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36220 No. 36220
Gengetsu leaned in closer, almost hesitant that you'd reject her standing on her tiptoes so her lips could meet yours. Unlike her sister, Gengetsu gave you plenty of time to explore her mouth with your tongue, her own almost surrendering to yours. Her moans felt more like whimpers of affection as her wings wrapped around you both, forming a feathery cushion on which she could gently push you down. Giggling girlishly, Gengetsu grinned at you.

"This is romantic, isn' it?" Your sweet apple pie asked you. "Alone with an angel, as the cherry blossoms float down lazily through the air, like a beautiful rain of love over us, taking its time as the world stands still for us..."

She leaned down and began nipping at your neck affectionately. There was a sudden sharp pain, and the reflexive jerk you made caused Gengetsu to jolt in surprise.

"Oh, goodniss, I'm awf'l sorry! That jus' happen's sometimes... I have pointy teeth and-"

You failed to hear the rest of her explanation as you passed out.


When you came to, the first thing you were aware of was the sound of a familiar female voice in your ears. The next thing you became aware of was that you were bound and gagged on a hard, cold floor, you had no idea why the room was lit, there was something strapped to your head and these were not your glasses. The third thing you were aware of was exactly what the voice in your ears was saying.

"You are ZUN and you are God. Gengetsu is your favorite daughter. Gengetsu is your waifu. You are ZUN and you are God. Gengetsu is your favorite Touhou. You'll never abandon your favorite daughter again. You are ZUN and you are God. Gengetsu is a perfect daughter. You want Gengetsu to bear your children."

It was this same message on loop. Gengetsu was speaking over the tape, and it sounded as though she was taking extra care to sound out each vowel properly to be certain she was understood. Her voice was speaking to you through a pair of headphones on your head, and no amount of shaking could shake them off with whatever was strapped to your head keeping them there. You could see a steel door in front of you, the only thing besides yourself not made of stone, but your hands and legs were too bound to do anything about it. However, with enough wiggling and manuevering, you managed to escape your bonds after two hours of brainwashing on repeat. Whoever had tied your knot hadn't done as good of a job as they had thought. After a moment's hesitation, it became clear that whoever had put you here (whoever that could possibly have been), had intended to leave you for a long time.

You open the door.

You find yourself in a small stone room, a door to either side and a staircase in front of you. To you left is a door marked 'GENGETSU', to your right is a door marked 'MUGETSU', on your two o'clock was a maid Koishi and behind you was the room you just came from. Koishi bowed.

"Hello, father. I am Koishi Getsu. Welcome back. Your favorite daughter is waiting for you in her room."

Gently taking your hand, Koishi led you to the room labeled 'GENGETSU'. The door was opened with the loud creak of neglected hinges and years of rust before you were shoved in violently. Koishi followed you in and shut the door behind her.

Being forced roughly to your feet, you found you were in a very red room, with a heart-shaped bed on the far wall. Shackled to the bedpost were a young lady with bizarre looking branches for wings that were decorated with lovely jewels, a young woman in black stockings with mismatched red blades and blue tentacles for wings, a woman with pale blue hair and no wings to speak of and a green-haired fairy with beautiful wings.

All three were almost completely naked and giving stares of something between admiration and terror to Gengetsu, who they were wrapped around in various states of coitus. The blonde with the jeweled wings praised her;

"Gengetsu onee-chan, I understand! Flan-chan will stay in her basement forever if it makes onee-chan happy! I'll do anythi-"

She was cut off by the young woman in stockings and went right back to nibbling at the base of Gengetsu's neck, moaning for attention.

"Geez, Gengetsu... I know you have difficulty being straightforward with your sister... But, I am your sister, you know... I understand how you really feel, even if it's the exact opposite of-"

The woman with pale blue hair began speaking, giving stockings a chance to continue grinding into Gengetsu's legs, wailing lustfully.

"Have I pleased you, nee-san? I've been reciting the sutra's every day, and I always do exactly as I'm told, just like you taught me! Gengetsu nee-san, do-"

The fairy kept it short and sweet, her interjection allowing the relatively plain girl to continue 'practicing sutra's' on Gengetsu's labia.

"Gengetsu is the strongest! I love you, Gengetsu!"

And the blonde cut in to speak, who was then interrupted by stockings, then the plain girl, then the fairy, and on and on, as though they had been trained exactly when to interrupt each other. Had Koishi not cleared her throat, they most likely would not have stopped.

All eyes turned to you. Four of the five pairs of eyes on you were filled with fear. Every pair of eyes was filled with lust.

Gengetsu broke the silence first.



[] What is WRONG with the women here?
[] Play along.
-[] Sister of the Devil
-[] Unidentifiable
-[] Overwhelmed
-[] Lesser Fairy
-[] Closed Eyes
-[] -=NO TITLE=-
[] Play it to your advantage.
[] RUN!!!
[] Write in.


Little Yukari clapped her hands in excitement.

"Big Sister, look! Anon is already on the first Bad End Route!"

Big Sister Yukari pinched the bridge of her nose and let heave a long sigh.

"We should have known letting PC-98 characters interact with Anons was a bad idea."

Her little sister giggled.

"Oh, but we DID know! You can't deny, letting the emotional baggage PC-98-ers bring can be a nice change of pace, sometimes."

Both Yukari's watched the screen with intense interest.

"Let's see if Anon can recover... Bad End Route doesn't necessarily mean bad end, after all..."

... Y'all asked for smut, I barely gave you scraps. Not because I hold a grudge or nothin', but because writing smut terrifies me. Sorry. But, hey, random Touhou lovin'! I mean, Touhou sex!
No. 36221
[X] Play it to your advantage.
No. 36222
[X] Play along.
-[NUE] Unidentifiable
No. 36223
[x] Play along.
-[x] Lesser Fairy
No. 36225

It occurs to me that I failed to post a link to the main story, and that just feels like bad form... So, here we go!


Votes are in for Unidentifiable Lesser Fairy while trying to play things to your advantage! Play to your advantage meaning here that you DO, in fact, want to escape!
No. 36227
File 141536192393.png- (441.13KB , 627x885 , nueeee.png ) [iqdb]
"Yes, my darling daughter?"

None of this was right, none of this at all! But if you were going to escape, you would have to play your cards right. So, for the time being, you would be ZUN.

Gengetsu's eyes lit right up at being called 'darling'. She forcefully shoved the girls surrounding her away in her haste to be by your side.

"Papa, it really is you!" Gengetsu cried. She was truly crying from how overwhelmed she was. "You came back for me!"

Her arms wrapped around your waist in a grip that was easily two levels tighter than 'vice', weeping naked into your stomach. She stared up at you hopefully.

"Am I yer fav'rite? I'm the only big sister Touhou needs, right papa?"

You didn't really have a choice in how you answered, did you?

"Of course, of course! You're my favorite Touhou and the only-"

You were cut off by the taste of apple pie as Gengetsu kissed you. You felt more hands than you were sure Gengetsu had groping your now most definitely hardening penis. Gengetsu pulled away to breath, her face flushed. Behind her, you could see that the girls chained to the bed had crawled closer and now surrounded you both on their hands and knees.

"You have no idea how long I've been waitin' to hear you say that..."

Pulling back to look down, Gengetsu grinned up at you as the hands of her sex slaves pulled your cock free of its confines. She leaned forward and wrapped your cock between her thighs.

"You want to have sex with your fav'rite, don't you?" Asked Gengetsu as she ground on your cock for a moment. She gave you a quick kiss before pulling back, her servants obediently backing away from your cock and resting on their knees. She flopped backwards, her legs bending back until she could hold her ankles in place behind her head. She beckoned with a smirk.

"Then go right on ahead, papa. Your daughter wants her papa's lovin'."

This was bad... There was no reasonable way to get out of here... and having sex with her right now might not be wise. For one, there was half a chance she'd chain you down the moment she was done with you. The shackles you could see Koishi fiddling with out of the corner of your eye were a good indication of that. But you needed time to think... A squeeze on your cock startled you out of your thoughts. Gengetsu responded immedietly, glaring with the intensity of a desert sun.

"Don't fuckin' touch him!"

The fairy backed away and cringed. She looked like she was going to cry.

"I'm sorry, Gengetsu! I'm really sorry!"

You had an idea.


At the mention of her name, Gengetsu gave you her full, undivided attention and a heart-melting smile.

"Yes, papa?"

You placed a hand on the head of the girls on either side of you, the fairy and stockings.

"There's no need to rush, is there? 'Best for last', right?"

Gengetsu was about to protest, but you had one last nail to drive into the coffin.

"Just because I love my other daughters doesn't mean I love you any less, Gengetsu. You trust your father, don't you?"

Gengetsu didn't respond for a moment before rolling on to her side, releasing her legs. She sat up and sighed. pouting, she surrendered.

"Yes, papa. Nue! Daiyousei!"

The girls under your hands jolted to attention.

"You two pleasure papa any way he pleases."

The girl with the branch wings and the plain girl shuffled back, heads bowed obediently. The moment orders were given, the girl in stockings and the girl with the pretty wings dropped down to lick at the head of your cock, moaning for papa every time they stopped for breath.


The girl with the stockings jumped at her name being called. Gengetsu gave her orders.

"You, let him fuck yer thighs. Dai can suck 'im off from between yer legs. But you can't swallow or let him fuck yer pussy. Only I can take papa's love inside me, ya' hear?"

Nue nodded as she straddled your cock. She stood still for a moment as the fairy's mouth wrapped around your cock head and began sucking. Her mouth was warm, and she took as much of you as she could, but the moment she hit Nue's groin, she stopped moving. Her wings were fluttering ever-so-slightly with excitement. Nue gave you a look of longing over her shoulder.

"Papa... You can go ahead... If you want..."

Nue began grinding lightly, knocking Dai in the nose with her clit. Daiyousei pulled beck for a moment to stare at the cock that was just in her mouth. She was breathing heavily.

Nue kissed you over her shoulder, her left wings wrapping around the both of you tightly. You began humping on your own, rubbing between Nue's warm thighs as she moaned into your tongue. Dai began bobbing her head, finally figuring out that just sitting there wasn't going to please anybody, trying to time her movements with Nue's so she wouldn't get smacked in the nose.

[] Thighing is good, so long as there's fairy mouth!
[] You know, I don't remember Gengetsu saying 'no anal.'
-[] Nue
-[] Daiyousei
[] You're terrible at writing smut, you should skip this part.

[] Think of a plan!
-[] "Let's go to your place to do this, Gengetsu!"
-[] "Why don't we have a date? I should buy you dinner first, at least!"
-[] Blind Gengetsu with your glorious man fountain of white liquid wonder!
-[] (Write in!)
[] I'm gonna' have to wing it!
No. 36229
Aww drats. I came to late. I had a wonderful idea of 'therapy no jutsu' at the first post.


[X] Thighing is good, so long as there's fairy mouth!

[X] Think of a plan!
- [x] Get her alone.
-- [X] "Gengetsu. My favorite daughter. I treasure you to much to hurt you, even for a little. Can I hold you alone in bed?"
No. 36230
[X] Think of a plan!
- [x] Get her alone.
-- [X] "Gengetsu. My favorite daughter. I treasure you to much to hurt you, even for a little. Can I hold you alone in bed?"
No. 36231
[X] Think of a plan!
- [x] Get her alone.
-- [X] "Gengetsu. My favorite daughter. I treasure you to much too hurt you, even for a little. Can I hold you alone in bed?"
No. 36232
Let me just clarify that this shit's hard when you're sleep-deprived! He he!
No. 36233
File 141543366070.jpg- (243.14KB , 850x850 , gengetsu.jpg ) [iqdb]
Nue's deliciously warm thighs were slick from her own juices, her breathing coming in ragged gasp of pleasure as Daiyousei's tongue lapped at the bottom of your cock and between Nue's thighs, moaning lustfully.

You needed to think of a plan.

However, thinking of plans was outrageously difficult when you've started on fucking a small orgy worth of girls you have total command over.


You're outnumbered right now. Surrounded as you are, there was little to no chance of you getting out of here alone. Unless, of course, you could get away from the bed fast enough, but then...

And then it dawned on you. You just hoped she was gullible.

You pulled your penis just far enough back that you could try to stick yourself inside Nue. Daiyousei complained, which drew Gengetsu's attention.


Her command stops your motion, even as the head of your cock kissed the door into the unknown. It took every ounce of willpower to remain stopped, even as Nue trembled with lust and Daiyousei licked at you both. Having presented yourself with a chance, you took it.

"Gengetsu," you say, "my favorite daughter."

Gengetsu crawled forward on her hands and knees as quickly as she could, roughly shoving Daiyousei to the side. She stared up at you expectantly.

"I apologize."

Taking one look at your best self-loathing face, Gengetsu sat upright in shock.

"B-But, Papa-"

You cut her off.

"I hurt you, didn't I? Your trust in me?"

You managed a single tear. Gengetsu already looked as though she was going to cry any moment. Either you were a better actor than you gave yourself credit for, or Gengetsu was easy to fool.

"But, Papa, you-"

Not letting her get a word in, you gave another push.

"I'm so sorry... I treasure you so much, too much to hurt you, and... Look what I almost did? I'm so sor-"

The feathered devil finally butt in.

"Papa, you didn' disappoint me or ruin mah trust in you or anythin'! Here, I'll just remove the temptati'n to do somethini like that!"

Gengetsu clapped her hands.


Koishi appeared immediately, like a good maid, and unshackled the sex slaves, leading them all out of the room. Gengetsu hugs you around the waist.

"Oh, papa! Now it's jus' me and you, together alone~!"

[] Snuggle! And talk. Poor girl has issue that need working out.
[] Take her, this bed, missionary, now! Fill her with your seed!
[] Maybe we should express our interest in shackling her to the bed before we have our way with her...

[] Meanwhile, elsewhere... Who's hungry? Icemilk Break!
No. 36237
[X] Snuggle! And talk. Poor girl has issue that need working out.
- [X] Carry her to bed, just hold her, and after a while, ask for clothes and go back to holding her.
-- [X] If asked for reason, state that you will not take advantage of her extreme vulnerability, while wiping away her tears.

Hmm... You know, this might backfire heavily when we're going to leave her. On the other hand, who says Anon can't go to choose another girl, and return to Gengetsu in the back scene?
It's up to you anons what you want to do after this.
No. 36238
[] Snuggle! And talk. Poor girl has issue that need working out.
No. 36239
[] Snuggle and talk
-[] Get clothes
-[] You ain't doin' no sourpuss! That puss be sweet and steady 'fo you stick yo' Roukanken in dat Perfect Cherry Blossom!

Update should be up by morning!
No. 36240
File 14155319378.png- (865.38KB , 760x860 , Gengetsu cute.png ) [iqdb]
Your captor, who poisoned you, tried to brainwash you and was apparently keeping a harem of terrified little sisters, was hugging you around the waist, her completely naked and you in pants that you could swear were see-through.

"I'd never be mad at you, papa!" Said Gengetsu as she looked up at you. There were tears in her eyes. She looked hurt.

"Don' you ever think that again!" Your captor rubbed her eyes dry on her arm, pulling you down to lie on top of her on the bed, a lustful smile replacing her sad expression.

"Now, why don' we get back to where we left off?"

You already had your cock between her legs, and, supposing you were reading the mood correctly, she was not averse to the idea of you pumping her full of baby batter.

And lord in heaven, was it tempting.

But if there was one thing your papa taught you, it was this;

"Son, don't you NEVAH stick yo' cock in crazy."

And it was a lesson that had served you well over the years. So, therefore, you must either escape as quickly as possible, or help the girl sort out her apparent daddy issues. And since escape was much riskier than the alternative...

"Why don't we cuddle first? Have some daddy-daughter bonding time?"

Daddy would help her solve her daddy issues. Besides, it'd be wrong to use a little excuse like 'she was gonna' kill me otherwise' to take advantage of an obviously distressed maiden.

Gengetsu looked apprehensive.

"B-But... But I-"

You stroked her hair to calm her.

"Do you really not want to spend time with your papa?"

That silenced her doubts. You went silent in turn, thinking of what to say.

As you both lay in bed naked, hugging each other closely, you stroking her hair and she staring up into your eyes with something akin to reverence, you couldn't help but feel that this was... nice. This closeness. Being together with someone so intimately. You-


Gengetsu spoke softly, her voice holding a tone bearing none of the lust and control from before. In its' place was the quiet, soft and near breathless voice of a woman in love.

"Say you love me."

How could you say no to this? As her wings wrapped gently around you, her body squeezed gently to yours and asked for you to state your love for her?

And yet...

"I love you, my darling daughter."

... You had honestly only barely met. As much as you wanted to say it... Did you really?

But, of course, you were not you. You were ZUN right now, weren't you? And right now, she needed her father's love. However, it wouldn't be healthy to encourage her unhealthy behavior... You had to help. And to help, you had to get to the root of the problem first.

As you dried Gengetsu's tears, the poor angel overcome with emotion, you had to get to the root of the problem. And to do that, you had to ask questions.


"Gengetsu, sweetie? Could we get some clothes? So we can, you know, talk?"

[] Now, tell me about your father...
[] Are you lonely?
[] Do you love your sister?
[] (Write-in)


Little Yukari clapped her hands in delight.

"Oh, what's this? We have a man with self-control here! Big Sis! Go get Ran! She HAS to see this!"

Big Sister Yukari raised an eyebrow at this.


Little Yukari nodded enthusiastically.

"Really, really! They might even escape the Bad End Route until our author learns how to write properly! In fact, if they can keep this up for at least one more update, Anon might just make it back to /th/!"
No. 36241
[] Are you lonely?
No. 36242
[X] "I'm worried if you can handle being chosen. It could be a bad thing"
No. 36243
[X] Do you love your sister?

This level of smut was probably ok for /th/. The rules don't ban raunchy scenes from the non-/at/ boards, and I would hate to see you switch back and forth a hundred times.
No. 36250
[x] Are you lonely?
No. 36265
File 141560307171.jpg- (199.89KB , 500x700 , getsu.jpg ) [iqdb]
You and Gengetsu, both back in your clothes, lay in the bed together, holding each other close and simply enjoying the moment. When you felt the silence had dragged on just long enough, you asked your first question.

"Gengetsu? Are you lonely?"

Gengetsu looked up at you with her biggest smile.

"Of course I'm not lonely, papa! Not now that you're here!"

You were touched that your presence meant so much to her, but...

"What do you mean?" You asked.

"What 'What do you mean?'" Gengetsu asked you.

"What do you mean 'now that I'm here?'" You clarify. "Were you lonely before, then?"

Gengetsu doesn't respond at first, her smile disappearing instantly. She stared at you apprehensively

"Why are we talkin' about this?"

You push, trying to get an answer.

"I want to know about my darling daughter, is all. Please, tell me how you've been."

Gengetsu only stared for a good minute, her smile not returning. She slowly lowered her head to your chest. Her voice, though muffled in your shirt, was understandable.

"I was lonely."

You stroked her hair, waiting before you asked anything else. After a long moment of silence, she continued on her own.

"I didn' know anybody but Mugetsu." She said. "I nev'r cared before. Then that shrine maiden arrived. People were scary, so we slept a lot, Mugetsu and I. When the Shrine Maiden showed us that not even our dreams were safe, we stopped runnin' to the dream world. And we couldn' make our own friends after that. But we were proud anyway. We stood up to the Hakurei Shrine Maiden and held our own. We would be famous, right?"

Gengetsu stopped talking for a moment. You could feel her shaking. Was she crying?

"We lived together for a long time. We didn't see anybody else. We saw the occasional fan to tell us they loved us. Then those fans became rarer and rarer as time passed. It was as though everyone had forgotten about us. Papa never mentioned us again. We never showed up anywhere. We didn' even get to be extras. We were jus' 'around somewhere' after the shrine maiden took on that vampire."

She looked up at you. She was weeping.

"Why did you forget us, papa? Why won't you love us? We love you! Isn' that enough? What makes Alice so special, huh? What makes Yuuka so special? What makes Mima so fucking special? Where's our love? Why doesn't anyone love us, papa?"

You place a hand on her cheek and wipe away her tears, though they're only replaced by more. She buried her face in your shirt once more, her voice shakey and muffled.

"I don' wanna' be forgotten, papa... I don' wanna' be forgotten..."

[] I didn't forget you.
[] Your papa loves you.
[] So hypnosis is how you solve your problems?
[] (write-in)


Big Sis Yukari points something out to little Yukari.

"This comment... It says we didn't have to change boards at all."

Little Yukari examined it and found that to be, in fact, true. She also found that that was... Interesting.

"Hmm... I see... Of course..."

Big Sis Yukari voiced her younger half's thoughts.

"You're going to get creative to be sure you stay within guidelines, aren't you?"

Little Yukari only grinned wider.


So, good news! We're moving back to /th/, then! Finish your votes here, and I'll update next time on /th/!
No. 36267
[x] I didn't forget you.

It's true, at least. I'm not sure confronting her about the hypnotism is a good idea yet, and I don't want to give her empty reassurance/play along with her daddy issues.
No. 36268
Hey guys, I don't think Anon knows who Gengetsu is in the first place.

[X] "I won't forget you. I'll remember you always, Gengetsu."
No. 36272
[X] I didn't forget you.
No. 36273

Anon picked Mugetsu and Gengetsu out of a list Yukari read in the main thread.

>"All righty then! I'll read off all the names for you and where they live, and you decide where we should go first! And you can be specific about who you want to see, but you don't have to be! However, you can try to see everyone in one place if you like, but you can't see every place in one go! One location only, please!"

>"Oh, a PC-98 fan! We don't get too many Anons that vote PC-98, so this should be super fun!"
No. 36274

Here's your link back, folks! For now, we're done in /at/! But, who knows? Maybe we'll be back?

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