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Note: This is indeed canon to "In the Forest, a Dancing Light", the night of >>/forest/24382 and referenced in >>/forest/24455, with a mild retcon of their exact activities.


Walking back home, I notice Merlin and Hatate getting along really well. Maybe I won?t have to choose. I?m not as good at thinking and planning as my friends are. I?ll worry about it when I have someone to talk to; all I can do now is go with my gut and hope for the best.

They?re talking about their interests... I won?t interrupt since that?s rude. We get to the door, and Hatate asks, ?Kazi, mind if I go back home tonight? I need to put my stuff away and check with the local officer to see if I served enough time. I?ll stop by in a couple of days.?

?Sure, but I hope you won?t get stuck up there.? I really do hope that as I do enjoy her company, even if there aren't any inadvertent nude sightings. Better dwell on that another time, though.

I open the door to let them in and follow afterwards.


I see Hatate already gathering her stuff quickly, which makes me wonder: are all crow tengu faster than humans at anything? There she goes... I feel something cool on my cheek. Wait... did she just kiss me?

I hear giggling coming from my room. I head over to find Merlin sitting on my bed, where I can get a nice look at her legs and ches- No Kazuma, you promised yourself you?d avoid focusing on that too much. ?I guess we have time to ourselves,? Merlin says as she motions for me to sit next to her, something I gladly do. I try to think of something nice to talk about when she adds, ?It was fun spending time with you two and I definitely approve of her.?

?I didn?t mean to...? I try to explain it before she puts a finger to my lips.

?We?re both busy girls so we have no problems taking turns. All that thinking and worrying is making you seem unhappy, so let me fix that.? She leans forward and kisses me deeply. I go with my instincts and return it, starting to hold her. I barely notice my back hitting the bed as we continue. I break off the kiss to catch my breath, smiling upon seeing her face. Merlin easily has the best smile and I can?t help but return it when I see it. I also notice her yukata was loosened during the kiss, offering an even better view. ?Oh... I wish you?d ask instead of sneaking peeks, Kazuma. I wouldn?t refuse you.? She reveals her breasts... Looking even softer, rounder than I imagined. And my pants are tight all of a sudden.

?Oh... my.? I could only utter at the display before me. I?m also stunned by how trusting she is. I?m not a brainy guy like my friends but even I can perceive some things. My thoughts are interrupted by Merlin taking my hands and putting them on her breasts with that same smile.

?I?m happiest when you?re happy,? is all she says. I can?t help but sense I?m forgetting something, but I?ve never been one to turn a girl down. I motion for her to sit on my lap and she does so with a bit of a confused expression before I resume the kiss while playing with her chest. She moans into the kiss while starting to strip my shirt from me. I ease up just long enough for her to take it off of me.

I spend a few moments holding her to me. ?I don?t mind returning the favor,? I reply as I pinch her hard nipples, which are still rather soft; must be a polterghost thing. I am guided by what I read in that tengu porn Kamui got me, and instinct. I start to kiss her neck, causing her moans to increase. Before I can think of what to do, Merlin turns around and pushes me to bed right before resuming the kiss, pressing her chest against mine.

My hands drift down her back to her butt, which looks as soft as the rest of her. I slip one hand under her yukata while having the other work at the piece of cloth keeping it on. Her butt is definitely soft... And sensitive if Merlin?s moaning slightly into the kiss. After a bit of time I undo it enough to slide it off of her. Tch... I?m reminded of my now rock-hard rod. As if she notices, she stops the kiss and remarks, ?I?m sorry; I forgot about that. I know just what to do. Just sit on the edge of the bed and let me do the rest.? I do just that, curious as to what she?ll do.

First, she loosens up my own pants, then takes them off... and upon seeing it, her face has a look of wonder. I'd never thought much of how big/long it was... but I started to wonder when Hatate had a similar reaction when I got up out of the bath. She definitely ran out of the room in a hurry. My thinking is interrupted by something wet and soft touching it. I then see Merlin gently stroking it with her hands... covered in her own juices, I think. I enjoy the treatment before getting caught off guard when she puts her breasts around it. I didn?t think anything so soft could put such pressure on it... and soon she starts licking on the tip, with a look of innocent joy on her face.

This continues, as her pace picks up and I notice that her faint self-fondling increase in vigor to the point that she?s nearly manhandling herself. ?I?m...? I can?t get it out before I come right in her mouth. ?I?m sorry!? I notice her swallow with a smile.

She crawls up next to me and answers, ?Don?t be, I knew what was coming.? I notice her hand moving down there... KAZUMA YOU IDIOT! She hasn?t come yet! Oh yeah, that guy licked down there in that tengu porn! I try moving down but her breasts tempt me, and before I can resist, I feel her hand pushing my head into them. She must have noticed my reaction.

?I don?t mind waiting if you get to enjoy yourself,? I hear as I start sucking and playing with her breasts. I can feel her moving her wet crotch against my leg. I feel my rod harden as I enjoy her soft breasts. After a bit I switch breasts, then move into position to do the licking. I can?t help but notice a total lack of hair there.

I look at Merlin who gives me a trusting smile. I gently stick a finger in and remove it to take a lick. Very sugary, fitting for Merlin and her personality. I start licking some, cleaning her up a bit as I notice a nub above. I try touching to see how she reacts and I hear her moans get louder... so if I play with this, then it?ll feet better for her. I try playing with that nub various ways as I lick her and I hear a faint ?Kazu...? in between the moans before she comes in my face with surprising force.

I take a few moments to stand up and wipe the juices from my eyes, and I see her with an expectant expression. ?I?m ready... but could we do this gently first?? I was going to do that anyways, but the fact she wants it this way strengthens my smile. I get into position and push in gently as I soon run into something... do polterghosts have maidenhoods? I think it?s some con-whatever of never having been with a guy. ?Merlin, I?m afraid this is going to hurt a bit... but it should get better? I have no idea if what I?m saying is true... this wasn?t in the tengu porn! 1... 2... 3! I thrust in firmly but gently as I start to hold her in an attempt at comforting her. ?Are you alright??

?Yes... let?s just enjoy this for a few moments until it dies down.? Even in pain, she maintains that smile. A few moments of holding each other pass, then she slowly starts moving and as I then match her slow pace I can?t help but feel it?s a perfect fit. She wraps her arms around me and resumes kissing and I soon return the favor. While I feel the urge to hammer away, this is very nice in its own right. We soon approach what I think is a normal rate, as our kisses become separated by gasps for air. ?Faster...? I comply, putting my hands on her hips to push in more easily. Tch... have to focus so I don?t go off before her... and her bouncing breasts aren?t exactly helping. I speed up a bit more, hoping to get Merlin there....just a bit more... And she comes right before me; when I empty my load, she gets even louder and it gets rather snug down there. It takes a few moments before we both finish fully.

We lay down in silence just looking at each other. There isn?t much to say, as we both know how we feel and what?s on our minds... I think. During this lull, things start settling in my head... such as why her sisters are so protective. I know from hearing a few of the other hunters speak, they would be the sort to take advantage of a girl like Merlin. But I won?t dwell on that matter. ?Does this mean you?re done for the night?? My thoughts are interrupted as I see Merlin laying beside me in all her glory. I draw up some covers over us as she comes over to lie on top of me. She looks a bit worried about something.

?I hope I didn?t force myself too hard at first... it?s just that I really wanted you.? She remarks. Not surprising, as she is very affectionate, which her letters easily show. Looks like I wasn?t the only one who was trying to resist my urges.

?Not at all... I just wasn?t expecting... this. I?m not complaining though. I hope it didn?t hurt too much.? No idea about polterghosts? quirks at all, just Merlin being her lovely self. I notice her smile returning to full strength as I answered her question.

?I don?t feel physical pain easily... though the first moment was unexpected, but even then it wasn?t that bad. You were there to comfort me after all. I wish I didn?t have to return home and practice tomorrow.? Oh yeah; it may be a while before I see her again. Well, I?m not going to be able to forget this.

?Yeah, but that?s life. All we can do is try our best so we can share some nice stories.? Definitely, I want to brag to her about taking down some big bounties. I?m going to miss this, as I think I?ve become too used to sharing a bed with a girl, first Hatate and then Merlin... though Hatate was clothed and I tried my best to keep my hands to myself. It was her idea as she didn?t want me sleeping on my own floor and I couldn?t let her sleep on the floor herself.

We enjoy the cuddling embrace for a few moments until we both yawn. Guess we?re both tired from today?s events. ?Good night Merlin.?

?Good night, Kazuma.? I can say we love each other. Sure, it may have only been a short time, but I know what I feel and it sounds like what Dad felt for Aya. Between my exhaustion and Merlin?s soft embrace, it doesn?t take long for me to fall asleep.


I do have some more stuff with these two in the near future. The retcon moved things to the morning after.
It wound up falling off the board and didn't look like it got archived. Right when I had another entry ready to go.
Direct sequel to ?A Night to Remember?
Events are adjusted canon.

Last night was great; I?m even having a rather realistic dream of Merlin putting it in her mouth. It's so real I?m about- ! I wake up to find Merlin doing just that; it isn?t long before I come in her mouth. She swallows it, before apologizing. ?I?m sorry... it?s just that I was curious about how it?d taste after it?s been in me.? She has a guilty, innocent expression on her face.

?I?m not upset at all... I?d rather just have you wake me up before doing that.? I give her a hug to show I?m not that mad about it. Well, that and I like hugging her regardless of what happened. I hear my stomach growl... yeah, before I can think of doing anything else, I?ll need some food. From the position of the sun in the window, it?s still rather early. Good; plenty of time to eat and relax before worrying about Ginji or Dad check in on me.

I put on only a pair of pants to wear since I?m definitely taking a bath before I leave the house. I head into the kitchen/dining area to find two bowls waiting on the table with various fruits. Add shopping for food to the list. Merlin comes up behind me. ?I?ve made breakfast! I hope you like something sweet!? I sit down and start eating, and she does as well. I barely notice her blush, and the fact that she's wearing an apron. The fruit tastes quite sweet, yet familiar; I wonder what she used to season them?

?What did you use on the fruit? I don?t think I have anything like this in the house.? I ask, taking another bite. All the seasonings I have are for various meats and some salads.

She smiles, answering, ?I seasoned it with love!? ...Several things became clear to me. First, she used her juices on this. Second, I'm visualizing her doing it. Third, my apron is the only thing she's wearing. Huh, I could have sworn my pants were baggier than this. I focus my mind and I finished eating; I?m too much a gentleman to toss her on a bed right away and have my with her, no matter how hard I am.

As I finish, she asks, ?Kazuma... could we do it some more? when I prepared breakfast, my fingers weren?t good enough.? That innocent expression combined with a sexy body... I can only hope I don?t tear a hole in my pants.

We head over to the bedroom, where I sweep her up in my arms and kiss her passionately, tasting some of breakfast along with something salty. As we made out, I faintly notice what little clothing we had be tossed aside, distracted by Merlin pressing her hard nipples against me and her very wet crotch against my leg. We separate, catching our breath, and she goes down on all fours. ?Please put it in!? She wriggles her ass while asking. I?m not exactly comfortable with doing it like animals... but I want it as much as she does.

I get behind and enter her, and bend down to play with her breasts. I focus entirely on us, sometimes playing with her ass, sometimes with her breasts, and all the while Merlin?s telling me ?Faster, Harder!? Normally I?d be uncomfortable with this as I?d risk hurting a girl... but she?s no normal girl, and it?s what she wants. All I can notice now are my thrusts and her moans, pants, and the occasional scream, all asking for more. It isn?t long before I feel it coming for me. With one last thrust, I come hard inside her.

I think I blanked out for a moment, as I?m suddenly laying on the bed beside her. ?Merlin, you alright? I think I got a bit too caught up.? I hold her around her stomach.

I hear her panting a bit, ?I?m fine... just a bit disappointed you didn?t touch these more.? She moves my hands to her breasts. ?I thought it?d be a good position, but it was great other than that.?

I agree with her, and play with her breasts, enjoying the quiet embrace. I notice I'm hardening again; not to the intense levels of earlier but still ready enough for another go. ?How about we do something a bit gentler, and in a position I want?? I ask, knowing what I want to do... having her on my lap was good.

?Okay, but let me do the work this time since you did it all last time.? She answers with her usual smile. We get into position, and she guides it into her. I resume playing with her breasts while kissing her some more. I focus on what I'm doing, occasionally kissing her neck as I remember she enjoyed that. She?s doing a good job on her own, though I notice she using her floating ability instead of her legs to move. I?m savoring this moment, as it may be a while before I get to experience it again. I run my hands over other areas of her body, all nicely soft.

She turns towards me, asking, ?Am I doing a good job??

?You?re doing a wonderful job.? I pinch her nipples gently to back up my comment. We continue at this rather leisurely pace, enjoying the embrace until she starts speeding up, bringing me towards the edge. I focus on her breasts and nipples to delay my coming until she does, and to bring hers closer. Her pants and gasps get more and more frequent. Focus... I can?t just be the only one who comes. Wait... there?s something I saw in the tengu porn that might work. I wait for the right moment before I gently bite her neck. ! Gah! That did the job alright.

In the clearness of the afterglow I realize that if we stay in the same room for too long, the only thing we?ll get done is lots of sex. But for now, I?ll enjoy the moment. Merlin?s turned around and is hugging me. She happily exclaims, ?Good morning, Kazuma!? I laugh at the timing of the statement, since it?s not morning, and any man would find a morning like this good, if not great.

We spend some time just holding each other, perhaps trying to ignore the fact that sooner or later we?ll have to separate and get our minds on things other than seeing the other naked in bed. She?s the first to pull away. ?Kazu... how are we going to do this now without repeating this morning??

?I?m going to be in the bathroom preparing the bath, and you should get changed in my room. I?d offer to share the bath, but I think we both know how that?d end.? Keeping things clean between me and Hatate in the bath was simple, as we weren?t really a couple yet, while with Merlin we?re very much a couple and we?d both fall to the temptation.

?That's ok; the Inn has a bath, so I?ll just take one when I get there.? She then kisses me, adding, ?I hope you have a nice day, tell Hatate I said hi, okay?? She gets up and starts getting some clothes out of her bag. I leave quickly, grabbing some of my own clothes before I see her with something sexy.


I get into the back, and start warming the water. First is a normal bath, then a very cold one just to drive out any stray thoughts like Merlin adjusting her- nope, bad idea. I think it?s taking all our self-restrain to do our own thing instead of running back into the room. Might as well use this already building frustration towards my work, as I want to bring in a C rank bounty before Merlin comes back.
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Note: Takes place a week after the general time of >>/forest/26201


Finally home after a short day. Tch... this is getting to be too much. I need to think of a way to actually bring up to them what I saw as I can't get it out of my mind. It's not every fucking day that a person walks in and finds the girls he has feelings for reenacting something out of Kamui's smut. I mean, I enjoyed what little I saw, but what does it mean for what we have going on? For now, it?s probably a good idea to take a bath and relax; last thing I need is people finding out about this.


A nice warm bath is always great. I wonder what the girls are up to and whether they're sneaking off to- FUCK! I shouldn't be thinking about that. At least I'm making progress on that heater; should have the first model done before winter comes.

?Ginji, are you in there? We need to talk.? Rikako?s soft tone contrasts with her words; usually she only takes that tone when dealing with matters she's not familiar with.

?Yeah I'm in here, I'll be out shortly.? Might as well since the mood's ruined. Not that I'm upset at her. She hardly makes any requests, so it?s no trouble obliging her now. Besides, I may be a tactless jerk, but never to the point where I'd be outright mean to them.

I get out and towel off when I hear a gasp. I put on my glasses from beside my clothes and look up to see Rikak- wow, and I thought she looked great when her clothes were still on! I think she's stunned as wel- damn it body, why do you have to betray me? She might not be as exotic as certain youkai girls, but only a goddamn idiot would say she isn't very attractive. Okay, turn away; now I can think straight.

?Ginji, you can look... the matter I wanted to talk to you about was what you caught us doing a week back. We noticed your unusual behavior lately and we decided to think of a way to take care of it.? Of course they'd notice; they see me more often than anyone and their perception is easily as sharp as mine if not more so.

I take a deep breath, responding, ?What does that mean? The reason I was stressed was because I was trying to figure out what it would mean for the three of us, and frankly seeing two very attractive intelligent women like that has an effect on me.?

?It means we have the same amount of feelings for each other that we do for you. You have nothing to worry about, it was an impulsive moment that had been building up for a while. We?ve known each other long before you met us, after all.? That's a relief though I'm bit curious about plan.

I respond, ?I hope you didn't worry about me too badly as I was trying to avoid that. So, what are you two planning to do to ?take care of it???

?To put it simply... do similar things with you, but one at a time. It's better than relieving such tension ourselves. But more importantly, making the man we? dearly care for feel good.? Right? neither Rikako nor I have an idea how to touch the ?love? issue, and I?m honestly surprised Rika hasn't blurted anything out yet.

We sit there in a few moments of silence trying to figure out what to do next. ??Touch me however you want.?

I turn around and the first thing that catches my eye is her soft expression. She really is cute like this, but I admire her serious side as well. ?Are you that serious about that, Rikako?? She nods only once, and I reach my hands toward her body. I'll leave her chest and lower area for last, so I'll start with her feet. I massage them a bit, working my way up her feet and thighs; from their firmness I'm tempted to ask if she exercises regularly. Mmm, the inner thigh gets a reaction, noted. Her stomach is flat but soft, but Rikako cuts off further exploration.

?Ginji, could you kiss me?? I hear her ask with a breath or two breaking it up. Thinking on it, I realize there hasn't been much kissing between us, and am hit by a pang of regret. Sure we were focused on work, but looking at Rikako, I can't help but feel that?s just a bad excuse. I let my lips answer for me and let instinct take over.

Wow... she's definitely getting into it, using her tongue like that. I didn't think she can get this forward, but if she's grabbing my ass like that, I doubt she'd mind me returning the favor. It definitely feels as great as it looks.

This is pre- wait, there's a sad look on her face. ?Are my breasts... bad? I was told that guys would go for them first.? Goddamn it, my plan backfired.

I wince and answer, ?Quite the opposite, they're nice. I was trying to save the best for last. I'm sorry, Rikako.? She gets off of me before turning and sitting on my lap, a sensation of wetness spreading over my legs. ?If felt better from behind when Rika did it? she adds, setting my hands on her chest. I'm sure Rika had some fun with her.

Time to see which areas and actions get the most response. The nipples are a key spot but the other areas aren't much less sensitive. They really are great, soft yet tactfully firm, ample yet not excessively so. Being smaller than other girls certainly isn't a bad thing. Though all this is secondary to the fact they belong to Rikako. I notice her face turning towards me and let my heart do the rest. Kissing is definitely different as she moans into my mouth.

?Down there, please?? she gasps after we break off the kiss. I move my hand down ther- Whoa! Talk about warm and wet. Right, from what I remembered of those smut books, she should have a button up there. Ah hah... whoa! That got a reaction out of her, though having one hand on her very nice breasts may have helped. I think I have an idea of what to do now that I have a rhythm devised, but I should work on my actual fingering first.

I experiment a bit, finding what works best. Once I do that, I move my other hand from her breast to her button. I begin my planned ministrations, waiting until her moans reach a certain point when then slowly intensifying them until she comes. I hold her until she recovers from that. I would be lying if I wasn't tempted on crude base level, but I resist as it'd be taking advantage.

"Ginji, by chance, have you ever relieved yourself? Me and Rika found not doing so could be problematic." she asks. I didn't know that as it reminds me of what I saw. If she didn't feel it yet she would now.

I answer, "Nope, been busy with work though I tried steering away from such things." I couldn't really justify such a thing when there's things to be done, like making that heater.

Rikako stands up, which is a sight in its own right then her hands gently grasp my dick as she kneels, giving a nice angle on her body. "Then allow me to do so. I may not be as confident at sex as Yumemi or Chiyuri, but in my dexterity and analysis, I have the utmost confidence." She starts moving her hands and fingers over my dick in a gentle yet precise manner. Her movements are methodical and probing, adjusting on my reactions, her breasts jiggling slightly. As expected- wow, of her; she's really finding my weak points.

During her ministrations, we end up lying down on the floor as she perfects the motion. As she kneels over me I?m tempted to play with one of her breasts, but I really don't want to disrupt her when she's trying her best. I just enjoy it with my eyes closed until she stops for a moment. I look to see her more flushed than earlier and as she starts up again I feel a faintly familiar slickness - she's using her own juices as additional lubricant. And she's inTENSIFYING! She's really moving her hand up and down, bending her fingers to hit all sorts of sensitive spots. It's not long- "Ri-!" before it hits. I open my eyes to find her splattered with my come. I think I see a bit dripping down her breasts; she looks erotic beyond rational thought.

She lays down on top of me after a bit, remarking, "I hope you don?t mind if I leave this stuff here; Yumemi always says it?s usually unappealing in taste." I can?t even register the stickiness compared to the feeling her body laid on top of mine. I guess I'm getting an idea just how experienced those two are. Poor kid has no idea what he agreed to, especially with the second Chiyuri they found. For a while we just lay there, fondling each other, then reluctantly get up wash off quickly while thinking of what's next.

There?s only one thing to do now, and frankly she deserves better than the bathroom floor for her first time. "Hey Rikako, let's go to the bedroom. Don't worry about the clothes; we'll handle that tomorrow," I say. I surprise her by picking her up in a bridal carry, and she?s speechless as I carry her out of the bathroom. "I know I'm not Kazuma, but I'm not some spoony bard either," I remark, and she surprises me by leaning her head on to my shoulder. She's much lighter than the assorted equipment I have to tug around all the time.


I gently set her down, getting another good look at her as she stretches out demurely, giving a good view of her body, including a patch of purple hair down there. "Ginji, think we can do it?" she ask as she does a bit of fingering as to make sure she's wet. Whelp, if I wasn't hard then, I am now.

I lay by her, warning her, "It will likely hurt." Not sure how much it will hurt as the girls in some of those books seemed to be in pain even though they were supposedly enjoying it.

"I'm fully aware of that and how careful you will be. I trust you," she answers, smiling. Surely her smiles (and Rika's as well) are more valuable than any material possession I could ever hope to have. Alright? back to the task: one, two... THREE! She winces, but seems to take it pretty well, only squeezing me tightly with her legs and arms. I forgot that despite her looks she's a bit stronger than she appears. I wait a bit to see how she's doing, and as the hug eases up I hear her murmur, "Sorry." I don't think she had to worry about being wet enough.

"Don't worry about it, at least nothing's bleeding," I answer before kissing her.

We try some movements to try and work out an optimal routine though I find myself looking at her face which has a warm smile even in spite of the few tears. We manage to hit a pattern which feels really good and we slowly speed up as we get used to it. I play with her breasts both to help on her end and because they're damn nice to play with. I don't think anyone else could imagine Rikako making some of the most passionate faces I've ever seen.

As we go on and I start to feel myself reaching the verge, it seems like Rikako still isn't there yet. What can I- That's it! her clit! Trying not to break pace, I divert a hand to play with it as much as possible before the point comes and Ah! I did it. Wow, I didn't think both of ours happening at once would feel that good, though part of me thinks I got lucky with that. I might have to donate more if this is what god's favor does.

We lay there for a few moments, holding hands and resting in each others? arms. Rikako says, "I am definitely grateful those two were able to create those 'birth control' pills." Oh, phew. I would have been worried about knocking her up as it'd be too early to do even if the notion is sexy. Though, now that we?re just laying here, I realize that took more out of me than I thought. It's also the tension I had breaking.

"Good night, Rikako, I love you," I say, pulling her into a hug.

....Did I just say that? I may feel it but I don't- "I know Ginji, your actions speak far louder than words and I hope you know that applies to us, too," she replies happily, pulling the covers over us as I soon fall asleep.


I wake up to smell breakfast cooking, so I pull on some boxers and a robe before heading out to see who's cooking. Part of me wishes Rikako stayed in bed though I know she's not the type to do that. She?s the same as me in that regard, though I know better than to leave the woman you slept with the night before alone in bed.

Well, Rikako cooking isn't a shock, but the fact she's only wearing some black lacy underwear under her apron is. "Good morning, Ginji. Rika told me to just spend the day with you while she handles the shop in return for a similar courtesy when it's her turn. Though I hope you can wait until after breakfast for any more love making." Good morning indeed.
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Takes place a couple of days after the first one (>>32632).

Special thanks to Amatarou (yes the hentai artist) for having the right doujins for the writing mood. Thanks also goes to Akou Roshi for the wonderful pic and inspiration.

That day was an eye opener in many ways as I find myself feeling like a weight's been taken off my back. Hell, I'm in good enough of a mood to be nice to Kamui; the fact that really fucks with him is a nice bonus. Even though autumn?s on its way, there's a trend of sweaters picking up in the village. The effect is pretty nice if the yellow one Rikako got has anything to go by, though I do wonder what Rika's sweater would be like. I'm willing to bet money she'd make it look real nice, both her and Rikako. If there's ever a sweater god, I would imagine people would be leaving all sorts of donations at his or her feet. I should really get back to work... and manage to do so until Rikako interrupts.

"Ginji, I think we've been keeping Rika waiting long enough." I thought she'd tell me when that was? Welp, I should apologize when I get the chance. She continues, "She allowed me to go first out of niceness and I want to repay it. It's also why I slowed things down, though I hope you weren't offended." That's right, she didn't show much interest after 'garter belt day' as that was the only thing she kept on the whole day, though that led me to start making plans for a clothes cleaning machine that can wash such things without damaging them.

I respond, "Don't worry about it, I know you have good reasons," and hug her.

"You should let go before I end up distracting you," she interrupts. Good point, with my mind in that sort of area I should save my thoughts for Rika. I leave after saying good bye to her; I would have kissed her but that runs the risk of 'distraction'.


I hear some cute humming when I walk in the door. I track it down to her room and knock. "Come in, Gin-Gin," she answers. Makes sense as she's likely been expecting me.

I step, in ready to ap- wow... I wasn't expecting her to pose in just a short sleeved sweater and apparently nothing else. It really does highlight her legs and ass, which while small, is still good. Her breasts are a bit bigger than I expected, though still smaller than Rikako's, sort of glad for that as smaller suits her better. I don't think I see any hair down there either from her positions.

She runs up and hugs me. I return it and notice the feel of the sweater, pretty soft stuff. I wonder how it'd it'd feel over a breast. "Gin-Gin!" It's like she doesn't notice she's naked from the waist down? is that a trail of fluid running down her legs?

"Rika that sweater looks nice though are you aware that-" I ask before she interrupts me.

"If it's you or Rikako, I don't mind you looking or touching," she speaks as she puts my hand on one of her breasts. I feel around, marveling at the combined feel before I decide to take it off, which she goes along with. Seeing them exposed I must say they fit her well, cutely sized, youthfully perky, and a nice contrast to Rikako's pair.

I look around her room and notice the mirror she was using - that gives me an idea. I lead her to it as I touch her breasts directly in front of it. I hear her moan as I feel her weight shift to my arms, putting me off balance. I try to land on the bed, cushioning her.

"I'm sorry Gin-Gin, but this feels so much better than from my fantasies," she says once she catches her breath. After a bit, she flips over, and gazing at my face. I take the opportunity to do something I should have done sooner: kiss her. Well... that's what I meant to do, but it quickly escalates to what outsiders call a 'make out session.' I find my hands on her small but nice ass. After a bit, I notice her working on the buttons of my shirt. "You're overdressed, Gin-Gin" she responds. Can't deny her point as I get out of my pants and boxers and the moment my dick pops out, she stops to stare at it.

I'd do something but this is entirely new, though I'm surprised she has- WHOA! Well? I was thinking about her sucking my dick but I wasn't expecting it to happen! I look to see her bobbing with most of it in her mouth while one of her hands are down there, playing with her self. Those pigtails are te-Nope, just because some ass does it in Kamui's smut like that doesn't mean I will. I'm going to let her do things at her rate. Though... while it seems sloppy, she isn't lacking in enthusiasm. But she wouldn't be Rika otherwise.

I think on her hair and wonder how it looks down. She's really giving it her all, I better warn her before it's too late. "Rika, I'm about to-" when she manages to get all of it in her mouth and causes me to come. I pull out, worried about what'd happen when I see her coughing a bit, spitting some of it out into her hands. She swallowed the rest?! I see her then lick up the bunch in her hands and what's on her body. She seems to relish the moment before looking startled as she runs off to the bathroom.

I have no idea what's going on, but I'll wait a few minutes before I follow her. I wonder what those two put in her head to make her do that. I hear some footsteps to see Rika running back, smiling. Bouncing too, for that matter. "Sorry about that Gin-Gin. I was just rinsing my mouth out as those two warned me about the taste. But before you get mad at those two, we went to them for advice as they had experience, and in their words wanted to use their experience with a bunch of Mr. wrongs to help us with Mr. right" she says, and I wonder how she knew that.

"'Those two?' How did you know that? I kept that to myself, mainly due to the crazy things I hear them come up with," I ask.

"Because we know you very well, and your grumbling wasn't that quiet. It's far better than just referring to porn comics, like some people did unknowingly. So did you like that little show? I heard that guys liked it, that and once I got used to taste, I liked it mainly because it reminded me of you. A little unpleasant at first, but nice once fully tasted," she responds. Damn, that's one erotic way of summing up my personality. Oh shit, I don't think she came at all.

"Hey Rika, did you come as well?" I ask as I have no way of guessing it.

She comes over, answering, "No, I was too focused on doing a good job, so could you help? It felt really good when you did it."

I pull her on my lap as I played with one of her breasts while moving a hand down there. "You did do a good job. To be honest I thought about something like that happening but dismissed it as something that was only a fantasy."

In between some moans, she answers, "I'm glad I did that then, Gin-Gin." I decide to wait a bit before going for her button, though from her reactions, she's still pretty worked up from before so a bit of play on it would be more than enough. Now to apply pre- "AAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Godsdamned! My ears? wow, she was definitely worked up. I wonder what's louder: her inventions firing, or her scream.

"Are you alright, Rika?" I ask, mainly out of concern as she went limp after screaming. I hold her as I wait for her answer. I look at my hand which still has her juices on it as out of some sense of fairness, go to lick it. Strangely but intensely sweet, though it reminds me of Rika alright.

My thoughts are interrupted by Rika's answer. "I'm fine, just that your fingers were really good and they were your fingers. If you say I taste oddly sweet that's what Big Rika said as well, though you should try her sometime as she's something different." I notice her undoing her ponytails to let her hair down, which ends up being surprisingly unkempt. She adds, "I know it looks pretty wild but the pig tails do a nice job of hiding it. I always thought they looked cute, too!"

Without thinking I respond, "Your hair is pretty cute like that also," and kiss her. What an odd minty taste, but I won't dwell on it as I'd just find out it's some crazy thing those two made like that pheromone detector.

We kiss some more for a bit after which, she stops as she positions herself above my dick.. oh wait she isn't going to... "Finally, at last?" I hear her say before she comes down on it. "Ahhooooow, it hurts!" Shit! I should have stopped her! I struggle to think of a solution and go with the only thing that comes to mind: holding her.

"I'm sorry, I should have stopped you as it's pretty known it's painful" I say to her. It hurts seeing her like this.

I look at her face, and despite the tears, she's smiling. "It hurts, but it means I'm finally connected with you. This pain only tells me it's you that was my first, not some stupid toy those two made. Even Big Rika feels the same way. This is what I wanted."

"Just tell me when you're ready," I tell her as we kiss. As we enjoy the embrace, I notice that she is definitely snugger down there, though I was so worried about her that I must have somehow ignored it. Both are fine in their own ways. I feel her starting to move slowly, I decide to move a bit as to try to control the pace. I'm worried about her getting carried away.

"Good..." I hear her say as we continue in between kisses and moans. It's better that she's smiling without tears, still controlling the pace now because I don't want to let her down, pretty hard with her snugness and pressing her cute small breasts against my chest. Even despite my efforts, she's speeding up... like Rikako, she's pretty strong for her looks. "More, more more More!" I hear her say. Might as well end things as I start playing with her button- yep she's coming which pushes me over the edge... and it's only intensifying hers. Gods!

After it ends, she seems content just to snuggle. Not sure if she's asl- "Zzzzz? Mr. Creed, how do you hide your tanks like that?" Yep she's asleep and dreaming about that one crazy guy who somehow gets tanks to come out of nowhere. Well if she's asleep, I guess there?s no harm in doing the same.


I wake up to feel someone at my back - likely Rikako, judging from the two nicely sized soft things pressing into my back. It seems they're still both asleep. "Zzzz Luna, your butt's pillowy soft. I hope Gin-Gin didn't keep you waiting," Rika says in her sleep. Well? it's no secret that there's some fondness between me and Lunasa, or that these two. No use worrying about what'll happen with Lunasa until the time comes. I wonder if she could use some stress relief as much as I did?
File 141679574947.jpg - (349.66KB, 536x600, Dancing Goddess of leaves.jpg) [iqdb]
It's something I made to celebrate fall.

Alt Title: The Goddess that Loves Humans (One in Particular)

Time: Mid-late Autumn

Special thanks to BSD for helping me with the dance as well as proofing.

I wonder what Shizuha wants. From the invitation she sent, it sounds like something special is going to happen. I'm glad she's getting more confident about herself, as constantly placing herself in her sister's shadow is never a good thing. There it is, their cabin; it shouldn't be much longer until I get inside.


Ah, nice and cozy... there's a letter on the table. "Sorry Kazuo. I had to practice some more things, but I should be back shortly." I can still smell the leafy scent that she has. Well, I might as well try to finish coloring this picture of the first time I saw her dancing last autumn. It could count as love at first sight, and it was what sparked my artistic streak as if she were one of the famed muses from the west. Until news of that Scholar and the bug girl made its way around, I merely talked with her about stuff, as well as showing some of my earlier work. She may be associated with a chilly season, but it didn't show on her personality. I remember how she was talking about them at the flower shop. It was then I figured I'd try my chance, how ever slight it was.

To my great surprise, she actually liked me as well. She said she enjoyed our dates and how we often talked about nature and its beauty. I found out that I was the main one interested in her, with most being far more interested in her sister. She may have the curves most guys want, but to me, there's no outdoing Shizuha. This picture is something I feel embodies her perfectly, her grace, warmth and the beauty she brings to fall. No idea what I would do with this, but I feel it has to be finished. Even when she's absent, she drives my creativity. I look around and notice some flowers... the same that I got her when I sold my first piece to Mr. Miyamoto.

The door opens to reveal Shizuha in what seems to be her usual dress, though some things seem to be missing. "I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long, Kazuo," she said.

"Honestly, the time was well spent as I finished this at last," I answered, showing her the completed painting of herself. "It's of the first time I saw you, or perhaps the most important day of my life."

She appears stunned and blushing. "This is... beautiful. Did I really inspire this!? This makes my plans all the more appropriate," she replies. I was wondering about what they were, but I think I'll go along with them.


She leads me outside, which feels warmer, and not just due to the bonfire i see burning in the distance. We walk until we're a short distance away, enough for the fire to light things up some, but not at risk. "Sit here please," she asks with a blush. I do so, with the fire positioned to light the area in front of me while the rising moon lights up behind where she's standing.

She picks up what appears to be some large fans made of leaves. She poses with them in a slightly coy manner as her dress seemingly falls apart, revealing that the only thing providing cover are the fans. My thoughts on her dress construction are overridden by the mild yet potent eroticism of her pose. What I can see is far from disappointing, subtle yet gracefully curving and absolutely beautiful.

Then she starts dancing. It's still as graceful as the other times I've seen her, though her nudity and fans have lent a sense of sensuality to it. Her steps look ever more graceful with her legs exposed and her feet are equally graceful as they step about. At first, she bashfully covers her rear when it faces towards me, but as time goes by, she stops that and gives me a good view of a modest but attractive behind. While she continues to teasingly cover her front when it comes into view, the rest is displayed well, such as her back, stomach, arms, all of which seem to perfectly fit her dance. Her face starts out showing some blushing coyness when her front comes around, but as the dance progresses, she settled into a serene but still-blushing expression. I can only imagine she's getting fully comfortable with this dance, as her steps improve even further. It's almost as if she is flowing with the motions of the dance.

I continue to watch, taking in everything from her blushing yet content face, to her lithe, graceful body on display, to the tantalizing glances at her most private places as she twirls and teases with her fans on both sides. I think I notice something running down her legs, but it's a momentary distraction from the dance as a whole.

Gulp, I'm realizing the more I watch her dance, the more worked up I'm getting. If not for wanting to preserve the beauty of the dance, it'd be very hard to resist the thought of ravishing her. I'm not sure if I should ever tell her that this makes the time Miss Kamishirasawa got her dress wet pale in comparison.

She finally finishes and tries walking towards me when a rather chilly wind blows through. I get up and offer my jacket to her. I have no idea how suspectable gods are to such things, but Shizuha's my girlfriend before anything and I want to make sure she's comfortable. We head inside afterwards.


I start the water for some tea when I notice Shizuha's starting at.... the bulge in my pants caused by her. In my concern I forgot about that... and her state of undress as she's not really trying to hide her chest. "Kazuo, did my dance do that?" she asks as she gets up, revealing a small bit of hair at her junction. Gulp. It's all too perfect.

"Yeah... you did... it was very beautiful," I answer, trying to stay composed in front of the natural beauty before my eyes.

She leads me to the bed and nods as if I should sit down. "Then it's only right that I finish what I started," she answers, as she gets on her knees and starts working on my pants. I never expected her to go that far. "I hope you enjoy this, as I was preparing for it," she adds as she starts gently caressing and licking my manhood. This goes on for a bit, and I feel myself more and more on edge when she takes it into her mouth partway.

"Guh!" is all I can muster before I erupt in her mouth and fall on the bed. I can only hope it wasn't too much. I don't hear any coughing, just a few content 'mmm's. I get up to see swallowing some of my seed and licking up the rest.

"Was that good? I got some advice... I'm glad she warned me about the taste, but i don't mind it," she answers. She's looking a bit worked up herself, with some blushing and sweating, but it doesn't diminish her beauty at all. "I can feel how much faith you have through that, proving those old myths true, but could you do the same for me?" She asks as I notice instead of her usual scent, there's thicker, muskier version of it. She gets on the bed as I notice a small puddle on the floor.

She looks at me expectantly, as I try to think of how I'll do it... but I decide to directly return the favor as it'd be most straightforward and because I really want to make her feel just as good. I move down to her drenched...flower. That's the best way I can describe it. I run my finger gently up and down to get a feel and to get a sample of her juices, which taste like that maple stuff that goes with 'pancakes', but far better.

I gently spread her petals open as I attempt to lick the right spots. The advice the bard at the inn told me is coming to mind, especially about that nub and how it's really effective. I think I'm getting the hang of this, especially if her moans are any indication. I take a few moments to feel her legs, which are soft, yet firm as I'd expect. Time to try that nub with my fingers while I continue licking. She's getting louder and gasping more, and I hear a "Kaz-UO!" before something squirts into my mouth. I assume it's more of her juices as I try to swallow all I can.

Afterwards I lay down next to her and start holding her. She hums contentedly before kissing me by surprise and hugging me. I think I taste a bit of salt on her tongue, but I don't pay it much mind. My hands run down her back and to her modest but firm behind. A squeeze rewards me with a moan in the mouth. I notice her undoing my shirt and pressing her breasts against my chest, distracting me a bit from her behind.

She stops as she takes a break to breathe, but I decide to use this chance to run my hands over her soft yet firm stomach and to her modest, cute breasts. I worry a bit about getting ahead of myself, but she has a smile on her face, encouraging my handing. After a bit I decide to focus on her nipples, which causes her to moan audibly as her scent gets stronger again. Feeling them, I decide to move my head down and suck one while playing with the other. I feel her rub herself on my leg as I move to the other one before she pulls me off. "Kazuo, are you ready? I don't want to be teased any longer."

"Yeah," I respond, realizing that my manhood regained its hardness. I was so focused on pleasing her that I didn't notice right away. "I'll try to be as gentle as I can, though I'm not sure how well I'd do."

She hugs me, replying, "The important thing is that it's with you and that you're trying." I move away a bit so I can position myself. I steady my nerves as I slowly go in before hitting her 'maidenhood'. I glance with a nervous expression towards her. She only answers with a gentle nod as I pull back and thrust through it. Seeing tears in her eyes, I hug her in some effort to comfort her. "I'm alright, just give me a few moments," she replies as I caress her with one hand with the other holding one of her hands.

She's the one that resumes it as I try to move as gently as i can and go the right pace. The only way I can use to describe this is... perfect. I get the impression we're forgetting something but it can't be as important as this. Her hands run on my chest, giving me a bit of a shiver as I see perhaps the lewdest expression she can muster: a mix of cute and naughty. By this point we're going at a reasonable pace, along with her moans. The thoughts I had early of ravishing her return, but I resist them.

I have no idea if she noticed my thoughts, but she pulls me in close and whispers in my ear in a surprisingly seductive tone, "Ravish me and fill me with your faith." That overpowers any resistance I have, as I start thrusting as hard as can. My hands move to her breasts to play with them and her nipples. The steady moaning is replaced with loud gasps between loud cries. As I come closer, I try to hold out as this is about us both. But I can't really resist; as I do one last thrust, I feel her legs move to hold me in as I finally release in her with a grunt. It causes her to come rather loudly, whew.

I collapse on top her as she holds me. "What kind of goddess would I be if I didn't fulfill my most devoted follower's wish?" she asks I hear some noise. "Oh that's just the tea kettle over-boiling over the fireplace. Not the first time it's happened," she adds. That is pretty funny.

"I hope I wasn't too rough in the last part," I answer, thinking on it as I was caught up in the moment. I wonder if goddesses can even have kids, but that's a question for much later.

I feel her pull some covers over us, answering, "Not at all. It was flattering to know I inspired that. Sleep well, Kazuo," as I fell asleep.


I wake up, remembering all that happened last night as I notice Shizuha waking up as well. "Good morning, I hope we can stay like this for a time," she says as she hugs me under the covers. I nod my head yes as we enjoy the morning after.

The silence is interrupted. "Geez Shizu, what did you do with Kazuo last night? Well, this nice cutie named Kaede let me stay over, definitely better than-" that must her sister speaking as she opens the door. It seems to take a few moments for her to realize what happened, as she just turns around and shuts the door, saying loudly, "I DID NOT SEE A THING!"

Trivia: I named him after the man in this article. http://www.japanprobe.com/2007/08/24/the-amazing-leaf-art-of-kazuo-akasaki/
File 142309861570.jpg - (466.12KB, 884x1066, LovinglyLewdMino.jpg) [iqdb]
Takes place in late fall/early winter (later than the Shizuha short)


I wonder what had Mino so flustered earlier today. When I checked the market to see how well my excess harvest was going, she took a break from giving advice to say she needed to talk to me. I wonder if it has anything to do with her sister and her boyfriend; I remember her mentioning catching them in bed once. I hope I can help her with whatever's going on.??

I put my stew over the fire to cook. I'm used to making enough food for two, as she stops by to eat with me half the time. I guess we're dating, though there's only been hugs and simple kisses so far and that's good enough for me. I don't want to come off like some of those guys who just talk about her body. Not to say it's not attractive, but I appreciate her company far more than that.

I'm still amazed that out of all the people trying to romance her, I've been the only one to get anywhere; I'm just a simple farmer, after all. I can only suppose it was my passion for farming that got her attention. My farm might be modest compared to some noble's, but it grows a nice amount for its size.??


That must be her. I hurry to the door and open it, as it's starting to get cold outside. I don't want her to wait this long. She's wearing her usual dress, a tan shirt with an orange apron/skirt piece, and of course her hat with a small bunch of grapes on it. It goes well with her as it's both plain yet pretty and the top's snug enough to highlight her ample bust.

"Hi Kaede, I hope I didn't keep you waiting long. I had to go and blurt out about us to some other guys, but I wouldn't worry about it. Their mothers promised me they wouldn't do a thing," she says as she sits down at the table.

She was keeping our relationship a bit of a secret, but it seems she finally had to let down the others. I reply, "Not at all. It was going to happen sooner or later, just look at the scholar and Miss Nightbug!" Then, I check the pot of stew to see how it's going. It will take a while longer, but I'd rather not risk things going wrong.

She takes off her hat and ruffles her hair a bit before responding, "Wriggle's a youkai, so she had more reason to want to keep it secret, at least before she managed to endear herself to the village. Having known her since Yuuka adopted her, she's really gotten more comfortable around herself." It caused a bit of a stir when it first came out, but these days it's just considered rather normal.

I'm about to mention what I heard about outsiders and how they prepare sweet potatoes when she asks in a serious tone, "Kaede, are you really happy like this? Shizuha mentioned something about it being strange and I really want to know."

Okay, well, she deserves the truth. "I'm pretty happy with how things are. Though to be honest, there could be more, but I never mentioned it; I value our relationship more than any physical pleasure. No matter how much I'm tempted at moments. But as much as thoughts of your shapely body go through my mind, it's your patience, kindness and love of farming that I truly love." Well... I wasn't planning on saying that.

"Figured as much. I would be lying if I said I didn't have similar sentiments," she replies as she gets up... and starts undressing until she's just in her undies. Looking her over, I see her plain tan bra contrast with the bounty it contains. It's very fitting of her; pretty, but down to earth. Then there's her stomach, which shows a bit of pudge, and her motherly hips, with underwear in the same style. Last are her soft legs. She may not be perfect, but with the kind of girl she is, all the flaws do are enhance the feeling that she's mundanely attractive. The silence is broken with her saying, "I hope I'm not too frumpy." She crosses her arms bashfully.

Getting up and hugging her, I respond, "You're not frumpy at all. You're very beautiful and earthly. I wouldn't want some 'perfect' girl when I have you!" She responds by returning the hug, pressing her chest into mine. After a few moments of holding each other, she kisses me, which turns into a long, passionate kissing session. My hands move down to her ample behind and gently grab both halves. I'm rewarded by a moan and her lower area slightly pressing against where my 'rod' is under my pants.

The kissing and butt-holding continues until she breaks off. "Could you take your shirt off?" she asks as she starts reaching behind to what I assume is unhooking her bra. I take off my shirt as fast as a possible, skin to skin contact sounds too good to delay. She removes her bra, revealing her breasts; they're not perfectly perky, but they only sag enough to highlight their size and weight. Then she- wow, they're soft while her nipples feel a bit hard.

The holding and kissing continues as we fall back onto the bed. It happens in such a way that her lower area to come into real contact with my hard rod, causing her to moan a bit. She gets up and looks down there. "Can I take off your pants? I heard that being 'hard' isn't comfortable," she asks with a cutely concerned expression. I nod and help her as she takes off my pants. She stares at my length for a few moments before asking, "How would you want me to 'help' that? I've only heard a few things... and I'm not as adventurous as my sister. I am willing to try new things if it makes you happy."

Anything? One thing come to mind looking at mostly exposed body: what some guys called a 'titfuck'. Though that sounds too coarse, especially for Mino. Might as well try. "Could you try using your breasts? I'd think they'd feel really nice. But I don't want to force you." I went and asked; I hope she doesn't get too mad at me.

She shrugs as she answers, "I'm not surprised, but I'm willing to try. I hope I do a nice job." She wraps her boobs around my rod and starts gently moving them while applying some pressure. It feels nice and seeing her try so hard is a nice sight. Wow, she's licking it now, and it feels even better as my rod gets her spit all over it. She improves upon that by speeding up and trying to apply more pressure. I can't help but lay down, taking glances at the display where she seems to be using her fingers to pinch her nipples while doing it. I'm pretty close now and a moan -- oh, wow....

I hope she didn't get too much on her face. Sitting up, I find her swallowing some while using her fingers to get what's on her face. "Thanks" is the only word I can say.

She pauses, seemingly savoring that before replying. "I guess that thing about semen having faith was true; yours is definitely packed with it. It's salty, but I really don't mind the taste. Now, could you make me feel good?" She proceeds to bend over as she removes her panties, which seem a bit damp in a spot now. It gives me a nice view of her breasts hanging down. She sits next to me on the bed as I think about where to start.

If doing that felt good, then some focus wouldn't be a bad thing for us both. I gently touch her breasts as I feel around, being careful. In a way this isn't much different from handling my harvested crops, but nothing I've harvested is this warm and soft. I experiment with things, paying attention to her face to see if I overdo it, though she currently looks content. She frowns when I knead a bit too hard. Apologizing, I? resume doing something softer. Gently rubbing her nipples gets a moan from her. After a bit, I'm tempted to suck on a breast and play with the other. I can't help but smell a mix of various fruits on her. "It's not like anything will - Ah! - come out!" she says, with a moan interrupting. I remember that from some comics, but... Wait. This is... Sweet potato-flavored milk. I try to think, but the only conclusion is that it's arousing. I felt myself getting gently pushed away, which allows me to see a small trickle of milk from her left breast. "I don't know how it happened, It must be the faith, please believe me!" she says in a panic.

Wait, is she worried about how I react? I hug her as I answer, "I do believe you, I trust you. I was more aroused than upset by it."

Her hug gets even tighter as she answers. "Thank you. I was just so worried; I hear some not so pleasant things among the gossip and talk about seedy novels. I guess I was as worried about messing up a good thing as you were in the end." She surprises me with a kiss as I feel her wet lower area graze against my rod. The kiss ends as she asks, Could you do the other one while touching down there?"

We sit down as I suck on her right breast, my left hand feeling around down there. I'm not sure what's the best part: how the milk tastes, or the fact that I'm drinking it straight from the woman I love. The smell of some sort of wine is becoming stronger, as are her moans. After a bit I stumble upon her nub and after a bit of gentle playing, she comes rather loudly.

I ease her down, making sure she's alright as I decide to lick the hand that I was using. So that's where the smell of wine was coming from. Though unlike the few types I've tried, this is sweet and smooth. She seems to have recovered, as she looks at me with a tempting yet affectionate gaze. After a bit, she gets up, asking, "Are we going to do that? I want to, but i don't want to force it."

I try thinking on it, but I have no reason to refuse. "I was about to ask the same thing, Mino. I'll try to be gentle." I'm not sure if she's had any experience or not, but I doubt it. It's not important anyways. I see her laying down in bed as I position myself.

I try to line up so I can do the first thrust quickly yet gently. Wow... this is nice, but I notice Mino shedding some tears. I guess that settles it, but I hold and comfort her. A few moments of silence pass before she speaks up softly. "You can continue."?

I try to make the movements gentle, as she seems to hint with her own movements when to change the pace. We settle into a balanced rhythm, allowing me to occasionally move a hand to one of her breasts, causing her whole body to react when one's played with. Her hands are moving along my chest and stomach, almost distractingly.

As I feel myself approaching that point, she surprises me by moving her hips even faster. "More..." is the only word she says between moans as I match her pace. I figure this means she's getting close, so I start groping her breasts, seeing bits of milk come out. I find myself trying to hold out until she does so as well. It's the least I can do for- finally! I'm surprised by the leg lock she puts around me as we finish.

We hold each other as we recover. I say, "Don't worry Mino, I love your naughty side as well." She gasps in relief. "My parents told me love is taking everything about a person, and that's what I'll do. Though it helps that everything about you is good to me, Mino."

She notices the stew bubbling when she sticks out her hand, and fires a small bullet at the fire to put it out. "I know, and now we won't have any interruptions," she replies before shivering a bit. I better pull up the blanket. She adds, "Is my milk tasty? If we're going to do this, I don't see myself running out anytime. Do you have anything to do tomorrow?"

Thinking on it, I think I'm perfectly ready for the winter. "Only thing would be recooking the stew a bit, and if you're going to stay tomorrow, spend more time."

She answers, "I was asking because I want to spend tomorrow morning like this under the covers. Good Night, Kaede."

"Good night, Mino," I respond as we both fall asleep.

Author's note: I hope this doesn't cross any lines. I only included lactation as it felt 'plausible' as I don't want these shorts to imply a smut-heavy Gensokyo seen in other /at/ stuff.
Lactation alone makes not a lewd Gensokyo. Hell a lot of kinks doesn't mean it. You could have a lot of kinky as all hell behind closed doors people around. Just don't have it leak to public and heh
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Takes place sometime during late fall (some time after meeting Seo)

Reposted due to some final adjustments


I find it hard to believe there was a time where I was used to silence before now. Having three lovely lively ladies certainly did wonders for removing that. Maybe tonight, I can spend some quality time with Mysty since Elis and Kurumi are doing other stuff. That and with Mysty working the grills, it's pretty quiet. Too bad it wasn't a night off for this to happen, it'd be a nice chance to have a private dinner. Well I'll just wait until she's done then we can talk. Might as well work on some music, Maybe another one of Mysty would be nice.


Not sure how much time's passed but this may be a new high note in written music and hopefully not something like "Cat loves food yeah yeah yeah". All three had a nice laugh at that. ? Is that footsteps? Well she ought to be done by now. The door gets open and shut rather fast as she comes in. I wonder what she's-

Oof, "Mysty you didn't have to knock me down like that to kiss me." Pretty sudden of her to do.

"I'm through waiting around to have a nice night. It's been so long, and the last time I felt like this, th-that dumbass had to make that joke and ruin his chance!" Seesh, didn't think she'd be this pent up or how close Takami got. Well might as well make the most of it.

Gently holding her, I return the kiss, responding "Just try to relax, I'm not going to run away or do something stupid." She relaxes at that as I resume kissing. A bit in I decide to try something as I suspect she's in some form of heat, though Yuki never said a thing about night sparrows and heat. And as my hand grazes her covered lower area, she pushes it into my hand. Well I don't have to worry if she wants it. I brush aside the layers of her outfit to find nothing underneath and... wow she's warm and wet. Right, remember everything I've read on this. It wouldn't do for me to fumble here, not with Mysty. I work my fingers some as she goes from kissing to just holding on, gasping. I take this chance to move aside her upper clothing to touch her breasts. Small but enough to be soft and bouncy as all the surprise shirt yanks showed. Her gasps get louder as I touch it and when I move to her nipple, I get the first moan, which given her musical talent, is quite pleasant to hear and something to work towards. I'm getting used enough down there to try using my thumb to brush againt her nub, which rewards me with another moan and her movements knocking me down again.

"Sorry, but it felt so go-OOOD", she responds as I brush her nub with my fingers. I couldn't help myself I just had to brush it again to see how it'd sound. But her glare is more a pout than anything threatening. I resume my minstrations, this time with my viewing focus on her face. That pout doesn't last long as I speed up my fingers down there as she has more a flushed moaning expression on her face. I seen one other trick in those comics, though it would be best done... about "Aaaa-hhhh!" now! With a very gentle pinch down there, she comes alright with a moan that I suspect could be heard in the Inn proper. At least it sounds like it from how loud it was. "You just had to do that... next time don't do that. I'd like to be able to speak without getting interrupted. But I really needed that."

We get up and go over to the bed as it'd be a better place than the floor. "Sorry, and you're cute when you're pouting," I apologize. While the proprietress outfit is plain, there's something about it partially showing skin that makes is pretty sexy.

"I wonder what- why didn't you say anything about THAT!" She responds pointing at my now rather obvious boner through my pants. I was so concerned about her and caught in the moment it never occured. As she moves by the bed, she asks "Just how long has this been happening?"

I answer, "honestly, a lot between all the shirt yanking going on and the lack of a quiet moment..." I hope I didn't come off as mean.

She starts to remove my pants as I help her and once it's exposed she takes a few moments to look at it. She takes a few deep breaths, saying softly "remember what that book mentioned."

"Are you alright, Mysty? You really don't have to use your mouth if you don't want to," I ask, worried. Sure it'd be awesome but not if she's being distressed about it.

She doesn't respond, simply opting to put it in-Whoa! She's going and doing it! Well it's slow at first but it's not a bad thing for either of us. Wow her tongue's running on the underside like a caress. She speeds it up a bit as I feel her fingers gently play with my sack. After that big fuss I doubt any girl would try the whole squeezing thing. Tch, I know why some of those porn comic guys grab the girl's head, but it's not a good for reason in reality.

After a bit she takes a breather, "So that's why the woman talked about taking time to breath," she says inbetween breaths. It's understandable even if I'm a few good licks from blowing. I wonder what will happen when she takes my dick into her hands and starts licking around the tip and licking up whatever that clear stuff is. Not like those comics really had it.

It doesn't take her long at all, though seeing her so affectionately licking it in her partially undressed state certain helps. "Guh, Myst..." I try to warn her before I come and hard at that. By the time I recover my sense, I sit up to see Mystia with cum all over her face and breasts. I wasn't expecting her lick the stuff up, not after that debacle with Wriggle. Half the village could hear her berate Kurumi all the way from Yuuka's place.

"This is pretty bitter but not the worst thing," she remarks as she swallows some. After a bit of licking up she adds, "I'm going to clean the rest off," as she stands up, showing that while her outfit was still on it's opened enough to reveal all the nice details from her cummed-on breasts to her lightly haired pussy. Definitely a nice sight but my dick does need time to recover. Well it'll be a good time to talk about stuff without those two butting in.

She leaves then comes back cleaned up, but still giving a nice view. "I'm curious what did you mean book?" I ask. I have a feeling which one, but it'd be nice for a comfirmation. Pretty good writing but something about it just seemed wrong to me, even with the attractive heroine.

She pulls up the book I suspected as she replies, "This one as this seems to have far better advice than those comics, and the writing's definitely vivid. I tried to suggest it to Wriggle but she got really embrassed for some reason. I wonder why Miss Nine never did any book signings." We both chuckle at that as things wound into a silence.

She breaks the silence a few moments later, "You know... that night, Takami was really close to having my first time as everything was just right.... then that dumbass has to make that joke." I go and hug her as I know that still isn't pleasant.

"You know, I think a humanoid chicken youkai would not be as cute as you are. In fact it'd be pretty ugly.... and stupid," I remark while still hugging her. She laughs, a relief as that's the last thing I want happening tonight. After a bit I add, "If those two are getting that ann-" before getting silenced with Mysty's finger.

"You've said that countless times, and by now, well.... you're not the only one that likes them. Even Kurumi and her pale, perky oversized breasts. Stupid sexy Kurumi. I hope you're not thinking about her right now!" I couldn't help but to laugh at that.

I answer, "Not really, if anything I'm thinking about you and your cute breasts," as I try to touch them. She guides my hand and adjusts her position so get a good handful as I feel them up. Now that the pace is more leisurely I can better explore.

After a bit she stops me as she sits on my lap. I get the hint to resume where I left off. Her hums sound pretty nice and definitely encouraging. I notice her nipples are hard and her neck being nice and exposed. I remember a kiss there has an effect as does biting, but I'm wary of going that far. I'm nowhere as tough as the girls. I feel around a bit more before gently tugging on them and kissing her nec- "Aaaa-ah!" Oof. Didn't expect her to swing back with that much force; I barely stopped us from hitting the bed. That was one pretty moan she did. Whew, well my dick's recovered alright though I don't want to rush things.

I get a look at her face to see if I overdid it, only to find her in a blissful panting. "I really can't wait," she replies as I feel her hand groping around my crotch, finding my hard dick. I take off my clothes as fast as possible; if i wait, she'd probably tear them off.

After getting them off, I see Mystia- oh crap I gotta warn her "Mysty, it'l-"

"OOOOW!" as she impales herself and falls into my arms where she hugs me. "She wasn't kidding about this either... I thought it'd be nothing as a youkai."

I return it, responding, "Just take your time, last thing I want to see is you getting hurt worse."

There's some silence as we stay still. After some undefined time, she starts moving as she has a determined look on her face; naturally it's pretty cute. I try my part in keeping her from overdoing it with my own movements. It doesn't take long to establish a flow and with that I'm able to move my hands to her breasts as I'm not sure if I could last long enough otherwise. I can see why the cowgirl position is common, nice view and access to the girl.

"Ahh!" Sounds as pretty as the first. I wonder if I could get enough in a short time to make a song. I try to time my thrusts with my tweeks to do so. That's the plan until she falls over on me. "Sorry but it feels so good~," She apologizes.

Right time to replan, I have a hard time reaching her chest but I can reach around the back and touch the spot inbetween her wings, which are said to be sensative for bird girls. As I try to use one hand to help control the pace, the other goes for the spot, hidden due to her clothing and I guess her concentration's failed as the wings are obvious in the outfit. Quickly removing the top part, they're free. If not for that belt on her, the outfit would have fallen off.

I quicky reach for the spot as the pace speeds up some more. Tch at this rate I'm going to have to do that just not to dissapoint her. Last thing I need is to prove that smart ass remark of Ginji's "Minuteman" to be true. At least she's enjoying it judging by the moans.

After a bit more she speeds up again, might as well use one hand to play with her nub as that ought to get her close enough. Found it and- Unf! "AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"

Now that I gather my thoughts, I guess that did it.... more or less. I wasn't sure if it was at the same time or the creampie set her off. "Are you okay? I hope I didn't accidentally hurt you," She asks with a radiant smile. I check around seeing no injuries, though rather tired. I do see the bed having sustained some damage from her claws.

"Yeah, though the bed's gonna need fixing, but that's a worry for another day," I answer before I yawn. "Good Night, Mysty, I lo-" I add before getting interrupted with another finger.

"I know very well," she responds before kissing me and pulling the covers over us. In her warm embrace, sleep comes real fast.


Mmm? I hear some talking outside the door. I look at Mysty to see if- yep, she's annoyed.

"You think they did it yet? It'd be disappointing to hear such a chance to be wasted." That's Kurumi.

"Mystia would have seen to it as she was acting rather antsy and that outfit does have an effect on guys. You have no idea how some girls did that to attract guys." And that's Elis

"For someone who hates being assumed to be a succbus, you sure do know a lot about these things. That title of Innocent Devil might be a lie."

"Hey! I'm not the one who looks the part with those boobs of yours! All you're missing is some headwings and a tail! I Just hanged around the younger ones that's all! The older ones tend to be real nasty pieces of work, to the point of love being a foreign notion to them."

"Yeah yeah, Elis I'm going in and seeing what's going on. It's not like they're awake." Upon hearing that, Mysty tosses off the sheets, whispering, "if they want an answer they're getting it."

"It's not like we're that loud right?" Elis says as they come in and she's the first to see. "See- Wow... okay.... Kurumi, we should get going," she suggests.

Mystia is the first to speak, "Don't bother, the moment's passed. But hands off of him for today!"

Kurumi says as she draws some dark curtains "I feel like taking a nap anyways," as she gets changed into some PJs.

"Yeah we're sorry about waking you guys up..." Elis tries to explain to Mysty.

"Don't worry about it," She answers as she sniffs herself. "I think we need a bath," she adds as she starts gathering up stuff for it, including a robe. The Inn doesn't really have individual bathing areas, though each room has a toliet. I can't help but wonder how much bathtime fun the other guys are having.

"I can wait," I respond, figuring I'd stink less as I'm not the one who got covered in the stuff last night.

Elis remarks "I'm going to get some banannas as that sounds good right now," as she leaves. I wonder what she meant by that when I realized I'm still naked from last night. Well today looks to be a usual yet interesting day.

Omake (Mystia's PoV)

Geez, How am I going to explain to the Matron that I got the outfit dirty doing that sort of thing. It was a present from her after all. Ah! There she is.

"I'm sorry but I got the outfit messy... doing some stuff. I know-" I tried apologizing before she motions for me to quiet.

"It's very understandable, after all back when I was a young maiden, many men made propositions to me when I wore such an outfit. I gave you the outfit knowing something would happen. Now let me write down some instructions as cleaning it in such case can be difficult," She responds as she writes down some instructions. I'm going to need someone to read it.... I really ought to learn how to read, I mean Wriggle does.

She hands the list to me as I thank her. I head towards the room when a realization hits me: She knew PERFECTLY what was going on.... and implied. MY GODS... guh...


"Mysty, are you alright? It's not like what's on the paper- Mysty I can understand," Kamui asks as he reads the list and realizes the same thing. He hugs me.

"I'll be fine, I'll just take a step out," I answer.

"Mind if I come with? I figure we can use Yuki's hang out spot and just try to think of other things."
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Excellent. Never regretted myself waiting for this.

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