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I recline on the floor, clad only in my tunic as the sun rises from the dark shadows. From my view, I see the glorious peaks of the mountain ranges whose beauty equals that of the Appenines. I slide open the door and let the cold winds whipping past invigorate me. It is a good morning and good day to be alive. I once had a farm in Italy, as much land as I could plow in a day; as lovely as the might have been, these mountains bring out the manly spirit -- the virtus. I feel like Ulysses, being drawn in by the siren call of the natural beauty. I've had my fill of the crip air, and return inside.

My bare feet resound lightly on the wooden floors as I make my way to the baths. After readying myself with a soap and a cold shower, for what sort of guest should disrespect his host, I slip into the warm water lapping around my waist. I look into the water, and a distorted, one-eyed visage stares back -- a more civilized light than circle-eyed Polyphemus. As a sampler of baths, the tranquilty of this warm pool is divine; and ike many men, I've always found there to be something romantic about the steam swirling over the depths in the shapes of intertwining lovers.

"I knew I'd find you here," says that woman.

I hear her slip into the water and feel the ripples as she approaches. Her arms wrap around my chest like twin snakes, and I feel her large bosom press against me with only a thin layer of cool silk between us. She breathes deeply, and her soft flesh rolls against my hard back like waves. Her hands rub soothing oils into my skin, replacing soreness with warmth and passion. Her hand soon slithers down to my groin and caresses the sensitive skin there.

"Kanako," I say with a bowed head, "Please."

She rests her head on my shoulder as her left hand plays absentmindedly with my erect penis. My rough hand takes hold of her right and I rub my thumb against her wrist. I struggle against her grip so I can grab her sensual curves and take her, pounding into her again and again on the spot, but the strength of a mortal man is nothing against a goddess's. Her forked tongue tickles against my neck and I catch a glimpse of her reptilian ruby eyes. She holds me tight and lightly runs her fingers against my dick.

"You say that you want to submit to your goddess," she says, "but your body struggles. Your body wants to desecrate me like Ajax did Cassandra, wrapping your thick arms around me and pushing me against the wall to defile me where everyone can see."

Her hand tightly wraps itself around my penis and forcefully jacks it off; I can't help but close my eyes and lightly thrust against her. The tickling wetness of her forked tongue languidly traces a line on my neck.

"But don't you remember the price he paid, being immolated and impaled on a sharp crag. Can you imagine the punishment for raping a goddess?"

Her stroking reaches a crescendo of pleasure. I groan as I prepare to -- her hand clamps tightly down, stopping my climax in its tracks. I stand there, breathing heavily as her hands disentangle themselves from me, sliding over my body and tracing her favorite parts. The silk pools in the waters around my legs as I turn to face her. She smiles softly, and I gaze into those hypnotic red lights. I still take in more of my goddess: her soft bosom and wide hips, her deliciously plump derriere and those creamy legs.

"Worship it," commands Kanako with a smile more smug than loving.

I wade nearer to her as she slyly eyes my turgid length. As I reach out to touch that body, she slips away into the steam. As she wades away, I catch sight of her sleek, powerful back. For all her soft sensuality, a predator ripples beneath the surface. They would have called me "uxorius" back home -- wife-ruled, but I've already been so entangled with a force more fearsome than any amount of iron. I finally catch her sitting on the edge, legs crossed, though I can trace a line of fine hair to her slit. She leans back to prominently expose her breasts and neck.

"All I've done is pleasure you so far. If you want this," the goddess says, shifting her legs to expose her sweet pussy, "You'll need to reciprocate."

I pause. What to do?

I rise from the bath, droplets of warm water tracing rivulets down my body, and recline next to Kanako. I slide an arm around her warm, wet body and gently roll her entirely from the water until she lies exposed along the edge. She stretches her arms above her head, and then pulls me next to her. Momentarily, I amuse myself by rubbing my hand along her inner thighs as she softly giggles.

"So, soldier of Rome," she says, "How will you worship me? How will you amuse your goddess?"

I'm not much of a man of words, and I prefer to prove my worth through my deeds. My legs entangle with hers as I press against her. Her arms hug me close and trace warm paths along my back. I can feel my burning erection rub against her skin, but this is no time for slaking my own lusts. Kanako is about to say something, words to stir me to fiercer passion, but I ignore them as I plant a soft kiss on her collarbone. I exhale softly and feel the hardened points of her nipples press against my chest. I place another kiss further up, and another. She slowly undulates beneath me and bares her neck. I fiercely press my attack and lick along her neck until. She rolls her head and breaths deeply as I plant a kiss and love bite just under her jaw.

Kanako turns her face toward me, cheeks darkened by the rouge only arousal can provide, and says, "I think I like these prayers of yours."

I dash forward to lock lips with her. Her powerful limbs crush me against her and grind my penis into the wet skin of her groin. She withdraws her lips from mine for a brief respite before she playfully nips my nose and deeply kisses me. Her mouth unlocks my own, and her forked tongue playfully wraps its twisting length against mine in ways that shouldn't be possible. Not even the Apollo could overcome this sensuous python. A thin thread of silvery saliva links us together as we pull away.

I roll away and breath deeply, feeling hot and flushed. The ceiling, through some sorcery, casts an image of the mist shrouded skies above us. Just like this mountain shrine, isolated from civilization, the goddess and I are alone in the steam. She slides against me and runs her hand through my chest hair. The soft, pliant weight of her breasts falls comfortably onto my arm as the taller woman wraps herself around me.

"Surely," she says, ruffling my hair, "That's not all you've got."

She emphasizes the last words by lightly fondling my balls. I can't take a challenge like this sitting down, so I lean over and kiss from her lower neck to the soft flesh of her breast which I can't help but nibble at. Her even breaths and saucy grin let me know that she's satisfied with my offering. I go lower and suckle at her teat, both pulling with my mouth and flicking my tongue out to lick it. Kanako breathes heavy, satisfied breaths and even plays with her other large breast. I take charge and push her down as I use my mouth to play with her ample bosom. I leave her playfully squirming as my kisses trail further downward. My kisses stop just above her closely trimmed purple hair.

She looks down at me with an expectant look, but I decide upon the audacious. I draw back and instead take her big toe into my mouth and play with it like I played with her hard nipples. I look up from my servile task and see her spreading open her folds and slowly churning them up with her long fingers. She moans softly, the most noise I've heard from her so far. I give her an impish smile and let my tongue trace a path up her marble-smooth, creamy leg. I lay kisses upon her thighs as I move up, and the intensity of her pleasuring increases. She removes her fingers, and I immediately take the soaked digits in my hand and delicately kiss them.

"Anything more kisses for me?" she asks haughtily

"Of course," I say.

I then go down and begin to plant light kisses around her sweet pussy, and the goddess giggles at the sensation. With a smirk of my own, I suck and lightly nibble on her slightly protruding clitoris. From there, I lightly spread her open and and bury my face into her crotch. I push forth my tongue to penetrate into her folds. She wraps her legs around my neck and pulls me in closer. All I can do is allow my writhing tongue to continue is work -- prodding, savoring, slithering. I can feel Kanako breathing more heavily, trying to preserve her image as a regal goddess. For now, she is my lover, a lover whom I am going to bring to a shuddering climax. I push deeper and drink in her clean fluids. The more I lap at her pussy, the more her arousal soaks my tongue and the more she shivers, holding in her quiet moans. With one final assault, she shudders and then relaxes. Her legs finally relase me, and I lie on top her. She pulls me in for a quick kiss, and I roll to her side. My hard cock reminds her that I would like a little something for myself.

"How would you like your goddess to reward you?" she asks with a contented smile, though her eyes burn for more.

"Would you like this?" she says, fondling and rubbing her heaving breasts.

"Or do you want to take me now, however you like," she says, spreading herself with her fingers.

"If you permit, my goddess," I say, looming over her.

Kanako looks up to me, her damp locks framing her face with a degree of intimacy her official visage lacks, and giggles. I support myself with splayed arms and lower myself toward her spread legs. My heart pumps furiously as my hard penis presses against the folds I had so recently kissed. I let myself fall into her embrace where she plants a quick peck on my cheek. Gone is the distant and capricious divinity toying with a mortal; rather, it is a confident and serene lover. With a coy smile, she takes my hand into her own and rubs her thumb against my wrist.

She pulls me in for a word and says, "Horatius, your goddess permits you to take her here."

These are the words I desired to hear from the start of this passion-play, and I thrust into her until her puffy lips tease my balls. Her tender warmth and passionate wetness wrap around my dick, and we lay like conjoined like that. For now, she presses me against her disheveled body, and I float against her soft curves. Kanako plays with my wet hair and nibbles at my ear. Then she releases her grip on me and brings her arms behind her head, letting me see the milky expanse of her body. With a smile, I withdraw all but by tip before thrusting my whole length into her. Kanako brings up her legs to my waist, and her ruby eyes look straight into my cyclopean gaze.

"Fuck me," she huskily whispers.

I pull out from her, and she gives a quiet whimper. Then I push back in an deliver a series of short, quick thrusts deep into her slippery pussy, and my balls slap lightly against her. She lifts her hips and bucks slightly against my own. The goddess arches her back as her heaving breaths and my pounding bounce her tits. Her plump lips switch between forming a ring in ecstasy and pressing together in concentration.

I slow my rhythm so I can press against her and say, "It's okay to show pleasure. I'll cherish you, Kanako, whether you want me wrapped around your finger as a goddess or just making love to you as a woman."

She deeply kisses me, and her forked tongue tenderly plays with mine. When she withdraws and kisses me again, all I can do is give her an occasional deep thrust. My hands wrap around the sexy curve of her back, and her legs wrap around my hips. I'm not sure how much longer I can last before I finish.

Kanako locks eyes with me and says, "It's okay for you to enjoy me."

Then she wraps her arms around my neck and whispers, "Perhaps you, defender of the Pons Sublicius, can father a son whose blood courses with divine power and stubborn heroism. But for now, all I want is your love and your passion."

I kiss here there and put my all into resisting those last few strokes. My hard member burns for release, but I gird my loins so that I can see Kanako's beautiful face given to pleasure - removed from earthly cares. She bucks her hips hard against me and teases her nipples with her fingers, and I plow into her. Her walls suck me in and make my cock beg even more for release, but I too want to experience this thick euphoria as long as I can. I crush her within my arms, and give her one last sparking thrust as my seed spills into her womb.

There we are, spent. Our bodies are coated with slick sweat. I finally separate myself from her and brush a strand of hair from her face, a result of our lovemaking. Her fingers once more trace warm paths over my hard body. Kanako then sits up, leans over to plant a chaste kiss on my lips, and pulls my head onto her soft but powerful thighs.

"Horatius," she inquires, "would you like to finish cleaning up here or would you like somewhere a bit more intimate?"

[X]Clean yourselves here.
[X]Follow her to somewhere more intimate

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With all that having been reposted, I feel that a detailed explanation is in order. It's nothing dramatic, more of an account of my cowardice.

Basically, a search for my previous username revealed several references to Greek grammar and this site. The people who would search for that term, since it was (unwisely for me) something of an in-joke, are limited to less than two-dozen.

Writing Touhou porn online is not something that I want to intersect with my day-to-day life at all. This is certainly a narrative of cowardice and a personal lack of integrity, so I would not be surprised if I irk some people. Nonetheless, I do feel that I should come clean about this before continuing once more.
No. 28030
[X]Follow her to somewhere more intimate
No. 28031
[X]Follow her to somewhere more intimate
As I said before, only choice.
No. 28034
Today's selection is an earlier selection of the Iliad. Here, Hector charges Achilles in their fateful confrontation.

ὣς ἄρα φωνήσας εἰρύσσατο φάσγανον ὀξύ, τό οἱ ὑπὸ λαπάρην τέτατο μέγα τε στιβαρόν τε, οἴμησεν δὲ ἀλεὶς ὥς τ' αἰετὸς ὑψιπετήεις, ὅς τ' εἶσιν πεδίον δὲ διὰ νεφέων ἐρεβεννῶν ἁρπάξων ἢ ἄρν' ἀμαλὴν ἤ πτῶκα λαγωόν: ὣς Ἕκτωρ οἴμησε τινάσσων φάσγανον ὀξύ.

"Thus having spoken, he drew his keen sword which was stretched both great and stout from under his flank, and he having been gathered swooped just as the high-soaring eagle, which goes toward the plain through the dark clouds about to snatch a tender lamb or cowering hare: thus Hector swooped, brandishing his sharp sword."
No. 28035
That was lines 306-311. Here is the next part, though previously translated.

ὁρμήθη δ' Ἀχιλεύς, μένεος δ' ἐμπλήσατο θυμὸν ἀγρίου, πρόσθεν δὲ σάκος στέρνοιο κάλυψε καλὸν δαιδάλεον, κόρυθι δ' ἐπένευε φαεινῇ τετραφάλῳ: καλαὶ δὲ περισσείοντο ἔθειραι χρύσεαι, ἃς Ἥφαιστος ἵει λόφον ἀμφὶ θαμειάς. οἷος δ' ἀστὴρ εἶσι μετ' ἀστράσι νυκτὸς ἀμολγῷ ἕσπερος, ὃς κάλλιστος ἐν οὐρανῷ ἵσταται ἀστήρ, ὣς αἰχμῆς ἀπέλαμπ' εὐήκεος, ἣν ἄρ' Ἀχιλλεὺς πάλλεν δεξιτερῇ φρονέων κακὸν Ἕκτορι δίῳ εἰσορόων χρόα καλόν, ὅπῃ εἴξειε μάλιστα.

"Achilles having been roused, filled his heart with savage wrath, and he covered his shield -noble and embellished- before his breast, and he nodded his gleaming four-horned helmet; And the beautiful golden hairs were shaken, which Hephaestus placed around the crowded crest. Just as when the evening star goes among the stars of the night, the star which is placed as the fairest in heaven, thus the well-tipped spearpoint gleamed, and indeed Achilles poised it in his right hand plotting woe for heavenly Hector and examining his fair skin, where it might especially give way."

The Iliad, Book 22, Lines 312-321
No. 28039
[X]Follow her to somewhere more intimate.

Anyway, I've gotta say that I like how sensually you portrayed Kanako. There was a certain eroticism to your prose that's lacking in a lot of smut. Good show.

The beginning though... The mythological allusions were overly thick, I think. I generally understood them, but a lot of people wouldn't. What really took me out of it though was Kanako, a Japanese goddess, making a reference to Ajax and Cassandra. That strained my suspension of disbelief to the breaking point: I had to force myself to keep reading after that. It just seems so out of place, like Reimu bringing up Quetzalcoatl or something. I mean, on further thought I can see Kanako reading Homer and making references to his works, but my immediate visceral reaction was some degree of "wut," since it feels rather out of character for Kanako.

Though I'm glad I pushed on through that emotion, since after that it's very good, and I do find myself wondering how a veteran Roman legionnaire wound up in Moriya Shrine of all places, so I'd probably read further even if there wasn't the draw of delicious goddess sex.
No. 28042
Thanks for the complement. Anything in particular I can do to improve?

Part of the mythology referencing is because I really like it and want to write a story I enjoy; the other part is the supremely pretentious ideas I have in mind to take it.

I am currently writing the clearly winning option, about 30% done. Sorry about the lack of Iliad today. That will soon be fixed.
No. 28044
Well if this is in modern times, she might know if it through Sanae. Now if it's in the distant past however....
No. 28049
Isn't that being a little disingenious toward Kanako though? Wouldn't someone like her, especially living in the modern era, know quite a bit about other mythologies due to internationalization and globalization? Information travels much, much faster in the modern era than any time before. I'm sure information like this could be found on computers or even school textbooks.
No. 28057

Like I said when I first brought up the criticism, I could see her understanding the reference because of how easy information is to get in this day and age, but it still seems strange for her to refer to a foreign mythological story rather than a Japanese one. It'd be like me offhand referencing the story of the Golem in Judaic mythology. Certainly I have an understanding of it from academic studies, but it's somewhat out of place coming from me, since I have no real connection to the cultural background that spawned it.

On further thought, she might be making that reference for the hero's benefit, but it still feels somewhat out of place to me even with that explanation.

I suppose it doesn't strictly matter. I'm still eagerly awaiting hot goddess sex, and I really like how the writer hasn't gone with fanon "ropes = Lolbondage" Kanako but instead gave her a more nuanced and... Hmm, classy demeanor.

Kanako here really feels like a goddess rewarding a mortal champion by making him her consort, and that's a very interesting take that I find intriguing.
No. 28074
Oh wow.
I'd just like to say, I really appreciate that you're writing a Kanako story!
I've never seen one, so this is fantastic!
I especially like that you've made her, well, not submissive and begging for it - fits very well with how I see Kanako.

Eagerly looking forward to more.
No. 28110
I'm updating tomorrow. Have a merry Christmas and happy holidays.
No. 28121
“Lead the way, O queen,” I say from my comfortable view, but such golden things can't stay.

I sit up next to her and gesture to our nude forms.

"We aren't exactly decent enough to go somewhere right now."

“Who's to say that we'll be doing any walking?” she says with a mischevous spark in her eyes, “I know a special place. It's where I go to bathe, a pure spring inside a cave looking out toward the mountains and forests of this eastern paradise.”

She takes my hand in a firm grip and utters one word, “Come.”

Then, in a rush of the howling winds which Aeolus can only chain and release, I find myself flying through the mountains. I reach out to touch her, but I realise that we are now the formless aether scattered throughout the lofty heaven. Like a wolf following the leader of the hunt, I pine after her warm airs. With a flash of lightning in the cerulean sky, we arrive; and my bare feet touch down on cool rock smoothed by so many years of water and wind. At such an altitude, just under the treeline, we should be shivering, but it's a comfortable cold for our unclad bodies. Kanako gestures for me to come to the mouth of the cave, and I enter after her. At her presence rows upon rows of red candles flare to light in the darkness with dozens of multi-colored lanterns

I can see a pool in the back of the cave steaming from cthonic fires. Kanako walks along the edge of one such pool before sinking knee-deep into the water. She shivers at the apparent cool, and I can see those lovely nipples hardening.

“Would you get the bowl and oils from the alcove over there?” she asks.

I retrieve the polished copper vessel and sink into the cool waves. The goddess, dripping with beaded water, closes her eyes as I approach. I understand what she wants, and dip the vessel into the water. I then pour the crystal water over her once, twice, and three times.

“Sit here,” says the smiling goddess, and I obey.

She scoops up the water and pours it over me in a long stream. I release a breath I didn't know I was holding as she repeats the process. Then, she sets aside the bowl and splashes me with cupped hands. I go chasing after her, surging to counterattack. In the end, we stand, wet and disheveled, in each other's arms.

“I think we can move on now. I know that you prefer oils to soaps when it comes to bathing, so I thought that I should let you attempt to sway me of the superiority of the Roman bath.”

I reply, “The Roman bath might lack some of the convenience of the modern baths your wind priestess mentioned, but I promise you that it's a ritual worth repeating.”

She directs me to an earthen jug of oil smelling of mint and evergreens as we move toward the warm pool. We might have played first in the frigidarium, but it is now time to bask in the heat and sweat. Kanako moves to the water, but I gently stop her.

“You let yourself sweat first to bring forth dirt and impurities to the surface.”

“How crude,” she remarks.

“To the contrary, it helps bring out the natural smoothness and luster of the skin. Surely, a goddess would want to appear radiant.”

Kanako gets up to fetch a towel so the two of us can recline. I let my eyes wander along those deliciously swaying hips as she bring it back and lies on it. We just watch each other like that for what could be eons. It's not an uncomfortable wait, but Kanako isn't quite sure about how to go about with this, and I just want to look at her.

"I really appreciate it," I say, "You took me, a weary Outsider, into your home without question. Then, I find a goddess has chosen me as a lover. I bet old Anchises wasn't this lucky."

Kanako giggles.

"A hero, bloodied but unbroken from the wilds, lost in a foreign land, is certainly a romantic image; and I like having someone from the same generation. Sanae is a good girl, but she grew up at in the 20th and 21st centuries. I can't quite relate to her electronics and fashion like I can relate to you."

I grin and start to rub the scented oil into her back, leaving a pleasant shee. She stretches out languidly and wiggles her toes as I bring my hands to her shoulders and neck. I then move lower and rub into her plump rear and down those long, smooth legs of hers.

"I do need to get your front," I say.

"I know that," she says, "But I might be mortified by what I see."

She rolls over and I anoint her arms and her breasts, which she watches with a smarmy expression. Of course, her eyes are going right toward my penis, once more hard. Such are the reasons why mixed bathing was considered scandalous. Despite that, I finish anointing her without incident.

"Let me return the favor," she says.

Her soft hands rub the oil where its soothing warmth can relax my muscles. I close my eyes and let her work her magic. I then feel something damp and warm around my dick and look down to see Kanako giving it a quick lick before she anoints it with oil. I look at her, unsure of her whims.

"Not quite yet. Just a prelude for next time, a little something to keep on your mind."

I'd certainly love to press the matter, but that smile and sensuously raised eyebrow let me know that she has something special in mind. I laugh and grab the bamboo strigil and lowly scrape the oil from her heavenly form with the same care that a barber would take as he slices through the lather with his razor. I can feel her happily shuddering as I pull the tool across her back. Then she performs it on me. Her first strokes are unsure, but she figures out the perfect form within minutes.

We move on to the warm pool at the end of the cavern. A slab of dark rock forms a perfect couch for the two of use. Kanako places a tender kiss on my lips and lets me cradle her against my chest. I idly run my fingers through her deep violet hair, and she simply entrusts herself to me in my arms. I sit back and watch the vibrant blue sky, but something is wrong.

I see a murder of crows flying through the sky. There are three males and three females. The males fly around to assault the others, simultaneously hunter and prey. The females look back and watch.

[X]Tell Kanako of the auspex
[X]I am no auspice, perhaps I am seeing things not present.
No. 28122
Have some more Iliad.

"And indeed he held the lovely bronze armor over all his other skin, which he stripped from Patrocles having died violently: but a cleft was revealed where the collarbone joins the neck from the shoulder, where the ruin of life is swiftest: there as he rushed upon him, godlike Achilles thrust with his yearning spear, and he drove the point straight through the tender neck:"

τοῦ δὲ καὶ ἄλλο τόσον μὲν ἔχε χρόα χάλκεα τεύχεα καλά, τὰ Πατρόκλοιο βίην ἐνάριξε κατακτάς: φαίνετο δ' ᾗ κληῖ̈δες ἀπ' ὤμων αὐχέν' ἔχουσι λαυκανίην, ἵνα τε ψυχῆς ὤκιστος ὄλεθρος: τῇ ῥ' ἐπὶ οἷ μεμαῶτ' ἔλασ' ἔγχεϊ δῖος Ἀχιλλεύς, ἀντικρὺ δ' ἁπαλοῖο δι' αὐχένος ἤλυθ' ἀκωκή:

The Iliad, Book 2, Lines 322-327
I had to take a bit of liberty in my translation in a few parts. The part where it talks about the chink in the armor doesn't make much sense literally. You have to understand αὐχέν' as "collarbone" though it can mean just "neck." ἀντικρὺ is literally "over against" or "opposite" but it flows better in English as "straight through."
No. 28125
[X]Tell Kanako of the auspex

Now what do we have here...
No. 28138
[X]I am no auspice, perhaps I am seeing things not present.

Oh no, it's the plot! Run!
No. 28139
[X]Tell Kanako of the auspex
I don't really know what's going on but I like it anyway.
No. 28141
[X]Tell Kanako of the auspex.

Ancient people made a big deal about signs of this, so our cyclopean hero probably would too. Granted it's probably just the paparazzi trying to get some explicit images, but hey.

Anyway... I have to say that I really like the angle you're going for with Kanako here, how she's looking for someone to relate to.
No. 28142
I've always liked omens, which feature a lot in ancient literature, in spite of what seems to be a disdain for them. Besides smut, I would like to tell something of an adventure using a lot classical elements like the omens.
No. 28143

Disdain? How do you mean?
No. 28144
A disdain in contemporary fiction since the impression I get is that omens are a clunky method of foreshadowing a book used by bad writers and are considered railroading in the RPG world.

As I said, I do have a soft spot for them in no small part thanks to Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. Before that, I hadn't put much thought into omen and prophesy, but I loved how they foreshadowed and set the mood of the play.
No. 28145

Maybe it's just how they're used. An ominous omen can be a sign that things Are Not Well, or of a problem to be overcome. What you describe sounds more like a problem with the author than with the technique. I never realized that omens had developed such a bad rap; I always thought they added character to a story.

...And I just realized that I'm discussing literature in a porn story on Christmas Day. Funny ol' world.
No. 28146

Crud. Forgot my sage. Sorry.
No. 28147
The above is just the impression I get from reading about writing fantasy and from reading (though not as voraciously as I would like). I'm not sure how correct it actually is. You're right about it being more of a problem of authors than the device itself.

Well you presumably have interests other than porn, like I do. This situation probably isn't helped by my wont of discussing things other than porn in the thread.

On that note, I'll post my translation of the Pygmalion episode from Ovid's Metamorphoses for your reading pleasure next.
No. 28149
[X]I am no auspice, perhaps I am seeing things not present.
No. 28166
Calling it for telling her.
No. 28172
[X]Tell Kanako of the auspex.

"Kanako," I say.

She shifts her weight to press her warm body against me more comfortably.

"Relax," she says, "We're soaking together. There's no need to be so tense."

You swallow and go ahead with what you saw.

"Kanako, I think I saw an omen. In the sky, three and three crows circled and did things not natural. The inner crows, males if I had to guess, fought one another tooth and beak while the outer ones, perhaps females, circled and watched. What does this mean, goddess?"

She closes her eyes. When she opens them, they flare with some sort of inner light. Her voice seems distant, as if she does not truly exist here or as if the very concept of "here" is foreign to her.

"Two entities prod at the barrier to Gensokyo. If they have slipped anything through, it is veiled from me. However, their traces have a man's touch."

Her hand then tilts my chin upward, and I can feel soft lips give me a kiss. Her palm taps against my cheek like she's lightly slapping me. She rotates her leg until she's sitting in my lap.

"Listen, you. Fate might be calling you out to a hero's destiny, but I order that you concern yourself with pleasure."

I can feel my hardening penis pressing against under the waves. She wraps her arms around my shoulders, as if we were engaged in some intimate dance, and slowly grinds against me. My fingers press into her smooth rear, and I begin to lift her up so we can make love just as we are. Kanako disentangles herself from my grasp and presses her index finger onto my mouth.

"Shhh, not yet, Horatius. I know you want me, and I want you too. Wait until the night is young, because the anticipation only heightens the thrill."

My hands don't stop there. Rather, they seize the lovely curve of her lower back and rock her back and forth. Her wet hips slide against mine, and I can feel the pouting lips of her pussy.

"It's difficult, Kanako, to keep my lust in check with someone like you."

"I know it is, but I promise that it will be worth the wait."

She slide into the waters away from me, and I follow after her as we watch the beautiful view of mountain, tree, and sky. She faces me, wraps her arms around my waist, and pulls me in for a deep, slow kiss. Then distance and time melt away as I find myself back in my room. A tender warmth surrounds me for a few moments longer until its presence recedes. I smile and put on my broad-striped tunic.

Then I hurry to the tatami covered dining room where the childlike goddess Suwako and her daughter, the vibrant-haired Sanae wait. I apologize for my tardiness before taking one of the low seats. The food - miso soup, steamed rice, natto, pickles, and broiled fish - looks very appetizing; it's a fresher, cleaner fare than what I would expect to get in Rome. Then the goddess herself arives, positively glowing, in a plain red yukata.

With a knowing grin, she says, "I'm sorry for delaying you. It is my responsibility as the head of the table to begin the meal."

Suwako points and Kanako and tells her, "It looks like you had quite the bath. Maybe another guest will be joining us."

Kanako smirks, takes a sip of the miso, and replies, "Perhaps Suwako. Sometimes this shrine feels a bit empty, even with a guest."

"Good morning, Horatius! How are you doing today?" asks Sanae cheerfully.

I finish a bite of rice and natto (something I could not do with chopsticks when I arrived) and answer, "I'm doing very well. It's amazing what fresh mountain air and a good bath do for the spirit."

"It's good to know that you're healthy," she says.

The rest of breakfast is something of a quiet affair, since our tryst delayed the meal and enhance everyone's appetites. After a meal like that, I feel a need to remove myself from the confines of the building and out to the fields and crags. Will it be pleasure or business.

[X]There's nothing quite as invigorating as a good swim.
[X]I should go out hunting; I feel guilty not working to earn my keep.
No. 28174
[X]There's nothing quite as invigorating as a good swim.
Not that I hope any water-loving creatures take a sudden interest in us and shower us with affection or anything.
No. 28175
[X]I should go out hunting; I feel guilty not working to earn my keep.

The manly choice.
No. 28180
[X]I should go out hunting; I feel guilty not working to earn my keep.

Hunting big game, the noblest of professions. When we see auspices, we shoot them down like the men we are. And if we're lucky, we can find a good 'pray' for us to 'enjoy'.
No. 28183
[X]I should go out hunting; I feel guilty not working to earn my keep.


That's funny because we're hunting to feed gods.
No. 28185
[X]I should go out hunting; I feel guilty not working to earn my keep.
No. 28186
I'm glad someone got my little pun that in no way was unintentional because it was just a mispelling.
No. 28190
[X]I should go out hunting; I feel guilty not working to earn my keep.
No. 28191
[X]I should go out hunting. I feel guilty not working to earn my keep.

If we're going to be Kanako's consort, we're going to need to give her offerings.
No. 28303
Alright. I'm writing for hunting.
No. 28304
[X]I should go out hunting; I feel guilty not working to earn my keep.

"I'll be out," I say as I retire to my chambers. There, I don my helm, lace my sandals and, string my bow. I take an iron sword, a companion to replace the one received by the Tiber, and settle myself into the familiar weight of gear. With everything prepared, I set out from the temple into the lovely woods of the mountains. Hopefully, I can find a deer or similar game.

I'm off to a lucky start as I see a number tracks after wandering into the deeper part of the woods where the trees block the view of the temple. Gensokyo is a vibrant land. The trees are greener, the scent of pine is more vivid, and everything in some way is extraordinary compared to those things with which I am familiar. The tracks lead me to a stream. I see a wild buck with horns old and gnarled, a leader of its kind. I wet a finger with my tongue and hold it up in the air. I'm upwind; excellent. Quietly, I slip an arrow from its quiver and nock it on the bow. Aiming as best I can with one eye, I draw back, sight my target, and smoothly exhale. I take the shot and the arrow strikes deep into the animal, which begins to run. However, its run is cut short when a javelin pierces its breast and slays it right there.

I whirl around and see a great giant of a man before me. He's incredibly tall, perhaps a foot taller than me, and built like a stout oak tree. His leggings and fur-trimmed coat remind me of one of the Germanic tribesmen, the Celts by their tongue but we Romans call them the Gauls. As he strides, I hear the jingling of his mail tunic, which appears to be quite well-made. This man is truly one the barbarians; his bushy brown beard is elaborately braided and groomed as their kind do. Like me, his visage is similarly cyclopean.

"Hail, stranger," I say.

"Hail, yourself," he says.

"Which of us shall take the buck?" I ask, "I was intending to bring the carcass to the yonder temple's kitchens. You may have the glory of head and your fill of meat."

"I'm a quite a big man, you see," he says with a laugh that rumbles like a boulder tumbling down a crag, "So I'd like the entire body for myself. Besides, I struck the killing blow. You should hunt hares with a toy like that."

"Perhaps we can each take half of the buck," I say.

"Perhaps," he concurs, "But I think we should settle this with our deeds like real men. Let's wrestle over it."

I size him up. He's bigger and taller than me and his arms look like they could snap logs like twigs. However, my soldier's blood boils for the challenge of battle. He draws a large circle in the dirt, approximately thirty paces in diameter. Then he discards his broad axe and doffs his mail so that he faces me clad only his trousers and layered tunics. I similarly cast aside your arms to fight fair.

"Let's keep this clean, stranger. You appear to be an honorable man."

"I'm not one for trickery. It's good to meet a foe who's ready to fight me head on. Most of them get afraid, but not you, little man," he says.

"Horatius," I say, giving him my name.

"Bjorn. Old One Eye sent me here."

I settle myself into a low stance as Bjorn steadies himself to become like a wall.

"Shall we go on the count of three?" I ask, digging my feet into the ground and bending my knees.

"Aye, Horatius. I've been itching for a good fight myself."

[X]Explode from your stance and tackle his legs.
[X]Put him off balance and hurl him over your hip.
No. 28306
[X]Put him off balance and hurl him over your hip.

If only our opponent were Aniki. Then my life would be complete.
No. 28327
[X]Put him off balance and hurl him over your hip.
No. 28328
[X]Put him off balance and hurl him over your hip.

Spoiler because it feels wrong, but I noticed Horatio using contractions in this post, something he never seemed to do in the previous sections. That, and Bjorn's pre-fight speech seemed off. If he was itching for a fight, tensed and ready after hunting, I would have thought his speech would have been more terse, if not with fragments. His speech isn't... aggressive enough"
No. 28344
I wasn't even thinking of contractions when I wrote it, but it does give me a characterization idea.

Bjorn is friendly about his desire for a fight; you'll be learning a bit more about him. Also, there will still be Kanako sex.
No. 28350
[X]Explode from your stance and tackle his legs.

Pissing against the tide, because of reasons. Also, should we expect Ho Yay, writegaf?
No. 28351
Not really. Sort of like how K-On is cute girls doing cute things, this is manly men doing manly things.
No. 28353
[X]Put him off balance and hurl him over your hip.

The other one is tempting, but this guy seems totally at ease, so rushing in immediately before we've gotten his measure strikes me as a bad idea.

Also, Romans are most famous for discipline, not charging in crazily like some Germanic berserker.

If we lose though, we'll have to find some other animal to hunt, because there's no way we can possibly go back to our goddess without a suitable offering! Our male pride couldn't stand it!
No. 28624
[X]Put him off balance and hurl him over your hip.

Now is the time to hustle, but I am no barbarian. I will not hastily charge such a defense. I start the count.


I inhale and tense my legs.


I lock eyes with him and he locks eyes with me.


I rush forward like the fierce winds gifted to Ulysses by Aeolus exploded from their bag. Just as the great bear stands and roars defiantly in the face of the north's wintry winds, Bjorn thus stands against me. I have but three steps to force the warrior to commit to his action. He shifts his weight to my left, convinced that my weight will carry me into his clutches. We both step forward and his arms swing around to snatch me like the serpents which entangled Laocoon. My feet smash together, and then I explode jumping over the arm which lashes out at my ankle. My fists grab his tunic from the shoulder as I step inside his stance. From there, it is a simple matter of using his weight to throw him from my hip.

His defeat is what I then visualize, but reality is not so kind. He immediately rolls forward until supine, grabbing my wrists and kicking me away. We both quickly get up. This time, I am the one defending. I slip away from him and he quickly turns and shoots at my right leg. I twist and drop onto him, but I'm too soon. He pushes up from his takedown and grabs be around the waist and falls onto me. For ten seconds, I lie under his bulk, at which point he releases me.

"I was expecting a bit more from you, but it was good. May we meet again. Hail and kill."

I gather my belongings in a daze as a he takes the corpse and marches deeper into the forest. I return to the shrine, my failure weighing heavily on me. Kanako greets me, resplendent in her usual garb, but is concerned by my downcast eyes.

"What ails you, Horatius?" she asks.

I tell her the tale, and she listens well. After a few pensive moments, she says, "I think I may have to place greater import on your auspex. Follow me."

We walk together through the lovely courtyards of the temple, and I feel myself more peaceful.

"Horatius. I great foe may descend upon us, and I would like you to be my champion."

"It would be an honor, Lady Kanako," I say, dropping to a knee.

"While you can train here, I know of two who would provide excellent tutelage in the arts of war: the ancient oni, Yuugi Hoshiguma, of the Former Hell or the ghostly swordsman, Youmu Konpaku, of the Netherworld. However, I am something of a selfish goddess, so I'd like you to spend at least one more night with me, should you choose to go."

[X]Remain at the temple
[X]Train under Yuugi Hoshiguma
[X]Train under Youmu Konpaku
No. 28626
[X]Train under Yuugi Hoshiguma

Momma Yuugi~
No. 28627
[X]Train under Yuugi Hoshiguma

And don't come back until you can make her drop her skirt.
No. 28629
First, I forgot to add an additional choice.
[X]What do you wish to ask Kanako?

Second, I'm glad to be back. I was caught in a deluge of writing, but those are finally finished. Now, I have a bit more breathing room to write here and post translations of classical writings for your reading pleasure.
No. 28636
[X]Remain at the temple

I think it'd be fitting for Kanako's champion to be trained by her. Suwako too would be nice. After all being trained by 1-2 old school gods is nothing to sneeze at.

And I hope people are looking at this beyond "who gets fucked next"

Dunno if asking is something that could be added to this or not.
No. 28649
I probably phrased it poorly on account of the lateness of the hour, but I was opening the field for the readers to ask in-character questions to Kanako in addition to the above three choices.

This is an /at/ story, but it wouldn't be all sex. There is much for Horatius to learn from any mentor, especially because he wants to defeat Bjorn.
No. 28663
[X]Remain at the temple. - Kanako is a goddess of war, her training should be at least the equal of anything Yuugi or Youmu can provide. And Suwako probably knows some tricks to pass on as well.

As for questions:

[X]"What do you know of this coming foe, my Goddess?"

Youmu probably can't teach us much of relevance. She's not that old/experienced and her style is heavily dependent on eastern swordsmanship with the two curved blades, neither of which we've trained with. We'd have to unlearn things to learn her skills, assuming we were trained in the gladius as a legionnaire. A short stabbing thrusting sword paired with a tower shield is very different to a pair of long curved swords.

Come to think of it, we probably used a spear more than we used a sword anyway, if I remember my Roman military studies right.

Yuugi could perhaps teach us more due to her experience, but I suspect her teachings would focus more on wrestling, owing to her style and natural Oni toughness. Which is useful if we meet Bjorn again, but not so much if our enemy fights with weapons.

Kanako + Suwako, meanwhile, are both very experienced goddesses. Suwako was a leader at a time when leaders were generally warriors who led from the front, and Kanako kicked her ass, so they've both got plenty of experience at combat.

And, you know, more hot goddess sex.
No. 28712
[X] Remain at the temple.
No. 28788
[X]Train under Yuugi Hoshiguma
No. 29887
[†]Train under Yuugi Hoshiguma
No. 29888
What on earth possessed you to necro-bump a thread which hasn't seen any activity in nearly two months?
No. 29930
Not that guy but
>implying two months is an unusually long wait for anything on thp
Fucking authors randomly disappearing.
No. 29978
I'm still around, but I very quickly got busy. From there, other things bumped it down until it slipped from my thoughts. I should be back to writing this fairly quickly.
No. 29979
[X]Remain at the temple. - Kanako is a goddess of war, her training should be at least the equal of anything Yuugi or Youmu can provide. And Suwako probably knows some tricks to pass on as well.
[X]"What do you know of this coming foe, my Goddess?"
No. 31012
[X]Remain at the temple. - Kanako is a goddess of war, her training should be at least the equal of anything Yuugi or Youmu can provide. And Suwako probably knows some tricks to pass on as well.
[X]"What do you know of this coming foe, my Goddess?"

In the vain hope that this may still be updated. Why do all the authors of stories with Truly Manly Men Doing Truly Manly Things have to move so slow, like Norseman and this guy?
No. 31013
Oh goddammit. Sorry about that, fellow anons.
No. 31014

No. it's too late for that. The rest of us Anons had a meeting, and we are hereby disowning you. Please proceed to namefag starting immediately.
No. 31015
If it makes any difference >>31013, I tried telling them to give you another chance, but everyone wouldn't listen. Sorry.
No. 31033
Oh yikes, it has been a while. Kanako wins. Expect an update within the week, probably within the next few days.
No. 31035
You might be lucky, traitor. If your careless bump actually manages to resurrect this story, you will be forgiven and welcomed back to the Anonymous.
No. 31066
"I will remain at the temple."

Kanako's proud lips curve up into a smile.

"Excellent choice, Horatius. I assure you that my tutelage will train you well. Who better than a goddess of war to teach you its arts?"

"What can you tell me about this coming foe?" I ask.

"Little," she says after a brief pause, "But since I can tell so little, only one as powerful as I could mask himself like this."

A cold fear then grasped at my heart. I had only the slightest grasp of the power that Kanako wielded, so the thought of facing one like her was perturbing. Even godlike Achills would have balked at assaulting some divinity.

"How may I be of use?" I ask.

Kanako places her hand against my chest to feel my beating heart, then her fingers lightly trace the flow up to my neck where she feels the vibrant pulse of blood through my veins.

"However diluted it may be, Father Quirinus still lives on in you. That divine spark means that you are suitable to fight as a god."

"But I fight as a man!" I protest

"Don't be entirely foolish," she says, "Cocles, your defense of the Pons Sublicia was beyond that of a mere man. Livy thought your daring more famous than credible. Such feats are in the realm of myths, legends, and demigods."

"Fama, huh? That hateful beast would surely send its innumberable mouths out to disgrace my honor. To think that her toungues reach even to Gensokyo..."

"But it is truth, that divinity runs through your veins," says Kanako, "And if this barbarian is merely the advance guard of some force, you will need to use every drop of divinity to fight as you have never fought before."

"What then, if I decide to fight as a man?"

"Then that man's blood will moisten the earth."

I sigh. I want to do things by the merit of my own two hands, rather than by the blood of distant ancestors, even divine ones.

"Don't be so distraught," says the goddess, "Just because your lineage lets you reach such heights does not mean that those heights are not yours. You do realize that Sanae also carries divine blood?"

"I suppose so, Kanako."

"We will begin tonight in the garden," she says with a knowing smirk.

"Farewell, then, Goddess."

There are so many things to pass the time and conquer the bitter taste of defeat.

[X]Talk to Sanae
[X]Talk to Suwako
No. 31068
[X]Talk to Suwako

Let's see what she has to say on the matter.
No. 31070
[X]Talk to Suwako
No. 31072
[X] Sup Suwako
No. 31073
I'm guessing it's two different approaches.
Sanae is to look towards our ancestors, Suwako is to fight with our own hands.


Heroes are born of their own will and the patronage of a goddess.
No. 31075
[X]Talk to Sanae.

Wonder how they get along?
No. 31085
[X]Talk to Suwako

I'm getting Clash of the Titans vibes from that conversation.
No. 31088
Which one, the original or the remake?
No. 31119
[X]Talk to Sanae.

Mainly because Sanae would probably understand how he's feeling right now better than Suwako would, on account of her kind of going through the same thing. She might give him a better perspective.
No. 31130
Calling it for Suwako. Post coming within the next few days.
No. 31206
My path down through the temple takes me to a pond. Decorative koi meander through the clear waters as frogs hop rest on lilypads. Numerous kinds of butterflies make this ground their home. I extend a finger to let the titan among butterflies, the emerald and yellow Goliath Birdwing, flutter down onto my finger. Suwako knows every kind of butterfly in her garden, and I remember fondly sitting on the shores with a steaming cup of tea as the elder goddess pointed out and named the multitude of butterflies she had gathered from a land across the Atlantic to the distant Orient. The Goliath flutters away to land on Suwako's hat as she sits under a rope-bound tree.

"Did you have a rough morning?" she asks.

"I suppose that I did."

"Then come and sit.

"Ah, does it hurt?" she asks, pointing out the marks from the scuffle.

My body still ails me and I respond as much.

"I see. Would you like some tea?"

"Yes, please."

Suwako sighs and gets up to procure a steaming cup of tea from the blue-tiled gazebo with the lines of a pagoda. The butterfly flutters off into the trees. Together, we sit in silence and sip at the tea.

"What troubles you, Horatius?" asks Suwako.

I sigh and reply, "It's almost silly, but I seem to be a demigod. Kanako said that this lineage was the source of my strength and that I should embrace it. I just want to believe that any human with sufficient strength of arms and virtue could replicate my feat. Even if it's true, I refuse to believe that my strength comes from my blood and not my hands."

The blonde divinity starts laugh, a strange combination of a little girl's and an old woman's. She even kicks her feet as she struggles to draw breath amidst the throes of her mirth. My face warms in embarassment until Suwako puts a hand on my shoulder.

"Why should it matter, Horatius? Was it a different man at the bridge? I don't think that it was Hercules or Romulus there. Be proud of your achievements, and stay as humble as you have been."

"I suppose so. It doesn't quite answer everything, but it does put me at ease," I say.

"It is rare that mere words put someone at ease. That is a matter of the heart, and rarely does the heart shift its dispositions all at once," she says.

Suwako take a sip of the miraculously unspilled tea, and I take a sip of my own.

"So," asks Suwako, "What's it like being Kanako's lover?"

I almost spill your tea at that and have an urge for some sort of strong spirit. Everytime, her appearance deceives me, and I am once again reminded that she is an ancient goddess even older than Kanako.

[X] Relaxing. Out here, I am free to enjoy life with her at my side.
[X] Exciting. There's never a dull moment around such a passionate person.
[X] Other.
No. 31210
[X] Exciting. There's never a dull moment around such a passionate person.

I'm not sure if going for a mix would be better though I think it's some of both depending on the time.
No. 31215
[X] Relaxing. Out here, I am free to enjoy life with her at my side.
No. 31216
[X] Relaxing. Out here, I am free to enjoy life with her at my side.

...Dunno if I can explain it. It just feels right.
No. 31233
I'm going to be out of town for the next few weeks, so I doubt that I'll be able to post an update.
No. 31243
[X] Exciting. There's never a dull moment around such a passionate person.
No. 31269
[X] Relaxing. Out here, I am free to enjoy life with her at my side.

Seems like they've been taking it pretty easy.
No. 33330
Yo, author dude, did you forget about this again? It's too good to let die.
No. 33771
RIP lelukuia
No. 37981
We salute you dear lelukuia. You were taken before your time, and we morn you deeply ;_;7