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File 128034850137.png - (182.81KB, 370x365, yukari-siggie11[1].png) [iqdb]
Alright, I'm new here, so bear with me. This is my first published story... so please feel free to give feedback. As you all realize, this is a CYOA, but this one will take a turn and control two different Characters in individual storylines, connected but never meeting.... so... all I can say is... Enjoy!


Today was a good day, you thought to yourself. Around you, you can see the bright lights that fill the air as many different things move past you in a blur. Yes, you are in New York City. Normally, a magnificent youkai like you has no business in the human world, but today is a special day. Today is your good old friend Rinnosuke's birthday, and you had gone out of your way to get him something particularly special. In your arms is the new Ipad that he had been talking about for what seemed like the last month and a half. Loaded with just about everything you could find, you’re sure that he was going to simply adore this gift.

As the light changes, you begin your safe passage onto your last destination, the alleyway that concealed your border back into Gensokyo. You had concealed it well, placing it on the backside of a trashcan. It's a bit dark out, however, so you have to feel for the border's edges... and, feel as you may, you can't find anything. Using the light from the Ipad in your arms, you shine it onto the trashcan and gasp. The border was gone. Additionally, the light shines on two very confused, somewhat bulky men. The light must have taken their attention away from whatever was bothering them, but suddenly they turned their heads up towards you with a scowl.

Yukari, what do you do?

[] Try to reason with the thugs
[] Run like hell while you still can
[] Try fighting them off while you still can use Danmaku.

Just where are you? Looking around, you can note that you’re surrounded entirely by purple light, with darkened eyes glaring out from the darkness. Despite the creepiness of the area, you’ve been trapped for a good ten minutes, and you’ve gotten quite used to the freefalling feeling. You close your eyes as you reflect on what happened only moments ago. New to the area of New York, you had gotten lost an intersection by one of the residential districts. Trying to ask for directions, you had been following this one man who promised you help, leading the way. When you had passed by an alleyway, he suddenly pushed you into it. It seemed he had a friend who could help you. However, when they began to close in on you, you realized that you were about to be mugged, and you threw your wallet at them to avoid trouble. This didn’t help you much, as they had continued their slow walk. Moving backwards, you tripped over a metal trashcan, and fell into this void space.
But, how void was it? After all, you can feel drops on your face now. In fact, the entire area feels different from before. Nervous, you open your eyes to a torrent of water. You weren’t quite sure what happened, but you felt back to grasp at the area that had given you the safe, dry feeling earlier. Gasping, you grab hold to a strange area, which buckles under your grasp, and out of the corner of your eye you notice the purple light flash out of it. The water is so powerful that you have to grasp the void’s edges harder in order to stay where you are. Doing so, the border of this void buckles more, and closes in your grasp, leaving you unable to gain a hold on your surroundings. Frantic, you flail around, somehow making it to the surface of what you now know to be a river. You can hear what you imagine to be a waterfall ahead of you. What do you do?
[] Brace for impact
[] Call for help
[] Try to swim against the rapids
You made Yukari a bit TOO helpless; even without boosted strength of Danmaku, I'd doubt she'd be reduced to a useless state like fanon Reisen. She'd still have some strength (akin to perhaps a normal atheletic woman) and her wits and knowledge.

But other than that, not a bad start.

[x] Try to reason with the thugs
-[x] Try fighting them off (with Danmaku/Fists)

[x] Call for help
ah, I never said she was helpless. I just want you to make up her mind. after all, should she waste her little power now? or should she hope that she'll have enough power in a later attack?
[Q] Try fighting them off while you still can use Danmaku.

[Q] Try to swim against the rapids

A little awkward, wall-of-texty, but there's some potential here.
>>22490 wall of texty? you mean that I should break these posts up to a longer, but short-sectioned size?
[x] Try to reason with the thugs

[x] Try to swim against the rapids
How the hell does Rinnosuke know what an Ipad is?
Anyways, with two characters to control, with an intertwined story, may I presume this will be heavily plot-centric?
>>22492 rinnosuke gets items from the outside world regularly, so he heard of the object from one of them. I was going to add that later, but I might as well say that now. As for their intertwined stories, know that they have no knowledge of each other at the moment.

Maybe they will learn at a later time, depending on your choices.

No, not the posts, the paragraphs. When you make a new line, put in a blank line too. It makes it all around more readable.
That and chances are Yukari told him about it.
[X] Try to reason with the thugs
[X] Try fighting them off while you still can use Danmaku.

[X] Try to swim against the rapids

>while you're still able to use danmaku

Yukari's losing her powers? That's...rather worrisome.

That's not your real e-mail address, is it?
That's the other thing, right, don't ever put in an actual e-mail address in the field.
[X] Try to reason with the thugs
Stay classy and composed until sure of their intentions. Then switch to bludgeoning with trash can lid if needed.

[X] Call for help
[X] Try to swim against the rapids

Also, is Yukari wearing one of her usual dresses or something that blends in in NYC?
That'll be explained next post. If you wish to know, it's still a dress. The guy's outfit will also be explained later
Alright. I'm going to call it for tonight, and get started on the next one. I'll try to get it on by tomorrow to speed things along. My decision stands at
[] reason with the thugs and ( write in using a trash can lid IF it gets ugly)

[] swimming against the rapids
Yukari( Try to reason with the thugs)

The air seems tense. You should try to resolve the situation before all hell breaks loose.

“Is something wrong?” you ask casually. “And what’s with those looks?”

The two just stare at you. As they mutter amongst themselves, you try to move away. They stop you, suddenly, and begin a line of questioning that you hadn’t hoped for.

“Hey, you! Who are you?" the bulkier of the men asks. "Why're you poking around over there?”
“My name is Yukari Yakumo,” you reply, sweetly. “Why do you ask?”

“What are you lookin' for, Yukari? Isn't that about where that other guy disappeared, Marly?”

Well, you now know what happened to the gap. He must have closed it accidentally on his way out. Your only question now was who he was, but these two don’t look reliable enough to have an answer to that. Although feeling a bit strained from your time outside Gensokyo, you stand silently. You know what was about to happen, as it’s obvious that the two were chatting to themselves in low tones. Not wasting any time, one of them pulls out a revolver.

“You better start answering our questions, Yukari. What is it that’s going on?” Your eyes widen. You were expecting a fist fight, but this took things up to a new level. He shoots, and you dodge easily. How pathetic! You could dodge bullets twice his size. You land on one knee, and pick up the trash can that was rolling on the ground.

Shocked at your speed, the man stands still for a second before cocking his gun again and shooting. You move a fraction of an inch, letting it fly past. Before he tried again, you throw the trash can and hit him, knocking him out. The second man, terrified, starts shooting wildly. You dodge the first few shots with ease.

You run towards him, using the trash can lid in your hand to deflect the bullets. They were no longer your concern. As you came in close, he pulled his switchblade from his pocket. He managed to get the blade out, but it was already too late, and you struck him square in the head, sending him to the ground.

You can still feel your power draining. Figuring you might need to arm yourself, you search the man’s pockets, taking his gun and switchblade. You also notice two wallets. The first wallet showed the man you knocked out, but the second was someone else. He was younger, with red-brown hair and brown eyes. The name on the license says Blake Renalds.

“So this was the person who went through the border.”

You pick up his wallet and leave. Heading back to your hotel, you peel off your soot-stained clothes, toss them down the laundry chute, and slip into the long awaited bath.

After hours of relaxing, you leave the bath, wrapping a towel around your body. As you open the door to your bedroom, you hear a soft thump. Opening the door cautiously, you peek inside. Could someone have followed you? You make a quick grab at the revolver, and point it at the moving object.

Your eyes widen, as do those of person on your bed. You lower the gun, quickly, embarrassed.

On your bed was your beloved pet, Chen.

No longer worried, you let your towel drop to the floor as you begin to get dressed. Picking some clothes from the drawer, you admire yourself in the mirror. Your outfit of choice is a blue skirt, and a handmade tee from Ran.

Getting up again, you ask Chen to head out with you. While you were still here, you might as well have another day of enjoyment before you began looking for the guy, right?

Looking at the map, you consider the places you could go.

[] The Museum of Art and Architecture
[] Battery Park
[] Coney Island
[] write in (note: Don’t make up places; I’m looking for actual {fun} places accessible in/from New York City.)


Blake Renalds( Try to swim against the rapids)

The water is moving fast. Already out of breath, you look around for something you could grab onto, while still fighting the current. It isn’t too deep, but it’s more than enough to wear you down. After getting more used to the frantic waters, you swim towards the side of the river. The water is pushing you back, but you are able to wrap your arms around a rock by the shore, and pull yourself onto it.

You let your eyes clear, and take in surroundings. A small clearing lies directly to the left of the river you just evaded. What you think is a town lies ahead of you.

You get up, exhausted from your swim, and stagger on to solid ground. Before you get very far, you hear a high pitch moan.

“No, wait! Don’t go!” You spin around, and nearly fall back into the water. She was standing mere inches away from you.

“Just a few more seconds, and I would have made it. You've got a lot of guts to swim in a river like this. I respect that.” You look at the girl more closely, and notice her features. She's probably no older than 10, and short. She's in some kind of fairy costume, with spiky blue wings. Her hair and eyes are both a peculiar shade of blue.

“How would you have saved me?” You ask. “You don’t look like you could swim through that either.”
“...You don’t know who I am?” says the girl, confused. “I'm Cirno, the Fairy of Ice! I froze the Misty Lake!”

You blink.

“Fairy? You mean, you can use magic?” That's news to you. Not the most unusual thing that you had heard in New York, but your current situation gives her some credibility.

“Magic? I’m not too sure I’ve heard the term. Perhaps you mean the force, Danmaku, that all of Gensokyo uses? This includes the head of the village you’re from, Keine, so I think you ought to be familiar with the term. I guess that’s not really important at the moment, though.”

“Village?" You cock your head. Then, it dawns on you.

"Cirno, can you keep a secret?” she nods. “I’m not from the village. I’m not from… wherever I'm at. I’m actually not sure where I am now. One minute, I was in a place with tall skyscrapers, and the next, I’m here in the water.” You gesture down to yourself.

She glances at the village. “Hm. I don’t want her to send you back. Most of the time all the new people are cowards. But you're useless for now.” You give her an offended glare. ”Sorry, no offense. What’s your name, anyway?”

You tell her, and she looks back towards the clearing. “Well, Blake, if you go to the village, they'll just send you back, but I've no idea where're you'll end up. Letty might know how to help, but she won't be around for another month..."

“Look, I have a home by the lake, near the village. Why don’t you stay with me? I might even be able to help you get less useless. How about it?”

() Stay with Cirno for a bit

() Try your luck in the town

() Head into the forest to try to meet up with someone different.


I've been a bit busy the past few days, so I didn't get this on right away. I'm going to leave this open for two days, then talley the votes. I might as well say this now, but I'm always open to write-ins as long as they make sence. after voting closes, I'll let you know the date for the update.
File 128064948951.jpg - (144.28KB, 624x393, StatueOfLiberty.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Statue of Liberty Prime

(X) Stay with Cirno for a bit
[x] Battery Park
Why did Yukari choose to stay outside? Last we knew she was trying to get straight back to Gensokyo, because her power was fading rapidly.

[x] Stay with Cirno
Cirno seems way too damn smart. As an aside, based merely on his friends, I would say Blake is a thug.
>>22514 both are incorrect assumptions. Yukari is trying to get back into gensokyo, but she has no ability to, from earthly weakening. Blake's past will be revealed over time, but I think that you misread the first part. He was a tourist, tricked by thugs.
[x] Battery Park
[x] Stay with Cirno
Calling it

Yukari is headed to battery park
Blake is joining cirno for the time being. I'll post when to expect the update, but it's going to take a few days. I have a lot on my plate this week.
[X] Coney Island

(X) Stay with Cirno a bit.
This is Agni's freind. he's away for the week, but he left me this half of the update. he's working on the other half for now, and told me to tell you that he's going to post it on here when he's back.

anyway, here's the update.

You and Chen leave out of your room, and quietly chatter as you walk down the halls of the building.
“Chen, how did you get here? I didn’t realize that you had that much control over the borderspace.”
“Ah, Mama Ran helped me out. She was worried when you weren’t coming back.” Although you are somewhat worried about the current situation, you’re happy to have this kind of company. You’re usually traveling in the human world alongside Ran, but she decided to stay behind on this week long trip.
“Ran finished Rinnosuke’s outfit yesterday, you know.” You can’t help but wonder how Chen could keep so calm, even though she already knows what has happened recently. Looking at Chen’s bright smile sort of helps you remain in a calm composure, even though you’re bothered by the question of how to get back.
Exiting the building, Chen runs off ahead of you. She’s been to the park before, so she knows the way already. You are sure that Chen can take care of herself, despite looking like an easy target. After what seems like an hour of walking, you reach Battery Park.
Chen is staring out at the water looking at the shore of New Jersey, where a Fair shines brightly. You sit down as well, looking out onto the water for a few minutes.
“Chen, have you seen the statue of Liberty yet?” you ask her, cheerfully. “It’s just a short walk from here. We won’t be able to go inside it, but it’s a lovely sight. These humans can do some impressing things with metals.”
The two of you start walking off, your right arm trailing the path of iron bars, keeping you from falling. Moving slowly, you continue your converse with Chen.
“Chen, you should be more careful. We’re both stuck here now.”
“Ah, Master Yukari… That may be true. I’ve even begun to feel weak with being here only about half a day. That’s why I’m a bit slower than usual today. Apparently, people who look my age can’t move this fast.” You continue to feel relieved, though. Chen’s speed, although very helpful, makes her stand out in crowds, and you really have to be sure to blend in while you are here.
“Chen, don’t worry about it,” you begin. “Everything will be perfectly…” you stop. Chen at first is confused, but even then, she sees it. Standing on the end of an Iron post was a girl, looking up at the sky. She was wearing a dark black hat with a white bow, and a highly “schoolgirl” like outfit. She looked very official, however.
You know this girl, and are sure that she knows you.
“This may be a problem, Chen.”

Looking your direction now, but still poised with her hand on her hat, was one of the two members of the Sealing club.

() Reveal who you are and seek help.
() Try to end the Sealing Club activities.
() Ask for Renko’s partner.
() Write in.

When Agni gets back, the voting for this half will end.
(x) Reveal who you are and seek help.
-[x] Ask where her partner is.
-[x] Make them both swear to secrecy.

I'd think it'd be best to have some friends in the outside.
(x) Reveal who you are and seek help.
-[x] Ask where her partner is.
-[x] Make them both swear to secrecy.
(x) Reveal who you are and seek help.
-[x] Ask where her partner is.
-[x] Make them both swear to secrecy.
Alright. I'm finally back. I would have notified you all sooner, except my laptop was being fixed up. This ends the yukari voting. I'll try to get these next updates posted this week. Ironically, I'm also going to be in New York. Perhaps one of you will catch me @ battery park one night?
File 128283933224.jpg - (193.88KB, 700x560, eternal090328.jpg) [iqdb]
Cirno seems tense, her arms tightly clasped in front of her. You feel that she really wants to help you out in this dangerous world. Although you're still nervous about her and her freezing ability, you are glad that someone acknowledges you, unlike the people of your world, who either bullied you or ignored you.

“Cirno, I think I would love to be taught by you. You’re strong willed, and I think whatever you can teach me will help.” With your words, Cirno’s eyes light up, and her posture relaxes. She begins to laugh and circle around you, flying with her crystalline wings.

“I’m glad to hear that! Normally, people don’t trust me enough to train under me… truth is, I’m actually a low level youkai. When it comes to it though, I am the strongest of my kind. I can’t wait to try this out.” You’re a bit unnerved by this, but you still think you can be helped by her. “Well, as much as I would like to start now, I’m don't think here’s the right place. Either way, I think it would be better if you followed me.” She grabs your arm, and rushes into the forest. Trees blur past you until Cirno finally slows down, revealing an icy landscape. You immediately notice two strange things. The first is that your clothes have literally frozen over, presumably because they were washed up. The second is that, although the air around Cirno is very cold, her hand is warm.

While you ponder these two things, Cirno continues to pull you along, until you see an absolutely beautiful sight. Hidden on the edge of the lake is a small cottage, seemingly made of ice, complete with a chimney and see-through windows. The thick walls reflected the landscape around them instead.

She herds you through to the door, and opens it for you. You admire the spectacle out loud.

"You like it? I made it myself, using my power."

As you walk in, your shoulder hits against the edge of the building, and the sleeve of your shirt literally shatters, causing the cold air to rush through your skin, which reddens quickly.

“Ah! I’m sorry; I didn’t realize that... oh... we should have headed into the village first.” She seems disappointed, on the verge of tears. when suddenly, she stops, and quickly leads you up a flight of stairs, and into one of the rooms. “Alright… I’m not quite sure if it would fit you, but I have a few changes of clothes that a guy could wear. I’ll wait outside the room while you get changed.”

She leaves the room, and closes a metal door. It seems that she wasn’t able to make the house completely out of ice, probably due to the mechanics of doors. Quickly, you move towards what you believe is a dresser. Inside, you see a couple of dresses like Cirno's. Looking through the next droor, you find a pair of cloth overalls with the same design as her dress, and a white button-up shirt. You try to peel off the clothing you have on, but eventually just smash them off, and put on the new outfit.

Surprising enough, the pants fit perfectly, despite the obvious height difference. The shirt’s a bit tight, but you can manage for now. You open up the door, and Cirno calls you from downstairs. Apparently, she’s made tea. You sit down, and she begins to talk.

“I suppose you don’t know anything about here... Tell me Blake, what is it that you want to know about Gensokyo?

Authors notes: you may choose multiple questions, and they can be ordered in any way. The order you pick these restricts how much Cirno is going to tell you, whether it be a knowledge issue, or a willpower issue. Also, from now on, you have to work on friendships with the characters you meet. Almost every choice will have either a positive or negative effect on these bonds, and some later options might have two different effects on differing characters.

Questions to ask Cirno:

() Ask about places in Gensokyo
() Ask about the stronger members of Gensokyo
() Ask about the people of Gensokyo
() Ask about Cirno
() Ask about the origins of Gensokyo
() Ask about Cirno’s abilities
() Ask about the current events of Gensokyo
() Ask about the Cirno's friends

also, calling the voting for the next Yukari post.
Damn. I forgot one more option. You should know that, even if I forget to put this up, it should apply to all of my posts, unless I say otherwize.

[] Ask _____ (User option. up to three allowable questions.)
... not really. The other person to post got it right, but you can ask up to three things -NOT ON THE LIST- to cirno as well as the options already up. keep in mind the order.
(x) Ask about Cirno
(x) Ask about Cirno’s abilities
(x) Ask about the Cirno's friends
(x) Ask about places in Gensokyo
(x) Ask about the people of Gensokyo
(x) Ask about the current events of Gensokyo
(x) Ask about the stronger members of Gensokyo
(x) Ask about the origins of Gensokyo

Can't think of any more questions at the moment.
(x) Ask about Cirno
(x) Ask about Cirno’s abilities
(x) Ask about the Cirno's friends
(x) Ask about places in Gensokyo
(x) Ask about the people of Gensokyo
(x) Ask about the current events of
(x) Ask about the stronger members of
(x) Ask about the origins of Gensokyo

Ah hell. Let's just go with these, baby.
I'm sorry for the delay. I'm going through some really tough times lately. I'm fortunately I had to re-create this all using a dictation function on my iPod. I apologize beforehand for any spelling errors or grammar errors it's really not much I can do. Well I hope I can get this done quickly, but something tells me that Can can can can can you bring me me me me me me I am I am not going to be able to.


 " Renko, do you know who I am?" your question was shaky at first, but your first class confidence has returned. " my name is Yukari"

You wave your hand in a graceful manner, creating a small orb of your power to appear from it. Immediately, you vanish it, to conserve energy. This magic show seems to have a profound effect on Renko, however. Her eyes, once fierce, became orbs as bright as your magic had been. Her hand left her hat as she jumped down.

"you... Maribel? No... She would never act like that... She's far to docile. Who... What... Wait a second!" her contemplation went on for some time until she finally realized the one thing that was completely wrong with her view.

That is, to say, the white orb that caught her attention.

"ah!" was all clear? Did she understand? You weren't shure what to make of that fast track mind.

Chen had been watching her the entire time. She giggled and ran up to the young girl.

"auntie yukari, would this be that girl you monitored from time to time? The one who had deeper understanding of the world?"

Dammit. You weren't expecting Chen to remember that. Especially not now. Looking back at the alert Renko, she frowned slightly.

"watching me? What for... Ah!" suddenly, she smiled. Wait... What? "so you were thinking of letting us join your world, is that right? Maribel's going to be so pleased when she hears the news."

Shit. This is going completely the wrong way... But you need her help, so you decide to play along.

"Of course we want to accept you into our world" you lie, "I have to say, though, we want to give the two of you a... A test of skill beyond normal reasoning."

"I am the ferrier between this world and our land, the border demon. My name is Yukari Yakumo. ever since I came here last week, my power has been draining. This world is unstable, without the necessary flow of energy for my magic. I am almost as weak as your average human."

Renko was writing this all down, you think, for her partner Maribel. She bought it, at least. Looking up at her, you can see the excitement in her eyes, her smirk, and her posture.

"I need both of your help in finding a way home. This would be by finding a border, anywhere in this world. It's not am easy task, as there are very few that I haven't closed up yet."

"this is almost like a game, right? We look for clues to lead us there?" she wasn't your best lead for nothing. She understood.

"Exactly like a game. But the clues are more skew than that. Is there anything odd around here!" Chen was the one to speak up here. which was good, considering the two of you came up with this on the fly.

"Odd? You do know where you are, right? In New York, it's odd not to be odd." Renko giggled at the notion. " well, I'm supposed to meet my partner at a cafe about fifteen minutes from here. They call it "peice and love cafe". They have wifi and enough of a space for a meeting table. Although with us four, that could be anywhere."

"Do you mind if I join you tonight? I'm sure I could explain the details of the test to Maribel. Plus, I want to meet her to. She is your eyes to spot these borders, you know. It's her ability."

[] mocha
[] latte
[] frap

Alright... This took way to long for me to do. I started this in the summer. Of course, I had to redo it as of last month, when my laptop was bugged. It still is... Expect the Blake portion to be up soon.
[x] mocha

Cryptic choices are rather annoying.
[x] mocha
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