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WHY AM I DOING THIS. I have no idea. Do not expect pictures to always match what is happening (it's hard to find images that don't have a male attached to it sometimes), and expect updates whenever I feel like it – and the length may be quite different everytime. Whatever, this is just a little side project thing.

- - -

Something seemed... off about the dreamscape tonight. It was always a little bit strange, but it felt even more strange then usual today. Generally it was always in that empty field, with some flowers and trees and all that. But today, you appeared to be in a room – a rather nondescript, boring room with some tables and chairs... pretty standard stuff.

But something seemed off about the whole thing... you rubbed your chin in thought, trying to pin down that 'off' feeling. Before you could put much thought into it, you're interrupted by the sound of a door handle turning, and then the door proper opening.

Spinning about, you are face-to-face with a cloaked figure, one who eerily enough lacks any sort of face underneath the black void cast by its hood. The figure holds up its arms, almost as if it had hands and was trying to hold them in front of it, but it lacked any hands nothing visible beyond the blackness in its sleeves.

“I apologize Mistress Roots for the... unusual arrangements. And this unusual form, but it was the best I could do on short notice,” spoke the familiar voice of Valeria, “and there's something you should know... and before I begin, let me start by saying it's not my fault.”

You raise an eyebrow curiously, “I'm not quite sure I follow Valeria...”

The hooded, featureless avatar of the grimoire paced nervously, seemingly lost in thought, “Well, as you remember I'd had a number of previous owners. I can generally keep all the information sorted, separate, organized... it doesn't get all messed up, or intertwined. But, well... I made a mistake. Something got mixed.”

“Something got mixed..."What does that mean?”

“Normally, it would mean little. As you might understand Mistress, this is not normal. I... might have accidentally mixed in something... extra on you. And well... for whatever reason, it's... taken form. This is going to sound awkward Mistress but... may you please inspect the inside of your trousers?”

A blush crawls onto your face at the unusual request, but... well, if Valeria was curious... turning away from the avatar, you quickly fiddle with your trousers enough to get a peek inside... then shriek and feel your face heat up in embarrassment.

“W-what the hell is that!?”

You can almost hear the sound of a palm meeting a face, followed by a loud sigh, “I was afraid of that, it's even happened in your mind... I will skip all the complicated explanations. Simple will be ideal. Basically, I accidentally have given you the trait of a prior owner, a youkai who happened to have a sort of... heat period, perhaps? A period of high attractiveness. It was a male, of course, and this has now caused you to...

“To be blunt, it's made you grow a penis, yes? You should lack the other set of genitalia of a male, of course but it should very much function regardless...”

“I-I-I.. .wh-what? I don't get this at all! Ho-how do I get rid of it!" This isn't normal at all!” you yelp, nervously turning you attention back to the foreign object in your panties

“That is the problem... while I have an idea of how to solve it, I can't really do it on my own. I would require the assistance of Yukari, at the least, and likely some outside objects. There is, of course, the possibility it may go away on its own in time but that could take anywhere from weeks to years. Or it might become permanent, which is not your ideal solution I think.”

Hastily rebuttoning your trousers, you whirl back around to focus your attention on the avatar of Valeria, who has begun to pace back and forth in thought. In hindsight, you're not certain why you hadn't noticed it earlier – now that you were aware, you could notice the unusual feeling in your groin. This whole thing sounded like something out of bad fanfiction, yet here it was... happening.

“O-ok so we get Yukari to help and... and... then what? What's the plan?”

The hooded figure looks up to the ceiling, “You will have to likely gather some items for us. The problem is, as I mentioned, you will become quite the... appealing target of youkai and human alike. Female ones at least, males should not in the least bit be affected. And now Mistress Roots, this is very important,” she looks back to you, “under no circumstances must you allow any woman to make you ejaculate.”

Your face heats up even more at hearing the word, “W-why not?”

“It will leave you completely at their mercy, of course. And as I mentioned before, you are essentially giving off a feeling of heat – much like that experienced in animals. If they should make you ejaculate, you will find yourself drained of power and they will then likely force themselves upon you. Which leads into a chain reaction, as you will not have time to regain your strength to escape.

“Now, of course, not all will do that to you but it is best to be safe then sorry. You may lack the testicular organs of a male, but your seed should still be quite potent. To quote a popular phrase: 'It's magic, I ain't gotta explain shit.', I apologize for the crass language.”

Before you can regain enough composure to respond, you feel a pair of arms lazily drooped over your shoulders, and the feeling of hair tickling the side of your face.

“And I wouldn't want that to happen to my cute little Reina!” announced a familiar voice happily, “So here I am, to lend my assistance in our noble adventure to return her to normal!”

“Ah Yakumo, a pleasure to see you. I trust you are able to help as I requested...?”

The blonde youkai pushed herself off your back, striding into view in front of you. There was a twinkle in her eye as she nodded at Valeria's avatar, “But of course! Well, in a manner of speaking anyway. I will render my assistance in providing you the names and location of what you need, and transporting lovely Reina to a close distance to the item...”

“Why can't you just bring the items to me now, Yukari? That should be easy for you, r-right?” you question quickly, growing a bit irritated at the playful tone in her voice.

“Exactly! That is to say, I will not do that. After all, that would take all the fun and excitement out of this! And besides, we haven't had any incidents in a while, so I need something fun to do in the meantime.” Yukari turned her attention to you, a grin on her face, “Of course, if you don't want me to give you the locations, or easy transportation, you're welcome to travel all over Gensokyo looking yourself... you just probably have to avoid the entire population of it while wandering aimlessly.”

The idea of hitting her came to mind, but that would accomplish little. Slumping your shoulders in defeat, you weakly nod your head – you may not like it, but you had no choice. It was either get forced to play this game for Yukari, or struggle on your own... really, you should've expected this when you heard she'd be helping, Yukari was far more interested in her own amusement after all.

Yukari clapped her hands together, then reached into her dress to pull out a slip of paper and handed it over to Valeria, “That's what we'll need and where, along with what you have to do. Once we have everything, it should only take an hour or two to fix everything. Pretty simple actually, once you have reagents of course.”

The hooded avatar nodded, “Thank you Yakumo, I shall handle preparations on my end.” the cloaked figure looked to you, then back to the youkai, “I entrust Mistress Roots to your care in the mean time.”

With that you were now alone in the room with Yukari, who seemed quite pleased with herself. In fact, it almost looked like she was humming – and looking you over with an interested look. You couldn't help but gulp a bit.

“W-what are you planning exactly Yukari? You're eying me like a piece of food...”

“Oooooh, well, you know... things.” the youkai stretched, an arm disappearing into a gap, “And I thought, my lovely little Reina is a cute, innocent virgin! And now she has to go steal some things, while avoiding beautiful women trying to jump her. That's just not a good thing for her at all! Not everyone has great sexual prowess, of course, but it shouldn't be too difficult to make a timid, shy girl with an unusual problem to... well, ejaculate.”

You felt something rubbing at the front of your pants, and looked down to see Yukari's hand teasingly running up and down the front of your jeans. Yelping, you jump back and land on the bed with a pomf. Before you knew it, the youkai was straddle on top of you, pinning you down to the bed, a predatory look on her face.

“So I thought I'd help a bit... give you a bit of training, as it were. After all, you heard Valeria, right? You have to make sure you don't ejaculate! Now, while I'm sure I could make you do that in about a second if I wanted...” the blonde licked her lips, “I'll go easy on you. Ease you into it... but for that... I think we need you to not be dreaming.”


In an instant you found yourself yanked out of the dreamscape, and hurled back into reality. Back in the comforting sheets of your bed... but with the addition of Yukari standing in front of the bed. That predatory look hadn't disappeared from her face at all, and it seemed even worse in the flesh.

“C-come on now Yukari, th-there's no need to do this!” you protest, looking around for any way to escape your predicament, “You can just go get me the items and - “

The gap youkai shakes her head, silencing you, “Tsk, tsk. That's no FUN! I offered my terms, and I trust you will agree to them. Now then... let's see if you can remember to not surrender to pleasure, hmmm?”

Yukari moved quickly, climbing onto the bed and positioning herself above you, her hands busily working on your trousers, stripping them off and flinging them away. In spite of the situation, you couldn't help but realize the penis you had now was quite hard, and straining against the inside of your panties. The blonde youkai noticed it as well, and rubbed the front of your panties.

“Better think fast Reina... or I think you'll make a nice, big... big mess all over... now, I'm not going to keep you all night, because that'd ruin the fun but... mmmm, I think I might enjoy myself for a while... think fast my cutie, how are you going to get out of this?”

- - -

Oh god, oh god, oh god what do you DO!"
> Reina's Endurance: 1
[ ] Pout
[ ] Flail, thrash!
[ ] Grab your grimoire
[ ] Other? (Somehow?)

- - -

So anyway, only rule you need to know here. Reina's Endurance is an idea of how many tries you got here. That is to say in this case, she has 1 – so you have one shot at this. Normally you have more, but for this situation you don't.

Consider this a “tutorial”. Remember anons – losing is bad. Don't try and lose on purpose. If any of you bring up stuff you see in /at/ into RiG, I will punch you through the internet. This is all non-canon, silly stuff.
[x] Pout
[x] Grab your grimoire
[X] Flail, thrash!
[X] Grab your grimoire

Spellbook, book spells at her.
[x] Pout

Our greatest weapon.
[x] Pout
[x] Pout

She can't rape us if it's no fun.

Also, I'm seeing some technical errors in your writing.
->Your face heats up even more at hearing the word, “W-why not?”
Unless the last word before a quote is a verb like "says," you should use a period instead of a comma.
-Try to stay in one tense throughout. This is predominantly past tense, but a lot of present tense creeped in there too.
->“W-what are you planning exactly Yukari?
When someone else says someone else's name like this, you should precede the name with a comma.
[X] Grab your grimoire.
[x] Flail, thrash!
Reina Roots is the protagonist of the /th/ story Restorer in Gensokyo.
[X] Pout

This is the only path.
[X] Pout

Nothing will stop our pouting power!
File 134029938536.jpg - (167.48KB, 960x481 , thisisacrappyedit.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Pout

- - -

Your mind raced to figure out some way to get Yukari off of you. The idea of struggling and thrashing came to mind, but given she was a youkai, that would probably do little but amuse her, she might be kind of lazy and whimsical, but she was still far beyond a human in terms of strength. There wasn't anything handy within reach, beyond your grimoire so, the only other option that came to mind, and won the battle of selection... was to pout.

Maybe if you appeared afraid and sad, it would make her stop! That sounded like a plan.

“Awwwww, Reina your face is so cute like that!” announced the gap youkai, practically squealing, “If that was your idea to make me stop, then well, I just have to prove you wrong. So very, very wrong~.”

Oh crap.

“N-now just wait a minute, Yukari there's no reason to - “

Her fingers pressed against your lips in a hushing manner, “I have to teach you what happens if you mess up, Reina. You choose poorly~.”

Before you could protest further, you found your arms suddenly bound to the bed, preventing you from being able to do anything to stop the youkai from sliding off your panties and exposing the foreign genetila you were now sporting – which you couldn't help but notice was looking quite stiff and eager for Yukari's attention.

The youkai's gloved hand wrapped itself firmly around the member, stroking it all the way to the tip, her palm just gently teasing the head, before she would slide it all the way back down to the base. You wouldn't have ever thought about it but, Yukari seemed to really know what she was doing, and you couldn't help but feel your body relaxing into the alien pleasures that her hand was causing.

“You looked so cute pouting earlier Reina, but I think your face looks even cuter now. Looks like you're enjoying this!” she shakes her head and speeds up her hand's pumping, “But, that's not right! You're supposed to be resisting! If you can't hold out for something as simple as this, you'll have a really hard time collecting those items...”

Although you don't want to admit it, she's pretty spot on. Even now, you were only sort of half-listening, your brain coping with the new pleasure by focusing most of your attention on it, and you could even feel your hips begin to buck just a little bit, trying to get even more pleasure out of the gloved hand.

Yukari let out a deep sigh, shaking her head once more, “My, my... seems that's all the resistance I'll be getting out of you. Poor Reina, she just can't handle these new feelings, huh? Guess I'll be having my fun with lovely Reina tonight...”

All you can gasp out is a weak groan, your face burning red with embarrassment at your inability to prevent this from happening. The youkai takes this as a sign of your surrender, her hand squeezing your erection as she sped up her pumping almost to the point of her hand blurring from your point of view. You started to feel shame as you felt a throbbing, twitching feeling your groin, and Yukari immediately picked up on it – her pumping slowed down to drawn out, gentle strokes, the palm of her hand just teasingly rubbing the head at the peak of each stroke. Giving out one last groan, you feel a sort of pulsating feeling in the new genitalia, and you can't help but watch as you see spurts of semen splatter onto Yukari's face and clothes.

As soon as you felt the first pulse, your whole body felt limp and weak, and you became aware of the bindings on your arms had disappeared, yet you could hardly muster up the strength to lift them. Guess she wasn't kidding when the act of ejaculation would drain you of all your strength...

The blonde youkai smiled at you as she brought a stained finger to her mouth, sucking on it thoughtfully, eventually slipping her finger out with a popping sound, “You came quite a bit, Reina. I have to say, that tastes pretty good... kind of sweet actually. Have to give props to magic for this one, now do you understand why you can't let someone make you ejaculate?”

To prove her point, she reached over and gently picked up one of your arms, dropping it and watching it flop onto the bed, “Don't even have an ounce of energy left in you, huh?”

“Okay, okay I get it, letting myself... ejaculate, is bad. But you didn't have too - “

“Oh no, I certainly did! Now that you know how it feels like, and what it does, you know very well what you shouldn't do. If you found this out elsewhere, well, you'd be screwed. Quite literally, in fact~.” she climbed off the bed and looked down at the semen on her clothes, “I take it back though, I won't play with you until you pass out. I shouldn't delay your little adventure of recovery anymore, once you get some strength back, let's get you all cleaned up and dressed.

“Then we can plan where you should go to first. I think you'll need around three objects, and I know exactly where to get them! I'll just send you close by, and then you're on your own my lovely girl.”


Yukari's plan was quite straight-forward really, she would merely gap you to the location where the object was, but getting it was entirely in your hands. You would protest this, but you knew she was far more interested in seeing how you'd get the item, then simply letting you get it easily. You would need a grimoire from the Scarlet Devil Mansion's library, some magical reagents from the Forest of Magic, and then some scrolls from the Temple near the village.

“I'll leave it up to you to decide which you'd like to go first. Just remember to keep in mind, that unlike me, if anyone else makes you cum, it'll probably be the end of your little adventure – they'll probably just keep going until you pass out. And then when that happens, they'll just carry you off somewhere and wait for you to wake up again. Then repeat the process either until they somehow build up an immunity to the energy you give off, or the problem goes away on its own.” the blonde flashed a grin, “And I'm sure either way, you'd be there for months or longer. Maybe you'd even get them pregnant, and you'd have a family to deal with, hahahahahaha~.”

You sigh and shake your head, “Please, don't let me think about it. How am I going to keep them off me? I can't really outrun most of the people in Gensokyo, let alone fight them.”

“Get creative! And just don't pout or something. Actually put up a resistance. I've helped out a little bit with your own magical powers, so they should be amped up enough to give you enough punch to at least incapacitate someone for an hour or so. Should be long enough to find what you need, and then I'll come pick you up. It's just all up to you on picking the right course of action for the situation! So then, lovely little Reina, where shall you go to first, hrm?”

- - -

Three destinations...
[ ] Grimoire retrieval at the Scarlet Devil Mansion!
- [ ] Explore Voile first, that makes the most sense.
- [ ] Remilia might have it, so you shouldn't go to Voile.
[ ] Get the reagents at the Forest of Magic.
- [ ] It's late, so hopefully Marisa is asleep and you can nick the goods without problem...
- [ ] Maybe Alice is a better choice, she might even get you the things herself!
[ ] Temple raid!
- [ ] Maybe the scrolls are inside the temple proper...
- [ ] Or maybe they're in the storeroom?

- - -

Don't read the spoiler if you don't want a hint. Also I think because I'm too lazy to properly edit out the males in images, I won't bother later on unless you REALLY want me too. Opinions?

Either option will still lead to you getting the item. It's not like there's a “short” and a “long” path. Your choice merely determines who you'll be running into.
[x] Get the reagents at the Forest of Magic.
- [x] Maybe Alice is a better choice, she might even get you the things herself!

No-hint run. I wouldn't worry about putting an image on every update.
[x] Get the reagents at the Forest of Magic.
- [x] Maybe Alice is a better choice, she might even get you the things herself!
Unfortunately, I like always using images. It just looks really obvious that I'm having to edit out a chunk of them though. Not sure if I'd bother with that anymore.

The problem of not using a faceless male protag, huh?
[X] Get the reagents at the Forest of Magic.
- [X] Maybe Alice is a better choice, she might even get you the things herself!

Grimoire competition.
File 134032432960.jpg - (416.37KB, 900x1100 , 53593db0b47951f9eef0a0bf0b751f81.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Get the reagents at the Forest of Magic.
- [x] Maybe Alice is a better choice, she might even get you the things herself!

- - -

After declaring your intention to get the reagents from Alice, you find yourself unceremoniously dumped into the forest, landing with a thud on the forest floor before you realize you were even gapped.

“She could've at least given me a warning...” you sigh, standing up and brushing yourself off.

You weren't quite certain where in the Forest you were, however you could vaguely make out a trial, and figured Alice's house was in that direction, after all Yukari said she would send you close to your destination. The trip should prove rather uneventful, after all the Forest was just a lot of trees and plants, so you were hoping not to run into any -

Then you hear a rustle and freeze, trying to pinpoint the sound. However, nothing comes lunging out of the bushes, but you can't help but shake the feeling that someone is watching you very intently...

“Hello? Whose there? I know someone is here...”

Another rustle and you find a short, young looking girl with green hair emerging out of the bushes, eyeing you up and down with a curious eye. Recalling all the warnings you had been given today, you cautiously reach one hand to rest on your grimoire, slowly trying to bring it forward and flip it open – you weren't sure why, but you always felt you needed it open to cast magic. You probably didn't.

“I haven't seen you before I think but...” the girl stopped to sniff the air, a glint showing in her eyes, “But you smell really good. Maybe you just want to keep me company for a bit miss?”

“Ah, I'm sorry but I think I'll have to decline, I uhm, need to go see a friend and her house is just a bit further, so if you'd excuse me.”

As you took a step forward, so did the green-haired girl, moving to block your path. She seemed to be sliding into a kind of fighting stance and -

You dive to the ground, your body sensing danger and it was right. A split second later you see her going flying overhead, landing behind you and spinning around to face you again.

“No fair, you weren't supposed to dodge that! I'm not gonna let you go anywhere! Not until I've finished playing with you.” the youkai licks her lips, her body sliding into a fighting stance, “You'll let me right? If not, I'll have to rough you up a bit!”

Scrambling to your feet, you hold out your grimoire and prepare to defend yourself from this mysterious assailant. Judging by that kick earlier, you probably wanted to avoid her getting close to you, she seemed pretty strong despite her childish appearance.

“Just who are you anyway?!”

The girl puffs her chest out in pride, “Wriggle. And tonight, you're going to be my mate I think. You look like a girl and all, but you just have this intoxicating smell! You're just irresistible, I'm not letting you get away!”

With that, her body tensed as she appeared ready to launch herself at you again. You would only have time for a quick spell...

- - -

> Reina's Endurance: 2
[ ] Forget magic, just dive out of the way!
[ ] Throw up a shield to block her attack.
[ ] Best defense is a good offense, so maybe if you just made a little fire...
[ ] Mandatory write-in.

- - -

Keep in mind an Endurance of 2 means you have one more shot if you mess this up.
[X] Best defense is a good offense, so maybe if you just made a little fire...

Saw a few spelling errors there. Do you use a proofreader?
Nope. I know I probably should but... as long as I don't start making huge, giant problems, I probably won't.

This is just a kind of for fun little side project to keep me writing anyway.
[X] Forget magic, just dive out of the way!

Don't want to get touched by that kick...

Then again, maybe a shield would turn that strength against her? Hard to say.
[X] Forget magic, just dive out of the way!
>Reina and Anons Get Blueballed: The Smut Story
Oh boy.

[x] Best defense is a good offense, so maybe if you just made a little fire...
[x] Best defense is a good offense, so maybe if you just made a little fire...

SDM's going to be the real challenge. If we go Viole, we've got Koa to deal with, and that's going to be damn near impossible. And on the other hand, there's Remi, and I'm sure she's no pushover.

Actually, I would totally go for the Voile option if Koakuma just went "Eh, nothin' new," and Patchy was the one who reacted.
File 134050117067.jpg - (241.24KB, 640x480 , f3a436463965076f5765eca293b887b7.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Best defense is a good offense, so maybe if you just made a little fire...

- - -

As Wriggle tensed up to strike, you rose one arm out in front of you in ready to unleash a simple fire spell you knew, it should hopefully do enough to prevent the girl from barreling into you. All you had to do was wait for her to strike, and then unleash at just the right moment.

You didn't have to wait long. A breath later, the small girl was flying through the air towards you, her foot leading ahead ready to slam into your chest with a likely painful kick. But you weren't just going to stand there and let that happen – you had that fire spell all ready for just this situation! Now, you were no masterful mage, but you reasoned you could conjure up a decent enough flame to hurt Wriggle, and still have time to avoid having her slam into you.

What you hadn't accounted for was when Yukari said she had 'augmented' your spells somehow, she wasn't kidding. As you finished the mental work to cast the spell, expecting a reasonable burst of flame, you were not prepared for the large fireball that burst forth and engulfed the youkai girl – who went flying past you on fire.

The green-haired girl rolled around on the forest floor, screaming incoherently, trying to smother the magical flames – you knew enough about your own magic that it wasn't actually, true fire so she shouldn't burn to death, or even suffer burns, but you were kind of worried, maybe you aught to prepare a water spell...

Before you could, the flames vanished and the youkai girl lay facedown in the dirt, twitching slightly, wisps of smoke rising from her body.

“T-that wa-wasn't... expected...” coughed the girl.

Wary of her not being down for the count, you meekly inched forward and checked for a pulse – after confirming she wasn't dead, and merely unconscious, you decided to press onto Alice's, there was no reason to stay behind and risk her waking up and attacking you again. You make a mental note of her name, so you could send her an apology of some sorts after you get your situation all sorted out.

It didn't take long for you to emerge from the brush of the forest, into the clearing that surrounded Alice's cozy, remote home. Now then, all you had to do was hope Alice had the reagents handy... and that she wasn't going to try and jump you. As foolish as that might sound, you really didn't want to fight a friend. You walk up to the door and gently knock on it, after a brief time, it slowly opens on its own and you nervously enter into Alice's house proper.

You are immediately greeted by two, small girls wearing identical dresses – their only difference is one has red eyes, and the other has blue. You recognize them immediately as Hourai and Shangai, two of Alice's most prized dolls, although they seemed a bit larger then you remembered...

“Erm, hi there you two. Would you mind letting me go see Alice? I have to ask her something important.”

The two girls look to one another, and move close, as if whispering to one another in hushed tones – maybe they are, you can't actually hear anything though. Then they nod, and stare at you, gesturing down the hallway and towards a door. Before you can respond, they march off towards it, perhaps they were leading you to Alice?

The room turns out to be a rather non-descript bedroom, perhaps a guest room? Was Alice out for the day then? You really had to speak to her now, not later. However, as you stand in the room in thought, you feel a chill crawl up your spine, and realize the twin dolls are still in the room, and seem quite interested in you.

Uh oh.

You try to open the door, only to find it's either locked or barred from the other side, as it doesn't budge at all, leaving you trapped in the room with these two girls. Well, at least they shouldn't be as physically threatening as Wriggle.

- - -

> Reina's Endurance: 2

Defend thyself!
[ ] Defend? Forget that, blast the door down!
[ ] They're just dolls, so maybe if you just blow them back with some wind, it might disable them
[ ] No need to get violent, perhaps you can talk them down
[ ] That fireball from before worked pretty well...
[ ] Other?

- - -

I wanted to use better images. But THP keeps throwing out 400 errors, and the only way I know how to fix it, is to keep changing images.
[x] No need to get violent, perhaps you can talk them down
Harm Shanghai or Hourai? Never!
[x] No need to get violent, perhaps you can talk them down
[x] They're just dolls, so maybe if you just blow them back with some wind, it might disable them

I don't particularly think trying to talk them down with work, especially since Yukari told us to 'actually put up a resistance'.
[x] They're just dolls, so maybe if you just blow them back with some wind, it might disable them

Even if they are magical dolls, talking to them just seems silly somehow. That, and it doesn't sound at all like a good defense.

...Of course, this might just annoy them, but hopefully to a lesser degree than a fireball would. And, also, there's Alice to consider, too. I doubt she'd want her dolls roasted.
[x] No need to get violent, perhaps you can talk them down
[x] They're just dolls, so maybe if you just blow them back with some wind, it might disable them
[X] No need to get violent, perhaps you can talk them down
[X] No need to get violent, perhaps you can talk them down.

Of course the dolls won't harm us! ...how would a doll even get in heat?
File 134057449861.jpg - (231.03KB, 600x800 , nottoscale.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] No need to get violent, perhaps you can talk them down

- - -

You hold your hands out in front of you, fingers spread, “Hourai, Shangai, are you two feeling okay? You look kind of funny.”

The two dolls look at you oddly, then at one another as if considering your words. Then they shrug and look back to you, a glint in their eyes. The fact they didn't really talk was even more un-nerving then the look they gave you, Alice would need to work on making some real living, dolls sometime – wait, why are you thinking about that now?! Priorities!

“L-look, can you just unlock the door, and let me go see Alice? I won't be even five minutes! Well, maybe ten. There's no reason to, ah do... whatever it is you two are planning!”

Hourai and Shanghai looked at one another, then shrugged again. This time, before you could think up something else to say, they lunged at you and, with your back to a door, you didn't even have anywhere to move to avoid them.

The dolls were stronger then appeared, and despite your resistance, they didn't take long to move you away from the door and towards the bed, where they pushed you onto it and then jumped on before you could scramble away. Hourai sat higher up on the bed, so she could pin your arms down, while Shanghai worked on restraining your legs, while also removing your jeans.

“C-come on, you're dolls! This shouldn't be happening, right!" Lemme go, I have to go see Alice!”

Your protests were in vain, and Shanghai succeeded on removing your jeans, sliding them to your ankles before turning her attention to your panties. In spite of yourself, the male bit of you was quite excited at the prospect of two, young-looking girls and was already beginning to stiffen – this only enticed Shanghai, who eagerly slid off your panties as well to get easy access at your penis, her hand working on stroking it into full erection.

A weak moan escaped your lips, unbidden, as the doll's smooth, flawless hand quickly worked you to full length and before you could protest further, she leaned forward to kiss the head, before her mouth opened and she began to bring it into her mouth.

Despite the situation, you couldn't help but watch her – her lips closed around your shaft and slowly her head would inch forward, until her nose practically was buried in your groin, then she would pull back to the head, and repeat the motion. As the doll's mouth expertly worked on your cock, your mind kicked in and reminded you that you couldn't allow yourself to cum, but with your arms bound by Hourai, your options were painfully few, but you scrambled to think of how to get out of this situation.

- - -

> Reina's Endurance: 1

[ ] It's just one doll holding you, so maybe if you just struggle harder!
[ ] Focus and try to cast a simple wind spell, maybe enough to loosen their hold...
[ ] Try and convince them again! (Write-in)
[ ] Other? (write-in)
[X] It's just one doll holding you, so maybe if you just struggle harder!

Iron Heart Surge?
[x] Focus and try to cast a simple wind spell, maybe enough to loosen their hold...
[x] Focus and try to cast a simple wind spell, maybe enough to loosen their hold...

Worked well last time.
File 134064793980.png - (153.10KB, 379x263 , robot smile lol.png) [iqdb]
[X] Try and convince them again!
[X] "I have business with your Master! If you hinder me in any way, you are hindering your Master! You cannot act against your master!"

These are NOTHING BUT DEAD PUPPETS. They do not FEEL. They do not THINK. They OBEY. They are SLAVES BY NATURE AND CREATION, made and designed perfectly to ACCEPT THAT FATE. It is time to find out who is the stronger master: their instincts or their creator.
I'm not sure if their master disapproves of what they're doing.
[X] It's just one doll holding you, so maybe if you just struggle harder!
[x] Focus and try to cast a simple wind spell, maybe enough to loosen their hold...
File 134073620793.png - (65.98KB, 298x629 , 63d77400baa8abfc82afe00e5518d157.png) [iqdb]
[x] Focus and try to cast a simple wind spell, maybe enough to loosen their hold...

- - -

Trying your best to block out the feeling of the blowjob you were receiving, you instead focused on trying to summon up enough strength and mana to throw in a last ditch effort to get free – given your amped up magical power, you were hoping even a weak, unfocused wind spell would loosen yourself enough to get you free.

Waiting for Shanghai to be at the very tip of your erection before working your magic, you watched her closely and then... release. Well, not the release you were avoiding, but instead a release of wind from your body. It wasn't quite as unexpectedly powerful as your earlier fireball from Wriggle, but you saw Shanghai get blown back, and you felt Hourai's grip on your arms go away. Scrambling off the bed and fumbling to pull your pants back on, you quickly took in the situation.

The two blonde-haired dolls seemed unmoving, and a quick look at their eyes revealed them to look kind of dull, almost as if the life had suddenly been knocked out of them. A worried thought crossed your mind that you had killed them, but you remembered Alice had never made a true, living doll – at best, you maybe severed some sort of connection that she'd have to repair.

Your thoughts drifted back to the puppeteer and you let out a sigh, given the welcome from her dolls, you didn't think this situation was going to go over peacefully. Still, you needed those reagents, so you had little choice but to put your pants back on, and take a few moments to calm down before exploring Alice's house to locate the elusive puppeteer.

After trying a few rooms, all completely empty of life or dolls, you eventually located the blonde woman in a bedroom, likely her own. You should've suspected this.

As soon as you entered the room, the door slammed shut behind you, and your seamstress friend gave you a warm smile, “How good of you to join me Reina. I apologize about earlier, but I seem to have lost a little bit of control over those two. It's quite annoying, really.”

“You're going to try and do the same thing, aren't you Alice?” you ask bluntly, slumping your shoulders.

Alice sighs, and nods her head, “I'm afraid so. I really apologize Reina, I... don't really want to do that to you.” the youkai sighs again, “But, you have no idea how hard it is to resist. You just have some irresistible call to you right now, I suppose it'd be similar to a siren's call? You're a friend Reina, and I want to help you, but...”

The young puppeteer rose from the bed, and extended an arm out towards you, “But, I think you're going to need to do something about that siren's call of yours. Otherwise, I don't think you'll be going anywhere, dear Reina.”

Alice was a far more skilled magician then you could ever hope to be, and you even doubted your amped up magic could hold a candle to her. Still, you had precious few options available to you, at the very least it seemed she was unable to control her dolls, so at least it was just you against her.

The puppeteer's fingertips glowed, and you snap back to focusing on the fight – you figured, based on previous experience, she was going to try and find some way to disable your movement, meaning she could then focus on pleasure...

- - -

> Reina's Endurance: 2

Grimoire-wielding duel! Of a sorts.
[ ] Fire is good, fire is your friend.
[ ] Wind worked quite well on the dolls, so maybe it'll work on her as well?
[ ] Use levitation and then forget magic, just try and land some blows on her!
[ ] Other?
[x] Wind worked quite well on the dolls, so maybe it'll work on her as well?
So far only magic has worked.
[x] Magic away the siren's call.

It's magic. I ain't gotta explain shit.
[x] Wind worked quite well on the dolls, so maybe it'll work on her as well?
[x] Use levitation and then forget magic, just try and land some blows on her!

I kinda doubt that Reina has any hope of out-magicing Alice (She even says so herself), and magicians tend to be rather weak physically. (Something about using a lot of mercury and other toxic materials, as I recall) We don't even have to fight through a doll army to get to her!
[x] Use levitation and then forget magic, just try and land some blows on her!
My oh my.

[X] Use levitation and then forget magic, just try and land some blows on her!

I want to lose, but this is still the best option to win. Dolls are small, easily thrown by the wind. Fire's a bit much.

Then again, our endurance seems to be back up to 2. Tempting.
[X] Use levitation and then forget magic, just try and land some blows on her!

Seems the best option. She should be weaker in hand-to-hand combat
[x] Use levitation and then forget magic, just try and land some blows on her!
File 134081926627.jpg - (467.21KB, 1268x1268 , 7b8a048ec7e418cc7e0b5acd25ab1785.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Use levitation and then forget magic, just try and land some blows on her!

- - -

If Alice was planning to bind you, or use magic, you decided to try and avoid both. If you floated over the floor, she shouldn't be able to bind you to anything, and if you just got in close to her, you were confident your hand-to-hand skills would be better then her's.

With the puppeteer still vulnerable with whatever spell-casting she was doing, you quickly finished your own levitation spell, and then leapt into the air towards her, aiming to close the distance as fast as possible. The blonde youkai seemed surprised by your bold actions, and she moved to try and defend herself – but it was too slow, your fist landing firmly onto her cheek.

Alice recoiled from the blow and staggered back several steps, her expression mixed with surprise and pain. You didn't want to hurt a friend, but you were left with little choice. Wasting no time you charged again, lashing out at the youkai before she could offer any resistance, blow after blow landing without any problem.

It actually almost felt too easy. Did Alice not know any other way to defend herself? As you went to charge again, you suddenly felt something grab at you and pull you back with surprising strength. Dusting yourself off, you charged again – only to again run into some kind of unknown resistance that repelled you away from the wounded Alice. The blonde looked to you, a glint in her eye.

“You didn't think I was just letting you pummel me for fun, were you Reina?” commented Alice, “While you were having your fun hitting me, I was just preparing some defenses. I may have lost control of my dolls, but...” she flexed her fingers, “I can still control the strings. It took a bit, but now I can ward off your physical attacks pretty easily. Still, you pack a pretty good punch I'll admit, I saw some of Reimu's fighting style, but your blows felt a bit too powerful to be just from training with her.”

The puppeteer shrugged, “No matter. Without your physical attacks, how are you going to stop me now? Your magic doesn't stand up to mine in the least bit.”

Now that you had a few moments to think about it, you could faintly make out the nearly invisible strings coming from Alice's fingertips, you weren't sure how she did it, but she somehow was weaving those into a barrier to ward off your attacks.

“Come on Alice, just let me get what I need, there's no need to fi-”

“Afraid I can't let you do that Reina. If I let you get the reagents, you'll just leave me. I think I want to keep you here for a while more, perhaps forever.” a grin grew on her face as her stance shifted, “Now, let us have a proper magician's duel. At least try and resist, ok? It'll make my victory all the more fulfilling...”

- - -

Well, it wasn't going to be that easy...
> Reina's Endurance: 2
[ ] Fire never let you down yet!
[ ] Well, maybe some wind...
[ ] You hadn't tried out water yet, have you?
[ ] Forget it, just attack harder! Maybe if you focus a bit more...
[ ] Other?
[x] Well, maybe some wind...
Hey Alice! I can see up your skirt!
[X] You hadn't tried out water yet, have you?

Hmmm... I'm not sure, but if we get her threads wet, will they get heavy and harder to control? This would open her up to some follow-up attacks.
[X] You hadn't tried out water yet, have you?
Of course it wasn't going to be that easy. Oh well, I don't have much for logic in this one.

[x] You hadn't tried out water yet, have you?

Water magic also includes ice, so try freezing her strings so they're brittle and unweavable! ...Or something.
[X] Fire never let you down yet!

Maybe it's too obvious but it seems to me that if she's going to try and bind us with strings then something that destroys the strings would be the natural counter.
That would assume Alice wouldn't see such a thing coming or that Reina would be the first to try that against her.
[X] You hadn't tried out water yet, have you?

I would try fire, but canonically Alice likes to stuff her dolls with gun powder, so who knows how much of the stuff is in her house and how much trouble it would cause.
[x] You hadn't tried out water yet, have you?
[x] Fire never let you down yet!

Burning the strings sounds like a good start, and multiple explosions might be the only thing strong enough to stop Alice.
File 134125664022.jpg - (101.20KB, 800x761 , a4b2dde194bda181e43641c6b81a27ce.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] You hadn't tried out water yet, have you?

- - -

You weren't really sure what a 'proper magician's duel' entailed, but you were pretty sure if you tried that, Alice would demolish you. After all, she was actually a magician, you just knew a few simple tricks. So, instead you were going to need to find some way to disable Alice, so you could find these reagents and get out of here.

Her strings were preventing you from attacking her directly, so perhaps if you got them wet, she wouldn't be able to use them anymore.

“Don't keep me waiting Reina...” commented the puppeteer, her eyes focused on you.

Finishing the mental incantations, you rose a hand – Alice's own went up at the same time – and you had a torrent of water burst forth from the palm of your hand. The puppeteer's eyes widen in surprise, and you momentarily lost sight of her as the water slammed into her. It didn't take long though for her to emerge, looking fine – although she was soaked to the bone. It actually made her dress cling to her body quite well, you never really looked at her th- no, no priorities!

“T-the hell was that!?” complained the magician, sneezing, “S-so cold... that isn't how you duel!”

“I wasn't trying to duel you! I just need the reagents, if you want to duel, we can do it when I'm... normal.” you reply, keeping a careful eye on the soaked Alice.

The blonde magician scowled and fumbled for her grimoire, “No! If that's how you'll p-play, then I'll just have to get s-serious!”

Alice straightened up and held her grimoire out in front of her, her other hand on the ribbons that bound it. Now, you weren't too sure about what her grimoire did, but from what you've heard, she's never been unsealed for any situation at all.

“Oh no, no, no!” cried out a voice.

Before either of you could react, you saw a gloved hand pop out of the air and land squarely in Alice's neck, the magician let out a startled gasp before collapsing to the floor. A moment later, one of Yukari's gaps appeared, and she stepped out of it, carefully looking at the magician. After a moment, she nodded her head satisfied.

“That was close! If Alice had unsealed that grimoire, well... I don't even know actually. Probably better to not find out.” remarked Yukari with a laugh, “Anyway! Good job Reina! Now you just have to go - “

“Wait, wait. Yukari are you just watching me?”

The blonde youkai cocked her head to the side, “Of course! Have to make sure you're going the right way, and to well, make sure nothing dangerous happens! Beyond what I think is acceptable, of course.”

You sigh and shake your head, “Right... I'd ask why you don't simply help me directly, but I'm sure it has something to do with ruining your fun. Let's just get these reagents and leave... Alice will be fine, right?”

“Of course, of course! She'll wake up in a few hours, probably with a sore neck, but she should be fine. Hopefully calmed down some too.”


The reagents turned out to be quite easy to find, well especially with Yukari to point them out for you, and the fact they were in suspiciously neat boxes. Something about this situation seemed suspicious to you, but really you had no other choice but to accept it, you weren't going to go back to normal on your own.

With that, Yukari returned you to your house, where she neatly set the boxes aside in the corner. She regarded you with a broad smile, “Excellent work Reina! Really, I'm not just saying that. It couldn't have been easy to resist the allure of such a beautiful youkai like Alice, riiiight?”

“Uhm, actually she kind of never really got to - “

“Oh yes, good point. I was watching you know. Kind of a disappointment there, I guess you were just a little too good! I was kind of hoping to see how she'd toy with you but...” the blonde sighed and shook her head, “well, that's just how things go when I help you.”

“R-right, well, uhm... so it's going to be the mansion, or the temple next...?”

Yukari nodded her head, “Yes! Well, actually you could maybe visit the shrine, that is not Reimu's, but the other one! On the mountain. You only need to get the grimoire from the mansion, and then either the temple or the shrine. But fiiiiiirst, I think my Reina needs a reward for being such a good girl!”

“A r-reward?” you ask hesitatingly, you didn't like that look she was giving you.

“Alice may have not got you all worked up, but I'm sure you're a litttllle pent up! Especially after her dolls were playing with you... I can't have you go into another area without releasing some of that! A few hours of waiting won't change anything.” declared Yukari, licking her lips.

Now you were really sure you didn't like that look she was giving you. Before you could protest any at all, you found yourself flung onto the bed, and your arms bound once more – she didn't even pretend to give you the chance to resist. The gap youkai was happily humming as she undid your pants and then your underwear, her gloved hands quickly working your penis into full erection for her.

You could do little but grit your teeth and try to not let Yukari enjoy herself, although honestly, she probably was going to regardless of how hard you tried to not make it sound like you enjoyed it. As much as you didn't want too, it seemed the male genitalia gave about zero fucks for what you wanted, and was just happy to have someone play with it. Yukari's gloved hand teased your cock, like your first time, but after a bit of this she instead lowered her head and engulfed your cock with her mouth.

Suppressing a startled groan, you could only watch as the blonde's head lowered even further, your entire erection disappearing into her mouth, before she would raise herself back up to the tip and suck the head, then she would slide down the entire length again. It reminded you of what the dolls had done, only Yukari seemed far more skilled at this.

“Y-yukari, w-we don't real-”

You found yourself cut off as the youkai ignored you entirely, instead you felt the youkai begin to suck as she bobbed her head. Your newfound cock seemed to enjoy this greatly, and Yukari seemed to pick up on it, her bobbing speeding up, and her tongue running up and down your length as she did so.

Exactly how long an actual man would last against this sort of pleasure, you're not sure, but you at least couldn't last that long, or what didn't feel like long – before Yukari was at this for more then a minute, it felt, you felt your cock pulse and release. The blonde's eyes lit up in glee as she sucked and licked up all the fluid that you ejaculated. Like the first time, you felt yourself go weak and limp, even as Yukari removed herself from your penis and smiled at you.

“You are very tasty Reina, I mentioned that, didn't I? Everytime you do your job, I'll just play with you! And unlike anyone else, I won't just keep you forever, and ever... even if I might want too.” the youkai winked at you, “Now rest for a bit, and then tell me where you want to go next!”

- - -

Dammit Yukari...
[ ] Hit up the mansion!
- [ ] You'll head to the Voile first, that makes the most sense.
- [ ] As much as you don't want to think about it, Remilia probably has it...
[ ] Temple!
[ ] That other shrine.
[X] Temple!
[x] Temple!

I'm sure the residents there can control their urges better.

I'm surprised by the focus on Reina's dick and how her breasts are left out. I just find it a bit odd (since she's remarkably curvy), but this is merely an opinion.

The female youkai are only after our dick, they're not interested in our breasts. Besides, they have their own.
Then it defeats the point of having a Futa heroine as opposed to a guy.
Except that I don't like putting guys into Touhou, sooo. Yeah.

Byakuren, maybe. Shou, maybe. Everyone else? Not so much~


Do want to see Nue go naughty tentacle on Reina~
Then give more indication that Reina is a girl than just a female pronoun. She still has all her other sex organs, both primary and secondary. Anyway, the writing is rather good regardless, but still.

[X] Hit up the mansion!
- [X] As much as you don't want to think about it, Remilia probably has it...
As you can tell, I kinda ditched this. Probably because I wasn't very happy with it. But, still, I feel I kinda left you all hanging.

So how about you all pick someone you wanna see Reina "fight", and I'll write it. Someone who I planned, anyway... I didn't really feel too keen on the Temple idea, but here's who you would've fought in SDM.

A. Voile path
1. Marisa (optional)
2. Patchouli
3. Koakuma (optional)

B. Remilia path
1. Fairy
2. Sakuya
3. Remilia
Voile path
Patchouli and Koakuma
Patchy and Koa.

Always need more Koa!
[x] Remi.
Aww yeah.

[X] Marisa

and if you're taking multiple suggestions let's do a [X] Koakuma, too
Voile path: Koakuma.

Because we really need more Koakuma.
Occurs to me... did you all want me to write the actual fights - so you can vote on it and all... or, are you just interested in Reina "fighting" and losing?

How about both? Write the fights, so we can have a little fun voting, then have Reina ambushed anyway so we can have some more fun.

Really though, it depends on what you, personally, would like to write.

I'd like to vote, but I also want the loss scene. I suggest letting us vote, but if we win (no rape) you post the "loss scene" afterwords.
File 134672083539.jpg - (149.08KB, 700x988 , 52b4fad46b1eaa3ac5ba9868db977941.jpg) [iqdb]
I'd say that it'd be a giant shame to run into a girl as lovely as Koa and not get into a different kind of fight (IYKWIM).
I'll sleep on it, but it feels like just posting the losing is less work. I mean, I can let you vote in a proper fight, but at the same time... what you all really want in this case is to see Reina lose.

After all, you're not motivated to keep in mind FUTA may, or may not, have allowed you to continue after you lost.
On the one hand, Koakuma is always hard to pass up.

But on the other hand, fairies. And this is THP. And there hasn't been a fairies vote yet, which is shameful.


Remilia Path. Fairy.
Voile path

SLDT's giving us enough Koakuma and /at/ hasn't seen much Patchouli as of late.
[X] Hit up the mansion!
- [X] As much as you don't want to think about it, Remilia probably has it...

Remilia and Fairy? Yes.
And I thought we had an update...

Pick 1.
File 13715856106.png - (880.19KB, 1024x1024 , ReinaKoakuma_zpsc806366c.png) [iqdb]
The red-headed youkai regarded you with a warm smile, curtseying slightly. Given your visit to Alice's house just a little while ago, her kindness – while normal – still immediately put you on edge. Koakuma seemed to notice this, and cocked her head curiously.

“Is something the matter, miss Reina? You seem a bit... nervous. I'm a bit surprised to see you here, actually, I hadn't really heard anything from lady Remilia, nor lady Patchouli...”

“Erm, well ah...” you cautiously kept an eye on the curious youkai, “I'm here to ask Patchouli if I could borrow a book and...”

Koakuma nodded her head, then cocked it to the side again, squinting as she looked at you, “I see... that doesn't really answer much though. You have the most unusual scent around you as well, miss Reina. Is something amiss?”

“It's kind of a long, winding, confusing, and embarrassing story, I really just need - “

“Well, then by all means, explain miss Reina!” interrupted Koakuma matter-of-factly, “I can't just go and lend out a book to you, if I don't know the reasons. Although...” the red-headed sniffed the air, “I think I have an idea. Come! Let us walk and talk. I think I have an idea, but I'd rather be certain...”

Her readiness to help, and unaffected personality was quite unusual. Okay, so sure you only had a limited experience, but Yukari was pretty certain everyone should be trying to jump you. It could all be a trap, of course, but for now you didn't see anything wrong with following her and explaining your situation. Despite how silly this whole thing sounded in your head, Koakuma did little but nod her head in agreement.

“I see... well, that is a pretty weird situation to find yourself in miss Reina! I can't even imagine how you ended up like that. Pretty unusual little series of tasks you have to do to 'fix' it but...” the youkai nodded her head once more, “I guess that explains a lot. I think it'd be rather dangerous for you to see lady Patchouli. From what you said of your encounter with miss Margatroid, I don't think she'd fare much better.”

You sighed and slumped your shoulders, “I figured as much... I'm kind of surprised you aren't all over me right now actually, Koakuma.”

The red-head giggled, “Well, I'm a youkai, but that's just a broad word to cover many different kinds of youkai. Lady Patchouli is a magician, for example. I suppose magicians are just more vulnerable... I can't imagine Lady Remilia would do much better actually.”

“So, you're saying I'm lucky I ran into you first then?”

“More or less. I can't imagine lady Sakuya would be affected either, but lady Remilia would probably order her to do something to you. Actually, lady Patchouli would probably do the same to me, but she doesn't know you're here – it is fortunate that the library is quite large.”

Seems even with how helpful Koakuma was, this still wasn't going to be easy...

“And I have to meet her to ask about the book, don't I?” you ask with a sigh.

“Unfortunately. There are only books around here – for a proper grimoire or the like, you would have to check lady Patchouli's personal collection. But you know, I think I have a way you could do that without having to worry about her...”

There was something a bit unnerving about the way she said that, but your curiosity was piqued, “You have a Plan B?”

Koakuma turned and faced you with a grin, “Well, I'm pretty sure your... scent, let's say, is only in effect so long as you're still at full strength. From what you explained, if you orgasm, well... you lose all your strength. This should mean lady Patchouli will find no problem with conversing with you, and can easily give you what you want then!”

You reflexively took a few steps back, “Erm, but as I explained to you, if I do that, I won't have any strength and... I mean, okay that's the whole point of your plan but - “

“Exactly! I mean, whats the harm in trying, hmmm?”

“Well, you could just be tricking me and...”

The red-head giggled, “I could yes. But do you feel confident in approaching lady Patchouli, when I'll also be around? You managed to defeat miss Margatroid by sheer luck, but lady Patchouli is quite different. And I'll be around as well. The way I see it, your only options are to either confront her anyway – and stave off both of us. Or try and defeat me now, or go along with my plan!”

Yukari was pretty insistent that you had to make sure you never did give in, so it seemed you really only had one course of action... finding Patchouli on your own would take a while, but you really couldn't deal with her and Koakuma. But on her own...

Koakuma seemed to note your decision and sighed, throwing up her arms, “I see you've made your choice. Very well miss Reina, I was going to be gentle about it but if you're so adamant on doing things the hard way... before we get into this,” the youkai pointed down a row of bookshelves, “if you go down that way, you'll find lady Patchouli.”

Well, at least you knew where to go after you took care of your immediate problem. You didn't know too much about Koakuma's abilities, but she was basically a familiar right? She shouldn't be too difficult to overpower... a lot less of a problem then Patchouli, but you'd worry about that when you got to it.

The youkai watched you curiously, slowly pacing, she didn't seem like she was going to make the first move... but you weren't really sure how to open up either. She was a magician's familiar, so odds are she was pretty good at magic, so maybe if you tried to attack her physically... but she was also still a youkai, so she was probably also a lot stronger then you, so maybe if -

Your thoughts were interrupted by something wrapping around your waist, and squeezing.

“Got you~” teased a feminine voice, blowing into your ear.

It occurred to you that the pacing Koakuma in front of you was no longer there, and judging by the soft breasts pressing into your back, she was actually behind you now... and firmly grabbing onto you. But how did she get there? She was in front of you just a second ago!

“A little bit of an illusion magic there,” explained Koakuma, as if reading your thoughts, her hand tenderly rubbing the front of your jeans, “I just made you think I was pacing in front of you, but I was actually sneaking up behind you! Now just relax miss Reina, even if you didn't agree to my plan, I'll still get that book for you, but first I need you to be nice and pliable...”

Realizing what Koakuma was up to, made you suddenly aware that you were now quite erect, and straining against your jeans, the redhead giggled as you twisted and squirmed, trying to break free. But as you had suspected, she was actually quite strong despite her slender form. The youkai hummed and giggled as her hands dexterously unbutton your jeans and unzipped them enough to free your erection.

“My, my miss Reina... it seems your little condition has blessed you with quite the endowment! Perhaps it reflects your other generous endowments?” teased Koakuma, one hand fondling your clothed breast, as her other wrapped around your member, “Now just relax! I'll make sure you feel really good~.”

Groaning you tried to push the feelings out of your mind, still twisting and squirming but to no avail. Even when you tried to kick a bit, the youkai just laughed and maneuvered you towards a nearby table, “You're really putting up a fight miss Reina! But, unfortunately for you, I can drain a little bit of your energy by just touching you... I had to try pretty hard to hold onto you before, but actually you've weakened quite a bit. I'm not a magician, but I know a few handy little tricks.”

Were you actually weakened? You couldn't tell. You felt pretty... normal, aside from the pleasure in your magically-gained extra. Koakuma had gently lifted you off the floor, sitting you on the table, where you found yourself face to face with the redhead – it occurred to you that her skirt had gone missing at some point, and a quick look found it was now laying discarded on the floor. And she was straddling you.

“L-look Koakuma, you really don't need to do this, can't you just go against the rules this one...?”

She giggled, “I could yes, but really miss Reina... I think I liked my plan. See, I have an idea of what you're going through, and you may not know this, but you have a pretty strong scent of mana. I think you're quite blessed with a lot of it, and probably some very high-quality mana as well! I've always wanted a taste, but it's really hard to get any out of someone...” the youkai grinned and shifted a bit, “But see, it's really easy to extract mana from men. The penis and semen make a good way of transferring it. You're not technically a male, but all I really needed was the penis, I'm just going to make you cum miss Reina, and get a taste of that mana!”

Without warning, the assistant had shifted her underwear aside, and had positioned herself over your erection – in one smooth motion she had completely sheathed your erection. The feeling was... indescribable. Probably because you weren't supposed to have a penis, so it made sense you had no idea how this felt.

Unfortunately you weren't supposed to be dwelling on this, even as Koakuma began to lift herself up, then slam back down, riding you in a sort of position that you believe was called 'cowgirl'? The pleasure surging through your lower member was overwhelming, and the redhead wrapped her arms around your neck as she continued to ride you.

“Come on miss Reina, give in... it'll feel so good!” the youkai gently nipped at your neck, “I'll confess, that my plan was actually always going to be this. I've wanted a taste of your mana for a while, but I don't think you're all that interested in me. I could get it out of you other ways, but they all pretty much involve physical intimacy... so see, now I had my chance! But don't worry miss Reina, I'll take good care of you until you get aaallll better~.”

The fact she was lieing to you wasn't as much of a shock as you had imagined, a part of you had always figured she was just trying to lure you in. It seemed she wasn't lust-filled like Alice, but she was still, nonetheless, quite willing to take advantage of you. You struggled to push the woman off you, but it was hopeless – maybe you were weakened, or maybe she really was just stronger, but she barely budged at all, and it did little to interrupt her movements.

You really couldn't hold out for long, you could feel yourself slipping away, the pleasure coursing throughout your entire body... you were pretty sure you may have been drooling a little bit even, as embarrassing as it was to admit. Koakuma seemed to notice your waning resistance, and her movements only increased in speed and force, clenching your jaw you continued to try and resist...

But it was hopeless. Koakuma drove you over the edge, and you felt yourself succumb to orgasm. A rather powerful one, in fact, you could feel your erection pulse once... twice... three times... and Koakuma's face lit up in ecstasy as she arched her back and rode out your orgasm. As soon as you felt your last pulse, and your body drain of energy, the youkai began to ride you even more intensely, quickly working your erection back to full strength.

“Mmmm... quite energetic! Your mana miss Reina is just delicious! It's so potent... and so much! I'm going to enjoy taking care of you for the next days... weeks... perhaps months? I'll make sure you're properly taken care of, of course. But you'll be my little secret from lady Patchouli. This is going to be so exciting! I have to keep a secret from lady Patchouli, and lady Remilia in fact...” the youkai smiled as she felt another pulse from you, “It seems all your resistance is gone too miss Reina. Collecting this mana every day will be so much fun! Now then, that's two orgasms, but I think you put out a lot of mana each time... let's see how much you can give up before you pass out...”

Completely powerless, you could only moan and groan in pleasure, as the red-headed youkai eagerly rode you, covering you in kisses and nips, smiling in joy at each orgasm... she even tried different positions, but she was always on top of course. You weren't even sure how many times you climaxed before passing out, but judging by Koakuma's satisfied expression, it was quite a few times – she had probably orgasmed herself a number of times during the whole experience.

When you woke, you found yourself in a locked off room, and you could do little but wait everyday for Koakuma to return at night and pleasure you into submission... it would appear you were going to be stuck doing this until you returned to normal... or maybe this would be your fate forever? No one came to look for you, but Koakuma did take good care of you.

You really missed seeing Yuuka and Reimu... even Yukari would've been a nice change.

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"Did feel good, little flower? Did you enjoy spilling your seed inside that magician's familiar? How shameful."

I only just saw this story now, and I must complain that there was a lack of horas.
Oh? Someone who knows of Monster Girl Quest here? Salutations. I hope the third game gets translated soon, the wait is driving me crazy and I wanna see how it ends!
I thought it was kind of obvious that FUTA was entirely inspired/based upon MGQ.
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