their assault while bee-lining straight for the two of you. You and Marisa quickly dodge out of the way, making you almost lose your footing, but you manage to keep your balance. Marisa quickly turns back toward you.

"I'll try to draw 'em away, you gotta try to continue headin' up to the top of the mountain!" The black white orders.

"Right." You reply.

With that, Marisa jets toward the approaching tengu guards, completely throwing them off guard. As she zooms past the lot of them, the guards give Momiji a puzzled look, staring back and forth between you and Marisa.

"You two go after the boy, I'll get Marisa!" The white wolf barks to her two subordinates.

"Yes, ma'am!" They acknowledge before turning their attention back to you.

Great, now you've got to get away from these guys, the only problem is that you haven't figured out this whole flying thing yet. You try just shifting your weight, but that only serves to make you lose your balance. This is not the time to start experimenting with flight. You need to fly.

You try to think back to what Mima had taught you about flying.

>"...Try channeling your magic."

You try to ease your mind and focus, quickly bringing about that loose spark within your chest.

>"...push that power outside of yourself."

You feel the warmth of your spark move lower... into your legs, then feet, and then into the sword. As you begin to feel your magic in the sword, you can almost hear Mima say:

>"...Now Fly!"

With that you take off in the opposite direction of the tengu guards and start your ascent up Youkai Mountain. You're doing it, you're flying. A sense of accomplishment overcomes you. Freedom. You haven't felt this kind of freedom since you first got your driver's license. Suddenly you're jarred out of your daydream as the tengu behind you shout for you to stop.

You try to shake your pursuers, but your lack of experience keeps them right on your tail. After a few moments they open fire with danmaku on you. Unfortunately you have no experience with aerial danmaku battle except for the few skirmishes that you've been through riding shotgun with Marisa. You get lucky a few times as you barely dodge the incoming bullets, but you quickly realize that you can't keep this up for long.

[ ] Try to get Marisa's attention.
[ ] Just continue to try to outrun them.
[ ] See if you have anything else on you.
[ ] Something else. (Write-In)


Well, I'm back. I had a serious fit of writer's block complicated by holiday work hours and lack of motivation. For a long while I was held back by a loss of direction with this story. I think I've figured out where I want to go again and hopefully can get back to a halfway decent update schedule. I can't promise anything, but I'm not going to drop this story. Thanks for still supporting me, and please wait warmly for the next update.
[x] See if you have anything else on you.
[x] Just continue to try to outrun them.

Good to see you back.
[ ] See if you have anything else on you.
[ ] Just continue to try to outrun them.

Oh, wow, you're back. Dreams...they really do come true...
File 129566195199.jpg - (334.31KB, 700x1199, 51eb36950c9c4bd1bd3863f79a11512a.jpg) [iqdb]
[c] See if you have anything else on you.
[c] Just continue to try to outrun them.

You have returned! Awesome. Here's a Shinki for all the troubles you have to deal with.
File 129566358798.jpg - (578.43KB, 800x800, 14158980.jpg) [iqdb]
[ZE] See if you have anything else on you.
Parsee's going to be very jealous of that.

[x] See if you have anything else on you.
[x] Just continue to try to outrun them.
[X] See if you have anything else on you.

At last!
File 129575204691.jpg - (346.58KB, 526x525, 73a9258c5640f6c02664e4d26c30b67d.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] See if you have anything else on you.
[X] Just continue to try to outrun them.

This is futile, you've got to shake your pursuers somehow, you think to yourself as a barrage of danmaku whizzes past. You and Marisa have gone through too much to be stopped now. You begin to search yourself for anything else that you might be able to use to slow down the incoming tengu.

The thought of using danmaku on your chasers crosses your mind, but you're not sure you'd be able to focus on flying and fighting at the same time, but maybe if you just had something to throw at them. A quick inspection of your person comes up with Aya's camera, but just as you're about to chuck it at the two guards you pause. Wait a minute, there was something special about Aya's camera, wasn't there? You turn the camera on the unsuspecting guards who are greeted with a blinding flash, stunning them in their tracks and causing the wandering bullets of danmaku to evaporate.

You also pause for a moment, stunned by what had just transpired. No wonder Aya wants this camera back so badly. After taking a moment to regain your balance and composure, you continue your ascent up the mountain, hoping to have bought yourself enough time to get away.

After a brief moment, the pair of tengu quickly resume their chase and are soon back on your tail. You turn the camera back on them and fire but to no avail. The camera seems to need time to recharge as evidenced by a flashing light on the back of the camera accompanied by a numbered percentage.

"Damn it." You curse to yourself as you turn your focus back to outrunning Momiji's hostile cohorts.

As you continue toward the summit, you pass by what looks to be the source of an enormous waterfall around which numerous crows have found perches on the various outcroppings of foliage nearby. You can't help but feel a bit unnerved at this sight when suddenly you're stopped in your tracks by the sight of cold steel wielded by a very exhausted and battle-torn wolf tengu.

"Stop it right there!" The girl commands. "You're coming with us."

At that moment the two guards who'd been giving chase finally catch up with you and restrain you by your arms as Momiji plucks the sword out from beneath you.

This is all wrong, Marisa was dealing with Momiji. You look around frantically for any sign of the rambunctious witch but to no avail. What happened? You begin to call out for her as you struggle to free yourself from the powerful grips of the guards, but before any sign of the witch appears, you feel a sharp pain at the back of your head before everything goes black.


As you come to, you feel a throbbing at the back of your head. You motion to tend to the wound but find that your arms are bound and that you're left in a kneeling position. Startled by this fact, you look around and find yourself in what looks to be an old oriental-styled throne room. To either side of you is a very stoic Tengu guard, each wielding a lance and shield. Their attention seems to be fixated on something or someone straight ahead of you.

As you follow their gazes you're faced with the sight of a very intimidating and imposing tengu. He must stand at least several feet taller than you while standing and is robed in various ornately patterned fabrics and armor. Gauntlets adorn his legs and arms; and armor plating covers his shoulders and thighs. Across the front of his robes are the same white puffs of feathers that adorn Aya's hat. His legs are covered by large, thick hakama pants and under those are high, single-pegged geta. His hawk-like eyes stare at you with a piercing gaze through a red daitengu mask. Even on your knees, your legs feel weak in the presence of this tengu chief.

"Lord Tenma," Comes a familiar effeminate voice from behind you. "After having felled the human witch, I was able to apprehend this human after he had begun using Miss Shameimaru's camera on two of my men."

A low grunt comes from the towering tengu in reply.

'Felled the human witch?' You think to yourself. There's no way Marisa could be beaten by Momiji, there's absolutely no way.

"On the intruder we found a sword, a foreign bracelet, and Miss Shameimaru's camera." She continues her report as another tengu presents the items to Lord Tenma, to which he replies with another deep grunt. "What shall we do with him, my lord?" The white wolf asks, her voice trembling a bit. Seems even she is intimidated by her chief.

"We shall imprison him for his crimes until a suitable punishment can be arranged for the thief." He finally speaks in a muffled tone, his voice sounding far less deep and slightly less masculine than you might have expected. "His grievous actions have caused great distress amongst the tengu people and will be dealt with in due time. Take the intruder away." He commands, motioning to the two guards next to you.

With that, the tengu drag you away through several hallways before you're unceremoniously thrown into an old-looking cave that seems to have been converted into a prison cell. Before leaving, they remove the restraints around your wrists and shut the prison doors, locking you in. Frustrated you place a hand against your forehead.

How could this have happened? You think to yourself. There's no way Marisa could have been defeated by Momiji. You and Marisa had no problem against Aya, so Momiji should've been a cakewalk for Marisa.

You continue to sit in silence for several hours, with only the occasional sound of passing tengu guards giving you any company. You try to fire off a magical lightning bolt, but find that you can't even summon the energy to do so. That's when you notice the seals covering the cell, and after trying several attempts to summon any sort of danmaku, you sigh and begin to pace around the cramped prison.

After sometime you are suddenly startled by the sound of a couple of muffled yelps followed by the clatter of quick footsteps. As you move toward the prison bars, a trio of tengu girls quickly greet you and begin unlocking the cell.

"W-What's going on?" You ask in a flustered fit of confusion.

"We're bustin' you outta here." Comes a very familiar voice from one of the girls.

"It's us!" Another of the tengu girls whispers to you before temporarily shedding her disguise and revealing a blue-haired kappa. "We used my camouflage watches to sneak in and get the guard keys!"

"Yeah, but Marisa here almost got us caught by wanting to go in gung-ho and breaking our cover." Hina remarks.

"We got 'ere okay, right? So I dun see what the problem is." Marisa retorts. "Anyway let's focus on escapin'."

"Well, that might be a problem," You reply "Because they took away my camouflage watch as well as the rest of my stuff. Anyway, Marisa, what happened? Momiji said that she defeated you!"

"Pfft, she just got lucky." Marisa scoffs. "I was beatin' her bad when I was blinded by a bright flash, that's when Momiji got in a couple of cheap shots and knocked me offa' my broom. Luckily Nitori and the doll were there to catch me, but let's just pretend that di'nt happen and get outta here."

[ ] Try to get out stealthily.
[ ] Go out guns blazing.
[ ] Focus on getting your stuff back.
[ ] Just flee as fast as you can.
[ ] Something else? (Write-In)
[x] Try to get out stealthily.

No risk, no fun~
But messing with a group of psychotic doggy isn't really my conception of "fun". Let's just gtfo.

On another note: 2 updates in 24 hours? I was right to keep bumping this story. I knew you'll come back for me, MikoSpark.
[x] Focus on getting your stuff back.

[x] Focus on getting your stuff back.

Getting the sword back is rather vital if we're to escape. Aya can have her camera back... after we remove any film that's in it if possible.
[X] Focus on getting your stuff back.

Steal back that which was stolen back from the first act of stealing. Or something like that.
[x] Focus on getting your stuff back.
probably not too smart to be around angry tengu without having our things in case plans fall apart.
>I was beatin' her bad when I was blinded by a bright flash.
[x] Focus on getting your stuff back.
With something like this, I'm starting to think Bohemianon's name is Murphy.
File 129598125460.jpg - (311.21KB, 600x900, 631ea1326c388cf5746ba4dd9ab0998b.jpg) [iqdb]
The next update is started and on it's way. Sorry about the wait, but I've had a couple of late nights at work. Hopefully I'll have this next update by tomorrow, so please look forward to it.

Also, sage for not being an update.

File 129607565948.jpg - (219.23KB, 1124x768, c1d2b3c94dce35f8c38f9937c2030067.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Focus on getting your stuff back.

"Wait, Marisa." You pause after being let out of the cell. "We need to find my belongings before doing anything else." The witch, having resumed her disguise, tilts her head at you with a puzzled look.

"What? Do ya know how hard it was to sneak in here?" Marisa asks.

"Actually, it wasn't that hard with my camouflage watches." The young kappa chimes in, also incognito.

"At least it would've been had Marisa not wanted to blast up the place every few seconds." Hina huffs.

"Shut up, you two!" The black-white hisses. "Besides, whadaya need that stuff for anyhow?" She continues, turning her attention back to you.

"Well first of all, it'd be easier to make our escape if all of us were disguised," You begin to explain, "And secondly, they've got my sword. The one that Rinnosuke gave me--I can't fly without it."

"Fly? With a sword?" Nitori inches closer to you, a look of wonder and curiosity filling her eyes.

"Yeah, you shoulda seen it." Marisa butts in, taking on an air of pride. "I guess spendin' so much time with me taught him how to fly usin' that sword."

"Actually, Mima-" You try to explain before being cut off again.

"I guess I'm just such a great teacher, but 'nuff of that, we gotta get out of here right away." The witch urges you.

"But Marisa..." You sigh.

"I agree with the boy. Let's go get his stuff." The curse doll interrupts, smirking at the idea of getting on Marisa's nerves again and netting her another sharp glare from the witch.

"Pfft, I still don't even know why you're here!" Marisa puffs her cheeks, stepping toward Hina before turning her attention to Nitori. "Let's get out of here. You're on my side, right Nitori?"

"A-Actually Marisa... I-I would like to study that sword a little bit, i-if he doesn't mind of course." The kappa shyly replies, giving you a quick glance before turning back to Marisa. "B-Besides, you of all people wouldn't just give up on something of yours if it was confiscated from you, even if it wasn't yours to begin with." Nitori reasons with the witch.

"Gah! Fine! Let's go get his stuff..." Marisa sighs in exasperation, storming off and stomping the whole way.

Marisa takes a few steps before stopping and turning back to the group, a look of embarrassment across her rosy face. "I dunno which way to go." She admits sheepishly.

Your group eventually makes its way to an open hallway and begin to search for your belongs, yourself always staying a few steps behind the disguised girls, so as to not break their cover.

"This palace is huge. Where do we even begin looking?" You think aloud. The girls don't seem to take notice, however they seem to all be following Nitori, who is focused on something in her hands. You tip-toe a bit closer and hover over the kappa's shoulder to see what she's so glued to. In her small grasp is a small radar-type device, showing a map of the tengu palace with a blinking dot on one end and four little triangles on the other. Various other little blips litter the map as well.

"Nitori, what have you go there?" You ask quietly, causing the kappa to almost jump out of her skin at the sudden sound of your voice. After catching her breath for a moment, the kappa turns to you, presenting the device in her shaky hands.

"S-Sorry... Y-You just surprised me for a moment." Nitori begins after taking a deep breath. "Well, this is the thing that I was showing to Hina earlier: my soliton radar system. It's a uhm... a portable prototype that I built that displays the user's whereabouts as well as any other life forms nearby." The kappa explains as she shows you the device. "I've modified it a bit to recognize us as these four triangles, and it's also made to pick up objects with a high magical energy. S-so since your sword possesses a lot of magical energy it shows up as this blinking little blip here." At that moment, you notice the blinking dot split into two.

"Wait, what's going on here?" You ask, as the second blip begins to travel further and further away from the initial one.

"I-I don't know." Niotri ponders as she presses some buttons on her device. "Either they broke your sword in half or there are two items with high magical energy in the palace, and they're taking one of them away."

"Well, if they're taking my sword somewhere we need to go after it." You reply urgently. "We should split up and each group goes after one."

[ ] Go after the stationary blip.
[ ] Go after the mobile blip.
[ ] Something else? (Write-In)


This'll be the last update for the week because I'm going out of town for the weekend. Please read, discuss, and vote, and please wait warmly for the next update.

P.S. - To those of you going to Ohayocon, see you there.
I think the stationary one is the sword as I doubt the Tengu wouldn't be quick to return Aya's camera.

In other news, it seems Nitori is Mei Ling (Metal Gear Solid) and Otacon combined.
[x] Go after the stationary blip.

Whee! Time to split up! Now WE will end up runing a rescue mission!
[x] Go after the stationary blip.

Was it only the sword? Or did we had another artefact? Anyway, there's gonna be blood. Lot of it. Let's kick some puppies tengu.
only 3 items: One of them Aya's camera, the third being Nitori's camo bracelet. And we do not want bloodshed, just our stuff.

You must be terrible at Metal Gear Solid.

[x] Go after the stationary blip.
[x] Go after the stationary blip.
[x] Go after the stationary blip.

New reader to this here. Gotta say it seems to have started rushed, but it's still nice.

Also, I gotta say I'm surprised no one suggested going to Yuyuko's place (apart from one who implied it) back at the choice of where to go. She deals with the spiritual, may now have a clearer idea of Yukari's goal now that we have more info and how does she feels about soul modification anyway?
File 129675856943.png - (508.38KB, 800x800, 3a3fdc8c685a081a649fc91c4e2f6202.png) [iqdb]
Next update is now in the works, so hopefully I'll have it up by tomorrow. Please wait warmly for it!
File 129685004165.jpg - (50.89KB, 520x544, 57b6f9158ed0df901a0390b928bf582f.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Go after the stationary blip.

You continue to watch as the distance between the two glowing blips grows; you've got to act now.

"Alright, Marisa and I will go after the dot that's staying in place. Nitori, you and Hina go after the one that's on the move." You direct the group.

"But... I've only got just the one radar." Nitori replies meekly, holding up the device again.

"Oh... Well that's fine, why don't the two of you take it with you, and since our blip is staying in one spot, we'll just try to remember where it is." You sigh before taking one last glance at the radar screen and turning to Marisa. "Do you still have that radio from Nitori, Marisa?" The witch responds by presenting the device to you. "Good, we'll keep in contact with you and, Hina with these, alright Nitori?" You say turning to the kappa. "Let us know what you find when you get there."

"Alright." Both the kappa and curse goddess reply before you part ways once again.

Quickly, you follow the witch down several large hallways, directing the witch from memory as you go. At least that's what you had hoped to do.

"Okay, I'm pretty sure it's this way; go left!" You guide the witch.

"We've already been this way before!" Marisa scoffs.

"What? No we haven't." You reply.

"Let's go this way!" She demands, but before you have a chance to object any more, the disguised witch scurries down the hallway. "Marisa, no!" With a sigh you reluctantly follow in pursuit of the black-white.

Marisa continues leading you through the labyrinthine corridors of the tengu palace, and you barely manage to keep up, quickly darting behind corners when tengu guards are near. Eventually, you manage to catch up to the fleeting witch and quickly grasp her by the arm.

"Marisa! Where do you think you're going? I've got no idea where we are now!" You scold the black-white. She just puffs her cheeks and looks away from you. "I mean, do you even know where we're going?" The witch snorts and points a finger at a door that seems to have been left open.

As you peer inside, you see what used to be a well organized treasury that has now been ransacked. Scattered throughout the room are weapons of all sorts, gems, jewels, along with other random knick-knacks.

"Marisa, it looks like someone got here first." You speak up, as you look through the scattered items. "Anyway, how did you find your way here anyway?"

"Girl's intuition." Marisa replies with a wink.

With another sigh, you begin to look through the rummaged items, but are suddenly startled when a couple of mice jump out from one of the piles.

"Now where did you two come from...?" You wonder aloud.

As you continue to stare at the mice they scurry off deeper into the room where you hear more sounds of rummaging. You quickly silence your steps and turn to Marisa.

"There's someone still here." You whisper.

[ ] Just find your stuff and get out of here.
[ ] Sneak up on the other intruder and confront them.
[ ] Try to catch up with Hina and Nitori.
[X] Sneak up on the other intruder and confront them.

Best not to leave this intruder unattended to.

I think we're about to meet Nazrin.

[X] Sneak up on the other intruder and confront them.
File 129687371652.png - (524.97KB, 857x1200, 7139427209e20eb739d94d424aa7ac7b.png) [iqdb]
[x] Sneak up on the other intruder and confront them.

Partners in crime!
[x] Sneak up on the other intruder and confront them.
[x] Sneak up on the other intruder and confront them.
File 129714854889.jpg - (395.59KB, 700x1006, ac0ab37c815855869e4322f7aaed0905.jpg) [iqdb]
Next update is mostly written, so I should have it up later today after I've finished and revised it. As always, please look forward to it and wait warmly.
File 129718816536.png - (50.78KB, 640x480, 039b7187b1484953539a63a17beebdbd.png) [iqdb]
[X] Sneak up on the other intruder and confront them.

"What?" Marisa whispers back, looking somewhat confused.

"It looks like whoever got here before us is still here. I think we should try to find out what they're after, maybe they're after my sword also." You explain to the witch.

Carefully, you creep through the piles of trinkets toward the source of the shuffling sound. As you make your way toward the sound, more mice race ahead of you. A shiver runs up your spine as the rodents scamper past your feet.

"Ugh... they're everywhere." Marisa cringes as she follows behind you.

"I didn't know you were afraid of mice, Marisa." You snicker.

"I-I'm not! I just... They're so gross!" Marisa stammers, her cheeks turning a bright red.

Upon finding the source of the ruckus, you're greeted with the sight of a bloomer-covered rump sticking out of a pile of items. Attached to it appears to be a tiny girl clad in a grey dress, tossing aside treasures, once in awhile pointing metal rods toward the pile of items. Numerous mice gather around her feet, a couple of which crawl over her and perch themselves in a basket suspended by the girl's mouse-like tail, peeking out from under her skirt.

From behind, you hear the faint snickering of your disguised witch. As you turn toward her, she motions for you keep quiet.

"I've got an idea." She whispers.

"What are you-?"

"You there!" Marisa shouts toward the girl, startling her into dropping the item she was holding and causing the mice to scatter. "What are you doing in here!"

The girl rises, raising her hands and cursing under her breath. Slowly, she turns toward the two of you, a look of guilt across her face. She stands no taller than the middle of your torso, and you notice a pair of round, mouse-like ears protruding from her bob of gray hair which droop a bit as she faces you.

Marisa can't contain herself anymore.

"Pfft-Hahaha! The look on your face!" Marisa explodes into laughter and shedding her disguise.

"W-What?" Comes the girl's meek voice as a look of surprise and confusion crosses her face. "You're not tengu?"

"No, we came 'ere on a rescue mission." Marisa replies, still recovering from her fit of laughter. "Now we're searchin' for some stuff that'd been taken away from us. Well, from this guy here." Marisa explains, motioning toward you.

"Oh, alright..." The girl replies, scratching behind one of her ears.

"What 'bout you? I mean what're you doing here, and... who are you, anywho?"

"O-Oh me? I'm searching for something... Something that my master lost." She explains as a mouse scampers into an open palm. "By the way, I'm Nazrin, a mouse youkai and the leader of these mice." The girl greets as she begins to pet one of her furry companions. "I was detecting a strong energy here with my dowsing rods and thought that it might be the treasure I was looking for, but all I found was this old sword here."

"That's what we've been looking for!" You shout, a feeling of relief overcoming you.

"This?" The mousy girl inspects the blade, turning it in her hands.

"Yeah!" Marisa speaks up. "Those stupid tengu took it from my boyfriend, here."

"Its definitely got some magic energy, but it's not what I've been looking for. I suppose I could give it back."

"Well, thank you." You reach forward to retrieve the precious weapon, but before you can, Nazrin quickly retracts it.

"But first, could you tell me one thing?" The girls asks, holding the sword close to herself.

"Sure, anything." You anxiously reply.

"Where did you find this?" Nazrin asks.

"What's it to ya?" Marisa interjects.

"Well, I'd like to see if it could lead me to any clues that could tell me where my treasure is." The youkai explains. "Besides, who are you to ask me such things?"

"I'm Marisa Kirisame, youkai hunter extraordinaire." The witch proudly proclaims. "Oh, and this is just my boyfriend."

"Just?" You turn to the witch with a raised eyebrow.

"Just kiddin'! Kiddin'!" Marisa chuckles to herself, the mouse youkai begins to tap her foot impatiently. Marisa then turns back to Nazrin. "Anyway, what'd ya need again?" The black-white asks.

"Where you found this sword." Nazrin replies.

"That... That was given to me by the shopkeeper at Kourindou." You chime in.

"Kourindou?" She ponders.

"Yeah, it's a little shack on the border of the Forest of Magic and the Human Village." Marisa explains.

"Sounds interesting..." The tiny tiny girl thinks aloud as she holds her dowsing rods, which suddenly stand up and point in a direction on their own. "What...?" Nazrin asks as she points around with the rods. "There seems to be another energy source nearby."

Just then you begin to hear some static coming from Marisa's radio. "Bzzt- -risa! ...-Tengu are-Bzzt! ...-ome quickly!" It sounded like Nitori.

"What was that all about?" The gray-haired mouse asks.

"I don't know, but I think they need some help." You reply.

"Well, good luck with that, I'm going to go follow this signal." Nazrin says before beginning to head out the door.


[ ] Ask her for the sword back and try to find Nitori and Hina with the radio.
[ ] Follow Nazrin to that energy source.
[ ] Try to get Nazrin to help you find Hina and Nitori.
[ ] Something else? (Write-In)
[x] Ask her for the sword back and try to find Nitori and Hina with the radio.

I don't think we can do anything against those tengus guys, but it worth a try.
And by the way, do you have a proofreader, MikoSpark?
>"Where you found this sword." Nazrin replies.
More like "Where did you found this sword?"
File 129719092217.png - (563.32KB, 839x680, a8c1ed19390e6cb4fd84634f73b5dc60.png) [iqdb]
It's a statement because she's become impatient and has to repeat herself to Marisa; she's stopped asking at this point. So it is in fact "Where you found this sword." and not "Where did you found this sword?" which is grammatically incorrect anyway.
[x] Ask her for the sword back and try to get Nazrin to help you find Hina and Nitori.

Sorry then.
[x] Ask her for the sword back and try to get Nazrin to help you find Hina and Nitori

Alright, let's expand the party. Offer assistance with what she's doing in exchange for her help?
[x] Ask her for the sword back and try to get Nazrin to help you find Hina and Nitori

Who better to help check Kourin's shop than Marisa?
File 129801381690.jpg - (322.54KB, 800x912, ac33b97970fe09fe980dd741d0247618.jpg) [iqdb]
Apologizes for not having updated in about a week, as of late I've been rather sickly which hasn't been helping my lack of creativity. I'll try to get back to this story as soon as I can, so please wait warmly until then.
Are you dead?
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