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14867 No. 14867
[x] Forget this

There's no point in following her right now. She zips away as you hesitate. The wind carries your apology, but you don't think she even heard it. You slouch, feeling pretty lousy, and walk back to Eientei. It's not so much that Mokou got mad at you, but that you don't know the underlying cause for it. You're sure there's something else that's bugging her, and you really would have liked to have helped somehow. But well, she's made her position clear. That doesn't make it any less disheartening.

It does look like Eirin kept her end of the bargain. Rabbits pass you, but ignore you roundly. By what technique she managed to pull it off, you don't know. More importantly, you're not sure you want to know. There's something inherently frightening about a woman who can easily diffuse the rage found in an army of bunnies. Is that due to the gift of silver tongue or just plain old leverage? Either one makes you reluctant to mess with Eirin. You're already getting daily injections, to her obvious enjoyment, your active imagination can already see that become a more complicated ritual – one that involves a lot of unnecessary and medically irrelevant procedures.

But that's a scenario for another time (hopefully). You find yourself letting out a sigh as you sequester yourself in your room. With Tewi not hunting you down anymore, all the stress and excitement that you suffered earlier comes crashing down on you full force. It's not really fair. Your life seems to be contrasted by moments of high anxiety and tension and absolute nothing. You wonder just how much longer your ticker is going to last. You're young, but you're no immortal. Recent occurrences testify as much.

It's moments like these that are perfect excuses to regress to the mental age of ten. You keep busy, idling about with your neglected doll, pretending you're on some silly adventure together. It's not really intellectually stimulating, but hey, it's strangely relaxing. Having fun in your own little world is both quick and painless. You're grinning from ear to ear as a fabulous idea comes to mind. It's a great wonder that you hadn't thought of it before. While your little recreational game here is unacceptable in professional environments (oh who are you kidding? Pretty much everywhere), it's more than acceptable here. In fact, it might even be encouraged. There's no doubt that the unique quirks that the residents here posses would be translated into interesting play mechanics.

To be succinct, you think that there's a lot of potential here. Sure, as it stands, your rules amount to something approaching Calvinball, but that doesn't mean that you couldn't define things more clearly. You somehow imagine that your dearest buddy might get a kick out of this. Laughs, snacks, and all-around fun. Sounds good to you. Hell, as cross as you might get at her behavior, Tewi is also a pretty solid character to include. If anything, you think that she might add a satisfactory level of zaniness to the mix. Reisen could be the anchor that keeps things from getting totally out of focus. And then there's Eirin. The woman has storyteller (and master of puppets) written all over her. It sure as hell would be something unique. If you could somehow sell the idea.

Eh, there's not that much chance of that happening. Save for Kaguya, you don't think anyone else here would be open to your sort of entertainment. You lay back, imagining the four of you as adventurers, raiding dungeons and getting loot while fighting off vile monsters. You chuckle. It's not a bad mental image at all. The group dynamic in itself would be worth any negatives.


A strong vibration interrupts your daydream. Huh? It came from your pocket. Your whole lower body feels funny now. A second event occurs after a few moments. You dig through, trying to find the origin of the quake. There's really only one thing that you carry that could even hope to vibrate on its own. The PDA's back light is on and an icon of a manila envelope dominates the screen.

You have 3 message(s)!

You look at the screen in confusion. How could you have messages if you're not even connected to a network, phone or otherwise? You unlock the device, and click to view the two messages. A document template opens up, with the background looking like a worn letter. The message is dated for yesterday, at 11:53PM:

“From: Y+Y Enterprises
Subject: Revolutionary new treatment!

Dear sir,

Are you aware of our new treatment? As a loyal customer we're prepared to give you a 14% discount on the first session and a 5% cumulative for all subsequent sessions. This treatment, like previous ones, is designed to help you out in the way you need most. It is the fruit of several years of research and is guaranteed to give you the results you desire. Become the person you always wanted to be!

No stress, no obligations, 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee!


Y+Y Marketing”


You delete this obvious spam message right away, leading you to the next one;

“From: Yakcorp
Subject: Newsletter

Dear valued customer,

As you know, it's been a good year for Yakcorp and all of its subsidiaries. That should be little surprise – given how we take care of out customers (Don't forget our motto: “Putting satisfaction and loyalty back into business!”). In this quarterly newsletter, we'd like to announce some of our new and exciting products and services.”

You skim through this newsletter, not caring about corporate spin. Besides the ads for their products, you find something that might be relevant to you.

“New firmware update for all of our hand held models. Version 2.05 will fix some outstanding issues as well as add features that consumers have asked for. We love listening to the community to make our products better! There's no exact date, but expect it to come soon! We're sure that you'll be pleased with our combined efforts and continued commitment.”

There isn't much else of interest, so you delete that message as well. Ah, the last one looks to be a bit more personalized.

“From: Yakcorp customer support
Subject: Service ticket #12041961

Dear valued customer,

Our support staff has taken a look at you situation and we are pleased to announce that the upcoming firmware will most likely resolve your issues. [There's a date here for the original complaint, but that was over 2 months ago] We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused for you.

Our records show that you have been with us for quite some time, and even now use our services faithfully and regularly. That is why, with your latest elimination, we would like to offer you a bonus. For every additional point that you spend, you'll get triple the rewards and we'll upgrade your account for free once we reach the requisite amount.

We hope that this may be some small consolation for your inconvenience. Our own president has taken an interest in your file and has issued varying rates for each one of the plans. Please enjoy this fully!”
>> No. 14868
You keep this last message, not sure what exactly it means. You shake your head and put the PDA away. With a yawn you get up. It feels like a long way to the clinic, but you tough it out. Eirin is busy after all. She and Reisen are making drugs. Using everything from mortar and pestle and leaves to stills, funnels, and vials with exotic-colored liquid.

“Hm, back already?” Eirin looks at you from the corner of her eyes, her hands tending to a mixture. “I had thought that you would have spent a while longer out there socializing.”
“Not today.”
“Well, that doesn't matter really. Just give me a moment and I'll be with you.” You watch as she deftly mixes in new substances, making sure that sediments don't build up on the bottom. After placing a flask of the concoction on a stand, she turns to Reisen, issuing orders; “Take over for me and do the second series now. Those can wait. I'll be right back.”
“Okay.” Reisen replies, putting down her own work and taking over the station where Eirin was working. Eirin comes towards you, flapping her clothes as if she's feeling hot.
“Well, let's get formalities out of the way.” She points to an adjacent room. You know what's coming.

After your shot, you talk to Eirin about your task.

“I did what you asked me too. And I noticed that the rabbits are leaving me alone, so I have to thank you for that.”
“It was no trouble at all. I just made sure that they understood it was just a misunderstanding.”
“Well, it looks like you can be very persuasive.”
“I just try my best, that's all.” She replies with an out-of-place humility.
“Well, I guess I'm curious now to know what that personal reward is.”
“All in due time. Patience is a virtue you know..” She leans on the wall, indicating that she's taking a break. “As you can see, we're busy here. So it'll have to wait. This is something that I want to do with just the two of us alone here.” She smiles. An ambiguous smile which you can't tell if it's really honest or some sort of deception.
“So when would you be free?”
“Well, let's see...” There's a pause as she calculates something for a moment. “At the rate we're going, we should be done just around nightfall. Think you can wait that long?”
“Probably. I think I can handle waiting.”
“That's good then. I'd be disappointed if you decided not to accept my reward.”
“I'm looking forward to it.” You really aren't sure. You've got mixed feelings about this. Part of you tells you that you shouldn't get your hopes up, while another part finds itself believing that it really will be something nice. After all, she may obfuscate, and lie by omission, but hasn't directly deceived you by having complete reversals (well, slight tangents and deviations may have happened, but that's still something else).
“If you feel you can't handle it, there's an alternative.” She opens up the door. “You could give us a hand here. It'd take a lot less time if we had more assistance. We'd probably be done an hour or two before nightfall. Most likely. It won't change the reward, of course, but it might be something to do if you don't have anything to pass the time with.”

[] Help her out
[] Don't help her out
>> No. 14869
[x] Help her out

Change of pace for a wandering mind is good
>> No. 14870
[x] Help her out.
>> No. 14871
[x] Help her out
>> No. 14872
[x] Help her out
>> No. 14874
[x] Help her out

Shirou is fucking daydreaming crazy stuff, he needs some company with other people bad.
>> No. 14878
[X] Help her out

Why not?
>> No. 14879
[] Help her out
>> No. 14882
[X] Don't help her out

just because i want to
[X] go see Kaguya
>> No. 14883
File 123803117821.jpg- (298.22KB , 1000x1000 , how the hell does that mic work.jpg ) [iqdb]
Right, that's a pretty solid result. Writting in an hour or so, so expect something later.
>> No. 14884
This picture is disturbing
>> No. 14885
File 123803422057.jpg- (358.97KB , 760x608 , 539fe0cefd75367df2f750b08449f4fe.jpg ) [iqdb]

Are you dense? Are you fucking retarded?!

She's the goddamn Doctor.
>> No. 14886

Holy Shit! Is she drawing electrical power for the microphone from that I.V. bag?
>> No. 14887
File 123803704265.jpg- (16.14KB , 150x180 , 1i8657w85.jpg ) [iqdb]

I agree. There's something really unsettling about this picture, but I just can't quite put my finger on it... Huh.
>> No. 14891
I think it is the fact that the liquid in that IV looks like urine.
>> No. 14902

I just find it odd how Eirin's being both a nurse/doctor and an idol/singer at the same thing.
>> No. 14903
[x] Help her out

Not really going crazy, but doesn't seem to be able handling idleness all that well by himself for a good while lol
>> No. 14921
File 123821154119.jpg- (155.24KB , 800x600 , df21192a1bd5b12a3c0fb49b4dcd48a6.jpg ) [iqdb]
So? She's a woman of many talents.
>> No. 14922
Teruyo has gone MIA again. Send out the rescue team.
>> No. 14930
File 123825322158.jpg- (89.39KB , 593x733 , ett2.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Help her out

“A truly dependable fellow, aren't you?” Eirin remarks when you tell her that you'll help out. “Come now, we shouldn't waste time standing around.” She leads you back to where Reisen is, and taps her on the shoulder. “We're fortunate enough to have some extra manpower today. I'll take care of this. You do your usual work, teaching our eager volunteer here as you go along. Hopefully this will make things go faster.” Reisen nods, stops working and goes off to another part of the room. You follow while Eirin smiles and waves, looking pleased with everything.

“Well, I don't think you should do anything too complicated to begin with.” Reisen instructs you by a lab bench full of components. She's focused on working as well as she can, but still takes the time to instruct you about the basics. You try to afford her your full and undivided attention. It's the least you can do. “...so try that for a while, I'll be right here if you need any help.”

You find yourself grinding things down with a mortar and pestle. It should have been obvious, but before now it hadn't dawned upon you that Eirin had to get her chemicals from somewhere. And apparently they're mostly from pulverized plant and animal extracts. You mash seeds and other things into a fine powder, being careful to grind things up evenly. It's not very hard to do this, but the sheer volume that's expected of you is daunting. As is keeping track of what component goes with what else. Reisen takes care of the already mashed ingredients, mixing the different powders into different jars and labeling them as appropriate. Since you're slow, she also uses a mortar and pestle to make the work faster. You try to emulate her style to improve your own procedure – with limited success. Hers is the technique of someone who has done this countless times.

You feel a bit useless as you move on from this to other tasks. Oh sure, you can prepare base solutions, add the right amount of chemicals, or do any of these simple tasks. A trained monkey probably could. “Wait about five seconds before corking them. You should see it fizzle a bit.” A kind and instructive tip by the hardworking Reisen. You're grateful for her patience, but wonder if you're not cramping her style. Watching her work is like watching an Olympic skater glide effortless on the ice. And you're the eyesore of a first-timer stumbling all over the rink and ruining the performance. “You're holding it wrong. Here, let me show you how.” She stands behind you, grabbing your hands and positioning them into the most efficient position. You can only barely mumble a 'thanks' and try to keep yourself focused on your work.

Eirin, strangely enough, doesn't pay you any attention. She's wrapped up in her own world, tending to the most delicate steps in this process. From the hurried glances that you manage to steal, you see her halfway across the room, dealing with precision instruments with a combination of confidence and amusement showing on her face. There's no doubt that she enjoys doing this on some level. Hell, you think that even Reisen does. Her conviction seeps into a kind of workman's pride, and she looks upon her work with satisfaction. The sentiment is infectious. The little that you've done is also a source of pride for you. It's silly, but just being able to more or less keep up with what was expected of you is enough to make you feel glad.

So it continues for most of the afternoon. 'Shirou the apprentice' fulfills his duties as best he can. You follow Reisen's lead in everything, entrusting yourself to her. She's a nice tutor, using positive reinforcement to get you through. You wouldn't mind becoming a real apprentice if she was the master. As icing on the cake, she is literally a pleasure to be around while working. She tends to hum while doing her job – agreeable and pleasant melodies. All of this makes the time fly by, and when Eirin indicates that you've done enough, it's a total surprise. The blood-red afternoon light tinges the equipment in odd tones of color. Most of the transparent tubes refract the light as well. As you help clean up, you find the red all around you a bit unsettling. Something about would-be medical equipment colored red that puts you off.

“Well then, we're done quite a bit before I though we'd be finished. Undoubtedly it was due to the good work on your part.” She smiles at Reisen. “I hope that your assistant for today didn't give you too much trouble. I know how hectic your job can be Undonge, and having a newcomer can disrupt trained routines.”
“We got by just fine. He took things seriously and worked hard. I couldn't have asked for more.”
“Isn't that a happy occurrence?” Eirin claps her hands. “Maybe I should recruit you,” She looks at you, grinning, “if you've got Undonge's approval, then that means that you're worth keeping. At the very least I'll keep you in mind next time I need an assistant for this sort of work. Thinking about it, you also performed satisfactorily the other day. Maybe I really ought to get you trained as soon as possible.” You note that Reisen of all people seems to be nodding in agreement. Is it because you'd make her workload lessen?
“I'll keep it in mind as a career choice.” You reply diplomatically. “I was glad to help out, even though I felt I wasn't that much of a help.”
“Mm, keep it in mind eh?” Eirin muses. “Well, you do that and we'll see.” She turns again to Reisen, looking at her with a pleasant expression. “You've done enough for today. You can have the rest of the day off.” Reisen thanks her and begins to walk off. “Do lock the door behind you.” Reisen stops at the door, as if pondering Eirin's directive. “Shirou and I will be tending to some delicate affairs on our own here and shouldn't be disturbed. Hang the 'closed' sign and lock the door please.” She gives Reisen a subtle look that transmits a 'is that clear?'. And after another moment of strange hesitation Reisen does as she's told. She says goodbye to you both and closes the door behind her, locking it as she goes.

You're left alone with Eirin in the clinic. The afternoon light makes her look strange, her white robe looking as if stained with red. She smiles, speaking in a throaty voice. “Well then, I'm done and we're finally alone. I think it's time to give you your reward now. You've done well to be patient. I'll make sure it's worth it for you.” She strides over to you, her steps slow and deliberate. “I think that we should head deeper inside of the clinic for this. It's too uncomfortable to do this here.” She grabs your hand with a grin. “Come now, let's get going. I hope you don't have anything planned for later, as this will take a while. I don't think you'll want to stop once we get started.”

Partial update. Just to show that I'm alive. Depending on how long my nap is the next part will come sooner or later.

Hey, it works for Komugi and she's a nurse. Well she's as much of a 'nurse' as Eirin is a 'doctor' anyways.
>> No. 14932
File 123825358194.jpg- (244.97KB , 1000x1008 , 1238126990991.jpg ) [iqdb]

Welcome back, Teruyo.

Best Regards,

>> No. 14934
You get lazy and i know that you check the board often.
Just need to remind you that we are waiting even if no one says anything.
>> No. 14937
>“Come now, let's get going. I hope you don't have anything planned for later, as this will take a while. I don't think you'll want to stop once we get started.”

Sweet, more archery!
>> No. 14942
Writing in half an hour or so. Both motivated and have the time to write.

I don't think YakCorp or any of its subsidiaries would welcome me back like that. They would send me a stern letter reminding me of my failure to meet their quota and threaten me with a breach-of-contract violation. And that's just the first time. The second time I would probably have to deal with... very persuasive staff from the human resource department.

Yeah, that's true. But there are times when I'm legitametly busy with work or simply too tired to write.

Archery inside the clinic? I guess from one end of a hallway to another could work, but setting up targets would be a bitch. Not to mention there's no room for two people to stand next to each other with bows.
>> No. 14943

>human resource department.

Indeed, humans would be their most important resource.
>> No. 14944
Clearly Eirin is going to show Shirou first-hand just what they do on the moon to keep warm on those cold, lunarian nights.

Play chess.
>> No. 14945
You sit with a dumb smile on your face. Even though it's cold out here in the courtyard you don't really care. You're still glowing from the aftereffects of the session with Eirin. It's late at night, and you'd sleep, if not for the fact that your dreams would pale in comparison to the pleasure you felt. You stare blankly at the wall, with only a trace of dissatisfaction on your blissful face. The only thing that upsets you about all of this is how it had to end. You begged her for more, throwing away most rational thought, but she declined. Your rational mind tells you that any human would do the same after a couple of hours of vigorously going at it, but your want trumps logic.

”This is dangerous”

There's certainly an echo like that in the deep recesses of your mind. But really, there's no way that you'd listen to that kind of though right now. A fellow could get outright addicted to her. Hell, you're pretty sure that you might just be addicted now. And who in his right mind wouldn't be? Her soft touch, her aggressive and precise probing, and her skillful fingers. Oh god her fingers are sublime. If you had any poetical talent you'd be tempted to spend the rest of your days writing poems about their amazing touch and feel. She played you like an instrument, masterfully pressing you at the right spots at the right time. And you played a sweet tune, unashamedly moaning and writhing to her complex melody.

You're drained. Your muscles totally relaxed and every kind of drive you have, gone. You're like an over-tenderized piece of meat, about to fall apart at the merest contact. You're juices were all drained by that woman, but she glazed you with enough fluid of her own to make up for it. Ah, screw it. Really, just screw the world. You don't care if she told you 'enough is enough'; Your boundless lust causes you to draw forth strength from corners unknown. You'll do anything for more. Pound on her door, beg, even offer to become her slave. You might regret it later, but right now it's all that you want and can think about.

As you propel yourself up, a voice comes from behind you. “Shirou? What are you doing here?” It's Kaguya. You struggle with trying to decide on how to get rid of her quickly. Pleasure awaits. “Hey, are you alright? You look funny.” Before you can come up with a good excuse, your friend is already blocking your path, with a concerned look on her face. “Are you feeling unwell?” She comes closer to you, “Maybe I should go fetch Eirin.”
“I'm... already going to see her.” You don't put much thought into what you're doing and try to stumble ahead.
“Whoa!” Kaguya catches you before you fall. Your muscles offer no resistance to her hold. “Just sit down and wait. I'll go get her.”
“Uh, no.” The part of you that feels shame screams out. You don't want Kaguya to know just how low you've become.
“I said no. I'll go by myself. Thanks but no thanks.” You lean on the nearest wall, trying to prop yourself up. Hopefully this will fool her.
“I can't let you do that. You're obviously not well.” Kaguya frowns. Even with your unrelenting desire, you feel pangs of guilt while looking at her. You haven't gotten this far lying to her, and that's not about to change.
“I'm..” You avoid looking at her, “Like this because of her. I want to see her so she can continue to make me feel better.”

Kaguya doesn't respond. There's a heavy silence. You can't stand it, bringing your head up again to look at her. She's got an apprehensive look on her face. Despite the darkness, she looks paler than usual.

“I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself.” You find yourself tripping over your own words, trying to justify yourself. “She started with the reward. For earlier. For helping. And before I know it, I was at her mercy. It just felt so good to have her touch me. Just remembering makes my knees feel weak and my heart beat fast.” God, what are you saying? “I'm tired as hell, but I want more. I can't help it.”
“I understand.” Kaguya speaks after a long pause. “There's no need to explain yourself to me, you know.” She smiles cheerfully. “I'll still help you on your way if you can't walk. It's the least I can do for my buddy.”

She moves next to you, places one of your arms on her shoulder and props you up. “Let's go. I'll take you to her room.” You take a few steps with her, thinking as hard as you can. Her small frame propping up your own would seem comical at the best of times, but now it's causing you to feel conflicting emotions. As you walk into the hallway, you consider your options here. Feeling self-indulgent and guilty, there are only two options open to you as of now.

[] Continue on to Eirin's room
[] Head back to your room on your own

Well, typo or no, that's an equally valid assumption about them.
>> No. 14946
[!/] Head back to your room on your own.

Eye'm dead.
>> No. 14947
[x] Head back to your room on your own.

Oh look, ambiguous innuendo.
>> No. 14948

Where would dear Shirou be without it?

Mollusks, most likely.
>> No. 14949
[+] Head back to your room on your own
>> No. 14950
[x] Head back to your room on your own.
>> No. 14951
[x] Head back to your room on your own.
>> No. 14952
[x] Head back to your room on your own.

Oh God, Eirin turned Shirou into a junkie . What a godly update that was Teruyo
>> No. 14953
[] Head back to your room on your own
[] Ask Kaguya to apologize to Eirin for you.

I don't know what just happened, better just go back to bed.
>> No. 14954
[x] Head back to your room on your own
[x] Ask Kaguya to apologize to Eirin for you.

If he has become a junkie or worse, brace for impact the nasty withdrawel days to come
>> No. 14955
[+] Continue on to Eirin's room
Drug interaction, and I'm not talking in the medical sense.
>> No. 14956
Well, that's that. Writing after I have some dinner.
>> No. 14957
>>She's got an apprehensive look on her face. Despite the darkness, she looks paler than usual.

Oh. Great. Our buddy is not only worried about us, but possibly even has some vague idea of what is happening to us courtesy of Eirin.

Add in the way she would look at us, as if worried that we would disappear at any moment, and her abrupt worry about us regretting coming here, and it's almost as if she was worried about losing her best friend or something.

Like that would EVER happen. ...right?
>> No. 14961
File 123830707840.jpg- (204.42KB , 1086x863 , ketm.jpg ) [iqdb]
There was something more to this

Kaguya understood that her friend here was likely to get swept up in prevailing circumstances. And that he was also subject to poor lapses of judgment. Still, even knowing that, she felt that something here was off. After he left her, she stood in the corridor for a while more. She sighed while looking out upon the courtyard. Should Eirin been there, she would have reprimanded her for doing something 'that only third-rate poets and attention seekers do.'. Her friend and mentor was a strong supporting pillar and source of much knowledge, but she sometimes questioned her judgment. She was almost schizophrenic when it came to her; At times she would humor Kaguya, keeping her at arms length. Other times she would take the role of the stern and responsible adult – chastising if need be. And while other times, she acted like a close friend and counsel. And this leaves out her base personality, which she only seldom showed. Kaguya understood why she did all of this, but it could still be frustrating after the eternity they've spent together.

When it came to things like this – things like him, she didn't know which Eirin was being dominant. Nor did she understand why she did the things she did. They collaborated on a lot, laying out plans and doing what some might call scheming. But if she asked directly about some of her own apprehensions, about certain sensitive matters, she would be kept at arms length. It was somewhat patronizing, but not quite infuriating. Through and through, she was sure that Eirin always held her best interest at heart. They had been together too much for too long for it to possibly even be any other way.

Right now she felt impotent. Unsure of what to make of everything. And how to act. The overcast night matched her own nebulous feelings as she pondered how to proceed. It was late, and she doubted that she would hear what she wanted to hear from her right now. Even if she asked him, it wouldn't make much difference. There's not much he could say to begin with. Although conscious that it wasn't the best of ideas to bother her this late at night, she had to at least to talk to someone. If she didn't it would only compound her nightly sleeping problems.

She found the door she was looking for after walking through the empty corridors. She paused, feeling glad that a light was on inside, and then knocked softly on the thin door. She patiently waited for an answer to come from inside before sliding the door open and going in.

“Oh Lady Kaguya, I'm sorry I didn't get the door!” Reisen scrambles to her feet, hastily abandoning her sewing.
“That's alright. Please sit.” She didn't mind formalities, but she didn't expect the rabbit to get up. After all, it was her that intruded into her room. “I'm sorry for disturbing you when it's so late.”
“That's quite alright. I was still awake.” To Kaguya, Reisen looks a bit flush right now. She really wished that she could ease up a bit. “What can I do for you? Did anything happen..? Just give me a moment and I'll be ready to deal with whatever.” She goes for her day clothes.
“No don't bother. Nothing happened.” Kaguya tries to relax the tense bunny girl. “Please, sit down. I know I'm being a bit of a pain in the neck but I just came here to talk. As long as that's alright with you. I hope not to take much of your time. But I'll understand if you can't be bothered to. It is late after all. I'm here on a whim, that's all.”
“Oh it's no bother at all!” Reisen smiles, loosening up. “I don't mind talking, I was going to be up for a while longer anyways. Please let me make us some tea. Please sit down and I'll be right back”
“Very well.” Kaguya knows that at the very least she's got to go through this formality. It'll work to put the both of them at ease. She doesn't hope to take very long here. She just has to ask the right questions and mention the right topic. After maybe reaching an understanding she'll be free once again; It doesn't look like she'll get much sleep tonight either, and her friend most definitely won't be around to dispel her unease like last time.

Meanwhile, on her soft bed, Eirin grinned to herself in the dark. She was most definitely amused with the way things were going. She was even tempted to amend her doctrine to better accommodate the current reality. She had a thousand and one other issues that she could be currently thinking about, but this one totally dominated her conscious mind. The temptation was great, and the rewards significant; The cost, as always, was just her own arbitrary rules. She rubbed the velvety texture on her sheet as she thought. It wasn't too abnormal to keep a few hidden aces up her sleeve. Despite accumulating knowledge, plans, and fail safes, she knew from experience that it never hurt to have one more insurance policy. Less than a month later she would look back on this moment, and see that her way of thinking was, as always, the best.
>> No. 14963
File 12383117877.jpg- (797.79KB , 845x1200 , rlcn.jpg ) [iqdb]
“I'm sorry buddy.” You pull yourself loose from Kaguya. “I'll be fine, I'm just going to my room now. Tell Eirin if you see her that I'm sorry too.”
“Ah..” She looks at you with doubting eyes. You try to act stable, using your remaining willpower.
“Thanks for everything. But really, I'll be fine. See you tomorrow sometime.” You wink and turn around. You walk away as fast as you can, before you change your mind. If she wanted, Kaguya could easily catch up to you and stop you. As you turn the corner you see that she's standing still, looking in your direction. You can't see her face any more and you wonder what she might be thinking.

Well, it doesn't really matter. You hide away in a corner of your room, wrapping your futon around you. You cradle your legs, trying to return feeling to them. It's an uncomfortable night for you. With a body that, on its own, would lay on the floor totally defeated, and a weary mind, sleep should have come easily. But the vivid feelings, carryovers from Eirin's earlier session, prohibit you from dozing off. As the small hours pass by, you feel an intense nausea. You immediately realize the cause of it. It's your body protesting about your decision. It desires more. At all costs.

The strange hell that you've created for yourself torments you all the way through the night. By morning, the nausea has mostly subsided. It has instead been replaced by involuntary shivering. You rationalize that this is a good thing, after all it shows that your muscles haven't died. The twitching isn't that bad. Yeah, if you manage to shut your mind off for a bit, it's almost relaxing – in a weird sort of way. It's by doing exactly that that you mange to get a few precious winks of sleep. It feels like you don't sleep at all. The only way you're even sure you slept is because of the time displayed on your PDA. That hour-long lapse was definitely because you were unconscious.

After struggling a while longer with the desire to sleep, you finally give up.

There's resistance from your body as you try to get up, but you push yourself regardless. You walk around, grimacing from the uncomfortable sensation originating from your bones. It feels like your bones have dried up from the inside, and each step you take makes you feel like they're going to break on their own at any moment. The morning light hurts your eyes and so you stumble with your gaze downwards to the bathroom. Your metabolism has come to an almost complete halt, you note that doing any of the usual morning procedures takes forever.

You soldier on to breakfast, adamant in keeping your routine up. There, you're greeted by a cheerful Reisen. You greet her as best you can in with your current disposition and try to eat in peace.
>> No. 14964
File 123831183963.jpg- (76.43KB , 850x508 , rsls.jpg ) [iqdb]
“So, uh, how did you sleep?” Reisen sits much too close to you, still sporting an apron. By the stains on it, you can tell that today's breakfast was without at doubt made by her.
“Not so well, I'm afraid.” You try to concentrate on eating, answering politely but succinctly. Being nice would come first, but you take exception to that rule whenever your whole body is wracked in pain.
“Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Was anything the matter? Maybe I should get you a softer futon? Maybe another pillow?”
“No that's alright.” You chew on your breakfast before completing your answer. “It wasn't anything like that that kept me up. I'm just not feeling very well.” It's harder to answer politely as your bad mood solidifies.
“Oh, what's wrong?” She leans in closer, invading your square meter of personal space. She's being nice, but somehow it's irksome. “Maybe I can help you.”
“I doubt it. I think only Eirin can fix me.”
“Well, I don't know about that. I'm pretty good at taking care of people myself. Even though I may not look like it. I've been Eirin's assistant for quite some time.”
“No, really. There's nothing you can do.” You recall what Eirin did to you and your body begins to tremble involuntarily. You know what you need to feel better. You back off from your half-eaten breakfast, consumed by desire.
“Hey, where are you going? You haven't finished your food yet!” Reisen gets up and starts to follow you.
“Sorry, I've got things to do.”
“Ah, can't it wait?!” She moves quicker than you, standing in the doorway.
“Not really. And... what's the deal with you today? If you want I'll spend some time with you later, just not now.” You try to gently move her aside. She resists.
“No, uh, I wanted to spend some time with you. Yeah that's it! I had so much fun with you yesterday that I wanted to do something with you. Can't we talk for a bit? Afterwards I can make us some treats! How about that? Sound good?” Her accelerated speak has no effect on you.
“We'll see later. Just not right now, okay?” You carefully, but firmly, move her aside. You're much stronger now than you were just a minute ago. You're chased up the hallway by her and she stops you again just before you turn the corner. “What is it now? I already told you – later.”
“Um.. it's not that.” She's being too insistent. “You can't go to the clinic now. It's being fumigated.”
“Mm? Fumigated?” You stop. “I didn't know that there was an insect problem there.”
“Ah yes, it's really a big deal. They eat through all of the components in record time. Eirin set aside today for fumigation.”
“So, who's doing it?”
“Doing what?”
“The fumigation?”
“Er.. that's umm...”
“I think I'll just go check it out myself. I'll turn back once I find out their names.” You walk past Reisen, continuing on to your final objective. Reisen stops you at almost every corner, now going for obvious fibs as to why you can't go to the clinic. When you're nearly there, things get more drastic.
“Well, okay. Stop!” She's definitely flustered.
“What is it this time? I can't believe I'm actually stopping.”
“Well, it's um...” She looks about.
“It's obvious that nothing. Look, I don't know what the deal with you today, but I'll be back in just a little while. Be patient.” You try to go.
“No wait!” She grabs your sleeve. “I'm sorry for lying, but this is the truth....” She fidgets around, grabbing the hem of her skirt.
“Oh alright.” She looks at you straight in the eye, face crimson. She flips up her skirt, revealing her striped undergarment. “I-I need your help choosing my underwear! I need a guy's opinion! I'm sorry but it's really important to me. Please come with me and I'll show you the different kinds that I have. Then you can advise me on what's best.”
“You heard me!” You can see tears welling up in her eyes as she shows you what lies under her skirt. “You. Me. My room. Help me please!” She lets go and clings on to your arm, burying her face against you. “Do what you're going to do now later...” She says with a muffled voice.
“...” Her display has left you confused. You still want to go see Eirin, but now feel conflicted. Tears have that effect on you. As illogical as the reason might be, you're feeling guilty for abandoning someone for your own vice. Still the desire that you feel washes out the rest mercilessly. You step back from her and grasp her shoulders. She looks at you with trembling eyes. “I really need to do something now, okay? I need something from Eirin, and I'm in a hurry. I'll feel better and do whatever you want after that.”
“That's... not fair.” Her eyes are puffed up and redder than usual. “I'll make it up to you. I'm sure I can do whatever it is Eirin is doing for you, I've worked for her for a long time.”
“...I don't think you're willing nor capable of doing of what she does, to be honest.”
“Just try me.” You don't know if it's pride, or it's just her stalling, but she looks resolute. “I'll do whatever it is you want Eirin to do to you and more! I promise! J-just... come with me.”

You look her in the eye. Your gut tells you that she really means it. And deep down inside, there's a part of you that wants to believe that it can feel even better if she does it. Not that Eirin can probably be topped, but your rational side has long since taken a backseat to desire.

“You know that I won't want to stop until I”m satisfied, right? You better prepare for that.” You remark coldly.
“I'll manage somehow!” She looks at you with some confidence.

[] Go to Eirin
[] See if Reisen can be a proper substitute
>> No. 14965
[Z] See if Reisen can be a proper substitute

I don't know whats going on! But I'll be damned if I can resist a crying reisen.
>> No. 14966
[X] See if Reisen can be a proper substitute

Aww, she's trying so hard. She's not too good at lying or improvisation, though, is she?

Why do I get the feeling there is more to this, and that stopping Shirou from going to Eirin is merely the first stage of some sort of intervention or something? Reisen will lead us to some room where we'll enter and suddenly find ourselves surrounded by Mokou, Keine, Kaguya, Tewi, and a fuck-ton of rabbits in party hats.
>> No. 14967
[x] See if Reisen can be a proper substitute
>> No. 14968
File 123831510815.jpg- (446.56KB , 750x750 , wat.jpg ) [iqdb]
Why would rabbits wear party hats? That's just plain silly.
>> No. 14969
[x] Go to Eirin.

What the fuck did she do to Shirou. Reisen probably got told to do this so that he stays away from the clinic.

>She was almost schizophrenic when it came to her

Now that would explain much.
I liked that you wrote the update from three different views. You really should do that again.
>> No. 14970
[X] See if Reisen can be a proper substitute
>> No. 14971
[x] See if Reisen can be a proper substitute

Can't really call them crocodile tears, Reisen's not like that... Though the reasoning behind it threw me off.
>> No. 14972
I've been waiting the whole third of the update for Shirou to get walloped from behind with a frying pan.

There is no good way to make this decision. I'll use coin flip to simulate Shirou's alleged drug-guided behavior.

... [+] See if Reisen can be a proper substitute
>> No. 14973
[x] See if Reisen can be a proper substitute

There's the possibility that Reisen breaks down and hates us for whatever depravities we're about to inflict upon her, but in all likelihood there's nothing Shirou could do to her that Eirin hasn't already subjected her to at one point or another.

I'd like to think Reisen is strong when it comes to allaying the suffering of others, even if she's a deeply troubled and insecure person herself.
>> No. 14974
File 123834173090.jpg- (414.40KB , 717x846 , 1067f7d058835eadf2de1ebc21134689.jpg ) [iqdb]
[!/] Just go with Reisen.

I don't like what the other 2 options imply.
>> No. 14975
[!/] Just go with Reisen.
(mainly because I like to believe Reisen can do something to prevent more pain some how caused by Shirou/Eirin; intentional or not...)

I'd like to think Shirou would show some resistance to whatever it is that's causing his weird behavior but it also makes me thing of another thing. Thinking back to the previous thread where there was a red "?" on Reisen. Perhaps Reisen knows something and how to diffuse reverse the effects done by Eirin's shot's..? This could also be where she may try to prevent something horrible and is in fact trying her best to help him get away from possibly becoming nothing more than a mindless guinea pig for experimentation. Eirin could just simply state that he left for unknown reasons and keep Shirou as a pet project to work her experiments on in private...

Oh god its beginning to remind me of the "Strange Case" series and to those that know what I'm referring to know that didn't end well at all...
>> No. 14977
[!/] Just go with Reisen.

Reisen is worried about us. I doubt she would stop us from seeing Eirin unless it was for a good reason, and she definately wouldn't go to such lengths as she did if it wasn't important. That, and Shirou REALLY isn't acting right.

[paranoia] This very well may be Eirin's way of punishing us for the peeping incident, slowly but surely breaking us down into, obsessed, Whatever-she-does-addicted blob that cannot function without he stimulation. It would be incredibly cruel, but Eirin seems like the mind screwing type. [/paranoia]
>> No. 14978
Silly? Or the most NON-silly thing there is?
Really, though, about the only way I could imagine any number of bunnies getting convinced to take part in an intervention would be if they were told it was actually a party and there would be drinks and cake, possibly even a pinata. Hence, the hats.

Or, it could just be as she said about the drug trials. We are useful to her as a specimen of a human male. She doesn't exactly have any others around Eientei she can do drug tests on, nor could she simply take some from the village.
She might even value us more as a test subject than she does as a friend of Kaguya's, and if she deemed whatever research she could complete with us as more important, I wouldn't be entirely surprised if she would start trying to get Shirou away from his buddy. After all, he's mortal, and so will not be around forever. His friendship with Kaguya will be but the blink of an eye compared to the eternity that she will continue to live, while any breakthroughs in her research that can be made will surely endure far longer. With that in mind, how could she possibly let such a potential test subject slip from her grasp? It certainly wouldn't do to just take him, but if she were to make him leave his friend and come to her willingly...
>> No. 14979
File 123835295531.jpg- (26.12KB , 290x260 , rgcmc.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, I've got to scurry off and be back in a little over 3 hours or so, hopefully in capacity to write then. So expect something after that.
>> No. 14980

Changing my vote to

[!/] Just go with Reisen.
>> No. 14983
...what the HELL did Eirin do to Shirou?

Never mind, I don't wanna know.

[x] See if Reisen can be a proper substitute
>> No. 14984
[x] Just go with Reisen.
>> No. 14985

Delete said vote then.
>> No. 14986
[!/] Just go with Reisen.
>> No. 14987
[x] Just go with Reisen.
>> No. 14992
It's alright. There's a clear majority either way. Besides, as far as the protagonist is concerned, there's no difference in result from the wording. So that really doesn't matter much anyways. This is supposed to be a choice made under the influence of a particular thought process so radical departures from that are simply incompatible.

Oh, and why am I posting this? Because Of unexpectedly getting a 20-minute free window. Not that it matters since I'm in a public place.
>> No. 14996
File 123844223333.jpg- (82.27KB , 500x500 , b73c09db9853260bffbd6bad99d04376.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>“I-I need your help choosing my underwear! I need a guy's opinion! I'm sorry but it's really important to me. Please come with me and I'll show you the different kinds that I have. Then you can advise me on what's best.”

But she doesn't wear any.
>> No. 14997
File 123844761599.jpg- (171.40KB , 570x490 , reisen_sexappeal.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 14999
File 123845804334.jpg- (69.40KB , 567x610 , c15e8a319b14520537198f2ec022c908.jpg ) [iqdb]

Well according to the (only true) canon manga, she wears bloomers. But that is just silly.


That's just your opinion, man.
>> No. 15000
>> No. 15002
Reisen seems to always be the plaything of everyone made to distract poor Anon. Like in MiG....
>> No. 15006
[X] See if Reisen can be a proper substitute

just to motivate you lazybum
>> No. 15007
[x] Just go with Reisen.

I know Teruyo said it doesn't matter, but I still want to make my motivations clear (even if Shirou does not share them.)
>> No. 15008
File 123854490456.png- (97.03KB , 500x500 , bgk2.png ) [iqdb]
Sorry, busy as all hell here. Won't update until later. Yeah, I know. But it's really out of my control.
>> No. 15009
File 123855169012.jpg- (638.62KB , 1075x1506 , eirinsama.jpg ) [iqdb]

Hooray! More only true canon for everybody!
>> No. 15010
Its obvious that someone is still translating these, but I can't seem to find them, and the wiki is only up to chapter 15 and hasn't been updated in months. So, in short I guess, source?
>> No. 15011

>> No. 15037
File 123859012260.jpg- (190.64KB , 400x660 , ectw5.jpg ) [iqdb]
You take Reisen's hand, expecting your needs to be fully taken care of. Little did you know what she had in store for you. Even now, you aren't sure if it was the best experience in your pathetic life or the worst. Not that you had much time to mull over it. Running around all day prevented that.

Instead of being taken to your room or hers, you stop at the nearest empty chamber. 'Stop by' is a bit of an understatement; With an unexpected surge of energy, Reisen shoves you into the room, knocking you over in the process. You barely have any time to gather your wits, as Reisen closes the door behind her. You feel afraid. Your lust, which had until the moment dominated your thought process, takes a backseat to fear. Something is off about her, her eyes are a deeper red than usual. Still, you manage to squeak your complaints.

“What's the meaning of this?! I thought you were going to do everything I wanted now!?” Its a pathetic outburst even for you. But its the best you can do to try to hide your ever-escalating panic.
“Quite simple.” Reisen responds, her voice crackling dryly. “I'm tired of dealing with you in the usual way. We're going to try something new.”
“W-what are you talking about?” The eyes are scaring you. Their crimson depths suck you in deeper. You cover your head with your arms, cowering. This is not good. You don't know what to do.
“Like I said, it's simple.” She smiles, a haunting parody of her usual warm and genuine smiles. “I'll be taking the initiative here. Otherwise who knows just how long tings will remain the same. We can't have us stuck in a rut, now can we?”
“A rut?”
“Indeed. Us.” She says as if it were obvious. “I'm taking the initiative here. You'll be mine and mine only from now on.”
“Wha-!?” You couldn't have heard her right just now. This out-of-character display is more in place with a dying sitcom than your own reality. Your eyes widen as she withdraws a knife from her shirt pocket.
“Don't worry. I'm not going to hurt you.” She grins at the blade. “You're too valuable to me for that. I'd give my life for you, you know?” She holds the blade close to her heart, looking happy.”
“You've lost it.”
“The only thing I've lost is my bashfulness. I know what I want, and I'll have it.” She raises the knife up over you. You gasp and tremble in grim anticipation. You close your eyes as the knife slices through air.
“Gah-!” You expect the worse. You're surprised at how nice death is. It's warm and wet, but it doesn't hurt at all. Oh. You open your eyes. You look around in confusion, not understanding what's going on. “...Did you just cut yourself?!” You look in shock at a large gash on Reisen's left arm. A stream of dark liquid slides down her arm, ruining her white shirt, down to her hand, and drips on you.
“It's all for you darling. It's proof of my dedication.” She smiles, looking happier than you've ever seen her. “Now drink, that way our bond will be stronger. I don't need your blood, I'm happy with your other fluids. But one step at a time.”
“Are you serious?!” You look upon the scene with disbelief.
“Of course I am, silly! This is proof of our love.” She swings around her knife haphazardly in the air, drawing an invisible heart. “Now drink, so that none of those other whores can claim you.” She points the knife casually at you, reinforcing the fact that she's in control. “Don't be a slowpoke!” She giggles, her face looking like, well, a maiden deliriously in love.

You stare at the droplets of blood that fall from her fingers and onto you. You don't see a way out of this besides doing as she says. Reluctantly, you begin to open your mouth. Reisen positions her hand near your face, inviting you to suckle.

“Yes, good. Now come closer-” Her finger almost reaches your face when a large zap interrupts. She quivers uncontrollably for a few moments and then falls backwards, limp. You stare at confusion at the scene, not quite understanding why Eirin has a stun gun in her hands.
“You're safe!” She remarks with genuine concern. “Thank goodness, it looks like I was in time!” She looks you over, looking for any injuries. She looks relieved that you're not hurt. “Come on,” She helps you up, “Let's get out of here!”
“Eirin!?” Your not sure whats going on here. You look at Reisen. “Is she alright? She's bleeding! What's going on?” You ask a quick succession of questions.
“Its not safe here. Follow me, we'll talk where its safe.”

Not really grasping the full situation, you just do as Eirin says. You look back at Reisen, wondering if its a good idea to leave her like this.

Eirin takes you to the safest place she knows – the clinic. She runs through the hallways with you, rushing at top speed. She locks all doors behind her, and probes the room for any hidden assailants. When she determines the coast to be clear she turns to you, and offers you a seat.

“You must be exhausted.” She places a cushion on your seat for added comfort. “I'm sorry about all that.”
“Just what's going on? What was up with Reisen.”
“I'm afraid that she's gone insane. You can't trust a single thing she says. Its most unfortunate, but I can't let her endanger you.” She says with a sigh.
“What made her like that?”
“She was broken to begin with. Desiring to smother the one she loved instead of letting him be free.” She shakes her head. “I would never do the same to you.”
“I'm not sure I understan- wait?!” You realize what she just said. “Does that mean that you-!?”
“I'm afraid so. I can no longer lie.” She looks away bashfully, face flush with red. Her voice trembles, and her body language makes her seem vulnerable and weak. “I-I love you.” She drops a bombshell on you. You look at her in disbelief at first, expecting this to be a cruel joke of some sort. Eirin only seems to blush an even deeper red the more you look at her.
“You're serious?!” You feel conflicted, part of you not being able to believe this, while another wanting to leap out of your chair and embrace her.
“I'm sorry if I'm not as cute as the other girls.” Her voice is small. “And I'm not sorry if I'm not fun. I'm not even sure I'm entitled to love someone... I'm a horrible person.”
“I, um...” You're at a loss for words.
“I'm not much, and I know I'm being selfish... but,” She looks on the verge of tears, “I can't help loving you!” She clenches her dress, head down and body trembling. “I don't care if you look at other girls! As long as you say I'm a good girl it'll all be fine! I just would like to feel your touch....”

Eirin begins to sob. You have no idea what to do. Your head is swirling from the insane chain of events. First Reisen acting psychotic and now Eirin acting like a vulnerable girl... You're responsible somehow. You've got to take responsibility. There's no other option for a man to even consider. You walk over to Eirin and pat her head. “Just calm down for now.” You tell her with a kind smile. “Here, I'll get you your tea. After you drink it, you'll feel better.” You fetch her thermos.
“Ok...” A bleary-eyed Eirin entrusts herself to you. You pour her a cup of tea.
“Here you go.”
“Thank you. You're so kind...” With tears still streaming down her face, Eirin drinks a mouthful of tea. She hiccups, covers her mouth, and wipes her tears away. “You're a great person.” She shows you a pure and radiant smile. You feel the warmth from her feelings penetrate your body. You don't even notice until it's to late that she's passed out.
>> No. 15038
“Eirin!? Hey Eirin!” You shake her. What the hell just happened?
“She'll be out for a while. Good work with the tea.” You recognize Kaguya's voice coming from behind you. You turn to find yourself almost face to face with her.
“Kaguya? You were here all along?” A lightning-fast impact hits you across the face. You stumble backwards, not understanding what just happened. You hold your face, feeling the sting.
“It's Master to you, filthy swine. Disrespect me again and I'll flog you.” She looks at you with disapproving eyes.
“Is this a joke!?” It really stung like hell. What is wrong with her?
“I thought I told you.” In a brief instant you're lying on the floor, with Kaguya's foot on your back. “Do not disrespect your master. I knew I should not have given you any freedom. Pigs like you only waste my goodwill with filthy actions.” She digs her talon into you. “I think I'll have to discipline you thoroughly.” Her voice is stern, with an edge of sadistic pleasure marking every word. “I'll start from the basics. Filth like you needs to be taught its place.” She moves her foot to your rear, mere centimeters from the back of your most sensitive areas. You can't do anything but groan in pain due to the pressure from her foot. “It's the tank for you tonight. We'll cut the insolence right out of you with the sensory deprivation.”

Kaguya lifts her foot from on top of you, and you roll over. You try to escape, having decided that this was all too much, but are stopped by the cracking of a whip.

“It looks like you're the type of scum to completely forget his training.” She holds the whip in a position that makes it easy to strike you. “No matter.” She looks happy. “If I broke you once, I can do it again easily.”

“You keep the fuck away from her!” A punishing blow strikes your stomach. You crumple immediately on the floor.
“What the hell are you doing here!” Kaguya yells angrily. The newcomer doesn't seem to mind at all.
“I'm here for you, my sweet.” Mokou bows. Kaguya looks at her with sheer repulsion. “Come now baby, don't be like that.”
“Go drown yourself.” Kaguya is direct and curt.
“For you? Anything!” Mokou says happily. “But first, a kiss, my sweet maiden.”
“Ah, such a tease, my beautiful flower.” Mokou kicks you in the side. “Ditch this worthless puppet of a man and spend some time with someone interesting like me.”
“You leave my toy alone.”
Toy? This? She kicks you even harder. “This isn't an apt toy for a princess such as you. Come with me and I shall shower you with the gifts and attention that you deserve.”
“Never. Now go away. This maggot of a man is leagues better than you shall ever be.”
“Hah! This wretch?!” She looks down at you. “A grown man that plays with dolls? I think I soundly outclass him.” She inflicts some more punishment on you.
“I need him. Stop that now Mokou.” The clinic door flings open violently. Keine stands defiantly.
“You can have him after I kill him. Then the princess and I shall elope.” Mokou states her strange plan.
“How disgusting.” Kaguya spits in Mokou's direction. Mokou kneels down on the floor where the saliva landed and licks the spot with her tongue.
“I won't let you kill him.” Keine states plainly.
“And why not?” Mokou looks pissed. “Going to eat him up whole?”
“Yes as a matter of fact.” Keine replies in a nonchalant fashion. “I plan to extract every last drop from him.” You're just an object here. No one is your ally. You curl up into the fetal position.

The three women take up positions in the room. It's not clear what they're fighting you. Presumably you, directly or indirectly, but you're left ignored in a corner. Taunts and swears are flung around like there's no tomorrow. Battle erupts. Soon half of the clinic is missing, consumed in a wave of energy and bullets. You get buried in debris, ignored. You're only rescued hours later, just as your oxygen was about to wear out. You're in the border between life and death and pass out before you're completely out of there.

Soothing piano music sounds in the backdrop. Tewi had your head in her lap, much to the amusement to the other bunnies in the club. Oh man, the guys will never let you hear the end of this. You try to get up, just to have Tewi forcibly keep your head down. You can totally tell that they're all laughing at you.

“I, for one, can 100% guarantee that its safe here.” You don't buy her words. You've heard enough crazy today to last you a lifetime.
“If its safe, then let me go.”
“Now where would the fun be there for me if I did that?” She's annoying as ever. You squirm, trying to free yourself. You hit your head against her large bosom.
“I should be saying that.”
“What are those things anyways?”
“I see.” You don't. This isn't Tewi. It's an impostor.
“Nope, I'm not an impostor.” Wait, how did she know what you were thinking? “Because I'm cool like that.”

Tewi lifts you up, pressing your head against her soft chest.

“You see, my dear boy, if you haven't figured it out by now, then I have to say that you're too slow. Sure, I may have omniscience right now, as far as breaking the 4th wall is concerned, but I think that anyone that's been bothered to read this far has figured it out.”
“Mmmf!” Can't breathe. Fluffy bunny pillows restricting oxygen flow. So not cool.
“Yes yes. You won't die. Well. Maybe. Well, maybe you will. Probably. Definitely. It doesn't matter though. Because your death here just doesn't matter.”

Tewi holds you closer, squeezing you between her generously-sized breasts. You're turning blue now.

“More like indigo. But that doesn't matter. Herbet, play I Left My Heart in San Francisco.” The pianist acknowledges Tewi's request, immediately switching. “That's lovely! Wouldn't you like to sing along Shirou? I bet you've got a nice singing voice. Shirou? Mmm. It looks like the poor chap has passed out. What a lovable impulsive little scamp, eh? Maybe someday he'll figure out his path in life. Not very likely though. But, ah well, at the very least, I'll be there most of the time – if only taunting him. I do it because I care, you understand. Mm, these breasts are nice. A bit heavy, but I can see why some people like them. Not that I ever needed petty tricks to attract others, mind you. It's all about the fluffy tail and petite physique, catch my drift?”

How more silly could this get? Probably a lot more. Then again, the truth tends to be stranger than fiction, so I think that at the very least some of you might be pleasantly surprised at how the story progresses. When it actually does. Instead of getting things like this. Which was an afterthought due to delays and coincidentally it being that meaningless first day of the fourth month. But, really, who can blame a stressed-out writefag for having a bit of fun in good spirit? Not Tewi, that's for certain. And surely not teruyo, that crazy fire lady, and Ms./ss/. I'm sure they had a smashing time having 3-way hatesex after their battle. Those silly immoral chicks. Probably even used the still unconscious Eirin in their unspeakable lesbian sexual acts. All in the name of lust. Or something.

But well, dear readers, I hope you're taking it easy and don't fall for any particularly silly tricks.

Oh and, if you're patient, you'll get a real update. Sometime soonish. Really. At the very least it's on top of my 'to-do' list. It's just that the list takes a backseat to the 'real' demands of the 'real' world. Sad but true.
>> No. 15039
File 123859737767.jpg- (477.09KB , 1200x848 , TCiE.jpg ) [iqdb]

lol wut?
>> No. 15040
File 123859916139.jpg- (49.33KB , 583x582 , computer_eirin_wrench.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 15041

It's missing one...
Shirou from the future
>> No. 15042
>“I thought I told you.” In a brief instant you're lying on the floor, with Kaguya's foot on your back. “Do not disrespect your master. I knew I should not have given you any freedom. Pigs like you only waste my goodwill with filthy actions.” She digs her talon into you. “I think I'll have to discipline you thoroughly.”

Fapping at the speed of light jesus christ.

>You curl up into the fetal position.

Shirou at his best.
>> No. 15043
Yandere Reisen, Moe-Moe Eirin, Bondage Queen Kaguya, Fangirl Mokou, Whatever-her-deal-is Keine, and Tewi Bernkastel. Awesome.
>> No. 15044
File 123861050628.jpg- (73.43KB , 500x400 , 1208136436212.jpg ) [iqdb]
>“What are those things anyways?”
>“I see.”
>> No. 15045
>Bondage Queen Kaguya

Ah, my memory has failed me, wasn't there a scene like this in the first run through or is it just wishful thinking?
>> No. 15046
I think Keine was implying that she wanted to drink your breastmilk. That's why it's ironic.

I'm pretty sure the theme of this April Fools Day update was "Inversion Impulse: Eientei!"
>> No. 15054
... Wow. And here I thought it was merely a continuation of Shirou's hallucinations or being in a nightmarish coma or something.

Well done!
>> No. 15055
File 123862954070.jpg- (285.08KB , 600x800 , ksfyn4.jpg ) [iqdb]
Shirou is from oh who are we kidding here?. Lets not get too silly. See? Reisen made us a batch of cookies. Said she tried her best. Said that we would just die and go to heaven when we tried them. She's nice to us because we're Shirou's close friends.

Yes. Good. Pretty dead-on. Although Kaguya wouldn't enjoy you calling her that. A mere queen? Why, she'd tie you down, gag you with her unwashed thigh-high socks, drip hot wax all over your body, and only then would she start the punishment. I hope you enjoy her discipline regime. She puts her heart and soul into it.

As for our trustworth and upstanding gal-of-a-teacher Ms.Kamishirasawa. Lets just say that she has a reputation for luring young men down the road to perdition. She guides them all of the way down that path, never once abandoning them, but they apparently don't have the fortitude to whithstand her severly stringent standards of excellence. But, oh well, at least she lives in comfort due to their failings. I hear that they've given the noble teacher a nickname in the village. Some kind of arachnid I think. I think its because of her tenacity and uncrushable spirit in the face of tragedy. Yeah, that's it. Not at all because of anything else.

No, there wasn't. At least as far as I recall. Yeah, there was no scene where Kaguya taught Shirou proper manners. The usual stuff, like not speaking until spoken to, catering to her every whim, and otherwise selflessly devoting himself to her just to be rewarded by being able to lick the princess' feet? Nope none of that. Definitely there was no corporal punishment which was intermingled with the act of love-making. No awkward moments when Shirou would have been flagellated for failing to properly rub body lotion all over Kaguya's body. Most assuredly no moments when he was pushed down and his sexual organs teased by Kaguya's vast array of implements. I think that the reward for being a good sport might have been a slow and tantalizing footjob. But then again it never happened. No way have we seen Kaguya's breath quicken as she insults us, calling us scum. Neither have we seen her dressed up in her revealing outfit, ready to dispense her own unique brand of training.

...What was I talking about again? Sorry I lost myself. Must've been something about the hatesex. But enough about that. I'm sure you don't need to see that particular incident written out. Seeing as how its been done to death.
>> No. 15056
I wish to read a short story with Reisen acting exactly like Yuno from Future Diary.
>> No. 15057

...why must you do this?
>> No. 15060

He's read too much Houkago Play.
>> No. 15067
No, he's just a fag.
>> No. 15068
Needs more Bel-Air
>> No. 15110
no, updates
>> No. 15111
File 12387205928.jpg- (335.40KB , 1000x858 , eygsk.jpg ) [iqdb]
It does, doesn't it? Well, I'm here to say that it'll probably happen soon since I have a twelve hour gap or so during which I don't have much to do. All done with my horrendously busy week. So expect somethign soon(ish).

I've also found myself thinking more and more about the joke update. Kaguya, in all her forms, excites me. And yandere Reisen has a lot of potential. But the more I think about it, the more that moe Eirin intrigues me.
>> No. 15114
>Kaguya, in all her forms, excites me

hmmm it's fun

>yandere Reisen has a lot of potential

experience should tell you, yandere girls are Anon's choice.

>moe Eirin

no, just no..
>> No. 15115
>moe Eirin

Intriguing, but hard to see. Don't let that stop you, though.
>> No. 15118
>But the more I think about it, the more that moe Eirin intrigues me.

Remarkable how I find more reasons to hate you every day.
>> No. 15126
File 123872928241.jpg- (62.53KB , 800x559 , 61a5224845134856507a496249210b7f.jpg ) [iqdb]

I prefer the type of Eirin a Shirou would wake up beside naked. And very confused on how he ended up there after a talk about food cubes and arrows.

The questions behind if he got laid would never be answered, much like any story Kira wrote.
>> No. 15129
I can't imagine a moe Eirin without her losing most, if not all, of her plot armor. And that's a damn lot of plot armor to strip off.
>> No. 15134
>>The questions behind if he got laid would never be answered, much like any story Kira wrote.
>>never be answered, much like any story Kira wrote.
>>like any story like any story Kira wrote.like any story Kira wrote.

Heh... I'd like to think that Teruyo isn't on the same level as that guy quite yet.
>> No. 15156
>Hanging from a tree is a very battered and beaten up Reisen. Tied up by her wrists, her jacket and skirt in tatters, missing a shoe, with burns, cuts, and bruises all over her body. Beneath her lies piles of rabbits, heaped one atop another. You divert your eyes from that horrible sight, but you know it to be one that will haunt you to the end of your days.

You know it's just a matter of time now.
>> No. 15157

Holy shit!
Teruyo wrote this? When?
>> No. 15158

That's an excerpt from MiG#1. It mark the begining of a downward spiral of despair.
>> No. 15169
is there an uncensored version of this?
>> No. 15170
File 123877162069.jpg- (236.76KB , 850x531 , gpafa.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm sorry but I'm traveling now. Be back (and writing) in a day or less though. Yeah.

While it was going to be revealed in the update, there's no real harm in telling you now - you're pretty much effectively route-locked now. Whether or not you get to the best end there, we'll see. So uh yeah.

But I love you. I'll save this relationship yet!

Strip, mold, we'll see. Not that I think I'll be exploring it immediately anyway.

Really want to say something here, but I won't.
>> No. 15171
>route-locked now.

>> No. 15172
>there's no real harm in telling you now - you're pretty much effectively route-locked now

hahaha what
>> No. 15173
>route-locked now.

suddenly i am scared
>> No. 15174

Just remember what we've been told, Anon. A route-lock does not necessarily equal romantic involvement, nor does it prevent us from having any such attachments to another character.

It's just that there's a certain story we're now set upon to be told, and judging by previous updates I think we can guess who the focus of it is going to be...

Or not.
>> No. 15175
please let it be Eirin
>> No. 15177
File 123877974282.jpg- (10.91KB , 281x214 , 121277872040.jpg ) [iqdb]
>there's no real harm in telling you now - you're pretty much effectively route-locked now

oh no!
>> No. 15178

Yep: http://www.touhouproject.com/at/res/1928.html#i2122
>> No. 15183
File 12388096655.jpg- (452.04KB , 663x836 , 4e0eb73df3ce50551ba648deff7c47ab.jpg ) [iqdb]

I hope so also. She never gets enough love.
>> No. 15184

This route seems to be less about love and more about being a guinea pig though.
>> No. 15185

>>Meanwhile, on her soft bed, Eirin grinned to herself in the dark. She was most definitely amused with the way things were going. She was even tempted to amend her doctrine to better accommodate the current reality. She had a thousand and one other issues that she could be currently thinking about, but this one totally dominated her conscious mind. The temptation was great, and the rewards significant; The cost, as always, was just her own arbitrary rules. She rubbed the velvety texture on her sheet as she thought. It wasn't too abnormal to keep a few hidden aces up her sleeve. Despite accumulating knowledge, plans, and fail safes, she knew from experience that it never hurt to have one more insurance policy. Less than a month later she would look back on this moment, and see that her way of thinking was, as always, the best.


In Teruyo's Eientei, Eirin route plays you!
>> No. 15186
awesome, thanks.
>> No. 15202

The sudden pulling for Eirin is shocking. absolutly shocking. this turn of tide comes out of nowhere.
>> No. 15210
I always wanted the Eirin Route but after the disaster that was the first run i figured better pull together and get a Route instead of nothing.
And Kaguya seems to be what people want. Most of them probably or maybe whatever girl is just available at the moment. Which seems to be her.
Or Tewi and Eirin, there is just no clear pattern for what we are aiming for.
Maybe it was for the better that Teruyo route locked us. Still enough room for us to get a snow end.
>> No. 15213
File 123891470948.jpg- (393.56KB , 700x700 , iwonderiwonder.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>I always wanted the Eirin Route
>>And Kaguya seems to be what people want.
>>Or Tewi and Eirin,

Something seems amiss. What could it be, I wonder? Surely you haven't forgotten someone? Surely not. After all, that would be just too cruel, wouldn't it? Such a cruel thing to do to someone who has done so much for you, isn't it? But don't worry, I am sure she is used to this sort of thing. Whoever she is. I'm sure it doesn't bother her very much at all, really. Not at all. Not that anything has been done to bother her, of course. Certainly not forgetting her. That would be just silly. Surely you are just pretending, for the sake of surprising her later. Yes, that's it. That must be it. That's it. That's it. That's it. That's it that's it that's it that's it that's it that's it that's it that's it that's itthat'sitthat'sitthat'sitthat'sit
>> No. 15214
Ah yes, who could ever forget that rabbit, only useful for her sex appeal and nothing else... What was her name again? I'm drawing a blank actually
>> No. 15215

I think it started with an...

Nah, drawing a blank.
>> No. 15220

Of course they're going to go for the S&M freak. Look at what they're reading.
>> No. 15227
I think many of us were aiming for roughly a Kaguya route. We got sidetracked a few times by characterization. Then somehow we started falling towards a Tewi-centric route unintentionally (only some of which was her fault). I'm not sure how or why we would fall into an Eirin route; we didn't even really begin to interact with her until after the moon festival, unless her event threshold was that low.
>> No. 15228
File 123894460028.jpg- (181.63KB , 640x1002 , vodka1.jpg ) [iqdb]

I thought anon was avoiding to state her name for the sake of avoiding a bad/twisted end variation. I tend to think anything that has "her" doing something that is usually beyond her norms can bounce to either awesome or horribly wrong depending on the actions of the parties involved.

Well here's to hoping for a good/awesome route-lock.

For some reason I can see her having some... though that's probably the Mokou-fan in me talking lol...
>> No. 15229
until she finally snaps and takes what she wants....

>And yandere Reisen has a lot of potential.

If that happens 10 out of 10 vote for her.
>> No. 15230
>you're pretty much effectively route-locked now. Whether or not you get to the best end there, we'll see.

I'm okay with this as long as it lets Teruyo write what he's got ideas for already (hoping for some despair, if any).
>> No. 15236
File 123897608172.jpg- (74.13KB , 421x285 , ehhhhh.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 15239
>> No. 15240
File 123898986947.png- (369.51KB , 575x650 , 3793810a82ecf58d90e4fb8fd23e1e49.png ) [iqdb]

>> No. 15244
>(hoping for some despair, if any).

This is your despair.
>> No. 15245
I would have been more of a Mokou fan in this story, if she wasn't so locked up all the time.
>> No. 15246
File 123907109176.png- (119.38KB , 600x700 , 0acdd4309234e6f7f5e7d00e93018031f53df9db.png ) [iqdb]
Maybe he's waiting for this thread to autosage and start a new one with with a huge ass wall waiting for us..?

Real life issues are probably just what's keep him away atm...
>> No. 15247
Friday said route-locked. Tuesday still not sure what route now.
>> No. 15248
Whatever happened to Booze God?
>> No. 15249
File 12390741692.jpg- (117.76KB , 600x869 , eb50157de54c7e3f1330c13d8a19beb8.jpg ) [iqdb]

Who? This is still the 1st playthrough.
>> No. 15250
File 123907436735.jpg- (703.21KB , 1075x1509 , 1238994052861.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 15251
File 123907526639.jpg- (83.41KB , 748x554 , shirouneetfeet.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 15252

Great, but why is it so... black...?
>> No. 15253

You want to attract Teruyo with a Reisen?
You fool!
>> No. 15254
File 123908801583.jpg- (102.95KB , 493x301 , gloomyneet.jpg ) [iqdb]
No kidding, what was he thinking?

THIS is what you use as bait!
>> No. 15255
You called? I spotted a couple of delicious moon rabbits on my way over.

Sorry about not updating. It's been ready since like fri/sat but like I mentioned I traveled. The problem is that I don't have regular internet access. Right now I'm just popping in using someone else's PC. I'm dying to update though and, omnissiah willing, there will be an update soon. Just have to somehow connect my laptop to the internet and that'll be that. I tell you, I never expected this to happen. 'First world country', feh.

And, uh, well, about the route lock... You'll see what I did there. You won't be really seeing much more of certain characters for a while (if at all any more). And just as an FYI, 'Eirin' route is not about being a test subject. If you end up like that, you're doing it wrong.

tl;dr I wish I had a satellite uplink to the internet or something for these occasions.
>> No. 15256
>And, uh, well, about the route lock... You'll see what I did there. You won't be really seeing much more of certain characters for a while (if at all any more).

I am scared yet again..... this is a dangerous path that you walk on. Taking Anon by the hand and looking that he is doing it right with removing every possibility of encounter with other Touhous.

>And just as an FYI, 'Eirin' route is not about being a test subject. If you end up like that, you're doing it wrong.

Eirin Route confirmed.
>> No. 15258

I thought Teruyo was just stating that the Eirin Route is not always gonna be a horrible mindfuck/bad end.
>> No. 15264
File 123914574236.jpg- (364.85KB , 774x800 , 851827bcbdf79faab2e94bb9ff3183a0.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 15265

Spending the rest of your natural life as a graduate assistant will be hell.
>> No. 15266
broken dick route
>> No. 15267

How about after life as a eunuch?
>> No. 15269
Maybe Shirou already is. Total domination or he isn't going to get it back... ever.
>> No. 15273


We avoided Eirin twice and this somehow puts us on her route?
>> No. 15280
File 123920489930.jpg- (75.30KB , 420x284 , ohyeah.jpg ) [iqdb]
Choosing to avoid her once or twice? We chose to partner up with her at the festival, and thus indebted ourselves into becoming her test subject for that drug. When what the drug trail would entail, we gladly dropped trou without so much as a second thought, let alone refusing to help. We agreed to stick with her all day as her assistant when Reisen started acting funny, and when we got to the point where she was going to have us sleep in her room, we went right along with it with nary a word of refusal. When we finally got a break from her and had a chance at doing something fun with Kaguya, we pulled the double-whammy of not only opting to go right back to Eirin, but telling our dear bwestest bwuddy in da whole wide world in a way that involved calling her that thing she told us not to call her (which I could theorize as to why she dislikes it so much, but that's an excessively-long post for another time).

Then there's the whole delivery thing, where we firstly agreed to do something for Eirin in return for a "personal reward," chose the option that obviously entailed going right back to see her rather than either following Mokou or going to Keine and crying like a bitch/hanging out. Then we chose to help Eirin rather than not help her, which probably earned more points with her in addition to the "reward" that has placed Shirou into the bizarre, addict-like state he's currently in now.

So, how much do you really expect a mere two choices of avoiding her to weigh against all of that? Especially when those choices were made when we had already been rendered an addict by her, suggesting that no matter what we chose that the damage had already been done?

If it offers any comfort though, Teruyo hasn't explicitly told us we're on the Eirin route, merely pointing out how what we might have expected such a route to be about is, in fact, not what it's about. More than that, what we expect it to be about is actually a sign we're doing it wrong.

...of course, we can't really forget the last time we checked the PDA, and how the might-represent-Eirin-but-we-can't-be-completely-sure-even-though-who-else-would-be-represented-by-a-pill-bottle line was not only one of the most full, but also gold. So, um...yeah.
>> No. 15281
thanks for summing it up for us. But i always thought Kaguya was the one we would get.
>> No. 15282
File 123920810666.jpg- (90.10KB , 514x541 , 4c7d34ab67f1fd05cafc76563deaf753.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hey now, don't write our dear NEET off just yet, nor the delicious moon-bunny. After all, the might-be-Reisen bar was basically close to if not even with the might-be-Eirin bar, and on top of having some positive points with Reisen (worrying about her enough to have Eirin check up on her, and respecting her enough to not watch said check up, for example) and she IS trying to stop us from seeing Eirin, after all.

And considering who the last person we know talked to Reisen was, it's probably safe to assume Kaguya, who we've had some good times with up to now, is at least in part responsible for Reisen's current actions.

Unfortunately, as the previous choice was basically between Eirin or Reisen, I doubt Kaguya is in the running for a route-lock. For that we would almost certainly have needed to partner up with her at the festival. Remember, the significant point-earning event we were told would be pretty important in determining what route we would wind up on?

So, maybe we're on an Eirin route. Or maybe we're on a Reisen route. Probably not a Kaguya route, but I will cling to hope until seeing what Teruyo did there.

As for the others...
Tewi: Possible, but seems unlikely for some reason.
Mokou: Plausible, but not at all likely unless that thing that is going to be done where we won't see certain characters much anymore (if at all) entails us basically getting locked out of Eientei to keep us away from Eirin.
>> No. 15287

You certainly make a good argument for not reading this.
>> No. 15288

Do you mean to imply a scenario in which Shirou is experimented on, castrated, and becomes a little girl (thanks to Eirin)?
>> No. 15289

Oh hey, YAF.
>> No. 15295
“Well, I guess you'll do.” Your extremities are twitching involuntarily. At this point you don't really care if it's not the same thing. Just anything remotely like it will do. You stretch your hand out, waiting silently for Reisen to lead you away. The girl betrays her confident attitude for an instant, staring at your outstretched hand hesitantly. You say nothing as she makes up her own mind again and grasps it firmly. Her palms are sweaty, but you don't care. You'll both be sweating soon enough anyways.

Reisen leads along slowly, making you tug her arm. You're impatient. You'd pick her up and carry her to your destination if not for the serious look on her face. That keeps your anxiety and desire in check just long enough for you to reach the endpoint. “Not your room, eh?” You whisper to yourself. She probably doesn't want to trash it. It's understandable, but really doesn't matter to you. This is good enough, it's a mostly empty room, of which there are probably dozens here. Gripping her hand harder, you look at her to take the lead. You might have squeezed too tight, as she winces slightly. She doesn't complain however and finally gets around to moving things along; “Take your clothes off and lie there.” She commands you with a creaky and dry voice. “I'll be with you in just a moment, I just have to get my things.”

You don't have wait to be told what to do twice. You do as she says and undress with inhuman speed. Your heart races with anticipation and your extremities quiver. You watch as Reisen loosens some of her own clothes. Every time she glances your way, she hesitates in her movements. It's a momentary hesitation, but you likewise question her capability. You may be mad, beyond all reckoning, with desire, but that doesn't mean you can't pick up on subtle clues. On the contrary, anything that might ruin your fix is painfully obvious to your accelerated mind. Reisen seems to notice your displeasure and moves faster, closing the door and grabbing a bag full of equipment.

“Relax. I'll do all the work for now.” You close your eyes as Reisen finally gets to work. You feel her fingers doing an initial probing, moving from top to bottom in a methodical fashion. She's no Eirin, but she's surprisingly good. And fresh. Its a different sensation that you feel as she places pressure on you; You don't think it's a permanent solution to your desire, but at the same time, it's a damn good distraction.

There's a loud squelch and you feel the liquid overflowing everywhere. Reisen is definitely wilder than Eirin, already losing herself to this so quickly. You both are breathing faster now, gasping with every rough movement. The smell is wonderful. Reisen's smell is natural and wild, as opposed to Eirin's controlled and complex scent. If you had started with Reisen, you could see yourself becoming entrapped with her touch and feel rather than Eirin's. But you've already been imprinted. Regardless of how good you might be feeling right now, your body craves the exact same feeling you felt with the doctor's frighteningly powerful session.

“That's enough.” A voice interrupts your fun. You try to twist your neck around, looking past Reisen's lilac strands, to no avail. Reisen stops moving as well. You can't hear very well over your own labored breathing, so you can't tell who is there. You squirm, trying to get things going again, but you fail. There's a sharp pain in your lower back and then just numbness. You can't move at all, just feeling waves of numbness spreading from your lower body to the rest of you. This is scary. What did you do to deserve this? You don't want to die. All you wanted was to feel good like before. It's not your fault that Eirin just happened to have godly skills. Her fingers moved across your spine and pressure points like an expert concert pianist's fingers would. Who wouldn't crave more of that sort of massage? All those lotions and other accessories just heightened her skill. So what if she got really into it? It just meant that you were guaranteed the best time of your life.

You regret not going to Eirin as the numbness reaches your head.

For a few days after that your living situation changes dramatically. You're confined to a small chamber somewhere underground. Well, it's probably underground. You can't tell really. There are no windows and the door to the chamber is a thick metal slab. A bit of light seeps in from under the door, but it probably is torchlight – it has none of the vitality and brightness of natural light. You're completely devoid of any human contact; meals come in through a small slot twice a 'day' (your internal clock tells you that it's likely once at night and once in the morning but you can't really know for sure). At the very least they're hearty and nutritious meals.
>> No. 15296
You begin to wonder if you did anything wrong. This type of confinement is what you'd expect a highwayman to suffer, not you. When your meals are delivered, you bang on the thick door; no one takes the time to talk to you. It doesn't help that you feel continuously sick during this time, it seems like you're the bearer of a million different afflictions. From dry eyes to violent churnings of your stomach, there's no part of you that's not affected by some sort of discomfort. You lie in your bed, a surprisingly comfortable bunk, and try to make time pass as fast as possible.

After little over a week (counting from the number of meals delivered), there's a change in your situation. The door opens up and you're free to wander around. You walk around cautiously, not sure of what's expecting you outside. It's unsettling that you see no other living being. You're apparently inside of some sort of apartment. Besides your room, there's several other small rooms interconnected by a central hallway. You don't bother checking them all out. The lighting here is dim, but there's a bright light coming from the end of the hallway. It's a plain room; It's the spitting image of the dining room. Except that there's no table and a single bright fluorescent light bulb illuminates the are. You look for an exit, but find none. Well, there is a door that probably leads out of here, but you can't get through it. There's a heavy metallic sheet blocking the doorway.

You're not sure what to do until you come upon a note off in the center of the room. The smooth and elegant handwriting on it makes you first think that it's a sample from a calligraphy exercise book, but then you find that it's a letter addressed to you;

“Dear Shirou,

I'm terribly sorry of having to do this, but I'm afraid it was necessary. I'll explain in full detail in person. I'll come to fetch you about an hour after you find this letter. For now you should probably take a bath. I assume that you'll want to. You'll find in a room at the end of the hallway the bathroom, as well as a change of clothes.

I hope that you'll be patient enough to hear me out.

Your friend,


You're confused. This is Kaguya's doing? Why would she do this to you? You'd be mad if it were anyone else that did this to you but with her, well... you'll hear her out before forming any conclusions. You brush aside feelings of impotence and try to find the bathroom. It's as the letter said at the end of the hallway. It's just a simple-looking bathtub and a couple of hoses here and there as well as a basket with your change of clothes in it off in a corner. You note how everything is conspicuously clean; there's nary a speck of dust You draw the bath while you rummage through your change of clothes. You're pleased to find that your PDA is also there, unceremoniously placed between your pants and top. You missed the ol' time waster.

Taking a bath here is unremarkable, that said, you do enjoy feeling clean again. You get dressed and leave the bathroom. You return to the room with the exit and sit, hoping that someone will come for you soon. It's in this moment of idleness that you turn your attention to your PDA – there are new messages that you haven't seen. As before, the sender seems to have been exclusively YakCorp.

“From: YakCorp Marketing <marketing@yak.com>
Subject: Results

Congratulations to all of you that participated in our latest contest! While prizes are only awarded to the top three contestants, here at YakCorp we like to think of all of you as winners. Guessing the outcome of the 20th race is no easy task, and we're sure that everyone had fun just watching the results as they came in. We encourage all of those who didn't win to participate in the next running (date to be announced later).

1st Place: Ms. T. Inaba
2nd Place: C. Usa
3rd Place: Mr. B. Tail

These winners will have their rewards shipped to the address provided upon entry.”

Like before, this message has no meaning for you. You delete it and look at the next one.

“From: YakCorp Marketing <marketing@yak.com>
Subject: New and Exciting features!

Here at YakCorp we pride ourselves in our efficiency and range of services offered. It is with this spirit that we'd like to announce an expansion to our base service. Now, just by being a subscriber to our mobile plan, or an owner of any of our mobile devices, you will be able to access your account and marvelous features while on the run. Our services are now extended beyond present borders, well off into the farthest reaches of the world. Thanks to the efforts of our partners at KawaTech, this is possible. Our partnership once again proves to be beneficial to our customers!

The best part of our expanded range and services? It would have to be that it's absolutely free! That's right! We added more functionality and better services at no cost to our valuable customers. We hope that you'll enjoy using our products in the coming future.”

This all sounds really ambiguous to you. But, oh well, you're not paying a dime as it is, so more features and better access can't be bad. You read the last email.

“From: An observer <y.y@yak.com>
Subject: Partnership

Hello there, Mr. Emiya!

I've been watching your exciting and refreshing progress for some time now. I'd just like to extend my thanks for providing a new dynamic. I understand that things aren't all too clear at times, but I just wanted to say that you're doing a good job. I hope that in the next leg of your journey, you continue to make interesting choices (perhaps upping the ante, eh?). I'll be rooting for you.


A fan.

p.s. Please continue to buy and use YakCorp products”

That was cryptic. It was directly addressed to you, but you don't know who could have sent it. You keep the email, hoping to make sense of it some time. You note that the PDA's menu is different from the last time you saw it. The layout is almost the same, but there are some different icons and programs. That program you kept checking is gone, instead replaced by something else. You open it, out of curiosity. An animated yak with a silly hat dances around while the program loads. Eventually, you're dumped at the program's main menu.

“YakCheck” is the program's name. And besides a 'help' option at the bottom of the screen, there's several icons lined up. You recognize these as the icons you saw in the previous hack job piece of software. Currently, they are all greyed out, save for one, the icon depicting a bottle. When you highlight it, a shimmering hue flashes in the background. You tap on the bottle and it shows you another screen.

What catches your eye first is the motif; The background is a dark blue, almost black, and there are numerous specks of light fading in and out. It's like the night sky, complete with constellations here and there. There's a large central bar, stretching from the left all the way beyond the rightmost limit. A single red dot flashes at the very left of it, in fact, it's not on the bar proper. You take this to be a progress bar of some sort. Beside the central bar, there's three vertical bars off in the top left side. They are all different in size and have little colored markers on the side. Green about a fourth of the largest bar's size in, yellow halfway through (this also is the upper limit of the smallest bar – it's only half the size of the biggest), orange three-quarters up, and finally, only the largest bar has a red marker. They are all currently empty and have no indication as to what they are supposed to correspond to. There's one last thing that you notice on your first glance; There is a counter on the bottom part of the screen. It's a simple percentage counter, and is currently fluctuating at 96-98%.

You stop looking at the PDA when you hear footsteps just outside the metallic screen. You put it away just in time to see the sheet go up and see the person on the other side. It's a nervous face that you are well-acquainted with.
>> No. 15297
“Please come with me.” Reisen says in a soft, and insecure tone. Her body language tells you that she's feeling awkward, which in turn, makes you feel awkward. You don't say anything, following her silently. The corridor here is like the corridors you are accustomed to, quiet and spacious, but give you the impression of being in almost complete disuse. It's dark, with almost no natural light finding its way here. “I'm sorry about before.” Reisen apologizes, whilst keeping her gaze forward. “I didn't know what they thought to do with you. I was just trying my hardest in spite of it all.”
“...” You don't say anything, preferring to just listen to her. You hope that Kaguya will explain things to you, as it is, you're just likely to blame anything and anyone. You're not entirely sure what Reisen is on about, but you do know that it's not good to form hasty conclusions – that's gotten you into trouble more times than you can count.
“I did what I was told to do.” She seems to recognize the flaw in her argument almost immediately, causing her to become more sullen. You can't think of anything nice to say, still trying to figure out what exactly went on. It wouldn't have mattered if you had said anything though. You've reached your destination already, and Reisen knocks on the door before entering. She ushers you inside and then immediately leaves.

The room looks like something akin to an audience room. On one end, where you are, there's nothing but a couple of cushions here and there. On the opposite end of the room, there's a slightly raised platform. On it, you see your buddy, sitting in a dark ornate wooden chair. As soon as you spot her, she speaks, looking and sounding serious.

“Please sit down.” There's a graceful dignity to her words, which compel you to do exactly as she says. You sit on a cushion facing her. “I'd first like to apologize for having kept you for so long isolated. It was necessary to do so in order to sort out several issues around here.”
“Just what sort of issues? It wasn't very nice being in that room for goodness-knows how long.” You try to sound logical and composed, but you're impatient.
“Issues regarding the established order here. I'll be blunt, they mostly related to you.”
“If they're related to me, I should know what they are. It seems to me that anything that warrants being spirited away is worth telling me.”
“Indeed.” Kaguya smiles, projecting a sort of warmth to her next words, “By now, you've been here long enough to consider you a member of the household. Everyone acknowledges that, albeit in their own different way. As such, their treatment of you varies dramatically. During this time period, I made sure that your role here was clearly defined for them.”
“And what would my role be? And that still doesn't answer why I had to be locked up.”
“Your role here, of course,” She says it like she was surprised it wasn't obvious, “is that of my friend. And I expect anyone to treat a friend of mine like they treat me.” You don't know if it's the effect of her sitting at a higher place than you, but her words convey a sort of natural authority on the subject matter. She crosses her arms, her long sleeves draping over her torso. “Keeping you isolated had a double purpose. It was, like I said, to sort out attitudes and behaviors here, but that's not all. It was to help you clear your mind and body. I hope you take no offense to this, but you were gone. You seemed to be preoccupied with nonsense instead of what was important.”
“You mean the thing with Eirin? That was just a good bit of fun.” You recall your irrationality with shame.
“A bit of fun is playing cards on a rainy day. Or playing a simple practical joke on someone you like. This went rather beyond that, wouldn't you agree?”
“I certainly did seem to lose perspective.” You admit with a sigh.
“That's right. But don't worry-” She reassures you. “I'm not saying that you've committed some great sin. You are, after all, just human. And my own dear mentor did seem to cross the line a bit as well. You must understand though,” She confides with an eerie directness, “us Lunarians are accustomed to getting what we want, no matter the cost. Time is not a factor and we are just limited by our own ingenuity.” She grins for the next bit, making you wonder if she's talking more about herself than Eirin, “It's easy to forget, with a mindset like that, that when we're dealing with other people, that they have their own mindsets, needs, and wants. I hope you can understand that and not feel too hurt. I can personally assure you that causing others harm is something we are not naturally inclined to do.”
“How did Eirin see all this then?”
“She's much wiser than I am, so as soon as I brought the point up the point, she conceded that there were certain liberties taken where none should have been taken normally. Sometimes people just need a slight jog to their memory to remember what they meant to do.”
“And this took a week?” You get the feeling she's not letting something on about Eirin, but that's alright, you're more concerned with your own situation.
“Oh hardly, like I said before, you needed to clear your mind. I trust you got a lot of thinking done while you were alone? I apologize about the lack of showers, but the room you were in was supposed to be comfortable and welcoming.”
“I certainly slept alright on that bunk, but it was dark and cramped.”
“Really?” The news comes as something of a shock to her. It looks like she really didn't know. She explains herself with a remorseful tone. “I didn't know about that. Sorry. Those are rooms Eirin prepared for certain eventualities, and I was assured that they had everything a person could need. I don't know what to say.”
“Well, I've been through worse.” You try to make her feel better about it, seeing how crestfallen she looks. You know that you're too soft when it comes to seeing your friends upset.
“I'll make it up to you.” She thinks. “I know just the thing! When you go back to your room, you'll find a small compensation for your troubles.”
“That's great, I suppose, but what about now?” Now that your 'hermit lifestyle' is over, you are not quite sure how things will be.
“Well, I thought that maybe a nice party would be in order. I'm sure that after these initial hiccups, the other residents here would be more than delighted to get things going on the proper foot. I'm sure you agree with the sentiment?”
“I suppose...”
“Don't sound so downtrodden.” There's a soft edge to her words, from what you can tell it's probably pity. “It's not like anyone will treat you like royalty all of a sudden, I'm sure that you'll be as liked as before, it's just that now they understand how much they can twist things around before its uncomfortable for the both of you.”
“Hm, that's not good enough?” Kaguya gets up, her robes whooshing as they straighten up. “I know what'll make you feel better. After dinner you can come to my room and we'll write death threats to Sunrise together. How does that sound?”
“...nice.” You half-smile, still not sure if you feel good about all this.
“It'll be more than nice! I bet that together, we can make the whole production staff cry. You'd like that wouldn't you?” She smiles at you with a radiant smile.
“I would...”
“I can't hear you.”
“I would!” You finally answer with certainty as you imagine grown men sobbing over hurtful comments about their work.
“Atta lad!” Kaguya strolls to you and you get up. She pats you on the shoulder. “We'll give them hell. Now go take it easy for a bit, I reckon that the food will be ready within the hour. I've got to go freshen up. See you in a bit.”
>> No. 15298
Kaguya leaves you, disappearing into the hallway. You're left with Reisen, who has just re-appeared from the corridor. She looks skittish, as if she were walking on eggshells when around you.

“I'll take you back to your room.” She offers to lead you bashfully.
“I'm not upset with you, you know. Not in particular, anyways.”
“Eh?” She seems surprised at your words and walks on hurriedly, prompting you to speed up.
“While I don't appreciate being knocked out under most circumstances, I can understand that it wasn't your idea to do so. So don't worry about that.”
“I see.” Instead of pausing, she speeds up even more, breaking into a near-trot. You start to run and stop her by grabbing her arm. She gasps and you feel her tremble.
“What I am bothered about with you,” You drag her towards the wall so she can't escape easily, “Is that you can't seem to feel comfortable with me. Am I really that horrible?”
“Well-” Her eyes dart around, looking for a way out. Finding none, she slumps in defeat.
“I don't hate you or anything, if that's what you're thinking. I'm sorry if that's the impression I gave you.”
“That's not saying much. I just wonder if maybe I keep doing something that bothers you.” Besides that incident you don't think you've done anything reprehensible. “You can be honest with me, I don't mind.”
“I'm just not good at socializing. Your straightforward nature makes me nervous.”
“Really?” You relax your grip, even though your don't buy what she's saying.
“Yes, really. I'm not good at relating with other people. I get all nervous and can't think of what to say.”
“...well, I can't fault you for that.” You let go, feeling that this is the only explanation that you'll get. “Just remember that I'm an easygoing guy, and there's no need to be so tense around me. Just treat me like you'd treat anyone else here. We'll both be happier for it.”
“I'll try.” She nods. But you don't know if she'll really change her behavior.
“Well then, after you.” You urge her to lead on again, sighing silently to yourself. After a few minutes, you're standing by the door of your room.
“As per Lady Kaguya's instructions, I've left something there for you, I hope you'll enjoy it.” She bows slightly. “I've got to finish preparing the food, so if you'll excuse me...”
“Of course, go ahead.” You watch as she walks away, leaving you wondering if she'll ever behave true to herself with you around.

You hadn't noticed before, but it's almost evening now. The sun's light has almost completely faded away, leaving the world bathed in the usual reddish tint. You open your room door, and see what Kaguya was talking about. Right on your futon there's the unmistakable rectangular shape of a classic game boy. You examine the behemoth, appreciating the fact that you haven't seen one of these in ages. You check out the game pack – it's Super Mario Land. Simple, but good fun. This is great to play if only for nostalgia's sake.

You fire up the brick of a hand held and start to play to waste time. The beeps and bloops are as retro as ever. Getting used to the gravity in this game takes a while, but once you've got it down, you breeze through the first couple of worlds. It's hard to see with no back light, but years of experience help compensate for poor visibility. You're at the underwater stage when a loud noise interrupts you.

It's an explosive boom. The very foundations of Eientei seem to shake violently. You immediately get up and rush to the door. Smoke fills one end of the corridor and loud noises come from that direction. Smaller explosions and bangs echo painfully loud, and a gush of hot air creates an uncomfortable hot vortex of airflow. You get clear of your room, going to the courtyard. It's there that you can see more of the situation. A large pillar of smoke rises from the western side of Eientei, in the direction of the kitchen and large backyard.

Another loud rumble deafens you. A sonic blast that travels from the hallway and out to the courtyard almost knocks you backwards. Did you miss the notice about a fireworks show or something? The smoky area glows with light, in sync to the bursts of sound. No, this can't be fireworks, it's too violent for that. It's like detonations at a quarry. Or the explosion of explosive stores. You don't know what to do now. If it's an accident, people might be hurt, but there's also a chance that it's a blazing inferno over there. There's no time to think about this one rationally, you've got to act fast.

[] Go towards the source of the noise and smoke
[] Try to look for anyone else around here

I apologize for no images and such, but I'm not on my computer and posting updates is already complicated enough as it is.
>> No. 15300
File 123926149939.jpg- (50.98KB , 800x600 , ohcrap.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Go towards the source of the noise and smoke

Either there's been an unfortunate gas explosion, the bunnies have revolted, or someone's gone all [x] Burn the place down in a fit of madness...
>> No. 15304
>>There's no time to think about this one rationally, you've got to act fast.

Bullshit. Who says we can't think rationally, quickly? I'm not sure if you're accepting write-ins for this one, but...

[x] Evacuate.

If it's as bad as we think, we need to leave immediately. Just like they taught us in elementary school. Shouldn't even have to think about it.
From outside, we can also get a better view of the complex and whatever damages it might have sustained, as well as a more exact idea of where the smoke is coming from. We'd also meet anyone else who vacated the building, and could take a quick head count to see who, if anyone, is missing.
Only after establishing some knowledge of the situation is it acceptable to try and help others. Otherwise, we stand a better chance of endangering ourselves, along with whoever we try to assist, than anything else.

Of course, this could just be nothing; Gensokyo is a strange place... but better safe than sorry.

If you aren't accepting write-ins, this is my choice: [x] Try to look for anyone else around here.
>> No. 15306
[] Go towards the source of the noise and smoke

I really wish I knew what just happened. Apparently, we got so fucked up on drugs that Kaguya had to isolate us completely from the rest of Eientei and that Eirin is to blame. And that somehow put us in Eirin Route.

Does that mean that Eirin wanted us so bad that she drugged us with a super aphrodisiac targeted to her only?
>> No. 15307
[x] Evacuate
>> No. 15308
When I read last few paragraphs of the update, all I could think of was the picture in the thread directly below this one.
>> No. 15309
Perhaps that was a poor way to end the update. I just meant that there wouldn't be any time to thoroughly deliberate the pros and cons of every action or sit down and meditate, or any number of other extended actions. As for the write-in, well, it's valid, but to be honest it might be more enjoyable if you picked one of the two already there. Not that I'd try to make it necessarily lame or anything, it'd just be a bit different that's all.
>> No. 15310
[x] Go towards the source of the noise and smoke.

Curiouser and curiouser.
>> No. 15311
Technically, aren't we already outside? And aware of where the smoke and explosions came from, for that matter?

>>You get clear of your room, going to the courtyard. It's there that you can see more of the situation. A large pillar of smoke rises from the western side of Eientei, in the direction of the kitchen and large backyard.

So, we're already outside, and we already know where the burning and booming is coming from. Unless Shirou suddenly learns how to fly, I don't think our view of the complex is going to get any better than it already is, and if we want to know more about what's happening we'll have to either go towards the noise and smoke or try to find someone in our general area...which is basically what the two options given to us entail, anyway.

Besides, with as many rabbits there are in the place, do we really have the time to spare for a full head count? We already know the direction the blast came from, and if you'll recall, someone was heading that way when they left us not too long ago...
>> No. 15312

Isn't a courtyard usually a place surrounded by the building on all sides?

At any rate, changing vote:

[x] Go towards the source of the noise and smoke.

Truth be told, I'm still not sold on this at all, but I know better than to go against a direct hint from Teruyo.
>> No. 15318
[x] Evacuate
>> No. 15319
[x] Go towards the source of the noise and smoke.
>> No. 15321
This update confused the hell out of me. Did Eirin turn Shirou into a junkie?
Some things really did not make much sense there.

[x] Try to look for anyone else around here

Someone creating a diversion so that someone else can break Shirou out of jail?

It would be a waste to let this one go by so fast because i think something is REALLY off here with the way Kaguya and Reisen act.
>> No. 15324
[x] Try to look for anyone else around here
>> No. 15329
[X] Try to look for anyone else around here
>> No. 15330
Dear Teruyo,



>> No. 15334
[x] Go towards the source of the noise and smoke.
>> No. 15335
[!/] Go towards the source of the noise and smoke.

As much as a MAKE LIKE A TREE AND GET THE FUCK OUT write-in is...we need some ACTIONTIME.
>> No. 15336
[+] Go towards the source of the noise and smoke.
[+] Find the water buckets.
Unless we have extinguishers ...

Strive for greatness. Die in a fire.
>> No. 15337

>> No. 15338
[X] Try to look for anyone else around here.
>> No. 15342
[x] Go towards the source of the noise and smoke

It's difficult to walk towards the source of all this noise and confusion. At first only the loud cracks and sonic bursts impede your progress. As you navigate the hallways though, viscous black smoke fills your lungs and hurts your eyes. Getting closer, you feel waves of intense heat and power blow past you. It takes quite a bit of resolve not to give up and get away. You encounter rabbits fleeing into the opposite direction, but none of them take more than a passing glance at you. Even if they could talk, you doubt you could hear them over the ringing in your ears.

The source of the smoke isn't where you'd thought it'd be. While completely filled with smoke, the kitchen is empty of both people and fire. You can just barely make out trays of food and snacks on the counters, reminding you that there was supposed to be a party. You cough violently, your body telling you that you've breathed in too much smoke. In a burst of inspiration, you grab a fortuitously-placed cloth and tie it around your face. The improvised filter mask helps you breath a bit better and makes you confident enough to press on. Lying low, and observing the air currents for a moment, you deduce that the source of all of this is just outside the dinning room. Bumbling with almost no visibility, you manage to find the way out. The scene here is not what you expected it to be.

Columns of smoke rise from every which way, spreading darkness in every direction. The nearest plume of smoke originates from a crater just a meter away from you. The wooden porch here was destroyed. You look for signs of fire, feeling torrents of hot air brushing past you with a fierce intensity. You walk around the crater, looking for the invisible fire. A cacophonous roar makes you lose your footing and you stumble to the side. Regaining your footing, you see sparks through the smoke. The bright flashes of red, yellow, and other colors give the whole scene an eerily unrealistic and phantasmal appearance. You didn't think you let yourself get dazed for too long, but when you next think about it, you realize that you've lost your orientation.

The sparks seem to come from everywhere now, further confounding you. You can't trust your ears any longer either, given how you feel like you've gone deaf. You stumble around in the smoke, looking for a way out, only to trip on something. The world spins around you as you scramble to get moving again. It's then that you finally see another living being.

“...Reisen!” You yell as loud as you can. The silhouette in front of you reacts, half-turning in your direction. “Over here, Reisen!” You yell out, in hopes that she'll find you. She comes closer and you see her ankles clearly through the smoke. A black and gold fabric covers it. You look up, trying to get her to see you lying on the ground. “I'm on the floor!” She seems to hear you, and crouches to look closer. You stretch your hand out. She's about to do the same when a ridiculously strong gust of hot air and bright light sweeps past you. The smoke clears momentarily, but the concussive blast is enough to push you away. You just manage to glimpse at Reisen's pale silver hair before the smoke fills the void and obfuscates your vision.

You crawl now, unable to handle the massive amount of smoke above you, even with your makeshift filter. It feels like an eternity, but you manage to crawl back to the building. You lean against the wall when a hand grabs your shoulder. You look up to see Tewi, her raven-hair darker than the smoke, with a grin that you can see even through her square mask.

“What's going on!?” You scream, unable to hear yourself over the ringing in your ears. Tewi yells something back. You can't tell what it was. “What!? I can't hear you!” She leans in closer, bringing her face within ten centimeters of yours. She mouths her answer, clear enough for you to understand what she's trying to say; “I don't know.”. You frown, not knowing what to do. Tewi senses your anxiety and gives you an instruction: “Stay here, ok?” You nod and she disappears hurriedly into the smoke.

As you lay back against the wall, there's an uncertainty in you. You feel that you may want to leave here as soon as possible. The lights are beautiful, in an unnatural sort of way, illuminating the brown and black smoke with soft reds and other colors. But this spectacle isn't enough to make you stay put, you're confident that you've breathed in much more smoke than you should have. You're feeling lightheaded and weak, probably from whatever gases are floating around. Tewi wouldn't just abandon you, you're sure. You wallow in indecision, torn in between trying to get out of this hell and listening to Tewi and staying put.

[] Stay put
[] Try to get out of here
>> No. 15343
[] Stay put
>> No. 15345
[X] Stay put
>> No. 15346
[x] Stay put

Tewi will return, right?
>> No. 15347
[+] Call for Tewi
>> No. 15348
[!/] Stay put
>> No. 15349
[X] Stay put

We just got a dose of her luck(?), so we should be reasonably(??) safe(???), right?(????)
>> No. 15350
you are doing it wrong

[x] Call out for Tewi.
>> No. 15351
[x] Stay put

Despite the powerful urge that comes from instinct, you hold yourself in position. You blink your eyes rapidly, trying to get the smoke out of there. You're crying from all of the irritants in your eye. It stings when you wipe away your tears so you just let them flow out unchallenged. You can't see anything at all now, you hold your hand in front of your face and you can just barely make out that it's even there. You wonder if Tewi will be able to find you in this confusion. Again your body demands that you take action, but you recognize that it might be due to panic rather than anything else. That thought keeps you steady for a while longer.

But even more time passes. Your lungs ache with every breath you take and your skin feels horrendously dry. You call out for Tewi, your voice barely registering to even yourself. You feel that the loud roars drown out whatever sound you might make. You still see no fire, so you at least know that you aren't likely to die immolated. Asphyxia is far likelier. You feel a draft coming from your left side. You look, but see only more smoke. You feel that maybe this is your last chance to make a move. It's either entrust yourself to Tewi or try to find your own way out of this one.

[] Wait, no matter what
[] Try to get out of here no matter the cost
>> No. 15352
[X] Call for Tewi.
>> No. 15353
[x] Wait, no matter what

Might as well finish what we started and go all the way
>> No. 15354
[x] Call out for Tewi
[X] Stay put
>> No. 15355
[x] Wait, no matter what
>> No. 15356
[X] Wait, no matter what.

The brevity of the update concerns me to no end, but oh well.

In b4 we misheard “Stay here, ok?”
>> No. 15357
[X] Wait, no matter what.

Lets die of asphyxia!
>> No. 15358
[x] Wait, no matter what

Eh, if Shirou dies we'll at least get to see some lamentation, right?
>> No. 15359
>>no matter what
>>no matter the cost
We're being very insistent here, one way or another.
>> No. 15360
[+] Try to get out of here no matter the cost
Forgot my vote.
>> No. 15361
File 123933308946.jpg- (16.87KB , 468x260 , FFVI - Jump-Gotta Wait for Shadow-468x.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Wait, no matter what
>> No. 15364
[X] Wait, no matter what

I Believe in Tewi
>> No. 15367
Well, calling it. Update in a few hours, since my computer access for now is virtually over (well not really, but access to both my laptop AND an internet-capable machine is). Most likely creating a new thread, and it's also likely that some of your confusion might be clarified.

Oh, and just as an FYI: One of these two choics led to a kiss-of-life-given-to-you-by-a-female-that-goes-on-longer-than-necessary-and-is-slightly-awkward-due-to-suppressed-feelings.
>> No. 15372
>>One of these two choics led to a kiss-of-life-given-to-you-by-a-female-that-goes-on-longer-than-necessary-and-is-slightly-awkward-due-to-suppressed-feelings.

Why can't I read that without imagining it being followed by "...and guess which one you DIDN'T pick"?
>> No. 15373

Probably because you're no the only one.
>> No. 15374

Yep. At least if we get a bad end here, we can go out with the satisfaction of knowing we totally guiltfucked someone.

And if we know we're going to die,
and Tewi gets to us too late,
the last thing I want to say is:
"I waited for you, Tewi."

Lol douchebaggery.
>> No. 15377
i thought after the routelock we were only going to see one girl for a long time.
>> No. 26374
What a train wreck.

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