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Here's the thread where I'll post the sidestories, as anon dictated it, I started with Alice and Shanghai's story. Bear with me as this is what I have thus far and I'm going to take a break to eat now (also in b4, this belongs in /forest/ it's my story's alice, so it belongs here)

It had been a peculiar day for Alice. She had begun her day as usual. She got up early in the morning told her dolls to try to scout around to see if anyone else was up in Gensokyo. In the meanwhile she fulfilled her usual morning routine. She put on her usual blue dress, carefully tying the ribbons around her neck and arms, and making sure that all the details of her wardrobe were impeccable. Lastly, she put on her signature headband. Perfect. She felt that her cute clothes suited her personality perfectly and brought out her best attributes.

Usually Alice spent most of her time alone. It was very rarely that someone visited her, and even rarer that they would stay for long. It was lonely at times to be sure, but she dedicated her whole self to lovingly craft her dolls. Each one was unique and full of personality. Even if the outside world avoided her, she was more than happy to spend quality time laboriously crafting her dolls. She would also make the dresses of each one of the dolls, adding frills and lacy ribbons, things that made the dolls even cuter. Among her favorite stood out Shanghai and Hourai. These dolls stayed by her almost all the time. The pretty dresses on these two dolls were a bit better than the rest of the dolls, denoting their special status. There was no reason to despair if she had her dolls, Alice thought.

After getting dressed, Alice proceeds to have her breakfast. Among the Youkai in Gensokyo, Alice is one of the few that eats western-style food for breakfast. She drinks something similar to English breakfast tea while usually accompanied with a piece of toast with a jam of varying flavor. It is a simple, but delicious breakfast. It is only after sipping the delicious tea that Alice is able to plan ahead as to what her activities will be during the day. Since she directly controls all of her dolls, it takes quite a bit of concentration to be able to multi task. This makes her considerations for the day usually revolve around finding a sweet spot in between doing her research and making her dolls do various tasks such as cleaning the house or cooking.

She had decided that day to focus more on research and thus recalled all her dolls to her home and sat down in her old trusty chair. She got out all of her research notes and started going through them. She was always looking for ways to improve her control over the dolls as well as create an 'independent' doll - one that would move without the need of someone controlling it. Normally research was slow and tedious, and that day had been no exception. However, soon after she finally started to really concentrate on her research, the first peculiar thing of the day happened.

It all began with the knocking on her door. Usually at this time of morning she would never have a visitor (not that they came much more often during other times either). She got up and went to see who was at the door. Upon opening it, it was none other than Marisa. This girl had teamed up a while ago, and although she was sure the young witch considered her one, Alice was too proud to call her a friend. Marisa was always bright and carefree, coming and going wherever she pleased whenever she pleased. She usually wore a set of black garments that looked like what a witch should (or so Alice thought) but with enough cute details, like the white sashes and ribbons, to set her apart from the archetype.

Alice greeted the girl and asked her what it was that she wanted. The young witch would pop in at times and ask Alice if she had a spell component or something of the sort. It was very rarely that the visit was a pure social one. A fact that caused an inexplicable feeling to emerge from within Alice.

Alice greeted her as per custom, in a seemingly disinterested and aloof way. The witch greeted her back in her usual energetic way, asking how she was, and in general switching topics at an incredible speed. Alice invited Marisa in, asking if she would like to have some tea with her. Without fail Marisa said that she didn't have time for tea and instead came to ask her for a favor. Alice thought during that exchange that this was as per custom and that the witch might do well to respect the people of whom she asks favors. Still, it'd be best to hear her out, Alice was not made of stone after all and would help if she was able to.

Alice asked Marisa what exactly it was that she wanted. Speaking in short sentences, it would seem that the young witch was trying to create a concoction of sorts for some undefined purpose and she'd like to have a bit of a rare kind of mushroom that usually only grew near bamboo plants. Alice said that she would check but she didn't think she had any left. Going to her ingredient supply cabinet, she searched for the elusive mushroom. She could not find any and assumed that she had run out. Going back out to face the witch, she told her that she was out of it and she would have better luck looking in the bamboo forest surrounding Eientei. The witch thanked her (or at least Alice thought she heard Marisa thank her) and quickly left, flying away on her broom, not even bothering to close the door. Sighing, Alice closed the door and then went back to her research.

Despite her best efforts, Alice could not concentrate on her on her research. Something bothered her. It took a bit of time to figure out what it was. It turned out that she indeed had some of the mushroom Marisa had asked her for. It was only now that she remembered that she had some in her storage footlocker and not with the more commonly used ingredients. Getting up to confirm its presence, she looked and saw that she had more than enough to share with the witch. However, she found herself at a crossroads, she did not know what to do. She did not know if it would be good to chase after the witch or to simply stay put. She chose the latter at first and went back to her research.

While trying to read some notes she had gotten from the Scarlet Devil Mansion, she decided that she just couldn't concentrate. Having declared that her concentration was blown anyways, she then went on to decide to chase after Marisa. Taking Shanghai and Hourai, she took a vial of the mushroom and proceeded out of her door. Marisa had a head start, but she was confident that she could catch up. She set her course and started flying towards the Bamboo Forest.

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>>Usually Alice spent most of her time alone. It was very rarely that someone visited her, and even rarer that they would stay for long. It was lonely at times to be sure, but she dedicated her whole self to lovingly craft her dolls. Each one was unique and full of personality. Even if the outside world avoided her, she was more than happy to spend quality time laboriously crafting her dolls. She would also make the dresses of each one of the dolls, adding frills and lacy ribbons, things that made the dolls even cuter. Among her favorite stood out Shanghai and Hourai. These dolls stayed by her almost all the time. The pretty dresses on these two dolls were a bit better than the rest of the dolls, denoting their special status. There was no reason to despair if she had her dolls, Alice thought.

so ronery ;_;
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No one seems to care much for Alice in any of the Stories.
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Hey, I'd be all over the doll otaku in /forest/, but Scorn's Marisa is too damn cute.
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Isn't it sad, Sacchin? ;__;
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An drawfag from SDM appears
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It's their loss.
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Holy shit that's awesome.

Also my food took longer than planned, but I'm still writing.
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What a bitch....sort of.
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PT 2. (part three will take much less time)
After a short while, she reached the village nearest to the bamboo forest. It was a small congregation of humans, spread out in a few houses and shops, lying on the outskirts of the large bamboo forest. There life seemed to go by slower, with each day being an almost monotonous copy of the previous. Everyday the sun came up and the villagers worked the fields, everyday some of them went to man the various shops, and everyday some went to retrieve bamboo from the forest. It was like an endless cycle that could not be broken no matter how many generations passed.

Despite noting the relative uselessness of it all, Alice could not help but feel some yearning for the meaningless activities of which the villagers partook. After all, she herself had been human one day, and she fancied herself close to being one. Landing and coming into the village, she noticed the small schoolhouse. She heard the children laughing and making a ruckus, as the schoolteacher frantically tried to rein the class into order. Apparently the schoolteacher also doubled as the protector of the village, and was accepted by the villagers as one of them despite not being entirely human. Alice wondered for a moment if she, too, could have assumed a position such as the guardian and if she would have been happier in that role. But those thoughts are quickly dispelled as she thinks about her lovely dolls. She could never forsake them, she knows this in her heart.

Making her way into the village square, an intersection of various roads and shops, she attempted to find out whether or not anyone knew the whereabouts of Marisa. Asking one of the villagers, Alice was treated with the cold shoulder. It would seem that the villagers are wary of strangers. To be fair, Alice herself did not care much for those who were outside her own little microcosm, being quite a ways similar to these stubborn villagers. It was only through the charitable act of an old lady that Alice found out that a human girl had recently been looking around the shops for something or another.

Wasting no time, Alice headed to the shops to see whether or not Marisa was in there. It took her a while to go through all the shops, despite the small number of them, since many of them were not in obvious locations and she had to ask each one of the owners if they had seen Marisa. It was finally in one of the last shops that a clerk told her that he had indeed seen the girl in question and that she was seeking the same type of mushroom that Alice described. Asking where the girl went, Alice found out that she had been seen recently going into the bamboo forest, but where she might be now exactly remained a mystery.

Alice then decided to sit somewhere and take a small break to decide on a plan of action. Preferably at a place at which she could sit down and sip a cup of tea leisurely. She wandered through the streets looking for a suitable establishment. She found a tavern at first, but the atmosphere indicated to her that this was not a place where she could acquire the tea she needed to relax. She carried on until she noticed that there was what seemed to be a cafe at one of the edges of the village. While it was strange that a small village would have a specialized cafe, it was a welcome change for Alice, who was finally having some luck.

Sitting down at a table, Alice ordered a cup of tea, and as she awaited the tea, she began to think about what she do next. Sipping the delicious tea when it arrived, Alice decided that she should go out and search the most frequently utilized routes within the bamboo forest in order to search for Marisa. It was then, while sipping her tea at the cafe, that the second peculiar thing happened to her. A young child came up to her asking her if she liked playing with dolls. Normally the humans tended to stay away from strangers, but this child seemed to be the exception. Perhaps it was because she was just a child that she chose to speak with Alice. Alice spoke to the child tenderly, as an older sister would, telling her that she enjoyed dolls and the pleasures they gave her. The child brightened up and told her all about her dream to have every single doll in existence. Alice laughed at this child's innocence and proceeded to tell her that she was a dollmaker, and that next time she saw her, she would give her a doll. The child's eyes lit up like two fast burning candles and went away saying thanks and that she looked forward to their meeting. Alice waved at the child and then decided it'd be best to get going.

After paying her bill, she left the cafe and flew towards the most utilized path, the one in between Eientei and the village. While mostly the rabbits from Eientei used it, several humans sometimes did, and Alice hoped that Marisa would have as well. She tried flying over the bamboo forest, but the bamboo seemed to concentrate itself into thickets, making searching for Marisa by air a daunting task. Eventually she decided to land and check out the route on foot.
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Part 4 to come soon.

After searching for what seems to be an eternity, the dollmaker is about to give up. She sends out Hourai in a futile attempt to look for Marisa but she knows that it's unlikely that the doll will find her. As she stands idly by the route, she notices that a boy gets close to her. He's wearing a kimono and has a determined look about his face and seems to be heading in the direction of Eientei. He looks a bit ragged, his kimono is rather dirty with dirt and foliage but to the desperate Alice, he seems like a shining beacon of hope. She calls out to him and the boy comes.

She explains to him that she is looking for an acquaintance of hers and she's nowhere to be found. She tells him of her general characteristics and name. And when she asks whether or not he's seen her, the boy seems to be too busy spacing out concentrating on something. He asks her what it is that she said again, and she chides him for not paying attention and then asks him again if he's seen someone fitting the description of Marisa. The boy thinks for a moment and then tells her that he has seen someone fitting her description a while back by a clearing in the forest. Alice tells him thanks and if he happens to see her again to tell her that Alice is looking for her. And with that Alice begins to walk away, feeling defeated that Marisa has probably gotten the mushrooms by now.

Just as Alice begins to enter deeper into her funk, the boy calls out to her again. Alice asks him what it is that he wants and the boy begins to ask about Shanghai. The boy is practically brimming with enthusiasm, as he comments that it's the finest doll he's seen. He correctly notes all of the aspects that makes Shanghai special and asks where Alice got it. She replies that she made Shanghai herself. With that the boy goes into overdrive.

He starts to talk with Alice both praising her skill and introducing himself. Apparently his name is Shirou and he's from beyond the border. While affairs beyond the border are of little interest to Alice, she eagerly hears of this boy's love and knowledge of figures and dolls. He tells her of the wondrous outside world, in which models are mass produced and there are a plethora of companies selling different models. He goes on to say that the really good ones are hard to get, and require careful maneuvering or for one to show up to the release sometimes days before to acquire it. The boy is most definitely earnest in his interest and his knowledge of the craft is indeed deep.

A feeling that was previously unknown to Alice surfaces as she talks with someone almost as enthusiastic about dolls as her, she feels that this person is special and she feels that spending time with him is most pleasant. It's a sensation quite unlike anything she has felt before. Even the occasional tightening of her chest when Marisa comes over, because of her hope that she came to see her, is nothing compared to this strange, foreign feeling. In any case, she tries her best to keep up the elaborate talk of different sized 'resin' kits as the boy called them and the so-called 'perfect' and 'master grade' kits. Just because of the boy's enthusiastic description she begins to want to see these wonderful and diverse dolls. As she's thinking this, the boy suddenly realizes how much time has elapsed and tells he forgot that he was on his way to Eientei.

The boy tells you that he's staying there, and that if Alice so wished, she could come over and see him anytime. He says that he would love to see her collection someday. Alice tells him that she hasn't had a conversation as stimulating as this in quite a while (in fact her level of excitement had never been so high during a conversation before). This fact leaves Alice a bit distraught as she tells him this. Not wanting this encounter to end, Alice invites the boy to come on over anytime, in fact she'd be willing to take him to her place and drop him off later.

The boy profusely apologizes and tells her that, alas, he cannot come now, he has people waiting for him at Eientei. Alice tells him more out of politeness than bitterness that it must be nice to have people care for him and the boy's expression seems to cloud up upon hearing this. He, however, reaffirms that he really wants to see Alice's collection and that Shanghai is a masterfully made doll and he hopes to see her soon. This statement helps Alice cheer up and makes her say that she'll go see him one of these days.

The boy even goes as far as hugging her. Alice is taken aback at this sudden action, but she then accepts it as part of this boy's earnest sentiments. Alice thinks about how she made a very good discovery that day, and this encounter alone made her day. She is sure that the boy, if he is as enthusiastic as he seems, feel that this, too, was an important encounter. Still, there is an uncertain feeling in Alice, a sort of anxiety that was not there before as she watches the boy exit her field of view. She is not sure what it is but she knows that it's somehow related to the boy. She can't help but wonder what exactly it is that she's feeling.

She recalls Hourai from her patrol and takes a moment to examine both her and Shanghai. They're both a product of her pure dedication and love, they've been carefully crafted into their present state. As far as Alice is concerned they're her children. As she's examining her, she remembers the boy's excitement over seeing Shanghai and feels a mix of both pride and embarrassment over her accomplishment. It's unlike her to be so bashful about her creation, but she can't help it after hearing all that praise. Due to her good mood, she decides that she'll make a new ribbon for Shanghai, so that she looks her best the next time the boy sees her.
>> No. 2018
>>Due to her good mood, she decides that she'll make a new ribbon for Shanghai, so that she looks her best the next time the boy sees her.

I awww'd
>> No. 2019
>(in fact her level of excitement had never been so high during a conversation before)
>> No. 2020
Now I want an Alice route. We have to show her our hotglued figure.
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Deciding that it'd be best if she left now, Alice once again takes to the skies. She decides to check the horizon one more time to see if Marisa is flying around. Sure enough, she spotted the witch off in the distance, flying back towards the forest of magic. Alice decides that even if she failed in handing over the mushrooms in time, it'd be good to talk a bit on her way back home. She soon catches up to Marisa and calls out to her. Seeing the dollmaker, the young witch slows down a bit.

They chat as they fly across the sky, talking about each other's days. Marisa mentions that she finally found the mushrooms after searching for quite a while and comments how it's strange to see Alice out and about instead of doing research. Alice then tells Marisa that, in truth, she had originally gone out to hand over a sample of the mushrooms that she had forgotten that she had. Marisa tells her that it was quite alright since she found some anyways, but apologized for making Alice waste her time looking for her.

Alice tells her that her day wasn't useless. She had first met an enthusiastic little girl in town that day, and the girl was interested in dolls. To this comment Marisa smirks and comments about Alice's never ending obsession with dolls. Alice ignores the harsh comment and carries on, eventually telling Marisa that she met another special person. Marisa jokes that it must have been someone quite special for her to be all worked up about it. Alice tells her that it was a boy by the name of Shirou. Marisa tells her that she, as well, had met Shirou earlier, and she had no idea that he was her type. Alice reddens and vehemently denies the accusation.

Still laughing, Marisa bids her farewell when they reach Alice's place. Alice enters her home and manipulates the dolls into cooking something simple for dinner. She sits down in her favorite chair and proceeds to muse over the occurrences of the day. It was an interesting day overall, and she wouldn't mind having more days like it. The dolls are done making the food and Alice makes them bring over a tray with it. Normally, as she eats, Alice would sometimes make the dolls sit opposite her, and she would pretend that they were having a conversation over food. But this was not the case today, she felt in such high spirits that it was hardly necessary for her to do something like that.

Alice eats her food and then proceeds to read a bit more. This time it's more for pleasure than for research, as she looks at cute accessories that she can make for her dolls. She looks over the different materials and patterns, and makes a note of which would look better on which doll. She spots a particularly cute ribbon and decide that this will be the ribbon she makes for Shanghai. With no time like the present, Alice fetches her tools and goes to work.

Even though it's getting to be late at night, Alice slaved on in a single-minded obsession to finish the ribbon. It was important that she finish it as soon as possible so she could put it on Shanghai. She got so caught up in making the ribbon that she had to take a small break in order to remember why she was doing it. Working until the small hours of morning, she finishes the accessory. Now she's sure that it'll impress the boy.

Satisfied with her handiwork, Alice collapses on the table. She didn't even notice how tire she was from moving around all day. So when she finally completed the ribbon, her fatigue all struck at once. While she would regret sleeping on her desk the next day, for now she was more content. Even though she had had a strange day and had felt even stranger feelings for the first time, she was quite satisfied. And as she drifted into a deep sleep a single thought, the name of the boy - Shirou -, crossed her mind. A beautiful smile formed on her face as she slumbered. And with this, thus ended her peculiar day.
Part 4/4 complete. Alice's sidestory END - For now.
>> No. 2022
>Due to her good mood, she decides that she'll make a new ribbon for Shanghai, so that she looks her best the next time the boy sees her.
>Working until the small hours of morning, she finishes the accessory. Now she's sure that it'll impress the boy.
( ´∀`)
>> No. 2023
Oh you and your crazy japanese emoticons.
I've always liked the lonely dollmaker. Sure she's far more antisocial than I've made her out to be, but I can't help but feel a sense of empathy.

Also, next story?

Chose one (letters have been scrambled).

[ ] A
[ ] B
[ ] C
[ ] D

I took out Reisen and Eirin's sidestory for now, because I don't feel like writing about them. Also, any other suggestions are weloome in this thread (as far as sidestories are concerned)
>> No. 2024
Next time we run into Alice, we're commenting on that ribbon. I don't care whether she walks in on us while we're hotgluing Kaguya/Mokou/Eirin/all 3, we stop what we're doing and compliment her on a fine job.
>> No. 2025
C because it's a nice vitamin
>> No. 2026
[x] A
A for Awesome.
>> No. 2027
D because our choices now spell 'cad', which may or may not be appropriate.
>> No. 2028

the answer is always C
>> No. 2029

I know it's early morning for most people, but there's got to be more people active out there.
>> No. 2030
Voting C as well to help speed things along.
>> No. 2031
C it is then. Unmasking choices
A -Keine and Moukou
B - Tewi
C - Shirou's first job
D - Kaguya

Alright, I'm afraid I'm only going to post the story in a couple hours time, since I should take a nap first. I'll also update the main story a while after that. So enjoy your sundays until then.
>> No. 2032

I want my kaguya side story NAO
>> No. 2033
>>D - Kaguya

>> No. 2034

scrap that, changing my vote to D
>> No. 2035

>> No. 2036
We missed Tewi again! Uwaaaargh!

...unless the rabbit that threw the rock at us was her. Ah, I wish we'd given that bunny a little pat on the head. Though the Holy Grail reference makes me a bit wary.
>> No. 2037

boring choice is boring
>> No. 2039
Shirous first job...This could be interesting.
>> No. 2040
>Shirou's first job
His first "job" eh? So we're going to learn about the first figure he ever hotglued?
>> No. 2041
Or work part-time in Mokous yakitori stand
>> No. 2042

Seriously I ain't reading this right now, waaaay to big for me at the moment. Good job though.
>> No. 2043
Firstly, I congratulate you for bringing that wall of text.

Secondly, I READ AND CRITIQUE your text.
>Alice tells her that it was a boy by the name of Shirou. Marisa tells her that she, as well, had met Shirou earlier, and she had no idea that he was her type. Alice reddens and vehemently denies the accusation.

I would've have loved to hear what they say. That'd add two levels of awesome, which leads to my second point: use less "tell" and more real dialogues.
>> No. 2044
Shirou's first job?

>> No. 2045
>Now I want an Alice route. We have to show her how to hotglue Shangai and Alice.
>> No. 2049
>> No. 2055
As much as I love Kaguya, I love this Alice more.

We're going to be complimenting that ribbon the next time we see her.
>> No. 2056

Hey, could you draw Nanayanymous playing chess on ceiling?
>> No. 2057
I don't think I've read the story with that anon.
Which is it?
>> No. 2058
/shrine/ Anon
>> No. 2059
I'll get to reading it, and then I'll get back to you.
>> No. 2060
I'm sure you would have. And as much as that critique would have been valid normally, I purposely chose to omit any dialogue in this story. Hell, maybe if enough poeple ask I can write a small sidestory of Marisa's day, stealing shit and taking names. But truthfully, I'd rather focus on a more important character to the story.

Also I'm writing at a snail pace for some reason so don't expect much yet.
>> No. 2061
Alright, part one is here of Shirou's first job, I keep getting distracted by things so no eta on the other parts

Emiya Shirou could not believe his eyes. He was looking at something so sublime, so wonderful, that it bordered on excellence. In his dimly lit apartment room you could almost feel the excitement in the air, as if it were freely mixing with the air molecules. It was rare to see something get Shirou so riled up these days, due to his more than unfortunate life thus far. But through the soft glow of the LCD screen you could see a young man, determined in reversing his luck. The reason? Quite simple actually, a brand new production run of a figurine that had been out of production for years.

Shirou had been a collector for as far as he could remember. He collected different size models of varying grade and quality. Things ranging from a 1/48 scale model of the Ideon to smaller, more commonplace 1/7 PVCs. He had been collecting since childhood, trying to get all of the toys with his happy meals, as well as all the different Pokemon toys that came out over the years. Sure it wasn't always the 'coolest' hobby, and he spent massive amounts of money on it, but there was a certain pleasure that he derived from having these sculptures. It was as if he could captivate some of the original material's essence via these avatars.

As he sat there in front of his computer, in a mix of surprise and astonishment a very different kind of feeling started emerging from within him. It was anxiety. In face of all the shock and amazement from his discovery, Shirou had forgotten that he had no means with which to buy the figurine. His budget was very small this month, both due to previous purchases and his ever depleting bank funds. He had managed to so far manage with his limited income (which was a combination of ad-farming and support from his estranged parent), but food and utilities drained his little nest egg quite fast. If he were to get one of those figs, he'd have to acquire funds from else where.

Shirou decided to list all of his choices in front of him and determine which was the best choice via the process of logical reasoning. He listed both honest and dishonest methods for making money, as morality had little to do (in his opinion) with acquiring the figure. After he was done, he started a careful process of elimination. He first eliminated methods that would take too long, the fig came out in two weeks, so things like investing in stocks were taken off first. He then decided to eliminate things that were too risky, this included robbery and gambling. He continued to eliminate things categorically until he was left with only one option that had the best chance of success (short of borrowing money from a loan shark, but that was a whole different set of obstacles), a part-time job.

While Shirou had never had a job before (he had lived off allowances and grants until now), he felt that he had to get one since it was paramount to his success. Being, like most of his generation, proficient with computers he first looks for jobs on the internet. Unfortunately, as Shirou found out, the internet still has ways to go in offering jobs. Most of the jobs offered on the internet require very specialized titles and are usually at places halfway across the globe. Shirou simply did not have the luxury to send an application by email just so they could tell him IF they'd be willing to look at his résumé.

Not losing heart, Shirou then turned to his favorite online community. Since they were mostly people like him, a bit clueless on how real life sometimes worked, maybe they could help him out. He posted his inquiry in the appropriate section and surfed around as he waited for replies. Soon enough, he had a whole series of replies. Most of them were, unfortunately, unhelpful but this was the was this community worked and Shirou knew that eventually he'd get a relevant and useful response. As he was thinking this, he saw that someone had indeed posted something helpful, a few hints on where to look for a job. He would have to go out and look at the local community bulletin board or read the local newsletter, they both usually had sections for jobs within the community.

With newfound determination, Shirou proceeded to thank the anonymous poster and planned his day. He would have to get up early, shave, put on a decent pair of clothes and go check out the announcements. There, if he was lucky, he'd be able to find where they were looking for help and he'd try to go on that very day to do an interview. And, if he was truly lucky, he'd be employed in less than 24 hours. Not wanting to be too optimistic, he revised his estimate to 'within 2-3 days' as an approximate estimate of his employment. He now set his alarm to early morning and went off to bed. He was excited that he had a concrete plan and could almost see the fig within his grasp. He dozed off soon enough, complete with an idiotic grin on his face, as if to betray his optimism.
>> No. 2062
File 121106854882.jpg - (73.01KB , 500x305 , bartender.jpg ) [iqdb]
part 2 - starting to get my groove back

Waking up early in the morning with the alarm, Shirou quickly sprang into action. He shaved, took a shower, gussied himself up and was looking better than he had in many months. He made himself breakfast, something that would keep him satiated for a while. He ate, and checked the weather report. It was going to be a sunny day, so there was no need to bring along an umbrella. Getting his keys and a résumé he had for occasions just like this he set foot outside of his apartment.

It was indeed a beautiful day. The sun was shining and there were only a few clouds in the sky. Despite the early hour, there was quite a number of people walking about in the streets going about their business. Shirou made his way through the streets, going to where he believed was the community bulletin board. On his whole way there, he was smiling happily, glad that he was going to get a job. After a few minutes he arrived to what he believed was the bulletin board.

On the old piece of wood, were a thousand different notices and papers. Shirou had a daunting task in sifting through the ads and notices to see if there were any job offers. Not letting this ordeal get the best of him, Shirou started to calmly look for any jobs posted on the board. After a while he had a few jobs that he would consider doing. They weren't that well paying, but for the purpose of buying the fig they'd do.

Shirou organized his thoughts. He'd first determine which order to go to the job interviews. Among the jobs that he found were garbageman, kindergarten assistant, convenience store clerk, and working as a waiter at a bar. Because of time issues with the different jobs he determined that the following order would be best (to do an interview):

Bar -> Garbageman -> Kindergarten -> Convenience store

This way he would be able to visit each place when it'd be less busy, and thus increase his chances of getting an interview. If all went well he'd be done by mid-afternoon. He looked at the address of the bar. He was only a few blocks away. It'd only take him a few minutes to get there. Thus with a plan and an optimistic attitude he headed to his first destination.

The bar was a secretive place, hidden away from plain view in a back alley. The door was heavy, as if to shield the people within from the curious passerby. Shirou entered the bar and saw what was, in his opinion, a perfect location to retreat from the day's harsh realities and enjoy a glass of alcohol. A lone young man stood behind the bar, cleaning a whiskey glass. Shirou approached him and the man noticed acknowledged his presence.

“Welcome to Pandemonium Corridor, how may I help you?” The man asked.
“Ah yes, I came here about the waiter part-time job.” Shirou almost timidly asked.
“Oh, in that case I shall interview you myself. First of all what is your name and why do you wish to work?”
“My name is Emiya Shirou. I wish to work because I want to acquire something that would otherwise elude me.” Shirou replies enthusiastically.
“Good, Good. Such enthusiasm is good. Now tell me, do you know why this place is called Pandemonium Corridor?” The man asks and upon seeing Shirou shake his head he continues. “It is called Pandemonium Corridor because of that.” The man points to what seems to be a chamber full of vapor. “That's called the Devil's Cup. It's made from directly sublimating hard ice. The name comes from an old legend from New Jersey. They say that a human once surprised the Jersey Devil in the winter. The Jersey Devil, surprised, melted the nearby ice and then proceeded to eat the man's face. And that's how the legend was born. As long as the vapors remain in there, will Pandemonium Corridor flourish. Do you understand?”

Shirou had lost the man somewhere around the first mention of the Jersey Devil. But he replied affirmatively.

“Also, do you know why they call a bartender a bartender?” Shirou once again shakes his head to the man's statement. “Bar comes from the word for a metal pole. And tender is a word that means soft. So a bartender is a soft metal pole. Do you understand?”
“LOL NO.” Shirou thought.
“You lost me. How does this have to do with my part-time job?” Shirou asked curiously.
“Truthfully, more than you can hope to understand now.” The bartender answers. “But this is it for now, call us this time tomorrow and we'll let you know if you got the job.”

Saying goodbye to the man, Shirou was rather confused what the hell all of that was about. For all that he knew the man tried to people's complex problems with mundane drinks like scotch n' water or margaritas. Ah well, at least they hadn't turned him down flat out. Next stop, the local garbage dump.
>> No. 2063
Part three is here
Even on the best of days the local garbage dump is a place you want to avoid. The pungent smell is noticeable for almost a block in every direction and the fact that the sun is free to shine on the garbage only makes things worse. Still, the pay was good and the hours were short. Shirou headed in to the office by the landfill. Inside, Shirou saw what appeared to be a fat, bald man sweating profusely. The smell coming from the man was strong enough to block out the smell of garbage. His musk was a truly fearsome thing to smell. Noticing Shirou's entrance, the man turns to him.

“Whadya want?” He snaps.
“I'm here for the job interview, sir.” Shirou meekly replies. After all it's wise to be polite to your would-be employer.
“Sorry kid.” The man states. “Position's been already filled. Yesterday in fact. A young lad like yourself who claimed he needed the money to buy a doll or something of the sort that was coming out again. Looked like a complete queer saying that. I mean what kind of man plays with dolls? Am I right kid?” The man hoarsely laughs as if he just told the funniest joke in the world. Shirou felt like schooling the man so he would respect figures and never again insult your hobby. But having no more business here, and wishing to move on, Shirou left quickly.

As he made his way to his next destination he tried to desperately get rid of the smell of garbage by applying some cologne that he had brought along. Ultimately, the smell went away by itself due to the light breeze that was present that day. Stopping for a coke along the way, you drink it, but you don't feel any better.

After about 10 minutes Shirou reached his destination, the local kindergarten. As he stood there, patiently waiting for one of the schoolteachers to notice him and escort him in, a friendly police officer came up to him. The reason was clear, and Shirou didn't have to hear it, but he still was subject to the police officer's long and arduous interrogation. Needless to say, Shirou was put 'on notice' according to the police officer and 'they' would be 'keeping an eye' on him. If any child were to go missing or any strange occurrences happened the police would know where to first look. The police officer then bid him a good day and left him. With this little pep talk, Shirou was completely discouraged from even attempting to pursue a job as an assistant at the kindergarten. This only left one more job option for Shirou.

As he headed to the convenience store, he hoped that this job was normal. He would later conclude that he was a fool for ever hoping that that'd be the case. At first everything seemed normal. The convenience store was a large international chain, the hours were okay, and the pay was decent. Shirou talked to the manager, making a good impression on him. The other employees were all very nice and it would seem that things were looking up for Shirou. At the time he could not imagine what would happen. Shirou was excited to learn that if he took the job, he could start the very next day, and being very pressed for time he accepted immediately. As he walked out of the store, he came out a man with a job, a man with a means to buy the fig. He was told to report tomorrow for the afternoon shift.

As Shirou headed home, happy mostly due to having a job now, he also thanked the stroke of luck that allowed his employers to hire him without showing them his résumé nor ID. Ah well, it suited him just fine that things had turned out that way. He headed back to his apartment and drank and indulged in snacks to celebrate his new job. He went to bed, yet again happy and once again feeling that the fig was within his grasp.

Shirou woke up the next day mid-morning. He had plenty of time to prepare for his job. He once again showered and got dressed. Wasting some time on his computer, he then proceeded to make himself a small lunch. He ate slowly, enjoying the flavor, and then proceeded to leave for the first day of his job. That day was as well a beautiful day, as the sun shone and the birds sang. Shirou could not have asked for better weather. Everything seemed to be going well as Shirou went off to his first day of work.
>> No. 2065
Arriving at the store, Shirou changed into the store's work uniform. Apparently the Manager for the shift was out with a cold and it was going to be just Shirou and another coworker. Greeting the coworker, Shirou immediately picked up on a weird vibe. The coworker seemed, to put it succinctly, FABULOUS. No normally Shirou would have no problem with that, except that this fellow coworker almost seemed to insist of flirting with Shirou. Luckily though, Shirou got to clean around the store while the coworker manned the register, creating a buffer zone.

But the future refused to change.

Soon enough, Shirou was done with his work and was called by his coworker to help him restock the beverages. At first they worked side by side with not problem. But soon enough a barrage of sexual innuendo and pick-up lines were directed at Shirou. There was nothing Shirou could do but take it. After all, he couldn't go ruffling feathers on the first day of his new job. As they went around doing various tasks around the store, the harassment only intensified. Only when a customer came in, did the barrage let up, but when the customer left the assault would continue anew.

Shirou was already at his limit. He tried his best to explain to his coworker that he did not appreciate his comments and for him to knock it off, but he only replied that Shirou was enjoying it and therefore he would not let up. Shirou tried his best to ignore him, but instead the conflict was escalated. During the last 5 minutes of his shift, the coworker had the audacity to grope Shirou. Regardless to say, this was the most humiliating and uncomfortable experience of his life. When his shift ended he stormed out of there, hurrying on home to try to wash away his shame.

Shirou contacted his manager as soon as he got home and told him about the day's incidents. The manager said that he was sorry, but he could not do anything without proof. Shirou insisted on some sort of action to be taken but the manager said that his hands were tied. After hanging up, Shirou decided to take matters into his own hands and came up with a plan. The 'poof' as Shirou had nicknamed the feisty coworker, would soon meet his end as a molester. The next day Shirou got up, went through his regular ritual and went to work extra early. Taking time to set up his trap, he then proceeded to change into his uniform and go to work.

The shift started out like the one the day before. Immediately the poof started his regime of sexual harassment. But Shirou was not phased, he even jokingly flirted back, much to the pleasure of the poof. After a while of checking expiry dates and restocking shelves, Shirou told the poof that he had little to no sleep last night and if it was okay for him to take a short nap in the break room. The poof. seeing this as an opportunity to get closer to Shirou decided to allow him to take that nap. Shirou went on ahead, confident that the plan he had would work. He lay down on the couch in the break room and proceeded to close his eyes. He knew it wouldn't take long for his plan to come into fruition.

Less than ten minutes later, Shirou heard the unmistakable noise of the poof trying to sneak up on him. He let him do as he pleased, pretending to be asleep. From what Shirou could tell with his eyes closed, the poof had made his way to his side and was now staring at him. Despite the extreme discomfort, Shirou held fast. And then the poof took the bait. He got down on his knees and started undoing Shirou's pants. As he got to Shirou's undergarments, Shirou pretended to wake up shocked.

“Excuse me but, WTF R U DOING!?” Shirou exclaimed.
“Nothing that you don't want, darling.” The poof answered.
“Stop it. You're making me uncomfortable. This is sexual harassment!”
“I won't stop because you're a big tease, I'm going to show you the time of your life!” The poof almost squealed with those last words.

Shirou then proceeded to shove him off, pull up his pants, and got the hell out of there. He then called the general manager of the store and told him he had unequivocal proof that he was being sexually harassed. Within a half an hour the manager had arrived at the store. He asked for proof, to which Shirou produced the tape he had recorded of what happened in the break room. The manager proceeded to watch it and upon seeing the contents, his face went pale. Shirou asked if it was proof enough.

“This tape is errr- certainly interesting.” The manager stated.
“It's definite proof that I was being sexually harassed by one of the employees during work hours.”
“Yes. There's no denying that. But he's a good worker and we wouldn't want to lose him.” He pauses for a bit. “Instead I'm going to offer you full severance pay, as if you were a full time employee, two weeks' worth of salary, and an additional 'incentive' so that you forget all about this. Do you think you could under these terms?”

Shirou stopped to think for a moment, while he knew if he sued he could get more, time was an important factor to consider. He decided to accept the offer.

“Good.” The manager said. “Meet me at the park in half an hour and I'll have everything ready.”

Shirou headed on to the park at the appointed time. He met the manager who apologized again, asked that the tape be given to him and handed over the promised money. Shirou left, having much more money than he needed to buy the figure with. He would get it and be in the clear financially for a while yet. All in all, his first job wasn't that bad of an experience he thought as he headed home for another evening of fun on the internet.

Shirou's first job - Story End
Right, before I take on the task of another sidestory are there any more suggestions?
>> No. 2066
Poor Shirou just doesn't have what it takes to be Kagami Kouhei.
>> No. 2067
>>After about 10 minutes Shirou reached his destination, the local kindergarten. As he stood there, patiently waiting for one of the schoolteachers to notice him and escort him in, a friendly police officer came up to him. The reason was clear, and Shirou didn't have to hear it, but he still was subject to the police officer's long and arduous interrogation. Needless to say, Shirou was put 'on notice' according to the police officer and 'they' would be 'keeping an eye' on him. If any child were to go missing or any strange occurrences happened the police would know where to first look.

Happened to me once, without a cop.
>> No. 2068
File 12110754521.jpg - (23.30KB , 400x267 , niggawut.jpg ) [iqdb]


Shirou actually planning? Wut?
>> No. 2069
Everyone is paranoid about pedos these days. So much so that you can't even be that affectionate with your kids in public for fear of being labeled a pervert.
>> No. 2071

Guess being a greasy unwashed NEET looks too close to the average greasy unwashed pedo these days.
>> No. 2094
Okay, I read /shrine/, and I don't get what Nanayanymous playing chess on the ceiling has to do with any-fucking-thing.
>> No. 2095

It's him being manly and awesome, what isn't there to get?
>> No. 2097
Go back to /SDM/ and draw something of that.
>> No. 2150
File 121110131354.png - (4.80KB , 334x322 , YAFFYkeikaku.png ) [iqdb]

Basically, Naya was following Reimu in the corridors and when she suddenly turned around, I gave anon three choices of how to react: use the ceiling, flex and pretend to play chess. Some bastard decided to vote for all three and other anons hiveminded.

Also, it's good to know that there's a drawfag among us. I'd be really happy if you gave me a fanartcomic someday.
>> No. 2159
It's that time again choose one:
[ ] A
[ ] B
[ ] C
[ ] D
[ ] E
[ ] F
>> No. 2160

[x] B
>> No. 2168
I was and am still very tempted to do the first Rinnosuke meeting.
>> No. 2171
[x] A is for Anemia
>> No. 2186
A is for TEWI.
Don't question it (╬ ಠ益ಠ)
>> No. 2187

Feel free to do anything you want. You mean the normal Rinnosuke meeting, the badass version, or full kick 13?
>> No. 2188
[ ] D

For derp
>> No. 2190
That was my fault, but it turned out awesome. Why vote for one thing if you can have more.
>> No. 2210
File 12111145602.gif - (11.92KB , 100x100 , GifADD.gif ) [iqdb]
D, because then the last 3 choices spell out ADD... yeah.
>> No. 2224
I'll add a vote for [x] A
while chanting my good luck chant: 'Tewi tewi tewi tewi tewi tewi tewi tewi'
>> No. 2227
[X] B
Why not
>> No. 2232
File 12111237899.jpg - (344.11KB , 900x2100 , daddyyuuka.jpg ) [iqdb]
I was inspired by something mentioned in passing about Yuuka instead.
I'll draw you something sooner or later, YAF.

I can feel it.
>> No. 2233
Holy shit, AWESOME
>> No. 2240
Also, I apparently didn't read ENOUGH of /shrine/ and now I get it.
>> No. 2241

I'm glad I mentioned Yuka back in shrine now. Naya would have the best family ever if Yuka is his father and Yukari is his mother.
>> No. 2242


Damn, now I feel like hooking Naya up with Yuuka.
Gentlemen, YukaxNaya for the motherfucking win!
>> No. 2243

fuck, now I noticed

pun not intended
>> No. 2244

Did you just admit Naya and Yuka's relation?

>> No. 2245
File 121113595840.jpg - (87.07KB , 391x334 , IseeWhatyoudidThere.jpg ) [iqdb]

>> No. 2246
thank god you noticed my life is complete i will be happy soul ಥ_ಥ
>> No. 2248
[ ] B
>> No. 2249

best part is the usage of periods and not !'s as if this has been done bef-

who the hell are we kidding this happens all the time
>> No. 2250

>> No. 2251

>> No. 2252

I noticed too, but...

>i will be happy soul

>> No. 2255
Alright, it would seem that we have a tie here. Next vote decides between the two.
[ ] A
[ ] B

Also fucking awesome drawing.
>> No. 2256
[X] B
>> No. 2260
Alright B it is, Unmasking choices:
[ ] A - Secret Project 1
[ ] B - Keine and Mokou
[ ] C - Eirin and Reisen
[ ] D - Secret Project 2
[ ] E - Tewi
[ ] F - Kaguya

I'll write after there's a lull in the main story.
>> No. 2263
God fuck it

Do you have something against us meeting Tewi
>> No. 2264
We met Tewi and she tried to bury us, screw her.
>> No. 2272
She freaked out after we passed out in her presence, and decided the best course of action was to avoid blame by secretly dragging us into the wood and burying us if we never woke up (i.e. died).

That kind of thought process just makes her more awesome in my book.
>> No. 2319
File 121116275441.png - (513.06KB , 768x1374 , awash.png ) [iqdb]

Exercised mah shoopin hand
Cause I thought it was kinda hard to get what was going on in black and white
>> No. 2322

I love how throughout the whole thing that Tewi doesn't even give a shit.
>> No. 2372
I like.
>> No. 2374
You should go back and draw something from /sdm/
>> No. 2390

I figured it might be useful. When I first saw it, I wondered if it was tewi that intentionally tripped the security system for a second there.

Also, I hear your pooshlmer fans are looking for these.
>> No. 2450
Are you the same person as the one that said that the first time?
>> No. 2906
File 121153907938.jpg - (128.03KB , 540x365 , Keinemokou2.jpg ) [iqdb]
Proofreading is for faggots!
It was a quiet evening in the human village. Most people were indoors with their families, enjoying each other's company after a long day of hard work. Most of these people worked in the fields all day and then at night retreated to the houses they themselves had build. The houses were spread out over a wide area, forming a community but maintaining a sense of privacy for the occupants as well. These houses were simple in design. All of them single-story buildings with with 2 or 3 rooms at most. There was a simple country vibe to each one of these homes, which made them exceptionally cozy to live in. It was in one of these houses that two friends chatted about their lives over drinks and food.

Over by a table, the two friends sat. Different kinds of cheese and other kinds of foods were spread on the table. Of course, this was accompanied with ample amounts of wine and drinks. The two had been talking for a while, reminiscing about old times, as well as talking about the new. The host of this affair, was the village's local schoolteacher as well its guardian. She protected the village from youkai and was in turn accepted as one of them. The other person was, simply put, an immortal. Someone that had been around for 1000 years and only by chance had befriended the schoolteacher. An odd pair to be sure, but the two had been good friends for a while now, and turned to each other as mutual sources of strength.

Still, it was quite lonely in this small village. The villagers mostly kept to themselves, and travelers were few and far in between. The villagers were wary of strangers, and had only begrudgingly accepted the immortal as part of a deal to take those who were very sick to the doctor at Eientei. The path was amidst a complicated maze of bamboo and it was easy to get lost. The villagers only went into the bamboo forest to get bamboo for their use, but the true masters of the forest were the rabbits. And those rabbits were affiliated with Eientei. It was strange for the immortal to take people there, as she herself had several issues with the master of Eientei, going back a thousand years. But those thoughts were far removed from conversation tonight, as the two friends discussed something new that had recently come into their lives.

“So,” The schoolteacher continued. “What's the deal with Shirou?”
“Huh, what do you mean?” The immortal asked.
“Well, he lives at Eientei, but he still comes see us - see you.”
“And what's so wrong with that, Keine?”
“Don't you see Mokou?” Keine started explaining. “He LIVES at Eientei. And we know that he was brought here by Kaguya herself. For all that we know, he's important to Kaguya somehow. Yet he comes see her most bitter enemy.”
“I see what you're getting at.” Mokou says. “But I think it has to do with his personality. He doesn't seem like the type to care about feuds and grudges. In all of my encounters with him he seemed to be an honest and straightforward person, perhaps to the point of stupidity.” She stops to think for a moment. “That isn't to say that he hasn't got a darker side, every person has a dark side. But rather, I think he doesn't let petty distinctions get in his way.”
“More bread?” Keine offers

The immortal accepts the schoolteacher's offer and takes more bread from the breadbasket. The two of them take advantage of the pause in the conversation and decide to go to refill their drinks. Keine also gets up to go to the bathroom. After a few moments the two of them are again at the table.

“And this dark side of his...” Keine resumes the conversation. “Do you think it manifests itself periodically?”
“Huh, why do you bring that up? Did something happen between the two of you?”
“No, uh it's nothing. I was just wondering...”
“C'mon Keine, we're friends no need to be shy! Tell me all about it! Don't skip over any of the details.” Mokou says enthusiastically.
“Well, it's just that last night, when we were drinking...”
“Yeah, I remember *some* of the night.” Mokou interrupts.
“Well, do you remember when we went to sleep?”
“Nope. I was out like a candle and I can't remember when it was.”
“Well, truth be told I can't really remember when I went to sleep either, but that's not the point.” Keine pauses for a moment as if thinking whether or not she should really tell Mokou.
“Out with it! There shouldn't be any secrets between the two of us.” Mokou senses Keine's apprehension and states.
“Well, when I woke up in the morning, I saw that Shirou uhh.... had slept with his head... on my buttocks!” Keine blurts the last bit out embarrassedly.
Mokou blinks a bit as if not understanding what her friend just says and then bursts out in a roaring fit of laughter. “Wahahahahaha, that's rich! I can't believe the kid actually did that!”
“Don't laugh Mokou! When I realized it I almost died of embarrassment. What could have possesed him to do such a thing?!” Keine desperately says.
“Well, he IS a guy.” Mokou replies.
“Yeah, but he didn't have to go and do that, I'm quite self-conscious about things like that.”

Mokou moves up closer to Keine and after examining for a few moments, visciously grabs her behind.

“Kyah!” Keine shouts in surprise.
“Harharhar, with a plump rear like this, I can see why the kid might have confused it with a pillow.” Mokou stops to think for a bit. “No, I think he chose to sleep on it, knowing full well that it'd be way more comfortable that any pillow he might find lying around.” Keine starts to redden. “You know, you're a real piece of work, getting all worked up about something as silly as this. I bet the kid didn't even make that big a deal out of it!”

By now, Keine is not just embarrassed, but rather she is a bit angry at her friend's callous words and attitude.

“Oh yeah!?” She starts to retort. “Who was the one that came up to me the other day and confessed that she had shared a blanket with the boy in question and was terribly embarrased about it. So much that she had to leave in the morning to cool off?”
“That - was different.” A now equally red Mokou replies. “I uhh.. slept in close proximity to him and even used his body as a pillow. It was like we were... lovers or something.”
“How is that any different to having him use my rear as a pillow?”
“It just is! Okay?!”

The two friends glare at each other. As if to hide their mutual shames, they turn to drinking and eating silently for a while. After a what seemed like an eternity of silence, Mokou speaks up.
>> No. 2907
File 121153912661.jpg - (44.52KB , 400x400 , keinemokou1.jpg ) [iqdb]
“This sake is quite good. Is it made here in the village?”
“Ah yeah, it is made here.” Keine replies. “It is quite nice, isn't it? Now about what we were talking about-”
“This sake reminds me of the day on which we met.” Mokou cuts her off, as if to change the subject. “I had been imprisoned and tortured by Kaguya and somehow managed to escape. I ran all the way through the bamboo forest, evading patrols and traps, while wounded and lacking food or drink. I managed to make it to the outskirts when I just happened to collapse. I thought I was going to be out for a long time after that. But you managed to find me.”
“Yes.” Keine says whilst fondly reminiscing. “I saw your battered body and thought you were on your deathbed. But still, something inside of me told me to take you in and take care of you, to make your final moments at least a bit comfortable.”
“Yeah, boy you were surprised when I woke up despite all those injuries huh?”
“Yes - I panicked and thought that you might be an undead zombie or some other foul creature.”
“You even hit me with your frying pan. I still remember that hurt like hell.” Mokou says with a painful expression.
“I'll apologize again, I had no idea who you were or what your powers were. But to be fair I did tend your wounds and give you hot food and water.”
“For that I'm eternally grateful. I had forgotten what human kindness was. I had spend many a lifetime so obsessed with the idea of revenge that I had forgotten how to enjoy life. Thank you for showing me that I still could.”
“Ah, please, I did nothing of the sort.” Keine humbly says. “I merely shared my hospitality with you. You were the one that insisted on repaying me, but I would have none of it. Helping others is reward enough on its own.”
“Yeah, well, I've taken that lesson to heart. And that brings us back to the sake, you shared with me your best sake when I was all better. You said it was to celebrate my recovery. I still remember the taste of that delicious sake as if I were drinking it now. It was truly superb.”
“Yes, and it tasted even better in the company of my new friend.”

The two friends stare at each other for a bit. Then they raise their cups and silently say 'cheers' to each other. Then they proceed to drink. The liquor tastes even better because of the fact that it's being enjoyed between two close friends.

“So I guess that lesson of helping strangers is what drew you to Shirou then, Mokou?” Keine asks.
“Something like that. At first I thought that I might make use of him against Kaguya, but it seems that it'd only end up hurting myself. The kid is too earnest to be manipulated. Don't you have an interest in him because he's from the outside?”
“Most definitely - as should you. But it's not that, even though we've met only three times now, he strikes me as a legitimately good person. Despite the fact that he seems to easily get sidetracked, his heart seems to be in the right place, and his intentions if not pure are at least honest.”
“Indeed. It's rare to meet someone like him. Do you think that all humans outside the border are like him?” Mokou asks.
“I don't think so. When we were talking about his world, there was almost a hint of sadness when we talked about other people and society. I don't know if he's the problem, or more likely society is broken. It seems to be a sordid state of affairs.”
“Humans will be humans, no matter how much time passes or how much knowledge they accumulate. People will continue to be selfish and ugly no matter what the age.” Mokou comments.
“That may be so, but there's plenty of good people out there. They definitely make life interesting.” Saying so, Keine gets up and gets more snacks from the kitchen. “In any case, Shirou is proof that society can't be that messed up.”
“Well, next time we see him, we have to make sure to ask him in more detail about his life. I bet he knows a lot of things that he's not letting on. It'll be interesting.” Mokou concludes.
>> No. 2908
File 121153931496.jpg - (93.60KB , 546x804 , keinemokou3.jpg ) [iqdb]
They talk about other topics for a while. All the while the contents of the bottle of sake keep diminishing. Only much later that they return to a similar topic.

“Speaking of which, Keine, didja see that bird reporter snooping around here the other day?”
“You mean Aya?” Keine asks.
“Yeah, that's her.”
“No, but I saw her earlier today, coming from the forest. She seemed to be in a quicker hurry than usual, if you ask me she looked a bit flustered.”
“Well, she was definitely snooping around, and I've heard that she was asking around about the kid. God she needs to know to respect people's privacies.” Mokou comments, showing her obvious disdain for the tengu.
“Do you think she was after Shirou this morning?” Keine asks.
“Most likely. She's the type that'll swamp her target with questions and accusations and give one no time to retort. The only way to deal with her is to threaten her or to promise her a better story.” Mokou thinks for a bit then adds. “Only the former works perfectly.”
“Do you think Shirou dealt with her properly or do you think he fell victim.”
“I hope the kid did well, something tells me that he can take charge of a situation when the moment calls for it. It's just that dealing with that tengu can be quite tricky. Let's ask him next time if he ran into her.”
“Yes, let's. It should be an interesting anecdote.”
“Heh, I hope that crow got what was coming to her.”

The two friends continue talking late into the night. No matter the topic, the two managed to entertain each other. When the alcohol ran out, the two of them decided to call it a night. Sleeping in close proximity, the two friends knew that no matter how much time passed, they would still be the best of friends. No event, reason, or boy would ever come in between their true friendship. Not even the end of time itself could ever hope to alter this indisputable fact. As they each drifted off into a peaceful sleep, their last conscious thoughts were of each other.

Vote for the next sidestory:
[ ] Marisa's daily routine
[ ] Secret option 1
[ ] Waki Miko reimu
[ ] Kaguya's day lurking

That's it for now, the other options, I'm witholding for now.
>> No. 2910
[ ] Secret option 1
The secrecy compells me.
>> No. 2911
[x] Waki Miko reimu

Nice writing.
>> No. 2913
now [X] Kaguya's day lurking
Sounds like the Akihas School story in Kagetsu Tohya.
>> No. 2914
[x] Kaguya's day lurking
>> No. 2915
[ ] Kaguya's day lurking

Because I want to see Kaguya browse some imageboards.
>> No. 2921
Imsomnia just kicked in yo. I could write but I lack motivation. I want to write rather, but something is amiss.
>> No. 2922
>>something is amiss.

>>I lack motivation

I think I found your problem
>> No. 2923
Oh tell me great and wise anonymous, what's the underlying cause of the lack of motivation? I feel like expressing my ideas, but meh. Please help me oh wisecracking sage.
>> No. 2924
If you have an idea, just write. Write anything at all. It's what I do when motivation fails me.
>> No. 2925
>>what's the underlying cause of the lack of motivation
>>Imsomnia just kicked in

Lack of sleep often plays a key part in lack of motivation.

Got anything else? It's fun to flex my smartass muscles.
>> No. 2926
[ ] Kaguya's day lurking
>> No. 3365

That incessant sound. You've lost track of how long it's been sounding. Like a mosquito buzzing about as you try to sleep this sound is both annoying and discomforting.




A cool voice says amidst the beeping. You quickly concentrate on the new arrivals. If you stop concentrating even for a few moments you'll be history. Your superior armor and weaponry might be enough to get you through tough spots, but concentrated fire really put you on the spot.

You cycle through your arsenal. In an almost natural motion, you quickly select 2 X YIAM 'Lunar Veil' Missiles and fire them at the targets. You take a deep breath as the missiles travel to the target. Less than 10 seconds later, both target appear as knocked out on your HUD. Success. For now. The beeping finally stopped. You are grateful for the computer's warning when you've been locked on by the enemy, but the beeping is a great strain on your mental well-being.

You continue to move through the hilly terrain, taking care for any mines or traps. The objective should be 500M more over that hill. You hasten your pace, anxious to finish this and return home. According to the briefing, the enemy was using a nearby lake as a temporary staging area in their push against the fortifications by the Forest of Magic. Your mission was simple. To go in, hit them hard and fast, and get the hell out before they could muster a defense. You had taken out their patrols, and you only had a few minutes before the camp was warned of your coming. Luckily for you, your unit was endowed with great maneuverability as well as exceptional armament and good armor. Truly this technological marvel was a great display of Eientei's advanced technology.

You are in a prototype unit; the YIMS PRX-70 'Luna'. The first of it's kind. Standing at 17.4 meters, it's the tallest of its kind. The Anuras you encountered by comparison are midgets, being only 11.6 meters in height. However, their agility combined with their amphibious capabilities make them a dangerous foe if one is caught unawares. Your mobile suit is equipped with the latest suite of sensors and equipment. You have a clear advantage on the more antiquated sensors in competing designs. In part, this mission was to test the capabilities of the prototype unit and see how it would fare in real combat. So far so good, you think as your mobile suit nears the target.

You slow Luna down as you approach the target. Just over the crest of the hill, you can see a vast encampment filled with munition stockpiles and fuel dumps. Just a few well placed explosives and the whole place blows sky high. Wasting no time, you designate a few target and switch to your standards 'Danmaku' cluster rockets. If all goes well, you should be able to fire all your rockets at the targets in less than 20 seconds, and you should be clear of the area in 40 seconds. You arm the rockets and fire away. Sure enough, the explosions are spectacular, as the enemy is caught completely by surprise. You see infantry scrambling as explosions and fire rage all around them. Poor bastards. Having completed your mission, you turn around and attempt to withdraw.

You manage to travel a mere 100M before your sensors go crazy, and that awful beeping sound returns.

“Unknown targets 400M W”

Unknown? You switch to your visual display to see what it is.

Those markings!

There's no doubt about it. The four unit's identities are now known. The red crescent moon emblem of the units give away their allegiance. Those are Scarlet Devil forces! But what are they doing here? And more importantly, since when have they had mobile suits? You slightly panic, as shots are fired around you. Having expended most of your ordinance you know just have your beam sword ( YIM GPW-X01) and a couple of rounds in your standard issue rifle. Crap this is not good. You make for the nearby tree line, hoping to find cover. Your first priority should be to inform command of your situation.

“Tycho base, this is Voyager-1, please respond.” You hail them. A familiar voice comes on the speaker. It would seem that communications officer Inaba is on duty.
“This is Tycho base, read you loud and clear.”
“I've got 4 unknown combatants, assumed hostile bearing down on my position. Request instructions.”
“Voyager-1, you are to withdraw from the combat zone. If the enemy pursues attempt to flee. Do not engage. I repeat do not engage.”
“Roger, wilco. Voyager-1 out.”

Well, you've got your work cut out for you. You deploy a smokescreen and try to confuse the enemy. While the enemy shoots blindly into the smoke, you move as fast as you can towards the exit line. Crap! It would seem that one foolish (or very smart) enemy unit decided to rush through the smoke and is now in pursuit. You attempt to run and fire blindly backwards. This is only a deterrent, as statistically it is unlikely that you'll hit him.

According to your sensors, the enemy unit is still in hot pursuit. You can't return to base like this. You decide to try to create a situation in which you're at an advantage. You suddenly break of your route and go into a ravine to your left. As expected, the enemy unit follows. You continue to bait it, firing your rifle until it runs out of ammo, and reach the designated point. It's a dead end. But it's not apparent until you reach it, so you can hide to the side until the enemy comes in. Just like you planned, the enemy comes in charging blindly, realizing only too late that it's an ambush. You use your beam sword to attack the enemy, slicing its right arm off. However it's not enough to stop the enemy as he manages to shoot you with some sort of energy weapon. You simultaneously slash through the unit, neutralizing it.

Shit! You're heavily damaged. Alarms are wailing in the cockpit and the computer is suggesting evacuation. You can't abandon this unit! Not now! Not after all you've been through to get here. You think back on that fateful day in which you were recruited into Eientei's experimental weapons division, you thought it was a mistake then, but now you couldn't live without it. That's because.... that's the fault of... it's only because of her. Shit! You've been wounded too. You open up your hatch and try to stagger out, but your strength fails you. As you collapse back in your control chair, you can't help but see the beautiful moon tonight. It's that very moon that you've sworn to protect. And no one is going to keep you from your duty.

Gensokyo Wars - Teaser end. Look forward to love, intrigue, and mechanized action in the exciting new story! Choose your own destiny as Gensokyo is ravaged by war! Different factions fight it out amongst themselves, having long forgotten the true purpose of their struggle. Can love really bloom on a battlefield? Or will it be crushed by the armored beasts that now dominate the land?

Coming soon!



Also before you get bitchy, I have written Kaguya's day lurking but I feel I must change the story to make it better.
>> No. 3368

Makes me want to write TouhouFreespace crossover.
>> No. 3369
Well, fuck. Now I feel like playing freespace 2 and wing commander.
>> No. 3370

Tell me about it. I'm digging through my drawers in search of my old FS2 cds... Can't find the fuckers.
>> No. 3592
File 121198876367.jpg - (45.32KB , 400x400 , imperishablenightathiscomputer.jpg ) [iqdb]
Kaguya gently opened her eyes. It was the same scene as everyday. As her eyes grew accustomed to the dark, she could make out the numerous discarded magazines strewn around the floor and the multitude of snacks lying around. The soft glow of the LCD monitor gave everything an eerie look, as if it were otherworldly. This scenery was all too familiar to Kaguya, as it was usually the first thing she saw as she got up in the morning. The hour in which she got up varied everyday, but this was a privilege of her lifestyle - the very flexible hours. She could get up at any hour she wished and no one would say a thing to her. There were times during which Kaguya would not step out of her room for a week, living off junk food and passing away the time on the net.

Despite her apparently anti-social ways, Kaguya was very much a social creature. Whenever a guest came over to Eientei, she would spend hours idly chatting about any topic, as if it were the last conversation she would ever have. Truth be told, she didn't have that many guests and felt oftentimes lonely. Despite the fact that her trusted friend and companion Eirin lived there, and the fact that there were a plethora of rabbits as well. This is why, in part, she chose to spend so much time on the internet. On the net, she would have constant stimulus, someone somewhere would be connected and willing to talk. This way, she made many friends from all over the place. While the fact was that they were all outside the border, she felt like each and everyone of them belonged to a precious community that bound them closer than a physical space ever would.

Rubbing her weary eyes, Kaguya got up from her futon and stumbled her way to her computer. Ah, there was nothing like using a completely fine-tuned and personalized computer that runs just the way one wants it too. It was definitely worth the time and effort to get everything working just so. Using shortcuts that only she would know about, Kaguya deftly opens up several windows and her music playlist. She takes a few minutes to configure the playlist for the day and then sets it to shuffle repeat. Then, the next order of business if to check on her downloads. She can bridge the gap between Gensokyo and the outside world just by downloading games and other commodities. After she sees that everything is satisfactory, she then proceeds to the next step, checking her emails. Expertly opening up multiple email accounts at once, she checks all of her different aliases to see if anything worthwhile has come through. Apparently today, all she's got is junk email and more junk email. Goddamn spammers, despite the fact that they make loads of cash, it's still an annoying profession.

Stopping herself from retaliating on the spammer, by tracking down their IP addresses and launching DDoS attacks, Kaguya instead tries to forget the annoyance. She grabs a nearby bag of chips and proceeds eat something, that for all intents and purposes, that is her breakfast. While this is not very healthy, Kaguya is used to a diet of instant noodles and chips. Any variety of energy drink is a perfect supplement to her manufactured sustenance. Occasionally, one of the rabbits will come along and offer her a proper meal, but she often refuses and insists on eating the ready to eat noodles. Well, very rarely she does decide to indulge herself on other foods, but that's more out a lingering sense of obligation rather than desire. As she muches the chips, she watches a couple of video streams of her favorite shows. This keeps her occupied for a good half an hour or so. The time that one wastes usually watching these shows with commercials is truly frightening.

Soon, it's time to watch the week's episode of Code Gayass. While it isn't fair to say that she likes the show. It's entertaining enough. The deus ex machina plot twists they pull off are exciting, if you don't expect anything logical from the show that is. The noodle people is another turn-off, but that's counterbalanced by a pretty good mechanical design. Plus, there's another reason she watches the show. To flame away. As silly as it sounds, Kaguya watches this show to passionately decry its makers and all that it stands for. Something so silly and ill-conceived should have never been shown on TV in the first place. It gives Kaguya enjoys debating about various topics on the internet, but when it comes to shows like these, she loses all civility and can go as far as troll so hard that shitstorms erupt on completely unrelated sites.

As Kaguya concentrated on pouring all of her hatred out via her computer, a gentle knock came from the door. Not bothering to turn her head and look at the door, Kaguya simply tells the person to come in. It's Eirin. Ah yes, Kaguya had some business with her that day that she had forgotten about. The flaming and trolling will have to be put on hold until a later date.

“Princess, it's about the item you asked for.” Eirin said.
“What about it? Still trying to convince me that it's a bad idea?” Kaguya asked.
“No. I can tell that you're serious about this. I just came to tell you that it has arrived.”
“Ah, great. Bring it here, and then tell that person that we'll need her later.”
“So you're doing it today?” Eirin asked Kaguya.
“Yes. We won't get a chance for another while if we don't do it today.” Kaguya coolly replied.
“I understand, I'll tell Undonge to bring it here.”

Eirin leaves and nary a few moments later there is another knocking sound at the door. Kaguya tells the person to come in. It's Reisen holding a medium-sized box. The moon bunny comes in, leave the box on the table, bows, and then leaves again. Kaguya had anticipated the arrival of the box. She was looking forward to receiving it. Today was the last day she could use it before the next lunar cycle. Grinning happily, Kaguya opened the box and examined the contents.
>> No. 3593
Perfect. The tool she had asked for was finally in front of her. She immediately went about configuring it. She had heard about it from idle conversation with one of the most powerful beings in Gensokyo. When she knew about its capabilities, she had to try it out. It was this type of curiosity that sometimes got Kaguya into trouble. After all, the reason she had drunk the Hourai elixir was for a similar reason. She quickly went about examining her prize. Inside the box were two items. One was nothing more than simple bait, and the other was the item of true value. If she used it correctly, she could finally achieve what she had longed for all these many years.

Kaguya worked dexterously, arming the device as it should be. After it was done, she placed it inside the bait. Perfect. It would now work if everything went as planned. Kaguya put the item inside the box, and left the box in front of Eirin's office. Her ally would do the rest of the hard work. She herself would have to spring the plan into action later. But for now, she returned to her room and continued to surf the net.

She spent the rest of her day doing the usual. Downloading a doujin from here, downloading a torrent from there. To be honest, she was a bit of a pack rat when it came to these things. It was her philosophy to collect, rather than just leave things. One never knew when it might come in handy. Even if she didn't actually read or listen to everything, just having it was enough. Sometimes she'd upload huge collections for the other users of the user boards, using a tripcode. It wasn't for attention, but it was more of a 'seal of quality' if you will, a guarantee that it'd be legit goods. Towards the evening, the person that she was waiting for finally came online. Kaguya unmasked her presence and awaited the inevitable conversation.

anoNEET: Hey there, 'sup?
Teru-hime: Yo! Just the guy I was hoping to talk to!
Teru-hime: You're a big fig collector right?
anoNEET: Yeah lol.
Teru-hime: and you like that bullet hell game right?
anoNEET: like? Moar liek loev.
Teru-hime: then check this out [hyperlink]
Teru-hime: a limited edition perfect grade figure signed by the drunken master himself.
anoNEET: but it costs a lot lol
Teru-hime: that doesn't matter man, DO IT FAGGOT and buy it. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity.
anoNEET: hmmm, I'll think about it.
Teru-hime: hurry up 'cuz i don't think it'll be up for long tbh.
Teru-hime: gonna get something to eat ttyl.

Success! She had successfully linked to the item that Eirin had put up for sale for her. There would be no doubt that he would take the bait. Kaguya knew him well, and had orchestrated this whole scenario so that he would come here. She knew how foolish it was, but she just wanted to bring someone that understood her and treated her as an equal. Around here she had no one she could say the same thing about. Eirin came close, but theirs was a different type of relationship. There would always be a barrier between them. With this she might get what she's been looking for. She got up and prepared a pot of premium instant noodles. It was, after all, a situation to celebrate. Her plan to bring her best friend was finally in motion.

Their relationship had started by chance a little over a year ago. It was just a fluke really. An innocent exchange on an anonymous image board lead to them to eventually exchange emails. They first talked to each other about only certain topics, but as time passed, they became rather intimate. Soon enough, they talked to each other as the closest of friends. They shared many a secret, and their relationship grew deeper. Of course, Kaguya never told him about being inside Gensokyo, and a couple other choice details. Even he wouldn't have believed it without seeing it for himself. Regardless, by now, they each considered the other something like family, a bond deeper than simple brothers. It would be no exaggeration to say that they sought not to have been born on the same day, in the same month and in the same year. They merely hoped to die on the same day, in the same month and in the same year. Thus was the type of bond that the two felt existed between them.

She smiles to herself, for the rest of the night she would be in a good mood. She listened to her favorite albums as she played round after round of online games. All she had to do now was wait. As she finally stopped playing hours later, she was still in a good mood. As she checked her emails for the last time that evening, she was awfully tempted to play some old-school space sims, but she couldn't find her joystick so she soon gave up on that idea. She instead decided to play a TBS game on her DS as she lay in her futon. When she finally grew tired, she turned off the handheld and closed her eyes. She was fighting the excitement of the promised encounter tomorrow. She had to get some rest before meeting him, lest she leave a poor impression upon him. After what seemed an eternity battling her own furiously-pounding heart, she managed to fall asleep.

In many ways the day had been unremarkable, but to Kaguya it was all very exciting. And thus ended Kaguya's (would be) day lurking, and would serve as the preamble of the things to come over the next few weeks.
>> No. 3595
Alright. That was it. I know it's not too long, but I couldn't say much without spoiling the story. It just give a bit of a general idea about Kaguya's motivations and methoods.

Before we start the voting for the next sidestory, I'd like to hear if there are any more suggestions for sidestories.

Here's the basic list of 'to do' sidestories (some of which I'm holding out on until the plot advances more):

Secret project 1
Eirin and Reisen working (something like an account narrated from Reisen's point of view)
Gensokyo Wars (this is more of a CYOA and will spawn its own thread given time.)
Marisa's daily routine
Waki miko reimu
and Aya's fantasies (lol not so subtle reference in the title)

Anything else you'd be interested in?
>> No. 3596
Something's going weird with this page. Or maybe it's my browser. It doesn't load anything past >>3365.
>> No. 3597
I liked it.

[X] Aya's fantasies

WE NEED THAT, time for Shirou to abuse Aya again, this time all the way, she wants it that whore.
>> No. 3598
Nevermind, posting seems to have fixed it. Weird, probably browser related.
>> No. 3599

Damnit! Marisa is SO coming on a jump capable 4 PPC and LRM 20 missile spamming assault mech!
>> No. 3600
[X] Aya's fantasies

>> No. 3601
[X] Aya's fantasies

I want to see how our little crow feels.
>> No. 3602
[x] Eirin and Reisen working
Could use an insight into their relationship.
[x] Waki miko reimu
Moe. Yes, miko moe.
>> No. 3603
[X] Aya's fantasies
>> No. 3604
[z] Aya's fantasies
>> No. 3605
[X] Aya's fantasies
>> No. 3606
I GET THE GENERAL CONSENSUS. But my question was: "Anything else you'd be interested in?"

>> No. 3607

I'd like to hear more about those "wascally wabbits" and their zany shenanigans.

If no shenanigans, then old war stories.

>> No. 3608

Momiji's Day Off.
>> No. 3609
[X] Aya's fantasies

Needs more delicious moe tenguw.

in b4 slut
>> No. 3610

Is there even anything else?
Aside from possibly a "Rinnosuke's bad day"
>> No. 3850
[X] Aya's fantasies
This better be Fa-Fa-Fa-Fappaple
>> No. 3906
Why does Gensokyo Wars remind me so much of Sakura Wars?

Anyway, Aya's Fantasies sounds good.
>> No. 3956
[X] Aya's fantasies
Sounds awesome.
>> No. 3976
Are you asking for more ideas for stories, or which of those stories we want to see?
>> No. 3977
Something about Albion would be good.
>> No. 4121

Shirou asking Aya out on a date might be interesting.
>> No. 4126


Sounds boring as fuck and a complete lack of a sidestory to me.

If you wanna get your Shameimaru on, just do it in the main story.
>> No. 4136

>Shirou raping Aya in her dreams might be interesting.
I think this is what you were trying to say.
>> No. 4145
Albion sidestory
>> No. 4162
She wakes up one morning, noticing her owner/master has just hotglued her all over.
n wait, An Albion with a mind of her own spending time very near Shirou-boy who is prone to hotglueing, This could be awesome...
>> No. 4178
The worst part is when she finds out it's not really hot glue...
>> No. 4194
>>The best part is when she finds out it's not really hot glue...
>> No. 4275
How do I sex up doll?
>> No. 4431
Okay fine, good for anon, bad for Albion.

Unless she rolls that way.
>> No. 4447
>Unless she rolls that way.

This would be so much win I can't even put it into words
>> No. 4918
When are you gonna write some more side stories?
>> No. 4919
>> No. 4920
Sometime soon, probably between later today and tomorrow.
I have, I just can't bring myself to finish it.
>> No. 4921
Why not?
It can't be that bad.
>> No. 4922

Or maybe it's too hot.
>> No. 5378
>> No. 5458
Since you moved, you got lazy. Write us Aya's Fantasies and we forget about you slacking off.
>> No. 5467
[] They're shit, I've heard that there's a variety of ant in Gensokyo that seeks to fill every single orifice of a person and lays its eggs while the person is still alive. Millions of ant-spawn hatch from all of your holes, fun holes included.

Sounds like a lot of fun.
>> No. 5567
File 121355426130.jpg - (109.04KB , 600x640 , sakuyax.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Do you have anything to say for yourself?” The maid asks with a cold, commanding voice.
“N-nothing. I have no excuse this time.” The poor gate guard says, bowing down as humanly possible -no, even lower than that. She's almost literally kissing the dirt.
“I cannot entrust you with the most basic of tasks.” The maid says with a devilish grin. “You're absolutely worthless. Lower than a bug! Do you understand that?”
“Y-yes, I'm worthless. I'm even worse than an insect.” The gate guard says with tears in her eyes.

These humiliating sessions with Sakuya always tore the gate guard's heart. She was absolutely degraded, called names, spit upon, and beaten. Even if she was physically powerful, the fact is that the maid was quicker and had a more potent special ability than her. Yes, she could stop time. So it was very difficult to try anything against her. The gate guard had long given up trying to struggle and instead just bore the punishment as best as she could.

The maid gets closer to the guard. She then steps on her back, dirtying her green dress with the soles of her feet. They were completely alone in the front of the mansion. The troublesome boy had left a while ago and was probably wandering somewhere lost in the night.

“You disaster! How dare you allow some outsider just loiter around. You've completely failed your duty!” The maid says as she applies pressure on the guard's back.
“I'm sorry!” The girl desperately says.
“Silence! Sorry won't cut it! Do you understand, China?” And there she said it. One of the cruelest things that could be said to the guard. Calling her 'China' instead of her real name, Meiling. No one around here bothered learning her real name and as such called her callously 'China'. It truly killed the gatekeeper's soul a little bit every time someone called her that.

The girl just silently sobs as the maid continues to humiliate her.

“And to add injury to the insult, you were trying to seduce that man!”
“No, I never-!” Meiling desperately replies.
“Shut up! You can't hide it from me. I saw the two of you and how you looked at each other. Filthy! Disgusting! I bet you just wanted to mount him right in front of this here gate! Isn't that right?”
“It's not like that at all!” The guard screams out. She was just getting along with the boy. He had shown her kindness, and she was just repaying him in kind. It's true that she liked him, but to do something like that while she was working was inconceivable for her. For starters, she had never engaged in such lewd conduct before, so it was literally unthinkable for her.
“Don't lie to me.” The maid says. “I could tell.” She kicks the guard hard on the sides, flipping her over.

“You're just a dirty hussy, aren't you? Yeah, you are. You're much lower than an animal. At least an animal would go into the bushes to mate. You wanted to do it here, in front of the place you're supposed to guard.” Saying so the maid begins to step on the guard's chest.

She roughly fondles the girls rather large chest with her feet. This hurts Meiling a lot, as her shoes press into her skin. She cries out in pain.

“Shut up and enjoy it like the scum that you are!” The maid barks at her. “You should be fine with this!”

Meiling tries to struggle a bit against the maid, but her heavy pressure hold her in place. If anything, Sakuya's heels start tearing into Meiling's clothing. Her dress is now ruined, ripped in several places on her upper torso.

The maid looks on her hapless victim and smiles. She takes off her shoes and then places one of her feet by the guard's mouth.

“Suck on my toes.” She simply commands.

The poor guard is confused and doesn't react. The maid kicks her violently and then puts her foot near her mouth again.

“I said suck them. Like the mere thing that you are.”

Not wanting to feel any more pain, the guard complies and puts the maid's delicate toes into her mouth. It's not very pleasant in particular. Her feet taste a bit of sweat and dirt. But the girl does her best and sucks on them.

The maid looks down on the scene and sadistically smiles.

“Good job, but I feel that you're holding back. Perhaps rewarding you a bit might be an appropriate course of action?”

Before Meiling knows it, the maid has both a whip and several knives in her hands.

“Hehehe.” Sakuya laughs. “Time to have fun.”
>> No. 5568
With inhuman speed, she rips most of the guard's remaining clothes to shreds. Green strips of clothes lie everywhere and Meiling is down to her bra and panties. The maid removes her foot from Meiling's mouth and crouches down over her body. She roughly begins stimulating the guard's nipples with her knife edge, precariously coming close to cutting through the fabric and injuring her. Meiling is shocked more than anything at this new development and just trembles in uncertainty. The cool metal edge of the knife makes her feel more uneasy than anything.

“Not enjoying it? Maybe you need to be whipped a bit beforehand.” The maid says with a completely unmasked tinge of pleasure in her voice.

She mercilessly starts whipping Meiling's body. She leaves many whip marks on her pure unblemished skin and laughs sadistically every time that Meiling groans in pain. Her skin becomes red and dozens of whips marks appear. The maid herself is getting excited at her victim's pain. It might be explained due to her endless and thankless job as head maid, having to be perfect, but this kind of behavior can only really be explained as deviancy of the worse kind. Some people just have that in them.

She's not content with the suffering that she's causing her victim. In truth, the maid has long lost herself to her dark impulses. She grins as she realizes what comes now. Using her abilities, she slices off the remnants of her victim's clothing in what appears to be just a fraction of a second. Meiling is stunned as she doesn't understand what's going on.

“It looks like I'm going to have to take this one step further, so that you understand your position.” Sakuya says.
Meiling can't even think of words to say back at her tormentor.

Losing no time, Sakuya goes to her victim's lower regions. It's completely dry, as it's obvious that her victim is not enjoying this. This just makes Sakuya become even more eager to inflict punishment. She grabs her knife and makes sure to show her victim what she's about to do.

“I'm going to put this inside of you.” She states matter-of-factly. “Don't worry, it'll go handle first, so you won't get cut, unless you move too much that is.”
“Noo! Anything but that! Please, I'm sorry, don't do it! Forgive me!” Meiling's voice cries out desperately as she realizes that she has no way out of this.

To the maid, her cries were the sweetest form of music. Her inner sadist rejoiced at the girl's desperate pleas. She was even crying now, begging her to stop. How delicious.

Not hesitating, the maid plunges the knife, hilt first. There is but a momentary resistance as the knife goes all the way in. Meiling cries out in pain and the knife goes in. The reason is obvious, she was completely dry and another more important reason presents itself. It had been the gatekeeper's first time. Blood flows out from her crotch due to the piercing of her hymen. She's just sobbing uncontrollably now just uttering 'please stop' over and over again, like a broken record.

This is an incredible source of satisfaction to the maid, and she starts to finger herself as she thrusts the knife in and out, taking care not to cut herself. It's not that fun anymore. Meiling is no longer reacting and is instead just laying there muttering the same phrase over and over again with her eyes wide open and streaming tears. However, she continues to furiously move her fingers over her own crotch and stimulate herself.

Finally reaching climax, the maid decides to end it. She removes the knife and then stands over the doll-like gatekeeper. She removes her panties. She then goes the extra mile and unleashes a torrent of her urine all over the girl's face. Drenching her completely. The girl coughs and struggles a bit against the foul-smelling fluid but ultimately just takes it. The maid finishes and proceeds back into the mansion, leaving the girl lying there. She is exactly like a discarded doll, lying there broken on the dirty ground.

The very next morning, the maid goes back outside to look for the guard. She's missing from her post. Figuring that it was just her being difficult she calls out for her, promising additional punishment. But the girl is nowhere to be found. The maid looks around and then remembers that she might have sneaked off into her shed. She makes her way to the shed, prepared to punish her some more. She rudely kicks in the door, with no regards to the integrity of the structure.

Inside she sees a shocking, but ultimately not surprising sight. The gatekeeper is there alright. She's hanging from the ceiling with a rope attacked to her neck. She's apparently killed herself. There's no note but her still-naked body seems to imply that she killed herself as soon as she recovered from the maid's assault.

The maid feels conflicted. On the one hand she does not regret what she has done, but she has a big problem now.

Where is she going to get a new gate guard? The mistress will have her stand guard until a replacement is found. And that's going to add to the already seemingly infinite tasks that she has to do. How bothersome.
>> No. 5570
Not Aya's Fantasies I know, I was trying to finish that but I just had to go along with my flash of inspiration. I'll be away for a couple of hours and then resume with the main story.

Also, this story might not be necesarily canon and Sakuya may or may not be as derranged as she is depicted here otherwise.
>> No. 5571
I can proudly say i never hated Sakuya, even if every Writer made her the most evil being in whole of Gensokyo.

>> No. 5572
File 121355490349.jpg - (15.04KB , 404x363 , 1208714553719.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 5573
File 121355580445.jpg - (17.14KB , 345x256 , That is not okay.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 5578
I got hard.
>> No. 5579
You monster
>> No. 5581
hmmm, ronery syndrome is getting dangerous i guess
>> No. 5582


This was... bad. Not in a DESPAIR way. Not in a FUCK YOU SCORN kind of way. Not even in a so-bad-it's-actually-good way.

Just... really bad writing. God awful.

And your writing is usually up to par, so I'm kind of at a loss for kinder words.

In fact, you may want to delete it.
>> No. 5583
>> No. 5586
You devil.
>> No. 5587
Seconded, on all counts.
>> No. 5590
I agree it is pretty bad. It's short, the action and pacing awkward, etc. Not up to par with all my other side stories definitely. But I'm not going to take it down. Why? Because it's not supposed to be good. It's just a quick flash of inspiration that I happened to have when writing a BAD END. It's not even canon. So there. Just treat it like a shitty star wars novel that's been retconned or something.

I think that it serves it's purpose just fine.

Also self-sage for lack of update and not wanting to incite pointless discussion.
>> No. 7311
I open my eyes and awake from my sleep. Just like I have for almost every morning for the past few couple of months. It's as if I've got a timer in the back of my head that wakes me up at the same time every day. It wasn't always like this, but ever since I came down here my sleeping patterns have more or less become predictable. I don't even have to check the big clock that's to the right of my mattress, I know it's around nine in the morning. I yawn away the last vestiges of my drowsiness and, as per my daily ritual, look to the place besides me.

As expected, the other occupant of this bed has already left. This fact stirs up feelings within me that I have lately been unable to explain properly. I know that I like her, despite everything, but it just seems that lately I've grown even more dependent on her. I don't really know why I do this, but almost every morning now I move to the spot that she occupied during the night and try to feel any lingering heat in that spot. It comforts me to even feel a slightest bit of her warmth and I also take the opportunity to sniff her pillow. Her scent is always reassuring. Normally her smell evokes feelings of passion and lust, but in the mornings her smell is something of a sedative, helping you relax. It's funny how I've grown to be completely addicted to her smell. I don't think I could get through a single day without feeling her scent. Just thinking otherwise makes my heart beat fast and knots to form in my stomach.

After satisfying myself with my daily ritual, I leisurely get out of bed. The first thing I do, like every morning, is make the bed. It's not that difficult since it's only a couple of light sheets and the bed itself is nothing more than a mattress on the floor. It can't be helped. I'm sure that she went through of a heck of a lot of trouble just to get this much. There's no doubt that she did the best possible for us. This thought makes me feel happy and before I know it I'm humming to myself. Lately I've been doing that a lot. I can't really help it though, it's like a reflex action or something. I just start to feel happy and before I can even control myself I'm humming or whistling to myself. It's just as well, work seems to go by faster when I'm like this anyways.

The bed takes me only a few moments to make. I then turn my attention to the rest of the room. It's almost completely dark except for a small grating on the far wall. According to her, this room is a secret room that only she knows about and that probably leads to some inaccessible corner outside. No one in their right mind would expect such a place to exist right under their noses. As per usual, I pick up a box of matches and light one of the many candles that she left me. A bright flash comes from the match as I strike it and a warm light soon comes for from the lit candle. I place the candle on the nearby candlestick and think about what I want to do now.

The room is rather large. It makes me think that maybe it was used as a storage cellar for caskets of wine or other equally large items. To be sure, when I first came here, there were piles and piles of boxes. I don't really know what was inside of them, but she removed most of them and slowly started bringing things to the room. At first it was a chair. Then one day she came with a cushion, another day with a small desk, and so on. Now I've got everything from a table to a bathtub. At the time I was preoccupied with other things, but now that I think about it, it must have taken her a lot of effort to get all these things for me. And for that I'm truly grateful. I love all the different items here and strive to make this place as homely as possible. It's a shame that most of the time I'm the only one down here. It's not that I don't understand that she's got her own affairs that she needs to take care of, but it just sometimes feels a bit lonely all by myself.

No, I shouldn't think like that. You know of all the effort that she goes through to keep you entertained. She's brought me numerous books and other items to keep me busy. I mustn't complain. It wouldn't be fair to her. I can even ask her for specific books and she'll bring them to me. So I can't forget that she's always shown me good will and understanding. Heck, she even sometimes brings me treats like candy or other special foods. Normally the cynic in me would dismiss it as her being guilt-ridden, but I know that she does this from her heart. After the moments we've shared, there's no denying that she can understand me as well as I can understand her. When I'm with her, I feel at times that there's a bond between us that is stronger than anything that I've felt before. Sometimes I can tell what she's thinking and sometimes she surprises me by guessing what I'm thinking as well. Just recalling this fact makes me smile like an idiot.

However, the cold feeling under my feet reminds me that I'm standing in the middle of the room. That's right. I'm still dressed as I do for sleep. I don't have many clothes but the ones that I do have are inside a big oak chest that she brought one day. I open the chest and carefully pick out a comfortable set of clothing. My original clothing was lost when I came here but, like all other things, she's provided me with adequate replacements. I put on my socks first, canceling out the cold coming from the stone floor. I take off my sleeping clothes and place them by a pile next to the chest. That's the pile for laundry, which I do about once a week in the bathtub. There's no running water here, but there's a large cask full of water near the tub. I use it for drinking, bathing, and cooking. I need hot water for the first two, so I just ask her to use her powers to make the water heat up. It's amazing how she can use her powers to make the water boil or simmer.

I put my clothes on before I get too cold and then turn to my daily tasks. Usually there's a bit of fresh bread left for me for my breakfast. I don't know where she gets it, but it's quite good. She's often asked me if I wanted anything else, but I always tell her that the bread is fine. I multi task and eat the bread while pouring myself a bit of water. It doesn't take me very long to finish eating breakfast and I'm now ready to continue in my daily disciplines. Let's see... there are two or three things that I could do this morning. The floor seems a bit dusty so I could sweep it and then wash the really dirty places with a wet cloth. Alternatively I could rearrange a bunch of furniture, I've been meaning to give this place a new look.

Ultimately, I decided to go with rearranging the furniture. It's be stupid to clean the floors if the very next day I moved around furniture and scattered around dust. Yeah, it's best to move stuff around and then clean. This process tends to keep me busy all morning. It's not easy visualizing everything in my head first and then moving around stuff to match my ideal. It can even be frustrating at times. I don't miscalculate much but when I do I get doubly annoyed. Firstly for having to move stuff twice and secondly for not having predicted that it would happen. But I do work until I reach a satisfactory result. I'm not one to quit halfway through. This time around it doesn't take me that long. I visualized the new positions of the furniture and managed to do everything without a single hitch. I wonder if she'll like the new arrangement? My heart beats fast as I think of her reaction. Truth be told, this room has become as much of a home to me as it has for her. She spends a considerable amount of time here as well.
>> No. 7312
Just thinking about her makes you feel lightheaded. Fortunately, my other bodily functions interrupt. Under normal circumstances I find that I can lose an inordinate amount of time just fantasizing. Right now my hunger has caused me to snap out of it. Yes – it's been a couple of hours since I woke up now. It should be around lunchtime now, if I'm not mistaken. I grab the box of matches and head to the small cooking stove that's near the grate. It's not much to look at, but it gets all of my cooking needs done. I prepare the stove by putting in some wood and fuel and light a match. I place the only pan on the stove and wait for it to heat up. Since I'm thorough about this sort of thing, I've already left my lunch ready since last night. It's basically a piece of cured pork meat along side with some vegetables that I plan to sauté. It's already cut and all that's left is to gently prepare them with the pan.

While I cook, I can't help but be reminded of the first day that I was let loose in this room. I was still under the charm of her due to a particularly wild night. She just decided to let me go out of the blue. Up to that point I had been restrained during the day and had fully depended on her for all of my meals and other needs. When I asked why she was doing this, she simply said something like “It was about time that you started taking care of yourself.”. I don't really know what caused her to have a sudden leap of faith in me. Whether it had been the constant carnal encounters between the two of us, the fact that she trusted me not to try to escape, or maybe she was just tired of doing everything for me. She just left me that day with a knife and a couple of apples. From that day onwards she completely trusted me to feed myself and would just leave me ingredients. Eventually, she got the stove, and I started cooking there. I don't know if it's for better or worse but she started eventually arriving earlier each day. And soon we began to regularly have dinner together. We started to talk together and from then on we started bonding with each other I feel.

Oh crap! I got distracted and the veggies were almost burnt to a crisp. I've got to stop phasing out like this. Ah well, no matter, they're still edible I think. I like to eat sitting down so I put my lunch in a plate and eat at the table that's in the middle of the room. This is where we eat together almost every evening now. We joke, we talk, we are really happy here. It's just the two of us. I'm not quite sure what caused her to begin our relationship, but I'm sure it's evolved past its original state. I can tell by the way she refers to me and her tone of voice that she cares for me. To be honest, I didn't think I would care for her as much as I do either.

My first impression of her was purely sexual. I had felt that she was a sultry lady that would rock my world. I wasn't too far off the mark either. Although I classified her as a succubus after our first encounter, it seems that that's not quite right. While she is sexually promiscuous and wild, I don't think she's a succubus proper. For starters, I don't think she stole my soul. From what I can tell (she never really talks to me about this) she needs energy, like all living things, to live. While she told me that she can get energy from food like me, she also needs magical energy. This is because she's a magical being (didn't specify what kind). So she's apparently leeching off a magician here in Gensokyo. But it's not enough. So she was desperate to supplement her energy somehow. Apparently she can transfer magical energy through bodily fluids. So that's where I come in. I've been 'generously' supplying her with some of my very own fluids. It seems that she finds my particular variety of energy extra delicious, and that would be the main reason she's kept me around. It doesn't matter much to me anymore. I'm just happy being able to spend time with her.

I eat my lunch as I think about the time we spend together. We discuss literature together while cuddling in bed at night. It's not that big a deal perhaps for an outsider, but for me it means the world. The feelings that you feel in that moment are unlike those that I've felt before. Oh sure, we go at it like two dogs in heat almost every night and that's immensely satisfying as well. But that's not all that draws me to her. Her sensual curves, full bust, and delicate features are things that I could never get tired of. Nonetheless, it's not what I remember the most fondly. It's the time we spent together. I see in her things that I've never seen in anyone else before. Heh, it still makes me blush a bit when I remember the night she brought the mattress.

She dumped the mattress in a corner of the chamber and told me to lie down there. She seemed to be unusually eager that day. I did as I was told and I wondered what the big fuss was about. She came and laid herself down besides me. I had expected her to insist that we have sex there or something, but instead something else happened. She put her head on my shoulder and asked me if I would like it if she left together with me on the bed. I asked her if she meant having sex, but she vehemently denied it. It shocked me at the time when she told me that she just wanted to lay there with me during the night. I asked her if it was alright for her to be missing from her usual place for so long and she simply told me that no body knew where she slept in the first place. The first night was awkward for me, I couldn't really sleep knowing that she was there next to me, but as the days went on I eventually became accustomed to it. Before I knew it I felt safe and secure knowing that she was there and in the morning I'd seek out her smell on her pillow.

Lunch was pretty good and it gives me the energy necessary to get through the end of the day. I do waste a lot of energy every day so it's important that I keep myself well-fed. The time that I have in the afternoon I usually like to allocate it to reading. The library here sure is amazing. Since I've been here I've read truly rare and irreplaceable texts. Copies of books that you thought had been lost to the ravages of time. It just goes to prove just how ridiculously well-connected this place must be to a rare book dealer. It's kept me more than occupied. I light up another candle and place it on the desk that I use to read. Sitting down, I think about my choices.

Today I think that a good choice might be the novel that you've been putting off. It's by a French author who was renowned for his portrayal of naturalism. Yes, if I'm not mistaken his characters are often defined by 'temperament' and are portrayed as dry scientific archetypes of sorts. Their “nerves and guts” shape the story and the way that the different temperaments interact with each other is what makes the story interesting. I start to read the book. I speed through most of it in the afternoon. The quiet despair of daily life gets to me. On the one hand it was satisfying to see the illicit affair between the girl and her husband's workmate but on the other the outcome was less than optimal. All of the animalistic attraction and lust ended up killing the husband. And for what? Nothing. The characters self-destruct and make themselves and everyone around them miserable. I didn't expect a 'happily ever after' end for a novel such as this, but to see this kind of behavior is unsavory. The false repentance of the girl with her step-mother and the domestic abuse ultimately makes me wonder if it was all necessary. After all, it's not hard to picture a slightly different scenario in which all of the characters end up being better off. Maybe that's what makes the book compelling. How it is just like real life, in the sense that small differences in actions can result in drastically different endings. However, I think there might be an underlying tone of unnecessary moralism here that is reflective of the setting.
>> No. 7313
It's definitely a book that is ripe for discussion. I get up from the desk and look at the time. Oh, it's about time for her to come back. Just as that thought crosses my mind, I hear familiar footsteps echo outside the door. Having heard these footsteps every single day for a while now, I can deduce a lot of things just by listening attentively. Like what kind of mood she's in, if she's carrying anything, and other things. Her light steps indicate to me she's in a good mood. I anxiously turn to the door as she begins to open it. The first thing you see is her deep crimson-red hair being illuminated by the soft glow of the candles.

“Welcome back~!” I greet her as she steps in.
“I'm back.” She says, making her way in.
“How are you? How was work?” I ask her as I pull a chair for her at the table. She sits down and looks at me.
“Everything was fine today. I'm doing great. I'm just a bit hungry.”
“Ah, yes, if you're hungry then I'll start preparations for dinner right away.”
“That'd be lovely.”

I go to the stove and take the ingredients out for dinner. It's going to be a simple dish of noodles mixed with vegetables. But it needs a bit of care when stir-frying. That's why I'm going to do things properly and makes sure everything is good to go. While I tend to this I make small talk with her. She tells me random anecdotes about her day and I mostly listen. It's nice to listen to her and I can tell that she feels good telling me these things. It doesn't seem like she communicates much at her job. This goes on for a better part of an hour as I finish cooking tonight's meal. Finally satisfied with how it turned out, I serve two plates and take them to the table. She smiles at me. We dig in and stay silent for most of the meal. It's only towards the end of it that she asks me about my day.

“So, I noticed that you moved around the furniture today. I think that the new positions are quite nice.” She comments.
“Ah, thank you. I think that this way it makes several things more easily accessible and at the same time makes the room feel cozier.”
“Yes, that would be my impression as well. You did a good job Shirou.” She smiles at me with that last comment. It almost melts me completely to see her beautiful pure smile. This isn't one of her seductive smiles that I've seen so often, but rather it's a smile that shows how much she appreciates you.
“I also read an interesting book today.” I tell her.
“Oh? Is that so? Which one?”
“That novel you brought me.”
“The one about the haberdasher?”
“That's the one. I thought that it was nice. If anything it left me a bit frustrated, but I think that that might be part of the writer's intention.”
“Yes, it's quite interesting how he treats people like elements rather than proper characters.”
“And the setting was credible as well.” I tell her, thinking of the pictures I had seen of old Europe.
“Well, I wouldn't know about that, but I believe you.”

After this exchange, the two of us talked for a while longer. This free exchange of ideas and commentary is what made our relationship so interesting. Eventually, it got late enough to warrant us to go to bed. As per custom, we had a passionate and long session that night. Both her and I enjoyed ourselves tremendously as usual. It's as if our bodies were made to be compatible as I can't seem to tire of seeing her curvy features and she doesn't tire of my own anatomy. I feel exhausted as always. It takes a great part of me to perform like I do. It doesn't help that she literally takes energy away every time that I get off or she gets off. But this is the price I have to pay for this bliss I guess. The end of the act ends with the both of us holding each other, lying naked on the bed.

“Say Shirou?” She unexpectedly asks me.
“Do you miss your old life? The people that you knew?”

Where did that come from? I can't think of any reason that she would bring it up now of all times. Do I miss my previous life? The one out there? I think about those I left behind. They must have worried about me for a bit. But if they knew the happiness that I'm experiencing then I'm sure they would be glad for me. Right now there's nothing out there more important to me.

“Not at all, my sweet.” I tell her without any hint of hesitation in my voice. “I'm happy to be here with you, that's all I need.” I kiss her on the forehead after I say this, hoping to convince her that I speak the truth.
“I see then.” She says. “I'm glad you think that way. I'm happy to be here with you too.” She mumbles a bit more but I can't quite hear what it is. I think that maybe she said something along the lines of “I'm truly glad.” but I might be hearing things.

In any case, it looks like sleep will be coming soon. I can feel it overtake me and my eyelids are growing ever so heavy.

“Good night Koakuma.” I saw before my voice fails me.
“Good night Shirou, sleep well.” She replies.
“You too...” I mumble.

As I lay there in the dark holding her a smile forms on my face. I don't know if the way I'm living is right, but it makes me happy. It wouldn't matter at all if I just lived with her and these peaceful days would go by uninterrupted forever. The last thing I'm aware of before I'm asleep is the warmth that is coming from my arms and the sweet scent that fills my nostrils, lulling me to sleep.

Surprise sidestory! I realize it's been forever since I did one so here it is. A shift in narrator makes this one interresting. And I chose to continue the 'bad end' since so many of you consider it to be alright (myself included). There's more to the tale, but I don't know if I'll write it anytime soon. Depends mostly on reactions from the readers I guess.

I do have other sidestories lined up and hopefully this will encourage me to finish them (I have two which are over 50% complete!). The main story will be updated as always so no worries there. There's a whole bunch of other things I have in store and things are spicing up. Options galore. Anyways, I'll retreat into my writefag corner now and be back later.
>> No. 7364
>> No. 7365
You lost me. Seriously. What, Koakuma? Sex? Shirou?
>> No. 7398

>> No. 7399
>> No. 7400
Read the bad end involving Koakuma, might make more sense then.
NO U. I don't know. I just don't feel like very capable of finishing it. I feel that I set the bar too high. As a result I can't bring myself to write anymore of it. I'll get to it eventually. Maybe.
>> No. 7412

Married Life with a Shameimaru.
>> No. 7418
you mean Gunman in Gensokyo?
>> No. 7423

I see what you did there.

But no. I want to see what kind of weirdass life Shirou would have with Aya.
>> No. 7424
That'd be interesting to write. But you guys should resolve your issues with her in the main story before I write such a thing. Just an FYI Aya's fantasies is something completely different to that.
>> No. 7425
Aya's fantasies