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Note: This is indeed canon to "In the Forest, a Dancing Light", the night of >>/forest/24382 and referenced in >>/forest/24455, with a mild retcon of their exact activities.


Walking back home, I notice Merlin and Hatate getting along really well. Maybe I won’t have to choose. I’m not as good at thinking and planning as my friends are. I’ll worry about it when I have someone to talk to; all I can do now is go with my gut and hope for the best.

They’re talking about their interests... I won’t interrupt since that’s rude. We get to the door, and Hatate asks, “Kazi, mind if I go back home tonight? I need to put my stuff away and check with the local officer to see if I served enough time. I’ll stop by in a couple of days.”

“Sure, but I hope you won’t get stuck up there.” I really do hope that as I do enjoy her company, even if there aren't any inadvertent nude sightings. Better dwell on that another time, though.

I open the door to let them in and follow afterwards.


I see Hatate already gathering her stuff quickly, which makes me wonder: are all crow tengu faster than humans at anything? There she goes... I feel something cool on my cheek. Wait... did she just kiss me?

I hear giggling coming from my room. I head over to find Merlin sitting on my bed, where I can get a nice look at her legs and ches- No Kazuma, you promised yourself you’d avoid focusing on that too much. “I guess we have time to ourselves,” Merlin says as she motions for me to sit next to her, something I gladly do. I try to think of something nice to talk about when she adds, “It was fun spending time with you two and I definitely approve of her.”

“I didn’t mean to...” I try to explain it before she puts a finger to my lips.

“We’re both busy girls so we have no problems taking turns. All that thinking and worrying is making you seem unhappy, so let me fix that.” She leans forward and kisses me deeply. I go with my instincts and return it, starting to hold her. I barely notice my back hitting the bed as we continue. I break off the kiss to catch my breath, smiling upon seeing her face. Merlin easily has the best smile and I can’t help but return it when I see it. I also notice her yukata was loosened during the kiss, offering an even better view. “Oh... I wish you’d ask instead of sneaking peeks, Kazuma. I wouldn’t refuse you.” She reveals her breasts... Looking even softer, rounder than I imagined. And my pants are tight all of a sudden.

“Oh... my.” I could only utter at the display before me. I’m also stunned by how trusting she is. I’m not a brainy guy like my friends but even I can perceive some things. My thoughts are interrupted by Merlin taking my hands and putting them on her breasts with that same smile.

“I’m happiest when you’re happy,” is all she says. I can’t help but sense I’m forgetting something, but I’ve never been one to turn a girl down. I motion for her to sit on my lap and she does so with a bit of a confused expression before I resume the kiss while playing with her chest. She moans into the kiss while starting to strip my shirt from me. I ease up just long enough for her to take it off of me.

I spend a few moments holding her to me. “I don’t mind returning the favor,” I reply as I pinch her hard nipples, which are still rather soft; must be a polterghost thing. I am guided by what I read in that tengu porn Kamui got me, and instinct. I start to kiss her neck, causing her moans to increase. Before I can think of what to do, Merlin turns around and pushes me to bed right before resuming the kiss, pressing her chest against mine.

My hands drift down her back to her butt, which looks as soft as the rest of her. I slip one hand under her yukata while having the other work at the piece of cloth keeping it on. Her butt is definitely soft... And sensitive if Merlin’s moaning slightly into the kiss. After a bit of time I undo it enough to slide it off of her. Tch... I’m reminded of my now rock-hard rod. As if she notices, she stops the kiss and remarks, “I’m sorry; I forgot about that. I know just what to do. Just sit on the edge of the bed and let me do the rest.” I do just that, curious as to what she’ll do.

First, she loosens up my own pants, then takes them off... and upon seeing it, her face has a look of wonder. I'd never thought much of how big/long it was... but I started to wonder when Hatate had a similar reaction when I got up out of the bath. She definitely ran out of the room in a hurry. My thinking is interrupted by something wet and soft touching it. I then see Merlin gently stroking it with her hands... covered in her own juices, I think. I enjoy the treatment before getting caught off guard when she puts her breasts around it. I didn’t think anything so soft could put such pressure on it... and soon she starts licking on the tip, with a look of innocent joy on her face.

This continues, as her pace picks up and I notice that her faint self-fondling increase in vigor to the point that she’s nearly manhandling herself. “I’m...” I can’t get it out before I come right in her mouth. “I’m sorry!” I notice her swallow with a smile.

She crawls up next to me and answers, “Don’t be, I knew what was coming.” I notice her hand moving down there... KAZUMA YOU IDIOT! She hasn’t come yet! Oh yeah, that guy licked down there in that tengu porn! I try moving down but her breasts tempt me, and before I can resist, I feel her hand pushing my head into them. She must have noticed my reaction.

“I don’t mind waiting if you get to enjoy yourself,” I hear as I start sucking and playing with her breasts. I can feel her moving her wet crotch against my leg. I feel my rod harden as I enjoy her soft breasts. After a bit I switch breasts, then move into position to do the licking. I can’t help but notice a total lack of hair there.

I look at Merlin who gives me a trusting smile. I gently stick a finger in and remove it to take a lick. Very sugary, fitting for Merlin and her personality. I start licking some, cleaning her up a bit as I notice a nub above. I try touching to see how she reacts and I hear her moans get louder... so if I play with this, then it’ll feet better for her. I try playing with that nub various ways as I lick her and I hear a faint “Kazu...” in between the moans before she comes in my face with surprising force.

I take a few moments to stand up and wipe the juices from my eyes, and I see her with an expectant expression. “I’m ready... but could we do this gently first?” I was going to do that anyways, but the fact she wants it this way strengthens my smile. I get into position and push in gently as I soon run into something... do polterghosts have maidenhoods? I think it’s some con-whatever of never having been with a guy. “Merlin, I’m afraid this is going to hurt a bit... but it should get better” I have no idea if what I’m saying is true... this wasn’t in the tengu porn! 1... 2... 3! I thrust in firmly but gently as I start to hold her in an attempt at comforting her. “Are you alright?”

“Yes... let’s just enjoy this for a few moments until it dies down.” Even in pain, she maintains that smile. A few moments of holding each other pass, then she slowly starts moving and as I then match her slow pace I can’t help but feel it’s a perfect fit. She wraps her arms around me and resumes kissing and I soon return the favor. While I feel the urge to hammer away, this is very nice in its own right. We soon approach what I think is a normal rate, as our kisses become separated by gasps for air. “Faster...” I comply, putting my hands on her hips to push in more easily. Tch... have to focus so I don’t go off before her... and her bouncing breasts aren’t exactly helping. I speed up a bit more, hoping to get Merlin there....just a bit more... And she comes right before me; when I empty my load, she gets even louder and it gets rather snug down there. It takes a few moments before we both finish fully.

We lay down in silence just looking at each other. There isn’t much to say, as we both know how we feel and what’s on our minds... I think. During this lull, things start settling in my head... such as why her sisters are so protective. I know from hearing a few of the other hunters speak, they would be the sort to take advantage of a girl like Merlin. But I won’t dwell on that matter. “Does this mean you’re done for the night?” My thoughts are interrupted as I see Merlin laying beside me in all her glory. I draw up some covers over us as she comes over to lie on top of me. She looks a bit worried about something.

“I hope I didn’t force myself too hard at first... it’s just that I really wanted you.” She remarks. Not surprising, as she is very affectionate, which her letters easily show. Looks like I wasn’t the only one who was trying to resist my urges.

“Not at all... I just wasn’t expecting... this. I’m not complaining though. I hope it didn’t hurt too much.” No idea about polterghosts’ quirks at all, just Merlin being her lovely self. I notice her smile returning to full strength as I answered her question.

“I don’t feel physical pain easily... though the first moment was unexpected, but even then it wasn’t that bad. You were there to comfort me after all. I wish I didn’t have to return home and practice tomorrow.” Oh yeah; it may be a while before I see her again. Well, I’m not going to be able to forget this.

“Yeah, but that’s life. All we can do is try our best so we can share some nice stories.” Definitely, I want to brag to her about taking down some big bounties. I’m going to miss this, as I think I’ve become too used to sharing a bed with a girl, first Hatate and then Merlin... though Hatate was clothed and I tried my best to keep my hands to myself. It was her idea as she didn’t want me sleeping on my own floor and I couldn’t let her sleep on the floor herself.

We enjoy the cuddling embrace for a few moments until we both yawn. Guess we’re both tired from today’s events. “Good night Merlin.”

“Good night, Kazuma.” I can say we love each other. Sure, it may have only been a short time, but I know what I feel and it sounds like what Dad felt for Aya. Between my exhaustion and Merlin’s soft embrace, it doesn’t take long for me to fall asleep.


I do have some more stuff with these two in the near future. The retcon moved things to the morning after.
Subtle story advertising is very subtle. I always just assumed /forest/ has been dead for years thought, so I guess i'll check out your story.
Very interesting, indeed, though Kazuma in this short sounds like someone who doesn't get a lot of time in the spotlight, unsure of what to do when he is.

The scene itself was great, and nothing unnatural at all, though, so good job on it.
That was a nice reading. Was surprised to see the Merlin pic for OP, but I enjoyed it. /at/ could really need more ghost girls scene.
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Note: Picture faintly related
Direct sequel to “A Night to Remember”
Events are adjusted canon.

Last night was great; I’m even having a rather realistic dream of Merlin putting it in her mouth. It's so real I’m about- ! I wake up to find Merlin doing just that; it isn’t long before I come in her mouth. She swallows it, before apologizing. “I’m sorry... it’s just that I was curious about how it’d taste after it’s been in me.” She has a guilty, innocent expression on her face.

“I’m not upset at all... I’d rather just have you wake me up before doing that.” I give her a hug to show I’m not that mad about it. Well, that and I like hugging her regardless of what happened. I hear my stomach growl... yeah, before I can think of doing anything else, I’ll need some food. From the position of the sun in the window, it’s still rather early. Good; plenty of time to eat and relax before worrying about Ginji or Dad check in on me.

I put on only a pair of pants to wear since I’m definitely taking a bath before I leave the house. I head into the kitchen/dining area to find two bowls waiting on the table with various fruits. Add shopping for food to the list. Merlin comes up behind me. “I’ve made breakfast! I hope you like something sweet!” I sit down and start eating, and she does as well. I barely notice her blush, and the fact that she's wearing an apron. The fruit tastes quite sweet, yet familiar; I wonder what she used to season them?

“What did you use on the fruit? I don’t think I have anything like this in the house.” I ask, taking another bite. All the seasonings I have are for various meats and some salads.

She smiles, answering, “I seasoned it with love!” ...Several things became clear to me. First, she used her juices on this. Second, I'm visualizing her doing it. Third, my apron is the only thing she's wearing. Huh, I could have sworn my pants were baggier than this. I focus my mind and I finished eating; I’m too much a gentleman to toss her on a bed right away and have my with her, no matter how hard I am.

As I finish, she asks, “Kazuma... could we do it some more? when I prepared breakfast, my fingers weren’t good enough.” That innocent expression combined with a sexy body... I can only hope I don’t tear a hole in my pants.

We head over to the bedroom, where I sweep her up in my arms and kiss her passionately, tasting some of breakfast along with something salty. As we made out, I faintly notice what little clothing we had be tossed aside, distracted by Merlin pressing her hard nipples against me and her very wet crotch against my leg. We separate, catching our breath, and she goes down on all fours. “Please put it in!” She wriggles her ass while asking. I’m not exactly comfortable with doing it like animals... but I want it as much as she does.

I get behind and enter her, and bend down to play with her breasts. I focus entirely on us, sometimes playing with her ass, sometimes with her breasts, and all the while Merlin’s telling me “Faster, Harder!” Normally I’d be uncomfortable with this as I’d risk hurting a girl... but she’s no normal girl, and it’s what she wants. All I can notice now are my thrusts and her moans, pants, and the occasional scream, all asking for more. It isn’t long before I feel it coming for me. With one last thrust, I come hard inside her.

I think I blanked out for a moment, as I’m suddenly laying on the bed beside her. “Merlin, you alright? I think I got a bit too caught up.” I hold her around her stomach.

I hear her panting a bit, “I’m fine... just a bit disappointed you didn’t touch these more.” She moves my hands to her breasts. “I thought it’d be a good position, but it was great other than that.”

I agree with her, and play with her breasts, enjoying the quiet embrace. I notice I'm hardening again; not to the intense levels of earlier but still ready enough for another go. “How about we do something a bit gentler, and in a position I want?” I ask, knowing what I want to do... having her on my lap was good.

“Okay, but let me do the work this time since you did it all last time.” She answers with her usual smile. We get into position, and she guides it into her. I resume playing with her breasts while kissing her some more. I focus on what I'm doing, occasionally kissing her neck as I remember she enjoyed that. She’s doing a good job on her own, though I notice she using her floating ability instead of her legs to move. I’m savoring this moment, as it may be a while before I get to experience it again. I run my hands over other areas of her body, all nicely soft.

She turns towards me, asking, “Am I doing a good job?”

“You’re doing a wonderful job.” I pinch her nipples gently to back up my comment. We continue at this rather leisurely pace, enjoying the embrace until she starts speeding up, bringing me towards the edge. I focus on her breasts and nipples to delay my coming until she does, and to bring hers closer. Her pants and gasps get more and more frequent. Focus... I can’t just be the only one who comes. Wait... there’s something I saw in the tengu porn that might work. I wait for the right moment before I gently bite her neck. ! Gah! That did the job alright.

In the clearness of the afterglow I realize that if we stay in the same room for too long, the only thing we’ll get done is lots of sex. But for now, I’ll enjoy the moment. Merlin’s turned around and is hugging me. She happily exclaims, “Good morning, Kazuma!” I laugh at the timing of the statement, since it’s not morning, and any man would find a morning like this good, if not great.

We spend some time just holding each other, perhaps trying to ignore the fact that sooner or later we’ll have to separate and get our minds on things other than seeing the other naked in bed. She’s the first to pull away. “Kazu... how are we going to do this now without repeating this morning?”

“I’m going to be in the bathroom preparing the bath, and you should get changed in my room. I’d offer to share the bath, but I think we both know how that’d end.” Keeping things clean between me and Hatate in the bath was simple, as we weren’t really a couple yet, while with Merlin we’re very much a couple and we’d both fall to the temptation.

“That's ok; the Inn has a bath, so I’ll just take one when I get there.” She then kisses me, adding, “I hope you have a nice day, tell Hatate I said hi, okay?” She gets up and starts getting some clothes out of her bag. I leave quickly, grabbing some of my own clothes before I see her with something sexy.


I get into the back, and start warming the water. First is a normal bath, then a very cold one just to drive out any stray thoughts like Merlin adjusting her- nope, bad idea. I think it’s taking all our self-restrain to do our own thing instead of running back into the room. Might as well use this already building frustration towards my work, as I want to bring in a C rank bounty before Merlin comes back.
I don't see why Kazuma's looking for a Rank C bounty: he's got a Rank A bounty all to himself.

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