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It had been many years since the Makai incident. Since then, Mima has been missing in action. However, this does not mean she is truly gone. She has spent the past several years living in the rafters/attic of the Hakurei Shrine. By then, all the evil had faded from her mind and she spent her days discretely haunting the shrine. Mima mostly spent her time watching over Reimu. However, the more she watched over the shrine maiden, she came to a surprising revalation; All those times she attacked Reimu, all those times she plotted those schemes to defeat her, it was because Mima secretly loved her, and was too embarrassed to let Reimu find out, like a tsundre. Since that discovery, Mima had started watching Reimu with a lot more "interest."

After the most recent incident, Reimu returns home, sore and weary from her ordeals. Mima notices and spings up, wearing naught but a bathrobe, and tosses aside the latest shrine maiden pornography magazine she managed to get her hands on, and diverts all her attention to Reimu. Reimu groans and rubs her sore fore arm, "Ooh, I really need to stop letting danmaku graze me. I'm getting to careless."

Reimu then starts stripping out of her outfit, starting with letting her detatched sleeves fall to the floor, revealing her smooth, creamy arms, one of which was noticeably bruised.Reimu then quickly lifts off her shirt and lets her skirt fall to the floor, leaving her in just her sarashi and fundoshi. Mima's heart starts beating quickly as she watches the shrine maiden through the small space between the floorboards, she starts panting heavily as she brings her hand to her moist, tangled bush, spreading it as she starts rubbing her hot, wet snatch, using her other hand to knead and massage one of her moderate-sized breasts. Mima whispers to herself in a slutty, throaty voice as she masturbates to the red white miko, "Oh, Reimu, you're so beautiful."

Reimu lifts her arms up as she stretches, curiously leaning in to sniff one her armpits, turning away quickly, gagging from the smell, "Phew! Ugh... I REALLY need a bath, but I'm too tired. Ugh, I'll take a bath tomorrow morning..."

Mima works a couple fingers inside her wet coochie, "Oh yeah, go to bed filthy. Let your pungent, stench waft up to my loft of lustful desires and fuel my forbidden desire for you. Oh, Reimu~."

Reimu looks down at her sarashi and fundoshi, "Ugh, god knows what fresh stenches are fermenting under these wrappings. I guess I might as well take them off before the smell gets any worse."

As Reimu unwraps her undergarments, Mima picks up the pace fingering herself, the anticipation of Reimu being naked before her again nearly killing her. And after a minute or so, Reimu lets her sweaty sarashi and fundoshi drop to the floor, leting out a soft coo of relief as she feels a refreshing cool draft caress her sweaty, naked physique, "Ah, so nice~."

With this, Mima quickly brings herself to climax, covering her mouth to muffle her oncoming orgasm. Within a matter of minutes, Mima lets out a muffled cry of climax, squirting her girlcum all over the floorboards she was peering through. Mima then lays back, panting heavily in afterglow. Reimu looks around, hearing the faint sound, blushing as she covers herself, "H-Hello, is anyone there?"

Unknown to her, Mima's feminine fluids started leaking though the floorboards, right above Reimu's head. And at that moment, everything changed as a drop of Mima's girlcum drips onto Reimu's lower lip. Reimu blushes and curiously licks the unknown droplet off her lip, her eyes going wide at the taste as she flushes deeply and slowly looks up to see the steady drip of the clear, sticky, salty fluid.

"Wh-What the hell!"

Mima's eyes go wide, "Oh shit..."

(Would anyone else like to see this continued?)

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Haha sure broski. Make sure you include some sweaty facesitting.
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I'm just guessing here, but your writing suggests that you're fairly new. If you really want to continue, I suggest dropping by #thp and soliciting some advice. They probably won't bite too hard.
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Yes, I am a bit new to writing.