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“So how was it?”

Unzan grunts, and sits down at the mini-bar, at the stool next to me. I slide him a beer, and he cracks it open. The party's wound down, and most of the guests haven't woken up from their night of debauchery and drinking.

As a result, the two of us are left here, the morning after.

“Like slamming my dick in a freezer, Ichirin.” Always a poet. “And that's not even the worst part.”

“So what is the worst part?”

He laughs, and takes a slug from the beer. “I'll get to that. Gotta build it up properly.” He spins on the stool to face me. “So I go in with her, you know?”

“Yeah, I was watching. Letty was hanging all over you tonight. 'Oh, Unzan, you're so strong. I love how your muscles feel.' All that sort of stuff.”

He just stares at the beer in his hand for a moment. “Fuck, I've drank too much. I don't even remember that.”

“But you remember what you did.”

He shakes his head. “Okay. I haven't drank enough.” He slams the rest of the just-opened beer home, in an impressive display of shotgunning from a glass bottle.

“Okay. So. Letty. Right.” He cracks open another beer from the minibar. “So she takes me by the hand, and I'm feelin' pretty good tonight. Got a lot of liquor in me, she's been mumbling things in my ear, breath and teeth on the edge of my ear, and all that fun stuff.”

“Playing you like a fiddle, obviously.”

He glares at me. “Shut up. You watched this and didn't stop me.”

I smile. “Oh, Unzan, who am I to step in between you and true love?”

“I fucking hate you.”

“And here I thought you were all fucked out because you came back from the room where your temptress is. Maybe you should go back for round two?”

“Temptress.” He laughs contemptuously. “Yeah, that's the best way to put it. So we stumble into the room.”

“Yeah, I saw that. Then what? 'There I was, balls-deep in Letty's ass, when I realized, I'd left the oven on'?”

“Look, do you want me to tell the story or what?”

I laugh. “Go on, tell the story.”

“Right. So we stumble in, she's pawing at my pants already, one hand on my abs, the other on the button of my pants. But we're both pretty drunk, and she tangles her legs in mine, and we fall over.”

“Oh, just like that, you don't even make it to the bed before you bury your dick so far in her, that whoever pulls you out is crowned King of England?”

“Fuckin' shut up. So we trip. And this isn't that giggly-sexy-movie-style-trip where two people tangle up gracefully and then start fuckin'. No, no. I slip and smash my forehead on the fuckin' nightstand.”

“And here I thought the shout was from you two getting it on.”

“That wasn't the shout.”

I flutter my eyelashes at him, all attentiveness and excitement. “Please, do go on.”

“So here I am, one cold hand on my abs, one hand down my pants. Do you know what that does for shrinkage? The girl's really got to do something about her circulation. Well, I guess she did. But I'll get to that. So she's got her hand down her pants, she's giggling, and I'm groaning and bleeding from the forehead. But I'm going to fuck her, goddamnit, so I man up, wipe the blood off my forehead, wipe it on her face, and start tearing off her clothes.”

“I can't imagine she was happy to have you bleeding on her.”

“You'd be wrong there. She's laying there. Just laying there, giving me this faggot look on her face.” He mimes a drunken, vapid, wide smile. “And then she giggles, and licks it, and starts smearing it on herself. Which is kinda weird, if you think about it. And then she starts smearing my open gash. Which hurts because she's smearing inside my fucking gash. And then she starts smearing it in my eyes.”

“Oh, and I bet it stung something fierce.”

“Yeah, no shit, Ichirin. Right in my fucking eyes, and she wasn't being gentle.”

“Ah, now you know how the other half lives, and why you should always give a girl a chance to close her eyes if you give her a facial. Shit stings forever if it goes in your eyes.”

He grunts, and takes another slug from his beer. “So at this point I'm getting kind of pissed, but fucked if I'm coming out of this situation without getting my dick wet. So I pick her up, tear off her skirt, and heave her onto the bed.”

“That's impressive for how drunk you were- and are, now that I think about it.”

“Yeah, well, I slipped after I threw her. Smashed my head- AGAIN- but this time on the fucking bedpost.”

“So that was the shout I heard.”

“Nope. I just go down like a wet, flailing, bloody sack of shit. But I'm lying there, on the floor, while Letty giggles drunkenly on the bed, and I say to myself, 'No. No, you get the fuck up, right the fuck now, whip your dick out, and shove it so far up her ass that she'll be deep-throating in reverse.'”

“So you get up and do that?”

“Fuck no. I try to get up, and I end up smashing my toe on the OTHER goddamn bedpost. Think I fuckin' broke it.”

I'm having a hard time keeping from laughing, but Unzan's gone into his own world. His own, bitter, world. That he's currently attempting to drown in alcohol.

“So I start singing a little ditty to myself to distract myself from the pain in my forehead and eyes and toe and other shit. It goes a little something like this: 'Fuck, shit fuck goddamnit, fuck fuck fuck, goddamn fucking CUNT, ass ass ass ass ASS FUCK!'

“So I lever myself to my feet, broken toe and all. And you know what? Lust hasn't been driving me anymore. No, at this point, I have a raging, throbbing rageboner. The only thing keeping me hard is sheer anger. I'm going to split her in two. Not for sexual release, no. Fuck this bed. Fuck everything about it. So I tear off her panties, pick her up, and slam her against the wall. Fuck that bed. And then I try to fuck her.”

“You try?”

“My goddamn fucking pants were still on. I hated my pants at this point. They were constraining the release of the rageboner. So Letty's sitting there, flushed and covered in my blood, licking it off, so I take one hand off her so I can undo my pants. I'm pretty strong, but she's pretty drunk. So she falls over and slides off the wall, onto the floor, giggling.”


“No, no, it gets worse. She grabs me as she's going down. I've got my other hand and my full attention focused on undoing my pants, and I'm not particularly standing stable. So I fall over. Again. Onto the same fucking nightstand. AGAIN.

“This is when you hear my shout. No, no. It wasn't a shout of pain. It was a shout of hatred. I hated this table. You gotta understand. This table, at this point in my life, represented absolutely everything I hate in the world. Everything I hate in myself. And here I am, growling to myself. This table. This table. This table. This table this table this table thistablethistablethistableTHISTABLETHISTABLETHISGODDAMNFUCKSHITTABLE. And with a shout, I hurl the fucking thing, lamp and all, across the room where it shatters and splinters.”

“I bet Letty was pretty scared at that point.”

He shakes his head. “I wish she was. It would have solved so much. She just laughed, and grabbed my dick, which I managed to get out somehow.”


“And then she started sucking it, getting on her knees, and working the shaft. Life was looking up. Life wasn't so bad, you know? It was starting to turn around.

“And then she bit my dick.”

I can't help it. I spray the beer I had just been drinking onto Unzan, with a gust of laughter.

He just glares at me, grabs a towel, and wipes his face off.

“You're laughing now, but this isn't even the worst part. No, not even close. So I scream, she screams, and we're both screaming. I pick her up and throw her on the bed, hell-bent on getting the fuck out of there. So I'm storming to the door, and she's moaning in pleasure from getting tossed around. Apparently rough play really turns her on. But no. No, I've reached my limit. I've got my hand on the doorknob, ready to walk out.

“But then I realize that I'm covered in blood, and I've got a bleeding dick hanging right out of my pants. If I stepped out of the room now, there's no fucking way anyone would think anything other than a murder took place.

“So I turn around. I'm angry. I'm pissed. I'm going to fuck my anger away. 'No,' says a smarter place in my brain I wish I'd listened to. 'No. Don't do it. Don't fuck like this.'

“And then I see the titties. Letty'd been taking off her blouse and bra while I was fighting myself. And so, the smarter part of my brain was washed away in a tide of GETDEMTITTIES.

“They were nice tits too, let me tell you. Sure, the girl has a little extra weight. But you know what? All that weight went to her boobs and butt. I know girls who'd kill for a figure like that.

“So I growl, and throw myself at her. She squeals in delight, and I shove my dick right in her, no preamble, no nothing. But she's wet, so obviously something's got her excited. But her pussy is so goddamn cold! And I'm frozen there, shock of ice encasing my dick. But you know what? I wasn't there for pleasure. I hadn't been there for pleasure for like the last ten minutes. No, this is a ragefuck. Plain and simple, I was not going to fail myself. I'm covered in my blood, she's covered in my blood, she's bit my dick, my dick is freezing and I am going to fuck her brains out just to spite her.

“So we're fucking, and I'm feeling pretty good, icegina notwithstanding. And then it hits me. I gotta get a condom. Or...”

“Or?” I interject.

“Or I could just fuck her in the ass. It probably wouldn't be nearly as cold. And I was right. So I flip the bitch over, she's squealing in pleasure the whole time. Deviant as hell, that girl. Stick my dick right in her ass, tightest thing I've ever put it in. But she's enjoying herself, not saying a word against it. So I'm pounding and pounding away at that ass like I'm John Motherfuckin' Henry, the Steel Drivin' Man. But I'm drunk, she's drunk, so my dick slips out of her ass.

“And then I hear it, before I smell it. I swear it made her asscheeks flap. The wave of flatulence that pours out from that girl's ass could peel paint off of the walls from the smell. I felt the wave of goddamn fart, like a spring breeze, if the spring breeze carried upon it the smell of death.

“This almost kills my boner. But I remembered. I'm not doing this to fuck her. I'm doing this to fuck her. The rage makes my soldier stand at attention once again.

“And this is when I have the smartest idea of the whole night. I'm not going to fuck her in the ass anymore. I am going to fuck the icegina because it's fucking there. Why do men climb Mount Everest? Because it's there. Why do men go down to the depths of the ocean? Because it's there. Why do men go to the moon? To fuck moonbitches. And you know what? That ice vagina was there. And it was my solemn god-damned duty to stick my dick in it and fuck it. And by God, I was going to fuck it.

“But first, I was going to get a fucking condom. Like a fucking sweater. And, there was the sudden realization I didn't want to get this bitch pregnant. I hated her already. I didn't want to add to that the special kind of hatred that comes of having kids with her too.”

I smile. “Let me guess. The condoms were in the nightstand.”

“The condoms were in the god-damned nightstand. So I get over there, walking across broken glass and shattered wood to get at them. This tears up the soles of my feet and the palms of my hands as I grope about in the dim light. And don't forget I'd been drinking pretty heavily by this point, so my vision's fucked. Oh, and I'm pretty sure I had a concussion at that point too. But I was going to fucking wrap it before I tapped it.

“So I'm bleeding from basically everywhere, but she gets the condom on- I honestly didn't expect her help, but once bitten, twice shy- she looked like she was gonna put it on with her mouth, but I put a fucking stop to that. So she puts it on with her icy, but still soft hands, and I shove it right back into her vagina.

“Surprisingly, nothing else is going wrong. We're fucking, and I've got a hard case of reverse whiskey dick. I just cannot get myself to come. But she's had at least two orgasms by this point, and I'm just getting bored and tired, and thinking of stopping. She looks like she'd be ready to stop.

“But no. No. I came here to fuck shit up. I've got a condom, there's no fucking way I'm going to let this end in blue balls. Hypothermic blue balls maybe, but not regular blue balls. So I'm pumping away. And pumping. And pumping. And eventually, through sheer force of will and more anger than I've ever felt in my life, I cut loose with a torrent of sperm inside her.

“And then I see her face. She's smiling like a fucking jackal. Like she pulled a fast one on me. I look down at her crotch. I see my cum spilling out of her pussy.

“The bitch fucking poked a hole in my condoms!

“I look back up at her face from her crotch, and something's different. She's not Letty anymore. Oh no. No, I wish it had been Letty. This is just so much worse. It's fucking Nue. She's looking up at me, shit eating grin and all, and she says to me. You know what she says to me? She fucking whispers to me, and I shit you not, 'Now I'm going to have your kid, Unzan. I'm so happy. You will take responsibility, right?'

“I've bashed my head on that fucking nightstand twice and a bedpost once. I broke my toe. I've got blood in my eyes. I've got glass and splinters in my hands and feet. Teeth marks in my bleeding dick. And on top of that, I'd been fucking that bitch Nue, and she poked goddamn holes in my goddamn


By this point, my sides are aching, as I've been laughing for the past several minutes as he recounted this story. “So... so what happened next?”

“Fucked if I know,” he replies. “I blacked out and woke up on the floor this morning. When I woke up, Nue was gone, and I was sore all over. So I got up, and you were here at the bar. So you gave me a beer.” He looks up at me. “So how was your night?”

“Oh, pretty good, all things considered,” I say, reconfiguring Ichirin's face into Letty's. “I finally managed to get someone to get me pregnant. You will take responsibility, won't you?”
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Would stub toe while reading.
On a seperate not though, why would Nue want to get pregnant with Unzan? Is she just fucking with him after the fact?
No. 33717
I find it hard for someone like Unzan to be cut so easily, he's a cloud guy for shinki's sake.

Still it was an amusing story, though I don't think Nue's powers include actually mimicking other abilities.
No. 33719

>though I don't think Nue's powers include actually mimicking other abilities

I'm not the writer, but I figure I can answer that anyway. While you're technically correct, remember that Nue's power works on expectations, letting other people fill in the gaps themselves. What do you think Unzan expected Letty to feel like?


On a separate note, is the contest submission thread really the right place to comment on the stories? You should probably be posting stuff like this in >>/gensokyo/12358

If I'm wrong about that, feel free to ignore me.
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“I’m off, Yuki.”

You step out into the brisk winter air, fresh snow crunching underneath the weight of your boots. The world is white, barest hints of tree-green poking out underneath fresh snowy caps. The sky above is overcast, cloudy, a sign of the weather to come.

You walk down the path towards the forest, balancing your axe by its haft on your shoulder. When you visited the village last week, the forecasters predicted a major snowstorm sometime soon. One last load of firewood is all you should need for the rest of the winter. One quick trip and then you can rest.

The chill in the air is horribly uncomfortable. There is just enough wind to sneak in between the gaps of your coat and slice against your skin. Others might enjoy the snowy months that herald more festive times, but you hate them.

Stopping next to the tree you scoped out the day before you begin to heave your axe, the strain against your arms comforting.

You’ll be glad to be done with the cold, lonely times. Not that spring or summer would be much better – they have their own problems – but you’d at least be able to spend more time outside the house. More sunlight and more work would do you and everybody else some good.

With a sharp crack your strong blow is delivered. The tree cannot bear the brunt of your hacking and falls to the side. It sends up a flurry of powdered snow when it lands with a thump.

You brush off the dusting of snow before hewing into the tree once more, cutting it into manageable chunks. Your mind begins to numb as you focus on your work, going through the dull motions of felling trees.

You suppose an hour passes by the time you finish. After tying up the logs with sturdy chord, you look up.

“Well shit,” you mutter. With a grunt of effort, you lift the bundle of firewood on your shoulders and begin a light jog back to your home. You don’t like the look of the skies one bit.

Your home is out in the fields, beyond the farms that most of the other villagers tend to. It isn’t far from the village, from the river or from the forest, but it isn’t close either. Your wife wanted a home where your future children could reach anything they might have wanted. She wanted them to have all of life’s choices available to them.

You curse that decision as the first of the snowflakes land on your nose. In almost no time at all, those snowflakes multiply into a screen of white. You pull the knitted scarf your wife made you up, to cover your face. You have to squint to see anything as the snow begins to fall harder and faster. The greens of the trees and greys of the sky disappear behind a howling wall of white. Your footsteps slow as you drive your legs forward, one step after another, making sure you don’t slip.

You rely on your instincts to carry you home in the total whiteout. You know that you’re only a few minutes away at most-

“Damn it!” You stumble, dropping both your firewood and axe into the snow. It takes all of your balance to stay upright and not fall face first. When you reach down to grab your things, you’re able to see what caused you to trip.

It’s a woman, prone in the snow. Even though she’s clothed in a heavy-looking blue and white dress, her skin is dangerously pale.

You curse again and drop your things once more. You quickly kneel down and grab the woman’s arms.

When you do, her eyes flicker open. She stares up at you with lavender eyes.

You lower scarf and shout, “Get up! You’re going to die out here!”

The woman barely responds. Her eyes shift, but not in any way that recognize the danger she’s in. She’s already too far gone to notice her condition? You pull on her arms again to lift her up. You shift your grip, one arm under her back and one arm under her knees, and then begin to trudge back in the direction you hope your house lays. She isn’t nearly as heavy as you thought a woman of her height might be, but that’s all the more concerning.

How long has she been out here? She’s still alive, but you’re doubtful you’ll be able to save her. She already is sluggish in a way that can’t be indicative of good health.

She’ll be the death of you too if you were turned around in this snowstorm. What a way to go, trying to save some random lady. Wouldn’t Yuki be proud that you couldn’t find the one damn house within eyesight after you-

You grunt when you slam into your door. Pushing you shoulder against the wood, you manage to grip the handle and get the door open. The wind storms in with you, rattling all of your kitchenware and dusting the furniture in white. You have to set your back against the inside of the door and push with all your might to get it to shut again.

Panting with effort, you rush over and drop the woman on the couch. You toss your gloves to the side and reach for the fancy outsider lighter your wife gifted you. With frozen fingers, it takes far longer to light the hearth than you’d like.

Now what do you need? Blankets, towels, warm water – you strip off your winter gear and leave it where it falls while you rush around your home.

“Hello,” a voice calls out while you’re stripping your bed of its blankets. You run back into the living space to find the strange woman sitting up on your couch, her arms wrapped around herself.

Her voice is slurred. Not good. “Hey,” you say while dropping the blankets next to her. “You understand me? You were freezing to death out there.”

You stare her in the eyes while you speak, looking for hints of comprehension. She tilts her head in responsive to your voice. Can she understand you at all? You press the back of your hand against her forehead. As cold as your limbs are, she feels colder. It hurts to touch her, the freeze searing your skin.

You growl and throw the blankets around her. “Do you hear me? Frostbite, hypothermia, those mean anything to you?”

The woman nods. Maybe not as far gone as she looks? Or just responding to your voice?

How do you deal with this? “Take your clothes off if you can, wrap yourself more in those blankets. You need to stay warm!” You order her and run off again, to set a pot over the fire and to grab more clothing. You’ve never had to deal with a crisis like this before.

You glance back, to see if you’ll need to strip her and dry her yourself, but perhaps she’s not as far gone as she seems. The lavender-haired woman is already tossing away her dress and accessories before snuggling back into the blankets on the couch.

That’s a relief. The frantic beating of your heart slows. If she’s capable of all that, she couldn’t be too poorly off. You take your wife’s jacket, your extra gear, and other warm garments you can find to bring over.

“Who’re you?” the woman asks.

“The guy who’s trying to save your life,” you retort. “Who are you to be asking who I am?”

The woman smiles and reaches a hand out of the bundle of blankets, giving you a quick glimpse of her exposed breast. “I’m Letty.”

You scowl and grab her hand- Dragon’s breath that’s cold! “Get that back in there,” you tell her, shoving the frozen limb back underneath the blankets.

The woman frowns, but does as you say. She watches from her seat on your couch while you lay out the clothes you’ve grabbed.

“Give me your hand,” you order the woman. She frowns slightly but does as you say, this time keeping the rest of her body wrapped up.

They’re as cold as ice. “Wiggle your fingers for me,” you tell her. Despite what you might expect, her fingers move dexterously, as if they’re in perfect condition.

It doesn’t make any sense. “How do you feel?” you ask her.

“I’m perfectly fine.” Her answer is a bit snappy, much livelier than how she was acting before.

You glance at her warily before turning away. She certainly doesn’t sound like she’s dying to the cold. After a quick walk over to your cabinets, you grab a cup and fill it with water. You hand the drink to Letty. “Here. It’s nothing tasty, but it should help warm you up.”

The woman takes the cup and takes one sip before spitting the water back out. “It’s too hot,” she complains.

You sigh and take the mug from her. It’s barely warm – it’s already noticeable colder than the rest of the pot. “Drink it. It’ll help keep you safe.”

“No,” she refuses, sticking her tongue out at you.

You groan, but set the cup aside. If she’s well enough to be picky, you guess she doesn’t need it. “Fine.” With a shake of your head, you bend down to gather up Letty’s clothes and set them out near the fire to dry.

“Why are you doing this?” Letty asks you.

“Doing what? Drying your clothes? You’ll want to wear them later, won’t you?”

“Not that. This,” she says again, raising her arms and lifting the bundle of blankets in emphasis.

“What? Saving your life? Sorry if don’t want random strangers to freeze to death.” Honestly, what’s wrong with her? You think she’d be more appreciative.

“Saving my life?” she asks, as if she doesn’t understand. Maybe she really is that far gone.

Before you can check her condition again, she laughs. “Oh, okay then.”

It could be she’s just a natural airhead. “What were you even doing out there?” you ask.

“I was enjoying the snow.”

“Enjoying the snow by lying down in the middle of a blizzard?”

“It wasn’t snowing as hard when I first went to sleep,” she defends herself. “Still, don’t you think it’s nice out?”

“Nice? I wouldn’t call a freezing blizzard nice.”

“Why not? Isn’t it beautiful?”

“Sure, if I’m not out there.” Letty huffs in annoyance, as if you’re the crazy one in the room.

The conversation dies out, leaving you to work in peace. You turn the boring water into slightly more flavorful tea, which Letty accepts with minimum fuss. She doesn’t drink any before blowing on it several times, though.

When you check her temperature again she’s still no warmer than a block of ice, but she insists that’s she’s fine. “You worry too much,” she tells you.

“That’s what my wife told me,” you answer, already used to ignoring that particular admonishment.

“Is that her?” she asks, one naked arm outstretched and pointing.

“Yeah, that’s her.”

“She looks very pretty.”

You don’t disagree with Letty. Every picture you have of your wife is stunning. Her hair was naturally grey, but tinted in a way that caused her silver locks to hum blue in the right light. She never sported a grin but always a beautiful, reserved smile.

You meander over to the photo of your wife Letty pointed at and kneel down. “What do you think of our newest guest, Yuki? What was that? She’s an ingrate that hasn’t thanked me once for saving her?”

When you look back at Letty, her cheeks are puffed out in annoyance. “I didn’t need saving!” she shouts.

You chuckle to yourself. “Sure, sure.”

“I didn’t!” Letty stands up in anger, the blankets falling away from her.

“Watch it!” you shout while closing your eyes.

“I didn’t need saving,” she insists, her feet thumping against the floorboards.

“Fine, fine, you didn’t need saving, would you please-” you stop when you feel frozen fingers grab your shoulder.

Your eyes jolt open at the icy contact, letting them have a full view of Letty.

She’s healthy and well-endowed. She isn’t fat, not by any stretch of the term, but she’s certainly chubbier than you’re used to seeing. Her arms and thighs aren’t bony but are layered in fat that makes them perfectly curved. Her stomach is likewise plump, more than enough smooth flesh for you to grab and not be afraid of-

You shut your eyes again. “Would you please cover yourself up?” you ask.

You can sense that she does exactly the opposite. Letty sits down on her knees next to you.

“Thank you for trying to help me,” she says.

You sigh again and open your eyes, doing your best not to have them shift to your right. She’s speaking while bowing at the modest altar you’ve setup, giving you a perfect view of her rounded buttocks as she sticks-

You growl and slap yourself lightly. “Don’t worry about thanking me. I was kidding.”

“Still, you cared enough to try and help. That’s more than many would give me. It feels like most people just want to beat me up.”

That’s mildly alarming. Hopefully it’s just an exaggeration of emotion. If not, you might need to do a bit of inquiring with the other village guards. “I’d like to think most people wouldn’t leave a woman to freeze in the snow.”

“Perhaps they wouldn’t,” she replies, “but you really seem to care.”

“I guess I don’t want people to suffer when I can do something about it.”

The two of you kneel there in silence for another few seconds before Letty asks, “May I ask what happened to her?”

“Her life did. She was born with what killed her. Genetic disease, it caused her to waste away as she grew older.” When you had this house built, how much of it was hope for the future and how much was just wishful thinking? A temporary illusion at best? You still don’t know. “The most I could do was make her life as comfortable as possible. I couldn’t heal her but God knows I tried.”

“Many men couldn’t live with that.”

Harsh words, but not untrue. Taking care of Yuki wasn’t always the easiest, but spending time with your bedridden love was worth it. “I suppose other men weren’t her husband. I loved her. That was all I needed.”

“Do you miss her?” Letty asks.

“Shouldn’t that be a rhetorical question?” you snap back.

The woman glances away, chastised. “Sorry, I’m hurting you.”

“No, it’s fine,” you grumble. Your emotions are still sore when talking about her. “It’s been a few years. I should handle it better.”

“But every time I ask, it feels as if she just died?”

“Yes,” you choke out. She understands exactly.

“I’m sorry,” she says again. “I’ve met many men out there and talked with them. The happiest ones, the ones I could never be with, always had a family to return to.”

The silence hangs as you both contemplate on your own thoughts. You certainly don’t know what to make of this strange woman that appeared in your life.

“Are you happy?” Letty eventually asks.

“I’d be lying if I said anything but no,” you answer.

“How can you keep living, then?”

“How couldn’t I?” You’ve thought about it, certainly, but you’ve always played it by your gut. “It feels wrong to just go and die now that she’s gone. I have a choice to live. She didn’t. I have a responsibility to try what she couldn’t.”

“Is this the life she couldn’t live?” Letty glances around at the home with few adornments. “An empty house and no purpose?”

“It’s more than she has now,” you pause, “well, I hope it isn’t. I hope she’s dancing with all her spirit friends, having the party of her life.”

“What if she’s waiting for you?”

That’s the kind of thought that might drive you mad. Not that you haven’t had them, constantly, every night you lay in bed alone. “Then she’ll have to keep waiting. I’m not exactly an unhealthy slug.”

“If there’s nothing here to keep you, why haven’t you tried to be with her?” Her question sounds benign, but the implications are anything but.

“Listen Letty, I’m not suicidal. I can’t say I haven’t thought about it, but it feels like there should be more.” That’s the only conclusion you can come to. “There should be something else in this world. Something I’m meant to accomplish. There has to be. Something me and my dumb muscles can do. If there isn’t then why was she fated to die and not me? She was bright, brilliant, ready to solve the world’s problems.” If you don’t believe that, you might truly lose it all.

Letty wastes no time in pointing out the obvious contradiction. “You said it yourself, it was genetic, a combination of poor luck and unfortunate heritage.”

“I know!” you shout. “I know. I guess I’m waiting around, hoping. I’m hoping for a sign, something, anything that will tell me what I should be doing.”

“Have you been sitting here all day, every day?”

“Not at all. I’ve put myself out there and tried to make a difference. I’m a member of the night guard. I’ve done odd jobs. But none of it left me feeling more than empty. So, in truth, I’m waiting and hoping.”

“I see.” Letty sighs. “That sounds sad.”

You haven’t known her for more than an hour or two and she already has a conclusive analysis of your life. “I guess it is.”

“Does nothing make you happy?”

“These days? I guess not. I’ll be glad once this season passes.”

She sounds hurt, her voice smarting when she asks, “Can’t you enjoy it?”

“Enjoy what?”

“The winter. The snow. Life.” Each word is pronounced with an emphasis, as if she just named her greatest loves.

You chuckle, “Forgive me if I’m depressing you, but the person who made most of life enjoyable for me is dead.”


The two of you kneel there for another few minutes.

Then Letty rises, still stark naked, and begins walking away.

“Huh?” You stand as well. “Where are you going?”

“Outside,” she says, before throwing open the door and letting the blizzard storm in.

“Out- What!?” She doesn’t even have the courtesy to slam the door before running off. “Wait! Damn her!”
No. 33726
You run after the clearly insane woman, trying to catch her before she goes far.

It’s freezing. By crossing the threshold of your home, it becomes all the more inhospitable. The blizzard is roaring, ready to suck the life out of any who enter it. Letty doesn’t seem to care as she runs outside as naked as a newborn.

You manage to catch up to her and grab her arm. She whirls around to face you, a blissful smile on her face.

“Are you trying to kill yourself?” you yell, your voice barely audible to yourself.

The lavender-haired woman leans close to you and whispers, her icy breath somehow differentiable from the biting winds.


Then she pulls away, slipping out of your grasp like running water.

You shiver and look at your hand. You can still feel it, can’t you? You manage to curl each digit. That means you’re still okay, right?

You s-shake your head and labor after the woman again. It’s so damn cold. She’s only a few steps away, always a few steps away. With every step you take she manages to keep just out of reach, taunting you. Her breasts jiggle when she spins and they bounce when she laughs, her voice crystalline clear.

It’s s-so c-cold, but you can’t stop. You’re not going to let a nut case get both of you killed. She’s someone’s friend, someone’s daughter, someone’s wife m-maybe. You w-won’t let her off herself in a fucking blizzard, no matter how f-frozen it is.

You r-regret not taking a second to try and g-gather your winter gear, but there wasn’t time…isn’t time, to waste. It’s the w-worst you’ve even been out in. Your entire body is quaking, your b-bones c-cre-creaking as they freeze harder than metal. You g-grunt with frustration as you force your limbs to move, s-stuck in their joints as they are.

You aren’t- you aren’t going to let another person die on you.

Especially not- not when you…y-you had the ability to d-do something!

“Are you cold?”

Her whispered voice comes again.

Letty has come back to you. She presses her body against yours. She wraps one leg around yours and pushes her pelvis into you. Her breasts press against your chest while she wraps and arm around your neck.


“Do you not like the cold?”

You s-shake your head. Well, you try to, but she has the fingers of her other hand pressed against your cheek.

Letty lets her head tilt before she leans forward. She plants a kiss on your chin, brushing the tip of her tongue against your skin.

The hints of warmth from her feel like the sun. You shiver again, something like goose bumps running up your arms at the unexpected temperature.

“You are a kind man,” Letty says in between licks. She begins to run her tongue from your chin up to your cheeks. Her mouth dances from cheek to ear, little nibbles teasing you. Every contact is a point of warmth, a tiny burst of feeling in this miserable weather.

“You are a strong man,” she whispers before entrapping your lips in hers. It feels like she melts into you, filling every part of you. You push back slightly, trying to draw the precious warmth of out her mouth with your tongue. She reciprocates, her tongue lapping against yours while you kiss.

The two of you stay interlocked for the longest time. All the while, her hands begin to quest. They leave your face and your neck and travel downwards. They pause at the buttons, unfastening the top two before slipping inside the fabric and sliding against your chest. Her hands- warm, far warmer than the chilly air- slide across your pecs and down your sides. She has your body enwrapped, her hands circling around your stomach, when she removes her mouth from yours. “But you don’t need to be strong anymore.”

With the slightest of shrugs she pulls her arms apart and your shirt falls off you, the strings holding the buttons in place too weak to stop her. She moves back to capture your mouth while she quickly undoes your belt. Once the obstruction is cleared, she lets her hands keep sliding downwards, ten points of warmth massaging your thighs.

“You don’t need to suffer,” she tells you with a lick of her lips.

“I’m here for you,” she tells you as she slowly kneels, her tongue tracing a path like a water droplet down your body.

Slowly, she opens her mouth before biting down on the waist of your pants. A slight tilt of her head is enough to coax your pants down, the garment falling to your ankles. She presses her face against your underwear, rubbing her cheek against your hard cock. She opens her mouth and breaths, the warm air causing your body to shudder in pleasure. Her mouth opens against the fabric, teasing you with slight pressure.

Then she stops and looks up at you.

You growl and nearly shove yourself at her, but you manage to stop yourself.

You need to be gentle.

Can’t hurt her.

With as much care you as you are able you gently stroke the back of her head, running your fingers through her hair. You do it calmly, but suggestively.

That minx. She just smiles at you, the most confused of looks crossing her face. “What?” she asks you.

You take a deep breath, calming your nerves. She enjoys teasing, no matter how crazy it drives you. “Is that it?” you ask her.

She just smiles, her mouth forming a perfect little ‘o’. It’s too much.

Grinning, you grip her hair a bit harder and tilt her head back before dropping your drawers and pushing your penis into her mouth. Of course, she’s perfectly prepared. A tremor of pleasure shoots through you as her warm mouth fully encompasses you. You watch her as her head rocks back and forth, sucking and licking. She grips the base of your penis with one hand and your balls with the other, working your entire pelvis as she blows you.

You close your eyes and bask in the slight vibration of her throat and the warm massage of her tongue. She works it up and down your shaft, any pause short-lived as she enthusiastically sucks it all.

You feel yourself grow tense after a minute. As nice as it is to feel your cock slide between her lips and her throat, to watch her head bob back and forth, this hardly feels right.

She makes a squeak of surprise when you gently push her backwards and kneel down. You capture her lips again, uncaring of where they’ve been, and continue to push her back and down.

You grab both of her hands with yours and hold them against the soft floor as she fully reclines. You feel her legs kick slightly as they intertwine with yours, your left knee in between her legs as you bend over her.

You let get of her hands and grab onto her sides, turn your attention lower and lower. You brush your hands across her stomach and her cute belly button to knead the inside of her thighs. You give her clit a light kiss before running your tongue around her lower lips. It’s a routine warm-up, slow and comfortable. Around, in, out, you lick all of her sensitive points and enjoy her unique taste. It’s different than normal, more like sweetened water, but that’s hardly a bad thing.

She quickly grows moist, slippery, and you grin. Easing your way back up with sloppy kisses, you join hands again and slowly nudge forward.

You let out a sigh as her warm folds hug you tightly. “Mhm…” she moans as you enter her fully, lingering for a few seconds before pulling back out. You thrust to a quarter beat, each rhythmic movement drawing a continuous twinge of pleasure. You watch her with a loving eye, enjoying the slight jiggle of her breasts every time you reach your apex. It’s the kind of pleasant loving you’ve long grown accustomed to.

“H-Harder…give it to me harder!” she says while digging her fingers into the back of your hands.

“Relax,” you whisper into her ear as you bend over her. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Don’t worry about that. Treat me however you want. Be rough. Take me!” She thrusts her hips upwards when she shouts, catching you off guard. You stifle a groan as you plunge deeply into her, a meaty thump reaching your ears. Everything feels hot, from the furnace below to the flush in your face.

You grit your teeth and thrust, again and again. She gasps slightly with every movement, every sloppy connection. You shake off her hand and grab onto her hips as you ram yourself into her harder and faster. Your skin tingles when her legs slide up and lock around your waist, drawing you in deeper. Her arms slap down onto the ground and try to dig in while she moans, “More. More!”

You reach back and roughly grab her ankles before dragging her legs away from your back. You hold them in front of you, bent and together, while you lean forward more and throw your hips against her.

“A-Ah!” She starts to scream and tries to kick her legs, but you prevent her. You keep her restrained and enjoy the wriggling of her toes as she strains against your body. She rocks with your movement, restless, but she can’t escape your hold. She feels so weak in your hands-

You freeze. How can you be so stupid? “Are you-”

“Don’t stop!” She roars in frustration. Enraged that you would halt for even a second, she delivers a swift kick to your chest. “Harder!”

The kick hits more than your skin. You feel an aggressive flame light in your chest. If she’s well enough to try something like that then-

You growl and dig your fingers into her waist. She squeals as you lift her up and flip her, and then shove her back down into the snow. You haul her up by her thighs and lift her beautiful ass into the air. You give it a sound slap, savoring the warmth of the contact and the sting on your palm.

If she wants to act differently, to have you treat her differently, then you’ll oblige.

She cranes her head to look back at you, a grin on her face, but you aren’t having any of that. You reach over with one hand and grab a fistful of her hair, pushing her head back down into the ground. You also apply pressure to her back, taking in her beautiful side boob as her chest is squashed into the ground. Then you drill her, ramming your hips against her ass as hard as you can.

She screams, the throaty cry pleasurable in a way you’ve rarely heard.

You batter her, fuck her, treat her as little more than your warm, fleshy sex toy. Years of carefully restrained emotion come pouring out of you. Here, now, she belongs utterly to you. Her pussy exists to be fucked by your cock, to pleasure you however you want. You can hear yourself start to pant, to moan, as your thrusts reach a lightning pace.

She pushes her palms against the dirt, trying to adjust herself, but you simply thrust hard and with all of your weight. She screams while flailing, doing her best to support her position. Her neck is bent awkwardly and her knees are sliding out, but you don’t let go of her. You press her harder into the ground while you pound her, each thrust coming faster and faster as your excitement grows.

You lean over her like an animal, throwing your hips into the movement as fast as you can make them. You’re almost clawing at the smooth contours of her back when the two of you scream together as you cum. You sticky white seed fills her tubes, leaving you drained from the effort.

With shaky hands you relent, falling back onto your ass and pulling her with you. She topples backwards like a lever, coming to rest perfectly in line with you. She nuzzles your neck and cross her legs over yours, cuddling you like a teddy bear.

The brush of fingers draws your eyes downwards. She grips your cock in her hand, brushing up and down. “Still hard, hm?” she asks, laughing as she begins to work you once more.

She cracks her neck and kisses you once before pulling herself up on top of you. “Mhm. Now then, shall I?”

You lie in the snow, gazing up at her beautiful body. She lowers herself slowly and straddles you, her warmth starting to drive you mad once more.

“Are you sure you can handle this?” you ask her, unsure if she’s capable of it. She’s never had the energy to take the lead before.

“You’re doubting me? After what you just put me through?” With a mischievous grin, she presses her hands against your chest and twists her hips so-

“Hng- ahahaha, as you please then.”

“Don’t mind if I do.”

She rides you to her whims, treating you like she never has before.


She bends over you, clasping the sides of your head with her warm, soft hands. You lean upwards into her, thrusting your hips in time with her rocking. The two of you lose yourselves in each other, where your mouths meet again and again, where your chests thump together, where your hips grind together. The two of you complete each other, like you have always meant to. You rise higher and higher with the feeling you haven’t felt in years. You’re giddy, hungry, desperate – you take everything you can from her and gorge on it.

Your thrusts grow more panicked, more urgent. She too picks up the pace, rocking on top of you faster. The tempo spirals out of control, both of you ramming into each other as fast as you can. There’s no time for games, for little plays. There’s only room for fucking, for her to gyrate on top of you while you thrust as quickly as possible.

You need to breathe, so much you can’t even maintain lip contact. She lets out fast, shallow breaths, her ‘ah ah ah’ cadence in time with your bestial grunts. You squeeze the life out of her arms as she digs her claws into your shoulders while the both of you move faster and faster until you can’t contain it-

You s-scream, as loud as you can, for the entire world to hear. Her voice intertwines with yours, a perfect match, in every aspect your compliment. The two of you still for one precious beat before you slump b-backwards and she onto you.

Your juices mix and ooze, a gross and messy but wholly right phenomena. She murmurs into your chest and you stroke her m-messy hair. You relax backwards until you only see her face, her hair, and the s-snow around you.

It’s p-perfect.

You feel…great.

You’re fulfilled in a w-way you haven’t been in long, long time.

I-It’s like your w-wildest dreams come true.

Two of y-you, l-laying ‘gether, as w-warm as can be.

S-Snug. C-Comfy. All’s r-right.

You heartbeat f-fits situation…slow…

You f-feel your eyes droop.

You v-very tired…now.

“Rest easy, you’ll see her soon,” she whispers.



Wh-What are t-talking ‘bout, Yuki?

Yer r-right h-here…

“Yes, of course. Rest now, Dear. I hope you have a pleasant dream.”

Y-You n-nod. M-Makes seeense…

G’night, Yuki. L-Love you. S-See y-y- t-to-tomorr…
No. 33727
So Letty was showing her more predatory side here. And rather assholish of the man to cheat on his wife.
No. 33730
His wife who was long dead...
No. 33732
You're right, my mistake.
No. 33733

Nggh. The actual sex was good, but that ending. Gods, that was painful to leave, and it killed all sexual desire in one quick stroke.

Just - christ, Letty, let the man mourn and honor his wife as he chooses. If you care that much support him, don't fucking kill him and then pose as his dead wife. And on the off chance that you're an incarnation/reincarnation of his wife, then congratulations, you just killed him for fuckall reasons. You won't be waiting for him in the afterlife, after all.
No. 33735
I agree with >>33733. What was the point of having Letty kill the guy?
No. 33737
Yukionna. Killing lone humans lost in snowstorms is in their job description. Sexy time is optional but recommended.
No. 33739
>Implying touhou doesn't play fast and loose with mythology.
No. 33740
Hence he got a peaceful, happy death instead of just luring him into the storm and always being out of reach and letting him slowly freeze
No. 33753
“We're here! It's the beach!” A massive ocean with waves pounding the endless banks of sand greet you as you step out of the portal. There is, of course, no beach or ocean inside of Gensokyo. Getting here required a good deal of pleading and a substantial donation to the Hakurei shrine maiden, who used her influence with the power holders of Gensokyo to bring you and your girlfriend here for a day. She always wanted to see the beach, and you were certainly interested in it as well.

“It's certainly beautiful,” Letty Whiterock exclaims while surveying the scenery. “Not exactly what I was expecting, though.”

“You mean the lack of people?”

“Yeah.” The beach is completely deserted, save for the two of you. Everything the two of you have heard about beach trips involve large crowds of sunbathers, excited children, happy couples, and all sorts of fun summertime activities. No one else being here is expected, though – it's the middle of winter, just after the new year, and it's especially cold today. The ocean isn't frozen over, but any other body of water would be solid ice at this temperature.

“Well, we'll just have to make the best of this trip.” You set a blanket down on the sand and lie down on it. “You can certainly make up for the lack of beach babes!”

“Is that all you think about?”

“Only when I'm around you, my dear. C'mon, you bought that bikini for this trip. No sense letting it go to waste.”

“That's true.” Letty gives in, although you're sure she's just as eager to flaunt her fantastic body as you are to look at it. She starts to undress, taking off her layers and dropping them onto the corner of the blanket. It always seemed odd to you that she'd dress warmly when she loves the cold. Perhaps she just does it so other people don't feel weird.

She finishes undressing, revealing her beautiful almost-naked body. All she's wearing is a black side-tie bikini that covers her privates and very little else. Her massive breasts fill her top, giving you plenty of wonderful cleavage to stare at. She's a little on the plump side, but holds it perfectly, and her posture is full of confidence. Her body is fantastic, and she knows it, and she is more than happy to show it off when given the chance.

Letty sits down on the blanket beside you, stretching her long lets out. “So, we're here, but now what do we do?” It's understandable that she's at a loss, as neither of us have ever actually been to the beach before. If there were other people around we could at least emulate them.

“Um, we could sunbathe,” you suggest. You're pretty sure that's a common beach-time activity.

“The sun's too weak for that.” The winter sun is over the water, shining down brightly on the two of you, but it is indeed too weak to actually warm you up. Plus, Letty probably wouldn't appreciate the heat. It does look pretty, at least.

“Oh, yeah. That's true. Um, can we swim?”

“I certainly can. But I don't think you could. That outfit isn't waterproof, is it? You'd die of exposure in minutes. And I don't want to go swimming without you, either.” You aren't sure, but it probably isn't waterproof. To protect against the frigid cold, you're wearing multiple layers, including a jacket, hat, and gloves. The only exposed part of your body is your face, which is still covered by the furs from your hood, so you should be safe to be outside for hours. But that only protects against the air.

“Well, in that case,” you lean towards Letty and kiss her on the lips. She's as cold as the air, but still wonderfully soft. “We can just find a way to take advantage of the solitude. What do you think?”

Letty responds by returning your kiss, briefly slipping her tongue between your lips. “Mmm, that sounds excellent. I'd love to.” Her tongue enters your mouth and brushes against yours. It's all cold as the rest of her, but you love this woman too much to care about such minor problems. Although you do need to keep track of long how the two of you kiss to avoid problems that you honestly don't want to think about. Still, her cold yet moist tongue feels invigorating inside of your hot mouth, providing a nice contrast. You break the kiss after twenty seconds.

“Hey... are you ready now?”

Letty nods with a slight blush. “Are you sure it's going to work?”

“Well, there's only one way to find out!” You unzip the outer layer of your pants and pull out your erect cock. It's fully covered in a special condom that is attached to your inner pants, the product of perverted kappa engineering. Unlike normal condoms, it is made out of a powerful insulator and thus allows one to have sex in the cold without issue – or, in your case, with a yuki-onna whose body is all cold as the winter air. It's physically attached to your pants, so none of your skin is exposed to the cold as well. It passed the first test, at least: you can't feel the cold air on you at all even without your cock out like this. This condom should finally let you have sex with your beautiful girlfriend.

You get down between Letty's legs and push her bottom to the side, revealing her moist slit. She's ready for you now.

“I'm putting it in, okay?”

Letty looks up at you and nods. “Please,” is all she says. She's just as eager for this as you are, you're sure. You've been dating her for over a year now (although you've only been with her for about four months) and this is your first chance of proper intimacy. You've been able to kiss and feel each others' bodies, but nothing further than that.

You slide your dick into her pussy. She tightens up for a second at the sudden insertion, but quickly relaxes and moans softly as you fill her. Her body easily accepts you, allowing you to start thrusting rapidly.

The condom seems to be working perfectly. You can't feel any coldness despite being deep inside her, just the heat from your own erect penis. It somewhat diminishes the sensation of being inside her, but you can still feel the contours of her walls. Her unrestrained moans make it clear that she's enjoying this as well. Honestly, the simple fact that you're finally able to join with her like this is enough for you.

It only takes a few minutes for you to cum, filling the condom with your semen as you ejaculate. Letty moans as your penis twitches inside of her, but doesn't join in your orgasm. You pull out after you finish cumming, leaving a large amount of fluid inside the condom with your dick. It's reusable by necessity, but it does mean that you end up with an uncomfortable mess that you can't get rid of.

“Did it feel good for you?” Letty asks between her panting.

“Yes. Of course. It was absolutely amazing.”

She smiles. “That's good. It was amazing for me, too. This is the first time I've ever had sex like this – just two people wanting to be together.” She eyes your still erect penis for a few seconds before continuing: “So, did you want to go again?”

You'd love to. After giving your agreement, Letty gets up off the blanket and then gets down on all fours, sticking her plump ass up in the air towards you. Seems she wants to try from behind this time. She wriggles her butt back and forth, inviting you to enter her again. You grab onto her hips for support and thrust your dick into her wet pussy.

You thrust into her with all your might, causing her massive breasts to sway back and forth. The flimsy fabric of her bikini top barely contains their weight. She moans from the sensation of being filled, and her walls tighten around your shaft. Her insides feel amazing, and the mass of semen inside of the condom oozes around your penis from her tightness, giving an additional source of pleasure for you.

Letty pants from the pleasure, but it doesn't feel like she's close to orgasm just yet. You, on the other hand, are forced to concentrate to delay the inevitable ejaculation. Her body simply feels too good for you to restrain yourself, and it's been too long since you last had sex to properly control yourself. You finally give in and cum again, filling the condom with even more of your semen. Your cock twitches inside of her for a few seconds before you pull it out. She sighs contentedly as you finish – she's definitely enjoying this, at least, even if she isn't getting the explosive finish.

Your cock has grown flaccid after cumming twice. Dammit, you can't penetrate her like this. “I'm sorry. I wanted to bring you to orgasm, but I couldn't hold it in long enough.”

Letty turns over to lie on her back and gives you a reassuring smile. “It's okay. I'm happy just to be with you.” Ahhh she's so cute!

“No, it's not okay. You deserve as much. We'll just have to keep having sex until you finally cum!”

She blushes. “Oh my. In that case, maybe I should deliberately hold it in, so we can go all day long.”

“Hey now. I'm only human!” Both of you chuckle. While having sex for an entire day with your lovely girlfriend is far from the worst thing in the world, you'd prefer to not be exhausted so you can do other stuff with her. Even if you somehow did manage to last an entire day, you'd likely be bedridden for a week.

You lie down on top of Letty and push her bikini up to reveal her beautiful nipples. They're a pale pink, matching the rest of her almost snow-white skin, and are erect from her excitement. You cup her right breast with your hand and give it a quick squeeze, enjoying their wonderful softness. Your gloves prevent you from feeling her skin directly, but you're still able to appreciate her body even without directly touching it.

Letty purrs as you caress her body and places her hand on the back of your head, but for the most part stays still and lets you do as you please. You take her left nipple into your mouth and lightly suck on it, causing her to moan softly from the pleasure. It's as cold as the rest of her, but it's fine to do this for a little while. After about a minute of light suckling, kissing, and biting, you remove your mouth from her nipple and instead squeeze both of her tits with your hands. This is unfortunately about all you can do to keep her excited. The gloves make it impossible to finger her, and caressing her anywhere other than her boobs would just feel like running a blanket along her skin. It really loses its appeal – for both of you – when you can't actually feel your partner's body.

You're hard again after just three minutes. It's impossible to stay flaccid for long while in the presence of this beautiful woman, especially while she twists and purrs, all but begging for another taste of your cock. You get up off of her and line the tip of your penis up with her engorged slit and slowly push it inside of her. Her walls easily accept you, pressing against the contours of your shaft will still giving you freedom to move easily. Nonetheless, you stick to a slow but steady pace. She's already excited from your previous sessions, and you don't want to risk ejaculating again before she's about to cum.

You increase your pace after a few minutes. Letty moans loudly from the constant pleasure of your penis entering her body. It feels like she's getting close to orgasm, but so are you. Her walls simply feel too good that even at your restrained pace it's a struggle to avoid cumming a third time. You won't be able to make her climax in time. Not like this.

She deserves to cum, so you'll just have to try something drastic. You pull out of her and grab your shaft, then tear the condom off of your penis. It's made out of some durable material and is simply sewn onto your ordinary pants, so fortunately all that you do is tear a large hole in your pants as the stitching is undone. The condom itself is unharmed. Your cock is now exposed to the frigid air, sending chills down your spine from the sudden loss of insulation.

“Huh? Wait, what are -”

You don't let her finish, and drive your cock deep into her soaked pussy. Her voice cuts out as she lustfully moans at the sudden burst of pleasure from tasting your shaft directly. A veritable wave of frost flows through you from your loins as soon as you penetrate her, but you ignore it and start thrusting as quickly as you can. From your understanding, she should be a tiny bit warmer than the air, but being inside of her feels vastly colder than simply having your dick out in the cold winter air. It's like touching metal on a cold day, only it's completely enveloping a sensitive part of your body. You figure that staying inside of her for longer than twenty seconds will cause severe problems, and even that might be an overestimation.

Still, the effects of your reckless behavior are already apparent: Letty's luscious moans have turned into screams of pleasure. Her walls tightly clamp down on your shaft, as if her vagina refuses to let go of your dick, even for a second. Even with the unbearable cold, it feels amazing for you as well. Her pussy is wonderfully moist and, now that the condom is off, you can feel every contour of her insides as they scrape against your sensitive tip.

You cum after just ten seconds and shoot a few thick bursts of semen into her depths. The unfamiliar burst of heat inside of her causes her to climax almost immediately, and she cries your name out between her screams of pleasure as her powerful orgasm wracks her body. You pull out as soon as she cums, only releasing four spurts inside of her, and shoot out the rest onto her creamy thighs and midriff, slightly staining her black bikini bottom as well with spots of white.

And as soon as you finish cumming, you hurriedly pull your cock back inside of your pants and desperately try to tuck it between your legs so you can warm it back up. The multiple layers of clothing make it awkward, but you do a decent enough job, and then finish by zipping your outer pants back up. There's a giant hole in your inner pair, and they have far more insulation than the outer, but you'll just have to make do.

You lie down next to Letty and wrap your arm around her panting body. She's still dazed from her orgasm, but she takes your hand with her own after a few seconds.

A minute passes before she recovers enough to speak, although she doesn't turn to face you and simply continues lying on her back.

“You shouldn't have done that.”

“I know.”

She squeezes your hand tightly, then turns on to her side to face you. “But thank you.” She gives you a quick kiss on the lips before continuing with a beautiful smile on her face. “That was simply amazing. Just don't ever do it again. Not like that.”

“Yeah.” You pull her closer to you and hug her tightly. Right now you just want to relax with this lovely woman. You'll just have to keep practicing having sex with the condom on so you can let her climax without any of this foolishness. You have all of winter, after all.
No. 33758
Pretty nice though the whole ice cold thing isn't really backed by anything (unlike Cirno) and seemed presented only for the sake of an hurtle to be overcome.

Other than that, very good such as the descriptions of Letty.
No. 33761
I hope every story in this thread is about Letty.
No. 33778
There’s more than I thought there would be.

Laying there on my back, pillowed by a combination of blankets and a few of my own nine furred tails, I stare up at his trembling body where he kneels between my legs, marveling in his dazed expression. His eyelids flutter and his voice moans as I service him in an attempt to extend his long overdue, well deserved ecstasy for as long as possible, using a hand to frantically pump his straining, pulsing shaft as fast, hard, and tight as I dare. Merely a hand is a poor substitute for the warm, clasping embrace of my womanhood that I just deprived him of, but I make it better for him by flicking the fingers of my other hand over the spurting head of his member, fingers that soon are just as soiled with his cum as my lap, belly, and breasts.

Rationally, I know that his semen is actually cooler than his core body temperature. In fact, a human male’s seed must be stored away from the rest of his body, else it scorches and becomes barren. My finely tuned senses, only just now returning to me after my own orgasm, confirm that the white ropes that cling to my body are a few degrees cooler than my flushed skin. It should feel lukewarm, then.

But it doesn’t feel that way. Knowing that its his, that its evidence of his own pleasure, that I made him feel that way? His seed burns me where it lands, sending electric jolts up and down my spine. I can’t help but writhe underneath the rain, husky moans escaping my throat. Am I trying to avoid it, like a misbehaving cat sprayed with water to shoo it away? The way my tails snake behind him and shove him forward to straddle my waist says otherwise. As his contractions begin to abate, I bolt into a sitting position to bring myself closer to him. Before I even realize what I’ve done, our combined scent of sweat and musk fills my nose, sending off fireworks of sexual need inside of my head even as I bask in the afterglow of the orgasms he’s already given me. And then there’s a watery, salty-sweet flavor, carried on a thick texture. By the Dragon, I’ve stuck out my tongue and cupped it around his tip to catch his last dregs, the fingers that were teasing his tip now tickling his purse in an attempt to coax out one last spurt, the hand on his shaft slowing its pace as his climax comes to a conclusion.

He finally grunts, not out of pleasure but minor discomfort, prompting me to straighten my back. As I draw away, I lose some of his seed as it drips down and off onto my bust. Frantically, my hands fly to underneath my chin as I tilt my head back to avoid getting it on the blankets – although why am I so concerned, when my own liquids have already left suspicious stains of their own? And why am I – I can’t believe this, but I’m swallowing it. I hadn’t meant to, but it goes down all too easily, not tasting at all bitter like I’ve heard from whispers between the maidens of varying experience. In fact, it’s rather satisfying, and before I can help myself I’ve brought my fingers to my mouth, licking them clean like it’s some kind of candy. Yes, it certainly is a delectable, rare, precious treat, and soon I’m running those fingers up and down my body, wiping up as much of the splattered mess as I can to bring it to my lips.

Despite myself, I glance down at away from the hearth. There, in the dancing shadows on the floor, are four bits of tied-off latex. Each has done its duty to prevent his seed from reaching my fertile womb every previous time I had taken him over the edge earlier tonight; the round that had just unlocked my taste for a man’s essence had been the first time we had risked forgoing such protection – and it had felt so much better without the interfering barrier, just as I had always thought.

Why the condoms, those ridiculous, furled sleeves that only serve to deprive me of what my body truly wants? At this time of the century, I don’t dare indulge my body’s wants, to let him release inside of me and bathe my awaiting egg in his seed. Magic won’t deter this instinct; magic is in my very soul, mind, and body, and should I try to use something as subtle as herbs or enchantments to prevent conception, my body would reject them as surely as if they were poison. Only a physical, mundane barrier slips underneath the notice of my subconscious urges.

And yet this night, of all nights, my unprecedented, blossoming appetite for more had made me dare to defy this rule, relying on very tentative, transient things to avoid the deed: the naturally hostile environment of a woman’s sex to kill the sparing few sperm that leak out in a man’s precum, and a moment of clear, rational thought in the ecstasy of intercourse to remove his penis from my vagina before his orgasm proper. I possess both, and so it played out without a hitch.

But now that some of his seed has passed my lips to rest in my stomach, I can’t help but wonder if it would be so bad to let him release inside my nethers, pouring that fertile, rich liquid into my body and –

No, no. I haven’t the time to raise a child while serving Lady Yukari. Without my eternal vigilance, Gensokyo is at peril, and besides, I already have a more-than-adequate successor in my wonderful Chen who demands enough of my attention as-is to nurture and raise. Interrupted intercourse has already proved more satisfying than I had imagined. There’s no reason I shouldn’t be satisfied with that alone, when for centuries I’ve been satiated these heats with less.

“Yuki…” my partner whispers in shock. I freeze for a second and return my gaze to him, worried that I’ve intimidated him with my lewd display. When I find nothing but awe and appreciation in his eyes, though, I decide to make a full show of it, giving him a wink of mischief as I suckle my fingers in a pointedly suggestive fashion, lifting up a two of the tails I had been laying on and waggling them appreciatively. Had Lady Yukari had told him that I would be a passive lay, simply laying on my back for him to go at until I’d decided I’d had my fill? The latter part still held true, and perhaps it had been accurate before, but Dragon be damned if I’d tolerate the former any longer.

I’ll swallow his next ejaculation entirely, I decide. Even if I’d never thought to try it before, it suddenly seems like a new and exciting thing to experiment with. Lady Yukari had always selected men that guaranteed that only I would receive such selfless oral service, but now the idea of indulging my partner in such as way seems even more arousing than intercourse.

I can’t help but giggle at his wide-eyed expression, beckoning him forward with both tail and finger to embrace me. We fall back onto the blankets, silently agreeing to roll onto our sides so that we can both face the fire. Although I’m closer to the fire, I make sure to keep him just as warm by allowing him to nestle in my many tails. His breath, still rapid from his exertions moments ago, washes against the nape of my neck in a quick but steady rhythm, making me shiver with anticipation for our next round. I can’t help it; that switch of mine, that lurching, hollow feeling inside me demanding to be filled, is still there, still flipped and yearning.

Yes, he had already brought me to orgasm more times than I have fingers, toes, and tails combined, and normally I would have been satisfied with just that; I had been for eight centuries of service already, eight males carefully screened by Lady Yukari to give me a night of rapture when my body’s instinct to bear young finally overwhelmed my sensibilities. The alternative method of dampening my heat would be mental sterilization, and neither Lady Yukari nor I were willing to lobotomize me quite like that.

But something about this one, the ninth in a long line of partners, was different. After all the trouble he had gone through to pretend that this wasn’t just a one-night stand, a farce of a real romance, to charm me with jokes and stories then with kisses and caresses, to then roll us both in the snow until we were both soaked, with only this little love nest hidden on the side of the mountain as a refuge for the coming winter storm; I want to give him more before the night ends, to have us both reach one extraordinary, earthshattering climax that would truly make the night.

I want so badly for it to be real

No. No, that’s dangerous. No attachments. No relationships. No lovers.

Unfortunately for my appetite, the male refractory period means that he’ll be out for at another few minutes yet; I can feel his manhood squished and decidedly flaccid against my rear. While he tiredly murmurs sweet nothings about the softness of my skin and the sweet smell of my hair, I lay my hands over his where they’ve clasped each other around my waist. It only takes a second before he lets me interweave my fingers between his, and there, in front of the fire of the tiny one-room cabin, we cuddle.

… I’ve never actually cuddled with any of my other partners before. Not while awake, that is. Sated, I’d let myself fall into sleep, and then I’d wake up the next morning to find no trace of my former bedmate other than a hollow in the sheets. And I was fine with that, happy to have my needs met and my body ready to serve my Lady once again.

I want more of this man’s company, I realize.

“… what’s your name?” The question escapes my lips before I realize it. I feel him stiffen behind me, and not in the way that feels good, either. A name. While Lady Yukari had introduced me to him underneath an eye-rollingly uninspired alias, and the one before him, and before him and so on until the very first, she had always found a way to skip over introducing him to me entirely. Was it to spare me the awkwardness of having to pretend to be interested in them for anything besides their bodies? The heartache if they were mere mortals who I would long outlive? Or perhaps she considered them security risks, loose ends that could be used as leverage against me if something were to befall them in the future?

A heartbeat of hesitation passes. I can feel it against my back, a sudden thud of his heart that seems off balance with the ones before it. He shifts uncomfortably, and although he himself doesn’t notice, the palms of his hands over mine moisten ever so slightly. “Tanaka,” he says softly. My ears prick at the lie; if that’s his real name, then I’m Yuki the milkmaid who simply happens to have a kitsune’s ears and tails for no adequately explored reason. While his body may simply be nervous, the tone of his voice lacks a conviction or belief. It would be inaccurate to say it pains me to hear a falsehood pass his lips, but it certainly is frustrating.

“No it isn’t,” I reply.

He furrows his brow even as his body temperature rises. “Yes it is,” he insists. Rather suddenly, I feel my stomach churn, and not in a horny way either, but a disgusted one. In the face of his insistence, my arousal flees me like a rat on sinking ship. I realize that after everything we’ve done, my heat is broken, satiated by the mating act if not an actual consummation.

I shake my head, already beginning to feel uncomfortable. “No.”

He raises an eyebrow, trying to fill himself with bravado. “Yuki, I’d like to think I know my own name.” An evasive statement; technically true, but dodging the point, which I find even more distasteful.

I purse my lips in dissatisfaction. I really shouldn’t be so hard on him. After all, I doubt he would lie to me for his own sake. Surely Lady Yukari told him to withhold it from me if it came to this. Knowing her, I doubt she made him sign any contracts or threatened anything directly, simply implying something dark and vague but certainly misfortunate.

Still, though, this entire matter has completely purged me of the mood, and my business with him is dealt with. Honestly, I’d rather not have to talk with such a troublesome person again. “You do know your own name, but it’s not Tanaka, and I’m ashamed of you for trying to deceive me.” I tense my tails and push us apart, despite the starts of a protest from him. Although he raises a hand to try and stop me, I firmly rise to my feet and step away from him with one of the blankets in hand, using it to briskly scrub the front of my body clean of his residues. This whole business is really rather distasteful. A thought makes me spit audibly in reflex, and I take a small pleasure in hearing him recoil behind me in fear. Was I actually drinking his semen earlier? It’s really disgusting how animalistic a heat can make me. I’m thankful that it’s over now, good riddance.

For a second I just stand there, feeling my mind and body finish resetting themselves into their normal states. I run a few thousand calculations of the thermodynamics of the room just to warm up, waving my free hand and flicking my tails to add some extra variables for interest since the fire in the hearth, frigid winds outside, and our own breathing are all too easy to account for.

It’s when I look outside, through the steamed-over insides of the windows into the roiling blizzard outside to try and discern the remaining lifetime of the storm, that I hear something that brings my mental processes to a screeching halt.

“… Yuki, love, I’m sorry.”

Only a few seconds later do I realize that I’ve literally frozen in place, flushing to the base of my tails.

‘Love’, he calls me? How – how dare he call me that when he won’t even tell me his real name?! When he knows that Yuki isn’t even mine?! Lady Yukari loves me, Chen loves me, but this – this mere human man dares address me in such a familiar manner?!

And why in all the hells do I want him to say it again?!

The heat. Clearly I’m overheating, and my mind is malfunctioning because of it. It wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened. When subject to suboptimal conditions, it’s the more complex mechanisms that err first, and my mind is certainly the second most intricate thing on the entire plane of Gensokyo. I scrub myself even harder, trying to clean myself of every last trace of contact with him, but I cease as the folds scratch and pull at my swelling nipples, making me have to suppress a moan. Something trickles down the inside of my thigh – oh Dragon, why.

I don’t even bother to snatch up my still-sodden robe as I storm towards the door. The wintry blast that greets me when I throw it open is of no concern to me, anyways. I’m not some quivering maiden whose knees knock when some passing strapping young flirts with me in a shallow attempt to get under my skirts, after all, even if my heart is racing and my fingers are trembling and my tails lifting and –


I take two score steps into swirling whiteness, the lights of the cabin windows completely disappearing behind me, before lifting off into the air. The cold is insufficient to faze a powerful youkai like me. Even if Letty herself were to appear before me and bring to bear the full might of winter upon me, the worst reaction I would have would be to sneeze, an act which would be to sufficient to blow her away with my boundless power.

No, the icy chill is simply refreshing. When I touch down again some distance away from that stinking cabin in the woods, my radiating heat causes the thick banks of snow to melt away underneath the soles of my feet before they even touch it –

The heat.

I have to steady myself as the realization washes through me. Not an hour after I thought my heat had ended, another seems to have started. It’s quite clear that my body is reacting yet again, screaming to mate with someone – but not just anyone, I realize with growing horror and panic. Dredging up memories of all my other partners over the centuries yields zero reactions as their faces, their bodies, even the shapes and sizes of their genitals and just how they felt during intercourse flash before my eyes. I can’t make myself feel the slightest scrap of intimacy towards my times with them.

The exception is when I think of the last one, the man I just abandoned, the man who is not “Tanaka”. Simply thinking of his face makes my heart throb with joy of the memory, and agony that he’s not present. His fingers rough with work, and yet ever so gentle upon my body. His tongue clever, but hot and wet and pressing as it trails down my body over all my sensitive spots before –

Shoving aside the all too vivid recollection of him giving me cunnilingus, I reflexively reach down and blot one of the trails rapidly heading towards my knee with my pointer finger. Raising it up to the wind, I squish my thumb into it as well without thinking before parting my fingers. For just a second, a few thick strings form between the two as I gape in disbelief.

There is only reason why my cycle would be so abruptly restarted. It must be because

I don’t stand there frozen for long, however, as a particularly cold gust of wind suddenly freezes the little bit in the center that’s farthest away from either finger and throws it into my face.

If my heat is an unearthly one, then this is an unnatural cold.

“My, my, Ran,” a chillingly icy voice drawls from behind. The sound somehow carries through the howling wind with perfect clarity, my first clue that I’ve let something of supernatural nature sneak up on me. “What would your mistress say if she knew that being a streaker was one of your vices?”

I whirl on Letty, suddenly all too keenly aware of my nudity. While my sight alone can’t perceive the winter youkai’s form through the thick curtains of blowing snow, I can feel her aura a stone’s throw away. “Leave me,” I snap, consciously fanning my tails out behind me instead of attempting to use them to conceal my modesty. There’s no need; not only are we both above and beyond such human tendencies, we’re both women anyways.

“Oho, but this is a scandal indeed. A shikigami storms out on her lover, not even bothering to put on so much as a towel before exposing herself to the entire world…” she sighs dreamily.

I’m not a fox anymore, but if I had hackles they’d be raised right now. Instead, I pour energy into my aura, forcing it outwards in all directions until it envelops her and her own completely. Even in her home element, the difference in our power makes her she seem like naught but an insect before me. As far as intimidation goes, it should be sufficient to get results. “Letty, I suggest you either make your point or leave before I blast you into next spring.”

She beats a hasty retreat until she’s back outside of the range of my immediate threat. “Well, I just thought you might like to know something.” Her tone is surprisingly mild, which catches me by surprise.

“Out with it.” Even if my tone is brusque, I relax my power and draw it back, giving her a margin of safety with which to say something potentially outrageous.

“Ehehe…” she chuckles. “Truth be told, I’m looking forward to tonight’s entertainment.”

“Did another suicidal Outsider wander through the Border again?” I sigh, rolling my eyes. Those sinking their own demise and resolute beyond help frequently end up wandering in Gensokyo to help sustain the ecology. It saves me the trouble of having to acquire nourishment for the indigenous youkai populations. Some would call it immoral, but I call it pragmatic, and amoral at worst.

The absurd cold abates, just a little bit – a negative indication. “Actually, it’s one of the natives.”

A chill runs down my spine, a shiver that has nothing to do with Letty’s presence. “They know better than to wander in the wilderness during a blizzard.”

“Oh, but you’d be surprised what fools love makes of people.” Love. There that word is again. “And he really is unfortunate, too! I should go pull him out now before he drowns. I like them freezing, not dead.”

Something pops in my head; a subconscious realization from intuition alone that makes my heart skip a beat, even if my rational thought has yet to catch up. “Where is he?”

She coughs a bit, and then launches into an excited chatter that goes a mile a minute. “He fell through the ice into the stream not too far from here, the winter hasn’t been around quite long enough to support his weight, you see, and with all the snow on top of it, he didn’t even realize it was there! And for a bit he was clawing at the ice around the hole he had made, but it only took seconds for the shock to get to him, and then he was crying ‘Yuki, Yuki, I’m sorry, I love you, please don’t hate me’, but I didn’t really stick around for much longer after he sunk because I thought it might be prudent to let you know, so – “

I distinctly remember carefully stepping us both, even as we laughed and stole kisses from each other, around a stream as we dashed for the refuge of the cabin –

I rocket up and away with so much force the snow craters beneath my original location.

My mate needs me.
No. 33780
I already knew he had a sense of humor, but it catches me surprise with his first words after he wakes up. “I’ve died and gone to heaven, it seems,” he groans.

“You would not like Bhavaagra,” I chuckle. My words come out in a nervous, giddy rush as I try and squeeze my warm body tighter against his shivering one. “It is a boring place, full of people who believe they are perfect who do absolutely nothing all day, every day.”

Now that he’s conscious, I try and release my full-body embrace; his back faces the fire while I warm his front with my body heat, with one of my thighs thrown over his only to weave that leg’s calf between his own. My tails have cocooned us both, after I made sure to flick them dry with more than a little magical help. His winter gear is back on the drying rack; it’s now completely soaked through from its submersion, unlike how it had simply been snow-damp before, still dripping in a pitter-pat against the hearthstones. That quiet rhythm, the crackle of the fire, the howl of the wind outside as Letty piles snowbanks up to the roof of the cabin in petty revenge for my rudeness – well, that’s being unfair to her.

After all, it just means I have further excuse to linger here.

Before I can tumble onto my back to give him some space, though, his own arms snap forward like whips to keep me close to and pressed against him. “But are they perfect?” he breathes into one of the furred ears on top of my head. Oh gods, not so close.

“Perhaps. They certainly think so themselves, but they are an exceedingly boring people,” I try and joke back.

A heartbeat passes between us. “I’m sorry for lying about my name,” he apologizes out of the blue, gently kissing me on the cheek with blue lips. Somehow, that one shy, practically chaste gesture of intimacy makes me feel as though the earth itself is trembling.

“I’m more sorry for making such a fuss about it.” Swallowing, I try and reciprocate, but end up adding a line of far less restrained love-nips down his jawline. “You almost…” I can’t finish the sentence. It’s too horrible a fate for me to voice aloud.

His fingers thread themselves through my hair, brushing up against the roots of my ears. Dragon, it feels so good to be pet by him. How will it feel, I wonder, when he pets me elsewhere? “It’s really my fault. I had completely forgotten that the stream was there. Is it some kind of youkai?” We both chuckle a bit, both at the absurdity of the question he just voiced, and also, more surprisingly, because we both anticipate the coming punchline. “Because I think it took offense to my lack of recollection and decided to dunk me for the insult.”

It’s a lame joke. We even both knew it was coming, which should have stripped the joke of any remaining humor it had. Yet it was still funny, if only because it was shared just between the two of us, a transient moment locked away in a memory involving us and us alone. “My name’s not actually Yuki,” I blurt out. “It’s – “

“Ran Yakumo,” he says, literally finishing my sentence for me, and with information that I’ve never admitted to him aloud, either. His eyes twinkle with mischief, happiness, and a fresh realization only seconds old. “And you know who I am, don’t you? You learned it when you pulled my cold, stiff body out of the water.”

It’s true. At that moment, when I frantically rushed him into the cabin for warmth before pressing his lungs clear of water, it had been as clear as if he had carved it into the icy skin on his chest. “I learned a lot more than just your name,” I sigh happily. “I saw your life, your hopes, your desires, your dreams…”

The crisis is over. I have a new mate, even if it took a near-death experience for us both to realize. Lady Yukari may be annoyed by this development, but she can sulk about it in her sleep – and somehow I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t part of some grand design of hers.

Seeing as we’re cuddling each other next to a fire on a cold, wintry night, I figure I may as well start indulging one of his fantasies. Come to think of it, it’s now one of mine as well.

Five minutes later, it’s as if neither of us had ever left the cabin, as I’m throat-deep fulfilling my fantasy of him cumming inside me. I jerk my head upward off of his newly-roused member, the breaking of the seal of my lips around it giving off a loud pop that would be embarrassing if anyone else were around to hear it; because there isn’t, the shameless sound is nothing but deeply satisfying. His hips twitch and he inhales sharply right as I clear the very tip, the bare glans more sensitive than the rest of his erection.

I can’t imagine my technique is very good. I’ve seen some picture books, yes, and of course I’ve heard descriptions of the act to know about it in the first place, but actually doing it is, well… exhilarating. When my former partners serviced me, I made sure to hold back nothing in showing my appreciation, twining my tails around their shoulders and arms while stroking their hair and brow with blind, wandering hands. I thought it pitiful recompense for the pleasure they were bringing me.

And yet when he whispers praise of my sloppy licks, I can feel those words whisper over my sex-flushed skin, leaving tingling lines in their wake. It makes me tremble with want, but not a desire to find my own pleasure, but to bring him to his. When I nuzzle the underside of his shaft while suckling his balls, the hum of his appreciation might as well be vibrating on my quim. When I pillow his tip into the inside of my cheek, his reflexive thrust deeper into the softness makes my womanhood clench in sympathy. When I gather my courage and lunge forward deep, deep, deep, going down on his length until my nose is nested into a patch of hair, a splash of his precum against the back of my throat makes me nearly pull out like I’ve been burned, and not from gag reflex; my control of my body, even when consumed by this heat, is greater than that.

This is dangerous. No matter how I much I’m enjoying this, no matter how much pleasure I get from watching my mate squirm, I can’t risk him cumming ins–

But wait, if it’s my mouth, I can!

“Ran, hold on, wait, I can’t – “

I glare up at him, but with a mouth full of his manhood I can’t exactly voice a witty retort. Instead I just make my cheeks hollow and expand several times in quick succession, battering his resistance with a rapid barrage of sucks.

“Ran, I’m going to cum, do you understand – “

Oh yes, yes I do, and I let him know very clearly what I think about that fact by bobbing my head up and down in a rapid nod, barraging his head from all sides with the muscles of my throat until his balls begin contracting up towards his body in preparation for his ejaculation. But right as his cock makes its final expansion, yet before he actually orgasms, I shoot off of him as if his cock were a hot poker, depriving him of a complete release. It manages to twitch but once, firing a single, scant ribbon of his essence onto his belly. I giggle as I watch it strain upwards as if seeking me still, but I deny him, licking my lips as I trail my finger up along his stomach, playing the part of the impish torturer when he moans in disappointment.

The reaction of the rest of his body is enthralling. His hands fly open and closed as if wondering if they should finish the job themselves, or grab my head and hair and force me back down there to do the same. But he’s able to resist, even if the effort causes him to spasm from head to toe almost more than if he had simply let himself go, and at length he lifts his head up, or rather he tries to before I greedily straddle his head and lower my hips.

He doesn’t want to cum yet? Then he can wait, I won’t deny him what he asks for. But if he thinks I’ll sit and wait idly for him to calm down, then he’s in for a wild ride.

My outer labia, already dark and swollen with contained lust, are the first to receive his ministrations. Long licks starting from the very bottom of my slit find their conclusion on the hood of my clitoris, each stroke against my folds kindling a blaze inside my stomach. He restrains himself from peeling it back and exposing my own coal directly to his touch just yet, though, instead sliding his rough hands up and down all around my thighs bracketing his head, the smooth curves of my rear, and the – aaa, that feels good! – the bases of my many tails as they flick in all direction in sexual ecstasy; the pawing like a bellows, feeding that hungry fire. At some point, he inserts just the very tip of a finger between my inner lips, just barely pressing up against the base of my clit even while his tongue laps and flicks all over my swollen flower, gathering up my nectar as it oozes from within me. It’s simultaneously a feeble reminder of the pleasure his manhood has given me before and a promise of the pleasure it has yet to give me.

The whole world shrinks down into a single point when he finally pushes back and sucks on my clit with his lips, simultaneously flicking his tongue over it from side to side. It feels like he’s trying to coax my soul outside of my body. My voice is escapes me in breathy gasps and little sighs when he turns his fingers around and introduces a two-fingered stroke in the first two inches of my channel, a come-hither that my body answer all too enthusiastically, and then I hear nothing as my mind blanks out, an impossibly bright flash of white that lasts for an eternity exploding behind my eyelids.

Without so much as a spoken word of coordination, I lift myself up off of him and slide backwards even as he wriggles forwards. The tip of his eager penis catches against my swollen folds and rams home deep into my vagina without so much as a guiding hand, and we both cry out in response, our voices twining in harmony just like our bodies.

This session would not be the first time he penetrated me without protection. It would be the first time he came inside of me, despite our deliberation and caution. The moment my walls clench down on him, peeling back his foreskin to allow his bare head to grind into my deepest parts, I feel his member throb in a fashion I’d as of yet only experienced with an intervening barrier. I exult in his cries and the trembling of his body below mine, but even more exciting than that is the unexpected rush of being filled by his cum. It’s one thing to know through his spasms and groans that he’s reached his peak; it’s another thing entirely to have the proof flow inside of me, a libation that makes me feel like a goddess, if only his and his alone. While it certainly has less finesse than my mouth, my womanhood is able to beg for more by itself, milking his thick cum for both of our satisfaction until it fills every nook and cranny inside of me. A deep sense of fulfillment settles over me, even though I haven’t cum myself yet.

It’s only then that I have a sudden realization. His penis. Just ejaculated. Into my womb. When I’m fertile.

… fuck what Lady Yukari thinks, this feels too good to be wrong!

What is it that suddenly yanks me to my highest peak long after his release has finished, my own involuntary spasms only serving to grind his deflating member in circles around me? Is it the realization that I’ll have offspring of my very own, a future baby sister for my beloved Chen? Or is it simply that a female’s body happens to react so violently to a male’s semen pooled around her cervix and trickling down her channel? Greedily, my entrance squeezes in a seal around his member to try to hold inside every drop, trembling with pleasure as I see colors that don’t exist in any spectrum and hear sounds that no mortal could produce. I scream his name as I stare into nothing, but all too soon, I crumple down onto him, filled to the brim with his essence. I shake. I shudder. I twitch. There is no Ran left here, just a female who wants to bear her mate’s young.

Unlike most beasts, though, we aren’t done after just one mating. The stirring of his manhood inside of me is the only warning that I get before he scoops me up in his arms and rolls me onto my back.

We travel through the cabin in our mutual whirlwind of pleasure. I experience the few hours in a series of snapshots, my conscious thought overwhelmed the rest of the time by climax after climax. One second he has me bent double with my legs in the air folded against his shoulders, his cock aiming straight at my twitching cervix to mark it with spurt after spurt of his seed, and then the next I’m using that load as lubrication to bounce my way to blissful oblivion in his lap, our foreheads pressed together in a sitting position as we exchange kisses like birds, arms entwined each other’s necks. With my fingers interlocked with his for support, we roll onto our sides from there; I lift up one of my legs up high so he can freely slam into me from behind, his wild thrusts crashing against my hips and producing shudders that have nothing to do with the raw physicality of his motions.

By the end of it all, I roll onto my frontside to try and regain the initiative, but he follows me until we’re both on our knees, in a position more commonly associated with wild animals. He rides me like the beast I’ve become, reaching through my tails to grab a handful of my hair for reins, roughly pulling my head this way and that as I make a show of attempting to escape his grasp – just a show, for soon the only reason I’m thrashing my head is to follow the movements of his hand as he uses my own body to anchor his thrusts.

It’s in that position that a portion of sanity finally returns to me. I realize now that my voice is hoarse and husky from my unabated cries and screams, no longer than of a young woman but a rutting beast, raw and uncontrolled. On all fours, I have no way of using my arms to counterattack; I’m helpless against his assault, a feeling that has my tails flying every which way in eagerness to see what he will do next to please me.

He makes some outrageous, debasing comment about a mighty youkai being laid so low before him, that hand rising up and coming down in a light slap against the globes of my ass, but there’s no pain, just a heightened sensitivity to his strokes me both inside and out. I should be insulted that he dares treat me, a nine-tailed kitsune, with such an attitude, but how can I be? No, his every word simply makes me beg for more, with both sobbed entreaties and a fresh release of nectar around his piercing manhood – not that his piercing manhood needs any further help hitting its mark. It presses sweetly into the end of my channel; in this position he can almost get deep enough to bottom out against my womb, filling me at the end of each thrust until I think I might burst out of my own skin. As his growls turn to unrestrained moans of his own, he seizes one of my arms and jerks my upper body from the floor. I arch my back as he crashes against me, using me for greater leverage, but this isn’t the right position either.

It’s when I manage to jerk myself out of his grasp, bend my back until my shoulders and breasts are crushed against the floor, and press his cock from below at just the right angle with a twist of my hips, that I finally feel his tip kiss my cervix. It eagerly spasms and contracts at the touch, reciprocating the feather-light contact, a feeling that shocks the both of us and proves to be our mutual undoing. There isn’t much left in his balls anymore, just a quick splash of thin, watery fluid wrung out through pure willpower, but the mere satisfaction that I’ve made him cum is enough to touch me off into a final orgasmic shudder before unconsciousness washes over us both like a tsunami.

We awake in each other’s embrace seconds later. I giggle shakily like a girl who’s just had her first time and had it exceed all expectations, and he kisses me in response, gently rubbing his tongue along my lower lip until my own comes out to entwine with his. “Your master is going to kill me,” he half-laughs, half-groans.

“Let her try,” I say, my own fierceness surprising me. “She won’t dare alienate her best servant like that.”

“You’re sure?” His flaccid member slips out of my body, and I groan a bit in disappointment as I feel his precious liquids begin to pour out of me. Carefully, I roll onto my back and lay my legs over his, tilting my body in an attempt to keep his seed from spilling out. The entire cabin stinks of sweat and sex, but it’s not an unpleasant smell. In fact, I actively savor it by burrowing my face into his shoulder until he dutifully outstretches an arm for me to pillow it on, dragging me into his side.

“I’m sure,” I sigh, finding his hand with mine, our fingers entwined, just like our futures. “After all, even she wouldn’t be so cruel as to deprive my child of her father.”

He laughs at that, and weakly strokes the hair off of my face with a gentle hand, letting us both stare up into the rafters of the ceiling. We doze a bit, then, some hours slipping away as we recover from our exertions before we wake up reaching for each other to continue once again.

And again.

And again.

I must remember to thank Letty later.
No. 33789
mmm, it's almost too intelligent for a piece of smut. It could take the contest by length alone though, good show.
No. 33835
Haha! At last, it's finally winter! You've spent far too long cowering in the dark, waiting for the season to change. But now it's your time once again! Time to prey on all the innocent young maidens you want!

... Or, perhaps, your first innocent young maiden. It's supposed to be your job description, as a yuki-otoko, but you've never quite managed to bag one. It's... You just get a little nervous, is all. But that changes now! You've spent the whole year lamenting your failures, practicing your lines, and feeling up some pictures of women you found. The first woman you lay eyes on today will be your very first conquest!

It's a bit difficult laying eyes on anyone in this weather, though. Not that the weather's bad. You're standing in the middle of a beautiful midnight winter blizzard, with icy wind howling past your ears as it blows a curtain of thick, wet snow in dizzying spirals all around you. The freezing cold just feels wonderful to you, the same way a human would savor the first warm day of spring. Of course, any human caught in this would be hopelessly lost and likely to die in minutes, no matter how many layers they wore. Perfect hunting grounds for your kind; you just hope some other yuki-onna hasn't staked it out already.

Not that you have any interest in innocent shotas or in big, strapping men. No sir, Letty Whiterock is 100% straight-as-a-trident. Even if he is a bit reedy, and not especially buff, and a bit soft in the features. No, that doesn't bother you at--hey, a girl!

It's pretty vague from here, but you can definitely see a silhouette in the distance. And your finely-tuned yuki-otoko senses just tell you it's a girl's. She's wandering around really slowly, constantly turning about in what has to be confusion.

Perfect. You'll just come in all suave and manly-like, sweep the distressed damsel up in your arms, and offer to take her back to your place until the storm passes. And then... Well... Then you'll do what comes next. No wussing out this time, for sure.

The blustery snow and bone-chilling wind just feel like a gentle breeze to you, so you put your hands together behind your head and saunter on over to the girl. Hopefully that will distract her from how fast your heart's beating, or how desperately you're trying to keep your breathing steady.

As you get closer, though, you realize that she's not like any girl you've seen before. Mostly because of those huge black raven wings of hers, which seem like they'd be large enough to fit all the way around you. They're spread out wide at her sides at the moment, easily holding up a wide cape that could wrap around you twice over. Her long brown hair spills all over the white fabric, barely held in check with a simple green ribbon. That's not the sort of style you see from a human.

And as you look downwards, you see that that's not the only extraordinary thing about her. More specifically, her figure is... really something else. Your eyes trace the curves of her body, and unlike anybody else you've seen, she really curves. With every step she takes with her long, toned legs, you can see thick hips and thighs sway merrily back and forth, along with a huge, toned ass that bulges out against her thin green skirt.

Her motion conveys energy and life, and the constant bouncing and swaying in her step is only a natural consequence of that. She could have been a statue, carved in loving detail by a dedicated artist, except for that almost constant movement.

Seems she hasn't noticed you. Even though she's only dressed in a short-sleeved shirt, skirt, and thighhighs, the cold doesn't seem to bother her at all. In fact, it looks like the snow around her just melts in midair before it even touches her. And she's just happily strolling around, stretching and glancing about as she goes, oblivious to this cold that could kill a normal being in minutes. She's definitely not a human, and likely no ordinary youkai either.

But no, you won't give up now. Youkai make for even greater prey, and who knows if you'll get another chance like this? No, today is the beginning of the Legend of Letty Whiterock! Now, you just need clear your throat and call out in your suave smooth operator voice, just like you practiced all summer.

"Uh, um, ah, *ahem*... Excuse me."


She didn't hear you. The girl just keeps on walking, almost taunting you with that jaunty hip-swishing. All that, and she didn't hear you. Part of you wants to just give up and bolt, but you hold him in check. You'll just give it one more try, fighting to be heard above the screeching blizzard...

"Excuse me!"



That did it. Your heart briefly catches in your chest as she turns around, slowly and calmly, to face you with a big innocent smile. Her brilliant orange eyes are certainly captivating, as is the rest of her pretty face, but you find your attention being drawn... elsewhere.

Dear God. You'd wondered how her front could possibly match that exceedingly shapely rear, but she exceeded your wildest imaginings. A magnificent chest swells out beneath her wide shoulders, seeming to strain against the fabric of her shirt. Even though she's completely calm, it still rises and falls visibly with each breath. Your mind gets stuck in place as you try to figure out just how large she is, and realize that your head is about on par with the size of one of her breasts.

There's plenty of other reasons to stare, too; embedded just above her breasts, as though melded with her flesh, is a single burning-red eye. it doesn't track around or focus, but just sits there, oddly out- of place on this vision of loveliness. As though you needed any more hints that this woman was not a human being...

She gets over you before you get over her. The sweet, curious smile on her face suddenly turns upside-down, and her brilliant eyes fill with concern as she leans towards you. Fortunately, that at least gets you to stop staring at her chest.

"Oh? What's wrong? Are you lost?" She reaches out and grabs one of your hands, making you twitch and grunt when you feel her heat directly. Her soft palm is extremely warm, like she's keeping a furnace running inside her. No wonder the cold doesn't bother her!

She's even more surprised than you are, though, her eyes widening as she receives a similar temperature shock from your naturally cool hand. "Ah! You're so cold! Come on, I'll take you home with me. It's nice and warm back there, and we'll get you all cozy..."

Lost? Warm? Take you home? Before you know what's what, she's holding you by the wrist and leading-- more like pulling-- you through the blizzard, as easily as if it were the middle of summer. And her grip is so strong, and so tight. Her wings and hair flutter behind her as she tromps through the calf-deep snow, her simple shoes and leggings drying off almost instantly after each step.

"Uh." Your voice departs from you as you stare at her. You've been doing a bit of that ever since your eyes spotted her form in the blizzard... Things are all wrong, though. This is backwards. You cough a bit, but against the howl of nature itself and the gusts of snow, you are not heard. "Uh. Miss, I, uh."

What exactly do you say to this? You feel like you're the one being taken for a ride here. But when she glances back to make sure you're still with her, as though her hot iron grip on your hand aren't proof enough, you see a friendly smile on her face. Those lively, glimmering, excitement-filled eyes unlike any from among your kind, or like anybody you've ever known.

"Don't worry, it's no problem!" she shouts back cheerfully. Her voice is as lively and playful yet also somewhat deep and mature, seeming to straddle the line between womanly and childlike. "I'm living by myself right now, so I'd love the company!"

Just a few minutes later, you find yourself tucked away in the insulated depths of a cave, seated on a soft blanket in front of a crackling fire. Her wide cape is draped around your shoulders, still bearing the imprint of her sweltering body heat and her rich, earthy, faintly smoky scent. It's all pretty uncomfortable, to be honest, and you'd certainly prefer the fresh, cool air outside. But at the same time, it isn't quite as bad as you feared. Being wrapped up and surrounded by warmth is rather... cozy, in its own way. Especially when it comes with a woman like her.

This is a fine mess you've gotten yourself into. Just when you thought you were going to make your first conquest, your target turns out to be some insane fiery bombshell. Still, you at least ended up in somebody's home, so there's still a chance of pulling this off. But can you even drain the vitality of someone as warm and healthy and... curvy... as her? You'll just play along for now, and see if she has any weaknesses. If worst comes to worst, you can just slip away and forget this ever happened.

Conveniently, she returns just then with a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

"Here you go! I'm not used to making it, though, so sorry if it doesn't taste good."

You take the cup with a smile and have a quick drink, barely suppressing a grimace as the near-boiling liquid singes your tongue and throat. What were you thinking, drinking that?

"It's good! Thank you, Miss, uh..."

"Oh!" She playfully slaps her forehead and draws herself upright in front of you, getting a small bounce out of her enormous breasts in the process. "My name's Utsuho Reiuji! Okuu, for short. I came from the Palace of the Earth Spirits, deep underground. It's nice to meet you!" She finishes with a quick, deep bow, one that simultaneously highlights her round, hanging breasts and her equally-curvy butt.

"Underground...?" You'd heard it was a barren wasteland down there, inhabited only by the most terrible of youkai. Things no yuki-otoko would ever want to get on the wrong side of. Certainly not anything like this... beauty.

"Mm-hm! I live down there with Miss Satori and Orin and all the others, watching over the nuclear reactor." She gets down her knees next to you to watch the fire, compressing those ample thighs and legs beneath her and bringing her bust within a few feet of your eyes. If she weren't so cheerful about it, you'd suspect she was trying to seduce you. "They said I should take a vacation, though, so I decided to come up to the surface."

She was lively already, but her excitement seems to ratchet up even further now, her eyes opening wide and her hands coming up to gesticulate energetically before her. "And I'm so glad It did! The snow up here is so much prettier! There's so much of it, and the wind's so strong that it just dances all around in the air! The clouds make it all quiet, though, and the trees get all pretty..."

Oh, that's a rare thing to hear. Most creatures hate the snow. But it didn't affect this absurdly warm girl at all, so maybe she can appreciate it the same way you do. Not at all what you'd expect to hear from an oven-like cave-dweller.

"...And how about you?" she asks, after several minutes of gushing and pleasant conversation.

"...Me?" It probably shouldn't have, but the question catches you off-guard.

"Yes, you! I told you about me, so now you should tell me about you!" She jabs a warm finger into your chest as she speaks. "You're not a human, right? Humans aren't so chilly most of the time, and if they are, they don't like it. Same as when they get hot. But my point!" she declares, pointing her finger upwards now, "is that your story is probably really interesting too."

Your story...? There's nothing interesting about you. You're just a lonely yuki-otoko who can't catch a woman to save his life. But how is it possible to explain to those three bright eyes and that heaving chest that you really aren't worth talking about?

"I'm..." A deflection would be easier, but that face of hers demands an answer. You can't be totally cold with such a warm woman. "... My name’s Letty Whiterock. I’m a yuki-otoko, or a 'snow man'." No recognition flares in her eyes, thankfully. "We're called 'snow monsters,' but we really just... take care of travelers who get lost in snowstorms." Playing up the misunderstood-monster angle seems like a good idea if both of you are 'monsters.'

Although, if you thought about it, it wasn't like your reputation was unfair or anything. Your people actually did lure travelers to their deaths and consume their vitality... although the victims tended to enjoy it quite a bit, and it wasn't always fatal. She could probably survive it, too, but... you're finding it hard to sustain your will to do that. She's just too earnest, and friendly, and beautiful...

"Oh? Then it's too bad that you got lost yourself!" she exclaims, still oblivious. Her sympathetic tone hurts worse than a punch to the gut. You can't help flinching at that, but Okuu just assumes you're still uncomfortable. She reaches out and grabs your hand again, but lets out a sharp gasp that makes her chest ripple. She doesn't seem to notice that you were staring, much more concerned that your hand is still cool. "Ah! You haven't warmed up at all!" Well you had a bit, but-

But explaining becomes difficult when her powerful arms encircle your waist and pull you into a full-body hug. Her enormous breasts cover your mouth to muffle any sounds you might make, and despite the way you've started to feel from this kind treatment, talking doesn't seem quite as appealing when so much womanly flesh is pressed against you. Her breasts are the most notable point of contact, but you feel her squishy stomach flattening against you further down. While you're still busy just processing what's happened, she chuckles happily and pats your head, knocking off your hat in the process.

"There, how's that? I'm nice and toasty, aren't I~?"

After a few reflexive struggles, it's clear that you're neither able nor willing to escape this confinement. And it's not especially unpleasant, if a bit warm so you just accept it for the moment. Your head is half-buried in her chest now, cradled between those huge, supple, thinly-covered mounds. They're just as soft and warm as you imagined, softer and more comfortable than any pillow you've ever felt. You aren't sure how long you spend in her grip, not moving, not even really thinking while she gently ruffles your hair. You feel your heart thundering in your chest the whole time, while hers beats against you with equal urgency.

This is... not what you were planning on, but it's really turning you on. Case in point, your very noticeable erection. Just seeing that figure of hers was bad enough; actually touching it and having it press into you drives your excitement through the roof. You break the silence partly to draw attention away from that.

"Uh, i-it's fine, really. I'm... always like this," you stutter.

That doesn't seem to calm her down, though. In fact, it does the opposite. "Always? That's terrible!" She suddenly hugs you even tighter and ends up toppling onto you, burying you under a warm, squishy avalanche. Shaking your head and looking up, you see a fierce, yet slightly naughty, determination burning in her eyes. "Someone as nice and cute as you doesn't deserve to be cold. I'm gonna warm you up if it's the last thing I do!"

Of course, that's the moment when she notices the raging erection beneath your pants. You hardly have time to protest her use of the word "cute" before she lets out a curious "Unyu?"-type sound and sits up to straddle you, glancing back at the obvious bulge in your pants. That at least keeps you from having to look her in the eyes or hide your moan as she reaches over to touch it. Her finger is so warm, and soft, and she rubs you so gently through your clothing...

"Ah... did you get like this because of me?"

... No point denying it, right? You nod, feeling a rare heat in your cheeks as your face reddens. Hers does the same, but your response also gives her a small smirk. She turns to you again and scoots back a little, pressing her crotch right onto yours. Even compared to the rest of her body, the heat radiating out from behind her thin, slightly-moist panties is amazingly intense. You should be recoiling from it, but it's just so alluring coming from her. Her smile's taken on a slightly naughty tilt, and she's blushing quite noticeably. Is she... Is she really planning to...?

"Don't worry. I'll make this part of you nice and warm too~"

Then she's smothering your whole body again and sealing her soft, full lips onto yours. You open up for her unbidden, and a soft tongue dripping with warm saliva slides down to fill your mouth.


The kiss is enthralling, and whatever impulse you had to resist dies immediately in its heat. You almost want to just sit there and enjoy it for as long as you can, but being totally passive wouldn't sit right with you. So, you do your best to suck on her tongue and stroke it with your own, letting her slowly swirl it around in your mouth.

That alone would have been enough to make you docile for her, but making out isn't all she has in mind. Her whole body is shifting all around atop you, like she's trying to grind herself into you. Her increasingly-soaked panty-clad crotch rubs ceaselessly against your erection, thoroughly staining your pants and underwear from both sides in the process. Her thick, powerful legs tangle themselves together with yours. On top of that, her enormous, pillowy breasts flatten themselves over your chest, easily covering everything from your shoulders to the bottom of your ribs in overwhelming warmth. Even though two layers of clothing, you can pick out her hardening nipples as they rub in little circles and figure-eights over your chest, shifting each time either of you take a gasping breath. Soon, it feels like the two are you are breathing together. It's suffocating yet appealing, frightening yet seductive. You don't know whether to push her away or double down... but another look in her eyes sways you towards the latter.

Her breasts are in easy range of your hands, and she doesn't seem like she'd mind, so you go ahead and 'strike'. Reaching under her arms, you easily find the sides and playfully dig in just a bit, squeezing softly. Your fingers sink in easily, but even the soft, yielding flesh has a point you can't press it past, like an internal tension. It takes quite a bit of pressure to reach that point, though, so you're able to give her a few deep, healthy squeezes through her shirt.

"Mm?" After just a few of those, she breaks that amazing kiss and sits back up, putting most of her considerable weight right on your crotch. Her chest returns to its normal heaving uncompressed shape, the points of her nipples clearly visible through the clothing.

"These things are so hot, Okuu. It must be painful." You find yourself smirking in spite of your nerves. "You wouldn't mind if I cooled them down just a bit, would you?" You reach up and fill your hands with all the soft flesh they can handle, forcing her to close one eye and let out a rich, womanly, but still very cute little sound.

"Mm...! G-go ahead..."

Okuu just keeps her hands at her sides while grinds gently into your crotch, letting you do the honor of unbuttoning her top. Barely-constrained as they are, her massive breasts practically explode out of their confinement as soon as you undo the first button. You flinch back at the sudden snap of malfunctioning fabric, feeling another button or two pelt your chest.

"Wah! Aww... I just got this one, too..."

Opening your eyes, you simply forget to breathe for a momentas you behold her uncovered breasts. They're like a pair of mountains to your eyes, the largest you've ever seen in your life. Although they must be hefty with a size like that, they hardly sag at all, instead curving outwards from her chest rather proudly. A hard pink nipple crowns each one, already excited by your cold hands and the chill air. Every movement and every breath sets off a small bounce or jiggle that catches your eyes.

The temptation to just go to town on those is overwhelming, and her quiet giggles dare you to do it, but there's still a few buttons left fastened. Her shirt seems like it was specially made to go around that glowing third eye, so the buttons remaining are the ones that keep the lower part wrapped around her deliciously plump torso. Your enthusiastic fingers fumble a little taking them off, especially since you're too busy staring a but you manage to open her shirt up completely without just tearing it apart.

Even the raven's belly is one-of-a-kind to your eyes. The yuki-onna you know always worry to each other about their figures, and whether they hadn't put on a bit too much weight or whatever during the warm months, but this is clearly no concern for the hell raven. She does have an hourglass figure, but the curves are a bit indistinct around her waist. She seems plump and squishy most of the time, but you can see past the softness to the definition and strength underneath whenever she takes a deep breath. An active lifestyle with such a body has toned her well, apparently.

Plus, she would have looked weird if she weren't at least a little husky, with her ample curves. Staring at her, you feel a momentary temptation to just start licking down that soft tummy until you arrived somewhere nice.

Your fantasizing leaves you motionless, so your partner finishes taking it off herself. She makes a few small noises as she wriggles out of the sleeves, making her breasts bounce around hypnotically in the process. The cave is still kind of chilly, but the cold just bounces right of that furnace-like body of hers.

Before you can stop yourself, you've reached out and grabbed her with one of her hands. Your fingers just sink right into her, impressing themselves upon the mounds of flesh with the gentlest of squeezes. You find yourself holding back a little, though; you can only go so far, and you're obviously worried about getting too rough with her. Anybody would try to be gentle with such a gorgeous woman, right?

Not that you act completely cautious. It's impossible to restrain yourself completely when faced with something like this, so you wind up squeezing her bare breasts with a good deal of force, giving her hard nipples a solid flick from your thumbs. The touch your cool skin against hers as you hungrily grope her provokes a number of sharp little noises, although she doesn't recoil from your hands. Instead, she just tenses up for a moment and closes an eye, her wings twitching behind her. "Nn! C-Cold..."

Ah. Putting Okuu in any kind of discomfort is unacceptable, so you relent almost immediately. How can make her happy while also taking advantage of her fantastic breasts? Your hands just sort of wander around their vast, smooth surface while you ponder that, and you end up cupping them from below. Your wrists strain a little with the effort of trying to support their weight. "I'm sorry, but I can't really make it, uh..." You note that her grimace has softened already into something more like a nervous smile. "... any better..."

Is she getting used to it? Her breasts are still as warm as ever. Maybe it's like slipping into a warm pool, only in reverse. "But, it's okay. I'm warm like the sun! Miss Satori told me that once, so you can be as cold as you like... and I'll turn it into warmth!" Okuu proclaims.

That's all the go-ahead you need to start groping her again. She certainly wasn't lying about the heat. In fact, your worries about her flip in your mind; could she actually... melt you? Her warmth is a strange feeling, one that should by all rights be repelling you. But instead, it seems more like a forbidden fruit, luring you to taste even more of her soft, sultry body.

Your duty as a yuki-otoko doesn't even factor into it. You just want her so damn bad right now.

She isn't just lying there and taking it, either; this whole time, she's kept grinding herself onto your erection, working those wide hips back and forth twisting them side to side to crush you under her weight and heat. Sometimes she'll even shift back a little to give you a taste of her taut yet squishy ass instead, easily smothering your length under a single cheek. You think you can clearly feel her moist, needy slit even through all this annoying cloth, which keeps you from touching it directly. You grow more and more frustrated at that, and take it out on her breasts with increasingly intense bouts of squeezing and kneading.

"Ahhh! L-Letty..." Rather than object to this treatment, she encourages you with just two 'words', such as they are, and throws her head back, whipping her long brown hair around in the process. It looks so smooth and soft and lovely... there's no part of her you wouldn't be happy touching until the world ended.

"Ah... If you want it a bit rougher, I-I'm totally up for that." Your offer lacks conviction only because she's still riding you like a plaything. A beloved plaything, of course.

"Hmm~?" Okuu gets gently pushes your hands away and stands up off of you, allowing you to sit up and catch your breath. The smile she fixes you with has a faintly smug edge to it "Sure, I don't mind~"

She starts to undress the rest of the way, but she only has the patience to take off her skirt, kick off her shoes, and slide her soaked white panties down her legs. That leaves her in just her silky black kneesocks, which struggle just to contain her long legs and fantastic calves, squeezing them into a pair of thick, flawless curves. Above those sit her exposed thighs, somehow enormous and thick yet toned and powerful at the same time. They're easily twice as thick as your arm, but that fits perfectly with the rest of her figure. Visible trails of juice run down the sides, glimmering in the firelight and lengthening right before your eyes. When you trace those up to their source, you're greeted with the sight of her hairless, light-pink pussy, with a prominent clitoris already swollen with excitement.

"You like it?" she asks, flushing with pride as she puts her hands behind her back and pushes her chest out even further. It's like she can't do anything without highlighting some lewd part of her excessively shapely body. Seeing it all bared at once, you can't do anything but stare at the breathtaking display; your gaze just slides lazily up and down her form, finding something new to appreciate with each pass.

Your reply isn't a verbal one, but it gets the message across well enough to provoke some giggles from Okuu. You can clearly see their effect on her gorgeous body, which jiggles just a bit in all the right places as she grins with amusement. "Hey, you're drooling! So cute..." You can't even reach up to wipe the saliva from your lips, because she bends over to claim them with a kiss.

This, of course, involves once again being basically enveloped in loving, curvy flesh, feeling even warmer now without the clothing to insulate it. But this time, you decide to push things along just a bit. Or pull them, in this case, leaning back and taking Okuu with you. She lands safely atop you with a startled laugh; her full weight crashes down and nearly crushes your less-powerful frame, but it's too soft to be painful. That only lasts for a moment before she gets her balance back, staring down at you with a flushed, hungry smile. "So, what do you want to do now?" she purrs. "I'll warm you up any way you want~"

"Uh, well. I." Your voice is shaky and nervous. You've never made it this far before, especially not with a woman like Okuu taking the lead.. "I want to make you feel really good, so if you turn over, I--." Your voice actually breaks there, making you take a deep breath and mentally slap yourself. "I'll eat you out."

"Oh! Yeah, that sounds great... And it reminds me of something I saw in one of Miss Satori's naughty books..." The mountain on top of you moves away, and you inhale a deep breath of dry, warm air while you have the chance. Now she's sitting next to you, eyeing your body the same way you've been doing to her. You're certainly nothing compared to her, so you brace yourself for some innocent, if hurtful, comment about your size or fragility.

But there's nothing of the sort. Instead, she just licks her own lips and reaches down, gently lifting up your hat from where it had fallen nearby and making sure it won't get smooshed the way you will. After that, she relieves you of your scarf, carefully unravelling it while she stares lustfully into your eyes. Generally, you never let anybody touch that scarf, but you don't protest a bit as she sets it aside. There is a certain... exception, to that general rule, after all.

Okuu shuffles behind you now, and you barely have time to wonder what she's going to do next before she pulls off the cape you’d been wearing and plants a trail of warm, feather-light kisses down your bare neck. Your quiet groans and shivers delight her as she quickly continues to undress you, reaching down to grip the hem of your shirt. "This is okay, right?" she asks.

"O-of course it is."

"Okay! Just making sure." Because I’m not going to hold back after this, being the implication. That's clear enough in the way she yanks off your shirt one-handed in a single smooth motion. Immediately afterwards, you can feel her warm, lustful hands slide over the almost snow-white skin of your back, making you arch your spine and groan from the stimulation.
No. 33836
Just one more thing to go. Okuu's hands rub and massage their way down to the front of your waist, her warm breasts flattening against your bare skin as she leans onto you and grabs your pants. Beings immune to the cold don't care much about underwear, so your raging erection springs free the moment she pulls them down. She lets out a quiet purr at the sight, and your penis twitches with anticipation. Unlike the rest of your body, it doesn't show a hint of the nervousness or shyness that you project alongside your cold; it just wants Okuu.

"Ah, so eager! We'll have lots of fun together~"

After making sure your pants are out of the way, she crawls over you on all fours and plants herself on top of you. More specifically, she envelops your cock with her enormous chest, and buries your head within her thighs, which pulse with exertion and tension as they surround you once more. Darkness fills your vision, and every noise is suddenly muffled by the woman you're falling for very fast. You can hear a playful little hum vibrating through her body and into yours, though, especially around your freshly-sandwiched shaft.

You have more immediate concerns, however; you saw how wet she was already, and now you can smell it quite clearly as you take in a deep breath of her scent. That hot, dripping pussy is only inches away from you now, and you're ready to try something you've only ever dreamed about. Was it weird for a boy who wanted to be big, strong, and manly to dream of eating a beautiful woman out? Too bad, because now you would get to-


-Underestimate Okuu's talent, because you were honestly not expecting what came next. Using only her breasts and her arms, the woman atop you begins to work over your cock. She just squeezes her bountiful chest around you at first, her powerful arms compacting the soft flesh until it's molded completely onto your cock. You don't consider yourself unusually small, but those monstrous breasts are large enough to swallow you up from base to tip. You can feel more giggles at your reaction, and she only increases the squeezing force, as though trying to crush your penis the same way she's crushing your head.

It doesn't hurt, though. None of it hurts. In fact, it feels so good that you have trouble working your tongue properly. It's not a difficult task, though; you soon feel a tinge of something sweet and hot, and swallow just the tiniest tantalizing taste of her. You're not sure how to describe what it tastes like, mostly because coherent thought is difficult when Okuu is squeezing you like that.

Without any light or experience to guide you, you begin to slowly lick around, running your tongue up one of her divine thighs until you taste more of her and know you're on the right track. Soon, you find the drenched source of the fluid and give it a long, slow lick, thoroughly coating your tongue in her hot, sweet juices. There's enough coming out that you have to swallow after a single pass, feeling the delicious taboo heat run down your throat and settle in your stomach. More and more, you’re growing to love this warmth she radiates.

But she hasn't even begun to pleasure you in earnest. Just as you were starting to get used to the heavenly squishy tightness, she suddenly relaxes it. The heat doesn't recede at all, but you at least don't feel her forcing pleasure onto every inch of your penis. You can't help letting out a quiet, muffled sigh... but it's cut short as she squeezes you again, returning to the former tightness in an instant. Even though her breasts are so soft, it's enough to make you grunt and buck your hips in surprise. You think you hear a faint chuckling as she starts to repeat the action over and over, sometimes grinding her breasts in opposite directions around you for a moment before relenting.

Still, you can bear this much! The only way to keep up is to drive yourself even deeper into her. Your hands kind of fumble around for a grip on top of her, running all over the firm, silky-smooth surface of her thighs before they get past your head and dig into her round, plump bottom. You can only see a bit of its curvature from here, but your hands tell you that it goes on far past your range of vision. Her body twitches as your cool hands sink into it with just a little pressure; it's softer than her thighs, but firmer than her breasts, perfectly suited to supporting your hands.

Also, it's pretty amazing that you can describe her whole body in terms of varying grades of softness.

Still, that gets her shifting about under control and lets you line yourself up perfectly. And then, closing your eyes, you start to worship her pussy. There's no other word for it, the way you gently kiss and lick your way up and down her juicy lips, letting the flavor collect on your tongue before each swallow and moaning quietly into her depths. Her juices keep flowing out no matter how much you drink, and the musk and flavor weigh more and more heavily on your senses with every passing moment. Your hands slide around the round expanse of her ass, digging into and kneading the springy flesh. No matter how much you squeeze it, it always springs right back ready for more.

Part of you is ashamed at how submissive you're acting, especially towards someone so warm, but you just can't stop yourself now that your lust’s taken over. It feels like you're already becoming addicted to her touch and heat and flavor...

Of course, she's happy to reward your devotion. Your cool tongue and hands do an excellent job of stimulating her sensitive body, so she does her best to pay you back in kind. Her breasts have a similar effect on you, feeling like a warm, soft iron as they steadily squeeze and massage your cool length. The valley between them has gradually become soaked with your overflowing precum, and you sometimes feel a trickle of warm saliva leak down into them from above. That seems to be precisely what she was waiting for, however; suddenly, the squeezing changes into a quick, measured stroking, her breasts sliding up and down your whole length in unison.

"Mm!" You were already enraptured by the softness and warmth, but now you're all too aware of how smooth and slippery her breasts are as they slide up and down your length. She's still squeezing you tightly the whole time as well, so you feel the soft pressure and friction working over every single millimeter of your cock. Any thought of resisting is too weak to hold up, so you find yourself bucking up shamelessly into her cleavage at the same time.

To make up for that, you have to work at her pussy even harder. She was weighing you down quite handily already, but you still dig into her ass and pull her down onto you, burying yourself even deeper in her curves. With your lips pressed right up against her soft, inviting labia, you drive your tongue as deep into her as you can and recklessly swirl it around. It's even hotter inside her than it was on her skin, and your tongue becomes soaked through with her taste as it slides over all manner of soft, shuddering folds and creases. Even as she makes you a slave to her breasts, you shudder to think what it would feel like to enter her here.

The hot, squishy pleasure just keeps building and building, making your cock twitch incessantly as a sense of urgency floods your body. Her juices flow freely into your mouth and leave your head spinning while your tongue moves around ferociously, not giving her twitching insides a moment of rest. Neither one of you can keep still now, and you feel her soft yet heavy body writhing around on top of you while you twist and moan beneath her. If you lose your focus for a moment, the smell and pleasure will overwhelm you and turn you into a mindless, twitching mess, unable to pleasure her in the slightest. You can't let that happen; you just need to keep at it a little longer, and... Agh!

Suddenly, a sticky mess sprays all over your face, and her thighs clench up tight enough to nearly crush you. Even through those, you can hear her squeals of pleasure, and the sound is all you need to give in yourself.

Your cock explodes between her breasts, spasming and shuddering as it lets out one thick shot after another, two or three or even four times as much as you get from masturbating. Helping it along is how the pressure increases to nearly-unbearable levels; It feels like she's hugged those powerful arms around her breasts now, squeezing the mountains of flesh together as tightly as possible. The extra surge of musk and juice from her convulsing pussy is enough to finally blank out your pleasure-soaked mind; all you can do then is lie there and cum, your loud moans lost in the twisting sea of curves above you as your body throbs with wave after wave of pleasure.

Your grasp on time goes a little hazy, but at some point, Okuu gets up and off of you, and you register loss of her body weighing you down as a bad thing. Or at least something to make a little whimper at, until you look her over from the front.

She looks positively radiant after that orgasm, her purring and panting music to your freshly-uncovered ears. The load you let out was enough to coat even her enormous breasts, and she's happily rubbing it in with one hand and tasting it with the other. You've marked that bountiful chest with your essence now, much in the same way she's marked your face The lewd sight compels you to idly lick up a bit of the still-hot juice coating your lips.

"Ahh, we both came so much~! You're a natural at this, Letty!" she gushes. Literally; you can still see the juices running down her thighs. It couldn't have been that good for her, could it? You were just doing whatever you thought would work, while it seemed like she knew exactly what to do to milk you. Even the memory of that sensation is enough to get your cock twitching again, and her face brightens even further at the sight. "Ooh, and it's still full of life! Let's see how it's doing..."

Okuu reaches out and wraps a strong, warm hand around your dick. You harden for her inspection in a matter of seconds, easily filling up the space of her gentle hand. "I... I can go again, as you can see," you boast, although your tone of voice sounds more plaintive than anything.

"It can, but..." She frowns just a bit. "...It's still chilly. After all that, you haven't warmed up a bit, have you?" Okuu tilts her head and brings it forward until your foreheads gently collide. You stare right into her eyes and blink a few times; although it's to be expected by now, you're still swept away by how gorgeous they are. Everything about her is beautiful, but her fiery orange eyes are captivating and-

"Let's try something else this time..."

She treats you to a quick peck on the lips before leaning back and mounting you again. This time she's sitting atop you and carefully resting her ample rear on your much-less-substantial thighs. Before you can ask what she's going to do, she leans back to rest on her hands and turns her legs outward, making her killer thighs close together possessively around your erection.

Your eyes widen as you suck in a sharp breath of warm air. This time, you're able to stare down and see what she does to your body, and Okuu knows it, leaning back and giving you a smoldering look over the semen-stained curves of her breasts. Your erection twitches as you feel her legs press into you on either side, but you think that you can handle this... until she begins to tense those huge thighs up.


The pressure steadily grows stronger and stronger until you can't help but cry out. You're trapped and buried in Okuu's flesh once again, but this is different from being smothered by her breasts. Her thighs are soft and hard at the same time, soft skin wrapped over steely muscle, and you can feel their hidden strength at work as she tenses them up with a tiny grunt of exertion.

"Fufu... How's that? Do you want it even tighter~?"

She's trying to milk you, essentially, ramping up the pressure until you cry out and then loosening up just long enough for you to catch your breath. Your brain, flooded with arousal and lust, never wants this to stop, and Okuu seems only too happy to tease you. Her rhythm is more erratic than the paizuri was; you can't predict the sudden, shifts in stimulation, but that only makes each one hit you harder.

You reach down to paw at her thighs, and it feels like you're groping at an exceptionally-warm statue. While her skin itself is still soft, your fingers can't find any purchase or sink in at all, meeting sudden resistance from the powerful muscle underneath. When she's exerting herself like this, her legs are like hot, forged steel, and a man caught in them has no chance to escape them.

Still drained from the mutual pleasuring earlier, you can't even buck your hips or thrust up into her thighs. She has you completely in her power now, hanging off of every cute little noise she makes. But even though this sweltering domination seems like the ultimate shame for a yuki-otoko, you couldn't be happier.

Your brain wanders in this manner, in the moments where it can think at all, because your body is hers to play with. She actually begins to vary her motions as well, gently sliding her thighs up and down, rolling your cock back and forth between them, even shifting back to grind into you with her clit. You never have a chance to grow numb to the pleasure when she keeps , and her well-lubricated thighs could do this forever without discomfort. At least, that's the way it feels.

You lose any sense of time yet again, and all your brain can do is keep turning over these sensations. She's obviously experienced with men, at least enough to know the various ways to tease and pleasure one with her body, and you're grateful for that in a weird way. Maybe you would have been able to take the lead and consume her if she were a blushing virgin, but tonight you've seen a side of the world you've never even dreamed of before. Something that seems much... better, more fulfilling, than living alone in the cold and preying on the occasional dying traveler.

All you can do is try to make this last, and even that's not going to work much longer. You're not sure how many times you can cum like this, which means you want to save it for... well...


That's enough to make her stop moving, though her thighs stay wrapped around you as tight as ever. "Mmm?" she asks, tilting her head. "Ah! Am I squeezing you too hard?"

You want to beg her to keep you like this forever, but you want to do other things with her, too. You give her a weak nod, and she immediately loosens up, finally giving you a chance to catch your breath. "W-Well it's less about that and more, um..." Even finding the words is difficult now; you're gasping in great big gulps of air, and all the pleasure has left you feeling a bit light-headed. Jumping a defenseless virgin would be child's play compared to this. "Um, it's, I want to, you know... 'become one with you,' Okuu."

What a dumb thing to say. You look away, but can't help glancing back as she releases your cock entirely from the lovely prison that her thighs had formed. Without missing a beat, she's straddling your waist again, lining up your thin hips with her thick ones and resting her slit on the very tip of your cool, throbbing cock. Looking up at her face, you see her wearing an eager smile and breathing rapidly with excitement. It seems she's just as riled up as you are, and just as eager to go all the way.

"That sounds really nice. Are you ready?"

You nod through your surprise, and that's all she needs to know.

"Ahhhn!" Okuu arches her back and lets out a rich moan as she smoothly takes you into her. Your penis sinks easily into her hot, soaked depths, which... wow. You thought you knew what to expect after eating her out, but she feels completely different to your penis.

Somehow, this squeeze feels even better than the two before it. This time, instead of those soft, pillowy breasts or hard, powerful, thighs, she's wrapped up your cock in her soaked, hungry pussy. Somehow soft and tight and firm all together, it combines some of the best qualities of both. The pressure also comes from all angles at once now, and she's positively drenched with those incredible juices. Her walls shift and tremble with the slightest movement, and her abundant heat pours off of them and into you in a never-ending flow.

"Mm... S-so cold, but... it feels good," she moans. Her hazy eyes turn towards the ceiling as she swishes those wide hips of hers to and fro, making you rub against every inch of her incredible pussy. You moan and twitch under her as those soaked, velvety walls rake over your cock, but there's nothing you can do to resist her. The heat and pleasure have all but sapped your strength, and there's no moving your hips when her full crushing weight is planted right on top of them.

It takes about a minute of that for her to finally get used to having you inside her. Then, her hazy eyes regain some focus and lazily make their way down to you. When they finally lock onto yours, her panting mouth forms into a sweet, heart-melting smile. "Ah... Does it feel good for you too, Letty~?" she asks, grinding violently against you at the same time.

If your voice hadn't given out on you, you could explain to her that she's doing an amazing job, and beg her never to stop. As it is, all you can do is nod urgently. She gets the message. "Mm, that's good. I'm gonna start moving now, 'kay?" she says, her voice dripping with satisfaction.

Okuu quickly makes herself ready, squaring her posture atop you and planting her warm hands on your bare, cool chest. You can feel the tips of her nails digging into you just a little as she braces her arms and shifts some of her substantial weight onto them. And then...

"Ohh..." A quiet, happy groan trickles out from her throat as she slides up your length, holding one eye closed from the pleasure. Her tight pussy sucks you hungrily the whole way up. Your hips are drawn up with her, partly due to the suction and partly from an unwillingness to leave her. Compared to her tight, soaked, piping-hot pussy, the cool air outside feels harsh and vicious. Her hips can rise further than yours, however, and soon there's nothing left in her but the tip. You don't have to stay like that for long, though...

"Haah... Ei!" Pulling out took several agonizing seconds, but she slams back down onto you in an instant and makes you both shudder and blank out from the pleasure. It doesn't take long for her to get over it, though, and soon she's raising herself up again for another go. She brings herself down a little more slowly this time, toning the pleasure down from a blinding surge to a strong, hot pulse that still nearly knocks you out again.

"Ahh! Ah, that's really good..."

It doesn't take long for her to find a wonderful rhythm. She moves fast enough that each crest of pleasure comes right on the heels of the last, yet slow enough that you can still appreciate every exquisite detail of her pussy and her body in general. You buck up weakly against her, struggling just to withstand the hammering from those huge, soft hips.

You get feast for the eyes as well, seeing how Okuu rides you and reacts to the pleasure. Every ravishing curve ripples and flows with her body, clearly illustrating the pleasure you give her. Down at the bottom, you can easily see where her soaked, sultry cunt repeatedly swallows your diamond-hard cock, squeezing it tightly and slathering it with hot juices each and every time. Her arousal has formed a small pool on your waist, and the sweet, musky smell works its way into every breath you take.

Moving further up her soft-yet-powerful hourglass figure, your eyes come to dwell on her chest. The swaying from before has matured to a full-on jiggling, with her huge, perky, semen-soaked breasts bouncing liberally with every one of her thrusts. And even further above those, you find her equally beautiful face. The exertion and excitement have given her a healthy flush, and her mouth hangs open in a dreamy smile while her eyes are glazed over with pleasure. Squeaks, moans, and purrs all leak out constantly, gently serenading you as she rides you. Her wings actually begin to flutter, their motions twitchy and erratic and somehow quite passionate.

"Ah! Mm! Nnn..." She caps off her latest thrust with a strong, delicious grind, making you both throw back your heads and moan aloud. The feelings, sights, sounds, and smells... They're all amazing. You've never felt anything this good before. But at the same time, you want even more. Just watching her sculpted form shudder atop you isn't enough...

"Okuu..." With all the strength you can muster, you reach up and grab her arms off your chest.

"Unyu?" she mumbles. Her fingers lace together with yours on instinct, holding them tightly for leverage as she continues to ride you. This simple gesture makes her visibly happy, and you can feel her somehow, impossibly, tighten even more.

"I...Nnngh. I.." You know what you want to say, but those endless waves of pleasure keep pushing the words out of your reach. Rather than fumble through a speech, you just pull on her hands with all your might, bringing her heavenly frame crashing down on top of you. The impact is both soft and forceful, and the shock forces her pussy to clench and shudder in a way that saps all the momentum you might've gained.

"Ah?! Oh... Fufu..." She takes that as an obvious sign of your intentions. Her hands come to the sides of your head for a moment, holding it in place as she mashes her lips onto yours and fills your mouth with her tongue once again. You put your arms around her neck and pull her in even further, until her fiery eyes fill your vision and you can freely stroke the entire length of each other's soaked, hungry tongues.

As soon as that's sorted out, the two of you start to move your hips again. This new position keeps Okuu from using your entire length like before, but that's probably for the best; you don't know how much more of those breathtaking thrusts you could've endured. Now you're locked together in a shorter, quicker pounding, filling the cave with lewd, squishy sounds as your soaked bodies slap together. Her lewd breasts squish themselves into your chest, smearing it with your cum from before as she bounces back and forth atop you.

But that's not all. On top of the riding and kissing, her warm, soft hands run playfully over your body, tickling and teasing everything within reach. Even something as simple as her palms rubbing your skin feels amazing when you're already buried inside of her and hyper-sensitive from all the heat. The moans you're pouring down her throat grow louder and louder as she stimulates in so many ways at once, and hear a few chuckles coming down yours in return.

Okuu eventually breaks the kiss, pushing herself up on her arms to grin down at you. She puts her constant, hammer-like pounding on hold, but a sharp, sensual grinding replaces it. The pleasure hardly wanes at all, making you fight not to wail beneath her as she drags her soaked walls back and forth across your throbbing cock. "Mmm... You're so cute and nice, Letty, and your penis feel so good... I wanna hug you and kiss you and touch you and love you until you're all hot and melty~" Her blissful smile suddenly changes to a small pout, though.

"Okuu...? What do you--wah!" And you're suddenly grabbed and rolled over, Okuu's body replacing the blanket as it becomes your personal cushion. Down below you, her lovely face bears a flushed, exultant smile.

"Hmhm! If we do it like this..." She brings up her huge wings around you, encasing the lovemaking in a cocoon of smooth black feathers. They twitch slightly whenever she does, and they feel nice and cool in contrast to her body's smothering heat. Her warm hands to go back to work on you as well, effortlessly making you shiver as they gently slide and rub all over your cool back.

"... I can do all four at once!" Seconds later, you're pulled back into a kiss, and her thrusting resumes a moment after that. You're the one on top now, but things still seem to go much as before. She bucks her wide, powerful hips up onto you almost as easily as before, keeping you deep in the vise-like grip of her soaked, sweltering pussy as her walls stroke and suck your cock back and forth. With such forceful movements flooding your mind with pleasure, you can only struggle to match her tempo. It feels like she's just riding you from the bottom now.

With her wings and arms atop you, the rest of her below you, and her pussy squeezing and milking you while her tongue dances with yours, it feels like you're completely wrapped up in the beautiful raven. But there's nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, this is right where you should be. There's no other place in the world for you now. You just moan contentedly and run your hands all over her figure, finding no shortage of soft, curvy flesh to squeeze and stroke.

You'll admit that she's too much to handle. You should've realized that the moment you first laid eyes on her. But that doesn't mean you should just lie here and let her work you over, as incredible as that feels. You eventually manage to slide your hands off of Okuu's warm, supple flesh and onto the blanket, pushing against her wings to raise yourself up a few inches.

"Ahh?" Okuu lets out a dazed moan of confusion. That's enough to make her put her wild lovemaking on hold, giving you exactly the opportunity you need. You pull your hips back, steadily drawing your throbbing, dripping shaft out of her...

"Mm...? Mmmm!" And her eyes widen and her back arches as you slam the whole length back in, nearly falling back onto her body in the process. Hearing that pleased sound gives you some much-needed confidence, convincing you to redouble your efforts. Soon, you're gripping her shoulders tightly and thrusting with all your strength, moaning her name while she twitches and jiggles and wails beneath you. You feel her piping-hot insides tighten and shudder around you with every impact, sucking desperately on your cock every time you pull out to pound her again. It doesn't matter if you can't hold out against this stupefying pleasure; you just want to do your utmost to please her, give this amazing woman the pleasure she deserves. That said, you don't have much left in you...

"Okuu, I'm gonna..."

She answers with a soft, blushing, open-mouthed smile. "It's fine. Go ahead and melt for me~"

There's no doubt that she's the one in charge. Her power, beauty, kindness, affection, and of course her sensuality have all melted you. Not literally, but on a deeper level; your motives weren’t honorable going into this, but now that the two of you are joined and she hugs you with her wings, letting out the sweetest moans you've ever heard... All that business about 'asserting your power' and 'ravishing victims' has long since faded away. You would feel ashamed to even think of betraying this woman. She's your goddess now.

... You're kind of a failure now, aren't you? Oh, well. They can snicker at you all they want, and you'll just laugh right back at them.

"And you... freeze up... just like that!" You bury yourself in her with one final thrust, and give in completely to the overwhelming. Your arms fold and drop you onto her At the same time, you feel a sudden crushing spasm and a rush of searing heat inside her.

"Lettyyy!" Okuu screams your name as she seizes you all over as tightly as she can. Squeezed by her arms, wings, legs, and pussy all at once, you can feel her raw, untainted affection wash over you alongside the warmth and pleasure. There's nothing you can do but cum yourself silly, moaning and twitching with every fresh wave of pleasure and every thick shot of sperm. Her shuddering pussy milks you for every last drop, collecting all of it in her womb. The thought of having your seed rest in that most sacred place is more pleasing than you can put into words.

It does eventually come to an end, but not before your mind's been thoroughly numbed by the pleasure and sealed in its devotion to her. Still lying on top, you feel your consciousness rapidly fading away. Her body is softer than any bed you can imagine, and you just want to snuggle into it forever.

"Ahh... You're still too cold, Letty, even after that... I'm not gonna let go 'til you're all warm and toasty~"

"Mmmph..." Too lethargic to speak, you just nuzzle the side of her neck and relax every muscle in your body, letting her arms and wings enfold you completely. Her lust has faded for now, but you still hear some warmth and affection in her voice.

"You'll stay with me, right?"




And so, a single whirlwind of passion gave rise to the biggest change of your life. Nothing could feel better Okuu's warmth, but you would never stop being cold. That cave of hers just wasn't the place for you. But at the same time, your heart would never leave her. You couldn't find the words to express that, so you put your precious scarf around her neck as she slept before taking your leave into the snow.

Would she understand? Hopefully. She's a bright girl, bright like the sun.