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32523 No. 32523
Hey, everyone. Allow me to share a proposition.

I’d like to improve my efficiency, and Otogi’s Paizuri 48 Techniques series was fascinating. I think we might be able to help each other out here. If you all can vote on one of the 48 techniques from the doujins and the character(s) to go with it, then I’ll try and write out a paizuri scene for you all in a single day. Like most side-threads, I don’t expect this to last long, but I feel like it’s worth a shot.

If you only want to vote for a technique or for the character(s), that’s fine too. Pretty much any female character is fair game.

Here’s the links to the doujins.
Part 1: http://exhentai.org/g/618270/44a3defc7c/
Part 2: http://exhentai.org/g/631807/f1f3d18da0/
No. 32526
[x]#6: Reverse Gentania, with Marisa Kirisame.
No. 32530
[x] #45: Crossing the Country

For people too lazy to check: this is triple paizuri. You should vote for it.
No. 32534
[X] #45 Crossing the country, With Elly,Mugetsu and Gengetsu.

Because PC98 can always use more love.
No. 32542
[x] #45: Crossing the Country: Toyohime, Yorihime, Eirin.

Lunarian fun.
No. 32543
[x] #22 Fruit Juice in Angel's Cloth.
-[x] Byakuren

Should be workable with her cloths.

Also, thanks for getting those translated.
No. 32545
[x] #41: Pressed Flower Bookmark
-[x] Cirno and Daiyousei

Dai-chan's tits are dai.
No. 32546
[x] #41: Pressed Flower Bookmark
-[x] Cirno and Daiyousei
No. 32547
[x]No 9: Land Subsidence (w/ Komachi)

it's not really something Touhou Paizuri related without Komachi.
No. 32548
[x]Futaba (#25)
No. 32551
[x] #41: Pressed Flower Bookmark
-[x] Cirno and Daiyousei

If nothing else, this has contrast.
No. 32553
[x] #43: Playing music
-[x] Okuu below and Satori on top

Her mind reading abilities may turn out useful.
No. 32558
Will this be a oneshot thing or will we be allowed to request other styles after a style is written in a story in this thread?
No. 32562
[X] #45 Crossing the country
[X] With Reisen, Yamame, and Hatate
No. 32564
Closing votes. Saw a lot of interesting ideas, but the winner is the Pressed Flower Bookmark with busty Dai and flat Cirno. Gonna try to write and post it tomorrow.

It's a one-shot deal for now, but I'm thinking I'll do this again whenever I feel up to it.
No. 32565
How could "Pressed Flower" win if it had 3 votes while Crossing the Country had 4 votes?
No. 32567
Well, Crossing the Country's votes all had different groups of characters attached, while the Pressed Flower Bookmark had three votes for the same pair. In my opinion, that makes for a better consensus.

I see where you're coming from, though, and I'll admit that I didn't really think this voting system through, so sorry if that seems unfair. I've just settled on Dai and Cirno for now. If I do another run, then triple paizuri will get another chance.
No. 32569
Awww, I wish you'd warned us first or given us a chance to revote. That's a pretty counterintuitive way to handle a two-part vote.
No. 32575

I'm perfectly okay with a Dai and Cirno short.
No. 32578
I have to ask, are you going to post the story in this thread or in its own thread?
No. 32579

I'll post it here. Looks like I'm going to reach my goal of finishing tonight.
No. 32586
File 138103322650.jpg - (167.49KB, 690x920, sexierthanexpected.jpg) [iqdb]
41: Pressed Flower Bookmark

A form of titjob done with a flat chested girl and another girl with big tits. The flat chested one will provide a hard surface for your cock while the other applies pressure with her squishy tit. Watch what you say when doing this, though. The flat chested girl might get breast envy.

It might be difficult to ejaculate on their tits, so feel free to do as you please.


You’d heard that the fairies by the lake were a mischievous bunch, but you hadn’t thought they meant it like this.

“Wow, rock-hard already! You’re a real pervert, huh, Mister?”

Thick chunks of ice bind your arms and legs to a sturdy tree. Your clothes keep the ice from touching your skin, so it isn’t too uncomfortable. It just makes you shiver a little sometimes.

“Ah, and it’s leaking!”

And your attention’s focused elsewhere anyway.

“Hey, how’s it feel when I do this?”

Namely, on the blue-haired fairy who’s playing with your cock. She’s a little over half your size, and a set of six crystals hovers a few inches off her back. She jumped out and attacked you just as you were about to start a peaceful fishing trip; now you’re stuck here with your pants pulled down, trying to hold back your voice while she strokes and taunts you.

“Aha, you like that! You boys are all the same.”

She’s taken off everything except the dark blue bow in her hair. Her petite body is quite lean and firm all over, and her skin is unusually pale. She’s quite flat both front and back, her breasts nothing more than a pair of barely-visible curves. That small body holds plenty of confidence, though; even among fairies, you’ve never seen the fearlessness she jumped out at you with.

Her hands are fairly small as well, but they’re still more than enough to get a tight grip around your cock. One of them steadily pumps your shaft, while the other squeezes and twists around the tip. Both of her hands are oddly cool, which makes it even easier to feel their grip on your hard, throbbing cock.

“You made a biig mistake thinking you could just start fishing on the Strongest’s turf! As punishment, I’m gonna squeeze you dry and make you my slave~” She grins wickedly as she tightens her grip and speeds up her hands, finally forcing a quiet groan out of your mouth. It’s humiliating to think that such a small creature could dominate you like this, but her hands do feel really good…

“Cirno? What are you doing?”

A deeper, more womanly voice disturbs your blue-haired captor. Looking up from your body, you see another fairy watching you from a few away.

This one seems to be older and more mature. Much more mature, if that massive swell at her chest is anything to go by. She’s wearing a conservative blue dress and yellow ascot over a white undershirt, but they do nothing to hide the size of the bust that strains against her clothes. Her green hair is done up in a ponytail on one side, and a pair of transparent wings with elaborate golden trim stretch out from her back.

Ah, this must be one of the “great” fairies you read about. Perhaps she’ll talk some sense into this little one…

“Oh!” Her face reddens as she absorbs the scene before her, and her chest starts to rise and fall as her breathing speeds up. “Oh, my. You found a very nice man to play with~!”

… Perhaps not.

Cirno stands up and grins proudly at her friend. “Heheh! Don’tcha think? And look how big his thing is!” She gives your shaft a painful little flick, making it sway back and forth in the air.

A deep, excited blush covers the new fairy’s face as she approaches you and stares down at your cock. The appearance of a second girl has only made it more excited, such that it’s visibly throbbing in midair. Cirno’s hands covered it in an unusually shiny and viscous coat of cool precum, and you’re letting out more and more by the second.

The fairy walks right into your personal space, close enough to press her impressive breasts against your stomach. There’s a few layers of fabric in the way, but there’s no mistaking how soft those are. She turns her head up and gives you a mischievous smile, while one of her hands wraps itself around your cock and slowly pumps your shaft. Cirno’s hands were fast and powerful, but this girl’s hand is much slower and gentler. Much warmer, too; you shudder a little as her stroking quickly warms your chilled shaft back up.

“It’s dangerous to wander around here, you know? The fairies here are all really naughty…” Despite her small size, she manages to pull off a deep, husky tone of voice.. “… If you’re not careful, they’ll catch you and abuse you all day long~”

Cirno watches with pride as her friend works your cock and stares up lustfully into your eyes. Seems that fairy thinks of you as “her human” already. You notice a bit of moisture around her bare, hairless crotch, and the beginnings of a blush on her cheeks. Her hand goes to her chin as she furrows her brow, and she excitedly raises her finger a moment later.

“Oh, Dai! Let’s do that!

Cirno practically shouts that, loud enough to break the other fairy out of her trance. ‘Dai’ turns to her friend and thinks for a moment, then tilts her head and smiles with polite confusion. “Um… Which ‘that’ do you mean, Cirno? You have so many…”

Cirno sighs and rolls her eyes. “Come on, Dai! You know, the one where we…” Stepping closer, she brings her head to Dai’s ear and whispers something scandalous. Dai’s blush flares back up, and she glances over to your cock again.

“W-well, he is big enough…” she admits.

“Yeah, so let’s do it!”

And with that, Cirno jumps on her friend and eagerly undresses her. If Dai weren’t helping her out, it’d be easy to mistake the scene for something nonconsensual. Dai’s dress and ascot are all but torn off, and her shirt and surprisingly fancy white panties come off a moment later. The different pieces of clothing all get tossed high up into the air, scattering themselves all over the clearing along with her simple shoes and long white socks.

Within seconds, the green-haired fairy stands before you as naked as her eager companion. Rather than trying to cover herself up, she puts her hands behind her back and presents herself with a mixture of embarrassment and excitement. It probably helps that you’re exposed as well.

For a fairy, she’s really quite lovely. Her body is still a few feet shorter than yours, but it’s far more developed than Cirno’s, with a definite hourglass figure and soft curves all over. And then there’s those breasts; nearly the size of healthy melons, they seem even larger on her undersized body. Quite appropriate for someone with her name. A round pink nipple rests in the center of each one, and their heaving curves extend past the sides of her chest. Your penis twitches eagerly at the sight, and she smirks nervously in response.

“Ah, you like these?” The girl kneels down in front of you and brings her chest forward, pressing one of her breasts right into your crotch. It’s nearly large enough to cover your whole shaft, assaulting it with some of the purest, warmest softness you’ve ever felt. “They’re the best around the whole lake, you know. Isn’t it an honor to feel them~?”

Dai starts to slide her chest up and down, rubbing her smooth, soft flesh up and down your slippery length. Even human girls have trouble comparing to that…

“Hey, quit hoggin’ him! We’re gonna do it like we planned, remember?” Cirno says, a little more angrily than necessary. Her eyes seem to be fixated on Dai's breasts.

Dai turns back and chuckles quietly. “Yes, yes, that’s right. Come on, get him started!”

The green-haired fairy kneels down to your right and turns most of the way around, pointing her knees forward but twisting halfway towards you. Cirno takes the same position on your other side before reaching up to grab your cock. You twitch and grunt at her cool touch, prompting her to laugh with amusement as pulls your leaking shaft down towards her. You sense a bit of insecurity in her voice, though.

“Hey, mine feel good too, right, Mister?” Cirno raises herself up a little and starts to vigorously rub her chest against your cock. She seemed almost completely flat, but you can definitely feel a small mound of softness. It’s much firmer than Dai’s breast, but quite smooth as well, and just as cool as her hands.

“Hehe. Knew you’d like it. Now, what do you think of this?!” That seems to be the cue for Dai to lean towards you, pressing one of her breasts into your cock to pin it against Cirno.


Suddenly, you’re feeling both of them at once. Cirno’s firm chest supports your penis from one side, while Dai’s breast smothers you from the other. Part of your cock presses slightly driven into a cool firmness, while the rest is enveloped in heavenly warmth and softness. Dai steadily increases the pressure as she gets used to the position, making her breast spread out until it covers almost your entire length. Cirno presses harder as well to keep up; soon, it feels like your shaft is positively crushed between the two fairies’ very different assets. The only part of it you can see is the tip, which just pokes out past Dai’s enormous breast. Cirno’s quick to notice that too, and she reaches up to give it a firm squeeze.

You were on the verge of moaning just form being in between them, but that little squeeze makes you lose all control over your voice. Both fairies seem surprised by the long, helpless groan you let out, and Cirno immediately starts to attack you even harder.

“Haha! This is our ultimate technique, the Dai and Cirno’s Ultra… Super… um…”

“… Pressed Flower Bookmark?” Dai volunteers.

“Yeah! The Dai and Cirno’s Ultra Super Semen-Squeezing Pressed Flower Bookmark! Way more than a weak human like you can handle, isn’t it? Bet you’re addicted already!”

You spend the next few minutes moaning and twitching uncontrollably as Cirno squeezes and scratches your glans; your cock shifts around in between their breasts, but there’s no escape from the embrace of Dai’s oversized breast. Every little movement just sends your cock to another part of its warm, squishy prison. Dai just smiles at you as she rocks her body back and forth against your, varying the pressure with which she squeezes you into Cirno’s cool chest.

While Cirno smiles triumphantly and tortures your glans, Dai’s grin slowly fades. She tilts her head and smiles at her partner again, like before.

“Um… it’s great that we could do this, Cirno, but… what now? We can’t really move like this, or they’ll fall apart, and I don’t think you can make him cum like that…”

“…Oh.” Cirno hadn’t thought that far ahead. Her hand moves from your cock to her chin, inadvertently smearing her face with precum. She either doesn’t notice or doesn’t mind.

“Hmm… Oh, I know!” She forms her hand into gun with one hand and points it up at your face, her finger crackling with freezing power. “Hey, you! You’d better start movin’ your hips if you know what’s good for you!”

Ah. Well, there’s no joy to be had in being frozen solid. Your limbs are all stuck to this tree, but you can still move your hips fairly well. The fairies manage to scoot away from you a little, allowing you to start thrusting between them.

They’re pressed together firmly enough that there’s no danger of you slipping out. Instead, your cock travels right between their chests, letting their smooth skin glide over every inch. When you pull your hips all the way back, about half of your length is exposed to the air; it feels warm on the side that’s pressed against Cirno, and cool on the parts that get smothered by Dai. When you push them back in, everything but the base of your cock is buried in between the fairies’ breasts, caught in a deliciously contrasting mixture of hot, cold, firm, and soft. Your precum quickly lubricates their breasts, creating a constant squishing sound that pours out to complement your own moaning.

“Wow, you like it ever better than I thought! Don’t worry, we’ll let you do it as much as you want. You’re gonna be our slave, after all…” Cirno’s still grinning mischievously, but a pink blush is starting to warm up her face. Dai’s reaction is more intense, as she’s closed her eyes and started to moan quietly. She smiles at the word “slave,” though.

Both of their nipples are hardening under the friction from your cock. Cirno’s becomes a small, hard point that digs into the side of your cock, drawing out a twitch and a grunt from you whenever it grazes over your tip. Meanwhile, Dai’s nipple is larger and softer, but still more firm than the rest of her pillowy breast. If she were to lactate, you’re sure it would be wonderful to suck on.

It feels good to rub them with your sensitive shaft, but the fairies seem to feel a much stronger reaction from the contact. Dai’s moaning grows louder, and Cirno starts to let out a few surprisingly cute yelps as well. Pretty soon, you see Dai settle her lustful gaze on her partner.

“Hey, Cirno…”

“Ah? Mm!” Cirno suddenly finds her mouth plugged by Dai’s soft lips. She’s surprised at first, but quickly starts to return the kiss. The noises she makes are high-pitched and uncertain, in contrast to Dai’s deep, womanly moans. Seems the older fairy has more experience here.

The two fairies turn further inwards and hug each other, further magnifying the relentless pressure on your cock. Dai’s other breast comes within reach of your length as well; every time you thrust, your glans either sinks into Dai’s other breast or slips between the fairies’ chests once again.

The two fairies kiss each other with surprising passion, their heads pushing each other back and forth as you catch small glimpses of their furious tongueplay. Small strings of saliva leak down onto Dai’s breasts, where they either settle down and glimmer in the light or get drawn into your churning movements.

It seems a bit unsporting for them to focus on each other like that, when you’re the one who’s being serviced. If you’re in this position already, perhaps you can do a little mischief of your own…

The urge to cum is building steadily, but you grit your teeth and hold it back. Departing from the steady thrusts you’ve used so far, you start to move with short, tight motions, only a few inches in each direction. After a bit of positioning, your cock rubs relentlessly against both of the fairies’ nipples. Their moans quickly grow in pitch, and you see their bodies start to twitch and spasm in ways that match your own.

Eventually, Cirno breaks the kiss to give you the most accusatory glare her blushing face can manage.

“H-hey! What do you think you’re…Mm?!” Cirno’s go wide as she cuts herself off with a yelp. Looking down, you see that Dai’s fingers have entered the ice fairy’s pussy and started to forcefully thrust in and out. Dai seems to approve wholeheartedly of what you’re doing, going so far as to grind her nipple into your cock while you stimulate it.

“Feels so good…” she moans.

“Haah! … T-that’s… I’m not gonna lose to either of you!” Cirno renews the pressure from her chest, and reaches down past Dai’s plump bottom to finger the older fairy. Her arm’s movements are much less steady, but Dai’s aroused enough that it doesn’t matter. Soon, they’re both too busy crying out in pleasure to kiss each other for more than a few seconds at a time.

The fairies’ twitching and moaning makes their chests shift all around each other, but the tight squeeze on your cock never relents. Your own mind is clouded with arousal as well, you can’t think to do anything but thrust between them. You switch freely between long and short strokes, and vary the angle as much as you can. Sometimes you’re pressed tight against Cirno’s firm, petite mounds, and other times you’re shifted almost entirely into Dai’s squishy embrace. Their nipples strike your cock at times and places you least expect, giving random shocks of pleasure to all three of you. Not to mention, the sight of two girls making out like that while pleasuring you is…

“Aaahn!” Dai’s the first to cum, moaning freely in a sweet, passionate voice. Cirno joins her a moment later, as if she’d been trying to hold out until her friend came. You cum with them both right afterwards, pushed over the edge by the mixture of Cirno’s tomboyish cries with Dai’s more womanly moans. Your cock manages to slip free of their spasming bodies at last, just in time for you to let out a huge load of sperm. Every shot makes your cock clench up and seethe with pleasure, and the long, sticky strings land all over your captors’ faces and chests. By the time you finish, Cirno’s lean, pale upper body and Dai’s darker, more voluptuous form are both coated with streaks of milky white sperm.

It takes a while longer for the fairies to catch their breath. The smell of your sperm probably isn’t helping with that. Dai looks flushed and happy as she quivers with the remnants of her orgasm, while Cirno seems a little more flustered. For all her talk, she’s probably less experienced than she’d like to admit.

“Let me clean you up, Cirno…” Dai leans forward and licks a bit of your cum off Cirno’s face. The blue-haired fairy closes an eye in surprise at first, but she wordlessly starts to return the favor, blushing as she bends down to lick off Dai’s heaving chest.


Cirno and Dai clean each other off for a bit, but they grow bored with it before they’re fully clean. Instead, they break their embrace and get up hug you, pressing their small bodies right into you. Their faces and chests are still stained with saliva and cum, and you can clearly see the streams of arousal running down their legs. Cirno grins shamelessly as she squeezes your semi-limp cock at the base, and Dai offers a slightly humbler smile as she quickly strokes it with a thumb and forefinger. You’re already hard again by the time Cirno speaks.

“You’re pretty fun to play with, Mister! We’re gonna keep you for a loong time!”
No. 32589
Okay this was definitely hot! Man now I want to see more breast fun with Cirno and Dai.
No. 32596
Sexually assertive Cirno. Why has this not been done before?
No. 32607
besides being the eternal little sister/tomboyish daughter?
No. 32613
Hey each technique isn't just a one-shot thing right? Like say people want to see the Pressed Flower technique with Iku and Tenshi, would such a story be written or would it be undoable due to the quota being used up?
No. 32615
I'd prefer not to write the same technique twice.

Speaking of which, do people want these shorts to all have the same protagonist?
No. 32616
Same protagonist? Sure, that'd work. It's fun seeing just what kind of situations one particularly "unfortunate" guy can get himself into.
No. 32617
I wouldn't mind it being the same protagonist.
No. 32626
depends how you can work him being a play thing for the two fairies into it.
No. 32633
Okay, let's have another round of voting. For now, I'd ask that you not repeat the same characters or techniques.

Things didn't go too smoothly last time, so let's try a different method. For now, you can either nominate a single combination of technique and character(s) or second someone else's nomination. Later, we'll have a normal vote between the ideas that were seconded.
No. 32634
I nominate this: >>32547

I don't think it'd be any repeat as neither character or techniques won.
No. 32636
[x] #45: Crossing the Country: Toyohime, Yorihime, Eirin.
No. 32643
[X] 45: crossing the country with Elly, Mugetsu and Gengetsu.

Still pushing for PC98.
No. 32644
I second >>32643's vote.
No. 32647
[X] #45 Crossing the country
[X] With Reisen, Yamame, and Hatate

Re-submitting my old vote for consideration. Just because.
No. 32648
[x] #22 Fruit Juice in Angel's Cloth.
-[x] Reisen
No. 32649
I second >>32648.
No. 32651
[x] Seconding >>32648
No. 32653
gonna second >>32643.
No. 32654
[x] #22 Fruit Juice in Angel's Cloth.
-[x] Byakuren

This please
No. 32655


Bonus points for having to conceal the aftermath.
No. 32656
Seconding this.
No. 32657
Alright, first round is closed. Now we'll have a standard vote, and the winner gets written.

Your options are:
[ ] #45: Crossing the Country with Elly, Mugetsu, and Gengetsu
[ ] #45: Crossing the Country with Reisen, Yamame, and Hatate
[ ] #22: Fruit Juice in Angel's Cloth with Reisen
No. 32658
[X] #45: Crossing the Country with Elly, Mugetsu, and Gengetsu
No. 32659
[x] #22: Fruit Juice in Angel's Cloth with Reisen
No. 32660
[x] #45: Crossing the Country with Elly, Mugetsu, and Gengetsu
No. 32662
[ ] #45: Crossing the Country with Reisen, Yamame, and Hatate
No. 32666
[x] #45: Crossing the Country with Elly, Mugetsu, and Gengetsu
No. 32667
[ ] #22: Fruit Juice in Angel's Cloth with Reisen
No. 32668
[X] #45: Crossing the Country with Elly, Mugetsu, and Gengetsu
No. 32670
[x] #22: Fruit Juice in Angel's Cloth with Reisen
No. 32672
[X] #22: Fruit Juice in Angel's Cloth with Reisen
No. 32673
[X] #22: Fruit Juice in Angel's Cloth with Reisen
No. 32674
[x] #45: Crossing the Country with Reisen, Yamame, and Hatate
No. 32675
[X] #22: Fruit Juice in Angel's Cloth with Reisen
No. 32680
Closing votes. Fruit Juice with Reisen wins. Like before, I'll try to have it ready tomorrow night..
No. 32683
File 138155318370.png - (0.98MB, 700x992, hidetheevidence.png) [iqdb]
22: Fruit Juice in Angel’s Cloth

Here’s the infamous technique involving penetrating the lady’s cleavage from below while she’s clothed.

Just be careful when you cum, though. You wouldn’t want to leave a stain on her clothes that’s hard to wash off, right?



The bunny girl’s deep red eyes widen with surprise.

“Y-you want to use my breasts this time?”

She holds a tight fist to her mouth, glancing to her left and right for eavesdroppers as a rosy blush spreads over her face. Her nails are colored a gentle pink, matching the lavender tone of her long, silky hair.

“… O-okay, but we have to do it quickly. I need to get back to work soon…”

Reisen takes your hand and ducks into the storeroom, carefully picking her way through the clutter as she leads you towards the back. It’s dimmer in here than in the rest of clinic, but some high windows let in enough light to see by. Back behind a cluttered shelf of components, there’s a metal folding chair for you to sit in; the empty wrappers and crumpled magazines surrounding it suggest that she spends a fair amount of time back here.

“Okay. Sit down here, and I’ll be back in a moment…”

Reisen strips off her navy-colored blazer and hangs it off nearby hook. Beneath it, she’s only wearing a simple white dress shirt and a bright red tie. The shirt fits her body quite snugly, clearly outlining the shape of her voluptuous breasts. They’re likely large enough to compete with Dai’s, though they look a bit more reasonable on a normal-sized girl. It’s easy to tell that she isn’t wearing a bra, and you can just make out her nipples through the fabric. You can feel yourself getting hard just watching them rise and fall in time with her nervous breathing, knowing that you’ll soon be enjoying her bust firsthand.

You take your seat and lean back in the chair, spreading your legs and putting your arms over the back. Reisen’s turned away and bent over to search through a large box, giving you a clear view of her butt in the process. You get the feeling she’s not doing that by accident.

In contrast to her well-covered upper body, Reisen just wears a light pink skirt around her waist. It reaches a little past halfway down her thighs, showing a nice strip of pale skin before her black thighhighs take over. There’s a small hole cut in the skirt to let her fluffy round tail poke through. When she’s bent over like this, it rides up enough that you can see the bottom of something orange attached one thigh.

“Hmm… Ah!” Reisen comes up with a small squeeze-bottle and turns back to you, still blushing as she crosses the short distance to your chair.

“Umm, this is… Mhm.” Reisen fumbles for words as she holds out the bottle, which you accept with a grin to save her the trouble of explaining.

Reisen undoes a few buttons below her breasts and spreads them open with a nervous smile, opening a small window to her chest. You can clearly see the underside of her round, pale breasts, along with a spot between them that looks like a perfect entrance. Your cock throbs hungrily at the sight, drawing her attention to the bulge in your pants.

“You’re… really eager, aren’t you?” Reisen reaches down to gently unzip and unbutton your pants. Your hard cock pops out almost immediately, making her gasp and draw her head back. It usually takes a bit of stroking to get it like that, but the thought of using her breasts has gotten you really excited for some reason. She watches it throb in midair for an uncomfortably long amount of time before shaking her head and trying to regain some composure.

“W-well… before we begin, please pour some of that in here…” Reisen pulls open a space between two buttons higher up on her shirt, exposing another hint of her bountiful cleavage. You slip the bottle’s nozzle into the space, making Reisen shiver a bit as the cool plastic touches her sensitive skin. Then you give the bottle a gentle squeeze, and Reisen closes an eye and purrs quietly as a slippery liquid shoots out into her cleavage. ‘Yagokoro-Brand Lubricant,’ according to the label on the bottle. It seems to be half-empty already…

You pull out after a single squirt. Reisen grabs her breasts and rubs them together as vigorously as she can through her shirt, spreading the fluid all through her cleavage. She’s a little more enthusiastic than you’d expect, giving her breasts a few gentle squeezes as she works and rubbing a few nails over her nipples. More than a couple of quiet purrs leak from her mouth as she works. Soon, the slightest movement creates a wet, slippery sound, and a small shining trail leaks out from the hole below her breasts. They seem to be slightly flushed now, contrasting with the bright white shirt that encloses them. A few dark spots are forming that as well, though the liquid mostly stays between her breasts and away from the fabric.

“Okay, they should be ready now…” Reisen starts to kneel down, but you stop her with an outstretched hand.


You grin and point down at her thigh. She didn’t think you’d forget, did she?

“Ahh, you want that…” Breathing heavily, Reisen straightens up and looks away as she lifts her skirt with both hands.

It’s a lovely sight there, as always. Your eyes immediately go to her striped blue-and-white panties, which are sporting a visible damp spot already. Without the bustle of the clinic to mask it, you can definitely hear a gentle whirring coming from within. A thin orange wire pokes out from one side of her underwear, leading to a controller that’s strapped to one of her creamy white thighs. Reisen pulls it out of its band and holds it out to you, keeping her eyes pointed firmly at the ground.

You graciously accept the controller, noting that the slider is set fairly low. Seems she’s had it running at one-quarter power all morning. You’d like to say that was your idea, but…

“Is that all? Then, here I go…”

Reisen kneels down and scoots up between your legs, then fits your hard cock into the opening in her shirt. You let out a groan as it slides right into her cleavage, becoming immersed in a delicious mixture of softness and heat. Reisen smoothly slides her breasts down until they plop onto your lap, where they settle down with a pleasing weight. your tip pokes out between two buttons near the top of her shirt, right under her red tie; the silky fabric tickles your glans until she hurriedly shifts it aside.

“Ah, it’s really warm… and hard…”

You both take a moment to get used to the situation, faces reddening as you do. Reisen’s breasts are firm despite their size, but still soft enough that your cock sinks right into them. The wet lubricant quickly coats your whole length, already warmed to a comfortable temperature by her hot breasts. Her shirt keeps them wrapped gently around you, close enough that you can feel her heartbeat through them.

“We don’t have much time, so I’ll start moving them now…” Reisen puts her hands on the sides of her breasts and starts to stroke your cock with them, moving her whole upper body in quick, precise movements. Her grip at least doubles the pressure on your shaft, and you moan loudly as her softness starts to slide along your cock. There’s no friction at all thanks to the lube, so her slippery flesh just glides. Your tip has to push through the hole in her shirt each time her breasts drop down, giving your glans a quick caress from the fabric before it’s exposed to the cool air.

Reisen’s breasts make a wide variety of squishy, slippery sounds, punctuated by her quiet grunts of exertion. The air gradually becomes tinged with a faint musky smell, likely a mixture of Reisen’s sweat an arousal with your own. Once you get used to them, the sensations all flow over you in a warm, steady stream. You lean back in the chair and let your mind wander, moaning appreciatively at her technique.

It only took a few days for Cirno and Dai to grow bored with you, but not before they’d made you cum a few dozen times. Of course, your boss wouldn’t accept your “kidnapped by naughty fairies” story when you got back, so you ended up out of a job. You weren’t too fond of it anyway, though. Now you’ve taken to part-timing at the village clinic.

“Mmm… So hot…”

And the bunny girl who’s servicing you is your lovely coworker, Reisen Udongein Inaba. She’s friendly to customers and good at her job, but prone to bouts of panic and clumsiness. It didn’t take long for her to trip over something and fall over in a compromising position, clearly showing you the vibrator she was wearing. Since then, she’s insisted on doing things like this to “keep you from telling,” acting all flustered while quietly encouraging you to push her even further. She only gave you handjobs at first, but then you got her to start using her mouth, and now…

“D-does it feel good…?”

You nod and moan in approval. Even though she’s grown quite excited, she still has excellent control over her movements. Her strokes are usually long and full, but she sometimes works your length over with tiny up-and-down movements, thoroughly squeezing and rubbing you with every inch of her cleavage. The sight of your tip constantly popping up through her shirt is hard for her to ignore, as well; sometimes, she pauses her movements and take it into her hot, wet mouth, where she sucks hungrily and swirls her tongue around the tip while massaging your shaft with rapid squeezes from her breasts.

As a reward, you smoothly turn the vibrator’s power up to half. Reisen yelps and trembles as the vibrations between her legs suddenly double in power, shocking her with enough pleasure to briefly drain the strength from her body. It comes back even stronger, though.

“Ah, that’s good~” A perverted smile stretches over her face, and she starts to stroke you even faster. Now you’re the one who moans and trembles, clutching the sides of the chair to keep yourself under control. Your cock doesn’t get a moment of rest from her passionate stroking, and she changes between techniques so often that you can never be sure what it’s in for next. There’s a strange excitement in Reisen’s eyes, one that makes your head go a bit fuzzy whenever she smiles up at you.

Hmm. You’ve been focused on Reisen’s breasts this whole time, but those long ears of hers have been putting on a show of their own. They’re somewhat rigid, but her rapid, forceful movements make them flop and sway all around. You lean forward and close your mouth around the tip of one.

“Hyau?!” Reisen seizes up, involuntarily crushing your cock with her breasts as her hands tighten up on reflex. She looks up with pleading eyes, still blushing and trembling as you gently nibble the tip.

“Ah, t-those are sensitive! Please don’t… Ahn!”

She’s in no position to make demands here. You put her in her place with a little more power from the vibrator, and she goes back to stroking you with frustrated tears in her eyes. You lovingly stroke both her ears while she works, moving your mouth between the tips to suck and nibble on them. The furry taste isn’t particularly appetizing, but the cute yelps and squeals she lets out are more than worth it.

The pleasure does take its toll on her, though. Her rhythm starts to break down as it’s constantly interrupted by her trembling and twitching. She soon stops stroking you entirely, instead just letting your cock throb between her breasts while she squeezes it and licks the tip. It still feels good, but nothing like before.

Hmm. You could turn down the vibrator until she pleases you, but… Ah, you’ve got an idea!

Reisen sighs with relief as you finally release her ears. You reach down to her shirt and undo a couple more buttons, exposing much a much larger portion of her flushed, shining breasts. They’re still safely contained by her shirt, but now you can see at least half of her cleavage. With that, you can stand up and put your hands on her shoulders…

“Mm? Wah!” You pull your hips back and drive them forward, forcing your cock deep in between Reisen’s breasts. Her firm, slippery warmth only envelops about three quarters of your length, but that still feels amazing. You start bucking your hips almost immediately, sliding all the way in and out with each powerful thrust. Reisen’s shocked at first, but she quickly adapts, opening her hands and pressing them into the sides of her breasts to squish them out as much as possible.

Even though you’re abusing them so forcefully, Reisen’s breasts are still mostly hidden under that shirt. The white fabric’s grown a bit transparent with sweat and lube, though, and it’s quite clear where her nipples are poking out against the fabric. The shirt’s probably dragging across them constantly, with the way your movements force the fabric back and forth.

“Mm! Ah… so forceful…”

… You have to say, they look really inviting like that. You can’t help reaching down to pinch one with your free hand, making the bunny girl twitch and cry out with pleasure. Encouraged by her reaction, you start to twist your hand back and forth; relaxing your grip lets you drag the soft fabric over her nipple, while tightening lets you squeeze and torture it directly.


While you tease and twist her nipple through the shirt, your other hand starts to play with the controls for her vibrator. You steadily slide it back and forth between one quarter and three quarters, making the pleasure ebb and flow between Reisen’s legs. Her moans generally grow louder or softer in time with the vibrator’s strength, not counting the loud yelps you force out with your other hand. And you make sure to mess with the rhythm sometimes, either switching rapidly between strong and weak or flicking her up to maximum for a second.

“Ahhh... Mmm-nn-hahh! Ahhhn!”

All the while, your cock’s pounding away at her wonderful cleavage. She’s always sure to keep her smooth, soft flesh pressed against you, but her grip changes so frequently that every thrust feels a bit different. Sometimes you’ll be free to savor their softness as her body goes limp with pleasure, and other times she’ll squeeze you so hard that her flesh molds onto every inch of your shaft. The constant warmth and pressure leave your cock twitching and trembling, and the moans that come from your mouth are almost as loud as Reisen’s. Her breasts are already messy with lube, sweat, and precum, and you’ll soon be adding your cum to the mix as well…

You won’t last much longer, and you’d like Reisen to finish you herself. Pulling out, you sit back down and hold your cock up with a smirk, turning the vibrator all the way off. Reisen left panting in confusion, and she looks up at you with a flushed pout when she notices that the pleasure’s stopped. She must’ve been pretty close to the edge herself.

“S-so mean…” she complains. There’s nothing she can do but please you, though.

She advances again and drops her breasts back onto your cock. With her mind addled by lust, she squeezes them both and strokes you with inhuman speed and strength, trying to finish you as fast as possible. The soft, slippery pleasure is almost blinding, forcing you to throw back your head and moan loudly into the air.

That’s it… You’re cumming…!

“Reisen! Are you in there?”

Someone opens the door and calls out in a womanly voice. Reisen jolts upright and looks at the door, but her head snaps back when your first shot of cum spurts out from between her breasts and splatters onto her cheek. Fortunately, you’re both hidden from view back here.


She quickly grabs your cock by the base and angles it down, burying it in between her hot, throbbing breasts. There’s no stopping your ejaculation, so you just sit back and groan happily as your cum spurts out in thick shots and smears all over her skin.

“Get back out front! There’s a line here!”

She’s probably wiling your ejaculation to stop, but your cum just keeps shooting out. You pull back a little through Reisen’s fingers after every shot, making sure that every inch of her cleavage gets stuffed full of hot, sticky sperm. Finally, your cock goes limp and drops out, still leaking onto the floor. Thick globs of cum start to leak from between Reisen’s breasts, as well.

… She probably could’ve just pulled off and let you cum on the floor, but you guess she wasn’t thinking straight.

It’s not fair for you to finish alone, though. As the last of your orgasm fades away, you turn the vibrator up to maximum power.

“Okay, I’m - CUMming!”

Reisen clamps a hand over her mouth to stifle herself as her eyes squeeze shut. You can almost see the bolt of pleasure shoot through her as she arches her back and throws back her head. She falls away from your cock and doubles over, trembling mightily and moaning in a deep, muffled voice as her whole body shudders with pleasure. Trails of juice sterem down both her thighs, while fresh cum leaks out from her breasts to splatter onto the floor.

“MMM! Mmmph!”

She’s a real pervert, isn’t she? You could turn down the vibrator, but she really seem to be enjoying herself…

“Mmm… Mmaah… Hah… Ohhh…”

Finally, Reisen finds the strength to stand up on wobbly legs. Your sperm is still leaking out from her cleavage, but she doesn’t have time to clean up. Instead, she just buttons herself back up and locks the mess inside, and throws the blazer over her shirt and pulls her tie back down in hopes that they’ll hide everything. The garments do cover most of the stains, but there’s still some highly visible dark spots here and there, and her shirt is much more rumpled than before. And it’s hard to mask the smell of your cum. She’ll need to do something about all the juice running down her thighs, as well; it’s a good thing she decided to wear black thighhighs today, or else the stains would be extremely visible.

Reisen takes a moment to look over her disheveled clothes, then turns her gaze up to you and snatches the controller out of your hand. She seems really embarrassed, but satisfied as well. Even as she glares at you, the edges of her lips curl up into a smile and her hands fiddle with the hem of her skirt.

“Hey… ask for something that’s easier to hide next time, okay?”
No. 32689
That was great! Perverted Reisen is lovely.
No. 32690
How do Eirin, Tewi, and Kaguya treat their relationship?
No. 32691
X] #45: Crossing the Country with Elly, Mugetsu, and Gengetsu

Third time's the charm, I hope.
No. 32692
[X]#45: Crossing the Country: Toyohime, Yorihime, & Eirin
No. 32693
[X]#45: Crossing the Country: Toyohime, Yorihime, & Eirin

Seconding the nomination.
No. 32694
[X]#45: Crossing the Country: Toyohime, Yorihime, & Eirin
No. 32695
[X] #45: Crossing the Country with Elly, Mugetsu, and Gengetsu

No. 32697
[X]#45: Crossing the Country: Toyohime, Yorihime, & Eirin

This would be slightly easier to fit into the flimsy continuity you've got going.
No. 32701
[X] #45: Crossing the Country with Elly, Mugetsu, and Gengetsu
No. 32705
That's some delicious Reisen you got there. Makes me wish we could have gotten more of her in your main story.

Here's my vote if you end up writing more.

[x] #45: Crossing the Country: Toyohime, Yorihime, & Eirin
No. 32706
[x] #3: Ceiling of Dreams with Kasen.

Why? Because it actually looks pretty pleasant, and we need more Kasen loving on the site.
No. 32709
[X] 45: Crossing the Country: Toyohime, Yorihime, & Eirin
No. 32710
[X] #45: Crossing the Country with Elly, Mugetsu, and Gengetsu

I'm really starting to get sick of seeing lunarians and more lunarians and more lunarians and more lunarians...
No. 32712

Stop hanging out in /eientei/ then.

[X] 45: Crossing the Country: Toyohime, Yorihime, & Eirin
No. 32713
[X]#45: Crossing the Country: Toyohime, Yorihime, & Eirin
No. 32716
But I don't, I hang out on /at/.
No. 32719
I'm really starting to get sick of PC-98 fetishism.
No. 32724
[X] #45: Crossing the Country: Toyohime, Yorihime, & Eirin.

This sounds delicious. How will the Moonies react to being sullied with human seed, I wonder~?
No. 32725
Well if you read the doujin links, the Watatsuki sisters were shown demonstrating #39 Swimming in Deep Sea, so here perhaps they're less uptight about such things?
No. 32731
the maker of the doujin wasn't so much concerned with plot at all, just 1-3 extra busty touhous doing stuff. It'd be harder on BSD as he has to make a plot to explain the scenes.
No. 32733
It's more showing off various titfuck techniques than any sort of plot! It's a pure Fap for the sake of Fapping series
No. 32743
[X] #45: Crossing the Country with Elly, Mugetsu, and Gengetsu

We desperately need to take a trip to 'getsu Land.
No. 32748
Hey where is BSD? Doesn't he normally comment around this time?
No. 32749
I haven't had a full day to devote to writing, so I'm just leaving the votes open. Might be able to swing something on Saturday.
No. 32769
Actually, I'll have time tomorrow. Votes are pretty clear-cut, so I'm calling it now for Crossing the Country with Toyohime, Yorihime, and Eirin. Three girls is a lot, so I might not be able to pull it off in one day.

In the future, I'd ask that you refrain from voting until I say that the votes are open.
No. 32780
I have a question: is it possible to reuse characters? Like say characters are used for one technique but readers want another technique with one character or the same characters from a previous technique, would that be allowed?
No. 32781

I might allow character repeats eventually, but for now I'd rather write new characters each time.

Moontits are on track. Proofreaders willing, I'll have it done tonight.
No. 32782
File 13822459103.jpg - (427.64KB, 800x800, moontits.jpg) [iqdb]
45: Crossing the Country

This is a form of titjob done with three ladies. The lucky man who gets this will surely feel like a king. It’s best if all three of the ladies performing this can move their bodies as they please.

It’s going to be hard to cum on their tits, so feel free to cum on their faces instead. Of course, it’ll be fun watching them clean up your cock afterwards.


In recognition of your hard work at the clinic, Reisen’s master invited you to her home to celebrate the “Festival of the Myriad Gods.” Supposedly, it’s a solemn time for everyone to express their thanks to the millions of gods that sustain the world.

“A hundred years? Really?”

But it really just seems like an excuse to get together and drink.

“At least! It’s so frustrating!”

The lady of the house is celebrating elsewhere, and Reisen’s lying passed out on the floor, so you’re now alone with three other women in this small Japanese-style room. The scent of strong alcohol pervades the air, and a few dim lamps warm the moonlight that streams through the paper walls.

Presently, you’re in the clutches of Reisen’s master, Eirin Yagokoro. The silver-haired woman has an overly-friendly arm around your shoulders, and she keeps insisting on pouring you drinks. The top few buttons on her blue-and-red dress are undone to “let in some air,” exposing a hard-to-ignore glimpse of her exceedingly bountiful cleavage. You’ve met her a few times before, but she was always busuinesslike and formal. Not at all like the dirty old woman she’s acting like now.

“It’s the same for you, right, Yori?”

And sitting across from you are the Watatsuki sisters, a pair of Eirin’s “old friends from abroad.” Toyohime, the blonde one, hides her mouth behind an ominous black fan and directs a narrow-eyed glare at her sister, Yorihime. “You’re not holding out on me, are you?”

Yorihime shakes her head, making her voluminous lavender ponytail sway back and forth. “No, it’s the same for me.” Her voice and expression are both downcast at first, but her eyes suddenly widen as she straightens up in panic. “N-not that I ever think about such things! The embrace of a man would only be a distraction from my…”

Toyohime seals her sister’s lips with her fan. “Oh, it’s fine! We don’t need to keep appearances here~”

Both of the girls are quite flushed already, even though they’ve only had a few drinks each. They claim that Gensokyo’s “tainted” alcohol is much stronger than theirs, but you don’t completely believe that. Whatever the case, they’ve both lost the formal and somewhat condescending air they had when you met them an hour ago. Toyohime’s already wriggled out of her strange foreign semi-dress, leaving her in just a white blouse and panties. Yorihime’s matching outfit is in a slightly better state than Toyohime’s, but her dress is only held on by a few buttons below the waist. Toyohime’s floppy white hat remains perched atop her wavy blonde hair, but it’s tilted at such a steep angle that any sudden movement could knock it off. She doesn’t seem to mind that her pale, shapely legs are on full display, but she isn’t tempting you either, unlike the woman who’s currently making you nuzzle her huge, soft breasts.

“They still haven’t given up their ‘sex for procreation’ policy, then? I was hoping they’d change their minds this millennium.” Eirin rolls her eyes and draws everyone’s attention with a dramatic sigh. “Honestly, that’s one of the reasons why I left in the first place. There’s so many wonderful things you can do with a strong young man,” she says, her voice as rich and sensual as velvet. She knocks back her drink, then sets down the dish and brings her pale hand over to your crotch. That should probably alarm you, but you barely react beyond a small twitch as her fingers settle around you. The sake seems to have loosened you up as well, and these kinds of situations do tend to turn out well for you.

“L-like different positions, you mean?” Toyohime asks. Her blush deepens, but the curiosity is plain on her face.

Eirin chuckles naughtily, sliding her fingers up and down your shaft as she responds. “Oh, certainly. But sex is only be beginning. There’s handjobs, blowjobs, footjobs, paizuri…”

Both girls redden as Eirin casually lists off a number of apparently forbidden acts. Yorihime timidly interrupts her.


Eirin smirks. “Ah! Titfucks, I mean. Those are the most fun of all! And you two would be great at it, with those lovely breasts of yours.” Eirin points a long, manicured finger at Toyohime’s chest, drawing everyone’s attention to the highly pronounced swell in her blouse. Now that you look more closely, the fabric almost seems to be straining to contain the bounty within. Yorihime cocks her head at the sight.

“… Did they grow larger again, Toyo?”

Toyohime glances down at her breasts, then to her sister. “Ah? Why, I was going to ask you the same thing, Yori! You can’t hide it from me, no matter how you try~!” Toyohime lunges at Yorihime, quickly pulling off her sister’s dress and grabbing at her blouse. Yorihime’s chest seems much smaller at first, but you quickly make out the shape of a large, tight sarashi under her thin top.

“H-hey! Don’t just grope whatever you please!” Yorihime grabs Toyohime’s chest in retaliation, and the sisters quickly find themselves in a wrestling/groping/stripping match. Their struggles produce a variety of fascinating grunts and moans, all of which only make you more receptive to Eirin’s continued stroking. As you watch, she switches from stroking your shaft to rubbing the tip of your growing erection through your pants.

Putting a soft hand on your cheek, the older woman directs your attention away from the spectacle and up to her face. Her dark grey eyes glitter with mischief, and a noticeable blush colors her pale but healthy skin as she gives you a naughty smile.

“Say, would you mind if the three of us used you?” she asks quietly. Her other hand comes up to open her dress further, making her intentions crystal-clear. “Just for tonight.”

That snaps your mind into focus. You barely know Eirin and just met the Watatsukis, and she’s asking for something like that? It’s a pretty unreasonable request… but they’re all beautiful women, and you don’t have a serious relationship with Reisen, and you are more than a bit drunk. You slowly nod your head in acceptance, and Eirin’s smirk widens.

“Yes, it’s truly a shame that paizuri is forbidden,” Eirin says, elevating her voice enough for the Watatsukis to hear. Yorihime’s in a commanding position atop her sister, flattening Toyohime’s breasts under her tightly-bound chest, but they both pause and look over to Eirin. “Pleasing a man with your breasts is such a wonderful experience.” Eirin unzips your pants as she speaks, allowing your hard cock to pop free. Toyohime and Yorihime’s eyes both widen at the sight of your hot, throbbing length. If what they were saying before is true, then neither of them has seen one in more than a century.

“Can you imagine? Squeezing something this between your breasts, stroking it, licking it, making him groan with pleasure and adoration…” Now Eirin unbuttons her dress the rest of the way, exposing a a massive rack that’s barely held in by an ornate black bra. She lets the dress fall to the floor and strips the undergarment off as well, proudly pushing out her bare chest for the three of you to admire.


… This must be the largest pair you’ve ever seen. Eirin’s at least two sizes bigger than Reisen, who was quite busty herself; you’d need two hands to hold just one of these breasts. They’re both quite pale and perfectly-formed , with sizable pink nipples in the center of each. The bulge they made in her dress was hard to ignore, but they seem even larger when they’re out in the open like this. You can almost feel the warmth radiating out from them, even from a foot away.

While everyone’s still speechless, Eirin lies down between your legs and crosses her arms under her chest to lift it up. She hefts her breasts up over your cock, then release her arms to let them drop right down onto you. You twitch and groan in amazement as their immense weight hits your lap, smothering your cock with a pillowy heat. Eirin reaches between her breasts and pulls your cock straight up, but the tip just barely emerges from between them even when you’re rock-hard and fully upright.

Eirin stares up lustfully as she licks a bit of precum off her fingers. “Do you like them?” she purrs. You moan softly and nod your head in agreement, and she rewards you a quick peck on the lips.

Eirin presses her hands into the sides of her breasts, her fingers sinking in as she squeezes them together. Their warm, squishy flesh surrounds your length perfectly, molding onto every vein and filling in every little space to stimulate every millimeter of your cock at once. You lean back and plant your hands on the ground behind you, bracing yourself as a warm pleasure washes through your body. A loud moan wells up inside and starts to leak past your lips, but Toyohime’s voice shatters the atmosphere before it can break out of your mouth.

“Um… Please allow me to learn from you, lady Yagokoro!” Toyohime almost shouts, balling her hands into fists. She and Yorihime seem to have disentangled while you weren’t looking, as they’re both kneeling side by side and watching you with fierce blushes. Yorihime glances away before anyone can meet her eyes.

Eirin lets up on the pressure, looking over to the younger woman with a smirk. “Oh~? Didn’t you say this was forbidden? Your superiors at home would consider it very sinful to serve a man like this, wouldn’t they? Especially one from the surface.”

“Ah!” Toyohime’s eyes widen in panic, and she glances all over and taps her index fingers together as she fumbles for an excuse. “U-umm, well, that is, we’re expected to be the models of feminine virtue, and there’s no telling when the elders might change their minds, so if we can learn more about paizuri now, then we’ll be prepared! And since nobody at home will try it, we don’t really have a choice…”

Nobody in the room believes that, but Eirin accepts Toyohime’s babbling. “I see. That’s a wise line of thinking, Toyohime. You’d best join in for everyone’s sake.” She pulls back and shifts to your side, making space for another woman to share you. You tremble a little as you’re exposed to the fresh air, which feels as cold as a blizzard after the sweltering embrace of Eirin’s breasts.

Toyohime quickly unbuttons and pulls of her blouse, finishing the job that Yorihime’s frenzied hands started. She isn’t wearing anything underneath, so it only takes a moment for her beasts to pop free from their confinement.

It’s hard to impress when she’s in the same room as Eirin, but Toyohime’s breasts have a definite beauty of their own. They’re both perfectly round and well over hand-filling, about the largest size her more youthful figure can support and rather perky despite their weight. Her pale skin looks to be even more pure and radiant than Eirin’s, to a degree that frankly seems impossible. It's as if the whole concept of imperfection is just foreign to her.

Eirin pulls back and shifts over to your side, allowing Toyohime to lie down across from her. The blonde woman awkwardly pulls her breasts up onto your lap, then scoots forward until they squish into Eirin’s and trap your shaft in the space between. Eirin definitely has the advantage in size and warmth, but Toyohime’s breasts are still sufficient to ther everything below your glans in their own slightly firmer softness.

“Like this?” she asks.

“That’s good. Be sure to thank our friend for this opportunity, though.”

“Ah, that’s right!” Toyohime finally turns her head to you, acknowledging you for the first time since her introduction. You see a brief flash of distaste on her face, but she shakes it off and bows her head to you as well as she can. “Umm, thank you for the chance to… further my education in the bedchamber. Please… forgive my inexperience.” You accept her speech with a smile, and she smiles back for the briefest moment before turning to her teacher.

“Now, try moving your chest up and down, and get a taste for his tip.”

“Okay!” Toyohime tries to mirror Eirin’s grip, digging her hands into the sides of her breasts. Grabbing them is fairly easy, but she has trouble actually pressing them onto your cock and moving them around, especially when you’re partially immersed in Eirin’s cleavage. Toyohime growls in frustration as she wrestles with her breasts, and her movements make them rub gently against your length in a strange mixture of stroking and tickling.

In the meantime, Eirin looks over Toyohime’s head to Yorihime. The purple-haired woman’s taken off her blouse and sarashi completely, leaving her with her with precious little clothing. The pure white of her panties is stained by a small dark spot, and the two golden bracelets on her right arm clink together and shine softly in the lamplight. She has the same body type as Toyohime, but her figure is more lean and muscular while still retaining its womanly shape. She must more fond of exercise than her sister. Her breasts are the same size as Toyohime’s, though, and every bit as round and spotless. Presently, they’re darkened by a light pink flush, and her nipples have already started to harden. She’s gingerly stroking them with her fingers when she notices Eirin’s gaze and freezes up.

“Will you be joining in as well, Yorihime? This could be a valuable lesson.”

“Oh, um…” Yorihime glances all over the room to put off her response. Toyohime lets go of her breasts for the moment, instead bending down to plant a delicate, ladylike kiss on your tip. Her pure pink lips come away with a small stain of precum, which she sucks off thoughtfully.

“W-well, if it will make me a better woman, then…” Yorihime’s fierce blush and rapid breathing betray her excitement. She crawls over to join the three of you, stopping to address you like her sister did. You see that same flash of distaste in her face, but she has a harder time dispelling it.

“Thank you for the chance to further my education. Please forgive my…” Her voice catches in her throat, but her arousal urges her on. “… Just, don’t embarrass me.”

That seems to be the best you’ll get, so you welcome her service. Eirin and Toyohime rearrange themselves to make room; Eirin ends up lying directly in front of you, while Toyohime lies to an angle at your right and Yorihime does the same at your left. Once the ladies are all settled, they return their breasts to your lap and pin your cock between them.

“My, three at once? Aren’t you a lucky man~” Eirin purrs.

This is… unbelievable. Your cock’s held comfortably between three sets of huge, soft breasts, belonging to three of the most beautiful women you’ve ever seen. Varying degrees of warmth and softness smother everything but a small part of the tip, causing your penis to throb powerfully as it absorbs the heat from three bodies. A constant stream of precum leaks from your urethra, trickling down down into the many smooth, inviting crevices that surround it.

Eirin regards the scene with a confident, lustful smile. Toyohime’s almost panting with excitement, likely at the thought of indulging in a taboo like this, while Yorihime regards your cock with a strange mixture of disgust and desire. Her blush is the deepest of everyone’s, though. Eirin gives them both a moment to settle into place before taking the reins.

“A fine cock to practice on, isn’t it? If he’s anything like my apprentice says, he’ll do an excellent job.” Eirin winks at you, and you feel something drop in your stomach, but there’s no time to dwell on it. “First, let’s try to apply some pressure. Just holding him between your breasts is nice, but a good squeeze almost always feels better.” Eirin braces her hands on the sides of her breasts, and the two sisters follow suit.

“On three…”

Eirin quickly counts to three, and the ladies all press themselves onto your cock at once. Yorihime puts on a stern face and pushes quite a bit harder than the others, nearly forcing your cock out through the space between Eirin and Toyohime.

“Ah! M-my apologies,” Yorihime stammers to both you and Eirin. She’s easily forgiven, and Eirin returns your cock to the center for a proper squishing.

The sensations from before intensify threefold as the ladies’ breasts crush you from all sides. All three of them make a dozen small, sensual adjustments to their strength and position until your cock is pinned directly between the three of them. In that position, you can feel the warm, squishy pressure of six breasts at once; the backside is immersed in Eirin’s incredible softness, the right side is cradled in Toyohime’s own pillowy chest, and Yorihime’s slightly firmer assets force themselves onto the rest. All three of them are still softer than the softest pillows, but the combined pressure on your cock feels as strong as a vise.

While the Watatsukis acquaint themselves with the pressure, Eirin pulls a small bottle from her discarded dress. You immediately recognize it as her own Yagokoro-Brand Lubricant, but the sisters are mystified. She just smiles knowingly and pours a liberal amount over your cock and everyone’s breasts, then snaps the bottle shut and sets it aside.

“Good. Now, try stroking him like this.”

Eirin’s rack is a bit too large to handle from the sides, so she scoops her hands underneath to hold it from below. Like that, she’s able to smoothly raise and lower her soft breasts while keeping them pressed against her cock. As large as they are, the stimulation from her breasts is feather-light and teasing without the other girls to press you into them.

“Ah, that’s how you do it!” Toyohime tries to grab her breasts the same way, but their new coating of lube makes them slide right out of her grip. She makes a few more attempts to grab them , getting the same result each time. Eirin’s formula is really something.

While Toyohime keeps trying and grows more and more frustrated, Yorihime stays put and thoughtfully studies her master’s grip and movements. After a half minute of observation, she tightly clutches the sides of her breasts and pushes against your length again, then starts to unsteadily slide her body up and down. A small part of your shaft gets squeezed nicely between Eirin and Yorihime’s breasts, but the two ladies can’t surround you completely by themselves. Yorihime’s blush is still quite fierce, but she still puts on a small, embarrassed smile of satisfaction and gives you the briefest of glances.

“Oh, on your first try! I didn’t expect anything less, Yorihime.”

“Eh? N-no fair! Why can’t I do it?”

Eirin chuckles quietly and pauses her movements, reaching over to adjust Toyohime’s grip herself. The movement makes her chest press a little harder into your length, and her lips end up just a few inches away from Toyohime’s.

“For you, it would be best to put your hands at the sides… No, harder, they need to sink in. Get a very firm grip and support it from beneath…”

“Ah! So then, I can just do it like this…”

Seeing the close attention they’re getting from you and her sister, she gives Toyohime a quick, teasing kiss on the lips before backing off. The younger girl’s face reddens for a moment, but she quickly shakes it off. Seems she’s used to that sort of teasing

With Toyohime settled, the three women take a few minutes to experiment on your cock. Their movements are all haphazard at first, with each lady playing with you on her own. One breast or another is always pressed against every part of your cock, and hard nipples scrape your sensitive skin at random. You lean back on your hands and moan quietly at the attention, but your voice is lost amongst the ladies’ chatter.

“Straighten your back, Toyo, or you won’t have enough control. Your back should work just as hard as your hands…”

“Ah, it really sinks right in~!”

“It doesn’t hurt to leave some space in between them, Yori…”

“Does this… really feel good?”

The girls are quick studies. Once they’re mastered the grip, it only takes a minute for them to get used to the stroking motion as well. Soon, their lubed-up breasts glide up and down your length just as easily as Eirin’s.

“There, that’s the way. Now, let’s all please him together.”

With that, the girls all crush their breasts together again and begin to stroke you in tandem. The surge of pleasure nearly takes your arms out from under you; it felt amazing just to have them squeeze you, but when their smooth, slippery breasts are all sliding up and down at the same time… So much weight and heat and soft, pillowy pressure…

The ladies’ movements are far from perfect, though. They can handle the motions and the pressure separately, but doing it all together while their breasts are coated with oil is no easy task. The smallest shift in force can change the sensations completely, pressing your cock into one breast or another or between a random pair. On one stroke, you’ll be perfectly squeezed between all three of them. Then, you’ll be pinned between Yorihime and Eirin, with Yorihime’s firm tit pressing you deep into Eirin’s soft flesh and making her hard nipple scrape the most sensitive parts of your cock. Then they’ll overcorrect and push you right into Toyohime’s breasts, and she’ll squeeze them together as hard as she can until your cock slips back out.

Yorihime’s face remains gravely serious the while time, and she grunts constantly with exertion. The difficult task of balancing your penis between everyone’s breasts is holding her attention quite well, keeping her from dwelling on how perverted this situation is in the first place. There’s no mistaking her blush, though, or the quiet moans that squeak out whenever her nipples graze over your hard shaft.

Meanwhile, Toyohime acts more laid back, laughing at her mistakes and even stealing a few glances back at you to enjoy your reactions. Now that she’s grown used to the technique, she seems to take pride in her ability to make you quiver and groan under her attention.

Eirin seems to be feeling a mixture of lust and pride, smiling at her pupils almost as often as she focuses on pleasing you. Her sensual moans flow steadily into your ears, speeding up your heartbeat and keeping your length as hard as steel.

For your part, your face is an undignified mask of pleasure. Your constant moaning has your mouth almost hanging open, and your whole body shudders frequently with spasms of pleasure caused by one of the dozen different sensations that assault you. There’s no way you should be able to handle something this incredible, but it feels like your orgasm is still a long way off. Did Eirin put something in that sake she gave you…?
No. 32786
File 138224627560.jpg - (586.62KB, 1100x1438, moremoontits.jpg) [iqdb]
“You’re both doing quite well. Would you allow me to have him to myself for a minute?”

“Ah? Oh, of course, Miss Yagokoro!” Toyohime relinquishes her grip on your cock, followed shortly by Yorihime. The sisters watch their master with rapt attention while they catch their breath, quickened by a mixture of exertion and arousal.

Eirin advances slightly to fully possess your slick, shiny lap, sliding your cock between her soft breasts and wrapping them completely around your length once again. You were able to taste their softness while she was mashing them onto you, but it feels completely different to have them molded onto your length like this. Her breasts are so plush, so warm, that you can’t imagine anything more decadent.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to stroke you with something so huge. Rather than slide her breasts up and down, Eirin grabs them from the sides and starts to stimulate you in more subtle, sensual ways. She gently lifts one and lowers the other, twists her body from side to side, and slides back and forth across your lap, all while subtly varying the pressure from her hands. Her smooth, warm, lube-soaked flesh glides and twists effortlessly around your cock; over the next minute, you’re thoroughly squeezed and stroked by every inch of her fantastic cleavage from every conceivable axis and angle, moaning appreciatively the whole while.

Toyohime and Yorihime lie at your sides, not able to take their eyes off the spectacle. Their soft, round breasts lie flat in front of them, brushing up gently against your stomach as you twist around in pleasure. The flush has only grown deeper, and their coating of lubricant gleams in the lamplight. As amazing as it feels to be buried deep in Eirin’s cleavage, it seems like a waste for such lovely breasts to go unused. Taking a deep breath, you reach down and grab a handful of each of them.


Both ladies jolt in surprise, but neither one tries to pry your hands off of their breasts; if they’ve been rubbing these all over your cock, it shouldn’t be too scandalous for you to touch them. In fact, they almost seem to welcome your hands, gently pushing their breasts deeper into your grip.

“Mm… So shameless…”

If you’re the aggressor, they can feel good and preserve their image by blaming you for molesting them. You set to work groping the two of them while Eirin continues to smother your cock in pleasure.

“Ahh… S-sensitive…!”

Yorihime’s prove to be just a bit a bit firmer than her sister’s, yielding slightly less easily to the pressure from your hand. It’s still a delight to squeeze both of them, feeling the warm, slippery flesh squish out between your fingers. You make sure to give equal attention to each one of the sisters’ breasts, giving healthy squeezes to all of them and flicking your fingers across their hard, pointy nipples.


“Ohh… Right there, it’s…”

Yorihime’s ponytail sways between her shoulders as she twists and her head this way and that, while Toyohime’s unkempt hair sweeps all over her back like a shining, tumultuous ocean. Your gaze rolls easily down their smooth, curvy backsides, over the modest curves of their rumps, and down the whole shapely lengths of their legs. Both pairs of white panties have grown exceedingly moist, with the dark spot covering the undersides and making them cling tightly to the tender skin underneath. You could probably reach them if you were to lean back, but that would mean letting go of these wonderful breasts…

“You haven’t forgotten me, have you?”

A sultry voice draws your attention back to your lap. Eirin folds her arms and squishes them into the sides of her breasts, nearly doubling the pressure on your cock. Instead of just surrounding and embracing it, her breasts start to actually squeeze you. With a grip that strong, she’s able to start stroking you in earnest, moving her whole upper body up and down. You tilt your head back to moan, but she draws you back to her with a small, inviting purr.

No sooner do you lower your head than Eirin’s moist, full lips latch onto you, and her soft tongue slides into your mouth with an irresistible presence. You find yourself moaning even louder as it crawls between your teeth and slides all around your mouth, leaving a trail of delicious sake-flavored saliva wherever it goes. Your heads bob up and down as she uses her whole upper body to stroke you, making you shiver and moan constantly as her amazingly soft skin slides ever so slowly along your length.

Out of the corners of your eyes, you see the Watatsukis both lowering their heads. Seconds later, a loud cry interrupts the honey-like flow of Eirin’s voice and puts a stop to her movements. You swallow a few more of her rich, lustful moans, then break the kiss to get a better look.

Toyohime and Yorihime have each taken one of Eirin’s nipples, their lips barely covering the older woman’s areolae. Loud sucking sounds twine together with Eirin’s moaning, and the Watatsukis’ own voices join the mix when you resume your groping.

“I thought you two were nice girls…” she teases.

Toyohime retreats from Eirin’s nipple, her lips gleaming with lube and saliva. “Ah, I’m sorry. They just looked so delicious that Yori couldn’t resist.” Yorihime releases Eirin’s other nipple and jolts upright to deny that, but Eirin speaks first.

“Is that so? Perhaps I’ve kept him for too long. Why don’t you two take turns now?”

Yorihime’s in better shape of the two, so she scoots down and takes your cock away from Eirin. You let out a small grunt as her smaller, firmer breasts close around your shaft; they can’t quite match up with Eirin’s, but they’re still incredibly soft, and large enough for any man to drool over. Without ever once losing her grip, she keeps her breasts wrapped tightly around your cock and pistons up and down faster than you thought possible. That sort of vigor just seems appropriate for her.

Part of it comes from her face, you think. She barely acknowledges you at all, instead furrowing her brow and focusing all her attention on your cock even as a deep blush of drunkenness and arousal covers her cheeks. That seems off-putting at first, but it becomes a lot more flattering when you realize that she’s devoting a hundred percent of her concentration to the task of pleasuring you.

Still, a sense of awkwardness grows in the air. She was able to focus on Eirin and her sister when they were all working together, but now she’s servicing you alone while the other two watch and grin and help themselves to more sake. You try to keep your voice down at first, bur her relentless piston-like movements force you to moan louder and louder. She resolutely ignores them for a good while, but she’s eventually forced to turn her head and look right at you.

“Is it… um… Does it… really feel good?”

On a sadistic impulse, you keep your face as flat as possible and draw out the silence for a few painful seconds. Yorihime’s face grows darker and more despairing until you’re afraid she’ll pull out that sword of hers, at which point you quickly break out a smile and nod as fast as you can. Fortunately for you, the relief that washes over her is stronger than any anger she might feel.

“Of course!” She beams with pride for a moment, but only for a moment. Then she scrambles to return to her usual aloof bearing, sputtering and backpedaling as fast as she can. “I-I mean, as a Lunarian, I mean, with Eirin’s instruction, I mean, it’s only proper to--mmg!“ You lean forward and cut her off with a kiss. If words don’t suit her, perhaps that will.

Her eyes widen in shock as your lips press into hers, but she doesn’t push you away. She must be shocked to be kissed by a strange foreigner, but she can’t deny how excited she’s become, or how much she’s enjoyed using her breasts to make you quiver in pleasure. And who knows how long it’s been since a man kissed her?

Yorihime pushes back after a moment’s hesitation and resumes her stroking, keeping her breasts even tighter around you than before. Her dark brown eyes stay locked onto yours, and they lose just a bit of their hardness as you stare into them. She gently sucks on your mouth with her soft lips, but she doesn’t seem too eager to bring out her tongue. You decide not to push her there and just return her affections in kind.


She actually looks fairly cute like that. But the cuter she looks, the more you want to tease her…

With the way she’s holding her breasts at the moment, her hard nipples poke out conveniently between her fingers. Bringing up one of your hands, you pinch one between your thumb and forefinger and give it a gentle twist.

“Aahn!” Yorihime breaks your kiss and cries out, her eyes widening from the unexpected pleasure.

“My, you’re so sensitive! Let me try, too.” Toyohime eagerly crawls forward and claims Yorihime’s other nipple for herself.

“Agh! N-no, stop! Yorihime’s protests dissolve into loud moaning as the two of you pinch and tug her nipples. Her hands twitch off of her breasts, and she soon backs away from you to try and escape. You and Toyohime don’t let her off easily, though, and her nipples go through another half-minute of torture before you both give them one last pinch and let go. She immediately collapses onto the floor, but Eirin picks her up and brings her back to her lap.

“Ah, it’s my turn now!” Toyohime quickly springs forward, enfolding your cock between her breasts to claim it for herself. Watching Yorihime only made her more excited, and she immediately sets about stroking you.

Toyohime’s breasts have the same size and texture as Yorihime’s, but her more feminine figure makes them slightly softer. Sitting between Eirin’s and Yorihime’s, they have a nice, flexible combination of texture and size.

Yorihime relied completely on her fierce up-and-down motion, but Toyohime’s more willing to experiment and improve her technique by paying close attention to your reactions. First, she varies the pressure on her upward and downward movements, gently caressing your cock on the way up and almost crushing it on the way down. Then she splits some of her strokes into smaller sets of up-and-down motions that gradually move her up and down her length. And then, she twists her breasts inwards a bit so she can start to stimulate you with her hard nipples as well as her warm, pillowy flesh. Your moaning grows louder with each new addition, until her multilayered technique has you twitching and groaning and arching your back just as much as Yorihime’s merciless stroking did.

“Mm, how does it feel? I do it much better than my sister can, right?” the blonde asks with a grin. Yorihime’s eyes suddenly snap into focus at the sound of a challenge; she looks ready to pounce on you if you dare to call her inferior.

Toyohime relieves you of your burden with a chuckle. “Oh, I know the answer already. It’s the same with everything. This is quite a privilege, so you can just sit back and enjoy~”

A moment later, Toyohime raises her head and kisses you of her own accord. She quickly parts your lips and slips her tongue into your mouth, but her knowledge seems to fail her past there. Even though she was acting so seductive a moment ago, she’s really no more experienced than her sister.

Of course, you don’t have much of an edge yourself. You push her tongue back into her own mouth, and the two of you clumsily slide your tongues together while she continues pump you with her breasts. Even through all of her lust and excitement, you still sense some arrogance in her gaze. That doesn’t bother you too much, though. It seems like that’s just the way she is, and it’s likely what drives her to pleasure you so effectively. She’s blushing quite deeply now, but the alcohol doesn’t seem to have dulled her reflexes. Or perhaps it has, and she’s making you feel this good with a handicap…? You shudder at the thought.

The whole time, Toyohime continues to pleasure you and further refine her technique. Her soft, slick breasts seem to flow up and down your cock, simultaneously dexterous and gentle as they follow a rhythm that only she understands. As deliberate as it all seems, you can never tell what she’ll do to you next.

Toyohime gets you to herself for another tender minute before the other two rejoin the action. Yorihime and Eirin are both as flushed as ever, having helped themselves to some drinks while you were alone with Toyohime.

“Now, while we’re all together, why don’t we try something more advanced?” Eirin suggests.

“Advanced…?” Yorihime asks. Both sisters find the word intriguing, and Eirin smirks at their curiosity.

“Mm. Something we can only do together, to reward our patient friend. Just do exactly as I tell you…”

Following Eirin’s instructions, the four of you rise to your knees. Toyohime and Yorihime kneel at your sides, each raising one breast and pressing them together. Eirin kneels perpendicular to them, lifting up her voluptuous chest and squishing it into the sides of the Watatsukis’ breasts. All together, they form an extremely inviting tunnel for your cock. Eirin pours on a bit fresh lubricant to complete the image, and they all look up to you with varying degrees of lust and eagerness.

After a few moments to line yourself up, you slide your tip in between the Watatsukis’ upheld breasts, which greet it with a tight squeeze. Yorihime’s firmer breasts push you just a bit deeper into Tohohime’s, so Toyohime pushes a bit harder to comensate. A few inches deeper in, the three of you all twitch and grunt as your glans strikes the sisters’ nipples. They stay firmly pressed into your shaft as you slide even further in, attacking the sides of your cock with a sharp pleasure while their softness smothers the rest. The last few inches of your cock make their way out of the Watatsukis’ breasts, only to be swallowed up by Eirin’s. Her softness attacks your glans from every angle, able caress every sensitive inch at once with the slightest movement.

Ah, this is lovely. The Watatsukis’ perky tits surround and squeeze on most of your shaft, while your sensitive glans sinks easily into Eirin’s luxurious cleavage. In this position, you’re able to enjoy all three ladies’ breasts at your own pace.

Now that you can finally take the lead, you eagerly piston your hips into the marshmallow heaven they’ve set up for you. Lewd squishing sounds come out from their combined cleavage as your cock churns up the lubricant. Drawing on your past experience with Dai and Cirno, you make sure to mix up your long strokes up with some short, rapid thrusts to make the Watatsukis’ nipples light up with pleasure.

“Ahn! M-my, you’re good at this…”

“Nngh! Mmm…!”

Soon, Eirin’s compelled to adjust her grip a little so that you can pleasure her nipples as well. It’s probably nothing like the pillowy paradise that your cock’s pounding into, but you’re pleased to see that you’re pleasuring them as well. Yorihime keeps her moans short and embarrassed, while Toyohime moans enough to let you know she feels good without letting you think you’re doing too well. Eirin has no such reservations, though, and she lets her voice flow freely as your cock grinds against both of her thick, hard nipples.

Of course, hearing them all moaning like that only makes you move even faster. While you pound away at the ladies’ breasts and churn up the lubricant into a mess of tiny bubbles, Eirin puts on a sultry tone and addresses the sisters.

“Say, have you ever tasted a surface-dweller’s sperm?” she asks. ‘Surface-dweller’ is a strange term for her to use, but this isn’t really your place to ask. The Watatsukis both quickly deny this, but Toyohime’s denial is far more eloquent.

“Ehh? N-no, of course I haven’t! Mm… Doing this is one thing, but… ahhn…”

“You’re really missing out, you know. It’s just so rich and thick with impurity. The smell fills your head and blocks out your thoughts, and it sticks to your throat when you try to swallow it, and the salty taste lingers on your tongue long after it’s gone…” Eirin slowly licks her lips and swallows as loud as she can. “Oh, I’m getting hot just thinking about it…”

Toyohime’s eyes widen as she’s swept up in Eirin’s description, but Yorihime’s slightly better able to resist it. “W-we’re… haah… No matter how good it tastes, we would never pollute ourselves with…”

“You’ve already gone this far, haven’t you? There’ll be time to purify you before you return, and nobody will know but us. Don’t you want to try it just once~?”

The sisters look to each other for guidance, but they only find a mirror for their own conflicted thoughts. Everything they’ve done has felt good so far, but this seems to be a line that they still hesitate to cross. You and Eirin don’t exactly respect their privacy, though. You keep on scraping past their nipples, and Eirin moans and encourages you in a voice deep enough to make all three of you tremble. Every thrust drives the two ladies’ inhibitions a bit further away, making their resolve weaker and weaker...

After a while, it seems more like they’re silently arguing over who’s going to admit it. Pleading looks and accusing glares shoot back and forth, until they finally reach a compromise.


“Just once.”

Both sisters surrender together. Your cock twitches eagerly at the sight of their embarrassed faces, knowing that their pure skin will soon be stained with your cum. You’ve felt a huge load welling up inside you for a while now; if Eirin increased your endurance, then maybe she amped up your sperm count as well. Was she planning on this from the start?

“Oh, how exciting! Let’s not waste any time, then. I don’t know how much more our guest can take.”

Eirin’s right about that; the exquisite pleasure has taken a toll on your strength and balance. You probably couldn’t have kept thrusting for much longer.

Eirin helps you lie down again, and the three of them arrange themselves around your cock like before, with Eirin across from you and the sisters on either side. As they pull up your cock and squish it between all six of their breasts, and they start up their combined stroking that they used previously.

You’ve had a taste of each of the ladies’ breasts separately now, but feeling them all at once is still incredible. Eirin’s sultry teasing, Yorihime’s single-minded pressure, and Toyohime’s playful, ever-shifting style all converge on you at once, nearly overloading your sensitive penis with more sensations than you can process.

Seeking something to distract you from the pleasure, your eyes settle on the sight of the sisters’ rear ends, clenching together and twisting back and forth as they work on you. Nestled between their pale cheeks, you see two pairs of sopping wet panties. If you close your eyes, you can detect an unmistakably musky smell coming from them. They look so vulnerable, you just can’t resist…


Reaching forward, you tug Yorihime and Toyohime’s panties to the side, exposing the sisters’ juicy pink slits. They’re both cleanly shaved, and the whole area around them is completely slathered with juice. You line up two fingers with each one…


And drive them straight inside, immediately starting to pump away at their tight, slippery insides.

“Haah?! J-just what do you think youuu’re…!”

“Nnn…! Ahh! H-how daare …!”

They complain for a bit, but the lewd squishing between their legs quickly drowns out their weak voices. They know what they’re doing is taboo, but their bodies won’t permit them to stop or even try to resist. All they can do is accept the violation from your fingers and service your cock with their breasts, driving themselves towards an even greater defilement they both dread and desire more than anything…

The formation breaks quickly once you start to attack the Watatsukis directly. Yorihime’s willpower fades quickly, and she soon gives herself completely over to the pleasure. She squeezes her nipples together and presses them right into your cock, then grinds up and down to stimulate herself even further. The pleasure in her nipples sends her pussy into convulsions; her walls clamp shut around your fingers so frequently and with such strength that you’re forced to pull one out, but one that you keep sliding in and out is still enough to make her tremble all over.

Toyohime’s not so concerned about her own pleasure, but the thought of tasting your sperm compels her to attack your penis with all the aggression she can muster. Not a second passes when her breasts aren’t squeezed against you as tight as possible, and she constantly attempts to gain full dominion over your penis. Whenever it does land in her cleavage, she squeezes them together and rapidly stimulates you with every technique she can think of. Her pussy’s grip on your fingers is less intense than Yorihime’s, leaving you free to churn her up with two digits. You’re only using a simple in-and-out motion, but that seems to be plenty of stimulation for her inexperienced body.

Eirin’s by far the coolest-headed, but the excitement’s gotten to her as well. She works to preserve a balance between the two sisters, using her own massive breasts to keep you from falling completely into either of the Watatsukis’ clutches. Of course, doing so allows her plenty of opportunity to enjoy herself, either by grinding her own nipples into your hard length or by imprisoning it in her breasts for a slow and sensual massage until the Watatsukis force it back out. The sisters occupy most of her attention, but she occasionally looks down to you with an approving smile, encouraging you to pleasure her guests even further.

Both of them have tightened up quite a bit, though Yorihime’s is undoubtedly stronger. You rapidly plunge two fingers in and out of Toyohime’s quivering pussy, while Yorihime’s can only accept one finger at half the speed of your other hand. To make up for that, you use another finger to tease her hard clit at the same time.

With so many motivations and sensations at play, there’s no telling what’ll happen to your cock. It shifts freely between the three magnificent sets of breasts, never lingering with one for more than a few seconds. Over the course of fifteen seconds, it gets pinned between Yorihime’s and Toyohime’s chests, deliberately crushed under one of Eirin’s breasts, squeezed and milked by all six at once, and scraped multiple times by every one of their nipples.

“Yes, right there… Right therre!”

“Mmph! Hey! Kissing is playing dirty…”

“There’s no need to hold back, you know…”

At one point, a tussle between Eirin and Toyohime leaves you between Yorihime’s breasts, and she decides to give you a few firm strokes of her own before returning you to the warm, squishy whirlwind of pleasure. Another instance has it falling flat against your chest, where it’s trampled under the combined weight of everyone’s breasts before Eirin pulls it back upright. The resistance you gained from Eirin’s drugs is finally wearing thin; your cock twitches and clenches up constantly, and you suddenly feel twice as sensitive to every slittle squeeze and caress.

Finally, the three ladies agree to just hold you in place while they all lick the tip. Immersed in hot, soft pressure below and wrapped up in three different tongues above, you finally go over the edge. You drive your fingers deep into Toyohime and Yorihime at the same time, taking them right over with you.



Toyohime and Yorihime cum together as well, both clamping shut entirely around your fingers. A hot shock of pleasure shoots through you, and you see a thick wad of semen shooting through the air before you’re forced to throw your head back and moan. After the first few shots, you feel your cock being passed between different sets of soft, moist lips, all of which suck hungrily on your tip to draw out even more of your semen. You’re only dimly aware of that, though, as the searing pleasure that accompanies each shot overwhelms the rest of your senses. You easily fill every mouth that comes to you, and the last of your shots spurt into open air. Even after the flow of cum stops, waves of delight continue to roll through you, leaving you to convulse and moan away the rest of your strength.

You don’t quite pass out, though. After another minute, you feel steady enough to sit up.

None of the ladies have moved, either. Toyohime and Yorihime both seem frozen in shock, while Eirin’s simply catching her breath. Their faces and breasts are all splattered with long strings of fresh, sticky cum, and their lips are all positively coated with white. As you watch, Yorihime tries repeatedly to swallow everything she took in her mouth, getting just a bit further each time. Toyohime’s already swallowed hers, and now she simply trembles with seemingly endless aftershocks of pleasure as she takes in the musky scent that assaults her both inside and out. Eirin watches them both with a wide, cum-smeared grin.

“It’s amazing, isn’t it?” she asks. Her question seems to go unanswered for a while, but Toyohime eventually speaks up after licking some off of her fingers.

“Th-this taste, and the texture… the thickness, it’s all so…” the blonde gulps and trembles again. “… So sinful.” Suddenly, she turns around and crawls up to you, bringing her face mere inches away from yours. Her eyes carry a strange mixture of lust, accusation, and exhaustion, and the smell of your sperm and her own arousal is hard to ignore. It’s hard to take that face seriously when it’s blushing so hard and crisscrossed by a dripping web of semen.

“And you! Tempting me, violating my body, coating me with this and making me drink it… You’ll need to… take responsibility!” Toyohime drops her head onto your shoulder with a quiet whine, cradling your arm between her breasts in the process. You expect her to pull herself right back up, but she just stays there. Seconds later, you start to hear a quiet, less-than-ladylike snoring.

You’re quite impressed with her speed.

Glancing away from her, you see that Yorihime’s fallen asleep on your lap as well. Eirin looks them both over with a motherly smile.

“Ah, such foolish children. If they don’t embrace their desires once in a while, they’ll go mad with frustration.” Eirin easily picks the sleeping sisters up, putting Toyohime over one shoulder and holding Yorihime under her other arm. “You’ve witnessed a rare sight, you know. These two are as powerful as anyone in Gensokyo, and they won’t be nearly as cute when they wake up tomorrow. Why, if they remembered that they’d swallowed a human’s seed…” Eirin laughs. “Why, I’d be able to fit your remains in a dustpan!”


“Oh, don’t worry. Once they’re cleaned up and put to bed, they’ll just think it was a strange, blasphemous, delightful dream. There’s no way they’d lower themselves to paizuri with a human, after all.”

Eirin makes her way out the door, but stops and turns to you just as she reaches the hall.

“Oh, could you be a dear and put Reisen to bed? Don’t even think about taking advantage of her, though.” She winks. “After all, I still need to thank you properly for helping me.”
No. 32788
[X] 23: Glass Rhythm with Flandre and Remilia

Variety is the spice of life.
No. 32789
Well that was hot. Hearing about the pressure and softness was erotic. Are Toyohime and Yorihime implied to be married, what with the "hundred years" comments and the claim they haven't seen a penis in that long of a time? I know in canon they are, though considering it was almost a one time mention most seem to disregard it, but what about here?

Didn't BSD say in >>32769 that he'd appreciate people not voting until he says voting is open?
No. 32790

While the sisters are technically "married," Lunarian marriages are stiff, arranged affairs used to secure alliances and legitimize any resulting children. It's also been about a hundred years since the Watatsukis last saw their husbands.
No. 32791
They sound like those marriages initiated between royalty or nobility in past societies.
No. 32792
It most likely is hence why no one including the sisters gives a shit about their non existent husbands. Not even ZUN cares.
No. 32795
Thus everyone can live guilt-free with no fear of NTR.

Heh just joking about the NTR stuff. So since you mentioned Lunarian marriages being arranged and used to arrange alliances and legitimize children born from such marriages, and since it was mentioned the last time either had seen a cock or their husbands for a 100 years, how does that work? They only have sex once and never see each other again? What about in-vitro fertilization or whatever if they're so big into "sex only for procreation"?
No. 32797
This is nice, but I hope you'll get back to no longer unnamed futa Youmu story sometime this year.
No. 32807
Oh a when will voting open again?
No. 32809

There's a bit of courtship involved, but Lunarian couples usually just stay together for a few days to do the deed.

Of course, artificial insemination is considered to be a heretical perversion of nature that flies in the face of tradition.


I'm still working on that.


I'll open votes again when I'm sure I'll have a good chunk of time to write. Check back in a few days.
No. 32810
You mean Komachi Onozuka's Hard Throbbing Adventure
No. 32817
I'm curious about where all of that stuff about lunarian couples you're mentioning comes from.
No. 32840
This weekend doesn't look too good. Won't be holding votes for a while.
No. 32965
Busy times right now. I think I'll be able to write one of these on Saturday, though, so let's hold some votes.

We'll start out with nominations again. Refer to >>32633 for specific instructions.
No. 32970
[x] #35 Pot Snack w/ Toyohime and Yorihime

Eirin's plan worked well. Too well.
No. 32974
[X] 23: Glass Rhythm with Flandre and Remilia
No. 32977
[X]#15: Entangling Glint w/ Kaguya

I wouldn't mind seeing some fun with paizuri and Kaguya's hair.
No. 32979
[x] #35 Pot Snack w/ Toyohime and Yorihime
No. 32980
Hm... thinking outside the box here, if that's alright.

[X] 42: Konpei Candy with Sekibanki.

Only she could do this technique by herself.
No. 32981
[x]No 9: Land Subsidence (w/ Komachi)

The reason should be obvious.
No. 32984

Oh my god, this. This fuckin' guy right here gets it.

For those of you who can't be arsed to look it up, this is a position where the the breasts are penetrated from below at the same time a second girl licks the cock's underside.

Only Sekibanki could do this solo. If for nothing but the pure troll value I want to see BSD write this.

[X] 42: Konpei Candy with Sekibanki.
No. 32985
So what she'd be squeezing her breasts with her arms while holding her head underneath? Wouldn't that get tiring for her?
No. 32986
[X] #7: EXCITED WISTERIA with Fujiwara no Mokou
No. 32987
[x]#10: Moist Crystal with Alice.

This could even be transitioned to without breaking continuity or anything, as Alice is one of Eirin's customers.
No. 32988

Her head would be hovering to support its own weight.

Y'know, because it can totally do that.
No. 32989

I'd prefer not to write characters I've done in this thread already. Do you think you could pick something else?
No. 32990
[X] 42: Konpei Candy with Sekibanki.

No. 32992
[X] 42: Konpei Candy with Sekibanki.
No. 32993
[x] #19: Hidden Flower with Sakuya Izayoi
No. 32995
No problem.

[x] #35 Pot Snack w/ Yuuka and Yuuka
No. 33002
[X] 42: Konpei Candy with Sekibanki.

there isn't enough Sekibanki stuff and I need to see this.
No. 33003
[X] 42: Konpei Candy with Sekibanki.

Yes. Yeeeeesssss.
No. 33004
[X]#15: Entangling Glint w/ Kaguya
No. 33020
Sweet Jesus yes.
[X] Konpei Candy with Sekibanki

Originally I was gonna try and nominate the 'getsus for something, but this is too good to not vote for. Maybe next time.
No. 33022
[X] 42: Konpei Candy with Sekibanki.

Kudos to whoever originally suggested this.
No. 33024
[X] 42: Konpei Candy with Sekibanki.

Because it's too fucking good an idea to pass up.
No. 33051
Well, Sekibanki has more votes than everything else put together, so I don't think there's any need for a second round of votes. I'll see what I can do to make this happen tomorrow.
No. 33069
File 138406303313.jpg - (181.60KB, 850x1203, possibilities.jpg) [iqdb]
43: Konpei Candy

Here’s another higher level titjob. This is done by sticking your cock into a lady’s cleavage while another lady licks your cock from below. It doesn’t matter what sort of body the lady on the bottom has, but the one on the top must have an ample bosom.

Either the lady or the man can be in charge of doing the work. Regardless, it’s recommended to cum in the bottom girl’s mouth when you finish.


Time to make your weekly deliveries. It’s a bit tiring lugging all these prescriptions around the Village, but you do like to get out of the clinic ever y once in a while. It can get a bit uncomfortable being cooped up in there with Reisen all the time, especially now that Eirin and Reisen are both making passes at you. This is a nice break from all the sexual tension.

You meet a lot of people while you’re out doing deliveries. Some of them are just cranky old folks who’re too feeble to pick things up themselves, but others are nice, mild-mannered people who just don’t have the time to stop by the clinic.

And then there’s the people who just seem to want attention. Like Sekibanki, the next person on your route. She lives alone in a small house near the willows, and invites you to stay for tea whenever you come by. She’s a nice girl, if a bit… strange, so you don’t mind. It makes for a nice midday break.

Ah, and here you are now! Time sure flies when you’re thinking to yourself. You give the paper door a few knocks, but your knocking goes unanswered. She always leaves it unlocked for you, though, so you let yourself in and take off your shoes.

The entryway’s empty, both of people and of furniture. Sekibanki’s not especially fond of decorations, so the whole house always seems barren. You hear some noises coming from the kitchen, though. There’s some bubbling, some rustling, and a familiar, tomboyish voice.

“Oh, where did I put it…”

You don’t see her in the kitchen, either, but there is a pot of water at a roiling boil. Perhaps it was loud enough to mask your knocking? The shuffling and clattering comeing form that pantry in the corner are fairly loud as well.

“Ugh. Just because I have a top shelf doesn’t mean I should use it so much!”

That must be where she is. You head over to the open doorway, and… Gah!

Sekibanki’s there, but… her head’s floating a foot above her neck, blue bow and all, just browsing through her top shelf like it was the most normal thing in the world.

“Hm? Someone there?” Her head turns all the way around, while her body doesn’t move an inch. As soon as she sees you, her bright red eyes shoot wide open in terror.

“Wah!” Sekibanki’s head jerks back about a foot, while her body seizes up beneath her. Why’s she acting scared?

Now, you’ve seen your share of strange things in Gensokyo, but they all at least had the decency to keep all their appendages attached. As you stare up at Sekibanki’s floating, wide-eyed face, a deep-seated instinct urges you to stay the hell away from things that can take off their heads, just as a matter of course.

Accordingly, you drop your bags and bolt for the door.

“Eh? N-no, hey, wait!”

Sekibanki’s body manages to sprint over and tackle you a few feet short of the door, sending you both crashing onto the hard floor. As you lie there recovering from the impact, her disembodied head floats over and stops in front of you, hovering a few inches above the ground.

“S-sorry about that,” her head somehow says. There’s a very nervous look in her eyes, and the speed with which she flew over seems to have mussed up her bright red hair. You can see the beginnings of an embarrassed blush on her face, too. “I… just like having you over, so… I didn’t want you to run away and never come back.”

Her body gives you a hug to try and calm you down. Even if her head was attached, she’d still be a bit shorter than you. In this position, it’s hard to ignore the pair of large, soft breasts that press into your back as she holds you. She always tries to hide them under that dark red shirt of hers, but her brightly-colored capelet ends up outlining them quite clearly anyway.

“Anyway, there’s no need to be afraid. I’m… just a youkai. A… rokurokubi, I think? Or maybe it was a nukekubi. Anyway, I can… do this.” Her head bobs up and down for you, as if detaching it hadn’t been demonstration enough.

Okay. She’s just a youkai. That’s not so surprising, right? There must be dozens of peaceful ones hiding out in the Village. You apologize for screaming and trying to run away, and her frown changes to a nervous smile.

“Thanks. I’m sorry, I probably should have told you sooner.” She raises her head up to its normal level as her body helps you to your feet. It doesn’t seem to want to let you go, now that it has a hold of you… and those hands are starting to wander.

“Oh! But please don’t tell anyone, okay? I trust you, but… it’s a secret, and people wouldn’t treat me the same way if they suddenly found out.”

… Well, you can keep it secret from most people, but your superiors at the clinic need to know. Humans and youkai have different physiology, after all, so they’ll need to adjust the dosage for her… headache pills.

The floating head shakes itself violently at your response. “No, that’s the worst of all! If that bunny-girl gets a few drinks in her, she’ll start blabbing confidential information all over the place.”

Okay, that is a valid point. After hearing what Reisen blurted out at the Festival of the Myriad Gods, you’ll never be able to look at Keine the same way again. Still, if something ever went wrong and Eirin found out you knew the whole time, it’d be your head on the… nevermind.

Sekibanki growls quietly in frustration, her body hugging you a bit tighter. Her figure’s not mature enough for you to call it “womanly,” but you definitely feel a certain delicate warmth as she crosses her arms around your chest and flattens her breasts against you. Her head glances about a few times, and finally returns to you with a slight blush.

“Isn’t there… anything I can do? Some way I could pay you off?” You twitch in surprise as one of her hands goes between your legs, grabbing ahold around the slight stiffness that’s developed. It starts to gently squeeze and massage you there, leaving you speechless as she begins rub her chest up and down your back.

“Maybe… something with this? I can make you feel really good if you promise not to tell!”

Wow, she’s grown desperate. Or… has she? You don’t want to force her into something she’ll regret but you get the feeling she’s not exactly forcing herself. Besides which, she is a youkai … who knows what she’ll resort to if your refuse this?

And those breasts do feel pretty nice. You do find it hard to resist a fine pair of breasts.

You end up accepting her offer with an awkward nod, making her eyes go wide with surprise… and some excitement as well, you suspect.

“Ah, really!? O-okay. Well, then... in that case…”

Sekibanki’s body finally releases you and takes a few steps back. Her head floats over until it’s in grabbing range, at which point her arms promptly snatch it out of the air. They forcefully shove it back down into place, then twisting it back and forth a few times to… check the connection? You have no idea how that’s supposed to work. Once her head’s back in its normal position, the high collar of her capelet hides her mouth from view and slightly muffles her voice.

“In that case, uh… come with me. We’ll… do it in my bedroom.”

Sekibanki runs back to the kitchen to turn off the heat, abandoning her plans for tea, then leads you to her room in the back of the house. It’s rather modest like the rest of her abode, but you notice a nice chair and desk in a corner, with books and candles cluttered all over and around it. She did say she’s fond of reading.

“So, where do you want to… do it? I could pull out the futon, or…”

That sound a bit… excessive. You head over and take a seat in the chair instead; it’s not padded like the ones at the clinic, but you’ll have other things to occupy your attention.

Namely, the young-looking redhead who’s now kneeling in front of you, blushing nearly as hard as her bright red hair and clothes. You’d always found her easy on the eyes, and you’ll admit to fantasizing about her every now and again. Now that you’ve gotten into a position like this, you can feel the bulge growing steadily in your pants as you look down at her. She reaches out with trembling hands to pull down your pants and underwear...


… allowing your half-erect cock to flop out. Sekibanki’s eyes widen at the sight; you can’t see her mouth, but you can picture it hanging open in amazement. Even though she’s taken the lead so far, it seems she’s never actually seen a real one before. You have to wonder if there’s anything salacious hidden away in her pile of books.

A bit of fondling wasn’t enough to get you fully erect, but your cock’s growing harder by the second. Your partner raises a hand and gingerly closes her warm fingers around the shaft, then starts to slowly pump them up and down. You let out a low, steady groan to encourage her.

“Mm… so, do you want me to use these? You’re always looking at them whenever you come over…” Sekibanki uses her free hand to pull up her dark-red shirt, revealing an impressive bust held in check by a simple black bra. The rolled-up fabric rests atop her breasts. Releasing your penis for a moment, she reaches around her back to unfasten her bra, letting it drop to the floor.

Her breasts jiggle a bit as they’re released from their confinement. They’re certainly an asset to be proud of, especially for a girl of Sekibanki’s stature. They look large enough to fill your hands completely with a decent amount left over, and a deep red nipple stands on the tip of each one. Thanks to the way she always keeps them covered, they’ve remained quite pale like the rest of her body, and they’re perky enough to stay round and bouncy even without the bra’s support.

“Are they… nice?” she asks, snapping you out of your focus-trance. Your fully-erect cock is probably answer enough, but you back it up with an approving nod.

“Ah, th-thanks! Let me just… make sure you’re ready, and then…” Emboldened by your arousal, Sekibanki grabs your cock again and strokes you some more, moving her hand more quickly and forcefully than before. You lean your head back and let out a few more groans as her pure, inexperienced hand slides along your length, her other one reaching down reaching down to carefully fondle your scrotum. Soon, you’re hard as a rock and coated with shining precum.

“Okay. So, I should do it like this… right?” Sekibanki grabs her breasts and scoots forward a bit, then squeezes them together quite tightly around your cock.

The sudden pressure around yoru shaft forces you to let out a loud moan of pleasure. Her chest feels a good deal warmer than her hands, and quite a bit softer too. She’s very well-endowed, but still a size or two smaller than Reisen, leaving the tip and a bit of shaft still exposed. Her breasts are much firmer, too. There’s a certain tightness to their grip that you haven’t felt from anyone else.

However, you only get a moment to appreciate it before she starts to stroke you. She carefully raises and lowers her whole body, slowly working her breasts up and down your length. Her hands keep them pressed together to keep that tight grip in effect, giving your cock the sort of squeeze that you thought only Yorihime could muster. Your tip comes out from each stroke covered in a fresh coat of precum, but Sekibanki’s high collar capelet keeps her from using her mouth. She doesn’t strike you as the fittest youkai, so she quickly starts grunting and breathing heavily from the exertion.

“How’s… this?” she asks. You can’t see what her mouth is doing, so the nervous look in her eyes is all you have to go by.

Well, it doesn’t feel bad, but… she’s obviously inexperienced. Her movements are too slow and stilted, and she isn’t comfortable enough to experiment with the speed or pressure. The lack of mouthplay is disappointing too, especially since her breasts leave such a serviceable portion of your length exposed. It doesn’t really hold up to what Reisen or Eirin can do.

Of course, you don’t tell any of that. Instead, you just smile reassuringly and ask if you can take the lead instead.

“Oh? Um, okay.” Sekibanki shifts back and sits up slightly, allowing your cock to stay between her warm breasts as you raise yourself out of the chair. She removes her hands away as you take ahold of her breasts for yourself, digging your fingers deep into the soft, springy flesh. You can’t resist the urge to grope them for a bit, sliding your hands around and making her shudder with your squeezes. Her nipples seem to be fairly sensitive as well, judging by how she has to squeeze on eye shut when you tease them with your thumbs.

“Mm! H-hey, you’re the one who’s supposed to feel good…”

Of course. Without slowing down your hands, you pull your hips back and start to thrust in between her breasts. You don’t use quite as much pressure as she did, instead giving your cock some room to slide around within her cleavage. Now you’re able to keep them wrapped around the tip, churning up a mess of precum between her breasts with each thrust, but a few inches near the base go uncovered in exchange. Oh, well.

The soft squeezing and friction soon has you moaning as you pump away with your hips. Sekibanki’s own blush deepens as well, likely thanks to the rough treatment you’re giving her breasts at the same time. She’s even starting to let out a few cute moans herself. There’s a very focused look in her eyes, though. There’s an idea forming in that detachable head of hers.

“Ah, I know! Here, I’ll make you feel even better!” Sekibanki shows a sudden burst of determination as she pulls your hands off her breasts, taking control of them herself once again. She squeezes them together even tighter than before, molding her smooth, warm skin onto every last detail of your cock and nearly crushing it under the pressure. Just as you’re wondering if that’s all she had in mind, her head suddenly pops off again. You can’t help recoiling on instinct, but she manages to keep you from sliding out of her grip.

“A-ah, sorry. I guess that takes some getting used to. Now, if you can just move it along the bottom…”

Sekibanki’s head floats off to the side and makes its way under under her breasts, disappearing from view as it works its way into the space between your bodies. Your eyes are naturally drawn to the vacated space above her neck, but you can only see a a black void there.

At the same time, she manages to force your cock out through the bottom of her slippery cleavage. You can feel a considerable weight as her breasts rest on top of your length, seeming to beckoning you back into that delightfully tight, squishy space between them.

But that thought is driven from your mind as you feel a long, wet lick along the underside of your length, reaching all the way from base to tip. Your whole body twitches in surprise, but… that actually feels pretty good…

“Mmm...” She licks you like that a few more times, cleaning the precum off your shaft and replacing it with her own saliva. The shivers of pleasure make your cock twitch against her breasts, teasing it with their smooth, firm texture.

She pushes down with her breasts and up with her head, neatly pinning your length between her mouth and her rack. You can feel her breath ticking your shaft and scrotum, while her rapid heartbeat throbs through her breasts from above.

“Mw fwy fstnk,” she murfles.

Taking that as an invitation, you carefully pull your hips back and thrust into the tight space she’s created. The top half of your cock stays enclosed in her soft flesh, wedged nicely into the slight depression where her breasts meet. Slick with your precum, the smooth and spotless flesh strokes everything it touches, making you shiver as it molds right over the crown of your penis. Meanwhile, she covers the sensitive underside of your cock with gentle licks and kisses. Even an expert titfuck doesn’t give much attention to the back vein, so the added pleasure there feels amazing.

As the two of you get used to your strange position, you’re able to speed up your thrusting to a respectable rate. You put your hands on Sekibanki’s shoulders for support, trying to focus your gaze on her lovely breasts and her erect red nipples rather than the gaping void between her shoulders. Meanwhile, her own hands stay tight on her breasts, doing their best to press down on your length while keeping you from rising too far into her cleavage. She’s doing a surprisingly good job at that for her first time, but you suppose that’s an easier task than actually using them to stroke you.

Her head’s doing an impressive job as well. You imagine it’s quite difficult to lick your cock in that sort of position, but a mixture of lust and determination keeps her from giving up. Sometimes she just holds out her tongue or puckers her lips for you to thrust over, but other times she tries to cover your shaft with wet kisses as it slides back and forth.

A few minutes pass like that, with your cock twitching in delight as it’s pleased from both above and below. Your moans encourage the rokurokubi further, and you can her her own voice coming out in muffled but excited noises as she continues to service you. Just the fact that she’s doing this at all indicates that she’s probably enjoying it. Eventually, you feel her head pull away from your shaft and reorient itself beneath you.

“Hey, try putting it… in here…” Glancing around the side of her breasts, you see that her head’s pointed straight down now. You reach under her chest to point your cock further down, allowing her to wrap her lips wrap themselves around the tip.

You release Sekibanki’s shoulders and feel around under her breasts until you feel her soft hair. Gently placing your hands on either side of her head, you hold it in place as you push your cock into her tight, warm mouth. She sucks lustfully on your length as soon as it clears her lips, and her tongue makes you tremble and groan as she rubs her tongue all over the crown. You feel an urge to push yourself in even deeper, but decide not to risk it. If you make her take your whole length at once, there’s a distinct chance it might… go through.

After half a minute of blissful thrusting into her mouth, you pull out and thrust your cock upwards, burying it in between her breasts instead. The tight, firm embrace of her squishy, slippery chest feels completely different from the mouth you were just enjoying. Her arms keep a tight grip as you pound into her cleavage, letting her pliant flesh caress every inch of your throbbing length. Her head’s nowhere near the tip, so her head goes after your scrotum instead, taking it entirely into her moist, warm mouth. She’s able to keep her lips around your balls even as you ferociously thrust your hips, never letting up with her gentle licks and suction.

Now, you’re presented three different ways to enjoy Sekibanki’s body: her breasts, her mouth, and her special combination of both. The squishy pressure, powerful suction, and two-pronged stimulation all please your cock in different ways, and you cycle between all three once a minute. Her mouth’s too busy servicing you in one way or another to say anything, but her moaning sounds quite enthusiastic.

It took her a bit to get going, but she’s really a perverted girl, isn’t she?

A few minutes later, as you’re thrusting between Sekibanki’s mouth and breasts once again, you feel a strange pressure start to build in the air.

“Mm… Mmm… Mhm!”

You hear a thunderous sound, and there’s a brilliant flash of light. When you open your eyes, you see Sekibanki’s blushing, grinning face right in front of you.

And to your left, and to your right, and a few inches above you. The one servicing under her breasts is still there, too, licking and sucking your length as passionately as ever.

It’s a shock, of course, but you’re too aroused freak out like before. A nasty tremor runs through you, but then you accept it.

“It’s really twitching now… you must really like this, huh?” the central head asks. “Let me make you feel even better…”

With that, she darts forward and mashes her lips onto yours, forcing you into a lustful kiss. Her experience doesn’t match her enthusiasm, but you can’t say that you’re that much better. The two of you moan around each other’s tongues as you swirl them together, overwhelmed with lust and excitement.

That still leaves her with three extra heads, though. One of them grabs the rim of your shirt in its teeth, pulling it up to expose your nipples. It then jerks down to kiss one of your nipples, and a second wet mouth covers the other. The two of them work together to coat the sensitive nubs with gentle sucks and licks and nibbles, apparently just trying whatever comes to mind. The final head floats off behind you, where it’s quickly forgotten as you contend with Sekibanki’s hungry mouths and continue to thrust between her breasts and her tongue.

The head on your mouth breaks the kiss for a moment, while the other three continue to service you unabated. She gestures down towards her breasts as best as a disembodied head can.

“Um, could you grab them now? I need to have my hands free…”

You’d been wanting to grope them some more, so you happily oblige her. As soon as you comply, though, her arms reach behind you and spread your cheeks open, exposing your asshole. Just as you realize what she’s up to, a wet tongue forces its way inside, making your body shoot straight upright.

“Heh… I heard that guys liked it when you teased them there…” The final head closes its eyes and moves forward to resume its kiss. Prying her away would mean letting go of her lovely breasts, so you just resume your thrusting and let her do as she pleases.

Sekibanki’s only one girl, but she’s stimulating you in so many ways at once, her body and all five of her heads working together to pleasure you. The one on your mouth continues to engage you in clumsy but earnest tongueplay, while your nipples burn with constant pleasure thanks to the tireless work of the ones on your nipples. The head behind you ceaselessly thrusts and swirls her wet tongue in your asshole, striking you with a constant barrage of strange pleasure.

And of course, the one between your legs is as passionate as ever, keeping your length pinned perfectly between her hot, wet mouth and her firm, slippery cleavage. She keeps her lips pressed against your constantly-moving length and sucks gently on whatever she can reach, while her breasts crush and stroke the rest. You don’t let up with your groping for a moment, squeezing and stroking her firm but heavy breasts while keeping them pressed together to try and give her some fraction of the pleasure you’re feeling.

No matter how you twist and turn, the heads all stay attached to you, their moans vibrating throughout your body. All of the pleasure wracking your body seems to flow into your cock, making it throb harder and harder and driving you to thrust faster and faster without ever leaving that heavenly tunnel. As your eyes grow hazy, Sekibanki realizes you’re about to lose it.

“Ah! L-let me drink it!” she exclaims. You’re so pleased to hear it that you don’t stop to think how perverted her request is.

The various heads all disappear save the one in front of you, which quickly reattaches to the body. The sudden drop in pleasure doesn’t matter at that point; a few strong thrusts between her breasts are all you need to go over the edge. Your cock starts shooting immediately, and you end up spilling a few shots on her breasts and face before you can pull down her collar and get your cock into her mouth. She sucks down your thick shots of seed with a mixture of embarrassment and excitement, not able to keep from moaning around your cock. Your load proves to be a bit too much for her to handle, though, and a few trails of semen leak out of her mouth and run down along her breasts.

You stay in her mouth while she sucks out the last few drops, then fall back into the uncomfortably hard chair. Sekibanki slumps down on her knees as well; you bet she can hardly believe everything she just did.

After a minute of exhausted panting, you get back up and pull up your pants. Sekibanki swallows a bit of cum she’d sucked off finger, then looks up to address you.

“S-so, you won’t tell anyone about me, right?”

… Well, it’s easy to get into the back room, so you guess you could change around the dosage yourself…

“And, if that wasn’t enough…” She blushes and looks away, seemingly trying to sink even deeper into her capelet. “… We could do something else next week.”
No. 33070
You know what I always like about your writing here: that you always add to what would normally seem straightforward. Here I was thinking it'd be fun and fappable but mostly just sticking to what's written in the description of the technique, but then you add the extra heads and that really gets it going. Bravo, bravo!
No. 33071
Anyways when will the next voting time come up?
No. 33072
That was amazing and so much better than I could've hoped.
No. 33073
Sekibanki best girl, route confirmed, ending unlocked. Reisen? Who's she? Sekibanki is marriage material.
No. 33074
That was the greatest thing I've ever read. Thank you to the person who originally suggested that.
No. 33076
Okay, I admit it. I was skeptical at first, but that was fantastic, and whoever came up with the idea is a complete and total genius.
No. 33077
Dunno but a connection was definitely felt, though I don't think BSD'd stand for Winemaker-style waifu lists.
No. 33087
I was half-joking, anyway, though BSD does occasionally do the waifu thing; see Mokou, Meiling, and Koishi ends from his main Komachi story.

I haven't actually read Winemaker, actually, because I sort of assumed it was connected to some other story on the site that I didn't really have an interest in reading. You know, a thread for the H scenes, like a few stories on the SFW boards have. How is Winemaker, at any rate?
No. 33089
It's probably one of the most vanilla stories on the board (aside from the fact that the MC has sort of a harem going, from what I recall). Whether that's a good or bad thing is up to your judgment.
No. 33103
Winemaker is standalone and like >>33089 said VERY vanilla compared to other stories on /at/. The whole waifu/harem thing is mainly based on there being more a connection between the guy and girl beyond "Wham Bam thank you ma'am"
No. 33147
Got another free Saturday coming up. Nominations for the next scene are open. Seconded nominations will get a spot in the run-off.
No. 33150
[X] 23: Glass Rhythm with Flandre and Remilia
No. 33157
File 138495412122.jpg - (265.93KB, 562x800, 9135420_p1.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]#10: Moist Crystal with Alice.
No. 33158
[X] 23: Glass Rhythm with Flandre and Remilia
No. 33159
[X] 36: Supernova with Shinki and Yumeko

I can't decide if delicious Master-Servant (this), Mother-Daughter (Alice and Shinki), or "sisters" (Alice and Yumeko) is better...
No. 33160
#38: Cycle of Life and Death with Mugetsu and Gengetsu

They have their own realm, pocket dimension, whatever you want to call it. Theirs is the world of dreams, and they make the rules. If they want to pull of an impossible position they can damn well do so. There doesn't need to be a ground, or even a proper "up" or "down". I think people really underestimate the potential of the dreamworld apropos of titjobs.

Wow, there's a sentence I never thought I'd type.
No. 33162

Interesting... you raise an excellent point indeed. If possible, I Shall switch my vote, found here...


...from supernova to cycle of life and death. Er, is that acceptable, BSD?
No. 33163
Wouldn't it be better to delete your old vote so it doesn't look like you're voting twice or something?
No. 33166

Nothing wrong with changing your vote, but I would prefer if you deleted the old one. Makes them easier to count.
No. 33168
This guy has got the right idea.

[X] #38: Cycle of Life and Death with Mugetsu and Gengetsu
No. 33169
[X] 23: Glass Rhythm with Flandre and Remilia
No. 33170
[X] 23: Glass Rhythm with Flandre and Remilia

Dreamworld sounds intresting, but I can't vote against sister titjobs
No. 33171
Gengetsu and Mugetsu are also sisters.
No. 33172
[X] #7: EXCITED WISTERIA with Fujiwara no Mokou
No. 33173
You make a good point. Then, I can't vote against loli sister titjobs.
No. 33174
you mean naizuri as I get the feeling they'd be an exception to BSD's world of buxom.
No. 33175
I think that's the point.
No. 33176
[X] 23: Glass Rhythm with Flandre and Remilia 

On the one hand, PC-98. On the other, cute loli sisters.
No. 33177
File 138508372935.jpg - (794.29KB, 1063x1358, 10940408.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] 23: Glass Rhythm with Flandre and Remilia

You know what, I decided I'd switch back to my original vote.
No. 33178
[X] 23: Glass Rhythm with Flandre and Remilia

Loli titjob makes me curious. Even though the dreamworld idea sounds good.
No. 33179
Only two choices in the running now, but I won't restart the voting. If you voted for something other than Cycle of Life and Death or Glass Rhythm, you may want to change your vote.
No. 33180
[x] 38: Cycle of Life and Death with Mugetsu and Gengetsu
No. 33181
[x] 38: Cycle of Life and Death with Mugetsu and Gengetsu
No. 33183
[x] 38: Cycle of Life and Death with Mugetsu and Gengetsu
No. 33184
[x] 38: Cycle of Life and Death with Mugetsu and Gengetsu
No. 33185
[x] 38: Cycle of Life and Death with Mugetsu and Gengetsu
No. 33194
[x] 23: Glass Rhythm with Flandre and Remilia

Tie Breaking.
No. 33196
[x] 38: Cycle of Life and Death with Mugetsu and Gengetsu

No. 33202
[x] 38: Cycle of Life and Death with Mugetsu and Gengetsu

It'll be something different. I don't think Mugestu and Gengetsu have shown up anywhere, and if they have, its not that often.
No. 33203
[x] 38: Cycle of Life and Death with Mugetsu and Gengetsu
No. 33204
A votespam check found some suspicious similarities between a few of the Getsu votes, but they win even after accounting for that. Looks like we'll be getting some Inception action.
No. 33205
Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear that. It makes me somewhat upset to learn that the choice I preferred was subverted in such a way.

Incidentally, the artist released a new titjob book. Most of the positions are new, and he uses most of the new characters from DDC and HM, but a few positions seem to be reprises from previous books:
No. 33206
Are you sure their new positions? I thought they were new at first, but comparing it seems they're the same positions, just drawn at different angles.
No. 33207
Looking over it again, it does seem as though many are the same positions, but I'm fairly sure that at least a couple are new, like that one with Seiga and Yoshika.
No. 33216
Oh well. At least we still get sisters.
No. 33217

Yea, but not loli sisters. Sad times my friend, sad times.
No. 33225
To be fair, it's not as though there's exactly a drought of material pertaining to the Scarlet sisters. Mind you, either way the vote went it was gonna be good.
No. 33228
File 138527290945.jpg - (229.90KB, 850x850, mugetsus on the left.jpg) [iqdb]
38: Cycle of Life and Death

This is one of the harder titfuck positions to pull off. Basically, it’s a titfuck involving the underboobs of two women. With the man lying flat on his back, both girls wrap their bodies around his cock. The hard part comes from maintaining pressure on the man’s cock, in addition to taking care not to kick his face by accident.

It would be ideal to cover the cock’s head with the ladies’ tits to prevent a messy ejaculation.


Your blonde hostess lets out a condescending chuckle.

“Wow, are they still arguing about that?” She reaches under her red vest, feeling around within the depths of her pure white dress. A moment later, her hand returns with a small, shining pin. “It’s obviously ten. Here, take a look.”

She leans across the to table offer it, careful not to disturb anything as she holds out the item. Her large, feathery wings flutter a bit behind her as they’re freed from the confines of her chair. As you lean forward to accept the pin, you see them shed a single feather onto the tablecloth.

The pin fits neatly in the palm of your hand. Holding it up to your eye, you see ten silver-haired, blue-robed angels dancing merrily on the head, with not a speck of room for more.


The winged girl giggles at your surprise, and a second blonde steps in to refill your tea. She’s a bit taller and bustier than your hostess, and her hair’s about an inch longer, but there’s a definite resemblance. She’s dressed in a neatly-kept maid uniform, with a crisp headdress and a white apron over a blue dress...


… But she’s not a very good maid, as evidenced by the way she pours some tea over the tablecloth by accident. Still, you thank her with a kind smile and pick up the teacup by its dry parts. The girl sitting across from you adjusts the red bow in her hair before drawing your attention back to her.

“And now…” She pauses to clear her throat. “… H-5.”

H-5…? Agh! She sunk your--Waaah!

As it turns out, that cozy little cottage and the ground it was built on ended abruptly right behind you, and your chair was perched precariously on the ledge. Shifting back surprise made you fall right off, and now you’re tumbling through the oddly purple air. The teacup goes flying out of your hands, quickly vanishing into the infinite void that surrounds you.

Falling, screaming, falling…



… Until you somehow fall through the roof of that same building and land right on top of your hostess, sending you both sprawling over the floor. Of course, your face ends up nestled between her breasts; they’re not the largest you’ve encountered, but they’re certainly nice enough to snuggle against. And she doesn’t really seem to mind…

“Wah! Sis, are you okay?” You’re quickly interrupted, though. The maid sets down the teapot and rushes to her sister’s side, quickly rolling you off of her.

“Oww… I’m okay.” The first girl sits up, wincing and rubbing the back of her head.

The maid breathes a sigh of relief, then turns to you. You expect her to be mad at you for… whatever you did, but her face seems apologetic instead.

“Sorry, I guess that was kind of mean. It was really fun seeing your face when you fell, though!”


The winged girl puts a thoughtful finger to her chin. “It’s weird that he came back, though. Usually people wake up when they fall like that.”

… Wake up?

Wait. Waaait a minute. Buildings don’t just open up into random abysses. Space doesn’t loop in on itself like that. And you don’t even remember starting that game of Battleship!

… In fact, you don’t even know what Battleship is. Or who these people are, for that matter. What’s going on here?

The maid smiles sheepishly and scratches the back of her head. “Ah… Looks like we got found out, Sis.”

Her sister picks herself up off the ground, brushing herself off with her hands. She turns to you with an apologetic yet upbeat face.

“Ah, well. I guess you deserve an explanation. I’m Gengetsu, and she’s my little sister, Mugetsu.” Gengetsu points to the little sister in question, who fumbles through a curtsey. She’s definitely not a real maid. “And this…” Gengetsu makes a grand gesture. “… is Mugenkan, the world of dreams! I think. It’s usually pretty lonely in here, but sometimes people like you wander in while they’re asleep.”

Looking out through the missing wall again, you see that the sky’s not at all like normal. It’s tinted a light purple and filled with glittering red stars, broken up by occasional patches of pure darkness. It’s… not all that impressive, really. To be honest, it looks more like someone with questionable art skills just drew it all in. But you assure the two girls that it’s quite lovely.

“Ehe, thanks!” Mugetsu and Gengetsu both puff up with pride, pushing out their impressive chests in the process. They’re both rather silly, aren’t they.

Now, why did you end up in a place like this…? Oh, that’s right.


Eirin fast-talked you into testing out a new sleeping pill for her. Knowing her, it could have somehow altered your unconsciousness somehow and sent you here. If that’s the case, you could be here for a while.

… You hope nobody’s taking advantage of your body while you sleep. You’d hate to find out that you missed something.

Gengetsu furrows her brow at the news, but she seems to decide it’s a good thing. “Hmm. Well, if you’re gonna be stuck here for a while… Do you wanna play some more? It’s so rare for us to have visitors, so we get a bit lonely… “ Gengetsu starts to fiddle with her hands, squeezing her breasts between her arms as she stares at you with puppy-dog eyes. Mugetsu puts on the same face and gives you a pleading bow, making her bust strain against her outfit as it hangs down invitingly.

Their pleading faces are hard to ignore, and so are their breasts. You can almost see Gengetsu’s nipples pressing out against her dress as her breasts bulge outward, and Mugetsu’s jiggle visibly as she straightens up from her bow. Between that and the light blushes they’re sporting, you’re sure they’re doing that on purpose.

It’s hard to really see their assets under all that clothing, though. But if you’re dreaming, maybe you can…


You snap your fingers, and a thick cloud of smoke poffs out around the sisters. You can only see their silhouettes at first as they look themselves over, but soon…

“Eh? Wah! Wh-what’s…?”

Ah, much better. The smoke clears to show you that the girls’ normal clothes are gone, replaced by matching sets of exquisite lingerie. Gengetsu’s is colored a bright red, while Mugetsu’s is a more subdued blue. The younger sister panics and hugs her gloved arms over her bare chest, which only amplifies the lewdness as her soft breasts bulge out around them. Meanwhile, Gengetsu quickly approves of her new clothes and puts a hand on her hip, regarding you with an excited smile.

Goodness, your imagination certainly outdid itself. Mugetsu still has her headdress on, and Gengetsu retains her red hair-bow, but everything else is completely different. Each girl now has a color-coded choker around her neck and a pair of semi-transparent gloves that reach up past the elbows. Their breasts are left uncovered, of course, but they do each have a corset covering their midsection and shoring up their curves. Between their legs, each girl wears only a pair of crotchless panties, which fully expose their delicate, hairless pussies. Luxurious stockings enclose their feet and legs, stretched taut and connected by long straps to the flowery garterbelts around their waists.

All together, the sight’s enough to give you a blush matching theirs. Now that you can see them more clearly, the sisters both look a bit younger than Reisen, with milky-white skin and round, perky breasts. With a little help from the corsets, they each sport an attractive hourglass figure that your gaze can just roll all over. Mugetsu’s a few inches taller and a bit curvier all around, but Gengetsu’s more petite figure has a delicate charm of its own.

It takes Mugetsu a moment to notice that her pussy is bare as well, at which point she yelps and shifts her arms to hide both her nipples and labia from view. She was tempting you along with Gengetsu before, but this sudden development seems to have made her uncomfortable. Her sister, however, has no such concerns. She starts to advance on you with a naughty grin once you’ve had a good, long look at her assets.

“Aha, so you wanna play that kind of game, huh~? It has been a while since we’ve had a man…” Gengetsu slowly closes the remaining distance with short, dainty steps, swaying her modest hips the whole way. When she finally reaches you, you brush a bit of her short blonde hair out of the way and lower your head to kiss her. She’s eager to accept your lips and tongue, her golden eyes growing hazy with desire as her warm, wet tongue starts to run over yours. Her silky gloved hands settle on your hands and guide them up to her chest, making your fingers sink into the soft, springy flesh of her breasts. You guess she’s even smaller than Sekibanki, but this chest of hers is nothing to be ashamed of. Her warm breasts fit perfectly in your hands, and the slightest squeeze makes her blush and shiver. She moans eagerly into your mouth while your tongues dance together, and you can practically feel her rapid heartbeat though her breasts.

Seeing her sister react so boldly convinces Mugetsu to join in as well. Withdrawing her hands from her privates, she puts on a smile as you glance over her heaving breasts. They’re about a size larger than Gengetsu’s, but no less round or perky. Still blushing a little, she walks up to you and invites you to start groping her as well.

“I guess it has been a while… and doing it with Sis all the time does gets boring.”

She parts her lips and leans forward a little, and you welcome her into the kiss. Surprisingly, Gengetsu doesn’t show any hesitation in locking tongues with her sister. In fact, they start to go after each other almost exclusively, their tongues coiling together in a perfect fit as they suck on each other’s lips. You’re forced to break it up yourself, at which point they team up to overpower your mouth with quick, affectionate licks. You end up in a hot, wet three-way fight for each other’s affection, moaning excitedly all the while.

Meanwhile, you continue to squeeze and fondle the sisters’ breasts, massaging the soft flesh and stroking their hard nipples. Gengetsu’s is definitely the firmer pair, and the squealing twitch you get from pinching her nipples sounds like a stronger reaction than the low moan you get from Mugetsu. You don’t mean to disparage the younger sister, though. Her larger, softer breasts are just as much fun to grope; you love the way her flesh bulges out around your fingers, and they jiggle hypnotically with the slightest touch.

Soon, the girls start to return the affection to your body. Gengetsu deftly tugs down your pants, while Mugetsu’s soft hand fishes into your underwear and tugs out your cock. You’re hard already, of course, but the sisters take turns stroking you with their gloved, frictionless hands until your shaft feels like an iron rod. Mugetsu’s movements are slow, light, and careful, while Gengetsu’s soft hands give you a more vigorous stroking. However, you don’t get to enjoy their handjob for long before Gengetsu breaks the kiss, gleefully swallowing your saliva along with her sister’s.

“Puah… You really like breasts, huh? Want us to give you some service~?” Brushing your hand from her chest, the elder sister steps back and cups her respectable breasts from below. You answer her with an eager nod, releasing her sister’s tongue a moment later.

Mugetsu seems a bit dazed after the kissing and groping, but she quickly shakes it off as an idea strikes her. Before Gengetsu can kneel down between your legs, her younger sister holds out a hand to stop her.

“Hold on, Sis. Anyone can give him a titfuck like that. Can’t we do something more interesting?

“Hmm?” Gengetsu stands back up, and the blue-clothed sister whispers something into her ear. This time, it’s the older one who’s surprised.

“Eh? Y-you think he’ll like that?”

“No idea! But it sounds like fun, so let’s try it!”

“… Okay!”

The whole building suddenly dissolves away, leaving the three of you stranded in the void. Unlike last time, though, you just end up floating in place. Gravity doesn’t seem to care much about doing its job here.

“Don’t worry, we’re gonna make you feel really good!” Mugetsu hovers over to you and kneels down at your right side, facing perpendicular to you. She tugs your cock down so that it’s pointing straight away from you and rubs the sensitive tip for a bit, purring to herself as she dirties her glove with your precum. Then she raises herself up slightly and drops her heavy breasts onto the outstretched shaft, pressing them down from above with her arm. Your cock naturally strains upward, while her arm pushes her breasts down; as a result, your shaft sinks partway into her soft breasts, which embrace the top half with a smooth, squishy warmth.

“Wow, it’s really hot~”

That feels pretty nice on its own. Her breasts are soft enough to mold onto your length, ensuring that every single inch gets caressed by their flawless surface. If you pinned your cock between her breasts and her stomach, you could probably get a nice titfuck going. But as you glance to your left and see Gengetsu floating upside-down, you realize they have something else entirely in mind.

“But that’s only half of it. How do you like this?” Suddenly, Gengetsu mashes her own assets up (?) onto your cock from below(?), making you cry out in surprise. With her sister’s firm chest supporting her, Mugetsu’s able to press down harder as well, completely immersing you in softness.

“Aha! How about that?” Gengetsu asks from below.

It feels… wonderful. Even when Eirin gives you a titfuck, she can’t cover and squeeze every inch of your cock at once, and the pressure comes from the sides to give the most stimulation to the least sensitive parts of your cock. But the girls’ chests are more than wide enough to accept your entire length when you come in from the side like this, and this flouting of gravity allows them both to press down(?) on your cock with all their might, mashing their lovely breasts right onto your most sensitive spots.

“Ah, you like it. Hey Sis, he likes it!” Mugetsu calls out, before turning back to you with a seductive smile. “Well, don’t just stand there! Go ahead and enjoy yourself~”

You don’t need to be told twice. Putting one hand on Mugetsu’s head and digging the other into Gengetsu’s lean but squeezable ass, you slowly pull your hips back, leaving a trail of precum behind you.

“Mmm, it’s leaking already…”

Mugetsu and Gengetsu press even harder as you start to move. Mugetsu’s soft breasts smother your cock from above, making you shudder as they fully enfold the crown. Meanwhile, Gengetsu’s firmer chest flattens itself against you from below, smooth yet forceful as they stroke every inch of your sensitive underside. Just before the tip’s about to leave their breasts, you change direction and thrust back in, groaning loudly as their pillowy vise envelops your entire length once again.

After a few more thrusts, the space you’re using becomes soaked through with precum, kept warm by their breasts and your hard, throbbing cock. Small squishing sounds leak out from the depths of their cleavage, mixing in with your own moaning.

“Mmm… You’re making such a cute face…”

You’re certainly enjoying yourself, but the sisters aren’t getting any stimulation from this. Mugetsu’s watching you with a blushing smile, but you’re sure she’s starting to get frustrated, and Gengetsu likely feels the same. There’s no way to reach their nipples with your cock, but you have other ways of pleasing the girls.

Especially Gengetsu, who’s put her whole lower body conveniently within your reach. You’d been absentmindedly groping her butt while you thrusted, but now you move your hands up to her fine young legs. Her bright red stockings make them feel wonderfully smooth, and the tight nylon helps to emphasize their subtle curves. A simple stroking is enough to make them quiver, and her reactions grow stronger as you work your way to her feet.

“W-wait, those are-haahn!”

Gengetsu’s toes curl up along with her foot when you press a fingertip into the sole, and her breasts twitch away from your cock for a moment before pressing back even harder than before. Tickling her there would be too distracting, so you direct your attention elsewhere. One of your hands continues to fondle and squeeze everything from her legs to her ass, while you use your other hand to spread her delicate pussy. The little patch of skin exposed by her panties is smeared with shining juices, and her pink lips twitch slightly under your touch. In this position, it doesn’t take much to lean over and start to lick her.

“Ahh! Mm… Th-that feels good…”

You gently lap at Gengetsu’s pussy, cleaning up all around her slit before pressing your tongue into her hot, tight depths. The sweet taste and scent of her arousal soaks into your senses, while she moans sweetly beneath you, making your cock twitch with excitement. Soon, it starts to feel even more sensitive as you pound away at the sisters’ breasts. Mugetsu’s excitement drives her to push your cock deep into Gengetsu’s breasts, immersing the crown and most of the tip in her sister’s squishy softness. Every thrust makes you shudder and tremble as Mugetsu’s luxurious flesh caresses the most sensitive part of your cock.

“Hey, I wanna feel good too! Why can’t we… Oh, let’s try this!”

Slowly and gradually, the sisters start to rotate clockwise around you. Soon, Gengetsu’s pussy is pulled out of your tongue’s reach. You change to rubbing her slit instead, but even that becomes impractical after a while. The older sister lets out a disappointed whine as you’re forced to abandon her.

As the sisters’ bodies turn, they end up squeezing you from the sides rather than from the top and bottom. That lets up the pressure on your sensitive spots, but they’re still pressed together hard enough to wrap their breasts fully around your cock. Once they’re sideways, each thrust gives you a different pleasure on each side of your cock; one half is cradled Mugetsu’s decadent softness, while the other half is crushed by Gengetsu’s equally-luxurious firmness.

As soon as Gengetsu’s body gets out of reach, your attention is quickly captured by Mugetsu’s. She’s lying about horizontal now, and her whole backside is presented for you to enjoy. You put one hand on her bare, smooth shoulder, using it for leverage while you continue to thrust, and trace the fingers of your other hand along the contours of her back. Her light blue corset eventually gets in the way of that, hiding most of her torso except for the bits of pale skin between the criss-crossing straps, but you don’t mind skipping over that. Beneath the corset and the garter belt lies her ass, only partially covered by her thin, semi-transparent panties. It’s noticeably larger than Mugetsu’s, and somewhat softer as well. You can’t resist giving it a nice, firm slap, and you keep a close eye on her cheeks as they jiggle slightly from the impact.

“Hey, who do you think you are~?” Mugetsu follows her protest with a teasing chuckle, and shakes her ass enticingly for you as you give it four more teasing smacks. By the time it’s colored an attractive pink, she’s reached more of a diagonal position, putting her ass out of optimal spanking range. However, her new position does make it easy to spread her stocking-clad legs and expose her. This time, you gently part her lips and dig in with two fingers, making her whole body go rigid with shock.

“Ahh! G-good…”

The younger sister’s hot juices quickly soak your fingers as her walls coil hungrily around you. You thrust rapidly into her snatch with two fingers at once, switching hands once she gets out of reach of your right side.

Soon, the sisters have reversed their positions from how they started. Mugetsu’s floating upside-down to your left with her legs pointed skyward, while you’re greeted by the sight of Gengetsu’s blushing face to your right. Both her hands are planted firmly atop her breasts, applying all the pressure that her girlish body can muster. Now Mugetsu’s breasts are molded onto the bottom of your penis, hugging tightly to the vein and the frenulum. While the pressure from her supple mounds makes your cock tremble with pleasure, the crown’s forced to scrape across Gengetsu’s slippery flesh with every thrust.

Your left hand is still busily plunging into Mugetsu’s pussy, but your right one is free now, still glistening with the younger sister’s fluid. Struck by inspiration, you push the messy fingers into Gengetsu’s mouth.

“Mmm…” Gengetsu closes her eyes and purrs as she licks off her sister’s juices, tightening her lips and winding her tongue seductively around your fingers. Once Mugetsu’s out of reach, you withdraw your hand from her and move it to Gengetsu’s breasts.

“Mmm? Kuh! Aah!”

The elder sister twitches and squeals as you twist and tug on her hard nipples, getting them all slippery with Gengetsu’s arousal. You only have one hand in position to do that, so you let the other one play over her backside. The white wings sprouting from her shoulderblades make it difficult to touch her there like you did to her sister, but you can still play with her firm butt and her dripping, quivering pussy. As soon as it’s close enough, you slam your freshly-cleaned fingers into her and begin to stir her up,

“Aaahh! S-so good!”

For a short while, you’re able to stimulate her breasts and her pussy at once, torturing her stiff nipples with one hand while your fingers churn into her depths. Her legs, feet, and wings spasm all over as she’s wracked with pleasure, and it’s all she can do to keep from falling off of you. Unfortunately for her, that window quickly passes as her breasts go out of reach. Then, it’s time to start worrying about Mugetsu again.

The three of you carry on like that for a long, passionate while. You use your fingers and tongue to grope, fondle, and stimulate whichever girl’s on top, then feed the next one with her juices. No matter how the two of them are oriented, the slippery pressure on your cock always feels amazing, and you don’t slow down for a moment. You don’t feel any threat of cumming early, though; since you’re only dreaming at the moment, you have full control over when you orgasm. You’ll be able to hold it in until the desire to stain their breasts with cum gets too powerful to resist.

“Hey, let us do the moving for a while!” Gengetsu suddenly announces. You doubt it’s a coincidence she says it just after she’s had a turn with your fingers. Mugetsu grumbles at missing out on her next fingering session, but decides to go along with it.

Suddenly, you find yourself lying on a huge, comfortable bed suspended in the dreamscape. The purple sky has disappeared, replaced by a deep blue-tinged darkness with a purple crescent moon overhead. Mugetsu and Gengetsu lie on their sides now, still keeping you squeezed tight between the undersides of their precum-soaked breasts. Unfortunately, this position hides their faces from view; Mugetsu’s back fills most of your vision, and Gengetsu’s slim legs are all you can see of her. After a few moments to catch her breath, the elder sister speaks up again.

“You’ve done enough moving. Now, just sit back and enjoy our breasts…”

In near-perfect sync, the sisters raise themselves up and drop back down onto your cock. That doesn’t look like it would be very easy, but they seem to be abusing dream-physics to make it almost effortless. They soon work their way up to a respectable rhythm, but they can’t move their bodies as fast as you could move your hips.

They’re arranged in the position they started with, with Mugetsu cradling the top half of your cock while Gengetsu takes care of the bottom. You still haven’t tired of the delicious contrast between their breasts, or the little grunts and moans they let out as they service you.

It still seems a bit too tame, though. Their bodies might be out of easy reach, but that can’t stop you from teasing them some more. With a bit of concentration, you’re able to conjure up a pair of thick, vibrating dildos that you can control with your mind. You maneuver one between each girl’s legs, and they’re barely able to register that something’s rubbing them before you jam them both in at once.



Ah, they were so focused on your cock that they weren’t paying attention. Not prepared for such a strong surge of pleasure, the sisters arch their backs and scream in delight, clenching up all over and crushing your length between them. Just when they’re getting used to it, you switch on the vibration and send them into another round of convulsions. They’re not able to move their breasts while they adjust, but you don’t mind feeling the slippery mounds shift all over your cock while they shudder and moan before you.

The sisters eventually manage to start stroking you again, though it’s more haphazard and shaky than before. However, that’s when you start to make the vibrating lengths dildos thrust in and out of their soaked pussies and grind relentlessly against their walls.


“T-too much!”

Suddenly, their young, exquisitely-clothed bodies are quivering uncontrollably with pleasure. That’s enough to break their rhythm completely, changing the tight, orderly stroking into a chaotic whirl of pleasure. Their breasts keep sliding back and forth across you as they move, causing the stroking to come from two dimensions at once. The pressure varies constantly as well; one moment you’ll be pressed deep into Mugetsu’s breasts, and the next will see you crushed evenly between them. You start to buck your hips as well, adding your own movements into the mix. Their lustful moaning fill your ears, and your eyes stay fixed on the sight of the dildos plunging in and out of their exposed cunts. Put together, the sensations are all simply… overpowering.

“So good! So goood!”

“Ohh, I’m gonna… I’m gonna…!”

Ah, you’ve reached your limit! You drive both dildos inside them, cranking the vibration to maximum as you dig your hands into the bedsheets. At the last moment, they’re able to squeeze their breasts shut around your cock again, enclosing every last inch in their squishy, slippery flesh…



They both cry out, while you arch your back and groan loudly. You feel your sperm erupt out of your cock, but only a small amount spurts out through the girls’ tightly-closed breasts. Trapped between them as it is, your penis lets out most of its load right in their cleavage, smearing your hot, fresh cum all over their smooth skin. The sisters scream and moan as their own orgasms tear through them, but the sounds are all lost to the infinite night.

Nearly a minute later, you fall back on the bed. When your eyes refocus a little while later, you see both girls perched on all fours over you, their flushed breasts positively dripping with cum. They’re both still clothed in their amazing lingerie, and the soaked dildos are still vibrating inside them. Their panting faces are colored a deep red as their bodies ache and tremble with need.

In this world, there’s no such thing as ‘exhaustion.’ Your cock is hard again already, filled with a desire to ravish these lovely sisters for hours on end..

“Hey… Your thing feels a lot better than these do, right?” Gengetsu asks, shaking her ass invitingly.

“And it’ll be a while longer before you wake up.” Mugetsu lowers herself and hugs one of your arms, enfolding it between her pale, semen-soaked cleavage. “Won’t you play with us for a little while longer~?”
No. 33231
Oh. Oh my. It was even better than I had anticipated. You described the positioning with enough detail and precision that it didn't require much effort to follow at all, despite the complexity of the whole affair. I feel that you might have capitalized upon the whole "You can do ANYTHING" aspect of the dreamworld better, but that's honestly a minor quibble compared to the quality of the work as a whole, especially given that Unnamed Male Protagonist is unused to the whole lucid dreaming thing.

I enjoyed the surreality of the dreamscape at the beginning, and I particularly enjoyed the detail of a feather of Gengetsu's wings falling onto the table; it added a sense of physicality to the scene that would otherwise be lacking while remaining appropriately fantastic. I also liked the details of Mugetsu and Gengetsu's lingerie, but then, I'm a sucker for garterbelts.

As an aside, I almost want to see the game of Battleship that they were playing.
No. 33242
That was nice.

Forget the Scarlet sisters, I'm voting for triple naizuri with the three fairies if voting opens again.
No. 33245
You can get that, and more, with Flandre making her copies.
No. 33248
either would be possible as without a rack of notable size, multiple whatever would be difficult if not impossible.
No. 33250
Well if anything I'd want to see the #25 Futaba position with either (Yuuka & Yuuka), (Renko & Maribel) or (Kasen & Komachi). I'm not trying to vote, just clarifying what I wouldn't mind seeing.
No. 33251
here I meant to say Tripler or higher Naizuri would be very difficult if not impossible.
No. 33255
No. 33265
Miracle Mallet.
No. 33269

Eirin's shady new drug.
No. 33283

Yukari fooling around again.
No. 33288
Templates etc.
No. 33309

Thats the joke ect.
No. 33347
I apologize for bumping this, but I want to know: are we allowed to ask for variations on the techniques shown in the doujin? Like say someone wants to see a double paizuri, like Futaba #25, but mixed with Entangling Glint #15, which is paizuri with a hairjob at the same time. Would such variations be allowed?
No. 33348

I hesitate to allow an official combination of techniques, but you're free to offer extra suggestions. In your example, you could vote for #25 and ask for some hairplay mixed in.
No. 33351
Would doing so, for example #25 Futaba with some hairplay, invalidate another technique that includes hairplay?
No. 33352

No, it would not.
No. 33360
Will voting start soon?
No. 33361

Nope. Finals coming up.
No. 34072
Hey, um... first off, I know someone's going to yell at me for not saging, but I honestly don't know how to. So sorry in advance.

However, this thread just kinda shut down over christmas break, and nobody has really asked this yet, so I guess I will. Will this thread start up again, or is it over for good?
No. 34073
you sage a post by simply putting "sage" in the email field, and nothing else.
No. 34074

Oh, that was quick. Many thanks.
No. 34076
Ah, these were fun to write. I wouldn't mind doing more someday, but I'm not really feeling it at the moment. Got something else going with a friend of mine, and I'm thinking of getting back into Komachi soonish.

So, no definite plans to revive this, but I wouldn't mind doing it again sometime. Glad to hear you liked it.
No. 34077
Does that mean I should've bumped this thread when it was late December/early January?

Is this dead or on hiatus then in your opinion?
No. 34079

Let's go with "indefinite hiatus."
No. 34081
Can we at least get one last vote?
No. 34082

Unfortunately, that would go against the purpose of the thread. Part of the challenge came from not having lots of time to plan.
No. 34103
That's a shame. I would've tried to vote for #10 Moist Crystal with Yuyuko.
No. 34806
Alright, votes are open. Choose one technique and the character(s) to go with it. We'll have a runoff if things get too close, so just vote for what you really want.

No repeats of old techniques or characters, please.
No. 34807
Ah, this is back! What a pleasant surprise.

A lot of people were pushing for this last time there was a vote, so let's go with...

[X] 23: Glass Rhythm with Flandre and Remilia.
No. 34808
File 13971473973.jpg - (484.37KB, 1277x958, f0abc12479dd95c685c9dfb52f8098f7.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Glass Rhythm with Koishi and Satori.
No. 34810
[X] Glass Rhythm with Koishi and Satori.

Remi/Flan is so overdone.
No. 34812
File 139716108362.jpg - (1.21MB, 2591x3624, 2e6ceecc3a27a7db2832d43538a7da3f.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] #9 - Land Subsidence

With a sleepy Yuuka in her PC-98 pajamas
No. 34813
[x]No 9: Land Subsidence (w/ Komachi)
No. 34814
[x] #9 - Land Subsidence With Yuuka
No. 34817
[X] Glass Rhythm with Koishi and Satori.
No. 34818

[x] 23: Glass Rhythm with Flandre and Remilia.

No. 34821
[X] #10 Moist Crystal w/ Yamame

I think it's more appropriate to have the Spider Lady sucking someone dry.
No. 34823
But that involves her spitting stuff into us, melting our insides, and then sucking them out.

Too squicky I think.
No. 34824

>Too squicky I think.

Speak for yourself. I, for one, am more than okay with this idea.
No. 34825
[X] 23: Glass Rhythm with Flandre and Remilia.
No. 34827
File 139721894024.jpg - (858.13KB, 1072x1500, 0020.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] #10 Moist Crystal w/ Yamame

Changed my vote.

Speaking of paizuri with Yamame, will it involve more than one pair of breasts?
No. 34830
Pretty even spread of votes this time. If I had a runoff using everything that got at least two votes, we'd probably get with the same result as this vote. For that reason, I will declare a runoff between:

[ ] #23: Glass Rhythm with Flandre and Remilia
[ ] #23: Glass Rhythm with Satori and Koishi
No. 34833

Do I revote for what I previously voted for?
No. 34834

If it was for one of those two choices, then please do.
No. 34835
[x] #23: Glass Rhythm with Flandre and Remilia

Gotta go with the vampires.
No. 34836
File 13972342388.png - (561.68KB, 870x796, a77030708648b86d8890281df27a5d06.png) [iqdb]
[x] #23: Glass Rhythm with Satori and Koishi

I'm surprised no one voted for SatoRemi or KoiFlan. Oh well.
No. 34838
[X] #23: Glass Rhythm with Satori and Koishi
No. 34839

Damn...you should have mentioned that sooner. Would have loved to see Remi/Satori. Oh well.

[X] #23: Glass Rhythm with Satori and Koishi
No. 34841
[X] #23: Glass Rhythm with Flandre and Remilia

I vote for the vampires.
No. 34843
Guy who wrote >>34841,

if Remilia and Flandre win would we get to see any application of Flandre's Four of a Kind power get used as well?
No. 34853
Votes closed. Satori and Koishi win.
No. 34861
File 139736883041.jpg - (193.40KB, 605x850, satorisandwich.jpg) [iqdb]
23: Glass Rhythm

One of the ultimate techniques among the 48. This is the best form of titfucking that can be done when you have two flat girls available. Unlike “Skin-Colored Wine,” you’ll feel pressure on your member as the two girls squeeze their chests together with your cock in between.

I’d recommend cumming on both girls at the end.


“It’s pretty rare to get humans down here. Especially cute ones like you! Why’d you come all the way down the surface?” the girl across from you asks. Her lightly-tanned face bears a lively smile, but her green eyes shine with an eerie, inhuman light. Her hair is either silver or a very light green, spilling out messily from beneath her wide-brimmed black hat, and she’s surrounded by a strange nest of dark blue cables that all lead to what seems to be a closed blue eye.

In any case, the reason why you’ve come is simple enough. You enjoyed your happy life in the Human Village, but there were ominous signs on the horizon. Reisen, Sekibanki, and even Eirin had started making… romantic passes at you, inviting you over for dinner all the time and dropping casual mentions of marriage. You did like them all, but you weren’t too comfortable with the thought of settling down, or having to choose between three women who could each punch you full of holes with just a thought. So, before things got messy, you quietly ran moved away. And, well, the Palace of the Earth Spirits is about as far away from the Village as you can get.

That’s a bit much to tell someone, though, so you just say you were tired of your previous work environment and wanted a change of pace. Oddly, though, the girl hums and raises her eyebrows like you told her something entirely different.

“I see, I see. So, while we’re on the subject of breasts, do you agree that small ones are the best?” Dropping down from her seat on the desk, she tightly hugs your arm and presses her chest tight against you. Her loose yellow blouse made her seem completely flat, but you do feel two small, warm bumps of softness pressing into your arm. There’s something strangely exciting about that, feeling them flatten against you as she rubs her body up and down…

“Koishi. That is not appropriate behavior for a job interview.” A second voice, much deeper and sterner than Koishi’s playful singsong, makes the light-haired girl release you. It came from Satori Komeiji, your prospective employer. They seem to be sisters of the same species, but the two girls are quite different. Satori’s purple hair is short and straight, and she wears a simple red headband instead of a hat. A maze of cables surrounds her as well, all connected to a large red eye that gives you a distrustful stare.

“Well, you weren’t going to ask!” Koishi complains. “And it’s important information! How can you let someone work for you without even knowing what kind of breasts he likes?!”

Satori sighs a tired sigh. “I had no reason to ask. In fact, I don’t even see why you need to be here. If you do not release him this instant, I will be forced to rescind your petting privileges.”

“Hmph. A cute guy finally comes down from the surface, and you don’t even let me play with him.” Koishi releases your arm and sits down with crossed arms and a pout, but her expression reverses itself when Satori sighs and tosses her a small, brightly-wrapped morsel. Then the room returns to silence, punctuated only by Koishi’s overappreciative nomming.

You have to say, this is the strangest interview you’ve ever been in. At first, it was just you and Satori, who sat there silently and stared at you with her three eyes in the most unsettling way. Then her sister threw open the door, danced into the room, and plopped down and started asking questions. Finally, Satori takes a deep breath and begins to speak.

“Well… You do seem to have the skills we are looking for, but I must say that your… relationships with past coworkers disquiets me.”

Eh? How’d she find that out?

A small blush starts to form on Satori’s face as she continues. “I have in my care a number of pets, many of whom are… quite innocent. If someone like you is allowed to interact with them, then I… shudder to imagine of what might happen. Satori gets off her chair and crawls under the desk as she continues. “So, while I appreciate your interest, I’m afraid that I cannot allow you to--eh?” As she emerges in front of your crotch, she seems to lose her train of thought completely.

Not only that, but you seem to have taken your pants off as well.

Satori glances to your face in shock, then narrows her eyes and turns to her sister, who’s kneeling beside her. Her third eye remains fixated on your penis. “Koishi. What are you doing?”

Satori’s gaze looks like it could burn through stone, but Koishi just smiles back. “C’mon, Sis. Even I can tell you’re lying.” Satori tries to get away, but Koishi grabs her by the cheeks and turns her head back towards your penis. For some reason, it hasn’t occurred to you to put you pants back on, and being this close to a pair of pretty girls is slowly but surely giving you an erection.

“You think he’s cute, don’cha? A couple years ago, you woulda pushed him down and fucked him silly him moment he stepped in here.”

Satori’s eyes widen, but her blush only deepens. “What? Th-that’s… I’m not like that anymore!”

“Well, he looks pretty tasty… If you don’t want him, I think I’ll just take him for myself!” Koishi grins and pulls off her yellow blouse, somehow throwing the garment away without getting it tangled in her cords.

She isn’t wearing a bra underneath, so you’re immediately greeted by the sight of her petite chest. Her breasts are quite small indeed; you can barely make out the small, lightly-tanned curve in the room’s magical torchlight. A small pink nipple covers the center of each mound, just showing the first signs of hardness.

“You don’t mind, do you? I’ll make you feel really good if you just stay put~” she coos, somehow wrangling a smoldering gaze out of her shining eyes.

Something seems to be afoot, but it’s true that you don’t tend to turn these opportunities down. In a world filled with beautiful, powerful women out of a normal man’s league, you won’t pass up any chance that they give you. It is a bit odd how many chances you get, though.

In any case, you accept the naughty girl’s offer. Satori puts her hands over her mouth, but it seems she can’t bring herself to flee or even turn away. Koishi smirks and crawls right up to you, blushing and grinning, and stares up at you with those strange, enchanting eyes. The slight erection you’d sprouted quickly reaches its full size as she purrs and licks her lips, panting with obvious lust. When she makes you stare down her body like that, you can clearly see the outward curve of her chest, small yet unmistakably feminine, and vaguely taboo as well.

“Ahh, I really got you going!” Koishi purrs, gently flicking at your throbbing penis. “Flat chests really are the best, aren’t they~?” Raising herself up on her knees, Koishi proudly pushes out her breasts, which fail to bounce or jiggle in the slightest. Grabbing you by the base with one of her small, nimble hands, she gently pulls your cock down and caresses her breast with the tip.

“Mmm, so warm… and so big, too…”

Ah, it’s… It’s soft! It’s small, but it’s really soft! Her skin is warm and heavenly smooth, too. Your sensitive tip feels her breast in supreme detail, the way it gives under the slightest bit of pressure from your heavy cock, throbbing gently in time with her heartbeat. With a small chuckle at the moan you let out, Koishi starts to gently pump you with her hand, gripping you just hard enough to keep you pressed into her small tit. She slowly drags you around its surface, gradually moving that lovely bit of softness from your frenulum to your crown and back while she strokes you. After a minute of teasing, you’ve left a heart-shaped trail of gleaming precum along the edges of her breast.

“And now for the best part…” Tightening her grip, she presses your tip right into her small, hardening nipple, letting out a happy little squeak from the stimulation. Her small areola is even more tender than the rest of her breast, but the nipple itself has started to harden, firm enough to scratch your tip in a way that makes your whole cock clench up. The two of you moan quietly as she rubs you up and down, back and forth, and in little circles over her nipple, stroking and pressing you harder and harder with every second. Your tip nipple sinks deeper and deeper into her breast with the pressure, until she’s enveloped your tip in precious, warm softness while the nipple rubs right against your urethra.

“Ahhh… Still here, huh, Sis? You wanna join in, don’cha?” Koishi asks, still blushing and panting as she plays with your cock.

Even though she hasn’t so much as touched you, Satori is even more flushed and breathless than her sister, clutching the hem of her pink skirt in a white-knuckle grip. She’s staring right at your penis, so intently that you can almost see it reflected in her pink eyes.

“I… I can’t! Forcing myself on others and savoring their lewd thoughts… I swore to stop it!” she exclaims in a cracked voice, shaking her head as if trying to dislodge the contents of her mind.

There’s a brief, awkward pause before Koishi smiles again and releases you. you watch with a bit of disappointment as she slides behind her sister and starts to unbutton her sky-blue blouse, drawing out weak moans as she gently nibbles her ear.

“Mmm… Does it look like he doesn’t want it, Satori? We’ve seen it in both sides of his mind. He’s just as much of a pervert as you are, so there’s no need to worry…”

As Koishi rips off Satori’s blouse, once again keeping it free of the tangle of cables, you’re greeted by the sight of her sister’s bare chest. It’s no larger or smaller than Koishi’s, but her skin and nipples are a few shades lighter. The exquisite paleness makes her breasts seem even more beautiful, and even more forbidden.

Koishi shamelessly grabs at one, sinking her naughty fingers right into the pure, delicate flesh. However, even at full force, Satori’s breast doesn’t envelop Koishi’s fingers the same way Eirin’s or Sekibanki’s would. Koishi massages the whole thing with just three fingers for a few seconds, then pulls back to give the nipple a sharp pinch and tug; it’s only playful, but it still forces all three of Satori’s eyes wide open as she nearly screams.

“Heheh. You’re still so sensitive, Sis.” Koishi goes right back to her groping, not giving Satori a moment of rest. Meanwhile, she puts her other hand right below Satori’s other breast and gently pushes it up, offering you the small mound to do with as you please. Not able to hold yourself back, you scoot forward and gently push your length against it like Koishi did before.

“Mmm!” The soft, warm skin cradles your cock as you press yourself onto her, molding slightly onto the shape of your underside. Her other nipple’s just starting to harden, giving you the slightest graze as you start to slide back and forth over her breast. Rather than stroke yourself while you press in the tip, you grab Satori’s shoulder and move your hips up and down, raking the whole length of your cock back and forth across her sensitive breast.

“Hiaahh!… N-no… if--if you don’t stop, I’ll… I’ll!”

Satori’s voice soon dissolves into moans and her nipples grow hard as diamond under your and Koishi’s combined assault. Caught between your sharp, frictious rubbing and Koishi’s merciless groping, Satori moans louder and louder as she twists in her sister’s grip. Part of you feels uncomfortable doing this to the frail girl, but it’s so exciting to tease this small, sensitive breast and make her thrash around in pleasure…

“Mmmm… Ahh--Hah--Hiihn!” Satori suddenly clenches up all over and cries out in a loud, girlish, wavering voice, arching her back and shutting all three of her eyes. She spends a few seconds whimpering and trembling, then collapses in Koishi’s arms. When she opens her eyes, they’re hazy with tears and slightly rolled up. Her third eye seems to be blushing as well somehow, and the pupil is distorted by a dizzy swirl.

“S-sis, did you just…?” Koishi’s eyes are glowing even brighter than usual, and her cords seem to be knotting themselves up in excitement.

“Ahhh… Now you’ve done it, Koishi,” Satori mumbles, her lips slowly forming a smirk. “I tried to let go of this feeling, but… it feels too good to give up!” Then her eyes turn to you, and her smirk changes to a wicked, blushing grin. All traces of the calm, collected girl seem to have disappeared. Koishi mirrors the look moments later, playfully licking Satori’s cheek as her eyes literally glimmer with mischief.

“And as for you… If you’re going to excite me like that, then I’ve no choice but to ravish you in return.”

“I get a share too, right?” Koishi asks hopefully.

Satori shamelessly kisses Koishi on the lips, making her cords eye seize up and then deflate. “Mmm. You helped me, so we’re gonna use him together.”

Seconds later, their skirts have come off as well. Satori’s left in a pink pair of heart-covered panties and similarly-colored thighhighs, while Koishi wears a matching green pair of panties and a set of black thighhighs. Both sets of underwear sport a visible wet spot.

Tossing her hair over her other shoulder, Koishi presses her small chest into Satori’s, their small breasts flattening the tiniest bit as they touch together. You can just glimpse Koishi’s nipple overlapping with Satori’s, both of which dig into the other girl’s soft, lightly-flushed skin.

“Flat chests are pretty great, huh? Wanna feel what it’s like to play with two at once?” Koishi’s words come out as more of a command than a question. Under the two girls’ expectant gaze, you approach the girls’ chests and slide your soaked cock right between them.


They’re soft! Rather than just rubbing yourself against them, you can feel the delicate pockets of softness squeezing you from both sides, pressing you between them. Adding that bit of pressure to the sinful softness is just…

“Now then, it’s time for the practical portion of your interview. If you can please the two of us, I might just consider keeping you around…” Satori gives you a sultry wink, which you would’ve thought impossible when you first saw her. Then, keeping her blushing third eye trained on you, she turns her head and enters into a luscious kiss with her sister.

“Mmm! Mmmm…” Koishi’s eyes widen for a second as Satori forces herself onto her, but she enthusiastically returns it a moment later. They turn away from each other slightly, the better to press their breasts against the sides of your cock. Even like that, however, the two small mounds still can’t surround your length entirely. Not only that, but it starts to hurt a bit; once you’ve sunk fully into their breasts, you start to get crushed by their hard ribs.

“He doesn’t like it that way. Back off just a little…” Satori murmurs.

Satori and Koishi weaken their grip on each other the slightest bit, leaving you lightly yet held between their two sets of breasts. Your cock twitches constantly at the grinding friciton from their nipples, as well as the amazing show as they kiss and paw at each other right before your eyes. Their lovemaking grows more and more passionate as you stimulate them, and both girls throw lustful gazes your way as you catch glimpses of their interlocked, saliva-soaked tongues.

It’s too tempting a sight to ignore. Bending yourself over, you manage to lock your lips onto the sisters’ and slip your tongue into their hot, slippery kiss. The two girls accept you enthusiastically, Koishi’s tongue twining around your own while Satori simply presses hers against you, and the three of you pass moans between each other while you continue to buck your hips. It’s not very comfortable, though, so you break away after a minute and straighten back up to focus on your thrusting.

A small, lewd squishing, barely audible over your three moaning voices, starts to leak out from between Satori and Koishi as you cover their breasts in precum. The lubrication lets you glide effortlessly between in the gentle embrace of their breasts, but also makes it harder to thrust correctly; they don’t have much breast to hold you between, so you keep slipping out and having to fit yourself back in.

Sensing your frustration almost immediately, Satori wordlessly wraps a thumb and forefinger around the base of your cock to keep pointed in the right direction. Koishi does the same a moment later, putting her fingers right next to Satori’s. With the help of their grip, you’re able to thrust neatly between them once again. They each start to squeeze you as well, Koishi more forcefully than Satori; gradually, your cock swells and grows even more sensitive, enough that you moan and tremble with every thrust.

Now that your cock’s kept firmly horizontal, they turn back towards each other and dock with both breasts once again. If you thrust as deep as you can, you’re able to touch all four of their breasts at once. The two nearer to you do most of the work, constantly squeezing and stroking your length, but the second set envelops your sensitive tip at the end of every thrust as your tip kisses their rock-hard nipples.

“Ah! R-rubbing them both at once… Feels so good…!” Koishi moans.

“Mmm… Mine too… P-please, go even faster…” Satori adds, giving you a pleading squeeze with her hand. You’re happy to comply with her wishes, thrusting hard enough to work the precum on their fingers into a bubbling froth.

With their free hands, the girls reach down and start to stroke each other through their soaked panties. Satori’s movements seem to be slow and careful in spite of her pleasure, tracing all around the outline of Koishi’s pussy and teasing her in just the right places. Meanwhile, Koishi takes a much more direct approach, rubbing Satori’s drenched slit with all her might. That’s enough to multiply both girls’ moaning while they tremble and shudder more forcefully than ever, prompting you to grab their shoulders and thrust harder and faster as well.

You can feel the frenzied beating of their hearts, and their sloppy kissing is nearly as loud as their ecstatic moaning. However, their passionate grinding and twisting makes their slick chests slip out of alignment, making it difficult to pleasure yourself. If they’re going to be like that…



Tearing yourself away from their breasts for a moment, you put your hands on Satori’s back and push the two girls onto the floor. Koishi lands on her back, her oddly-colored hair splaying out artfully beneath her, while Satori lands softly on top of her. They barely get a moment to rest before you grab them again, shoving your throbbing cock back between their chests and thrusting at full force.


“Nnn! Oh… S-so good…!”

Putting your hands on Satori’s bare back, you’re able to push down just enough to keep the perfect amount of pressure, squeezing your cock tight between their petite chests without outright crushing it. Like this, you can strike at all four of their breasts and nipples with every thrust, drawing copious moans from all three of you. Koishi’s hard nubs scrape at you from underneath, sawing back and forth over your sensitive underside, while Satori’s do the same for your tip.

“Ahh, sis! It feels so good!” Koishi moans, arching her back to briefly crush your cock. She suddenly wraps her slender legs over Satori’s waist, the black thighhighs contrasting beautifully with Satori’s pale skin, and the two of them start to grind their soaked crotches together while their breasts press into your cock.

“Me too! A-and you…” Satori interrupts herself with a moan as her clit strikes against Koishi’s. “Y-you… go as… go as fast as you can and make us both cum!”

You happily obey the horny sisters, who blissfully kiss and hump and arch their backs while your hot, slippery cock ravishes their breasts. All three of your voices rise to a breaking point, and the heat and friction between their breasts grows stronger and stronger…

“I--I’m… I’m… I’m cumming!”


You can almost feel the explosion of pleasure as the two girls cum together, hugging each other with their arms and legs while they throw back their heads back to cry out. The action treats you to a final crushing squeeze with all the force their budding chests can muster, bringing you over the edge with them.

Koishi’s legs relax just in time, allowing you to roll Satori off of her right as your cum starts to flow. You rise up on your knees and point your cock downwards, furiously panting and stroking yourself. Thick shots of cum splash over the girls’ small, swollen, delicate chests, staining their pale skin and rosy nipples a lecherous white. With more to spare, you turn to their faces, splattering all over their lips, cheeks and closed eyes. Then, lowering yourself once more, you push your tip past Koishi’s warm, wet lips and let your last few shots spill over her tongue.

“Mmmmm~” Koishi accepts them with a happy purr, which is quickly drowned out by a pleading sound from her sister. You pull your cock from Koishi’s mouth, stopping just long enough for her to give it a kiss, and then present your soaked, dripping tip to Satori. The purple-haired girl closes her soft, cum-smeared lips around it and starts to lick and suck you, purring with contentment as she cleans off and sucks out every last drop you have left.

When your softening cock finally pops from her lips, she collapses back to the floor. After a quick, messy kiss, the two girls turn back to you with wide smiles on their semen-soaked faces.

“Mm, that felt great~!” Koishi smiles and winks. “You’re hired!”

“H-hey, you don’t get to decide that!” Satori scowls at her sister, but a naughty smile returns to her face as she glances up to you, her voice becoming a sensual murmur. “But, she’s right. I think this is the beginning of a long and intimate relationship.” Off to the side, her cords form themselves into a heart that intertwines with one made by Koishi’s.

Your new job may not be as peaceful as you’d hoped.
No. 34863
Absolutely wonderful work, as always! Lewd playful Koishi was really attractive in particular. I'm usually a fan of large breasts but this was done quite well.
No. 34864
And so the Chireiden chapter begins. Probably. I'm OK with staying here for a few more installments.
No. 34865
Really liked this, especially with how Satori's switch was flipped on.

When will voting commence for the next story?
No. 34867
Your Koishi continues to be the best Koishi.
No. 34948
Not much to do these days, so votes are open again.
No. 34951
File 139767184995.jpg - (454.68KB, 1070x1500, fd4d5df60320a8a6101b105f8e6694af.jpg) [iqdb]
[X]#25 Futaba with Orin & Okuu
No. 34952
[x] #9 - Land Subsidence

With a sleepy Yuuka in her PC-98 pajamas
No. 34953
[X] #10 Moist Crystal w/ Yamame

Works best since we're still in the underground. Let's get caught in her web.
No. 34954
[X] #10 Moist Crystal w/ Yamame

As fem-dom as reasonably possible, please.
No. 34957
[X]#25 Futaba with Orin & Okuu

the previous short hinted at something with them so why not?

that and Yamame's getting enough limelight for now.
No. 34961
That's exactly why I voted for them.
No. 34962
How about something different?

[X] #43 - Playing music with Meiling and Flandre
No. 34963
Going underground is better for story flow. That and wasn't the last scene enough flat chest for you?
No. 34964
[X] #25 Futaba with Orin & Okuu
No. 34965
[X]#25 Futaba with Orin & Okuu

bandwagon ho
No. 34966
What would a flat chest have to do with a combination buttjob and titjob? Granted Flandre is flat but her butt is probably rounder.
No. 34971
I thought it said Remilia and Flandre at first, my apologies, by point about being near by other underground girls still stands though.
No. 34972
Of course.
No. 34975

You're right. >>34962 here, changing my vote to:

[X] #25 Futaba with Orin & Okuu

I'll suggest my butt/tit job again if we ever move near the SDM.
No. 34976
Alright, closing votes. Futaba wins.
No. 34982
File 139788501978.jpg - (171.26KB, 632x1000, chireipai.jpg) [iqdb]
25: Futaba

A rather common titfuck position when doing it with two ladies. Unlike the “Glass Rhythm” covered previously, this one is strictly for women with big breasts. Compared to a titfuck with just one lady, doing this allows the man to better appreciate the beauty of breasts.

Feel free to unload in between their breasts. Or if you’re feeling confident, aim for their faces.


Aaaand… now!

Stopping on your heels, you whirl around and sternly face the empty stone hall behind you. Right at the edge of your vision, so quickly you could have imagined it, you swear you can see something red and black dart out of sight.

Just like last time.

And the time before that.

The Palace of the Earth Spirits is a far cry from Eirin's cozy clinic. Silent and austere in the extreme, its endless labyrinth of colorful halls is inhabited only by the occasional pack of stray cats, dogs, mice, or crows. Aside from the Komeijis, you haven't found a single other person to talk to since you started here last week.

Not that you think you're alone. For days now, it's felt like there's something following you. You keep hearing faint footsteps, jingles, and mewls somewhere behind you, never getting any closer or farther, and that little blur always always seems to be flitting past the corner of your eye. In a quiet, desolate, and isolated place like this, it's enough to drive a man crazy. Who knows what terrors could be lurking down here in the bowels of the earth, just waiting for you to slip up? Satori assured you there's nothing to worry about, but you don't feel safe just taking her word for it. This time, for sure, you'll catch whatever's tailing you.

You walk slowly down a long, door-lined hallway, trying to act as calm and unconcerned as possible while straining your ears to the limit. There's no mistake this time; you can definitely hear the light patter of padding feet behind you. The moment you reach that crossroads up ahead, you’ll--

“Found you~!”

From the hall to your left, something huge and soft suddenly crashes into you, sweeping you up into a running carry. The momentum sends you barreling through a nearby door and into an empty room, where you mercifully crashing onto a large, soft bed. However, the aforementioned huge and soft thing then crashes onto you.

It's very heavy.

As your stunned mind and senses reorient themselves, you realize that you're in a not-unfamiliar position: pinned beneath another woman, with a massive pair of warm, soft breasts covering your neck and the better part of your face. Peering over their impressive curvature, your eyes settle on a strange red light, which you soon realize is actually a large, unblinking red eye.

Before you have a chance to freak out at that, though your assailant chuckles and pushes herself upright. Her crushing weight is lifted from your chest, but planted on your thighs in exchange, ensuring that there won't be any chance of escaping her. However, a second glance at her drives those thoughts from your mind; rather than a slavering beast, your captor is a young, curvaceous girl in the very prime of her youth. Quickly, your eyes begin a much more careful inspection of her body.

She has quite a body, but it seems as though she's outgrown her wardrobe. Her black thighhighs are a bit too short for her long, curvy legs, exposing a few inches of lightly-tanned skin beneath her intricately-patterned green skirt. A tight white blouse clings to the sides of her healthy hourglass figure, stretching itself to the limit to hold in the rack she'd nearly just buried you under. The red eye above her breasts stares at you with unsettling, unflinching split-pupil gaze, but her actual face shines with a radiant smile, framed by a mess of long, unkempt brown hair that her green bow does nothing to contain. Large, feathery black raven wings stretch to either side of her, with a strange starry cape draped lazily over them.

Perhaps you shouldn't have taken so long to look at her face. She doesn't seem annoyed at how you ogled her, though; if anything, she looks kind of flattered.

"Hi, my name's Okuu! You're the new worker here, right? Koishi told me all about you. It's really rare to see a man down here, so I came over to play as soon as I got a day off!" The raven slides her hands up your chest to your shoulders, bending forward enough that her breasts hang down invitingly before your eyes. Suddenly, her wide smile seems markedly less innocent.

"You don't mind playing with me, right~? I get really lonely at work, and, um..." Just as suddenly, the smile falters, turning into a frown that deepens as she continues. "... Well, I've been lonely ever since I started having to go there. All the guys who come close are scared of me, and I hardly ever get to leave and act like a normal girl. And Orin and Koishi are nice, but it's just not the same, so when I heard about what you were doing, I, um..."

Okuu loses her train of thought not long after. She's fidgeting up a storm now, her hands clutching tight at your shirt and her wings folded up nervously behind her. You doubt she's trying to arouse you right now, but you're starting to get a bit stiff from having her warm crotch shift around on top of you so much.

It's kind of sad, seeing such a girl like her act so nervous. You reach up and give her a reassuring head-pat.

"S-so... Ah? Ahh..." A simple head-pat shorts her worries out instantly. She brightens up and nuzzles into your hand, a relieved smile washing over her face. However, there's no mistaking the deep blush on her face. She wasn't offering sex just because she thought it would make you her friend, and it's looking like she has quite a few urges she wants to work out. You'd be lying if you said you weren't willing to help a pretty girl like her with that sort of problem.

"Yay! Don't worry, I'll take really good care of you!" Okuu clenches her fists excitedly, and for a moment it seems as though she's radiating pure happiness. "... Um." But then she hesitates and drops her arms, apparently not sure how to proceed. Just as you're about to say something, she perks up again, her loud voice overruling your own. "Oh! Koishi said you're a big pervert who likes breasts. You wanna play with those first~?"

You barely need to nod your agreement before she's off. Gently working those wide hips of hers, she lightly grinds into your crotch while slowly unbuttoning her blouse. You can almost hear the distressed garment groaning with relief, the white fabric snapping to the sides with each opened button. Her breasts practically explode from their confinement halfway through, eliciting small gasps from both of you. You suspect that yours is the louder one.

After a week of nothing but flat chests, it's like like finding an oasis in an extremely flat desert. Your new partner's breasts are simply massive, big enough to be a match for Eirin’s. They don't droop down the same way the doctor's did, though; either they're lighter and less dense, or Okuu's young body can just hold them up better, or both. They're also several shades darker than Eirin's, perfectly matching the tan on Okuu's face and thighs. Fittingly dark and puffy nipples adorn her breasts, already starting to harden under your keen inspection.

How does she get such a sun-kissed figure this deep underground?

"Ah, you like them? Go ahead, don't be shy~" Okuu lowers herself down onto you again, slipping her hands behind your head and smothering your face completely in her cleavage. Her bare skin is surprisingly hot to the touch, but the heat's mild enough to be soothing rather than painful. Her breasts do seem a bit less dense than Eirin's, yielding easily to your cheek as you nuzzle gently against the warm pillows that now surround your head.. Slightly parting your lips, you plant a kiss on the pliant skin and draw your tongue up her--

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing!?”

"Wah!" Okuu starts and bolts upright, forcing a few mesmerizing bounces out of her breasts in the process. As soon as those have settled down, you glance behind her and see an indignant girl standing in the doorway.

An indignant girl with long red twintails and pointy black cat ears.

"Eh? O-Orin?" Okuu stammers.

“Look at you, just throwing yourself right at him! Show some manners, Okuu. Didn’t Satori teach you that much?” The new girl enters the room and jabs an accusatory finger at Okuu, her shiny black shoes clacking sharply across the stone floor. She isn't quite so tan as Okuu, though she's still much darker than your fair-skinned employer. A loose green dress hides most of her figure from view, aside from a respectable chest. Judging by her lean arms, though, you'd guess she's as fit, firm, and flexible as the animal she turns into.

The puzzled look stays on Okuu’s face a moment longer, as she struggles to muster a reply to the stern-faced intruder. And part-time lover, if you remember what she said. The awkward silence stretches on for several seconds, but then the worry breaks and blossoms into an understanding smile.

"Ohh! I'm sorry, Orin." The catgirl smiles at that-- "You want him for yourself, don't you!" -- and promptly turns white.

"Wha? N-no, you've got it wrong, I-- gah!" Orin's voice suddenly loses its cutting edge, and her protests are cut short as Okuu jumps off of you and lunges onto her.

"Oh, I should've guessed! He's just your type, isn't he? You've probably been following him all over, trying to work up the courage to say hi, just like last time!"

"Don't bring that up in front of him!" Orin wails.

"There's no need to be so sneaky, though. He's nice! And you really don't need to bother with this..." Seizing Orin's dress near the collar, Okuu yanks it right off of her.

"Ah! N-no, wait...!"

As easily as that, Orin's body is bared to you. Your eyes drink in the sight of her taut stomach, her long, flexible legs, and her slender black tails... but soon, they're drawn back to her chest. It had made a decent bulge in her dress earlier, so you're surprised to see that it's... rather tightly restrained. A half-dozen layers of cloth are wound tightly around her mounds, squeezing them tight enough that they bulge around the edges. The fabric looks to be quite thick, but you can still see a pair of hard points pressing insistently against it. Orin flushes a bright red when she sees you staring.

"It's... not cat-like..."

"But doesn't it hurt? Here, I'll take it off for you..."

It only takes a single good tug from Okuu's strong fingers to break the binding apart completely, forcing a loud moan from Orin as her huge breasts bounce and jiggle out from their confinement. They're... not quite Okuu's size, but still breathtakingly large. Perky and round enough that they seem to defy gravity itself, bouncing and heaving rapidly in time with her aroused, panicked breathing. You note that they're slightly paler than the rest of her skin; unlike Okuu, she probably keeps them covered all the time. Their size alone is wonderful, but most attention-getting part is her nipples: colored a bright red and twice the size of Okuu's, they protrude out nearly an inch from a surface of her breasts.

"N-no..." Orin covers her eyes and shakes her head. "They're too weird, they don't match my figure, he's gonna get scared and--"

"Uh-uh. Don't you see his face? He loves them! You wanna use them on him, don't you? Stick his thing between them and stroke him 'til he cums?" Okuu brings a hand to each of the perky mounds, cupping them from below as she starts to gently massage them. "If he's already seen you like this, there's nothing more to be ashamed of, right? Oh! In fact, why don't we all do it together? I'll be right there with you, so there's nothing to be afraid of..."

Orin hesitates at first, but a few more pinches and squeezes from the smiling raven finally sway her opinion. She breathlessly nods at Okuu, who quickly releases her chest.

"Yay! We're gonna love it, I'm sure!" Okuu exclaims. Then, suddenly catching herself, she slaps her forehead and turns back to you. "Oh! Um, you don't mind, do you? Orin's... at least as lonely as I am, so she could really use the attention..."

At that moment, you're faced with the irresistible sight of two needy, amazingly busty, and partly undressed girls staring you down with puppydog eyes. You can't very well refuse them, especially when they can clearly see the bulge that's grown in your pants. You smile and accept their offer, prompting the two girls to walk and jiggle their way back to you. Okuu takes off the rest of her clothes while Orin properly introduces herself.

"Uh, hello. N-nice to meet you. My name's Rin Kaenbyou, but... you can call me Orin," she stammers. Her voice sounds like it would normally be light and playful, but right now it's weighted down with nervousness.

You give her a pat on the head, and she purrs in spite of herself.

"Ah... S-sorry about before. I really wanted to get to know you, but I always get nervous around guys, so I kept hiding... A-anyway, um, d'you mind if I... do some naughty stuff with you?" she slowly asks, her tails knotting themselves into a tangled mess behind her. "I haven't had a guy in a really long time..."

By way of answer, you gently pull down her head and give her a small kiss, which she accepts with wide eyes and a nervous purr. To your side, Okuu lets out a tiny squeal.

As soon as your lips leave Orin's, Okuu raven grabs your head and turns you to face her. "Don't forget about me! I wanna play with you too!" Bending over, she gives you a wet, sloppy kiss on the lips.

You really have your hands full this time, don't you? There's no backing out of this, not that you'd have any reason to want to.

Orin's hands are still shaking a little, so it falls to Okuu's long and warm but slightly-clumsy fingers to pull out your cock. It practically comes swinging out of your pants, already throbbing and dripping with precum after all that build-up. Okuu and Orin both gasp quietly at the sight, and Okuu can't resist giving you a gentle rub with one finger.

"Wow, it's so big!" Okuu marvels. "Ah, there's all kinds of stuff we can do with this. We're gonna make you feel really good with our breasts now~" The two blushing girls kneel down on either side of you, push up their breasts from below, slowly scoot together...



And finally, their two magnificent racks kiss around your cock. Orin's rock-hard nipples drive right into Okuu's slightly softer ones, forcing both girls to twitch and moan lustfully. You lean your head back and groan softly as your cock sinks into the heavenly embrace of their warm, pliant flesh, which gently tightens and jiggles around your hard length as the two girls settle into place. They stop moving about half a minute later, leaving you cradled quite snugly between them.

On one side, Okuu has a satisfied smile on her blushing face as she rests her hands atop her enormous rack. Her breasts are big enough to cushion you from base to tip, and soft enough that you feel them molding onto your length already. The endless heat from her breasts seeps constantly into your length, making you feel even harder and more sensitive by the second. Her face seems calm and steady, but you can hear her excited breathing and feel it gently heaving her breasts.

On the other side, Orin's mixture of excitement and nervousness is clear to see. Now they're nicely pressed into you, you can tell that her breasts are slightly firmer than her friend's, though the pale mounds are still luxuriously soft and plump. The size difference is almost negligible as well; Orin's cleavage still reaches up to just below the crown of your cock. That side of your tip is the only part left exposed by their embrace, and Orin stays fixated on it as she nervously shifts back and forth, gently rubbing the smooth, plushy skin against you. Her tails swish back and forth behind her while her face and breasts flush with excitement.

They haven't moved at all yet, but you're already sweating and breathing heavily while your cock throbs and leaks continuously. It feels wonderful just having your cock held between these lovely girls and their large, warm, squishy breasts. You could stay just like this for hours.


And it's starting to seem like you might.

"So... what now?" Orin asks.

"Ah... Well, uh... Ehehe~" Okuu puts a hand behind her head and laughs nervously, her gentle chuckles gently buffeting your length. "I guess I thought it would kinda... come naturally..."

Orin responds with a frustrated growl.

"Well, let's just try things! You'll let us know what feels good, right?" she asks, glancing up at you. You nod your agreement, and the two girls each start to experiment with their halves of your cock.

Okuu's huge, squishy tits aren't easy to get a grip on, so she starts out with some gentle nuzzling. Her soft, pliant flesh gently envelops and caresses your length with the slightest movement, . She tries mashing a single breast onto you, rubbing you with a firm, puffy nipple; the luxurious caress of her skin is certainly enough to get you twitching an moaning, but she seems to think she can do better. A moment later, she scoots forward and closes her hot, plushy breasts around either side of her part of your cock. Folding her arms, she presses them into the sides of her rack and starts to gently knead you between the two huge pillows.

Meanwhile, Orin focuses more on movement with her smaller and more solid pair. At first, she cautiously grabs a single breast and rubs the squishy skin up and down your length, her ears and tails standing on end as she watches your reaction. She also tries giving the exposed bit of your tip a small lick, but her tongue turns out to be unpleasantly rough; you to grunt in pain as it drags over your sensitive glans, nearly making her jump off of you in shock. Eventually, she settles for pressing her breasts into her side of your cock, moving up and down to stroke you with her slick skin and hard nipples while Okuu kneads the rest.

That makes for a pleasant compromise. Small grunts and moans from the girls match your own as you all grow accustomed to each other's techniques. Okuu's steady squeezes get longer and firmer as she grows bolder in pressing her abundant softness onto you, while Orin's strokes grow stronger and faster as she gets used to working with her large, unbound breasts. At least, that's how they get at first; after a while, the catgirl's voice start to grow much louder, while her movements become slow and erratic.

"Hmm? What's wrong, Orin?" Okuu asks.

"Ah... It's... It's just... rubbing you two feels really intense..." she pants. Glancing down, you notice that Orin's large nipples have more or less wedged themselves between Okuu's soft breasts and your hard shaft. If they're anywhere near as sensitive as your glans, then you can understand how she feels.

"Oh! Sorry..." Orin looks like she's about to say something, but Okuu interrupts her. "I know! If that's the case, why don't we do him together now?"


Okuu nods, both to herself and to her friend. "Yeah! Let's press together reeeal tight, and then move at the same time..." Okuu settles her hands back on top of her breasts and steadily pushes herself forward, nearly capturing your entire shaft before Orin scrambles to do the same. The hot, soft pressure on your cock grows stronger and stronger as they press harder and harder into each other, until it feels like you're going to be either crushed or melted between the girls' gorgeous racks.

When they finally stop, it feels like your cock's been imprisoned in a sweltering purgatory of softness. Orin's tits have sunk slightly into Okuu's larger pair, while also bulging out enough that you can't see a single sign of your penis between the two sets of breasts, aside from the trickle of hot precum that slowly oozes out. Your length throbs hungrily against the pillowy mounds that have enveloped and molded completely onto it, and you can vaguely feel the girls' excited hearts beating back in response. The slightest twitch makes your cock twitch sharply as it's rubbed on all sides by their plushy breasts, drawing pleased sounds from both of them when the rest of your body twitches as well.

"Is that better, Orin?" Okuu asks.

"Ah... Y-your tits are really hot, but... yeah."

"Mmm... It feels good getting squished by yours too, Orin~ And this hot thing thing of yours feels extra good~!" she adds, winking up at you. "I really wanna squeeze you dry..."

The two girls move their hands to the sides of their breasts, take a moment to ensure that their squeeze is still intense and inescapbable, and then finally start to move. You've let out plenty of precum by now, so lubrication isn't a problem at all. The first stroke is long and drawn-out as the girls try to stay pressed together; the crushing pressure is suddenly joined by the slightest bit of delicious friction as their plushy breasts creep up your length, slowly enough that you have to grip the bedsheets to keep from madly bucking your hips.

Their breasts come back down with the same excruciating pressure, but their docking breaks up fairly quickly as they try to pick up the pace. Orin's firmer breasts keep pushing you into the Okuu's cleavage, and the raven girl has to fumble her grip to keep you in place while the two of them keep moving. Thier nipples bump and scrape into you almost at random as your penis slips around between their slippery breasts, and the steady squishing sound degenerates into an mess of sloppy sounds. Still, there's more than enough softness and slippery friction surrounding your cock to keep you moaning constantly, and the girls both purr and chuckle happily as your hands come to rest on their heads.

Okuu's blushing harder than ever, but your reactions seem to flip a switch of some sort in Orin's mind. Her eyes start to grow hazy while her breath turns husky, and her movments become more and more aggressive. Soon, Okuu can't keep up, and she starts to moan along with you as Orin's hard nipples press into and scrape along the surface of her breasts.

"Ah... Mm, Orin?" Okuu asks, stopping her movements for a moment.

"Mmm..." Orin's tails are swishing around now, and she's staring at the tip of your cock with unsettling intensity.


"Ah! Wha?" That shocks the catgirl back into focus.

"Wanna do him alone for a bit?"

"Oh. Um, y-yeah," she replies sheepishly.

"I'm so happy to see you proud of your breasts~" Okuu says warmly, patting her friend on the head before withdrawing.

With an embarrassed grumble, the blushing catgirl shifts between your legs to seize your cock completely for herself. She gets a good grip on her dense, perky breasts, shakes her head once, and then looks up at you with a wide, naughty grin.

"You can't blame me for getting carried away when you've got a big thing like this, can you? It's kinda embarrassing, though, so you better cum buckets for me!"

With that, the horny cat sets about stimulating you with a rapid, forceful stroking. Now that Okuu isn't taking up half of your lap, she can use her athletic figure to the fullest. With sensual twists of her body and and deft movements of her hands, she repeatedly rubs down every inch of your length with her springy, slippery flesh, never doing it the same way twice. Then, for just a few seconds, she'll squeeze her breasts back together and bounce her whole toned body up and down in fast, milking strokes, grinning and panting excitely as you arch your back and cry out in pleasure.

Your red, dripping glans greets her whenever her breasts slide down to the base of your cock. She just ignores it at first, but eventually the sight becomes too tempting for her to resist. Stopping her stroking, for a moment, she purses her lips and plants a long, wet kiss on your tip, hungrily sucking out your precum while her breasts stay squeezed securely around your shaft.

While she's busy purring and sucking on your tip with enough force to make your whole cock throb with delight, you notice those large red nipples of hers bulging out between her spread fingers. Not seeing any reason to hold back, you reach out and give each one a pinch.

"Hiih!" Orin's whole body twitches at that, and small strings of precum stretch to her lips as she jerks her head back and moans. "H-hey, those are really sensitive!"

"You''re not ashamed of them, are you~?" Suddenly, Okuu attacks from behind, brushing Orin's hands away and grabbing the perky young breasts herself. The squeeze on your cock relents for just a moment before Okuu brings it back stronger than ever. While you torture Orin's nipples some more, Okuu crushes the catgirl's large breasts the together like a vise. Orin's are certainly firmer, but they still yield to your rock-hard cock under that much pressure, squishing and molding around your length as obediently as Okuu's.

"Heheh... Doesn't it feel good to do him slowly like this while he plays with you?" Okuu squeezes and strokes you with Orin's large, firm breasts at a glacial pace, slowly rolling Orin's nipples between her fingers in the meantime and grinding her own breasts into Orin's back. The catgirl's pleasure is quite obvious, especially when you start to tease her nipples with your fingertips as well.

"Ahh... M-more... ! Feels... Feels so good!" Suddenly, the catgirl's flexible spine arches sharply, her eyes shooting wide open as she lets out an exceedingly cat-like squeal. Your cock slips out from her breasts as she falls back into Okuu's lap, where she writhes and moans helplessly for at least half a minute. Orin's left tense and panting at the end of it, prompting Okuu to give her a little kiss.

"You're really cute when you're honest, Orin~"
No. 34983
File 139788507580.jpg - (245.37KB, 850x1206, hellpetsandwich.jpg) [iqdb]
Okuu finally releases her hug, and Orin drops to her hands and knees, still panting for breath. You catch a brief glimpse of a mess of shining fluids between her legs before Okuu fully occupies your attention.

"I'm really happy you're doing this, you know. I was worried I'd never get to be with a guy again... but then you came, and now you're letting me play with this! You'll cum a whole lot for me, right~?" Okuu gives you a heart-melting smile as she pulls her huge, soft breasts up and closes them neatly around your cock. Rather than just squeeze them with her hands, she instead hugs her whole arms around them, widening your eyes and drawing out a loud moan as your penis is buried under an avalanche of piping-hot softness.

"Ahh, I can feel you throbbing so hard~!"

Okuu shows her excitement not with stroking, but with squeezing; purring and staring into your eyes the whole time, she steadily relaxes and tightens her arms and twists her body from side to side. With her soft, fluffy breasts mashed onto every inch of your cock like this, you feel the slow, torturous movements in excruciating detail, and your own uncontrollable twitching only drives the pleasure higher.

Okuu seems happy to tease you for minutes on end like that, but her friend has other plans. As soon as she recovers from her orgasm, Orin pounces on the raven from behind, drawing a hum of curiosity as her firm breasts spread out ever so slightly against Okuu's back. Then you see the cat's two long tails coil together and disappear between her legs, moments before Okuu arches her back and cries out.

"Ahh! O-Orin...?"

"You had a lot of nerve making me do this, you know? It's only fair you get some payback..." Orin says, as an unmistakable squishing starts to echo from beneath her.

"Ahh! I--I'm sorry, Orin~" the busty raven moans, already starting to buck her hips.

"Now, as for these..." Okuu's arms have fallen to her sides by now. Orin forcefully grabs the brown-haired girl's breasts in her stead, sinking her strong, nimble fingers deep into the yielding flesh. With a fair amount of effort, she manages to heft Okuu's massive tits from below, doing her best to vigorously stroke your cock with that slick, smooth, super-soft skin.

With breasts as large as Okuu's, there's room for more than two hands. You press your hands into them from above and start to thrust with your hips as well, trying to drive the friction even higher. Between your two sets of hands, you and Orin manage to pull Okuu's breasts up and down quite rapidly, and the squeezing and kneading combines with Orin's tail-fucking to drive the horny raven up a wall.

"Going slow is nice, but it's pretty exciting to get your tits fucked like this too, isn't it?" Orin teases, nibbling on Okuu's ear.

"Mmm! O-Orin! You... you're both sooo... Ohhh!" Assaulted simultaneously above and below, the curvy raven soon gives in to the pleasure like Orin didn. Then it's her turn to arch her back and wail, her breasts swaying and bouncing constantly as she writhes in her friend's grip. Orin struggles to support her weight at first, but the muscles on her lithe frame aren't just for show.

"Hey... I wanted to cum from his thing first..." Okuu finally protests.

"So did I, but you didn't let me," Orin replies.

"Aw, you're right..."

There's a brief pause then, during which their eyes drift back to your still-hard, still-throbbing length and widen almost in unison.

"Ah, but you're still like that!" Orin exclaims.

"I'm sorry! We'll take care of that now! And then we'll take care of it again, and again, and again..."

The girls return to your sides like before and dock their chests once again, returning your penis to that tight purgatory of warmth and softness. Now that they've cum and played with each other's breasts, there's a certain steadiness to their embrace that wasn't there before. Just the way they look at you with smoldering eyes is enough to make you shiver in anticipation.

"First, let's do it my way..." Orin purrs, getting a firm grip on her breasts. She starts to stroke you with quick, steady movements, and Okuu follows her lead a moment later. It's similar to the combined stroking they did before, though not with quite the same amount of pressure. Sometimes they move their breasts together, sometimes seperately, but the two girls always try to generate as much friction as possible in their rapid trips up and down your cock.

They also take turns turning their breasts inwards, digging their nipples into your length and moaning loudly from the stimulation. First you're drilled into by Orin's long, hard nubs, which sends her into strong but happy fits of moaning and trembling as they push you into the welcoming embrace of Okuu's pillowy cleavage. Then come Okuu's, smaller but no softer than her companion's, flattening and grinding against your shaft as they nudge you deeper and deeper into Orin's firm, smooth grip.

"Ah, he's gonna cum soon if we keep doing this! Let's do it my way for a while instead..." After a mind-blanking minute, the naughty girls abruptly stop their frenzied stroking. Rather than dig their hands into their breasts like before, they put their arms around each other's backs and draw each other into a crushingly tight hug, pressing their arms into the sides of their breasts to keep them in place.

But that's only the beginning. With a wink from each of them, they then enter into one of the wildest, most passionate kisses you've ever seen, one dripping with moans and tongueplay. As they push each other's heads and fence with their tongues, the echoes of their struggle are transferred straight to your penis. An advance by Okuu makes her hot, pillowy breasts smother your cock, while the same action from Orin enfolds you in her denser, cooler chest. keeping your cock pinned helplessly between them while their breasts and nipples twist and stimulate it all over.

The pressure and pleasure only grow stronger as their kiss intensifies. They're clearly attracted to each other, but there's plenty of lust directed towards you as well; they both keep a hazy eye on you as they make out, and their hungry gazes make it clear that there's much more to come once they're done with their breasts.

It's only your own desperate groaning that keeps them from taking you over the edge like that. The two girls break their kiss and release their grip on each other as soon as your voice nears its breaking point, relenting just moments before you can cum. They come away from the kiss equally flushed and panting, with several long strings of saliva stretching between them.

"Mm, ready to shoot it out now?" Okuu asks. Her hands slide off her breasts and onto Okuu's, and the two girls suddenly seem to get an idea. They nod to each other, and Orin slides her hands onto Okuu's bosom.

"We're gonna do our best, so let it out all over us!"

With that, the girls grab each other's breasts and simply go wild. They mash their chests together around your cock with incredible force, squeezing, stroking, scraping, stimulating you and each other in equal measure. The need to cum overrides all your thoughts, and you can't help but start bucking your hips, mindlessly driving yourself into the hot, squishy vortex of delight...

You finally announce your orgasm with a loud wail and fall right onto your back, your mind blanking out completely. Your first shot of semen spurts high into the air, coming down to leave a large splatter across one of Okuu's huge breasts, and the second one lands clean on Orin's face. The two girls moan happily as your load comes out in one thick, mind-numbing shot after another, and you're vaguely aware of them using their breasts and hands to push your cock around, trying to coat as much of themselves as possible while they use everything they have to milk you dry.

Somewhere after the sixth or seventh shot, the constant surges of delight dissolve into a thick, languid rush of pleasure that leaves you in a happy daze. Eventually, you push yourself up on your arms to see Orin and Okuu happily licking each other clean. Their faces are still flushed a deep red under the countless splatters of white, and their similarly-coated bosoms heave with quick, excited breaths. Okuu's in the midst of kissing some sperm out of Orin's cleavage then the two girls notice you.

"Oh, he's back up!"

Suddenly, you're thrown onto your back, with the two girls landing on either side of you. A huge pair of semen-soaked breasts wraps around each of your arms, and their long legs wrap around your own and spread them apart as they start to pepper your cheeks and ears with kisses.

"That was really tasty~"

"I forgot how good it felt..."

"I want it more than ever now..."

"You'll stay with us all night long, right?"

"And tomorrow, too?"

Your hands soon find themselves pressed into a pair of hot, soaking-wet pussies, and the girls' grips on you only grow stronger and stronger as their heavy musks and frenzied whispers muddle your senses. It reminds you of how Reisen would get some nights…

Nights that you’d have trouble standing up after.

“If you die, I’ll take really good care of your corpse~!”
No. 34984
Gah that lucky bastard! What I wouldn't do to be in his place!
No. 34987
Ohh, yes! I really love how Okuu turned out; most people just make her a dingbat with no redeeming features, but here, you made her a sweet, lovable oaf.

Also, something tells me that our guy is going to have to find another place to move...

I smell a Suwako/Kanako or Patchouli/Koakuma threesome in the near future...
No. 34988
Did JBWB help on this? I notice some of his quirks in the writing
No. 34989
When I was checking the draft for grammar and spelling errors, I only saw Rule63 and Alcatraz's writing.
No. 34991

Screw moving; I'd be happy to stay right there! Besides, the underground still has Yamame, Parsee, Yuugi...

Dammit, I loved Okuu in this one.
No. 34992
Speaking of Yuugi, or Byakuren as well, I think she'd be great for #33 Red Seat which is a "titfuck version of a lap pillow" and involves putting your body's weight in the woman's lap. Both Yuugi and Byakuren are very strong so I suspect neither would have to worry about getting tired.
No. 34993
Getting tired sounds hotter. Find the scrawniest girl for that one.
No. 35009
My god, this thread is beyond epic.

[X]#19: Hidden Flower with Komachi
No. 35020
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No. 35023
Ah, apologies.
No. 36781
fat cocks
No. 36797
Is this tread still active or not? Because I love it and it will be a shame to close it :(
No. 36798
Is this tread still active or not? Because I love it and it will be a shame to close it :(
No. 36799
Is this tread still active or not? Because I love it and it will be a shame to close it :(
No. 36800
Is this tread still active or not? Because I love it and it will be a shame to close it :(
No. 36801
Is this tread still active or not? Because I love it and it will be a shame to close it :(
No. 36803
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