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File 124733875099.jpg - (195.53KB , 512x640 , TheBeautifulBride.jpg ) [iqdb]
17967 No. 17967
It took only a brief explanation of what penning your own vows would entail to stir a great enthusiasm in Yuyu, and surprisingly enough, a certain degree of bashfulness to accompany it. She suggested quietly that each of you find the place best suited to helping you think, and so, after a light admonishment not to peek at her writing, and a sweet parting kiss, you found yourself taking a calming walk through the marshland. Yuyu, you're sure, has already settled into the branches of the Saigyou Ayakashi.

For you, however, the old clearing is calling out.

A smile creeps along your face as you step into the small glade. It hasn't changed much at all from the first time you set foot in it, when you met Lyrica here all those years ago. There are still patches of purplish grass pushing through the muddy ground, still enough leaves overhead to splinter the sunlight into little roving shafts that illuminate the clearing just so. Padding over to a particularly thick root, you sit yourself down and relax.

Retrieving a pen and pad from storage in your jacket, you settle into the tranquility afforded to you by the stillness of the swamp, and let the words flow.


Gods, you're nervous.

"Gods, I'm nervous."

"You're getting married at our shrine, so stop worrying so much. You're under our protection," Kanako offers from her spot behind the temporary altar erected before the entrance of Moriya Shrine. She and Suwako have taken it upon themselves to stand at Sanae's flanks for the ceremony, as a sign of blessings for your marriage to Yuyu. You hadn't found reason to decline this, given that you'd never attended a wedding where actual goddesses had been present.

"It's natural to be nervous at your first wedding though, Kanako," Suwako speaks up cheerily. "I was blushing like a schoolgirl at my first marriage. It wasn't until the sixth or seventh that I was used to it. Of course, marriage back then was different, and mine wer--"

"No," Kanako interrupts harshly, sending her fellow goddess a sharp glare, "you are not telling that story here! It is not even remotely appropriate for this occasion!" Regrettably, the blazing red blush that's creeping along Kanako's cheeks dampens the effectiveness of her stern tone considerably.

"Come now, Kana, don't be a prude." Suwako smiles slyly, and licks her lips suggestively.

"Nobody here wants to hear about the orgy you had after your ninth wedding!"

"Nonsense, it's a valuable tale full of wisdom for those getting married!"

You venture to mention that you weren't actually speaking to them, but the two goddesses are soon locked in another of their usual squabbles, which Sanae does an impressive job of ignoring, watching for the first sign of Yuyu with eagles eyes and an unparalleled focus. She really is putting her all into this - she even dug out a set of elaborate ceremonial robes, complete with sleeves that actually cover her shoulders. At least she's taking this seriously.

"Come on, kid," a reassuring hand suddenly gives your hair a ruffle, "relax. I've known you and Yuyu long enough to know that Yuyu will love this; as long as she marries you, she's going to be perfectly happy no matter what happens. You don't need to worry."

You glance over at Komachi and flash her a grateful smile, feeling some of the tension drain away. Just having her around always does wonders for helping you relax.

"You're right." You get your hair back in order as she withdraws her hand. "Besides, I've got you here to watch my back, right?"

Komachi just grins and gives you a thumbs-up in affirmation. The simple gesture bestows a surprising amount of confidence upon you, more than usual, even; maybe it's because of her attire. With her hair pulled back into a single ponytail instead of her usual twintails, and wearing that tailored suit, she cuts a remarkably dashing figure. She even bound her chest, although given her impressive figure, this doesn't accomplish much. Either way, you can spot a number of the guests in attendance sneaking stares at her, and you can even see Alice near the back of the throng, looking particularly pleased with her handiwork.

Abruptly several bursts of white light flare from atop the pillars lining the shrine path, and the assembly falls into a hush as small white motes of light rain down and pop harmlessly or sail away on the wind. Komachi nudges you a little and straightens up.

"It's starting."

You nod, and take a deep breath to prepare yourself. As off to one side the Prismrivers begin to play a tune softer and more restrained than you've ever heard from them, the first sign of the bride's procession comes into view. The bridesmaids ascend the steps of the shrine, first Chen, then Ran and Youmu side by side, and lastly Yukari as the maid of honor. All of them are clad in simple, loose white sundresses, foregoing all their usual accessories; Chen isn't wearing her or earrings, Youmu and Yukari have forsaken their ribbons, Youmu has let her long hair down, and all of them, even Ran, have removed their hats. It's a very simple look for such a ceremony - even Yukari is only discernible as the maid of honor by her position in the procession and the bouquet she carries - but it's a refreshing simplicity with a charm of its own.

The four bridesmaids tread softly down the center of the shrine path, between the two groups of benches that have been set up for the guests, and take their places to one side of the altar. The next part of the procession should be the flower girls, and sure enough, the two of them come into view... oh, wow. Now that's a minor miracle. Up the stairs come Lily White and Lily Black in much the same attire as the bridesmaids, and Black isn't visibly angry at her sister. White practically skips down the aisle, casting cherry blossoms high in the air as she goes, while Black moves with a more sedate walk, scattering her own basket of cherry blossoms with much less verve. You're kind of amazed Black would agree to fill a role usually assigned to young girls, actually.

The almost-twin sisters finally take up their positions next to the bridesmaids. At long last it's time for Yuyu to come down the aisle, and a mixture of eagerness and anxiety grips you. With bated breath you wait for her to appear, and when she does...

Your breath halts entirely.

Yuyu is radiant. Her dress is a simple garment to match her bridesmaids, but it follows her figure in a much more flattering way, and dips low to the ground to flow with each step, creating the illusion that she is floating. Around her waist a tinted ribbon has been tied such that it looks almost as though Yuyu has been gifted with a pair of small butterfly wings. A pair of elegant gloves reach from her elbows down to her hands, which are clasped demurely in front of her. Gliding down the aisle, almost glowing in bright light of the sun, the pure white of her dress against her perfectly pale flesh, and the fluttering veil hiding her face from view, she looks more ethereal and ghostly now than she ever has before.

She's beautiful.
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>> No. 17968
File 124733884932.jpg - (73.12KB , 467x442 , Cake.jpg ) [iqdb]
When she arrives at your side, everything else just seems to melt away. Dimly you're aware of Sanae delivering the opening speech of the wedding, then one of the girls reading some poetry or some such thing, but none of the specifics really register. Instead you're captivated by your bride to be. The words all fly in one ear and out the other, but you turn nonetheless when instructed, facing Yuyu and taking both of her hands in your own. Through her veil the twin glows of her eyes shine blue, focused steadily on you; her hands fit snugly in your own, and her thumbs brush reassuringly over the backs of your fingers.

And just like that, if there was any doubt or anxiety left in your mind, it's blown away.

Standing here, hand in hand with Yuyu, you know that this is the best decision you've ever made. No matter how much the two of you have loved one another until now, marriage is still an enormously intimidating commitment; it's irreversible, full of uncertainty, vulnerability, and fragile hopes. It's absolutely terrifying, but there's no one you would rather have at your side through it all than the woman in front of you right at this moment, and more than that, you want to see her through it all as well. The chance to do it all, and the chance to tell her how you feel - this is everything you could hope for.

... the chance to tell her how you feel...

The vows!

So caught up in the moment were you, that you almost forgot about them. Already you can hear her beginning the standard set of vows. Can't let her do that!

"Do yo--"

"Sanae," you speak softly, not once looking away from Yuyu's veiled face, "we wrote our own vows."

Sanae emits a girlish squeal, and out the corner of your eye you can see her leaning forward over her podium, squirming about in apparent glee.

"Then... will the two of you please read the prepared vows?"

This is it. Yuyu gives your hands a reassuring squeeze, and you begin without hesitation.

“Yuyu... there’s so much I want to say, and so much I’ve already said, but the truth is, you mean more to me than I could ever express in words. I never imagined that my death would bring me to a woman who could show me what it meant to live, that losing my soul would let me find my heart. My life, my heart... you helped me find them, and now I want to share them with you.

So, Yuyu, I vow never to leave or forget you. Through every moment, sad or happy, storm or calm, hungry... or not quite as hungry, I'll be there for you; I'll always be there, to love you, support you, care for you... and nourish you. Forever onward, I'll always be at your side."

It's such a simple vow, but what she needs is to know that she'll never have to be alone again. That she'll have someone who she'll never have to lose. Being able to give her that sets your heart at ease, and fills you with confidence.

Quietly she murmurs your name, and tightens her grip on your hands. This time it's your turn to reassure her with a comforting brush of your thumb. That seems to be enough, and she begins to speak her own vows in a soft, almost bashful voice.

"Words have never been my forte. Touch has always been so much easier for me, so when you proposed writing our own vows, I was nervous. Maybe my words won't come out right, maybe they won't be perfect, but... I know that they have weight, and I want my promise to you to be my own. You've given me so much of yourself, and I want to give you this part of me.

So I vow always to have faith in you, and to put all of myself into loving you. No matter what comes, or what circumstance we find ourselves in, I'll put my trust in you. If ever you have a want, I'll strive to fill it, if ever you wish to give, I'll accept it all, and if ever you need an answer, I'll have one for you. I love you, and I always will."


"Having exchanged such wonderful vows," Sanae exclaims excitedly, "I now ask that you exchange rings and seal these promises before the gods. Please present the rings."

Komachi steps up, presenting the ring box to you and Yuyu. The lid flies open with a click, and you each take one of the rings from the box, before presenting your left hands to one another. With a small pause to steady yourselves, you slide the rings onto one another in unison, the small bands sliding into place with ease. The slight weight of the ring on your finger... this feels perfect; more than that, it feels right.

"Through the power vested in me by the gods who have witnessed this exchange," Sanae sounds breathless now, as though she were on the verge of fainting, "I hereby declare you husband and wife! You may kiss the bride!"

At long last, you pull Yuyu close, one hand on her shoulder, the other pulling back her veil. She looks up at you, the blue light of her eyes growing hazy through the tears that threaten to spill, her mouth stretched in the happiest smile you've ever seen on her. Her eyes drift shut, her hands come to rest softly on your chest, you lean in, she leans up, your lips meet...

... and a roaring cheer fills the air.


"Sorry about that," you apologize, though you share a laugh with Yuyu, as Suwako continues to carry Sanae through the shrine bridal-style. You didn't expect her to actually faint from excitement when she saw you give Yuyu her wedding kiss.

"No need to apologize," Suwako dismisses your worries with a happy laugh of her own, and proceeds to nuzzle her face against Sanae's bosom. "I haven't gotten to carry Sanae like this for so long! It's nice!"

"Oi! Stop hogging Sanae! I want to carry her too," Kanako complains with a whine, trying to snatch Sanae away. Quickly the two wind up in another squabble, each attempting to take Sanae for themselves; frankly, it's miraculous that Sanae herself isn't woken by the struggle.

"Everything's setup out back, right?" You ask the bickering goddesses. The reply you get is muffled, but it sounds affirmative enough to you. With a shake of your head and a chuckle, you continue with Yuyu through the shrine, doing little spins and hops as you go, keeping her giggling all the way. Eventually the two of you come to the rear exit of the shrine, which leads to the enormous lack out back. You spin out the exit, and...


You don't really have any other words for the sight before you. A large round table has been setup in front of the sacred lake, fully set with a tasteful tablecloth, fine china, and gleaming silverware; most importantly of all though is the prodigious layered cake that sits atop it, a truly gargantuan beast of a cake nearly twice the size of the one presented at your bachelor party, and decorated with heart and cherry blossom designs, as well as the requisite bride and groom figurines on its top layer. You can only assume that this one doesn't contain strippers, so it should have considerably more substance to it as well.

"Amazing," Yuyu whispers breathlessly. Her eyes are shining like she's just... well, like she's just been given the biggest cake in the world.

"Of course." You perk up and look over to your left to see Lily Black standing there, a smug smile on her face. When did she get there? "As disgusting as it is to admit it, this appallingly saccharine creation is the greatest work I've ever done. It's enough to make me sick."

Harsh as her words are, her jovial tone tells you that she's rather pleased with how it turned out. You offer her a knowing smile.

"Well, since you detest it so, let's hurry up and serve it, and get it out of your sight."

"Aren't you the thoughtful one?" She replies sarcastically.
>> No. 17969
File 124733888273.jpg - (262.11KB , 640x800 , Giving.jpg ) [iqdb]
It doesn't take long to have all of the guests assembled and seated, although it takes a bit of time to get them under control. This is a party, after all, and with the way Gensokyo loves parties, you shouldn't have expected any less. Still, eventually you manage to calm them down long enough for the opening the ceremony of the party, the moment that Yuyu has waited for. Lily Black presents a cake knife to your beautiful new bride, who takes it with a barely contained enthusiasm. Placing your arm around her for support, you take hold of the knife as well, and turn to give her a grin.


Yuyu nods eagerly, and licks her lips. Together, the two of you cut into the cake, Yuyu humming happily to herself all the while. Once the first cut is done, you move the knife... let's see... over past one of the heart decorations on the massive cake's edge should do nicely. Just as you're about to cut into it again, however, you hear a whimper. You look to see Yuyu displaying her usual teary, wide-eyed begging look.

You guide the cake knife past another heart decoration with a chuckle, and she immediately brightens up.

It's a bit difficult getting the rather large slice of cake onto your shared plate, but you manage nonetheless. Taking up your fork, you take as large a piece as you can off of the slice, and hold it up for Yuyu.

"You first."

Obediently, Yuyu opens her mouth and lets you deposit the piece of cake in it without resistance. Her face takes on a thoughtful appearance for a moment, and then rapidly changes to one of pure joy. She brings her hand to her mouth to hide the smile creeping along her face.

"Ah! It's good!"

Quickly she takes her own fork and carves another piece out of the cake. You begin to open your mouth, when... she pops the piece of cake into her own mouth with a satisfied hum. You whimper a little.

"Yuyu," you whine. A bout of laughter passes around the table.

Despite that little display, the next bite that she carves out of the cake is indeed given to you. It has a unique taste; at first it seems light and airy, and then-- it's like an explosion of sweetness in your mouth! This is good!

With your own first bite taken care of, that seems to signal to the guests that the party has begun, and everyone begins to cut their own slices of cake. You lean back in your seat, taking another, smaller piece of cake onto your fork, and Yuyu does the same. The two of you snuggle closer to each other, and Yuyu rests her head against you, a content smile on her face.

"I love you," you whisper quietly.

"I love you too," she replies before giving you a soft kiss on the cheek.

With those words, you feed one another a little more cake.


"Alright everyone," you call the chattering partygoers to attention as you and Yuyu stand before the rear entrance of Moriya Shrine. "Yuyu and I are going to head home, but before we go, there's one last thing we need to do. Can everyone gather over here?"

Yukari, who had until now been holding onto the bouquet she carried during the ceremony, comes up and presents the bundle of flowers to Yuyu, already aware of what you plan to do. As the various guests form ranks in front of you, you begin to explain the throwing of the bouquet.

"... it's an old ritual, and it might seem a little silly, but humor us, please."

When you finish your explanation, something in the atmosphere changes. An appreciable portion of the women in attendance adopt remarkably serious and focused expressions. A few outliers seem rather indifferent, but they're not leaving the cluster of guests. Only the women who have already been married remove themselves form the group, moving off to one side with knowing smiles.

You turn around with Yuyu, and the two of you exchange a look and a good chuckle. Taking a deep breath, Yuyu steadies herself, and heaves the bouquet over her head.

The moment the flowers leave her hand, a cacophony of battle cries fills the air, and a laser roars past you, blasting a hole through one of the shrine walls. Several bursts of danmaku bullets whiz by shortly after.

"We probably shouldn't look back, should we?" You ask, already moving to leave.

"I don't think it would be wise, no," Yuyu replies, walking in lockstep with you.

The noise of the brawl out back doesn't grow any quieter, no matter how far you move away from it. Hopefully Kanako and Suwako won't be too upset about this. Regardless, you and Yuyu keep up your pace, passing through the shrine and out to the main path in front, where you find...

"A limousine?"

You stare in mild surprise, and Yuyu stares in fascination. Sure enough, parked along the main path to the shrine, just before the stairs, is an honest-to-god(desses) limousine. Complete with an assortment of cans on strings tied to the rear fender. Right before your eyes, the driver's side door swings open, and out steps Yukari Yakumo, decked out in full chauffeur uniform. She tips her hat and winks at you, then leans against the luxury car lazily. Wasn't she just out back with you? When did she...?

"It's not a western wedding if you don't drive away into the sunset with a bunch of clickety-clack cans, is it?"

... that's Yukarin for you. You shake your head and laugh.

"What is this?" Yuyu asks you curiously. You just pull her close, and lead her towards the waiting limo.

"Well, it's something that I let slip my mind..."


At long last, you step into the manor back home, carrying Yuyu in your arms.

"We're home," you announce in unison. There's no reply, of course - Youmu and her own love decided to step out for the night and leave the house in the care you and your new bride - but something about saying it feels right.

The two of you move slowly through the empty halls, Yuyu nestling her head into the crook of your neck. Just holding her close like this is a satisfying feeling. Before long, however, you come to your destination - the room the two of you share. Sliding the door open with your foot and shutting it behind you in the same fashion, you enter, and carry Yuyu over to your mattress, where you lay her down gently.

Rather than releasing you, she keeps her arms wrapped firmly around you, bringing you down with her. Kneeling over her, you brush a stray lock of hair from her face, and lean in. Your lips meet hers in a firm, lasting kiss. When at last you break away, the two of you smile at one another.

"The wedding gifts can wait, can't they?" You ask quietly.

"I think we have a more important gift to share," she whispers. You share another tender kiss, your hands finding their way to the straps of her dress, just as her hands begin working the buttons of your dinner jacket.

"I love you."

The words spill from both of you in unison, speaking the feelings that you soon are expressing in the most intimate way possible.


Ministory 1 - End
>> No. 17970
File 124733961160.jpg - (100.88KB , 700x754 , Special Thanks.jpg ) [iqdb]
And that brings the HLA Round 1 Ministory to a close. I hope you all enjoyed it, and I thank you for following it this far.

I'd like to take this opportunity to assuage any fears that this thread will see no future use. There are still some side stories based on Round 1 that I'd like to write, and I love Yuyu enough that I'm sure I'll devise other short stories or ministories that take place in this particular HLA universe. This thread will certainly see some more activity in the future.

That said, I intend to start a new round of HLA some time soonish. I hope that you'll support me this next time as well.
>> No. 17971

I look forward to it Patchwork.

It was a good read :)
>> No. 17972
That was amazing.
Really looking forward to both the rest of the sidestories as well as the next round of HLA.
>> No. 17980
I have made clear in the past my opinions on your writing and HLA on the whole, but it bears repeating. You have done a wonderful thing here, Patchwork, and reading your story has made me a number of things, happy among them. I look forward with bated breath to your next contribution - few have captured the romance genre as thoroughly and as effectively as you.
>> No. 17983
Wow... that was... I have no words! I was giddy throughout the whole thing and I especially like the bits of humor scattered throughout. Wonderful.
>> No. 17985
File 124735053110.jpg - (96.86KB , 500x708 , wedding.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hooray. Grats on reaching a good conclusion to the story, Patchi.
>> No. 17995
File 124736185838.jpg - (159.85KB , 500x438 , 5cd7fc8c779732144fc20e3c17290398.jpg ) [iqdb]
Incredible. Can't wait for round 2.
>> No. 17996
I'm smiling.

I've got nothing to say. I'm just smiling.
>> No. 17998
>> No. 17999
I had an incredibly shitty day today. I couldn't even imagine it getting better.
Then I came home to find this.
Thank you for such a lovely ending to a lovely story.
>> No. 18071
What about that Mystia story?
>> No. 18075
File 124749399140.jpg - (462.17KB , 1420x2005 , 001001001.jpg ) [iqdb]
>ninth wedding

Makes sense. The strongest wedding must have the strongest wedding night.

I really liked this Moriya family, specially Suwako. It made me remember of this doujin (that's a good thing), and I'd like to read more of them. But I guess you could only write them this way because they weren't the main characters.
>Youmu has let her long hair down

Beautiful image you gave me here.
>> No. 18269
LoL i just imaged: Youmu catch the flowers and smile to Vincent~ HHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGG
>> No. 18272
Wonderful. It's going to take surgery to remove this grin from my face.
Also, HLA Round 2 will be a Lily Black route.
>> No. 18273
I believe you typoe'd Yukari there. Lily black is not a character, she's a prop.
>> No. 18274
>I believe you typoe'd Yukari there.
I could go with that...

>Lily black is not a character, she's a prop
...But this inspires pure, unbridled rage.
>> No. 18275

Being snubbed only makes her danmaku harder.
>> No. 18276

Stop that
>> No. 18277
>>18272 >>18273
Fuck's sake, it's just 3 letters, why can none of you fags spell Ran?
>> No. 18278
You can only get the slave through the master, thus any Ran route is by necessity a Yukari route.
>> No. 18279

>> No. 18280

>> No. 18285

Summary of most HLA-related arguments.
>> No. 18291

>Summary of THP
>> No. 18295
>Summary of internet
>> No. 18297
>Summary of summary
>> No. 18301
File 124801456924.gif - (74.14KB , 412x312 , yukari-boundary.gif ) [iqdb]
>Summary of summary of summary
>> No. 18302
This just made my day. Thanks Patchwork =).
>> No. 18976
You could have made this even better with a dancing scene. Regardless, I loved it.

Sage for unnecessary bump.
>> No. 21293
File 126906442011.jpg - (212.57KB , 600x747 , Imagine if she was drunk on top of this.jpg ) [iqdb]
Told you this thread would see use again.

Anyway, tons of you are probably wondering what the hell I'm doing bringing this back up, and where I've been. Suffice to say, I've had writer's block with the next scene of HLA2.0, and have had my creative energies directed toward my Creative Writing courses on top of that. Every time that I try to write the next HLA2.0 scene I get stuck, which drains my motivation; then I feel terrible about not posting for ages, which drains my creative ability, which causes me to lose motivation...

Well, I'm sick of this downward spiral. My fix for it is this: I'm going to be writing this little idea I had that I never got to use in HLA, with some small modifications. It should be a faster, cheerier thing than HLA proper, so I should be able to regularly churn out updates. By getting back into the cycle of writing, I want to work past my block eventually. While I do this, I'll also be working on HLA2.0, trying to plow through.

Let's get started.


"You three..."

Those two words, little more than an ominous rasp, hang ominously in the air as Reimu advances on you, the tatami mat floor creaking and straining under the force of her footfalls. Her long black hair sways eerily under an unseen force, and an inner flame lights her brown eyes with a rusty red glow. Lips twisting into a snarl, she bares her teeth, the pearly whites grinding visibly. Though her cheeks are stained with a drunken flush, it only makes her ire all the more terrifying.

"You've really done it this time!"

Laughing nervously, you scuttle backward along the floor until you end up pressed against the wooden wall of the shrine, the holy power that courses through it preventing you from passing through. Your eyes dart about, desperately searching for some way out of this mess.

To your right is only your beloved Yuyu, and, judging from the fact that her cheeks are as rosy a pink as her hair, she isn't going to be much help right now. The completely inappropriate giggle that escapes her, and the mischievous blue glow in her carmine eyes are strong indicators as well. Instinctively, however, you find yourself putting an arm around her as she nestles her head into the crook of your neck, and tightens the embrace she has on you, snuggling up to your right side in a way that causes her loose blue kimono to slide further down her shoulders, providing a tantalizing glimpse at her smooth, pale skin, and ample bus--

Damn it, you can indulge in appreciating your wife's body later! Fervently, and repeatedly!

The prospects to your left are even worse, coming in the form of one gorgeous ghostly magician with pale skin, one hell of a figure, long, dark green locks, and a matching set of eyes. Mima grins wickedly as she slides up close to you, her body wrapped up tight in her blue cape. Quite sober, she nips at your ear as Reimu draws near. Decidedly unhelpful, and reveling in it.

Your only other hopes lie beyond the advancing shrine maiden, in the distant sounds of the latest party, and somehow you don't have a lot of confidence in any of the other partygoers showing up. Or doing anything, for that matter, if they do pop up.

"Noisy, and acting all ini-- ine-- inappropriate in my shrine," Reimu slurs grumpily. "You think you can get away with it just because there's a party?"

You raise your left hand in an attempt to pacify her.

"Now, Reim--"

Her red and white shrine maiden clothes suddenly begin to ripple and wave, and her hair rises and whips about, all under an unseen force. Rising off the floor and into the air, she clenches one hand into a fist and raises it over her head, a brilliant, blinding white light spilling out from between her fingers. A cold sweat rolls down your neck as you shield your eyes from the blinding display; you can only barely make her out, but you can hear the roar she lets out as she rears back.

"Divine Punishment!"

You scramble to get to your feet, but it's too late. Mima and Yuyu let out girlish, entirely phony shrieks as the blazing white light is sent hurtling toward the three of you, and you clench your eyes shut with a whimper. This is going to--


[ ] One
[ ] Ichi
[ ] Ein
[ ] Trois


I'll try and be quick about getting to this tomorrow, so let's get on with this!
>> No. 21295
[ ] One

Welcome back, Patchwork.
>> No. 21296
[x] Trois

The remaining lord of /border/ has returned. And since i don't know what these choices mean, I'm going with my gut, and it tells me this will get the best result. Why pick one when you can pick three?
>> No. 21297
[x] Ein

I'm a bit skeptical, but also hopeful.
>> No. 21298
[x] Ichi

Just to tie the vote.
>> No. 21299
[x] Ein
>> No. 21300
[X] Trois

Everything's sexier in French.
>> No. 21301
[X] Ménage à Trois

This is basic, people.
>> No. 21302
[X] Trois

Welcome back!
>> No. 21303
[x] Ichi
>> No. 21304
>> No. 21306
[Q] Ein

Glad to see you back!
>> No. 21309
that's not an option.
>> No. 21310
[x] >>21301
>> No. 21312
[x] Trois
>> No. 21318
[x] e

...okay, fine.

[x] One
>> No. 21323
Alright, meant to get to this sooner, but called. Writing, but it might not be posted for a little while - my own computer can't access the Internet at the moment, so I'm relying on someone else for that, and I can't just boot them off their computer. Expect the update in maybe an hour or two.
>> No. 21324
File 126914304873.jpg - (492.03KB , 1049x1600 , Fun Size Yuyu.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Trois


This is going to not hurt at all. Apparently.

The blazing light crashes into you with nothing more than a mildly unpleasant wave of pressure, although it does send an odd tingling sensation all through you, making your skin crawl. You crack an eye open and risk a peek at your attacker only to find the world reduced to shimmering, swimming series of blurred colors, ringed by an intense white glow. That prickling feeling starts to swell, becoming a bubbling, fizzing sensation that makes you feel light as air. The whole world seems to twist inward around you for a moment, and then...

Then it just snaps back to normal, as if nothing ever happened.

Silence settles into the room, and you risk a peek from behind the arm you had raised to guard yourself. All the fury of light and sound has vanished, leaving the room dark again. Reimu still hovers slightly above the floor, but the angry scowl she wore has been replaced with a content smile, and she's started to sway dangerously back and forth in the air.

"Now you're all sealed up, and I'm a good shrine maiden," she declares with a giggle. "Reimu's a good girl too!"

Apparently satisfied with herself, she abruptly tips over, collapsing into a heap on the floor. Seconds later a very quiet snore escapes her, and she squirms into a less uncomfortable position. She's asleep.

Blinking, you lower your arm and relax. Looks like you came out of this just fine. You let out a weak laugh, and slump back against the wall. Talk about nerve-wracking! What was all that about sealing you, though? You don't feel any...


You tug on the sleeve of your... Shirt? Odd. While it still has the distinctive blue butterfly motif, your jacket seems to have turned into a slightly oversized shirt. Slightly more important than that, however, is the small paper charm that you find attached to your sleeve. The little slip, scrawled with sloppy patterns and a hastily written "seal," glows faintly. The amulet doesn't seem to be hurting you in any fashion, but... Your blood runs cold. What about Yuyu?

Half-panicked, you turn to your right... Then freeze in place.

Standing there, slightly unsteady on her feet, is the cutest little girl you've ever set eyes on. Slight and small, with pale skin; short, silky waves of pink hair; and wide, curious eyes in a rich shade of burgundy, blue light pouring from the irises... there's no way you could mistake her. Even the blue and white sundress she wears is strikingly similar to her usual kimono. The only thing that seems off is the glowing seal tag attached to the front of her dress; she gently lifts the tag up, running her fingers over it, and examining it curiously.


You place a hand to your throat in surprise. That came out in a higher pitch than you expected.


Yuyu looks up at you in surprise, then quickly touches her hand to her throat just as you did. Looks like she didn't expect the voice change either.


[ ] What the hell just happened?

[ ] ... Reimu! What did you do?

[ ] What about Mima?



Shouldn't take so long to post such a short update...
>> No. 21327
>> No. 21328
-[X] If you manage to survive, check on Mima.

>"Reimu's a good girl too!"
Man, these shrine maidens just can't hold their liquor.

Wait, Haku's fun-sized too? We better avoid Ran so she doesn't die from blood loss. Or maybe she'll turn out to be a shotacon.

<insert standard complaint about fun-size candy bars not being fun>
>> No. 21329

Eagerly awaiting the inevitable Youmu pranks.
>> No. 21330
-[X] If you manage to survive, check on Mima.

Loli Mima next?
>> No. 21331
File 126914815570.jpg - (44.39KB , 283x182 , HHNNNGGGGHHHHH~ .jpg ) [iqdb]
-[X] If you manage to survive, check on Mima.

Oh god my heart!
>> No. 21332
-[X] If you manage to survive, check on Mima.

Somehow, I am anticipating many such brushes with cardiac arrest in the immediate future.
>> No. 21333
-[X] If you manage to survive, check on Mima.

So a vote for one of the "ones" would have limited the effect to just one of us? Who was who?
>> No. 21334
-[X] If you manage to survive, check on Mima.
-[X] Todo list: Go to Eirin, and get your nutbladder fixed.
>> No. 21335
If I had to guess, "One" would have been us (the English language being one of the common elements of just about every main character), "Ichi" would have been Yuyu (being the classic Japanese beauty we all know and love), and "Ein" would be Mima (or Reimu or Youmu) by process of elimination.
>> No. 21336
-[X] If you manage to survive, check on Mima.
>> No. 21337
File 126916206783.jpg - (139.53KB , 750x519 , troublewithreimu.jpg ) [iqdb]

We're in for an adorable little adventure, aren't we?
>> No. 21338
[+] ... Reimu! What did you HHNNNGGGGHHHHH~

It's alive! ALIVE!

"Mad" they called me, when I said it would be back! Mad, indeed. But now, I have the better of them. IT LIVES!
>> No. 21340
>> No. 21342
Yuyu truly is living up to her title of "Death by Moe".
Except that he's already dead.
Let's see if he remembers that.

-[X] If you manage to survive, check on Mima.
>> No. 21343
- {If you manage to survive, check on Mima.}}
>> No. 21346
-[x] If you manage to survive, check on Mima.

>> No. 21348
-[Q] If you manage to survive, check on Mima.

This could be just plain awesome~
>> No. 21350
-[x] If you manage to survive, check on Mima.
This is... magnificient.
>> No. 21351
Fun Size Yuyu looks an awful lot like Satori....
>> No. 21352
The drawfag is back!
Except, not a fag!
And awesome!
>> No. 21360
That's about the thought that went through my head.

What he said.
>> No. 21362
-[ø] If you manage to survive, check on Mima.
Great writing as always, Patchwork.
>> No. 21367

I love it. I love it so much.

In other news, the outcome of this vote is obvious, so vote closed. I'm a little pressed for time right now doing all the work I put off over Spring Break in a single night, so the update will come some time tomorrow.
>> No. 21412
>some time tomorrow
Damn you, tomorrow, always being a day away.
>> No. 21413
File 126940379058.jpg - (106.98KB , 1000x1000 , yuyuko316.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry for the delay. Yesterday was busy.


-[X] Something something Mima


"You... you look really cute," you say after a beat. Your cheeks heat up a tad when you realize how silly that must have sounded under the circumstances.

"Oh," she starts. Blushing, she stifles a giggle, and clasps her hands behind her back while fidgeting. The silliest grin spreads across her face, and she rocks back and forth on her feet. "I think you look pretty cute too."

You laugh, and give her a grin of your own, although you can feel your blush intensifying; a moment later you realize that her blush is brightening to match yours, and it only makes your cheeks hotter! A faint fluttering in your chest makes you feel light as air, and you fight back the urge to run over and hug her. She in turn twitches, her breath quickening, and the faintest hint of a purr escapes her as she watches you, her eyes glowing brightly.

"Honey," she says after a moment, her smile becoming something slightly sappier.

"Yuyu," you return, voice shaky.

Before you even know what's happening, the two of you are throwing your arms around each other, Yuyu squealing in excitement as she draws your head into her now modest bosom, and you simply pulling her as close you can. She may be flat, but she's still so soft! You snuggle up to her, nuzzling her affectionately as she does the same to you. So cute! So cute! So cute!

The two of you collapse onto the floor, rolling about and laughing together. It takes some time, but eventually the two of you settle down, still cuddling each other. Face to face now, you smile at each other, and Yuyu plants a quick, chaste kiss on your lips.

"So cute," she declares with a happy sigh, the blue light of her eyes shining brightly as she looks into your eyes.

"You are," you agree, taking the opportunity to hive her a kiss of your own.

"I was talking about you, silly," she replies, giving you another kiss. "You're the cutest thing ever!"

"Nuh-uh," another kiss from you to her. "You are!"

"No, you!"

"No, you!"

You can't keep track of how long your little exchange goes on, but it's in the middle of a kiss that a loud cough reaches your ears, causing the two of you to break the kiss and glance up from each other. A pale little girl with long, verdant hair stands over the two of you, one twinkling green eye fixed on you and your wife, the other hidden behind a small, glowing, rectangular seal tag. Wrapped in a blue cape of a size slightly too large for her, patterned with a small scattering of white stars, she looks slightly ridiculous. She smirks at the two of you, and lets out a disbelieving snort before shaking her head.

"Mima," Yuyu asks, blinking.

"When did you get there," you add, the faded blush returning to your cheeks.

"A few minutes ago," she replies, rolling her visible eye. "You two really prove that old saying. Love is blind."

You and Yuyu both laugh in embarrassment, but only tighten your embrace.


[ ] ... Maybe it's time to get up.

[ ] Mima want hug too?
>> No. 21414
[x] Mima want hug too?

She probably needs a few.
>> No. 21415
So is Mima fun-sized like Haku and Yuyu, or did she not get hit with the full effect? I got the impression she was a bit taller.

Actually, I don't have a very good head for anyone's size, right now.
>> No. 21416

There hasn't been the chance to stand them next to someone else yet, but they're quite short. Probably not too much taller than Cirno. Mima was hit too.
>> No. 21417
File 126940440467.jpg - (36.18KB , 198x225 , heartattack.jpg ) [iqdb]
This update...!

[x] ... Maybe it's time to get up.
>> No. 21418
[X] Mima want hug too?

Why are you trying to kill us, Patchwork?
>> No. 21419
[X] Mima want hug too?

She probably needs it. She took it right in the face.
>> No. 21420
[X] Mima want hug too?
-[X] Group hug.

My kidneys have been obliterated.
>> No. 21421
>"No, you!"
>"No, you!"
Man, we're one of those couples, but I just can't find it in myself to care.

[X] Mima want hug too?
- [X] Group hug.
>> No. 21422
[x] Mima want hug too?
-[x] Group hug.
>> No. 21423
I get the feeling that's implied.
>> No. 21424
File 126943036973.jpg - (124.20KB , 640x512 , 1186563474316.jpg ) [iqdb]
>"No, you!"
>"No, you!"
>> No. 21425
[ø] Mima want hug too?
Oh gods... t-this is too much.
>> No. 21426
[x] Mima want hug too?
-[x] Group hug.
>> No. 21427
This is the first time you're reading HLA, isn't it?

[X] Mima want hug too?
>> No. 21428
[x] ... Maybe it's time to get up.

Let's go see how many nosebleeds we can cause!
>> No. 21429
[X] Mima want hug too?
-[X] Group hug.

Oh god mini-Mima
>> No. 21431
[x] Mima want hug too?

I will forever be jealous.
>> No. 21432
File 126948454185.jpg - (113.12KB , 804x818 , Weddingdressproblems.jpg ) [iqdb]
Looking back I think I know why Komachi wore a suit other than being a Best man.

Also it's something to celebrate Patchwork's return and to share it with the rest of the folks. I'll try to dig out something more fitting to use when I post next.
>> No. 21465
>> No. 21472
File 126974095627.png - (334.96KB , 720x2000 , Small Mima~.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Mima want hug too?


Your eyes dart back and forth between Mima and Yuyu, linger on Mima for a little bit, and then settle back on Yuyu. The edge of your mouth twitches, and the gleam in Yuyu's eyes tells you that she's got the same idea as you do. Together the two of you turn your gazes on Mima, and...


Pounce! Mima lets out a surprised cry as you and Yuyu dive onto her, enveloping her in a pair of tight hugs. She squirms about as you bring her to the floor, each of you snuggling up against her as close as possible, pinning her in place in the process. For a moment she looks ready to make a snarky remark, but a faint pink hue creeps into her cheeks, and her exasperated expression slowly cracks until a goofy smile breaks out across her face. She grumbles a little, but manages to free her arms, and join the group hug.

"Aw, you two are way too cute when you look the age you normally act, you know that?" she chirps, ruffling your hair as she draws you and Yuyu into a tighter hug. The two of you just look into each other's eyes and nod, sharing a small laugh as you shift positions enough to put an arm around each other, as well as around Mima. Closing your eyes, you relax into the warm embrace of your wife and your friend, and a pleasant silence settles in.

As the three of you lie there, you start to realize just how tired you feel. All the excitement, and the novelty of the situation have been keeping you up, but you can feel a distinct lack of energy that makes you feel kind of heavy. You stifle a yawn. Maybe a short nap wouldn't be so bad...

"Hey, Pretty Pretty Princess. Help me get his pants off."


Wait, what.

Your eyes shoot open, and you try to break out of the little group hug to no success - both Mima and Yuyu have got you in an iron grip that you can't shake. You let out a squawk when the two of them break off the hold they have on each other to instead make a grab for your... oh, hey, you're wearing black shorts now; not the most stylish things, but they're comfy and easy to wear, so-- this isn't the time for that! You grab the waistband of your shorts, and pull them back up as best you can, blushing all the while.

"What are you two doing?"

"Trying to see if everything about you shrunk," Mima replies, trying to find another angle to tug at your pants from while licking her lips.

"It would be so adorable if it did," Yuyuko quips helpfully, her eyes shining with enthusiasm, and something slightly more perverse.

"Is this really the right time for this?" you ask, the question sounding a little less urgent than you would like due to the squeak you let out as Mima manages to maneuver her hand into your pants.

"Oh, come on," she says distractedly, clearly focused on her self-appointed task, "what could possibly happen?

Naturally, that's when it happens.


[ ] Dirty Laundry

[ ] Double Vision

[ ] Mrs. Robinson
>> No. 21473
>they're comfy and easy to wear
I see what you did there.

No idea what the choices mean, but...

[X] Double Vision
>> No. 21474
[Q] Dirty Laundry

No idea what it means, but oh well. It sounds fairly good.
>> No. 21475
[X] Mrs. Robinson

Most of all, you've got to hide it from the kids~
>> No. 21478
[ø] Dirty Laundry
>> No. 21480
No disguise, for that [X] Double Vision
>> No. 21481
[x] Double Vision

Foreigner is always the right answer.
>> No. 21487
Checked the lyrics and this sounds the best.

[X] Double Vision

Also Haku needs to see how much Mima and Yuyuko have shrunk.
>> No. 21489
[x] Mrs. Robinson
>> No. 21491
[X] Double Vision
>> No. 21493
[X] Double Vision
>> No. 21494
[+] Mrs. Robinson
>> No. 21495
I think everyone figured out what the choices mean right? Since I've figured an idea of what the meanings are.
>> No. 21496
{Double Vision}
>> No. 21497
> Dirty Laundry
I already jizzed my pants!

> Mrs. Robinson
Angry shrine maiden at two o'clock and closing in fast

> Double Vision

These may be completely off the mark.
>> No. 21499
[x] Double Vision
>> No. 21501
[X] Double Vision

Foreigner, always, etc.
>> No. 21502
is this shota

>> No. 21524
[x] Double Vision
>> No. 21525
Ahaha, I completely missed that.
>> No. 21527
[x] Double Vision
>> No. 21530
[✓] Mrs. Robinson

I'm so confused.
>> No. 21546
Just a heads-up, guys. Vote has been called, and I've been writing for a little while, but it's late. The update should come along some time tomorrow.
>> No. 21548
>> No. 21558
File 127001954687.png - (1.63MB , 1371x1101 , Similar but a little different.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Double Vision


In your struggle to secure your shorts, you pivot on one foot in a vain attempt to twist out of the grasp of your two beloved perverts, and in the process you end up catching sight of the doorway. Immediately your heart soars, and you call out, a relieved smile lighting your face.


Sure enough, your trusty gardener, Youmu Konpaku, stands before the open sliding door. The fair-skinned young woman is the very picture of dependability; tall and lean, she stands with dignity and poise; her long, silvery, silken hair falls neatly over her shoulders, and frames a pair of steel blue eyes that shine sharply in the dim evening light. Even her clothing, a formal throwback to her favorite dress of old, is set in perfect order; the long sleeves of her white dress shirt bear her family crest on the shoulders, and the cuffs are fastened by elegant silver links; a neat black necktie hangs down over the formal, silver-trimmed, forest green vest she wears over her shirt; a long, forest green dress matches her vest, and hides her legs from sight, revealing only part of a pair of polished black boots; most of all, though, are the two swords she carries, sheathed on a black belt at her waist. A large, bright, blue-white flame drifts in circles over her head, casting her in an eerie light that only serves to emphasize her stoic stature.

From the perspective of your new-found short stature, she looks even more gallant than usua-- why in the six realms is she sliding the door shut?

"Youmu, no! I need help," you whine. It sounds even more pathetic than you had hoped with the higher pitch your voice now holds. Even Youmu and her stoic mask crack under the pressure, and she sighs in resignation as she steps into the room. She stretches as she approaches, turning her exasperated glare on Yuyu and Mima, neither of whom have let up in their attempts to relieve you of your pants.

"Before I decide to intervene," Youmu says evenly, "I would very much like an explanation of the current circumstances."

"What? Right now?" you ask pitifully, still wrestling to keep clothed.


Your heart sinks. Can you really keep your pants on through all this?


"I see," Youmu remarks with a sigh as she ruffles your hair absentmindedly, causing you to squirm in her lap. "Do you ever tire of attracting trouble?"

"Not really," you admit, tilting your head back to grin up at her. "I got married to it, after all."

"So you did," she replies, her mouth curling into an almost wicked little smirk.

"You two! So mean!" Yuyuko complains indignantly from off to the right, her voice muffled.

You share a brief snicker with your gardener. After you explained the situation, albeit it in a rush, she was gracious enough to rescue you from your predicament. Now you find yourself seated rather comfortably in the lap of the young woman, who is in turn seated on the tatami, safe from the harassment of your spouse and your close friend. In order to keep them off of you for the time being, Youmu has not only separated them from you, but distracted them as well. Mima is busy sulking off to your left a ways, nursing an impressively swollen bump on her head, and casting dirty looks at Youmu from time to time. As for Yuyu...

You glance over to your right, where the ghastly flame that constitutes Youmu's ghost half, Myon, has metamorphosed into a pale, slightly translucent blue-white doppelganger of the young woman. The ghostly double is rather engrossed in rolling around on the floor, gushing silently as she snuggles and swoons over the little Yuyu she has clutched firmly in her arms. Yuyu struggles valiantly to escape, letting out a chorus of muffled complaints, but Myon has your poor wife in an unbreakable hold, almost smothering her with affection. Affection, and cleavage.

"Well, as deep as your abiding love for trouble may prove," the gardener remarks, clearing her throat, "how do you intend to resolve this?"

"What do you mean?"

"You stated that Reimu has placed a seal upon your person, yes? If that is the case, I cannot imagine it would be wise to remain in your current state indefinitely."

She has a point. What do you do now?


[ ] This is a sneaking mission, Youmu! Try to slip away from the party, and regroup at home!

[ ] You can talk to Reimu about it in the morning. You're getting kind of sleepy, and Youmu is nice, and soft... comfy...


If you were wondering, the vote determined who showed up. Double Vision was because Youmu is in two places at once, and it's a reference to a scene in HLA.

Dirty Laundry would have been Aya and Hatate, and would have gotten your predicament photographed.

Mrs. Robinson would have been shotacon Yuugi, quite a bit of mayhem, and a quick segue to Keine.

>> No. 21559
[x] This is a sneaking mission, Youmu! Try to slip away from the party, and regroup at home!

Their smaller bodies have access to more hiding places! Though I don't see why that matters being a ghost and all. Whatever, do it anyway!
>> No. 21560
[X] You can talk to Reimu about it in the morning. You're getting kind of sleepy, and Youmu is nice, and soft... comfy...

Nap time~.

>Mrs. Robinson would have been shotacon Yuugi, quite a bit of mayhem, and a quick segue to Keine.
That would have been hilarious. Curse you, Anon!
>> No. 21561
[x] You can talk to Reimu about it in the morning. You're getting kind of sleepy, and Youmu is nice, and soft... comfy...

Aww, our little Youmu has grown into a beautiful young woman.
>> No. 21563
[x] You can talk to Reimu about it in the morning. You're getting kind of sleepy, and Youmu is nice, and soft... comfy...

Maybe Myon can join us~ <3
>> No. 21564
[x] You can talk to Reimu about it in the morning. You're getting kind of sleepy, and Youmu is nice, and soft... comfy...

>shotacon Yuugi
fuck, I hope we have another chance to see this
>> No. 21565
[x] You can talk to Reimu about it in the morning. You're getting kind of sleepy, and Youmu is nice, and soft... comfy...
>> No. 21566
[c] You can talk to Reimu about it in the morning. You're getting kind of sleepy, and Youmu is nice, and soft... comfy...

Goddamn it, Patch. I can't believe I missed this one. Also, looking forward to the inevitable Youmu tease.
>> No. 21567
[X] You can talk to Reimu about it in the morning. You're getting kind of sleepy, and Youmu is nice, and soft... comfy...
>> No. 21569
[X] You can talk to Reimu about it in the morning. You're getting kind of sleepy, and Youmu is nice, and soft... comfy...
>> No. 21570
[x] You can talk to Reimu about it in the morning. You're getting kind of sleepy, and Youmu is nice, and soft... comfy...
>> No. 21571
>Mrs. Robinson would have been shotacon Yuugi, quite a bit of mayhem, and a quick segue to Keine.



>> No. 21572
[ø] You can talk to Reimu about it in the morning. You're getting kind of sleepy, and Youmu is nice, and soft... comfy...
>> No. 21573
>Mrs. Robinson would have been shotacon Yuugi, quite a bit of mayhem, and a quick segue to Keine.

How were we supposed to know that? And with our luck it would have been sexy mayhem. Oh well, hopefully we won't have a Fell-ish choice blocking the way to the main events.
>> No. 21574
Everything these people said.

[X] You can talk to Reimu about it in the morning. You're getting kind of sleepy, and Youmu is nice, and soft... comfy...
>> No. 21575
Uh, you never watched or read The Graduate? Benjamin Braddock, a college graduate, was seduced by the older Mrs. Robinson.
>> No. 21576

do take note that there seems to be a gap between older and younger THP anon. Some never even heard of the rotary dial.

That said..

>> No. 21577
Yeah but with the other choices implied hints in the lyrics and that is what we went off of.

But hey at least we have a normal choice. The biggest disappointment is the fact someone came in at all instead of the scene progressing.

Now we need a side story of a side story...
>> No. 21584
[x] This is a sneaking mission, Youmu! Try to slip away from the party, and regroup at home!
>> No. 21587
[X] You can talk to Reimu about it in the morning. You're getting kind of sleepy, and Youmu is nice, and soft... comfy...

Hair rufflan too?
>> No. 21588
{This is a sneaking mission, Youmu! Try to slip away from the party, and regroup at home!}
>> No. 21590
As someone who voted for Mrs Robinson, I feel some people are perhaps missing the truly important thing in all this.
Rather than despairing over missed chances, we should be instead focusing on what truly matters right now.

Namely, that we have the chance to sleep snuggled up with deliciously mature (yet still oh-so-soft!) Youmu.

Though, frankly, being nestled in Myon's semi-corporeal bosom would be just as nice.
>> No. 21592
We are looking on the bright side, and we're killing time until the next update airing out our grievances. But we might have to ask this: Does Youmu's lap have room for both Haku and Yuyu?

And how many years passed since the end of HLA1?
>> No. 21593
File 12700847008.gif - (682.30KB , 400x300 , rollin.gif ) [iqdb]
>>But we might have to ask this: Does Youmu's lap have room for both Haku and Yuyu?

Why would you even ask that, when such a thing would involve depriving poor Myon of her own fun?

>>The ghostly double is rather engrossed in rolling around on the floor, gushing silently as she snuggles and swoons over the little Yuyu she has clutched firmly in her arms. Yuyu struggles valiantly to escape, letting out a chorus of muffled complaints, but Myon has your poor wife in an unbreakable hold, almost smothering her with affection. Affection, and cleavage.

Just imagine the scene playing out like in this image, and ask yourself: can you take that away from her? Can you?
>> No. 21597
I ask that not to take away from Myon's fun, but that Yuyuko would naturally want to join her husband in Youmu's lap.
>> No. 21662
File 127079174298.jpg - (649.76KB , 1015x1253 , YuyuYoumu186.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry for the delay. I will try to pick up the pace.


[X] You can talk to Reimu about it in the morning. You're getting kind of sleepy, and Youmu is nice, and soft... comfy...


"You're right," you reply, pausing to stifle a large yawn. Now that things have calmed down, you're starting to feel lethargic again. Your speech is starting to get kind of sloppy too. "Should talk to Reimu about it..."

Youmu murmurs something in reply; you miss most of it, but her voice is really nice and soothing all the same. The way her fingers massage your scalp as she runs them through your hair is real soothing too. Shifting around a bit, you make yourself comfortable. Youmu is so soft, and comfy... and sort of... warm...

You close your eyes, and let the gentle rhythm of her breathing sing you to sleep.


The familiar, warm touch of sunlight caresses your skin, and rouses you from your sleep. Yawning, you crack an eye open, and lazily sweep the room. Definitely looks like morning with how much brighter everything is in here, and how colorful everything looks; you must have nodded off last ni... oh! Hello!

"Morning, sleepyhead," Yuyu whispers with a giggle. Apparently while you were asleep she managed to get away from Myon, and curled up with you in Youmu's lap. She smiles as you pull her into a loose hug, and her eyes shine brightly as she leans in to give you a small kiss. Before too long the two of you have made yourselves snug and comfy, hugging each other as you sink into Youmu's soft lap. The gardener is still fast asleep, despite her sitting up, and the gentle rise and fall of her chest is kind of pleasant.

"How did you get away from Myon?" you ask quietly, careful not to wake Youmu.

"Youmu let me go after you fell asleep last night. Said she didn't want to leave her husband all alone. I didn't want to leave mine alone either," she replies happily, resting her head against yours. You can't resist the urge to cuddle with her after hearing that one.

"You're a sweetheart," you whisper, and give her a peck on the forehead, winning a musical little laugh for your efforts. "What about Mima? Where did she go?"

Yuyu grins at your question, and gestures in the general direction of where you remember Reimu falling asleep last night. A quick look confirms that the raven-haired shrine maiden is still there, curled up on the green tatami mat floor and mumbling happily in her sleep, but with one noteworthy addition - Mima is nestled in her embrace, and the little magician has a content smile on her face. It's probably the sweetest thing you've ever seen from her. Every now and again she mumbles something in her sleep, and squirms happily in her shrine maiden's arms.

"Looks like it's just us this morning, then," you whisper.

"Yep, just us," Yuyu coos, rubbing herself against you happily, a sly smile spreading along her face. "Just us two. The two of us. Only us."

You blush slightly. Every morning, without fail. It's usually nice, but your daily morning lovemaking might be a little awkward under the circumstances...


[ ] Not this morning. You really do need to talk to Reimu! Time to get everyone up.

[ ] It will have to wait for the moment, but the two of you can always sneak off and do something else on your own...

[ ] Well... maybe just a little bit... ♥
>> No. 21663
[x] Well... maybe just a little bit... ♥
>> No. 21664
[X] Well... maybe just a little bit... ♥
>> No. 21665
[X] Well... maybe just a little bit... ♥
- [X] ...On top of Youmu.
>> No. 21666
[X] Well... maybe just a little bit... ♥

Why is there only one option?
>> No. 21667
[x] Well... maybe just a little bit... ♥

Unless we're too young to get it up.
>> No. 21668
[Q] Well... maybe just a little bit... ♥

I have been waiting for this since post one.
>> No. 21669
[x] Well... maybe just a little bit... ♥
>> No. 21670
[x] Well... maybe just a little bit... ♥
>> No. 21671
[X] It will have to wait for the moment, but the two of you can always sneak off and do something else on your own...

Is this a write-in option? I want to make some breakfast that will seem to be in epic proportions now that Yuyu's been miniaturized.
>> No. 21672
>A quick look confirms that the raven-haired shrine maiden is still there, curled up on the green tatami mat floor and mumbling happily in her sleep, but with one noteworthy addition - Mima is nestled in her embrace, and the little magician has a content smile on her face.


[s] Well... maybe just a little bit... ♥
>> No. 21673
[x] It will have to wait for the moment, but the two of you can always sneak off and do something else on your own...
>> No. 21674
[x] Well... maybe just a little bit... ♥
>> No. 21675
Oh gods, my heart.

[ø] Well... maybe just a little bit... ♥
>> No. 21676
[x] Well... maybe just a little bit... ♥
>> No. 21677
[X] Well... maybe just a little bit... ♥

[X] Giant breakfast later!
>> No. 21678
[x] Well... maybe just a little bit... ♥

[x] Giant breakfast later!

Yuyuko is the most important meal of the day.
>> No. 21686
Can't see a reason not to.

☑ Well... maybe just a little bit... ♥
>> No. 21712
File 127139322168.jpg - (136.27KB , 318x481 , tomboyish Wriggle is not a boy.jpg ) [iqdb]
>I will try to pick up the pace.
It's not working...
>> No. 21716

I know, I'm being bad. I've gotten started, so an update tomorrow, guaranteed. Just need to get a little rest before I get back to work.
>> No. 21719

As usual, my guarantee falls short. On the other hand, this next post is turning out to be much longer than I thought it would - it's already longer than any of the other posts I've made for this short, and I still have quite a but more to add.

What I'm going to do is this: I'm going to finish up the part that I'm writing now in the morning, and post it up for you guys. The end of this bit is a good stopping point, so it will leave you at a good place to wait while I work on finishing the rest of the post. I hope that sounds fair to you all.
>> No. 21720

I'm okay with this.
>> No. 21721
Go ahead. You probably would have had to split up the post anyway.
>> No. 21722
If it's any consolation, I started reading run 1 of HLA sometime Friday morning or Thursday night (I'm relatively new, so there's alot of stories I haven't read yet on here). I'm already on thread 3 of run 2. I don't think I've ever read through something on here as quickly as that. Please keep it up!
>> No. 21723
File 127172993252.jpg - (135.79KB , 600x650 , 10094757.jpg ) [iqdb]
Never change Patch
>> No. 21745
File 127214787139.jpg - (549.52KB , 720x960 , 7f41127dc0cd3b6084013344d4b03274.jpg ) [iqdb]
Wriggle is displeased, Patch.
>> No. 21770
File 12727329835.png - (175.23KB , 333x335 , a forlorn insect 1.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 21771
I think we need to step things up to Itou Life's Wriggle. It's been far too long without Loli/Shota ghost action.
>> No. 21772
File 127277192919.jpg - (366.74KB , 761x1001 , eb1cbf48bb60b54b90e315079977927c5366fb89.jpg ) [iqdb]
Itou Life seems obsessed with making Wriggle more femenine and curvy, which... Kinda removes her appeal, honestly.
Then again, I'm mostly straight other than being gay for reverse traps, so maybe that sort of thing doesn't apply to other folks.
>> No. 21773
File 127277262537.jpg - (429.80KB , 680x880 , 1c3d087ea8b1e9f7b279cfe01e973282.jpg ) [iqdb]

There's something very hot about curvy Wriggle.

Oh god, those hips and thighs.
>> No. 21774
I always thought it was appropriate that Wriggle would have inverse sexual dimorphism, being an insect youkai and all that.
... Though by that logic, Yuuka would be a futa.
>> No. 21775
He just likes bringing out the more femine aspects of her cute boyish figure. And the best part of reverse traps is that only you get to see the feminine aspects of her that's under her boyish clothing.
It's not like he gave her melons like he does with Aya or Reisen.
>> No. 21776
I suppose I should state it as "As a straight female anon I find Wriggle hot when she's practically a boy with a vagina" much as to straight male anons Jun Watarase and Bridget are considered hot because they're practically girls with penises.
Or christ, I dunno. I'm kinda hammered now and I need some sleep.
>> No. 21779
>Though by that logic, Yuuka would be a futa.
You mean you wouldn't her stamen?
>> No. 21793
File 127312681865.png - (45.42KB , 627x687 , 120874439042.png ) [iqdb]
Needs more WftW
>> No. 21852
>> No. 21901
File 12738937204.jpg - (78.33KB , 529x994 , ItouLifeSchoolgirlWriggle.jpg ) [iqdb]
How can you keep her waiting like this?

[spoilers]That's right, I pulled out the big guns[/spoilers]
>> No. 21910

The idea is to bring Patch back not kill him with moe.
>> No. 21911
Regular Wriggle doesn't seem enough, so I went a step up, using Wriggle by the best Wriggle artist.
>> No. 21919
>>21910 is right! that is a bit too much!
>> No. 21938
>> No. 21940
File 127410204325.jpg - (113.87KB , 283x800 , 9258581.jpg ) [iqdb]
All's fair in love, war, and trying to resurrect dead writers.
>> No. 21941
File 127410440323.png - (578.26KB , 966x816 , f4400e718a4d5ac7813b5c1ffb6ea51e.png ) [iqdb]
I support this effort wholly. Come back, Patch.
>> No. 22000
File 127463634320.png - (180.81KB , 527x640 , Yuyuloli.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Well... maybe just a little bit... ♥


You sigh theatrically, and give your wife's hair an affectionate ruffle.

"You really are insatiable, you know that?"

"Maybe so, but I'm not hearing you say no," she replies in a sing-song whisper, gently bumping her nose against yours for emphasis.

"I suppose not," you concede with a grin. Running a hand slowly and softly down her back, you draw a small shiver from her, and bring your hand to rest lightly against her hip. A gentle squeeze is all it takes to confirm your intent, and earn you a satisfied sigh as she shifts to lay her head against the crook of your neck..

"You never do say no..."

"Can't help it." Closing your eyes, you bury your face in her hair, the silky pink strands tickling as they brush against your skin. The faint scent of cherry blossoms - her scent - washes over you, and you breathe deep. "I love you."

"Love you too," she whispers, the mischief draining from her voice.

Slowly, reluctantly, she releases you from her loose embrace, and draws her hands down your body; one comes to rest against your chest, even while the other glides further downward, slipping easily into your pants. Your breath catches in your throat as her delicate fingers run lightly over your flesh, and wrap carefully around your length. The gentle squeeze she gives you becomes a series of firm strokes, each warm, measured movement coaxing you to harden further. A quiet giggle escapes her as your erection begins to strain against the confines of your shorts, and she playfully slides her fingers toward your tip, teasing it with a feathery touch that sends small shivers running through you.

"What's got you laughing?" The small moan you bite back terminates your question with an awkward mumbling that only makes her laugh a little harder.

"It feels," she pauses to giggle again, "it feels so cute at this size!"

"Yuyu." You shoot her a dirty look, though she's too busy stifling her giggles to notice. Once she has herself calmed down a bit, she gives you another light squeeze.

"It's just the right size for me right now," she murmurs at last, her tone softening considerably. The hand on your chest slides its way down your body, taking hold of your pants and easing the waistband down while she uses her other hand to draw your erection out. A strong warmth runs through your veins, causing you to throb in her grip as she places her free hand against one of her thighs and carefully hikes up her dress, slowly revealing inch after inch of her pale, slender legs. Her slick lower lips brush against you as she repositions herself, forcing you to bite back a groan at the palpable heat that rolls off of her as she presses against you. With a smile, she raises her head from your shoulder, and rests her forehead against yours, an eager twinkle in her eyes. "Ready?"


"Alright," she pauses to give you a quick peck on the lips, "then be sure to hold me tightly..."

Running one hand down through her hair, along her neck, and onto her back, you bring the other up to meet it by tracing the length of her spine, earning a small shiver from her; when your hands touch you wrap your arms around her, and hold her close in a reassuring embrace. Her smile widens momentarily, then she closes her eyes, takes a deep breath, and... the two of you gasp in unison as she lowers herself onto you. She's tighter - much tighter - than usual, and she has to move with torturous slowness to accommodate you, pausing for breath with each inch of your length that her warm walls envelop. It takes all the willpower you have to keep from thrusting right into her, but it pays off when she finally takes you all the way down to the hilt, groaning with satisfaction as your hips meet.

"See?" She pants, going limp in your arms. "It's a perfect fit..."

You nod slowly, dazed and unable to speak, panting just as heavily. This is perfect. Her warmth, both inside and out; the softness of her body against yours, different yet somehow familiar; the way she feels so light and delicate in your arms; and, of course, the way the two of you fit together so snugly. For the longest time the two of you are content simply to be so connected, so close, and only after a series of small kisses and soft touches passes between you does your wife begin to move.

It starts small and slow, a simple, circular grinding, her warm folds gently massaging and tugging at your length with each of her gyrations. The ripples of pleasure come to you in an easy, steady rhythm, and with deliberate slowness you join in her movements to show her that same pleasure. When she circles left, you circle right, and when your paths meet you find yourself filling her as deeply as possible, drawing a smile and a pleased whimper from her with each pass. The pressure and pace gradually shift as you accommodate one another, finding the perfect rhythm to satisfy you both.

It's when that stride is hit, when the two of you are moving in perfect symphony, that the movements change. Your circles becomes strokes as you slowly withdraw from her depths, the open air unbearably cool against your slicked flesh, then push your way back into the wonderful embrace of her body. Her grind becomes a measured movement of the hips, ensuring that you are never fully parted from her, and always return as fully as possible. Together the two of you find the right balance, parting only long enough to make each return to her warm, wet depths more intense and fulfilling than the last. Smiling at one another, you press your lips together periodically. Against the backdrop of the early morning - all soft sunlight, and the quiet chirping of birds, and the gentle rustle of wind, and the occasional ring of wind chimes - your exchange of love is calming.

Even as the two of you gradually gain speed, no words are exchanged. No words are necessary. Your perfectly matched movements never falter, though the two of you move faster and faster, sending small sparks of pleasure running up your length, into your body, up and down your spine. It builds inside of you, a pleasant heat that makes you feel lighter than air, makes your skin tingle with your realized passion. The sensation of filling your lover again and again is electrifying, the friction, and heat, and wetness unbelievable. More than that, however...

Knowing from the way she moves with you, her body as hot as yours, her breathing steady but shallow, that she is feeling the same thing. Sharing this feeling with her, sharing your emotions with her, sharing yourself with her...

Driving yourself into her one last time, as deeply as possible, a spasm of ecstasy runs through you. The pressure and heat leaves you in a fantastic rush of release as you loose your seed, pouring it into her even as she reaches her own peak. Your lips meet hers in a fierce kiss, muffling the moans that both of you let out. As the intense pleasure of your orgasm winds down, you're dimly aware of her walls contracting tightly around you, as if milking you for everything you have to give her.

Exhausted but fulfilled, the two of you go almost completely limp in Youmu's lap. The best mattress, no doubt. A sloppy, silly smile overwhelms you, gradually turning into a full-blown grin as you watch Yuyu, who seems to be suffering from the same predicament, unable to hide her mirth as the steady blue light in her eyes glows with intense warmth.

"Love you..."

"Love you too..."

"Love how shameless you two are."

Your head lolls to the side, and you find yourself looking at a very awake Mima, who has taken up a seat at Youmu's side. She looks vaguely amused as she watches you, resting her chin in her hand, and her elbow against her leg.

"No reason to be ashamed to show we love each other," you quip, causing Yuyu to purr softly and snuggle up to you further.

"How about to be ashamed to have had sex in your gardener's lap? She was awake for most of that, you know?"

You take a short glance upward, and lock your gaze with a very embarrassed Youmu, her cheeks flushed red. You pause to consider.

"Ah, she probably took the opportunity to have her ghost half make love to her husband anyway. Probably thought it was kinky enough to be fun."

From how much brighter her blush becomes, and the way she guiltily averts her eyes, you can tell you hit home with that one. Yuyu snickers a little.

"How about to be ashamed for engaging in lustful debauchery on holy ground when that's exactly what got you into your little predicament?"

You wave your hand dismissively.

"Oh, pish posh. The only person who would be bothered by that is Reimu, and bugging her is how everyone shows they love... her... anyway..."

Hold up. That last question didn't sound like Mima.

Looking away from Youmu, you turn your gaze to the shrine maiden who stands tall in front of your little group. Her raven black hair waves slowly under an invisible force, and the scowl she wears is more than a little intimidating. She cracks her knuckles.

"Hi Reimu."


"When did Reimu get so rough?"

Caught in a tangled heap at the bottom of the Hakurei Shrine's entirely too steep and large set of stairs with Mima, Youmu, and Yuyu, you try vainly to rub at your rather pained and aching backside. None of the girls look like they're in any better shape, each nursing their own sore spots. None of you seem up to getting yourselves out of the little pile just yet.

"Reimu was always this rough," Mima grumbles from somewhere above you.

"Regardless," Youmu interrupts, "it would appear our plans to query her in regards to your current condition have fallen through. I doubt she has any desire to deal with any one of you at the moment. Should we head home, and regroup?"

The wind rustles the leaves of the trees that line the path to the shrine. What now?


[ ] Homeward Bound.

[ ] Home? Boring!
- [ ] Mima has that apprentice who lives out in the forest, right? She shouldn't be too far...
- [ ] Plenty of fun things to do in the Human Village...
- [ ] Somewhere else fun? (Specify)
>> No. 22001

I rewrote this from scratch at least 3 separate times, because I couldn't get it to flow right. Sorry for the delay, but after the third "I need to delete this entire thing and start over," my motivation and creativity were more than a little strained. Next update shouldn't have nearly this wait.
>> No. 22002
[x] Home? Boring!
- [x] Mima has that apprentice who lives out in the forest, right? She shouldn't be too far...
>> No. 22003
[X] Home? Boring!
- [X] Mima has that apprentice who lives out in the forest, right? She shouldn't be too far...

Patch updated? Huzzah! Let's see Marisa's reaction to loli Mima.
>> No. 22004
[Q] Home? Boring!
- [Q] Plenty of fun things to do in the Human Village...

>> No. 22005
[c] Home? Boring!
- [c] Mima has that apprentice who lives out in the forest, right? She shouldn't be too far...
>> No. 22006
[x] Home? Boring!
- [x] Plenty of fun things to do in the Human Village...
>> No. 22007
[ ] Home? Boring!
- [ ] Mima has that apprentice who lives out in the forest, right? She shouldn't be too far...

Time to bother Marisa!
>> No. 22008
[X] Home? Boring!
- [X] Plenty of fun things to do in the Human Village...

See if they can get free stuff from the local vendors. Maybe candy. Maybe some breakfast.
Maybe even candy for breakfast.
>> No. 22009
[x] Home? Boring!
- [x] Mima has that apprentice who lives out in the forest, right? She shouldn't be too far...

Looks like Youmu got more perverted as she got older. Wasn't Yuyu worried that Youmu would become proper and whatnot like Youki?

awesome updates
>> No. 22010
>Maybe even candy for breakfast.

New Reese's puff cereal!
>> No. 22011
[x] Home? Boring!
- [x] Mima has that apprentice who lives out in the forest, right? She shouldn't be too far...
Don't worry about it, you got the thing down just fine, and that's what counts.
>> No. 22012
I think Yuyuko would be more concerned about Youmu not being so uptight. Youki on the other hand seemed to have a harsh insistence on the matter.
>> No. 22013
[B] Home? Boring!
- [b] Mima has that apprentice who lives out in the forest, right? She shouldn't be too far...
>> No. 22014
[X] Home? Boring!
- [x] Mima has that apprentice who lives out in the forest, right? She shouldn't be too far...

>> No. 22015
[X] Home? Boring!
- [X] Mima has that apprentice who lives out in the forest, right? She shouldn't be too far...

"Maaaarked one, what the helllllll..."
>> No. 22022
Well, that was worth the wait.

[X] Home? Boring!
- [X] Mima has that apprentice who lives out in the forest, right? She shouldn't be too far...
>> No. 22023
You wrote toddler on toddler on gardener (literally) action. I can't blame you for straining yourself.

I can't be turned on by something this funny and cute. The detail just makes it creepier. I think you and Scorn need to make something in collaboration. Worst smut on THP.
>> No. 22024
Yeah, that's the only thing that bothered me. I don't really know what to say about the update, to be honest, though I'm glad that Patch's finally back on track.
>> No. 22025
We only have ourselves to blame for this, since we were the ones who voted for it.
>> No. 22029

There were like, two or three sentences that made it any different from a normal scene. Omit those and suddenly it's normal, albeit still on op of Youmu.
>> No. 22030
More like loli on shota (about 11-12 years old). Not Toddler.
>> No. 22031
[X] Home? Boring!
- [X] Mima has that apprentice who lives out in the forest, right? She shouldn't be too far...
>> No. 22032
[X] Home? Boring!
- [X] Mima has that apprentice who lives out in the forest, right? She shouldn't be too far...

The softest Touhou makes for great lovin'.
>> No. 22092
I know you're watching this, Patch.
You should be writing, not watching me.
Naughty, naughty.
>> No. 22094
File 127530493825.jpg - (317.29KB , 770x820 , 938ba066ae2fd934e6f3a682c62dc4deafd29437.jpg ) [iqdb]

Hey. Leave him be; I'm sure he's very busy.

He'll come back eventually. Be patient.
>> No. 22157
File 127592044496.jpg - (290.85KB , 717x1012 , d445e309ff098cb714cff590a980fb12.jpg ) [iqdb]
Big guns time?
>> No. 22158
File 127603196174.jpg - (285.04KB , 750x920 , 545452db7782c630a943e29cdd01fbd5.jpg ) [iqdb]

We have treats for you~
>> No. 22160
At least tell us what's going on, dammit.
>> No. 22241
File 127692387686.jpg - (392.66KB , 600x840 , Cheery little Mima.jpg ) [iqdb]
Ugh, sorry. I need to work faster. It gets harder to write the longer I take...


[X] Home? Boring!
- [X] Mima has that apprentice who lives out in the forest, right? She shouldn't be too far...


"Nah," you manage at last, waving your hand dismissively... insofar as your position allows, anyway. "Let's go bug someone instead."

"Yes, that strategy certainly has produced results on this morning, has it not?"

Oh, Youmu! Listen to that cheery tone, that trace of a lilt, and... yes, that is a faint acerbic tinge to her sweet voice, isn't it? She's been so on the ball with these sorts of replies lately; your little gardener is all grown up! Nearly brings a tear to your eye. Makes you want to ruffle her hair.

Whoops! Fussing and giggling comes from elsewhere in the tangle, and the whole pile shifts. Looks like Yuyu is taking care of that ruffling.

Well, as long as the lone voice of adorable dissent is busy...

"Mima, your apprentice lives out here somewhere, doesn't she?"

"Marisa?" Mima's voice comes down to you sounding lively and cheerful. "She set up a cute little cottage not too far from here, yeah! Why? You want to go see her?"

Someone sure sounds stoked; it's a world away from her grousing grumbles about Reimu. For all her big, boastful, bombastic attitude, Mima certainly has some obvious soft spots.

"Yeah, I was thinkin--"

"Alright! Marisa it is! Up and at 'em everyone, no time to waste! Got to get moving! Go, go, go!"

Mima transforms into a whirlwind of activity, and before you have the chance to work out exactly what's happening, you find yourself airborne. You also find yourself getting sick to your non-corporeal stomach as the world spins circles around you all the way up. The undignified aerial tumble slows as you ascend, but somehow that doesn't do much to reassure you; it feels less like you're losing momentum, and more like you've been sent twirling into molasses for some reason. It's an ominous feeling, to say the least.

At the very apex of your skyward spinning, you come to halt. Off in the distance you can just make out the rapidly dwindling figure of Mima as she excitedly zips and twirls her way over the forest below. A brilliant flash of light radiates from her as she darts toward the horizon, and--

A matching brilliant flash flares up from your arm, nearly blinding you. You don't even have time to scream before you're pulled roughly from your state of rest, and sent hurtling after Mima at breakneck speed, the world melting into a blur of blue, and green, and brown as you sail over the forest. With a frantic effort, you manage to yank down sleeve far enough to reveal the source of the flash: the seal tag affixed to your arm, still shining and pulsing with a golden light.

You think you spot the vague twinkle of Yuyu's seal tag somewhere in roiling sea of colors around you. There's a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach as you realize what that means.

You, Yuyu, and Mima. You're all stuck together.


Marisa's quaint little home looms over you, the small two-storey western affair seeming much more impressive at your diminutive new size. The countless deep green vines that wind up the beige walls would almost lend the house a decrepit appearance if they were not so well-kept; the patches of wall and brown roofing tile that are broken up by glittering mushrooms of all colors and sizes, unfortunately, can't help but look a bit shabby. Marisa certainly has a... verdant sense of decor.

She also has very hard walls.

Aching all over, and too exhausted to move much, you lie sprawled out on Marisa's surprisingly tidy lawn. You would be panting for breath about now too, but as you learned on the ride over here, it is a very bad idea to open your mouth when hurtling through the Gensokyo skies at breakneck speeds. Very carefully reaching into your mouth, you gingerly fish out the little fairy who was unfortunate enough to collide with your maw, and set her down softly on your chest. The poor little dear just sits there, dazed and wet, her little dress clinging to her, and her blond hair a bedraggled mess. She shivers a little, and one crooked wing looks just a little off... ugh, is that a wing fragment stuck in your teeth?

Deciding it might be best not to risk damaging her further, you let the fairy that impacted your leg, and the fairy that impacted your head stumble dizzily over to her and sort things out. Letting your head fall back onto the soft pillow of grass, you turn your gaze toward the door of the house. Mima is busy hollering and trying to get Marisa to open up. Yuyu is up in the tree next to the entrance, a fairy or two of her own hanging off of her. She waves weakly at you, and you give her a shaky smile.

"Can you see Youmu?" You manage to ask over the din Mima is raising.

"Nope," Yuyu calls back down to you, her voice wavering.

Great. Mima was in such a rush to get here that you managed to lose Youmu somewhere in the forest. You sit up, despite your ghostly body's complaints. The little trio of faeries stumble off of you, and fall into your lap. None of them seem any more energetic than you feel.


[ ] Oh gods, need to lie down somewhere soft. Youmu knows where Marisa lives, you can just crash here until Youmu arrives.

[ ] You... should probably go search for Youmu before Marisa comes down.
>> No. 22242
[x] Oh gods, need to lie down somewhere soft. Youmu knows where Marisa lives, you can just crash here until Youmu arrives.
-[x] Apologize to the fairies.

I can see how the student took after the master....
>> No. 22244
[x] Oh gods, need to lie down somewhere soft. Youmu knows where Marisa lives, you can just crash here until Youmu arrives.
-[x] Apologize to the fairies.
>> No. 22245
[x] Oh gods, need to lie down somewhere soft. Youmu knows where Marisa lives, you can just crash here until Youmu arrives.
-[x] Apologize to the fairies.
>> No. 22246
[x] Oh gods, need to lie down somewhere soft. Youmu knows where Marisa lives, you can just crash here until Youmu arrives.
-[x] Apologize to the fairies.
-[x] Bring the fairies with you. They could also use somewhere soft to rest, and more snuggle-buddies is always a good thing~
>> No. 22247
[Q] Oh gods, need to lie down somewhere soft. Youmu knows where Marisa lives, you can just crash here until Youmu arrives.

So it turned the three of you into kids, and roped you all together. Geez.
>> No. 22248
[x] Oh gods, need to lie down somewhere soft. Youmu knows where Marisa lives, you can just crash here until Youmu arrives.
-[x] Apologize to the fairies.
>> No. 22251
File 127697012338.jpg - (95.98KB , 551x650 , eb2f612275300b65ba248bdf1869ab76.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Oh gods, need to lie down somewhere soft. Youmu knows where Marisa lives, you can just crash here until Youmu arrives.
-[x] Apologize to the fairies.
-[x] Bring the fairies with you. They could also use somewhere soft to rest, and more snuggle-buddies is always a good thing~

I hope Yuyu didn't accidentally eat one.
>> No. 22252
>I hope Yuyu didn't accidentally eat one.
Don't worry; I'm sure it wasn't an accident.

[X] Oh gods, need to lie down somewhere soft. Youmu knows where Marisa lives, you can just crash here until Youmu arrives.
-[X] Apologize to the fairies.
-[X] Bring the fairies with you. They could also use somewhere soft to rest, and more snuggle-buddies is always a good thing~
>> No. 22254
Nah, they're not Mystia so there's nothing to worry about.
>> No. 22255
[X] Oh gods, need to lie down somewhere soft. Youmu knows where Marisa lives, you can just crash here until Youmu arrives.
-[X] Apologize to the fairies.
-[X] Bring the fairies with you. They could also use somewhere soft to rest, and more snuggle-buddies is always a good thing~

>You, Yuyu, and Mima. You're all stuck together.
Spiritual entanglement? I don't think this is what Einstein had in mind when he said "spooky action at a distance".
>> No. 22260
[x] Oh gods, need to lie down somewhere soft.
[x] So, a Youmu must be found.
[x] Go search for Youmu before Marisa comes down.
-[x] Apologize to the fairies first, though.
>> No. 22262
[x] You... should probably go search for Youmu before Marisa comes down.
>> No. 22263
File 127717728168.jpg - (30.08KB , 332x356 , 1251094194162.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 22369
File 127924361494.gif - (19.61KB , 250x295 , 1226351186302.gif ) [iqdb]
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come on
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