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So, I've been meaning to try my hand at a new story for a while now, and enough things have finally come together to let me do it. I hope you enjoy, and please, if you have any questions... ask them off the bat. Comments are also very welcome. It's easier to fix problems in the beginning than it is to try to patch things half-way through.

Voting will be what I've been doing in Science: the option with the most votes when I sit down to write wins. If there's a tie, I'll pick whichever one I think would make for a better read.

Picture only slightly related.

You open your eyes. Green leaves, trees... you're in a forest. And there's a boy standing above you. A normal boy, with black hair and a curious expression on his face.

“Who're you?”

You can't remember, but you know enough to know it's not important. Standing up, you reflexively brush off your dress. Looking at it makes you smile. The chaotic patterns, the brilliant colors... it's really nice. It's something that you can't help but feel is a part of you.

“A-ah, you aren't a youkai, are you?” The boy asks, backing up.

“You...kai?” You don't immediately recognize the word, but feel like you should. It'll come to you.

“...yeah, you're a youkai,” he says, his voice becoming shaky. You're not sure why. “Don't look at me. I might get cursed.”

But there is nothing else to look at. It's only natural to look.

“No! No, nononono,” the boy pleads, backing away. He runs into a root while doing so, falling to the ground. “nonononoNONONO!”

There's a large stick in his hand now. You stay put. He continues ranting for a while, eyes wild. You just give him a smile. Why is he...?

“The... the plants, they're working for you too, aren't they?!” He gasps suddenly, jumping to his feet. You don't understand. Why is he acting like this? Is it normal? “Die!”

And, before you know it, he's lunging at you with that stick of his. Teeth gritted, cheeks moist from tears. Again, you don't understand, but it's OK. He's a human, and you're---

---a youkai. Yes, that's what you are. That's why it seemed so familiar.


There's blood now, flowing from the stump that was once his arm. You didn't even have to think about it. All you had to do was do what came naturally. A single swipe was all it took to remove it. Another to remove the voice, and...

Gurgling, now, is all he can say. It's only natural. The front of his neck has been ripped open. You look at him, lying there, and wonder why... but only for a second. Now, you can eat. You can do what you do. So, you bend down, and taste the fresh neck wound. The taste is very good.

His eyes are beginning to gloss over, his body obviously defeated. You should work quickly. Other things may come, so you need to eat your fill before they do. Your teeth make short work of the flesh, allowing you access to the delicious insides. The wonderful red core. You eat and eat, and...

“Oh my god!”

Looking to the side, a bit of red ambrosia dribbling down your chin, you see another person. This one is older, female. She's making a lot of noise, screaming something about a killer. Beside her is a larger male, and he's carrying something sharp. The woman averts her eyes to the scene, but the man seems... dangerous. His gaze meets yours, issuing a challenge. You feel a little unsettled looking at him.

[ ] Fight. This is your claim.
[ ] Flee. You can always find another.

>> No. 11589
[X] Drive your nails into your eyes and your brain.
[X] Plead with someone to make it stop.
>> No. 11590
[x] Flee. You can always find another.
[x] Take a limb or two for a snack on the way.
>> No. 11591
[x] Fight. This is your claim.

Fucking awesome.

We're going to be the scariest Youkai ever.
>> No. 11592
[x] Fight. This is your claim
>> No. 11593
[x] Fight. This is your claim.
>> No. 11594
[x] Fight. This is your claim

Klaymen, this is a great role you've chosen for us to take part in.
>> No. 11595
[X] Flee. You can always find another.
>> No. 11596
[X] Fight. This is your claim.
>> No. 11597
[x] Fight. This is your claim.

Eat all three of them, might as well pave the road for being the most brutal and ruthless Youkai out there here and now.
>> No. 11598
[x] You're willing to share; offer him a limb.

Maybe he's just really hungry?
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haHA! nice

[x] You're willing to share; offer him a limb.
>> No. 11604
[x] You're willing to share; offer him a limb.

thank you klaymen, I've been waiting for a story like this ever since the one with the plague doctor in /others/ died!
>> No. 11605
[x] You're willing to share; offer him a limb.
>> No. 11607
[x] You're willing to share; offer him a limb.
[x] Get ready to feast if there's any trouble.

This looks nice. Now I actually have a reason to visit /forest/.
>> No. 11608

What this guy said, but I've been wanting it since forever.

[x] You're willing to share; offer him a limb.
[x] Get ready to feast if there's any trouble.
>> No. 11609
{X} You're willing to share; offer him a limb.
{X} Get ready to feast if there's any trouble.
>> No. 11610
[ODIN] You're willing to share; offer him a limb.
[ODIN] Get ready to feast if there's any trouble.

Monstrous sadist route, fuck yeah.

As a native writefag it's nice to see more stories in our little corner of THP. Hope you enjoy your stay.
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[x] You're willing to share; offer him a limb.
[x] Get ready to feast if there's any trouble.
Yuck fear.
>> No. 11614
[x] You're willing to share; offer him a limb.
[x] Get ready to feast if there's any trouble.

Aha great start Klay.
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[x] You're willing to share; offer him a limb.

Maybe... he wants some, too. Maybe you could be civil. If he does want some, you wouldn't mind sharing if he didn't mind. Maybe you could even work together. He is a human, but maybe...?

Grabbing the nearby, recently severed arm, you hold it out in their direction. The woman stops screaming. “Would you like some?” You ask, trying to be polite. “I can share.”

“You bastard!”

The woman averts her eyes. The man, the one yelling at you, grips his ax tightly.

“I'll slay you where you stand, youkai. And then I'll do it again, and again, and...”

“Maybe that's what it wants?”

The woman says this, a bit of that shake that you noticed from the boy mixing into her voice. Fear? That might be it. You're not sure, but you think that's what it's called. The man steps forward, only to be impeded by the woman. She's grabbed onto his arm, but... only momentarily. She soon lets go, a vacant look in her eyes.

“Maybe that's what you want? Maybe you wanted him dead, and I'm next...?”

More fear. She's acting just like the boy. More fear, and then...

“What are you talking about?” He asks, turning to her. “We've been living together for years! I'd never---”

“Stay back!” She yells suddenly, backing away from the whole scene. “You won't get me. I won't let you!”

The man moves closer, but the woman runs as he does so. Runs off into the woods, like a startled rabbit.


You just watch the whole scene, not bothering to stand up. Was that normal for a human? Up until the end, that's what the boy did. The man, remaining where he was, turns back to you.

“You did this.”

Did you? Maybe that's it. Youkai do youkai-like things, but you don't remember doing anything. You just looked at her...

“I'll kill you a hundred times over, youkai!”

The man rushes at you in an attack stance. He means to hit you with that sharp ax, to split your body open like you did to the boy. He's also very fast. Either he's done this before, or he's very good at pretending.

You react. Not think about reacting, just react. Suddenly you're on your feet, two yards to the left of where you should have been. He's still just a human. You'll just follow your instincts, and make---

“Too slow.”

Pain! Searing pain. You can't help but let out a scream.

You look down and notice your left arm... or rather, the lack of one. But how? He shouldn't be able to hurt you with an ax. That's not how things work. That's not how youkai work.

Upon closer inspection, his ax is... glowing. It's barely noticeable, but it's dangerous. It's like the feeling you were getting from the man earlier.

...no, the glow is the man. They are one and the same. That's why he seemed so dangerous. This glow can hurt you, can slash you into tiny pieces and turn you into a corpse. It will be very painful, unless you can beat him. He glares at you, preparing for another attack.

[ ] Wait, dodge, and counterattack. The ax is slow.
[ ] Rush him. He won't expect it.
[ ] Flee. It's not worth it.
>> No. 11620
[ ] Wait, dodge, and counterattack. The ax is slow.
>> No. 11621
[ ] Wait, dodge, and counterattack. The ax is slow.

So, what aspect of human fear (or whatever) does this youkai possess?

Kinda confused about how that boy and woman acted.
>> No. 11622
[x] Flee. It's not worth it.

I'd rather not underestimate the glowing man.
>> No. 11623
You'll... have to speculate, I'm afraid. I don't plan on giving it away so early.
>> No. 11625
[ ] Wait, dodge, and counterattack. The ax is slow.
>> No. 11626

We're the Youkai of paranoia, aren't we?


[ODIN] Flee. It's not worth it.

Retreat for now, heal up then stalk and kill the glowing man. The patient hunter gets the prey.
>> No. 11627
[x] Flee. It's not worth it.

Pain bad.
>> No. 11629
[x] Flee. It's not worth it.
>> No. 11630
[x] Flee. It's not worth it.
>> No. 11632
[x] Flee. It's not worth it.
We are new at this.

Interesting character, Klay. I like it.
>> No. 11633
[x] Flee. It's not worth it.
>> No. 11640
[x] Flee. It's not worth it.
>> No. 11641
[x] Flee. It's not worth it.

We are a weak Youkai, better heal up and make the man our goal. Get stronger, train, level up and kill him.
>> No. 11643

If it's true, I sugest calling him Oyashiro, God of Curse and Paranoia, for the heck of it!

[x] Flee. It's not worth it.
>> No. 11644

Are we male? Reading this makes me think otherwise.

>Standing up, you reflexively brush off your dress.
>> No. 11646

Oyashiro-sama is female. For what it's worth.
>> No. 11647

Men can wear dresses too...
>> No. 11648
[ ] Flee. It's not worth it.

Don't really feel like achieving BAD END so early.
>> No. 11649
Well, you gotta know that
>> No. 11650
[x] Rush him. He won't expect it.

We are a beast of bloodlust, so let's act like one.
>> No. 11653
[x] Rush him. He won't expect it.
>> No. 11654
[ ] Flee. It's not worth it.

Did I vote already for this update already? I can't remember, but I have the feeling of deja vu.
>> No. 11657
You are female, yes. This is Gensokyo, after all.
>> No. 11658
[x] Rush him. He won't expect it.
>> No. 11659
>> No. 11677
[x] Flee. It's not worth it.

No. You can always find other humans. This one is too strong, this fight too risky. The stump that now composes your left arm continues to burn and drip blood, acting as a warning. If he were to get your torso, or your head...

You run, away from the man, away into the forest. It seems to get thicker as you go, the trees growing taller while the light reaching you grows less. The man is following, but he can't move as well as you can, being so big.

“Come back here, dammit! I'll kill you!”

You've got no intention of going back. Pain hurts, and isn't any fun. Although, maybe running could be fun, too? Yeah, running is fun. Moving as fast as your legs will take you, seeing how close to obstacles you can get without hitting them is fun. Trying to escape the big bad man chasing you down with a vengeance only adds to it. If you can confuse him, you'll win. To the left you dash, over a fallen log, and then down into a slight depression. The ground is unstable, made of debris. Maybe he'll just fall... and then you'll win.

He doesn't, but the obstacles slow him down enough that you have time to distance yourself from him. There's an uprooted tree in your path, and you decide that the space beneath the roots would make a good hiding place. It's dark, and most of your body would be hidden. A little bit of backtracking, a tight squeeze, and you're inside.

The man passes your hiding spot without even stopping to check it out. He simply moves forward for a while, but then pauses. He's lost your trail. Will he pick it back up? If he doesn't, you'll win.

“A... trap?”

His voice wavers, his resolve much less than what it once was. You shrink down inside the little hole, concealing all but your eyes. He can't see you, or the plan will be ruined.

“It has to be. I've got to get out of here...”

And with that, he turns around quickly and runs in the opposite direction; you duck completely to avoid detection. Humans are pretty easy to get rid of, you decide. If you wait long enough, they'll do something to remove themselves for you.

After waiting a few minutes, to make sure that that man has actually gone, you pull yourself out of the hole with a great deal of effort. The bleeding on your missing arm has stopped, probably sometime during the escape. It still hurts, but you think that it'll be fine.

You listen for other creatures, taking in the sounds of the forest. There's birds and insects, and other things that you don't know. You hear a stream in the distance, too, and decide to walk over to it. All that running has made you thirsty.


As you bend down to drink, something startles you. There's a person in the water! You recoil, but then decide to take a better look. She... looks kind of cute. A girl, one with short and messy dark brown hair, peers back at you with curious, faintly glowing, green eyes. Her face is a little dirty at the moment, covered with red smears, but... no, wait a second. You've got a theory.

You reach towards your remaining hand towards your face, and notice that the figure does, too. Using the person's identical motions to guide your hand, you have it reach for the red stuff and rub at it, trying to remove it. You pull your hand away from your face and look at it... the red has transferred to it.

It's you. You don't quite understand, but that's you. Strange.

The mystery solved, you lean close to the water and begin drinking. The water is cool and clear, and quite tasty. Maybe you'll wash that boy off of your face, too, while you're at it. Holding your breath, you plunge your head underneath. The water is cold, definitely, but it feels good.

You sit there and use the reflection to guide your hand, rubbing away all of that red. Much better.

Looking around, there are a few ways you could explore from here. It might be good to get a layout of the area, and see what you can see. The forest is thick enough that you can't really tell what lies in the distance in any direction.

[ ] Follow the flow of the river.
[ ] Follow the river upstream.
[ ] Head back in the direction you came from.
[ ] Cross the river, head in that direction.
[ ] Just scout out the immediate area.
>> No. 11678
[X] Just scout out the immediate area.

Sounds like a good place to settle down and wait for that arm to grow back.
>> No. 11680
[X] Just scout out the immediate area.
>> No. 11681
[ ] Just scout out the immediate area.
>> No. 11682
[x] Follow the flow of the river.

Could lead to more delicious things~
>> No. 11684
[X] Just scout out the immediate area.
>> No. 11685
Stupid kid pulled out right in front of me I swear.

[x] Just scout out the immediate area.
>> No. 11686
{X} Just scout out the immediate area.
>> No. 11691
[X] Just scout out the immediate area.
>> No. 11693
[x] Head back in the direction you came from.

"Uguu~ My arm..."
>> No. 11694
[x] Just scout out the immediate area.

Since you don't really know what lies out in the wilderness beyond what you know, maybe you'll just scout out the immediate area. Take a slow look around, nothing too hard. Missing an arm is kind of a pain, when you think about it. You hope it'll grow back soon.

Not moving too far from the river, or the little root shelter that you found, you get a good layout of the immediate terrain. Places that you could run when you need to slow a pursuer down are taken note of, since they might come in handy if that man comes back. Any other men too, for that matter. There are birds and things, but nothing else really noticeable.

After wandering around for a few hours, you decide to head back to your root den to that you found. The earth inside is soft and comfortable. You curl up, and close your eyes. It feels good to rest, too. Maybe you'll just lie here for a while longer...

...you open your eyes, and find that the light is gone from the sky. Night. This happens, you know somehow, and it's nothing to be afraid of. Peering out of the hole, you can still see a lot of things. You could still move around if you needed too, but you might trip on some of the better hidden roots.

Your arm, you notice, has grown a bit while you slept. It's now about half-way reformed. There's no fingers or anything yet, so it's still kind of worthless.

The sound of the forest at night is different from what it was earlier. There's more insects now, and less birds. There's also green-yellow flashes from time to time, but you don't know what they are. If you catch one, maybe you can tell what it is.

You crawl out of the den again, this time having a bit more leverage with your half-formed arm. At least it doesn't hurt anymore. Catching one of those lights is going to be difficult with one hand, but you can do it.

Watching, waiting... if you wait for them to come towards you, it will be easier. Wait for one to blink close to you, just within reach. Then you'll be able to reach out and---

Snatch one! Success! There's no way that that one got away.

You open your hand, only to find a slightly glowing mess inside of it. There's a little insect body, too. It looks like you grabbed it a little too hard, and squished it. Well, at least you know what they are now.

The rest of the lights continue to blink on as if nothing had happened, although they do seem to be avoiding you. None of them come within reach as they continue to dance in the night. You decide to keep watching them blink about, since you don't really feel like going back to sleep.

“Hey, who're you? This is my part of the forest, you know.”

Again with that question. You still don't know, nor do you really care. Why does everyone think it's important?

The voice, slightly irritated, comes from behind you, so you turn around to face the source. It's a... boy? No, a girl. A youkai, too. You don't know how you know, but you do. Something in your mind says so. She's wearing a long bit of cloth that flows behind her back, and a white shirt, but you can't make out too much more than that.

[ ] “It's my part, too.”
[ ] “Sorry.”
[ ] “Another youkai?”
>> No. 11695
[X] “Another youkai?”
>> No. 11696
{X} “Sorry.”
>> No. 11697
[X] “Another youkai?”
>> No. 11699
[-] “It's my part, too.”
>> No. 11700
[ ] “Another youkai?”
>> No. 11701
[x] “Another youkai?”
>> No. 11702
[x] "Another youkai? Sorry, I was just watching the dancing light-bugs."

>> No. 11704
[X] “It's my part, too.”
>> No. 11705
[x] “Sorry.”
>> No. 11706
[x] “It's my part, too.”

>> No. 11707
[X] "Another youkai?"
[X] "Sorry..."
[X] "Can we share?"

Hey, we offered to share the corpse earlier. I say we become the moe moe sharing youkai, with big innocent eyes and an adorable demeanor. The moe moe sharing youkai who eats people.
>> No. 11708
[x] "Another youkai?"
[x] "Sorry..."
[x] "Can we share?"
>> No. 11709
[x] "Another youkai?"
[x] "Sorry..."
[x] "Can we share?"
>> No. 11710
[X] "Another youkai?"
[X] "Sorry..."
[X] "Can we share?"
>> No. 11711
>The moe moe sharing youkai who eats people.

Hey, we've only eaten people who've attacked us. Coming after a youkai with a stick earns that kid a Darwin Award.
>> No. 11713
[X] “Another youkai?”

Why are you apologizing and asking for her to share the land with you?

She's very clearly showing her contempt for you, and you'll never get respect from your peers by being a spineless wimp.
>> No. 11714
[X] “Another youkai?”
>> No. 11717
[~] “Another youkai?”
>> No. 11718
[X] "Another youkai?"
[X] "Sorry..."
[X] "Can we share?"
Moemoe option GO!


we're not being spineless, just moe.
A killer moe.
>> No. 11719
[X] “Another youkai?”
>> No. 11721

You: Sorry... Can we share?

That response comes across as pretty spineless to me.

And I bet her response is going to be "No. Get out."
>> No. 11722

Exaggerate much?

>“Hey, who're you? This is my part of the forest, you know.”

She asked us who we are, at least. She'd be the spineless one if she didn't claim her territory. Once she realizes we aren't meaning to challenge her for it, she'll calm down.
>> No. 11723

It doesn't seem all that exaggerated to me.

Even more so if you consider the fact that she sees a fellow youkai with half of her arm cut off and the first thing she's thinking about is staking her territory.
>> No. 11725

Why would you think she's even noticed it? We can't make out anything more of her appearance than the fact she's wearing a cape and a white shirt.
>> No. 11727

Because she was standing behind us for an indeterminate amount of time and having a chunk of one's limb missing from their body is very easily noticeable? Just a guess.
>> No. 11728
>one's limb missing from their body is very easily noticeable? Just a guess.

Yeah, about as easily made out as hair color and antennae and all those other features that can't be made out because it's dark.

>It's now about half-way reformed. There's no fingers or anything yet, so it's still kind of worthless.

In the darkness the lack of digits on one of our hands is probably not all that apparent.
>> No. 11730
>Yeah, about as easily made out as hair color and antennae and all those other features that can't be made out because it's dark.

Arms are much bigger and more noticeable than hair and antennae. Also, Wriggle most likely had a much longer time to check us out than us, her.

>It's now about half-way reformed. There's no fingers or anything yet, so it's still kind of worthless.

This could mean anything to me. We went from having no arm at all to having one that's half-way reformed? Of course there isn't going to be any fingers. There's probably going to be a lot more missing as well.
>> No. 11732
[X] "Another youkai?"

I wonder if we can be really scary and really moe at the same time.
>> No. 11733

Have you not heard of youkai moe~?
>> No. 11734
A very good point.

We might want to moderate the scaryness and sadism here, though. As awesome as the idea of tearing out Wriggle's throat with our teeth is, I doubt we could beat her in this state if things get hostile. If we can get her respect, though, maybe she'll help us kill Glowing Axe Guy somewhere down the line.
>> No. 11735
>As awesome as the idea of tearing out Wriggle's throat with our teeth is, I doubt we could beat her in this state if things get hostile.

I was actually kind of hoping we could pick a fight with her, causing her to challenge us to a danmaku battle.

Then when she finds out we don't even know what the hell danmaku is, she'll become our coach, and we'll become Rocky Balboa.
>> No. 11738

Haha, that'd be awesome
>> No. 11739
Can Klaymen even do moe? Seems a bit too serious to me. Though whether or not it's intentional, this youkai is already pretty cute.
>> No. 11740
To be honest, I've got no idea. That's kind of why I started this.
>> No. 11741
I see. Well, then, carry on.
>> No. 11743
[x] “Another youkai?”

“Another youkai?”

Your mouth moves on it's own, translating your thoughts into something that someone else could hear. Speaking isn't too hard, you decide.

“Duh.” She says, her tone... not so nice. “What else would be in this forest at night?”

“Bugs,” You say, pointing towards the swarm you were just watching.

“Are you mocking me?”


You hear an aggravated sigh escape from her lips. “Where'd you come from? I thought I'd met every youkai in this forest by now.”

“Over there,” You say, pointing in the direction that you ran from earlier.

“Before that?” She asks, her voice becoming tense. You think you're... irritating her.

“I...” You just woke up. You didn't come from anywhere, you just were. “I woke up.”

“Oh,” The youkai asks, as if suddenly understanding something. “Are you new?”

New. What defines new? It's a relative term, so you can't really answer.

“I don't know.”

“Hmm...” The youkai takes a seat next to you, on the ground. “Do you remember anything before today?”

A day is a day/night cycle. You weren't sleeping for that long, so she must mean before you woke up the first time. “No.”

You can't make out her face all that well, but you can faintly see a smile. “Well, then. Welcome to Gensokyo. You have a name?”

Names are... no, you don't have one. “No.”

“Well, I'm Wriggle.” She says, looking you in the face. “How'd you lose that arm?”

“I fought a man,” You state, simply. That's all that happened.

“Hey,” She says, patting you on the shoulder. “Words are cheap. You can't give me a better story than that?”

She wants a story, not an answer. Can you come up with a good story? You can try, at least.

“There was a boy, but he wasn't very strong. Strange, too. He was very tasty. I was eating, and people came. One was a man with an ax. He hit me, and cut off my arm.”

The speech is awkward, clumsy. You'll need to work on it.

“Huh. Those people in the cabin back there?” She asks. “You're pretty weak if he hurt you. I mean, he's got basic skills, but--- oh, right.” She says, sighing. “New. Look, I guess you can stay here. It's not like you've got anywhere else to go, right?”

“I don't think so.”

“Don't squish any more of my fireflies, either.” She says, her voice taking on a dangerous edge. “I'll forgive you this time, but only if you apologize. Next time, you won't be so lucky.”

“Sorry. I just wanted to see what it was.”

She seems appeased by this. “Well, I'm going to go meet with some of my friends. You want to come along?”

[ ] Go.
[ ] Don't go.
>> No. 11744
[X] Go.

May as well.
>> No. 11746
[ ] Go.
>> No. 11747
{X} Go.
>> No. 11748
[x] Go.
>> No. 11749
[X] Go
Lets go hunt humans together later on.
>> No. 11751
[x] Go.

Rumia will be our best friend, slaughtering humans together.
>> No. 11752
[x] Go.
[x] "Tomodachi?" Kink head to the side and put your non-missing index finger to your chin.
>> No. 11753
>“Duh.” She says, her tone... not so nice. “What else would be in this forest at night?”
>“Bugs,” You say, pointing towards the swarm you were just watching.


[x] Go.
[x] "Tomodachi?" Kink head to the side and put your non-missing index finger to your chin.

We are on the road to youkai moe.
>> No. 11754
[ ] Go.
>> No. 11755
[X] Go.
>> No. 11756
[X] Go.
>> No. 11757
I think this is Nemo's sister.

She's rather easygoing, and is taking everything in stride.

If we're the youkai of paranoia, we must just seem so calm and relaxed in the face of the things that happen to us that everyone thinks we MUST be planning something.

Our motto is not "Chill." It is "Freak out, man." But with that happy, blissful smile.

One of you are >>>/th/74612, aren't you?

I'm trying to hate you blind.
>> No. 11758

Hating you to bald as we speak.
>> No. 11759
[X] Go.

“I'll... come,” You say, “But it's kind of dark. I can't see very well.”

That was better, wasn't it?

“You can't?” Wriggle asks, her tone sounding not-so-nice again. “You can at least fly, right?”

Fly? You know the word. She means rise off the ground, and into the sky. You... can, can't you? It's just moving up. And up is a direction you can go, just like forward or back.

“I think so.”

“Good. Let's get going, then.”

Wriggle rises into the night air, with you following behind. You're trying to stay close so that you don't get lost, or run into the trees. Flying isn't as fun as running, since the air doesn't feel as good on your feet, but it's still a good way to get around.

The two of you fly for a while, and eventually, you can make out a light in the woods. It's faint, but it's definitely brighter in the direction that you're flying.

“What's that?” You ask, speaking your mind.

“That's where we're going.” Wriggle states, not really answering your question. You'll find out when you get there, you guess.

Thankfully, it doesn't take too long. The two of you land near the light source, now clearly visible as some kind of building with a lamp on the front. It's a stand of some kind, you realize, one that sells food. You can tell by the smell. It doesn't smell bad, but it doesn't smell delicious either.

“Sorry I'm late,” You hear Wriggle state, landing in front of the building. “Someone was messing with my pets again.”

You land along side her, and peer inside. There's a person... youkai inside, tending to a... grill. That's where the smell is coming from. She's got wings, first of all, and is wearing a strange dress. Her hat is kind of cute; it has wings, too, like small versions of the ones on her back.

“Is she the one you found?” The new youkai asks, looking at you. Her expression isn't hostile, but curious. “ She's not dead, so I don't think that's it. Unless you just took off her arm.”

“I was going to, but she's new,” Wriggle says, “she didn't know any better.” She turns to you and adds, “This is Mystia, one of my friends.”

Mystia. Wriggle and Mystia. You'll remember both of these names, because they seem to think they're important.

“Hi, Mystia,” You say, offering her a smile. “What are you cooking?”

“Lamprey,” She says, turning back to the grill for a moment to flip some. “You want some? Usually, it's just the three of us, but we can share.”

There's only two other people here.


“Yeah, Rumia's usually a little late. She should be showing up soon. Anyway,” Mystia says, turning back to you, “What's your name?”

“I don't know.”

Mystia frowns a little.

“Yeah, I got the same answer,” Wriggle says. “When I said new, I meant really new.”

“That's no good,” Mystia says, her voice taking on a lighter tone, “We'll just have to name you, then~”

“It's not important, is it?” You say, speaking your mind. “I am me.”

Mystia leaves her grill for a moment, coming closer to the counter separating her kitchen from you. “No, that won't do. Hmm. How about...”

[ ] Name yourself.
>> No. 11760
[ ] Osaka.

I mean hell, we have brown hair and are horribly Naive - we're a youkai version of Osaka from Azumanga for sure!
>> No. 11761
A thing that I completely forgot to mention; I'm picking what I like best, not necessarily what gets the most votes.
>> No. 11762

>> No. 11763

I support the idea of chillax, psychosis-inducing and blissfully smiling Youkai Moe.

Our very presence will cause hearts to explode from moeverload even as we kill and devour the soft and tasty humans. Minds will twist and turn, turning father against son and brother against brother while we watch with a serene smile, and all shall know that Moe is death.
>> No. 11764

Let's use her real name, in that case.

[x] Kasuga.
>> No. 11765
I support the idea of chillax, psychosis-inducing and blissfully smiling Youkai Moe.

Mama Yuka and Papa Nemo~.

[x] Maromi.
>> No. 11766

[x] Maromi.

I like the sound of this one.


Oh man those eyes. I'm in love.
>> No. 11767

This is a fantastic picture, capturing the very essence of Youkai Moe. Hat's off to you, good drawfag.

And after much deliberation, I believe it to be proper to pick a name with meaning. Therefore,

[ODIN] Phobos.
>> No. 11770
How about at least using her first name if we go by that?
[X] Ayumu
>> No. 11771
[x] Duela Dent
>> No. 11772
[x] Cheshire Smiles
>> No. 11773
X] Saya
>> No. 11774
I'm gonna go with [X] Ayumu Kasuga too.
>> No. 11775
>Mama Yuka and Papa Nemo~.

Brother David, too?

[X] Junko

One way to read it is "genuine/pure child," which seems fitting.

"Hotaruko" is tempting to me, too, just because Wriggle found us.
>> No. 11777
[X] Saya

This is kind of fitting.
>> No. 11780

A novel character design deserves a novel name. "Maromi" can be spelt a number of different ways:

[ ] Maromi, 真路見 (meaning "Visible Pathway to Truth")
[ ] Maromi, 麻路美 ("Beautiful Flaxen Road")
[ ] Maromi, 麻路実 ("Flaxen Road to Truth")
[ ] Maromi, 麻呂美 ("Beauty and Backbone of Linseed")

For that last one, having the backbone of flax (linseed) carries a positive connotation, since the plant stem grows erect.

An ancient fiber crop (used to produce linen), it is also one of the few that flower beautifully, and so often finds its way into ornamental gardens. Unlike many other cultivated fiber crops, it has survived the transition back to the wild from cultivation, and varieties of flax have become naturalized to a variety of climates (zones 3-10, meaning seeds can survive in -40 degrees centigrade) and can be found all over the world.
>> No. 11783

Yeah. Because, you know, the black dress, it's black, and like, Rumia's dress is black too! So, yeah, sisters, yay!
>> No. 11784

...Judging from people's reactions so far, is our power manipulation of paranoia or something?
>> No. 11785
>“It's not important, is it?” You say, speaking your mind. “I am me.”

>> No. 11786
[-] Maromi
>> No. 11787
[X]Angra Mainyu
>> No. 11788

There's really not that much evidence to support that so far. Just the hysterical actions of the humans we encountered.
>> No. 11789
[x] Yuri

Our youkai moe is the youkai of love, so let's make her love the other girls tenderly.
>> No. 11791

On the third hand, every human we've encountered so far was immediately gripped by irrational paranoia.

So unless we stumbled upon a bunch of crazies I'd say that the likelihood of paranoia Youkai is pretty good, as far as we can tell.
>> No. 11797

Well, only the woman had signs of paranoia. The boy was just a child, and children are scared easily. The man actually showed common sense for giving up his chase. Following a youkai through the woods is not a smart thing to do, even when armed with a magical axe.
>> No. 11798
No. Dear sweet Jesus, no. Generics man, that's it. Whatever language I say it in, the result is the same: overbearing moe.
>> No. 11799
[x] Phobos.

Going to lose, but what the hell.
>> No. 11801
[x] Maromi, 真路見 (meaning "Visible Pathway to Truth")

Visible Pathway to Truth... not even YAF can come up with such a great Name.
>> No. 11803
Fucking, fucking Maromi.

I hated that huge ugly pink dog, and this name can never be associated with anything else. You all should be ashamed that you voted for it.

Fuck that noise.

[x] Phobos
>> No. 11804
>> No. 11805

I agree with this choice of name.

It also helps that that is the name of a creepy doll in Paranoia Agent... which would make things even more fitting! Perhaps.


No, I haven't posted in this thread at all yet.
>> No. 11807
[X] My what a beautiful clusterfuck of conflicting votes this has become. How fitting that she'll be known as chaos.
>> No. 11809
The problem with using Phobos is that the name is decidedly masculine. Try Phrice (trembling horror), the more severe sister to Deimos (fear) and Phobos (terror). And besides that, there are a number of analogous goddesses or female personifications if you really want a Greco-Roman name: Atë (delusion), Eris/Discordia (strife), Lyssa (madness), Aporia (befuddlement), Brimo (terror), Ania/Delor (distress), Oizys (misery), Fraus/Apate (trickery). Ceres (violent death & bloodlust) and Lethe (amnesia) are other possible candidates, but for different reasons.
>> No. 11810

You could like, switch it for Phoebe, which is a feminine name.
>> No. 11811
[X] Eris

We will shoot golden apple danmaku.
>> No. 11812
[x] Aporia

Befuddled describes her well.
>> No. 11813

Except that "Phoebe" doesn't have the same meaning.
>> No. 11814

For a time I was considering Mania, but that just doesn't sound as good as Phobos. I suppose Lyssa or or Aporia would work as well, but they don't have quite the same feeling either.

As for gender, well, it's true that Phoebus was male, but that's a minor detail. Artistic license and all that.

And finally I also have the mental image of a gentle, smiling girl introducing herself as the motherfucking greek God of Terror. That would count as relatively epic in my book.
>> No. 11816

>> No. 11817
>>11762 Good one!

[X]Angra Mainyu

She need a cap or a ribbon or something else~
>> No. 11818
>As for gender, well, it's true that Phoebus was male, but that's a minor detail. Artistic license and all that.

My problem is not so much that the personage "Phobos" was male, it's that the name simply sounds masculine. Female names almost never end in "-us" or "-os" sounds; not in any language.
>> No. 11819

Hi, YAF.
>> No. 11821
Could name her "Phobe" (FOH-bee, Φόβη), which would be the feminine of "Phobos" if we were following ancient Greek naming conventions. Note this is not "Phoebe" (Φοίβη), which has a different root.
>> No. 11822

It's not YAF. Because it was me.


If he didn't would write a post without it; it would 2-3 sentences long, self white-knighting why he thinks his names are SO DEEP.
>> No. 11826
“I think we should name her Hotaru.” Mystia says, looking at Wriggle. “That's a good name, isn't it?”

“That's kind of... no,” Wriggle says plainly. “It doesn't fit at all.”




Wriggle sighs. “Come on, these are horrible.”

Mystia laughs. “Ok, ok. How about...”

Back and forth, back and forth. You don't really like any of these. If you really have to have a name, it should be---

“...Phobe.” It's the first thing that came to mind. Something about it just fits, like that dress you wear and how humans taste.

“Hm? Did you say something?” Mystia asks, looking at you.

“You should call me Phobe.” You say, forming a sentence instead of just a word.

“Phobe? That's even worse than the ones Mystia's been coming up with,” Wriggle says, bringing her hand up to her face. “Are you serious?”

“It fits, doesn't it?” You ask, genuinely curious. You think it does, but she doesn't? The idea is strange to you. If it fits, it fits, right?

Wriggle sighs, while Mystia just smiles at you. “It's kind of hard to make a song out of,” Mystia says, “But it's fine.”

“Alright, alright. Phobe?” Wriggle says, trying it out. It doesn't sound quite right coming out of someone else's mouth, but you recognize it. “I guess it does kind of fit. So, Mystia, are we doing anything tonight?”

“Maybe when Rumi shows up,” Mystia says, having turned back to her grill. “I don't know what we'll do, though.”

“Yeah, I don't really know, either,” Wriggle says, sighing. “We could just sit around and talk, like we usually do.”

“Maybe I'll have other customers today~”

Mystia scoops her batch of meat-on-a-stick off of the grill, placing it on bundles of paper with writing on it. “Food's done~” Mystia sings, setting the strange meat on the paper on the counter. “Mystia's lamprey, eat it with a smile~”

You walk over and sniff it. It's definitely meat, but it doesn't really seem that tasty. It looks a little hot, too.

“Are you just going to look at it?” Wriggle asks. “Mystia's a pretty good cook.”

[ ] Offer it to her.
[ ] You'll try it.
>> No. 11827
[x] You'll try it.

In during food becoming ash in our mouths.
>> No. 11829
[Z] You'll try it.
>> No. 11831
[X] You'll try it.

But blow it to cool it down first.
>> No. 11832
[X] You'll try it.
>> No. 11833
Changed my vote. Already deleted the old one.

[X]"Is it human?"

Yeah, only human meat.
>> No. 11834
[X] You'll try it.

Show them Phobe isn't a carnophobe.
>> No. 11835
[x] You'll try it.

In before Phobe spits it back out calling it icky.
>> No. 11836
[X] You'll try it.
Always try food that's passed in front of you. It's only polite.
>> No. 11837

It's like I'm REALLY Japanese!
>> No. 11838
[x] You'll try it.

Hopefully we'll develop a taste for something other than raw man-flesh soon; otherwise, I don't expect a long lifespan for our budding youkai.
>> No. 11839
[ ] You'll try it.

Really now? "Phobe"? Good Lord.
>> No. 11840

Apparently youkai prefer cooked food to raw food anyway, even preferring human cuisine to raw human, at least according to Akyu. So, really, Mystia's cooking should be more than satisfactory.
>> No. 11841

Yeah, and before you know it no human will be eaten if given a choice to. What would be the fun - and purpose - of playing a youkai then?

Yeah, 'Phobe' doesn't sound nice, even if it fits the character or not.
>> No. 11842

Young youkais usually prefer human meat over other kinds of food. What do you think a one day old youkai would like to have for meals?

>cooked food to raw food anyway

Simple, just cook the poor human.
>> No. 11843

Are you sure you're pronouncing it correctly?


There's more to being a youkai than eating people. I'd rather not have the protagonist end up being a vanilla Rumia if it could be helped.
>> No. 11844
Sorry guys, all I see when I think of "Phobe" is the girl from Hey Arnold!
>> No. 11845
>Young youkais usually prefer human meat over other kinds of food.

There's nothing that says that. Immature youkai are just more likely to attack people, the tendency for violence going hand-in-hand with their stupidity. Older youkai work out their aggression toward humans through danmaku battles, likely the result of having personally experienced a few retributive exterminations.
>> No. 11846

Shit, it's too late to suggest AM as a name.

>At first it meant Allied Mastercomputer, and then it meant Adaptive Manipulator, and later on it developed sentience and linked itself up and they called it an Aggressive Menace, but by then it was too late, and finally it called itself AM, emerging intelligence, and what it meant was I am … cogito ergo sum … I think, therefore I am.
>> No. 11847

And I must scream.
>> No. 11848
mm is it too late to ask for Phobia?
>> No. 11849
Seeing as the name isn't going over well, how would my second choice, Mainyu, have worked? I really don't mind changing it at this point, so please, speak your minds.
>> No. 11850

Mainyu is good enough, I suppose. I can't look at it without thinking Manjew, though.
>> No. 11851

I do see a problem with that, though the manjew reference made me laugh,
>> No. 11853

"Phoebe" might be better than "Phobe." If we're ditching the first draft of Paranoia-tan's name, I'll go with Mainyu--her friends could call her Mai for short.
>> No. 11854
Change it change it change itchangeitchangeit

Also, {X} You'll try it.
>> No. 11855
[x] A Mainyu is fine too.
>> No. 11857
[X] You'll try it.
[X] A Phobe is fine too
Seriously, there's nothing wrong with the name to my ears. Must be an americunt deal to not like it.
>> No. 11858
But Hina is already Angra Mainyu.
>> No. 11859
>“Phobe? That's even worse than the ones Mystia's been coming up with,” Wriggle says, bringing her hand up to her face. “Are you serious?”

Hah, as if Wriggle has any say when it comes to ridiculous names.

But seriously:

[ODIN] A Phobe is fine too.

Angra Mainyu doesn't really fit in my mind because we're apparently not the Youkai of destruction. And besides, what's so bad about Phobe?
>> No. 11860
[X] You'll try it.
[X] Phobe Mainyu

Why not?
>> No. 11862
[x] Blow on food, then try it.
>> No. 11864
Stop the name-drama already. It isn't a big deal anyway.

I swear, sometimes the ability of THP to quibble about the most insignificant details astounds me to no end.
>> No. 11865
[X] A Phobe is fine too.
>> No. 11867

As the one who suggested Angra Mainyu first (>>11787) I'd rather have her names that instead of anything else. Besides, 'Phobe' doesn't sound nice. I've pronounce it several times trying to find a good sound, but it's a stuborn little name.

But you are the author, so you should decide some things without asking us. Ok, so you asked the first time, but retconning is serious business, so you should think very well before doing that. I don't like retconning at all, even if it means poor Mainyu Phobe keep her current name.
>> No. 11870
Christ, guys. I don't like the name either, but it's been chosen. Leave it.

If we're going for moe, there are plenty of ways to get around it, anyway. If we get familiar with the girls well enough, they can start calling us Phee-chan(Fee, Fi, Pho, Phum), or whatever. Sounds better, doesn't it?
>> No. 11871
[X] A Phobe is fine too
>> No. 11872

Pho vs Udon! Paranoia vs Lunacy! AAHHHHH!
>> No. 11875
I'm sure Klaymen can tactfully pull the 'nameless' protagonist card too, if we cannot agree on a name.

It's not too late to retcon a bit and set the precedent of us never knowing the name of the youkai in question.
>> No. 11876
>...but retconning is serious business...

In my mind, it isn't when it's only after one post. It would be the same as fixing a typo, or clarifying something that I completely forgot to add into a post. I mean, if people are going to see this name on a post by post basis, it might as well be something everyone likes, right?

Since "everyone likes" doesn't seem possible in this case, I think I'll just leave it as is. Writing now.
>> No. 11877
[x] You'll try it.

You grab the stick that the meat is stuck on, and give it a look over. Odd texture. And why is it not red? If another youkai says that it's good, though, maybe it is. You'll try it. Sticking it in your mouth, you use your teeth to slide some of the meat off of the stick. And you chew.


It's hot. Hot in temperature, certainly, but hot in another way... one that makes your tongue feel like it's being attacked. You quickly swallow the food, but the sensation stays. You notice Mystia looking at you, having put another bit of the meat in front of Wriggle.

“Oh, did I go a little heavy on the sauce?” Mystia asks. “Sorry~”

“W-water,” You gasp, trying to get some relief.

By this point, Wriggle's laughing at your ordeal. Mystia nods, quickly returning with some water drawn from a hand pump in the back of the stand. You drink the water from the glass quickly. It doesn't completely remove the sensation, but it does bring it back down to almost normal.

“What was that?” You ask, ”I don't...”

“Red pepper,” Mystia says, taking the now empty glass from you. “I get it sometimes. It's exciting, right?”

Wriggle takes a bite of hers at this point, her reaction a less intense version of yours. “I think you overdid it,” She says, “This is really spicy.”

Mystia brings her finger to her mouth, and then turns back around. “Hmm. Maybe I got the proportions wrong...”

A voice echoes out from behind you. “Who are you~?”

You set your meat down, turn around, and find yourself face-to-face with another youkai. This one has gold hair, and a not-that-impressive black/white/red outfit. She's wearing a curious smile. Now that you have a name for others to call you by, you can answer the question.

“Phobe,” You say, returning the smile. “You're... Rumia?”

She nods and then looks past you, towards Mystia. “I'm hungry~”
“One spicy lamprey, coming right up!” Mystia yells, pulling the last stick off of the grill and placing it on some paper. She hands it off to Rumia.

“Hey, if it's too spicy for you, I'll eat that,” Mystia says, pointing at the half-finished piece of meat in front of you. “I want to see what it tastes like.”

You look back to the grill. She had cooked three of these lamprey things, so she was left without one for herself. That's no good, so you nod. “It's too spicy for me.”

Rumia seems unaffected by the spice, eating the meat extremely quickly. It's almost impressive. Mystia's eyes, on the other hand, go wide when she takes a bite. Setting the meat down quickly, she goes back and pumps up a glass of water.

“Yeah, that's way too much.” She says, fanning her mouth. “Phew!”

“Maybe you could sell it to brave people as a gimmick,” Wriggle says, pushing around her now meatless stick with her finger. “If any show up, that is.”

Mystia nods. “Maybe. It was a test, so I didn't make too much.”

“So,” Wriggle says, “Are we going to do anything?”

“Did you think of something?” Mystia asks, taking the paper and the stick away from Wriggle. “I still haven't.”

“Well, no...”

“Hide and seek.” Rumia suggests, “But I'm not it.”

“We played yesterday, but I guess we could do it again,” Wriggle says, shrugging. She turns to you. “Do you want to do anything else?”

[ ] “What is hide and seek?”
[ ] “We could go hunting.”
[ ] “I want to sleep.”
>> No. 11878
[x] “What is hide and seek?”

Let's learn to play games with our friends!
>> No. 11879
[x] “What is hide and seek?”
>> No. 11880
[x] “What is hide and seek?”

Aww, this will be adorable.
"I found you!"
"I've got your arm!"
>> No. 11881
[x] “What is hide and seek?”
>> No. 11882
[ ] “What is hide and seek?”
>> No. 11883
[X] “What is hide and seek?”
>> No. 11884
There's been quite a few arguments over this protagonist's name in IRC, and truth be told, I'm quite annoyed about the whole thing - the cute girl from Giddy's picture deserves a better name, and Klay told me to post the ideas despite me not reading the story, so here goes:

First: 不安 - 'Fuan' - meaning 'anxiety, suspense'. Second: 杞憂 - Kiyuu - meaning 'absurd fear'. Third: 畏懼 - 'Iku' - 'reverence'. Fourth: 憂懼 - Yuuku - 'fear, dread'.

Those are some of the ideas... And a hint, just because I'm a nice guy:
<%Klaymen> You can still post them
<%Klaymen> Because I like Kiyuu~
>> No. 11885
Kiyuu is nice~

{X} “What is hide and seek?”
>> No. 11886

Phobe isn't my favorite name of those recommended, but that sounds even worse. I don't care if it has hidden Japanese secret meaning or whatever, it sounds stupid.
>> No. 11888
If we're gonna have a go at coming up with a new name why not come up with something that isn't Japanese for once? General mythology has only given me Phobos and Deimos and as we've seen, those don't suit CY.

I'll keep looking but any suggestions would help.
>> No. 11889
Apologies if this name business is really bothering anyone. It will be resolved by the next thread, I promise. No more flip-flopping, I'll pick one and stick with it.

I really should have not posted until I was completely satisfied with a name, as I'm now seeing. So again, I apologize. I'll update in approximately... 22 hours, so keep suggesting names until then in this thread. And, as >>11888 says, ANY suggestions help. It doesn't have to be Japanese, German, or French, as long as it works.
>> No. 11890
>Mystia's eyes, on the other hand, go wide when she takes a bite. Setting the meat down quickly, she goes back and pumps up a glass of water.

>“Yeah, that's way too much.” She says, fanning her mouth. “Phew!”

Birds are immune to capsaicin.
>> No. 11891
Mystia is not a bird.
>> No. 11892

Yes. But not to wasabi, mustard, cinnamon, or horseradish.
>> No. 11893
[x] “We could go hunting.”
Get friends with Rumia
>> No. 11894
[x] “We could go hunting.”
[x] Yuuku
>> No. 11895
[ ] “We could go hunting.”

This. This, this this this. A youkai of fear, you say? A youkai that makes humans paranoid with only a stare? A threat that can shatter minds? None of that will be true if it can't be backed up.

So. Get. To. Work.
>> No. 11896
[x] “We could go hunting.”
>> No. 11897

Just a name suggestion since I already voted.
>> No. 11898
[x] “We could go hunting.”

huntan gaems
>> No. 11899
[x] “What is hide and seek?”

Hunting? You just ate! If anything, you should be paranoid of getting fat.
>> No. 11900
A healthy youkai is a good youkai.
>> No. 11901
>you just ate!

Wrong. The first meal was interrupted by the boy's father, and the second meal was so spice that Mystia ate it for us.
>> No. 11902
Doesn't matter, I now can't disassociate "Phobe" with "Fattie" now.

Healthy youkai moe~
>> No. 11903

Another? We already have Letty for that.
>> No. 11904
No one is saying anything about eating, it's hunting for fun. Human hunting to get a more terrible youkai.
With Rumia we can kill that glowing axe guy.
>> No. 11906
[x] “We could go hunting.”

However, how does our youkai know about hunting yet?
>> No. 11910
[x] “We could go hunting.”

We have backup now, so let's go slaughter and possibly devour more humans. Plus, we may get some more insight on this apparent paranoia inducing power and it's limits if we try it out on a variety of victims. It's fun AND educational!
>> No. 11911
It's in her blood.
>> No. 11928
[x] “What is hide and seek?”