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17332 No. 17332
It's cold... dark... nothing seems to line up in your mind. Scattered memories cling to you, but they don't even feel your own, like the observation of another's life.

Slowly, you start to feel other things. The leafy ground below you, and the presence of many leaves covering your body.

There's an uncomfortable feeling as yet another lands on your face, and you reach up, with some difficulty, as if you haven't moved in a long time, and pluck it off.

Opening your eyes, you see the soft morning sunlight though the trees. There aren't many leaves left - not anymore, as fall is already in full swing, and the orange-brown colored foilage litters the ground... and covers you.

Is it possible you've been lying here since it first began? Your mind is filled with questions on who... and what... you are, and how you came to be in such a place like this, for so long a time.

With this in mind, you slowly get to your feet, and look around, trying to figure out which way to go.

North [ ]
South [ ]
East [ ]
West [ ]

(Pic unrelated, but looks cool.)
>> No. 17333
>> No. 17334
The East [ ] is burning red!
>> No. 17336

>E-mail address in Email field

Since you seem to be new here, I'll politely advise you that doing this is probably a bad idea.


North [X]
>> No. 17337
The East [x] is burning red!
>> No. 17338
Lol, two votes for north, and two for east. Need a few more before I can continue, then.
>> No. 17339
South [x]
>> No. 17340
>> No. 17341

East it is. Voting is closed, and I'll begin to write soon. (But first, food.)
>> No. 17347
You head into the sunrise, partially to view the beautiful morning colors, and partially because there's really no better place to start. Your feet pad along the ground, before you feel a sting - your foot makes contact with a hard object, and you instictively pull it back from the pain.

It hurts? That's not something you're accustomed to, and you, for the first time, realize you aren't wearing shoes. It's confusing, but then again, so is finding yourself lying in a forest in the middle of autumn with no memory.

Making sure to keep a better eye out for where you step, you tread onward, and soon come across a small house in the middle of a clearing.

There's a distinctly strange smell around it, and you can't tell what it is. After pausing a moment, you can tell that it's not coming from inside the house itself, but from a bit behind it.

Moving closer to the house, you hear sounds coming from inside it - but not that of a person, or anything living, for that matter.

Seeing piles of junk stacked against the window to the point where you can't see anything from this distance, you assume that someone, or something, must be moving though the rubble.

Go inside. You might meet someone who can help you [ ]
Head around back. That smell is suspicious [ ]
Move in closer, and peek in the window. Better safe than sorry. [ ]
Leave, unsure how whatever is there will take to your presence, and avoid a chance of danger - you don't know what you can do at all, and you have no weapons. [ ]
>> No. 17350
Go inside. There might be someone that can help you [X]
>> No. 17352
Move in closer, and peek in the window. Better safe than sorry. [X]
>> No. 17354
File 124970231613.jpg- (13.98KB , 450x297 , Mushroom.jpg ) [iqdb]
Head around back. That smell is suspicious [x]

There's probably junk piled up on both sides of the window.
>> No. 17355
[X] Head around back. That smell is suspicious

Smells like teen spirit.

And those teens are always messing up my lawn.
>> No. 17360

Votes closed, you two are the lucky winners.


It should start to get longer, as you'll finally have someone to talk to.
>> No. 17362
Eh, not that long this time, but it'll be longer now that there's someone to talk to!

[X] Head around back. That smell is suspicious

You ignore the noise inside and head to the back of the house. As you proceed, the smell gets worse and worse... until eventually, you come around the corner and see a strange girl with... are those rabbit ears?... sticking out of her head.

She's examining a large cauldron of that foul-smelling substance, taking notes on the ingredients used inside it.

You start to approach, before realizing that it might not be best to disturb her in the middle of whatever it was... you don't want to become an ingredient, after all, and something tells you it's more likely than not!

However, your feet betray you again as you snap a twig as you back up, and her head snaps to look in your direction, entrancing red eyes staring right into yours with a piercing gaze.

Quick! You have to think! What to do...

[ ] Act like nothing's wrong.
[ ] Ask her her name, and a few details about herself.
[ ] Ask where this place is.
[ ] Ask if she knows you.
[ ] Other (Write In)

(Starting now I will be posting the would-be results you did not choose from a few posts before.)

With this in mind, you slowly get to your feet, and look around, trying to figure out which way to go.

North [ ] Youkai Mountain
South [ ] Alice's House
East [X] Marisa's House
West [ ] Eientei
>> No. 17363
[ ] Other (Write In)

Introduce yourself as you ask where you are and such; while avoiding eye contact (this is Reisen we're talking about here, even eye contact can cause a bit of insanity)

and it seems Reisen's checking out something of Marisa's.
>> No. 17364
[x] Act like nothing's wrong.
>> No. 17368
[x] Feign death.
>> No. 17380
Need more votes...
>> No. 17383
[X] Ask where this place is.
>> No. 17392
>>17363's choice.
>> No. 17393

Finally, two of the same vote! Poll closed.
>> No. 17423

In the middle of writing it, my computer killed itself... T_T It was such a great wall of text, too...

*sigh* Expect it later today.
>> No. 17432
always save as you write

and don't do that
>> No. 17434

Curiously how is T_T not acceptable yet ;_; is if they both essentially mean the same thing..? Is it presentation of the emotion or just something of associating "T_T" with a less... "experienced" generation?
>> No. 17437
T_T reminds people of Gaia and other shitty communities
>> No. 17438
4chan etc.
>> No. 17440

life-like texture ;_;


I'm a faggot T_T
>> No. 17674
Sorry, having surgery really interrupted my work on this. But I'm back. I'll write it up today.
>> No. 17819
Something just occurred to me...
Dark Grey, would you happen to be the writefag who did the three stories with protagonists named "Grey"?
>> No. 17843

If you're referring to the same stories I'm thinking you're referring to, one of them is named Vincent not Grey...
>> No. 17853
/sdm/ - Earl Grey
/forest/ - Grimnír the Grey
/border/ - Vincent Gray

You sadden me.
>> No. 17862

Hey I'm not the one going by last name to identify them.

In any rate I wonder what the writefag had for them before the "indeterminate" hiatus.
>> No. 18591
this died pretty quickly huh

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