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This is a soft vore story my buddy typed up which takes place in the Forest of Magic after Cirno's story in Touhou 12.3It had been quiet in the forest of magic, for not many people enter the forest. Tales of the Puppeteer and the destructive Witch that live in the forest made people wary of entering it. Something was bound to happen, and happen soon

Alice: “Shanghai have you found the Goliath doll yet?”
Shanghai nods at her master question.
Alice: “Good I need to do some work on it to test the limits of my powers. Lead the way”

Shanghai starts floating towards where the doll lays.
As Alice follows Shanghai to the location of the goliath doll she begins to ponder how it is to test her powers limits.
'If I make it bigger, that means I will require more power and control of my power to keep the Goliath under control. That will be a good test for me.'
Alice ponders more until she accidently bumps into Shanghai from behind as her guide had stopped right in front of the Goliath.
“Ah thank you Shanghai, run along and play while mommy works on your sister ok?”
Shanghai nods again and bows at Alice before going off to do other duties around the house. Meanwhile Alice begins her work on fixing and manipulating the Goliath

You feel the presence of the one who created you; it has been a long time since you last felt her. It was when she called upon you to defeat that seemingly weak ice fairy. How wrong you were and you paid for it. You want revenge on the fairy but in your current state you can’t really do anything about that…wait what is Alice doing? She is fixing you….no not just fixing. She is making you stronger, you can feel the power growing in you before you notice that you are also becoming bigger.
'Splendid I can have my revenge on that fairy yet, though if I get any bigger I may end up breaking Alice’s house. Doing that would make a very bad first impression…'

Alice finishes fixing the Goliath and looks up at the dolls face, “Whew that took some work but it is truly a “Goliath” now. You certainly have a lot of magical power and potential in you. I will need my grimoire to unleash more of my power to control you. But first a cup of tea would be nice.” Alice goes off to the kitchen to make some tea before the real test begins.
You couldn’t believe your luck, Alice left you to yourself with “All your magical power and potential”. You feel as if you should try to move on your own. You gently try to lift up a foot and you bring it back down to the ground. Congratulations you’ve taken your first step without Alice’s help. You go to take another step before you hit your head against the top of the ceiling. You really should get outside as to not wreck Alice’s house. Unfortunately to get out of the house you have to use the front door, and the kitchen has a good view of the door. You take silent steps as you make your way to the front door….wait door. Shoot you’re going to have to open that up and that will tip Alice off. You reach for the door when you hear a shout from behind you

“You’re not allowed to leave this place, not unless I have you under my control” shouts the seven colored puppeteer. You notice her holding her grimoire and you decide to bring out the magic power she left in you, creating a barrier around your doll mind to stop her magic from controlling you. You watch as she tries casting a mind control spell at you and you get an evil grin on your face. If your power could do that to stop her from getting into your mind, could you maybe use that power to take a mind away from her? It’s worth a shot as you see shanghai appear like the servant she is, wielding a shield and ready to block any attacks at Alice. You give the smaller dolls mind a nudge, severing its connection with Alice and adding it to your will instead. As shanghai falters in mid-air Alice looks at the doll in shock
“Take Shanghai away from me will you? Fine then, if I can’t control you I will shrink you back down and stow you away as punishment.”

'I can’t have a puny girl think she can beat me, she does look tasty though.'

Shanghai continues to falter before flying off and getting a strong cord and binding Alice’s arms to her sides. You thank the small fairy before moving your head down to in front of Alice and you give her a wicked grin. You slowly open up your mouth and you watch as Alice looks at you with wide eyes. She still cannot believe that she failed to control you.
'Now it’s time for real punishment.'
You flick out your tongue and you give Alice’s face a long lick before wrapping it around her body and pulling it into your mouth. You hear muffled screams from her and she wriggles around like crazy in your mouth. You bask in the wonderful taste of the puppeteer, partly because she is delicious, but also revenge is sweet. You lap up her body using your tongue and you play with her for a bit as you continue to feel her struggling in your mouth. You must thank her for making you large enough to accommodate full bodies completely in your mouth. You press the puppeteer against the roof of your mouth and you suck on her as you hear her scream some more in your mouth. After a few more minutes of playing with her you decide its time and you move her to the back of your mouth. Sensing what is about to happen Alice panics and wriggles profusely trying to get away from your throat. You give her one last lick before you swallow and her feet enter your throat, another swallow and she is down to her stomach, another gulp sends her bust into your throat and one final gulp pulls her head into your throat. You run a finger along her outline as she travels down your throat and into your waiting tummy. Your throat muscles massaging Alice as she travels further into you and you lick your lips in satisfaction of your wonderful meal.
'She was absolutely delicious I hope I can find some other tasty morsels around here.'
You rub your belly as you feel the puppeteer enter it and you sigh with content. You pat Shanghai on her head and tell her to do as she pleases, which only causes the doll to falter as she has no idea what to do. You concentrate on the squirming Alice inside you and another idea forms in your mind. Inside your stomach Alice squirms more until to her surprise the cord binding her loosens up a bit and she manages to free herself. She brushes off her clothes and starts poking and prodding the stomach wall, experimenting with it while unnoticed the cord pulls a thread on her clothes and is slowly unraveling them. Alice continues her exploration of your stomach until she notices that she feels nothing against her legs and stomach. When Alice looks down she gasps as she suddenly realizes that her cloths only cover her breasts and she starts pounding on the stomach wall. Figuring out too late that by doing that she is only increasing the process of which she is being stripped. Stripped of her doll, power, and clothes, Alice sits against your stomach wall and cries at her bad luck. You feel sorry for her but she did want to punish you….and she does feel nice inside your belly so you give it a rub.
Ok now that she has been subdued where to next

“Oh Alice!!!!!”
'Oh no…wait I know that voice…..Marisa'
You rub your belly more as an evil plan comes to mind and you tell shanghai to wait in Alice’s house and welcome Marisa in as if everything was normal. Meanwhile you go to hide in the trees and you wait for the witch to land into your unsuspecting trap.
Marisa lands 10 feet from Alice’s house and looks around, sensing something is not at all right. After all there is still Shanghai’s shield on the ground. You silently face-palm yourself for not remembering to tell Shanghai to pick that up.
“Alice? Allllliiiiiicccceeeee it’s me Marisa, I wanted to know if I could borrow some books and play with a doll or two”
'Oh she wants to play now does she?'
You send a thought to Shanghai telling her to let Marisa into the house. You watch as the doll appears, gives Marisa the “come in” signal and you watch the witch start her walk towards the house. At 5 feet you burst from your hiding spot, causing Alice to bounce around inside you and you grab the witch with your right hand, knocking her hat off in the process. You watch as the hat hits the ground and a small object tumbles out of it.
'Ah yes the mini-hakkero. Almost forgot about that.'
You tell Shanghai to put Marisa’s hat back onto her and to put the mini-hakkero in Alice’s house.
“What do you want with me you overgrown doll. Where is Alice?”
In response to her question you just lick your lips and rub your belly
“Wait…..why are you looking at me like that?”
“Marisa is that you?”
“Alice…..oh god you ate her didn’t you???? Wait you’ra not going to eat me too????”
You simple give Marisa a wicked smile as you open your mouth and deposit the witch onto your tongue and you close your mouth. You lick the witch, tasting mushrooms as you do so and you feel her putting up a fight in your mouth.
“YOU STUPID DOLL DON’T EAT MARISA” yells Alice from inside you. You pay her no mind as you continue to suck on the witch’s body, wrapping her up with your tongue and licking her limbs as she flails them about. Marisa continues to struggle against your tongue and even manages to stand on it, a smile forming on her face as she believes she has achieved victory, before you snake your tongue around her and flip her onto her back. You lick the front of her body and you use your tongue to pull off her outfit, leaving her with her bra, hat, and bloomers on. You suck on her some more before holding her down with your tongue and swallowing her clothing. Marisa feels the force of your swallow and squirms under your tongue trying to fight you some more, knocking her bra off in the process. Alice continues to shout up at the opening of your stomach until it opens up and deposits the witch’s clothes onto her face. She looks at them and realizes what is going on and turns beet red. She puts the clothes down and waits for the inevitable to happen. You yourself are enjoying the taste of the witch’s breasts and you decide that you want to taste more of her, so you use your tongue to pull her bloomers off of her. You hold her down again as you swallow her underwear and you salivate at the naked witch in your mouth. Marisa still has some fight in her despite being stripped and now attempts to escape through your lips by using your teeth as something to push off from.
Alice down in your belly gets an eyeful of a bra and a face full of Marisa’s panties, Alice sniffs the panties waiting for her friend to join her in the your belly. She smells them some more and starts rubbing her pussy in anticipation. You are enjoying the witch’s struggles but you feel it is time to move on and you know just how to do it. You wrap Marisa up with your tongue again and bring her back into the middle of your mouth; you then lick her breasts and her pussy with your tongue. Marisa is surprised at this unexpected turn of events and tries to push your tongue away. Alice in your belly now has one finger in her pussy and is gently thrusting herself with it. You push away Marisa’s hands with your tongue and your lick her pussy some more and give her clit some attention, causing her to squirm on your tongue. Marisa resists a while longer before giving in, moaning and speaking to you in a lust filled voice
Alice hears Marisa’s moans and voice and it turns her on further, causing her to put another finger into her pussy and to quicken the pace. You lick Marisa’s pussy some more as you feel Alice masturbating in your belly. You gently rock her back and forth on your tongue while sneakily drawing her to your throat and you lick her some more to keep her occupied. Marisa moans more and squeezes her breasts as you lick her pussy and she closes her eyes in pleasure. Alice meanwhile has reached her peak in your belly and is close to cumming but you feel she needs something more to push her over the edge. You rock and lick Marisa some more until her head is at the back of your mouth waiting to be swallowed and sent to be with her fellow magician. Marisa feels her head contact the opening to your throat and moans some more as you lick her, lost in the pleasure to focus on what your about to do. You start swallowing, first as her head enters your throat, then her breasts, followed by her waist, her knees, and finally her feet slide into your throat. You sigh with content and you trace Marisa’s outline as she descends into your waiting belly and you lick your lips at the completion of another delicious meal.
Alice hears your gulp and looks up as Marisa’s head suddenly appears above her and she slides down into your stomach on top of the puppeteer. Alice is surprised and quickly pulls her fingers out of her pussy to hug Marisa. Only to realize that Marisa’s head is at her pussy and her face is in Marisa’s pussy. Not wasting any time because she is still turned on Alice quickly darts her tongue out and starts licking Marisa’s pussy. Marisa feeling a small tongue on her pussy opens her eyes and gets an eyeful of Alice’s wet pussy and she lets out her tongue and gives Alice some long licks. Alice gently lays Marisa down and places her pussy above Marisa’s head and lowers herself to Marisa’s awaiting tongue. Marisa greats her pussy with a kiss before attacking it with her tongue. Alice responds with a lusty moan and she leans forward to give Marisa’s pussy good long licks before sucking on it.
As the magicians pleasure each other in your belly you make sure to quickly digest the witch’s clothes. One reason is to increase your magic power a bit, the other…..well you don’t think clothes should get in between those two. Your rub your belly as they squirm under each other’s tongues. They both use their hands to grab each other’s breasts and fondle them. You can hear their moans from out here as they get louder. Both magicians suddenly scream in unison as they both orgasm into the others mouth. Alice gets off of Marisa’s face and gives her a kiss. Marisa returns the kiss and the wrap their arms around each other and cuddle in your belly.
'I could get used to this…..and more'

Thus begins the adventure of the Goliath Doll.

Relay these points to your buddy, then:

First, the spoiler text for the whole story thing is atrocious. Please don't do that. If people don't want to read it, they'll simply scroll past.

Second, the formatting in general is very crowded and a bit of a pain in the arse to read. The breaks in the text look very arbitrary and not good. Clear beginnings and endings to paragraphs are important if you want people to actually read your story.

Third, ellipses are limited to three dots. No more, no less. And, for god's sake, put a space after them. Of course, if you're doing it right, you really shouldn't be using them that much at all.

Fourth, you need an editor or - at the very least - a proofreader. There is so much repetition, missing punctuation, &c., &c. If you're not already on there, I recommend getting on IRC and poking some people for help on that end.

I almost feel like I'm giving a serious response to a troll post, frankly. On the off-chance that I'm not, your friend really needs to work on things.
I'm not as nice as the Anon above this post. Tell your buddy to keep his shitty writing to himself.
I once made a terrible porn story too. Then I asked someone to proofread it, and he told me that it was purpler than an asphyxiation victim and that he didn't care to read any more stories that I had written. I didn't post the story.

Your buddy should have gone through a similar process here.
File 134611177156.jpg - (831.80KB, 921x1280 , 9156694.jpg) [iqdb]
For obscure fetish material with zero competition, this is pretty adequate. That's all I can really say.

Here, have the one relevant image in existence.
File 134627263211.jpg - (318.42KB, 567x850 , f71a07268a174c1c5ce103550e2ae2e8.jpg) [iqdb]
Sorry about before. My friend has written another story, and I actually took the time to edit, space and proof-read it. He hopes you guys will like this one better. The entire story takes place from Nazrin's point of view.

[c]Mystia's Mousy Treat[/c]

What happened? All you remember is first darkness surrounded you. Then, you heard a song echoing through the night, “Hush little mousy don’t say a word, Just listen to a song from this bird. You will be comfy very soon, for I shall show you a really neat room.”

You listened to it repeat the same verse over and over again a few more times before your eyes had become heavy and you let out a yawn and fall asleep on the spot.

Many hours had passed; You must’ve fallen asleep. That had to be it, so is this a dream? You open up your eyes and look around. You find yourself surrounded by a bunch of twigs that have been made into a nest? Yes that’s it a very large nest for you feel very tiny in it. You continue looking around before you get hit by a breeze and you discover something else. Your clothes are gone!!!! Quickly you cover yourself with your hands hoping no one will see you and you hear a giggle behind you. You look over your shoulder and you see a giant girl with wings. You become dazed at her size before you realize you recognize her. It is Mystia the Night Sparrow. Suddenly, the song makes sense in a way but you would hardly call her nest comfy.

“Hey Mystia what happened?”

“Ah, awake I see. Well, I was watching you walk in the forest by yourself. Do you normally do that?”

“No, Shou managed to misplace the Pagoda again so I was sent to look for it”

“Didn’t she warn you about the hungry youkai that inhabit this area?”

“There aren’t too many of them left. Just you and a few others. Why am I so small?”

“Oh I traded Eirin for a special potion in exchange for a month’s supply of free meals at my stand”

“So why did you shrink me?” you ask nervously.

“Well, I am tired of eating eel for the moment and I wanted something a bit more natural.”

“Wait! So the part of your song about a ‘comfy room’ was refering to...”

“That’s right. You’re going into a real comfy room. It is right in here.~<3”

You watch as she pats her stomach and you shake your head in defiance, “No! I won’t let you eat me.”

She coos at your defiance which only makes you shiver more.

"Now now little mousy. I don’t think you have much of a choice. I am quite hungry, and you look rather tasty.~<3”

This situation has become much worse than you had anticipated. You need to escape and fast! You start to run to the edge of the nest and you hear a chirp from behind you before Mystia walks in front of you. You try again with a different side but the result is still the same. You have one final idea and instead of going to the sides, you go straight down. You are in luck; By the time Mystia gets to where you were, you managed to burrow into the twigs that made up the base of the nest. You continue digging down until you reach the bottom of the nest and you poke your head out and look around. You maneuver yourself so that you will use the twigs on the bottom of the nest as monkey bars with your lower half dangling from the bottom of the nest. You start to make your way to the tree branch before you hear a sound below you.

“Don’t look down. Don’t look down. Keep moving forward”, Nazrin panics.

You hear more chuckling from below you which only increases your drive to move forward. You were only a few feet from the tree branch when your luck runs out. The twig snaps and you feel yourself falling down. You close your eyes in fear as you feel the air rushing by during your descent. You only hope that your inevitable demise be quick and painless when all of a sudden you land on something wet and squishy. You let out a squeak of relief before opening your eyes and looking around. All you see are teeth and your spirit takes a nose-dive as the lips close bringing darkness to the mouth. Mystia smiles with content at catching you and goes back into her nest so she can thoroughly enjoy you. You squeak in fear as the tongue starts licking you. You quickly make clever use of your tail and use it to stay tied up to one of the teeth so that you won’t slide back into Mystia's throat. You hear the Night Sparrow coo in pleasure as her tongue lewdly assaults you again, licking and prodding your bare body. You give out another squeak of surprise when the tongue prods at your pussy before licking it and you hear Mystia moan from your taste. You blush before shaking your head to regain focus.

This is no time to be embarrassed. I have to do something to get out of here. You were praised as the tiny clever commander and now it is time to do that title proud. You begin by wrapping your tail around the teeth one at a time as you move towards the front of the Sparrow's mouth. You keep getting licked and prodded, but it doesn’t stop you from your task. The only problem you were faced with now is that your exit was barred by Mystia's teeth. So, now you need to go all the way back and see if you can make your way around the teeth near the back of the mouth. You falter only when the tip of the tongue full-on assaults your pussy. Mystia enjoys the movements of you inside her mouth and grabs her breasts before she starts fondling them as she licks you. You make your way towards the opening of her mouth as she moans and you shake your head again.

“She shouldn’t be getting off on eating me. This isn’t fair, I will escape from her mouth.”

You reach her front teeth and you allow yourself to get licked in the pussy as you waited for your window of opportunity. As if right on cue, Mystia lets out a loud moan and her mouth opens allowing you a few seconds to escape. You unhook your tail and you jump, hoping to land safely in her breasts after you clear her mouth. You feel yourself make it past her lips and your efforts to not to squeak in happiness after escaping that nightmare were all for naught. You feel a pull on your backside and you look behind you. Your tail is caught right between the lips of the Night Sparrow. She starts slurping you back into her mouth. You let out a sigh as you get pulled in and are deposited back on that annoying, perverted tongue of hers. You hear her chuckle before she wraps you up in her tongue.

“Well, little mousy, that was a clever idea. But, all good things must come to an end. I have enjoyed you, my delectable morsel.~<3”

You squirm frantically trying to pry her tongue off of you, only to have it move up and recline, causing you to slide down into Mystia's throat. You squeak in desperation as you try to grab hold of something, anything to keep you from the descending into the Sparrow's belly. Your efforts are in vain, for your feet have hit the opening to the throat. You hear her chirp in pleasure and the hole widens to accept you, lovingly swallowing you whole. You try to wiggle and crawl your way back out and into the mouth, but only succeed in giving her pleasure. Mystia swallows again and begins to rub her wet pussy, aroused from the feeling of you being pulled deeper into her throat.

“Soon, my tummy, you shall have a nice, yummy meal inside you.~<3”

You squeak again as another gulp leaves just your head poking out in her mouth and you look at where her lips are sadly. The throat muscles massage your body as they pull you down into the Night Sparrow's waiting stomach. Mystia continues to rub her pussy before sticking a finger into herself and gulping one final time. You're now left sliding down her throat as the muscles massage you, causing you to feel a slight pressure that must be Mystia's hand tracing your body as it goes on its way to her stomach. You hear her chirp again in pleasure, and Mystia starts thrusting her finger repeatedly into her pussy, fingering herself, as the pleasure builds up inside her. Your feet enter her stomach first, followed by the rest of you, landing you inside her stomach with a 'sploosh'. You immediately get up and start banging on the fleshy walls of the Night Sparrow's stomach. You feel a pressure against you and it moves around in a circular motion. Mystia was rubbing her belly as your banging brings her over the edge. She lets out a loud chirp as she climaxes, causing her feminine fluids to squirt all over the nest. You feel her body shudder and convulse from her powerful orgasm and you give her belly wall another kick for good measure before sitting against it pouting at your defeat. Your only hope is that Shou notices you’re gone for too long and tries to rescue you soon. Then, as if Mystia could read your mind, she says something that strikes fear in your heart.

“The best thing about being a bird and eating mice is that humans and youkai alike normally would suspect cats of eating mice before they would suspect a bird. So I get to keep my yummy meal for a long time until someone suspects me.~<3”

The end of this story. Poor Nazrin.
Please tell your friend to stop writing.
I think 'his friend' can best be seen when the OP looks in the mirror...
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I knew someone was gunna be that guy.
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┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
File 134781978375.jpg - (569.63KB, 768x1024 , 74013 - cum giantess masturbation micro pink_hair .jpg) [iqdb]
Does this count?
File 134781981176.jpg - (130.03KB, 600x800 , 71899 - anime camel cat_girl drawing lineart monoc.jpg) [iqdb]
Or this?
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And lastly, this?
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Shitty collages of internal shots have never counted.
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Sauce on this one, and any more like it? Looks promising.

I'm considering writing a short here too. (Not the OP.) Open to requests for any particular Touhous or scenarios.
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You haven't heard of Camel? He's THE touhou vore artist.

As for requests...how about Tewi/Reisen?

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