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First of all, I do sincerely apologize if this is in the entirely wrong section. I'm unsure. This is officially my first post on TH-P, I hope I don't get flamed that bad for it. I don't tend to write novel-length posts, so beware.
This is half-CYOA, half fantasy-dump.

"Mmh, Rumia-chan..." Mystia said breathlessly as Rumia teased the sensitive skin on her wing joints back and forth. Mystia's wings twitched with every nip and suck applied to them. She had only wanted Rumia to check for ruffled feathers back there, maybe fluff them up. Rumia pressed her face into Mystia's down, inhaling her scent and savoring the soft, warming feeling as her breath moistened the feathers. Minute shivers ran up Mystia's back as her little friend stroked up and down her ribcage, pressing her fingers gently under her wing joints and massaged bare skin. Mystia rubbed her legs together gently, trying to hide the sight of the spreading wetness on her pink laced panties.

Rumia pressed her soft abdomen against Mystia's shivering body, rubbing her tummy up and down her back, nipples pressing against her ribs. She pulled her little avian friend up onto her lap, allowing to straddle her backwards. Rumia could feel the soaked panties bunching up against her thigh, so she hooked her thumbs under the cloth and slid them off slowly, her nails leaving a faint mark on the outside of Mystia's hips. "Wow.. You actually got that turned on by me cleaning your wings? Mysty.." Mystia turned her head around, just in time to see Rumia's lips flash into a devious smile, fangs gleaming.

Rumia lifted Mystia's arms, exposing her soft, hairless armpits. She dragged her sharp claws over the skin gently, goosebumps immediately springing up as soon as she made contact with a patch of skin. Mystia wriggled around, stifling pained giggles as Rumia drummed on her skin with her nails. Mystia's nipples flushed and hardened, Rumia didn't overlook this. She slid her hands to cup Mystia's small breasts. She rolled them around in her hands, then squeezed those little red nipples gently. Mystia jumped in Rumia's lap, a choked moan drawn out of her as Rumia tweaked her nipples back and forth, sending shivers up and down her spine. "Oooohhh... Don't pinch them! Aa-ah..." She ground down on Rumia's thigh, her little cunt twitching violently in response to every pull and pinch of her breasts. Mystia's wings lowered down, her feathers stood up on end, Rumia once again buried her face into the softly scented feathers, pressing them apart, licking the pale skin underneath, savoring the oils and taste of her lover. She quickly nipped at a piece of skin, drawing a drop of blood, scooping it up with her tongue. The taste was fantastic..
What does Rumia do next?

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It must be done.
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She devours her, having tasted blood.
No. 8866
[x] Bite

Don't expect anything remotely close to quick voting. We move even slower than /jp/. It's also typical to end the update with choices, as you were doing at first.

It would probably help to clarify what you are attempting with this, also. If this is going to be anything other than a quick fapfic, you should probably take a quick gander at the rules and do's and dont's.

Disregard that if you just want to write some quick porn.

Fuck off, Random Anon
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If you're going to respong like that, at least tell me what I did wrong.
No. 8868
Are you the author, or Random dumbfuck?

If you are Butthurt Anon, you already know why you are banned. It's cause you are fucking stupid.

If I was wrong, and you are the author, you did nothing wrong. This site has a certain level of quality that is expected to be followed, and it would behoove you to follow them, lest the /blue/ defense force come out and fling shit.
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I'd say it would be a bit longer than a "quick fapfic"... I'm not sure what "quick" qualifies as here. Most of the stories I've seen lurking here are like... really long.. I do understand that this is a rather slow place compared to 4chan.
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All right. I'm...sorry?
I'll just answer it, err, "normally" from now on if you hated my post so much.
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I think your troll radar's on the blink, cap'n. >>8864 did nothing wrong.
No. 8877
Yeah, I figured that. Random Anon would never show humility. In my defense, Random said he would come right over from /jp/ and vote after Book put this up.
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[x] 'Eat' Mystia down there

No seriously, I'd be fine with almost everything, this was just unispired by me. I love you for taking on those two characters.
No. 8884
Slow or fast, depends on the story and the readers. You might want to include options if you want it to be faster and inform your readers where you are now so they can follow you.
No. 8885
[X] Draw some more blood from Mystia and lick it off, working your way down to [x] 'Eat' Mystia down there.

[X]Afterwards ask Mystia to Take you ribbon off. (No I am not bad ending this. It's just that in some Fanfiction Rumia Matures In EX mode so we could spice things up by doing this.)
No. 8886
Well, I am from /jp/, but I don't troll like most of them.
And I'm not the Anon that said that.
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Even better than my sole suggestion before. Do want.
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File 129027524836.jpg - (287.36KB , 691x530 , 2cf775cd2eccd042ef8da8603ef1a5c7.jpg ) [iqdb]
Rumia rubbed her nose around in the down, delighting in how luxuriously soft it was. Drawing her head up to the nape of Mystia's neck, Rumia scratched Mystia's throat roughly with her fangs, the punctured skin beading up with bright red blood. Mystia swallowed, then gasped in discomfort as Rumia latched onto the side of her neck, sucking with moderate strength. This continued for a few seconds, Mystia paralyzed in a fierce mixture of pain and pleasure. Rumia's lips left the skin with a wet pop, blood slipping out of her mouth and out onto the surrounding unsullied skin. Her eyes were half glazed over with lust, and she dragged her wet tongue up to nip Mystia's ears gently, leaving a lip mark of blood. "You're.. the most delicious person I've ever tasted," She breathed. A thrill ran through Mystia's body. "Is that so?"
Does Rumia:
[ ] Taste Mystia more.. somewhere else?
or does Mystia:
[ ] Turn the tables
No. 8890
[x] Taste Mystia somewhere else
No. 8892
[x] Taste Mystia's "undercarriage"
No. 8893
[X] Taste Mystia more.. somewhere else?
[X] Proceed with my second option in >>8885
No. 8894
File 129028698169.jpg - (279.19KB , 861x673 , 87b35f7798dadd3f0bca80b3deefe727dd184f3d.jpg ) [iqdb]
Mystia pushed Rumia off of her, pressing her against the floor with her own body. Their breasts squished together firmly, beads of sweat combining. Rumia's lips locked with Mystia's, blood intermingling with saliva, dripping down her cheek onto the ground. Their hot breath mixed, heating up the air around their faces. They explored each others mouths, quickly discovering that licking the roof of one's mouth was indeed quite a special thing. Deciding that they've had enough of this petty foreplay, they flipped over.

Rumia broke the kiss, leaving Mystia's embrace, moving down to her soaked crotch. Mystia's trembling thighs spread farther, exposing herself to Rumia's full view. The hungry little youkai slid a finger up and down the slit, collecting juices on her finger. She licked the liquid off, closing her eyes and enjoying the slightly sweet taste. She decided she wanted more, a lot more.
Mystia's face was priceless, she was so completely over-aroused that she could barely think, let alone speak. All she could do was gasp and offer occasional comments concerning how madly in love she was with her friend. Rumia used her fingers to spread the lips, flicking her tongue gently over Mystia's hard, sensitive clitoris. Doing this made Mystia throw her head back, moaning softly, legs twitching in tandem with every movement of Rumia's tongue. Rumia pressed her face into the soft, wet folds, blonde hair sticking to the inside of Mystia's thighs. The smell was intoxicating, she couldn't stop herself from inhaling deeply, exhaling over Mystia's smooth tummy. Rumia reached down to her own slick pussy, cupping it, pushing to send out more liquid to lubricate her masturbation.
Does Rumia:
[ ] Call for Wriggle
[ ] Call for Cirno
[ ] Scissor
[ ] other
or does Mystia:
[ ] Cum with the force of a thousands suns
[ ] Scream for Mokou
[ ] other
No. 8895
[X] Ask Mystia to take off ribbon
[X] In EX form sitting up 69
No. 8896


[x] Help Rumia by fingering and then eating her out
No. 8897
[x]Call out for Tewi
[x] Turn the tables.
No. 8901
I was waiting for this
No. 8908
File 12903931027.jpg - (124.58KB , 550x800 , dce2177f2940be471df4af56e320dbf496c76227.jpg ) [iqdb]
Mystia sat with her back to the wall, wings splayed out at her sides. She clutched tufts of Rumia's hair with shaking fingers, begging softly under her heated breath for more. Her hips bucked forward involuntarily, forcing Rumia's nose into the damp fluff of feathers that any bird youkai would naturally have down there. "Hng! Rumia, hold on there.." She groaned. Too bad, Rumia doubled her efforts. Her scarlet eyes darted up, making contact with Mystia's just as she slumped backwards, whimpering audibly as waves of electric pleasure lanced through her body. Rumia stroked her hands over Mystia's twitching hips, her nails making the slightest scratches into her flushed skin.

"After all that, don't I get a little reward?" Rumia remarked hopefully. Mystia looked at Rumia's clean-shaven pussy apprehensively. "I-I'm not sure I really know how.."
Does Mystia:
[ ] Finger Rumia to an explosive G-spot orgasm
[ ] Try something different (other)
No. 8909
Also, I do apologize for any typos or grammatical errors. It's like 11 at night.
No. 8910
Longer would be better.

[X] Cunnilingus.
No. 8912
[x] Cunnilingus

>damp fluff of feathers that any bird youkai would naturally have down there
What is this, I don't even.
No. 8923
[x] Finger Rumia to an explosive G-spot orgasm
No. 8947
Sorry guys, I'm just gonna have to throw in a heads-up that I'm busy over thanksgiving weekend. Sorry.