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[x] Be as direct as possible and hope it comes through.
[x] Cry like a bitch.

You need to get through to her! You can't stand this any longer, you need to let it all out. Your tsundereness has finally exploded and your heart can no longer take the intense punishment. You can feel your knees weaken as you shut your eyes tightly, expecting the worst as you feel tears well up inside. Your chest aches to it's fullest as you feel your grip on reality start to slip, and your mind entered a panicked state of mixed feelings. You just hate yourself and the world around you and you can't stand how womanly you've become, and now you're about to display it right in front of the very first friend you've made in Gensokyo. Hopefully, she can keep good secrets. Your grip on her arms becomes tighter as tears burst loose from your shut eyes and roll down your cheeks.

"No!! Sanae, don't do this please!!! I didn't mean it, I didn't mean all of it at all! I just can't ever be honest with myself!" You start crying, pretty loudly too. You don't know if it's because you feel hurt, because you've hurt Sanae or if it's because you're about to die. But damn, you may as well be one of those lonely trashy wives that got married to a home wrecking fat slob that left you despite having children with you and doesn't give a rat's ass about you and left you in a trailer park because you're apparently nothing but a dumb bitch who cares too much about some silly value called love. Yeah, that sounds about right.

"Wha, S-Sousha, what ar-"
"NO! Please! Listen to me!! I didn't mean it, I c-c-care about you, I honestly do!!!" Your wailing gets louder as you start letting it all out. God you needed this. Your heart pretty much splattered all over the entire road and now, Sanae is left to clean it up. She doesn't seem happy about it but at least she's sparing your life.
"S-S-Stop crying, please, it's loud...just stop!" Almost on command, you instantly stop. You feel like whimpering like one of those puppies that were just disciplined hard but you hold it in for the most part. Sanae sighs deeply and puts her hands on your head. You realize that your knees have given in for the most part and you're not face to stomach with Sanae. Her miko outfit's top sure is short, as you've just discovered.
"I...I'm so sorry, Sanae, p-p-please forgive me. I-I'm just...new to this friendship thing." You start sniffling like a little baby, a coward. Look at you, you've degraded yourself into a shadow of your former self. You've forsaken what little manliness you had left. Booze, sex, drugs, none of that matters to you anymore because your manhood has shrivelled up and died. But, at the very least, Sanae has recognized your sincerity.
"Sousha, please, calm down. You don't have to cry, it's alright..." You continue sniffling, trying to calm your crying. Her hands on your head feel gentle and calming, while her intoxicating scent is relaxing. You start holding onto her out of instinct and pushing your face into her stomach. Her top is short, so you can feel the bareness of it. So soft, so pleasant to feel. You can feel your wish to cry fade away already. You then realize something. Hmm, this scent. It isn't like the scent you took in when she was resuscitating you earlier. Not, not at all. In fact, it's very...arousing. Wait, arousing? Bad time to be thinking of that, and yet you can't help it, the scent is very intoxicating. You then open your eyes and make note of something. Hmm, you don't see her belly button. In fact, you take the time to look up, it's quite up there. Then you realize a very startling fact.

What is that? Well...she likely shaves at least. You figure out that you're not quite as much taller then her as you expected (either that or your calves are just long) and that your arms are wrapped right around her waist, hands firmly against her lower back, just above her buttocks. And the biggest surprise of all, your face was slowly dragging her skirt downward. You could swear, if you pulled it another two inches down, you'd likely be seeing something you would most definitely not be seeing again after this, should you have seen it. You look further up in a frightened way and look at the expression on Sanae's face. Surprisingly, it seems she hasn't noticed yet, either that or she's concentrating a bit more on your crying. Her eyes are closed, hands still on your head, trying to comfort you. Some spiritual power must be giving her the patience of a god right now to deal with your next mistake. Rest assured, if you did this with anyone else, you would be dead right now.

"S-Sanae..." You quickly rise a bit, not much, but just enough to show that you're about to stand up...or...do something at least. Sanae opens her caring eyes to you. You honestly don't know what to make of this situation, but you have a breif split second to decide what to do next. The gods have offered you a plate, and you're the one putting food on it. How much will you have?

[ ] Sexual frustration wins. Foreplay is go.
[ ] Stand up and hug her, thanking her for being so forgiving.
[ ] Fix her up and nervously apologize for what you almost did to her, since she deserves to know.
[ ] "I...I didn't need your comfort! I was fine on my own, I-I-I can take care of myself..."
[ ] No wait, changed my mind. Let's stay like this for a while.

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[ ] Sexual frustration wins. Foreplay is go.

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What. The. FUCK.

This anon induces not but RAGE within me! How can someone be so damn weak and hope to survive in the world?
>> No. 6908

I have no clue but apparently, Anon wishes to be a woman.
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>And the biggest surprise of all, your face was slowly dragging her skirt downward.


[x] Stand up and hug her, thanking her for being so forgiving.

>> No. 6910
[X] Stand up and hug her, thanking her for being so forgiving.

I find this woman of anon's actions to be ludicrously entertaining.

There must be something wrong with me.
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[x] Stand up and hug her, thanking her for being so forgiving.

I personally find it to be sickening and wanting to force feed him raw meat and shoot him up with steroids.
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>Look at you, you've degraded yourself into a shadow of your former self. You've forsaken what little manliness you had left. Booze, sex, drugs, none of that matters to you anymore because your manhood has shrivelled up and died. But, at the very least, Sanae has recognized your sincerity. "Sousha, please, calm down. You don't have to cry, it's alright..."

Male arousal is parasympathetically mediated. Same thing that makes you weep, salivate, and blush. Rest and digest. Not fight or flight.

That's why you'll get harder than ever while feeling the really mushy stuff. Give in to your feelings. Your genes command it. Submit.
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File 121480634615.jpg - (180.58KB , 1044x504 , completelyunacceptable.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Stand up and hug her, thanking her for being so forgiving.
[x] Apologize for losing it, recent events have left you pretty disoriented. It shouldn't happen again.

Jesus fuck.
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[x] Stand up and hug her, thanking her for being so forgiving.

Oh god, I love this story. Woman anon is just so pathetic I can't help but laugh.
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[x] Stand up and hug her, thanking her for being so forgiving.
[x] Apologize for losing it, recent events have left you pretty disoriented. It shouldn't happen again.
>> No. 6917
[x] Restart
Jesus wept! What the bloody hell.
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{X} Stand up and hug her, thanking her for being so forgiving.

You're all such whiners~
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this is a vn. its my option and i'll cry if i want to.
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I'm talking about the people raging over Tsundere Sousha~
>> No. 6923

I think it's funny as hell. The parts where Sukima expounds on just how much of a bitch Sousha is are just priceless.
>> No. 6925
Yeah I'm probably overreacting a bit and should enjoy how funny it is, and normally I would! But, as possible male shikigami of Yukari who apparantly thought we had some potential I'm disappointed we have no backbone. Tsundere was fine, bawling like a baby over a misunderstanding was a bit too much. And now after showing Sanae how much of a weak bitch he is Sousha is gonna try to hit on her, brilliant.
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Keikaku doori.

[ ] Stand up and hug her, thanking her for being so forgiving.
>> No. 6927
[x] Stand up and hug her, thanking her for being so forgiving.

Welcome to /border/! Where the border of man and woman doesn't even exist any more.
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Reading this replies, I'm extremely satisfied with my story already.


[x] Stand up and hug her, thanking her for being so forgiving.

You go ahead and finish your ise, standing up now and wrapping your arms around her. If you're going to be sensitive, you may as well do it in a manner that doesn't make you look like a total girly girl. You pull her in softly and hug her tightly, allowing your bodies to collaborate and come together in a tight, loving embrace. Somehow, part of you feels this means something more to the both of you. You feel your heart become lighter as you do this. This only makes you embrace her tighter, feeling the warmth of her small, soft body against yours. You can truly smell the scent you took in when she revived you now, it's still as fresh as ever, both on her and on your mind. You truly feel at ease again.

"I'm so sorry Sanae...I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you're so forgiving." You almost want to cry again but you hold it in. You need to be strong, you need to be manly. However, there's no real reaction from Sanae. Oh man, things are looking bad. Yet, however, you feel things are different from that. You can feel the blush she has on her face through your chest that you have Sanae's head dug into. You can tell she closes her eyes for a brief moment and almost expect her to wrap her arms around you as well. What a beautiful sight you wonder, feeling her tight embrace take you as much as yours has taken her. Just holding each other gently in a soft, loving hug as you two stand there, feeling each other's heartbeat and feelings emanating from each other. It's so beautiful, you almost expect it to happen before you suddenly realize, no, you don't deserve that kind of thing. That's when Sanae shakes her head and pushes you away softly, looking down.

"It's...alright Sousha. But I think I should turn in for tonight. I'm exhausted...I'll talk to you tomorrow." She simply does nothing more then sigh and hurriedly goes into her bedroom, closing the door in a rush. Well, looks like you blew that one. Despite how wonderful you felt huggging her, it didn't seem worth the effort, your friendship with her appears to have gone totally to waste now. Well isn't that just grand. You wonder how Yukari's going to take this. You had it going so well until suddenly, you bursted through with your damned tsundere self. You need some time to relax now, and think things over for once. A lot happened today.

You go ahead and sit on the futon that you fatefully woke up in earlier today after being saved by Sanae. You start pondering the reason for your existence. You don't remember a damned thing before you found yourself in that strange space with Yukari. You hardly remember much about yourself at all, though you're slowly getting it back it seems. You wonder why you were sent here though, and what your life was indeed like before Yukari dragged you here, and apparently wiped your memory. You also start wondering what Yukari even wants with you to begin with. Is she testing you? Is she guiding you? Is she just playing with you? Or is there something much deeper to it then you can even fathom? There has to be a reason for this, and you're ready to set out and find out what it is once this mission's over. Provided, of course, that you can still save it.

You decide to get up, you need to think of what to do next. You don't quite feel sleepy, even if it is late at night. You need to satisfy your boredom somehow. You can see Sanae's door is quite fully closed, and you can hear something vague from it. A hidden, perverted side of you wants to peek and see if she's changing. That great, wonderful glimpse of her you caught in that towel was divine and you feel the need for more. There's the risk of being caught, but since it's rather late, if you turned the lights off, it'd be very hard to get caught peeking unless you did something stupid. You could also just simply knock and ask for something, like something to do, asking how she's feeling, or what. Alternatively, if you need time to yourself, there's still time to go outside and look at the moon glistening across the river. Not straying too far from the shrine of course. You could also search the rest of the shrine for something to do if you're truly ADD. Otherwise, you can simply just fall asleep, or try to anyway.

[ ] Peek into Sanae's room and see what she's doing
[ ] Knock on Sanae's door, ask for something (write-in what)
[ ] Go out and take in the scenery
[ ] The Shrine must have SOMETHING to do. Rummage it!
[ ] Bah, fuck it, sleep is for me
>> No. 6932
[ ] Go out and take in the scenery

>> No. 6933
[ ] Peek into Sanae's room and see what she's doing

Pervertan gaems
>> No. 6934
[x] Peek into Sanae's room and see what she's doing
>> No. 6935
[x] Go out and take in the scenery

Well, I'm satisfied. Time for a walk.
>> No. 6936
[x] Peek into Sanae's room and see what she's doing
[x] Go out and take in the scenery

We slam open the door and take a good look at what Sanae's doing before fleeing the scene of the crime.
>> No. 6937
[x] Go out and take in the scenery
Hit ourselves really hard against the mountainside and pray it gives us our memories back.
>> No. 6939
{X} Go out and take in the scenery
>> No. 6940
[x] Go out and take in the scenery

Scenery takin gaems
>> No. 6941
[X] Go out and take in the scenery.

I hereby dub Sousha...

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This story needs a reset, so very badly. Bitchnonymous is so full of fail.
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<JJames19119> No longer am I containing my perverted nature, I'll spread it all over anon whether they like it or not.
>> No. 6956

(JJames19119 is Sukima)
>> No. 6957
That was a nice sleep. Sorry for sparse updates but I do get distracted oh so easily.

[x] Go out and take in the scenery

Well, you may as well go out and see what life outside this shrine looks like. This entire time, you've been cooped up in here and you haven't even realized it. You even stepped a single foot outside this shrine since Sanae dragged you here after saving you. You feel you should've went out earlier, maybe you could've seen Sanae bathing. Or maybe encounter someone else and make friends with them too, and really impress Yukari. Or perhaps you should've went out in daylight and studied the river more, so you could've figured out how you're getting back to her, without drowning yourself yet again. But it seems all too late for that now as you go ahead and step out into the night anyway. It's a brisk cold, but tolerable, despite your somewhat lack of clothing. That's right, this entire time, you've been wearing nothing but a thin, white bathrobe. No wonder you could feel Sanae so well when you hugged her, good thing you weren't hard at the time. That would've been awkward to the extreme.

You step further into the night and look at the river. The moon glistens across the slowly moving water like bliss reflecting off a mirror. Truly a sight to behold. You can imagine yourself and Sanae sitting out her smiling, laughing, and talking about ordinary things watching the moon shine off the river. Truly a scene of relaxation. Too bad it's impossible at the moment. You need to recollect yourself and make sure your friendship with Sanae is still safe. For the while though, you want to just stay out here and look around for the most part. The moon had to have been full just recently, so it's not going to be full again for a while you suppose. You sit be the edge of the river and discover something strange next to it. You feel around it, since you can't see that all in the dark, but you know something's there. You finally get a good grasp on it and pick it up.

It feels soft, like a hankerchief. No, not soft enough for that, more like...a washcloth. It's been used, not recently, but today at least. It was sitting by the river...is this Sanae's? She must've been using it while she was bathing earlier. It has a unique texture to it, it almost feels as if she sewed this herself. Did she? She has more hidden talents then you expected. But of course, where else could she get her clothes if she has no money to buy them with? She makes them herself. That explains it. You should bring this up to Sanae later to talk to her about, and further your friendship with her. Excellent! At least you know one of her hobbies now, and you've discovered that she is in fact hiding a few things from you yet. Probably because you've only just met her, trust takes a while to gain after all. This washcloth has opened up a gate of oppotunity to you now. Time to walk through it. But not yet.

You look at the washcloth and examine it. It's hard to see with just moonlight being the only thing providing light to you, but you manage. The feel is pretty soft, and it seems like it would do a very good job of washing someone's body. Speaking of which, it was used earlier today by Sanae to wash her body, you wonder if she does indeed wash...everywhere. You look around for a bit to make sure no one's there before letting your inner pervert take over and you shove the cloth right into your face, taking a big, long whiff. Yep, it smells of Sanae alright. Not the fragence you though was sweet, but the scent that intoxicated you as you were digging your face into her hips. This scent, it drives you crazy for some reason. You then start wondering if humans should ever react this way to just scents, it does strike you as bit of an odd feature.

Just smelling Sanae's intimacy, you can feel your heart racing, your blood pumping, and your erectile manhood nearly taking control. Wait, how long have you been sniffing this cloth? It's like catnip. Once you pop, you just can't stop. You're definitely thinking ordinary humans don't act this way. Are you human? You have to be...but you don't know much about yourself to be honest. Something is very strange here, it's like the scent is awakening deep, primal urges within you to...screw something. You start piecing two and two together. These primitive urges inside you are definitely not that of a human's, more like that of an animal's. It makes you want to go in and roughly fuck Sanae three ways from sunday. If you kept sniffing, you'd likely find out more, but you don't wanna risk your body ultimately taking control and going in and ruining the only friendship you have right now.

Something does strike you though, you're not the only odd one out. Sure, this washcloth smells of Sanae, but why so deeply? And why could you smell it so bad just by being near her crotch? Perhaps even humans have their times where they're in heat and need sex once in a while. If that is the case, you can certainly understand Sanae rubbing herself a lot with this. It definitely feels like it'd be very pleasurable...oh god, stop thinking about Sanae masturbating you pervert! Your mind has wandered far too much now. You need to clear your mind and think about other things now. You can solve the mystery of your body later. Maybe you can ask Yukari, she would know. You go ahead and add the washcloth to your empty inventory for now. You can give it to Sanae later when she's not angry with you. It doesn't seem like Sanae misses it too much though, having left it out here, so you can also keep it as a momento for yourself.

You stand up, realizing that you have indeed been thinking about sex too hard, pun not intended. You thank god it's probably too dark for anyone to see your embarrassing stance right now. Though it does prove to some extent that you are male at least. The way you've been acting, you'd have thought that your dick was fake, covering up some slimy vagina. At least now you know you're of the gender that wants to stick things in them, not having things stuck in you. As you walk back to the shrine, you reflect on that. What the fucking hell happened anyway?! First you discovered your inner tsundere, then you acted like a beaten puppy, then you started crying like some bitch in heat. Wait, no, that doesn't make much sense. Either way, today was just totally uncalled for. You just know Yukari is looking down at you, laughing at you for being the sucky tranny that you are. You sulk in shame, knowing that your womanhood is much stronger then your manhood and that you'll likely end up continuing to act like the trashy bitch that you really are. You should be ashamed of yourself. Already your erection has all but disappeared in the air that is your sickening womanly ways. It goes to show that even your penis is afraid of the slut inside you. God, now you feel terrible about yourself.

Well, you're back in the shrine. Nothing much has changed. Sanae's light is still on, signalling that she's still awake. In fact, the sliding door is still ever so slightly propped open. The same options are still open to you. And then you got more too. Despite how terrible you feel, you don't wanna let that hardness left going to waste. Having the washcloth now, your mind has sunk into the gutter and part of it feels the need to release some of that frustration you've gained sniffing Sanae's washcloth. If you're tired though, you can continue staring out the window at the beautiful moon or just head straight to sleep with what you've got, and let peaceful slumber take you.

[ ] Peek in Sanae's room and see what she's doing now
[ ] Knock on Sanae's door, maybe she could use that washcloth
[ ] Take the washcloth and start sniffing it uncontrollably
[ ] Fap with the washcloth. FABRIC FEEL SO GOOD.
[ ] Stare out the window longingly. The moon looks nice.
[ ] I'm beat, need to catch some zees
>> No. 6959
[ ] Take the washcloth and start sniffing it uncontrollably
[ ] Fap with the washcloth. FABRIC FEEL SO GOOD.

Best to relieve that pressure now. Together with dog Sousha~
>> No. 6960
[ ] Stare out the window longingly. The moon looks nice.
>> No. 6961
[ ] Take the washcloth and start sniffing it uncontrollably
[ ] Fap with the washcloth. FABRIC FEEL SO GOOD.
>> No. 6962
[x] Peek in Sanae's room and see what she's doing now
[x] Fap with the washcloth. FABRIC FEEL SO GOOD.
>> No. 6963
[x] Peek in Sanae's room and see what she's doing now
[x] Fap with the washcloth. FABRIC FEEL SO GOOD.

Blood rushin' heat risin'
>> No. 6964
[x] Peek in Sanae's room and see what she's doing now
[x] Fap with the washcloth. FABRIC FEEL SO GOOD.

Fap to possibly almost naked Sanae? Fuck yes.
>> No. 6965
{X} Take the washcloth and start sniffing it uncontrollably
{X} Fap with the washcloth. FABRIC FEEL SO GOOD.
Lol ok
>> No. 6966
[ ] Take the washcloth and start sniffing it uncontrollably
[ ] Fap with the washcloth. FABRIC FEEL SO GOOD.
>> No. 6967
[x] Peek in Sanae's room and see what she's doing now
[x] Fap with the washcloth. FABRIC FEEL SO GOOD
>> No. 6968
At least, whatever the outcome, we're going to fap in to the washcloth that Sanae was using to bathe her naked body with today.
>> No. 6969
[X] Peek in Sanae's room and see what she's doing now
[X] Fap with the washcloth. FABRIC FEEL SO GOOD
>> No. 6970
[x] Peek in Sanae's room and see what she's doing now
[x] Fap with the washcloth. FABRIC FEEL SO GOOD

>> No. 6971
It's just wether we get found out doing it or not that's the question here.
>> No. 6977
File 121486208142.jpg - (51.95KB , 400x760 , 121219451934.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Peek in Sanae's room and see what she's doing now
[x] Fap with the washcloth. FABRIC FEEL SO GOOD

You sigh and look at the washcloth again, taking it out of your pocket. Sanae has a really nice scent to her now that you think about it. Just imagining her running the cloth up and down every curve of that small body of hers, water rushing down her petite, cute chest and down her smooth, flat stomach to god knows where. You can just imagine her breast being lifted up and coming back down in a cute bounce as she runs her washcloth up her chest. And the scent, oh god the scent of her womanhood. It drives you crazy, you want more! You can almost feel yourself wanting to turn her over on all fours and screwing her brains out. The scent just burns up your hormones and gives you a rush of testosterone like nothing else does. Now you really want to sniff the washcloth again. You need this scent in your nose like you need your dick inside Sanae's wet, hot-

Oh god. Looks like you don't even need to smell it anymore. You feel yourself shaking, shivering, your robing is no longer a match of the obtrusion coming from in between your legs. You can feel it clearer then ever now, that primal urge, that unmistakable need to fuck like a dog. You can slowly feel your grip on humanity start slipping as you get up slowly, shaking enough to make you look very unstable. You see that you're slowly turning over and walking towards Sanae's room. Oh shit, no! You can't let it end this way! Control yourself man, you don't wanna SERIOUSLY blow your friendship with her, now do you? At least right now it's still salvagable, you rape her now, you can kiss your ass goodbye, either by her own hands or Yukari's. But it's too late, you can't stop yourself, you reach for Sanae's door...

No, no, no! Your voice of reason FINALLY comes through and you quickly let go of the door. No noise was made, no suspect. You breathe out deeply, although silently. That was close. You need more willpower, more self control. But you still feel it. You can't just hold it in. Your frustration is driving you up the wall now. This is what made your tsundere self not so prominent in times before. Your thirst for sex, your ever growing lust. You feel it now. Like a dog in heat, you need release. Badly. Still, you just can't go in and ram Sanae silly. Think man! That's when you get a brilliant idea. You can still feel the soft texture of the washcloth on your hand. It feels good, very soft...like...

That's it. You don't need Sanae's twat for this. You can substitute it for something else. The washcloth! Sure, you doubt Sanae will want the washcloth anymore after you've defecated it with your semen, but it sure as hell is better then nothing. But you need some sort of inspiration, you're unsure if you could do it alone, with no material to work off of. You need something, but what? It's not like Sanae would keep any porn around. Your imagination is far from ideal too, considering your lack of memory and knowing enough people, not to mention how shitty is just is in general when you're jerking off. You take a look at the door, still ajar you see. You then take the time to do something you didn't do when you first noticed it. You move a bit, on your knees in front of the door, lean against the wall and take the trust washcloth, wrapping it around your pulsating manhood and peer right inside, careful not to get caught.

You look just in time to see Sanae straightening out her top. She seems to be in a thin, pink, spaghetti strap tank top and nice, pink panties. Wow, her body is hotter then you imagined! Your imagination does indeed suck eggs. Nothing compared to seeing the real thing, that's for sure. Her legs are gorgeous, thin, full of curves and looking smooth as a baby's bottom. What you would do to run your hands across those motherfuckers. The panties, while not exactly revealing, don't leave much to the imagination either. You can't quite get a view of her ass yet, as she's facing the wall that has the door on. Oh shit! Hopefully she doesn't see you, you pray your luck continues strong as you start pleasing yourself to this wonderful sight. Man, if you had come and peeked earlier, you probably could've spied Sanae totally naked. She just finished changing it seems.

She sits on her knees, almost out of sight but you can still see her at least. Those cute, small breasts of hers look adorable on her, and there would be so many things you'd do to start suckling on them. Unfortunately, as thin as the tank top is, it's not tight enough to really show anymore curves, nor is it loose enough to look very cute on her. But still, you can see she takes very good care of her body. That lush green hair, that perfect complexion, her soft, gentle face, those arms, shoulders, chest...everything about her screams the perfect little girl you would enjoy fucking her brains out. Yeah, this is perfect material. You'll reach climax in no time and finally be free of all this frustration.
>> No. 6978
File 121486210749.jpg - (51.00KB , 400x784 , 4438b8771a183fe946ad3720ba3959db.jpg ) [iqdb]
Wait, she's...doing something. You must not have seen something important when you were in her room earlier today. She looks like she's praying to some type of shrine or something? You can't see, as it's on the same wall the door is on. You'd have to peek your head in fully to see it and if you did that, Sanae would see you for sure. She looks peaceful while praying though. She looks at ease, free of all negative thoughts. Like she's meditating. You almost start thinking you can see the god's blessing within her. In fact, you think you do! You think you see this light blue aura around her almost, it's faint but you can see it well enough. Is this Suwako's divine power that she pass onto Sanae? You don't have much time to think about it though as Sanae's aura dissapates and she looks at the wall, then gets up and turns, walking out of right. You do get an eyeful of her behind as you do though. WOW! It's a perfect, well rounded shape that looks juicy, soft and meaty all at the same time. Truly, the perfect ass. That was it, you feel yourself expend your frustration and you bite your lip to keep yourself from making any noise as you come. Whew, that felt great. Just as you finish, the lights in Sanae's room turn off, darkening the room past the point of seeing into it.

You slowly get away from the door and look down. The washcloth took pretty much the entirety of the blast. Good thing too, it would've been difficult cleaning sperm off the floor and door. You take a breath or two and walk out and rinse the washcloth in the river, being careful not to fall in again. After cleaning it off, you look at it. That scent is all but gone now, but you feel you made it worth it's while. You really needed that. You go ahead and head back into the Shrine and sigh. While you feel relieved now, it's not like you gained much from that aside from a feeling of dirtiness a bath wouldn't be able to wash away. You sigh to yourself and think about how much of a dog you are. No wonder you consider yourself a bitch. You're both a woman and a dog, you truly deserve the title. You feel like humping Sanae's leg for all that.

Well, now you're stuck on what to do again. You look down at yourself and the washcloth, and pocket the washcloth once more. You then sit down on the futon. Sanae's asleep, trying to bother her now would be a good idea, to top it off, it's so deathly late out, going outside is asking to be eaten by some youkai or something. So you think. You could search the shrine still for anything useful or something. Maybe look for something to do. You still feel a bit of hunger pangs but the meat you were having earlier is now cold. You could try eating it still or just pillaging the kitchen for something to eat. Then again, you're interested in what Sanae was doing earlier. Glowing shit rocks. Besides, after the pain that was today, you feel a clearing of the mind is exactly what you need. But you know what else accomplishes that? Sleep. You do feel a bit tired after that workout you gave yourself. The choice is ultimately yours.

[ ] I'm bored. Let's pillage the damn shrine already.
[ ] Hunger calls. Raid the kitchen like the dog you are.
[ ] Just sit back at the table, eat your cold meat, and look at the moon.
[ ] Meditate. Sanae had the right idea.
[ ] Just go to sleep. I'm tired of today.


Welcome to my perverted side /border/. I hope to meet you again one day.
>> No. 6981
[ ] Just sit back at the table, eat your cold meat, and look at the moon.
>> No. 6982
[ ] Just sit back at the table, eat your cold meat, and look at the moon.

I really want a steak or something now...
>> No. 6986
[ ] I'm bored. Let's pillage the damn shrine already.

>> No. 6987
[ ] Just sit back at the table, beat your cold meat, and look at the moon.
>> No. 6988
[x] Just sit back at the table, beat your cold meat, and look at the moon.

This option speaks to me.
>> No. 6989
>> No. 6993
[x] I'd eat Sousha's meat, if you know what I mean

Man, this feels great. You're rapidly pressing your thick meat into some nice, soft, strong leg. Your legs and arms are wrapped tightly around it as you thrust your sausage into it more and more, hoping for release. You press your face into the hip of the person, growling in excitement and pleasure. Sanae ends up looking down at you in a bit of shock first before smiling softly, in that almost seductive, sly way.

"Is my little puppy frustrated? Sit down and master will make it all better~"

Without further delay, she rips you off her leg and pushes you into a nearby chair. She then gets in between your legs as you slump into the chair and takes hold of your pulsating dick. She pumps it gently and slowly at first, softly running her hand up and down it. The carresses made by her silky smooth skin greatly please you and you feel yourself ready to burst already. But you hold it in, you want to deprive as much pleasure from this as possible. You grit your teeth before Sanae starts pumping faster. She looks up at you with a smiling, satisfied look.

"You like? Master will please her puppy..."

You gasp out lightly, feeling her small tongue suddenly sliding up your shaft. She brings it all the way to the tip, licking off what pre-cum you had already. She smiles at you, calling it sweet. You wasn't sure if she meant the wetness, or you yourself, but it no longer matters to you as she engulfs the entirety of your manhood with her mouth. You feel yourself moaning and grabbing her hair, not too hard, but just enough to show her that this is the best fucking blow job you're going to recieve you feel. And you know this message passes down onto her smoothly, as when you've done that, you can sense Sanae's excitement skyrocket. She pushes your girth into her mouth all the way, deep throating you and wrapping her acrobatic tongue around your cock. You want to burst out so bad right now, this is heavenly.

Soon Sanae continues bobbing her head back and forth, in and out of your crotch slowly. Her soft, wet tongue complimenting the hot, moistness of her mouth and bringing unto such great and wonderful pleasure. You start massaging her head softly as she continues sucking you down. Any part of your manhood not inside you, she is stroking with her free hand. The blowing continues picking up speed slowly, her tongue wildly exploring your pulsating sex drive and more. You can feel yourself ready to burst out even more, you don't think you can hold it in any further. You moan out as her mouth eventually wins out with a deep throating, long suck that truly blows your mind. She pulls your meat out just in time for you to spray it all over her face in a truly, epic orgasm. She smiles as she wipes some of it off, pulling it into her mouth and sucking the finger she used softly.

"How was that, Sousha~?"

Before anyone asks, that was an off shoot and should not be considered part of the story. Continue your votes as normal.
>> No. 6994

キタ━━━━━━( ´∀`)━━━━━━!!!!!
>> No. 6995
>> No. 6996
{X} Just sit back at the table, beat your cold meat, and look at the moon.

( ・∀・)
>> No. 6997
>> No. 6998
>> No. 6999
File 12148657829.jpg - (90.69KB , 1300x563 , 6999.jpg ) [iqdb]
6999 GET
>> No. 7000
GETs gotten.
>> No. 7001

oh u and your gets

Incedentally this is the second GET in my story.
>> No. 7002
Well I've got to hand it to you: You've got Teruyo's shtick boiled down to a pure & truly horrifying essence.

>> No. 7005
Had to flip a coin, Beat won over Eat so...


[x] Just sit back at the table, beat your cold meat, and look at the moon.

You decide you should relax, and finish the dinner Sanae presented to you. After all, she cooked it for you because you wanted it, so you figured it'd be the best choice. You get back up and drearily walk back over to the table by the window, and sit down on your end once more. You look over, no Sanae to keep you company. You sigh softly, being lonely sucks. You take your chopsticks and poke your cold, cold meat. It's cold. Slimy. Doesn't even look appetizing anymore, despite your hunger. You sighed in frustration now. Things just aren't going so well, huh? You start to feel a little rage well up inside you. Christ, now you're thinking about how much of a bitch you are. You need to fucking man up, you cunt. Who are you? Sousha Keikou. A man. You need to act like one, not like some tsundere wussy girl. Now you feel it, now you feel that anger coming to you!

Now you're more then just poking your food, you're beating it. Rapidly punching holes into your meat because you can feel the RAGE. Both chopsticks clenched in your tight fist, you ram the ends into it hard and fast, wanting to disintergrate it until it's nothing but meatsauce. You fucking hate this meat! You want it to die! You want it to die more then it is already dead! Fuck the boar, fuck it's spirit, you don't give a shit so you just continue pounding into it more and more until you eventually stop. You're panting softly, looking down at the mess you made. Good job. You sigh and head into the kitchen and grab a couple things to clean up the juices and meat everyone on the table. You pray that Sanae did not hear your enraged outburst.

After cleaning your embarrassing mess up, you sigh softly and lean on the window sill and take a good look at the moon. It's hypnotizing. The beauty of it almost makes you want to howl, but not quite. You just simply stare up at the beauty that is the moon. You can't help but think of Sanae while looking at it, and her ever radiating prettiness. But you know she's not the only person in Gensokyo. Hell, there's probably plenty of people out there, Yukari just has to introduce you to them. If this is anything like standard RPG fare, you'll know that Yukari's next mission will probably be something silly like 'go to this place and make THREE friends!' Or something like that. Part of you feels that's just wishful thinking though, as you truthfully have no idea what Yukari's next 'mission' will be.

You continue staring at the moon for a while. You're unsure of how life will be from now on. Suddenly, you find yourself a bit more interested in Yukari. You're tempted to ask her more about herself once you see her again. until then, you're stuck here pondering the point of your existance once again. As beautiful as the moon is, you wonder if there's anyone as beautiful as Sanae out there for you. Of course, there would probably someone more beautiful and cuter then Sanae, but would they even give you a second glance? The only reason why you're so nicey nice with her is because she's lonely, and probably a little desperate. You know if you tried, you could probably coax Sanae right into bed and screw her several ways from sunday, easy. But that point is long past now, you've missed your chance to do something like that with her.

You feel it's time you ended this thinking monolouge. You get up and stretch, yawning as you do so. Man, you have no clue how late it is, but you feel as tired as all fuck. You go ahead and flop down onto the futon Sanae laid out for you since she saved you, and toss and turn a bit. Man, you know, since she saved your life, you really should be much more thankful to you. Well, you probably would if not for your damned tsundere self. Shame on you. Oh well, maybe you can show your gratitude more later on. For now, peaceful slumber awaits you. You breathe out and wrap the covers around you, close your eyes under the light of the moon, and gradually let subconciousness take you away.

You wake up the next morning and find yourself frustrated again. Hot damn, what kind of dream did you have? You remember something about...a leg? And sucking. Yeah, you think that's what it was. Now you're hard again. Wonderful. You sit up a bit sheepishly in case Sanae is nearby and look around. She isn't in it seems. At least, not in the room you're in. You look around, nothing's happening. It's bright, early morning. It's possible Sanae is still asleep. You have your options present to you again, plenty of things to do now that you're awake, and it's daytime. The bright morning sun shines in through the window letting you know it's light out. What should you do?

[ ] Go to Sanae's room and check to see if she's sleeping
[ ] Raid the kitchen ASAP. We've put off hunger long enough.
[ ] Go outside, explore around, maybe she's bathing again...
[ ] Wait like the obediant puppy that you are for Sanae to come to you
[ ] I'm not a morning person. Time to sleep in!
>> No. 7006

Forgot your shirou.jpg
>> No. 7007
{X} Laze around in the sunshine.
>> No. 7009

Came calling Tewi's name if you know what I mean.
>> No. 7013
[ ] Raid the kitchen ASAP. We've put off hunger long enough.
>> No. 7018
[x] Raid the kitchen ASAP. We've put off hunger long enough.
>> No. 7020
File 121488538189.png - (505.37KB , 1000x1000 , 1201779141172.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Raid the kitchen ASAP. We've put off hunger long enough.

>> No. 7023
[ ] Raid the kitchen ASAP. We've put off hunger long enough.

>> No. 7031

I don't think "Viking" is the proper way to describe Sousha. Gaul would be more accurate.
>> No. 7033
[X] Go outside, explore around, maybe she's bathing again...

We can eat when we're dead.
>> No. 7038
[ ] Raid the kitchen ASAP. We've put off hunger long enough.
>> No. 7040
File 121491718575.jpg - (75.64KB , 450x900 , 120765698097.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Raid the kitchen ASAP. We've put off hunger long enough.

You go ahead and stand up, stretching and taking in the morning. Ahh! You feel invigorated. Ready to take on the day before you! You know you're about to make the day great by giving it your all. Then it happens. You hear the loud grumbling of your stomach. Seems you've neglected eating for far too long. Your stomach is quite angry with you now. You need to satisfy and fill it now. You breathe out and look at Sanae's door quickly before going into the kitchen. You can't cook for the life of you, but you figure you should try. Or at least make something paletable. You get the idea that maybe making breakfast for Sanae will patch up the anger she felt towards you last night. It's decided then, you're going to make a great, wonderful breakfast for yourself and Sanae, wake her up, surprise her with it and then have a wonderful breakfast together. It all just fits together so well.

You look around, there still appears to be a bit of boar meat left. Maybe it's not quite what you're thinking of, but perhaps you can make bacon out of it. You go ahead and look around. Jesus fuck, how does one make bacon anyway? It's just a strip of meat from somewhere on a pig right? You just go ahead and grab a knife, and very carefully, cut a thin slice of meat. This should do it. You further cut the thin slice into multiple slices, to better resemble becon. You look around. Hmm...you can't recall there being much in the way of cooking here. Where's the damn stove? Christ, the frying pan's missing. Argh, you can't work like this. Instead you shift through Sanae's fruit bag to see what she's got. Hmm, grapefruits? What an odd...no, best not argue now. Too hungry to think. Must eat. Famished.

That's when the unthinkable happens. You turn after hearing the door open, expecting the worst, and you see Sanae standing there. However, she's still in her PJs! One of the straps on her shoulders has fallen down to her arm, and she is indeed still in those cute panties you can see much clearer now. In fact, they seem a bit ruffled, like Sanae tossed and turned a lot in her sleep. Obviously, this made them loose and unstable, like they could fall down to her ankles any second. Oh god, that is far too exciting for your own good. You gulp softly, try and hold in all the naught thoughts and close your eyes, trying to explain yourself. You were just making breakfast for the both of them, so there has to be a way to prove your innocence. However, Sanae interrupts your train of thought with something strange.

"Sousha...Sou...sha...I'm hungry..."

Huh? You open your eyes and you look at her. What an odd thing to say. You can see the look on her face is indeed, very tired and almost looks as if...yeah, she's sleepwalking! She's approaching you slowly in her sleep, you're slowly backing away, unsure of what to do. You think you should wake her up but then this awkward scene playing out might totally turn her off from you and she could run off screaming, or worse. Yet, if you let this continue, no telling what might happen. It looks as if she's ready to pounce on you lustfully or something. Wait, lustfully? Is that so bad? No, no, no, that IS bad! You don't wanna harm your friendship with her while you're so close to possibly completing it still! You gulp, at a loss of what to do, and instead, it just happens of it's own accord. Sanae places her hands upon your chest and slip on the floor, landing flat on your back with Sanae on top of you.

"Sousha...I'm hungry...I need...your meat..."

WAIT WHAT. Your meat?! Holy shit, this is playing out almost like that freaky dream you had! This is bad, you need to stop her right now! You're about to look for something to whap her across the head with, but you realize you'd regret that action later. You then start to look for something else that might wake her from her sex crazed induced slumber. Nothing. You're starting to panic now, she's started crawling all over you, you can feel her body's soft curves carress your own body. Laying practicaly on top of you while trying to crawl over you is an intimate feeling, for sure. You're almost positive you can feel her breasts rubbing up against you. This is driving you nuts, you need to think of something fast. But instead, your heart jumps up and into your throat when you look at her, suddenly face to face with her.

"I'm hungry Sousha...give me...you meat."

You gulp softly, your eyes widened and a deep blush across your face. You can feel yourself sweating in nervousness as you peer right into her tired eyes. Your heart's beating a thousand beats per minute and that familiar scent of hers comes flooding into your nose. The same one you smelled when she resuscitated you. Yeah, the biggest memory you have about that isn't about the scent, or the fact that she saved your life. It was those soft, lucious lips you felt across yours you remember most. You realize this now. Feeling those heavenly pillows press up against yours was arguably the best feeling you ever had and made you feel as if you were light on air. This ordeal is making you realize this now because your body is fearing a repeat performance. Your nervousness is at an all time high and your nerves are shot. Is she really going to kiss you for real this time?

No, maybe not. Her face seems to drift past yours, to one side. Wait, what's going on? Is she falling back asleep again? Her movement is slow, but steady. You can feel her hair softly cover part of your face as her head goes to the side of yours. Oh man, this feels wonderful. Her hair is much softer then you imagined. The green color truly belies the soft, rich texture of it. You know that with the right care, it could shine like a diamond in the rough. You want to keep thinking about her hair until you realize where Sanae is going. Is she about to kiss your neck? Suck it and give you a hickey? Does she get horny in her sleep like this often? You immediately remember her previous talk about wanting your meat and your panic sets back in. You can't let anything sexual happened between you two, not like this. You're about to push her off when you see that's not gunning for your neck, but your ear. Her soft, gentle lips wrap around her ear softly and you instantly stop in reaction to the sensitive touch. Bad idea though.


Next thing you know, Sanae is sitting cutely on her knees in front of you, rubbing her eyes and ridding herself of the tiredness that plagued her. Even when sleepy, this girl can bite! You just hope your eat doesn't start bleeding. You rub it softly and look at Sanae. Uh oh, busted.

"S-S-Sousha? What's going on? Where..."

She's still dazed and confused. Now's the chance to take advantage and make sure nothing bad happens. You need to give her some sort of clear explaination as to what just went on. You could give it to her nice and simple, or you could try dressing it up a bit to make sure she accepts it better. There's plenty of things you could do at this point to be honest, but really, you don't have the time to dwell on it too much as she's coming out of her puzzled state quickly. You need to think of how you're presenting this explaination to her, pronto.

[ ] "Well, I was making breakfast for us when..."
[ ] "You were sleepwalking. Are you okay?"
[ ] "OW! You bit my ear! What the fuck?!"
[ ] "I-I-It was you that came onto me! I really dont approve of this...con...sidering that...I don't really like you. Not in that way, idiot."
[ ] Just sit there in bewilderment with a flushed look on your face.
[ ] Lean over and plant your lips on hers in the most treasured, gentle way you can find. You're not letting those beautiful lips escape you this time.
[ ] "...you have cute panties."
>> No. 7041
[ ] Lean over and plant your lips on hers in the most treasured, gentle way you can find. You're not letting those beautiful lips escape you this time.

>> No. 7043
<%JJames19119> I like almost all the voting options way too much so you can expect a very generous responce no matter which way you go on this one. Choose wisely. I'm out
>> No. 7044
[ ] Just sit there in bewilderment with a flushed look on your face.
>> No. 7048
{X} Just sit there in bewilderment with a flushed look on your face and wag your tail.
>> No. 7049
[x] Just sit there in bewilderment with a flushed look on your face and wag your tail.

>> No. 7050
[X] Just sit there in bewilderment with a flushed look on your face and wag your tail.

In before Sousha sprouts a dog tail.
>> No. 7051
[x] Just sit there in bewilderment with a flushed look on your face and wag your tail.
It needs to be done.
>> No. 7054
[x] Just sit there in bewilderment with a flushed look on your face and wag your tail.
>> No. 7055
Im almost about to call a revote. Sousha isn't going to be 10% just yet guys. If your vote for that write in, it's just going to have the same outcome as [x] Just sit there in bewilderment with a flushed look on your face.

If you want to change your vote, I'll give you time to do that. Sorry. :V
>> No. 7056
[x] Get gapped into the Scarlet Devil Mansion and rename the story "Kei-chan's Daily Life"
>> No. 7057
{X} Just sit there in bewilderment with a flushed look on your face.
>> No. 7058
[x] Just sit there in bewilderment with a flushed look on your face and wag your tail.

>> No. 7061
[x] Just sit there in bewilderment with a flushed look on your face and wag your tail.

Wag that tail bitch, stupid sexy Sousha.
>> No. 7063
[x] Just sit there in bewilderment with a flushed look on your face.

You look straight at Sanae, you open your mouth, but nothing comes out. You can't speak. Totally speechless, you've become. You want to say something, you want to apologize and you want to explain yourself, and most of all, you want to...wag your tail? What the fuck. You don't even have one. But for some reason...you feel happy. You don't know why. Maybe that's why you want to wag your nonexistant tail. For now though, a deep blush painted across your face will have to do. Sanae blinks, looking at you a bit confused at first.

"Sousha? What are you staring.." She looks down, trying to follow your line of sight. Oopsie.

She screams out in embarrassment and attacks covering herself. It's not really working, instead it only serves to make her look cuter. You can tell she has an awfully deep red color plastered across her visage. She seems extremely embarrassed. You try explaining yourself once again. But dammit, the words just aren't coming out! You don't know what to do now. She looks at you with a bit of a menacing glare, a deep blush on her face. You need to say something now or otherwise, she's going to assume the worst. You could go ahead and explain now, or if you think your chrisma is high enough for it, try smooth talking your way out of this. You could also compliment her on her looks and see if you can make her comfortable about herself around you. You never know, it might just work. There are alternative, but you don't know if they'd work now. You might've missed your chance. But it wouldn't hurt to try.

[ ] Explain yourself. You've reasoned with her once.
[ ] Be calm, be subtle, be cool.
[ ] Compliment her beauty. Flattering WILL work!
[ ] Lean over and kiss her, you don't wanna miss this chance to feel those lips!
[ ] Just sit and be quiet, hoping for the best.
>> No. 7066
[+} "Uhh... B-breakfast... cooking... umm..."
>> No. 7067
[X] Explain yourself. You've reasoned with her once.
>> No. 7069
[x] "Uhh... B-breakfast... cooking... umm..."

I like it.
>> No. 7070
[X] Just sit and be quiet, hoping for the best. Wag that mental tail, you pathetic bitch!

>> No. 7071
[+} "Uhh... B-breakfast... cooking... umm..."
>> No. 7072
[X] Just sit and be quiet, hoping for the best.
>> No. 7073
[x] "Uhh... B-breakfast... cooking... umm..."
>> No. 7074
You people and your ties, preventing me from having an easy write.
>> No. 7075
{X} "Uhh... B-breakfast... cooking... uhm..."
>> No. 7077
[x] "Uhh... B-breakfast... cooking... umm..."
>> No. 7078
File 121494846533.jpg - (513.22KB , 1600x1200 , 1207449187306.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] "Uhh... B-breakfast... cooking... umm..."

Your nervousness has hit an all time high. You can't regain your composure, no matter how hard you try. You gulp softly, trying to push your heart back down your throat. You try and gather up the courage and say something, but it just comes out weird instead.


It's hopeless, you're too hypnotized by Sanae's lovely body it seems. In such small, thin clothing, she's extremely attractive. Though you're most obviously displaying it in a way Sanae doesn't like, at all. She growls and stands up, displaying her nearly nude body for you to see. You can't help it anymore, you suddenly feel your nose bleeding! You immediately try to plug it up but when you look up at Sanae, she's glowing again with that power of the gods.

"You...you...you drag me out here just so you can look at my body?! You sleazy pervert! I can't believe I trusted you!!!"

A large, star formation of glowing orbs form in front of her, this doesn't look like it'll be pleasent. You cover yourself with your arms, but it doesn't help much. All the bullets pelt you and, most oddly of all, you just sort of vanish...leaving behind a few yellow cubes with the letter F on them. Ouch, that really hurt. To top it off, you're out of continues. Not that you started with any. Hey, come on, in the real world, there are no extra lives and continues, right? Why would this be any different? May as well just embrace the game over...

>> No. 7079
File 121494851815.jpg - (141.11KB , 550x550 , e7587687b6dba4fe29ea340ca03531f3.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hello~ This is Yukari, your host for today's "Sukima's Voice of Reason!"

This little segment is here to help you deal with the stresses of your own stupidity and to teach you what you should and shouldn't do when you end up killing your own silly self~ For now, I will be your host, since despite the generous writer, you've managed to fail your very first mission. Good job~!

Now then, for what you actually did wrong. No, I shouldn't even have to tell you! What you did was very akin to walking across some train tracks, noticing a train coming at you, and just standing there staring at it until it hits you. Very dumb~ Hopefully you won't do that again!

Here's a tip. Be adventurous. Life is a game of chance, you have to take risks to get what you want~! Without the excitement of such, you'll never be able to claim you're actually having an "adventure." Be reckless once in a while! That is, don't be reckless all the time~ Just in situations you feel lucky about! After all, while you can get away with an entire life of picking the most logical and safest route, it's not always necessarily the most exciting~

Since you've gotten yourself down on such an early time, I'll be forgiving and give you plenty of options for turning back and undoing the silly mistake you made. Go on, choose one! Yukari will be back to greet you again when you make another silly mistake~ See ya around~

[ ] Go back 1 option
[ ] Go back 2 options
[ ] Go back 3 options
[ ] Go back 5 options (incurs a penalty/fee for choosing this)
>> No. 7080
[ ] Go back 2 options

[ ] "You were sleepwalking. Are you okay?"

In during RAGE
>> No. 7081
[ ] Go back 1 option
[ ] Lean over and kiss her, you don't wanna miss this chance to feel those lips!

>> No. 7082
[W] Go back 2 options
[X] "You were sleepwalking. Are you okay?"
>> No. 7083

{X} Go back 1 option
 - {X} Explain yourself. You've reasoned with her once.
>> No. 7084
[X] Go back 1 option
>> No. 7085
[x] Go back 1 option
[x] Lean over and kiss her, you don't wanna miss this chance to feel those lips!
>> No. 7086
[ ] Go back 1 option
[ ] Avert your gaze
>> No. 7089
You decide you absolutely need to get your ass in gear. Sitting there nervous and flustered is only going to anger your new friend more. You need to take charge for once and take action! You quickly decide that any proud option will get you out of this jam.

[ ] Explain yourself. You've reasoned with her once.
[ ] Be calm, be subtle, be cool.
[ ] Compliment her beauty. Flattering WILL work!
[ ] Lean over and kiss her, you don't wanna miss this chance to feel those lips!
>> No. 7091
[ ] Lean over and kiss her, you don't wanna miss this chance to feel those lips!
>> No. 7092
[x] Lean over and kiss her, you don't wanna miss this chance to feel those lips!
>> No. 7093
[W] Go back 2 options
[X] "You were sleepwalking. Are you okay?
>> No. 7094
[ ] Lean over and kiss her, you don't wanna miss this chance to feel those lips!
>> No. 7096
[Y] Go back 2 options
[Z] "You were sleepwalking. Are you okay?
>> No. 7097
[ ] Lean over and kiss her, you don't wanna miss this chance to feel those lips!
>> No. 7098
[X] Lean over and kiss her, you don't wanna miss this chance to feel those lips!
>> No. 7099
File 12149547171.jpg - (102.83KB , 500x565 , 1195869554736.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Lean over and kiss her, you don't wanna miss this chance to feel those lips!

You decide that this is it. You can no longer lie to your own feelings, or your own heart. You felt your heart racing, pumping as her lips neared yours. You can't mistake that feeling, you know safely what it was now. No tsundere, emotions only, final desination, her lips! You're ready for this now, you're more then pumped! It's time to take your manliness back. You swallow your pride and get off your ass, crawling over to her. The look on her face is suddenly one of shock and surprise as she sees you nearing her. Great! No resistance, maybe this is what she wants. Or maybe she's still dazed and doesn't understand what you're about to do. You continue your slow crawl over to her and put a hand lightly on her face. Carressing her cheek, you look deeply into her orange eyes. That beautiful green hair of hers gets pushed out of the way softly as your slide your hand on her further down her cheek and to her chin. Your excellent grace has her even more flustered now, with a wide eyed, blushing expression. You softly whisper to her with as much chrisma as possible.

"Sanae...forgive me for this."

You then slowly lean your face in and lightly press your lips against hers. Oh god what a lovely feeling it is. You can feel your blood heat up at the feeling. She truly does have divine lips. You quickly close your eyes to savor the moment. It's not really much of a kiss, a very innocent one it is in fact. The light pressing of lips is all it really is, and yet it's enough to send your heart skyrocketing. Is this what love feels like? You can't tell right now, because no matter what it is, if it's wrong, you don't want to be right. You almost start thinking that Sanae is warming up to this kiss before you notice something. She's closed her eyes not lost in the feeling of the kiss, but rather, you can feel her face scrunch up like she's having something very sour. Looks like your lips aren't quite as satisfying. Just then, you feel two hands ram into your chest. Opening your eyes you see that she's glowing brightly. Looks like you're about to be on the business end of that divine power she inherited.

BAM! Just like that, a massive, spiritual explosion from her hands sends you into the opposite walls, crashing through various things. You don't know how much damage you've incured, as many things feel numb now, including your whole torso. You can feel blood seeping down from it to your legs however, not a good sign. Your vision is blurred to the max, practically making you blind. Your hearing is also shot, and any words that come from Sanae are drowned out by your own numbness and pain. You can only make out a single, muffled area of her speaking.

"Oh god, Sousha! I'm so sorry, I didn't mean it! Sousha? Sousha!!"

You can't hold on any longer. It seems death is welcoming you with open arms now. You slowly close your eyes and await your new, cold, dark, eternal slumber. You let the reaper's freezing grip take hold of you, and you embrace your new afterlife. It seems you've lost this game. You not only failed at Yukari's mission, but at life altogether. It's a shame too, you could've done it. Sanae sounded genuinely worried about you. She certainly didn't mean it you guess, not that bad anyways. Maybe a slap on the cheek but not that. Complete impulse you figure, you could forgive her. Provided of course, that you were still alive. Still, a part of you sensed that she liked it. It must've been her first experience. Maybe it could've been so much better, or at least with someone other then you that meant a lot to her, but at least you made the physical experience itself pretty nice.

Hold on. Almost as if some sort of weird h4x is keeping your alive (or maybe someone from up above felt sorry for you?) you can feel your grip on reality and life come back to you. You see a shining light, and you run right towards it, hoping to see the real world come back to you at last. You don't wanna die, not yet. As satisfying as that experience was, you're not ready to really go to hell for it just yet. You reach out and the light expands, showing that you're slowly opening your eyes. GOD DAMN it hurts all over. Your everything is in pain. You can't help but flinch from the suffering you're experiencing. You do hear a faint sound that almost sounds like sniffling though. You readjust your eyes and look at a very worried Sanae above you. She's in her miko garb now, but that's rather unimportant. You simply can't help but smile at her softly.

"Sa...nae...thank you for saving me...a second time..." Sanae's expression worries more a bit before she looks at you with a bit of a huffy face.
"I-I-If you hadn't kissed me like that, th-then I wouldn't have done that! And I wouldn't have to save your sorry rear a second time! Idiot." Her expression then melts away back into a sorrowful worry. "Are you okay at least?" You can help but smile more.
"Of course. I'm fine. In fact, I'm...feeling better already."

You try sitting up. It's strange, just a moment ago you were writhing in pain, and now you can feel your body working extra hard to patch you back up. Your pain is starting to subside, and you think you can walk now, at the least. You find yourself back in the now dry clothing you entered this world in, the same robes Yukari gave you, you assume. Under it, you can feel all the bandages keeping your bloody wounds from being exposed. You don't know what you went through, but you must've hit a lot of sharp objects along the way. You sigh lightly, looking down. Boy do you feel stupid. You honestly can't seem to do anything right. Maybe if you were with someone more carefree or understanding, your tsundereness wouldn't have to be punished so harshly. You take a quick look at Sanae. She's looking away a bit angrily, but with a cute blush on her face. Something seems amiss. It's like she's fighting with herself inside. With what? Deciding whether or not to throw you out? Wait.

Oh shit! It's afternoon! Just about the same time Yukari brought you here. Your 24 hours are obviously up now so you have to make tracks out of here pronto, and get back to her. Hopefully, you've made good enough friends with Sanae for Yukari to be satisfied. You don't know if you have the time to really patch things up further now, as you really have to leave. You have a choice of how to leave though. Your goodbye to Sanae will definitely effect how she'll treat you next time. You could continue along the same route you've been going down starting from when you kissed her, but you feel pushing that too much would be a stupid idea. You could try explaining to her really quick about your situation, but you're definitely sure she would not believe you and think you're silly. You could definitely do by with a normal goodbye. Or you can just make it bittersweet by saying something to her you know will strike her in the heart. Better make up your mind, Yukari won't wait forever.

[ ] Confess your undying love for her and peck her on the lips before running out
[ ] Explain to Sanae about what you're going through and you need to leave
[ ] Do a simple bow to her, say you've enjoyed your time, but you must make due haste
[ ] Hold her hands and look right into her eyes. "Darling, I will come back for you. That is a promise I hold to my soul."
[ ] There's no time for pleasentries, just say goodbye really quick and get moving!
>> No. 7100
[X] Hold her hands and look right into her eyes. "Darling, I will come back for you. That is a promise I hold to my soul."
>> No. 7101
[ ] Hold her hands and look right into her eyes. "Darling, I will come back for you. That is a promise I hold to my soul."

Eh, doesn't sound right but unless someone changes it this'll do.
>> No. 7102
[X] Hold her hands and look right into her eyes. "Darling, I will come back for you. That is a promise I hold to my soul."
>> No. 7103
>Eh, doesn't sound right but unless someone changes it this'll do.
I was trying to find the right air for this and make it sound much better but for some reason, it just didn't want to come through. I'm sure you get the gist behind it though.
>> No. 7104
{X} Hold her hands and look right into her eyes. "Darling, I will come back for you. That is a promise I hold to my soul."
Darling is a super-corny word~
>> No. 7105
as long as you don't say those exact words I'm voting for this

[X] Hold her hands and look right into her eyes. "Darling, I will come back for you. That is a promise I hold to my soul."
>> No. 7115
>"I-I-If you hadn't kissed me like that, th-then I wouldn't have done that! And I wouldn't have to save your sorry rear a second time! Idiot."

Two tsunderes.
Fuck yes, you are the most awkward relationship ever.
>> No. 7118

Sanae is secretly tsundere for Sousha because he's a dog.

Update coming soonish.
>> No. 7120
Gonna play this with an interesting game. Does the anon reading this story wanna try a chrisma check? If you fail, Sousha gets to look like an ass. However, if you win, you'll earn tons of affection points for Sanae. If you choose not to follow this option, the scene will play out as normal.

Chrisma Check?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No
>> No. 7121
[X] Yes

We will make this bitch into a man! Where there was once a bleeding vagina we will place a shaft of power with big and fuzzy testicles!
>> No. 7122
[X] Yes
Roll the dice
>> No. 7123
[ ] Yes

We already look about as bad as we can without being killed on the spot, go forth.
>> No. 7124
File 121496294019.jpg - (81.70KB , 297x299 , kagome-and-inuyasha.jpg ) [iqdb]
That needs to stop, right now. It's leaving a very bad taste in my mouth.
Saging myself because you bet your ass I just went there.
>> No. 7125
How are you going to do this?
>> No. 7126
[ ] Yes

Natural 20s, all around, baby.
>> No. 7127
Sousha = Inuyasha? Sanae = Kagome?
>> No. 7128
I thought Mokou was Inuyasha.
>> No. 7129
Chen = Sesshomaru
>> No. 7130

why you do this
>> No. 7131
Yukari would be Naraku then?
>> No. 7134
Chen as Sesshomaru? Yukari as Naraku? Christ people, cease your faggotry at once.

Anyways, charisma check was done with a 12 sided die and you needed a 12 to win...and you guys got it. THREE FUCKING TIMES. Christ, who made /border/'s anon so damn lucky? Anyways, here's the update.


[x] Hold her hands and look right into her eyes. "Darling, I will come back for you. That is a promise I hold to my soul."
[x] Charisma Check - 8.5% chance...SUCCESS

You feel you need to promise her something. You feel that leaving on a normal goodbye isn't enough. If you really want to seal the deal on your close friendship with Sanae, you're doing it in fucking style. You quickly pop a mental chrisma pill and look at Sanae with one of those overdone, dramatic, soap opera faces like a plot twist was just about to happen. You then lean in and take both of Sanae's hands, holding them with your own and you look deep into Sanae's eyes. A part of you gets this feeling you're not really doing it right because Sanae is looking at you like a goof. Weirded out expression and wide eyes. You start wondering how you look, you probably have a Yaranaika face on from trying too hard. But still, you continue on your path.

"Sanae, one day, I will come back to you. I don't wish for you to be alone like you have been anymore...so I want to be there for you and be a wonderful friend like you've never had!"

Where did that come from? You could feel your normal face returning to a more confident one as you were saying that. It's almost as if a god was giving you a great big hunk of charisma just for that one moment, just for you and Sanae. You can see it most definitely worked, Sanae is blushing very intensely. You're close enough to her face to where you could practically feel the heat radiating off her cheeks. You can tell her heart just stopped because she's not even breathing anymore. You get a bit worried until she starts panting hard. Okay, at least she's alive. She looks down, shivering a bit in embarrassment. Poor girl looks like she hasn't had her heart stopped like that, ever. She soon regains her composure though and looks at you smiling. You can tell her eyes are welling up a bit as she holds back tears.

"Thank you...Keikou. Thank you so much for being a good friend to me."

You can't help but smile back. You have a nice feeling of accomplishment and serenity within you now. You feel that while you've run into some bumps in the road, you've completed your mission with honor and di-...well, maybe not so much dignity but honor at the very least. You softly let go of her hands and like Tuxedo Mask, you make your way out there in a flash. After that wonderful scene, you feel invigorated once more. Running down the side of the river is no problem and you feel light on air, truly athletic you are. You realize that your body is much more capable of things then it seems. You must've taken some very good care of it or something. Either that or...nah. You just continue on your way instead of thinking about it too much.

You quickly run down the river looking for any familiar spot where you fell into the river, wondering where you came in anyway. You frantically look around the river while thinking about what you've been through anyway. That sudden attack of charisma...very odd now that you think about it. You have to wonder where it came from...is someone looking down upon you, watching you and giving you spiritual guidance? Nah, that can't be it. It has to be something though, you don't believe that was dumb luck that got you through it...but it most likely was. You shouldn't let your mind settle on it for too long. You need to find you way back to Yukari! You then finally stop as you lay eyes on a strange gap in space just above the river. That must be it. Now you need to figure out how to get to it without dying.

You could jump to it and see if that'll work, but it's really far over there. You wonder if you could really make that kind of leap. You could also use a nearby vine and tie it to the end of the river, and hope that'll work. It's a bit time consuming, but if you toss large rocks into the river, you can eventually bridge the gap that way and you'd definitely make it. If you're feeling brave, you could also try to swim the river to it, but to be honest, the current right now appears to be a bit too strong for that. All else failing, you could call out for help. Maybe if you're lucky, Yukari will hear you and come to get you.

[ ] Jump to the border. Leap of Faith, fuck yeah
[ ] Rope it over there!
[ ] Be a beaver and dam(n) this river.
[ ] I'm a man and half, I could easily swim this river!
[ ] Call out for help and hope someone comes.
>> No. 7135
[X] Jump to the border. Leap of Faith, fuck yeah!
Holy shit those were lucky rolls
>> No. 7136
{X} Jump to the border. Leap of Faith, fuck yeah!
Thank you Tewi~
>> No. 7137
[x] Jump to the border. Leap of Faith, fuck yeah
I'm feeling lucky.
>> No. 7138
[X] Jump to the border. Leap of Faith, fuck yeah!
>> No. 7139
[x] Rope it over there!
>Tie the vine
>> No. 7140
[x] Jump to the border. Leap of Faith, fuck yeah!

We'll make a man out of him yet! Or not. Whichever is more entertaining, really.
>> No. 7141
[ ] Jump to the border. Leap of Faith, fuck yeah
>> No. 7153
File 121497900992.jpg - (60.86KB , 486x600 , inuyasha.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] Jump to the border. Leap of Faith, fuck yeah
>> No. 7154
>> No. 7155
Isn't it sad, Canada-tan?
>> No. 7157
>> No. 7158
File 121498394947.png - (23.62KB , 400x550 , 1190603508790.png ) [iqdb]
So so sorry it took so long. Distractions etc. The coming week will hopefully be much better!

[x] Jump to the border. Leap of Faith, fuck yeah!

You stand back a bit, you think you can make it. Yeah, you can definitely make it. You're ready for this. You're going to jump right to that gap! You take a few steps backward and dust off your hands, you also stretch a bit before looking over to it. You can feel it. You know it's within your power. You just have to clear it with all your might. you rear back in anticipation, knowing that you're most certainly ready for the best display of sheer agility you could possibly think of. You feel truly pumped and ready for this. You bend your knees, crotching a bit, carefully staring down your target. You lean forward slightly, feet propped and ready to start at a moment's notice. You can see yourself at the starting line of a hundred meter dash, the pistol raises, ready to fire to signal the start of the most grueling sprint ever concieved. Then it happens, the gun fires, and you take off.

Your sprint is amazing, you don't know how fast you reached the river, but it was much faster then you anticipated. Your legs moving at such an accelerated pace, your arms pointing straight back like you're truly one of the wind. The intense speed blows air past your ears to where it seems like you can't hear nothing else. The edges of your vision blur as you near your target. Your adrenaline is hugely pumped now, there's definitely no stopping you. You can see yourself reaching the river's edge in a hurry, at such a blazing speed, you could swear it's not normal for a human. Just as you reach the water's edge, you plant both feet on the ground and both...hands? Using the momentum and power from all four appendages, you make the leap of faith.

And overshoot it. By far. You go soaring over the river, shooting into the gap and a nice distance throughout the "Yukarispace" as you've named it, before skidding along the ground, still on all fours. After finally skidding to a stop slowly, you stand and look down at your hands. What the fuck just happened? You were down there sitting like an animal. Furthermore, your agility was far from normal. Definitely not human like at all. You then think back to when you were laying in bed, how your pain seemed to magically disappear. Hell, even with all these wounds around you, you still managed to perform a death defying leap like you were superman! Now you definitely start thinking something's strange. You need to relapse upon yourself. Are you really human? Are you truthfully an ordinary species like Sanae? Or is it something much more deeper then that, meaning you have hidden traits within you that you've never known? Your train of thought is suddenly interrupted by a small, clapping noise.

"Well done, well done~ I knew I could count on you to follow orders enthusiastically~" Your turn quickly to see Yukari being the source of the clapping. "You really know how to put on a show. What a spectacle you truly are~"

Wait, was she watching you with Sanae the entire time? Does that mean...you look at her a bit closely to try and read her expression. Damn, you can't tell a damn thing. But it's very likely she did indeed watch you masturbate with Sanae's washcloth watching her in her nightclothes. Man, how embarrassing. It's going to be very hard doing anything now knowing this woman's watching your every damn move. You feel extremely uncomfortable being around her now, much less being under her, given missions to god knows where. Yet, here you are. Still bothering to do them anyhow. You wonder where you get your patience from. You look at Yukari expecting her to pop a sly remark or something about the mission but rather, she just turns and starts walking away.

"Alright then Sousha~ Let's continue and move on to your next task."

What the fuck? You were almost certain that she was gonna crack something clever at you. You know her better then this, if she honestly saw you all those times, then she would HAVE to have said something! Who wouldn't?! Seriously. You take your mind off it and follow her for now though. Maybe you don't know her as well as you think you do, or better yet, maybe she doesn't actually spy on you like that. You hope that's the case, you're unsure of how you'd be able to go to the bathroom knowing she's staring closely at you. You breathe a sigh of relief and try not to think about that for now. Far too creepy, even for your tastes. That's when Yukari stops suddenly, and turns over around back to you.

"Oh, Sousha~! I almost forgot." She waves her hand and a strip of light forms in between you and her. "As reward for completing your first mission, I have a gift for you. Think of it as a personalization of yourself into this world~"

The strip of light changes and starts having gaps in it, forming designs. You look at it curiously for a moment.

"What...is it?" You wonder.
"All you have to do is choose what design you want and where, and I'll fabricate the design to the middle of your robe~ That's the blue thread down the middle of your dress." You look at her unimpressed. You knew what she meant, and she didn't have to call it a dress.
"Gee, thanks Yukari. And it's a ROBE, not a dress." Yukari almost seems to giggle at you, hiding half her face behind her fan.
"Yes, yes~ Whatever you say, Sousha~"

You look back at the strip of light. Only three on here, but you notice that if you hold your finger on one end of the strip like you're pushing a button or tipping one side back, the designs scroll to show more. You play with this feature a bit before stopping and thinking now. This is your reward for this mission, huh? You figure that this is likely the reward for each mission, considering how absolutely small and teensy these things are. Seriously, you could fit a hundred of these designs on it and you only get one? You're certain that later, harder missions grant you greater rewards to your clothing. For now though, you need to choose carefully at what design you want.

Choose a Design:
[ ] Distant Planet
[ ] Pentagram
[ ] Adjoined Stars (dots)
[ ] Other (Write-In)

Where do you want it?
[ ] Top-Left
[ ] Top-Middle
[ ] Top-Right
[ ] Middle-Left
[ ] Middle-Middle
[ ] Middle-Right
[ ] Bottom-Left
[ ] Bottom-Middle
[ ] Bottom-Right

No multi-votes, no writing in position.
>> No. 7162
[x] Horsehead nebula
[x] Top-left

Failing that, a distant planet is fine too.
>> No. 7163
I should note, any write-ins, will be scaled down to a really small size. As said, small enough to fit about a hundred on the thread. Keep that in mind.
>> No. 7164
{X} Pentagram
{X} Top-Left
Because Sanae.
>> No. 7166
[X] ಠ_ಠ
[X] Bottom Middle
...seriously, is this really going to have an effect on the story?
>> No. 7168

Can't have fun little breaks once in a while?

Besides that, who knows? People might notice your sense of fashion and could end up hurting or helping you. Not by much though.
>> No. 7171
This man is onto something
{X} Pentagram
{X} Top-Left
>> No. 7173
{X} Pentagram
{X} Top-Left
>> No. 7175
[X] Pentagram
[X] Top-Left
>> No. 7178
File 121499599877.jpg - (106.88KB , 789x848 , 08d92b183d0f4ca73aafef608069835f.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Pentagram
[x] Top-Left

You decide on a design that you simply studied when you stopped fiddling with the scrolling feature of the strip of light. You didn't really come across any sort of unique designs on your way here, and you really liked the pentagram for the fact that it reminds you of Sanae. Why, you're honestly not sure. You couldn't really tell that Sanae really had much to do with pentagrams or stars...and yet, you feel an odd, spiritual connection telling you that Sanae would really like this on you. You and go ahead and touch it. Astonishingly, the light fills the gap where you touched it and when you move your figure away, the light resembling the pentagram has stuck to the end of your finger. You then look at Yukari, who's smiling at you.

"Just press it whever you like, Sousha-kun~"

Press, huh? Doesn't sound too hard. You look down at your thread and wonder where you should put it. Anywhere within the confines of the thread is obvious but your indecisive mind is pondering on where exactly on it you should put. It doesn't take long though before you settle on a place. Why not the top left? Simple, to the point, and it marks the beginning of your journeys here in Gensokyo. You go ahead and press the end of your finger on the thread in the upper left corner, and there's a light, sizzling noise as the light appears to burn into the fabric. When you take you finger off, the light's gone, and where you pressed it, is a little white pentagram. You look back at Yukari who seems to be smiling more.

"Looks cute on you~ Come on, your next mission awaits, Sousha-kun~"

She turns and starts walking again. You briefly question the intelligence in actually following her, but you sigh and keep going. It's probably best you follow her anyway. Being lost in this borderspace is not a pleasent thing you find yourself doing anytime soon. You look at her as you're walking, she has this small air of elegance behind her, that, for some reason, feels is trying to lure you into a false sense of security. Her elegance belies a truly fearsome nature, you think. You definitely think you need to be careful and watch what you say around this woman. By this point, you think she wouldn't kill you. Nah, she'd be one of those people that keep prisoners around just to torture. You could imagine yourself enduring a lifetime of pain and torture, always nearing death each time but never crossing it. Brr, that's truly frightening now that you think about it, and unfortunately, it seems Yukari's picked up on your shiver.

"Sousha-kun~ What could ever be the matter? You look like you had seen a phantom~" You gulp softly. You did see something close to it.
"N-N-Nothing, Lady Yukari. Absolutely nothing." Yukari giggles and looks at you like you're some adorable puppy.
"Already I have you quite trained, huh? That's a good thing I guess. I just hope you're house broken~"

Hou-what?! Now that's just a downright rude and mean thing to say. She's truly treating you like some dog now. It's very unfair, you really don't want to be treated like one. You wonder if she really thinks of you that lowly, or is honestly just picking with you at this point. She seems to have good intentions, but you really could never tell with her. She seems so carefree and yet, you think that the line between being serious and not is very faint with her, like it's always blurred each time you're talking to her. With Yukari, it's impossible to tell if she's ever taking things seriously it seems. You go ahead and look at her, and she turns her head and looks at you as you two still walk.

"You know, feel free to ask me anything at all~ We have a ways to go before we get there so we can use this time to idly chat. Maybe not enough time to answer all the questions you have for me, maybe two at the most. But it's something to do~"

Alright, questions. Boy, you sure as hell have a lot of them. So many things you wanna figure out. Why you were brought here is one of them. Why did she drag you out of your life and here forcibly? There has to be a good reason for it, you can't remember yourself agreeing to this sort of thing. Though that's another question, what was your life like before this one? Who were you? What did you do? What's the world outside of Gensokyo like? Gensokyo, you'd also like to know more about this place and hopefully, get a few tips on moving around for later. Maybe you wouldn't be so scared to go outside like you were with Sanae. Or maybe it was something different, since you apparently had no gripes about going out in the night? You could also ask Yukari more about herself. You could probably pry about the little things, like what she likes, what she does, or you could be more serious and ask about her powers, and her position in Gensokyo. So many more questions you could probably think up too but you'd best make this quick so you don't have to get answers cut short.

[ ] Ask why you were dragged here
[ ] Ask what you were like
[ ] Ask about Gensokyo
[ ] Ask about yourself
[ ] Ask about her personal life
[ ] Ask about her powers and position
[ ] Just stay quiet, you don't need much information


Okay, I've decided that from here, what designs you put on Sousha will become final, meaning that they will stick to his clothing even crossing over into second and multiple playthroughs, but only if you wish. If you carry over designs from one playthrough to the next, then any events that involve your designs are nulled, even if all of them are rather miniscule. Otherwise, when starting a new playthrough, you can ditch the designs and start anew, different events centering around your designs this time. This way, we can have a central design for Sousha's clothing we can keep for a long while if need be.
>> No. 7179
[X] Ask why you were dragged here
Most important, why are you here, you need to know.
[X] Ask about her powers and position
We need to know more about the other person we are dealing with
[X] Ask about Gensokyo
And last where we are so we can escape at a given time.
>> No. 7180
[X] Ask if she saw you masturbating with the washcloth while watching Sanae.
>> No. 7182
[X] Ask why you were dragged here
[X] Ask if she saw you masturbating with the washcloth while watching Sanae.
>> No. 7183
[X] Ask why you were dragged here
[X] Ask if she saw you masturbating with the washcloth while watching Sanae.
>> No. 7184
[x] Ask why you were dragged here
[x] Ask about your lost memories, how and why you lost them, and how you can get them back.

Because Sousha seems to be pretty chill about that massive void in his life from however the fuck old he is to now. That just won't do.
>> No. 7185
[X] Ask why you were dragged here
[X] Ask if she saw you masturbating with the washcloth while watching Sanae.
>> No. 7187
When bitch dogs cry - background revelation chapter, part 1
[ ] Ask about yourself
[ ] Ask why you were dragged here
[ ] Ask what you were like
>> No. 7188
[X] Ask why you were dragged here
[X] Just stay quiet and wag your tail, you don't need much information
>> No. 7189
{X} Ask why you were dragged here
{X} Just stay quiet, you don't need much information
>> No. 7191
[ ] Ask about yourself
[ ] Ask why you were dragged here
[ ] Ask what you were like
>> No. 7192
[x] Ask why you were dragged here
[X] Just stay quiet and wag your tail, you don't need much information

A master is out.
>> No. 7193
[X] Ask why you were dragged here
[X] Ask if she saw you masturbating with the washcloth while watching Sanae.
>> No. 7194
File 121503364139.jpg - (142.91KB , 450x637 , 071116.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Ask why you were dragged here
[x] Ask if she saw you masturbating with the washcloth while watching Sanae.

There's quite a bit that you'd like to know, but you feel a lot of it can wait. You've settled on your priorities. First and foremost, you need to know why she dragged you here. You've been shoved into this so quickly, you're totally unsure of why you're doing this. You don't even know why it has to be you of all people. Why you're here would be an excellent question to impose on her at this point, so you need to ask. Time to figure out Yukari's true motives.

"La-...I mean, Yukari, why am I here? Why did you bring me here?" You look at her with an even resiliant face. She doesn't look at you as she answers though.
"That's quite simple, Sousha. You're here to serve me, simple as that~ In return, I give you a much better life then the one you previously had. As long as you can pass my tests, then you may live under me with a quality life."

Quality life, huh? What exactly is that supposed to mean? You're about to ask when you realize, you have better questions to ask for right now. You can ask later, though at the very least, Yukari was a bit blunt with it. She answered your question, simple as that. No strings attached. You're just unsure if you want to take this. Isn't this slavery? You're not a dog, to be trained and to do odd jobs for! This pisses you off a bit, being treated this way. Even if she is above you, just taking hold of your neck and telling you what to do is kind of angering. That's when your mind shifts to something else suddenly. You need to ask whether or not she was indeed spying on you while you were with Sanae. Most importantly, when you were masturbating with the washcloth, watching Sanae. You didn't want to think about something so godawfully embarrassing, but you just need to know.

"Excuse me...if I can ask another question...were..." Damn, you feel your tsundereness fighting through, you really are too embarrassed to ask. "Were you...w-w-watching me...please myself to Sanae...?" You look at her with a red, embarrassed face in anticipation to your question. But nothing happens. You look at her for a moment before straightening up, wondering what's wrong. "Excuse me? Yukari? Could you please answer my question?" No answer still. You start huffing a bit. "Yukari! I need to know, please!" Nope, she's not paying attention at all. You sigh deeply, looking at her backside, unturning. Looks like she won't answer you, no matter what you do. A shame really, you just wasted a question. And just enough time to end this jaunt too, as you look forward and see three peculiar gaps, like the one you entered in for the first mission. Yukari stops in front of them and turns to you with a sly smile on her face. Uh oh.

"Now, Sousha-kun. It's time for your second introductory mission. It's not nearly as simple as the first, so listen up." She waves her hand and illusions of objects appear in each gap. "Your job is to find someone who is knowledgable, and learn from them. You must be capable of doing some form of magic or ability before you can consider this mission a success. You may learn any sort of ability or magic you desire, but you must learn it from someone you feel is strong enough to teach you these things and become their apprentice, until you feel you're strong enough to come back and complete a small test that I shall put unto you. Is that okay?"

What choice do you have? It's not like you wanted to do this in the first place. You sigh and look down upon the three borders. You feel Yukari is rushing you a bit, hinting that maybe she's on a bit of a time constraint herself. What's she in a rush for? What is her deal anyway? She's got ultimate power over so many things and yet...why does she seem like she's in a hurry? Very odd, but you don't have choice but to go ahead and pick one soon enough. One of the borders has a cute witch hat on it, with a ribbon. The second one has what looks like a small bento box with a ribbon tied to the top of it. What the hell? The third one also appears to have a nurse's hat on it. These must denote the kind of magic you'll learn beyond the border. You should choose very wisely, as this will likely determine your abilities later on and how well you perform for certain things.

[ ] Witch Hat Border
[ ] Bento Box Border
[ ] Nurse's Hat Border
>> No. 7195
[X] Bento Box Border

I like alliteration.
>> No. 7196
[X] Nurse's Hat Border
Time to get made into a crazy doctor!
>> No. 7197
{X} Nurse's Hat Border
Beneath the exterior of the 10% lies the knowledge of NEEDLE TIME.
>> No. 7198
[X] Nurse's Hat Border
>> No. 7199
[ ] Nurse's Hat Border
>> No. 7200
[x] Nurse's Hat Border
[x] Rename this story to "Kei-chan's Daily Life"
>> No. 7201
[x] Bento Box Border

Having lunch in Keine's hat = Awesome
>> No. 7202
[ ] Nurse's Hat Border

>> No. 7203
[+] Bento Box Border
>> No. 7204
[X] Bento Box Border

Half beasts stick together with other half beasts.
>> No. 7205
[x] Bento Box Border
Just as a counter vote to nurse's hat. I would rather witch...
>> No. 7206
[x] Bento Box Border
>> No. 7207
[x] Nurse's Hat Border

Give us House Powers.
>> No. 7208

I know what you mean. Poor Marisa is just not popular~
>> No. 7209
[x] Bento Box Border

Chapter 2 in Domesticating Dog Sousha.
>> No. 7210
[x] Nurse's Hat Border
Sexy sexy nurse....
this one please.
>> No. 7211
[z] Bento Box Border
>> No. 7212
[x] Nurse's Hat Border
One wolf among a shit ton of rabbits. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?
>> No. 7213
[x] Nurse's Hat Border
You convinced me, there is always place for some NEEDLE TIME.
>> No. 7214
[x] Nurse's Hat Border
>> No. 7215
[ ] Witch Hat Border
We should finally get a mastersparking anon.
>> No. 7216
[X] Witch Hat Border
Master Spark? Sign me up
>> No. 7217
haha, even the more reason to

[x] Nurse's Hat Border
>> No. 7762
[x] Nurse's Hat Border
C'mon people! We should thank Tewi personally for all that luck shes given us with Sanae!