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Marisa studies your movements over your shoulder as you ink another magic circle. "Not bad at all. You're improving quickly, Reina. This formula is a little off, and your last circle is missing a layer, but it's certainly better than last week's attempt ze." The witch takes the paper from you and adds a few corrections in red, then gives a flawless demonstration of the convoluted circle you were attempting. "Try again. I'll go get us some tea, see if you can copy it in the meantime ze."

You grab the paper and resume drawing. Three failed attempts pass quickly as you wait for Marisa to return, but this one looks -- no, you see the mistake on the bottom. Another failure. You start over on a fresh sheet of paper. Again it looks promising, and just in time for Marisa to return with the tea. As you place the final line the circle comes alive and a strong white light pours out. It worked! It finally worked! You instinctively hold your hand up to shield your eyes from the bright light and then turn to face Marisa, who is standing behind you with the tea.

"It works! I finally did it, Marisa!"

Marisa doesn't share your enthusiasm. In fact, she looks very concerned about the result. "Did what? It wasn't supposed to do anything like that ze. When that light dies down I'll see--" Her eyes go wide and she drops the tea set she was carrying onto the floor. The teapot and cups shatter as they hit the ground, splashing tea all over the floor.

"What? What's wrong?"

She stumbles over her words for a few moments before managing to speak. "R-Reina. Your arm. What happened to your arm?!"

Huh? Your arm? Nothing happened; both your arms feel perfectly fine. What is she so worked up about? Your left arm is right here, and you used the right to block that light, but you're sure--

"Eh? What is this?" Your right arm is gone. There's no pain or even sense of loss, but your entire arm is missing. All that is visible is some dark blue slime on your sleeve where your shoulder would be. A drop of the fluid falls down and joins a large puddle on the floor next to the spilled tea and shards of porcelain. That's where your arm went.

Your balance suddenly fails you, but you grab onto the table and support yourself. Looking down, you realize that your right leg has also melted and joined your arm in a puddle on the floor. There's still no pain as this occurs, and you remain eerily calm as you watch your other leg turn into a blue translucent gel and break off of your torso. Unable to support your weight with one hand, you fall towards the ground. Your consciousness fades before you hit the floor.

You find yourself on a smooth surface atop a warm liquid. Jagged fragments have worked their way into your body but you ignore them as you absorb the fluid. It's not enough. The small amount of liquid is barely enough to sate your thirst; you need more. You can sense a hot, damp area above you, but no other fluids on the ground. You expunge the fragments from your body and move toward the dampness.

You find a pillar leading to the warm spot and begin to climb. It shakes violently as you pull yourself up, but your suction is too strong for it to stop you. Eventually, the whole thing falls over and brings the damp spot to the ground, where you can quickly rush over and press your entire body against the entrance.

Your body pushes through a fibrous membrane and into the wet chamber. The walls quiver as you force your way in and absorb the flowing juices. The enclosure is too small for your entire body to fit, so you have to leave most of your body outside where it cannot slurp up the delicious fluids. Once your front has had its fill of the nectar you pull it out and put another part of yourself inside. The area around the chamber shudders each time you pull out, and the entrance gradually loosens up to let more of your body fit in. The chamber shakes violently and squirts onto to finish your meal. Satisfied, you pull away and glide back to the ground.

The meal filled you with a newfound strength. Your body is much fuller now, but you feel flexible rather than heavy. You experiment by pushing a tendril of slime upward until it touches another surface above you. It takes some effort to hold the tendril up, but the exertion brings back memories. You didn't always have this form, did you? Remembering what you used to be, you form a head at the front of your body.

Your senses return as your head finishes forming. You're under the table in Marisa's study, although the witch is nowhere to be seen or heard. Judging by the sunlight you couldn't have been unconscious or unaware for more than an hour. You form the rest of your body into a humanoid shape, doing your best to match your original appearance.

"- n't know what happened ze! She was practicing a magic circle but it was a tiny harmless one!" Marisa's voice suddenly becomes audible from outside of the house.

"Well obviously you did something!" Alice's voice. Marisa must have gone to get her.

"Did not! Argh, this isn't the time! I don't know what happened but Reina's in trouble!"

"Yes. That's true. But from what you described it may be too late to do anything. Even Yukari might not be able to help someone that 'melted' as you described."

"No, I think she's fine. It- She was still moving after she melted." You hear the door open and the two girls walking inside. "She climbed up my leg and she- she-" The girls walk into the room and stare as they see your new form, interrupting their conversation.

"Reina?" Alice squeaks out after half a minute. "Is that you?"

"Of course, Alice." Who else would you be? Your new form can't look that different. You take a step towards them, but that just makes them more nervous. Both girls step back away from you and Marisa hides behind Alice. "What's the matter?"

"'What's the matter?' You were involved in a magical accident! Marisa thought you died and went to me for help, and when we find you you're naked and blue, but act as if nothing happened! That's what's the matter!"

Oh yeah, you are naked right now. Clothes probably wouldn't work too well with your body anymore so it's not a big deal.

The transformation probably did look painful to someone not directly involved, but you never felt any pain or discomfort during the process. "I'm sorry I worried you, Marisa, but I'm fine. I may look a little different now but I'm still Reina. There's nothing to worry about at all."

Alice doesn't seem convinced. "Are you certain? Think about what has happened. Think calmly. There was a magical explosion and you turned into a puddle of goo. You are not human right now, Reina."

You pretend to think it over for a few seconds to humor Alice, but the answer is perfectly clear from the start. "I don't know how to explain it, but yes, I'm perfectly fine. I feel great, actually. Like a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I feel so light, so nimble. I feel like this is my real body."

"May I examine you? I'd like to see for myself if there were any adverse effects. You may simply be blind to them."

Why can't she just accept that nothing bad happened? "Sure, if it will make you feel better."

Alice walks towards you with slow, cautious steps while Marisa stays still. The puppeteer leans toward you and inspects your body, then raises her hand and cautiously taps the front of your chest. A wave of pleasure washes over you as her finger passes through your body, causing you to moan. Startled by your reaction, she quickly jerks her hand away.

"Ah, Alice," you gasp, "please put your hand back. That felt really good."

The magician stares in shock at your request, denying you the sensation of having her inside of you. You grab her hand and pull it into your abdomen. The wonderful feeling returns as your insides swirl around Alice's hand. Drowning in the pleasure, you lean towards Alice and plant several kisses on her pale neck. Your hands touch her chest and pass through her clothing to directly feel the smooth skin of her breasts. She moans slightly as you stimulate her nipples, forgetting her earlier shock.

Marisa runs towards the two of you. "Alice! Are you okay?!" she shouts. She must be mistaking your embrace for you harming the other magician. She gets behind you and attempts to pull you off of Alice but only succeeds in jamming both of Marisa's hands deep into you. Your entire body wobbles and you moan loudly as a violent orgasm nearly overtakes your control. Panting heavily from the stimulation, you turn your head to face Marisa and slip your tongue into her mouth. Her surprise from your sudden intrusion quickly fades as your tongue twirls against hers.

You break the kiss and pull away from Marisa. She softly whispers your name, her face flushed with arousal. Taking a hand away from Alice's breasts, you embrace Marisa and pull her against your body. She lets out a small cry as your goo covers her upper body and brushes against her breasts and her dampening vagina. Marisa lowers her hands from your shoulders to your butt, sending another ripple through your body.

Taking care of both magicians isn't going to be possible while limiting yourself to a humanoid form. You lift your legs off the ground and wrap them around Alice's body to support yourself. Your goo merges where you legs meet, the extra mass allowing you to release tendrils to grope Alice's other breast and to feast upon her wet pussy. The two girls squirm and moan as your goo fills their vaginas and absorbs their delicious juices.

You wrap the majority of your goo around the magicians' bodies and push them together. Their minds already filled with lust, they lean forward and deeply kiss each other. Alice removes her hand from your body and embraces Marisa as her tongue explores the witch's eager mouth. You spread your body around the girls' upper legs and grope their asses through their panties to make up for the loss of Alice's delicate hand.

Alice takes the initiative and advances upon Marisa. She slowly guides the witch to the floor and remains on top of her. They continue to kiss as Alice brings her hands to Marisa's blouse and hurriedly unbuttons it to free her breasts. You quickly remove your goo from Marisa's chest. Her breasts are nice, but you don't want to get in the way of two lovers. It's much better to help them out, after all. You form two hands on Alice's chest and deftly unbutton her blouse to reveal her pale breasts.

Alice turns her attention to Marisa's exposed breasts and takes a nipple into her mouth while she lowers her hand to Marisa's drenched pussy and slides two fingers in. The witch cries out in pleasure as her insides and your goo are stirred by Alice's skilled hands. Marisa grabs Alice's breasts and lightly pinches her nipples through the covering of your goo. You were too distracted from the fingering to notice Marisa's movement, but neither girl seems to mind your presence.

You can feel Marisa's back arch as her climax approaches. That's your cue. Alice's eyes suddenly go wide as you shift a large amount of your goo into her pussy and pull it out quickly and fully cover and stimulate her breasts. The sudden assault overwhelms her and she joins Marisa in letting out a loud cry of pleasure from her orgasm. You eagerly drink the final burst of juice and pull out of their bodies. The two magicians lay on the floor, asleep from their intense sex. You return to human form and gently pick the girls up, careful not to disturb them, and bring them to Marisa's bed. You put a blanket on top of the sleeping lovers and leave Marisa's house.

Even after your double meal you still aren't satisfied. You've gotten used to walking around in your new form, so you are free to be with any woman you want. Your appearance will make you stand out more than usual, but you should be able to explain your situation to anyone who already knows you. You could probably take on the appearance of a clothed person rather than remaining naked, but without a way to change your color it probably wouldn't make much difference.

You head towards the Hakurei shrine. You aren’t afraid of anything that might be lurking in the path; the youkai probably aren’t interested in eating you anymore, and you could probably flee easily if anything tried. The specifics of your body are unknown to you, but dissolving into the ground to escape feels like a possibility. The trip to the top of the stairs is entirely uneventful.

Reimu is sweeping outside the shrine when you arrive. She notices you as you approach her, and immediately becomes alarmed at the humanoid blue shape moving towards her. As you get closer her expression changes to one of shock as she recognizes you.

"Reina!" Is that you!?"

"Good afternoon, Reimu. How are you?"

"What happened to you? You were practicing magic with Marisa, right? Did she do this?"

"Yeah, I was practicing with her, why? What's the problem?"

"Have you not noticed that you are blue and transparent!" Stop acting so damn calm! We need to get Marisa to undo whatever stupid magic she used on you."

"Why? I like being like this. I also happen to like the color blue." You wrap your arms around Reimu's shoulders. Your fluid passes through the fabric of her uniform and directly touches her skin. "See, isn't this nice?"

"It's kinda... weird. You're still warm, but you're all gooey. I mean, what are you, Reina?"

"I am Reina. I'm still the same girl I always was. My body has changed a little, that's all. Now I can do all sorts of fun stuff with you. Would you like to see?"

She nods weakly, blushing deeply at the thought of being with you. Without hesitation, you pick her up and carry her bridal style into the shrine. She panics as soon as you pick her up, struggling futilely in your embrace. "Hey! What do you think you're doing?"

"I'm carrying you inside, of course. Don't you want some private time with me?" Reimu simply blushes more deeply than you thought possible and turns her head without answering you.

You bring Reimu into her bedroom and carefully place her on top of the bed. She nervously looks up at you, her face still bright red from embarrassment as you climb on top of her. You kiss her lips several times before slipping in your tongue. Her inexperience is apparent from her lack of movement, so you're forced to take the lead. After a minute of exploring her mouth, you break the kiss and pull away.

"How is it, Reimu? Isn't this nice?"

"Yeah... you're a good kisser, Reina. Also..." She looks away from you again before finishing. "You taste really good too."

"You're always hungry, Reimu. Would you like a better taste?"

"Can I? I mean, it won't hurt you or anything, will it?"

"Of course not. Quite the opposite, actually. Here, help yourself." You hold out your arm for Reimu. She grabs it experimentally, looks up at you to make sure it's alright, then brings her tongue down to your arm. She samples you with a quick kiss, then glides her tongue along the entire length of your arm. The tip of her tongue just barely penetrates you, sending shivers through your body as she moves up to your shoulder.

Reimu stops after the single pass along your arm. You know her well enough to know that she couldn't possibly be full after so little. Her hunger is clear in her eyes, so she must just be holding back for fear of hurting you.

"It's okay, Reimu. This feels good for me, so don't hold back. Please eat your fill." You hold out your hand and drape your fingers in front of her mouth. She glides her tongue between two of your fingers and licks your knuckle. Her mouth then closes on your ring finger, making loud slurping noises as she tastes you. You moan softly as her tongue ravages you, breaking off pieces of your body for her to swallow. She moves on to the next finger after the one in her mouth has completely dissolved; fortunately, she’s in too deep a trance to be disturbed by sight of a missing digit. You quickly reform the digit before she begins needlessly worrying again.

You use your free hand to open Reimu’s blouse and pull apart her sarashi. While you could just pass through her clothes, you want to view this beautiful girl's breasts. The sarashi was hiding a pair of pale, modest breasts with pink nipples that are erect from her excitement. You kiss one of her breasts and glide your tongue around the delicate nub, making Reimu moan into your hand from the unfamiliar stimulation. You let out two tendrils to cover and massage her breasts while you pull down her panties.

You slide your tongue into Reimu's pussy and lick up her overflowing juices. She cries out in pleasure and releases your hand as you flick your tongue against her enlarged clit. You slip two fingers into her vagina and slowly pump them in and out of her body. She cries out your name as you flood her mind with pleasure. Her hands grab the sheets tightly as she orgasms with a scream and sprays her juices onto your face.

You sit up next to Reimu. She breathes heavily and looks towards you, her eyes unfocused. A small bit of her drool and your goo are dripping from the corner of her mouth. You lower yourself and kiss her on the lips. “How was it, Reimu? Did you enjoy your first orgasm?”

She takes a few seconds to compose herself, then smiles. “It was amazing. Thank you.”

You lightly trace your fingers around her breasts. “Want to do it again, then?”

She sits up and faces you. “No. You didn't have an orgasm, right Reina? It feels too good to keep to myself, so let me take the lead this time.” She loses her momentum and looks aside, blushing. “Um, but I need you to show me how, since I've never done this before.”

“How about we both pleasure each other, is that fine? I'm very easy to please, so just follow my lead.” She nods. “Great. First, lie down on top of me, facing the other way.” You lie down flat on the bed, facing Reimu. She follows, putting her dripping pussy in front of your face. Her weight puts a hefty strain on your body, but you manage to hold your strength and prevent her from sinking into you.

You slide your tongue into Reimu's vagina and absorb the remaining juices. She remains composed despite the stimulation and sticks her tongue deep into your body. Her tongue pushes apart your folds and scoops some of your goo into her eager mouth. You move your tongue to her clit and slide a tendril deep into Reimu's pussy, filling it up to her hymen with your goo. She instinctively bucks her hips to try to drive you deeper inside, but you pull back to avoid tearing it.

Two of her fingers slide into your body to replace her tongue.. The penetration isn't enough for you, even as she twists and turns her fingers inside of you to stir up your body. “Please, go deeper. There's nothing you could do to hurt me, so don't hold back.” After a moment's hesitation she pushes her hand deep into your body. A blinding wave of pleasure flows through you as her arm travels through your stomach and stops in the middle of your body. The overwhelming sensation of fullness leaves you completely unable to focus on Reimu's pussy. Your strength fails you, causing Reimu's body to slowly sink into yours. Reimu holds her hand still for a few seconds, leaving you stuck on the brink of your climax. Finally, she twists her hand inside of you and brings out your orgasm.

Reimu sits up in bed and looks at you. A thin coating of goo is still present on her upper body and her right arm. You don't have the strength to join her, so you just lie back in bed and stare at her lovely naked form.

“How was it, Reina?” She repeats your earlier question with a smile. She seems to be quite proud of how loudly she made you scream.

“Absolutely wonderful. But I think that's it for today. Is it alright if I take a nap here? I don't think I'll be able to move for a few hours after that.”

“Of course. A nap sounds good, actually.” Saying this she gets back into the bed and pulls a sheet over the two of you. She pulls her body close to yours and wraps an arm around your body before drifting off to sleep. You let out a content sigh and drift off to sleep.


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Reimu sounds like a pretty hot girl for someone who's nearly starving.
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