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Sorry it took so long...walls of text are hard to write without being distract in middle of them. Oh well, at least I got the whole thing out. Might not be another update for a while. Got lots of work to catch up to.


[x] "Aren't you supposed to be keeping an eye on me?"

"Hey, wait." You stop Reisen just before she turns around and she looks at you.
"Huh? What is it Sousha?" You decide to spring it on her. The ultimate loophole. You don't want Reisen to leave. Not yet.
"Aren't you supposed to be keeping an eye on me?" You cross your arms looking at her. "Eirin said not to let me leave your sight, ever..." Reisen is seen visibly blushing now.
"Wh-What's that supposed to mean?" You smile confidently, you have her now.
"You need to come into the bath with me. You don't have to take one yourself but you need to watch every move, don't you?" Reisen seems to gulp a bit, looking at you. She looks like she's about to faint.
"W-W-W-W-What? I-I-I-I-I don't think she meant it like-" You cut her off, you're determined to make this work.
"No, I'm pretty sure she did. Now come on, you have to keep watch over me." You grin softly over your victory. It looks like Reisen wants to whimper as her lips tremble, but she likely has her heart caught in her throat. Sounds like she's weak for her masters.
"Y-...Y-...Yes Sousha." Her ears droop as she concedes defeat. Sounds like you've won this round. You can't help but take pleasure in Reisen's highly embarrassed face as she looks up at you, head tilted down in such a cute manner. You can't believe how insanely lucky you are.
"Alright then Reisen, you first then." You look at her smiling as you say that. She sighs softly and walks inside. You follow in and close the door. She then looks at you.
"Well...get to bathing then. I won't...s-s-s-stare too hard. I-I-I promise." The scarlet color has enveloped her entire face, but then you realize something.

Ooh boy, a lot more embarrassing to yourself too as you've just discovered. Maybe you should've thought more well into this. You just realized you'll be exposing your entire body to this girl. Making it worse is the fact that you have to wash up before taking a dip in the bath. Meaning she'll be staring nice and hard at the growth in between your legs for a nice while. Maybe you could simply face away from her as you clean yourself. That would be the best option. Right now though, you're being expected to take your clothes off now, so you may as well get step one out of the way. You sigh as you unbutton the thread down the middle of your robe and open it up, taking it off and setting it aside. When you look at Reisen, she seems to be staring a bit longingly at you for some reason, her crimson blush getting deeper. Wait, she's not staring at you...you look down at yourself and HOLY SHIT WHERE'D YOU GET THE SIX PACK ABS?!

"Uhh! I-I-I-I'm sorry Sousha! I-I-I didn't mean to stare, I-I-I-I mean I was j-j-just..." Reisen just simply looks up at the ceiling, more embarrassed then ever. Of course, she's not the only one. Where'd you get that fucking buff chest? Does it come standard with the youkai body? You can't tell, but you're a lot more buff then you remember yourself to be. You can't help but think that your sudden power rage earlier introduced natural steroids causing your body to pump up like this. It's very unexplained, and quite honestly, it's totally unlike you. You're a tsundere, whiny bitch whose penis is the only proof of manhood you once thought you had. Guess you look as manly as all hell and yet still act like some trashy hoe.

You sigh, and take advantage of her current distracted state by quickly taking your pants off and sitting down by the sink to wash up. If she was deeply flustered by your chest, you're too afraid your little soldier might cause her to faint. You look around a bit. Very old fashioned. Everything's made of wood for the most part, aside from the obvious tools of bathing. You take a bucket and fill it up with water, rinsing yourself down as you wash yourself. Man, how embarrassing. You discovered something very different about yourself, and Reisen. At least you know you're attractive, to her at the very least. You figure she's likely never really seen much of a male, so she was probably very interested in how you looked. Heh, just like Sanae, you're positive that if you tried hard enough, seducing Reisen would be of little problem. Definitely different for Eirin and Kaguya though, so you know it's just the girls you've met so far.

"S-...Sousha...?" You hear, as you're washing yourself. You're about to turn to her before remembering your current state. You're wayy too erect to be waving yourself around like that.
"Y-Y-Yes, Reisen?" You stumble over your presentation a bit, but it doesn't seem to have effected the conversation much.
"Do....do you need me to wash your back? You seem to be having problems so...I..." Gyehh! What's this now? Isn't back washing supposed to be a bit...you know...intimate? Still, you were in fact having problems...it's not like you have much experience washing your back. May as well.
"Uhh...s-sure, that would be nice. Thanks." You look down blushing yourself, though you know Reisen's face is so very much more flushed then yours is.

>> No. 7614
File 121538956127.jpg - (204.76KB , 552x745 , d6e9aa391eb33f847b17cf89addc13a2.jpg ) [iqdb]
It takes a while, but soon enough you feel Reisen dragging a washcloth across your back, washing it softly. Just like the skin of her hands, her washing is very gentle and smooth. You can truly feel yourself at ease and relaxed as she does this. Your embarrassment and nervousness almost all goes away as your mind and body take a break, relieving you of all stresses your soul has on you currently. It truly is a blissful feeling, having your back washed by someone so skilled as her wash your back. You imagine she's likely had to wash Eirin's and Kaguya's back quite a few times. Now that you think about it, it does seem like Reisen is a bit of a slave to them...probably why she ended up asking you. Far too used to doing her typical slave duties. You feel the need to make this up to her somehow.

"Uhh...th-thank you for washing my back Reisen. It feels very relaxing and calming..." You close your eyes as you say that, it truly came from the heart. Saying it was enough to remind you how truly relaxing it was. You can hear Reisen stammering behind you.
"D-D-D-Don't worry about it Sousha! Really, i-i-it's no problem, I do this all the time..." You thought so. Poor bunny, you start feeling she's overworked. You really want to make her feel that she too could be treated.
"Come on, it's really nice of you to do this for me...only right you should have that same kindness in return. Oh, how about I wash your back for you sometime?" Suddenly, you feel the washcloth lift up off your back, and almost assume Reisen backed off, flailing her arms abotu wildly in embarrassment.
"Ahh! N-N-N-No Sousha! Really that isn't necessary! No need to rep-p-pay me like that! I-I-I-I'll be fine, honest!" You're almost about to turn back and look at her when you think that looking at her will only embarrass her further, as she likely doesn't want her flushed face to be seen at the moment.
"Uhh, no, really Reisen, it's alright...I don't mind. It's just a friendly display of kindness from one friend to another, right?" You try to reassure her that you simply want to be friends. After the whole thing with Sanae and Reisen standing up for you, you feel you've had a much greater understanding of what it means to have a friend. Soon Reisen slowly continues washing your back ever so embarrassed.
"A-A-A-A-A-A-Alright Sousha..." You smile to yourself, sounds like a date. Or at least a make up for all that she's been through.

Before you know it, you're dipping yourself into the bathwater softly and breathe out as you relax in it. Reisen is sitting beside the tub, leaning on it. It's a very solemn, calming scene that makes you feel like you have peace of mind right now. A very satisfactory scene if you will. You're not totally alone so you can't just let your mind wander about, nor to you really feel in place reflecting upon what's happened, but it does give you an equal trade off. You want to learn more about Reisen, the fact that she was so used to a slaving type of thing to do just makes you feel so bad about it, and curious to see if in fact, she's slavedriven as much as you think she is. Could explain that sudden sorrowful look at dinner earlier tonight.

"Say, Reisen?" You say, not bothering to look over to her. You still see her ears perk up a bit over the edge of the tub though.
"Uh, yes Sousha? What is it you need?" You look up at the ceiling. You really do feel bad for her.
"I was wondering...do Kaguya and Eirin work you too hard?" There's a long, unnerving silence before Reisen speaks again.
"...well, yeah, sometimes I do feel that...I get worked past the capacity I feel I can do, and others around...like to make my job harder then it has to be." Others? Others like who you want to ask, but she continues and you feel it'd be too rude to interrupt a speech like this. "It's very stressful at times, especially since I really have no one to go to and no one to see. Really, my only friend is Master Eirin...it's not like I really ever get a chance to go outside the Eientei often, only to sell medicine for Eirin. And the people I usually commute to during that time are rather filthy...I guess I wasn't really too fond of humans, even though I never really show it." Wow, that sounds pretty sad.
"Reisen...if you want, I can be your friend." Reisen's ears perk up again as you look over to where she's sitting, and she seems to have gotten on her knees, hands on the edge of the tub, looking at you shocked.
"You really mean it? You mean yo-" She looks down and gasps, blushing as she turns back around and sits back down, embarrassed, though she isn't the only one as you've successfully closed your legs as she looked. "I mean...that...that would be nice. Thank you Sousha." You smile softly, it really is a nice feeling to make friends. Besides, you feel like Reisen needs it.
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Listening to her story, man, you truly do feel for her. Just like Sanae, she's been alone the majority of her life, so of course she needs friends. Maybe one day you can introduce Reisen to Sanae and the three of you can be friends together. After all, more friends means more happiness, right? It's very funny how the two of them ended up being so much alike in that manner though, and yet ended up with all seemingly a different type of personality. You suppose it all depends on their experiences, as Reisen grew up to be something of a slave almost. Still, it's alright now. You're going to be there for the both of them, and any future friend you end up making too. Perhaps this is what Yukari wanted you to see with the first mission.

After a while of talking more to Reisen about little things, you decide you've soaked in the bath long enough. The two of you had fun talking about little things in both your lives. What made it better for you was the fact that you know that, eventually, you'll be able to relate to Reisen on a much deeper level, the both of you having masters and being able to share what you do with them. You honestly feel that a part of you really relates to Reisen this way and that because of it, the two of you will end up becoming even closer friends later on and keeping a wonderful friendship for years to come. You feel very satisfied with yourself knowing this fact and you can only hope that you can continue a friendship like this with Sanae too. You feel the biggest joy in your life is making these two females happy, because you know how badly they need it. Although, you've come to think that maybe, this is due to something in your past life...best not dwell on it too much though.

"Reisen, I think I'm done with my bath, so..." Reisen's ears perk up again as she quickly gets up and faces the wall.
"Oh! S-S-Sorry, I won't look, I promise!" You can't help but blush a bit profusely. She's really polite. You then go ahead and get out of the bath, and dry yourself off before putting on a robe for not, deciding that your previous clothes are probably too dirty.
"I guess I'll wash my clothes tomorrow, when I have time..." As you say that, Reisen turns to you and heads straight for your clothes, picking them up.
"Oh! No, don't worry about it Sousha, please, allow me." She bows to you again, while holding the clothes. Man, you just imagine her in that maid costume. It just fits her submissive lifestyle so well. But you try your best not too think about it TOO much, after all, your current robing is pretty thin. Definitely wouldn't be able to hold up to a hard shaft.
"Well, uhh, alright, if you...really insist." Reisen stands back up and smiles at you.
"Thank you Sousha...for being my friend. It really means a lot to me." You can't help but smile right back. Oh GOD she's far too cute. You really want to eat her up now...and it feels like your stomach is agreeing. It's not rumbling yet, but you can feel yourself trying not to drool in her presence. She really does look tasty...in more ways then one. Now you're starting to confuse and split yourself. On one end, part of you actually wants to eat her, literally. You get awfully hungry looking at her cuteness. On the other end, your eyes pierce through that clothing and see her for the true sexy beauty you feel she is. Being a rabbit, she's naturally very fit and elegant. Her body should reflect this fact, and thus you gather up the image of her having this smoking hot body you'd love to stick yourself into at any given moment. Awkwardly enough, BOTH ends make you aroused, which you discover soon enough, making you turn around before Reisen notices, very embarrasingly.

"Sousha? Uhh, is...something wrong?" Reisen questions your sudden movement to turn away from her. You look down and see that the robing simply can't contain it, poking straight out. You most definitely do not want to be caught like this.
"Uhh, I-I-I-I'm just fine Reisen! C-Could you please put the clothes away for me for now to be washed later?" Your embarrassed pitch and tone is clearly noticable, you think. It's very hard to hide it this time.
"Sousha...are you feeling alright? I told you I would handle it." You think for a moment, you need time out of this.
"Th-Then uhh...maybe you could do it right now really quick? Is that possible? I mean uhh...it's the only clothing I have..." Reisen hesitates for a moment seemingly before finally answering you.
"...alright then. It won't be too long." You can hear her footsteps to the door for a moment as it opens. You can practically feel her staring at you, likely with a puzzled expression, before walking out and closing the door. Whew. Close call. It probably would've been rather bad if she caught you getting off to just her looks, seemingly. Well, it's over now.

You look around the bath. Not much else to do here. Except, you're still far too excited to be doing much. You figure that if you want to leave the room, you should calm yourself down really quick. You might be able to get away with sneaking to your room like this, if you're lucky though. From there you can pretty do whatever the privacy of the room calls for. Though, if you honestly need to get something like this off your chest in that manner, you could always just do it here too. Plenty of space for it. And there's quite a few fantasies roaming your mind now it seems. Man, since when did your perverted side start coming out? It's like Reisen inadvertenly triggered it subconciously...guess you can't help it with such a sexy ass rabbit such as her, you feel. Heh, good enough to eat...in more ways then one.

...damn you need to stop teasing yourself. Alright, time to decide what to do. You have your options laid out, and you need to make a decision before it gets too late. No telling what Reisen might do having hanging your clothes to dry.

[ ] Sneak swiftly back into your room
[ ] Calm yourself down and explore the mansion
[ ] Decide you want Reisen to help you, if you know what I mean
[ ] Just relieve the pressure here, what's wrong with that?
[ ] Tsunderome Option


For those watching, yes I was having a lot of trouble trying to fiddle with this imageboard. Damn clipboard.
>> No. 7617
[x Just relieve the pressure here, what's wrong with that?
Daily milking tiem.
>> No. 7618
[x] Calm yourself down and explore the mansion

Lets find Tewi.
>> No. 7619
[ ] Calm yourself down and explore the mansion
>> No. 7620
[x] Calm yourself down and explore the mansion
>> No. 7621
[z] Calm yourself down and explore the mansion

Mansion exploran gaems
>> No. 7622
[x] Calm yourself down and explore the mansion
>> No. 7623
[+] Calm yourself down and explore the mansion
>> No. 7646
Not feeling 100% inspired, but eh, I can pull out a quick update.

[x] Calm yourself down and explore the mansion

You need to get a hold of yourself firstly. You're starting to go crazy. You'd like to have some sort of release but much rather, you want to explore around first. You take deep breaths and wrap your mind around everything that's happened. You thought it was so awkward when you first met Reisen, this just took the cake. You weren't aware of what being in the bathroom with Reisen like that would do. Is it because of your outburst from earlier? You do feel much more sensitive, both physically and emotionally, after going through that. You're unsure of what to do now. At least you didn't give off any awkward feelings to Reisen, though you might've gotten off to her. (That's perfectly normal however)

You try and get some sense around to you. Discovering your sensitivity, you feel it's best you tried toughening up a bit. Maybe trying to be more manly or, hell, even being a tsundere bitch might help it. Whatever you need to do, you're starting to act a bit creepy, even by your standards. However, you can't deny a few things. Whenever you look at Reisen, or any other rabbit for that matter. You get an uncontrollable hunger within you. You've been confused all this time about it. In your mind, you try hard to cover it up with perverted thoughts, making up excuses. But now that you're alone, you're starting to think that your youkai needs are a lot stronger then you anticipated. You feel a priority is to keep your stomach full, lest you lust after Reisen and the other rabbits more and more, leading to awkward and, eventually, very, very gruesome scenes.

You also try to explain in your mind why you have this very deep care for Reisen. And Sanae. You begin thinking, only reason why you weren't all over Sanae was because she wasn't all over you like Reisen was. Her standing up for you was a huge turning point in the relationship between you and her you feel. This must be another clue behind your past. Like these two, were you also just as alone as they were? Sure, you can remember having a girlfriend, but who said that ended well? That may have actually been the very reason why you ended up feeling just as alone as these two girls. Your feelings towards Reisen jumping up to astronomical levels when she stood up for you, that too must explain something about your past life. Did you never have anyone to look up to while you were alone, thus you only had yourself to stand up for you?

You don't know why, but your heart has very confused feelings about the word friend now. When Yukari gave you the first mission, you treated it as nothing. Making a friend is what everyone does, right? Not so much you think now. Friends are truly irreplacable. You could never find yourself wanting to betray Reisen and Sanae. Already you feel like going to Sanae for advice, but you're honestly unsure of where you are in relation to her. She could be on the other side of Gensokyo. You still have a mission to complete after all. You can't afford to go out on your own like that. Best wait until you see Yukari again, you figure. Maybe she can give you advice. Or better yet, send you to Sanae herself, she could easily do that. Though you have doubts within you telling you that even if you asked nicely, she likely wouldn't oblige, just to torture you.

You leave the bathroom feeling ever so more confused about yourself then ever. You totally feel down in the dumps. Man, maybe that primal rage did leave you feeling more sensitive, because not only did you feel much happier then you normally would be earlier, but your depression sinks down to an alltime low. You figure that if you want to unleash your youkai powers again, you'd best wait until it's absolutely, positively needed. It really doesn't seem worth this shit any other time. You think you are starting to piece things together now though, hopefully, so you continue your walk through the halls and see what you can find. You're really worn out and torn apart by all this.

You don't really see anyone through the five or so halls you walk through, maybe a good thing. You feel like you're an absolute wreck despite the relaxing bath you had. Sure, you had fun talking with Reisen, it was very usual for the most part. And she gives the best damn back wash ever. You get this feeling she must be an accomplished massager. If so, you probably wouldn't mind getting one. Not anytime soon though, need to wait for this damn sensitivity to wear off. Although you did promise her suddenly that you'd wash her back for her one day...god that's gonna be embarrassing. What the hell were you thinking? You totally made that decision without any second thoughts to common sense.
>> No. 7647
As you were there in the bathroom with Reisen, almost the entire time you felt yourself ready to lunge at her and jump into her skirt. More over, you were constantly afraid you might use the L word. Brr, you can't imagine yourself falling for someone so quickly. It's very thankful you didn't stay with Eirin or see Kaguya in this condition. You might've gotten yourself kicked out of the mansion. Or worse yet, what if you got in that condition with Sanae? Things would've totally went out of bounds there. You just couldn't contain your feelings though, normally you can't be honest with them at all. Your feelings of love and happiness were just springing around li-

You stop suddenly. You think about it.

Is the youkai burst's after effects supposed to combat your tsunderome? Admittedly, you always did feel you were a whiny tsundere bitch even before you met Yukari. You've known yourself to be like this all your life. You even reflected upon this multiple times at Sanae's. Perhaps...you were indeed, once human, turned youkai. Because if the youkai blood in you is trying to reject something of you that was very human of you, then...yeah, it's starting to make sense now. You definitely have an interesting question to ask Yukari when you see her again. Either way, it's totally fucked you over. Half of you is rejecting the other, turning you into someone you don't recognize. Someone you might not want to be. This scares you, and makes you glad all at the same time. After all, you always wanted to have some manliness in you, this youkai thing definitely gives you the fangs and claws to do it. Yet, you're not sure if you want to lose all parts of you that were human for it. Speaking of which...

You open up your robe really quickly at the top. Yep, you've lose the abs, and your chest is gradually returning to it's normal state. It looks like your buffness was indeed due to a rancid case of natural steroids. You can also feel your previous sensitivity start to fade too. It's official then; your youkai blood is trying to deny all signs of humanity in you, and dispose of it. Part of you wonders what the sensitivity thing has got going for it though. It may be blocking your tsunderome, but the way it's going about it seems to only make you even more human. It's very confusing, and you feel the need to get down to the bottom of it. You're pretty certain Eirin can explain everything, to top it off she might even be able to help you contain your youkai blood too, as a bonus. She is a very experienced doctor and scientist it seems.

You sigh and close your robe back up, and look around. You think you're somewhere back close to the baths again. You've been wondering for a nice while now. The sun has almost finished setting, and it's about to get very dark. So you figure you should find something to do now. You could go see Kaguya, pay a visit to the one person you hadn't seen all day since dinner. Or you could go head for Eirin's clinic and get settled this mission and various things about yourself, and maybe apologize about earlier. You could also see Reisen, see if she has your clothes, and maybe talk to her about this whole situation and get things cleared up with her. Alternatively, you know this mission isn't time intensive. So going out into the courtyard you saw when first arriving here might be a good way to unwind and contemplate a few more things. Finally, you could head back to your room and find something else to do. Like sleep. Boy, do you need it.

[ ] Go find Kaguya's chambers
[ ] Go for Eirin's clinic
[ ] Go to Reisen's room
[ ] Go out into the courtyard
[ ] Go back to your room


Upon reflection...it's a lot longer then I originally intended for it to be. Eh, what you can do in the space of 10 minutes.
>> No. 7648
[x] Go find Kaguya's chambers
Ehh, just randomly voting here.
>> No. 7650
「x」 Go out into the courtyard
>> No. 7651
[X] Go for Eirin's clinic
We have a mission to accomplish
>> No. 7652
[X] Go out into the courtyard
Howl at the mooooon~
>> No. 7653
[X] Go for Eirin's clinic
>> No. 7654
[X] Go out into the courtyard
>> No. 7655
[X] Go for Eirin's clinic
>> No. 7656
[X] Go out into the courtyard
>> No. 7657
[X] Go for Eirin's clinic
>> No. 7660
{X} Go out into the courtyard
>> No. 7661
[X] Go for Eirin's clinic
>> No. 7664
LOL, split vote is split.
[X] Go out into the courtyard
>> No. 7665
[x] Go for Eirin's clinic
For further lulz.
>> No. 7666
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>> No. 7667
Stop being Faggots, and vote for what you really want.
If you just vote to piss people off, then stop it.
>> No. 7668
[x] Go for Eirin's clinic
>> No. 7671
[ ] Unwind a bit more in the courtyard, then
[ ] Go for Eirin's clinic for some answers
>> No. 7672
[x] Go for Eirin's clinic
Remember your mission Anon.
>> No. 7674
7 minutes?
>> No. 7678
[ ] Go for Eirin's clinic
>> No. 7680
[x] Go for Eirin's clinic
Mission etc.
>> No. 7681
[x] Go find Tewi's chambers.
>> No. 7682

[ ] Go back to your room
>> No. 7685
File 121546510236.jpg - (345.16KB , 1280x960 , Konachan.com-5846-touhou yagokoro_eirin.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go for Eirin's clinic

You decide to pass by Eirin's clinic and see about settling some things. It's time you got down to business now that you've finally got your senses about you. It's so nice to finally be able to think straight and not have women on the mind. You could swear that this increase in pervertedness and need to screw the closest thing isn't human...but you'd really rather not think about the possibilities there. You just want the most important things dealt with now. Like you mission. You know Yukari intended for you to be apprentice under Eirin if you chose that nurse's hat border, so you may as well follow her stead. You nod to yourself and make a beeline for it. You got lost along the way (who wouldn't their first time?) but you eventually find Eirin's familiar clinic door. You knock softly on it before inviting yourself in.

The wating room is empty, but still lit. Thank god, it's not too late. You decide to sit down and wait for Eirin. You know she's in, but what is she doing you wonder? Likely shifting through the last bits of paper work to be done for the day. At this late hour, you likely wouldn't really be able to get anything done, just talk to her for a short moment. But that's okay, as long as you get things settled, then you've done a decent enough job for tonight. Though now that you think about it, you don't know how long you'll be here...or even how to get back once you've completed the mission. Do you just go back to the place of entry and shout 'HEY YUKARI, I COMPLETED YOUR DAMN MISSION'? No, that can't be it. Shit, what if you DO have a time limit? What if you don't? You don't wanna be stuck here forever, you still want to see Sanae again. After all, you promised her something important.

Feeling like a puppy lost without it's master, you sulk in the chair and whimper quite a bit. You truly are devasted about how this mission works. You really should've asked. Then again, if Yukari wasn't so powerful, you could just simply say screw it and not play her silly little games. Maybe you'll get a deeper understanding of the mission as time goes on and you learn more magic and knowledge. Though you're honestly unsure of how long that would take. You're very upset about letting Sanae down. Sure, you've made friends with Reisen (or so you think, things between you two are still odd and things need to be sorted out with her too) but you got other priorities too. You just hope Sanae isn't too, too lonely in her small, small shrine. In all your thinking though, after finally ending your zoning out session, you look up and discover Eirin, looking down upon you and smiling.

"My my, Sousha, got a tummy ache~?" You can help but blush a bit at this. Is she teasing you? You're not some child, yet the maturity definitely precedes your own.
"I...I-I'm fine! I don't need any help, especially from you..." You look away. Yeah, that outburst is definitely wearing off. You tsunderome just came back. Ahh, to be human again.
"Hmhmhm, you sure are cute, you know that? I was just about to leave for the night and retire to my quarters truthfully. What is it you needed?"

You hear Eirin keeping herself from giggling as she started saying that. Man, you truly do feel underpowered compared to her, not by physical attributes, not by knowledge or anything like that. You feel your spirit is nothing compared to hers. You wonder why for a moment before you realize you were asked a question. Aw jeez, better start thinking up why you came here. There's so many things you could ask but since she's leaving, you think you'd only have time for one question, so it's best to prioritize now and get it over with. Anything else you could ask, you could freely ask tomorrow most likely.

[ ] Ask Eirin about being her apprentice
[ ] Ask Eirin about your youkai blood
[ ] Ask Eirin what exactly she does
[ ] Ask Eirin for some simple, idle chat
[ ] Ask nothing, exit stage left
>> No. 7686
[+] Ask Eirin about your youkai blood
Exposition time. Gotta get this under control.
Besides, this isn't a time-sensitive mission; we could just ask about the apprenticeship tomorrow.
>> No. 7687
[x] Ask Eirin about your youkai blood
>> No. 7689
{X} Ask Eirin about being her apprentice
>> No. 7690

Someone does not understand the concept of single votes only.
>> No. 7691
haha sorry must have missed that

[ ] Ask Eirin about your youkai blood
>> No. 7692
[ ] Ask Eirin about your youkai blood

>>"you think you'd only have time for one question"
>> No. 7694
[X] Ask Eirin about your youkai blood
Sousha Origin.
>> No. 7695
[ ] Ask Eirin about your youkai blood
[ ] "There was more I wanted to know, but since it's late the rest can wait till tomorrow."

Guarantee an appointment with the doctor.
>> No. 7696
[x] Ask Eirin about your youkai blood
>> No. 7697
[X] Ask Eirin about your youkai blood
[x] "There was more I wanted to know, but since it's late the rest can wait till tomorrow."
>> No. 7700
[+] Ask Eirin about your youkai blood
>> No. 7707
File 121547986826.jpg - (181.18KB , 1000x720 , 1191013644548.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Ask Eirin about your youkai blood

You decide you want to know more about yourself. That's your biggest priority right now. It's been confusing you and baffling you for more then enough. It's time you settled this.

"Eirin...I need to know more about myself. I came into this world of Gensokyo thinking I was but an ordinary human but as time went on, I started realizing more and more things about myself that...are definitely not human." You look further down as you say this, still deep in thought about it.
"Well of course, Sousha. That is why I wanted to run tests on you. But you know how that turned out." You look up at Eirin, a bit of a determined look on your face.
"That's just it! Eirin, please tell me what happened to me, why aren't I human anymore? What kind of animal am I? Who am I?!" You speak to her in a desperate tone, the mystery revolving around you has really brought you to a limit. You look up at Eirin in anticipation, hoping she can tell you the truth.
"...I'm sorry Sousha, but honestly, that is not for me to tell." You blink, a bit confused.
"E-Excuse me?" She crosses her arms, looking away for the most part, seemingly thinking.
"Well, for one, I really don't know your past. Nor have I been able to run any tests on you. I failed testing you last time because before I could properly start it, you ran off. Though I will say this much, whatever youkai you are...you're very feral. And dangerous."

Dangerous, huh? Feral meaning you've become wild...you must be some sort of beast youkai. What one, you're not sure of yet. But you're convinced you've been getting clues here and there. The voracious appetite for rabbits, the increased agility, your changed attitude in whole...they all must connect to something. But what? That's what you want to know. You were hoping Eirin might be able to tell you if you were once human, but you suppose things like that can't easily be told by science alone. If your suspicions are correct however, you were once a rather ordinary human, turned youkai by...something. It seems most male youkai of your species are naturally very strong to begin with, hence when your youkai blood came to a boil earlier, your muscles, infused with the power of the youkai species you've become, grew expotentially.

...hey, maybe you didn't need to see Eirin. You're solving this riddle by yourself. You do feel more confident about it now.

"But, Sousha, if you want, you're welcome to come by my office tomorrow morning and we can run some more tests on you to see exactly what you are. Maybe not the same type of tests I was about to run but rather, some simple ones that won't ignite your blood." She smiles a bit comfortingly at you. It seems she really doesn't want what happened yesterday happening again. Understandable.
"Alright then, I'll be sure to come over then." You nod to her.
"Great, maybe after we can talk a bit more and I can tell you more about yourself after knowing what you've been through." It sounds like she actually wants you to come down tomorrow. Huh, fancy that. Saves you the trouble of asking if it's alright. But it seems something else is bothering her.
"Eirin? Is there...something on your mind?" You're not sure how you were able to sense it, maybe a change in the air suddenly. But despite her facial expression being unchanging, you were able to tell something was wrong.
"Huh? Oh, it's nothing really. I just think there will still be things about you that not even ordinary tests or psychology would tell you, Sousha. Yukari isn't one to be friends with ordinary people, much less choose them as her servant. Look at Ran, she has a shikigami of her own, despite being one herself. It's a spiritual anomoly I've been trying to figure out for a nice while now."

Wow, so Yukari's other servant...has a servant of her own? Talk about a chain of command. If Yukari is able to control someone as powerful as Ran, then obviously you must be just as power, if not more. Why would Yukari settle for less? It's clear that this mission was meant to prepare you for some sort of battle, so she wants you to fight at some point. You wonder though, what could be so special about you yourself though. Why did Yukari choose you? Was she the one that turned you into a youkai? Or was it something else, and because of your newfound youkai nature, that she took you in? Your past is still all a blank and filling it all in is like trying to fit together a five hundred piece puzzle that's been scattered all across the room. At least you got what you wanted to say out of the way for the most part though. You look up at Eirin.

"Well, thank you Eirin. I'll be sure to come by tomorrow first thing in the morning." Eirin smiles softly. Such a mature demeanor.
"You're welcome Sousha. Come by anytime, I'm always here to help." With that, Eirin bows a bit and takes her leave out of the clinic, and you do too. She walks down one hall, and you know your room is down the other, so your paths are split for the most part right now. You look out the windows. It's nighttime. The sun has finished setting. You wager it's somewhere between seven and eight at night. Maybe a bit later. Hmm, Eirin sure shuts down the clinic early. She must have things to do in her own spare time.

Well, now you're just standing there, wondering what to do next. Night's still young. You could do plenty of things still, though it seems for the most part the mansion is eeriely dead. You could go ahead and see Kaguya, but she might be asleep by now, figuring a princess would be in bed by this time. Reisen is likely still up, and probably still has your clothes. Speaking of which, you're kinda shocked Eirin didn't say anything about the flimsy bathrobe you were wearing...huh. Oh well. You could also settle other things on your mind with Reisen too, if they bother you that much. Otherwise, the night is yours to enjoy. You could go out, but the draft your bathrobe would allow in might make it...might uncomfortable. So if you'd rather be alone, your room is likely the best bet. You can figure out what to do from there.

[ ] Go find Kaguya's chambers
[ ] To Reisen's den we go!
[ ] The courtyard calls for me
[ ] Meh, just head back to the room
>> No. 7712
[ ] The courtyard calls for me
>> No. 7715
[x] The courtyard calls for me

>> No. 7717
[ ] The courtyard calls for me
>> No. 7719
[ ] The courtyard calls for me

Also, >>7718
Where is my Yuuka route?
>> No. 7720
File 121548415712.jpg - (306.29KB , 750x675 , 1213230609124.jpg ) [iqdb]

>> No. 7721
I knew it, that guy is always drunk with Nine.
>> No. 7746
Did you write this one in a hurry? The typos were horrible.
[ ] The courtyard calls for me
>> No. 7751
[x] The courtyard calls for me

You decide to go out into the courtyard you saw when first entering the mansion. It might clear your mind and help you see things in a different light. It has been a while since you actually stepped outside anyways. You ignore the fact that you're in a rather vunerable state and head towards the entrance. It's only the courtyard, it's not like you're going anywhere dangerous for the most part. As you pass by the windows you can see there's still a slight bit of orange in the sky, right where the sun had set. You figure it's not all that late, so sitting out in the courtyard might be good, and it'll be a good temperature to sit in. Even in your exposed clothing for the most part.

You finally get around to the entrance of the courtyard after a while and walk out into it. The darkened sky combined with the serene air of the garden feels very nice. You could definitely stay out here for a good while. You walk around a bit, taking in the scenery, noting various things about it. It looks very well kept for the most part. Even good enough to walk around barefoot in. This must be one of the features private to the princess, Eirin and guests for the most part. You wonder if you'd even see Reisen here. This place just seems so nice. It's very relaxing and gives you a sense of peace you've been needing for a while all day. You think you can achieve a better understanding of things here.

You go around, exploring the courtyard for a while. The fountain they have in one corner of the garden is a very nice touch to add in with the rest of the flora, making the place feel very beautiful and reminiscant. It's almost as if you've been to some place like this before, where you simply let the serene yard take over your body and mind and you simply chilled out. Another key to unlocking your past? Maybe. You're not sure yet, for all you know this could be totally irrelevant to the rest of your life before all this. But it does make being in the actualy courtyard much more calming.

You sit down on a large rock and look up. A lot has happened and you feel things are only going to get more complicated. Now that you're over your previous daze, you can feel thoughts of Sanae taking over Reisen again. Sure, Sanae might not be as visibly athletic as Reisen, but since when did looks matter to you? Or well, to any part of you that isn't your penis. Part of you feels you'd much rather stick it in Reisen then Sanae, despite her cute looks. But that's a perverted thought left for later. You feel Sanae matters to you more at the moment because after all, she was your first friend, and introduced you to a lot of things...like your bitchiness, for example. Never would you have remembered how much of a wimpy pansy you were if not for her. It was at that point you thought, that the only proof that you weren't gay at the time was the fact that you still got off to Sanae's body.

That was a crazy experience though. You can't believe you really fapped using her very washcloth. You would feel dirty if not for the fact that you felt you've done worse in your life. After all, you're a deep closet pervert. You know this. It would have been nice to steal more glances at her body though, that miko outfit certainly isn't no where near as tight fitting and revealing as Reisen's business class type suit. Speaking of which...you just realized how utterly out of place that seems. The rabbits all wear simple dresses here, Kaguya looks like a princess out of the 1800s and Eirin's clothes...well you can't necessarily put your finger on those, as they're pretty different too. Not nearly as out of place as Reisen's though. And then there's the deal with her ears, rumpled, unlike the other rabbits' big, puffy ears. Wow, come to think of it, no wonder Reisen was always so alone. She's so much different from everyone else.

It strikes you right then and there. That's why you connected to Reisen a bit better then Sanae...Sanae's lonliness wasn't necessarily because she was different, or so you feel anyway. Reisen has a much bigger air of being an outcast then Sanae does...and you keep feeling, at one point, you too were an outcast like Reisen. Because after thinking about it, that feeling is very familiar to you. You know exactly how Reisen feels because you've been through it yourself, thus you were better able to relate to her. Did she somehow sense this, and was able to pick this up, resulting in her awkward and sudden clinginess to you? You're not sure, but it's the only valid lead you've got. And another piece of your past you've retreived it looks like. One piece out of a million you feel.

You keep thinking about it, you want to solve this. Being in the air of Eirin, you were able to practically solve much of this on your own. You sigh softly and think harder. Part of you wants to believe being an outcast was what led to you becoming youkai, but how that actually comes into play, you're not sure. Sounds off the wall now that you think about it. But then, you really have no other explaination for your new youkai blood surging through your veins. You're still really confused. But at least you're getting there, one baby step at a time. Better then going absolutely no where, right? You figure that if you weren't trying so hard to uncover your past, the feeling might simply haunt you the rest of your life, and it would hang on you like a burden unwilling to let go.

You blink softly, and then look over the horizon. Orange color gone now. Looks like a bit of time has passed. You can see stars shining bright in the nightsky as the moon sits by them lovely. Let's see, did you determine if it was about to be full, or just coming from it, while at Sanae's? You can't tell, it's only been one day since then, and already your memory is failing you. Good job. But you suppose it wasn't all that important as you get up and look around. The moonlight makes the courtyard seem even more peaceful and serene it looks like. It's a very beautiful sight. Heh, you start thinking about taking Sanae to see this. She would love it. You're not sure of the sights you'd get to see on youkai mountain, but you bet that there aren't too many places like this up there.

Well, now that you've had time to clear your mind and relax further, you feel a lot better. You don't feel tired necessarily, but you're calm enough to sleep after laying down for a while. You could also keep exploring the courtyard, though you're honestly out of things to think about and you're relaxed enough. It'd probably just end up boring you. So alternatively, you could go in and maybe find Reisen's room. She's likely the type of person that stays up late at night, reading magazines or some shit. You could go get your clothes and retire for the night, or simply chat with her about something. If you're feeling very adventurous, you could also jump out into the darkness of the night outside the Eientei and see what the bamboo forest is like at this time of night, though...that's only if you're looking to end your life prematurely, part of you feels. You have tested your luck quite a bit.

[ ] Go back into your room and figure out something to do there
[ ] Head for Reisen's room, better settle some things now while you got the chance
[ ] Explore the courtyard some more
[ ] Daredevil it into the night
>> No. 7753
[X] Explore the courtyard some more
hmmmm, try this one.
>> No. 7755
{X} Head for Reisen's room, better settle some things now while you got the chance.
>> No. 7756
[ ] Head for Reisen's room, better settle some things now while you got the chance
>> No. 7764
[ ] Daredevil it into the night
>> No. 7765
Ok. Time for me to say something to you Sukima. Are you and Teruyo the person? Your writing styles look awefully similar, and that's making me puke. I've been skipping the last paragraph of many update, simply because they are 1.Too boring 2.Anoying 2.Irritating 4.Boring.

Dud, stop writing semi-walls-paragraph on what we should or not do. It's a waste of time, space, and patience. Look at HY. In on of his updates he simply put "Well, it's kind cold tonight. []Wander around []Go back inside" intead of "Well, it surely is cold tonight. Maybe you should get back inside for some warmth. Or if you wanted to, you could spend some time outside, even if it's cold, etc, etc."

Another thing that bothers me is "You feel like", "You feel you should...", "Maybe you should...or maybe...or even...and if...".

Don't take this as an insult, I'm just telling you this because I want you to improve.
>> No. 7767
{X} Head for Reisen's room, better settle some things now while you got the chance.
>> No. 7768

I just assume they're both elaborate 10/10 stealth trolls, because the alternative is that they've got some particularly infuriating strain of high-functioning autism, and that is a little terrible.

That said:
[x] Daredevil it into the night


Hunt some animals to pacify the wolfman's predatory instincts, take the opportunity to power-up by fighting random beast youkai, and getting to meet Mokou when you become lost.
>> No. 7775
[ ] Daredevil it into the night
>> No. 7776
Well, i like it, and don't mind this at all.
Guy should change nothing.
>> No. 7778
[ ] Head for Reisen's room, better settle some things now while you got the chance
>> No. 7801
[X]Hunt some bunnies.

You want to Anon. You know you want to.
>> No. 7802
[ ] Head for Reisen's room, better settle some things now while you got the chance

Also I couldn't disagree more with >>7765.
>> No. 7811
This, this, a thousand times this! Not only are you making it EASY MODO, but you're wasting time and effort, along with simply making the choices seem redundant after reading them in wall form.

At least try and think of ways to say things other than should. You're already being introspective, do you start every sentence in your head with "I think", "I wonder", "I should"?

Now don't get me wrong, walls are all well and good, and getting us a little closer to our thoughts are all right, but you really do rely too much on telling and not showing.

Wait, didn't someone say this earlier?
>> No. 7826

You like it, I don't. I'm telling him what I think of his writing. It doesn't matter matter if a plot original and good if the writer can't make it interessing.
>> No. 7844
Fair enough.
I did tell him what i think too.
>> No. 7846
I like his writing, though perhaps he does use the word should too often. I find being a bit more introspective than usual sets his RPs apart somewhat from the others. Well, more than they usually would be.
>> No. 7858
Man, i have low standars, i like and read every Story on this board here.
>> No. 7859
Too obvious.
>> No. 7860
But i was serious
>> No. 7862

And that is terrible.
>> No. 7872

Okay, finally time for me to respond to this.

Yeah, it does seem like me and Teruyo share the same writing style down to the very last word. It's hard for me to help this, another writefag friend I know writes pretty much exactly the same way he does. I read both their stories very often and keep up with them everyday, so it's hard for me not to pick up habits...like that one, for example. However, a lot of the stuff I put into my story, is for good reason.

The whole final paragraph is something I typically put in to give you anons hints as to what might happen (or what you could do) if you chose that decision, and hopefully make better decisions on this. (Though as I've seen...anon does not pick up hints very much.) This gives the LA a much better freedom I feel so that you don't have to leave things up to chance so much.

I guess in a way though, that takes away from the personality anon tries to put into the LA. I'd rather just you people not rage at me for writing something into the story that you all claim did not want to happen, even though you chose the option that led to it. It's just very hard to find a difficulty of the adventure that all anons can agree on. (Maybe I should've made that my first option choice, haha)

Regardless, I've been trying for the past few days to separate myself from Teruyo's writing style (in more ways then just dropping that last paragraph habit) so that I can make my LA more unique and enjoyable. Any more suggestions all of you have, put them out now while I'm adjusting my writing. I want this to be an enjoyable experience for all of you so it's best I take as many suggestions as possible and seeing what I can do.

Oh, and if you all wanna vote on the difficulty of this LA, just post [x] Easy, [x] Normal or [x] Hard and I'll adjust my next post and all subsequent posts to fit that perspective. For those who are curious, voting Easy means you want to keep things the same or as easy as they are now. If I don't get a large enough majority for ANY of the choices, I'll just keep going as is with some tweaks.
>> No. 7873
>Easy means you want to keep things the same or as easy as they are now.
Seems fine as-is.

[x] Take It Easy
>> No. 7874
[x] MiG Mode
Dead on Arrival, enough said bring it on.
>> No. 7875
[x] Normal

Shouldn't be too easy since we need a challenge every now and again and hard is way too risky with you.
>> No. 7876
[x] Normal
>> No. 7877
[x] Nightmare

Knee-deep in the dead.
>> No. 7879
[x] MiG Mode / [x] Nightmare

You have no chance to Good End. Make your time.
>> No. 7881
[X] Ultra Violence
>> No. 7882
[+] Stay the course.
>> No. 7883
[x] Normal
>> No. 7884
[x] MiG Mode / [x] Nightmare

Anon: It's you !!
Kirakishou: How are you gentlemen !!
Kirakishou: All your despair are belong to me.
Kirakishou: You are on the way to bad end.
Anon: What you say !!
Kirakishou: You have no chance to good end make your time.
Kirakishou: Ha Ha Ha Ha ....
>> No. 7885

Glad you took my post in consideration.

>The whole final paragraph is something I typically put in to give you anons hints as to what might happen (or what you could do) if you chose that decision, and hopefully make better decisions on this. (Though as I've seen...anon does not pick up hints very much.)

But there is something you should keep in mind. The hints are too easy to understand, and they give too much insight of what might happen. It's okay to give a few tips now and then, specially with a BAD END near, but you should keep them, how can I say it..."hidden"?

We all remember [ ]Call out for Tewi. No one expected what happened when we chose it and went on DESPAIR LOL KIRA IS EVIL. However, that was our fault too, for not reading and/or comprehending his posts. He did give us a hint that we were not alone.

>(Though as I've seen...anon does not pick up hints very much.)

Sometimes, specially when there is some lulz potential, we just don't care about the consequences and go for it

> I'd rather just you people not rage at me for writing something into the story that you all claim did not want to happen, even though you chose the option that led to it.

No problems, we may RAGE and DESPAIR a lot but we do need to learn how to vote smart. Don't be afraid of BAD ENDing us, or SURPRISE TENGU NINJAS, we need to be put in line and take the responsibility.

>Regardless, I've been trying for the past few days to separate myself from Teruyo's writing style (in more ways then just dropping that last paragraph habit) so that I can make my LA more unique and enjoyable.

Thank you very much, LAE may have one or two high points, but I always almostfall asleep trying to read it. That's one reason I gave up on LAE.

>Any more suggestions all of you have, put them out now while I'm adjusting my writing.

A few last things, the monologues are too long. Well, maybe they are not really monologues, maybe "reflections" is a better word. YAF has this problem too, on the few times he writes them (altough I think he tries them too hard, you know, filling space.) But, heh, maybe this can't be avoided, the path to enlightment is not a short one.

And finally, how does Sousha knows how poerful Yukari is, even before we asked the Eientei crew about her? Reading a few posts back, and during our short meetings with her, it felt like we knew her for a long time, even before the CYOA started. Careful with meta-gaming here, I know it's hard since we all know a lot, but the character doesn't. Or maybe this is me just reading what's not writen.

[x] Normal

Don't want easy things, don't want want to die every choice. Normal is the only path until we at least end the game once.
>> No. 7891
[x] Normal
>> No. 7892
[ ] Normal
>> No. 7900
[x] Normal
>> No. 7906
>A few last things, the monologues are too long. Well, maybe they are not really monologues, maybe "reflections" is a better word. YAF has this problem too, on the few times he writes them (altough I think he tries them too hard, you know, filling space.) But, heh, maybe this can't be avoided, the path to enlightment is not a short one.

Sousha's past is a long, complex one, it's definitely safe to say his past and character are the main highlight of the story. I've spent much more time writing out and plotting his background more then the main story for the most part. You could say this is one man's journey to find his true self and discover where he fits in the world. Of course, that isn't to say, that his past is completely set from the beginning. There are plenty of options that effect exactly how his past has worked. Whether he was youkai to begin with, was a human turned youkai, what his past experiences was like, and so forth. For example (and this is just as an example) if anon did not choose to make Sousha a tsundere and chose more aggressive options, Sousha would eventually realize that his entire life was unlimited youkai works. I mean uh, he was born a youkai. Your choices also determine what youkai Sousha is, like wolf, simple canine, fox, or even something else totally unrelated. Once Sousha's past is revealed, the main story takes place and by that time, you're already set on a concrete route almost.

For the record, yes, what you do with Sousha's past has some significance in what route you go down with certain characters.

>And finally, how does Sousha knows how poerful Yukari is, even before we asked the Eientei crew about her? Reading a few posts back, and during our short meetings with her, it felt like we knew her for a long time, even before the CYOA started. Careful with meta-gaming here, I know it's hard since we all know a lot, but the character doesn't. Or maybe this is me just reading what's not writen.

That's just based on my observation. Maybe I'm too observant for my own good, but I'd imagine that any person who could rip open tears in time and space without even blinking, is extremely powerful. But that's just me.

Still trying to deviate my writing style from Teruyo's. It's kinda hard, since my whole life was unlimited LAE works. (I know, same joke, same post, but it's true) Maybe when I get back I'll try to read up on others' stories and see what happens.
>> No. 7907
I still fail to see what is wrong with LAE and writing like him.
Trying to change your writing style suddenly will have a bad outcome. You should write how you are used to it and not force yourself to write like other people want you to. You should feel the most comfortable with it.
It would only feel unnatural.
>> No. 7908
LAE has rather flat (by comparison) characters, a slightly confusing plot, and strays too far from Eintei.
>> No. 7909
People choose to hit on everything female they see and go everywhere but Eientei.
I am trying hard for a Kaguya Route, but it seems i am the only one who wants this.
Now we are hitting on Keine again.......
>> No. 7913

LAE's readers are self-selected. A terrible story only attracts terrible voters.
>> No. 7915
I see, still butthurt about those choices.
>> No. 7922

Yeah, maybe if I had followed it past the point where the main character hot-glued a doll, that might mean something to me.
>> No. 7924

>That's just based on my observation. Maybe I'm too observant for my own good, but I'd imagine that any person who could rip open tears in time and space without even blinking, is extremely powerful. But that's just me.

But the questions is: does Sousha knows that? All he should know/have known was that she had some kind of teleportation/space travel powers.
>> No. 7928
It's really pretty silly when you have people that are all RAGE over not your own story, but someone else's in your thread.
>> No. 7939

Hey, it's less silly than when writefags join in on it for the attention. (I AM LOOKING AT YOU YAF.)

Update nigger.

Also, why is your writing so Teruyo-like in appearance?
>> No. 7963
this was already explained, he reads his CYOA and some other friend's CYOA and he picks up habits through that
>> No. 7972
There are always people who bitch around instead of just shutting up and don't read it.
The Guy is just emo because of what Teruyo did.
>> No. 7973
>The Guy is just emo because of what Teruyo did.

What did Teruyo do?
>> No. 7974
Locked Unlimited Hotglue works route because Anon fucked up one too many times.
And pissed off because we didn't stay in Eientei and wandered outside and sexed up every other girl outside.
>> No. 7981

I think we should let him try. He's trying hard and working to make everybody happy.
Call it a Beta Test. He write in a diferent style for a while and we see if he should go back to Teruyo's style.
>> No. 7986
Update come later. Too busy playing ToS. Submitting to the One More Turn syndrome. (or maybe it's something different since ToS isn't turn-based...)
>> No. 7992
File 121582803265.jpg - (119.89KB , 480x640 , e68b3bbdaaaf1509a6e367e043c7b2d7.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Head for Reisen's room, better settle some things now while you got the chance

You think that Reisen, as well as most people at this hour, hopefully, are still awake. So you put it upon yourself to get to Reisen's room and get some things out of the way. Not much else to do around here, seemingly. The late hours at the Eientei sure do bring a whole new meaning to the phrase dead of the night. As you walk down the halls, it really feels like all life has ceased throughout the cooridors. Mayhaps all the rabbits that were frolicking earlier had went to bed? Then again, you haven't been assured of the relation the rabbits have with the residents at the Eientei except that they're possible slaves, but even that is speculation right there.

You breathe out and look at Reisen's door in front of you, seeing glimmers of light through the various cracks around the door edges. You have to hand it to the people who built the mansion though, that's the only way you can tell there's a light on. Despite the appearance of the doors and walls, it's not paper. Otherwise, light would be shone through much clearer. At least, it's not any type of thin paper. Then again, that would be silly, because then you could see the sillohette of anyone inside a room, through the light on say, a desk, and you could just as easily be able to tell if they were changing of not through the delicate curves of the woman's bo-

...whoops, you let your mind wander for a bit, you realize. You quickly shake that voice in the perverted recesses of your mind and knock on the wooden edges of the door, just to be sure. You hear a bit of shuffling before the door opens a bit. You can see Reisen's red eye poke out, seeing you as you, silly enough, wave at her with a stupid grin on your face. The eye closes before the door opens, showing Reisen, covering her mouth, apparently trying not to laugh.

"Sousha, w-what do you want at this hour?"

You're honestly not sure why you did that, but it seems to have lightened up the mood a bit. A good thing, this opens up opportunities.

"Just felt like dropping by, mind if I come in?" Reisen nods her head and steps aside.
"Go right ahead, Sousha." You walk right into the room and Reisen closes the door behind you. Very quaint, a simple closet, a dresser, a simple table with pillows to sit on, and a few things of unimportance, aside from the futon. A lot like your room actually. Wow, does the Eientei really treat Reisen that badly, or is this standard for all bedrooms in the mansion?

"So, Sousha, what is it you came here for?" Reisen says, as she sits down at her table and smiles at you softly. You take your place and sit down opposite of her. You should probably answer her question, but with what? You do have a lot on your mind, though you should remember, anything you don't settle with Reisen here, you can probably talk to her about later. You don't know how long you'll be here after all.

[ ] "I wanted to thank you for saving me earlier today."
[ ] "I wish to talk about what happened in the baths..."
[ ] "I wanted to check on my clothes."
[ ] "I-I didn't come here b-because I wanted to! I just...it's only right for a guest to say goodnight or something right...?"
[ ] "I came to profess my undying love for you, Reisen."
[ ] "I just wanted to chat for a while. How are ya?"
[ ] "Actually, I don't remember. I think I'll be going."
>> No. 7993
Small update is small.

[ ] "I-I didn't come here b-because I wanted to! I just...it's only right for a guest to say goodnight or something right...?"
>> No. 7994

I KNEW this was going to get pointed out.

I'm sorry that I'm such a lame writer that by abandoning the whole "tell and don't show" synopsis the story has often felt, the updates start getting a bit thin until I can adjust myself to this better. I'm still learning unfortunately. You don't exactly master a technique right away.

But alas...I'll keep trying. Next update will be bigger...I promise. Even if I have to squeeze it out like a lemon.
>> No. 7996
Hmmmm, i am not sure what to think of this.
>> No. 7998
[X] "I wanted to thank you for saving me earlier today."

Gratitude gaems
>> No. 8006
[ ] "I-I didn't come here b-because I wanted to! I just...it's only right for a guest to say goodnight or something right...?"
>> No. 8008
[x] "I-I didn't come here b-because I wanted to! I just...it's only right for a guest to say goodnight or something right...?"
[x] Sigh, summon courage
[x] "I wanted to thank you for saving me earlier today."
>> No. 8009
[x] "I wanted to thank you for saving me earlier today."
[x] "I talked to Eirin. She wasn't as angry at me as I thought. She said she'd we'd use a different test battery tomorrow, one that won't cause another outburst."
[x] "I wanted to check on my clothes."
>> No. 8011
[x] "I wanted to thank you for saving me earlier today."
[x] "I talked to Eirin. She wasn't as angry at me as I thought. She said she'd we'd use a different test battery tomorrow, one that won't cause another outburst."
>> No. 8013
[x] "I wanted to thank you for saving me earlier today."
[x] "I talked to Eirin. She wasn't as angry at me as I thought. She said she'd we'd use a different test battery tomorrow, one that won't cause another outburst."

It's too late to be tsundere now. That's just dumb.

Seemed fine to me. Was there anything you really left out, or would it have just been some redundant/obvious stuff?
>> No. 8014
[x] "I wanted to thank you for saving me earlier today."
[x] "I talked to Eirin. She wasn't as angry at me as I thought. She said she'd we'd use a different test battery tomorrow, one that won't cause another outburst."
>> No. 8015
[x] "I wanted to thank you for saving me earlier today."
[x] "I talked to Eirin. She wasn't as angry at me as I thought. She said she'd we'd use a different test battery tomorrow, one that won't cause another outburst."
>> No. 8021
[X] "I-I didn't come here b-because I wanted to! I just...it's only right for a guest to say goodnight or something right...?"
[X] "But it would only be polite to th-thank you for sa-saving me earlier today. But don't get strange ideas ok! I can take care of myself"
[X] "And I-I wish to talk about what happened in the ba-baths..."

Tsundere games
>> No. 8022
>>8021 forgot something


Don't worry about the size, it's not that bad. Bure, it's smaller, but remember: more words doesn't necesseraly mean a better reading.

And also
>You think that Reisen, as well as most people at this hour, hopefully, are still awake

Try to not start every post with "You think/feel/believe/etc". It's just a detail, I know, but it's of some significance. And it kinda gives that feeling of uncertainty, you know? Can't really explain that, it just happens.
>> No. 8023

Ahem. Forgive me for my hideous typo.
>> No. 8031

Seriously though, this guy is right. Second-person narrative is just too awkward.
>> No. 8034
Whoops. That was honestly a slip up. Meant to word that differently, probably was not paying attention well enough.

Anyways, writing now.
>> No. 8037
File 121589756237.jpg - (176.51KB , 700x1181 , 5cdb0e85a290bf723f866099a46d3220.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] "I wanted to thank you for saving me earlier today."
[x] "I talked to Eirin. She wasn't as angry at me as I thought. She said she'd we'd use a different test battery tomorrow, one that won't cause another outburst."

You look down at the table, thinking for a moment before finally coming to a conclusion as to what you wanted to say. You look over the table at Reisen, who's smiling at you still. There does indeed seem to be something weird about her mood towards you lately. Or maybe she's just that kind. Either way, you shake it off a bit and prepare yourself to tell Reisen about what's been going on since you parted ways at the baths.

"Well, to start off, I wanted to thank you for saving my earlier today. It was...really amazing how you stood up to your own master like that and I'm extremely grateful..." It was actually rather amazing how she did that and was probably why it seemed so shocking. As far as you know, Reisen isn't exactly treated the absolute best here so a slave standing up to their master like that is definitely very brave.
"Oh, S-Sousha..." You blink, a bit confused at first. She just suddenly started blushing and looking down at your comment. Surely it couldn't have been that flustering.
"Uh, did I say something wrong?" You say, leaning over the table a bit. Before much else happens Reisen looks at you nervously, waving her hands a bit.
"Oh! No! No! Not at all! I-I-I'm really glad you were thankful for that...it's not like it really happens often so..." Reisen is looking down now, a bit more saddened. The expression on your face instantly changes when you notice this.
"Reisen, don't get too upset about it. I mean uhh...that was very brave of you." You lean your head down a bit to gauge Reisen's reaction to this. It doesn't change for a few moments before she looks up at you and brings her face back up, smiling.
"You're right, I'm sorry. It's just...I don't know, I can't really see any bad behavior coming from you. You seem to know how to control yourself and you're...honestly a very nice guy, just like I thought." You blink, almost blushing. It's not often you get a compliment like that. You look away, crossing your arms.
"Y-Yeah well...it's not like I asked you for the compliment either." Reisen just seems to giggle at this display of tsundere. You take a quick glance and see that she is indeed very happy. It's like she's known you for a long time.

At this point, it really starts to make you wonder about that, your face even displays it for a brief moment before you look down at the table. Why is she so clingy all of a sudden? You could be ANY beast youkai...it could be that you're a rabbit youkai. But then, that would just be very silly. Still, it's very weird Reisen seems to have a strong affection for you suddenly. But you don't seem too worried about it, as you head onto the next subject. Business comes first, and you are on a mission for Yukari that requires you to learn some type of magic. Eirin hopefully can help you with that tomorrow, and being her apprentice, Reisen probably deserves to know.

"In any case, I talked to Eirin. She so angry at me as I thought, and she said we could use a different test battery tomorrow. Hopefully, one that won't cause another outburst." Reisen looks at you blinking.
"Oh? I see, well I'm glad Master Eirin is benevolent to you then. Perhaps she can see you the way I do now since I took you in. But uh, Sousha, did you want me to accompany you to this test?" You look at her for a moment, not really expecting that.
"Huh? Oh, well, uhh..." You look down for a moment, thinking about it. That question did kinda come out of the blue. Before you can actually respond though, Reisen gives you a reassuring smile with the next thing she says.
"Well, you know where my room is. Anytime before you actually head out to the clinic, just stop by if you want me to come. I'm normally awake during the early hours anyway." You look at her and nod quickly. Sounds like a good idea. Means you don't have to decide right away, at least.
"Alright then, that's good. It'll be very early morning though, I intend on seeing Eirin first thing in the morning. Likely before breakfast. I really want to know more about myself." Reisen nods, closing her eyes.
"Yes, that's understandable. I know how you feel, being a moon rabbit torn from the moon, I have also wondered plenty of things myself about my own species...a lot of which I still don't know. But I'm going to keep trying." Oh, well it sounds like you have someone that understands at least. Wait, moon rabbit?
"Moon...rabbit? You mean, you're not from this planet?" Reisen shakes her head and looks at you, almost surprised you didn't know this already.
"No, Sousha. Of course not. Didn't Master Eirin tell you? Me, her, and Lady Kaguya, we're all lunarians. We came from the moon."

Well isn't that quite a shocker. You can't help but look at Reisen with a bit of a surprised look on your face. Reisen tilts her head, looking at you puzzled, in that oh so cute fashion. Gah, now your expression has changed to some odd mix of the shock from earlier and some sort of perverted look, which you KNOW is making you look funny, as demonstrated by Reisen's sudden giggle, putting her hand to her mouth. Is it really that funny? You shake your head, trying to rid yourself of the thoughts of her being cute for a moment as you look at Reisen, who's smiling softly with that effervescent air of kindness about her.

"That's a pretty interesting look you gave. I guess you don't know much about the moon, do you?" You shake your head. This is one thing you were never educated upon, that's for sure.
"No...there are...people who live on the moon after all?" Reisen nods her head.
"Yes, lunarians, as much as they look human though, are a different species...you could almost call them youkai, like you and me." You've put your arms on the table by this time, looking rather interested in heairng this story.
"Wow, really? What's it like up there?" Reisen smiles a bit funnily at you, for a moment.
"Well, I could tell you, but Master Eirin honestly has a better memory and understanding of what really goes on up there and what it's like. It's kinda been a while and I've had a lot of things on my mind since..." She's looking down now, seemingly a been forelorn...it doesn't seem like she doesn't remember, really. It looks like she's trying to avoid the conversation. She likely doesn't like talking about it.

You simply sit there, looking down at the table. Nothing much happens, as an awkward silence befalls the room. Now would be a good time to say something, or just vamoose back to your room. You keep looking at Reisen once in a while to gauge her expression and each time you look, it seems she's deep in thought. Bringing up the moon might now have been the best idea, regardless of overbearing curiosity. Most you could do is cheer her up but you know better that you'd have to be careful about how you do it. After all, Sanae was quite a touchy number, who knows...Reisen might be the same way. Can never be too careful.

[ ] Press Reisen on about the moon
[ ] Just try having idle chit chat with her
[ ] Go over to her and hug her just like you did Sanae
[ ] Talk about Kaguya
[ ] Gotta juice it back to bed!


Could've been a bit longer, but I think I'm starting to get the hang of this. Any suggestions still and, for better or for worse, pointing out of mistakes, are appreciated so I can go about making my story better for everyone.
>> No. 8039
[ ] Just try having idle chit chat with her
>> No. 8040
[ ] Gotta juice it back to bed!
>> No. 8042
[ ] Just try having idle chit chat with her
>> No. 8043
{X} Just try having idle chit chat with her
{X} Go over to her and hug her just like you did Sanae
Zero possibility of failure
>> No. 8044
what the drawfag said
{X} Just try having idle chit chat with her
{X} Go over to her and hug her just like you did Sanae
>> No. 8045
[x] Put your hand over hers for a moment and smile as you try to comfort her, apologize for bringing up an uncomfortable topic
[x] Just try having idle chit chat with her

Don't jump right to hugging, try some less intimate contact first and see how she takes it. We're trying to make her feel more at ease, after all.
>> No. 8047

Smart people like you bring hope to humanity.

[x] Put your hand over hers for a moment and smile as you try to comfort her, apologize for bringing up an uncomfortable topic
[x] Just try having idle chit chat with her
>> No. 8049
You are getting better. Much better, actually.

I had this problem back in English, and my teacher told me to always try and find a way around using pronouns, because that's the easiest way to fall into telling rather than showing.

After combing through the most recent post, I find myself at a loss for examples - proof in and of itself that you're an example of fast improvement. The only other thing I might say would be to try and find ways to make it seem more dramatic when you're forced into simple action sentences, like...

"You smile confidently, you have her now." from the OP could be something like "Confidence grips you and a smile spreads across your lips as the realization dawns: You have her now."

Of course that's a little over the top, and it's not my place to tell a writefag how to write, it's just my style. Do what's comfortable.

Self-sage for sounding like a prick probably.
>> No. 8052
Sage advice.

Please don't kill me.
>> No. 8079
sage this shit
>> No. 8080
>I had this problem back in English, and my teacher told me to always try and find a way around using pronouns
I can't see how that's good advice.

>"Confidence grips you and a smile spreads across your lips as the realization dawns: You have her now."
4 pronouns. How the hell would you remove them?
>> No. 8081
[x] Put your hand over hers for a moment and smile as you try to comfort her, apologize for bringing up an uncomfortable topic
[x] Just try having idle chit chat with her
>> No. 8082
Never said she was a good teacher.
>> No. 8086
[da] Put your hand over hers for a moment and smile as you try to comfort her, apologize for bringing up an uncomfortable topic
[ze] Just try having idle chit chat with her
>> No. 8100
[x] Put your hand over hers for a moment and smile as you try to comfort her, apologize for bringing up an uncomfortable topic
[x] Just try having idle chit chat with her
>> No. 8104
So, Sukima, when is this going to happen? >>5787
>> No. 8205
Okay, sorry for the long frikken hiatus. I ended up having a real life problem that made it really hard to write without it sounding like complete BS so I ended up thinking it would be best to wait until it blew over. I'm about to see if that's true now; so as you can expect, I am writing.
>> No. 8207

It's about fucking time. We had to put up with Patch and Nine while you were gone.
>> No. 8208
Indeed we had.... and it was a horrible time.
Now give us some WALLS to make up for the lost time and to forget about the horrible things i read on here while you were gone.
>> No. 8209
File 121616554092.jpg - (274.40KB , 565x800 , e688977f2d1aa66fa65e7d84ac3ee2ad.jpg ) [iqdb]
Christ whoever thinks of me being higher then Patchwork obviously has something wrong with their perception of greatness.


[x] Put your hand over hers for a moment and smile as you try to comfort her, apologize for bringing up an uncomfortable topic
[x] Just try having idle chit chat with her

You bring your eyes upon the young rabbit across the table from you. She does seem to be quite troubled by her past and doesn't look like the one that so easily moves forward with time. Funny for a youkai. Still though, it's obvious the girl is dwelling on the past and it's only serving to lessen the mood so the best course of action would be to cheer her up and bring light to the situation. You're about to go over to hug when you stop yourself. It'd probably be best to not dig yourself so deep in that hole at first. After all, you're unsure of the consenquence of your actions right now, having not done them. So instead, you tone down your original intention and decide a much simpler gesture would be better.

You soon get up a bit, and shimmy over to her, on the left side of the table, to the right of Reisen herself. After this, you confidently put a hand on her shoulder and smile at her, showing that you simply want her to be happy. The rabbit looks at you bemused for a moment before you begin to explain yourself.

"I'm sorry Reisen, I didn't mean to bring up such an uncomfortable topic. We don't have to talk about it anymore, so let's just move onto better things. Alright?" Reisen blinks a bit, looking at you before shutting them suddenly, then wiping a tear from of them and smiling at you oh so generously.
"Th-Thank you, Sousha. You truly are a nice friend. I'm very thankful to have you around." You can't help but blush at the kind words aimed at you. You look down almost trying to hide it, but you know it's definitely of no use. You can hear Reisen giggle a bit as she reaches over and starts playfully scratching you on your head. Oh god this feels wonderfu-wait.
"H-Hey, what're you doing?!" You pull back a bit, looking at Reisen more embarrassed now. She just seems to look at you with a content smile now. At least she's cheered up.
"I just felt like doing that. I always thought you were cute when I first saw you to be honest." You can a small blush creep up on her face, though it's nothing compared to yours. It's definitely not often You get called cute. You look away, pouting to yourself seemingly.
"Yeah well, I'm not, okay? Don't get any funny ideas, because I'm watching you..." You hear Reisen giggle again before you can't help but look over, to gauge her reaction to that. She's definitely looking at you a bit endearingly.
"That kind of attitude only makes you look cuter. It definitely reminds me of the princess when she's with Master Eirin sometimes. It always made me happy when I saw them relax and let their hair down." You blink, looking at her. Curiosity strikes you for a breif moment.
"You always have to be so serious when you're around them, so I guess when they're not being serious, it gives you a chance to be free yourself, right?" Reisen nods and looks at the table in front of her, with a bit of a solemn smile on her visage now.
"Yeah, I'm always on edge when I'm here, whether I'm dealing with my masters or the rabbits here. So it's always a big relief for me to relax once in a while. Though it's hard for me to break away from the seriousness I always have." You simply look at her. You're not sure if you should sympathize or what.
"Well...that's not necessarily a bad thing I guess. As long as you can still relax and not let it get to you, I think it would be fine." Reisen closes her eyes for a moment before turning her head to you in a comforting smile.
"You're right. I'm sorry. Thank you for cheering me up." You smile a bit back. It's nice meet someone so kind and nice to you. Again, it seems like your past has something to do with that but it's probably not worth thinking about right now, not in the company of another person. So instead, you just initiate some small talk with Reisen, to keep on the light mood.

After sparking an interest in cooking, the two of you end up talking for what seems like hours. You shock yourself with your random knowledge of cooking yourself, it seems that before you came into Gensokyo, you were quite the chef. Funny that. Although it's superficial compared to Reisen's skill, you end up learning a lot from her from learning how to use unorthodox ingredients for an unexpected taste to judging the outcome of a final product based on how much you make of it at one time. And that was just the beginning. You end up learning a whole bunch of various other advanced techniques that you feel might hopefully come into good use later on. But soon enough, the topic of conversation does indeed change and the two of you are just idly talking about nothing for a while. That is, until Reisen yawns.

"Ahh...mmm, Sousha, how long have we been talking...?" You blink for a moment. You don't have the best time perception in the world, especially when you're at a lack of being able to use the sun for the current time.
"Uh, well, I'm not sure. Probably an hour or so...?" You're not sure, but that seems to be the best estimate. Reisen looks out the window after turning to see it, and then looks back at you with a bit of a drowsy look on her face.
"I guess I should get to bed then...you should too, Sousha. You're meeting up with Master Eirin tomorrow morning, right?" You look at her and nod. She is correct, sleeping might be the best idea.
"You're right. I suppose I'll see you tomorrow then, Reisen?" Reisen nods as well, smiling at you like a cute girl would.
"Alright then Sousha. Thanks for visiting me. I had a really nice talk with you. You really are a lot friendlier then you seem." You can't help but pull off one of those typical anime stereotypes of laughing nervously and scratching the back of your head at this one.
"Eheheh, well I try!" You then stand up and bow to Reisen a bit. "You have a good night then, Reisen." Reisen smiles at you softly. Her endearing smile seems to only brighten up more the more you talk to her.
"You too, Sousha. Good night." You smile and head out the room, closing the door. Oh man, you forgot to ask about the clothes...oh well, you can always stop by tomorrow morning before seeing Eirin for them. After all, this bathrobe isn't the best of clothing to be conducting business in. Oh well.

You walk down the halls until you find your room again. It's very, very dark. You're shocked you made it here without much trouble, but you do notice that your vision in the dark is better then normal. It's likely due to the youkai blood flowing through your veins. Still though, it does feel very funny to you in many ways. You open up the door and look around. Seems the light is already on. You ponder for a moment about who exactly did it but it's probably unimportant. Regardless, you walk in and close the door. As you're about to set your futon up, you hear your stomach release a rather unpleasent groan. Sounds like that dinner you had a while ago wasn't enough to satate your hunger. After all, before then, you were just extremely famished and since you haven't eaten since then, of course you'd still be famished now. This ends up splitting your mind between eating and sleeping; what should you do?

[ ] Go out to the kitchen and make yourself something to eat
[ ] Go into the night and prowl
[ ] Ask Reisen if you could eat first
[ ] Peek on Reisen and fap using your ever trust masturbation towel
[ ] Just go to sleep you wanker


Still trying to get used to this style of writing, not sure if I'm really doing it right. Might just move this story to another board for all it's worth, since people on IRC keep telling me too. (Though /th/ and /others/ truly are like the sinks of Touhouproject.com) Also not as long as I'd like it to be, but I'd rather not delay the story any further.
>> No. 8211
[ ] Go out to the kitchen and make yourself something to eat

Stay here, there's no need to move to another board since we're only spending a limited amount of time at any given place till we get the missions done and move into mayohiga right?
>> No. 8212
[x] Peek on Reisen and fap using your ever trust masturbation towel
This option it was made for me.
>> No. 8213

As I've said, everyone you meet has routes. Not as many as any member of the Yakumo family but routes nonetheless. It's in the same vein as Teruyo's story in /eientei/ really. That's what makes people want me to move this story.
>> No. 8214
Teruyo's story was supposed to be in Eientei. /border/ can go just about anywere, and /other/ is all the weird crossover/outside the border/parallel world stuff. This is also better than Teruyo's, because we have some idea of what a given choice will do. And the setup is a bit better, no hotglue.
>> No. 8215
>> No. 8216
>>/border/ can go just about anywere

Actually, there's quite a bit that can fit right into /border/.

Mayohiga (Ran, Chen, Yukari)
Hakugyokuro (Yuyuko, Youmu, Youki, Prismrivers)
Hakurei Shrine (Reimu, Mima, Suika, Ruukuto)

Hakurei Shrine because it exists on the Border.
>> No. 8217
[ ] Go out to the kitchen and make yourself something to eat
>> No. 8218
[x] Go into the night and prowl

Delicious rabbits. You must eat them.
>> No. 8219
[ ] Go out to the kitchen and make yourself something to eat

I have a feeling eating a rabbit will end with Reisen being too scared to ever talk to us again and also NEEDLE TIME
>> No. 8220
[x] Go out to the kitchen and make yourself something to eat
>> No. 8221
{X} Go out to the kitchen and make yourself something to eat
>> No. 8222
File 121617288094.jpg - (200.85KB , 882x980 , 4215abd02bd8a0134420f374543800650810935d.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh come on, in a mansion FULL of rabbits who all don't speak much and all look alike, who would honestly know about a missing rabbit?


[x] Go out to the kitchen and make yourself something to eat

Well, if you're hungry, most logical option would be to go to the kitchen and get something to eat, right? It's very simple and to the point, which is something your stomach is obviously wanting right now. The feeling of hunger pangs you to no end. It's a wonder how you didn't notice it earlier, christ you need food. You immediately about face and head out the door, almost forgetting to close it on your way out. You then make tracks straight to where you dined earlier. Remembering correctly, there was indeed a kitchen right past it. Now if you can just remember where it was...

It takes you a while before you find it. At this point, your stomach is about ready to eat itself. You're holding your stomach in pain as you finally reach the dining room and make a beeline straight through it, into the kitchen. It's not a very big one but it's definitely enough to satisfy your needs. You look around, trying to gather up what you could eat. But there doesn't seem to be much left. Damn, did someone forget to go grocery shopping or something? Or maybe their food is stored elsewhere...still, you gather up what ltitle ingredients there are and go ahead, attempting to make something out of it. A few vegetables, some cheese, and a few slices of bread, and you've soon made a couple vegetarian-friendly sandwiches. Almost in an instant, you wolf them down as you head back to your room.

Both sandwiches are gone by the time you come back, and despite being satisfying to your tastebuds, your stomach is already growling yet again. It seems that was not nearly enough to satate it. You sigh softly, it seems you'll have to go to bed without much to eat. Far too late to go scrounging for more food. You need to go to sleep and meet Eirin tomorrow morning. You set your futon up, laying it across the floor and turn the light off before yawning and flopping down on the futon. Ouch...maybe not the best idea, you had forgotten how hard tatami mats can be sometimes. But that doesn't keep you from letting your drowsiness get the best of you, as despite the pain, you fall asleep fairly quickly.

But almost as if your sleep had lasted only but a few minutes, you wake up again, sitting up and yawning. There's light, so it must be morning, but something seems very odd. The window is definitely showing signs that this is not the Eientei. Getting your senses back together, you immediately jump to and head to the window. What you see astonishes you; the sky is a deep orange. Definitely not an ordinary orage either, light seemingly filters into the window from a very unknown source. To be sure, it's definitely not the sun making that type of lighting, as you can see various swirls of light and energy throughout the sky. Where is this? You're not in the Eientei anymore, that's for sure.

You look at the door, then slowly approach it. Not knowing what's going on gives an air of anything can happen. Being very unsure of the situation causes you to take caution. Upon reaching the door, you put your back to the wall and slowly open it. Peeking around the corner and such, you see no one down either side. One side of the hall leads to two other doors very close by, the other end leads into a living room type area. Not wanting to take too many chances, you slowly head out towards the large room and peek around the corner again. To your surprise, there's Yukari, doing something you weren't expecting. Painting on a canvass? Her back is turned to you and that frilly dress, especially the sleeves, are getting in the way of your line of view to whatever she's painting. Odd though, normally sleeves like that would be rolled up for painting, or something to that extent.

Due to her back being turned to you though, it does seem that she's unaware of you. You never know though, after all, it's half apparent that she can freely spy on you from any location. Though she might also just not be paying much attention right now. You can feel your heart race in suspense, sneaking around like this. You quickly come back to the corner, and look down the other end of the hall. It seems the other two doors have very slightly slid open somehow...not enough to where you could see inside but enough to show that neither of them are locked, barred shut, or anything of that sort. You feel as if you shouldn't be here, mainly because you were just in the Eientei trying to complete a mission just now. Is this a dream? Were you summoned back by Yukari? Did something happen to the mansion? What about your mission? Argh, all the questions flooding your mind is definitely headache material. Staying out in the hallway for too long will definitely raise your chances of being caught, which might be a bad thing for all you know. Better act quickly.

[ ] Go up to Yukari and see what she's doing
[ ] Go back to the door adjascent of yours
[ ] Go through the door opposite of yours
[ ] Try and sneak outside the mansion
[ ] Fuck this, go back in your room and go back to sleep
>> No. 8223
[X] Sneak up behind Yukari and hug her from behind.
[X] "Yukari~"
[X] Snuggle.
[X] Wag that tail.

Like a dog coming home to its master.
>> No. 8224
[x] Sneak up on Yukari
>> No. 8225
[ ] Try and sneak outside the mansion
>> No. 8226
[X] Sneak up behind Yukari and hug her from behind.
[X] "Yukari~"
[X] Snuggle.
[X] Wag that tail.

Time for that 10% transformation.
>> No. 8227
[X] Sneak up behind Yukari and hug her from behind.
[X] "Yukari~"
[X] Snuggle.
[X] Wag that tail.

This is our dream world. If we say we have a tail, we have a tail.
>> No. 8228
[x] Sneak up behind Yukari and hug her from behind.
[x] "Yukari~"
[x] Snuggle.
[x] Wag that tail.

This. A thousand times this.
>> No. 8230
[X] Sneak up behind Yukari and hug her from behind.
[X] "Yukari~"
[X] Snuggle.
[X] Wag that tail.
>> No. 8231
[+] Sneak up behind Yukari and hug her from behind.
[+] "Yukari~"
[+] Snuggle.
[+] Wag that tail.
I'm normally against the 10% stuff, but this is just too perfect.
>> No. 8234
[X] Sneak up behind Yukari and hug her from behind.
[X] "Yukari~"
[X] Snuggle.
[X] Wag that tail.
>> No. 8236
File 121619212846.jpg - (143.78KB , 500x740 , 1183852977137.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Sneak up behind Yukari and hug her from behind.
[X] "Yukari~"
[X] Snuggle.
[X] Wag that tail.

You find yourself watching Yukari after a while again, peeking around the corner. For some reason, you have this strong attachment to her, or feel a great pull by it. Some unknown force is compelling you not to just go over to Yukari, but run up to her like a puppy having found it's master, eagerly wishing to be beside them again. As much as you try to contain this inner urge, soon it proves to become far too great for you to handle. You go around the corner and deftly sneak around the various pieces of furniture spread out across the living room. You tip toe across the floor like a wolf sneaking up on it's prey. Soon you're right behind your subject, and are ready to pounce. You ready yourself and soon, you've wrapped your arms right around her, straight from behind.


That's what comes out of your gleeful expression as you snuggle into her. Before you can do much else though, the snuggling reveals something to you. You immediately let go and turn Yukari around.

...it's a doll.

God, do you feel stupid. Royally stupid. You simply let go of the doll and let it drop to the floor. It's a total mystery if this is a result of the vividness of your dreams or Yukari is in fact, omni aware. Something then dawns on you. Is this really a dream? It feels much more real then one would normally take their dreams. You look over and pinch yourself on the arm. Ouch! Yeah, it's real. Definitely real. But how did you get here? And why were you even sent here in the first place? It's clear, you don't know where this is, and you don't know why you were put here. But something is definitely odd. You look around for a moment before determining that the room is indeed, empty. Yukari is completely out of sight.

You sigh softly and walk around a bit, before looking at a very conspicuous door. You don't even know why either, it just seems to stand out from the rest for no apparent reason. After all there isn't anything special about it, an ordinary sliding door. Until you realize something. It's totally detached from the walls. There's no "room" for it to lead to. As indeed proven, when you walk around it, there's the other side of the door. Very strange. You walk back around to the front of it and think for a moment. There has to be something about it. For one, how is it able to just stand up like that? You then decide tempting fate is the only option and you side open the door, walking through it without any reason.

You walk into a seemingly bottomless abyss. Or is it just dark? You turn around and discover that the door is no longer there. You're trapped in a dark void. You almost start panicking before you gather your senses. There has to be something to do. You try moving but you suddenly realize it feels useless. It feels almost as if your body is constricted by something soft, but heavy. One part of you wants to say whatever it is, is gelatinous and dangerous. Another part of you thinks these are rather unfriendly tentacles. But no matter what you think, you always come to one conclusion; this is not a favourable situation.

You start struggling more before you attempt reaching out your arms. You stop briefly when you hear a soft, kind voice trying to break through to you apparently. You take this as your saving grace and attempt to reach for it harder. The voice seems to be calling out for you, almost in a panic seemingly. It also sounds vaguely familiar, but used by whom, you're not sure of. You just know you need to get to this voice and be saved from this infernal purgatory. You can feel yourself being shaken, moved, like you're experiencing some sort of earthquake. You can feel yourself being freed from your previous containment and can almost feel your arms breaking out. Soon enough, one of your arms frees itself and you immediately reach out for the voice, grabbing onto...

...something very soft. And very pleasing to hold. You almost begin thinking this is heaven's divine grace before you hear a piercing scream. Before you know it, after that, there's a splitting pain across the top of your head. Soon, everything comes to light. You sit up, holding your head in pain and open your eyes. It's morning. You're back in your room in the Eientei. In your futon still ever. You look to your left and see Reisen, holding her chest with some tears in her eyes and a shocked expression, backed into the wall and sitting on her knees. You blink for a moment, trying to gather what just transpired. But before you can say anything, Reisen gets up, still holding her chest with a red face.

"I...I'm sorry!" You reach out but it's far too late, she runs right out of your room. Damn.

You sighs and get out of bed proper. Seems it was all a dream, despite how real it felt. You fix yourself up a bit, looking at your bathrobe, which you slept in. It looks like a total mess, but it's still doing it's job at least. You sigh softly and look out the window to see that it's still pretty early morning, thankfully. Probably past breakfast time though. Or maybe that's why Reisen tried waking you up. Either way, now that you're awake, you can finally put some priorities to task. Even though the images of that weird dream still burn a fresh hole into your mind, there's not much you can do about it right now.

Hierarchy voting. Choose one vote from the top hierarchy and then choose as many votes from it's sub hierarchy.
[ ] Go to Reisen's room
- [ ] to apologize about your mishap
- [ ] to ask about your clothes
- [ ] to ask about breakfast
- [ ] to go see Eirin
[ ] Go to Eirin's clinic
- [ ] for the mission at hand
- [ ] for your tests
- [ ] to drop in and say hi
- [ ] to ask advice about Reisen
[ ] Head to Kaguya's chambers
- [ ] to get to know her better
- [ ] to ask about the mansion
- [ ] to ask about the mystery dude
- [ ] to ask about Eirin
[ ] Go somewhere else
- [ ] Courtyard
- [ ] Bamboo Forest
- [ ] Bathroom
- [ ] Kitchen


Tomorrow, expect a lengthy wall of text. Hopefully. Yes, this is the last repost for anyone watching.
>> No. 8237
[+] Go to Reisen's room
- [+] to apologize about your mishap
[+] Go to the kitchen for some food
>> No. 8238
[+] Go to the kitchen for some food
[ ] Go to Eirin's clinic for the mission at hand and for your tests

ehhh, give Reisen some room after we molest her
>> No. 8239
Shit. Better give her some time to calm down.

[x] Go somewhere else
- [x] Bathroom
- [x] Kitchen

Freshen up first, then top priority is finding some non-sentient food before this idiot attacks somebody.
>> No. 8241
{X} Go to the kitchen for some food.
{X} Go to Eirin's clinic for the mission at hand and for your tests.
>> No. 8242

... You two are faggots, you know that?
>> No. 8243
[x] Go somewhere else
- [x] Bathroom
- [x] Kitchen
[x] Go to Reisen's room
- [x] Leave a note in front of her door: "Sorry if I scared ya there. I tend to lash out while I'm having Yukari-related nightmares. (You don't want to know.) --Sousha"
>> No. 8244
[ ] Go to Eirin's clinic
- [ ] for the mission at hand
>> No. 8245
[x] Go to the kitchen for some food
[x] Go to Eirin's clinic for the mission at hand and for your tests
>> No. 8252
[x] Go to the kitchen for some food
We were left unsatisfied by the sandwiches, we should be ready to eat a rabbit by now. This is not a status to think about anything else.
[x] Go to Eirin's clinic for the mission at hand and for your tests
We must get back to the matter at hand ASAP, reisen can, and should be allowed some time to calm down.
>> No. 8261
File 121624563437.jpg - (41.13KB , 400x526 , 1197050606197.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go to the kitchen for some food

It isn't too long after looking out the window you hear your stomach growl at you again. Man, it just does not want to shut up. It definitely seems like it's time to refill that stomach of yours. You could always ask when breakfast is, or if you missed it, but to be quite frank there really is not enough patience within you for that as you rush down the halls towards the kichen. You can't understand how, but after sleeping you feel hungrier then ever, like you could eat a full grown rabbit. Man that sounds good right about now...but you quickly disshevel the thought so you don't get yourself into trouble. It probably wouldn't be very good if you were caught mauling one of the random rabbits here in the mansion.

You quickly come to the dining room in record time and open the door to find...lots of little rabbits feasting upon some food? Something's definitely different. Is this the right room? The table's a lot bigger to hold more rabbits, there's a door leading outside, and what's more, the rabbits are making a huge mess. You blink in astonishment, wondering just what the hell is going on before you notice someone's behind you.

"Hey! What're ya gawking at?! Move!" You turn to find another rabbit, but this young girl looks a lot more meaner, and what's more, she has a carrot charm around her neck.
"Uhh, I...I'm sorry, I-" You don't get much time to finish as the bunny growls at you.
"I said move! Can't you see I wanna eat here?" You sigh softly and look at her.
"Well first, can you tell me where the kichen is? I'm pretty hungry myself and..." You pause yourself, upon seeing the expression on the rabbit's face. You can't help but think of this facial expression as something of a mischeivious, evil grin but you're positive it's your imagination.
"Well...sure. Of course! In fact, I can lead you straight to where everyone keeps all the food!" You look at her, you can't help but feel you're very lucky to have come across this chance, considering how empty the kitchen was before. Now you can truly fill your stomach.
"Really?! That would be great! Lead the way." Your enthusiasm is cut short when the rabbit closes her eyes and waves her finger at you.
"Nah ah~ It's a rather secret hiding place, can't let just anybody see where it's at, ya know? I'll take you there on the condition you blindfold yourself so you don't know the path there. After that, I'll escort you back the same way. Alright?" You look at the rabbit, something deep within you is telling you she can't be trusted. After all, she has this massive grin on her face that just screams she's up to no good. But your stomach is far too much in control to listen.
"Yes, yes, that'll be fine, just please, lead me there before I starve to death.." The rabbit shoots her fist up in a celebratory gesture.
"Alright! Away we go then!" She then whistles and a few more rabbits run in, grabbing at you suddenly.
"H-Hey! What's going on?" Is the most you can manage before being blindfolded and even gagged. You weren't told about the gag.
"Just shut up and let the rabbits guide you. You'll know when you're there~" Soon enough, the rabbits are starting to push you a bit forward and you have no choice but to agree.

You continue walking for a while. You're unable to say much due to the gag, but you feel it would be very helpful to scream out for help right now. Too bad you can't. You're totally unsure of where you're going either, as you haven't memorized the Eientei well enough to be able to know the routes. Then again, this way is supposedly secret. You almost trip a few times here and there and eventually, you realize that you're outside. No longer in the mansion, you can feel the roughness of the ground on your feet. You know you're not in the courtyard. In fact it feels more like a laborous area. Finally, you come to a stop and you're ready to dive at the food before you before you hear a rather evil chuckle.

"Alright, give it to him!"

BONK! Before you know it, a sharp pain envelops your head, and you blank out. It's all over. The moment you hear the rabbit call out, you knew it was a trap.

Your subconscious plays with you a bit during this period. You see yourself in the same mansion you were in back when you were having that very surreal dream before. Except this time you know it's a dream. You walk through a couple halls seeing a few images of Yukari strewn about. They look like they could be Yukari herself but they're more or less like holograms, just still models you can't collide with. You go back into the hall you were peeking around at one point and into the room you awoke in. For some reason, it gives you a sense of homeness. Like this is where you belong. It's much like the room you had in the Eientei, but of course it's a bit more featured and personalized. You do of course, come across a few odd things.

The first thing you notice is the picture. On the wall. It's of some red headed girl you can't pinpoint the name from. But you do get this big feeling you've met her before. You take the picture, and shortly, it vanishes from your hands, just like that. And just as sudden as the picture vanished, so did your memory of it, as you quickly disregard the picture, and your memory of the girl, ever existing and continue on. You then go over and find large, plush bone. You get vague feelings that you used this to play with someone else before. It must not be very good memories though, as when you approach it, you feel your head start hurting, trying to remember what transpired with this bone. However, just like the picture, the object fades away and so does your pain. And with it, so does your train of thought as you immediately move on.

However, you don't very much get the chance to move on very far, as you notice a lot of the things in the room start fading away. You're start to panic, trying to grab hold of precious things, but it's all too late. Each time you try and save an object, it fades before you can get to it. Soon, more of the room itself starts fading right out of existance until the walls even start disappearing. You hold your head in extreme panic now, remembering something you know you shouldn't. You fall to your knees, your eyes shot and convulsing as your body shakes in fear, holding your head like it's all you have. You're not sitting in borderspace once more, all the eyes glaring, staring, looking at you. A red void encompasses everything around you, and soon, you hear a familiar voice.

"Don't worry, I'll make all the bad memories go away. But in exchange, you must serve me until the end of time. Alright~?"

Your eyes soon shoot open as you rise. It's not a very good one as you hit your head hard on the metal ceiling. Wait, metal ceiling? You look up, and around. It doesn't look good. You're surrounded by three metal walls and a top and bottom, with bars blocking the only way out. Were you caged? It's barely large enough for you to sit in. You grab hold of the bars and try looking around. There's several rabbits working, but you don't know where you are. Soon, the same rabbit that led you into this trap peeks into the prison she's gotten you in and grins. You can't help but growl at her.

"Aww, what's wrong little doggy? Don't like being cooped up? Too bad, you're our pet now and you have to do everything we say!" You blink, looking at her like she's crazy.
"What?! I'm not gonna do everything you say!" She only grins more.
"Oh, you'll see. You'll see that you won't have too much of a choice!" The bunny girl laughs as she walks off. You shout at her but it's not good.

You just sit alone in your trap, looking out the bars. You try pleaing for help here and there for one of the bunnies to have sympathy for you and let you go, but it's all hopeless. None of them even give you a second look. You eventually give up and rot in the prison for all it's worth. You're left there, all alone. Pondering the reason of your existance.

Bad end...?


Will start writing again once I feel better. For now, take this as you will.
>> No. 8265

[x] Remember how hungry you are.

Cage us in this shoddy construction? You didn't even weld the bolts on you lazy fucking earth rabbits. SMASH AND BASH.
>> No. 8266
[ ] Feign Obedience until Tewi returns, its time to satiate our hunger.
>> No. 8267
[x] "I'm getting hungry, you won't like me when I'm hungry!"
>> No. 8268
[ ] Feign Obedience until Tewi returns, its time to satiate our hunger.

Unleash the beast within!
>> No. 8269
[+] Feign Obedience until Tewi returns, its time to satiate our hunger.
Prepare to die, un-moe rabbit girl.
>> No. 8270
Isn't this an ending, and as such, we'll shortly be returning to the previous choice, thus rendering this voting pointless?

Oh well;
[x] Feign Obedience until Tewi returns, its time to satiate our hunger.

The funny bit will be when Reisen comes looking for us, and finds us with Tewi bits hanging from our mouth.
>> No. 8272
[ ] Embrace your fury. Unleash the spirit of carnage.
>> No. 8273
File 121627475681.gif - (26.41KB , 400x400 , 1207808152831.gif ) [iqdb]
>> No. 8274
File 121627684451.jpg - (94.00KB , 1024x768 , CZ2EBPMT3JQ7ZPZ77NBU2DSMUO75L2KR.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Feign Obedience until Tewi returns, its time to satiate our hunger.
Fuck you Tewi! Vengence shall be ours!
>> No. 8275
That's it, we're so having rabbit stew today.
>> No. 8283
[X] Feign Obedience until Tewi returns, its time to satiate our hunger
>> No. 8324
Come on Sukima! Don't leave us with Nine and Patch without making any updates, please!
>> No. 8352
File 12164251284.jpg - (38.73KB , 350x350 , 060216.jpg ) [iqdb]
Wow, yeah. So sorry about this. As I was trying to fix something, my internet got turned off! I haven't been able to get on since, until now. Man, that sucked. But yeah, there wasn't meant to be a vote, since I simply needed to split my post into two.


You open your eyes after a while. Seems you drifted asleep or something. But you're still in the cage, still trapped. And worse yet, you're being carried...somewhere. You immediately grab hold of the bars and look around. Wherever you're being carried, you're looking in the opposite direction of the point of movement. Soon, that familiar rabbit that coaxed you here peeks her head in front of the bars as she gives you that oh so punishable evil grin. You growl at her, gripping the bars. You're ready to burst out of the cage right now but you know the metal is far too strong and thick for you.

"Well, well, I'm glad you came to me at such an opportune time...see, today's the day we have to offer up one of our own kin as a sacrifice to the rabbit gods. But since you're here, I don't think the god would really mind if he feasted upon your blood instead...ciao!" The girl laughs and runs as you bark at her, trying to get out, but of course it's pointless. Once she's out of sight you sigh and sit in the moving cage, trying to figure out what to do.

You don't get too much time to think however, as the cage soon stops and you hear a load roaring from behind the cage. You start panicking when you hear several of the rabbits scream and run away in terror. Ohh shit! You need to get out, right now! You can hear and even feel the footsteps of the massive beast come towards your cage as you try desperately to shake, rattle and break it open. But man, it's built tight. There's nothing you can do. You feel a hard jolt as the cage is flipped on it's side, along with you. You can still see out the bars, towards the mansion now. But what good is it gonna do when you know this thing is ready to eat you, and the cage, whole?! You duck and cower in fear as you feel the inevitable approaching. It's all over.

Until, just then, your eyes shoot open, just barely catching a glance at a dark blue light whizzing by, and then the sound of what seems like an arrow embedding itself into a tree. You hear a panicked grumble before the footsteps start moving away, like the creature was scared...whew, looks like you were saved. Thank god. You breathe a deep sigh of relief and look down, checking to make sure you hadn't soiled yourself over such a close encounter. You then look out the bars and see Reisen's worried face looking straight at you. It almost comes as a surprise. Was she the one that saved you?

"Sousha! What's going on?! Why are you trapped in a box...?" You look at her a bit weirded out. As if it wasn't obvious. But then you hear a familiar, mature voice.
"Oh Sousha, don't mind the rabbits. Due to their lifestyle, they like to play lots of pranks on unsuspecting visitors. Give them no quarter, they're really pretty harmless." Reisen moves out of the way to show Eirin, of all people, unlocking the infernal trap. "There you go, you're free~" You climb out of the cage and perform a great, big stretch. Man, you needed that. Being cramped up in that small space is not fun.
"Ahh, thank you so much, Eirin. I thought I was a goner." Eirin shakes her head, looking at you with a mature smile.
"Oh please, those rabbits couldn't kill a human even if they tried. They all might be youkai but they're far too mischeivious for any of that sort." You look at her, a bit confused before you look at Reisen, who seems to be much more worried about you then Eirin.
"Sousha, you aren't hurt or anything, are you? You should know better then to wander about a place you don't know about like that. If you need anything, you know I'm here to service you." Service you? You look at Eirin with a look on your face that, obviously, makes you easy to read, as she knows exactly what you're thinking.
"Reisen here will do anything you need her to do. Since you're a valuable guest here, it's only right you be treated to our best hospitality. Besides, you seem calmer around Reisen anyway." Valuable guest? Calmer? Now you're not sure what's going on anymore. You look at Reisen.
"Well, uhh, thanks, but I think I'm fine for right now. I mean, I don't hurt anywhere, not to my knowledge anyway..." You stretch a bit more. You don't necessarily ache, but it was quite cramped in there. Reisen then sighs softly.
"I apologize so deeply for this. The rabbits can be so defiant sometimes and even I have a hard time controlling them once in a while..." Eirin rubs Reisen's head like a pet almost. You can tell by the expression on Reisen's face that she's rather embarrassed about one of her superiors treating her like that i nfront of a guest.
"Don't worry about it, it's not necessarily your fault. Anyways, Sousha, if you'd like, you can come into my clinic soon once I'm done settnig things up and we can have that appointed meeting about your species if you'd like. We can also discuss other important things about why you're here. It is apparent Yukari sent you here for a good reason, and I'm not one to deny her on a wish like that." She then nods her head at you, signalling her leave as she turns and walks back into the mansion. You then looks at Reisen, who's blushing and looking away. She really is embarrassed.

Well, looking around, you appear to be around the fields inside the entrance, somewhere close to where you met Reisen the first time. You should be able to find Eirin's from the entrance, or anywhere else for that matter. But then there's also Reisen. Having freedom, you can finally continue on with your plans for today.

[ ] Take this time to apologize to Reisen about earlier this morning
[ ] Ask Reisen about breakfast, since you're seriously famished
[ ] Have Reisen show you around, it's a good idea go get accquainted
[ ] Go to Eirin's clinic with Reisen
[ ] Leave Reisen here, go to Eirin's clinic alone
>> No. 8354
[waka] Take this time to apologize to Reisen about earlier this morning
[waka] Ask Reisen about breakfast, since you're seriously famished
>> No. 8358
{X} Take this time to apologize to Reisen about earlier this morning
Sousha bitch~
{X} Ask Reisen about breakfast, since you're seriously famished
Sousha hungers~
{X} Go to Eirin's clinic with Reisen
Sousha calm~
>> No. 8359
[x] Take this time to apologize to Reisen about earlier this morning
[x] Ask Reisen about breakfast, since you're seriously famished
[x] Go to Eirin's clinic with Reisen
>> No. 8369
[x] Take this time to apologize to Reisen about earlier this morning
[x] Ask Reisen about breakfast, since you're seriously famished
[x] Go to Eirin's clinic with Reisen
>> No. 8374
[x] Take this time to apologize to Reisen about earlier this morning
[x] Ask Reisen about breakfast, since you're seriously famished
[x] Go to Eirin's clinic with Reisen
>> No. 8377
[x] Take this time to apologize to Reisen about earlier this morning
[x] Ask Reisen about breakfast, since you're seriously famished
[x] Go to Eirin's clinic with Reisen
>> No. 8379
>> No. 8389
[x] Take this time to apologize to Reisen about earlier this morning
[x] Ask Reisen about breakfast, since you're seriously famished
[x] Tell Reisen to pass along the message to the other rabbits that if they interrupt your meal again, you might literally eat them.
[x] Go to Eirin's clinic with Reisen
>> No. 8430
[x] Tell Reisen to not worry about this morning. "I grabbed out while dreaming, you slapped me reflexively. No one's fault really."
[x] Ask Reisen if it's rabbit season yet; ask her for some other form of sustenance if she says no.
[x] Go to Eirin's clinic with Reisen
>> No. 8450
Need a New thread? Goddamn this board is too slow. Patch, ⑨, Sukima, anyone up to it?
>> No. 8454

Well, Sukima said that he's losing interest on IRC, Patch has always been slow, and I'm a lazy bastard. I guess that /border/ is doomed to never move fast.
>> No. 8455