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28574 No. 28574
In this CYOA, we’ll be playing as a female Touhou.  We’ve seen enough Rinnosuke and faceless OCs, don’t you think?
There won’t be any watersports, or scat, or guro.  The dialogue shouldn’t be too offensive, and I’m not big on empty eyes or despair. 
Needed to get that out of the way.  You see, your objective in this CYOA is to build a harem of Touhous.  By corrupting them into eager, horny, utterly-perverted sex slaves.
Some of you don’t like that idea.  I understand.  If that’s the case, feel free to stop reading and hide this thread, and we’ll just stay out of each other’s way.  There’s enough room here for all of us.
I’m also pretty sure that some of you are willing to give this a try.  My goal is to capture the sexy, exciting parts of Tiramisu Tart’s doujins, but without the misogyny and despair and rivers of pee.  We can do better.
(If any of you liked those parts, I apologize.)
So, if anyone’s on board and willing to wade through the inevitable shitstorm, let’s start by picking our player character.  Some are more suited for this than others, but it’ll be possible to win with any one of them.  They all have at least one asset or ability that will help in their quest, and they’ll be able to use the abilities of any girls they enslave.  I’ve sorted them by how difficult a time I expect them each to have, but don't put too much stock in that.
[ ] Eirin Yagokoro (paralysis, aphrodisiacs, body modification)
[ ] Remilia Scarlet (mind control, fate control, a dungeon)
[ ] Reisen Udongein Inaba (mind control)
[ ] Nitori Kawashiro (restraints, toys)
[ ] Alice Margatroid (ditto)
[ ] Sakuya Izayoi (timestop)
[ ] Seiga Kaku (???)
[ ] Yuuka Kazami (aphrodisiacs)
[ ] Reimu Hakurei (sealing)
[ ] Wriggle Nightbug (paralysis) 
[ ] Tenshi Hinanawi (men)
[ ] Cirno
I’ll consider one if you make a good case.  She’ll need to have at least one asset or power, plus a (flimsy) motive.  Yukari’s off-limits

No. 28579
This isn't going to work.
Mind break and corruption without any misogyny or despair or other bullshit is impossible.
No. 28580
[X] Yuuka Kazami (aphrodisiacs)
No. 28581
I'd like elaboration on [ ] Tenshi Hinanawi (men). What does the "men" ability mean exactly?
No. 28584
File 135879613164.jpg - (136.76KB , 613x869 , 7d3b00fdb0edada0df7eb3ec5ca722b3.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X]Dr Thrax Medicine Melancholy (Chemical weaponry) (Strange poisions/toxins)

Why? The liberation of all dollkind!

Fight for the Global Liberation Army Doll Liberation Front!

The DLF Plot will be better than the OPs one anyhow
No. 28586

Tenshi has some unscrupulous high-society friends who'd be happy to gangbang anyone she brings to them.

Let's make sure.
No. 28587
[x] Remilia Scarlet
Finally a promising story idea. Easy mode is fine too, especially if we go for reimu, the natural partner for Remi.
No. 28589
[X] Remilia Scarlet (mind control, fate control, a dungeon)
Because a true noble needs a group of willing servants for every job.

I presume that would be kind of like one of the Danshakuryou doujins then. The one where she, Reimu, Alice and Sanae (I think) play hostesses for some high ranking Celestials.
No. 28590
Honestly the plan is to derail this into a trainwreck so we can prove mindbreak is bad or make it so the OP's plans are ruined rather thoroughly. Support strange choices that are hard.

The GLA DLF wants YOU!
No. 28592
[x] Koishi Komeiji (id/libido manipulation)

Remi has enough focus on the site already for my taste, let's try someone less common.

Anon will resist this type of story, OP, but I wish you luck with it nonetheless.
No. 28593
>trying to basically recreate doujins in CYOA form

No. 28594
Yea It's hilarious that he chooses That ONE particular artist in particular which is utterly based upon Misogyny.

So let's just derail towards something fun.
No. 28595
Deleting my vote to go for:
[X] Medicine Melancholy (strange toxins)

Because Medi-chan doesn't get any love in THP. Or anywhere.
No. 28596
[x] Cirno (ice-play, ice-related bondage)

It's the Cirno RPG! With each member of the harem, Cirno gets more grown-up, more-powerful, and more babe-ilicious!

First target: Daiyousei! End boss: Yukari!

No. 28597
[x] Eirin Yagokoro
Because body modification is the best
No. 28598
I also have doubts about stripping Tart's misogyny out of his doujins, but I for one am willing to see how writefag plans to do it. We shouldn't be trying to derail this even before he gets tarted.

[x] Cirno (ice-play, ice-related bondage)

That said, I pick the Strongets because fuck your strikethroughs.
No. 28600
[x] Cirno (ice-play, ice-related bondage)

Ghenghis Khan. Conan The Barbarian. Gilgamesh.

If there's one thing all of these men, the STRONGEST of their times, had in common, it was knowing lots and lots of ladies.

Clearly, Cirno, being the STRONGEST in Gensokyo, should attempt to replicate this feat of strength and will.
No. 28601
Looks Like our dream of the Glorious Dolls Revolution will end before it begins comrade...

But will Never Give up! We must continue the fight against the oppression of the humans.
No. 28602
[x] Yamame Kurodani

I don't think it's too much of a leap to create diseases which act as aphrodisiacs and the spider part makes another common theme with the bondage/kidnapping logical enough.

Motive? Spiders need to lay eggs right? (Not 100% scientifically sound reasoning but who gives, it's intended to be a light H story, right~?)
No. 28603


I see what you did there.

[X] Medicine Melancholy (strange toxins)

Only voting to get this off the ground, I'll be doing my damnedest to subvert this story into something with legitimate romance and caring. The harem can stay, though.
No. 28604
[X] Medicine Melancholy (strange toxins)

I like Medicine more than the other choices.
No. 28605
Romantic Harem probably would be the best end for Medicine because Medicine needs a hug, even if the other guy needs to be wearing a Chemsuit.

But yes we will drive this to our own means!
No. 28606
Would have went for Yamame, but hell, I can support Medecine too. Way better than Cirno anyway.

[X] Medicine Melancholy (strange toxins)
No. 28607
[X] Medicine Melancholy (strange toxins)

Here's an unexpected choice!
No. 28608
I'm thinking of Eiki Shiki. Not a serious vote, even for this site, but just because I think it's funny to try to come up with a motivation for this.
No. 28611
Uh... I think it might be paddling with the Rod of Remorse and someone with M tenancies liking it, Collect the M characters. Reluctantly Eiki becomes the harem mistress as the ones who like it do things to cause problems and she whacks them because of their evildoing.

Which oddly enough drives them to doing it more to get attention until she breaks down and gets them on scheduled paddling. This would be more a humor story than anything as I keep laughing at this thought.

It wouldn't be Mindbreak/rape it'd be just a contrast of her with a completely apathetic look while the Ms are moaning and orgasming and Eiki's just facepalming at the fact she somehow managed to get into this situation.

Maybe getting the girls to STOP CAUSING PROBLEMS as they'll only get paddled as good girls.

Problem is I see this as a short and it ending with her facepalming and wanting a vacation.
No. 28615

This is a hilarious mental image.
No. 28617
[x] Remi
Loli vampire best dom
No. 28619

How about...

The head Enma, after deciding Eiki has no place to judge the souls of the wicked when she herself cannot understand their side of the story, forces an ultimatum on her; either actively seek out sexual corruption or be stripped of her title and all the privileges that come with it.

And so, to keep her own peace of mind as well as that of her victims, Eiki uses her mirror to look into each person's heart, revealing exactly which perverted sexual act they would enjoy the most.

Comedy ensures as Eiki is forced to act out these fantasies and/or roleplay situations, Gaining a following of devoted sex slaves against her will.
No. 28620
So it becomes "You're the first person in my life to do this to me and it was the best sex in my life!!"

And she's in part on the run from her previous partners on the list and since she has a quota she has to meet to get reinstated she's hauling ass to get them done so she can get back to work.

Honestly this works as a comedy more than anything. But since we're not getting 'mind break' situation they won't work for this game. "Eiki's Re-certification Blues" Coming never.

Still want to see Medicine's stuff.

Also any idea if we're gonna get a DollJoints Medicine or a more normal body Medicine?
No. 28623

Well...doll body would be more versatile. As soon as we mind toxin rape Alice and get her on our side, we are free to delve into the amazing world of body modifications.
No. 28625
Threat of Toxins work just as well. We are revolutionaries, Comrade! And we may not have to use such brutish methods.

Our toxins may be useful for awakening her own numbers for the glorious revolution! She is a very good worker. Damaging that mind will likely result in our efforts being hindered overall! Getting her to join our cause will be useful!

We can use her skills in upgrading our body yes and also for improving our capability. Perhaps We can awaken Comrades Shanghai, Hourai, London, Orléans, Kyoto and the Russians twins.

Rape is a tool of the Oppressor! We are Revolutionaries!
No. 28628
File 135883435224.jpg - (162.98KB , 610x866 , ba9b28f40ef7f34ad4fce22abc75d9a8.jpg ) [iqdb]

It's clearly not going to be winning here, but can somebody please write this? It's actually one of the best proposed story ideas I've seen here in a while, and would work pretty well as a sex comedy type of thing. And Eiki needs more love, all the better if it comes from a harem of questionably-wanted corrupted Touhous.
No. 28630
Agreed, not for this story perhaps, but something entirely separate like the ideas presented would be totally awesome.
No. 28631
No. 28634
Two Words. Madoka Titus.
Do we really want to risk going down that path.
No. 28643
>>28598 here, I find the idea proposed by >>28611 >>28619 and >>28620 interesting and hilarious too. So I change my vote to:

[X]Shiki Eiki (Rod of Remorse, mirror)
No. 28644
[x] Remilia Scarlet (mind control, fate control, a dungeon)
No. 28645
File 13588653368.jpg - (351.47KB , 430x721 , 249f93b5c460d3f46d1903d7d0d7d1a6.jpg ) [iqdb]
Alright, Medicine will be our heroine. Supporters, detractors, guy with questionable English whose posts make up 25% of the thread: together, we will Do Better.
No. 28646
Our first step to Glory awaits.

Now let's use reasoning and threats of toxic doom to get friends!

Even though Medicine probably doesn't even understand what sex is it matters not! Our first target should be... Hourai Doll. She even has a similar color scheme thus she will be understanding of our plight.
No. 28647

I wish I could hide all the posts you make.
No. 28648
I kind of like them. They remind me of comrade anon.
No. 28650
I can't see Medicine doing this.
No. 28654
In part I'm kinda going for that vibe with my posts and this is supposed to be the opposite of Tart's stuff which is all about Degradation and Enslavement. Thus we want Empowerment and Liberation. Both ideas fit the entire Medicine as the Revolutionary idea I was kinda trying to steer this to being in my posts

Thus my plan is to try and steer it to a new path. A Better path! Tender love and somehow getting a harem is a more interesting story than LOL RAPE that I think the OP wants.
No. 28658
Sorry, but I'll be going against you for this. Just warning you.

Besides, that's what the author want to write. If you go against what he wanted to write in the first place, I imagine the story will die relatively quickly.
No. 28659
With the premise of being "TOTALLY NOT TIRAMISU TART" with an unknown author I don't have high hopes anyhow. So I expect it to die fast anyhow.
No. 28664
Let's first see how this go before saying that, shall we?
No. 28665
No. 28666
Konparo, konparo, su~zu~raan~!


It’s boring here. Even after a year of trying, you haven’t changed anything.

You were all ready to go out and fight everyone until they gave dolls the respect they deserved, but then that scary Enma woman made you stop. It took you three continues to get away from her.

So, you tried to be more peaceful about it. You went around gathering dolls and asking them to help you out, but none of them wanted to. In fact, they didn’t want much of anything. They couldn’t even be bothered to grow a body like you did. If none of them can even do that, how’s dollkind supposed to get any stronger?

Wait, wait, you’ve been doing this all wrong! Instead of turning dolls into people, you could be turning people into dolls! Judging by those picture-books you found, it’s not hard at all. All you have to do is tie a girl up and do a bunch of weird things to her special place, and she turns into a mindless plaything that gets abused and thrown away! If that’s not a doll, what is?

It can’t be that hard. Your poison’s gotta be at least as strong as all those juices and pokey-things and vibratey-things they used.

You don’t have a penis, though. Seems like that’s important, too.


So, who do you try it on? You can think of a few girls that would make good dolls.

One of them lives over the hill in that sunflower field. She’s really pretty, and really strong, and she could probably use her powers to make more poison for you. You beat her in a danmaku fight once, but trying something like this would be completely different. She has a way of dismembering people, too.

She can wait.
You could try going after that annoying crow-girl instead. You still remember the time she got up in your face and took your picture a bunch of times. You tried your hardest to shoot her down, but she was really fast. She still comes by to hassle you sometimes; you could get back at her and make her into a doll all at once!

Besides them, there’s a purple-haired rabbit and a maid who come by to get flowers sometimes. You’ve heard that the bunny-girl’s boss knows a lot about poisons, and maid’s pretty enough to look like a doll herself. Your poison works pretty well on them, but they both have annoying powers that keep you from finishing them off. But if you could get them on your side, it would make things a lot easier!

Oh, and there’s also a witch girl who comes by to bother you every month or so. She’s nothing special, but it seems like she has a lot of friends. One of them knows a lot about dolls, but she sounds kind of scary.

So, which one of those should you go after?
[ ] Crow girl.
[ ] Bunny girl.
[ ] Maid girl.
[ ] Witch girl.
No. 28667
[X] Witch girl.

Bah, Medicine has no sense of taste. That hat! That broom! That ass~

She's right on the money for knowing Alice, though.
No. 28668
>this is supposed to be the opposite of Tart's stuff which is all about Degradation and Enslavement. Thus we want Empowerment and Liberation.

> You see, your objective in this CYOA is to build a harem of Touhous. By corrupting them into eager, horny, utterly-perverted sex slaves.

Not like I don't understand where you're coming from, but come on, man.
No. 28669
[x] Maid girl.
No. 28670
*sighs* We already have this getting meta....
No. 28671
[X] Witch Girl.
No. 28672
In part its a case of trying to derail this off the rails with it being a sex filled romp with that. You cannot divorce Tiramisu Taro's "misogyny and despair and rivers of pee" from the core concept.

You can either do a light hearted sex filled romp as a bit of a parody of his works with these goofy ideas that Medicine having that doesn't work as it turns out reality isn't the same as MindBreak Doujinshi logic.
No. 28673
[X]Maid girl.

Because rape the maids.
No. 28674
[ ] Maid girl.

Innovative and new. I like this story.
Can't wait to derail it OP!
No. 28676
[X]Maid girl.

Hope you update fast, OP. Kinda want to see how you'll do.
No. 28677
[X] Witch girl.

Because Marisa
No. 28685
[x] Witch girl.
No. 28689
[x] Witch Girl.

God I hope this is a good idea.
No. 28691
[x] Maid Girl
Between Sakuya and Marisa, I think for now it'd be more useful to gain control of Sakuya's powers. Marisa's usefulness in this quest is connections (most importantly to Alice) and if author wants to take it that way, mushrooms.
No. 28692
[X] Nitori Kawashiro (restraints, toys)
No. 28694
[x] Witch girl.
No. 28698
Well, while I voted for Sakuya too, Marisa seems she would be the least troublesome of the four to deal with. Then she could support us against others too.
No. 28702
[x]Crow girl

Pissing against the tide, I know. I't just that I want some Aya.
No. 28703
[x] Maid Girl
No. 28707
[x]Crow girl
No. 28708
[ ] Witch girl.
No. 28710
...Okay, votes are alternating now. Can we get a check to see if they're all legit?
No. 28711
Honestly with Sakuya she could have us pinned against the wall with knives
Aya can blow all our toxins back at us
Reisen could have a blasted Antidote

Marisa's the safest choice. Of course we run the risk of Team Rocket Medicine Blasting off again! via Spark. Honestly this being a parody would be more amusing
No. 28714
[x] Witch girl
No. 28718
Dude, this can go wrong so fast with any character in so many ways it's not even funny. For exemple, something happening to Marisa may bring in Reimu. Unless the OP is crazy, relax a bit.
No. 28720
[x]Crow girl
No. 28724
Votes closed. Our grand adventure will begin with Marisa.
No. 28727
God damn it no no no wait I changed my mind.
No. 28734
No. 28752
[x] Witch girl.

Yeah, her. Marisa. Marisa… Kamasutra? Something like that. The crow girl told you she steals things, and she’s best friends with that doll-slave-driver from the forest. She’s probably kidnapped a bunch of dolls herself! A monster like that can’t be allowed to run free. If you can turn her into a doll, you’ll send a powerful message to all of your enemies!

Now, should you wait until she shows up, or go to the forest and—Oh, wait, she’s coming right towards you. The universe must be on your side!

Look at her. Sitting sideways on her broom all smug-like, trailing a big dumb rainbow of stars behind her. She thinks she looks real cool in that long black dress and big pointy hat, doesn’t she? Well, you’ve got twice as many frills as she does, and red-and-burgundy is a way better combo than black-and-white.

You straighten up, fold your arms, and put on your sternest look as she lands in front of you. No way she’s embarrassing you today.

Marisa busts out an excessively-large grin. “’Sup, Cindy?”

Oh, she’s doing this again. Stay quiet. Don’t dignify that with a response.

Marisa brings a hand to her mouth, eyes glimmering with mischief. “Hmmm. Maddy? Melly? Dinsy? Callie? Collie? Cadenzy? Medi-Collie? Hey, that’s a word! How about Kalla-malla-banana-fo--”


She pauses for a second, then busts out an even bigger grin. You could swear you just saw a little star pop out from the side of her head.

“Oh, just came by to visit! Seems like you’d get bored real easy out here, even with all these toys.”

“They’re not toys, they’re dolls! They’re my people! And no, you can’t have them!”

“Oh?” Marisa peeks behind you at the nucleus of your Revolutionary Guard. “Well, now that you mention it, the ones with both eyes wouldn’t make bad decorations.” She draws her broom and points it at you. “Hey, wanna fight for some?”

Oh! If you can beat her here, then you’ll have her at your mercy!

“Hah! Sure, I’ll beat you any day of the-bff!“

Agh, butt in the face!

It’s a pretty soft butt.

Bigger and rounder than yours.

It’d feel kinda nice if it wasn’t moving at twenty miles an hour. But, it is. The impact sends you flying backwards until you bounce off of space behind you somehow, right back towards the mini-hakkero she has aimed between your eyes. It’s covered in fancy runes and symbols, all of which are quickly charging up with rainbows and destruction. The ground shakes and rumbles, and a sinister humming fills the air.

“I’ll help myself, alright? MASTEEERRRRRR…!”

Wow, way to blow it, you! What kind of a loser--Wait. There’s something in that satchel she’s wearing. Something poisonous!

“SPAA*ka-pomf!*AAughck!” A thick gas fog of poison explodes in Marisa’s face, making her drop the hakkero and break into a coughing fit. She hacks and gasps and shoots lasers indiscriminately, but all the exertion just makes her breathe in even more. Soon, she loses her balance and falls to the ground, and a bunch of charred mushrooms spill out of her satchel. They must’ve been the source of all that poison.

After a minute, the fog clears enough to let you see Marisa’s face. Her golden eyes are cloudier than before, and she’s panting hard and blushing. It’s all she can manage just to sit up. Her hat fell off during all the flailing, leaving her blonde hair as a bit of a mess. She managed to hike up her dress a little too, showing some pale, nicely-toned legs. You have to say, it’s a much better look for her than that stupid smile.

Thanks, poison! Before Marisa gets a chance to recover, you pull the ribbon out of your hair and jump on her. By the time she realizes what you’re doing and tries to fight back, you’ve pinned her wrists between your knees, where you’re able to use the ribbon to tie them together.

“Heey, whaddaya think you’re doin’?” she drawls. Her voice is kind of a disgruntled slur, but she’s looking sharper and trying to twisting out of her bonds already. Now might be your only chance to strike!

“Hoho!” You point at her so hard she almost falls over. “Your days of doll-napping are over, Marisa! I’m going to get my revenge, and turn you into one of us!”

A dramatic wind blows over you!

And passes.

Then it’s quiet.

In spite of the poison, Marisa manages to raise an eyebrow.

You still haven’t lowered your arm.

How were you going to do that, again? Come on, think fast, you can do this…

Oh, there’s still some strange poison nearby! Really good top-shelf stuff. You hadn’t noticed the first time, ‘cause it was right next to…

“Wah! Hahh? Ohh…” Marisa jolts in surprise as you shove a hand down her dress and root around under her clothes. Her skin’s really warm, and she lets out a little moan when your hands brush against her soft, decent-sized breasts. There’s a bra holding them in place, but it’s not very thick; you can feel her stiff nipples poking through it.

Hm, it’s not on her front side. You lean forward until your right up in Marisa’s face, close enough that you can reach behind her neck. With your face almost buried in her hair, you catch a whiff of some really amazing forest-poisons. It’s nice.

Her back seems a bit ticklish, too.

Aha! You close your hand around the small necklace-pouch you were looking for and yank it out triumphantly. Marisa starts to shout in slurred protest, so you hold her mouth open for a bit and fill it with poison. That numbs her tongue and vocal cords for a bit, giving you some peace while you take a look inside.

Ooh, she was keeping some really rare mushrooms in here! There’s three of them in the pouch, all chock-full of poison.

This pinkish one makes you blush hard and get all tingly between your legs, and it can increase people’s sensitivity. You’ve tried using it to help you punish fairies, but it just made them beg you to smack them harder. It could make Marisa a lot more vulnerable to teasing, though!

The yellow one next to it is good for paralysis. If she ate that, she wouldn’t be able to move anything but her mouth, and you’d have plenty of time to toy with her. Then she’d feel firsthand what it’s like to be a doll!

The last one’s kind of a weak hallucinogen. It’s not strong enough to make her start seeing things, but it would put her a in kind of a trance and make her more open to suggestions. With a bit of physical encouragement, you could probably talk her into being a doll.

Oh, and there’s also one from her satchel that didn’t blow up with the rest. The cap is long and thick, and it has three long, sticky roots that curve outwards before coming back together. It kind of looks like… Like one of those things that girls strap on when they want to pretend they have a penis. There’s some slippery stuff seeping out of the cap; it’s poison too, but you’re not sure exactly what it does.

Alright, this is just what you needed! Marisa won’t stand a chance. It’d be annoying if the poisons combined in a weird way and messed her up, though, so using them all at once might not be a good idea.

How about you just pick two:
[ ] Aphrodisiac.
[ ] Paralysis.
[ ] Trance.
[ ] Strap-on.
No. 28754
[x] Aphrodisiac.
[x] Strap-on.
Time revered classics.
No. 28755
[x] Aphrodisiac.
[x] Paralysis.
No. 28756
[x]Take in Mystery Poison (We're mostly poison so it won't hurt us right? Could be useful later)
[X] Trance. (We don't need sex! Just Revolutionary Spirit! Or just Make her remember your name since it important!)
[x] Aphrodisiac on Self AND Marisa (Well if we're gonna have sex... Might as well enjoy the sex)

For all we know we might get an upgrade by testing out STRANGE NEW POISONS. Which might mean NO Strapon needed for fucking someone.
No. 28759
Expansion: By Doll we want them being on our side and not a mindless Doll, the more they're like their original personalities the better as it will help to keep a lower profile. We need her firepower and Knowledge of where to get MORE Mushrooms for the cause.

Maybe Sex as a reward for a well done mission.

If I can only have two actions then go for Sample Mystery Poison/Trance.

We need to find and get MORE toxins
No. 28760
That's the only one I care about.
No. 28761
[x] Aphrodisiac.
[x] Trance.
No. 28762
[x] Trance
[x] Strap-on/Mystery Potion

The strap-on option -is- the mystery potion, right?
No. 28763
[x] Trance
[x] Strap-on/Mystery Potion

I hope you won't make us wait too long, OP.
No. 28764
[x] Trance.
[x] Strap-on.

I wouldn't call this good, but it is better than I thought it would be.
No. 28766
>>28763 here.

Forgot to point out, but we may want to keep the paralysis for someone more dangerous. Like Sakuya who could reverse the situation with timestop or Alice who just needs a few fingers to send dolls on us. And Marisa already seems to be under the effect of some light aphrodisiac, so we may as well use the others two options we have, hence my vote.
No. 28769
Break Marisa and make her find more. The stuff grows around trees.
No. 28770
[x] Trance
[x] Strap-on/Mystery Potion
No. 28771
[x] Trance
[x] Strap-on
No. 28772
[x] Trance.
[x] Strap-on.
No. 28773
Well Thing I thought we'd suck the poison in in part because we don't know if Medicine has to come in direct contact (maybe even having to ingest) poison to learn what it does as it seemed to be how she learned about the aphrodisiac mushroom.

Also presuming we've got a more flesh and blood body as a giant doll body might lead to splinters during sex. No one wants a splinter in their vagina.

Trance is what we need. We don't even need to break Marisa that way just recruit her. Maybe make it so she realizes that she TOO is a Doll like Medicine and should help. Also leads to justification to go after Alice because she has Marisa's other half (Presuming Alice has a Marisa doll around her house to 'liberate')
No. 28775
[x] Aphrodisiac
[x] Paralysis

We have no idea what the poison from the strap-on does - it could do something that might help Marisa escape. The trance mushroom looks fun, but if we want to properly break her, we must be Pavlovian about this. Connect the paralysis - the loss of power - with the pleasure the aphrodisiac and Medi will provide, and eventually Marisa will be begging to join our cause. She won't even need to lose her mind!
No. 28776
[x] Aphrodisiac.
[x] Trance.

Let's give her the time of her life, and she'll follow like a puppy. No need to rape her mind.
No. 28777
...I did vote Trance, you realize?
No. 28780
In part I didn't fully follow the chain fully. Although you can argue Marisa when on our side could easily supply us with Paralyze depending on how hard it is to make. In part the path I see us taking is to secure resources first (Mushrooms and such from Marisa, Troops from Alice)
No. 28782
As far as mushrooms go, we don't really know how much time it will take Marisa to find one nor do we know how much downtime we have before we go find someone else.

Hence why I want to save the paralyzing one at least. It will be more useful on Alice since she'll remain a threat even with one finger moving.
No. 28783
Good point but even longer term we need Marisa's mind intact to give her long term to help us with or plans. Thus we really want to get help but keep everyone sane. Sure we might have sex along the way but really how many more dolls are there to liberate after the mother lode of Alice's house?

And in part I have to wonder if we pump a doll full enough of suzuran will it awaken and how long it might take (either way we could use other dolls as Suicide bombers Patriots to deliver our toxins
No. 28784
> Thus we really want to get help but keep everyone sane.

Dude, did you even read the first post? Not happening.
No. 28785
[X] Trance.
[X] Strap-on
No. 28786
I'll second that.

[x]Aphrodisiac on both of us

We did. Fuck that.
No. 28790
[X] Trance
[X] Aphrodisiac on both of us
No. 28791
Votes closed. Trance and Strap-on is the winning combination.
No. 28794
File 135918268468.jpg - (9.22KB , 160x160 , 294665_160718264006730_7344281_n.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 28795
Teach me to post when half asleep.

Made me snicker. But I'm asking what do you think the odds of us getting more Write-Ins to be able to help steer it in the direction of the plan?
No. 28798
You have my... keyboard?
Whenever I remember to check this that is.
No. 28800
Your plan is in the minority. It's not happening unless you win a majority, which is certainly not happening now.
No. 28814
Am I the only one who notices how often this happens?
No. 28818
You do realize the option still wins even if those 3 became 1? Or are you going to start pointing out more votes as 'cheating' just because whatever you voted for didn't win?
No. 28821
Oh, calm down, I wasn't doing that. Just asking.

I've got your back too, man.
No. 28822
[x] Trance.
[x] Strap-on.

Works for you~!

You pull out the trance mushroom and turn back to Marisa. Seeing the pouch made her panic a little, so she’s trying her hardest to escape now, craning her head over her shoulder and clawing at the knot with her still-clumsy fingers. The position pushes her chest out enough that you can see her breasts outlined under the dress.

Now, how do you do get this poison into her? The obvious answer would be to just force her to eat the mushroom, but it’d be a pain to make her chew and swallow. Instead, you focus your powers and draw out about half of the spores, forming them into a little purple ball that fits in your hand. Then you place the ball at Marisa’s knees and make it leak a steady stream of spores up into her nose. She’s working so hard she doesn’t even notice.

“Aha!” Marisa separates her wrists and whips her head back in triumph. “Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not going to… to… um…” She furrows her brow and puts a hand on her lips. Her eyes had almost cleared up, but now they’re getting even foggier than before. The spore-ball’s almost all used up; time for you to make your move.

“Don’t you remember, Marisa? We were gonna make you a doll now.”

“Oh, yeah! No, wait.” Marisa tries to think even harder, to the point where you’d expect smoke to come out of her ears. You kneel down to her level and ruffle her soft hair.

“Relax, Marisa. Dolls aren’t supposed to think so hard. I promise you’ll love it. Why don’t we just try it out for now?”

Marisa’s still suspicious, but she slowly lowers her hand. Your heartbeat picks up a little. You’re really going to do this!

But first, you pick up the mushroom again and form the rest of the poison into a paste on the surface. You open her mouth and press the mushroom against her lips, and the hesitation drains out of her as she sucks on it.

“That’s good. Don’t worry about a thing.” You put the mushroom back down on the pouch. “Now, why don’t you start by taking off your clothes?”

“… Okay.” Marisa takes off her shoes and socks, then reaches up to her chest and starts undoing the big yellow buttons on her dress. She seems to have recovered her strength, but it won’t be any use to her if she can’t convince herself to resist.

Marisa unzips a few zippers to make the dress fall to the ground and pulls off the white shirt she had on underneath. That just leaves her in her underwear: a simple black bra (still with visible nipple-points) and a pair of black panties that tie off at the sides. As she twists around to unclasp her bra, you notice that the panties aren’t quite big enough to cover her whole butt.

The bra comes off and joins Marisa’s dress, giving you a full view of her breasts. You guess they’re not especially big, especially compared to those girls from the books, but they’re definitely a lot bigger than yours, and they have a perkiness that drawings don’t really capture. Those hard pink nipples just seem to be aching for someone to play with them.

Then she unties the knots on both sides of her panties and gently pulls them off. They kind of stick to her special place-- It’s called a “pussy,” right?--They stick to her pussy for a bit, and a string of juice sticks to them when they do come off.

And with that, she’s totally naked. You can’t help staring for a bit as she stands in front of you with her hands behind her back. Her whole body’s pretty lean, with one large, round exception. All that dollnapping and robbery must keep her in shape. And thanks to her heavy clothes, her skin’s still mostly pale, except around her arms. Her face is more than a little flushed, and there’s a clearly-visible shiny patch between her legs.

And that’ll all be yours, huh?

Focus! You need to make her go crazy with pleasure now. It seems so easy in the books, but now that you have a real person in front of you, it’s hard to decide how to start.


“If I’m gonna make you a doll, I’ll need to know all about your body, Marisa. Where do you feel the most sensitive?”

Marisa answers without hesitation. “Umm, I guess I like to play with my nipples a lot, and right along my spine is kind of ahhn! Too rough!” She arches her back and cries out as you pinch her nipple. You nod and pinch it a little more softly, and her scream changes to a quieter moan.

Wow, she… likes that.

Can you do the other one, too?

Oh, yes you can! She really likes that. You try rolling them between your fingers one at a time, then gently flicking one with your finger. She moans nonstop through the rolling, and a flick makes her eyes go wide as she lets out a little scream. Her tomboyish voice sounds a lot huskier than usual, and it even gets into some more girlish octaves when she’s feeling really good.

You never expected to see her acting like this. It suits her.

Now, you try moving your hands forward to grab her breasts. They’re just a little bigger than you can fit into your small, elegant hands, and some of the warmest and softest things you’ve ever felt. You move one hand to her butt for comparison, finding that it’s just a little firmer. Your fingers still just sink into it, though. It has a certain heft to it that’s… strangely appealing.

Next, you kind of hug her to get at her back. You can feel her shiver when you gently run a finger down her spine. That gives you a weird idea. Crossing over to her back, you kiss her right in the middle of it and start licking your way up. Her whole body’s hit with a jolt, and she lets out a loud sound that’s kind of a half-moan-half laugh.

“H-hey, that tickles!” You reach under her arms to grab her breasts from below, reaching up with your index fingers to rub little circles around her nipples as you lick your way up to her neck. Her moaning gets louder and louder every second, and she wails loudly and arches again when you finish with two pinches and a kiss on her ear.

She blushes hard and breathes heavily afterwards. You’re kind of taken aback.

“Did you… cum, Marisa?”

“Nn… No, not yet. But I’m close,” she adds hopefully. Your heart jumps a little when she says that.

“Okay. So then, is your pussy sensitive too?” You lay her on the ground and pull her legs apart to get a good look at it. It’s a bright, attractive pink, and a thin layer if shiny stuff covers the lips and much of her thighs. The little bump on top is mostly exposed, and quite hard.

“Yeah, but you hafta be gentle and get it really hot first, like…”

You lift up your head. “Like what?”

“Like Nitori did.” She puts on a dreamy smile when she says that. Before the poison can make her relive whatever she did in vibrant detail, you snap your fingers in front of her face.

“Hey, hey, pay attention!”

Marisa jolts back to reality. Or, the reality you’re making for her. You’ll need to make her feel so good she forgets all about that Nitori.

You keep yourself propped up with one arm as you gently trace a finger up Marisa’s slit. She breathes out hard and tells you to do it a little harder, so you speed up your movements and graze her bump a little each time. Your finger quickly gets sticky with juice, and it keeps leaking out of her until it’s all over your hand.

“Ahhn! T-tongue! Use your tongue!” she cries.

You stop cold. Just what kind of an outburst was that? Marisa lifts her head to look at you, wondering why the pleasure’s stopped. She doesn’t understand yet. You sigh and chastise her in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Dolls don’t give orders, Marisa. At least, bottom-rung ones like you don’t. If you don’t even understand that, maybe I should just stop trying to make you one.” You try tasting the juice on your hand while she thinks that over. It’s not bad.

“Wha? No, don’t! I wanna!”

“Hm? Just what is it you want?”

“I wanna cu--“ She knows that’s the wrong answer. “I wanna be a doll!”

“Oh, you do, hm? I’ll remember that. You want to be a doll, Marisa. You want to be a doll.” You keep repeating that as your fingers resume their movement, and the poison makes the sentence imprint itself on her brain. Whatever she originally meant by them, those words are getting etched in as fact. She begins to repeat it herself after a while, as her body starts twitching under you.

“I wanna be a doll, so please use your tongue!”

Ah, that’s a much better response. You bring your head back down to Marisa’s pussy, which has let out quite a cloud of musk. Breathing it in makes you feel kind of hot yourself. You close your eyes and push out as much of your tongue as you can, slowly drawing a line up her slit. Then you try it again with your tongue focused into more of a point, and she likes that even better. You’d like to experiment more, but she cuts you off on the fifth lick with a high-pitched moan and a spray of juices on your face. You narrowly avoid getting your head caught in her thighs as she shudders and clutches at the flowers, moaning helplessly and clenching and unclenching her hips.

The whole thing takes less than a minute. When she opens her eyes, they’re misty with tears.

That was… an orgasm, huh? Wow. It looked like it was really something.

“Did it feel good, Marisa?”

Marisa just nods.

“Better than what Nitori did?”

No nodding that time. That’s no good.

“Oh, yeah? Well, we’re just getting started!”

You glance back over at the strap-on shroom. Looks like it’s come to that. But first, you’ll have to take off your clothes.

Marisa watches with interest as you untie the bow on your dress, unzip the back, slide it off, and lay it down next to hers. All you have on underneath is a simple (very small) bra and a white pair of panties. It makes you blush a little to have her watching, but that’s silly, right? She’s already naked, and seeing you the same way should be a privilege for her!

That doesn’t make you stop blushing. But still, you unhook your bra, slide off your panties, kick off your shoes, pull off your black thighhighs, and try to stay still while she looks you over.

You’re not exactly ashamed of your figure. It’s not like they messed up your proportions or anything. It’s just… you feel like it’s more “cute” than “beautiful.” Your curves aren’t anything like Marisa’s. But that won’t stop you! If she’s just a doll, she shouldn’t care how you look!

Okay, time for the strap-on. There’s three long, ropelike roots coming from under the shaft; you tie two of them together around your waist, and pull the third one between your legs and tie that to the other two, as tight as you can get it. Don’t want it falling off at a bad time.

There, all set! The mushroom’s firmly in place, but the root between your legs kind of digs in between your pussy lips. That doesn’t feel so bad, though.

The shroomy part points almost straight up. It’s about six inches long, with a narrow orange cap covering four of those inches. You take another look at the weird, slippery poison covering the tip. Seems like it has something to do with…muscle control? Hm.

Marisa never thought of running away while you did all that. Seems like she really wants to find out how good being a doll can feel. Also, it gets harder to run away the longer people stay here and breathe all the poison in the air. It could be bad for her if she spends the night here, but you’ll worry about that later.

“Hmm. And just what were you planning to do with this?” you asks, gently stroking the shaft. It’s really pretty thick.

Marisa jolts in surprise. “Oh, ah…” Dolls are obedient. Marisa wants to be a doll. “… I thought I’d give it to someone as a joke the next time we were drinking, and then maybe they’d try it on, and we’d have sex, and it would feel good.”

Very obedient. “And were you going to be the one wearing it?”


You clap your hands together. “I knew it! It’s a good thing you lost to me then, huh? I’ll make you feel better than anyone else could’ve, so be a good doll and enjoy it.”

Sounds like a plan to her.

You order Marisa to spread her pussy, and she dutifully obeys, keeping the lips wide open while you try to stick in the mushroom’s tip. It’s not easy when you can’t feel what you’re doing, and this thing’s so thick and slippery…

Ah, there we go! Marisa gasps as the tip enters her, switching over to a low, delighted moan as the rest of the shaft follows. Because of the angle this thing’s at, you have to almost lie on top of her to make it fit.

That’s a new sensation for you. Her warm, lean body’s right up next to yours, rubbing up against your own sensitive skin. Your head’s right in her breasts, forcibly snuggled against their softness. You try having Marisa hug you closer, and you shiver a little as her warmth seeps into you. Her moaning plays softly over your ears as you gently lick at her nipples, and her hands run sensually up and down your back. You could get used to this.

But there’ll be time for this later! First, you have to train Marisa.

It’s a tight fit inside her, but the mushroom slides back easily as you pull back your hips. You forcefully ram it back inside her, and she jumps a little and lets out a loud moan.

“Ah! T-twitching… Feels good…”

Twitching? Hmm. Her hips do seem to be quivering a little. Maybe that’s what the poison does? In that case, she’d probably feel good just having this thing inside her. And if you thrust harder and really stir up those quivering walls…

“Gahhhn! Ah! Good! So good!”

Hoho! You put your hands down at her sides and push yourself up a little for leverage. You’re not used to the motion, so your movements are uneven and jerky, but Marisa doesn’t seem to mind at all. Each thrust nudges the roots a little, making the one between your legs rub ever so gently against your pussy. You slowy speed up over the next few minutes, trying to make yourself feel better and better. It’s not very efficient, though, and Marisa…

“Ahhh! More! More!” You’ll forgive her ordering this time. Her mouth’s gaping open, and pleasure-tears stream from her hazy eyes. Now’s a good chance to strike at her mind!

“You like this, Marisa?” You suddenly slow down.


“You like being a doll and playing like this?” A little faster now…


“You want to be my doll and do this again and again?” Now, faster! Faster!

“YES! I wanna… I wanna… I’m cumming!” Marisa crushes a dozen flowers in a white-knuckle grip and arches her back high into the air, screaming in that husky, girly voice as her eyes shoot wide open. And her pussy clenches and spasms uncontrollably. Her convulsions last a whole minute this time, but all you feel is an irritatingly mild warmth between your legs.

Finally, Marisa collapses to the ground and pants shamelessly, smiling the whole time. Her breasts heave a little with each breath. You gently pull the mushroom out of her, and a small mess spills out of her still-twitching pussy.

Phew. Strap-on sex is hard work.

That’s probably the best she’s ever felt, but you think you should reinforce her training a little more. You can’t have her thinking this was all a fun fling when the poison wears off; there mustn’t be a single shred of doubt in her mind that being a doll is the best thing ever! And, it’d be nice if you could cum too.

[ ] Stick it in her pooper!
[ ] Try that rub-your-pussies-together thing.
[ ] Have her lick your pussy while you do the same to her.
No. 28823
[X] Try that rub-your-pussies-together thing.

Just hope we're going for obedience over bimboizing... That's kinda boring. Maybe work on a trigger for Doll Mode as a sort of override?

Although Making her our 'best friend' to have sex with would be useful since we could play the long game with her and gets us a willing harem. Change her personality too much and we get BAD END via Reimu
No. 28824
[X] Try that rub-your-pussies-together thing

I can't understand why you still cling to the idea when it's been clearly explained in the opening post what is actually going to happen.
No. 28826
[x] Have her lick your pussy while you do the same to her.

Medi wanted to experiment licking on Marisa, she actively enjoys Marisa's warmth and softness, and it's probably the easiest way to get Marisa off - anal's an acquired taste for most people, and tribaldism's hard to do your first time through. If Medi's not a natural, then she's going to have to let Marisa take the lead, and that's counterproductive to making the witch into a doll.

And, you know. Considering Medi's backstory, this would probably be the closest thing to a hug she's ever had.
No. 28827
The original post only says we're going to turn them into our willing sex slaves. It doesn't say anything about annihilating anything resembling a personality and reducing our victims to empty-headed blow-up dolls who never think about anything besides fucking and being fucked.
No. 28828
I'm changing vote to
[x] Have her lick your pussy while you do the same to her.

Because >>28826 Makes a good point about our lack of experience

Pretty much. Tart's route does the entire death of personality thing.
If we can get Marisa/Alice/whatever being our good sex buddy/friend who we can get a good licking from whenever we want.

We get it so we have them being 'Friends with benefits' we get to advance the cause AND have lots of sex!
No. 28829

Ideally, when this is done we'll pass out from our last orgasm and when we come to all the poison will have cleared out of Marisa's system. She still has the "I like being a doll" command we carved into her head and helps us out on the condition that we keep having sex with her like that, but is otherwise still the same crafty klepto that she was before. If OP is intending to keep her in this state where she's effectively mind-broken and does whatever we command with no regard for her personality then I'm in the wrong thread, that's a bit more like TT's works than I'd like.
No. 28832
[X] Try that rub-your-pussies-together thing.
No. 28834
>And, you know. Considering Medi's backstory, this would probably be the closest thing to a hug she's ever had.

I'm sold. ;_;

[x] Have her lick your pussy while you do the same to her.
No. 28835
[x] Have her lick your pussy while you do the same to her.
No. 28838
[x] Have her lick your pussy while you do the same to her.
+1 for doll-mode on/off switch.
No. 28840
[x] Stick it in her pooper!
Contrarian vote.
No. 28841
[x] Have her lick your pussy while you do the same to her.
No. 28842
[x] Have her lick your pussy while you do the same to her.
No. 28844
Votes closed. 69 has it.
No. 28871
[x] Have her lick your pussy while you do the same to her.

Marisa was begging you to lick her before. Does it really feel that good?

Well, she is your doll now. There’s nothing to stop you from using her to find out!

Looks like she needs a moment to catch her breath, though. She’s kind of sweaty after all that, and she’s still panting to recover from all the screaming she did While she’s doing that, you pull off the strap-on and lay it down near the pouch, where the trance-shroom catches your eye. Seems like Marisa didn’t quite suck off all the poison. You could just have her lick it off the mushroom like before, or...

You pick up the mushroom and rub the last of the poison between your legs. Your pussy feels really tender after getting rubbed by that root for so long, so even a little stroking is enough to make you shiver. Once you’ve got a good coating on and around your pussy, you turn back to your doll, who’s still breathing heavily and staring off into space.

“Hey! You’re not done yet.”

“Whuh?!” Marisa snaps to attention, afraid she’s displeased you somehow.

“Did I say you could take a nap? A doll’s job isn’t done until her mistress is completely satisfied!” Hmm, ‘mistress’. You like the sound of that. Marisa nods slowly and timidly as she stores away the information.

“I just made you feel better than you ever have before, but you didn’t please me at all. That’s not fair, is it?”

“No it isn’t, Mistress!”

“So, why don’t you give me some of that licking you wanted so much?” You sit down and spread your legs as you say it, trying not to blush too hard. Even if she’s going to serve you, showing her your pussy like this is a little...

“Yes, mistress.” Marisa crawls over and lies down in front of you. She puts a hand on each of your thighs, closes her eyes, and slowly approaches your pussy. You keep waiting for her tongue to come out, but all you feel is her hot breath--

Ah! There it is. You jump as soon as you feel her tongue touch you, only to discover that she’s cleaning up around your pussy first. You did get a little wet earlier, but it’s mostly poison she’s licking up. Her breathing slows down, and her eyes get extra-hazy, and her tongue starts moving even slower. Even with just your skin, you can feel how warm and soft her tongue is. It’s making your pussy tingle with anticipation, wondering just how good it’ll feel when she finally licks you directly…

Wait, why are you letting her tease you?

“Th-that’s enough of that. Go right for my pussy now.”

Marisa squeaks enthusiastically and positions herself at the bottom of your slit. Slowly and gently, she touches you with the tip of her tongue and draws a line all the way up. A gentle tingle of warmth grows inside you as she makes her way to the top, and the pleasure suddenly peaks when the touches your… your “clit.”

That wasn’t bad at all. Marisa does it again, with a little more force, and you let out a quiet moan as you feel the tingling even more strongly. She keeps repeating the motion, just slightly harder each time; the fifth one feels great, but the sixth makes you twitch and shudder too much for your liking.

“No, no, too much. Go back to how you did it last time.”

Marisa moans a quiet acknowledgment and settles in to the work of pleasing you. It feels the best when she licks at a solid, steady pace and just pushes the tip of her tongue into your pussy to lick you inside as well. She finishes each pass with a brief touch to your clit, giving you a strong, shocky dessert to top off the pleasure.

You run a hand through her messy blonde hair and take in the sight of her backside as she works. Her back and her legs are smooth, lean and flat, forming a line that’s interrupted only by the large, exciting curve of her rump. The sight of something so big and lewd just makes you want to… do things to it. You don’t even know exactly what, but it seems like there’s all sorts of ways you could play with it.

Hmm, Marisa looks like she’s half asleep from all that poison. How about you make sure she’s submissive real quick.

“Being a doll is the best, huh? All that thinking for yourself is overrated.” Marisa nods in agreement without breaking her rhythm. That much must be obvious to her.

“I’ll tell you what to think from now on, okay? All you need to do is obey me, and I’ll keep making you feel good. We’ll get some more dolls, and then you’ll all serve me together. Does that sound good?”

Marisa nods again, more slowly this time. You can almost see the fantasies playing out vividly in her mind.

“Okay. Then tell me what you are, Marisa.”

Marisa lifts her head and smiles at you. “I’m your doll, Mistress! Completely under your control. You can play with me any way you want.” You hear a hint of her tomboyish voice in those words. She flashes you another grin as she speaks, but this time, it’s warm and passionate, without a hint of teasing. You see an affectionate glimmer in her still-cloudy eyes, as well.

It’s enough to stop your breath. You did it! You really did it! You turned one of your hated enemies into a loyal, submissive doll! She was going to blast you apart less than an hour ago, but now she’s naked and licking your pussy like it’s her favorite thing in the world. She looks really happy that way, like a great weight’s been lifted from her back. Maybe it was the burden of free will.

Finally, you find your voice again and return her smile. “That’s right! Don’t forget it. Now, turn around and I’ll reward you.”


Marisa hops up onto all fours, turns around, and crawls backwards. The subtle jiggling of her rump catches your eye, and you can’t make yourself look away until she’s right on top of you. Then she puts her knees on the ground and lowers her hips towards your face, giving you a clear view of her dripping-wet pussy. When she’s close enough, you reach around her waist to get a firm hold of her butt and raise your head the rest of the way.

Wow, she’s really soaked. Giving in like that really turned her on. The juices are all really hot, too; when you lick up some and swallow, you can feel them run down your throat and settle in your stomach. You spend a minute just cleaning her off before getting to the actual licking; her juices get smeared over your face despite your best efforts, but you don’t mind too much. It’s kind of nice having that heat and that smell all over you.

While you’re busy with the Marisa’s irresponsibly messy arousal, she finds her way back to you pussy and resumes her service. The more awkward positioning and your own licking makes it more difficult for her, so her tongue’s less consistent than before. Sometimes it just barely grazes your pussy lips, and sometimes it slips in deep enough to touch your hymen and make you hips twitch hard enough to throw her off. Also, her tongue starts at your clit instead of finishing there, so that little spike of pleasure’s still going strong through each lick. There’s a couple-second delay between each lick, just long enough for you to relax from the one you just got and anticipate the next one.

And now it’s time for you to start. You pick up where you left off, drawing lines up her pussy with your tongue. Her walls twitch and quiver from the slightest touch; guess the poison from your strap-on still hasn’t worn off. It’s all soaked into her walls, though, so it doesn’t affect your tongue.

Almost unconsciously, you start squeezing and kneading Marisa’s butt. It belongs to you, so why not? Your fingers easily sink in a half-inch, and then there’s plenty more for you to grope to your heart’s content.

Marisa’s body is really pretty lewd. She can take more than this, can’t she? You let go of her butt ,with a bit of regret, and use your thumbs to spread her pussy. A small cloud of steam hits your face, and you blink it away to see a bright pink tunnel, covered in moisture and twitching all over. You take in the sight for a bit before firming up your tongue and driving it into her as deep as you can get it.

Marisa’s pussy clenches up around your tongue, and her head pops up to cry out in surprise. A bunch of nervous moaning follows as you try moving your tongue inside of her, slipping over a bunch of hot, twitchy folds and soaking in her taste.

Hearing her moan so much makes you acutely aware that she’s stopped pleasuring you. You push your pussy up towards her and growl in displeasure, and she quickly takes the hint. But with so much pleasure shooting through her, she can’t even manage the haphazard licking she was giving you before. Instead, she just puckers her lips and presses them onto your clit, fully exposing it. Her tongue comes out to brush desperately over it, and she sucks on it as well whenever she gets a break from her moaning.

It feels really--Ahn! Too good! So sensitive! But, you’re so close... You decide to let her keep at it, and focus as hard as you can on making Marisa go crazy with pleasure. For some reason, it feels like it’ll be a blow to your honor if you can’t give her an orgasm to go with yours.

Ahn, she’s sucking even harder! Your whole body’s quaking, but if you can just hold out a little longer...

Aha! Marisa’s pussy squirts all over your face, and she arches her back and raises her head to cry out in brain-melting delight. As soon as you finally give up on resisting, something incredibly hot, like all the pleasure you’ve felt so far packed together, shoots through your pussy. Your walls clenches up super-tight, not just once but again and again and again, so strong that you can’t do anything but lie there and moan.

It really does feel good. Trading in your freedom to feel this all the time suddenly seems a lot more understandable.

Marisa keeps feeling it for longer than you do, her hips and pussy twitching uncontrollably above you. You take the opportunity to crawl out from under her, so she doesn’t squish you when she collapses to the ground. Which she does, in loud and exaggerated fashion, before rolling over to recover. There’s a happy little sigh mixed in with each breath.

Even though your orgasm’s over, you still feel nice and warm, and your pussy twitches a little sometimes. You really feel like cuddling for some reason. Marisa’s gone back to her panting and smiling, but smile seems wider and more peaceful this time. You crawl over and lie down on top of her, resting your head against her heaving breasts. She puts her arms around you automatically, and you close your eyes to enjoy the warmth of her body and the lingering pleasure from your orgasm.

She still has more to learn on the finer points of dolldom, but she’s pretty good. You still haven’t gotten over the fact that you managed to pull that off. But you did; she’s perfectly obedient now, and she doesn’t mind in the slightest.

Hmm. Something about her seems sort of… open. Could you maybe…?


Huhwha? What happened? You were just lying on top of Marisa, but now you’re on the… bottom?

And you’re cuddling with yourself?

You reach up and run a hand through your hair. It’s long and messy. Very carefully, you lay your lifeless normal body off to the side and stand up to examine your new one.

It’s definitely Marisa’s. Same hair, same breasts, same huge butt. You can feel the afterglow of her three orgasms, all pulsing with a gentle warmth inside you. No telepathic stuff, though. Well, no, you do faintly think someone else’s thoughts now and then, but Marisa seems to be letting you do the driving.

Minus the sharing-minds part, this is all familiar. The same thing happened back when you first grew a body. That was never anything more than a flesh-and-blood doll that served as a vessel for your consciousness. If you can control Marisa like this, then she really is a doll, huh? Not a lifeless doll, but a doll nonetheless.

There’s all sorts of possibilities here, but this warmth is making it too much of a bother to think on it. Your normal body has the same openness you felt from Marisa, and it just takes a little concentration to switch back. Marisa shakes her head as she takes back her body, then yawns and lies back down. She might not have noticed the possession at all. As soon as she’s down, you crawl back on top of her and snuggle in like before.

This’ll become a habit.

So! You’ve succeeded in getting your first doll. She’s nice. But this is just the beginning! You’ll make dolls of anyone who opposes you, and some other people besides! Once there’s enough of you, people will have to give dolls the respect they deserve.

But, your hill doesn’t make a good base of operations. Marisa will get pretty messed up if she spends the night here, so you guess you’ll have to take her somewhere else for now, like her house. The Guard can take care of things here.

You should probably settle some other things too, while you’re at it...

What should Marisa wear at home?
[ ] Nothing!
[ ] Just underwear.
[ ] Something lewd!
[ ] Normal clothes.

How can she satisfy herself?
[ ] She can masturbate.
[ ] She’ll have to come to you.

Should she keep their dollness a secret?
[ ] Not at all!
[ ] Top secret.
[ ] She can hint at it.

Where will she live?
[ ] At her home.
[ ] Wherever you are.
No. 28874
[X] Normal clothes.
[X] She’ll have to come to you.
[X] Top secret.
[X] At her home.
[X] She can call you Mistress only when alone with her.

Keep a nice low profile but also still have plenty of fun with it. She might not even know she's doll when she gets back but we have the remote control if needed.

We can only really make our actions public when we have numbers and confidence. Too early and everything will be ruined

Also when we take her home, tuck her in and give her a hug. Since she's a doll now we treat her like we'd want any doll to be treated, with respect.
No. 28875
Seconding >>28874

I'd like her to wear more lewd clothing, but I guess it really is more sensible to keep it secret for now.
No. 28879
[X] Normal clothes.
[X] She’ll have to come to you.
[X] Top secret.
[X] At her home.
[X] She can call you Mistress only when alone with her.

I'm not going to try to fight you on what you want going on again, but I do agreee secrecy is best maintened for now.

Thinking about it, who should be our next target? Alice may still be a bit much for Medecine right now. I know Sakuya was the other choice people voted for first, but how about trying for Eientei, first taking Reisen? If we can take the place, it's fairly isolated. Would make a nice base of operations to act from and Eirin + Reisen would make things go very smoothly.
No. 28882
[X] Normal clothes, but without any underwear.
[X] She’ll have to come to you.
[X] Top secret. If anyone asks, yes she has had 'special fun time' with someone recently but she won't say who.
[X] At her home.
[X] She can call you Mistress only when alone with her.

Gotta be a little lewd.
No. 28884
We'd really Rolling the dice with Reisen as well she has -Poison Smokescreen "Gas-Woven Orb"- in the fighting games and it creates a toxic gas cloud which only effects the enemy and not her meaning she might have some degree of countermeasures for toxins.

Or she could just fuck with our head to escape leaving us running around in circles for a while as she recovers.

If anything we should probably stay local. I don't know if the Fairy Trio of Light is still in the Forest or Magic or they're in the 'Summer House' at the Hakurei Shrine. But they're useful to have as their skills are good for sneaking into places. We might not even have to make them our 'dolls' but just negotiate things as part of a prank and make them teammates for now.

We need to be delicate now and get Marisa making more of the various poisons we need from Mushrooms since they're going to be key and we might not readily have on our side stuff like the Trance Poison or the Paralyze Potions.

Also if we go slow we can have more sex with Marisa and practice the Possession ability we have
No. 28887
[x] Something lewd!
[x] She can masturbate.
[x] Top secret.
[x] At her home.
[x] She can call you Mistress only when alone with her.

Needs more lewdness.

Also, is this "at home, when no one else is around" or "this is what her usual attire should become"? I'm assuming the former, not that I'll change my vote if it is the latter.
No. 28890
It's the former.
No. 28891
[x] Something lewd!
[x] She’ll have to come to you.
[x] Top Secret.
[x] Wherever you are.

I just want to point out something to the rest of the readers - Medi says that Marisa can't stay at the hill, due to all of the poison. This means that the Wherever You Are option isn't, like, forcing Marisa to stay at the hill - it's Medi who's going to move into Marisa's house. And, if it gets too cramp at the house due to other girls, the Wherever You Are option means Marisa moves with us if we find a larger space.
No. 28893
[x] Something lewd!
[x] She’ll have to come to you.
[x] Top Secret.
[x] Wherever you are.
No. 28895
We really should have gone Sakuya.
No. 28896
[x] Something lewd! 
[x] She’ll have to come to you. 
[x] Top Secret. 
[x] Wherever you are.

I have a question for the author - for this choice, are you picking the most popular bunch of votes, or is each group of choices its own thing?

Basically, would a lewd/masturbate/secret/home vote be treated as something enitrely different from lewd/masturbate/hint/stay with Medi, or would you count that as two votes for lewd and masturbate, and then one vote each for the other choices?
No. 28897
In part us living with her all of the sudden might draw up our attention as would unexpected visitors barging in and seeing her naked (Or Aya doing so)
No. 28898
Each question's votes will be counted up separately.
No. 28899
[x] Something lewd!
[x] She’ll have to come to you.
[x] She can hint at it.
[x] Wherever you are.
No. 28900
[X] Normal clothes.
[X] She’ll have to come to you.
[X] Top secret. If anyone asks, yes she has had 'special fun time' with someone recently but she won't say who.
[X] At her home.
[X] She can call you Mistress only when alone with her.

Keeping our early activities close to our home turf and at least trying to keep a lid on it is probably a good idea. Trying to avoid looking like an incident instigator is at this stage kinda important after all.

That said, if we could nab Aya as a target of opportunity (to get some grasp on intel flow) would likely work wonders to keep this from blowing up in our faces at this early stage and most certainly help with further acquisitions (directed dispertion of airborne toxins perhaps?).
No. 28901
[x] Something lewd!
[x] She’ll have to come to you.
[x] Top secret.
[x] At her home.

We need to keep things absolutely quiet for now... which doesn't mean we can't have lots of fun in private.

Speaking of fun, this story is turning out much better than I expected.
No. 28902
Aya Intercept we might only have one shot at if its a Target of Opportunity thing.

If we get a situation when she's actively investigating us or Marisa for odd behavior she becomes priority one to stop as well this gets too much attention and we're risking getting publicly exposed and that will bring upon us Wrath of Reimu and our plans being ruined and having to start from nothing.

Still getting Aya or Hatate on our side would be useful not only for the intel but also for propaganda printing about the Revolution! Just have a high speed drop of fliers about the Revolution. (Sure it'll just be used as fire kindling but its informative leaflets about why oppressing dolls is wrong)
No. 28904
Please don't.
No. 28905
[X] Normal clothes.
[X] She’ll have to come to you.
[X] Top secret.
[X] At her home.
No. 28909
[x] Normal clothes.
[x] She’ll have to come to you.
[x] Top secret.
[x] At her home.
[x] She can call you Mistress only when alone with her.
No. 28910
[X] Normal clothes.
[X] She’ll have to come to you.
[X] Top secret.
[X] At her home.
[X] She can call you Mistress only when alone with her.
No. 28912
>>28879 here. Switching vote and I don't feel like deleting the argument with my previous vote.

[x] Something lewd!
[x] She can masturbate.
[x] Top secret.
[x] At her home.
[x] She can call you Mistress only when alone with her.
No. 28915
Closing as soon as someone breaks the normal/lewd tie.
No. 28916
Lewd. There you go.
No. 28917
Alright. Winners are: lewd clothes, coming to Medi, top secret, and living at home.
No. 28937
[x] Something lewd!
[x] She’ll have to come to you.
[x] Top Secret!
[x] At her home.

Okay. You’ll make sure to tell her all that... sometime. It’s too peaceful to talk right now. You still feel nice and relaxed after your orgasm, and Marisa’s breathing and heartbeat are so relaxing...




Oh, it’s almost sunset now. Looks like you fell asleep for a bit. Marisa’s snoring quietly under you, her arms still draped over your back. You shouldn’t let her sleep here for too long.

“Hey, wake up. We’re gonna stay at your place tonight.”

Marisa’s eyes flutter open. She seems groggy and confused at first, and she scrunches her face as the memories all flood back to her, but then everything settles into place and she relaxes with a smile.

“Sure thing, Mistress.”

You get off of her and put your clothes back on as she rises clumsily to her feet and stumbles over to her broom.

“Hey, don’t forget your clothes, Marisa.” She’ll need them whenever she’s out of the house.

Maris stops in her tracks. “Oh, yeah. Forgot for a second.” She lets out a little chuckle, putting a hand behind her head. Marisa handles her underwear alright, but you step in to help her into her dress and adjust her hat. No doll of yours is going to look sloppy.

Once she’s dressed, Marisa grabs her broom again and puts it between her legs, sitting at the very front to make room behind her. You hesitantly climb onto the flimsy-looking thing and put your arms around her waist. The broom carries both of you up to into the air; and Marisa leans back a little, and the broom shoots off three times as fast as you’d like.

Glancing back, you see your hill shrinking away behind you. It seems kind of insignificant from up here, sticking up just a little in the middle of nowhere. But someday, it’ll be known far and wide as the birthplace of dollkind’s greatest hero!

The air’s cold up here. You huddle behind Marisa to let her take most of the wind, but it still tears at your arms. After a while, she notices your discomfort and wordlessly tucks your arms into her dress.

That’s better. Now that you’re more comfortable, you get a bit curious and start glancing around, trying to see what you can in the fading daylight. The scenery’s moving a little too fast for you to make anything out, though. Oh, but you can see the forest!

It’s a lot bigger than your hill. The dark, leafy treetops all look the same to you, but Marisa seems to know exactly what she’s doing. Soon enough, you notice a very small, rapidly-approaching hole in the trees.

Suddenly, you question the wisdom of riding with someone who just spent three or four hours in a poison field.

“Uh, Marisa--”

“Hang onto your butt, Mistress!” Marisa hunches over and plunges through the treeline about twice as fast as you’d like. leveling off at the very last second and air-screeching to a halt just inches off of the ground. Your heartbeat catches up a moment later. Marisa dismounts gracefully, but you just kind of fall off and plop down on the ground. Your legs won’t be much use for a while.

“Alright, here we are!”

Marisa points you off to the right, where you get a breathtaking view of her resplendent... Wait, that’s her house? It looks like it’s about to fall over! The plaster’s cracked in more places than not, and there’s ivy growing all over the walls of its single story And it smells. Some of that smell is poison, but most of it’s just gross and musty. You’re definitely not making this your permanent base.

But, it’s all you have right now, and Marisa seems proud of it. After pulling you up from the ground, she opens the slightly-crooked door and leads you inside, turning on some glowy magical orbs with a snap of her fingers. They illuminate a small, crowded interior, with a stone floor that’s almost completely hidden under dozens of piles of books and broken doodads. Marisa seems to ignore the clutter completely, steps over all the junk without even looking down. You could try and picking your way through the mess, but you decide to just float over it all instead. That’s lot simpler.

Halfway into library/dining room, Marisa turns around with a smile. “So, whatcha wanna do, Mistress? I’ve got a tub out back if you want a bath, or I could cook something, or...”

“Mm, I think I’ll have dinner.” It’s been a few weeks since the last time you ate.

“Sure, sure! Just a moment.” Marisa disappears further into the house, and a cacophony of bubbling and sizzling and chopping sounds starts pouring out from her direction. While she’s busy cooking, you amuse yourself by poking around her piles of stuff.

Marisa’s certainly a collector. There’s books, telescopes, ships in bottles, an ancient sword of immense power... but no dolls. Maybe they’re in her bedroom?

The bedroom’s pretty much identical to the other room, except that there’s a bed and a dresser thrown into the clutter.

No dolls on the floor, and none in the dresser... Oh? What do we have here?

There’s a short box at the bottom of her closet. Inside, you find some... are these supposed to be clothes? They look like it, but they’re so small, and thin, and... and... lewd.

Very lewd. And they’re Marisa’s size, too...

“It’s ready!” Marisa’s echoing call startles you enough to make you drop the string-like panty-things you were holding. You follow her voice out of the bedroom, back to a small wooden table in the dining room She sets down some chipped plates of food and takes a seat across from you. There’s rice, button-sized mushrooms in brown sauce, and some soup. Smells good.

You pick up the pair of chopsticks and carefully pull on both sides until they snap apart. The break isn’t even, but you don’t ruin them, either. Then you have to remember how to use them; you always have trouble with that, and it doesn’t help that Marisa’s watching with a little smirk.

“H-hey, what are you looking at?”

“Ah, don’t mind me.” Marisa turns down to her food without dropping her smirk, and you get your grip right soon after the pressure lifts.

You take a quick sample of everything. The rice is kind of bland by itself, but you quickly discover that it mixes well with the kinda-tangy sauce that the mushrooms are in. The mushrooms themselves are a strange mix of squishy and firm, and they really soak in the flavor of the sauce. Lastly, the soup’s smooth and kind of salty. It does a good job of balancing out the rest of the food.

All in all, it’s probably a pretty lame meal, but it sure tastes a lot better than the poison you usually eat. Marisa’s started watching you again; you give her an approving nod and smile, and she smiles back a little brighter than you’d expect from a simple compliment. Maybe because it came from you.

As the food gives your jaw an unfamiliar workout, it occurs to you that there’s a lot you don’t know about Gensokyo. Your knowledge doesn’t extend far beyond your hill, and you’ll need a lot more than that to make your plans succeed.

“Hey, Marisa, you’ve got your nose in everyone’s business, right? Can you tell what’s been going on lately?” Might as well start with current events. After the flower incident, you spent a year fighting for the liberation of dolls, but when that didn’t work out, and you got kind of discouraged and just sat around for a long time. You’re not sure how long it’s been since then.

“Uh, sure! How far back do you wanna go?”

Um. “How about the last year?”

Marisa nods and sets down her chopsticks to think. “Well, last fall, there was a new shrine that popped up on the mountain. The miko there picked a fight with Reimu, and I tagged along to watch. They’re a bunch of schemers up there, always tryin’ to come up with new ways to gather faith. I’d rather have nothing to do with ‘em.”

That’s strange to hear, coming from her. “Oh, another shrine? Are they always fighting with Reimu’s?”

“Nah, not really. Reimu doesn’t care enough for that.”

Aw, that’s too bad. You might’ve been able to use a conflict between the shrines to your advantage.

“The new miko’s a looker, though! Wouldn’t mind making her a doll, but she’s got a really protective pair of goddesses.”

Marisa flashes you a naughty grin, then reaches back into her memory. Very interesting.

“Now, besides that... It was pretty quiet until just a few months ago, when all this weird weather stuff that happened.”

“Oh, I remember that! A stupid heat wave dried up all my suzuran.” You had half a mind to go out and beat up whoever caused it, but you weren’t too tough without your poison supply. By the time the flowers got better, it was all over.

“Oh, yeah? Well, you weren’t the only one who didn’t like it. Everyone ran around fightin’ each other for a while, and it turned out that a celestial was the cause. I took her down myself.”

“A celestial?”

“Yeah, that’s what you call people who live up in Heaven. Spoiled bunch. Don’t like them either.”

Wow, you hadn’t thought Marisa could be so judgmental. If she doesn’t even associate with people she dislikes, does that mean she only bothers people she likes?

“Well, good work! You were helping me even before you became my doll.”

“Heh, I try.” Marisa blushes a little and scratches the back of her head. She really does like it when you compliment her, doesn’t she?

“So, was there anything else?”

“Nah, that’s about it.”

Really? You’d expected there to be more. Seems like you’re not as far behind as you thought.

You swallow the last bite of your meal and lay down your chopsticks. Being full feels nice; you’ll have to eat more often now that you have dolls to cook for you. Marisa wolfs down the rest of her food to catch up, getting bits of it all over her face and the table. Not proper at all. She finishes with a huge mouthful and half a cup of water, then exhales loudly and happily and slams the mug on the table.

“Ahh, that was good! Now, let’s go and--” Marisa cuts herself off and quickly shakes her head. “Now, would you like to have a bath, Mistress?”

That sounds good. Bathing isn’t something you can do very often. You accept with another smiling nod, and Marisa jumps up eagerly and leads you to an extra-small room in the back of the house.

She strips without a shred of modesty, hanging up her dress and shirt and flinging everything else in a basket. Once she leaves out the back door to prepare the bath, you undress as well, using a spare hook and basket that smell faintly of lavender. Then you head out the back door into the breezy, fragrant forest night.

It’s gotten really dark. Five or ten meters away, you see a little sphere of light, where Marisa’s standing over large white tub filled most of the way with water. As you grope your way to her though the darkness, she finishes chanting a little spell and straightens up.

“All ready, Mistress!” Give it a try.”

You don’t see any sources of heat, but the water’s nice and warm when you touch it. Must be magic. Marisa goes in first, stepping right into the tub and slowly lowering herself onto her back. Once she’s settled in with her arms and legs dangling over the sides, she beckons you in with a finger.

You lift one leg over the tub’s edge and dip a toe into the water. There’s nothing wrong with the water, so you grab the far rim and heave yourself into the tub, immersing your whole body at once. Your body relaxes immediately, and you can’t keep yourself from sighing.

It’s nice. Once you settle in on top of Marisa, the warm water covers everything but your neck and insulates it from the night breeze. Marisa puts her arms around you again, briefly caressing one of your nipples before deciding she’d rather just cuddle. You take a deep breath and close your eyes; the chirping and screeching of the forest isn’t exactly soothing, but you still feel safe in this little island of light and heat. You reach back and find a lock of Marisa’s hair, idly stroking it while your mind wanders.


“Hey, Marisa.”


“Do you know anyone who would make a good doll?”

“Oh? Oh! Let’s see.” A new excitement sparkles in Marisa’s eyes, and she bounces her knee under you as she thinks, repeatedly bumping your leg and making little ripples in the bathwater.

“Well, guess I gotta mention Alice. She lives right here in the forest, just down the way a little. I go to her place all the time. She’s a master at slave magic; she’s got a whole army of dolls that she controls with just her mind, and these little strings that can tie people up in seconds.”

Aha! The slavedriver!

“But, if she can control dolls, it might be dangerous to go after her. What if she just takes control of us?” Marisa adds.

Ah, that’s a good point. As much as you’d like to put that girl in her place, you shouldn’t go after her without a real ace in the hole. Turning into another one of her doll-slaves would be the ultimate humiliation.

There’s a lull while Marisa thinks some more. You try lacing your fingers in with hers; her hands are a good bit bigger, and a little rougher too. Just a little.

“Now, is there anyone who’d be easier to get? I guess there’s Reimu. She’s always really uptight. I always try to get her to have fun, but she just sours everything she goes to. Being a doll might be a fun change of pace for her. And, she can seal away youkai’s powers. That could be really handy.”

“Ooh, would that work on Alice?”

“Nah, doesn’t work on magicians.”


“And the youkai would notice pretty quickly if she started actin’ strange. So, maybe not a good choice if we wanna keep this on the down-low.”

Another pause. You turn your head and nuzzle against one of her breasts while you wait.

“Oh! Maybe Patchouli Knowledge, over in the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She’s the oldest magician in Gensokyo; I bet she’s got all kinds of sexy magic, and her body’s in great shape too. But all she ever does is sit there and read. Kind of a waste, if you ask me. It should be easy to make someone like her cum her brains out.”

“Ooh, yeah! But, we’d have to break into the mansion to get to her, wouldn’t we?”

Marisa thumps the tub in excitement. “Oho, don’t you worry about that! I’ve got my own secret entrance. Can’t guarantee we’ll be safe from the rest of the mansion, though, and she does have a bothersome librarian. Wouldn’t be easy.”

None of these girls sound easy, Marisa.

“I guess the only other one I’d recommend is Nitori. She‘s a kappa, lives in a big cave halfway up Youkai Mountain. I just met her last year, but we’re good friends.”

Say, didn’t Marisa mention that name while you were training her?

“She’s always messing around with machines and Outsider stuff, and she doesn’t mind if I borrow some. She’s probably got all sorts of fun sex-toys we could use.”

But, can you and Marisa give her more pleasure than they do? Well, if you had enough aphrodisiacs...

Seems like things will be harder from here on out. You mull things over in your head for a while, and run into an obvious question

“Whoever we pick, you’re gonna have to come along. Do you have any cool powers that’d help turn girls into dolls?”

“Hum. Well, I am a witch! I could fire up the ol’ cauldron and make some mushrooms into sex-potions that we can sneak into people’s drinks and stuff. And I’m pretty good in a fight, too. If anyone wants to lay a finger on you, they’ll have to get through me first!” Marisa tightens her hug a little as she says that. You don’t think you’d need the help, but it’s a nice gesture.

“Ooh. Could you make some with the mushrooms we used today?”

“Ah, well, uh, those two were really rare. It could take a week or two to find more.”

That’s no good.

“The other two are more common, though. I could whip you up some of those, no problem.”

“Great! That’ll be a big help.” A poisonous potion would be more covert and portable than the gases and pastes you make alone.

“No problem, Mistress.” Marisa gives your wet hair a little ruffle.

And then it’s quiet. Your mind turns in lazy circles, imagining your future conquests and victories.

Your eyelids are getting heavy.


You let out a yawn, and Marisa catches it a moment later. You feel like you’ve done enough talking for now.

“Ah... I’m kinda tired, Marisa. Wanna go to sleep now?”


You climb out of the tub to let Marisa stand up. When she does, the water runs down her body in a bunch of little streams, dripping from her hair and her fingertips. She stretches her back and her neck, pushing her dripping chest up into the air, and then steps out of the tub.

Your doll dries you off with a fluffy towel and some magic. It’s pretty warm in her house, so you decide not to bother getting dressed. Marisa cleans herself and follows your lead in staying naked, and you follow her to the bedroom--

Oh, that’s right! She has a bed!

It’s so soft! And there’s a blanket, too! Marisa laughs a little as she watches you rub yourself against everything to feel how comfy it is. Once you settle down, she gets in too and snuggles up against you, holding you close to her chest while the sheets and the mattress caress the rest of your tender body. It feels amazing, like you could drift off without even trying.

But first, you want to decide who to go after next. Marisa’s gotten you access to some new targets; you could go after one of those next, or head back to the hill and try to catch someone there.

Who’s next?
[ ] Alice.
[ ] Reimu.
[ ] Patchouli.
[ ] Nitori.
[ ] Crow girl.
[ ] Maid girl.
[ ] Bunny girl.
No. 28938
[x] Crow Girl.
She probably knows some stuff that could help us blackmail other people into submitting willingly.
No. 28939
[X]Reimu, OR

Author, please count my vote as one for Reimu unless Reimu has no chance of winning, and Sakuya does.

Now, despite what Marisa said about Reimu drawing attention to herself if the miko was converted, we have Marisa herself as evidence that a doll isn't too effected by her conversion. I mean, Marisa's still devil-may-careish, she's still blunt about her feelings vis a vis Sanae and Tenshi - hell, she still teases Medi, even though she's Marisa's mistress now. There's a bit of over-protectiveness, but that's fine.

Alice is someone we should definitely stay away from until we can get three-on-one odds. Patchy's an interesting choice, but we should probably grab Sakuya first before we do anything regarding the SDM.

Nitori - well, she's friends with Marisa, but the problem with Nitori is that she doesn't really bring much to the table, helping wise. She has those sex-toys, sure, but we already do a decent enough job with pleasuring - as Marisa would gladly attest to. Medi needs to focus on restraining, and Reimu's the best choice there. If nothing else, having the sheer political weight of the Hakurei Shrine Maiden is a plus, and the Hakurei Shrine itself is pretty remote, and fairly large - it makes a good base of operations, and it wouldn't be considered too odd if Medi and Marisa were there, because Marisa hangs out there all the time, and it seems like Medi's mostly an unknown.

Plus, if nothing else, having the big two Incident-Resolvers on our side gives us a huge safety net. Sakuya's the next best thing, but we'd have to keep Remilia in mind, and fate manipulation doesn't seem like something we'd want to deal with.
No. 28941
[x] Crow Girl
If we're lucky we get Aya. If we're unlucky we get Hatate. Although Hatate's ability is useful for planning since she can draw up plenty of images to learn patterns and such.

Also why are we in a rush? A Week or Two is a good chance to build up our ability for possession and get ready. For all we know the Crow Girl delivers the newspaper here.

Reimu's SUICIDE with our numbers! And If we're not smart... Yukari shows up and makes us lose our body!!

We need more firepower going that way.

The SDM's Suicide considering we'd have to Deal with Sakuya and Koakuma as Marisa's way in is good for HER but is not very subtle.

The mountain presents risks of getting spotted by the Patrols Or worse a pesky reporter busting our cover. Aya can help get us information we can use to get Nitori. And what Nitori brings to the table is not only her cloaking device but possibly knoweledge to increase the efficiency of the processes to make our Mushroom based Toxins. Combining that ability with our own and Marisa's can make make us even more effective. We just have to remove a pesky Tengu first.
No. 28942
Except Nitori and Aya, along with catching attention of Moriya Shrine, is also going to catch the attention of the entire Tengu Mountain. Nitrio hangs out with Momiji, and the Tengu are actively militarialized - and we can't handle the entirr Tengu army descending on us, especially since they can just blow Medi's poison away from them.

Reimu is safe because Marisa and Reimu are super close. Medi and Marisa even point out that slipping in potions to food and drink would be a great way to lower a doll's resistance. As for Yukari - she sleeps, like, all the time, and I'm not just talking about that winter hibernation. It's Ran who's usually portrayed as running the day to day operations.

Furthermore, Yukari would only be worried if Medi is threatening to bring the border down - which wouldn't happen. We're not mind breaking her, we're mind-exapnding her! Marisa still seemed to have all of her personality, and it's not like Reimu being our doll would somehow take away her powers.

Lastly, everyone's still bound by the spellcard duels - remember in the beginning? Marisa challenged us to a duel. Even if the worst case scenario somehow happened, we'd still have Marisa, and Reimu if Medi's fast enough, for us to have three shots to take her down. Keep in mind that Medi convinced Marisa in maybe an hour, and this Reimu is probably inexperienced with sex, and we have a helper in Marisa. This is a great chance!
No. 28951
[ ] Reimu.
No. 28953
[X] Crow girl.

Reimu? Are you guys nuts? Considering the number of visitors she gets, someone is going to notice anything strange fast. Yukari and Remilia, for starters. Not girls we want hunting for us so soon.

I have no desire to see this story end so soon, so let's try taking a few more isolated girls before we start grabbing attention. Aya may be a Tengu, but she seems to always do her own things, so taking her won't grab much attention.
No. 28954
I'll consent to Reimu after this one.

[X] Maid girl.

Think about it. Once we have drugs and timestop and then add sealing... WE would have a team strong enough to go public.

Plus, aphro and paralyze would that we have now would ensure Sakuya can't flee nor wait out the effects in timestop.
No. 28960
[X] Crow girl.

While Reimu would be a great addition, and would remove a looming threat, going for her would be a humongeous gamble. The same things which make her a great asset makes her dangerous as fuck, and the degree to which she's keyed into the social web of other higher tier individuals makes even a succesful conversion a risk.

Once we've got a few (1-2, maybe 3) more girls it'll certainly be a lot easier, and somewhat more urgent, but for now lets focus on building our strength through lesser risks.
No. 28961
With this story's setup, losing to a girl I like is a good thing.
No. 28962
And losing end the story, meaning no more. So no thanks.

Seriously, what was the whole point of voting with Marisa to keep a low profile if we're going after Reimu now? We pretty much got directly warned that it would blow away the secrecy?
No. 28963
We blow our chance once and Reimu's gonna be automatically hostile to both us AND Marisa.

We get beat by Aya and might not be in the BunBunMaru or it might be 'Local Doll Youkai gets beat up by Tengu' See Page 7 for more details.

Aya wanders too much and Nitori while lucky enough to show up in the games isn't going to Red Flag us in the eye of the Shrines as in the big picture Nitori's just another Kappa and as long as Aya's putting out BunBunMarus no one will notice a difference.

Kanako won't waste the resources going after this lead as put simply she's scouting out to find a host for the Yatagarasu to start the plan to make the Fusion Reactor.

Because remember the context of the events that were revealed earlier. This is after Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and before Subterranean Animism. It also might be a reason WHY I'm hesitant to go after Reimu. We fuck this up and we'll be the lord of an irradiated wasteland after Okuu reaches the surface and Nukes it.
No. 28966
[x] Crow Girl.
No. 28969
Here, officially changing my vote to [X]Maid Girl, if only because Aya definitely doesn't warrant the risk.
No. 28970
[X] Maid girl.
No. 28972
[X] Maid girl.

Sakuya will be a great addition to our ranks! She already has the flawless porcelain skin and everything.
No. 28974
>>28953 Here. Changing to

[X] Maid girl.

If we go for Patchouli after, we may be in position to take on Remilia.
No. 28978
[x] Maid girl.
No. 28979
[X] Maid girl.

All aboard the Sakuya train!
No. 28980
Um... Wut? Yo could we get a votecheck as Its looking like people are claiming others as those as put simply you're changing a different vote to try and get on the Sakuya train
No. 28981
Maybe he just quoted the wrong vote? Happened to me once on THP, so it may simply be an honest mistake.
No. 28982

Changing to Sakuya. Should have been after her from the start anyway.
[x]Maid Girl
No. 28984
SDM route every story. Never change, THP.
No. 28985
Yea I was hoping we'd get SOME variety here but nope we're gonna have most of the thread in the SDM... Again. Can we get the Mountain some love and by mountain I mean NOT SANAE? We got an under used character and we're going right to the most overused cast on this site...
No. 28987
While SDM is indeed overused, there is certainly logic in going after them first. Especially since they're relatively isolated. Reimu is a bad choice since well, just look at the people who move around her. Sanae does have the added firepower of her goddesses, who WILL notice if she's dollified. Underground is off limits, Yuuka we probably can't take without a couple more allies. Nitori was a possibility but apparently nobody likes her enough, even if she'd be useful. Eientei would have been an option, but that crowd is meh. Isolated random youkai are too weak to be of much use. So yeah, SDM or bust.
No. 28988
here, upon further consideration I'm altering my vote to
[X] Maid girl.
as Sakuya, supplied with Marisa produced potions, offers a very viable way to progress through the SDM. Which, apart from the lovely dolls thus acquired, would serve quite well as a base.
No. 28989
In part I went with Aya for my thinking as she'd be an "along the way" to get Nitori. But well back to endless SDM... Hopefully we get repulsed and have to go to plan B
No. 28990
Yeah, I don't see how the Sakuya lovers are seeing how this is gonna work.

What do you think is gonna happen, we'll just walk in, past the gate guard, past the legions of fairies, and PRAY that she ISN'T with Remilia, and then hide long enough to seduce her? Are you guys mental?
No. 28992


Remember how we got Marisa? Because Medi doesn't even know where Sakuya lives, remember, so she'll take her shot next time Sakuya comes to the hill. And it's still less stupid than going after Reimu now.

Would have went for Eientei if people voted for Reisen, but no one seems interested in the idea.
No. 28993
Here, changing to [x] Maid Girl. You guys convinced me to hold off on Reimu for now.
No. 28994
But see, I like the mountain residents. All of them. I don't want Medi and/or this story anywhere near Youkai Mountain.
Thus, SDM again.
No. 28995
[x] Patchouli.

Because if we get Patchy, we get Koakuma as well.

I find it hilarious that, after everyone was so skeptical of this story at the start, we now have huge discussions on which Touhou to go after now. So, I guess we are Doing Better.
No. 28996

The only reason Marisa can to the hill this time was because she wanted to tease us, and the only reason that Sakuya came to the hill ever was because of the flower incident. Sakuya has literally no reason to go visit anyone, outside of possibly Reimu and the human village. Otherwise, I don't see any reason for her to leave the mansion.
No. 28997
Remember why Sakuya was even in the choices when this started?

>Besides them, there’s a purple-haired rabbit and a maid who come by to get flowers sometimes.

Sakuya uses flowers for tea.
No. 28999
In part I think we're running this more as Strategy-game (with sex as a combat mechanic) more than an Ero-Thread now.
No. 29000
I quoted the wrong post, yeah, I'm actually >>28939, so sorry about the confusion.
No. 29001
And thus comes the fun part of "Let's Conquer Gensokyo"-type ero threads. Besides the porn, obviously.

Casting my vote for [X]Sakuyua followed by SDM, but I would also point out that random youkai can grant us a certain amount of security through simple weight of numbers against Alice and the like. Nobody's going to notice if Sunny/Star/Luna or Cirno go missing for a while, and I'll bet with the right potions and such we can make them more useful than they would be otherwise.
No. 29002
[X] Crow girl.
Aya is love and blackmail is bonus.
No. 29003
Oh. Point conceded, but i'd still rather go for Aya.
No. 29004
[X] Alice.
No. 29008
Mass mind break. Ugh.
I like this doll revolution plan less and less with every update.
No. 29009
Honestly I'm trying to steer this towards nonbreaking but acquiring allies. Breaking their minds makes them useless. In part I'm also aiming to derail the thread towards loving harem if anything. Hence the entire pick a small group of minor characters and get love.

We need to earn Respect and treat with respect if we are to be viewed as liberators and NOT just another Oppressor. Kindness is also a useful tool. With Marisa we are unlucky to force conflict. Aya we could negotiate with if not buy assistance from. Sakuya and the mansion while useful is too risky to go after lest we wish to cause a shift in the balance of power when not ready. That tips the Incident Flag and probably a Bad End.

Sex used after we acquire loyalty (or just erect a flag outside the house of the person we want to conquer is one thing but really the breaking of minds no. We need everyone 100% Sane for this work. Really we can probably pull this off without mindbreak or mindcontrol.

We just need diplomacy and propaganda. Marisa's an expert in Gensokyo Diplomacy (Danmaku) and Aya is all the information and means of propaganda delivery we need. I mean multipage advertizements about Dolls Rights can make a difference!
No. 29010
And once again, I'm pointing out to the OP post.

>Some of you don’t like that idea. I understand. If that’s the case, feel free to stop reading and hide this thread, and we’ll just stay out of each other’s way. There’s enough room here for all of us.

The point is: Medi wants to turn people into dolls. You don't want to. Therefore, you wish to play out of character and the writer has no reason to listen to you. He certainly hasn't so far.

So kindly go create your own story if you're not happy with how this one goes.
No. 29011
If we're to do better than "Rivers of Piss and Misogyny" We do NOT do mind break.
No. 29012
Mass Mindbreak isn't doing it better. Its doing it the same. The goal here to get a harem with kinky sex. Not break minds.
No. 29013
Marisa still has her personality firmly intact, sex-induced loyalty aside. That's not really mind-break, not until you get into Victim Girls and Cyclone territory.
No. 29017
You are, of course, free to go fuck yourself and stop reading the story. Trust me on this, NOBODY is forcing you to read this. If you don't like it, don't read. Close the thread and don't open it or its successors again.
No. 29019
>OP wants to run a porn story
Bunch of idiots. Just leave.
No. 29020
[x] Crow girl.

Because fuck SDM.
No. 29023
Votes closed. Next up is Sakuya!
No. 29027
And we want to run a porn story the way we want it run. We're voting. If he wanted to write this without our input we wouldn't be using Medicine and we wouldn't be voting. We as the voters have the right to complain
No. 29028
You also have the right to go fuck yourself and stop bothering those of us who want a different kind of a story. Quit with your inane whiteknighting already, asshole.
No. 29029
>And we want to run a porn story the way we want it run.

You appear to misunderstand something. We do not actually run this show. OP is. We simply give input to give some directions in this story. Rules and settings and the rest? OP decides.
No. 29031
I really hope you're trying to be ironic.
No. 29047
[x] Maid girl.

If you want to move into that big mansion, she could be a good person to get. You’re not sure how she manages to move so fast and pull all those knives out of nowhere, but it’s probably a really useful power!

And, it’d be nice to try her cooking, too. You’ve wondered about the taste of that tea she needs the flowers for.

Okay, you’ll go after her. But right now, you’re happy to just close your eyes and drift off in Marisa’s arms.

She’s warm.


“Ahhn...Mistress...!” Marisa gasps, covers her mouth, and arches her back as she works a second finger into her pussy. A little squeal leaks out around her her hand.

She looks exceedingly lewd right now, wearing her new clothes and masturbating in front of you. You’d be outraged at her conduct, but she’s only doing this because you ordered her to. You couldn’t help it. Seeing her dressed like that just made you feel weird.

She’s sitting on a stool in the middle of her bedroom, resting her feet on the bottom cross-bar. Even though she has socks on, you can see that her toes are curling and uncurling and twitching like crazy. She has her smooth, fairly-slim legs spread open to give you a good view; they’re bare except for a frilly back garter around her left thigh. The bareness extends almost to the top of her thighs, where she’s wearing a really short black skirt. Or, more accurately, two thirds of a really short black skirt. It has big gaps in the front and the back, letting you see between Marisa’s legs with ease. Her panties are really just a string around her waist, with a thin sheet of light-grey fabric strung between her legs. Presently, they’re stuffed full with her steadily-pumping fingers.

Marisa’s midriff is bare as well. All she has on for her upper body is a black mantle and a tiny white bustier that shows more than half of her cleavage. There’s no bra underneath it, so her rock-hard nipples are extremely visible. Besides all that, she’s just wearing her hat and some thin black gloves that don’t cover her fingers.

Even with the extra finger, Marisa isn’t slowing down at all. Her eyes are starting to fill up with tears, and she’s moaning your title over and over again, her voice competing with the loud squishing between her legs. A bit of midday sunlight streams through the room’s window, highlighting the splatters of juice on her thighs. Watching her is making your pussy get really hot and tingly, but it’d take too long to get yourself all the way to orgasm. Instead...


Eugh, mind whiplash. Gotta be slower when you do that.

Your other body was watching from Marisa’s bed. Now that you’re not controlling it, it goes limp and falls backwards for a cozy landing. You’ll need to be careful about that.

More importantly, you’re Marisa now! She’s... Oh, wow, that feels weird. You’ve never had anything inside your pussy before. Your body seems to like it, though, judging by how hot you feel and how hard your pussy’s throbbing. Slowly and carefully, you try picking up the rhythm with your fingers, slowly sliding them straight in and straight out.

Mmm, that’s not bad. Your fingers register the sticky heat and the soft walls of your pussy, and at the same time, your pussy throbs and trembles as it feels something firm brushing against its sensitive walls. It probably helps that Marisa’s gotten herself really worked up already. You try curving your fingers a little, giving your walls some extremely light scratches as your fingers move back and forth, and the extra pleasure makes your toes curl.

You turn around on the stool and look into her bedroom’s body-size mirror, which is conveniently positioned right behind you. The view’s the same as it was when you were just watching Marisa, but it seems more exciting now that you’re actually controlling her. A little shiver runs through you as you look yourself over, and you speed up your movements without noticing. Your body understands what’s happening even if your mind doesn’t, and it encourages you to keep thrusting harder and faster.

Your pussy feels really good, but nipples are begging for attention too. You try pinching one through the bustier, and you’re forced bite back a scream as your breast gets shocked with pleasure. That’s right, you have to be careful with these. You try treating your nipple to the gentle pinch-and-roll you used when you were first exploring Marisa’s body, and it rewards you with a delightful tingle of heat. Actually feeling the reactions from Marisa’s body lets you fine-tune your technique a little; you could adjust it even more, but it’s hard to focus on that when all theses sensations are fogging up your mind. You’ll have time to try that later.

The moans start coming out, one after another. Your right hand pumps steadily away at your pussy, and your left one switches constantly between your nipples, trying to satisfy whichever one’s aching harder. It’s so frustrating; if you had another doll, she could please them both at once and let you focus on your pussy...

Nngh! the pleasure keeps getting stonger! Your whole body’s tightening up, getting ready for something big...


Ahhn, you’re cumming! You pull out your fingers on instinct, just moments before your walls clamp shut and start their contractions, drenching your hand in juice. You grab onto the back of the stool and arch your back uncontrollably, crying out happily as a sharp heat zaps all through you. You stare into the mirror as you moan in Marisa’s voice, taking in every twitch and spasm that her shameless body offers up. It’s so lewd, but...

It feels good to be lewd.


“Sakuya, huh? Interesting choice! I guess I wouldn’t mind a roll in the hay with her.”

“You know her, Marisa?” you ask. You’re sitting at a table with her, watching a small cauldron she’s set up on a funny iron contraption. According to her, it’s a portable magic-powered stove.

“Oh, yeah, yeah. I see her all the time. Whenever there’s an incident, she’s always right in the thick of it with me’n Reimu.” She pauses and looks up, chewing her lip for a bit. “Well, no, she wasn’t there for Youkai Mountain, but that was the only one. Prob’ly just had a cold that time or something. I’m sure she’ll be out with us next time, too.”

“Wow, really?” You didn’t know she was such a big deal. “Can you tell me a little about her?”

“Yeah, just a sec.” The water’s boiling now. Marisa stands up and grabs a handful of aphrodisiac shrooms and some dubious-looking reagents, which all get chucked into the cauldron. It hisses and puffs out a rainbow of colored smoke, and the water becomes a mass of multicolored bubbles. A socks-worn-for-five-weeks smell rises out of the cauldron, forcing you to turn away to keep down your lunch. By the time Marisa finishes, the smell will have seeped into into the walls and the ceiling, adding yet another layer to the house’s bouquet of unpleasant aromas.

Marisa bends over and peers into the concoction’s depths, exposing her rear end through the gap in the back of her skirt. Her panties are almost nonexistent in the back, dwindling down to a thin string that runs up through the crack. You give her uncovered butt a playful smack, and the impact makes her cheeks jiggle a bit. In response, she chuckles and gives them an extra shake. Her backside’s bouncing makes you feel kind of weird again, but you decide to ignore it for now. There’ll be time to play when you’re not right next to a gallon of boiling magic-stuff.

Marisa sits back down with a smile on her face. “Potion’s comin’ out good! Now, where was I? Sakuya. Right. Yeah, she’s the head maid over at the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Does all the cooking, does most of the cleaning, brings tea to everyone no matter where they are, and answers to Remi herself.”


“Remi’s the boss there,” she adds.

“All of it? Isn’t that mansion gigantic?”

“Well, now, that’s the interesting part! She’s got this magic watch, think it’s called the Luna Dial, that lets her stop time. So she can literally do the dishes in no time at all. Makes her real annoying to fight, too, ‘cause she can just jump all over the place and set up a wall of knives inches away from your face.”

“Oh, so that’s how she does that!”

“Yep. Didn’t figure it out myself until she told me. She keeps it pretty sane for danmaku fights, but all bets are off if we try to make her a doll.”

That’s a real game-breaker. “If she can do that, how’re we supposed to beat her?”

Marisa brings a hand to her lips. “Hmmm. Well, she can’t use her powers without that watch, so we’d stand a chance if we could get it away from her. Easier said than done, though; she’s pretty protective of it. Might be easier just to poison her with this stuff somehow.”

Right on cue, a brigh pink fog explodes out of the cauldron with the noise of a dozen firecrackers. You startle hard enough to fall out of your chair, landing with a thump and a whimper. While you’re on your back, you notice a small hole in the ceiling that wasn’t there before.

When you get back to your feet, you see Marisa beaming with excitement.

“Comin’ out real good!”


You’re on stakeout!

At least, that’s what Marisa calls it. Seems to you like you’re just sitting around on your hill and hoping something happens. You call that “life”. Or, you did before all this happened.

This is the day of the week when Sakuya usually comes to steal flowers. It’s kind of annoying that she has such a regular schedule despite your constant attempts to get rid of her, but you’re thankful for it right now. Hopefully she doesn’t have a cold today.

Marisa brought some tea and sandwiches. She’s sitting next to you, eating one now; she hasn’t quite gotten the hang of napkins, but she does seem to be chewing more than she used to. And you have her raising her pinky when she drinks.

It’s a little strange to see her dress normally after spending two days in that outfit. Her clothes are all magically enchanted to clean themselves, so she never had to change until you were ready to leave. Now, it’s like she’s dressed for work or something. It’s not hard to picture how her body looks underneath.

Marisa finishes her sandwich with a somewhat-ladlylike swallow. After a few more minutes of waiting, you lie down on your side and put your head in Marisa’s lap. Her dress is nice and smooth, and her thighs are soft enough to use as pillows. You rub your head against them for a bit before closing your eyes. Marisa lets out a single short laugh and starts to stroke your hair. It’s warm and quiet today, and the poison smells so nice. You could almost...

“Hey, there she is!”

Mmwha? Oh, she’s right! The silver-haired maid’s hanging out at the foot of the hill, humming to herself and pulling up your beloved suzuran without a care in the world. Just the sight of her makes you want to...

No, no, you have to think this through. She’s a wily opponent, and this might be your only chance to get her.

Okay. You and Marisa each have three vials of aphrodisiac and three vials of paralysis potion tucked away in your clothes. They work if people drink them, and you can also take out their poison and make it into a fog or a paste.

Before you can do anything else, you need to stop Sakuya from using her powers. What’s the best way to accomplish that?

[ ] Throw Marisa at her, and try to snipe Sakuya with...
-[ ] Aphrodisiac spores.
-[ ] Paralysis spores.
[ ] Switch to your doll body and steal Sakuya’s watch while Marisa distracts her.
[ ] Write-in.
No. 29048
The answer is rather simple, no?

[X] Throw Marisa at her, and try to snipe Sakuya with...
-[X] Paralysis spores.

She's paralyzed, she can't reach her watch. Then we can apply the other potion without trouble.
No. 29049
-[X] Add a vial of aphrodisiac and paralysis poison into the tea.
-[X] Have Marisa walk up to Sakuya, and ask her for help to finding good suzuran to pick, for potion/magic ingredients.
-[X] Offer her the tea as thanks.
[X] Be ready to snipe with paralysis pores if the opportunity presents itself.


Sakuya's a Stage 5 boss and a Player Character for a reason - I really doubt Medi's going to be able to take her down, even with Marisa attacking from the front - at the very least, Marisa would get hit in the crossfire, and if we paralyze Marisa at all, we're doomed.

Sacrificing our poor suzuran stings, but it's for the greater good. Medi's lack of presence could be explained by her having 'beaten' us in a spellcard duel.

Marisa might be blunt, but she's also a great liar - or, at the least, she lies often enough that she won't give herself away by offering Sakuya the tea. She's a bit crazy, but that works in her favor - she's loyal to her friends, like Sakuya, so doing something like offering her a cup of tea wouldn't be suspicious. After all, she hangs out with Reimu, so she could claim she got the tea leaves from her.

Her rejecting the tea regardless is a possibility, but there are manners and propriety that, as a maid, she's obligated to follow. As a result, Sakuya won't just say 'no, bye,' and that'll give us the opportunity to snipe her - unlike in a fight, where we'd be trying to hit a moving target, that can effectively teleport, while also trying to not hit Marisa.
No. 29050
[x] Throw Marisa at her, and try to snipe Sakuya with...
-[x] Paralysis spores.
Make sure we get Marisa to pretend she's just in it for the fight. Plausible deniability and all that.
No. 29051
-[X] Add a vial of aphrodisiac and paralysis poison into the tea.
-[X] Have Marisa walk up to Sakuya, and ask her for help to finding good suzuran to pick, for potion/magic ingredients.
-[X] Offer her the tea as thanks.
[X] Be ready to snipe with paralysis spores if the opportunity presents itself.

Works for me.
No. 29052
-[X] Add a vial of aphrodisiac and paralysis poison into the tea.
-[X] Have Marisa walk up to Sakuya, and ask her for help to finding good suzuran to pick, for potion/magic ingredients.
-[X] Offer her the tea as thanks.
[X] Be ready to snipe with paralysis pores if the opportunity presents itself.
No. 29056
If it was realistic, we wouldn't even stand a chance to win in this...

Besides, having tea ready in a poison field? Strange as fuck. No way she won't suspect something.

So trying to slip some spores in her while she's distracted by Marisa really seems like the best chance we'll have.
No. 29057
Let's break down the options, shall we?

Tea plan is no good. Think about it. Marisa showing up all of a sudden, offering help and offering tea after? Conclusion is that Marisa is up to an experiment and there's something in the tea. It really would be more natural for Marisa to attack.

Marisa already told us that Sakuya is especially protective of her watch. I really can't see Medi being sneaky enough to pull of a stealth theft. How long can Marisa distract Sakuya anyway?

So it comes down to poison sniping.

Aphrodisiac is not good enough fro our purpose here. Since it doesn't stop here from moving, but say she won't stop time and satisfy her urges first? Or go see Remilia then return to deal with us? As seen by Marisa, this isn't a land of pure girls.

And paralysis... Pretty much locks her down. Cannot move? Cannot access watch and activate timestop. Then we can just give her any number of aphrodisiac right after.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying this will be easy. But sniping means we stay hidden and Sakuya only see Marisa. Her style is misdirection. So this way, either Marisa locks down her position and we get her, or she move without realising it into the poison fog.

So really, let's apply the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) rule here. The less steps a plan has, the less it has a chance to fail. Trying to trick Sakuya has way too many chances to end badly.

[X] Throw Marisa at her, and try to snipe Sakuya with...
-[X] Paralysis spores.
No. 29059
Sounds good to me.

[X] Throw Marisa at her, and try to snipe Sakuya with...
-[X] Paralysis spores.
No. 29060
[X] Throw Marisa at her, and try to snipe Sakuya with...
-[X] Paralysis spores.
No. 29061
Unless OP set all options as failure, this really sounds like the option with the best chance to work.

[X] Throw Marisa at her, and try to snipe Sakuya with...
-[X] Paralysis spores.
No. 29062
-[X] Add a vial of aphrodisiac and paralysis poison into the tea. 
-[X] Have Marisa walk up to Sakuya, and ask her for help to finding good suzuran to pick, for potion/magic ingredients. 
-[X] Offer her the tea as thanks. 
[X] Be ready to snipe with paralysis spores If the opportunity presents itself. 


Having a tea party in the middle of a poisonous hill is weird, yes. Carrying around, like, a thermos of tea for personal drinking? Not so much.


Marisa wouldn't be showing up all of a sudden - she and Sakuya are friends, and since Marisa was showing up on enouh of a regular basis for her to be a choice in the first place, they probably know that they each head for the hill once in a while. Marisa might not know when exactly Sakuya heads out, but "oh, she heads to that hill sometimes to get tea ingrediants" would be something she could know. Likewise, "Oh, Marisa heads to that hill with the good suzuran to mess around with that poison doll every once in a while" would also be something Sakuya knows - or at least, wouldn't find it out of the blue once she finds out.

Also, the plan isn't offering help - you're right, that would be suspicious. It's asking for help. They're close friends, and putting Sakuya into a position of strength - ie Marisa needs/would really like her help - would put her at ease. If nothing else, Sakuya would want to give Marisa help solely to gain leverage that she could use to get Marisa to return a few books back to Patchy.

Lastly, sniping a moving target is bad enough. Sniping a moving target with ammunition that can be easily followed, is relatively slow, and takes time to effect the target once it reaches them mid-combat is nuts. If anything, the KISS here would be to ckmbine both options - that is, have Marisa distract Sakuya while Medi positions herself to snipe. This write-in is essentially that, except it,s more detailed on the hows to distract the maid.
No. 29064
I... don't really think Sakuya and Marisa are as friendly as you make it seems.

As for Marisa's ability to lie? Wasn't pointed out before, but she's a horrible liar. She just enforce those lies with lasers. Refuge in audacity and all that.

And the whole point of danmaku is to hit moving targets. Medi is not unfamiliar with the concept. If anything, Marisa will reduce the area where Saukya can move, giving us better odds than in one on one.

And heck, Marisa can win too, remember?
No. 29065
[X] Throw Marisa at her, and try to snipe Sakuya with...
-[X] Paralysis spores.
No. 29066

Except Medi has never been able to chase away Sakuya, and considering that Medi was slammed into an invisible wall, we might not be able to interfere if it escalates into a full blown duel. Danmaku's all about hitting moving targets, yes, but a sitting target is better than a moving one.
No. 29068
Then we have before or after the duel if it apply, jeez.

Makes me wonder how Aya could even be captured if she had won the vote...
No. 29070
If we do it beforehand, it escalates back into a Medi vs Sakuya scenario. If Marisa jumps in, it's not a duel, and Sakuya's free to stop time and destroy the both of us.

If we do it after the duel, Sakuya's going to be running off adrenalin which sharpens her senses. Duels are non-lethal, and since her time-stopping powers are based on the watch, she's not going to be exhuasted enough to make the paralysis shot work.

If Medi goes down the capture fails, because Marisa can't turn Sakuya into a doll by herself. We're on a time limit, because Remi's going to get suspicious if Sakuya doesn't return soon enough.
No. 29071
And Remilia could have seen Sakuya's fate and warned her.

Can we now calm down with the paranoia? We vote for the plan we think best. You think tea is best, I do not.
No. 29072
That's actually a pretty interesting point - it might be that any and all possible choices are doomed to failure, and the way to win this encounter would be to run away. The only problem then is how to justify it, since Medi doesn't know about Remi's fate powers and Marisa didn't bring it up.
No. 29073
That depends on OP only.

Let's be real. In a serious story, such a plan would be doomed pretty fast, because people vanishing alone would alert everyone else.

In case it wasn't clear enough, it isn't really a serious story. Being a porn story should have made it clear anyway.

Now, OP has been pretty good so far. I'm not saying he'll never has us fail, but I think OP know better than giving us no chance to win at an actual vote point. What would be the point?

So I'll trust OP and voted for the option that seems to have the best chance of working to me. And enjoy the delicious porn that comes from success.
No. 29074
-[X] Add a vial of aphrodisiac and paralysis poison into the tea.
-[X] Have Marisa walk up to Sakuya, and ask her for help to finding good suzuran to pick, for potion/magic ingredients.
-[X] Offer her the tea as thanks.
[X] Be ready to snipe with paralysis spores If the opportunity presents itself.
No. 29075
For Aya us losing would just result in a filler story in the BunBunMaru ('Local Doll Youkai Challenges Tengu') or just images for the "Stock Photo" Pile.

Still with how we've got Marisa we're not making her vanish. If she doesn't call us Mistress in public people might think Marisa's manipulating Medicine in some wacky plot.

Sakuya's a Red Flag for behavior changes as she's VERY Regular and reliable to routine.

If we did Aya it'd be delicate but really she's zooming all over Gensokyo so her being nailed down isn't a problem as long as she was still doing interviews to get the newspaper put out on time.

Really the path we're going on is really rushing the time table and not letting us build up stockpiles and planning (and more scenes with Marisa alone) and having us go after major players first. We got extremely lucky with Marisa but really relying purely on luck and not waking any of the big players which bad end us.

Honestly we should have gone more for 'small fry' who people really don't notice but I guess the die is cast.

Author Fiat's gonna be the only way we do things but it's really gonna be hurting suspension of disbelieve (Even with porno logic) if we're always lol curbstomping akin to Rinnosuke in the Tart works.
No. 29077
>Sakuya's a Red Flag for behavior changes as she's VERY Regular and reliable to routine.

I dunno myself about that... This IS Sakuya we're talking about here. And considering Gensokyo, it wouldn,t be too strange if Sakuya said she got caught up in shenanigans.

Of course, I don't expect that to work for long, but it should give us the time we need to move on Patchouli and Koakuma. Once they're done, we can move to Remilia. Then take care of Meiling last.

As for Flandre... Do we even want to try?
No. 29078
But do we want to do the SDM arc? Of course we've only targeted Humans so far. Remilia/Meiling/Koakuma may be resistant to our toxins to a degree we are not alert of. We may end up flying back to the hill after we get JAOOOOOO'D by Meiling (which admittedly would be amusing).

Still really it feels like we're going FAR too fast and this will come back to bite us in the ass for doing so. And in part the pacing of the story seems be very fast for no real apparent reason.
No. 29080
Well, there is a lot of characters in Touhou. If OP had to spend realistic time on each of them, it would take forever.

As for the rest of the SDM... Sakuya could pretty much poison the rest of the SDM with Marisa's potions in tea. Heck, she could even put it right before they drink it with timestop.

But yeah, they may have some resistance to it. Guess we won't have it THAT easy.
No. 29081
[X] Add a vial of aphrodisiac and paralysis poison into the tea.
[X] Have Marisa walk up to Sakuya, and ask her for help to finding good suzuran to pick, for potion/magic ingredients.
[X] Offer her the tea as thanks.
[X] Be ready to snipe with paralysis spores If the opportunity presents itself.
No. 29087
Maybe its in part my kinda growing sick of SDM Harem because of things like Extend Party. That and the SDM is just overused to hell and back,

And really I thought we might get a chance for you know... under-appreciated Touhous getting action in this thing.

But it's gonna be LOL SDM... Again. Some Variety is what I'm asking....
No. 29088
Votes closed. The non-write-in wins.
No. 29091
Well, technically, we could go and take, say, Eitentei with the help of Sakuya's powers if all go well next part. We're not exactly locked on SDM after all. It's just that we'll have to be quick about it before Remilia gets too suspicious.

I think we can agree that when this is no longer secret, we want to be in a bigger base of operations than Marisa's house.
No. 29111
[x] Throw Marisa at her, and try to snipe Sakuya with...
-[x] Paralysis spores.

Okay, you’ll go with that. Hitting Sakuya might be tough, but it seems like a solid plan otherwise. You just need a really big, flashy distraction so she doesn’t pay much attention to you.

No problems there.

You quickly explain the plan to Marisa, who nods eagerly in acceptance before jumping sideways onto her broom and floating down towards Sakuya. You circle around to the side, trying to stay out of sight.

“Hey there!” Marisa stops a few feet away from Sakuya. The maid straightens up and greets her with a smile, patting her uniform back into place.

“Whatcha doin’ all the way out here? Makin’ a bouquet for someone you don’t like?”

Sakuya lets out a single short laugh. “Please, Marisa. Mistress simply enjoys some suzuran in her evening tea. I cannot say exactly why; perhaps she finds it exciting to have a quick brush with mortality.” Her voice is calm and professional, with faint traces of deeper emotions you can’t identify.

Oh, and she has a Mistress already. But not that kind of Mistress, right?

Marisa frowns and furrows her brow. “I dunno, sounds pretty suspicious to me. Are you sure you’re not tryin’ to get rid of her?”

Sakuya opens her mouth for a retort, but you see her hesitate for a second. She shakes it off and tugs the smile back onto her face.

“You cannot be permitted you to spread such a rumor. I’ll have to cut out your voicebox now.”

“Hah, I’d like to see you try!” Marisa slams her broom between her legs and blasts off into the sky, fast enough to ruffle Sakuya’s hair and get her braids flapping. Sakuya sets down her basket and dusts herself off, then launches after Marisa with a half-dozen knives in each hand.

These people get into fights so easily.

Marisa fires the first volley, a spiral of tightly-packed stars with a few lasers thrown in. Sakuya takes it without the slightest worry, gracefully dodging through the smallest gaps and even adding a little twirl as she rounds the point of a large star. She seems perfectly at home in a danmaku fight.

You’ll have to change that.

It’d be handy to just flood the battlefield with paralysis toxins, but there’s not enough poison to manage that. Instead, you’ll have to shoot it right in Sakuya’s face. You stand below her and off to the side, trying to act like an innocent bystander. It’s not like she’d expect you and Marisa to be working together.

Reaching into one of your pockets, you grab a vial between two fingers and pull it out of your dress. The potion’s a sickly yellow, not at all like the lovely purple you’re used to. You don’t mind too much though. You can respect a bright color like that; just the sight of it can throw people into a panic.

You uncork the bottle and focus your power, drawing out all the spores in the potion and forming them into a little ball. Each potion’s about as effective as a single paralysis mushroom; you could’ve made them more concentrated, but then it’d be a headache to know how much of it to use. You didn’t want to have to deal with that in a tense do-or-die situation. The poisonous ball rests on your fingertip, ready to shoot like a bullet as soon as you’re ready. You look up towards the sky to watch for an opportunity.

In a single word, you’d describe Marisa’s fighting style as “chaoticrazyotic”. She’s got magical energy bullets, she’s got lasers, she’s got little explodey missile-things, she’s got more lasers... And that’s not even counting her spellcards, which are an entirely different world of rainbow-star-blasting madness.

In contrast, Sakuya’s not very flashy at all. The only thing she fights with is... knives. Hundreds and hundreds of knives. She throws most of them, but some just appear around Marisa and fly at her. They all rain down onto the hill after they miss or get knocked away by Marisa’s bullets, so you have to stand pretty far away to keep out of sight and safe from the hail of pointyness.

Marisa’s doing a good job dodging Sakuya’s attacks. This isn’t the first time they’ve fought, so she knows to keep checking her back and sides for surprise attacks. You’re still getting nervous watching her, though. She seems to insist on grazing every bullet she can, even though there’s no benefit to doing so. It’s not like anyone’s keeping score or anything.

Now, you need to hit Sakuya. She doesn’t ever stand still, but if you try to project where she’ll be, she should go...

Right...there! No, wait! Dangit!

Your spore-ball goes shooting straight where you aimed it, but Sakuya changes course and flies away at the very last moment. The poison sails right past her and gets vaporized by a stray laser before you can redirect it. Watch where you’re shooting those things, Marisa!

Hmph. Grumbling under your breath, you shove the first vial into your pocket, pull out a second one and grab a fresh set of spores. You’d rather not miss again. She’d get spooked if you interfered directly, but you might be able to meddle a bit without her noticing.

Just a little. You get the flowers below you to release a bit of their poison into the air, a small enough amount that it just seems like a coincidence. The air takes on a faint purple tinge; after a minute, Sakuya and Marisa are definitely moving more sloppily than before. Sakuya’s still a fast target, but you don’t see her pulling off as many daring mid-air direction-shifts.

Now, you just need to find an opening. It would be easiest to hit her when she’s standing still, but that’s a lot to ask for in a danmaku fight.

... Or is it?

Marisa’s starting to get impatient. Still firing with one hand, she reaches into her pocket with the other and pulls out a glowing spellcard, along with her freshly-recharged mini-hakkero. Bringing both hands together, she holds the device out in front of her and points it straight at Sakuya.


The mini-hakkero flashes and crackles with power, and an ominous humming fills the air. Just the charge-up is enough to cast bright rainbows through the fog.


Sakuya could dodge, but when the poison’s making her feel so tired...


Now! You fire your poison just as Sakuya stops moving and pulls out her own spellcard, whose name is lost in the ensuing roar of laser-fire. Your poison shoots right into her mouth just before she blinks out of the two-meter-thick rainbow-armageddon-beam’s way, and you can’t help a little fist-pump as you sense the poison starting to circulate inside her.

It doesn’t take effect immediately. Sakuya and Marisa both dodge each other’s super-attacks and go back to flinging projectiles. But the best poison is one that works slowly.

Yes... slowly... The poison will circulate through her body and heart.

Sakuya keeps flying about as fast as ever, but her throwing-arm gets slower, and slower, and slower, until it finally stops moving altogether. She keeps dodging for a while after that, but she finally gets beaned by a head-sized star. There’s a familiar pichuu~n sound, and she’s knocked right out of the air. Then her flight power’s built-in safeties activate, slowing her descent so she floats down to a safe landing on the ground.

You land next to her, quickly followed by your doll. She comes down hard and drops her broom on impact, stumbling forward a little before flopping onto the ground. That’s to be expected after such a drawn-out fight in a cloud of poison. You give her a pat on the back and dismiss the fog to help her recover.

“Good job, Marisa!”

Marisa manages a tired grin. “Aw, it was nothin’. Thanks, Mistress.” After a little more petting, you let her go and undress to prepare for what’s next.

Ah, and here’s your prize! You’ve never seen her up close like this before. Her hair’s a bright silver that shines in the midday sun, with a crisp white headdress up top and two small braids tied off with green ribbons. She’s still dazed from the impact, so her dark blue eyes are wide and indistinct. Her skin’s even paler than Marisa’s; it’s almost a match for your own, and your body is literally doll-like.

Below the neck, it’s all frills and ruffles with her dark blue maid’s uniform and white apron. The dress goes all the way to her knees, and which point you see her long, slim legs wrapped in a pair of smooth black stockings. For shoes, she has a pair of shiny, sensibly-short black heels. She’s also wearing some dark work gloves that she was using to pick the flowers.

“M...’Mistress’? What’s... You’re... What’s going on here?” Ah, Sakuya’s regained some awareness. You wouldn’t say she’s panicking, but she’s definitely confused. You put on a confident smile as you look back up to her face.

“Hm-hm! Hello there, Sakuya. How do you like my new poison? It’ll be at least an hour before you can move again.”

Sakuya glances down her powerless body, confirms that she can’t move anything but her head, and looks back to you. “... Just what are you planning?” she asks, sounding a little more nervous than before.

“Hmmmm!” You bring a finger to your lips and let a long pause linger in the air. “I wonder, how many times have you come to steal my precious suzuran? Ten? Fifty? A hundred? I wasn’t going to just put up with that forever, you know. Today, I’m going to stop it for good by making you into my doll!”

Sakuya uses the full extent of her strength to tilt her head in confusion. Right on cue, a naked Marisa crawls up next to you. You run a finger down her back, making her shiver and let out a quiet moan.

“Just like Marisa here. She was so rebellious before, but now she’s completely obedient!” You grab a handful of one of Marisa’s breasts, and she purrs happily in response. That’s definitely a surprise, but Sakuya tries to hide it behind a stern face.

“Hmph! I would never leave my Mistress for someone like you. You’ll just be wasting your time.”

“Oh, really now? Why don’t we put that to the test?”

Glancing back, you see a pile of toys Marisa brought along: a black ribbon you could use as a blindfold, a bottle of oily aphrodisiac-laced lotion-stuff, a couple paintbrushes, and some old rope. The rope doesn’t seem too necessary, but she insisted.

When you did this with Marisa, it was good to tease her and get her in the mood first. You and
Marisa brainstormed on how to do it to Sakuya, and came up with a few ideas.

Your first idea was an oil massage. You and Marisa would strip Sakuya completely naked and rub the lotion into every corner of her body, making her more sensitive than she’s ever felt in her life. It should be easy to drive her crazy after that.

Or, you could do some deprivation play. Give Sakuya plenty of aphrodisiacs, then blindfold her and play with Marisa right next to her, letting her get more and more aroused as she lies there helplessly and listens to you. If you do it right, she’ll end up begging you to make her your doll.

Lastly, you could give Sakuya a challenge: if she survives ten minutes of teasing, you’ll purge the poison and let her go. If not, there’ll be consequences. You guess there’s a small chance that Sakuya could win, but you do have an eager helper and plenty of aphrodisiacs.

So, which one of those plans should you go with?

[ ] Massage.
[ ] Deprivation.
[ ] Challenge.
No. 29112
Mmm... Challenge seems a bit too risky. One of Sakuya's most notable trait is loyalty after all. We do have two others perfectly good plans that can do the job.

As for the others two... I can see them work, but I suppose Deprivation has a tad higher chance of failure that Massage, depending on how well she can steel her mind. Pretty sure both can work well, but I want to give Sakuya direct attention anyway.

[X] Massage.

Quick question, OP. Would the write-in have worked if it had won the vote?
No. 29113

No. 29114
[X] Massage.

I doubt deprivation play would be as effective against Sakuya.
No. 29115
[X] Massage

Deprivation really leaves the Tiramisu Tart taste in my mouth and really the Challenge I want to see us LOSE in all honesty. As really we need humility as Medicine's personality has already gone the path Tiramisu Tart's Rinnosuke...

I liked her being a more innocent acting doll who's starting to learn her sexuality...

But really the Massage is the softest route.
No. 29116
[X] Massage.

We need to show how nice we can treat our dolls, and challenging her isn't the way to do that. We'll appreciate her, unlike that bratty vampire.
No. 29117
Although we don't know the relationship between her and Remilia or Meiling. I pray to God we're not doing causing NTR.
No. 29119
[X] Massage.

Seems like the best route to me.
No. 29120
[X] Massage.

We shall win her over through the sweetness of our honeypot.

that's also an innuendo for vagina hue
No. 29121
[x] Massage.
I hope we're NTR'ing Sakuya from Remi~
No. 29124
[x] Massage.
Don't you mean breast route?
No. 29125
[x] Challenge.
As long as she wins.
No. 29126
Pissing against the tide there, whiteknighting scum.
No. 29128
[X] Massage.

Joining the tide!
No. 29129
Thank you, mindbreaking scum, I wasn't aware.
No. 29130
Okay, gonna call this one early and get writing. Massage wins by a landslide.

We’ve made it through a whole thread already. In commemoration, here are some of the many ways in which we have Done Better:

-Protagonist is not invincible.
-Protagonist is not an unstoppable sex-machine right from the get-go.
-Slaves care about more than sex.
-Slaves retain their personalities.
-Protagonist appreciates and cares for slaves.
-Protagonist hangs out with slaves.
-The words “whore” and “bitch” are conspicuously absent.
-Sometimes, there are jokes.
-No pee.
No. 29131

The points in which this story is "better" than Tart's works are arguable.
No. 29132
So, scat and guro are ok but piss is not?

Also all hail our conspicuous lack of bitch and whore overlords. Instant turnoffs are instant turnoffs, good to see them gone.
No. 29133
Neither of those are prominent in mindrape works. Pee, yes, shit, no.

I'm not saying it never appears, just that it's a lot rarer than urine.
No. 29134
Not really much better honestly.

>-Protagonist is not invincible.
>-Protagonist is not an unstoppable sex-machine right from the get-go

Declaring a bit of BS on it... Looks like we're instawinning every encounter and its not even being 'clever' as every option we have is how we instawin.

I was gonna go Challange but really I expected LOL SAKUYA CANNOT WIN! Or it'd lead to "LOL I LIED" even if she lost it, Which I really think she had NO chance of succeeding as when in these kind of games has the Harem Master ever lost or got justice that was coming?

As there really ain't tension here...

100% Agreeing. We don't need to make them our slaves to make us have a harem. We could have won a harem over with it but really the OP is thinking that we're doing so much better by going that route.
No. 29136

Well, others may disagree, but I'm having fun with this.
No. 29138
I think it's a bit too early to complain about difficulty - the story hasn't progressed quite so much.

It wouldn't be very fun to deal with enemies overpowered to BEYOND INSANITY and the God of RNG hating your guts right from the get-go, but perhaps the opposition will get more competent and Anon's choices will require some careful thinking later on.

Just my two cents.
No. 29140
Hey, wannabe whiteknight, you can go away if you want. Nobody will miss you.

And of course we're not invincible. We're winning because we try to not be stupid about it. Picking Reimu would have been stupid. Picking challenge here would be stupid. Trying to sneak and steal Sakuya's watch would have been stupid. That and it's still early, as >>29138 said.
No. 29150
>people STILL complaining we're achieving our goals too easily
oh jesus fuck just go rent a fucking domme or something
No. 29151
>>justice that was coming

You are in the wrong thread. Please leave and go find some vanilla instead of shitting on our fun.
No. 29157
That's bullshit and you know it. >>29134 hit it on the head.
The rapist ALWAYS wins in mind break stories, no matter how little sense it makes. The main character's victory was a forgone conclusion from the start.

And don't give me any "oooh but this story is different" crap. It's not; this is marginally better than the usual mind break garbage, but one step above rock bottom is still bad.
No. 29158
You are in the wrong thread. Get the fuck out. Now. You do NOT have to read every story on the board you know.
No. 29169
Seriously? That's your best attempt to try and piss of people more than wannabeknight do?

Unless you're him and try to burn this now that it's clear it won't go your way. Whatever it is, just go away.
No. 29170
Still the sex scenes here are kinda boring as hell and really feel generic.
No. 29174
Maybe it's just you. I sure as hell have no problem with them and enjoy them quite a bit.
No. 29175
It's not just him.
No. 29176

Same here. I'm liking this whole thing quite a bit. But, I guess I can see how it wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea. Pretty easy solution if you don't like it though: just read something else.