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20042 No. 20042
[x] You'll help. It's not too late, so you can probably find some down at the human village.
[ ] He lied. Maybe this next thing won't work, either.
[ ] Ask the others for their opinions.
[ ] Something else (write-in).

A god? Asking you for help?

You nod. “I'll help,” You say, looking around to the others. “You'll all help, right?”

“Help get followers for this guy?” Wriggle asks, sarcastically. She's looking at him. “I suppose. It's kind of a sad story.”

The man puts on a weak smile. “Yes, I'll be the first to admit that it's a bit pathetic. But, I thank you.”

The others begin to stand up, so you do, too. “How are we going to do that?” Mystia asks, “I mean, I don't know twenty people we can ask...”

Wriggle chuckles. “And the guys I know won't work, I think.”

“We just gotta act powerful, right?” Cirno asks, “That's what he did. I can do that.”

You nod. You were thinking of something like that. “And it's not too late, is it?” You ask. “I think there's still humans in the human village...”

“Perhaps you should take this?”

Looking back towards the man, you see that he has something in his hand. And, when no one makes a move, he moves his hand a little bit. Ah. He wants you to grab it. You walk forward.

“Maybe someone in the village will recognize it.” He says, as you reach out with your free hand to take it. It'll serve as a focus as well.”

“Focus?” You ask, looking the object over. As far as you can tell, it's a decorated piece of wood. The shape kind of reminds you of clouds, but with some weird designs below it. You don't really think they mean anything, but... looking up, you can see that they're on his clothes as well.

He nods. “This way, you will not need to bring them all the way up here.” Then, chuckling, he adds. “It is a bit off of the beaten path.”

You turn around and walk back to the others, clutching this strange wood focus in your hand.

“Thank you all,” He says, causing you to turn around once again.

You nod. “Let's go.”

“Yeah,” Cirno says, “Let's go get some followers~”

Wriggle and Mystia nod, too, and you continue walking. Out of the cave. All of the smoothness becoming rough once more, the waterfall getting louder, until you're finally facing the darkness of night again.

It's still raining.

You know the way to the human village from here. Since you went around the mountain a little, it should be almost straight out and down. A little to the left, though. Everyone seems to be waiting for you to lead on, so you do.

The sound from the waterfall gets less and less as you go, like it should. Soon, it's quiet enough to talk normal.

“I think he's lying.”

After a little while, Wriggle starts talking.

“Hmm. You think so?” Mystia asks. “It didn't sound like he was lying.”

Wriggle sighs. “No, it didn't. But why didn't he just ask us for help in the first place?”

“He said that,” Cirno says, “'Cause he thought we would be enough or something.”

“I don't know,” She says, finally sounding defeated. “It sounded like an act.”

You have to wonder, though. “Maybe it wasn't?”

“... yeah,” Wriggle says. “I didn't say it sounded like a bad act. He's really good if he's just acting.”

“Maybe you're just paranoid~” Mystia starts to sing, “Didn't you say that about the last god? Maybe Phobe's getting to you~”

You... don't think you are. Are you? You hope not. Wriggle is nice how she is.

Wriggle laughs. “Yeah, maybe that's it.”

“...am I?” You ask, a little worried.

“We're just kidding, general,” Wriggle says. “Don't worry.”

That... that makes you happy. If they're just kidding, it's fine.

“Hmm.” Wriggle says, pausing a little afterwards. “Maybe we should call you something else, since we're doing work for a god now.”

“Priest Phobe?” Mystia tries, “No, that's not right. Phobe the shrine maiden?”

“Haha. Or maybe Phobe the prophet?” Wriggle asks, “The holy one?”

Those names are all silly. Even you're laughing a little bit.

“No no,” Cirno says, “High priestess. It's a pretty name.”

The others were just joking around, you think, but Cirno sounds kind of serious. “High priestess? That's not bad,” Wriggle says, “High priestess of... wait. Did we ever get his name?”

You shake your head. “Nope.”

Wriggle laughs. “That makes me feel a lot better. Maybe he was telling the truth.”

“What does that have to do with it?” Mystia asks, “Is his name important?”

“Well, if he just wanted to get his name out, he'd tell us his name. Right?” Wriggle asks, but it's not a question that needs to be answered. “Right. Maybe he really is that pathetic. I feel kind of bad now.”

“Ah,” Mystia says, “I get it. Yeah, that makes sense. Say, I wonder what will happen if someone else gets there first?”

You... hadn't thought of that.

“I bet they'll just beat him up,” Wriggle says, “I know I wanted to.”

Mystia sighs. “But then it'll just rain more.”

“We gotta hurry, then,” Cirno chimes in, “We've gotta save that guy.”

You nod. “Let's hurry.”

Saving a god... that's got to count for something. Even if you can't beat one up, saving one has to make you at least a little stronger...

… you all talk about the trip up the mountain on the way back. It's kind of weird how it works, but that's what you. Lots of stories about what it looked like from someone else, which, even though you were there for all of it, felt just a little different each time. Maybe you weren't paying attention, but you missed things that they saw. And there's guesses for what Kanako looks like, and what it would look like for two gods to fight, and...

… soon, you can see bits of light poking through a pretty big opening in the forest. The human village. You've never been here at night, because, well... you're usually playing with everyone in the forest. You can picture it in your head, though, and almost see what it really looks like from the flickering lamps hanging all over the place.

You can see that it's not too late, too; there's people moving in the wide dirt paths, even though it's dark. It's easier to see here, in the village, than in the forest at least. Your group lands where you've always landed, ever since Yuuka first took you here; the one spot, right in the middle. The one with the big dragon in the middle.

“So, do we just... walk up to people and ask?” Cirno asks you, “I mean, we can't do that weird thing where we talk from nothing. It's gonna be harder.”

Wriggle smirks. It's good to be able to see a smirk, in the light. “Have any ideas, high priestess?”

[ ] Well, there's lots of humans in the bar...
[ ] Maybe Keine could help?
[ ] Find people that look like they would help you, and ask them.
[ ] Not really. Sit and try to think about it.
[ ] Something else (write-in)
>> No. 20043
Oh whoops, forgot to delete the other non-winning options. Please ignore them.

Also, I'll probably be taking tomorrow and the next day off, because, well... I'd hope the reason would be obvious. Happy holidays, everyone~
>> No. 20044
[x] Maybe Keine could help?

She'd know people who would be interested in having the rain stop and such.
>> No. 20045
[X] Well, there's lots of humans in the bar...

Put enough booze in them, and people will worship anything.
>> No. 20049
[x] Maybe Keine could help?

And happy holidays to you, Klaymen.
>> No. 20050
[x] Well, there's lots of humans in the bar...

Yeah, lots of drunk male ready to help touhous. Wait, that sounds like the beginning of /at/ material.
>> No. 20051
[x] Maybe Keine could help?

If anybody knows about whatever the god gave us, it'd be Keine... or Akyuu. One of the two, definitely.
>> No. 20053
Nah. Unless they're pedophiles. After all, our entire band looks like the 'preteen Miss America' pageant. What's more worrisome is running into axe-man and getting choppity chopped up.
>> No. 20061
[ℤℯ] Maybe Keine could help?

In before a healthy chunk of the other twenty are the other guests at the party.

Hell, even Reimu might do it. Shinto involves not really being a one-god girl, doesn't it? I seemed to pick up on that in SSiB, when she was setting up the blessings and the shrines or whatever for the ship.
>> No. 20063
[x] Maybe Keine could help?
>> No. 20064
>What's more worrisome is running into axe-man and getting choppity chopped up.
I forgot about him, another missed chance for some hate sex.
>> No. 20069
There's always next time.
>> No. 20070

A) I think the most mature looking would be Mystia (Looking to be in her midteens, but without much curves), perhaps Wriggle. But you'd have to be a pedo if you're interested in Cirno, Rumia, and/or Phobe in that way.

B) Hard to say if that axe-man is still after us, since with Keine's help we did undo his son's death.
>> No. 20071
Healthy in Gensokyo is basically the equivalent of loli anyway.
>> No. 20073

That's an harassed assumption. There's a even a decent amount of named characters that are right in the middle figure wise and build wise.

But people make that mistake by judging on ZUN's art alone. Drawing is something he gets right once in a while.
>> No. 20074
[x] Maybe Keine could help?
asking her sounds like a good choice
>> No. 20075
[x] Maybe Keine could help?

“Maybe?” You ask yourself, thinking of Keine. Would she help? People like her, and if you were with her things might work better. “Let's see if Keine will help.”

“Kiene?” Cirno asks, “She's pretty mean. Why would she help?”

Keine? Mean? You shake your head, and begin walking. “She's not mean.”

“She is too!” Cirno says, “You'll see.”

Maybe Cirno is talking about a different Keine. You wonder why that one's so mean?

“Keine, eh?” Wriggle asks, “She's the guardian of the village or something, right?”

You nod. “And we're friends.”

“I knew that part,” Wriggle adds, grinning. Cirno seems confused though. “Yeah, that might work. This much rain isn't good for humans, either.”

“It's not?” Mystia asks, “I thought they needed it to grow stuff.”

“Yeah, but it starts to flood things after a while,” Wriggle continues, laughing a bit. “Maybe their houses got blasted by lightning, too.”

Keine's house should be this way. It's a lot harder to find your way in the human village, because everything looks the same; and you don't fly here because humans don't. Still, you think you can find it. A left here. Straight straight left, right, straight...

As you're walking, though, a man comes stumbling out of a building. It almost looks like he's constantly falling and trying to catch himself. You try to dodge but guess wrong, and he falls right into you, really falling down this time.

“Yeah, well I hope your damn bar burns down, ya bastard!”

Its interesting, but you don't want to deal with it. You keep walking.

“Hey, kid! Walkin' away like that... who do you think ya are?”

You wonder who he's talking to? You keep walking.

“I think he's mad, Phobe,” Mystia says, from behind you. “Uh oh. Here he comes?”

Turning around, you see the man falling in your direction. “I'll teach ya a lesson, you damn brat!”

He looks a bit crazy-angry. It's nothing you did, but... well, that's what he looks like. He looks ready for a fight, too, if he would stop almost falling over. It's not like you really want to fight him, but he might cause trouble...

[ ] That's fine. It probably happens all the time. Try to lose him.
[ ] Maybe if you tried changing his color a bit, he'd calm down...
[ ] If he's not moving, he's not being crazy.
[ ] Something else (write-in).
>> No. 20076
{X} Maybe if you tried changing his color a bit, he'd calm down...
>> No. 20077
[x] If he's not moving, he's not being crazy.
>> No. 20078
[x] Maybe if you tried changing his color a bit, he'd calm down...
-[x] Aim for a mellow, who knows what being like that might do for other feelings.
>> No. 20079
[x] Maybe if you tried changing his color a bit, he'd calm down...
-[x] Aim for a mellow yellow, who knows what being like that might do for other feelings.
>> No. 20080
[x] Maybe if you tried changing his color a bit, he'd calm down...
-[x] Aim for a mellow, who knows what being like that might do for other feelings.
>> No. 20081
[X] If he's not moving, he's not being crazy.
Crazy choice is crazy and counter-productive.
>> No. 20082
[x] Maybe if you tried changing his color a bit, he'd calm down...
-[x] Aim for a mellow yellow, who knows what being like that might do for other feelings.
Nothing much wrong with a mellow drunk.
>> No. 20083
[x] Maybe if you tried changing his color a bit, he'd calm down...
-[x] Aim for a mellow yellow, who knows what being like that might do for other feelings.
>> No. 20084
[x] Maybe if you tried changing his color a bit, he'd calm down...
-[x] Aim for a mellow, who knows what being like that might do for other feelings.
>> No. 20085
[x] Maybe if you tried changing his color a bit, he'd calm down...

Maybe now would be a good time to practice that thin you tried on the cat. It's not completely crazy, yet, so maybe it'll be easier to change back. Or change to something else.

You stop, and turn around. He doesn't seem to notice, and keeps heading towards you. Just a little. You don't want to do anything too powerful. There's other people around sometimes, that you can see, and you know there's a bunch inside the buildings around.

“Uh... what're you doing?” Wriggle asks, from behind you. You don't answer. You need to focus.

A bit... hmm. What would be a good shade? Something warm and nice, like the sun. Yellow. Wouldn't it be nice if he was like the sun?

He keeps getting closer and closer, but it doesn't seem to do much. It's not making it worse, either, but... hmm. You keep looking at him.

“Hey, you listenin'?” He asks as he gets closer. “You'd best be listenin, or I'll---”

Ah, a change. Not one made by you, though.

“T-those... fuck, you're a damn youkai, aren't you?! Shit!”

His course changes pretty quickly. Instead of stumbling towards you, he stumbles away... really falling a few times. And, as soon as he can, he heads behind a building.

Well, it didn't work like you wanted, but he's not angry anymore.

“'Those?'” Mystia asks, sounding kind of like the human that just ran off. You turn around to look. “Oh. Ahaha, those~”

You decide to stop being a youkai for now. “Those?”

“Your eyes,” Mystia says, “They get all creepy when you're doing things.”

Wriggle laughs. “Yeah... they do, don't they?”

You're still confused. You're not doing anything with your eyes. “They get all creepy...?”

“Uh huh,” Mystia says, nodding. “Maybe we should get you a mirror sometime.”

A mirror... maybe. You decide to keep walking.

“It's still probably better not to play with the humans,” Wriggle says, “They don't like us too much.”

“Oh,” You say, “I was trying to make hm not so angry so he wouldn't attack others.”

“Did it work?”

You shake your head. “...no, he just found out I was a youkai.”


That had to be what happened. When he found out you were a youkai, he changed... became a coward, and ran. Afraid. Kind of like what should happen. He was just a normal human, so that's what should have happened. Does that mean when a normal human falls into a normal human, they get angry?

The walk doesn't take much longer. Soon you recognize that little bit bigger house among the other houses, with the flowers out front and the strange roof. Keine's house. You walk closer.

“This is it, huh?” Wriggle asks, to which you nod. This is it. You walk up to the door and knock. Keine told you to do it this way, because it's bad if you just go inside when she's with someone. You wait. The lights are on, so she should be here. You wait.

… and, soon enough, the door slides open.

“Hel--- oh,” Keine says, finally looking down and seeing you. She's not that tall, but she still looks over you when standing normally, “Phobe?” Looking around, she sees the other three behind you. “Ah, and... Mystia, was it? You run that lamprey stand in the woods, right?”

Mystia laughs happily. “You remember me? It's been so long since you've been there, I thought you forgot...”

“No no,” Keine says, laughing a bit. “I've just been rather busy lately.” Looking around, “Cirno and... Wriggle?”

They both nod.


“That's right.”

“Well, don't stand there in the rain,” She says, taking a step back from the door. “Come inside. I'm not sure why you're here, but...”

You nod, wiping your feet on the mat just inside the door. Another thing she asked you to do. Humans don't like dirt inside their buildings, so she likes it if you leave it there. After you're done, the others do the same.


That symbol, that focus thing, is clutched tightly in your hand. You open it.

“We're trying to stop the rain,” You say, holding it out to her. “We found a god who can stop it, but he's weak right now. Can you help us get followers? This is his focus.”

She... just looks at you, blankly. “This sounds complicated.”

You shake your head. It's really not. “Well, it's been raining a lot, hasn't it? And the shrine got struck by lightning, so when Reimu canceled the party...”

Keine laughs. “Oh! I forgot that was today. But, she canceled it?”

You nod. “She got all mad when the shrine got hit, so she went to stop the rain. Yukari made a game, and we're trying to stop it too. We can make it stop if we get...” you try to remember how many it was. Ah, that's right. “fifteen or twenty people to pray to him. The god that we found.” Then, reaching out, you hand her the focus. “He gave me this.”

She takes it. “Hmm...”

“He said that Kanako or something took his place and stole his power, but she's gone for a while,” Wriggle says, shrugging. “Phobe things you can help us get followers.”

You nod. “You can help, right?”

She doesn't answer for a while. “... do you mind if I take a look through the archives for this? I can offer you some tea while you wait.”


She nods. “It seems familiar, but I can't quite remember...”

[ ] It's Keine, so that's ok.
[ ] Actually, you want to do this as fast as you can.
I don't think I'll be updating tomorrow or the next day. Tomorrow, because I have to take apart and pack a bunch of furniture into a u-haul, and the day after because I'm going to be on the road for like 8 hours. Sorry for the delay, but things will resume Thursday. And, after that... well, my schedule will be pretty static for a change. There really shouldn't be any delays for a long time.
>> No. 20086
[x] It's Keine, so that's ok.

We can spare a bit of time, that and Keine would know well about this sort of thing.
>> No. 20087
[x] It's Keine, so that's ok.

Keine knows best.
>> No. 20088
[x] It's Keine, so that's ok.
>> No. 20089
[x] It's Keine, so that's ok.
Perhaps she knows something about the god that we'd want to know before giving him faith.
>> No. 20097
[x] Fuck that bitch. We need some niggas in da house right now muthafucka.
>> No. 20099
[x] It's Keine, so that's o-k-ne.
>> No. 20104
[B] It's Keine, so that's okay.
>> No. 20105
Or maybe not. Looks like I'll be waiting until at least next Tuesday to get internet in my new apartment, so, uh... I guess I'll resume then, if I can't find someone's internet to steal.
>> No. 20106
Next Thursday or Saturday is when the internet will be installed at my new place. Maybe if I start to go batshit insane from lack of internet, I'll go find a restaurant that has wi-fi I can mooch. A neighbor of mine from somewhere has a really weak signal that keeps going in and out, too (that's where I'm posting from. Although it's taken an hour), but... yeah.

tl;dr - no updates until at least next thursday unless something crazy happens.
>> No. 20107

sounds like my usual net I'd say, the one with the kinda weak signal.

Always look on the bright side of things.
>> No. 20147
Well, the internet has returned. I won't update until tomorrow, though; first week on the new job has been rough, and I'm kind of out of it.
>> No. 20155
[x] It's Keine, so that's ok.

You nod. If she wants to see it, that's fine. Gathering people will probably take a while, but maybe waiting a bit can speed it up. Or something.

“I'll go get you all some towels, then,” She says, “And then some tea. Wait here.”

“No, th--- she's fast.”

Wriggle speaks up, but not fast enough. Keine disappears deeper into the house before she gets her attention.

“What happened to the big rush?” She asks you, laughing a bit.

“I think... it might be a good idea.”

“Fair enough. I won't argue with getting out of the rain.”

It's not long before Keine comes back, either, with an armload of towels. You notice that the focus isn't in her hand anymore.

“I can't have my guests be dripping water all over the place,” She says, handing the first one to Wriggle, “No matter how polite they are.”

Wriggle scoffs a little at this, but takes the towel. The rest of you do, too.

“Just, um... set them in the bathroom when you're done. You remember where that is, right, Phobe? You can show the others.”

You do, so you nod. You remember.

“Take a seat in the main room when you're done. I'll go get the tea.”

And again, she leaves.


Mystia's the first one to get started with the towel. Then Wriggle, and Cirno. You watch for a moment, and then try what they're doing. Just rub it fast all over, right?

“Being dry is nice~” Mystia says, although you can't see her from under your towel. This is fun. You don't know how dry it's making you, but that's ok.

“Yeah. I haven't been able to dry off in a while,” Wriggle answers, “It's even starting to get soaked in my place.”

Cirno laughs. “You could freeze it off if you were cool like me.”

“Oh yeah?” Wriggle asks, laughing, “I notice you're still using the towel.”

“These are nice too~”

After a little bit, you think you have about as much water on you as the towel does, so you stop rubbing it all over. This is as dry as you're going to get.

“Here, catch.”

And then, there's a towel flying at your face. Courtesy of Wriggle. You do manage to catch it around your arm, though. After lowering it so you can see her again, you can tell that she's smiling.

Her hair is all messed up, though.

“Do you want me to help you carry them?” Mystia asks, holding on to hers. You shake your head. You can take care of it.

“You sure?” She asks again, handing it to you. “Well, ok.”

Cirno hands hers to you, too. “Here's mine.”

You put all four of them around your body; on the arms, around the neck... all over. And then you head into the house.

It's not the biggest house you've seen in town, but it's pretty big. There's lots of rooms that you don't know what they're for, since the doors are closed. You do find the bathroom, though, and set the towels on the sink.

On the way back, you see one of the rooms that's usually closed... open. Peeking through the door, you can see all kinds of those book things. At least, that's what you think they are. You've only seen one or two of them before. Keine's in there too, looking for something.

[ ] Help her look.
[ ] There's tea, though. And she might look faster if she's not talking to you.
>> No. 20156
[x] There's tea, though. And she might look faster if she's not talking to you.

Tea is best warm and as good as Phobe's intentions are, she would just get in the way.
>> No. 20159
[x] There's tea, though. And she might look faster if she's not talking to you.

Holy fuck updates. I must admit i kind of forgot about this.
>> No. 20160
[x] There's tea, though. And she might look faster if she's not talking to you.

There is always time for tea.
>> No. 20162
[x] Help her look.

>> No. 20163
[x] Help her look.
>> No. 20164
[x] There's tea, though. And she might look faster if she's not talking to you.
>> No. 20165
[x] There's tea, though. And she might look faster if she's not talking to you.

Well, she can probably find it. There's tea for you in the other room, so you keep going down the hall.

“You made it,” Wriggle says, upon noticing that you entered the room. “She brought the tea while you were gone.”

You nod. Four cups sit on the table at the middle of this room along with a teapot, but there's only three people sitting next to them. You sit down on your legs in front of the cup that has no person for it.

“...as I was saying, this is great,” Wriggle says, “Outside's better when it's not all wet like that, but right now... well, you know.”

Mystia nods. “Maybe I'll make tea more often. I kind of forget about it when no one's ordering and its not winter.”

“I guess its pretty warm back by the grill, huh?” Wriggle continues, “All that heat.”

“Uh-huh,” Mystia nods, “Its nice and warm~”

“Its fun to play with all the water in the air though,” Cirno says, “When it's not raining I have to go to the lake. Oh, fog is fun too~”

You take another sip of your tea. Cirno tries to do the same, but she flinches when she does and sets it back down.

“I guess that makes sense,” Wriggle says, “I get really cold though. When its winter, you kind of expect it, but not in summer... hey, Phobe.”

You give Wriggle a curious look.

“We're really going to find followers for that god?”

You nod. “Then we can solve it.”

“That could take days, though,” She says, continuing, “Religions don't start overnight. I wonder why he thinks we can do it? That focus thing can't be that great, can it...?”

You shrug. You don't know, either.

“That's why we brought it to Keine, right?”

Mystia asks an interesting question. It's not exactly right, but... it's kind of close. So you nod.

The three of you talk for a little while longer, before Keine comes back. She has a book with her now, in one hand, while she's holding the focus in the other. The look on her face isn't really happy, but, it's not really anything else, either. You wonder what she has to say.

“It's... the crest of an old rain god,” She says, taking a seat at the table. There's no tea there, but that's fine. “I couldn't find his name though. They used to worship him in the village before I came here, but I guess it died out for some reason. I'm not really sure why on that, either.”

Wriggle chuckles a bit. “Well, at least its the right kind of god.”

Keine slides the focus across the table to you. “I didn't see any mention of him being evil, so its probably ok to let you have this.”

Wriggle... gives her an odd look at this, but it fades quickly. Keine continues. “I didn't find anything else that could help, but... you know, the farmers are the ones that have been complaining most about the rain. Maybe you could try them?”

Farmers. People from those things outside the village. Even if you found a person at each one, it would take a really long time to go to twenty of them...

But, Keine keeps going. “That bar just down the street might be a good place to look. Farm workers seem to like that place.”

Mystia nods. “The one a few buildings that way?” She asks, pointing towards the way you walked to get to the house. A few buildings that way... wouldn't that be where that human came from?

Keine nods. “That's right. More tea?”

[ ] Tea doesn't take long to drink. You want some more.
[ ] If you stay, someone else might win. You should leave.
>> No. 20166
[x] Tea doesn't take long to drink. You want some more.

>Keine nods. “That's right. More tea?”
>> No. 20167
I can't decide... I'm afraid that either option could lead to a bad end.
>> No. 20168
[x] If you stay, someone else might win. You should leave.
[x] Thank her for her help.
[x] And her towels.
[x] And her tea.
>> No. 20169
[x] If you stay, someone else might win. You should leave.
[x] Thank her for her help.
[x] And her towels.
[x] And her tea.
>> No. 20170
This is Gensokyo, tea-time is sacred dammit. And drinking one more cup of tea isn't going to put a damper on our quest for followers.

[x] Tea doesn't take long to drink. You want some more. Just one more cup is fine.
>> No. 20171
[x] If you stay, someone else might win. You should leave.
[x] Thank her for her help.
[x] And her towels.
[x] And her tea.
>> No. 20172
[x] Tea doesn't take long to drink. You want some more.

Then faith for the rain god.
One must respect the natural order of such things lest they wind up tea-less and faithless... and wet.
>> No. 20173
[B] Tea doesn't take long to drink. You want some more.
>> No. 20174
File 126314139974.jpg- (264.60KB , 800x600 , phoobev2.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 20175
[x] Tea doesn't take long to drink. You want some more.

You nod. “Just a little tea.”

Keine smiles, grabbing the (now empty) pot of tea before standing up. “I'll be right back.”

Then, she leaves the room. Back to the kitchen.

“I didn't think you'd be the type to sit around and drink tea all the time,” Wriggle says, chuckling as she looks at you. “What happened to that motivation from before?”

“You two like it, right?” You say, looking first at Wriggle and then to Mystia. “I like it, too. And tea doesn't take long to drink.”

Wriggle nods. “Heh. Thanks.”

“Break time~” Mystia hums, leaning back a little. “So nice~”

“Its kind of boring, though,” Cirno says, “Don't you want to go have some fun?”

Mystia continues to lean back. “Being warm is fun.”

Cirno... gives up at this point, you think. She didn't seem to like the tea much, anyway.

After a little while longer, Keine returns with a tea pot and another cup. For her, you see, after she pours it all out. She then takes a seat at the table.

“Have you ever dealt with gods before?” Keine asks, at no one in particular.

You nod. “We met with the one on the very top of the mountain first.”

“Ah, Kanako?”

“Kanako was gone to the outside world, or something,” Wriggle says, “The other one was there, though.”

“The other one?” Keine asks, “Oh, that's right. Another god moved in recently, didn't she? What was her name again?”


Wriggle looks around, as if someone would be the answer. But, you don't think she ever gave you her name.

“... I don't think she ever told us,” Wriggle admits.

“Well, when I asked if you ever dealt with gods, I was asking in a more general sense,” Keine continues, “They're often tricky. You should all be careful.”

“His story made sense, though,” You say, “Right?”

Mystia nods. “I think so. He seemed pretty nice, too.”

“Well, aside from that whole trying to act tough thing,” Wriggle adds, laughing a bit. “That was kind of lame for someone who couldn't do anything.”

“Oh?” Keine asks, seeming interested. “I didn't hear this part.”

As you drink your tea, the four of you fill her in on the part where you actually met the god. The cave, the voice, his showing up... its better than sitting there and not talking. You finish your tea pretty fast, but the others take a while longer. So, in the end, you do most of the talking.

“And then he sent you on your way?” Keine asks, as you reach the end. “To go find followers?”

You nod. “Yep. Then we came here.”

Keine laughs. “My. It sounds like you're all having lots of fun tonight.”

You nod again. “Uh-huh.”

Keine attempts to pour out some more tea, but it doesn't work. There's none left. “Well,” She says, “I could make some more, if you all would like. Its fun for me when I get rare visitors.”

You think about it, but... no. You really should get going. That took a little longer than you thought it would. So, you shake your head.

“Yeah,” Wriggle says, nodding to you. “Thanks for the tea, but I think we should be going now. We really won't win if we just sit around here all night.”

“I understand,” Keine says, standing up. The rest of you do the same. “Feel free to stop by any time.”

“Thanks for the towels, too~” You say, thinking back to those fluffy things. Everyone seems to be walking towards the door, so you follow them.

“Oh,” She laughs, “That's nothing. They were made for that.”

Mystia nods. “Maybe when the rain stops, you can come buy some lamprey~”

“I'll remember that,” Keine says, as you all finally arrive at the door. “It was good the last time I had it. Good luck to you, and stay out of trouble.”

You nod. “No trouble.”

“This way, right?” Wriggle asks, causing you to turn around. She's pointing down the street, right towards where you should go. The rainy street. It looks like you haven't lost yet.

You nod. “The bar.”

“The~ bar~”

“Bars are stupid,” Cirno says, as you all start to walk. “Why don't they tell you you have to pay money before you get a drink?”

Wriggle laughs. “Why, did you try it?”

“M-maybe,” Cirno says, not really answering the question.

It really isn't that far to the bar, so you make it there without much trouble.

“I still think we should scare 'em,” Cirno continues. You're all discussing the plan as you make it there. “Maybe we could shoot lots of danmaku and tell them all to believe us.”

“That would be trouble,” Wriggle says, “No. Let's just see if anyone's complaining about the rain, and we can go talk to them.”

“Oh,” Mystia asks, “Does anyone have any money? They might not like us if we don't buy anything.”

“A little,” Wriggle says, “Why? Don't you have some?”

She laughs. “A little. We might be able to get a drink with what I have.”

“Here,” Wriggle says, reaching into her pocket. She hands whatever she grabbed to Mystia. “I don't know how much they'd cost, anyway.”

“Oh, this'll be enough,” Mystia says, “I think. Are we ready, then?”

You try to think about it. Is there anything you forgot? You have a plan, and that should be enough. Just go in, and listen, and then talk... easy.

Since there's nothing else, you nod. “I think so.”

“Yeah.” Wriggle says, “Let's do this. I really hope it works.”

And so, you walk inside. The others are behind you.

This place is really loud. Lots of talking, yelling... really loud. Not as loud as the waterfall, but you'd have to yell like they are for someone to hear you. Lots of men, too, human men. Not too many women. No youkai that you can see right away.

No one really seems to notice you yet.

Now, how do you do this, again? You think there's more than one way to get a drink. The long table at the front looks pretty full, but you might be able to find a seat if you try. And if you sat at one of the empty tables, there'd be a lot of space between you all and some people. Well, a lot compared to if you sat at the long table.

[ ] Sit at the long table.
[ ] Find one in the back, sit there.
[ ] Maybe just call out to the guy behind the long table? You can stand.
[ ] Something else (write-in).
>> No. 20176
[x] Sit at the long table.
>> No. 20177
[x] Sit at the long table.
Sure, why not sit there.
>> No. 20178
[x] Sit at the long table.

I'll have a milk. In a dirty glass.
>> No. 20179
[x] Sit at the long table.

In before: "We don't take kindly to your types around here..."
>> No. 20180
[x] Sit at the long table.
>> No. 20181
[x] Sit at the long table.
>> No. 20182
Too dead to write. Will resume tomorrow.
>> No. 20188
[x] Sit at the long table.

More people means more of a chance to find a person to talk to. You should go up to the long table. A seat, though...

...you can't really see. There's a whole lot of people in the way. Maybe the best thing to do is to walk along it and find one.

Like the last time you came into one of these places, you get some looks. Most people don't seem to care, though. They're all busy with something else.

“Hey,” Wriggle asks, getting close enough to you so that you can hear her. “Maybe we should split up? It might be easier that way.”

It seems like a good idea, so you nod. That way you can all be around more people. But... you think again. There's something wrong with that.

“We only have one focus, though,” You say back. Its true. Its supposed to do something, but if you only have one...

“We'll meet back up after a little bit,” She says, “The idea is to just listen to people.”

Aaah... you get it. Listen, and then find the best person to talk to.

“Don't we need money, though?”

Wriggle motions for the other two, who are following a bit further behind, to come up. “I think we're going to split up and listen for a bit. Could we split up the money, too?”

“Ah, good idea~” Mystia says, fishing around in her pocket once more. She hands something to Cirno, and then Wriggle, and then you.

“Here, here... here.”

You look at the circles in your hand. This will get you a drink? Well, if they say so.

“If you hear something good,” You say, looking around to everyone, “Find me, ok?” And then, looking to Wriggle, you add, “That's right, right?”

She smiles, and nods. “Yeah. That's what I was thinking.”

You get a few nods of agreement, and then everyone goes there own way. This is a better plan. Then, maybe one of you could sit next to the right person.

You take a seat up at the big table, a somewhat big man to your one side and an empty seat to your other side. The man looks at you for a moment, smirks, and goes back to his drink. You wonder if he wants it to stop raining? He doesn't seem too happy. The mood is kind of similar to Wriggle's, you think. At least the one she has when she's sitting around not liking something.

“You, uh... want something?”

Ah. The man behind the big table is in front of you.

[ ] You just want a drink.
[ ] You want what the guy next to you is having.
[ ] You want something tasty.
[ ] Something else (write-in).
>> No. 20189
[x] Dishwater! And put it in a dirty glass!
>> No. 20190
[x] Milk! In a dirty glass, sir.

A drunk Phobe would not end well at all.
>> No. 20191
File 126336152191.png- (103.22KB , 283x244 , 1258683086843.png ) [iqdb]
Drunk Phobe would end awesome.


[x] You just want a drink.
>> No. 20192
[x] You just want a drink.
>> No. 20193
[x] You want what the guy next to you is having.
>> No. 20194
[x] You want what the guy next to you is having.

Kinda works as a conversation starter. Youkai don't get drunk terribly easy, right?
>> No. 20195

I think it varies on the type and such. Somehow I doubt Phobe could handle much on the account of her small size, and the sheer potential of something going wrong when drunk.

What is known is that the top two races when it comes to drinking are the Oni followed by the Tengu. (Excluding certain masked humans adopted by the Tengu)
>> No. 20196
]y[ You just want a drink
>> No. 20198
[x] You just want a drink.

Something, yeah.

“I want a drink.”

The man behind the big table just looks at you. “Something in particular?”

You shake your head. “Not really.”

That... he smiles a little at that. Just a little though. “You've got money, right?”

You nod, setting the money down on the counter. He picks one of the pieces up, gives it a quick look over, and then grabs the rest with a sweeping motion. “Sure thing.”

The man sitting next to you chuckles as the man behind the big table leaves, but doesn't look at you. He's busy staring into his own drink.

You sit there for a while, looking at all the things behind the counter while kicking your feet. There are a lot of containers back there. And a lot of people here, in this building. Why do they all come here at night? You think it's even busier than the dirt spaces between the buildings are in the day. This was a good place to come for people. Now, you just need to---


Turning back around, you see that the guy who took your money is back. There's a glass on the table in front of you, too. After seeing you, the man nods, and walks towards the other end of the table. Probably to go get someone else a drink.

You reach down, and take a sip. Its... pretty good. Sweet. Dark, too, like that red stuff in meat. Well, not cooked meat. It's a little different color, but it's kind of close. That's what you think of when you see it, though.

Still, its sweet, and nothing like that stuff except for the shade.

The man next to you isn't talking, or doing much interesting at all. Just kind of sitting there.

[ ] Maybe you should move.
[ ] Try talking to him.
[ ] Enjoy your drink, like the guy said. See if anything happens.
>> No. 20199
[x] Enjoy your drink, like the guy said. See if anything happens.
>You reach down, and take a sip. Its... pretty good. Sweet. Dark, too, like that red stuff in meat.
Oh god, we are making a drunkard out of her.
>> No. 20200
[X] Try talking to him.

Bet he's chuckling because the bartender took too much money.
>> No. 20201
[x] Try talking to him.

Let's see what he has to say.
>> No. 20204
[x] Try talking to him.
>> No. 20207
[x] Try talking to him.
[ ] Enjoy your drink, like the guy said. See if anything happens.


You turn to the man and try to greet him, but he doesn't answer.

“Hi,” You say again, “Who are you? I'm Phobe.”

This time, he seems to notice you. His head turns a bit. “You say somethin'?”

You nod. “I introduced myself.”

The man chuckles a bit. “Akira.”

“Is that drink good?”

“Whats someone like you doing in a bar, anyway?” The man asks, finally turning in your direction. “Shouldn't you be in a bed somewhere?”

Bed? You shake your head. “I don't have one.”

“That's terrible,” He says, turning back away from you. “Terrible.”

He takes another drink out of his cup, so you do, too.

“So,” You say, “Do you like the rain?”

He laughs. Not just a chuckle like he had been doing. Its pretty short, though. “Love it.”

“Really?” You ask, kind of disappointed. “I thought most humans didn't like the rain.”

“I was kidding, kid,” He says, taking another drink. “I hate it.”

“Are you a farmer?”


“What do you do, then?”

“Oh,” He says, sighing, “Things. I'm a carpenter. Why am I talking to you, anyway?”

“'Cause it's not as boring as just drinking something,” You say, taking a drink. “Right?”

“Maybe thats it. You're some sort of youkai, right?”

You nod. “Uh-huh. You can see that?”

He chuckles. “The goofy hat kind of gives it away.” A pause. “So.”

You're not sure if that's a complement or not, so you sort of ignore it. “So?”

“You're a youkai in a human bar, drinking grape juice. Somethings up.”

Grape juice? You'll have to remember that.

“Oh,” You say, “I'm trying to stop the rain.”

“Yeah?” He asks, “How are you gonna do that in a bar?”

“Well, I have this,” You say, bringing your other hand up to the counter. The one with the focus in it. You open it up, so he can see the focus, too. “I found a god that can stop the rain if I find a bunch of people to pray to it.”

“And you want me to, right?”

Again, you nod.

“Come on. I'm not an idiot,” He says, laughing as he takes another drink. “You'll eat my soul or something if I do that.”

[ ] Try to convince him (write in as to how)
[ ] Not this one. Keep looking for someone else.
>> No. 20208

I've got nothing, yet.
>> No. 20209
Should we abuse our powers a bit in here?
>> No. 20210
[x] What's a soul?
[x]Why would I want to eat yours?
Assuming that he explains that it would kill him
[x]But that would get people mad at me and thats no fun even if it sounds really tasty
[x]Keine said that the God wasnt evil so...please help.

Well there's my stab at it.
>> No. 20213

Also, I second [x] this man.
>> No. 20215
[x] What's a soul?
[x]Why would I want to eat yours?
Assuming that he explains that it would kill him
[x]But that would get people mad at me and that's no fun at all.
[x]Keine said that the God wasn't evil so...please help.

I don't think Phobe is that big on eating people anymore, at least not to the point of going out of her way to kill people.
>> No. 20217
[x] What's a soul?
[x]Why would I want to eat yours?
Assuming that he explains that it would kill him
[x]But that would get people mad at me and that's no fun at all.
[x]Keine said that the God wasn't evil so...please help.
>> No. 20218
[x] What's a soul?
[x]Why would I want to eat yours?
Assuming that he explains that it would kill him
[x]But that would get people mad at me and that's no fun at all.
[x]Keine said that the God wasn't evil so...please help.
>> No. 20220
[x] What's a soul?
[x]Why would I want to eat yours?
Assuming that he explains that it would kill him
[x]But that would get people mad at me and that's no fun at all.
[x]Keine said that the God wasn't evil so...please help.

“What's a soul?” You ask, “Why would I want to eat it?”

“Na-ah,” He says, shaking his head. “Nope. That isn't going to work.”


“Another trick,” he says, laughing, “Mislead me into thinking you might be innocent enough not to be up to something. Classic, but it's not going to work.”

You shake your head. That's not what you're doing at all. “Keine said I shouldn't make trouble.”


He asks the last bit with a little more curiosity. Maybe you're going in the right direction? You nod. “Yep. She's the one that told me to come here.”

“Keine.” He says again, taking another drink. “You mean, Keine Kamishirasawa? The big shot down the street? Not that I'd say that to her face.”

You nod again. “I asked her for help, and she looked at this. She said it wasn't evil.”

“... huh.”

He takes another drink, and so do you. And that's all that happens for a while. People around you talk and move, but the two of you are pretty still. Just drinking.

“Well, if you're up to something, you've done your research. 's why you asked if I was a farmer, right?”

You nod. “Keine said that lots of farmers come here. And that they don't like the rain.”

“That's right. And not something a youkai fresh out of the forest would know.” He laughs. “So, you just want me to pray to this thing?”

You nod.

[ ] Maybe he could help you find more people, too?
[ ] You need to keep it with you for now, though. So you can find more people.
>> No. 20221
It's a particular choice, since as a farmer, he'd know others, but at the same time we have to check in with the others.
>> No. 20222
[x] Maybe he could help you find more people, too?
>> No. 20223
[x] Maybe he could help you find more people, too?

Hopefully he'll lend us a bit more credibility and help speed things up.
>> No. 20224
{X} Maybe he could help you find more people, too?
>> No. 20225
[X] Maybe he could help you find more people, too?

People will be more willing to honor a farmer's request than a youkai's, I would think.
>> No. 20226
[x] Maybe he could help you find more people, too?

“But not just you. Maybe you could help me find more people?”

“Sure, I might know some guys who wouldn't care about their souls,” He says, laughing, “You'll have to buy me a drink, though.”

He shakes his glass, and you can see that there's nothing moving around in it. Empty.

You don't have enough money to buy him a drink. You think. You gave all of yours away when you bought yours.

“What, can't even do that?”

You shake your head. “I only had a little money...”

“Hmm. You're out of luck, then.”

Out of... he said no. Because you didn't have any money? You're not sure what to do. Maybe one of the others has some money. Or maybe you could play him in a game, and he'd have to buy drinks when he loses, or...

A chuckle. “Just kidding. I'll take an I owe you for now.”


He smiles. “You're a bit slow, aren't you? You can buy me one later.”

You nod. You can get money later, if its just a little bit.

“Hey, Ken!” The man yells, after turning around to face some tables behind him, “Get over here!”

A man at one of the tables notices all the yelling, and yells back. “Akira? What the hell do you want?”

The one sitting next to you gives an exaggerated gestuer for him to come over. Stretching his arm out and then pulling it back with a scooping motion, over and over... a few times. The man at the table sighs, slowly gets up with a drink in hand, and begins to walk over towards you. You wonder if you could do something like that?

Akira laughs. “Remember how you said you'd give your soul for the rain to stop? I think this youkai here can help you.”

You shake your head. “I don't want his soul, though.”

The other guy, Ken, sighs. “What are you going on about? Who's this?”

“I'm Phobe,” you say, “I want to make the rain stop, so I'm trying to get people to pray to a god.”

The new man raises an eyebrow. “'A god'?” He repeats, as a question.

You nod. “Uh huh. This one.”

Grabbing the focus, you hold it out in front of him. “I don't know his name, but this is his focus. Keine says he's not evil or anything.”

Ken... doesn't seem so amused. “What the hell, Akira?”

He shrugs. “That's the short version, I guess. I got a longer one. What got me is that she said she talked to Keine before coming here.”

“No,” Ken says, “Whats she doing with that?”


“Some old god's crest,” Ken says, “My grandfather swears by the guy. We've got a shrine out back.”

“I've never seen a symbol like that before,” Akira says, taking another quick look at it.

“Yeah. I think my grandfather's the only one in the whole town who worships him. Remember when he was on his rant about the old gods last month?”

Akira pauses, and smirks. “Something about how they have no place, right? I was more concerned with the fact that it looked like he was gonna throw a punch at that cute priest.”

“This is a little different, though,” Ken says, getting closer. “It looks pretty new. Where'd you get it?”

“Um, up on the mountain,” You say, “He gave it to me so people can pray to it, since its pretty far to go see him.”

“I figured I'd give it a go,” Akira says, “And I figured you might, too.”

“Convert to a new god to save my crops?” He asks, “I can do that. This new Kanako isn't doing that great of a job.”

“That's cause she isn't here right now,” You say, “She made this god do her work, but he's too weak because no one prays to him.”

“Pffft. Figures.” Ken smirks a bit. “If my grandfather were here, he'd be all over this.”

You can feel the mood shifting in these two, just a tiny bit. A different flavor of crazy. Its too faint right now to know what it is, but... hmm. You'll just watch for now.

“Well,” Ken says, “He'll just have to thank me in the morning. Hey, listen up!”

That last part was said extremely loudly. It almost seems like it sucked all the sound out of the air and forced it into one big burst, since the bar is really quiet right now.

“We're all sick of this rain, right?”

“Yeah!” Someone yells from the back, getting a few nods from some of the other people here. But, aside from the nods, the bar is pretty still. Looking out, you can see Wriggle and Cirno, but no Mystia.

“My grandfather was right,” He says, the mood tilting a bit more. Towards... something. “These new gods are wrong. They're doing nothing for our plight! We pray to them every day, and yet, our crops continue to be flooded daily as lightning strikes our fields!”

Definitely shifting. Things are becoming more unstable. More colorful. Is it your fault? Maybe. A little. He might not help you otherwise. Just a little nudge.

“The old ways were best. Do you remember twenty years ago? Fifteen years ago? Even ten years ago? Our gods would never have let us have this kind of problem!”

“They're gone,” Someone from the back says, “Dead. That's why we needed new ones in the first place.”


A bit of a murmur from the crowd. More shifting. You've stopped doing what you were doing because that might be trouble, but it's still continuing. Its interesting.

“They're still here, just weak. Voiceless. And one of them,” He says, reaching down to grab the focus out of your hand, “Is trying to help us!”


Hmm? A voiceless voice, in your head. Like the one from before, but not as strong. Like it was coming from outside or something, instead of from everywhere.

“We simply need to ask,” He says, “Pray to him. He will hear us! He will save us!”

More murmuring. They aren't nearly as colorful as Ken. Maybe they won't agree...

[ ] Make them a little unstable, too. Just a little.
[ ] See how this turns out. You don't want to cause any trouble, and you think Ken will help you for now.
>> No. 20227
[x] See how this turns out. You don't want to cause any trouble, and you think Ken will help you for now.

I think we should leave things as they are going, one wrong 'nudge' and we'd have all hell breaking loose.
>> No. 20228
{X} See how this turns out. You don't want to cause any trouble, and you think Ken will help you for now.
>> No. 20229
{X} See how this turns out. You don't want to cause any trouble, and you think Ken will help you for now.

Better play it safe when we're playing with unknown aspects of our powers. Making farmers "unstable" will probably just land pitchforks up our ass.
>> No. 20230
[x] See how this turns out. You don't want to cause any trouble, and you think Ken will help you for now.
I really don't want to cause havoc now.
>> No. 20231
I wonder if the new color of crazy is faith.

Religion seems like a form of mental illness a lot of the time, so I would not be surprised.
>> No. 20232
[x] See how this turns out. You don't want to cause any trouble, and you think Ken will help you for now.
>> No. 20233
[x] See how this turns out. You don't want to cause any trouble, and you think Ken will help you for now.

You'll just watch for now.

“You're nuts,” One of the guys finally calls out, “Have a bit too much to drink?”

Ken laughs. “Nuts? No. I just don't want to have my family starve come fall. Or the rest of this village.”

“So, you want us to pray to some random god?” He asks, “I'll take my chances with the rain.”

“Its not a random god,” Ken says, “This one has been around since my grandfather was first planting. He is real.”

“Real fishy,” The man says, “And is that a youkai next to you?”

“It is. We wouldn't listen, so He chose a different path to make contact.”

You definitely knocked something loose in him, and its... kind of pretty. Almost warm, like the sun.

“I believe you,” Someone else says, showing just a hint of that color. “I've always had my doubts about these new gods.”

“Yeah,” Another says, “I'm with you.”

“I'm not.” The first one to speak up says, causing another wave of murmurs to move through the bar. “You're a fool. Trusting a youkai at its word?”

“I am trusting the proof that it brought, not its word,” Ken continues, “Anything else would be stupid.”

They go back and forth for... a while. Back and forth, with a few other people speaking out every once in a while. Colors are shifting, changing, all over... its really interesting. Something you'll have to think about and remember later. So you're not really paying attention to the words, but the other things.

.Back and forth, back and forth. In the end, you end up with 11 humans total on your side. The rest aren't listening to Ken any more.

“I think you've said your piece,” The man behind the counter says eventually, “I'll have to throw you out if you keep yelling like that.”

Ken... he doesn't like that, you can tell, but he listens. Mostly. “We'll go someplace else, then.” He yells as a final parting sentence, causing those on your side to nod. They stand up with him. “You'll all see. This rain will be over by tomorrow.”

“Yeah, yeah. Don't let the door hit you on your way out,” The original man against him says, getting a fair bit of laughter from the bar.

Ken turns down to you. “Will you let me keep this?”

You nod. You think this is what you're supposed to do with it. Someone knows what it is, and they're going to use it... yes. This is best.

As your group is leaving, Wriggle shows up. “Looks like you found a good one, Phobe.”

Ken gives her a curious look, but Akira speaks up. “I saw them walking in together. There's a few more around here.”

“So, she's with you,” Ken says, nodding. “But, there were more?”

“Yep~” Mystia says, after having squeezed between two bodies to get to where she is. “I'm here. Cirno's coming, too.”

“I should thank you all, then,” Ken says, “You have shown me the light.”

Wriggle laughs. “No, that one's all Phobe.”

“I know of another place,” Ken says, “Its across town, but we'll try there.”

As you're walking, you can see that this group is uniform in color. Different from the people you left in the bar. This will work. That's what the color is saying, you think. This will work. You believe it, too.

The rain even seems to be less, now. Like finding all these people is making it go away, bit by bit. You can even see stars at the edges of the sky. The clouds are starting to disappear. And in the new bar, you find all the people you need. 6 more. Enough. By the time you all leave the bar, the rain isn't going any more. There's still clouds, but they seem to be shrinking.

At the end, Ken takes you aside once more. “I don't know why you decided to, but you've saved us.” He says, “You say that the proper shrine to this god it up the mountain?”

You nod. “I don't know the path, though. Its by the waterfall.”

He nods. “Maybe you could help me find it later, then,” He says, “Or maybe I'll try to find it on my own.”

“I'll help you,” you say, “Tomorrow, ok?”

“I wouldn't want to try to find it in the dark, anyway,” He says, laughing, “Tomorrow. Well,” He says, turning to the rest of the group, “Let's turn right back around, and celebrate!”

He's met by cheers from the group of people following him, and they do just that. Turn back around, and head back into the bar. You... you've won. Haven't you? You laugh as you watch them head back in.

“We did it~” You say, turning back around to the rest of your group, “We did it~!”

Wriggle laughs. “Sure feels like it. I don't think it'll rain tomorrow, at least.”

“Me either,” Mystia says, “Maybe I'll get some customers~”

“Aww,” Cirno says, “I was expecting something more awesome. Where's the final boss?”

“Final boss?”

“Sure,” Cirno says, “The big bad guy we have to beat up in the end.”

You shrug. “Maybe there wasn't one?”

“Guess not,” She says, “I guess it was fun enough without one. Do we get a prize or something?”

You... wonder. Do you? You don't think it was ever said. “I didn't check. But we beat all those strong youkai at a game~”

Cirno laughs. “That's 'cause you had me. But, if there's no prize...” She yawns, “... I'm gonna go to sleep. Ok?”

You nod. You were thinking about maybe doing the same thing. Its getting late, and you've been flying and fighting and talking all night. And winning. And watching people do things you've never seen them do before. “Ok. Maybe we can play tomorrow~”

“We'll have to find something even more cool to do,” Cirno says, “But we can do it. Later~”

She starts to leave, but then stops. “Uh... which way is it to the lake?”

You point. “That way. Isn't it?”

“That's right,” She says, but you're not sure if she's sure. “Bye~”

With Cirno gone, its just you three.

“Well,” Wriggle says, “We could go back and celebrate on our own. What do you say, Mystia?”

“There's all kinds of food,” Mystia says, “I'm sure it'd be ok if we ate a little bit of it. Are you coming, Phobe?”

Sleep would be nice, but... you're a little unstable right now, too. You don't think you could sleep just yet. “Just for a little bit. I'm tired~”

Back to the stand you go, where Rumia is waiting. You all eat, and drink, and talk about the whole thing. It sounds like everyone had fun. Even Rumia did, but she was having fun splashing in puddles and scaring big forest things.

And then, after you start to become more ordered, you go back to your den. Sleep. You're tired. That was a lot of work, and...


“What do you mean you solved it?” Marisa asks, laughing, “Me and Alice beat up the god that was causing all the trouble.”

You shake your head. “But we got him enough power to stop the rain!” You say back, maybe a little too excitedly. “He was weak, which is why he couldn't stop it.”

“You believed him?” Marisa asks, “I thought he was lying. So we beat him up and the rain stopped.”

“But, we got people to pray and the rain stopped...”

“My my, how interesting,” Yukari says, finally speaking up. “Is that true?”

Alice nods. “We beat him up, and he said he'd stop it. But, it was kind of weird that he was getting stronger while we were fighting him...”

“He was getting desperate,” Marisa says, “so he was using more power.”

The party was held again in a a week, after the shrine got fixed. This time, everyone seems a lot more happy. Even Reimu is smiling a little bit.

The days after that were pretty normal, for you. The day after you solved it, you showed Ken up to the mountain. You think he said he's going to open up a shrine in the village, or something like that. While you were up there, the god thanked you for helping him, so you know Marisa didn't win.

“But, but,” You argue back, “When we got more people to pray, the rain got weaker... and he even said thank you after I went back.”

“Its so much simpler when you solve it, isn't it, Reimu?”

She nods, that thin smile still on her face. “I still don't think its solved. But the rain stopped, so maybe its ok.”

“We were way off, weren't we, Youmu?” Yuyuko asks the girl next to her.

“That's because you insisted we break for dinner...”

“I can't believe Patchouli was that far off,” Remilia says, “What do we keep her around for, anyway?”

“She is a friend, is she not?” Sakuya asks simply, to which Remilia nods a little. “Ugh. I still can't believe she sent us all the way over to Makai...”

The other teams were not so lucky.

“Chen did a good job leading us,” Ran says, “Don't you think, Miss Yukari?”

Yukari laughs, “She did. Very good for her first try at this kind of thing.”

You're not sure where Chen's team ended up, but it wasn't where they should have been. You and Marisa (and Reimu) were the only close ones, but only you solved it.

“Well,” Yukari says, “Since there's no clear winner, I guess I can't give out my prize. I'll just have to keep it all to myself~”

“Hey, hey,” Marisa says, “What do you mean?”

“Nope. All to myself. Ufufufu...”

At this point, you don't really care. You know you won.

“That's not fair. What if we share the prize?” Marisa asks, smiling at you. “Even if they didn't win, I'll share it if it means I get a piece.”

“But, I won...”

“Two winners?” Yukari asks, “I guess that could work. You all won't get much, though.”

“Pieces?” You ask. In response, one of those rips in what should be there appears above the table in front of you all, and... a small, red thing drops from it.

“Its an exotic fruit, called a 'pomegranate'”, Yukari answers, as if this thing is awesome. It doesn't look that awesome. “...what?”

“Seriously?” Marisa asks, “A fruit?”

“Not just any fruit.” Yukari says, laughing. “You see, the pomegranate has a whole bunch of history and....”

… Yukari goes on for a while about how great the pomegranate is, but you don't think anyone is paying attention. The rest of the party is really fun, too. Lots of food from lots of people, a bit of danmaku, (you did pretty well, with your new spell card), some more food, some praying (although most weren't praying)... lots of fun.

Yes. You like gensokyo. You like it a lot.



Hohoho... another story down, at least, to a point that I'm comfortable claiming an end to an arc. Another year spend writing. I'm not sure this story can ever have a real 'end', seeing as its about the life of a youkai. If there is one its several hundred threads in. Phobe certainly has more stories to tell. But, for now, this little chapter has come to a close.

I'll take questions now, on anything you think I should have given an answer to and didn't. Or anything you were curious about. Anything, really, but I may not answer if its a huge spoiler. I do plan to come back to this at another time, with another segment in Phobe's life, so don't expect me to explain everything now. I'm not sure if it'll be the next thing I write (SCIENCE is still on my plate as unfinished, I'd kind of like to do a Yukari-centric story, etc.), but, we'll see. Phobe is really fun to write.

If this story had credits, this is where the "...and YOU, the player..." would come in. Thanks for reading. Thanks for voting. Thanks for putting up with my slow, sometimes crappy updates. I love you guys. I hope you're all here when I get back to writing.
>> No. 20234
Whatever did happen to Yuuka's house? Since last we saw fire was coming up to it.
>> No. 20235
I can't believe it ended.
>Thanks for reading. Thanks for voting.
Seriously, i need to thank you for writing this, i enjoyed it.
I can't say how many people will read your story when you once again start it up, but it sure is a great read.
>> No. 20236

Nothing. The fire died out a minute or so after it started, because the whole area was soaked with the past week's power raining. I just threw it in there for for fun~
>> No. 20237

So our choices resulted in basically a runabout way to go to the party and meet Chen, Ran and Yukari sooner?
>> No. 20238
Really did enjoy the story, from start to finish.

Though I do hope that this isn't the end of Phobe's tales. I'd love to see another story about her, someday.
>> No. 20239
Yeah /forest/ will be emptier until Phobe comes back with her antics. With all the chaos that goes in in other stories (both in-story and meta), this is a relaxing story to read.
>> No. 20240

The lightning strike was put there to give Phobe something to do for the day; I didn't really know how you guys would react, so I didn't really plan anything out for after it. The whole ending up in Mayohiga thing kinda fell out while I was writing about the inside of the border.


I'm glad you liked it. Like I said, I do plan to come back to Phobe... I'm just not sure when. Its pretty exhausting to write all the time, at least for me. I need some time to recharge.
>> No. 20241
Ah, just knowing that you will one day start another story about Phobe is enough to hold me over. Take as long a break as you need.
>> No. 20242
Aw, maaaan.

Well, at least it ended well. Thank you very much, Klay. This story brought a pleasant bit of normality and fun to my day, and I enjoyed it.
>> No. 20244
I enjoyed this story quite a lot myself. At first I was skeptical about the plot, but it turned out to be a very welcome change of pace. I look forward to seeing what you write about next.
>> No. 20245
Whelp. I guess I won't be checking /forest/ any longer for a while.
>> No. 20246
This story was a Good Thing.
>> No. 20247

>> No. 20258
Damn, it ended sooner than I thought. Oh well, at least I know it had been fun following Phobe in her adventure to know Gensokyo better.

Good job, Klaymen. I salute you.
>> No. 20259

Do keep in mind that with this story, this isn't "Farewell forever" but "Farewell for now."
>> No. 20274
Excellent work Klaymen, and thank you.
>> No. 20281
A brave experiment in 'youkai moe'
>> No. 20282
Goodbye, Phobe. Let's play again sometime.
>> No. 20376
So, guys... I have a question for you.

If I were to start this back up, how long would you like to skip ahead?

[ ] 6 months
[ ] 1 year
[ ] 5 years
[ ] 10 years
[ ] 25 years
[ ] 50 years
[ ] 100+ years
[ ] write-in

If you could pick two or three time periods, and rank them in order of interest, that would be appreciated. Obviously, I can't write them all, so I'm looking for what portions of Phobe's life people would be most interested in. I'll need to brainstorm before I get going again, but first I need a place to start. There's too many possibilities, and narrowing it down a bit would be nice.
>> No. 20378
{X} 50 years
{X} 10 years
{X} 100+ years
>> No. 20379
Order of preference; I do like to see some of the present before going on into the future.

[x] 6 months - Next misadventure
[x] 1 year - A last looks at Gensokyo as we commonly know it.
[x] 5 years - Teenaged Phobe?
[x] 25 years - Birth of the next generation?
[x] Next climax of the 60 year cycle- interesting things always happen there.
[x] Phobe's 100th birthday; just to see how much Gensokyo has changed.
>> No. 20380
[X] 6 months
[X] 1 year
[X] 5 years
>> No. 20383
[x] 6 months
[x] 10 years
[x] 25 years

Looking forward to it!

(Though 50 and 100 intrigue me greatly.)
>> No. 20384
[x] 1 year
[x] 5 years
[x] 100+ years
Sure do hope she hasn't joined up with Iyen-Shuren or anything.
>> No. 20385
[ ] 5 years
[ ] 25 years
[ ] 50 years
>> No. 20386
[x] 6 months
[x] 10 years
[x] 25 years
>> No. 20387
[X] 100+ years
Definitely want at least one 'far future' period. 50 years is fine too, I guess, but really the later the better for this one.
[X] 1 year
Sometime in the future where she's learned the name for everything, but early enough that she's still growing as a person. D'awww must flow.
[X] 25 years
Phobe's adventures as a young adult. Love interests, maybe?
>> No. 20388
It'll be interesting writing Gensokyo after a certain point, since the few human characters will have to grow up and pass on, barring possible exceptions like Sakuya's mysterious nature and/or Marisa deciding to embrace becoming a Magician Youkai.

I'm going to miss cute little Phobe when she grows up.
>> No. 20389
[x] 1 year
[x] 5 years
[x] 100+ years
>> No. 20390
[x] 25 years
[x] 100+ years
[x] 1 year
>> No. 20397
[x] 25 years
[x] 50 years
[x] 100+ years
I really want to see how she will turn out. 100 years sounds interesting. But it will be very hard for you, creating a whole new world and all.
>> No. 20402
[x] 25 years
[x] 5 years
[x] 100+ years

I'm hoping that the periods that don't win at least get a passing glance, or even a single scene to show her progression.

This of course assumes that the winning choices are going to be full segments. I'm not really sure if we're voting for a continuation or epilogue here.
>> No. 20403
[X] 25 years.
[X] Whenever Phobe has her first run in with love.
[X] 100+ years.

Peeks into the future should be fun.

Also, I can't shake the amusing thought of having that boy that Phobe killed on the day she was born turn out to be her first crush some time after he gets Keine'd back to life.
>> No. 20404
>[X] Whenever Phobe has her first run in with love.
That is an interesting vote and I feel myself compelled to go along with it.

[X] 25 years.
[X] Whenever Phobe has her first run in with love.
[X] 100+ years.
>> No. 20405
>[X] Whenever Phobe has her first run in with love.
Goddamn, include this in my vote.
>> No. 20406
why just yours and not all of them?
>> No. 20409
[R] Whenever Phobe has her first run in with love.
[R] 100+ years.
[R] 1 year.
>> No. 20410
But i can't speak for everyone
But fast forward to Phobe's first love would be fucking awesome.
I just wonder who the guy will be.
>> No. 20411
Am I the only one who doesn't want to rush through the present? I'd like to get a nice look at it before going off into the future. Though it'll nice seeing a bright cheery future of Gensokyo.
>> No. 20416
>the guy
Because it's totally going to be a guy, right. Need I remind you that this is Gensokyo we're talking about?

No you are not. I wouldn't mind seeing some more of the now, first.
>> No. 20417
you forgot that this is CYOA, where there's often guys. Hard to tell, though it'll only be seen in a cute innocent light at first anyways.
>> No. 20449
{} no timeskip
{}6 months
{}1 year

cant say i see this really needing a timeskip
but if you feel one to write it would make things easier, shorter the better

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