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Just posted the following on rule 34, but i might as well also put it here... I wonder if i should also post the other story i put on that site as well...

Pic related, angeldust is an awesome artist.

I was running a bit late for an important interview with an important tengu reporter. Hoping that I wasn't too late, I ran up to knock on her door only to find it strangely ajar. Curious, I slowly peeked in to see no one inside, but heard a strange noise coming from what appeared to be her bedroom. Not entirely thinking, I creeped into investigate and found a pleasant surprise.
There she was, sprawled over her bed, nude pictures of various Gensokyo beauties strewn around her, with two fingers buried and working her dripping pussy. She gave a slight moan, which became a strangled gasp of shock upon noticing me standing there. "I guess it's time for my interview, huh Miss Aya?" I said, wincing at the horrible pun. I quickly made my way over to her, to try to catch her before she scrambled to a less compromising position, grabbed her, and gave her a nice, long kiss on the mouth. "Please," I asked when we parted, "allow me to help you finish what you were working on." She turned a nice shade of scarlet that I never expected to see out of this rambunctious reporter as she nodded and moved her bottom into a more inviting position. I quickly lost the pants, and with a gentle squeeze, thrust myself into her moist pussy. She moaned quietly as I humped, slowly building up speed until she cried out in ecstasy and came. The shuddering of her pussy around my dick was too much, and I soon followed, shooting a load into her.
We collapsed forward, panting heavily for a while, interview forgotten, when I heard a noise by the door.

A white fluffy dog tail disappeared from view.

I wonder if i should write more...

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>I wonder if i should write more...
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It went /way too fast/

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In before "that was the joke"