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Round and round your whole world goes.

You wonder how long you've been at this and how much longer you're going to have to endure. To be honest, this experience is a bit nauseating. Your blood keeps flowing erratically as centripetal force acts upon you. If this gets any worse, you just might faint. However, as if your thoughts were heard, the device comes to a stop.

Thank goodness.

A voice comes through the intercom:

“Good work Shirou, we have the results that we need. Rest a bit and then you are to return to your quarters.”

You look through the observation glass. The voice belongs to Senior Lieutenant Inaba. She's the officer that's been assigned to overlooking your training and integration here. She's really cute, but she tries to be serious when she's around you. You think that it doesn't suit her. You've seen her smile many times in the cafeteria while eating with other people. But she's never smiled when she's been with you. She takes her work very seriously.

You sigh and try to unstrap yourself from the chair. You are told that these devices were made to train cosmonauts for a long-since abandoned space program. Nowadays, it's used to train and measure the reactions of mobile suit pilots like yourself. Funny how a technology designed for peacetime can have its function altered so for an emergency.

“You heard the lady, Junior Lieutenant!” A voice barks at you through the intercom. “Go back to your quarters!”

You immediately recognize the voice. It's none other than Chief Warrant Officer Inaba. She's the leader of the mechanics and is in charge of maintaining and outfitting all weaponry. She's definitely got it in for you. She's not even supposed to be here, but she came to harass you. You don't know if she's related to Lt. Inaba, but they sure don't look alike. Her short black hair directly contrasts the Lt.'s long light-purple hair. You also know that they hang around a lot, but that's also because they do a lot of work together. You make sure that Lt. Inaba has left the observation room and you flip the Warrant Officer the finger. She replies in kind and blows you a raspberry. What the hell is her problem anyways?

You manage to get free from the chair and take off your helmet. You're sweating. You leave the helmet on the chair. That whole experience was, in your opinion, more traumatic than it should've been. You don't get why you should go through that anyways, most of Eientei's designs have inertial dampeners anyways. So it's not like you're going to feel the Gs that much. You sigh again and proceed out of the test chamber. You turn left in the corridor and head towards the living quarters. You hear a quick running sound and instinctively dodge to the left. Just then you see the booted feet of someone fly by. Goddamn this is tiring.

“Dammit Tewi, cut that crap out. Every day you try to kick me like that. It's not funny nor original.” You say nonchalantly.

“Screw you, I can mess with you however I want.” She replies and gets up. “And that's Chief Warrant Officer to you. Just because you've got a commissioned rank doesn't make you better!” And with that she runs off like a bolt.

Damn that girl hates you for some reason. Just what in the hell did you do to her in the first place? You can't remember anything out of the ordinary. You've been on your best behavior since you got here but she hasn't cut you any slack. You try to not think about it and continue down to your quarters. They're really nice. Officer quarters sure are great. You even get your own private bathroom. It's not much, but hey, it beats showering with all the grunts. You once saw an officer candidate get taken from behind when he dropped the soap. You shudder. Goddamn those grunts are hardcore.

Anyways, you try to shake off that evil memory and go take a shower. You take off your pilot's jumpsuit and get in. You turn on the water and while showering look at your jumpsuit at the distance. You quite like it. The jumpsuit's clean lines and minimalistic looks are most charming. The dark grey, almost black color it has evokes discipline, like a faceless legion of a galactic empire. You really like it. For some reason it's as if your childhood fantasies are being fulfilled. You look away and concentrate on washing. You scrub yourself thoroughly, making sure to get all of that disgusting sweat off of you. You then step out of the shower and dry yourself.

You go to your room, wrapped in a towel. You get your uniform, that's been left on top of your small bed, and put it on. Its field grey color and look at the insignia that adorn your shoulders. The single red triangle denominates your rank of junior lieutenant. You're at the bottom of the ladder as far as officers are concerned, but that's fine. You just joined up pretty recently so it's okay. You plan to distinguish yourself and rise to the top anyways. After all, it's only natural that you should keep the promise that you made to that girl all those years ago.

Ah yes. The promise. Your reason for joining up. When you were but a lad you used to live in the outskirts of Eientei. You lived a simple life, your family wasn't rich, but it had some land and grew food for the capital. It was by pure chance that one day you met that girl that was just passing through. You knew back then that she was some sort of powerful figure, but you couldn't see her as little more than a girl your age. You two ended up promising that if the other were in trouble, you'd try your best to help. Long story short, the small nation was threatened and the girl, now supreme commander of Eientei, had beckoned its citizens to help however they could. You immediately went and enlisted in the army. Based on your scores in intelligence and aptitude tests, you were transferred to the high-tech and largely secret Mobile Suit operations branch. You've completed most of your training and are now waiting to be assigned to a unit.

You sigh. You've been waiting for a good two weeks now. You should have been assigned to a unit a while ago. Well, it can't be all bad, since Lt. Inaba has been specially assigned to take care of you and supervise you. Still, you think that the other pilots are making fun of your lack of assignment. Screw them, you don't really care, but lately they've been pulling pranks on you like switching around your schedule with someone else. You have responded in kind and tried to make sure they'd be too scared to try anything else, but your salmonella poisoning can only deter them for a set period of time.

Well, it would seem that you've got some free time now. And not having to report for duty for another 10 hours, you can do as you wish. It wouldn't be that bad an idea to take a nap, but you're also quite hungry. Eating something would be nice. Alternatively you can go look around the hanger to see the mechs. Sure you can't enter them, but it's nice to see your future equipment up close.

[] Take a nap
[] Go eat
[] Go check out the mechs
oh hai guiz. I decided to start up this for a bit.

>> No. 4156
[X] Take a nap
>> No. 4157
Slow replies are slow I'll check back in a while, after more people reply. Is anon sleeping in today? Like way in?
>> No. 4158
[] Go check out the mechs
>> No. 4159
[x] Go check out the mechs
I thought it was going to be [X] Aya's fantasies
>> No. 4160
[] Go check out the mechs
>> No. 4161
People are over at /sdm/
[X] Take a nap
It wouldn't be Shirou without sleeping.
>> No. 4163
[X] Take a nap
>> No. 4164
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It was at first, but I kept getting hot and bothered. That and it made me want to play old galge so I had to stop.

Also, original content lol
>> No. 4165
>> No. 4170
[X] Go eat something, we can go see the mechs later
am I the only one up forOM NOM NOM
>> No. 4171
So, we're not getting hot Aya action yet because it was too hot for the person writing it to get through?

This makes me want it even more, now.
>> No. 4172
[x] Go check out the mechs

I smell shenanigans.
>> No. 4177
[x] Go check out the mechs

Store them in our Reality Marble for later use.
>> No. 4179
[x] Go check out the mechs
>> No. 4182
File 121237764634.jpg - (13.89KB , 400x400 , Eientei officer ranks 2.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go check out the mechs

You go out of your room. Your destination is clear - it's off to the hangar. The hanger is conveniently located in a place that's easily accessible from the sleeping quarters. That's logical, since there are times in which the pilots would need to quickly scramble to their mechs. In those scenarios firefighter-like poles open up in the walls and pilots can slide down to the lower levels, and then take conveyor belts to the hangar. In emergency conditions, you figure that it would take a pilot no more than 4 minutes to scramble at slowest. That is including powering up the mech and overriding normal start up procedure. Given Eietnei's advanced radar and detection network, that's more than plenty of time to deal with any threats.

You, however, take the slower route, going by the long boring corridors and taking the service elevator. You pass along the way fellow pilots that seem to sneer at you. Damn it, it pisses you off to see their smug faces. You hold your head up high and continue to walk to the hangar. Passing through security, you soon enter the massive structure. The basic structure of the hanger is simple. It's four like-sized big blocks that house a bunch of mechs. It's a gargantuan structure, with the height of the ceiling being about 50 meters. That's about three times the heights of one of the standard mechs, but you were told that it was so big so as to accommodate the possibility of stacking. You don't see how that would happen since the mechs as they're configured are mounted to large slots on the wall that have access ramps aligned to their mid-torso.

To launch a mech, various elevators and catapults are scattered around the hangar. Additionally, in case that these are blocked, there's a large maintenance access that can be climbed with a mech. Above the hangar is an airfield and a forest. This base is top secret and doesn't show up in most military records. This is to prevent espionage on the part of foreign hostiles. The standard codename for the base is Tycho base, but the name for the above airbase is Eternity Air force Base. The units stationed there are real nuts as well, hardcore and patriotic to the end. You ran into a couple of them boasting of their defense of the nation over what appeared to be cleaning fluid. If that's not hardcore then you don't know what is. Sometimes planes are sent out to help out mech teams that have been deployed. The air support is always a welcome thing in any pilot's book.

You stop in front of one of the currently fielded mechs. It's the Yagokoro Industries' flagship mobile suit, the RX(G)-55. This is the mech that's currently being fielded by Eientei's Mecha Force. There's a support unit as well, but this is the mainstream unit. You think that it's got a distinctive advantage over all of the equivalent competitors. Moriya's Anura type might be more maneuverable and Hakurei's Gohei type might carry a bit more of a punch, but this mech is balanced and can counter both under equal conditions. The strange designs that Hakugyokuro fields also should prove to be inadequate in matching the superior technologies of the 'Callisto'. Yeah, the official nickname of the RX(G)-55 was Callisto, but you had heard the pilots and mechanics more than once refer to it as “Cally”.

You stare at the mech. At a height of 16.5 Meters, it was quite tall. The pilot's hatch can be found in the front middle portion of the body. Normally the mech would either kneel down or special platforms be used in order for the pilot to get it. It's standard compliments included, well, pretty much anything. Eientei's weapons were modular, meaning that they could be swapped out according to the situation. The Callisto carried at all times a spare beam blade as a close quarters weapon and usually had a slug thrower or (more recently) beam rifle as standard issue. However, rockets, bazookas, flamethrowers, and all other manners of weapons could be outfitted as well on the mech. Its great versatility and carrying capacity gave it an edge in dynamic battlefields. The paint job on each mech varied, since they were divided into small three man teams. Each team was allowed to have a variant of the squad's (15 mechs) paint job which in turn was in compliance with their deployment zone. You would hopefully assigned to a 3-man team sometime soon.

As you're staring at the mech, a mechanic hurriedly comes up to to you.

“Kid.” The mechanic says. “You're wanted in the operations room now.”

You turn to look at the mechanic but he's gone. Goddammit, no respect even from the ground crew. At the very least they could not call you 'kid'. At least there's Pops who's on the level. Around here he's the most senior mechanic and even higher ranking officers pay heed to his words. His experience in maintaining and servicing mechs is truly unparalleled.

You shake that thought as you come with grips that you're wanted in the operations room. It surely ain't a social call so you turn about and rush towards the command building. You take the elevator back up to the pilot's quarters. The command building is opposite the hangar, going through the sleeping quarters. You rush through the hallway, trying to make the best time possible. You eventually make it to Ops, albeit a little out of breath. You breathe deep and open the door. The room is filled with charts and screens displaying different data. Most pilots get their briefings here.

Inside is Lt. Inaba.

“Where were you Shirou? It took us a while to get you here?” She scolds you. You try to apologize. “No matter, the important thing is that you're here now. I have some news regarding your assignment.” She gives no pause and continues. “As of 1800 hours today, Junior Lieutenant Shirou A. is to be assigned to the 5th MS team, under the 3rd Squadron of the 3rd Mobile Mechanized Special Force. The Lieutenant shall be assigned under the command of Lieutenant Dan.” She pauses for a bit. “Please verify that you understand and will comply with these orders.”

You come to attention and salute. “Yes ma'am, I hereby have understood these orders and will do my utmost to comply with them.”

“Very well, report to Lieutenant Dan now in the armory to get briefed and collect the necessary materials to comply with your orders. That is all. Dismissed!” The lieutenant salutes and you reply in kind, turning around you walk out of there dignified.

FUCK YEAH. You've finally got your break. You almost want to jump around and sing out of joy, Lt. Dan, huh? You wonder what kind of superior he is. Well, you'll find out soon enough. You head down to the armory, ecstatic. You reach the armory and talk to the supply officer.
>> No. 4183
“I'm Lieutenant Shirou, I'm here to see Lt. Dan.” You say.
“Oh yeah, the Lt. is over there waiting.” He points to a man that's leaning against the wall. He notices your presence and nods. You get close to him and ask whether or not he's Lt. Dan.

“Yeah, that's me. I guess you're the newcomer to my team. Forbes is probably going to give you hell when he sees you, but pay no mind, in my team we play by my rules. And rule number one; no fighting between team members.”

You look at him carefully. He's a powerfully built man. His face is distinctly chiseled and he has a large bushy mustache, evoking the officer's mustaches of the 19th century. His eyes seem a bit shifty, but he definitely has the looks of a good person.

“Any ways kid, with me you can cut the formality. Just call me Dan. As long as you don't forget to cover me out there, I'm fine with whatever you do. Now c'mon let's get you your gear.”

He walks you over to the supply officer.

“We'll be taking a pilot's package. The written orders are here.” He hands the officer a paper. The man looks at it and then goes to get something out back. Soon enough he brings a box. Filled with a couple of books, a spare jumpsuit and a gun and a couple of magazines of ammo. The gun is a standard issue sidearm for pilots, it's a semi-auto slug thrower. It's not much, but it's better than nothing.

“Please sign here.” The supply officer tells you and hands over a sheet. You look it over, confirm that all the items are there and sign it. “Very good sir, I hope you enjoy getting killed.”

Before you can say anything back, Lt. Dan grabs you and the two of you walk away.

“Pay no heed to him, he's just bitter because his pay grade is much lower than ours. Let's leave that in your quarters and go see your mech.”

The two of you swing by your room and you leave your stuff. Then you proceed back to the hangar. The Lt. leads you to a corner in which a lone Callisto is stored. It has a paint job with slightly blue features, particular to the 05th team. It has the markings “04” on the right shoulder.

“This is it kid, it's yours.” Lt. Dan says and throws you an access key. “Open it up and enter your personal identification code. Once you set it to your profile, we can discuss other details.”

You nod and climb the access platform. Opening the cockpit, you sit in the seat and insert the key.

“Welcome to Mobile Suit ID # 41951070

Please enter your ID number and code”

A screen in front of you displays. You anxiously type in your relevant information.

“Connecting to main computer..... Access... granted.

Welcome Lt. Shirou”

Fuck yeah, this mech is now yours. You excitedly turn it off and go back to Lt. Dan.

“Good kid, now to introduce you to your other teammate.” Lt. Dan then points to a man in a pilot's uniform standing by a nearby mech. “That's Lt. Forbes. I'll go call him.”

Lt. Dan then calls the short, stocky man and he comes over.

“Forbes here. Don't get in my way and we'll be fine.” He simply says and then goes away.
“I'm afraid he's not very sociable.” Lt. Dan says with a sigh. “But he's a good teammate. Has a bit of a foul mouth but is a good person at heart.” He walks you over to a table. “Well, now for the most important bit. You need to decide on your personal emblem. The mechanics will spray paint it on your mech and it's unique to you. Your mech number and squadron and team id are also visible, but are less prominent.”

You think about it, man there's a lot of good things that you could put on there. You could go for something cool like a moebius strip. Or maybe a constellation or something would be nice. Then again there's all sort of mythological creatures and symbols you can put. You should think about this carefully.

[] Moebius Stip
[] Yotsuba
[] Death Head
[] Kanshou and Bakuya
[] Other (specify)
>> No. 4184
[x] Moebius Strip

For great justice.
>> No. 4185
[X] Other (specify)

WWII era pin-up
>> No. 4186
[x] Kanshou and Bakuya
>> No. 4187
File 121237901619.jpg - (23.95KB , 334x512 , KanshouBakuya.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Kanshou and Bakuya
>> No. 4188
Something simple, right? Don't want anybody to go through too much trouble.

[x] Moebius Strip
>> No. 4189
[] Kanshou and Bakuya

The only answer.
>> No. 4190
[x] Kanshou and Bakuya
>> No. 4191
[x] Kanshou and Bakuya

A single image forms in your mind as you think about your emblem. Those swords. Those twin yin-yang swords. You don't even know from whence the memory of those swords came from, but you know that they're important to you. Knowing that the maintenance crew won't know them by name, you take a nearby piece of paper and roughly sketch the two swords. One is obsidian, and the other is pearl. Opposing, yet complementary. You think it also has to do with your personal philosophy.

Lt. Dan comes up to you and inspects your design. “Twin swords, eh? And beautiful ones at that. Interesting choice. I'll give this to pops and he'll make arrangements. Now then kid, our next mission is tomorrow at 0700 hours. Be in the hangar 30 minutes before deployment. You have free time until then. Make sure to rest.”

And with that Lt. Dan walks away. You're left alone. You admire your mech again. This trusty gal is your new best friend. You excitedly look her over and you spend about an hour or so checking out the mechanical parts. She's in top-notch shape. Just as you're about to leave you feel a sharp pain on the pack of your leg. You check out the problem and see that a wrench impacted it. WTF a wrench? You look around and see none other than Tewi grinning devilishly at you. Noticing your venomous gaze, she turns away and pretends to not have anything to do with the incident. Goddamn it. This pisses you off to no end. You want her blood, you want revenge. Still, it might not be the best idea to mess around with her, she can make your life even more miserable. It might be wise to just return to your quarters and sleep or go get some grub.

[] Fuck this, revenge is the only way!
[] Shrink away to your room
[] Go get some food
>> No. 4192
[] Fuck this, revenge is the only way!
Stomp her with the mech.
>> No. 4193
[] Fuck this, revenge is the only way!
>> No. 4195
[x] Go get some food

fight the inner demons
>> No. 4196
[x] Go get some food

Not the time for a personal battle. Pick your spots.
>> No. 4197
[x] Go get some food

>> No. 4241
[] Fuck this, revenge is the only way!

Get her back for her antics in LAE, woo!
>> No. 4245
>Lieutenant Dan
Holy shit, we're Forrest Gump.

[] Fuck this, revenge is the only way!
>> No. 4259
[X] Go get some food

We shall challenge that annoying brat to a trial of grievance!!! later...
>> No. 4260
[] Fuck this, revenge is the only way!


Yes, but we may not have a chance to do it again so easily. Strike while we can.
>> No. 4263
well, im pretty sure we can challenge her anytime, and if she's planning on keeping any face, she wont reject a Battlemech duel
>> No. 4272

I was thinking our revenge would be a bit different. More initial Aya-like in behaviour. Won't happen I know, but I can still dream.

Putting that aside though, still a bit too early to challenge her to a duel so we wouldn't do that anyways as a means of revenge. We'd need to break in the suit a little first and learn how to use it properly before we go challenging someone to face off against us, especially if it is someone we're challenging for the sake of our dignity. If our initial course of revenge fails, we can always train a bit before challenging her to a duel but for now, REVENGE REVENGE REVENGE!

Also, her suit would probably be designed for speed and maybe even have a bit of luck hax so we would definately need to get used to our suit a bit before challenging her.
>> No. 4282
[x] Fuck this, revenge is the only way!

This girl has crossed the line. Every ounce of your body asks for revenge. You have to restrain yourself from running over to her and punching her here and now. You, of course, can't do anything so obvious and violent; the whole of the mechanics would turn against you and you'd probably face disciplinary action. No - the answer lies in something more subtle, more devious. You grin as you decide to play a prank on this obnoxious individual. It would be most fitting if you strike at her without her even knowing who did it. Of course, she'd suspect you, but without proof, you'd be in the clear.

You think about your choices. There's got to be something that will really get to her. An item she treasures, or something of the like. You draw a blank. Truthfully, you try to steer clear from her at all times so you wouldn't know if she has a treasured item. Also, you should decide the scope of your revenge, a simple prank like switching her shampoo with ink might only give you personal satisfaction, but something grander could humiliate her in front of everyone. You may not be very popular on base, but you think that you can purchase the cooperation of a couple of junior staff with the resources that you have. That way you could lure her somewhere or distract her for a bit with something. What would Hawkeye do?

[] Put laxatives in her food
[] Superglue her tools together
[] Desecrate her personal belongings
[] Get a bucket of paint to fall on her
[] Other (specify)
[] On second thought, I'm too much of a pussy
Updating this concurrently with the main story. Main story takes precedence so updates here will be slower. Also goddamn MySQL errors. It's like a 4chan board during get faggotry.
>> No. 4292
[] Put laxatives in her food

Voting without reading.
>> No. 4295
[x] Put laxatives in her food
I can see this being turned against us BUT ANYWAYS
>> No. 4296

>> No. 4308
[x] Put laxatives in her food

Colon Blow or Jerked Prunes (a.k.a Caribbean Draino) are good places to start.
>> No. 4318
[X] Superglue her tools together.
[X] With our own special hot glue.
>> No. 4319
If we continue pranking, we need to use some good old military pranks. I've got some good ideas.
>> No. 4336
[X] Superglue her tools together.
[X] With our own special hot glue.
>> No. 4337
[X] Other (specify)
Whack off into her shampoo bottle.
>> No. 4338
[x] Shoot your load into her food
[x] Superglue her tools together With our own special hot glue.
[x] Violate her personal belongings
[x] Get a bucket of your hotglue to fall on her
[x] Whack off into her shampoo bottle.

>> No. 4339
[x] Shoot your load into her food
[x] Superglue her tools together With our own special hot glue.
[x] Violate her personal belongings
[x] Get a bucket of your hotglue to fall on her
[x] Whack off into her shampoo bottle.

Ah what the heck
>> No. 4340
[x] Shoot your load into her food
[x] Superglue her tools together With our own special hot glue.
[x] Violate her personal belongings
[x] Get a bucket of your hotglue to fall on her
[x] Whack off into her shampoo bottle.
>> No. 4341
[x] Shoot your load into her food
[x] Superglue her tools together With our own special hot glue.
[x] Violate her personal belongings
[x] Get a bucket of your hotglue to fall on her
[x] Whack off into her shampoo bottle.
Alright, faggots. Time to pay her back, in full.
>> No. 4342
[x] Shoot your load into her food
[x] Superglue her tools together With our own special hot glue.
[x] Violate her personal belongings
[x] Get a bucket of your hotglue to fall on her
[x] Whack off into her shampoo bottle.

>> No. 4343
[x] Shoot your load into her food
[x] Superglue her tools together With our own special hot glue.
[x] Violate her personal belongings
[x] Get a bucket of your hotglue to fall on her
[x] Whack off into her shampoo bottle.

>> No. 4344
[x] Shoot your load into her food
[x] Superglue her tools together With our own special hot glue.
[x] Violate her personal belongings
[x] Get a bucket of your hotglue to fall on her
[x] Whack off into her shampoo bottle.

Then we shall lol in the shade.
>> No. 4345

Seriously. This isn't the smartest way to go about doing this.
>> No. 4346

Due to the sudden increase of activity all at once where this was slow moving before, my same person detector is slightly rattling.
>> No. 4347
You say that as if we've EVER gone for the smartest way of doing something here.
>> No. 4348
[x] Shoot your load into her food
[x] Superglue her tools together With our own special hot glue.
[x] Violate her personal belongings
[x] Get a bucket of your hotglue to fall on her
[x] Whack off into her shampoo bottle.

I'll vote for it because it made me laugh the most out of all the choices so far.
>> No. 4448
[x] Shoot your load into her food
[x] Superglue her tools together With our own special hot glue.
[x] Violate her personal belongings
[x] Get a bucket of your hotglue to fall on her
[x] Whack off into her shampoo bottle.
Oh wow, and I tought this wasn't worth checking out. I take it back, Full force payback tiem
>> No. 4458
oh god

>> No. 4462
Em... Is it even possible to come THAT much?
>> No. 4463
This was my first thought. Then my thoughts turned to... how does an alternative persona/timeline Shirou know what a hotglue is?
>> No. 4464
Not really, but you'd be amazed at what you can accomplish with a little planning, a couple buckets, and a LOT of time to prepare.
>> No. 4465
Sounds like you know a bit too much about this, care to share this with us?
>> No. 4466

I just had a thought. It would be unexpectedly hilarious if GWs Shirou takes those choices literally or takes them to mean something completely different (as in he really does have "special" hot glue, etc.).
>> No. 4467
I can say this much: You're going to need a good cooler or refrigerator, and make sure you're the only one that uses it. For your own benefit, I would also suggest making sure everything is clearly labeled.
>> No. 4468
You think about what you can do to get back at her. Hmm, you don't seem to have your trusty hot glue gun, so you can't paste together her tools. Same goes for getting a bucket of the stuff. How are you going to get a bucketful of the stuff, when you don't even have single bar? You think about the remaining options. You feel that it's too risky to go to her quarters. Mainly since it's next to the other mechanic's rooms, and you have no excuse to go there. You'd get spotted and if she knew that you did something, she could press charges. Being in front of a military tribunal for conduct unbecoming an officer isn't your idea of fun. This only leaves one course of action then, to tamper with her food. There's no way to individually target her food, since it's a communal kitchen, but you could tamper with all the food, as unethical as that may be.

Then it's decided. Swearing revenge, you exit the hangar and go towards the kitchen. You try to find the service entry for kitchen personnel. You find it and slip in without anyone seeing you enter. Inside, there's no one. It would seem that the current shift just ended and the replacement personnel haven't arrived yet. Perfect. You make your way to the nearby pots and pans full of food. You take off the lid of the largest pot. It looks like some sort of goulash. Excellent. As you're about to tamper with the food, you hear loud footsteps from behind you. You panic and try to cover up what you're about to do. But it's too late. A voice comes from behind you.

“What the hell are you doing, you bastard!?” A gruff voice comes from behind you. You slowly turn around, dreading to see who's there.

A large muscled-man smoking a cigarette dressed in a cook's outfit with a hairnet stands behind you. He's giving you a dirty look.

“So planning to tamper with the food kid? With MY food? You don't know how much time and effort goes into making it.” He says.

You try to apologize to see if the man will spare you.

“No excuses kid!” He roughly blurts out. “Before I kick your ass, tell me why you would mess with the food.”

Seeing no alternative, you start to explain to the manly cook your tale of woe.

“I see, so some bitch keeps screwing with you? Well shit's tough. But unleashing your load in the food ain't gonna make it better.” He pauses for a second and then smiles. “Let me tell you a little secret.” He motions you to come closer. “I already mess with the food.” He whispers.

“Wha-?” You ask him confused.
“That's right kid, I hate this job. Shit pay and bad hours. Also I get no respect from the asshole troops. You officer types are worse. So I exact my own revenge. Remember last week's chicken with orange sauce? Yeah? Well let's just say the orange sauce was more yellow than orange. Same thing with the roast beef. It's full of cigarette ashes and other shit that falls onto it.”

You stay there stunned. You can't believe that the food has been tampered with. You feel like hurling, knowing that parts of the cook went through you.

“Tell ya what kid. You look like a good kid, decent, unlike the other officers. So I'll let you in on a little secret. I make a little batch of food that's untouched every day. Normally it goes to kitchen staff, but tell them that Sebastian told you to eat the 'regular goods' and you'll get it.” He smiles contentedly. “It'll only be you and that cute Lieutenant Inaba that get the normal food.”

You start to thank him.

“Oh, don't thank me just yet. This comes with a price. You're going to help me with my work until I say so. Don't think I'll forgive you for trying to mess with my food.” He grins. “There is no such thing as a free lunch.”

And so, you become the cook's bitch for a couple of hours. He makes you do the most menial tasks like peeling potatoes and carrying sacks of rice while he occasionally stirs a pot. You find it extremely disgusting that he's taken off his hairnet and occasionally his greasy hair falls into the food. Thank god you'll never eat that crap again. Sebastian even dropped his chewing gum into the stew at one point, but he just shrugged and continued to stir. Man this guy is hardcore.

After a couple hours of menial labor, he cuts you loose.

“I hope you learned your lesson kid. My advice, next time just pants her or something.” He says.

You sigh and leave the kitchen. You're completely exhausted. You go straight to your room and strip to your undershirt and boxers. You collapse on your bed and before you know it you're in a deep sleep. You wake up a couple of hours later and check the time. 0550 hours. Huh. Well you decide that it'd be best to get up now. You quickly shower and put on your jumpsuit. You look at yourself in the mirror. Man you love this jumpsuit. And you can't believe that you'll finally be on a real mission today.

You go get breakfast. Remembering yesterday's scene, you ask for the 'regular food' and tell them that Sebastian told you about it. The guy serving the food winks at you and goes inside the kitchen. He then gives you a tray with food. He says something about enjoying your new privileges and you're on your way. You sit down by yourself in a corner. You solemnly eat your food and drink your morning tea. You check your wristwatch. It's 0610 hours. You've still got 20 minutes before you're supposed to assemble in the hangar.

You see Lt. Inaba sitting at a table near yours. You could chat with her to pass time if you wanted to. Alternatively, you could try to hound Tewi a bit before the mission, since you didn't exactly get your revenge. Or you could just head straight to the hangar and wait there.

[] Talk to Lt. Inaba
[] Go bother Tewi
[] Go to the hangar and wait
>> No. 4469
[ ] Talk to Lt. Inaba

Fucking awesome.
>> No. 4470
[X] Talk to Lt. Inaba

Revenge, dish, cold, etc.
>> No. 4471
[x] Talk to Lt. Inaba

It's worth a shot.
>> No. 4472
[] Go bother Tewi

And then

[x] Shoot your load into her food
[x] Superglue her tools together With our own special hot glue.
[x] Violate her personal belongings
[x] Get a bucket of your hotglue to fall on her
[x] Whack off into her shampoo bottle.

Lt's pretend Shirou is like that one Anon in /b/ that stored his sperm in bottles in his fridge and doesn't afraid anything
>> No. 4474
Or you could just accept the results with grace.
>> No. 4475

>> No. 4476
I have no regrets
>> No. 4515

>> No. 4584
[x] Go to the hangar and wait
Let's not be laaaate
>> No. 4696
[x] Talk to Lt. Inaba
>> No. 4712
[] Go bother Tewi
>> No. 4739
[] Go bother Tewi and kill her then rape the corpse.
>> No. 5172
File 121325159094.jpg - (152.29KB , 1004x752 , Briefing.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Talk to Lt. Inaba

You decide to talk to the good Lieutenant. You finish eating and leave your tray on the rack where dirty trays are left. You then to where Lt. Inaba is sitting.

“Good morning Lieutenant.” You cheerfully say. The Lieutenant looks up from her meal and then smiles at you.
“Good morning, Shirou.” She cheerfully replies. “I heard that your first sortie is this morning. You must be looking forward to that, right?”
“Oh yeah.” You reply and sit down. “In fact, I'm supposed to meet in the hanger in a few more minutes with my team leader.”
“Well, I shouldn't keep you then.”
“Oh, don't worry about that. Seeing the Lieutenant for me warrants taking out time out of my busy schedule.”

She giggles.

“Maybe so, but in the military orders are absolute, and if you're late you'll be punished. It is sweet that you made time for me, thanks. But you should get going now.” She says. “Here's a little something for good luck.” She blows you a kiss. Oh that's adorable!
“Right, yes ma'am!” You enthusiastically reply to her happy expression. Man, she's so cute.

You sloppily salute and leave the table. You're in extremely good spirits now. As you go down the hallways, towards the hangar, you greet almost everyone that you meet. Maintenance crew alike and petty officers look at your bewildered. You're so happy that you start dancing a bit. You ultimately reach the hangar doing a one-man show.

It's exactly the appointed time. As you stand around, you see that Lt. Dan is approaching you.

“Good morning Lieutenant. Glad to see that you're punctual.” He says. “Please come with me for the pre-ops briefing.”

You nod and follow the Lt. Into the little briefing room next to the mechs. Inside is Lt. Forbes. You greet him, but he seems to ignore you. Lt. Dan takes no stock of the situation and instead powers up a display.

The display shows a map of the nation of Eientei and its immediate neighbors, the Moriya Confederacy (shown in green), the Republic of Hakurei (red colored), and the Scarlet Union (Shown in yellow). The other states in Gensokyo seem to be omitted. You think a bit about the irony of the name 'Republic of Hakurei', long have they preached peace and freedom, but the truth is they're a fascist and autocratic state, lead by the oppressive Hakurei family. Their republican roots died long ago. Even now they seek to conquer the long-disputed corridor between these four nations. Eientei's position has always been to recognize it as a part of the Scarlet Union, since it's mostly near the large lake that defines that nation. The Moriya confederacy is now in a full state of war with Hakurei, and despite the fact that the fight has only been going on for a few months, already the toll is enormous. Losses on both sides are significant and the neutral factions have suffered as well. You've heard rumors that partisans are rising up in both nations, to fight the military oppression. Your nation has been in a state of alert for many weeks now, and the national paranoia level has reached an all-time high. It's expected that either one of the factions will attack any day now.

You're brought back from your thoughts by Lt. Dan's briefing. He zooms in the map and shows where you're going to go. It seems that you're going on a regular patrol to the northern regions. That is to say, it's a remote area far away from all the front lines. Still, it's important to patrol because of the fact that it might be a blind spot for our national sensor coverage. You'll be gone all day and you're to be back only in the evening. Well, it looks like a boring first mission. You're not sure if that's a good thing. Ah well, at least you're going to be able to see some pretty beautiful scenery.

Lt. Dan finishes his briefing and looks around.

“Any questions?” He asks. “You look like you might have one kid. Don't be afraid to speak up. We've still got some time before we have to sortie. Best you clear up any doubts now.”

Well, do you have anything that you could ask the Lieutenant?

[] Ask why you've got such a boring mission
[] Ask how he grew his mustache into such a badass shape
[] Ask if there's any Intel on enemy troop movements
[] No, best stay silent and just go on the mission
Surprise update lol
>> No. 5174
[X] Ask how he grew his mustache into such a badass shape
[X] Ask if there's any Intel on enemy troop movements
>> No. 5175
[] Ask how he grew his mustache into such a badass shape
[] Ask if there's any Intel on enemy troop movements
>> No. 5178
[X] Ask how he grew his mustache into such a badass shape
[X] Ask if there's any Intel on enemy troop movements
>> No. 5179
[] Ask how he grew his mustache into such a badass shape
[] Ask if there's any Intel on enemy troop movements
>> No. 5198
[X] Ask how he grew his mustache into such a badass shape
probably with engine oil, lol
[X] Ask what are the ordnance loadout options
>> No. 5831
File 121396396956.jpg - (236.14KB , 1536x1750 , Callisto - Shirou.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Ask how he grew his mustache into such a badass shape
[X] Ask if there's any Intel on enemy troop movements

“Lieutenant?” You ask.
“How did you get your mustache to be so badass?”

Lt. Dan smiles with your stupid question.

“Tell you the truth, I don't know. One day I just decided to grow a mustache and this is the result. Glad you like it, but there's no trick behind. I guess I'm just one of the lucky few.” He says with a smile. “Got any real questions, or just questions about facial hair?”
“I've got a legit question.”
“Go ahead.”
“Any intel on opposing force's troop movements?”
“Nope.” He says flatly.
“Just 'no'? Surely there has to be something!”
“Well, we aren't exactly officially at war here.” Lt. Dan says. “We just know that a there's been a lot of chatter within both countries' high commands. They're each planning something, but as to what it is, it's anybody's guess.” He strokes his mustaches as he thinks for a bit. “Part of the objective for this mission is to see if there's any troop movements around where we'll be going. So keep your eyes open. If there's nothing more then you're to board your machines and wait in stand-by.”

After saying so, the three of you leave the small briefing room. You're pretty excited. It's your first sortie. You feel like you're walking on air as you make your way to your Callisto. There's not that many people in the hangar at this time. Now that you think about it, it looks like a lot of the mechs are gone. Have they sortied as well? You hadn't heard of any other operations happening. Ah well, all that matters is your own mission right now.

You stand in front of your Cally, impressed by the sight. There's two service personnel by it, finishing last minute maintenance. You grin as you see that your emblem has been painted on the chest and that your unit's number has also been painted on the shoulder. Man those twin swords look cool. Now you can truly call this mech yours. The service personnel finish up their work and leave, saluting you in the process. You salute back, grinning from ear to ear. Well, no time like the present. You walk up the docking mechanism and board your mech.

Man, it's cozy to be in the cockpit. You close the hatch and start running simulations. You have about 5 minutes or so before the operation begins. You use this time to read the computer's sensor output, making sure that everything is in working condition. Being satisfied with the results, you start your normal start-up procedures. It looks like the mechanics have been taking good care of this mech. What a relief.

A voice crackles through the radio. “Alright team, time to get going.” It's Lt. Dan. “Power up and launch, we'll rally at the first waypoint.” You do as instructed and begin launch procedure.

The launch procedure isn't very complicated. Basically, under normal circumstances, you move the mech into one of the four access points in the hanger and then let a large automated conveyer belt carry you to one of the exits. There are catapults, but those are only used when there is a need to scramble, since they might damage the lower leg region of the mech. Finally, in case that the other two systems are knocked out, a manual exit point is found in the middle of the hangar area. It leads to the surface of the airfield.

Finalizing your launch procedures, you tell the computer to retract the access ramp and move the mech. Despite the sound dampeners, you can still hear the first step that you take. It's a low sound, but it's a satisfying 'thump' that gives you nice feedback on the type of surface that you're on. You continue to instruct the mech to walk forward, clearing the dock. You turn the mech, a bit awkwardly at first, but eventually you start to make for the hangar's exit. You look around on your multiple monitors and take note of all obstacles and ground crew. The large door at the conveyor belt automatically opens at your advance, making a 'whoosh' sound as it opens. There's not that much illumination inside but it's enough to see the conveyor belt and position yourself. The conveyor gently starts carrying on to the outside. The only thing visible no (with your normal sensors) are the occasional points on the wall that are illuminated by dim maintenance lights. It should only take about half a minute to go out on the conveyor belt.

You count anxiously, waiting for this darkness to end. And, even before you count to thirty, a door opens in the distance and you see sunlight flood inside the tunnel. Excellent. The conveyor dumps you outside and you're left standing by a hidden exit by a local forest. It's concealed to any sort of aerial surveillance, and you could only notice the exit on food if you stopped and looked very carefully for the slightly discolored wall. Well no time for idle thought. Time to make for the first waypoint and rally with the others.

It takes you just under 5 minutes to reach the rally point. The your other two team members are already there, waiting.

“Alright.” Lt. Dan's voice comes through the com channel. “We're all here, assume standard formation and use the navigation computer to guide you to the waypoints. We should be alright deep within our own territory but keep scanning the horizon.”

You acknowledge the command and hear Forbes do the same. Now the patrol mission really begins.
Small update to show the readers of this (yes, all four of you) that it isn't abandoned. It just gets lower priority than the sidestories and main story. And as you've noticed, I haven't really had time to update those frequently either.

Also note the awesome artwork that I've comissioned (thank friend, you know who you are). Expect more character and mech sketches in the future.

Also, finally a quick preference poll. I plan to split the story into battle/action sequences and interactions with the characts at base/behind front lines/in occupied territory/etc. Would you guys rather be more in the war or with the characters? I'm currently trying to work both evenly and concurrently.

[] Characters
[] Conflict
>> No. 5833
{X} Characters

>> No. 5906
[X] Conflict

>> No. 5914
[X] Characters
[X] Conflict

Both, obviously. Something like Gadget Trial (you did play it, right?). The war is important since, you know, we're in the military, and so are the characters, else it would get somewhat dumb (we're no one man army. Yet.).

Going to war and kicking some ass, going back to base and show it off to everybody. What could go wrong?