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3862 No. 3862
[x] Follow Aya

Deciding that you have nothing better to do, you decide to follow Aya. You slip by unnoticed into the building. Sure enough, Aya is there waiting for you. She seems to be looking around the entrance.

“So how about that tour?” She simply asks with a smile. Not having anything better to do, nor any objections, you decide to humor her and show her around. You start out by leading her to the inner courtyard, it's what's closest. She comments briefly on how it's nice to have a spot in the interior of the house in which you can relax. Agreeing with her, you carry on to the next location. You decide to skip the bedrooms for now and go to Eirin's clinic. You show her the waiting area and tell her that this is where Eirin works. She asks if you can go in, but you tell her that the door is locked now. She tells you that she's been there once before, but she was doing an interview and didn't have time to check things out.

You carry on with your tour. You show her the kitchen and dinning room. She just nods as you show her these. It seems that she's not very interested. You then decide to take her to the last place of even remote interests - the sleeping quarters. You show her where Kaguya's room is, where Reisen sleeps (from what you've deduced anyways) and your own room. You stop inside of your room for a bit and show her your simple room.

“Ehh, I had expected your room to be different.” She says.
“Well, this isn't really my real room. That's beyond the border.” You tell her.
“Yeah, of course, but still, you've been here over a week and your room isn't that personalized yet.” She tells you. “I don't know, I expected it to have at least some sort of decoration beyond this.” You shrug and tell her that this is your reality. She steps out for a moment and looks around the hallway, seeing no one around comes close to you. You can smell her distinctive fragrance now and she begins to talk to you. She keeps a low voice, as if afraid of anyone eavesdropping.

“So, I really came here tonight to talk to you.” She says.
“I figured as much. What exactly do you want to say?” You ask her.
“It's about what happened the first two times we saw each other.” She says, with no hint of hesitation. It figures she would bring that up. She sees your concerned look and adds. “Don't worry, I'm not here to exact revenge on you, at least not now. I just want to know one simple thing. Why is it that you did it?” Her voice starts trembling a bit. “Why is it that you treated me they way you did? Even though we had just met? Surely your wanting the story to not get out isn't all that there was to it?”

You think. Yeah, there was definitely more to it than just the story. Was it because you believed that you could get away with it? Or was it because of something else? You think about how you feel about Aya. You don't hate her despite her strange journalistic style. You're not sure if you like her, at least in a romantic sense. Your feelings are undecided. You do, however, feel that you care about her and could get along. But this isn't about that, it's about telling her the right thing. She is a being of immense power, and could easily end your life if you pissed her off. So you better not try any funny business. Telling her that you don't know or you did it for her silence might anger her, but if you phrase it right you might get by. On the other hand, you can either sort through your feelings or lie about them, since you're not too sure it wouldn't be exactly lying either.

Aya is staring at you. You can hear her soft breathing. She looks really cute under the pale blue illumination from the moon. You've got to say something, offer her some sort of explaination.

[] Don't know why you did it
[] Did it to keep her silent
[] Did it because you care about her
[] Did it because you like her

>> No. 3863
[X] Did it because you like her.

She is an attractive woman, one must admit. And it was fun hearing her wildly inaccurate article. I think it's fair to say we like her.
>> No. 3865
[z] Did it because you like her.
>> No. 3866
[ ] Rape her here and now
>> No. 3867
[ ] Did it because you like her.

Too bad our dick's too much in pain if she decides to do something h-ish.
>> No. 3868
[ ] Did it because you like her.

A feisty tengu is fine too.
>> No. 3869
[X] Did it because you like her

>> No. 3870
[x] Did it because you like her

Sure, you talk too much. But that's ok.
>> No. 3871
[x] Don't know why you did it
No, I seriously don't know. One minute we were going for an ICE BURN and then we were molesting her the next. What happened?
>> No. 3872

[ x ] Did it because you like her

Vague like is vague
>> No. 3873
[x] Did it because you care about her
>> No. 3874
>>LAE Thread 11, Watanaga-errr day 10 night mochi festival

Higurashi reference, oh FUCK.
>> No. 3875

>> No. 3876
File 12121047957.jpg - (11.78KB , 200x138 , youknowwhereimgoingwiththis.jpg ) [iqdb]
See pic.

Also, holy hannah, that's a big flood of pro-aya.
>> No. 3877

We like our horny tengu, thank you.
>> No. 3878

Too bad this is possibly only gonna turn out quite the opposite.

Seriously, be unpredictable for once guys. Maybe then we won't keep getting bitchslapped at every turn.
>> No. 3879
[] Did it because you care about her
>> No. 3880
[x] Did it because you care about her
>> No. 3881
[x] Did it because you care about her
>> No. 3882
[] Did it because you care about her

Votes are still coming in.
>> No. 3883
[x] Did it because you care about her
>> No. 3884
>>3865 Here

Can't seem to delete this so changing it to this.

[] Did it because you care about her
>> No. 3885
[X] Did it because you like her.

We didn't know her at the time, so saying we did it because we care about her wouldn't make any sense. We WERE having fun with her, though, so saying that we like her makes perfect sense.
>> No. 3886
[x] Did it because you care about her

Caran gaems.
>> No. 3887
[ ] Did it because you care about her

>> No. 3888
[X] Did it because you care about her
[X] Did it because you like her

>> No. 3889
[x] Did it because you like her
>> No. 3890

Guy makes a good point. We had barely even met her when we did it, so why would we have cared for her at the time? We had fun giving her an ICE BURN, and the whole situation was entertaining, though. It would make sense that if we were having fun with her, we would like her.

[x] Did it because you like her
>> No. 3891
Sorry, but [x] because you like her won. Will be writting a bit later due to things I have to do.
>> No. 3892
We need Aya H-Scene now.
>> No. 3893
[ ] Ignore her and kiss her

Keep her guessing. The hotglue gun is out of order though
>> No. 3894

Should've have been putting in the water like you've been doing. Electrical appliances aren't meant to be wet!
>> No. 3895
So very out of order.
>> No. 3896
Shirou will make the impossible possible and let the gun work again just for Aya.
>> No. 3897
The pain! The unimaginable pain!
>> No. 3898
how does broken penis know what cloaca is?
>> No. 3899
Only one way to find out.
>> No. 3900
[x] Did it because you care about her

I leave the spinning of Shirou's half-assed explanation to Teruyo
>> No. 3901
how does broken cloaca know what penis is?
>> No. 3902
You said you would write, i waited for you....
>> No. 3903
F5 does nothing ;_;
>> No. 3904
Oh my, got myself sidetracked. I promise I'll have it up within an hour. Maybe.

On the plus side I've used my time productively.
>> No. 3907
[X] "Why I wonder? Why I wonder? I don't know! I don't know!"

I don't care if it's too late.
>> No. 3908
File 121212586187.jpg - (44.18KB , 318x470 , tomitakeaya.jpg ) [iqdb]
So, how long before Eirin's charred corpse is found in the outskirts of the bamboo forest, and Aya is found dead with her throat clawed out?
>> No. 3909
You know, is the question REALLY why we did what we did?

Because I'm more curious as to why she LET us do what we did.
>> No. 3910

Don't ask me. I wrote that write-in expecting some simple wordplay.

Next thing I knew, we were molesting her.
>> No. 3911
She is a pure and innocent tengu. Let's leave it at that.
>> No. 3912
File 121213150111.png - (85.50KB , 576x700 , tenguw.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Did it because you like her

“Well, the truth is...” You start to say. Aya is now standing really uncomfortably close now. “I did it because I, well, kinda.... umm... like you.”

Aya looks at you and thinks about what you've just said. She steps back a bit and remains silent for a bit. She then softly says. “I see.” An awkward silence passes between the two of you.

“I guess that I could live with that explanation.” She finally says. She then draws closer to you. “It's not the best reason but I think that I can live with doing things like this.” She leans onto you and lightly kisses you on the lips. Her expression is really cute as she's blushing slightly, as she looks at you. She places her head on your chest, and starts to speak. You notice that the hickeys that you gave her on her neck are still very much so visible.

“To tell you the truth.” She starts saying. “I was very confused as to why you were doing those things to me. I was also angry and a part of me wanted to hurt you.” She pauses for a bit. “Depending on what I heard here tonight I just might have decided to exact revenge.” She says so with a smile, but her words send a shiver down your spine. “But I don't know, instead I feel strange. I'm not sure about my feelings anymore. Before my whole life was journalism. But ever since you showed up, I haven't been able to concentrate on it. I... get hot... when I think about what you did to me.” She's completely crimson in appearance now, and she's having a bit of difficulty speaking. “So, if it's... okay with you, I'd like to return the favor.” She says the last bit almost mumbling.

You don't quite understand what she means by 'returning the favor'. You just hold the crow tengu in your arms. She takes her head of your chest and looks at you in the eyes. You can tell she's feeling nervous, as she tries to kiss you again. You accept her nervous kiss. This is completely different from the greedy affairs that you stole from her on your first encounter. There seems to be a shy, almost naive, quality to these. She stops for a moment, as if making up her mind. Then she gets down on her knees and starts to boldly stimulate your crotch. Goddamn, it still hurts quite a bit, but compared to how it was a few hours ago, it's more than bearable.

You just stand there, mesmerized by Aya, as she loosens your kimono and starts rubbing you dick. Her first strokes seem almost hesitant, but despite her extremely embarrassed face, she assertively strokes you meat. She notices the slight discoloration on your member. Gently rubbing you there, she brings her mouth to it and kisses it. You moan in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Aya picks up on your feelings and continues to stimulate your bruise. Goddamn, you must be a masochist because it feels amazing. It definitely hurts to have your member hard, but Aya's caresses make the experience bearable.

She seems to be focused on her task, as she speeds up. Soon, she is using her tongue to stimulate your shaft whilst she concurrently jerks you off with her hands. She licks your penis up and down, licking it as if it were a big lollipop. She stops at the tip and gently licks the opening. Right now you're feeling more pleasure that pain, but you feel like you shouldn't push yourself. She doesn't seemed very experienced at what she's doing, but she tries earnestly to make you feel better. Your cock is sticky with a mix of pre-cum and saliva. Aya uses this as lube and starts to jerk you off a bit harder. It makes your injury hurt more, but you don't really care at this point. You start breathing heavily as you slowly become a slave to the sensation. You even start moaning slightly in response to her caresses.

Aya is absorbed in her task. Deeming that what she's doing is not enough, she stops moving her hands for a moment. You look down at her, she looks back up with an expression that seems to say 'this is payback, enjoy'. She then puts your member in her small mouth. She looks at you and starts to move her head back and forth. It's a completely different sensation that just her hands and her tongue. A damp warmness envelopes you shaft. You gasp as she starts using her tongue to further probe your penis. The room is filled with obscene slurping sounds as Aya gives you head. You focus on the bobbing of her head, the repeating up and down motion. By now, you're so enraptured that you forget all about the pain that beset your penis. You just focus on Aya's motions and surrender to the tengu's blowjob.

Aya herself is getting hot, as she uses one of her hands to touch herself. She reaches under her skirt and is apparently fingering herself. You feel even more excited upon witnessing her playing with herself. You can feel your cock throbbing now, in a mix of pleasure and pain. You're about to reach your limit. Aya notices your bulging member and picks up the speed. The obscene echoes get louder as she gives it her all. The sound in itself is erotic enough to make you cum by itself. This coupled with the amazing sensation pushes over the limit.

Not holding back, you unleash the load you've been storing for over a week now into Aya's mouth. Although you're sure that she expected it, the sheer volume and intensity of the ejaculate makes her gag. She takes her mouth away from your penis, and you can see her struggling to keep all of your juice inside she mouth. She swallows as much as she can and smiles at you. A bit of cum is dribbling from her mouth, but that sight is for some reason really erotic. It's enough to make you sort of hard again. Aya scoops up the semen that escaped with her finger and licks it off. Goddamn that looks hot.

“Now this is a fair payback for what you did to me.” She says, still smiling. “I was surprised at how much came out, though. I was uncertain at first but I hope that I made you feel good.” She blushes a bit. “I enjoyed myself as well.” You're sure you did, you feel that she got really wet giving you head and touching herself. Your member is sort of sore now, it hurts more than it did before this, but you think that it's worth it.

Aya gets up and straightens out her appearance. She also helps you adjust your kimono, so that it looks normal.

“C'mon.” She says. “Let's get back before someone comes looking for us.” She starts to walk away. You want to ask her exactly what she saw your relationship as now, but decide against it, as you see her humming as she walks. Such discussions can wait for another opportunity. The two of you return to the festival. The rabbits are still playing around and the others seem to be talking under the moonlight. It seems that no one has missed the two of you. You shake off the feeling that someone is watching you from beyond the bushes and return to the group.

Apparently everyone has gathered around Kaguya. The two of you approach them. Kaguya is telling everyone some sort of story about her days among the mortals in ancient Japan. Reimu seems particularly interested at the descriptions of traditional Japanese life, and how feudal lords and priests came from all around to see Kaguya. Alice and Marisa seem to be listening as well, but less interested. Aya stands by near the group and you try standing next to Marisa. To your other side is Reisen and Eirin is next to Kaguya in the center. You continue to hear the story, but frankly, it's not as interesting as it would have been if you had heard it from the beginning.
>> No. 3913
After a few minutes, Marisa notices your presence and asks you a question.

“Hey, do you want to drink something? I brought some booze with me ~ze.” She pauses for a bit. “Keep this just between the two of use, I don't have enough to go around for all of use.” You ask her why you. “You look like you're fun to drink with. Reimu gets preachy and Alice doesn't deal well with alcohol. And I hardly know the rabbit.”

That doesn't sound like too bad an idea now that you think about it. She shows you a bottle of a light wine or sake of sorts that she has inside her outfit. Hmm, looks good enough. And it's not like you're absorbed by the storytelling.

“Plus,” Marisa adds. “I've got something to talk to you about. It won't take long anyways, we'll just sit over there by the porch, the others can see us, but they won't even notice us.” She says confidently.

Well, there's nothing that you are doing here anyways. And the booze might help dull a bit of the pain that's coming from your crotch anyways. And you'll be within view of the others, so they won't go chasing you down.

[] Go with Marisa
[] Stay put

Your write-in managed to more or less fit one of my scenarios, so I used it as a replacement for another choice.
>> No. 3914
[] Go with Marisa

Oh god. That was hot.
>> No. 3915
[x] Go with Marisa

Hell yes
>> No. 3916
File 121213204628.jpg - (73.54KB , 560x560 , 119028649754898.jpg ) [iqdb]
Goddamn, I feel my resolve for the NEET wavering...
>> No. 3917
[x] Go with Marisa

What could she possibly want that might be bad?
>> No. 3918
[x] Go with Marisa

Booze for the booze god.
>> No. 3919
[] Go with Marisa

Hmm, maybe we should change our focus to this little crow of ours?
>> No. 3920

A crow is fine too.
>> No. 3921
[x] Go with Marisa

I'd contemplate going for Aya, but Alice is just so ronrey.
>> No. 3922

We can still be a friend to Alice and share a bed with Aya.
>> No. 3923
[x] Go with Marisa

Do want
>> No. 3924
File 121213307121.jpg - (69.17KB , 595x841 , 22842.jpg ) [iqdb]
Aya fuckbuddy = fuckwin.

I just realized, nobody's worked the flying into any h-scenes yet, have they?
>> No. 3925
Depending on which ways their doors swing, we might even be able to hook Alice up with someone.

Marisa would be kinda cliche, but hey, whatever works.

While Aya works her day job as a reporter, we could team up with Alice and to travel around Gensokyo and do puppet shows. At the end of the day, we would go to our respective homes, we would talk with our waifu about how our days went, and then settle down for a night of hot tengu lovin'.
>> No. 3926
[x] Go with Marisa

looks like it already won, but who cares
>> No. 3927

Oh god, I just had a scene play out in my head.

"And so I was talking with Momizi today about any new occur...ences... Um, Shirou? Is something wrong? You look like you've got something on your mind."

"I was just wondering if you wanted to do it right now and tell me the rest of what happened to you today."

Aya gets a smirk on her face.

"Oh...Oh you're a naughty boy Shirou!"
"Well shall we?"
"Yes, lets. I've got a lot to talk about so you better be able to keep up." She says with a giggle.
>> No. 3928
[X] Go with Marisa
/eintei/ Anon sexes up every Touhou he can get without taking any responsibility.
>> No. 3929

one could say eh sexes up the touhous and doesnt afraid of anything.
>> No. 3930
File 121213732099.png - (38.83KB , 500x480 , Marisa6.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Go with Marisa

You decide to go and drink with Marisa. You whisper to her that you'll take her up on your offer and the two of you slink away to sit down. Marisa smiles as she takes out the bottle from within her clothes. You wonder how she's able to move wit ha bottle large as that in there. But you shrug it off, as you realize that most of the clothing in Gensokyo is larger than it looks (as evidenced by your trusty kimono). She takes off the top off of the bottle and hands it to you.

“Here, drink. I don't have any glasses with me, so we'll just have to take turns drinking from the bottle. You don't mind, right? After all, it shouldn't change the taste of the alcohol ~ze.”

Well, you feel kinda awkward sharing a bottle with Marisa, but stranger things have happened to you today than sharing a bottle with a witch. You take a drink from the bottle. Mmm, it's a sweet liquor. Probably based off some local fruit. It sure hits the spot.

“My turn.” Marisa says and takes the bottle. She takes the bottle from you and takes a swig with no hesitation. She gulps down a bit of alcohol and then exhales. “Ahh, that tastes great.” She says.

She hands the bottle back to you.

“So I noticed earlier during the evening that you were manipulating those dolls with no problem.”
“Is that so?” You reply sort of uninterested. You take a swill from the bottle yourself. You hand the bottle back to Marisa.
“Yeah, I was pretty impressed. It looks like you might have some magical skills.”
“Me? Magic?” You laugh a bit. You picture yourself as a magic user. You put on your robe and wizard hat. You cast level 3 eroticism. Haha, you start cracking up. What hogwash.
“What's wrong, why are you laughing?” Marisa asks as she drinks some more.
“It's nothing. I just can't imagine me casting spells.”
“It's not difficult ~ze.” Marisa says as she hands you back the bottle. “It's all about the attitude.”
“Heh. Maybe.” You humor her and drink some more. This stuff is really good.
“I'm serious. You should come see me sometime in the Forest of Magic. I'll give you a crash course on magic.” She says a bit seriously. “But that's not what I wanted to talk to you about.”

The mood changes a bit. It gets a bit more solemn. You hand her the bottle.

“I wanted to ask you about Alice.” She says.
“Eh? Alice? What about her?” You ask.
“I just want to know what your relationship with her is.” She says with a serious expression. She stopped drinking from the bottle and leaves it next to her.
“My relationship with her? Shouldn't you ask her? I've only met her a handful of times.” You say.
“I did, but I feel like she's not being honest with me.” You get a bad vibe from this conversation. Just as you are about to try to change the subject Marisa starts smiling. “I just wanted to know if Alice has finally found someone that she likes ~ze. If she has it's going to be great!” She starts laughing and drinks a bit more. “I would have never thought her to fall for someone like you! It's completely unexpected that you're her type!” She hands you the bottle, laughing.
“Hey, that's kinda rude.” You say as you drink more. “Why wouldn't she like me? I'm nice enough right?”
“Haha, that you are! But you don't understand, she doesn't open up to anyone. Even after all these years she's still not completely honest with me.”
“I wouldn't be comfortable telling you any details, even if I had any to tell you. But like I've told you I've only met her a couple of times. We're friends I guess.” You drink a bit more and leave the bottle between you and Marisa.
“If you say so.” Marisa winks at you. “I won't say anything for now.”

Geez, this girl is completely carefree, you think. You reach for the bottle again and your hand touches Marisa's. She was going for the bottle as well. She's a bit red now due to the alcohol.

“It's my turn ~ze!” She says as she leans forward to grab the bottle. She sort of trips on her own lower body and falls on top of you. Damn the young witch is kinda heavy. She apologizes.

“I'm sorry, the booze got to me ~ze.” She gets up. “Let's finish the bottle. I'll drink a bit and then you drink the rest.” You nod and she starts chugging. After a few moments (more than you would have though it would be possible for her to hold her breath) she stops and gasps for air. “Here you go!” She hands you the bottle. She drank a lot but there's still quite a bit left. Deciding to man it up, you get to it. You start drinking. And you're still drinking. And you need to stop for a breather, but you keep on drinking. Finally you down it all. You gasp for air and let out a belch. Marisa laughs. She laughs so hard that she burps herself. It's a complete surprise to see her do that so you laugh out loud. It's strangely cute to see her flatulence.

The two of you settle down after a bit. Oh crap, it seems like the two of you were a bit too loud. Everyone is looking at the two of you. Marisa just scratches her head. You can't tell from here, but Alice seems to be glaring at the both of you. You can't read her facial expression. Kaguya is also looking at the two of you, probably astounded. Both you and Marisa look at each other and laugh a bit more. Then you get up and go back to the others with her.

“That's not fair! Were the two of you drinking by yourselves?” Kaguya teasingly asks.
“Yeah, but I was the one who enticed him ~ ze...” Marisa try to say with a straight face.
“Geez, Marisa, you've got to control yourself.” Reimu says.
“Oh lighten up! I was just having a bit of fun.” Marisa replies.

Alice is strangely silent and the others just sigh and shake their heads.

“Anyways,” Reimu starts to say. “We were just thinking of leaving. I'd like to thank Shirou for inviting us and Kaguya for being such a gracious host.” The miko bows slightly to the both of you. “C'mon Aya! Help me carry Marisa, it looks like she can't walk properly.”

And so the festival ends. The girls leave, with Marisa and Reimu bantering and Aya trying to help Reimu carry Marisa. Alice just silently left, not even saying goodbye. You feel pretty crappy from the booze, and also because you didn't get to say goodbye to her. The people from Eientei disperse as well, each person going to their own place. You're left alone standing surrounded by overly festive and excited rabbits.

Well, you guess that that was fun. It was certainly a nice change of pace. Well, you're tired and slightly intoxicated. On the plus side, your junk feels better, due to in no small part to the alcohol's magical properties. What can't alcohol fix? You could try to talk with one of the girls now; The girls have each gone off in their own direction. Eirin is standing by the porch, Reisen has gone off near the bamboo trees and Kaguya on a small hill. They all seem to be contemplating something. Alternatively, you could enjoy the nice evening to yourself and take a brief walk. It's sufficiently warm and the moon's light illuminates everything beautifully. Such a nice night should not be wasted. You should do what your heart tells you to.

[] Go see Eirin
[] Go to Reisen
[] Go talk to Kaguya
[] Wander by yourself
[] Just go to sleep

next update might take a while (as if the previous ones have been anything but punctual and quick, M I RITE?). Think carefully and vote.
>> No. 3932
[ ] Just go to sleep
[ ] Dream about Aya

As much I like Alice, Aya might be a bit more interesting result.
>> No. 3933
[ ] Just go to sleep
[ ] Dream about Aya

Boozing it up, getting a hand job and a blow job. All in all an interesting night.
>> No. 3934
[x] Just go to sleep
[x] Dream about Aya

>> No. 3935
[X] Just go to sleep
[X] Dream about Aya
>> No. 3936
[x] Just go to sleep
[x] Dream about Aya

Anonymous knows what he's doing.
>> No. 3937
[X] Just go to sleep
[X] Dream about Aya
>> No. 3938
[X] Just go to sleep
[X] Dream about Aya

Aya rape fantasy
>> No. 3939
[x] Go to Reisen

Are you idiots forgetting the last dream we had? This isn't Tsukihime, we don't get to pick.
>> No. 3940
[x] Go see Reisen

I'm starting to definitely think there's something about anon that looks like they're all the same person!
>> No. 3941
[x] Go see Reisen
>> No. 3942
[z] Go to Reisen

Moon Talkan gaems.
>> No. 3943
[ ] Go see Reisen
>> No. 3944
[X] Go to Reisen

Looking lonely, rabbit.
>> No. 3945
[x] Go see Reisen

>>3939 is probably right. We don't really have any control over what we dream.
>> No. 3946
[x] Go see Reisen

How's it going moon bunny?
>> No. 3947
[ ] Go to Reisen

Definitely an interesting night.
>> No. 3948
This man speaks the truth. You don't get to pick your dreams. And if you were to try lucid dreaming.. then who knows what might happen. Which is why I'm giving the above posters a chance to recant their votes and change it to something else.

That, and my same person senses are tingling. Also voting will be extended for a couple of hours due to general slowdown at this hour.
>> No. 3949

No, obviously it would simply result in Aya growing a cock and molesting us.
>> No. 3950
[x] Go see Reisen
>> No. 3951
[x] Go see Eirin
There is no other resident of Eientei I'd want to pump harder... for general information.
>> No. 3952
File 121214240335.gif - (86.42KB , 600x476 , AgniRudra.gif ) [iqdb]
>Kaguya for being such a gracious host.

Damn, when I saw this line, I couldn't stop imagining those guys in Kaguya's clothes, passing out drinks and cookies.
>> No. 3953
[x] Go talk to Kaguya

Where's the sudden Reisen push coming from? She made Eirin break our precious thing.
>> No. 3954
forgot my vote

[x] Go talk to Kaguya
>> No. 3955
[x] Go talk to Kaguya
>> No. 3957

That was unintentional. You that. ;_;
>> No. 3958
[X] Go talk to Kaguya

Hey there buuuuuuuuuuud-day. What'cha dooooooooooooin?
>> No. 3959
[x] Go talk to Kaguya
>> No. 3960
[] Go talk to Kaguya
>> No. 3961

>> No. 3962
mmmmm, drunken NEET sex. With Kaguya... this idea pleases me greatly. I can just see the vibration in video game controllers being put into good use... or tring to play competitive multiplayer while going at it. Why does this sound so hot?

Regrettably, Reisen won by a small margin. Your abilities to stay on target never cease to amaze me.
>> No. 3963
[] Go talk to Kaguya

To hell with Shameimaru, Hakurei, Kirasame and Margatroid!

I assure you anonymous, the only good ends in Eientei revolve around getting one of the people that live there! All other girls are distractions to try and make you fall! Bad ends BEWARE!
>> No. 3964
Oh god, the things we and the NEET could do with a DualShock and REZ Trance Vibrator...
>> No. 3965

As much as I'd like to object, I have to agree on this one with you, Scorn. Seems that the H-scenes are enough to sway Anon on TENGUW's side.
>> No. 3966
[] Go talk to Kaguya
>> No. 3967
I'd probably be more dead-set on the NEET over all else if I didn't get the feeling she could wind up pulling the old "I don't want to ruin our special friendship" card on us.

Reisen is a possibility, I suppose, and with the way MiG ended there's less reason to disregard her here.

Tewi could be a fun possibility, so long as you don't mind the dream becoming reality, and her shoving her cock in our mouth at every opportunity. You'll probably have to be willing to take it as well as you dish it out to last long with her, anyway.

Eirin? SHE BROKE OUR GODDAMN COCK. Nice of her to be willing to give us that handjob in the first place, I suppose, but her lack of remorse and concern for our well-being makes me think getting our dick twisted into a balloon animal is going to be the least of our worries with her.

Aya, however, has not only put up with our inappropriate advances, but showed care and tenderness when tending to our wounded warrior.
Of course, the fact she let us go so far with her so quickly so soon doesn't speak well of her virtue, but oh well.
>> No. 3968
Maybe you'd be interested in having Eirin kiss is and make it better? Shit happens, and it's not like you've confronted her about it after leaving her place.

As for the others, well, let me assure you that their (being defined here as people at Eientei) routes are all quite interesting. Hell, even the non-Eientei character have pretty interesting routes as well.
>> No. 3969
>Shit happens

Look. This is not the appropriate response to a girl SNAPPING YOUR DICK IN HALF for no good fucking reason (note: there is never a good reason). Are you a masochist or what?

She could've blocked it with her hand and kept it from going past the chair onto the floor, Reisen wouldn't have seen it any more than she saw the handjob in the first place. Would have taken more cleanup but that doesn't even come close to outweighing the alternative. Why didn't she do that, I thought she was supposed to be some kind of genius?
>> No. 3970
>>Maybe you'd be interested in having Eirin kiss is and make it better?

With our luck, Reisen would pop in while she was doing it, and Eirin would bite it off.
>> No. 3971
>and Eirin would bite it off

I'd laugh like a mad scientist.
>> No. 3972
Who cares about staying on target, we have to fuck them all, leave not one out. We will plant our seeds into Gensokyo!
>> No. 3973
Enjoy your Oyashiro-sama no tatari.

Also post within the hour.
>> No. 3974
Even if we die, we can try again in the next world, and if we do it long enough all our egos from all the worlds will create the ultimate Hotglue Anon.
>> No. 3975
File 12121724505.jpg - (97.03KB , 500x500 , b7b93ba5406ce27494b0bb347c180f3c.jpg ) [iqdb]
We need to get Kaguya to go NI-PAH~
>> No. 3978
File 121217418236.jpg - (116.89KB , 480x640 , reisenmoon.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go to Reisen

You decide to go check up on the moon bunny. You feel rather warm on the inside from the booze, as you walk towards Reisen's position. The moon bunny is sitting by an outcropping of bamboo. You greet her and side by her. She seems a bit pensive, but upon seeing you she starts talking.

“So, did you have fun?” She asks.
“Yeah I did.” You simply reply.
“That's good to hear. This month's festival was more lively due to the amount of people present. Normally it's just a few of us.” She smiles. “I guess we have you to thank.”
“Ah no need, I just selfishly invited people I met.”
She giggles and then says. “Selfish or no, it seems like you have a quality that attracts people to your side.” She looks at you in the eye. “I'm sure that you've noticed. Despite people's skepticism, you fit right in somehow.”

You lean back a bit and put your hands on your head. You, fit it? Hah, what a joke. You attribute your interactions thus far mostly to luck than any sort of innate ability. Still, not wanting to spoil the mood, you just lie there and pass the time sitting next to Reisen. She also leans back, and the two of you moongaze together.

To you the moon is a mysterious object. A shining beacon, that despite being always present, hides some sort of message. You recall some of the trivia that you learned somewhere. To the Ancient Egyptians the moon deity was seen as a wanderer, flirting across the night sky. He also was known as a pathfinder. You wonder if the moon too would lead you to your destiny. Such romantic connotations ill-suit you, you think, and you try thinking of something less metaphorical. You think about the space race and the journey to the moon. You can't help but think of how that affected the lunarians. Not being able to hold back your curiosity, you ask Reisen.

“Say Reisen? How did the moon react to mankind's attempt to reach the moon?” You ask the moon bunny.
“Where did this come from all of a sudden?” She asks rhetorically. “I left the moon mid-way, but I can tell you about the first contact.” She muses for a bit. “At first, your attempts were seen as nothing more than an entertaining spectacle. Kind of like you'd find a monkey amusing for using tools, or putting on clothes. It wasn't taken very seriously.”

You frown a bit. To be sure, to an advanced civilization man's first steps towards the moon must have looked infantile, if not more base than even that. You wonder if the lunarians found the soviet's first probe and thought of it as no more than a crafty child's toy.

“At first the lunarians decided to simply hide their presence, in hopes that the humans would just give up upon seeing nothing on the the lunar surface.” Reisen continues. “This is why when the second probe came along a month later, they allowed it to take pictures of a seemingly empty moon. It was only a few years later when the probes started landing and taking pictures that there was some stirring within the lunarians. It was obvious that you humans just wouldn't give up.”

You think back to your knowledge of the Space Race. If you're not mistaken, it was the Soviet Union that achieved many of these first. Landing probes successfully, and even going as far as making some of them orbit the moon. They had completely dominated the scene until the USA leapfrogged them with a manned mission.

“Even as there raged a huge debate amongst lunarian society on what to do, you humans just kept on sending more craft to the moon.” She sighs a bit. “It was around the time of the most intense debates when the unthinkable happened - lunarian technology failed and you humans managed to somehow take pictures of our society. Needless to say, this caused the issue to become even more polarized.” You look at Reisen and see that her expression is now quite sad. “It was around this time that I left. There were talks of full mobilization to repel any sort of human invasion. I left before these talks were even concluded.” You can hear her voice shaking a bit. “And when the humans finally did come, it was a bloodbath, with both sides stubbornly refusing to give up. Eventually the lunarians gained the upper hand and the humans never returned.” She stands up and then looks at you. “And that is that.”

The moon bunny smiles at you. You can tell it's a forced smile, but you don't say anything. You can't think of anything that would make her feel better. She bids you a good night in a soft voice and leaves you lying there. Hmm, it would seem that the lunar conflict is more complicated than it would first appear to be. You wonder just what the hell the USA and the Soviet Union were planning. Exploration? That's the official line. Trade? Not that likely. Subjugation? That's what seemed to have been the attempted outcome. You guess that in order to know more, you'd have to ask Reisen some other time. But it's difficult since she has a strong emotional attachment to the events.

You sigh. How can something so beautiful be a source of pain and conflict? You gaze upon the moon as you think about the fact that you still can't spot the supposed rabbit pounding a rice cake on the surface. Those crazy East Asians. Well, the night air still feels nice. You get up and look around. Apparently everyone else has gone in. It's only you and the rabbits out here. There's not much you could do. But despite the late hour, it seems like a shame to forsake such a splendid night. There is not a single cloud in the sky and the soft rays of the moon give everything an otherworldly glow. It'd be ideal if you could observe the landscape from an elevated vantage point. You're sure that the landscape looks absolutely stunning. Too bad there's definitely no place matching your requisites nearby. Well then, what to do now?

[] Go out for a walk in the moonlit night
[] Go to your room and sleep
[] Continue to gaze upon the moon
>> No. 3979
[X] Continue to gaze upon the moon
>> No. 3980
[x] Continue to gaze upon the moon
Let's go crazy from moongazing, guise
>> No. 3981
[x] Go out for a walk in the moonlit night
>> No. 3982
[X] Go for a walk
while the pain goes away
>> No. 3983
File 121217534319.png - (26.27KB , 699x529 , CUHRAZY.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Continue to gaze upon the moon
Let's get CRAAAZY
>> No. 3984
[x] Continue to gaze upon the moon
>> No. 3985
File 121217567469.jpg - (102.62KB , 800x800 , 1180275115121.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Go out for a walk in the moonlit night

>>You shake off the feeling that someone is watching you from beyond the bushes and return to the group.

Why whoever could that have been, I wonder? I wonder?
>> No. 3986
[X] Go out for a walk in the moonlit night

Oh hai Tewi, I trust you saw the little Tengu blowjob.
>> No. 3987
[] Continue to gaze upon the moon

Madness? No, thanks.

[X] Go out for a walk in the moonlit night

Bear wrestling under the starlit firmament? FUCK YEAH
>> No. 3988
[X] Overdrive, O-O-Overdri-drive
>> No. 3989
I thought you were most in favour of going CRAAAAZY
>> No. 3990

Not in this story. Here, I'm aiming for hot NEET sex.
>> No. 3991
[x] Go out for a walk in the moonlit night

Time for an encounter.
>> No. 3992
[x] Go out for a walk in the moonlit night

It's a beautiful night. It'd be a shame to waste it by just lying there or sleeping. You look up to the sky and feel that the full moon is watching you. That can't be a bad thing, now can it? You set off with no particular destination, taking care of going by a route that you know is free of traps and alarms. Around you, there is some movement - Eietnei's rabbits are frolicking amongst the bamboo plants. They seem happy enough. It must be nice to not have a single care in the world and be able to play around like that.

As you walk through the night, you start to feel very refreshed. You don't know why, but the fresh air seems to be doing wonders for your body. Your pain down there seems to be greatly lessened as well. Thank the maker. After walking for a few minutes, you come to a fork in the trail. You know that both paths should be safe and that they don't really lead anywhere in particular, curving around Eientei. It's really a matter of personal preference here, but you need to decide to keep on walking. This shouldn't be a big deal - if you had a coin you'd flip it to see what your choice should be.

[] Left path
[] Right path
[] Overthink this one
>> No. 3993
[] Overthink this one
>> No. 3994
[] Right path

It's always the right path.
>> No. 3995
[x] Overthink this one
>> No. 3996
[X] Right path.

Overthinking is the disguised KEYAIDS option, I'm sure of it!
>> No. 3997
File 121218093368.jpg - (42.28KB , 280x282 , reality_quantum_junction.jpg ) [iqdb]
[] Left path
[] Right path

Don't overthink this one.
>> No. 3998
[x] Right path
Overthink this one? More like ANEMIA OPTION, AM I RIGHT?!
>> No. 3999
[x] Right path
>> No. 4001

[ x ] Go out for a walk in the moonlit night

Reisen II up in this motherfucker!
>> No. 4002
[] Overthink this one
>> No. 4003
[ ] Right Path
To make things go faster.
>> No. 4004
[X] Correct path
>> No. 4005
[x] Go frolick with the rabbits.
>> No. 4006
[x] Right path
>> No. 4007
[x] Right Path

Whatever isn't right, is wrong, right?
>> No. 4008
File 121218956082.jpg - (62.83KB , 273x506 , fullmoonbamboo.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Right path

Right. Right is right and that's correct. You go down the path to the right. The night air feels good as you trod through the bamboo forest. You walk for a good twenty minutes before the path ends up closing in on Eientei again. You decide to end your nighttime stroll and head back. You can't help but feel like you missed something pretty big by taking this path. Ah well, after a day like this it surely would only be like icing on the top of a cake, right? You try to convince yourself that that's the truth, but the uneasy feeling doesn't go away. It's not often that your whole being tells you that you've made a mistake like this.

You go inside the manor, passing by the last remnant rabbits, and head to your room. You change into your sleeping clothes. You lay down on your futon and reflect upon the day. Most definitely the weirdest day you've had in a while. You're just glad you got through it in one piece. Sure, junior is a bit wonky, but it seems like he'll be fine by tomorrow, judging by your rate of recovery. You hope that no permanent damage occurred.

You think about the festival. It was nice talking to everyone and you had fun. In particular you found it loads of fun to make Albion dance with Shanghai. You are, however, rather concerned with Alice's attitude. She seemed to cloud up when Marisa's name was mentioned. And when she arrived her jubilation also quickly faded. Furthermore, you think she was really upset when everyone saw you and Marisa drinking. But whether she was mad or hurt somehow or just being reserved is difficult to judge. She definitely did not say a single word to you after that and left without even saying goodbye. Reimu and Marisa on the other hand were nice enough. Reimu behaved herself and Marisa, well, turned out to be a pleasant enough drinking partner, despite her annoying questions. You make a mental note to try to drink at a later date with her again.

And then there's Aya. Her attitude to you was completely surprising. You would have never, not in a million years, expected the encounter to have ended that way. For a while you thought that you were going to end up hurled through the air, approaching c and disintegrating. But it seems that the tengu is a complex persona as well, with unclear motivations. What you said to her was true enough, you guess that you like her. But now, you're not sure if the two of you are an item. Crap, you better make up your mind before the next time that you see her. She might get pissed if how she sees the two of you differs from your vision. Despite that threat, you recall the amazing sensation that you felt despite your injury and form a perverted grin.

Not letting yourself get too excited, you next think about the people of Eientei. Kaguya was as nice as ever, you didn't get to speak much, but you felt that you spent quality time together. You're still confused on how your relationship will evolve, but for the moment you're fine with being just her buddy. Having fun and enjoying each other's company should be enough. Despite her looks, she's a strong girl and she clearly knows what she wants. That thought convinces you not too worry to much about things with her.

Finally, your thoughts turn to the moon bunny. Both times that you spoke to her she seemed distant and sad. Even after her explanation there was nothing you could've said to her to comfort her. The scars of the lunar conflict are ever present in her. However, you can feel some empathy for her. You too forsook your society because of stupid decisions and rules made by them. Of course, that's not that similar, but it's good enough for you to understand her feelings. You feel even more disgusted with your world, in fact, when you think about the human greed that caused a war on the moon. You should definitely look more into the conflict and try to understand it. That way you'll understand Reisen better.

You yawn. Your eyelids are now very heavy. Not wanting to fight it, you decide to go to sleep. You close your eyes and before you know it, you're in a near-catatonic state. The last image to go through your mind before you fall asleep is that beautiful full moon.

After what seems to be but an instant, you open your eyes. It's morning now. Huh, you slept like a log. So deep was your sleep, that you didn't even have any dreams. You rub your eyes and shake off your drowsiness. Well, it's a new day and you don't have anything set to do. For now, you should decide what to do first. Later you can decide where to go or who to speak to.

[] Go get breakfast
[] Try to sleep a bit more
[] Meditate
>> No. 4009

[] Meditate

Teach me! God-sensei
>> No. 4010
[X] Go get breakfast.

Fill up before trying to meditate.
>> No. 4011
File 121219015486.jpg - (83.73KB , 450x450 , 1205977183302.jpg ) [iqdb]

[ x ] Go get breakfast
>> No. 4012
[x] Go get breakfast
>> No. 4013
File 12121904384.jpg - (34.15KB , 250x355 , RaptorJesus04.jpg ) [iqdb]

Sorry, he is a bit busy right now.


[x] Go get breakfast
>> No. 4014
[] Try to sleep a bit more

To catch a NEET you must think like a NEET
>> No. 4015
File 121219128264.png - (117.23KB , 438x382 , IDORT2.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 4016
[X] Go get breakfast

It is the most important meal of the day.
>> No. 4017
[X] Go get breakfast
>> No. 4018
[x] Meditate
>> No. 4019
[] Go get breakfast
>> No. 4020
[X] Go get breakfast

Meditation will be easier once we free ourselves of the earthly desire of hunger.

With food.
>> No. 4021
>You can't help but feel like you missed something pretty big by taking this path.

will you fucking stop that already
>> No. 4022

Seriously. It's nice that you want us to make choices for a more interesting story, but don't try to lead us by the hand and mention we missed out.
>> No. 4023

don't worry, it's not like it was a tewi blowjob route or anything.
>> No. 4024
Fairly sure that this time it was a joke and he'd say that no matter which option we picked.

Point stands, though, it happens too much both in this story and others.
>> No. 4025
No. I reserve my right to possibly mess with you or not at all times. All choices have their consequences be them subtle or not. Even when you get to choose again from seemingly the same choices, things will be different. That being said, there is no such thing as a completely useless choice here.

Also, I would be writing but I somehow screwed with my 3-month uptime and OS and now have to reinstall my os, so I guess that I'll resume within 3 hours, possibly a bit more.
>> No. 4026

Three hours, huh? I guess I should go and get smashed.
>> No. 4027
[ ] Go get breakfast
Start with food.
>> No. 4028
[X] Go get breakfast

Let's go eat Aya.
>> No. 4029
What the fuck, Teruyo.

Three months?
>> No. 4030
*nix. Only need to restart when I fuck up or update the kernel.

Also, I'm sorry but it'd seem that I spent to much time on my pc and won't be doing any more updates until I get some shuteye. However, I promise to work something in as form of compensation, perhaps in the form of a sidestoy.
>> No. 4031
that's nothing
>My uptime is: 192d/11h/31m/19s
Fuck yeah, everest ultimate edition.
>> No. 4032
>> No. 4033
MiG has left me in despair. We need moar LAE to balance out the GRIMANDARK.
>> No. 4034
This Man speaks the truth.
>> No. 4035
[x] Go get breakfast

Go decide that going to grab some chow is probably a good first step. You get dressed and leave your room. You try to hold in a yawn, but it escapes you anyways as you navigate the corridors. It's still kinda early. As you walk along, you think about how this place has changed you. You would have normally never gotten up at a normal hour little over two weeks ago. To a NEET, it's important to set your own sleep cycle, rather that nature's, in order to maximize the acquisition of new shows and games during your hours awake. Funny how things can change almost overnight. You're not sure if the change is for the best yet, but it's suited your needs here just fine up to now. You smile at the twists of fate as you arrive at the dinning room.

Seeing no food on the table, you go to the kitchen. How strange. There's no one in the kitchen at this hour either. Normally, Reisen or one of the rabbits would be cooking something or at the very least present. You try not to overthink the situation and just grab a couple of eggs and a frying pan. Turning up the heat on the stove you make scrambled eggs. You don't know why you decided to go for eggs, but it just felt natural to do so. You quickly wolf down the eggs and pat your stomach, satisfied. Nothing like a decent breakfast to get your day started. You then leave the kitchen and stop by the bathroom. It's important to properly relieve your body in the morning as well. As you take your morning piss, you joyfully notice that the discoloration on your little buddy has subsided, and now that you think about it, the pain is mostly gone. Thank god.

Elated at the discovery, you walk out of the bathroom with a smile on your face. Your mood couldn't be better, and you can't even remember why it happened anymore. You wander around the hallways with no particular destination. You're somewhere near your room now. Then you notice that there's a door that's slightly ajar in the hallway. You can't remember what's supposed to be there. However, you think you see some movement so someone should be in there. You can't think that clearly in your euphoric state. However, you're pretty confident that you have no reason to fear, after all there's nothing worth being scared off in Eientei. You could go inside to check out what's in there. Or you could try to be a little bit more cautious and peek through the opening. But then again, since you're in such a good mood, maybe you should keep on moving. Your final destination was your room, where you could plan what to do next. Maybe going straight to your room would be best.

[] Go into the room
[] Peek through the gap
[] Just go to your room
>> No. 4036
[] Peek through the gap
>> No. 4037
[x] Go into the room

Quit pussy footing, just go in.
>> No. 4038
[] Peek through Yukari's "gap", if you know what I mean.
>> No. 4039

[] Continue to your room

boring is more my style
>> No. 4040
[x] Peek through the gap
>> No. 4041
I'm having a hard time deciding on this one. :<

But eh, I think I might play the route that feeds my curosity but is safe too.

...then again that could also be a trap.

But if I go back to my room, then I might miss out.

Then again....heading straight in might totally destroy any sort of friendship with whomever is in there, depending.

Agh, Teruyo, you mindfuck a good one!

[x] Go into the room
>> No. 4042
[x] Drop pants, whip out newly invigorated glue gun, insert into gap.

A man's duty.
>> No. 4044
[x] Peek through the gap
>> No. 4045
My reasoning, although flawed, is like this. By peeking, you risk getting caught and labeled a type of pervert.

However, if you just walk in, you don't look to be some lurker and can probably explain your action in some way. Nothing to hide.
>> No. 4046

This guy has the best logic.
>> No. 4047

Are you being serious? Because if you are, I could really use the positive reinforcement.
>> No. 4048

After going through the options myself, that was specifically why I voted for that choice myself. :V
>> No. 4049
[x] Go into the room

Meh, doesn't afraid of anything,
>> No. 4050
[x] Go into the room
>> No. 4051
[x] Go into the room

Not scared at all.
>> No. 4052
[x] Knock first

Wow, I must be some kind of genius.
>> No. 4053
This man spoke the truth...
but this man's logic is flawless

[X] knock before going in
if not possible (due to shirounymous having itchy hands or something)
>> No. 4054
[X] Go into the room and strike a manly pose.
>> No. 4055
[x] Go into the room

Ah what the hell, you'll just go in. No need to be stealthy. You just burst through the door, like the motherfucking Kool-Aid man.

“OH, YEEEAAAAAAH!” You exclaim as you go into the room.

Well that was dumb. Standing in front of you is a half-dressed Reisen. Well fuck. You can't really see her undergarments since she's got a towel draped over her. Well, you feel pretty stupid. You just stand there out of shock.

“Umm...” Reisen begins to say. “Could you please leave the room while I'm dressing?”

All you're able to do is nod and turn around and leave. God you feel stupid. What the hell was the big idea of going into a room without knocking? You didn't even get the 'satisfaction' of being called a pervert or seeing Reisen scream out and blush. You stand outside the door, brooding over this catastrophic failure. After a few minutes, Reisen comes out dressed.

“Really Shirou, you shouldn't go into other people's rooms just like that.” She says. Oh, so that's what that room was. It was her room. “Plus it's embarrassing if you see me in my underwear.” She adds quickly.

Wait? Was she being deredere right now? You turn to look at her but she's closing her door and looking away. Man, you're slow today.

“Did you have breakfast yet?” Reisen asks you as she turns to you. You nod affirmatively. “Ah, that's too bad. I'm sorry, but I overslept today. I had to clean up the remnants of the festival last night with some of the other rabbits. Anyways, if you'll excuse me, I've got to make breakfast for my master.”

And with that, she leaves. How disappointing. You shake your head at your failure and continue to your room. Well then, you've got the whole day ahead of you. Judging by the hour, Kaguya is probably still sleeping, and as a fellow NEET, you know that waking her would be inconsiderate. Then there's Eirin. You could always go see her, but your dick still hasn't forgiven her it would seem. Despite that that whole incident was kinda your fault as well. Other than that, the long corridors of Eientei seem to hold nothing else. You could always go out. There's plenty to do out there. From the village to the Hakurei Shrine, there's a whole range of options waiting for you. And lastly, you could try to use your imagination and play again, which given your many options seems like the most wasteful one.

[] Go and try to see Kaguya
[] Go see Eirin
[] Leave Eientei
[] Play around
>> No. 4056
[x] Play around
Fuck yeah wasting time
>> No. 4057
[x] Leave Eientei

Go visit Alice and ask her why she didn't say goodbye.
>> No. 4059
I've revised my old theory about Marisa abusing Alice, now I'd say that Marisa plans on stealing you from Alice in order to get at her. Alice naturally is now paranoid of Marisa and that's why she hid you away and got uppity when you and Marisa drank together.

[] Go see Eirin
>> No. 4060
[] Go see Eirin
>> No. 4061
[x] Leave Eientei

I would say maybe Kaguya but this has so many options...you can't just pass it up!
>> No. 4062
[X] Leave Eientei

Possible people to see:

Alice, to try and understand why she acts strangely when we're with Marisa.

Aya, for various reasons, including getting a better handle on our relationship.
>> No. 4063
[x] Go see Eirin
Got to research how to build a cup to protect our third leg from Eirin's talons.
>> No. 4064
Christ, we are too much of a jackass to even get Reisen. Switching to secondary target.

[X] Leave Eientei, stop by the village to buy flowers or tea or something, go see Alice

>You could always go see her, but your dick still hasn't forgiven her it would seem. Despite that that whole incident was kinda your fault as well.
No it wasn't. What the fuck?
>> No. 4065
How would that help if you willingly let her grab your member anyways?
>> No. 4066

We learn magiks for any future scenarios. Give an electrical shock when your little buddy is in danger.
>> No. 4067

"No! I must protect the dick" Anon shouted
The radio said "No, Anon. You are the dick"
And then Anon was Robocock.
>> No. 4068
[x] Go see Eirin
>> No. 4069
[X] Leave Eientei
>> No. 4070
[] Go see Eirin
>> No. 4071
[X] Leave Eientei, stop by the village to buy flowers or tea or something, go see Aya.

Our pants and our cock are forever closed to Eirin from this point forward.
>> No. 4072
[X] Go see Eirin

Who the hell gives a damn?
>> No. 4073
[X] Go see Eirin

tasukete eirin~

Seriously, we should finish our lessons.
>> No. 4074
[X] Leave Eientei
>> No. 4075
[X] Go see Eirin

May as well finish our lessons with the scorpion woman.
>> No. 4076
[X] Go help Reisen make breakfast
can i pleeeeeease? we'll slowly build a bridge into her, or maybe not, but i hope so
>> No. 4077
[x] Play around
[x] With yourself

Make sure everything is indeed in working order.
>> No. 4078
I agree with this man. MiG anon failed with Reisen; we should succeed in his stead.
>> No. 4079

Even if it failed, MIG was more than enough reisen for me.

Try something new.
>> No. 4080
File 121229979045.jpg - (40.74KB , 400x444 , 1sb5.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go see Eirin

You decide to go see Eirin now. Your little buddy starts aching a bit at the though, but you ignore it and decide to go see her anyways. You head towards the clinic. You reach the waiting area and see that there's no one as usual. Is there anyone who comes to see Eirin? You discard the idle thought and knock on her door. You wait a bit and then hear her reply. You enter her office. She's not sitting at her desk as per usual, but is instead doing something with a bunch of chemicals towards the back. She looks up from her work to see who it is.

“Oh it's you.” She says. “Please sit down and I'll get to you in a second.”

You follow her instructions and sit down. You watch her pour a red chemical into a vial of blue. After a few seconds she gently swirls the liquid and it turns yellow. She holds up the vial and examines it carefully against the sunlight. Seemingly satisfied, she puts a cork on the vial and leaves it on a rack. She then walks over to you.

“So,” She begins to say. “Did you come here for your lessons? Or is about your injury?”

She doesn't wait for an answer as she forcefully starts to take off your kimono's lower part. You try to raise your voice in protest, but she just shushes you and continues to take it off. She then just outright grabs your penis and starts to examine it. While it's a bit exciting to have a woman be so rough with you, you try to ask her what the hell she thinks that she's doing.

“I'm just doing a follow-up examination here.” She says without so much as glancing back at you. “It looks like I was right and it wasn't serious. Any pain you have should subside within the day.” She then proceeds to put your pants back on. She gets up and applies some sort of antibiotic gel on your hands (at least you think that's what it is).

“So,” She continues. “I assume that you're still upset at me? Even if that's the case if you're here, that means that you're at least willing to move on. That's good.” She smiles her usual mature smile. “It takes a mature person forgive and forget.” She then continues. “What can I say? I did not wish for Undongein to see what we were doing and that was the most efficient way to stop you from erupting all over my plans.”

THAT'S IT!? You're really pissed that her logic is so cold and calculating. Sure it's consistent with her personality, she did offer to give you a handjob just to relieve you so that you could concentrate in the first place. But since it's something so dear to you, you can't help but be upset.

“You almost permanently damaged my penis just so you could save face in front of Reisen!? I went through a lot of pain and suffering because of you!” You lash out at her. She simply smiles at your accusation.
“Now now, it was hardly permanent damage. Besides for who's sake do you think I did that anyways? Definitely not for mine.” Her expression changes into a more serious one. “I, for one, do not care what Undonge thinks of me or what I do. You, however, probably do. What do you think would have happened if she had seen you like that?”

You try to think at how Reisen would've reacted. She probably wouldn't be talking to you, and to make things worse she'd have told Tewi probably, and that'd be something that the other rabbit would have held over your head.

“So, you realize that it wouldn't have been a beneficial scenario for you?” She says after looking at your expression. “Yes, I apologize for the pain, but that's something you wished to experience yourself. I tried to offer you painkillers but you just walked away.”

Well, crap you're still mad but, she does bring up fair points. You guess that you'll just have to reconcile the rational aspects of this incident with the irrational sentimental aspects eventually. It doesn't have to be now, but if you want to work with Eirin you have to.

“In any case, if you came here for a lesson, I'm sorry but I'm busy right now. I have to discuss an urgent matter with Kaguya. So come back in the afternoon or evening and then we can back at it.” She thinks for a bit. “Oh, and if you can't handle the pain, take one of these.” She takes a bottle of pills from her drawer. “It should help you cope with it. They're pretty powerful, so you'll feel drowsy as well. Don't take one if you're away from here.”

Then she smiles at you one more time and says something surprising.

“Once again I'm sorry, but if you ever want to deal with stress again I'll help you out. Properly, that is, instead of what happened last time.” She blows you a kiss and then walks away.

You're left feeling confused. You're not sure if she was sorry or if she was messing with you. Maybe both? Your testosterone tells you that you've got a good deal, with her final promise. But your emotional side is still hurt by her actions and your rational side is trying to reconcile with her. Ah well, at least you've scored free painkillers. You examine the bottle. You recognize the symbols from your lessons, it seems to be a strong drug that affects your nervous system directly, making your pain dissipate and making your dopamine levels soar. Wow, this is one hell of a drug. You see a couple of other symbols you can't understand, but they seem to be only minor effect so it shouldn't matter.

You get up and walk out of her office. Off to see Kaguya, huh? Well that puts a lid on your plan of seeing Kaguya. You instead have apparently two options here, either out or try to find something to do at Eientei. You could probably try to see if you can discover any secret chamber or something by wandering around, or you could go to your room and find something to do there. Although that sounds kinda boring and your chances of finding anything are slim. Outside holds a lot of promise. At least until afternoon comes and you can go see Kaguya or Eirin then.

[] Wander around
[] Go to your room
[] Leave Eientei
>> No. 4081
[] Wander around

>> No. 4082
[x] Wander Around

I think I'm feeling sore for Reisen now. I know this might be a trap but eh, we can go outside later.
>> No. 4083
bitch! stop teasing us
[X] Leave eientei, go see Alice
>> No. 4084
[ ] Leave Eientei
>> No. 4085
>>I agree with this man. MiG anon failed with Reisen; we should succeed in his stead.

Funnily enough, despite seeming to have an even more severe case of ADD than MiG Anon, old Shirou has still managed to get far more action in just the few days he's been in Eientei than MiG Anon has in all the days and/or weeks of his little journey.

All MiG Anon has managed is a kiss, a cuddle, and some drool on his arm.

Meanwhile, Shirou's had hugs from Alice, bathing with Reimu, kissing and getting kissed (with some tongue) by Kaguya, sleeping and cuddling with Mokou, getting Keine drunk and using her ass as a pillow, that whole dream sequence with Tewi, a botched handjob from Eirin, and twice molesting Aya and getting a blowjob from her as payback.

...now that I think about it, how the hell are we still alive?
>> No. 4086
[x] Leave Eientei
To Alice's house.
>> No. 4087
[x] Leave Eientei
Get a Mana Transfer from Marisa so we have the magic required to perform Unlimited Fig Works.
>> No. 4088
[X] Leave Eientei, pay Alice a visit.

Though I'd much rather head to town or the mountain, I think we should go check up on our friend, considering how she seemed last night.
>> No. 4089
[x] Leave Eientei
>> No. 4090
[X] Leave eientei, go see Alice
>> No. 4091
[x] Leave Eientei

You decide to leave Eientei for now. Your alternatives sound so much more alluring. You leave the building through the main entrance, encountering no one on the way. You step outside and see that it's a beautiful day. The sun is shining and there a only but a few clouds in the sky. You start to whistle a song. It's spontaneous but it feels like something that you should do. You continue down the path that leads away from Eientei.

Well then. Where should you go? On a lovely day like this it might be nice to take a walk along somewhere picturesque, like say by the lake. That would be refreshing. Alternatively you could go to the village and do a bunch of stuff. You could drink a bit, go see Keine, or just wander through town and maybe grab a cup of coffee or check out any shops there. If that's the case you could go somewhere else if it didn't suit your needs, it is just morning after all. Let's see, you could try to go to Youkai Mountain as well, and see Aya or just mess around. Ah then there's the Forest of Magic. You could go see Alice or Marisa, even go to Kourindou if you wanted. And beyond that lies the Hakurei Shrine, you could go see the miko as well. You have a bunch of places where you can go and plenty of time, no need to rush.

[] Go take a walk by the lake
[] Go to the village
[] Youkai mountain is my destination
[] The Forest of Magic sounds good now
[] Go straight to the shrine
>> No. 4092
[x] The Forest of Magic sounds good now

I think you know where we want to go.
>> No. 4093


[X] Youkai mountain is my destination.
>> No. 4094
[X] Go to the village

Keine time is the best time. Also, fuck Eirin's logic.
>> No. 4095
[x] The Forest of Magic sounds good now
Unlimited Fig Works.
>> No. 4096
[x] The Forest of Magic sounds good now

Alice or Marisa would be interesting.
>> No. 4097
[x] The Forest of Magic sounds good now
>> No. 4098
[x] Unlimited Fig Wo-I mean, The Forest of Magic sounds good now.
>> No. 4099
[X] Youkai mountain is my destination.

Eh. I changed my mind.
This mountain is made for climbing.
>> No. 4100
[x] The Forest of Magic sounds good now

You decide to head on down to the forest of magic. You can bypass the village, and you're still not comfortable with seeing Aya. And since you want to see someone the walking by the lake is unnecessary. And the miko isn't exactly your top priority either. You set your course for the forest. Having gone there several times before, you find that it's no problem to get there in little time. Well, you've reached your destination, now you've got to decide where exactly to go.

You could go to Kourindou, and check out the wares there. Of course there's the matter of the shopkeeper, but you think he shouldn't be a problem. Then there's the obvious choice of going to see Alice. You don't know if it's wise to go see her right away, considering how she left without saying anything. But then again, it might be a good thing to try to clear things up. Either way, the enigmatic dollmaker is hard to comprehend. And lastly, there's Marisa's shop. You could stop by to chat with her, ask her to give you that crash course on magic, or just hang around with her. It might be useful to speak to her regarding Alice as well. Well, your choices are clear here.

[] Go to Kourindou
[] Go to Alice's
[] Go to the Kirisame Magic Shop
[] Maybe its best to go somewhere else
Also if the reply speed doesn't pick up I might consider postponing until later.
>> No. 4101
[X] Go to Alice's
>> No. 4102
[] Go to Alice's
>> No. 4103
[x] Go to the Kirisame Magic Shop
I have no regrets. This is the only path.
My whole life was "Unlimited Fig Works".
>> No. 4104
[] Go to Alice's.

Let's see whats up with her.
>> No. 4105
[x] Go to Alice's
[x] Invite her to go harass Marisa
>> No. 4106
[X] Go to Alice's

Why even fight it?
>> No. 4107
[x] Go to Alice's

Something's up with her, might as well see what.
>> No. 4108
[x] Go to Alice's

We can go to Marisa's on the way out after we know what Alice's problem with her/us is.
>> No. 4109
[X] Go to Alice's
>> No. 4110
[x] Go to Alice's

Well, you quickly decide to go to Alice's place. You really want to see her. It was unsettling to see her go last night without saying anything. You make your way through the forest, making sure to avoid the penis-tentacle plants. Last thing you want to do is get raped and eaten by some sort of weird plant. Seriously, sometimes Gensokyo has the weirdest shit. You use your previous knowledge to quickly navigate the forest. You arrive at her place in record time as well.

You go to her front door and knock. Everything seems fine on the outside, but no one answers. You wait a while and then knock again. Maybe she didn't hear the knocking the first time. Nothing. Even after waiting for a few minutes there's no sign of movement nor a reply from within the house. Well damn, it seems like Alice is not in. You peer through a window and see that it's completely dark inside and there seems to be no one moving about. Well, you've come here for nothing it would seem.

You sigh. Not only at the fact that you wasted your time, but also the fact that you aren't going to see Alice. You guess that you better go somewhere else then. You have no idea where Alice has gone so you couldn't track her down. This sucks.

[] Go to Kourindou
[] Go to the Kirisame Magic Shop
[] Go to Hakurei Shrine
[] Go somewhere else
lol, brief updates.
>> No. 4111
[X] Go to the Kirisame Magic Shop

Oho. Patience is a virtue, I suppose.
Well, let's just go see Little Miss Black-White, and get this out of our system, shall we?
>> No. 4112
[] Go to the Kirisame Magic Shop
>> No. 4113
[] Go somewhere else
Oh hi
>> No. 4114
[X] Go to the SDM
>> No. 4115
[x] Go to the Kirisame Magic Shop

Albion shall become the strongest doll.
>> No. 4116
A small voice tells you to 'go to the SDM'. However, you don't know what that means, and even if you did, you wouldn't know how to get there. Maybe you should decide to go somewhere you actually know of?
>> No. 4117
Ah well,
[x] Go to the Kirisame Magic Shop

I'ma wizard! Hear me roar
>> No. 4118
[] Go to the Kirisame Magic Shop
>> No. 4119
[x] Go to the Kirisame Magic Shop.
>> No. 4120
[] Go to the Kirisame Magic Shop

actually I have a witch moe
>> No. 4122
File 121231136770.jpg - (158.31KB , 280x934 , marisa5.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go to the Kirisame Magic Shop

Since Alice isn't around, you decide to go visit Marisa instead. Who knows? Alice might be with Marisa anyways. You take the now familiar path towards the Kirisame Magic Shop. Huh, there's a signpost that wasn't there before. You go check it out. You can't read the text, but it looks like some sort of runic. Below it there's a scribble someone made. You read it.

“Blue was here. Red is a loser.”

My, what a mean thing to say.

You decide to carry on and continue on going towards Marisa's. Soon enough you reach your destination. You go up to the door and seeing the 'open' sign you go in. As usual, the shop is not in the best condition that it could be, with 'products' littered all across the place. You see no sign of the proprietor. You walk in and try looking for her.

Soon enough, Marisa comes charging from a door to the rear. She seems to be looking for something. She notices you standing idly by.

“Hi there!” She greets you. You reply in kind. “Great timing! I have something to do now and I could sure use your help ~ze. You look like you're pretty handy.” She continues to move through the shop looking for something as she speaks. “I'll even reward you if you help me out properly.” She stops by a pile and starts scooping out things. “Aha~ found it!” She takes out a small wooden box that seems to change color every time you look at it.

You ask what she needs help with. She starts to take two pins, shaped like crescent moons, from the box. Then she closes it. She then turns to you.

“Well, normally I'd do this by myself, but since you're here you can help me carry stuff and find the things I need quicker.” She says.

You tell her to explain from the top.

“Ah you see,” She starts explaining. “I need a couple of books as reference material. And they're found in a library.” She then starts smirking. “And well, I'm not exactly allowed to take them with me, so I have to find ways to 'liberate' them, if you follow me. Anyways, I could use your help in finding them and carrying them out. It should be easy. If we use these.” She indicates the pins. “We should be more stealthy and better yet, be able to communicate amongst each other.”

You think about it. It'd be a good thing to be on Marisa's good side, and plus a reward does sound sweet. You don't think that anything too bad would happen to you. After all, Marisa is pretty powerful.

“Well then, decided?” Marisa asks impatiently. “If you want, I'll give you a few basic pointers before we go on magic, so you can save yourself if you're caught in a pinch. But we need to go soon, later in the day the librarian is more aware of people in the library.”

Well then, your choice is clear, help Marisa and get rewarded, or back off and go somewhere else. You are curious to see what kind of library this is, with books that would interest the carefree Marisa. The risks don't seem that great, being in touch with Marisa at all times plus having a quick course on magic. Still, you should do what you're most comfortable with.

[] Go along
[] Refuse and go somewhere else
>> No. 4123
[x] Go along

>> No. 4124
[] Go along
>> No. 4125
What do you think?

[x] Go along
>> No. 4127
okay, slow replies + wasted = resuming in a couple of hours from now.

Expect a new thread as well. I nominate the rest of this thread to being comments/conspiracy theories (I love yours in particular scorn).
>> No. 4128
[x] Go to the Kirisame Magic Shop
Alice could be there, you never know.
>> No. 4129
[x] Go along
>> No. 4130
[x] Go along
>> No. 4131
[X] Go along


Slowpoke, still alive, etc.
>> No. 4132
[X] Go along
/Eientei/ is now /the forest of magic/
Marisa and Alice are more interesting than the Eientei Characters. Even Aya is more interesting.
People seem to want to see more Alice for Anon, as do i too.
>> No. 4133
File 121231844266.png - (39.31KB , 236x231 , REDREDREDREDREDREDRED.png ) [iqdb]
>“Blue was here. Red is a loser.”
>> No. 4134

I hope he never has a reason to visit Marisa. Otherwise, we might just have to give his dear brother a call (if he's not too busy almost raping Renko).
>> No. 4135
[x] Go along
>> No. 4137
why don't you kids like the NEET, faux-doctor, and the moon bunny (and to a certain extent the earth bunny)? Or say even Mokou and Keine is fine too.

Don't answer that, it's a rhetorical question. That said, I've mostly recovered from being smashed so (unfortunately) I'll go back to writing.
>> No. 4138
File 12123287908.jpg - (28.64KB , 236x231 , red2.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 4139
File 121232925233.jpg - (32.56KB , 230x230 , white.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 4140
File 121232975995.jpg - (32.58KB , 230x230 , white2.jpg ) [iqdb]
... Get back to writing about my domination of Gensokyo, you eyesore.
>> No. 4141

Yeah, now that I think about it, why does anon want to sex up everyone BUT the target?
Hm... Let's see. We've got Aya who's hot for us, Alice who's hot for us, Eirin who's (probably) hot for us, Reisen who's deredere for us, Tewi who we're hot for...

>> No. 4142
Fuck this, we have to get them all, just one is not enough for us, fuck them all and leave no Touhou out. Why only one, just sex up everyone.
Kaguya is the most uninteresting here, Mokou too.
This Story needs to be only about Alice.
>> No. 4143
File 121233131393.jpg - (153.87KB , 1118x946 , waiter.jpg ) [iqdb]
>my domination of Gensokyo

>> No. 4144
MAYBE IF YOU NIGGERS WENT FOR HER YOU'D GET MORE. That said, I don't particularly mind. Even from the planning stage I had planned to include Alice. Syameimaru, well, her role got revised to fit in with a couple of last minute changes.

On an unrelated note, have you seen dan kim's latest faggotry? I thought of you YAF when I saw it.


No u. Your ADD and schizo nature makes Harem route even more difficult than lunatic mode.
>> No. 4146
Bring it, let's start that lunatic mode
>> No. 4147
>> No. 4148


>dan kim's latest faggotry
>> No. 4149
[X] Refuse and go somewhere else

Goddamn it, guys.
What is this attraction you all have to the blatantly suicidal and retarded?
>> No. 4150
File 12123361254.png - (487.70KB , 1024x3233 , 1212261692683.png ) [iqdb]
What a twist!


>> No. 4151
[x] Go along

patchy route open
>> No. 4152
>>patchy route open

>> No. 4153
Limited Adventures = Unlimited Sex Romp Through Gensokyo
>> No. 4155

Limited Adventures->>EASY MODO.

Fix'd that for you.
>> No. 4166
It probably has something to do with how the choices are continually pushing us away from them.
Check what the noise in the bushes is? lol Mokou kidnaps you into the forest for a night.
Go see Kaguya? lol she's asleep/busy/at the shrine/princess is in another shrine/etc.
Go see Eirin? Usually lessons, now she's busy too.
We can't even find Tewi.
Do random stuff in Eientei? "A random voice tells you nothing interesting is going to happen and you should pick [x] Leave Eientei."

So... yeah. God knows we've picked [x] See Kaguya enough times, but there's always some excuse why it never works, or we're told outright she's busy and not an option.

tl;dr why does Alice have a route planned from the beginning in /eientei/?
>> No. 4167
Because it's /eientei/, lol

in b4 "no alice does not live in bunnyland etc."

This is the eientei that Teruyo has created, not the eientei we are expecting it to be
>> No. 4168
Well you bring up a fair point. But it's your damn fault for missing Kaguya so many times. Like going to the wrong shrine, or doing shit like doing lessons with Eirin instead of talking to her. Or hell, even the night of the festival you ignored her and went for Alice, Aya, and then Reisen. So yeah, conditions might not be ideal, but you guys don't seem to want it either.

tl;dr Because I can. And because she's related to Unlimited fig works so I figured to put in a route.
>> No. 4169
File 121234908534.png - (66.49KB , 240x260 , nekoaruku_kaosu.png ) [iqdb]
>Unlimited fig works route

Oooh Yeaaah
>> No. 4173
Well, that's kind of the one problem with running things by majority rule. If the majority wants to do something stupid, the minority who know better are more or less powerless to stop them.

Like when we were going to search for Kaguya, for example. The majority of people voting to go to Moriya were also voting to try to get Tewi as a guide for some unknown reason, despite her attempt to bury us after fainting making being alone with her in the wilderness seem like a BAD idea.

Oddly enough, those who voted in favor of going to the Hakurei Shrine tended to be in favor of going alone, which is pretty much what we wound up doing after wasting time trying to catch Tewi anyway.

Sure, it got us to grope Aya again, which probably was a factor in our getting that blowjob, but in terms of accomplishing the objective of finding Kaguya it was a complete and utter failure.
>> No. 4174
Or it can be that the majority does not want Kaguya route
>> No. 4175
Then the majority could probably have shown it in a better way than wasting an entire day pursuing the quest of finding someone they had no interest in.

Seems like a big waste of time to me, unless they were intentionally trying to sabotage any chances with the NEET.

Sadly, Anon's general behavior makes that possibility seem highly unlikely. Collectively, we're just dumb as hell.
>> No. 4180
Fuck yes Alice route!
It's your damn fault for making her so lovable. I am sorry but Kaguya feels like your usual 4chan user, do not want.
>> No. 4181
>I am sorry but Kaguya feels like your usual 4chan user, do not want.

But she isn't. I want the NEET.
>> No. 4198
That's it, screw Kaguya route
>> No. 4199
File 121240923678.jpg - (188.05KB , 596x643 , 1203885874112.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yes, I agree. We must take the route where we screw Kaguya.

I'm so glad we can agree on something.
>> No. 4200
[x] Refuse and go somewhere else

back to eientei plx
>> No. 4201
[X] Go along
Forgot my vote.
>> No. 4202
[] Refuse and go somewhere else

I just realized that maybe the main story isn't moving due to lack of votes.
>> No. 4203
[x] Refuse and go somewhere else

>> No. 4204
File 121242572678.gif - (26.85KB , 200x228 , ransmirk.gif ) [iqdb]
Actually, no. It has more to do with my playing all of the Immorral Studies games and 3 sister's story. Which was brought on from writing Aya's fantasies. Also I wanted to see if the Gensokyo Wars was a good idea, but apparently you people don't find it very interesting. Even though it combines giant robots with toehoes. I mean seriously, what part of fighting a custom red mech piloted by Marisa (Which is 3x faster, btw) while piloting Eientei's finest not awesome?

This being said, I'm kinda sorta writing now. Also ransmirk always related.
>> No. 4205
[x] Go along

Fuck it, we fought a bear, LET'S DO THIS. Also voting on the slim chance we might meet Meiling.
>> No. 4209
>apparently you people don't find it very interesting.

I found it fun. I guess I must have been alone in this.