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File 121002424471.jpg - (125.59KB , 401x401 , 7bb9a792a64fdebf3d3654e8ec867163.jpg ) [iqdb]
1416 No. 1416
You decide to take the watermelon, and put it in your backpack. You also notice that you had left 5,000 yen in your backpack, probably from a trip you went on some time ago.
“So? Can we go now?”

[ ] Buy something for Rumia.
[ ] Buy clothing/armor.
[ ] Ruffle Rumia’s hair.
[ ] “Yeah, let’s go.” Walk out.
[ ] Inventory.

>> No. 1417
[ ] Buy something for Rumia. - more food for later
[ ] Buy clothing/armor. - cheapest armor possible, as long as it adds to our over all value
[ ] Ruffle Rumia’s hair.
>> No. 1418
[X] “Yeah, let’s go.” Walk out.
What about the other people in the store?
>> No. 1419
[ ] Buy something for Rumia. - more food for later
[ ] Buy clothing/armor. - cheapest armor possible, as long as it adds to our over all value
[ ] Ruffle Rumia’s hair.

This is brilliant. Surprising it came from scorn.
>> No. 1420
[X] Buy something for Rumia.
[X] Ruffle Rumia’s hair.
>> No. 1421
[X] Buy something for Rumia. - more food for later
[X] Buy clothing/armor. - cheapest armor possible, as long as it adds to our over all value
[X] Ruffle Rumia’s hair.

Scorn got it right.

Food takes priority over armor.
>> No. 1422
[X] Buy something for Rumia.
[X] Ruffle Rumia’s hair.
[X] Buy clothing/armor.

As according to Scorn's plan in >>1417.
>> No. 1423
[X] Buy something for Rumia. - more food for later
[X] Buy clothing/armor. - cheapest armor possible, as long as it adds to our over all value
[X] Ruffle Rumia’s hair.

I figured that Scorn would atleast have something involving the mention toiletries, but was pleasantly surprised.
>> No. 1424
I'm simply surprised that "Scorn" and "value" can be in the same sentence.
>> No. 1425
File 121002553388.jpg - (533.54KB , 1024x768 , 1208889869266.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Not yet, I think I’ll buy something first.”
“Aaaaw, well, hurry up then.”
You ruffle her hair, and she seems to lighten up a little. She stands by the door as you go back into the store, and look at a few refrigerators. You get some corn, apples, and a few other fruits, along with a chocolate bar or two as a treat for Rumia. You look at a section with clothing and armor, but all of the armor is too expensive. You do, however, notice a pair of dark boots that have a nice shine to them. You go with those, and go to buy the items. Rinnosuke comes running in from the back of the store after a few minutes, panting heavily.
“Oh, I’m sorry, but this is more than I promised you or Rumia. Please put i--”
He stops, and sees the money you hand him. He nods, and puts it all into a few bags for you, along with what appear to be icepacks.
“Thank you. I haven’t had an actual purchase… Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever had an actual purchase. Either way, tell Rumia that I’d like to see her again, and you too, if you don’t mind.”
You leave the store with Rumia, your backpack bulging with what you had just bought. Now, where to?

[ ] Back into the forest.
[ ] “Hey, a lake!” Look at the lake.
[ ] Go over to the human village.
>> No. 1426
[ ]Rape Rinnosuke


[ ] “Hey, a lake!” Look at the lake.
>> No. 1427
[ ] “Hey, a lake!” Look at the lake.

This lake, it was made for me.
>> No. 1428
[►] “Hey, a lake!” Look at the lake.

So, what's the lake's powerlevel in the dickgirl story?
>> No. 1429
[x] “Hey, a lake!” Look at the lake.

We haven't crossed paths with the lake in a long time. It's payback time, babe!
Also there's a high chance anon finds Cirno there and team up to take down the lake
>> No. 1430
[X] “Hey, a lake!” Look at the lake.

Cirno get?
>> No. 1431
[X] “Hey, a lake!” Look at the lake. Get in the lake.
>> No. 1432
File 121002629965.jpg - (59.84KB , 586x539 , 1206577851928.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Hey, a lake!”
You begin to walk over to the lake, and set your stuff down. You sit at the edge, and gaze into the waters which seem comforting and devilish at the same time. You feel slightly infuriated at this body of water, waving, stretching, and covering so much space. In the middle lays a small island, with what appears to be a mansion resting on it. Small girls with wings fly over the surface of the lake, all of them chatting among each other and flying off in different directions.
“Hey, hey, why are we stopping here?”
Rumia runs over to you and sits down by your side, looking at you with her red eyes.
“So? Why did we stop here?”

[ ] “I felt like taking a break.”
[ ] “I thought we could have a snack here.”
[ ] Jump in the lake.
>> No. 1433
[x] “I thought we could have a snack here.”
>> No. 1434
[X] “I thought we could have a snack here.”

Loli loev snacks.
>> No. 1435
[X]Jump in the lake.

>> No. 1436
[x] “I felt like taking a break.”
>> No. 1437
[ ] Jump in the lake.

>> No. 1438
[X] Jump in the lake.
Dammit I want to rape Renko and Mirabel not that stupid darkness that's already dead shit fuck
>> No. 1439
[X] “I thought we could have a snack here.”

When was the last time WE ate?
>> No. 1440
File 121002752789.jpg - (258.78KB , 512x334 , great_lakes47.jpg ) [iqdb]
You dive into the lake, abandoning Rumia and your belongings. You sink into it, its sweet watery embrace wrapping around you, pulling you in. You sink further, further, until all goes black. You wake to a world of water, and you struggle to hold your breath, but find you can easily breathe.
“I’ve been waiting for you.”
A small girl with long blue hair approaches you, and wraps her arms around you.
“I’ve waited so long for someone, anyone, to come to me. But I always ended up killing whoever got close. For you to survive so close to me, and to hold me, is wonderful.”
You can barely stand the presence of this apologetic being, and pull out your dagger.
“…What’s that?”
You plunge the dagger into her skin, and rip her back open. She cries and screams, but nothing seems to let anyone know about you two being down here. You continue to carve her flesh, removing her spine and pulling out organs you never knew existed, then dropping them to the ground. You bathe yourself in her blood, and laugh at what you’ve done. You try to climb out of the lake for another victim, but fail. The lake is around you, the lake is below you, the lake is dead, over where you left her.
“No…” A voice says.
“You are the lake.”
An intense feeling covers you, and you become one with the lake. You wait there, below the waves, trying to bring a friend in to be with you, but never succeed. You spend your now eternal life wondering what could have been, what might have been, and what you abandoned.

>> No. 1441
>> No. 1442
... wut.

No, really.
What the fuck.
>> No. 1443
[X] “I thought we could have a snack here.”

>> No. 1444

We should've at least RAPED her first.
>> No. 1445

Doing something entirely stupid and reckless gets no sex. At all.
>> No. 1446
File 121002834472.jpg - (179.80KB , 500x500 , a7edf5322908cf9468d5415d119f4ac8.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Hey, a lake!”
You begin to walk over to the lake, and set your stuff down. You sit at the edge, and gaze into the waters which seem comforting and devilish at the same time. You feel slightly infuriated at this body of water, waving, stretching, and covering so much space. In the middle lays a small island, with what appears to be a mansion resting on it. Small girls with wings fly over the surface of the lake, all of them chatting among each other and flying off in different directions.
“Hey, hey, why are we stopping here?”
Rumia runs over to you and sits down by your side, looking at you with her red eyes.
“So? Why did we stop here?”

[ ] “I felt like taking a break.”
[ ] “I thought we could have a snack here.”
[ ] “You were talking about someone named ‘Cirno’, who is she?”
>> No. 1447
[ ] “I felt like taking a break.”
>> No. 1448
[X] “I thought we could have a snack here.”

I reiterate, when was the last time we ate?
>> No. 1449
[ ] “I thought we could have a snack here.”
>> No. 1450

Dinner with the Yakumos.
>> No. 1451
[x] “I thought we could have a snack here.”
>> No. 1452
that was awesome!

[x] “You were talking about someone named ‘Cirno’, who is she?”
>> No. 1453
[ ] “You were talking about someone named ‘Cirno’, who is she?”
>> No. 1454
I think I'll be taking a break now. I'm too frustrated to write now.
>> No. 1455

We all need a fap now and again.
>> No. 1456
[x] “I thought we could have a snack here.”
>> No. 1457
[X] “I thought we could have a snack here.”

Happened in an alternate timeliOHGODZAWARUDO!
>> No. 1458
Infact, this may just be anger talking, but I'm not even sure if this story should continue. To me, it looks like the whole plot is shit, the current situation sucks, and everyone just wants to BAD END with the lake and get it over.

Am I right?
>> No. 1459
I was trying to die to get to Youmu.

Don't give up you faggot, it's interesting. If you need to take the night off and set a goal, think of what the end game is and set up events that lead to it.

Or alternatively keep us playing until we get to a point where we're on a path and then work on the game.
>> No. 1460
>> No. 1461
I've been enjoying it, at least. And there's always going to be those Anons who just want to lemming off every BAD END for the lulz, they're just an occupational hazard. But if you don't enjoy doing it any more, then don't force yourself on our account.
>> No. 1462
Okay then. I'll probably just avoid updating anymore today so that I can think about how to advance the story without turning it to shit. See you guys tommorow.
>> No. 1463
Make it so we end up living with Yukari somehow.
>> No. 1464
Other than this, you can also wind up living with Yuyuko and Youmu. You can see all of them either way, just changes who you see more.
>> No. 1465
wait why is rumia back

we stabbed her dead
>> No. 1466

>> No. 1467
File 121003526339.png - (272.35KB , 640x368 , shirou.png ) [iqdb]
People die if they are killed.
>> No. 1468
You're Not Thinking With Borders.(tm)
>> No. 1469
I'll probably start back up sometime between 9 and 10:30 tonight, just to let you guys know.
>> No. 1470
File 121012084276.png - (182.68KB , 1049x755 , (9)hooray.png ) [iqdb]
The other write fags move out, and so I come in to harvest the spoils. My name is--

“I thought we could have a snack here.”
Her eyes light up, and she grabs you with both arms.
“Really? Did you buy some more meat?”
You shake your head.
“Aaww, I wanted something like beef, or chicken, or-”
Rumia begins to list different types of meats, but you just tune her out. You hand her some of the apples, which she crams into her mouth. You suddenly notice a blue blur rushing towards you and Rumia.

[ ] Get up and wave.
[ ] Get out some more food.
[ ] Do nothing.
>> No. 1471
[ ] Get out some more food.

Cirno is about to make a DYNAMIC ENTRY.
>> No. 1472
[X] Get up and wave.
>> No. 1473
File 121012139519.jpg - (187.44KB , 1055x1513 , 1206579664863.jpg ) [iqdb]
[►] Get out some more food.

cirno be hongry
>> No. 1474
[X] Get out some more food.
>> No. 1475
[ ] Get out some more food.
>> No. 1476
[x] Get out some more food.
For ourselves.
>> No. 1477
File 121012240753.jpg - (32.23KB , 344x393 , 120717280650.jpg ) [iqdb]
You decide to get out more of the food, and hold it ready to hand to the blur.
One of the fairies lands in front of you and Rumia, with her wings spread wide behind her.
“Cirno’s here, everyone cheer!”
She begins to make ‘ooh~!’ and ‘ahh~!’ noises, and marches around in front of you two.
What a weird girl.
Rumia laughs, and gets up to hug the fairy.
“Cirno! I was wondering when you’d get here!”
The two laugh and joke with each other, like two old friends. Friends who’re ignoring you.

[ ] Greet Cirno.
[ ] Cough loudly.
[ ] Do nothing.
>> No. 1478
[ ] Greet Cirno.
>> No. 1479
[►] Do nothing.

I'm curious about ⑨'s reaction.
>> No. 1480
[x] Walk over and ruffle them both.
>> No. 1481
[x] Eat while they're talking to each other.
>> No. 1482
[X] Throw apple at Cirno.
>> No. 1484
[X] Do nothing.

Let them have their fun.
>> No. 1485
[ ] Do nothing.
meh why not, lets just get a choice going
>> No. 1486
[x] show penis to cirno
>> No. 1487
[ ] Do nothing.

Yeah, might as well get something before we get enough people in here in order for something proper to get done
>> No. 1488
File 121012402775.gif - (17.63KB , 490x425 , 120805358061.gif ) [iqdb]
You do nothing. You might as well let the two catch up, right? You mind your own business, eating one of the apples, until a finger pokes you.
“Hey, hey! Hey, Rumia! Who’s this?”
“That’s my pack mule. You can ride her, if you want.”
You grind your teeth at Rumia’s comment, but Cirno take back your attention.
“My name’s Cirno, the strongest in all of Gensokyo. Nice to meet you, Ms. Pack mule!”
You smile at the young fairy and introduce yourself, making it clear that you aren’t anyone’s pet. Cirno smiles and zips around behind you, then lands on your back.
“Then I’ll make you my pet! Giddy up!”

[ ] Sigh, give her a piggyback ride.
[ ] Drop her back onto the ground.
[ ] Set her back down onto the ground.
>> No. 1489
[x] Give her a piggyback ride.
No sighing.
>> No. 1490

[⑨] "Oh yeah? Well I'm hung like a mule!" - Remove pants.
>> No. 1491
[X] Sigh, give her a piggyback ride.

Want Cirno's DFC on our back. Or maybe her panties, depending on how high she wants to sit.
>> No. 1492

which brings up a very good question.
how much heat is our dickgirl packing?
>> No. 1493
>[⑨] "Oh yeah? Well I'm hung like a mule!" - Remove pants.
Seconding. CIRNO, LOOK!
>> No. 1494
[X] Sigh, give her a piggyback ride.

Nothing wrong with sighing.

>> No. 1495
[X] Ride this instead. *grabs dick*
>> No. 1496
[⑨] "Oh yeah? Well I'm hung like a mule!" - Remove pants.

>> No. 1497
File 121012464138.jpg - (111.13KB , 496x700 , 120880663996.jpg ) [iqdb]
You sigh, but decide to comply. You begin to carry her on your back, and she wraps her arms loosely around your neck. You all begin to walk, talking about how everyone had spent their day, and eventually find yourself in a place that looks like a ghost town. It does, however, seem oddly familiar.

[ ] Enter a house.
[ ] Keep walking.
[ ] Turn back.
>> No. 1498
[ ] Enter a house.
[ ] Call out for Chen
>> No. 1499
[X] Enter a house.

Always enter the houses.
>> No. 1500
[x] Turn back.
>> No. 1501
But do want Chen.
>> No. 1502
[x] Enter a house.

Contrary to others' opinion, DO WANT Yukari.
>> No. 1503
[X] Enter a house.
>> No. 1504
[x] Enter a house.

Come on Suika/Chen path
>> No. 1505
[x] Enter a house.

Fuck you bitches, Ran is where it's at.

Also, in before Yukari and her filthy, filthy lies.
>> No. 1506
File 121012535852.jpg - (185.51KB , 500x649 , 5d9bdb84f4dfa2ee05ce2abdc826a50b.jpg ) [iqdb]
You enter a house that looks like it belonged to a wealthy couple and their son. It really does seem familiar, like you’ve been here before. You look at the inside of the home, which has mostly been covered in dust.
“Eew! Why did we come here?” Rumia darts in, with Cirno in tow.
“I dunno, Rumia, it seems kinds nice.”
“It’s the kind of place vermin live!”
The two turn to see a young girl with cat ears watching them with a smile, a group of cats standing behind her.

[ ] Introduce yourself, along with the others.
[ ] Back out of the house.
>> No. 1507
[ ] Introduce yourself, along with the others.
>> No. 1508
[x] Your neck, I'll be taking it.
>> No. 1509
[X] Introduce yourself, along with the others.

It's Chen. A cat is fine too.
>> No. 1510
[X] Introduce yourself, along with the others.

A cat is added.
>> No. 1511
[x] Introduce yourself, along with the others.

Wasn't the whole point of Yukari sending you back to not kill Rumia because she was friends with Chen? Shouldn't they recognize each other?
>> No. 1512
We don't know they recognize each other though. We're introducing them, they aren't introducing themselves. They may just interrupt us and go hug Chen.
>> No. 1513
[X] Introduce yourself, along with the others.

They're probably just playing.
>> No. 1514
[ ] Introduce yourself, along with the others.
>> No. 1515
[x] Introduce yourself, along with the others.
>> No. 1516
File 121012677863.png - (141.92KB , 512x512 , 9cfc1fb37a09f7d88ac136f56d4ea292.png ) [iqdb]
You introduce yourself and the others, and the girl just stands there.
“Nice to meet you, but… I already know them.”
Rumia and Cirno rush over to the girl, who leads the off into another room, the cats following. You follow after them, and have a seat at the heated table which they’ve gathered around.
“So, anyway, that’s how I learned to never use something Rinnosuke gives you while floating in the lake.”
Cirno folds her arms, proud of whatever story she just told Chen and Rumia, who seem upset by their friend’s foolish actions. All the cats hiss at you except for three of them, who sit near you.

[ ] Pet the three cats.
[ ] “Hey! Speaking of Rinnosuke, I got this from him not that long ago.” Show them the chocolate.
[ ] Wait for someone else to start a conversation.

I'm really not feeling it tonight, I feel like the story is being affected by my lack of sleep. Would anyone agree?
>> No. 1518
[x] Pet the three cats.
>> No. 1519
[X] Pet the three cats.

No chocolate. It's bad for cats.
>> No. 1520
Changing to just [ ] Pet the three cats.
>> No. 1521
[ ] Pet the three cats.
>> No. 1522
File 121012832119.png - (19.82KB , 500x600 , 12076008811.png ) [iqdb]
You just sit there and pet the cats. They seem to really like you, much more than all the other cats. Eventually the conversation ends, and everyone just sits there for a while, wondering what to do. Rumia lies on her back, staring at the ceiling. Cirno plays around with her bow, and Chen takes a nap, curled up with the other cats. You sit there, wondering what would make this any fun.

[ ] Suggest going to Chen’s house.
[ ] Go to sleep.
[ ] Day dream.
>> No. 1523
[X] Suggest going to Chen’s house.
>> No. 1524
[X] Go to sleep.

>> No. 1525
[X] Suggest going to Chen’s house.

Watch the magic box.
>> No. 1526
[x] Day dream.

The erotic type. About the three girls we're with.
>> No. 1527
[ ] Suggest going to Chen’s house.
>> No. 1528
You know what, I'm gonna get some sleep. The last week was filled with the story (in my opinion), so I guess this week will be a little more on and off.
>> No. 1529
[X] Suggest going to Chen’s house.

Show Yukari how well everything's going now.

Also, g'night, Nineball.
>> No. 1530
Good night, and don't feel like you have to push yourself to write for our sake.
>> No. 1531
[X] Suggest going to Chen’s house.
>> No. 1532
[X] Suggest going to Chen’s house.
Y hallo that again Yukari
>> No. 1533
Suggesting to go to Chen's house won, writing starts now.
>> No. 1534
File 121028491381.jpg - (152.46KB , 573x660 , 120855767995.jpg ) [iqdb]
An idea pops into your head. Something tells you the cat girl has a home other than this run-down place.
“Hey, why don’t we all go to Chen’s house?”
Chen suddenly sticks her straight up, and looks over to you.
“Nya! That sounds good! What do you two think?”
Rumia nods in agreement, and Cirno begins babbling about what kind of things might go on at Chen’s house. Chen runs outside, and the others follow her. You follow too, thinking that the situation seems a little familiar.

You arrive at Chen’s home later.
“Sorry to intrude!” You remove your shoes and go inside, following Chen.
Rumia and Cirno follow your actions, except Cirno has no shoes to put by the door.
“Wo~ow! Look, Rumia! It’s so big, and fancy, and nice!”
“Yeah, I kind of wish I could live somewhere nice like this instead of wander around for days on end.”
Following Chen, you find yourself in the kitchen. A woman with nine large tails is preparing something to eat, and notices you.
“Oh! Welcome ba- I mean, welcome. What’s your name?”
You get introductions out of the way and sit at the table with Chen, Rumia and Cirno still copying what you do.
“Well, how is it? Isn’t my house nice?”
“Well, I think it looks-“
“AMAZING!! How do you get a house like this! It has that field, and the forest, and, oh oh oh! There must be a pond with lots of frogs to freeze!”
Cirno keeps rambling on, and Rumia and Chen nod while listening to her nonsense. You eventually see a hole appear in the wall, and a tall woman with blonde hair steps out of the gap.
“Ran, is dinner ready yet?”
“Almost, Yukari. Why don’t you sit down with the others?”
The woman sits down at the table and looks at you, smiling.
“Hello, I’m Yukari, who are you?”

[ ] Ask her who the owner of the house is.
[ ] Ask her why she doesn’t remember you.
[ ] Introduce yourself.
>> No. 1535
[x] Ask her why she doesn’t remember you.
[x] "How could you forget me after all we went through together? The good times, the bad times, and even that wonderful evening we spent together on groundhog's day?"
>> No. 1536
[X] Introduce yourself.

I guess it makes sense that she doesn't remember us.
>> No. 1537
[X] Introduce yourself.


[X] Ask her why she doesn’t remember you.
>> No. 1538
☞ Ask her why she doesn’t remember you.
>> No. 1539
[X] Introduce yourself.
>> No. 1540
[X] Introduce yourself.

Best not do anything to bring up the incident involving us getting ported back in time to fix our mistake
>> No. 1541
[X] Introduce yourself.
[X] Ask her who the owner of the house is.

Ran remembers us, but is pretending she doesn't, so it's a damn good bet that Yukari's going through the same motions. Just play along for now, she'll likely gap us aside later for a chat.
>> No. 1542
File 121028629085.png - (223.58KB , 581x782 , 5fb8111e0305393693aa298adfefc714.png ) [iqdb]
Yukari. She seems familiar, and you remember meeting her briefly in the past. Either way, you decide to act like you just met her. You introduce yourself, and talk with her about a few things before the food is ready. Dinner passes by calmly, though the meat tasted a little odd. The three girls run off to some place to play with each other, and Ran begins to clean up, while Yukari opens a gap which she begins to go through.

[ ] Follow Yukari.
[ ] Help Ran with the dishes.
[ ] Follow Cirno, Chen, and Rumia.
>> No. 1543
☞ Help Ran with the dishes.
>> No. 1544
[X] Help Ran with the dishes.

Might as well have a talk with her, and get her to cut the act.

DO WANT Yukari, but I doubt she'd be happy about us following her through that gap at the moment.
>> No. 1545
[X] Help Ran with the dishes.
>> No. 1546
[ ] Help Ran with the dishes.
>> No. 1547
[X] Help Ran with the dishes.

Maybe she can prime us on what to expect from Yukari later.
>> No. 1548
File 121028719149.png - (273.55KB , 600x600 , d6000b36d2e16591f365a0b0d1f9588d.png ) [iqdb]
You weren’t even invited here in the first place, so it would be polite to help one of the hosts with the dishes. Plus, you might be able to get some answers out of her. You walk over and grab a dish, then begin scrubbing.
“Excuse me, what are you doing?” Ran looks at you with irritation on her face.
“I thought I could help you with the dishes, it’s only polite.”
“Oh, well then, thank you.”
You take one half of the dishes to clean, while Ran takes the other half. You two continue to wash the dishes for a while, until you break the silence.
“What was up with that act?”
“Act? What are you talking about?”
“You know what I mean. Why are you acting like nothing ever happened?”
She pulls you over to her side, and whispers into your ear.
“Yukari plans to speak with you later. Until then, just play along, okay?”
You both move back to how you were, and finish the dishes. Ran begins to walk to another room, and noises can be heard outside.

[ ] Tail feel so good~.
[ ] Go check out what’s going on outside.
[ ] Find Chen’s room.
>> No. 1549
[X] Go check out what’s going on outside.
Tail always leads to bad end.
>> No. 1550
☞ Tail feel so good~.


>> No. 1551
Tail is a bad end, most of us should know that by now... The only time we can pull that one off as an option without dying would be an h-scene, preferably Suika/Chen since then we get to fight between I'd her horns and Tail feel so good

[ ] Find Chen’s room.
>> No. 1552
[X] Tail feel so good~.

You bastard.
>> No. 1553
Before people go getting us killed, how many continues do we have left? I know we have enough to survive this but if it brings us down to 1, not worth it
>> No. 1554
[X] Go check out what’s going on outside.

It's an incident, an incident!
>> No. 1555

I believe you have 3 continues at the moment.
>> No. 1556

[X] Tail feel so good~.

We're good to go then
>> No. 1557
Eh, I suppose we could lose one to this... I'd much rather not die to something we've already done in MiG, but if that's what the voters want, it is what we get
>> No. 1558
Well now, when it cost us a continue in MiG, Ran didn't know who we were but was already pretty annoyed at us for knocking her over. Not that we're much further up the relationship ladder with her here, but still, maybe it's not such a cliffleap as it seems.
>> No. 1559
[X] Tail feel so good~.

Do want.
>> No. 1560
File 121028830956.jpg - (43.77KB , 850x1140 , 7c5827559496523494aabc3b6026c061.jpg ) [iqdb]
You see her tails wave behind her. Moving, swirling, brimming with emotion and feeling. These tails, they were made for you. You walk over and caress one of them, running it through your fingers, but not pulling it. You feel something hit the side of your face, and look up to see a ferocious looking Ran.
Here it comes.
It’s almost here, oh shit.
You grab another one of her tails and do the same to it before she can finish. It feels so soft, so gentle, and so warm. Ran throws an open hand into your face, impaling you with her claws. Before the lights go out, you see her with gloves on, ready to preserve tomorrow night’s dinner.

BAD END – A tail of two furries.

Also, go ahead and vote now. I don’t want to waste another image on putting up a post you already read.

CONTINUES – 2 left.

Also, you should've spent more time with her before the time paradox. It would've made it so she forgave you and you would have had an easier time on the 10% route.
>> No. 1561

It'll probably shaft the Ran path if we do survive. Gotta hope it doesn't affect Chen at least then since it seems we can't avoid it.
>> No. 1562
[X] Go check out what’s going on outside.

Incident, etc.

Oh well, not interested in 10% anyway.
>> No. 1563

And there we go... Now then


Vote stays,
[ ] Find Chen’s room.
>> No. 1564
...well, all right, then. I hope we tasted good.

[X] Back one.
[X] Go check out what’s going on outside.
>> No. 1565
☞ Go check out what’s going on outside.
>> No. 1566
File 121028909871.jpg - (136.87KB , 759x662 , 1207975103081.jpg ) [iqdb]
You decide to see what’s going on outside. You open the door to see the three girls flying about, shooting bullets at each other. No, it’s danmaku.
“Hey! The human’s here! Hey, hey, watch this one!”
Cirno flies up and past the others, and their danmaku stops for a moment.
“Declare spell card…”
Rumia and Chen get ready, it looks like they might actually be playing as a team against Cirno.
“Icicle Fall!”
Mist appears, and shards of ice-like danmaku begin flying towards Rumia and Chen. They dodge them, and continue to shoot at Cirno. Chen flies right into Cirno’s face, and prepares a final attack.
“More like Icicle Fail, am I right?”
She launches a giant attack, and red bullets begin flying everywhere. You even have to dodge some, and wait for the storm of bullets to clear up.

[ ] Rush in and look for Rumia.
[ ] Rush in and look for Cirno.
[ ] Stay there and dodge the bullets.
>> No. 1567
☞ Rush in and look for Rumia.
>> No. 1568
[X] Shoot your own "danmaku" at the girls. If you know what I mean.
>> No. 1569
[X] Stay there and dodge the bullets.

Probably good aerobics.
>> No. 1570
[ ] Rush in and look for Cirno.


We still have her Advent blade right?
>> No. 1571

Yes, you still have it.
>> No. 1572
[X] Stay there and dodge the bullets.

Aw, they're just playing.
>> No. 1573
[ ] Rush in and look for Cirno.

Danmaku can't kill you. Give her the sword.
>> No. 1574
[ ] Rush in and look for Cirno.

Advent Cirno saves the day!
>> No. 1575
File 121028981665.png - (109.16KB , 400x400 , 120795026337.png ) [iqdb]
You go into the stream of bullets, looking for the little ice fairy. You get hit once or twice, but keep moving, trying to find a way out of this maze of bullets. You eventually find Cirno on the ground, with a stunned look on her face.

[ ] Pick her up and hold her in your arms, haul ass out of there.
[ ] Throw her an item at random.
[ ] Keep moving, and get out of there.
>> No. 1576
☞ Throw her an item at random.
>> No. 1577
[ ] Throw her an item at random.

If by random, you mean sword
And by ., you mean ruffle her hair afterwards!
>> No. 1578

[x] Throw her an item at random.

Do it Cirno!
>> No. 1579
[X] Throw her the watermelon sword.

If not, then item at random.
>> No. 1580
[X] Throw her a watermelon sword at random.
>> No. 1581
File 121029101457.jpg - (277.43KB , 714x641 , 12090582297.jpg ) [iqdb]
You throw an item, and it’s that weird piece of watermelon. You continue dodging the bullets, and watch the amazing thing that happens next. Cirno sees the blade you threw her, and grips it. Standing up, her appearance changes. She seems wiser. She seems faster. And, amazingly, she even seems…


The fairy flies through the bullets and grabs you in one arm, weaving her way through the red storm. She drops you off below Chen, where none of the bullets are, and flies up to engage her friend in battle.
“It looks like we’re both at our strongest now, nekomata.”
Cirno delivers a few blows to Chen, who returns the favor. The bullets stop, and Cirno flies back.
“It’s about time to finish this. Say your prayers, cat youkai.”
She lets loose a shining blue beam from her sword, red and green appear in the beam as well, and it seems to have danmaku in the stream of power. Cirno doesn’t move from this blast, she stays in her place, letting her greatest danmaku loose on Chen, who falls to the ground after the blast. Cirno flies over to her, and rests the tip of her blade in the ground.
“And, it’s Icicle Fall, not Fail.”

Cirno collapses, and returns to normal. You pick up the blade and store it away again, then help Chen up.
“Was that Cirno? She seemed a lot stronger just now, like a totally different person.”
You nod, and then pick Cirno up in one arm. That last attack must have taken a lot out of her, because she’s fast asleep. Rumia runs over, and suggests staying at the Yakumo’s home for the night. Ran eventually agrees, and you go to sleep, holding the little ice fairy in your arms, giving the block of ice a little warmth in her sleep.

END OF DAY 3 - +1 continue (Unlocked Advent Cirno as a team mate.)

I hope I pulled that off okay. If it didn't turn out good, then I can always just put a little more attention into causing general chaos in the story.
>> No. 1582
Awesome. Simply awesome.
>> No. 1583
[X] Stay there and dodge the bullets.
With this storm of non-lethal bullets in a playful setting, would be a good time to get used to the dodging, in case we get into trouble later.

Grazing skill +1
>> No. 1584
Slowpoke, alive, etc.
>> No. 1585
That was nicely done indeed. Yay for Advent Cirno!
>> No. 1586
>I hope I pulled that off okay.
No complaints here, man.

So, day's end is end of day? Or watch for a new thread?
>> No. 1587

I'll begin Day 4 in a few minutes, I just had dinner, and now I'll be having a little snack to top it off.
>> No. 1588
File 121029390821.gif - (24.32KB , 500x600 , 120914537487.gif ) [iqdb]
You wake up with the little nine ball still in your arms, hugging your chest. She seems so content and peaceful, unlike how she normally acts. Looking at the room, nobody else is there. You do, however, spot two sets of clothing, one your size, and one that’s rather small. The light of the sun comes in through the window, temporarily blinding you. When you can see again, Cirno is staring at you in wonder.

[ ] “Good morning!”
[ ] Ruffle her hair.
[ ] Give the little ⑨ a hug.
>> No. 1589
[ ] “Good morning!”
[ ] Ruffle her hair.
[ ] Give the little ⑨ a hug.

Oh ho, why not do all three?
>> No. 1590
[x] “Good morning!”
[x] Ruffle her hair.
[x] Give the little ⑨ a hug.
>> No. 1591
[X] “Good morning!”
[X] Ruffle her hair.
[X] Give the little ⑨ a hug.

We can do all three if we give her a one-armed hug.
>> No. 1592
I wonder who is going to discover our secret next.

Unless, Cirno is staring at us in amazement as she lays on our morning wood, hence why she is staring.
>> No. 1593
[X] “Good morning!”
[X] Ruffle her hair.
[X] Give the little ⑨ a hug.

I can see no flaw in this plan.
>> No. 1594
File 121029446261.gif - (26.17KB , 500x600 , 120735501590.gif ) [iqdb]
You can’t help but smile. This little girl is full of perpetual happiness, and is even one of the strongest beings you’ve ever seen. But, right now, she’s resting on your chest, staring at you. You put one arm around her and give her a hug, while using the other hand to ruffle her hair.
“Good morning!”
She squirms a little, and her cheeks begin to turn red.
“H-Hey! Stop that, it tickles!”
You both get up, Cirno beaming with joy, and walk over to the clothing.
“Hey! This stuff looks nice, I wonder if it’s for us?”
She totters around while you stand there, wondering what to do.

[ ] Change into your new clothing, then help Cirno change.
[ ] Help Cirno change, then change into your new clothes.
[ ] “It’s okay, let’s go look for everyone.”
>> No. 1596
[X] Help Cirno change, then change into your new clothes.

She'll probably bolt out of the room as soon as we're done, thus she won't notice our obvious extra appendage.
>> No. 1597
[x] Help Cirno change, then change into your new clothes.
>> No. 1598
[ ] Help Cirno change, then change into your new clothes.
>> No. 1599
Changing my vote to

[X] Help Cirno change, then change into your new clothes.

just for progress' sake.

Though I would get a chuckle out of Cirno seeing our manmeat.
>> No. 1600
File 121029504863.jpg - (83.54KB , 591x759 , 120776129083.jpg ) [iqdb]
You get a better look at the clothing. Both of them are kimonos with matching designs, pink with floral patterns around the arms and bottoms. You help Cirno change into hers, and she spins a few times in her new clothes.
“Yay! I’m gonna go find everyone else then come back, so stay here, okay?”
You nod and she takes off. It doesn’t take near as long for you to change, and you’re soon ready to get up and take off.

[ ] Go looking around the house.
[ ] Look for Cirno.
[ ] Wait there.
>> No. 1601
[ ] Wait there.

Yukari will come get us.
>> No. 1602
[X] Wait there.

Wait for the nine.
>> No. 1603
[X] Wait there.

waitin' for yukari~
>> No. 1604
>> No. 1605
[x] Wait there.

Cirno wants us to wait, so we shall.
>> No. 1606
[ ] Wait there.
>> No. 1607
Wait. If we helped Cirno change.. Did we see her naked?
>> No. 1608
[X] Wait there.

Cirno said.
>> No. 1609

>> No. 1610
Oh ho ho. If we had chosen the other option, would we have gotten to go "LOOK, CIRNO!"?
>> No. 1611
File 121029560625.jpg - (101.13KB , 480x640 , 5dbdef9f3107a1da50c30ce5812082da.jpg ) [iqdb]

Again, yes.

You decide to wait in the room, like Cirno told you. You walk over to the bed to sit down, but fall through a hole in the ground that didn’t seem to be there before. When you look back up, you see Yukari sitting at the other end of a small table, also wearing a kimono.
“Sorry to steal you from your little friend, but I thought it was about time to explain some things. I don’t know where to start, so give me something to begin talking to you about.”

[ ] “Why did you just do that?”
[ ] “Why are you and Ran pretending to not remember me from before?”
[ ] “Where is everyone?”
>> No. 1613
[x] “Where is everyone?”
Specifically, Renko.
>> No. 1614
[X] “Why are you and Ran pretending to not remember me from before?”

Let's find out.
>> No. 1615
[X] Go looking around the house.
Time to show off our new lovely outfit.
>> No. 1616

Wow. I thought you guys had all forgotten about her.
>> No. 1617
[x] “Why are you and Ran pretending to not remember me from before?”
>> No. 1618
[X] “Where is everyone?”

This. Want old friends back.
>> No. 1619
[x] “Where is everyone?”
They're pretending they don't know us because we DID THE TIME WARP. The other question doesn't seem significant.
>> No. 1620
Changing to [ ] “Where is everyone?”.
>> No. 1621
Seriously, Renko must think we're dead by now. The least we can do is show her we're not.
>> No. 1622
Ask about...

[ ] Maribel and Renko.
[ ] The little-sister brigade & co.
>> No. 1623
[x] Maribel and Renko.
The nineball squad is near Mayohiga, obviously. Renko and Maribel are the bigger mystery.
>> No. 1624
[ ] The little-sister brigade & co.
>> No. 1625
[x] Maribel and Renko.
>> No. 1626
[x] Maribel and Renko.
>> No. 1627
[X] Maribel and Renko.

>> No. 1628
File 121029689287.jpg - (34.54KB , 840x473 , Ryougi.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Both of them are kimonos with matching designs, pink with floral patterns around the arms and bottoms.
Tell us we have a blue jacket to go with that.
>> No. 1629
File 121029690946.jpg - (166.82KB , 400x400 , 1207871132135.jpg ) [iqdb]
“What happened to Maribel and Renko?”
“Oh? The two you came to Gensokyo with? They’re okay, though that squeamish one seems convinced that you’ve died by now. I believe they’re currently in the Human Village, though I’d advise you not to try and find them.”
“Why’s that?”
“Well, you see, they’ve been-”
You can hear Ran through one of the gaps Yukari has left open.
“Yukari! Everything’s ready, come out now!”
“Ah.” Yukari turns back to you. “Come on, then.”
You follow Yukari through a gap which leads to the field outside the house. The Yakumos, Rumia, Cirno, Suika, and two women you don’t recognize are there, and some sheets have been spread out, with various foods and alcohols resting in some places. You also notice a young girl that you’ve never met before, standing near one of the other women. Yukari runs over to them, happily.
“Yuuka! Yuyuko! I’m so glad you could come!”

[ ] Go over to the strangers and introduce yourself.
[ ] Go apologize to Cirno for not staying in the room.
[ ] Get something to eat.
>> No. 1630
[X] Go over to the strangers and introduce yourself.

I believe Yukari intended for us to meet them.
>> No. 1631
[X] Go over to the strangers and introduce yourself.


Also, Cirno's probably forgotten that we didn't wait for her by now.
>> No. 1632
[x] Go over to the strangers and introduce yourself.
Wait, Yuuka? OH SHI
>> No. 1633
[X] Go over to the strangers and introduce yourself.

It's only polite.
>> No. 1634
File 121029778493.jpg - (105.32KB , 580x828 , 120892311367.jpg ) [iqdb]
You walk over to them and wait for a chance to introduce yourself, but the green-haired woman doesn’t give you a chance. She strides over to you and extends a hand.
“Hey there! My name’s Yuuka, and, if I can guess correctly, you’re one of my opponents today.”
Wait, opponent? You have to fight this woman, who is taller and, more than likely, stronger than you? Yukari pats your back and smiles.
“Yes, this is her. But don’t worry, I gave you a team mate. She’s wearing the same kind of clothing that you have, though she’s a little dull. Either way, let’s move on with the introductions.”
A woman wearing a fine blue outfit addresses you next, bowing slightly.
“My name is Yuyuko Saigyouji, but you can call me Miss Yuyuko. And this is my pet, Youmu, and her Myon.”
The girl you saw before looks at the woman in shock, and take a step back.
“What? Since when was I demoted from gardener to pet?”
Yuyuko smiles and pats Youmu’s head.
“Don’t worry, you’ll get back up the social ladder. Someday.”

[ ] Ask about the fight.
[ ] Ask about the gardener.
[ ] Ask about the “Myon”.
>> No. 1635
[X] Get something to eat.

Personally, I'm hungry, so Anonko will eat too.
I'm sure Yuyuko understands.
>> No. 1636
[x] Ask about the fight.
We were sent here with... some sort of purpose?
Are we warriors of light, here to rid the land of Chaos?
>> No. 1637
[ ] Ask about the fight.
>> No. 1638

[x] Ask about the “Myon”.

Can I pet it?
>> No. 1639
[X] Ask about the fight.

>> No. 1640
File 12102979902.jpg - (29.53KB , 319x358 , SEL_NERO.jpg ) [iqdb]
No, Anon, you are the Chaos.
And then Anon was Nrvnqsr.
>> No. 1641
Obviously, the only way to wash away our sorrows is by drowning ourselves in the blood of our enemy.
>> No. 1642
File 121029862665.jpg - (172.62KB , 967x1191 , 14b95d06.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Ask about the fight.

Youmu's our partner? Fuck yeah.
>> No. 1643
She said similar clothing, and that she's dull. We're wearing a kimono, and Yuyuko fits the "dull" type (although it's all just a ruse to troll Youmu, as we know).
>> No. 1644

Actually, it's neither one. It's someone with a miniature version of anon's kimono.
>> No. 1645
>> No. 1647
It's the nineball.

We'll have to save our Advent Cirno and Omnislash Version ⑨ for when the chips are down.
>> No. 1648
Also, due to computer problems, I probably won't be back until tommorrow night.
>> No. 1649
Oh, right. I got stuck on the "dull" part, and Youmu is generally characterized as kind of a stick-in-the-mud, so, yeah.

Awww, nuts. See you tomorrow, then.
>> No. 1650
Her jacket is red.
>> No. 1651
[X] Ask about the fight.

Suika is here eh? Time to impress her and get the second half of our path under way...
>> No. 1652
Can we has psycho option during fight?
>> No. 1653

As if we need more Nanayamous
>> No. 1654
Psycho option as in psycho option, not Nanaya option
>> No. 1655
We could go psycho but that wouldn't get us very far considering the only things we have are... Crap, what do we even have on us again? A dagger that wouldn't do shit all considering we have Youmu against us, some other random weaponry, and then that spell card Chen gave us if I recall correctly... Though if we use it in Chen's presence, it might raise a few questions we wouldn't want to answer
>> No. 1656
If any of you have questions about things in the story, feel free to ask them now. This could include descriptions of the characters, "What the fuck is going on?", "How do I shot harem?", etc.
>> No. 1657
Will we see Renko and Maribel again?
>> No. 1658

If you actually make an attempt to go see them again.
>> No. 1659

How do I shot Yukari/Yuuka harem?
>> No. 1660

With pacience and skill. You have to get on both their good sides, and make them respect you to some degree before that path opens up.
>> No. 1661
So we can save it for repeat play-throughs, then.
>> No. 1662

Pretty much.
>> No. 1663
[x] Ask about the fight.

>> No. 1664
Hey guys. Should I get back to work instead of improving my grazing skills in EoSD, or are you guys satisfied with the VNs that went on today on the other boards?
>> No. 1665
I like your VN, and would like it to continue. However, don't force yourself.
>> No. 1666
sdm limited adventure just stopped. If you want to start writing tonight now would be the best time before everyone leaves seeing as nothing else is on.
>> No. 1667
File 121037915185.jpg - (94.70KB , 500x600 , 1209345821809.jpg ) [iqdb]
You stutter out a question, asking them about the fight. Yuuka happily answers you.
“Yukari told me you were somewhat skilled. She even said that you had the power to kill a youkai, which makes you an interesting opponent, considering you’re a mere human. Your fighting partner, however… She’s rather, how would I put it… Yes, she’s rather dense. I’m sorry that you were paired up with her, but you should be just fine fighting me with that little fairy by your side. But, before we begin the festivities, let’s all eat.”

Everyone enjoys a fine meal. There are various soups, meats, and assorted dishes which you don’t even recognize. The meal lasts for a long while, and the horned girl seems to be helping herself to the booze and wines, as opposed to Yuyuko, who pays a large amount of attention to the actual food. It seems that Yukari and Yuyuko are on fairly good terms, while Yuuka seems to be more of a rival to Yukari, probably something that has to do with their powers. Once the meal is over, Yuuka gets up and cracks her knuckles, as well as her neck. She strides over into the field and stands there, gesturing for you and Cirno to come to her.

[ ] Go to her with the dagger ready for battle.
[ ] Go to her with the watermelon sword ready to hand off to Cirno.
[ ] Go to her with the camera ready.
[ ] Go to her unprepared.
>> No. 1668
[X] Go to her with the dagger ready for battle.
[X] Go to her with the watermelon sword ready to hand off to Cirno.

Let's rumble.
>> No. 1669
[ ] Go to her with the dagger ready for battle.

The sword is a backup plan.
>> No. 1670
[x] Go to her with the dagger ready for battle.
[x] Go to her with the watermelon sword ready to hand off to Cirno.

If it's danmaku don't use the fucking dagger. We don't want to go L5 if it's just a bit of fun.
>> No. 1671
File 121038047063.jpg - (154.17KB , 500x750 , 120964485283.jpg ) [iqdb]
You get your dagger ready, and the watermelon sword as well. You and Cirno walk to what will be the battlefield, and prepare for the fight.
“Oh? So you’re going all out, then. That’s good, seeing as I planned the same.”
Yuuka opens her parasol behind her and smiles at you, twirling it while that devilish grin rests on her face. You look to Cirno, who looks back up at you with a confused look, wondering what to do.

[ ] “You distract her with danmaku, and I’ll go in for the close-range fight.”
[ ] “Fire off weak danmaku and carry me. We’ll get up to her and finish it off with your attacks and my dagger.”
[ ] (?) – User input for a course of action.
>> No. 1672
[x] Give Cirno the melon sword. Attack from both sides and GO FOR THE GOLD AT THE BEIJING OLYMPICS!
>> No. 1673
[x] Drop pants, Wield
>> No. 1674
[X] (?) – User input for a course of action.

Nanaya mode. Calculate everything in an instant, and launch the most likely to win attack. Cut her in to seventeen pieces. Blades of summer, etc.
>> No. 1675
[ ] Flash cock
>> No. 1676

But we're not nanayonymous...
>> No. 1677
As much as dropping our pants and revealing our hidden weapon would create an opening, the resulting backlash could and more than likely would be deadly so...

[x] Give Cirno the melon sword. Attack from both sides and GO FOR THE GOLD AT THE BEIJING OLYMPICS!
>> No. 1678
Clearly you underestimate the power of "sexy commando!"
>> No. 1679

She'll just make a rose bloom in our urethra.

Get to work on that good end anyway.
>> No. 1680
[X] Tell Cirno to dazzle Yuuka with sparkling and bright attacks, then use it as cover to get in close. If the fight goes south, toss Cirno the Melon Sword for a temporary boost in odds of success.
>> No. 1681
>She'll just make a rose bloom in our urethra.

what. ow. goddamn, that's a bad thought
>> No. 1682
Needs more votes. There's currently a tie between showing the man meat off and double teaming with Advent Cirno.
>> No. 1683
I'd double team cirno
>> No. 1684
[x] give sword to cirno and tell her to use Omnislash.
>> No. 1685
[ ] Flash cock

>> No. 1686
[X] Flash cock

BAD END worth it. Do it, Cirno.
>> No. 1687
[x] Give Cirno the melon sword. Attack from both sides and GO FOR THE GOLD AT THE BEIJING OLYMPICS!
If flashing our cock causes us to win the fight it's probably going to make Yuka hate us. I don't want Yuka to hate us.
>> No. 1688
We can always have another play through.
>> No. 1689
File 121038404977.jpg - (78.18KB , 500x500 , 120898590421.jpg ) [iqdb]
You decide to shock her. To share your secret. You rip off the kimono, revealing the manly member that had been hidden for so long. Yuuka looks at it in shock, while it throbs, and becomes erect. You charge forward and grab her, taking her off to another location for your own use, leaving most everyone else speechless.
Setting Yuuka down inside, you undo her shirt, and begin to run your tongue around her nipples while you remove her skirt.
“H-human! What are you doing? This sort of thing is… it’s…”
She becomes silent, and lets you continue as you were. Once she’s fully naked, her bare breasts resting on her chest, her nipples erect from how your tongue had run over them, you rub your manhood against her, feeling her fresh juices massage your cock.
“Ahhh... Hahn... Nnn…”
She bites her lip, trying to hide the pleasure she feels. You continue to rub against her, and eventually begin to stick it in. She’s a tight fit, but you manage, and thrust into the walls of her vagina, running your cock in and out. You hold one of her breasts with one hand, massaging it and running your fingers over her erect nipples, and grab her face with the other, and kiss her. You run your tongue over hers, into her mouth, and she the same. You switch the other hand to your own womanhood, and move the lips of your original sexual member, running your finger over the clit.
Yuuka attempts to moan, and every now and then gets a few of her moans out. It seems like this process continues for a while, with no end in sight. You suddenly feel a pressure in your manly member, and move from another kiss you were giving her to tell her what was about to happen.
“Miss Yuuka, I’m c-cumming… I’m about to come.”
She wraps he arms around you and massages your back.
“Me too, let’s do this together.”
Through the moans and the slapping of skin onto skin, three ejaculations occur. Vaginal mucus and semen fall to the floor, and Yuuka lets go of you.

You had both gone to sleep there, on that night. You, however, never woke up. Yuuka had made a rose bloom inside your uterus, and had used her vicious plants to tear you open for nourishment. Your death was mourned, yes, but not remembered for long. Eventually Yuuka conceived, and gave birth to a half-youkai. This young girl of hers grew, and proved to be a lot like what was technically her father. She left to go to the outside, one day, and didn’t return for five years. Upon her return, she had matured, and eventually made her own home in a field where flowers grow, to take care of those you called friends, and even little sisters, and to take care of her own children. This cycle continued until the youkai part of the family’s blood had watered down to near-human, and a young girl was born to the lineage outside the border. She made friends with two other girls, both interested in Gensokyo, the world beyond the border, and they eventually set off to explore this alien world. Truly, the cycle will repeat, and all will continue in this manner, unless someone decides to undo these events that took place.

Futanonymous TRUE END reached.
>> No. 1690
Bout time we put that thing to use.
>> No. 1691
That was incredible. And hot. Now, back one choice.
>> No. 1692
I'm gonna go eat dinner now. Any feedback on the H-scene and how to get better at writing H-scenes will be appreciated.
>> No. 1693
One complaint.
>>stick it in
is a bit plain. Rest is fine. I fapped.
>> No. 1694
Things look pretty dead here, so I'll just continue tommoroe morning, if I wake up soon enough.
>> No. 1695
Only dead because we're waiting on you, dear writefag (and I use that as a term of endearment).
>> No. 1696
Great going...
no wait whut? Cockgirl Anon was her own father?
>> No. 1697

"All You Zombies—" End
>> No. 1699
New thread.
>> No. 1703
That is so awesome! Do all our children have cocks?

But what happens when we break the cycle?
>> No. 1746

You finally escape June 1983. And then the collection of your memories becomes a witch.
>> No. 1749
does that mean we are the little girl?
>> No. 1800
No Anon, you are the little girls
>> No. 1841
and then Anon was raped by his uncle.
>> No. 1878
File 121045078066.jpg - (45.85KB , 848x480 , satoko_scream.jpg ) [iqdb]