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12986 No. 12986
[x] Go over and comfort the poor girl, she needs it
[x] The best pain reliever is just forgetting it; change or drop the subject

You feel awfully bad about bringing the subject up and pushing it a bit. Reisen doesn't look like she's having the best time over there. As a friend, it's important keep her happy, and physical contact is the best way to achieve that when the situation looks absolutely dire. Well, maybe now isn't quite such an emergency, but still, seeing her like this isn't exactly encouraging either. So, that's when you get up and walk over to the side of the table Reisen is sitting at. Reisen looks up at you curiously, but only for a split second before you bring yourself down to her level, sitting parallel to her and putting an arm around her. You pull her in softly and show her your most friendly smile.

"It's alright, the past is in the past. I've come to accept my current life for what it is now and I know I won't come back to my old life. The same should go for you, this is your life now and your old life won't come back to haunt you anymore." Reisen just looks up at you blushing for a moment before sadly separating from you and facing away.
"Thank you Sousha, but it's not exactly encouraging coming from someone who was so interested in their own past..." You can't help but sulk a bit in responce, but you don't let it get you down too much.
"But Reisen, it's true. You shouldn't let the past get to you so much. Dwelling on it never did any good for a lot of people." Reisen just looks down, you can't tell what her current expression is though since she's facing away from you.
"I know...but still..." You smile and simply a put a hand on her shoulder.
"It's alright Reisen. It's in the past, you don't have to think about it anymore." You look up thinking of where to go with this next. Your clingy side wants to hug her, but that might be too awkward for the position you're in right now. "Well, don't worry about it, okay? We can talk about something else if you like." Reisen seems to hesitate for a moment before shaking her head.
"No...I don't really feel much like talking at the moment Sousha. I'm sorry." You can't help but sigh at this, it's painful in a way.
"Reisen...come on, cheer up. I didn't mean to bring it up so casually."
"It's not your fault, Sousha. I'm fine, really..." She doesn't look at you this entire time. It's really not very comforting to you. You put your other hand on her other shoulder, determined to make this work though.
"Reisen, come on. I don't like seeing you like this. Surely there's has to be something else we can talk about to take your mind off it." It's at this moment that Reisen looks at the window and then gets up, still not facing you.
"I'm sorry Sousha, but dinner needs to be made so I'm afraid I can't really stick around." She then walks over to the door and you're just left sitting there. You feel a bit lost and not all the wiser. "But, Sousha..." You raise your head a bit and turn around to see a smiling moon bunny right outside the door. "Thanks for trying to make me feel better. I know you try, and I thank you for that." With that, Reisen disappears into the hall.

You sigh and stand up, it's probably a good idea to leave out Reisen's room and respect her privacy for the time being. You head out, closing the door on your way, and wander the seemingly endless halls once again. It's fairly dark now, the halls dim illumination giving off an eerie atmosphere. You notice on your way through the halls that a lot of the rabbits are all heading towards one spot. One would assume the dinner for all of them is made just as well too. Maybe not by Reisen but probably by some throwaway chef, or something. You try not to focus on any rabbits for too long though. Your undeniable hunger gets to you when you do and you start oddly feeling like tackling one to the ground randomly. What would happen after that is anyone's guess.

After a while you sit on your room, simply waiting for dinner to be cooked. You look out the window in anticipation of the days to come. You wonder how long Yukari plans on leaving you here. It's been a while without any sort of contact, in fact you start wondering what the point of all this really is. You sigh softly and flop down on your futon, staring at the ceiling. It isn't long until you're finally told that dinner is ready and you should come to the dining room. Once there, you, Kaguya, Eirin and Reisen eat a nice, quiet meal. Not much is talked about. Eirin and Kaguya exchange the occasional small talk but other then that, it's rather silent. You, for one, are too concentrated on eating to really talk much yourself. Your hunger wasn't noticable until you saw food put in front of you. You felt a great strenght welling up inside you and all of it was put towards wolfing the food down like a pack of hungry wolves. Reisen on the other hand is as quiet as ever. She still looks bothered about the whole past thing, unfortunately.

After dinner, Reisen excuses herself early to take care of a few chores, she says. Eirin tells her what's there left to do and Kaguya tells her to have fun, though it doesn't seem like Reisen really takes it seriously at all. From the outset, it doesn't seem like the three really have a very bad relationship with each other. After some more exchanges, Eirin and Kaguya part ways. Eirin doesn't say anything to you about the training with her after dinner though. You almost begin feeling like maybe she forgot about it. Or perhaps it was simply to remain a secret. Either way, you're left in the dining room on your own soon enough and after finishing up (what would be your third plate in reality), you get up and head off into the winding halls of Eientei once more. The darkness truly has set in now and the dim illumination of the lanterns here and there are the only light at all in the mansion.

Walking through the halls a bit, you notice the volume of rabbits has slowed down since your first visit here. You're not sure if they're avoiding you or what, but it seems as if you're much more isolated then before. It's almost creepy, but in a way, makes you feel more at ease. You no longer feel like you're constantly being watched, and it feels much more peaceful then before. You stop by one of the courtyard porches and go out and sit down for a moment. The cool air is refreshing and the moon is brightfully lighting up the sky, stars everywhere the eye can see into the sky. The area of the courtyard you've stopped by is where the main garden of Eientei is. It's very peaceful and serene, and really allows you to clear your mind. After sobering up a bit, you stand up and look around, searching for something to do.

[ ] Gee, I wonder what Kaguya is up to
[ ] Go see Eirin about that training you were meant to do
[ ] Reisen could use some help with those chores
[ ] It must be time for that appointed "promise" Tewi made to you
[ ] An expedition outside Eientei is in order, staying cooped up in the mansion isn't healthy
[ ] A simple meditation in the courtyard garden will do
>> No. 12987
[x] It must be time for that appointed "promise" Tewi made to you

As much as I would like to go see Reisen, she probably doesn't want to see us right now.
>> No. 12988
[x] It must be time for that appointed "promise" Tewi made to you
Time for more bunny rape.
>> No. 12991
[ ] Go see Eirin about that training you were meant to do
>> No. 12992
File 122768724942.gif- (200.87KB , 384x238 , GEE IT SURE IS BORING AROUND HERE.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] Gee, I wonder what Kaguya is up to
>> No. 13011
[x] It must be time for that appointed "promise" Tewi made to you
>> No. 13017
[ ] It must be time for that appointed "promise" Tewi made to you

Wanted more training, but this is so tempting.
>> No. 13021
See, told ya we should have pressed her.
>> No. 13024

And should she have screamed "Leave me alone, it's none of your business!", what then?
>> No. 13035

Then it wouldn't make any difference. But no use talking about 'what if's.
>> No. 13038
[x] It must be time for that appointed "promise" Tewi made to you

As much as I'd love to get more Reisen points, I think it's best if we give her some time to herself after the ordeal we just went through.

I'd consider voting for Eirin's option, but I can't even remember what the training was even about, and I can't be bothered to go back and look it up right now; I went back and read into the whole arrangement with Tewi just minutes ago, and I don't feel like doing something similar again. I guess that's what I get for watching so many of these things at once.
>> No. 13051
>I'd consider voting for Eirin's option, but I can't even remember what the training was even about

Considering it seemed more a ploy to test out the VR equipment and an experimental drug on Reisen, with no actual instruction, she probably doesn't either.

Thinking on what Yukari really sent us here to learn, I think it has less to do with any gains that could be made in practicing magic or combat techniques and more to do with the observing an example of an unhealthy master-servant relationship, and how lack of communication ultimately leads to the servant's unhappiness.
>> No. 13053
[x] It must be time for that appointed "update" Sukima wrote for you
>> No. 13067
File 122793175862.jpg- (40.53KB , 449x600 , 1196993862588.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] It must be time for that appointed "promise" Tewi made to you

It isn't often you go to the rabbit barracks, so to speak. You find yourself wandering the halls once more before you seemingly randomly stumble across it. Looking into a large room, you find many things scattered around, a large table, and at least a few dozen doors...since when did Eientei house this? It's like a rabbit motel. There don't seem to be any rabbits in view however. You cautiously move into the room and examine the surroundings. There's many play things and toys left scattered and littered everywhere, and bits of food leftover on the large table. It's like some large day care. You walk around, noticing the very large amount of doors throughout the room, making it seem like a hallway of doors. You look around before stopping and looking up, trying to remember what Tewi told you. Room number 7, right? You look at the doors for any sort of visible confirmation on what number rooms the doors lead to. Sure enough, to the left of every door is a small number in kanji telling you what door goes where. You quickly find the door next to the number 7 and open the door.

...or was it to the right of each door. You quickly realize you're dialing the wrong number as you see two rabbits who just froze in place, doing something rather explicit, far too naughty for your own mind to really comprehend at the moment. You quickly close the door and try to calm down your flushed face. Seeing Tewi in this condition might lead to more troublesome matters. After getting rid of the blush, you take a deep breath, calming yourself and then go over to the other door. You reach over to open it, stopping to contemplate wheather or not you want to knock first this time. Instead, you choose not to, as Tewi needs a good surprise once in a while, and besides, making a grand entrance might help you look better. (Yeah right) So, once you've decided on that, you take the door and slide it open in epic fashion, striking a confident look on your face as it feels like the door opens multiple times in your grandoise presence. In the room you see several rabbits huddled together at a table, the majority of which shoot their looks over at you frightened and immediately scramble over behind another rabbit at the end of the table, who stands up and reveals herself, with that devilish grin of her's to be none other then Tewi herself.

"So! You came! Didn't think ya had the guts for it." You give her the most condescending look you can manage.
"Cut the chit-chat. I'm here for that promise you made me." Tewi closes her eyes, still keeping that confident, devilish smile on her face.
"Heh, is that any way to teach your master? If you want to learn what I have for ya, you better start treating me with some respect!" You growl softly, but you can't deny that she's right. So instead of fighting it any longer, you get down on one knee and bow your head.
"Please teach me the way of deception, sensei." You can't see it, but you could swear her grin is so large right now, you don't have to. You can feel it.
"That's a good boy, Sousha. Now come, this is hardly any grounds of which to teach you the art." You stand up as Tewi is instructing the scared little bunnies behind her, they all nod and rather carefully make their way past you. You're not sure why they're so frightened of you, but it's probably not a very good reason.
"So then, where are we going?" Tewi puts her hands on her hips and grins softly.
"To the courtyard, silly. You've been practicing your magic for a nice while now there, why stop? Besides, for what we're gonna do, we need a lot of room." Her devilish smile makes you rather uncomfortable at this proposal as Tewi runs past you, expecting to follow. You sigh and do so, considering that you roped yourself into this either way.

After arriving into the courtyard, you look around and notice the area still have the lanterns floating overhead, tied between the bamboo shoots on one side and the Eientei on the other. It lights up the place very well. You step out onto the solid ground and Tewi greets you with her usual smug attitude. The bitch needs a lesson learned, that's for sure. You find it hard to retain your anger as she lobs various insults at you, telling you what you're about to learn. Despite it coming off sounding so demeaning, you get the basic idea. Various spirits or youkai, such as tanukis and kitsunes, use a leaf, which has special attributes and elements to allow one to transform it and make it an illusion. The actual technique is being able to manipulate this ability. Other plants could be used too, but wouldn't be as effective. The same goes with the type of leaf, but this mostly depends on the kind of style and ability the person has. It also needs to be a living leaf, not one that's say, brown from autumn.

"Did you get all that, Sousha?" You nod softly, while thinking about it.
"I think I do. It seems simple enough." That's when Tewi literally jumps you, hopping onto your chest while grabbing you by the collar. You're only just barely able to keep your stance.
"Hah! It's anything BUT simple! If you don't want to end up looking any stupider then you already do, then you better follow my instructions very clearly, got it?" You growl at her and toss her onto the ground, despite that she lands perfectly.
"Shut up! I'm tired of you always treating me like I'm some idiot!" Tewi shrugs smugly, it's really pissing you off.
"What? You are. You're the type of person that strikes me as someone who doesn't learn right from left unless shown the hard way." She looks at you with that type of cleverness that would send anyone into a furious rage. "I'm just going to embed this into your skull so you don't forget like the retard that you are and end up coming back, begging me to reteach you when I don't have the time for frivilous things like that." Part of you wants to believe she's trying to hard. Seems like she's using the chance to really get back at you.
>> No. 13068
File 122793177282.jpg- (256.34KB , 625x800 , 1192630636274.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Just...just shut up already, and get on with it, you....you..."
"Sorry Sousha, but do I look dark skinned to you?" You're about to ask about the left field question when she runs off suddenly.
"Hey! Wait!" You give chase, the look she gave you before running off was definitely that of a 'catch me if you can' type look. After a moment, she grabs you suddenly in the bamboo thicket and hides you behind a few large shoots with her. "W-What's the big i-" You're shushed suddenly and Tewi points at the courtyard. A rabbit is looking around carefully, alone and definitely vunerable. No, wait, not the time to be putting your mind in the gutter.
"See her? The art of transformation is all about deception and illusion. What looks like something may not feel like what it really is." Tewi hands you a few leaves while keeping one for herself. "Watch."

Tewi takes a small-medium sized rock and puts a leaf on it. In a puff of smoke, what was once a rock is now a delicious looking apple. You're almost amazed at first, but make sure not to show it. Tewi then puts her back to the bamboo thicket and rolls the apple out into the courtyard. The rabbit takes notice of it, and just like that, the rabbit's face lights up as it gleefully skips over and grabs the apple. Looking around for anyone that might be watching first, the rabbit then bites down on the apple. What happens next can only be described as a fit of a poor rabbit's misfortune as the now, back to normal rock falls to the ground and the rabbit is left running off elsewhere, crying. The poor thing. Teiw on the other hand, seems to be enjoying herself way too much. After trying to hold it in, snickering a lot, she finally bursts out laughing, sitting on the ground.

"Oh man! That was great!" She then hands you a rock. "You get the basic idea now? With a demonstration, it shouldn't be too hard for someone like you who's already a bit adept at magic." You look at her for a moment, then back at the rock.
"So...what am I supposed to do?"
"Isn't it obvious? Turn that into a fruit!" Tewi sits down, crossing her arms and looking at you expectantly. Sounds simple enough, except Tewi never explained how to properly do such a thing in the first place.
"All you told me was that I have to manipulate the leaf's...elements or something to create an illusion?" Tewi sighs, in a way that really makes you look stupid.
"Ah, I guess I can't trust you to understand every simple little concept. It's very easy." She takes one of your leaves and places it firmly on top of the rock. She then goes into a bit of a complex explaination about the leaf's elements, using mana to manipulate it, and creating illusions and transforming material temporarily. As she does this, she's constantly going on about how simple it is. You, yourself, find it easier to believe that this is anything but simple. "Did you get all that?"
"I...think so? I'm not sure..." Tewi sighs and looks at you.
"Alright, alright. Fine. I guess I have to resort to using an idiot-proof method of teaching you." She takes your hand and focuses your index and middle finger on the leaf. "Close your eyes and focus on your mana like you always do, and try and bring attention to the leaf. Then, just think about what you want it to be very carefully and hard. You need to be in touch with your demonic aura for this, Sousha, only a few youkai can really do this type of thing." You look over at Tewi, a bit curiously.
"So wait, if not all youkai can do this, then what if I can't?" Tewi grins at you, seemingly glad you asked.
"If I didn't have the confidence that you could do this, Sousha, I wouldn't be teaching you right now. You're a very special youkai, Sousha, not like all the others." She stands up on her knees, bringing her face steadily closer to yours. "My senses don't lie to me, Sousha. No one else I've met is like you, and I've been around." You have to back up a bit soon, her face growing ever so closer. You could swear the look on her face is almost seductive right now. "You act dumb, but in reality, yours is a power beyond anyone else's understanding. Even...Yukari's~" Her voice turns to a whisper as she utters your master's name. You blink softly, a bit shocked and wondering if Tewi's telling the truth. "So, you understand right?" Her voice is still that of a whipser, her face nearly parallel to yours now. She's practically whispering in your ear. "If your power wasn't one I wouldn't want to take care of, I wouldn't be doing this. After all, Kaguya, Eirin and even Yukari can only do but so much on their own, ne~?" You gulp softly and nod slowly.
"Y-Y-Y-Yeah. I get what you're saying..." With that, Tewi quickly goes back to her former position and looks at you, back to the smug smile of hers.
"So? What're you waiting for? Show me what you got then, dog-boy." You want to growl at her for a moment but then sigh as you let that one slide. You then look back at the rock and leaf on top of it. You're still not sure how it works exactly, but the best thing to do is give it a try you suppose.

[ ] Focus on the rock and think of something soft and delicious
[ ] Ask Tewi if she can give you hands on approach to this
[ ] Try and bring your spirit and have it do what you want
[ ] Tell Tewi you want to try something else instead
[ ] Fuck this, Tewi's too much, you're going back into the mansion
>> No. 13072
>>>[x] Focus on the rock and think of something soft and delicious
I wonder what we will produce~
>> No. 13077
[x] Focus on the rock and think of something soft and delicious
>> No. 13081
[x] Focus on the rock and think of something soft and delicious
>> No. 13083
{X} Focus on the rock and think of something soft and delicious.
>> No. 13085
[x] Focus on the image of a naked Tewi

>> No. 13086
[x] Focus on the image of a naked Tewi

No regrets.
>> No. 13088
File 12279736594.jpg- (109.18KB , 800x600 , lifeliketexture.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 13089

Oh god, that's so awesome.
>> No. 13090
[x] Focus on the image of a naked Tewi

Hilarity ensues.
>> No. 13091
File 122798131998.jpg- (46.37KB , 441x580 , 2e67fa92000dd3b9d781dd457d345a17.jpg ) [iqdb]
So wait, can we get a full-size replica of Tewi from a rock, or would she be doll-sized?

...Dammit, now I have to know.
[x] Focus on the image of a naked Tewi
>> No. 13092
[x] Focus on the image of a naked Tewi.

This...could be quite interesting.
>> No. 13094
I predict tears.
>> No. 13095

Sousha tears?
>> No. 13097

Life-like texture... ;_;
>> No. 13109
[x] Ask Tewi if she can give you hands on approach to this

>> No. 13127
[x] Focus on the rock and think of something soft and delicious
>> No. 13132
[x] Focus on the image of a naked Tewi.
>> No. 13152
[X] Focus on the rock and think of something soft and delicious
>> No. 13153
[x] Focus on the image of an update.
>> No. 13192
Been taking an unannounced vacation of sorts. Started out with being murderously sick, and now the fatigue, both mentally and physically, is preventing me from writing a decent update. I have tried a couple times already and wasn't satisfied with what I came out with, so I thought I'd give myself some time. Sorry for being a picky (with myself) writefag guys.
>> No. 13270

No wories. Just lay back a few days and rest.
>> No. 13315
File 122904491038.jpg- (155.30KB , 960x720 , angrysousha.jpg ) [iqdb]
Get well soon.
>> No. 13316

Oh god, that can't be Sousha. He isn't like that, he is a sweet, kind, sometimes perverted, tsundere. Give me back my Sousha!
>> No. 13321
Why so serious?
>> No. 13322
Is Sousha going to rape a bunny?
>> No. 13330
File 122910452462.jpg- (129.66KB , 810x768 , soushatime.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hmm~ ♪
>> No. 13344

Shota Sousha on the left is killing me.
Tsundere Sousha on the right is also killing me.

Goddamnit, Sousha is too adorable.
>> No. 13490
Yo, it's your insatiable writefag with a love for a 10%s here. One could say I've had the inspiration to update finally for the past week or so, but I've been indominately busy as of late and it's completely shoving the rest of my free time out the window. I have a report due on Jan 1st, I have to work every day until Jan 11th (even on christmas and christmas eve if I want the money I need for a trip all the way in damn May) and there's still so many other things I'm trying hard to keep up with, but utterly totally failing at. It's hard. I can't guarentee an update anytime soon, I might try and get one out during christmas as a present to all you guys, but otherwise, it might be until after new years that I can finally sit down and write. I don't have the free time to do much anymore. Having a life is tough.

Oh, and if this nonsense about updating every three days or you're banned is actually put into motion, THP can just go fuck itself for it's assery and idiocy, okay? Okay.
>> No. 13496
>Oh, and if this nonsense about updating every three days or you're banned is actually put into motion, THP can just go fuck itself for it's assery and idiocy, okay? Okay.

>> No. 13497
>Oh, and if this nonsense about updating every three days or you're banned is actually put into motion, THP can just go fuck itself for it's assery and idiocy, okay? Okay.

>> No. 13498

Dude, calm down. You're not trolling like Nine did. And we can wait, damn it. Just do your stuff you need to do, we will be here for you.

>>13496 >>13497

Nine and his Zombies.

In before Sukima is banned too. Lol, jk.
>> No. 13501
>updating every three days or you're banned
No, no, Nine has to keep updating if he wants to stay unbanned. He's on probation.
>> No. 13514

Makes me think, how is the situation now with the new mods? Was Nina definetly unbanned or does he still need to update at least once every 3 days? Because with that rule, he wrote faster than he ever had before.
>> No. 13515

I mean Nine.
>> No. 13516
Blank slate.
>> No. 13517
So basically no more AoD? What a surprise.
>> No. 13518
He's headed home for the holiday. If he doesn't resume writing again when he returns, we will stomp his sorry ass into the Stone Age.
>> No. 13522
Merry Christmas Sukima!
>> No. 13523
File 123031404266.jpg- (292.25KB , 1000x989 , emotionsousha.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 13524

Another prize done by GD. It is fortunate we like the same protagonist.
>> No. 13525

Your talents are wasted on a writer this slow.
>> No. 13533

Sukima is not slow. He just has his vacations every now and then. But when he's writing, he writes at a good pace.
>> No. 13550
>Having a life is tough.

I think I've found your problem.
>> No. 13588
Don't they have some kind of medical treatment for that nowadays?
>> No. 13649
File 123095080556.jpg- (131.39KB , 500x500 , 0b3c78d61aa1673fee549882e42d92e7.jpg ) [iqdb]
As if I couldn't already access this place much to begin with, I'll be going away for a couple weeks to some family thing. Don't ask because I'm about as much in the dark as you all are. No one tells me anything.

Glad to see things weren't as bad as I was told they would be though. I guess some people need to elaborate more. (Not talking about anyone here)

Anyways, 12/1/09. Mark it.
>> No. 13736
Sukima has been kidnapped, are you bad enough to rescue him
>> No. 13746
I hope you mean 09/01/12 by board reckoning.
>> No. 13806
File 123169345947.jpg- (208.47KB , 600x832 , 1193536476117.jpg ) [iqdb]
Guess who's back. A day early at that. I still have things to do though so updates might be somewhat sporadic for this month (Hah, when aren't they ever?) Anyways sorry for being gone for most of winter. On the up side, Wolf and Spice has been rather inspiring, so I think I'm ready for this.

[x] Focus on the rock and think of something soft and delicious

You take a deep breath and look at the rock in your hand. You tilt your head a bit and gather up a short idea on what to do. You then press your two fingers on the rock tightly, then close your eyes. You're just going to have to wing it, relying on sheer will alone. Maybe the power of the mind is what Tewi wants. You go ahead and of something soft, something tasty, something rather sweet...a fruit just like Tewi's will do. You're not sure which one will come out, and quite honestly you don't care. You just want to get this done so you know you can do it. It's putting a rather large strain on your mind now that you think about it. You can feel yourself trembling a bit as you peek open one eye and see that the rock has not budged the slightest. You sigh and are about to continue trying until you suddenly feel Tewi's hand on yours. You're about to feel embarrassed a tad but Tewi looks pretty serious. Nonetheless, you're quite surprised.

"Just by looking at you, I can tell you're trying too hard. You're probably not doing it right." You blink at her a bit, not sure what expression you should be wearing right now, but at the moment it probably looks rather funny.
"Well, uh...what should I be doing exactly then?" Tewi gives you a bit of a pouty face. She takes your hand and rests it on top of the rock over the leaf. From this little exchange you can feel her rather soft, yet small hand being pretty cold. It's likely due to the temperature outside, as it's small enough to not keep heat very well. Still though, it does feel as if she takes rather good care of it.
"Since you're still beginning at this, I suppose you'll have to concentrate a bit more on it then usual. Just close your eyes and get in touch with your youkai blood. Then just keep telling yourself what you want the left to turn the rock into. It's really simple, you can do this." You look at her a bit submissively almost, you can't help but feel rather inexperienced compared to her now. But she does seem to be sincerely trying to help you so you need to at least make an effort.

You close your eyes once again and get in touch further with your other senses. You can feel Tewi's hand on top of yours and you can vaguely tell that she's attempting to attract your mana, something you hadn't seen before. You can feel it gathering to your hand all on it's own. Is this the effect of youkai attraction, you wonder? It definitely appears to be helping, as you can feel more in touch with your inherital abilities gained from being a youkai. As you start concentrating on the rock, you try and plea to the spirits of youkai in your mind to help you transform the rock in your hands. At first it's rather difficult but as you amass more mana towards your hand you can feel the mental stress slowly being lifted off your shoulders. You can slowly start to feel yourself getting closer to your goal, as it feels like the leaf on the rock is moving ever so slightly, almost expanding. You almost start faultering however, when you start feeling odd.

In specific, you feel strong itches on the top of your head, somewhere near the sides. Your ears start ringing, and feel pressurized for some reason. Your spine tingles and you can't help but shake softly. You're trying not to lose your composure as it's going to fail the transformation, but you find it difficult as the annoyances become the only things you can concentrate on. But before you know it, you're shocked by the sudden explosion you feel on your hand, as the leaf bursts in a puff of smoke. Instantly you shoot open your eyes and move away your hands. After the smoke disappates, you see a lone banana sitting on the ground in front of your feet. Tewi reaches down and picks it up, then looks at you grinning.

"Good job! Looks like you have the knack." You blink softly before leaning over and examining it a bit more thoroughly.
"Is that...really what used to be the rock?" Tewi nods but then gets up and walks over to a bamboo shoot.
"Yeah, but of course, it's not perfect, like most things." She then takes a quick swing and breaks half the banana off on the shoot. The broken half falls to the ground with a 'clik-clik' and Tewi shows you her half, with has the inside of it looking awfull rock-like, color and all.
"Oh...jeez." You feel disappointed but Tewi puts a hand on your shoulder and gives you a confident smile.
"Hey, cheer up. You're still a amateur when it comes to this, yeah, but you'll improve in no time if your magic training has been any indication. Besides, there are limits as to what illusions and transformation can do." You watch her as she goes over and sits on a large rock and looks at you while crossing her arms.
"You mean like that apple? There's no way it could've been eaten even after transforming it from a rock, right?" Tewi nods.
"That's right. The art of transformation is merely only an illusion, and a lot of it comes from fooling the other person mentall more then physically." She closes one eye, giving you a know-it-all wink. "Basically the more convincing your transformation is, the more the person will think it's another item, and the stronger the transformation gets. If the person believes something feels soft when it was originally a rock, then it will feel soft up until they break the transformation." You blink softly, it probably sounds more simple then it really is.
"I see, so eventually I'll be able to transform larger things too, right?" Tewi nods softly, but in a more cautious manner.
"Yep. But the larger the item, the more concentration it takes. Mana helps immensely too, of course. Stuff like black magic has been used to transform things too." She looks over at you. "If you try hard enough, eventually you'll be able to transform other people and even yourself. It makes handy disguises." You can't help but smile nervously, trying to get the image of the adult Tewi you saw much earlier out of your head. That was rather surreal.
"R-R-Right. I'll keep that in mind. So are we going to continue this training session of sorts?" Tewi then hops off the rock.
"Sure, sure. I have a few other things to show you anyhow." She's then about to take off when you notice her stopping and hesitating suddenly. As you get up, she turns towards you. "Hey, I have a question anyway." You look at her a bit curiously.
"What is it? I'm all ears."
"What kind of youkai are you anyway?" You blink softly before looking away, you're not in too good a mood about that considering how it should be within your knowledge, but instead reminds you how little you really know about yourself.
"I'd think you'd be able to tell."
"I can, to an extent. I understand a lot about your blood simply by being close to you but I got this feeling that you don't know yourself." You then look at Tewi a bit surprised. You then put on a determined face.
"Well then, tell me. What am I? If you know so much about me, prove it." Tewi puts on a mischeivious grin, you certainly don't like the looks of it.
"Well now, wouldn't you say I'm already doing enough for you? I'm going out of my way to teach you something important and I'm even doing you other favors, you know. You owe me quite a bit." You can't help but cringe when she mentions this. It figures she had something up that pink sleeve of hers. "I could tell you more then Eirin even could, but it will come at a cost. A price, I don't give you information for free you know." You look down, thinking about this. It's rather important that you know, but then, you have no clue how much this information is 'worth.' You need to think carefully about this one.

[ ] Ask her what she wants, you'll bite.
[ ] Decline and simply continue with the teaching
[ ] Just simply walk away, training isn't worth possible extortion
[ ] "What are your panties worth then?"
>> No. 13808
[x] Ask her what she wants, you'll bite.

We don't have to do it if it's too shifty.
>> No. 13810
[x] Slowly remove your robe.
[x] "P-Please be gentle...."
[x] Blush~
>> No. 13812
{X} Ask her what she wants, you'll bite.

>> No. 13825
>>13152 >>13127 >>13083 >>13081 >>13072 >>13077
Soft and delicious.
>>13132 >>13092 >>13091 >>13090 >>13086 >>13085
Soft and delicious naked Tewi.


[ ] "What are your panties worth then?"

Can't stop teasing Tewi~
>> No. 13827
[x] "What are your panties worth then?"

haha perfect
>> No. 13829
[x] "What are your panties worth then?"

you just had to include this didn't you
>> No. 13882
[x] Ask her what she wants, you'll bite.

Meandering options, away with you.
>> No. 13930
>> No. 13931
Insert rant about the lack of updates being because of the lack of votes.

Insert blaming anon for not voting enough and not being creative enough, despite the fact that's the writer's job.

Insert some half-assed comment about the declining nature of myself and the boards on whole.

Okay, in all seriousness, yeah I use the lack of votes as an excuse not to update way too much. (though it is kinda troubling to have 7 votes, six of which are sided votes that are tied three to three) I'm not sure if it's my slowly declining interest in touhou or my serious lack of creativeness that's plagued me recently. Most likely the latter as my life has just been seriously dragging ever since I got back from ye olde holidays. Either way, my deepest apologies as always for being this way but I can't make any promises that I could retain a very quick update schedule at this time. I still thank all you guys for enjoying my story regardless though.

tl;dr: Your resident writefag is recovering from long-term writer's block, please wait warmly.
>> No. 14269
>> No. 14273
We never even got past the intro.
>> No. 14782
It's a shame to have so interesting a protagonist wasted like this.
>> No. 14783
It's also a shame to be reminded of it by people trying to ressurect the dead.

Sukima isn't even on the IRC. He hasn't been on it for weeks now. I want to ask him to write again, but last I heard his life was going to shit. I doubt he'll get back to work any time soon, sadly.
>> No. 17752

Meh, looking back on this story I'm not at all satisfied with it at all. I did a whole bunch of things that totally screwed it up and turned it into something I really didn't want it to be.

First off, everyone can agree I wrote way too much like Teruyo. At the time, I was an avid fan of his LA and I couldn't get myself off it, to the point to where I just had to copy his style because it only felt the most natural to me at the time. These days, I could probably pull it off a bit better, and actually seem more unique rather then some poser. Especially since I no longer keep up with Teruyo's story. (or any others for that matter, my life has been a busy one until summer started)

And then there was the rampant bias that went around it. Constantly setting the player up with Reisen, teasing anon at several points just because I felt like it, making Sanae straight into someone I never really thought of her to be simply so it'd tie in with the story, the amount of bias was numerous and abound. It's like I couldn't go a few minutes without inserting something into the story that *I* would've liked to choose, not anon. I pretty much just took all of anons free will to choose away and used it for myself half the time. That's not how I want to do an LA.

Then there was the drama. Some of you might not have noticed it, but all the drama my story accured really piled and added up on me. The constant bitching about me and Teruyo, the back and forth over my mistakes, what I kept doing, and the fights that broke out amongst anon itself all kinda lead to me not having the motivation to continue doing this anymore. That's something mildly unrelated to my point though, because what also piled onto it was the whole drama situation with GD and Nine at the time, and I was getting rather tired of hearing about the /border/ drama in general. Hopefully that seems to have changed now.

In any case, writing large, massive posts into a story does not appear to be the thing for me. Every single time I attempt writing, I barely even get a single paragraph in before I inevitably get distracted by something else. It used to take me 10 whole hours to write a single post because I would get distracted so badly at every single god damn turn. It wasn't funny, I kept bashing myself in the head for it each time I got distracted and by the end of the post writing, I really didn't feel like it was even worth posting. In short, I don't have the patience to write long winded things as I've found out...not anymore anyways. It's been a while though so maybe I can work on changing that somewhat. Either way though, I'm trying to work on moving to the east coast and getting married (gasp) so that doesn't guarentee too much free time sadly.

In any case, even if I do decide to continue this story, I'll just start it anew, under a different name, maybe under a different trip too. I'm not at all happy with the way the story is right now as I've molested it too much for it to really be worth anything. You know, it's like a bowl of pudding your stuck your dick in. You can go on about how nice the pudding is, but no one's gonna eat it, because you stuck your dick in it. Just don't worry, if I do restart, Sousha won't change much, if at all. I've realized he's important to a group here as much as anything and was probably actually the highlight of the story in a brave few parts. (I still have fond memories of him and Sanae, as much as I thought my Sanae was bad) And hopefully, maybe, I'll be able to write the story much, much better too. And not make it have a prolouge as ungodly long as Kingdom Hearts 2's. Ugh.

Consider this story closed.
>> No. 17754
Well, it's nice to know that at least you officially closed this story.

Good luck with whatever you're doing in real life and share again with us your CYAO if you feel like doing one again in the future.

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