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To celebrate the site's full return I'm making a Komachi (and a bit extra) sidestory.

That and we NEED Machi Machi H.

But unlike the other side stories, this can easily take place in the canon story since it takes place during the aftermath of Johnny/Ryu taking a Master Spark aimed for Meiling (Considerable spoilers)

Ugh.... at least the pain stopped.... where am I? There's a bunch of fancy flowers and this weird ass looking river. I walk around trying to see what's going on when I find no other than Komachi awake for once.

"How does it feel to be in between life and death?" She asks.

"Weird, but better than the massive pain that I was feeling." I answer. Being half- WHAT THE HELL!? SHIT! That almost killed me!?

"Don't worry you're not going to die if you want to live. I was told to keep you around here as so when it's time for you to return, there'll be no trouble." She calmly states.

"But what about my body!? I don’t want it dying while I’m here!" I ask panicked. It's a very natural thing considering I'M ABOUT DEAD!

"Don't worry it's still alive, but getting hit with so much magic screwed around with the border of life and death. Well sit down and have a chat with me. I'm certainly not a stiff! Ah you don't get reaper humor." She says, making a bad joke. I can’t really get mad at a rather cute yet very busty girl.

"I guess I'll do that, I guess I'll tell you what happened since that party..." as I explained the events to her.

"So you like shapely redheads?" Komachi asks while pressing her very sizable bust against me. Well, they're slightly bigger than Meiling's I think, can't tell before what kind of undies she wears.

"You could say that, but it was more her kindness that appeals to me" I answer back.

Komachi looks pensive as she then asks, "Could you do me a favor while you're here? It's been something I've wondered about during the last few years."

"Sure, ask away. I kinda owe you for the whole not dying thing" I answer, that and despite her lousy jokes, she's a rather sexy older sister type like out of those games the geek plays.

She blushes as she proceeds to speak. "In all the times I've passed people through, I seen various images, some of them... showing things with these" She says as she moves her breasts to emphasize the point.

"So what I'm asking is... is to find out about these things with you. I know it's very sudden, but you're the only guy with a body I know." She adds. I do run into her on my errands at times, I chat things up some since it makes the trip less boring.

Machi-machi... I can see where she's coming from, since it could be years upon years before she has another chance. And hell, it means playing with that rack. "I gladly accept your request" I say to her as she smiles.

She leads me to a shack a short distance away. This must be where she sometimes stays. As we go in, I notice a nice bed and some books.

"Could you sit on the bed?" She asks. I do so as she starts to remove her top, revealing her chest being bound with in many bandages. She tend removes them... revealing their true magnificent size. And I thought the difference was slight. There wasn't alot of sag, most likely due to those bandages.

She walks up and sits down as well. I realize that she doesn't have an idea what to do, so I motion for her to sit on my lap; groping is best done from the back.

I do gently because just because they're big doesn't mean they're numb. Wow... they are soft and more than a handful. And it's great to enjoy my... handiwork. There goes my right to remark on her sense of humor.

I stop as I decide to start sucking them. Her face shows disappointment before she starts gasping as I start sucking on one and continue playing with the other. Then I change breasts, and I notice panting; she must be really be enjoying this as much as I do.

After sucking each breast a couple more times, I got up as she started taking off the rest of her clothes, revealing one of those old time underwear things, but completely soaked. I help her take them off. "You alright?" I ask, wanting to be sure, though I have a feeling that she came.

"That was so good... She's going to be a lucky girl" She says. That's a good vote of confidence.

She looka at my pants and notices the rock hard boner I have. "One of the things I've seen was where you put that in between the breasts, could I try it? I'll try my best!" I've started to notice when she's nervous, she takes on a more feminine pattern of speech.

"Don't worry; I said I'd do it." I say as I stripped down naked, Kinda weird since I'm kinda like a ghost. I wonder if I have any special advantages in this state.

As I straddle her and she puts her breasts around my dick, I'm surprised by the softness. I do some light thrusting as she moves them about, growing increasing eager as she gets used to it. I play with her nipples in the meanwhile, causing occasional moans to come from her.

But even my ghostly endurance and focus can't last against perhaps one of the best titfucks in Gensokyo. "Machi.." I utter as she goes and puts the tip of my dick in her mouth as I end up coming down her throat.

"Weird but not bad, I don't see why they didn't like swollowing" She muses, seemingly gotten over her nervousness. "And one part of you is a stiff yet lively." she adds, bringing her sense of humor to bear.

"I got an idea, doing that horizontally. But it's just a suggestion" I say, knowing not to press my luck considering what’s happened so far.

"Now that I didn't see... then again they were kinda small compared to me. Just stand against the wall, and I'll take care of the rest." She says as I follow her instructions.

She then put her breasts around my dick as she starts moving back and forth while moving them around some from a kneeling position. She then remarks, "I hope you don't get any stupid ideas about putting yourself in danger, since you might not be so lucky next time," I am lucky, both not to die and to do things to Komachi and her breasts.

I last a bit longer than I did last time, but this time she sticks my whole dick in her mouth as I come. She goes over to bed and lays down on it. "Try to be gentle, since it is my first time" she says. Gensokyo is sure is an interesting place, so many attractive virgins. I wonder if some dumbass that tried to grope her got tossed in the river.

I proceed to gently enter her as I say to her, "I know you're a tough girl, but this may hurt alot." I've been with a few virgins in my time, so I know these things. I then do a deep thrust that breaks the maidenhead. The usual mess occurs as I hug her and rub her back.

"Thanks, I'm starting to recover now so go ahead" She says as I start at a moderate rate. But along the way she started sucking her own breasts in a very erotic display, causing my dick to get even harder and my pace to speed up.

Once we got into it, Komachi proves to be a lively partner, setting in the position of laying on her side with one of her long legs up in the air. When I can, I do play with an unoccupied breast some.

This continued until I was going very fast; A perk I guess of my state is that physical impact doesn't hurt myself or her. Komachi on the other hand was just manhandling herself while going fast on her end. I managed to make her cum once so far, though it looks like soon we both will.

We were too into to really say any names, but the only girl on my mind was Komachi. I manage to get my head back as she screams during her orgasm, much fiercer no doubt due to the feeling of hot ghost cum.

"I feel like a nap, how about you?" she asks in the afterglow. I'm tempted to see if I could use her breasts as pillows.

"Sure but think I can use your boobs as pillows?" I ask, not sure of what would happen.

"Sure, go ahead; they are quite soft after all." She says as I rest my head on one of her breasts and quickly fall asleep.

"Komachi, I said to keep him in the area, not seduce him." I hear no doubt Siki say as I wake up.

I see those two talking, Komachi still nude. "Boss, you should lighten up, I'm sure he'd find you attractive as well." Komachi says to her boss.

"Well... how is he?" Siki asks with a blush. I decide to take advantage of my position and observe the Yama. Contary to fan art she's not as much as a 'loli' but someone more petite compared to the bombshell amazon that Komachi is. She as a nice amount of height, nice legs, and she does have breasts, more of a modest size from what I can tell.

"And until he wakes up, I could always relieve your tension. This way when he does wake up, He'll get to see the cutest Yama in all of Higan." Komachi says in a rather sexy manner as she starts stripping Siki out of her clothes. Her breasts aren't bad either in a smaller way.

I decide to make myself known. They're both surprised. "Even better, now we can both help Siki relax." Komachi says as she moves siki closer to where I am.

"Komachi, I'm still on- Ohhhhhh" Siki tries to say before Komachi starts playing with Siki's left breast and pussy. I decide to join in, since Siki only gave token resistance. I decide to play around with her left breast and legs.

After a bit of that, Komachi had Siki lay on her as I prepared to enter her. But to my surprise she wasn't a virgin. "She had a bad relationship with another Yama, wasn't even good in bed." Komachi remarks as Siki gives angry glare which is kinda offset by her cute face.

"Don't worry; I'm honored to service the Yama in what ways I can." I say, causing a bit of a chuckle from Komachi.

While it started out normal enough, with Komachi around it turned into something of a threesome, which had a good amount of foot and breast fetish fuel. For one Komachi really likes Siki's feet on her breasts. And Siki enjoys playing with Komachi's melons. From what I remember, we were both sucking on Komachi's breasts.

After the sexual haze cleared, Siki and me were resting on Komachi's breasts. "It seems it's time that you got back. Though once you get into a relationship, you shouldn't go outside the boundries. That's all I'll say about you." Siki says as Komachi is fast asleep.

I figured I'd get dressed as to reduce any trouble as I start disappearing from the place. Siki adds, "Thank you for doing Komachi's favor. It has been bugging her for the last 20 years." as I finally vanish.

I wake up in a bed in the SDM, only to find her sleeping as if to keep watch over me. Well now I'm richer in experience. I wonder if I'd be able to spend another night before I settle down for good. Still, most people nearly dying can't talk about having sex with a ultra-busty reaper, and a cute Yama.

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Not the best thing I've read but it's not the worst either.
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Some notes:

Unlike the Yuugi Sidestory, this was mainly smut, in the actual story you'll see Komachi's personality better.

And to make things clear: This doesn't happen during the story; but it could have happened.

Now to do the Parsee side story after my next update.

Though I think on the smut count I'd like to think I did nicely (though Patchwork's rendition of it would blow it away)
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It's not the worst piece of erotica I've ever read, but it's far from the best.

The biggest problem, aside from the technical (grammar, punctuation, etc.), is the lack of elaboration on the acts themselves. There's no feeling in it. It feels like I'm being told to fap to a story outline.

For lack of a better turn of phrase, flesh it out some more.
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Dully noted, I've come to realize that this came out weaker compared to my Yuugi H-story. I do plan on a redo in this thread eventfully.

But also the side stories are also kinda practice runs for when I get to such scenes in my story.