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So, this is a bit of smut that I wrote for my story, Tengu of (Mis)Fortune. It pretty much requires you to have read it to have any idea what's going on here, so if you're not a reader, you're perfectly justified in passing this thing over. Actually, given that this is my first attempt at writing smut, you're probably justified in passing it over regardless. No promises as to the quality.

Original thread here: >>/youkai/25690


I close the door to my room and sigh. What a night. Well, may as well get some sleep, given that I'm probably going to be busy cleaning up at the shrine when we get home-

And that's when a bright red ribbon shoots out of nowhere and wraps around me, binding my arms and wings to my body before traveling down to wrap around my legs. In seconds, I'm completely restrained.

"What the fu-" I start to bluster. In the next moment, my mind becomes rather distracted as something unbelievably soft and warm presses itself against my mouth.


Those are lips.

Hina's lips.

And Hina's scent. Hina is holding me tightly to her as she kisses me so hard that I suddenly can't see straight. Well, that's easy enough to solve by just closing my eyes. Ah yes. Now I can focus on this lovely kiss I'm receiving from my lovely goddess. Ahhh... Oh wow. She's even using her tongue.

I can't help it. All of my repressed instincts take over, and I return the affection as best as I can, warring with Hina for control of my mouth, and for her own. Tied up as I am, this is the only battlefield upon which I can compete, and so I sally to war withOH GOD SHE'S STROKING MY WINGS UNFAIR.

Ohhhhhh fuck it. She wants to be in control? She's in control. Just please... don't... stop... my goddess.

"Mmmmmm, lovely~. But don't you think you should move on now?" A rich, familiar voice sings out from somewhere, and Hina reluctantly pulls away from me. My eyes flicker open to see her emerald orbs blazing with a mixture of love and desire, boring into my own. I've... never seen this expression on Hina's face before, or seen her this aggressive. I kinda like it.

"Right..." Hina breathes. Taking a deep breath, she pulls me into a princess-carry, holding me in her arms like a precious object. Or her personal shrine maiden, I suppose. My head leans against her nearly bare chest (she's still in that gorgeous new dress), and I can hear Hina's heart beat at about a mile a minute. Her skin is so soft, and I can pick up some subtle scents coming from her body that excite me to no end. Oh god, I'm already feeling damp in my nether regions! My body is screaming for sex right fucking now, and it's drowning out the whispers of my heart that just wants to stay like this forever.

Breathing deeply, Hina turns around and starts to carry me further into the room, her eyes staying on mine until she flicks them upward, looking at something. A little dazed by this sudden situation, I follow her gaze and see... a spiderweb? A huge spiderweb, stretching from floor to ceiling, and slightly at an angle. What...?

Then the reality of what's happening comes crashing down on me. I blink in confusion. "Wait, what...?" I murmur, confusion cutting through my haze of lust.

Hina looks down at me, blushing heavily. "Aya... I... I'm going to take care of your desires for you, just as a goddess should tend to her shrine maiden's needs!" My eyes widen at this declaration, but the whole scene is just so abrupt.

"Not quite..." Yamame's familiar voice muses. "You need to be more assertive and less shy, more sure of yourself. Let her know how you feel, truly. Stake your claim, as it were." I turn my head to follow the voice. Yamame is sitting sprawled on the ground, back in her classy kimono. It hangs loosely on her, exposing both cleavage and legs. The spider just smiles at me, a smug, self-satisfied smile, as she puffs away on a long pipe, something sweet-smelling coming from it and lending its scent to the air. A cup of tea is at her side.

I suddenly find my head tugged back around, and a quick, hard kiss sends my head spinning again. Hina, in her dress that leaves her virtually bare from the waist up looks down at me. "I'm here, Aya," she whispers in a sultry voice. "Won't you look at me?"

I couldn't take my eyes off of Hina if my life depended on it. "Always," I murmur, while my insides scream for relief. Slowly, looking into my eyes the whole time, Hina carries me over to the web and lays me down upon it. It's not sticky, looking to be more for support than anything else. With me in place, laying down at a sort of angle, Hina climbs on top, looming above me like an emerald angel. She breathes heavily, barely-contained breasts looking ready to fly loose from their restraints at any moment. "Hina..." Oh gods. I want this so bad.

Hina, smiling, places a finger on my lips. "Don't move, okay?" She's so beautiful. With a flick of her wrist, the goddess causes the ribbons binding me to slide off and land on the floor. Stroking my face, Hina leans in for another kiss. I'm almost at my limit. Hina is RIGHT HERE, and there's so much of her on display, and her scent and taste are amazing, and gods, I NEED HER so bad. With hands trembling from desire, I gently run my palms up Hina's cloth-covered sides and over her heavy breasts before letting them stop on her bare, incredibly soft shoulders. I try to pull her in, to get more of her, but Hina breaks the kiss and deftly seizes me by the wrists. "I said don't move," she tells me with a faint pout. "You don't want me to get upset and walk away do you?"

I go very, very still, shaking at the threat.

Hina chuckles throatily, body moving in such delightful ways as she does. "Good. Now be a good girl and just stay still, mmmkay?" Moving with deliberate slowness, Hina stretches one of my arms out and holds it tightly against the spider-web. "Remember what I said Yamame and I were talking about earlier? Well, it's not a silk rope, but there's just something about ribbons~." With a gesture, a length of ribbon appears in her hand, and she carefully binds my wrist to the web. "Of course, we were talking about many, many other things as well..." Hina continues, binding my other wrist. "It seems that Yamame doesn't want to get too involved until some of your... issues are resolved."

"My issues?" I ask, testing my bonds. I'm held tight against the web, my arms spread wide.

Hina grins, getting off the web and standing in front of me. "You're too pent up, dear. Yamame just feels that it's best if you get some relief and are able to think clearly before you try to make any deep, personal decisions, you know?" From the corner of my eye, Yamame nods sagely at Hina's words. The misfortune goddess gets down on one knee and tugs on one of my legs, drawing it to the side and binding it. "And now, what kind of goddess would I be if I let my beloved shrine maiden suffer like that?" She takes hold of my other leg and spreads it wide from its twin, tying it down and leaving me spread-eagled and utterly helpless. Hina gets to her feet, smiling broadly and seeming to drink in the sight of my bound body. "So just relax, and let your goddess handle this~." Her voice is naughty, seductive, promising oh-so-many things.

I just nod, unable to take my eyes off of the vision of divine beauty. Oh yes. Oh please. I need this so bad. Fuck, any more of this and I'll start dripping on the godsdamned floor, come on, pleeeeaaaaasseee...

Hina reaches out for me. I hold my breath. Yes yes yesyesyesyesyes-

"Stop," Yamame says, and Hina freezes.


My head spins around to glare at Yamame. "What the fuck are you doing?!" I screech, my voice shrill.

Yamame just laughs and takes a sip of tea. "Poor Aya. You want it so badly. To be touched... caressed... loved..." the earth spider smiles enigmatically. "And so, Hina, you must deny her. You aren't here to rut like a base animal. You're here to please her, is this not so? You are not a beast, to pound her into submission, but a goddess, here to take her to divine levels of pleasure. Just remember that."

Hina nods slowly. "You're right. Thank you." Turning back to me, Hina smiles, a teasing, smug smile. "Aya? You are the best thing that's ever happened to me. So please, just try to relax."

"Kinda hard when I want you so bad I think I'm about to lose it," I blurt out in the heat of the moment. I wince; that's not how I want to talk to Hina!

But the misfortune goddess just laughs, amused. Still smiling, Hina gets down on her knees and starts to gently stroke my stocking-clad legs, humming a pleasant melody under her breath. It's... kind of soothing, I have admit, and I feel my tense body start to relax under her ministrations. One hand drifts up my leg and caresses the bare skin lying above the stocking, making me groan at the sensation. A careful gesture exposes more of my skin at my hip... and then Hina leans in and gives it a gentle kiss.

"Hiii!" I squeak as the sensitive skin of my hip is stimulated. Hina just laughs with delight. Not taking her eyes off of mine, she begins to climb up my body, gently kissing my exposing cleavage. I start to whimper when she actually nips gently at the skin of my bare breasts, and then the goddess climbs up even higher, nestling in the hollow of my collar bone, pushing my head up with her face. I can feel her heart beating next to mine, her lips kissing my neck. I moan, trapped between feelings of desire and feelings of peace, unable to reconcile the two. "Oh, Hina... I..." I can't find the words. As Hina kisses and nips at my neck, all that I can do is, well, pray that my goddess chooses to do more.

It seems that my prayers are to be answered, however, as Hina lifts herself above me, running a hand through my hair and letting it trail down to my chest. There's a look in her eyes, an intensity that takes my breath away. "You came into my life and made everything better, Aya," my goddess tells me, voice barely above a whisper. "Now to show you how happy you make me." Seizing the sides of my tunic in her hands, Hina;s fiercely tugs it open, causing exposing my breasts to the world.

I gasp, feeling my face flush from more than just desire, as I realize that two grinning women are now perfectly capable of staring at my body. It's embarrassing, I feel vulnerable, and I'm suddenly wondering if this is all really a good idea. And then Hina gently cups my left breast and my mind goes absolutely blank. "UHHHH."

Hina chuckles, looking pleased at my reaction. "Oh. Do you like that, Aya?" She starts to tenderly squeeze and knead my lonely mound, and I just can't find the words to respond. My breath is coming hot and heavy as I arch my back to try and press my chest harder into Hina's grasp. My nipple is hard as diamond and sending its own scream into my brain, demanding some attention. I almost manage to form words when Hina seizes my other breast and squeezes it tightly.

"UuuuuuUUUUAAAAHHHH..." I groan out, eyes rolling into the back of my head. Oh gods. Oh Hina. You can't imagine how long it's been. How much my body has craved some attention. Any attention. But for it to be lavished with such affection... "AH!" My body jolts as Hina pinches my nipples, making me gasp for air again. "AGH!" And again. And again. And then back to kneading, firmly, tightly nice and hard-

"Slow down, Hina," Yamame chastises from where she sits.

"No, please!" I gasp out, eyes wide.

"These things must savored," Yamame tells me evenly, taking another puff from her pipe. "Aya, we need to let this out of your system, not merely fan the flames. No, this is the sort of thing that must to taken slowly, every ounce of your being freed from its torment." She laughs naughtily. "Besides, your reaction is just so fun~."

"True, but this is in the way," Hina murmurs, fingering my robe. With a shrug, she chooses to ignore my bosom for the moment, causing me to whimper in protest, and instead take a moment to work at the sash holding my clothing closed. With a few quick movements, the sash comes loose and is tossed away, causing my robe to fall open and leave me totally exposed. My chest is bare, my toned stomach free to be observed. Hina takes a moment, seeming to drink in my appearance, and I find myself going still, my nethers burning at the thought of being appreciated. And appreciate me Hina does, just sitting there, inspecting every part of my body. Her eyes fall below my hips. "Hm. Black high-legs? How very you~." I just shrug as best I can, suddenly wishing that Hina would just tear away the rest so that we could move on with things. Oh gods, please hurry...

And Hina does reach out, sliding my robe off of my shoulders, rolling the sleeves down the arms... and stopping when she realizes that, bound as I am, she won't be able to remove the clothing without untying me. "Um..." Hina frowns down at her conundrum.

Yamame starts to laugh. "Ah, Hina... forgot to account for this, did you?"

"Just rip the damn thing off!" I blurt out. "Or just leave it there, or untie me, or something, just please please don't stop-"

Hina silences me with a kiss. "But I like having you all tied up like this," she whispers, "And I really want to get this out of the way. And I'd hate to tear such lovely clothes..." Hina trails off, looking annoyed at her lack of foresight.

Yamame chuckles throatily. "Ah, well, it looks like it's me to the rescue~." The earth spider gracefully rises to her feet and begins to saunter over. "Now, we just have to make sure that this lovely little crow doesn't get away, hmm? Allow me to help." Hina nods and gets off of the web, leaving me alone and exposed. Goddess and spider walk around the web, behind me, and I suddenly have no idea what they're doing back there. As much as I try to twist and turn, I'm bound too tightly and just can't see behind me.

What I do see is Hina's hand almost daintily reach around me from behind and run a nail gently across my stomach, just above my panties. This digit then slowly, carefully runs up my stomach with a quiet scratching noise, making me shiver. The hand finally winds up at one breast, cupping and squeezing, and Hina whispers into my ear, "Be a good girl and don't move, okay?" Her nails position themselves over my nipple, whether in threat or promise I cannot say. Her other hand reaches out and tugs at the ribbon holding my arm down, releasing it. At once, Yamame's hand reaches out and tightly grips my wrist with just enough strength to serve as a warning.

Hina works quickly, tugging my robe down one shoulder and along my arm. Yamame's hands work dextrously, moving and repositioning as the robe is pulled off one arm and left to dangle free. Hina then reaches out and tightly re-ties the ribbon with only one hand. With one final squeeze of my breast, all hands withdraw behind me, and I feel someone gently stroke that sensitive spot between my wings, causing my breath to hitch. "Good girl..." Hina coos into my ear, and I both see and feel her other hand tracing up my stomach to take hold of my other breast. The process repeats on my other arm, and soon my robe lies discarded on the floor, leaving me clad in only long stockings and panties. I breathe heavily, body tingling. I test my restraints, but find that they are as tight as ever. There's no way I'm breaking free now.

The gentle pad of footsteps comes from my side, and I turn my head to see Yamame walk around in front of me. The spider says nothing, only stopping in front of me to puff on her sweet-smelling pipe and watch me. I blush as I realize that nearly every inch of my body is on display for her, and I lack any means to preserve my modestly. But Yamame remains silent, merely smiling as I lay there.

Hina then makes her presence known once more, as hands reach out from behind me, through the openings in the web, to gently caress my lower legs. Slowly, carefully, Hina works her hands upwards in a sensuous massage, the fabric making a quiet rustling sound as her hands trace higher, higher. From time to time, Hina needs to pause and move her arms through different gaps in the webbing, but she merely picks up where she left off, trailing her hands over my legs. Then over the bare skin of my upper thighs. And as the breath stops in my throat, Hina runs a soft hand-


-over my womanhood, which seems to ache with longing as the hand leaves it behind, trailing upwards over my stomach. Then its partner rubs me once more through my panties, causing me to force back a scream as my insides flutter in response. Higher the hands go, giving my breasts a gentle massage once more. I want to say something, but by voice has abandoned me. All I can do is struggle feebly at my bonds, wanting nothing more than to break lose and fuck like wild animals with my divine tormentor. The most I can do is squirm marginally, as Hina's hands release my chest and trail towards my back. All the while, Yamame watches the scene with a sultry grin on her face, like a noblewoman watching first-class entertainment.

I feel Hina start to stroke my wings, and I sigh happily. Her fingers work their way through all of the kinks and tufts, straightening feathers crumpled from their earlier mistreatment. Her hands stroke ever inward, towards where they join with my body, and her nimble fingers gently tickle at that most sensitive spot, causing me to make a sound half-sigh and half-giggle. Those hands then make a long, sweeping stroke down my back before taking handfuls of my ass and giving it a tight squeeze. I can only grunt in response, all ability to communicate having long since left me. Every square inch of me is on fire, both relaxed and shrieking for more. I feel Hina place a tender kiss at the joint of my torso and wings, and throw my head back to let out a long, helpless moan. Yamame, for her part, has taken a seat on the ground once more, sipping at her tea and watching with interest.

Hina finally comes back around into my line of vision. She's breathing heavily, eyes wide and excited. "Would you like to see some more of me, Aya?" She offers. I nod, panting. Yes, that sounds lovely. Smiling, Hina reaches up and does something to the minimal front of her dress, causing it to loosen. A few tugs here and there, and the dress simply falls away from her like a silken waterfall, revealing her body in all of its glory. My heart seems ready to freeze in my chest. Hina isn't wearing anything underneath that dress. No boots, no stocking, no underwear. Her pale skin is fully exposed to the world, along with her full, womanly breasts, pink erect nipples, and the slight dampness around her nether lips. Hina smiles at me with a wide grin, face flushed. I take a deep breath, trying to sample some of her natural perfume through the musk of whatever it is that Yamame's pipe is filled with, and finally realize what some of those subtle scents coming off of Hina actually are. The realization pounds into my brain like a thunder bolt.

"Hina... you're..." I struggle to get out, my eyes flicking down continually to the dampness between her legs.

Hina's smile takes on a slightly more feral cast as she stalks towards me, hips swinging, her posture that of a predator ready to claim her prey. She leans over me, one hand stroking circles over one of my areolae. "Do you really think that you're the only person here with desires?" she asks hoarsely. "Do you have any idea just how many times you've been running through my dreams?" The goddess licks her lips as she takes a look down at my body. "If you think that I'm doing this only for you... then I'm about to correct you on that. Thoroughly."

I can't take it anymore. "Then what the fuck are you waiting for?" I growl, straining futilely at my bonds. Hina smiles ferally and reaches down. With a sharp tug, she tears my panties right off of my hips. "UNGH!" I strain harder than ever at my bonds, a whining sound coming from my throat as I desperately try and get at this goddess, to finally put out the fire that has seared me for so many years, and has now been fanned into a raging inferno. Hina reaches out for me, fingers extended-

"Hina," Yamame says sternly, "What did I just tell you?"

Hina stops. I suddenly have the urge to kill Yamame. Dammit, just let us fuck already! My sudden rage is abruptly quenched when Hina strokes my face once again, not the least put out. Instead, she only smiles at me, beatifically. Then she gets down on her knees.

A kiss, slowly trailing up my leg. Her hands, gently following afterwards. Hina very slowly climbs up my body, kissing my legs, my knees, my thighs, the bare skin above my stockings, and then gently kisses my nether lips. I blank out as she does so, body going rigid, mouth opening in a soundless scream. When I finally manage to get my senses back, Yamame is slowly kissing up my stomach as her hands trail behind. Her soft breasts push into my stomach as she kisses her way up to my own bosom, pausing a moment to regard one of my begging nipples. Looking up with me, locking eyes, she takes it into her mouth and sucks, licks, nibbles.

"Hina," I choke out. "I'm... you're... please..." Hina releases me with a pop, and begins to climb ever higher, kissing along my collarbone, my neck, until she's eye-to-eye with me, her soft breasts pushing against my own, the heat from her sex warming my own even more. But she doesn't stop there. Instead, the goddess begins to climb even higher, pressing her neck against my lips. I don't hesitate, instead kissing her exposed flesh hungrily, sucking at it even as it moves out of my reach. I hear Hina moan happily as I do so, but she just keeps climbing, letting me run kisses down her own body. She pauses as her breasts become level with my own, nipples sticking out as though in offering. I accept readily, opening my mouth and suckling Hina's breasts with all of my might. I hear her breath hitch up as I do so, panting coming from the goddess' mouth as I make the best use of my time, attacking her warm bosom with all of my might.

But Hina climbs even higher, taking those warm, soft mounds out of my reach but allowing me to rain kisses across her stomach. Suddenly, I realize what this situation means, and pause as Hina's womanhood comes into view, floating pink and wet and welcoming before me. I peek up to where Hina has braced herself on the upper strands of the web, Yamame herself having actually come over to help the goddess brace herself. The earth spider has that grin ever-present on her face, while Hina looks down at me seductively.

"Would you please...?" the misfortune goddess asks, swaying her hips in front of me ever so slightly. It's all I need. Opening my mouth, I dive into Hina's womanhood like a starving woman coming to a five-course banquet. I hear my goddess cry out, but logic and rationality leave me as soon as her sweet taste reaches my tongue. All I can do is lick and kiss, suck and thrust with my tongue as I explore her countless interior folds with as much as I am able to bring to bear. I find myself distantly wondering if this is the taste of misfortune. If it is, no wonder Hina hungers after it so badly.

A delicate hand tugs on my hair. "Yes... there..." Hina's breathless voice reaches me, and I respond in full, focusing my efforts on those areas that got the strongest reaction out of her. I hear Hina's sweet voice moan. I feel her tugging ever more sharply at my hair. I taste her sweetness, I feel her insides quiver, I feel the rush of juices coinciding with a lusty howl from above me as I drive Hina to orgasm. Not that I realize it at the moment. I'm lost in the moment, hungering for more of my goddess, never wanting this moment to end.

But the juices do slack after a moment, and I feel Hina begin to lower her body again, drifting down me. I kiss once more at her stomach, I suck once more at her breasts, I look into her shimmering green eyes, take in a panting smile-

Reality hits. "Whoa..." I breathe, suddenly realizing what I just did. Hina just giggles, continuing to slide down my body, her skin like satin against my own. She kisses, she sucks, she licks her way down my breasts and stomach, until she is once more on her knees before me, looking up into my own eyes, her head resting between my spread legs. A bit of green hair tickles my inner thigh as Hina begins to bring her mouth closer, oh so closer, to my sex, until she quickly moves forward and thrusts her own tongue into my folds.

It takes a moment to realize that the howl of ecstasy I hear is my own. My muscles strain as I tug at my bonds, head thrashing from side to side as something I have wanted, needed for so long is finally given unto me. I whimper, I moan, I gasp and sigh, and still Hina works me over, her tongue probing and exploring inside of me as her hands busy themselves by stroking, squeezing, and caressing whatever they manage to land on. I throw my head back, panting, eyes tightly shut, as Hina does things to me that I never dreamed that she could do. Her fingers rake and stroke, her tongue licks and probes and I






Every muscle inside of me tightens up at once as a wave of pleasure crashes over me like a tidal wave. I scream as a long-denied release overtakes me, head spinning and lungs burning as I cry all of the air out of me. Still Hina keeps up her task, forcing me to rid through the entirety of the orgasm, until my voice gives out, and my body finally begins to go slack. I pant for air, sucking in great lungfuls, as my head finally starts to clear. There's still a needy blaze within me, but it seems to have subsided somewhat. I hear a giggling, and the feel of soft skin gliding across my own, and in a moment Hina is above me again, face so close to my own, warm eyes capturing me with their beauty.

"Wha... how...?" I try to speak.

The misfortune goddess just shrugs. "Someone gave me some pointers," she says simply.

...Yamame, I owe you more than words can say. I just gaze up at my goddess, taking in her beauty, her warmth, her softness, the delightful scents coming from her body... I swallow. "You up for another round?"

Hina smiles. "I though you'd never ask." The goddess leans down and claims my lips, our tongues intertwining once more. I feel her reach out and take my hands in her own, our fingers interlacing tightly. The goddess' legs wrap around my hips through the opening in the web, and she locks them tightly around my waist, out nethers pressing tightly against one another. And then she starts to rock against me gently, sending sparks shooting into my brain as she uses her body to massage mine. Womanhood presses into womanhood, breasts rub against breasts, skin slides across skin as our kiss continues, both of us moaning into the other's mouth. I try to bring my wings to bear, to wrap them around this beautiful goddess, but the web just keeps getting in the way. Fortunately, someone comes to my aid, sliding the wings through the gaps in the web, and letting me wrap them around Hina, creating our own private, downy embrace. I hold her tightly to me with my wings, as we continue to kiss, her body rubbing against mine, a feeling that seems to go on forever and into eternity until-


Unlike last time, it's not the animalistic howl of release. It starts low, rippling through my body like an inevitable tide, flowing up and down and everywhere, sweeping away decades of loneliness and frustration with it. I moan happily into Hina's mouth as I finally feel a sense of release. The feeling of dampness against my groin, and the shuddering moan, tell me that Hina has reached her peak as well. Together, to the two of us cling to one another as our bodies reach their climax, and then... just seem to... slow down.

Hina breaks the kiss, breathing heavily, her eyes a bit glazed. I'm not doing any better. With the fire within me extinguished, all that is left is a deep, contented tiredness. "Why the web and ribbons?" I manage to ask.

Hina shrugs tiredly. "Seemed kinda kinky," she murmurs. Ah. I feel the web around us shudder and then there is the feeling of being lowering to the ground. Dextrous hands untie my wrists and feet, and I quickly wrap my arms around Hina, who reciprocates. I feel my stocking get tugged off, and someone pulls the ribbon out of Hina's hair, letting her green locks fall over us like a blanket. Someone then tugs us over and lays the two of us on a futon before laying a blanket our entangled bodies. Managing to raise my head just a bit, I see Yamame smiling down at us.

"Thanks..." I murmur.

"No problem," the spider whispers back. Her smile is a lot more normal now, but also a with a hint of longing to it. I also notice the blush on her features, and the sweat marring her face, and can't help but wonder just what it was that Yamame was doing while she was watching us. But right now, I'm just too tired to care. Once she's made sure that we're tucked in, Yamame straightens her outfit and quietly walks over to the door. She takes one last look at the two of us, smiles, and then quietly lets herself out.

Alone in the darkened room with Hina, I feel my goddess rapidly fall into slumber. I am not far behind.

2014/02/04 (Tue) 22:40 No. 34133
It's pretty good for a first shot (and a second or third)
2014/02/04 (Tue) 23:16 No. 34134
Oh you! (How do you do it? My downtime is like 15-20 minutes)

Good work Key!
2014/02/05 (Wed) 02:02 No. 34135
I should have seen it coming.

And this.
2014/02/06 (Thu) 03:45 No. 34141
Good stuff. Looking forward to a threesome.
2014/02/06 (Thu) 05:35 No. 34147
That was great, don't be so down on yourself.

Is there any chance of us ever getting Meilin/Sakuya/Yuuka?
2014/02/07 (Fri) 13:43 No. 34156
Great stuff.
I am this pic right now.
2014/02/09 (Sun) 15:54 No. 34173
You've nothing to be ashamed about. Turned out just fine for a first time (in more ways than one).