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You are caught by surprise as straps fly up from the sides of the chair and lock themselves into place around your arms, leaving you trapped. On instinct you struggle against the bonds, but find it to be a fruitless endeavor. You turn your head sharply towards Ms. Knowledge when she closes her book with an audible snap.

“You really are interesting...far too interesting to just allow Remilia to have you all to herself." Ms. Knowledge places her book on the sidetable and rises languidly from her chair, looking you over with an interested gaze.

"It's a rare enough occasion for a man to come to this library, and those who do are almost always ensared by Koakuma's charm." She pulls her outer robe off, leaving her in nothing but a nightgown that you are suddenly aware is not quite as loose as first glance would imply.

"Yet, here you are. Not only did you resist Koakuma's temptation, but you perservered against that monochrome, mushroom obsessed, poor excuse for a Wizard when you came to deliver my books to me." She's standing in front of you now, her arms crossed under her bust, bringing your gaze to it before you force your eyes away.

Her thumb begins to idly stroke your face, and you unconsciously lean into it, bringing a smile to her face as your feel your own grown increasingly warm. Ms. Knowledge leans forward, her face now just a scant few inches away from your own. “You did something good for me, Nanashi.” Her other hand reaches out and takes hold of the back of your head, “Allow me to return that favor.” Then, without another word, the distance between the two of you is closed.

So soft…that is the only though running through your mind as Ms. Knowledge takes away your first kiss. Moving with speed and grace her tired attitude had not implied, she quickly straddles you and holds you firmly in place, one hand behind your head and another behind your back. You feel something apply pressure to your closed lips and…

It is a strange sensation to have another tongue in your mouth, you note to yourself. Strange, but not unpleasant, you’re surprised to admit. Her tongue quickly finds your own and sets about the task of establishing its dominance, an act that leaves you rather tongue tied. Ms. Knowledge tightens her grip on you, pulling the two of your closer together. You feel two warm, sizable mounds of flesh press into your chest. The hand on your back begins to press points on your back seemingly at random. However, with each touch the feelings running through your body grown stronger and your mind becomes hazier.You shudder and begin to subconsciously move to match Ms. Knowledge’s attempts.
However, her tongue quickly and decisively reasserts its dominance over your own amateurish attempts. Twisting, pressing, intertwining, your lingua dances with Ms. Knowledge’s own as she leads you in an intricate oral waltz. The kiss seems to have no beginning and no end, and you find that you’ve no real desire for it to end.

Ms. Knowledge pulls back, a thin line of saliva still connecting the two of your mouths together. You stare up at her, still not really able to articulate anything right now, a matter that only become further complicated when she cups your crotch with one of her hands and gives it a gentle squeeze, “Hmm, you’re a healthy boy for your age, aren’t you?” She idly licks her lips, “It would be rather poor manners of me to get you all wound up like I have and that no help…relive that pressure, wouldn’t it?” She begins to gently but firmly massage your member through your pants, looking you in the eye the whole time, “But…I’ll only do it if you ask for it.”

[ ] Ask for it.
[ ] Beg.
[ ] Kiss her.


After bugging him to do it for forever, Nobody finally got around to writing more smut. Enjoy~

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[x] Ask for it.
[x] Then Kiss her.
No. 12540
[x] Kiss her.
No. 12541
[x] Ask for it.
[x] Then Kiss her.
Definitely this!
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Sorry to interject here, but Nobody has authorized me to post this here to avoid posting it in his normal thread! Also it is completely, utterly non-canon.


Nanishi crouched low, peering through a slit in the sliding door into the classroom he had used before as his sleeping quarters. What they were used for now, he could not understand. His body knew the answer, but his mind did not.

What he saw transfixed him, defined him, befuddled him. A cacophony of sounds and images confused him. A moan, a grunt, a cry. Blue, blue again, and the pink of flesh.

She was laying on his bedroll. The one she said was his now. The man… He didn’t know who the man was.

She was exposed. Her skirt had ripped clear from the waistline down. The man’s pants were around his ankles, stained white in at least two places.

The man fell back onto her and let out of a groan.



And it didn't come out nearly how I wanted it to! I wanted to make it more poignant, and befuddle who the characters were until the last line, where it would be clear that keine's partner wasn't mokou. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to devote to side stories like this!
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Dominant Patchy is pretty hot.
No. 12546
Hopefully his bedroll is washed. Eew.
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[x] Call out for help!

>You feel two warm, sizable mounds of flesh press into your chest.
Surely someone is around to help our poor protagonist avoid this grim fate.
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[X] Beg.

Submissive shota, please.
No. 12550
[X] Beg.
No. 12552
[X] Beg.
No. 12554
[x] Ask for it.
[x] Then Kiss her.

More Patchy please.
No. 12574
[q] Kiss her.
No. 12575
[x] Beg.
No. 12585
[x] Ask for it.
[x] Then Kiss her.

What's that? I caused a tie? Whoops.
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You might want to do a votespam check just to be sure. And to ward off anyone who would think of doing that
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[x] Beg.
No. 12596
[x] Ask for it.
[x] Then Kiss her.
No. 12599
[x] Ask for it.
[x] Then Kiss her.
No. 12600
[x] Ask for it.
[x] Then Kiss her.
No. 12601
[x] Beg.
No. 12623
[+] Ask for it.
[+] Then Kiss her.
No. 12929
[x] Ask for it.
[x] Then Kiss her.

Oh my god, yes.

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Update where?
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Funny how all of the writers here stopped updating around the same time. It's been pretty dead lately.
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I'm betting its finals. Hopefully updates will resume in a week or two.
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I know that's what's gotten me in the dumps.
Damn you, higher education!
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[x] Beg
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...I knew I had forgotten about something! Yeah I'll see if I can figure this thing out. Pretty sure I got a bit more down at least. If I can't, I'll at least put out of the other ones I've half-finished but never completed.