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This thread is for anyone interested in writing porn H erotica in the writing contest linked above. Anyone can enter, regardless of experience.

Keep entry length to a single post maximum, and submit all entries anonymously. After the time limit expires (at 12/10/11 (Thu) 00:00), a thread will open up for voting on your favorite entries, the link for which will be posted here.

Have at it!

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(Correct link to general thread: >>/gensokyo/10247. )
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Due to a lack of entries, both current and projected, the time limit is being extended another 1/2 week, to 12/10/15 (Mon) 00:00.
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The darkness of the intimidating forest envelops you. You're on your way back to the shrine after picking up some snacks at the village. It's not your place to question a goddess, but you really wish Kanako wasn't so selfish with her petty desires. Couldn't she have at least waited until morning? The moon is full and shines beautifully down on you, partially obstructed by the forest canopy. At least it's as bright as it ever will be in the middle of the night. Nonetheless, the forest at night is no place for someone as cute and helpless as yourself.

A small gust of wind makes you shiver. It's early autumn, so the days are still reasonably warm, but the nights have grown cold. You're still in your summer clothes and they don't help much against the cool night air. Your short skirt and crop top leave a lot of skin exposed, but at least your thighhighs are keeping your legs warm.

Off in the distance, you hear a wolf howling at the moon. At least, it's probably a wolf; you're certainly no expert on the animals of Gensokyo. But you're pretty sure it's a wolf, even if it did sound slightly off. Paying it no further mind, you continue on the path through the forest. The howling starts again a few minutes later, this time closer. It still sounds off, and actually sounds vaguely human – like someone was able to mimic the cry of a wolf.

Could it be a werewolf? That's ridiculous – werewolves aren't real, they're just monsters you see in movies. But this is Gensokyo, where myths come to life. There could be any number of horrors that should only be seen on a screen lurking in the darkness. Still, you've never seen one before, so it isn't very likely that there really is a werewolf out there, or that whatever it is that is howling is interested in you. Nonetheless, you increase your pace to a brisk walk. You don't want to stay out here any longer than necessary, whether that's a wolf or a werewolf or even someone with a really good stereo.

A rustling in the bushes startles you. There's nothing there when you look. The wolf? No, it's too soon and the howling was too far away. There's no way it could be hidden in the brush, just waiting for you to turn your back to it so it can pounce on you and -

You slowly back away from where you heard the noise, then break into a sprint when nothing else happens. The shrine is still a ways off, but running will at least get you out of this forest sooner! The only sounds you hear are from your own movements through the dense foliage until the howling starts up again a few minutes after you starting running. It's even closer now. Whatever it is, it's definitely chasing you.

Your stamina finally runs out. You grab onto a tree for support and crouch down, trying to quickly catch your breath so you can get out of here. Your legs are a little sore from running, but it's nothing compared to your lungs. How much bigger is this forest? You're pretty sure you aren't lost, but you definitely should've found the exit by now. You can't hear anything but the sound of your heavy breathing, so maybe you actually did escape whatever that thing was.

You stand up once your lungs stop screaming. You won't be able to run again for a while, but you can at least walk now. That's much better than sitting around defenseless. You give the area a brief look, making sure that nothing sneaked – and then you see them. A pair of bright red eyes stare at you from the ground at your side. They stare at you for a full second, with neither of you moving, and then lunge at you with a feral snarl. You shriek as the creature collides with you, not given enough time to react and save yourself. It easily knocks you onto your back, and the momentum carries you off the path and into the foliage. A horrifying thought crosses your mind: the forest is not well traveled, and now that you're off the path, it is extremely likely that no one will ever find you. The bag containing Kanako's snacks landed on the path; the only visible hint for anyone looking for you that anything happened here.

The beast moves on top of you and easily pins you down. The light isn't even good enough to make out your assailant's features, as they are silhouetted by the full moon's light. But it certainly doesn't look anything like a wolf. A powerful hand claws at your torso, easily tearing through your blouse and even your bra, but amazingly leaving your skin unharmed. That hand looked very human, although the strength was quite unusual. Is it actually a werewolf?

Now you're curious. There doesn't seem to be much chance of running away, but if it is a human turned into a wolf, it's possible you'd be able to reason with it. And even if not, it's a werewolf! You'd at least like to see it with your own eyes before whatever happens to you. Will you become a werewolf as well, doomed to wander Gensokyo in search of... whatever it is that werewolves want?

The beast only has a single arm on your shoulder, the other still in the air after slicing through your clothing. This is probably your only chance to do anything. You kick off the ground, frantically trying to escape it's grasp. All you manage to do is scoot back a little, but it's enough to escape its reach. Its hand was on your shirt, allowing you to escape, but it resulted in half of your tattered shirt being lost to the ground. Your large breasts are now out in the open, unrestrained by your ruined bra. You're still on the ground, and it notices your escape too quickly for you to stand up and make a run for it. But this still requires the beast to move to pin you again. This finally lets you get a look at your assailant, the moonlight illuminating its features as it turns to face your new position.


It's that maid from the mansion, Sakuya Izayoi. Sort of. Dog ears are visible on the top of her head, as well as a large tail. She's also completely naked but appears to be entirely undisturbed by the rough terrain and branches of the forest. She's hunched over in a beast-like position, one that you wouldn't expect a human to ever assume. But the most striking feature is the erect cock hanging between her legs. It's easily the largest you've ever seen.

Her eyes are completely devoid of human intelligence and does not react at all to your sudden realization of her identity. She readies her body to pounce on you again. “Sakuya!” You try calling out her name. No reaction from her. “It's me, Sanae! I know your master, Remilia!” Still nothing. She lunges towards you. “We met when -” Wait, when did you meet Sakuya, anyway? She usually stays inside the mansion and doesn't visit your shrine or Reimu's very often. You must've met her at least once when you visited the mansion, but when did you first do that? And how long has it been since you last paid a visit to that little vampire?

Your irrelevant train of thought is interrupted by Sakuya pinning you down once more, without you managing to put up any resistance at all. Her left hand grabs onto your bare shoulder, preventing any further attempts at escape. Her other hand removes your remaining clothing, pulling off your skirt and panties in one deft motion. At least she didn't tear those, for what little that's worth.

Sakuya presses her body against yours, sticking her thick cock between your thighs and lightly rubbing it against your slit. The heat from her organ is incredible, and you can feel it pulsating against your pussy. You could spread your legs to prevent it from rubbing against your thighs, but that'd probably just make things worse. Sakuya lowers her head to your stomach and licks you all the way up to your face, her wet tongue leaving a large slobbery trail in its path and between your breasts. Just like a dog.

Her tongue continues licking your face, leaving a giant mess of saliva all over you. You close your eyes and turn your head in an attempt to avoid it, but the assault is relentless. She pays extra attention to your lips, but you make extra certain to keep your mouth closed. If it wasn't for that cock slowly but constantly brushing against your slit, you'd just think of her as an overly friendly and exceptionally large dog that was just too excited to see her. But that massive shaft betrays her final intentions.

She adjusts her hips and slams the full ten inches of her thick cock into your pussy. The sudden insertion forces a moan out of you, allowing Sakuya's energetic tongue to push past your lips and rub against your own. Now that your mouth is open, Sakuya spends all of her attention there and explores every corner of your mouth. Her thrusts prevent you from doing anything to stop her tongue as the pleasure from her cock overwhelms your body. You can't focus on anything but her shaft violating you and her disgusting tongue coating your mouth with her spit. She lowers herself closer to your body, resting her humble breasts on top of yours as she licks your face.

Each penetration of her thick cock sends waves of pleasure through your body. Even her tongue feels good at this point, and you find yourself returning her kisses as she violates your mouth. You spread your legs a little to give her easier access to your wet slit. Her amazing cock quickly brings you to orgasm, and you moan into her mouth as the pleasure completely overtakes you. Sakuya ignores your climax and continues thrusting, your sensitive body amplifying the sensation.

Her cock continues to slide into you with a steady but rapid pace. The thrusts make your tits bounce and rubs your erect nipples against her chest. She's still pinning you down, limiting your movement, but you manage to grind your hips against hers to drive her shaft deeper into your greedy pussy. Her tongue explores your mouth and kisses your lips as you moan huskily from the penetration. The cock gripping your walls feels too good for you to focus enough to return her kisses.

You can feel a second orgasm building as her magnificent cock continues to spread apart your vaginal walls. Her tip throbs each time it reaches the depths of your soaked hole, signaling that she is ready to climax. You wrap your arms around her back and hug her as she ejaculates, filling the depths of your pussy with her thick semen, moaning as the hot fluid brings out your second orgasm. Sakuya breaks the drawn out kiss and howls into the air as she cums, her cock shooting inside of you continuously for nearly a minute.

Sakuya looks down at you, an immensely satisfied smile on her face. She finally looks human instead of bestial, with the sole exception of her animal ears. Her mouth opens slightly, as if she's about to finally speak and thank you for having sex with her or apologize for losing to her instincts and attacking you like that. Then she curls up into a ball and lies down on top of you, using your large, pillowy breasts to support her head.

She quickly falls asleep while on top of you, all without ever saying a single word. You're still too dazed from the afterglow of your orgasms to do anything. Her cock is still inside of you, but you can feel it quickly becoming flaccid. She's definitely not just resting for a second round; she's really sleeping.

You try to push her off of you, now that she isn't actively holding you down, but find yourself completely unable to budge her. She doesn't feel especially heavy or anything, you're just completely unable to move her. You can't do anything to move out from underneath her either; you're completely stuck here, even with nothing obviously holding the two of you in place.

The only sounds are of her light breathing and the occasional gust of wind. The forest remains silent in the dead of night. Your clothes are torn down the middle, so now that the warmth from your sex has worn off you can feel the chill from the early autumn weather. Sakuya's body is giving off a lot of heat, at least - she seems to be as impervious to the cold as everything else. With no other options available, you force your arms between your bodies to help keep them warm and drift off to sleep.


“Saaaaaakuya!” A woman's voice wakes you. You're still in the forest, and Sakuya is still sleeping on top of you. You still can't freely move, but you at least manage to pull your arms out from underneath Sakuya and stretch a little. The sun is shining and illuminates the forest through the canopy, and the air is getting warm again. “Saaaaaaaaaaaakuya! Where are you, girl?” The voice again, a little closer. Sakuya stirs in recognition of her name, but doesn't wake. You hear the voice call out a third time, but it's no closer. Whoever that is, there's no way she would actually know where you are, so she's just wandering through the forest calling out for Sakuya.

“Hey! Sakuya is over here!” You try yelling out to that woman. It's a bit hard to raise your voice with a “woman” lying on top of you, but you managed. Hopefully she heard you.

“Sakuya?” The woman again; much closer but also softer. It seems that she found you. You turn your head towards the sound and find the woman. She's a short distance away and is partially blocked by the foliage, but you still get a good look at her. She's tall, with long and beautiful red hair and is dressed in a green dress of some kind. You've seen her before but don't know her name; if she's here for Sakuya, she must be from the mansion. “Sakuya! There you are!”

Sakuya finally wakes now that the woman is close. She practically jumps off you and barks excitedly as she runs on all fours towards the redhead. Sakuya pounces on her and slobbers all over her face, supporting herself by leaning on the woman's well-built chest. She isn't bothered in the least by having a naked woman with a flaccid penis lick her face, and laughs heartily at the reunion with her friend (pet?).

“Ahaha! I missed you too, Sakuya! Haha! Down girl, down. I'm so glad you're safe.” She hugs Sakuya and scratches behind her ears through the relentless tongue bath. Sakuya eventually calms down and gets back on all fours. The redhead takes out a leather collar and leash and puts it around Sakuya's neck. She isn't bothered by the device at all, and obediently stays by the woman's side, panting with her tongue out.

“Excuse me! You found our dear Sakuya, correct?” The redhead addresses you for the first time. She is completely unfazed by your tattered clothes; you can't tell if it's an odd form of politeness or if she's just so insane that she doesn't consider nakedness to be unusual at all. You nod in response to her question, although you didn't really find her. “I thank you on behalf of the Scarlet Devil Mansion for returning our naughty Sakuya to us.” She gives a full bow to express her gratitude. “Really, this girl. She chewed through her collar and ran outside when no one was looking. Well, you found her safe and sound, so no real harm done.”

“Um, you're welcome?” This woman's actions are entirely incomprehensible to you. It was too long a night for you to try to make any sense of what you're seeing. Lady Kanako and Suwako are probably worried sick about you by now, so you just want to get out of here and leave this crazy woman and her crazy dog-maid to themselves.

“And I'd like to thank you personally, as Sakuya is quite dear to my heart. I'm so glad that she's safe and was in your capable hands. If you're ever near the Scarlet Devil Mansion, don't hesitate to drop in; we'll be certain to show you our full hospitality. And you can play with Sakuya as long as you want as well; it looks like you had some fun with our cute doggie.” She gives another full bow and then walks away from you with Sakuya at her side.

She's finally gone. You heave a sigh of relief now that it's finally over. Your makeup is almost certainly smeared all over your face from the tonguebath and your shirt is ruined, leaving your breasts uncovered for the world to see. At least your panties and skirt are unharmed and just got a little dirty. You pick up your clothes and put them on, doing your best to cover your top with the remnants of your shirt, then grab the discarded bag of Kanako's snacks. The shrine isn't too far away, so hopefully you won't run into anyone that will gawk at your breasts. With another sigh, you resume your interrupted journey. You aren't looking forward to explaining this to the goddesses either.
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"There was a line which showed the limitations on what was good and wholesome and right," said Reimu, "and we have clearly gone far past it."

"Mmm. I like to think of it as a blurring of a boundary..."

"Oh, shut up, Yukari, and take your fingers out of me already."

The wonderful shrine maiden of paradise swore as she grabbed the hand stuck to her crotch, pulling it away even as the fingers sliding free dripped her juices across the floor. She threw it across the room with a wince and a gasp, feeling more parts of her rubbed raw than she cared to mention.

"Tch. How rude to treat your guests like that. No hospitality at all."

"I'd be more appreciative of it if all of you weren't here slutting up my shrine uninvited!" Reimu's glare took in the whole scene of depravity - from Aya stuck halfway through the wall, both the wings and the upturned, used ass still twitching - to the tied up tanuki in the corner, still being violated by the bushy, hairy tales of a sleeping fox. Finally to Yukari, pulling her hand back through the gap she'd had been molesting her naked host with.

"I can't find my arms! Has anyone seen them?"

And that wasn't even mentioning the other rooms.


With a sigh, Reimu stood, languidly stretching to work out the kinks in her back as unwanted recollections of various sordid drug fuelled acts crept back into the bare maiden's mind. Shaking off a blush, she looked for something to wipe herself down with- no, no, sleeves first, THEN tissues. There, up on the rafters. How had they got there? -Another unwanted memory of aerial gymnastics flitted into remembrance, and just as swiftly blanked out.

At least it explained why she was sore from there, of all places.

Ignoring Yukari's appreciative whistle as she flew up to reacquire her sleeves, she carefully cleaned herself up with one of the softer ofuda, finally covering up her modesty (what remained of it) with a trio more of the paper talismans. At least now with her sleeves loaded down with ofuda and needles she could exorcise/evict where necessary.

"E-excuse me? Could someone please help?" The pleading voice from before was just tinny enough to grate on her nerves. "All right, all right, keep your head on!" "That's the only thing I've got left on anyway!"

Carefully stepping round the piles of vomit and... other fluids and... ugh. Someone was going to have to clean this all up. At least Reimu didn't want breakfast now. There- in the corner- there's one of the arms. The dolljointed limb writhed as she pulled it free, spasmodically tensing up and curling as if the owner was in some kind of disturbance. Which a look through the doors confirmed.

"Is Shanghai still going at it?" Reimu wondered out loud as she watched Alice's helper continue humping Medicine's torso, the limbless, autonomous (did that still count if she couldn't actually move on her own right now?) doll moaning softly as Shanghai's... lance... thrust in repetitive monotony. "No... HOW is she still going at it?!"

The answer came from over by the kotatsu, where Marisa was sitting. "Oh, Nitori hooked her up to the electric sewing machine, she'll keep going until it's unplugged." The magician, still being licked- no, fellated - by Alice, speaks up lazily, her arms round Patchouli unconscious form resting against her side.
"I... See. And where is Nitori - and can you stop sucking while people are trying to talk!"

Alice ignored her. Or perhaps, incensed by the comment, bends down further, taking more of that ridiculous oversized thing into her mouth like it were a most delicious... actually, with her current pounding headache Reimu couldn't think of any food that involves bending over at the waist to suck so thoroughly. Taking the length into her mouth as if it were a chocolate-covered dick. That analogy worked, she guessed.
"You don't have to just watch, you know...You can always join in, if you want, ze."

The shrine maiden shuddered and stepped back.
Only to swear as she stepped in something sharp - she hopped away bleeding profusely as she leaned against a wall to examine the nasty little spike lodged in the arch of her foot.

"A toy spire? What..?"
Peering down, she saw it - the toy-sized buildings, the red bricked mansion. The even smaller form of an angry vampire flying out the front doors to shake her fist at the one towering over her.
"-Ah, that'd be Sakuya's fault. Remi wanted to resize the Scarlet Devil Mans-uhh. Ahhh- Oh, that's just right, Alice, just- ahh-" Reimu turned away from the two entwined witches to look closer at the tiny, tiny form of Remilia, who appeared to have summoned a spellcard- "Ow! Quit it!"

She stepped forwards with her bleeding foot, trapping the tiny figure between two of her bare toes - the struggling vampire pinned down under the sweaty digits, rivulets of blood swamping her as though the victim was caught in a deluge. Frowned as she imagined picking up the impertinent shape up, kicking down the rest of the mansion, crushing it beneath her feet. Perhaps lifting her up to her mouth, wrapping her tongue round Remilia and swallowing her whole - feeling her slowly descend screaming into her warm, moist gullet in ironic turnabout. Or perhaps hitching her skirt, and pushing her within that aching-

Reimu shook her head, stepping off the now insensate vampire awash on her blood - looking dazedly upwards. What was she even thinking? She wasn't even wearing her skirt. She turned away in a state of disgust, knocking down the guardhouse as she went. Disgust at the shrunken forms. Disgust at what she had thought to do with them.

"So... what happened to Nitori, anyway?" The doll-jointed arm, still held forgotten in one hand, was thrown across the room. It bounced off the creaking Medicine - it contorted, trying to grab onto the torso to reattach itself. Reimu shut out the sounds and sight of stuttered moans and creak of strained plastic.

"Oh. We threw her in the pond out back when she got too drunk to stand up straight." Alice's voice sounded croaky, slightly sore. Not unsurprising, seeing what had been going into it.

"We thought it'd sober her up, but then your pet turtle seemed to grow very interested in her. When we came back inside it looked like she was getting her shirikodama reamed out. That feels nice, doesn't it Marisa?" As the two witches kissed, the thick cum leaked down their faces. It dripped across monochromatic and rainbow dresses only to spill across the still recumbent Patchouli, who stirred as it pooled across her breasts.

Reimu needed a breath of fresh air all of a sudden.


Tea. That's what she needed to clear this foggy headache, this debilitating ache in her loins and breasts that threatened to overwhelm her. It was some kind of aftershock from yesterday, that unrestrained orgy of sex and illicit substances still percolating through her body. Stumbling into the kitchen and cringing at the racket outside.

"Will you quiet it down-" The doors opened onto some bizzare freakshow warzone instead of the quiet shrine grounds she'd hoped for. A wailing Shikieiki, her hat on fire, ran by chased by that funny shikaisen taoist giggling insanely with blazing torch in hand. Two ghosts in violent battle or possibly rape, amorphous forms lashing into each other with tendrils of water and lightning as they rolled over the stone cobbles. Kyouko trapped inside the translucent shape, mouth gaping open as she's held spreadeagled, treated to a series of ghostly limbs penetrating her, ravishing her body with sparks of electricity and roiling ectoplasm.
A group of humans from the villagers cheering as they watched a spinning, oversexualised body gyrating in a fan dance, all bedecked in tassels of red and white. With her face, now she came to focus on it. That damn tanuki using her form, spreading her legs for the men to gawp and stare at her. -Wasn't she still inside with Ran? Trying to work out which one was the real Mamizou and which was probably Nue made Reimu's head hurt.
And at the end, Byakuren and Miko, facing each other sitting crosslegged on her tori peacefully. At least those two weren't indulging too much. If it wasn't for the zombie and hermit under Byakuren, and the tiger and mouse under Miko, she'd have been able to relax that tiny bit.

Instead, Reimu decided to close the door and cry for a bit.


"Stop..." Reimu's voice seemed pitiful, even to her own ears. Her breath caught as Yukari rested her across the gap youkai's lap.
Her breath fogged the cool air as the hands slid across her body, resting on her forehead, massaging her breasts. Too many touches on her for just one person. She could feel herself sinking deeper into the boundary youkai's grasp. Could feel her body responding more attentively with each light shift of the thigh between her own two legs, her back arching as Yukari's fingers brushed across her tender nipples.
"Do you want me to stop? Really?" the voice was liquid, intoxicating. It was hard to think straight, as hands closed round her ankles, her wrists. Her legs were spread, as if it were the most natural position, her arms held above her head as Yukari nibbled against her ear.
"Doing something to me- I, I don't. It feels good, but- stop." Yukari's own breath tickled against her neck, making her gasp. She desperately tried to remind herself the one holding her was just another facet of the ancient creature of the boundaries - something so increasingly difficult as her voice sought to moan her name.

"Mmm... Your reactions tell me otherwise. Tell me, my dear, lovely red-white. Do you really think you're immune to this level of depravity, that you shouldn't enjoy the sensations of your body?" Her fingers move deeper within Reimu, and she slips, again, deeper into this well of pleasure. The brush of skin against her tender rosebud, the invisible lips that lick and suck. All the perversions held in her mind overwhelming her remaining senses as Yukari carried her into the back rooms. The shrine maiden could see the outfit laid out for her, collar and ribbons and lace and not much else, could almost feel it clinging to her skin.

"We all want you to fall into our desires, dear one. To own you- your body, mind, your desires and flesh. To have them intermingle and become ours. You can feel yourself falling, can't you? Don't worry," she whispered, embracing the shrine maiden in paradise in countless shadowy hands. "We'll catch you. And hold you forever in our grasp."

And, as Reimu's mind filled with a colour of brilliant bright white, she managed a las, quiet question.
"Who are you people?"

Yukari smiled, and answered her. "The Aristocrats~"

The colour white, filling up her vision. And red, of course. A pure, unblemished red.


"Yo, Reimu!"

"Oh, Marisa. Back already?"


"I see you cleared up after the party on the weekend, ze."

"Thank you so much for running off without helping clean up at all."

"Fffrrrrhhh-!! Hhhhh-!!"

"Er...if you don't mind me asking, why've you got Yukari naked, ballgagged and blindfolded tied down over the donation box?"

"Eh, no reason. -Want to have a go riding her? Only five hundred yen!"

"Would I ever!"


It was far past the time this story was over.
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File 135018484689.png - (683.08KB , 849x866 , 21638099d6dc666a9476edcea30aad88.png ) [iqdb]
One day, the silver-haired maid you’d admired from afar came to your house and offered you dinner. There wasn’t any of the “made too much” runaround, just a simple “I’ve prepared your supper.”

She watched silently with cold blue eyes as you ate. You tried asking a few nervous questions, but she only answered one.

“Why did you come here?”

“My mistress has ordered me to court a young man from the village.”

That gave you plenty to think about for the rest of the meal.

Then, as soon as you finished eating, you found yourself lying in bed with her. Just as suddenly, an immense pleasure struck you and forced out the strongest ejaculation you’d ever felt. She kept a tight grip on your twitching body, breathing heavily and radiating warmth, and you discovered that you were shooting right into her womb. She accepted every drop of your sperm, and you fainted in her arms before you could think or ask anything else.

But you’re sure you felt a kiss on your forehead right before you lost consciousness.

She was gone in the morning, and you naturally wondered if it had all been some kind of delusion. But she came again that night, and for every night afterwards, bringing you dinner and emptying your balls.

It’s been a strange two weeks.

She claimed to be “courting” you, but the two of you hardly ever spoke. The only real interaction you had was that precious minute in bed, when you sensed something behind her cold, emotionless exterior. Something warm and caring… Perhaps even loving.

And now she’s come once again. Your strange relationship with this beautiful woman could go on like this forever, but you’ve realized that being together like this without ever talking won’t be satisfying for either one of you. Today, you’re going to change things.

Tonight’s dinner is as impressive as always: “Veal and mushrooms on a bed of spinach, covered in a port wine sauce,” she calls it. Like all of her cooking, it’s utterly alien but undeniably delicious.

You chew on a slice of mushroom to your mouth and sigh happily as the strange and wonderful flavors play across your tongue. The maid flickers slightly, and a bit of sauce that rubbed off on your lips suddenly disappears. It’s a fairly common occurrence with her, though your lips usually don’t feel quite so warm and moist afterwards.

The silence is thicker than pudding, as usual. The maid’s glare seems to preemptively shut down any questions you might like to ask. It would be easier to communicate if you could reach out and touch her, but she stays glued to one spot in the far corner of the room. That corner seems further away than the end of the world.

She certainly is attractive, though. That strange blue-and-white uniform is quite modest, but the pale, elegant skin you can see assures you that her body is excellently well-kept. Her short silver hair with twin braids adds further to her otherworldly appearance, as do her eyes. They’re usually a cold blue, but sometimes they change to red or brown for a split-second. Their color doesn’t change their intensity, though.

However, you’ve noticed something important: her expression becomes fiercer as the food on your plate diminishes, like she’s silently willing you to hurry up and finish. Given what happens afterward, this may be her only weakness. So, you pull together all of your courage and leave the last scrap of meat on your plate.

And wait.

Silence reigns. After a minute, the maid starts to twitch visibly. Her clasped hands are starting to fidget a little, and her eyes are burning a hole on the small piece of veal that’s keeping her from moving on.

Finally, you smile at her.

“That eager, huh?”

If she’d been holding something, it would have dropped and shattered. You stand up and slowly walk towards her with jittering legs and a nonthreatening smile. Her eyes dart all over the room as her hand tightens on something with a golden chain, but she can’t decide whether or not to escape.

It’s nice that she’s not running, but now you have to actually make your case.

“You don’t need to hide it like that. I feel the same way.”

You’d say more, but your speaking skills fail you in the face of such a refined-looking woman. It’s frustrating.

The maid’s expression doesn’t give much away. You’re expecting her to hit you, or run, or both, so it’s a shock when she kisses you instead. You recover from the surprise as quickly as you can and press back against her soft lips, which seems to catch her by surprise. Your newfound excitement drives you to make the bold decision to push your tongue into her mouth.

A minute of confused but passionate kissing follows. You don’t really know what you’re doing, so you just suck on her lips and try to press your tongue into hers while she does something roughly similar. Her tongue moves much faster than yours, bust she’s so flustered that it doesn’t do her any good.

The kiss is keeping the two of you from having to speak, so you’re both reluctant to let it end. When you finally do draw away, she’s blushing just as hard as you are. The nervousness lasts a moment longer before she takes a deep breath, visibly collects herself, and puts on a smirk.

“… If that’s the kind of service you desire, then follow me.”

The maid darts around you and strides off to your bedroom. You’re stunned for a moment, but your hormones kick you into gear and get you to follow her.

When you reach the bedroom, she’s dressed down to a button-up shirt and stockings. They leave much less to the imagination than her uniform did. The rest of her clothes are neatly folded up in the corner, with a golden pocket watch resting on top. She glances at it one more time before turning to face you with that same smirk. It’s like she’s hiding behind it.

“Are you sure about this?” you ask.

“I’ll do whatever you desire.”

Now that she has her sex appeal backing her up, she seems more confident again. With things framed like this, she can ignore any feelings she might have and say she’s just giving you a “special service.”

You reach out towards her, but your hands don’t make it. Instead, she spins you around and swiftly undresses you before pushing you down onto your futon. She sits down right in your lap, making sure to press her crotch directly against your exposed penis. She’s only half-dressed, but the warmth between her legs and the sight of her confident-yet-nervous face are enough to make you painfully hard. You’ve fantasized about this more than once.

You put a hand on the side of her head and pull her in for another kiss. Her tongue acts far more skilled this time, easily running circles around your own, which might as well be standing still. She ends it herself this time and sits back up, chuckling in her womanly voice and unbuttoning her shirt and sliding her hips back and forth all at once.

The shirt falls away to fully reveal her beautiful figure. It’s even more incredible than you’d imagined, perfectly lean and spotless without being overly muscular. A lacy black bra holds in a pair of modest-yet-perky breasts which still manage to jiggle as she intensifies her grinding. You can see that she’s wearing a matching black garter belt and panties as well, all made from the most elegant fabric you’ve ever seen.

The maid chuckles in amusement as you drink in the sight. She reaches back and unhooks her bra just as you’re starting to get used to it, revealing a pair of beautiful pale handfuls with bright pink nipples. Your hands shoot up and squeeze them immediately, forcing out a small moan.

Now it’s your turn to tease her. She stops moving her hips and allows you to sit up and kiss her while you run your hands all over her beautiful body. She seems to be sensitive all over, shivering and moaning whenever you kiss the base of her neck or run your fingers down her back.

“You’re beautiful,” you manage to say. She rewards you with a kiss and a naughty smile, then pushes you onto your back a again and scoots forward to press her damp panties into your face. Despite their dark color, a large damp spot is clearly visible. The tight black stockings contrast beautifully with her milky skin, and the smooth fabric complements the firm, hairless legs underneath.

Her ass is extremely firm and well-defined as well. No matter how hard you grab it, but your fingers hardly sink in at all. It would be awkward to remove her panties all the way, so you just pull them aside to expose a hairless pink slit covered in a thin film of liquid. The sight and the powerful smell of arousal that comes with it leave you staring in amazement for some time.

The feeling of a kiss on your glans snaps you back. The maid’s tongue swirls around the tip several times, creating a slippery mixture of saliva and precum that drips down to cover your shaft. When you’re nicely lubricated, she puckers her lips around your penis and lowers her head until she kisses the base and the tip kisses her throat. A satisfied sound squirms around your glans as it escapes her lungs

You can’t fall too far behind. You spread her pussy with two trembling thumbs, exposing a rick pink interior that you dig into with your tongue. She moans loudly at the unexpected sensation, and your penis feels the full force of her pleasure.

You tighten your grip on her cheeks and digging around in her your tongue against the moist, delicious slit while her hot mouth glides up and down in smooth, confident motions. Occasionally, she pulls back to the glans and licks it nonstop while she strokes the shaft with her smooth, soft hands. At other times, she does the exact opposite, swallowing the entire length and sucking on it for ten seconds straight

The pleasure keeps building up until you can hardly keep licking. Sensing the lack of stimulation, your partner crawls all the way off of you and turns around to continue her sucking. The fellatio feels even better when you can see her head bobbing up and down and the mixture of servitude and confidence in her eyes. Eventually, she pulls her mouth off and addresses you while her fingers dance along the shaft.

“Hmm, you’ve lasted for quite a while. You deserve something extra.”

You watch in amazement as the maid grabs her breasts and closes them around your penis. They’re large enough to fully encircle it, but they only cover about half of its length. She holds them tightly and slides her chest up and down while she teases your urethra with her tongue. The friction and softness together feel incredible, and her tongue makes your cock twitch constantly without ever escaping the soft cage of her breasts.

That mouth and tongue are too seductive to resist. You grab her head with both hands and pull it up for a kiss. The sudden intrusion of your tongue startles her, but she quickly commits to the tongueplay. She’s still far more skilled at it, but you’re passionate and forceful enough to make some headway of your own.

The distance is just right for her to tongue-fence and titfuck you at the same time, and she doesn’t lose a bit of her skill in either. Those wonderfully soft and slippery breasts are drawing you dangerously close to orgasm, and the passionate kiss is only speeding it up.

She’s fully aware of this, though. When you’re right on the edge, she breaks the kiss and wraps her lips around your cock in a single motion. The last of your endurance melts away in the warmth of her mouth.

Your penis clenches up tightly, and your senses take a brief vacation while your penis shoots out several long, thick strings of sperm. Something about the taste or the amount seems to surprise her, but she closes her eyes and obediently swallows every drop. A warm smile covers her face when she sees your reaction, and her body seems to fill up with confidence. Things must be going exactly as she wants.

“Hmm, did you enjoy that? How about we move right on to something else, then?” She stands up and eagerly removes her panties, leaving her naked except for her garter belt and stockings. She fully understands the appeal of leaving them on.

Unfortunately, your softened penis breaks her momentum. She pouts in frustration for a moment, but it quickly changes to a dangerous smile.


Crossing her arms under her breasts, she lifts one of her feet and presses it between your legs. Her foot is warm and firm, and the soft stocking adds to the richness of the sensation. She squeezes the shaft between her big toe and the one next to it and starts stroking forcefully, and her grin takes on a perverted tone as a few moans leak out of your mouth.

Her foot and the look on her face quickly revives your erection, which she crushes under her heel. You catch a glimpse of pink between her legs as you convulse in pleasure, and she lets go of your penis when she sees where you’re looking.

“Oh, you’re finally ready? Lay back and relax. I’ll squeeze out everything.”

She drops to her knees and spreads her pussy, letting the heat and humidity flow over your penis. Her delicate hands lift up your penis, allowing her to drop straight onto it with practiced ease.

Her soft walls immediately close around your cock. They’re as tight as you’d expect from her firm body, but not enough to be painful. The heat is intense well, and her slippery juices coat your shaft completely the moment it enters her.

Still blushing fiercely, the maid licks her lips and moves her hips up and down a few times to stroke your cock with her wonderful pussy. However, she suddenly loses her poise and cries out after the third thrust.

In her excitement, she seems to have forgotten how close to she was to orgasm. She doubles over in pleasure as a flurry of contractions assaults your cock, forcing it to feel every inch of her soft, luxurious walls. Her face breaks out into an wonderful smile, and you briefly see the kind of passion you knew she’d been hiding this whole time.

Then she sees you looking, and something close to terror covers her face.

“Ah, n-no, this isn’t… ”

You reach out to her, but she sits up and turns around sharply, nearly falling over as she stuns both of you with pleasure.

“Hey… Agh!” Your protests die in your throat as she starts pumping her hips up and down. Her walls tighten up mercilessly with each plunge, crushing your penis in a hot, slippery vise. All your other senses fade into the background, leaving you to focus entirely on the sweltering tightness and the hypnotic sight of her sweaty ass bouncing up and down your soaked length.

Then, when it seems the pleasure can’t get any stronger, you feel the maid’s soft hands close around your scrotum. She chuckles and lovingly strokes it before moving onto some gentle squeezing not slowing her hips in the slightest. As her panic fades, she starts moving her hips in slow circles and twisting them back and forth when you’re fully inside her.

But, this isn’t what you want. You don’t want her to laugh and tease you like this; you want to hold her close and whisper her name and make love to her. If you give up here, she’ll just make you a slave to her body and tease you like this every night, and you won’t be any closer to her than before.

“It feels amazing, doesn’t it? Please, go ahead and let out--ah?”

Using all the strength and willpower you can muster, you pull her down on top of you and quickly close your arms around her stomach. She tries to struggle away, but you kiss the sensitive spot on her neck and start thrusting yourself.

“You too. Let it all out.“

You can’t move your hips with her forcefulness and precise timing, but you won’t let that hold you back. Her pussy clenches and quivers nervously with the rest of her body, shuddering after each one of your thrusts. You reach up and squeeze her breasts as well, almost crushing them beneath your trembling hands.

Her moaning starts out embarrassed and confused, but those emotions give way to pure pleasure as her resistance breaks up. It’s time to put everything on the line.

“You don’t need to hide from me. I like you too.”


“I love you.”

Time stops for a moment before you bury your cock inside and grind roughly against her walls. She cries out in a loud, passionate voice and turns her head sideways to try and kiss you. You stop moving your hips and focus on reading her feelings as your tongue clumsily interacts with hers. She’s grown nervous again, but she’s full of enthusiasm as well.

“I… I love you…” she whispers.

That’s all you need to hear. You tighten your grip on her body and start moving again, making her moan in delight as you churn her up. Two more orgasms, even stronger than before, seize the two of you.

The strength leaves both your bodies as you twitch and shudder with pleasure. An enormous load shoots out of your penis and right into her womb, and her moans rise to an even higher pitch as her pussy clamps down and sucks on you to milk out as much as possible.

You both finally run out of pleasure, and the moans and screams give way to tired panting. The maid rolls off of you and gives you the warm smile you’ve been waiting for.

You knew she could do it.

You spend a long time just smiling back at her. Eventually, something important suddenly occurs to you.


She tilts her head with curiosity.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard your name.”

She pauses to consider this, then laughs softly in agreement. “You’re right. You may call me Sakuya Izayoi.” Her voice is gentler now, and still wavering with uncertainty. Perhaps it sounds as strange to her as it does to you.

“Why did you choose me, Sakuya?”

“… You had an excellent taste in tea,” she says with a bit of embarrassment. “I liked to think that it made you a perfect gentleman. When my mistress ordered me to find a boyfriend, you were the only one I could imagine myself choosing.

“You were kind and appreciative, and I enjoyed serving you, but I was afraid you’d disappoint me somehow if I got to know you better. So I hid some things from you and then tried to hide my feelings behind sex, but…”

She can’t go past that, so you kiss her again and stroke her hair reassuringly. A dangerous question lights up in your mind, and you can’t keep yourself from asking.

“So, how do I compare to the ‘me’ you imagined?”

Sakuya tilts her head. “Hmm. You’re far less refined, but far more earnest. If you’re willing to confess and put up with someone like me…”

“I knew you were a wonderful woman. I wanted to see this side of you, no matter what.”

Sakuya purrs and snuggles closer to you, but stops when her thigh presses into something stiff.

“Hm? Even after…?”

You smile nervously. Sakuya smiles and lets out a short sigh.

“Very well. I’ll take care of… No, that’s not it. We’ll make love.”

You nod and move in for a deep kiss. It seems like you have all the time in the world now, so you and Sakuya use it to fully explore every corner of each other’s mouths. Your new erection gets stiffer and wetter, and you find yourself grinding it against Sakuya’s soft, stocking-clad thigh.

“Hey, you’ll get it dirty!” Sakuya says in a teasing voice. She leaves your embrace and crawls back until her head’s between your legs. Her blushing smile is much more appealing than the teasing grin she wore last time she was down there.

Her skilled tongue cleans off all the residue of your last round, and bit of carefully-measured sucking while she stares lovingly into your eyes gets you fully hard again.

You pull Sakuya’s head off your penis, and she crawls forward again until it’s level with her soaked pussy. She completes the alignment with her own hands and eagerly impales herself on your cock, letting it penetrate all the way to her cervix in one stroke. A perverted grin breaks out on her face as a high-pitched moan squeaks out from between her lips to meet your deep groan.

Sakuya carefully lies down on top of you. She’s still wonderfully soft and warm inside, and you can feel your own hot sperm leaking out of her womb. She moves her hips around a few times to get used to your penis, then smiles down at you.

“Please, allow me…” Sakuya plants her hands on either side of you and starts riding your cock. Her soft, wet walls tighten up once again and massage her warm fluids into your penis. She constantly varies then angle to find what feels good for her, but that becomes a difficult task when you start kissing and careesing her body. She throws her head back to let out a rich, elegant moan, you take the opportunity to focus on her breasts. Her nipples turn out to be exceptionally sensitive, and she shivers almost continuously when you suck on them.

The pleasure’s making her slow down. You slide your hands down Sakuya’s back to reach, tickling her and making her shiver every inch of the way. When they finally reach her ass, you give it a playful smack and grab it tightly. Its smoothness and firmness forces you to squeeze and grope it for a while until your penis reminds you that Sakuya isn’t moving at all now. You move your head away from her chest to see her smirking at you.

“Enjoying yourself, I see.”

You settle your grip on her ass and hold it steady as you start thrusting up into her. After all of her experimentation, you’ve figured out an effective angle that shatters the last of her self-control.

Sakuya breaks out of your grip and starts thrusting back down onto your penis. It takes you a while to coordinate when you’re both so aroused, but you eventually develop a steady, pleasurable rhythm. She’s not ashamed to let out her moans now, almost delighting in showing you the perverted faces she can make. You can’t resist kissing her again, and the sensations and emotions blur together into a single, wonderful feeling. She’s so beautiful, and so delicate…

Sakuya breaks the kiss for you.

“I want… I want it even harder…”

You roll over to put Sakuya on the bottom. She puts her arms and legs together around your back and squeezes tightly with both, but that makes it hard to keep thrusting. Realizing her mistake, she relaxes her legs and lets you go as fast as you please. Your penis hits her sperm-soaked cervix with each thrust, and you can feel the desire to fill her even further building up inside you.

“That’s good… That’s so good…”

You tell her you love her again, and she nods and repeats it. The shimmering tears in her eyes make her even more beautiful. Her breasts bounce gently with each one of your thrusts, and her hands dig into the futon and knot up the sheets as she arches her back in pleasure.

“I love you! I love you! I love you!”

She cuts herself off with a loud cry as her walls shudder and coil around your penis. You collapse on top of her as the pleasure overtakes you, and you moth moan contentedly while her pussy wrings out the last of your sperm. Your load is smaller this time, but it’s still enough to make the sperm overflow and leak out onto the sheets.

Minutes of bliss pass before your senses return. You roll off of Sakuya and stare lovingly at her firm, sweat-soaked figure and the pool of sperm between her legs. She sees you looking and smiles back.

“Can I count on your service again tomorrow?” you ask.

“But of course. Perhaps I'll come without panties next time?”

You chuckle quietly and hug her close.

You and Sakuya still don’t really know each other, but you’ve finally opened up to each other. No matter what happens, you’ll always treasure that smile.
No. 27034
File 135019184733.jpg - (264.57KB , 896x716 , 123456789.jpg ) [iqdb]
A harvest feast was arrayed on the dinner table, samples from all the successful crops of the year prepared in a myriad of ways. Slices of vegetables sailed through the air, slamming into the back of an unsuspecting goddess’ head.

The targeted girl whirled around. “Shizuha! Stop throwing food at me!”

The goddess of autumn leaves rolled her eyes and flicked more sweet potato chunks at her younger sister. “We aren’t going to eat all of this, Minorin, we never do. Isn’t it better to find a use for it?”

“Save it, then! Or sell it or burn it or whatever. Just stop-ack,” a perfectly launched projectile flew into the harvest goddess’ mouth, cutting off her protests by lodging itself in her throat.

The sound of knuckles rasping against wood reached the sisters’ ears. Shizuha chuckled and stood from the dining table, leaving her choking younger sister behind. The autumn goddess jogged over and answered the door to their house.

“Hello- a-ah…” the minor goddess swallowed, her body breaking out in cold sweat at the sight of their visitors. The impassive stare of the large, purple-haired woman and the mischievous grin of the smaller, blonde girl were terrifying in their own ways. “L-Lady Moriya, Lady Yasaka, welcome. How can we be of service this fine evening?”

The frog goddess slipped past Shizuha, twirling around inside the halls of the Aki sisters’ home. “You know exactly what we’re here for, Shi-zu-ha~.”

“I-Is that so, Lady Moriya? Then, if you would care to follow me upstairs…”

“Nope!” Suwako Moriya leaped upwards and tapped Shizuha on the nose. The force of the seemingly benign motion caused the autumn goddess to stagger backwards into the arms of the other visiting goddess.

“I played with you last year! Where’s Minoriko? I hope she’s as excited as I am~.” The child-like goddess took off down the halls, her run a mixture of short strides and long leaps.

“Sorry Minorin…” The older sister of the autumnal pair offered a silent prayer to her unlucky counterpart. Standing back on her own two feet, Shizuha turned to the goddess still standing in the doorway. “Lady Yasaka, would you like to come in?”

The presiding goddess of the Moriya shrine chuckled at the offer. “You know as well as I do the house won’t be particularly safe. Shall we head outside?”

“A-As you wish.” The sky goddess and leaf goddess stepped outside together. The sudden crashing sounds from inside the house were cut-off by the careful closing of the door.

Without a word spoken between them, the two goddesses meandered off through the woods around Youkai Mountain and strolled under the bright moonlight. The Aki sisters’ house was small and humble, entirely unfitting for a pair of goddesses, but it was the most they could afford. Even if they were richer, Shizuha wouldn’t trade their home for the world.

“Does your home bother you? I believe some of the Tengu have been looking for buyers further up the mountain.” Kanako commented, as if reading the other goddess’ mind.

“No thank you, Lady Yasaka. This home holds many memories for us. Besides, I could not dare infringe upon your kindness further.”

“I hardly see it as a problem. Even a miniscule investment from the shrine would be enough to upgrade your accommodations.”

The properties on the mountain filled with luxuries such as electricity were tempting, but Shizuha shook her head. “I’m afraid I must decline, Lady Yasaka. Your generosity in sharing faith with us so we can remain active year round is already far more than we could ever ask for.”

“If you insist, although it is little trouble for us. We gain far more from this small expenditure than what it costs.”

“I wish I could be more like you, Lady Yasaka, able to lie so easily,” Shizuha stopped along the path and rested her hand against a tree. Golden autumn leaves fluttered down around her. “If we were at all stronger, it would make more sense, but-”

The autumnal goddess squeaked when warm hands embraced her from behind. “Maintaining solidarity amongst the gods is more than enough of a reason for our actions. The fact that you and your sister are delightful company and deserve more consistent faith assures us of our decision.”

“L-Lady Ya…Lady Kanako…thank you.” Shizuha leaned back into the warmth of the older and more powerful goddess, the few tears that ran down her cheeks wiped away by smooth hands. The comfort seeped into Shizuha, restoring her usual confidence.

The goddess of falling leaves turned around in the embrace and hugged the Moriya goddess. Shizuha let her hands rest against the top of Kanako’s back before slowly sliding them downwards. The smooth silks of Kanako’s blouse caused Shizuha’s fingers to tingle in delight as they descended. Questing fingers brushed across the rope belt tied around Kanako’s waist before removing it completely in one deft motion.

Prize in hand, Shizuha skipped away from the other goddess. She swung the rope belt around and around before chucking it into the forest. “Let’s begin the communion, Kanako.”

The blonde goddess pressed forwards, pushing the Moriya goddess back against a tree. Shizuha captured Kanako’s lips in the rush and intertwined their tongues. Sprightly hands darted in, slipping underneath red cloth to brush against Kanako’s chest. The purple-haired goddess buckled under the sudden pressure, the two entangled goddesses sliding down to the ground.

“Do you know what you’re doing?” Kanako’s voice was barely elevated, the older goddess the picture of poise from where she sat.

“Of course I do.” Shizuha held a hand to her breast in mock offense, her bravado spurring her onwards. “Leave it to me.”

Shizuha took full advantage of their new position, sliding her knees underneath Kanako’s long skirt and brushing against the soft skin of the Moriya goddess’ inner thighs. Soft moans were caught inside the interlocked mouths of the two goddesses, the slight vibrations causing the lustful atmosphere to grow.

The two kept at their passionate kiss before breaking apart, the heat from their bodies too much to bear. Shizuha grunted in frustration when Kanako’s blouse proved too stubborn to remove itself. Laughing aloud, the older goddess slipped out of her shirt and grabbed Shizuha by the back of the head.

“O-Oh, w-wait a-” The young goddess was given no time to speak before being pulled down. With her other hand, Kanako nimbly undid the buttons of Shizuha’s blouse and removed the top without effort. The autumn god’s white undergarment was tossed away an instant later. The younger goddess squealed uncontrollably when experienced fingers ministered her chest with light pinches.

Faced flushed with embarrassment and longing, Shizuha scrabbled at the clasp of the cloth barrier of her partner, managing to yank Kanako’s bra away after a moment of fumbling. The youthful goddess lowered her attentions, leaving a trail of butterfly kisses down Kanako’s neck. Pleasure arched through Kanako’s back, a slick tongue teasing her breasts mercilessly before a warm mouth tended to her aching chest.

Shizuha strove forward with her attack, letting her hands wander down low while her mouth kept Kanako occupied. Hooking her fingers around the band of Kanako’s skirt, the clothing was easily lowered and removed, the older goddess bending her legs to accelerate the process.

The black panties Kanako wore were disposed of. Shizuha wasted no time in sliding her fingers into the slick warmth of the older goddess, pushing them inwards until she could caress Kanako with her thumb as well, pressing against the goddess from outside and in.

“Mhmm.” With her mouth busy, Shizuha couldn’t comment when legs swept up and locked around her waist. Kept close by Kanako, the young goddess was encouraged to slide her fingers in and out, faster and faster.

Eyes bright and focused, Kanako reached around the active goddess leaning over her and lifted the leaf-like skirt. The older goddess rolled her hips in tune with Shizuha’s efforts and then reciprocated the pleasure. Shizuha moaned as Kanako’s fingers twisted around her white panties and entered her. She felt some of her juices slide down her thighs, her body perfectly ready for Kanako’s advance.

“A-Ah, ah,” the young goddess was speechless, her mind lost in a haze of ecstasy. Even if she thought herself the aggressor, the girl was dominated by the woman she leaned over. She sped up and slow down to the bodily commands of the goddess Yasaka. Shizuha was helpless, squealing when her firm ass was slapped and crying out in hunger when Kanako dared to slow down. Even her wordless protests were permissible only when the purple-haired goddess did not entrap her soft lips.

Kanako kept careful control over herself and her partner. Unlike the autumn goddess’ heavy breathing and glazed eyes, Kanako did not lose herself in the act. Shizuha’s amateur techniques were nowhere near close enough to compete with the old goddess’ tricks. The goddess of the mountain subtly touched Shizuha in a dozen different ways, raising the young goddess up and bringing her spiraling down at leisure.

With ease of practice, Kanako unhooked her legs and braced them against the ground, swiftly rolling over and bringing herself atop the goddess of falling leaves. Inhumanely fast movements discarded the autumn goddess’ skirt and panties, leaving the two women openly exposed to each other.

Shizuha whimpered while she laid flat on the ground, any semblance of control over the situation completely lost. The blonde goddess grabbed the grass tightly with both hands to stop her arms from flailing; her legs were already pinned underneath Kanako’s own. The most Shizuha could do was buck wildly, her back arching on its own and her hips thrusting upwards uncontrollably when the entirety of Kanako’s hand was used to fill her.

“You like this, don’t you?” Silky words were whispered into Shizuha’s ear, Kanako’s warm breath tickling the tip of her ear.

“N-Not as m-much as- ah!” Shizuha’s smart retort was cut off with a cry of pleasurable pain. Kanako’s sharp thrusts caused the young goddess’ groin to throb, her body too tight for the abuse.

Kanako smirked and pulled out slightly, twirling her fingers around Shizuha’s lower lips. “You were saying?”

Fire not entirely extinguished, Shizuha panted before trying to respond. “Y-You a-aren’t as g-good as y-eaaah!” Two hands plunged inwards and stretched her painfully, pulling and pushing inside her. She screamed in confused delight, her core pounded mercilessly. Shizuha could see her skin bulge from the rough treatment of the powerful Moriya goddess.

After an agonizing yet thrilling minute, the hands retreated and returned to their slow teasing. “One more time?”

“Y-You’re r-right, L-Lady Yasaka.” Shizuha lost her bluster completely, hopes for reasserting herself thrashed against the ground.

“Oh? How am I right?” Kanako smirked in satisfaction and began to rock slowly, driving into the goddess underneath her with smooth, tantalizing motions.

“I-I love t-this, L-La-aaah…” Words were lost to sighs of comfortable pleasure.

The two goddesses swayed together, back and forth. Kanako worked for the both of them, pleasuring herself as much as Shizuha. The gentle thrusting intensified into a crescendo, the movements drawing out absolute pleasure from the pair.

The two women rose higher and higher under Kanako’s careful control. With hands moving in rhythmic circles and bodies bouncing back and forth, the two goddesses harmonized together. With flesh and desired connected, their minds drew closer. The physical sensations peaked and the goddesses climaxed together, their souls connecting in union for the briefest of moments.

“Haaah,” Shizuha closed her eyes and sighed in blissful relief, the tiring ordeal finished.

When the blonde girl opened her eyes once more, a fully dressed Kanako stood over her. A pile of garments dropped and landed on her bare chest.

Grumbling slightly, Shizuha sat up and began to dress. Her nose scrunched in disgust when she put on her undergarments; she never liked to dirty her clothes on purpose.

Kanako laughed and rubbed Shizuha’s hair, the young goddess’ thoughts easily guessed by the goddess of the mountain. “How does it feel, Shizuha?”

“G-Good…” The blonde goddess answered out of reflex before blushing in embarrassment. “I mean, I can feel your faith sustaining me again.”

Kanako reached down to help Shizuha to her feet. “That’s wonderful to hear.”

Gingerly bouncing back and forth on her two feet, Shizuha clasped Kanako’s arm. “So, would you like to stay for dinner, Lady Kanako? Minorin cooked up the last of the harvest into a feast for us.”

“I would love to. I’ll be sure to thank your sister for her consistent thoughtfulness every year.”

“Yeah, Minorin is such a reliable sister!”

“Indeed. Speaking of reliability, can I trust in your support during the Winter festival?”

“Of course. I have to pay back that horrible woman for her trickery, no matter the cost!”

The goddesses of the mountain turned back towards the Aki sister’s home, ready to sup together on the last day of autumn and celebrate another joyful year. With great cheer the two goddesses walked down the forested path, hand in hand, striding onwards to their future.
No. 27046
File 135025053877.jpg - (266.79KB , 700x900 , 6f3c20c201443729d739748bc28b08dd.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Look, Ruukoto, I asked for you from Yumemi for a reason.” Reimu folds her arms over her chest and glares at me.

“But Reimu, I've been cleaning the shrine, just like you asked!” The implied slight on my cleaning abilities is unpleasant. I know that I'm not the best, but I try!

She shakes her head. “That's not it. I appreciate the cleaning, even though you're a bit... enthusiastic about it,” she says. So I accidentally, while cleaning the donation box one day, might have been scrubbing it a little too hard, and possibly creating a friction-induced fire, which then proceeded to spread to the torii over the box, and would have burned the whole shrine down if not for the quick actions of Suika, but that could have happened to anybody! Honest. “I got you for another reason.”

She then walks over to me, and grabs my left breast. She scowls at my lack of reaction. “See? Nothing! Yumemi promised me a sexbot, and you don't even react!”

“Reimu, it's just a coolant pod. What do you expect me to do?”

She's not happy. “A coolant pod? A COOLANT POD?! Jesus, at least fake it for me!”

“But, uh, I don't know what to do!”

She sighs heavily, the forever underappreciated and overworked miko. At least that's the image she tries to protect. She's bad at it. “Look, I want you to moan when I grab your breast.”

“Coolant pod.”

“BREAST. It's a breast, not a coolant pod. Stop thinking of yourself as a robot for once.”

I shrug. Well, she's the boss, so... “Okay. I'll try.”

Reimu cracks her knuckles. “Alright. Let's do this.” She grabs my left breast again. Then she looks up at me expectantly.

Oh! Right! I'm supposed to moan. “Ahn.”

“Is that it? Is that your best?”

I still don't know what she even wants. “I guess so?” She squeezes my coolant pod again. “Um. Uhn?”
Reimu buries her face in the palms of her hands, in despair. “I'm sorry, Reimu. I just don't... just don't get what it is you want.”

“I want you to act like you're feeling something!” Reimu's exasperation is evident in the way she's thrown up her hands and simply given up. “I don't want someone that will lie back and think of England!”


“Figure of speech. Look, I'll have to show you.” She cups her hands around her mouth. “Oi! Suika! I need you to help me with something!”

A tiny oni with disproportionately large horns swaggers in, smelling strongly of alcohol. Of course I don't know what alcohol 'smells' like, but I have enough aerochemical sensors to be able to tell. “'Sup, Reimu?”

“Suika, I need you to do me a favor. I need you to get naked for me.”

Suika shrugs. “Kay.” She's obviously used to Reimu asking things like this. She shrugs out of her tattered shirt, undoes her belt, and drops her skirt. She's not wearing anything underneath. I believe this is called 'going commando'.

Reimu turns to me. “Now, I need you to watch this. Take in what Suika does.” She turns to Suika, and roughly pushes her down. I know Suika is strong enough, easily, that if she doesn't want to be moved, she doesn't move.

Suika flops down onto the futon that Reimu had laid out on the shrine's tatami mats. “Pomf~!” She giggles.

Reimu stops suddenly, in the middle of kneeling down to Suika. “Pomf? Really? For fuck's sake, Suika! I'm trying to teach Ruukoto here to be a sexbot! I don't want her pomfing the whole time! Kills my ladyboner.” She then proceeds to give me a pointed glance.

“Pomf~!” Sometimes, I just can't help it. Poking fun at Reimu is the best.

She just glares at me, and I can't stop the smile from spreading across my face. “I'll deal with you later. For now...” She holds up two fingers. “Hey. Suika. Think of a number between one and three.”

Suika thinks for a moment. She's genuinely thinking this over. How much has she had to drink? “Um... Two?”

“That's right! Two pong!” Reimu strikes like a cobra, sliding those two fingers inbetween Suika's legs fast as a flash.

Suika's back arches. “Ahh~! Not so fast, Reimu!”

Reimu looks at me again. “See? Like that! Though I wonder what is actually between your legs, if I can even actually do this to you.” I shrug. Best to keep her guessing. Never show your whole hand. She then proceeds to finish kneeling down between Suika's legs, and brings her mouth to Suika's crotch. Her tongue flicks out with a speed only an expert can achieve.

Suika tries to pull away at first. “Mm~ Reimu, you're going too fast! I can't... I can't last!” Reimu says nothing, just puts one hand on Suika's flat chest, and starts kneading her nipple between her fingers. “Ah~ no, don't~!” Suika's legs embrace Reimu, who draws in a bit closer, so that Suika can wrap her legs entirely around Reimu's neck. Reimu is trying to pass this whole thing off as an 'educational experience' for me, but I can tell she's starting to get aroused herself. Her face is flushed, and her breathing is sped up... not quite as much as Suika, but I think Reimu's saving herself for later.

“Mmm... Reimu, you make me so horny~!”

Reimu abruptly stops. “A pun? Really? God DAMN it, Suika! I'm trying to teach her to be a good lover by using you as an example, and then you go and throw out puns!”

Suika can't contain her laughter, and I can see it shake her entire tiny frame. “What? Don't you like my magnificent rack?” She breaks down into more hysterics.

“I hate you so much, Suika.”

“But Reimu, that's... that's the whole point!” By this time, tears are coming to her eyes, she's laughing so hard.

“Suika, this is not the situation to do this in. Seriously, stop with the puns.”

“You could... you could...” Words are hard for Suika as she's trying to get them out between gasps of laughter. “You could say that... that it's the wrong tine!”

“Fuck you, Suika. Fuck you.” But Reimu's trying her hardest not to laugh now. But it's starting to crack.

“Aren't you doing that right now?” Suika is still gasping from laughing so hard.

“Okay. You know what? Either this stops, or we find out how many dicks in your mouth it takes to shut you up.”

“More than you've got!” Suika is cracking up again, but this time she's interrupted mid-laugh by a gasp of pleasure and pain, as Reimu tweaks her clitoris.

“This works just fine too. Now are you going to behave?”

Suika giggles. “If I say no, are you going to punish me?”

Reimu sighs, and simply dives her head into Suika's crotch. I believe the technical term for this technique is “muff diving”.

Suika moans and squirms, but Reimu keeps up the pressure. This continues for some time, and upon conclusion, Suika's body bows, and she screams in pleasure, before collapsing into a sweaty, trembling heap. Reimu pulls her fingers out, and points directly at me. “That! That is the kind of response I want from you!” She gets up, leaving Suika in the last tender grasp of the orgasm that rocked her body, and strides over to me. Her finger pokes me directly in the chest. “I'll teach you yet.”

“But, Reimu, I don't...”

She pokes me again. “No. Shut up. You're a fucking nuclear-powered robot maid. You're a nuclear-powered fucking robot. And now, you're going to get naked for me.”

I shrug. “Okay.” She's the boss. I untie and drop the white frilly apron that she wants me to wear around the shrine first. Next comes the headdress, I reach up to- “No. Leave that on.” Fine, I guess the headdress doesn't come off. So, I undo the straps in the back of my blue dress, and that drops to the ground. My skin is a pseudo-plastic: it feels almost exactly like real skin, and even has a nice, peach tone. Yumemi went all out on me. I reach behind me to undo my frilly black bra's hook- “No. Stop. Slower. Sexier.”

I pause. “What does that even mean?”

“It means you need to take it off slowly, and tease. Don't undress like this is some sort of sterile, boring thing. Put some soul into it.”

“Well, some people have made the argument that robots don't-”

“Shut up, and get naked. Better, this time.” She's staring intently at me. I suppose I'll try, but I'm not sure what she wants. So, I bend at the waist while undoing my bra with one hand, and as the straps slip off the back, I hold the front of the bra with my other hand, hiding my coolant pods- er, breasts- from view. Slowly, slowly I straighten up, and at the same time, bend my knees down, to a kneeling position in front of Reimu. Slowly, I slip the bra off- revealing one nipple at a time. They're pink and perfectly round- I'd always wondered why Yumemi bothered to include them. Apparently there are some things she expected that she'd never told me about.

“Good. Panties next.”

I think this is a good time to interject. “Why are you the only one clothed here, Reimu?”

She thinks about this for a moment. “I hadn't realized that yet. Good on you for pointing it out. Now, pay attention.” Reimu starts by raising both of her hands above her head, together. This reveals her armpits- Suika can't stop from staring at them. She slowly, slowly lowers her hands, still together, while moving her hips back and forth in a hypnotic rhythm. As her hands reach her blouse, they slowly part it to reveal the sarashi beneath. Her blouse falls open, revealing a toned, athletic stomach. Still continuing the rhythm of her hips, she turns partway to me, meets my eyes, and smiles devilishly as she undoes the clasp to her skirt.

I'd always pegged Reimu as the type to wear a fundoshi, but this is dispelled before my very eyes as her skirt drops to the ground around her, forming a curtain she kneels over. She bends over backwards, giving me a very good look at her perfectly white panties. She then slides one leg out, then the other- leaving her bowed backwards, thrusting her chest forward. She spreads her legs into a split position, and works her upper body back up. While she'd done that, she grabbed the loose end of her sarashi- and slowly, ever so slowly, undoes it. As that tiny strip of fabric works its way around and around her delicious breasts, her cleavage makes an appearance. She affects an embarrassed expression- but then smiles wickedly once again as the rest falls off, revealing two perfectly shaped handful-sized breasts, with proud, erect nipples.

Wow. I didn't think that could have an effect on me. I'm a robot, and now I want to fuck her. Reimu's got a surprise coming...

“Now. Before I show you my prize, we're getting you all the way naked. Because I'm your master. Now, panties off!”

Being a robot has given me exceptional flexibility and balance- I raise up on tiptoes, and slide my panties down just a tiny bit, to show the mound. Then a little bit more, so I can work one leg completely through it. One leg out, and back down. My hands are holding the panties still there, providing an illusion of modesty- but Reimu can't see anything yet. I think I'm doing it right. Slowly, ever so slowly, I raise my other leg, and let the panties slip down to my foot. Which I then proceed to use to kick the panties onto Reimu's face.

She picks them off her face and discards them, a smile on her face. “Well done, Ruukoto. I think you're learning yet. But what's this?” She's pointing at my crotch. There's nothing there but for a button, being that I'm a robot, and don't procreate.

“Oh, this button? That's to extend the auxilary heat sink.”

“Extend, eh? Let's push it.” Reimu pushes the button, and the auxilary heatsink extends from between my legs, about ten inches out. “That's no heatsink. That is, straight-up, a penis.”

“What? No, it's for if I need to get rid of excess heat in a hurry.”

“It's definitely a penis. Yumemi totally gave you a retractable penis.” She licks my heat sink. “Even tastes like a penis. Oh Ruukoto, you didn't even know. This is beautiful.” Before I know it, she's got her mouth around it- and it sends an electric surge through my body. Who knew that touching my heat sink would have such effects? Reimu works her hand down her panties, and with her other hand, she guides it into her mouth, where she works it with her expert tongue, and a little bit with her teeth. The teeth, those... those feel excellent. Oh.

“Ah... Reimu, I... uh.~...”

She smiles. Her eyes meet mine, and they're delighting in the mischief her tongue is wreaking on me. She removes her mouth from around me, and her panties are already on the floor, and her pussy is wet, slick with desire. She places a finger under my chin, and draws me to standing. “Now. Grab my legs, and pick me up.” I oblige her, and pick her up, and she spreads her legs around me, as I raise her to me. She giggles girlishly, and grabs my heat sink, as she guides it within herself. “Ah- ahn~. So warm, Ruukoto. Don't tell me it can expand inside too, can it?” I shake my head. “Ah well. Can't have everything.” She works the entirety of the shaft inside her, and a tremble shakes her entire body in pleasure, from the tightening of her thighs, to the smallest tremor that shakes her nipples. Her breathing speeds up. She kisses me roughly, her tongue exploring the inside of my mouth- it's designed to be human, down to the teeth and tongue and everything.

God damn, I was designed to be a sexbot.

I reciprocate, and walk over to a wall- the better to prop her up on. She wraps her arms around me, the sleeves of her miko's uniform still on. The brush of the fabric contrasts with the softness of her skin, and it's a beautiful feeling. She leans against the wall, and I start, slowly at first, thrusting inside her. She's still not released me from the kiss, so I can feel her moans, instead of just hearing them. Her breath, hot on my neck. She removes her mouth from mine for just a moment. “Faster, Ruukoto, faster. I know you can do it.”

She asks, and I'm glad to oblige her. She starts to writhe in ecstasy in my arms, and on my penis. I can feel her heartbeat- she's grabbed one of my hands and pressed it against her breast, and I can feel her begging for me to knead it, and I do. Her breast fits perfectly in my hand, and her nipple is hard to the touch.

Reimu's reaching orgasm soon. I can feel it. She removes her mouth from mine again. “Ruukoto... faster... harder...” Again I ratchet up the speed, and an electric feeling runs up my spine. This... this feels good. “Ruukoto- I'm- I'm gonna-”

Oh man. Can't miss this opportunity.

“I'm coming!” Reimu begins to tense, and I lean into her just as she crests the wave, and whisper into her ear: “Pomf.”

“Wha- ahhh~ oh, you, ahn~ I hate, hate, ahh, you...” She's angry, trying not to laugh, and orgasming all at the same time. Finally, her surge of feeling stops, and she's limp and panting in my arms. I slowly slide out of her, and gently put her down, the better to come off that post-coital high. “I hate you so much, Ruukoto.”

I smile. “That's what you get.”

There's a tapping on my shoulder, and a small, naked Suika has her hands on her hips, and is looking up at me. “I get a ride too, right?”
No. 27049
File 135026003073.jpg - (1.10MB , 978x1500 , Posing Miko.jpg ) [iqdb]
Barely late because I couldn't find a pic (there's seriously like no smutty Miko art out there right now) but the snipped H-scene to >>/th/162251.

She kisses you so intensely you forget your own name for a few seconds. "I am starving right now," she gasps.

Her hands expertly loosen your underrobe, sliding the sides apart to let her long fingers stroke down across the ridge in your drawers. You whimper as she pulls the drawstrings on those and yanks the waistband down just far enough to expose it to her lustful eyes. Tugging upwards on it with a series of quick, firm strokes, she presses her head against yours, her tongue hot and wet and against yours.

“I’ll fulfill your desires tonight,” she moans, lowering herself down onto you. Her velvety folds part easily to accept your length, only to wrap around it so tightly that you actually wince.

“Careful – “ you whisper, but she’s not listening at all. She shoves you down onto the wooden boards with a hand against your chest, beginning to grind her hips in small circles. She reaches down towards your sides with both arms, fingers spread; your hands rise up to intertwine your fingers together. “Calm down – “

“Just lay there, Myouren, and don’t say a word,” she says sternly, a strangely fierce look in her eye as she stares down at you. You swallow your last complaint, and let her have her way with you.

Using your hands as support, she rides you as if her life depends on it, her sex devouring every inch of your cock as if starved. The entrance squeezes around your length even as her insides roll alternately up and down your shaft, her muscle control impossibly precise as she works to pleasure you. Not that she isn’t enjoying this herself; the slickness that covers your cock is far too viscous to be merely bathwater. You wonder how long she’s been like this –

“ – the moment you started washing my hair for me,” she pants, leaning her upper body down to put her face down near yours, tilting her hips to take you in at a new angle, allowing you penetrate her even deeper. You aren’t quite large enough to bottom out within her, but she’s admitted to you before that your cock is thick, and she enjoys that far more. Her breasts may be small, but they still sway hypnotically up and down with each stroke she gives you, the tips engorged both from the position and her overflowing passion. “I love how you take care of me, how you anticipate my every desire, and you don’t even have these abundant, clever ears of miiine~!” she shrieks. “So it’s only fair that – that sometimes, I should try and use these ears, and repay, repay you in kind~!”

Your balls tighten as your cock throbs dangerously; your stamina was never very good, and normally you take the lead with a long amount of foreplay. When she attacks you this aggressively, you can’t last long at all. “Toyo,” you gasp, “Toyo, I, slow down, it’s too soon, I’m going to – “

She takes you all the way to the hilt with a massive thrust, the force causing your entire body to shudder underneath the impact. You choke as she begins grinding herself against you in small circles, subjecting your length to assault from all sides. “It’s okay,” she exhales, fingers clamping down on yours reassuringly. “Go ahead and come –“

Your will crumples. Your groins frantically grind together as if trying to truly become one, and you throw back your head as you orgasm, your seed spurting deep into your wife’s awaiting pussy. The last thing you see before your vision fades out is her contented smile, eyes closed in satisfaction at having pleasured you as she feels your shaft leap in ecstasy inside of her.

Now you’re the disoriented one, only able to lay there as she carefully withdraws you from her, your softening manhood flopping against your belly, coated in a sloppy blend of both your juices. “Come on, take me to bed,” she whispers happily. Somehow, you find it within yourself to roll to your own feet, stumbling down through the hallway, her hand still pulling at yours to guide you every step of the way; she’s the one taking you to bed. Her bed.

She lets go of your hand to fetch the futon and roll it out onto the floor, making it into a show as she crawls along with it towards you. You’re still not fully recovered from your first ejaculation, but that swiftly changes as she grabs your slick length with one hand, pulls her long hair back with the other, and cleans your manhood from the evidence of your first orgasm, her tongue systematically gathering up every glob of semen it can gather, her throat swallowing them down hungrily; and soon enough, your newly erect shaft. Overwhelmed, you soon find yourself grabbing at her hair for support, and while she takes one of your hands in her own, her hair now falling across her face unrestrained, she keeps the other at your sack, rolling and teasing and – pulling out a second ejaculation from you when you didn’t think it possible.

Something tingles in your body, and this time your cock doesn’t relax. Your pleasure-glazed stare meets her own, and she grins mischievously, slurping loudly as she pulls up and off. “Just a little Taoist magic. I’ve given you yours… now won’t you give me mine?” she croons, her tongue flicking out to gathering the last few smears of your come on her lips. She pivots on her knees to face away from you, holding her torso parallel to the floor on outstretched arms to present her dripping sex to you once more; your semen from earlier has partially dripped down her thighs while she serviced you. “Now, give me my desiyaaAH~” she cries, the end of her entreaty rising into a cry when you kneel down behind her and thrust.

Her back is still beautiful, even with the yellow, black, and blue bruise mottling her shoulder. You bend your back and neck to lick up her spine one inch at a time, causing her to clench her legs – and by extension, her folds around your length – even tighter. “More,” she whimpers, and you start thrusting, the insides of your thighs pressing hard against her buttocks as you rise into a half standing position, your balls slapping hard against the pearl of her sex even as your hands find her wrists and yank upwards on them, the better to grind her body against yours. “More!” she cries, and her arms give out underneath her, the side of her head now pressing into the sheets with every thrust. It takes only a few minutes of this before her folds begin quivering uncontrollably around your rapidly tightening length. “Oh Myouren – I – I desire you – I want you, I love you – “

“Miko! I love – “ Neither of you says anything in a proper language as you simultaneously reach your climaxes, this load mixing with your first as you shout your triumph to the heavens.

Your chests both heave as you gasp for breath. You release her wrists and slide your palms against hers, letting her fingers weave between yours as well. When you back up slightly to withdraw, your seed escapes in a small river from between her nethers… and you notice you’re still hard. Taoist magic indeed.

“More,” Miko groans, releasing one hand to grab at your persistent erection anew.

“More,” you agree, pushing forward again until you’re back inside of her once again.

Immortals don’t need to sleep, and you have every intention of taking advantage of that.
No. 27053
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