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Since heading along the not beaten path is silly, and heading into the underbrush might make her not want to come out of it, Koakuma opts to go along the main path with all those cum puddles. The temptation to roll around in it is there, albeit not all that strong. Who knows if that stuff's even warm? It might be cold and icky for all she knows. Besides, she has a self-imposed and very important task already.

Leaving the forest so she can sic her small collection of tentacles and slime miko on her entirely too uptight master. Really, a few internal shots and she'd be right as rain, maybe even able to counteract that anemia of hers, but noooo. She's content to sit around in that library all day, breathing in dust because she won't even let Sakuya take the books off to dust the shelves.

Though the little devil has to admit that would be more punishment than job, given the size of her master's library and that the maid belongs to Remilia anyway. Plus at this point she might be tempted to sneak attack the maid in the middle of that and drag her off. Oh, the wonders of being trapped in a forest where mikos covered in slime with a mind of its own can make one's libido shoot through the roof! ...Plus there's that whole 'tentacle pregnant' deal. In retrospect letting those two things happen might not have been so smart, but it felt wonderful and it just means she'll start lactating anyway. Maybe her breast milk will have a corrupting effect, or at least make the drinker horny.

She dismisses the book to who knows where to feel her belly, then her breasts. Both have gotten bigger in a short period of time, though oddly enough it wasn't painful at all. It's more like it simply wasn't something she paid attention to while running around in here. Kind of like that giant frog off to the side. It's not paying attention to her for the moment, though given that there's a sexy little devil right there and visible if it so much as twitches its head to the right it wouldn't take much to see her.

She thinks about how thick its tongue is while thinking about what to do next. Thoughtception and all that.

[X]If it's a rape monster, catch it. Duh.
[X]Maybe it's really oblivious and won't notice her.
[X]Try to sneak around behind it.
[X]Wake it up and play with it~♪



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[X]Wake it up and play with it~♪
No. 31199
[X]If it's a rape monster, catch it. Duh.
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[X]If it's a rape monster, catch it. Duh.

I mean, we're collecting toys for Mistress Patchouli! We have to make sure she has a fun time~♪
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[X]Try to sneak around behind it.
Just a long, thick, juicy tongue? I bet we can do better with creatively applied magic.
No. 31211
[x] If it's a rape monster, catch it. Duh.
Patchery needs some love.
No. 31217
[X]If it's a rape monster, catch it. Duh.

Come on, now.
No. 31232
[X]Try to sneak around behind it.

That frog was a pretty notable run-ender for Sanae. Let's not mess with it - we have a Patchy to go home to and get tentacle- and slime-pregnant.
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[X]If it's a rape monster, catch it. Duh.

Gotta catch 'em all.
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[X]If it's a rape monster, catch it. Duh.
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[X]Try to sneak around behind it.
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So, S.L.D.T.... Is this still on, now that you seem to be focusing your efforts elsewhere?

Considering the chances of finding everything about the plot to be... horribly bad, I wonder if the forest couldn't be used as a stage for one-shots with Touhou girls instead, for kinky porn stories.