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Thread 17408 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 128487556191.jpg - (352.23KB, 569x619, 4119c43ac87e76331a311e04f4f17cf8df7c3194.jpg) [iqdb]
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>> No. 17837
Mikio was more like 12-13, actually.
>> No. 17839

Actually, 13-14: >>7941
>no older than 13 or 14 by the looks of his face

And Hoshuu would still be 14-15 when he left. Probably 14, since we never got a scene about his birthday. It's not like it would be implausible for Mikio to be off by 1 or 2 years when he can't talk and can barely even walk.
>> No. 17858
Wasn't Hoshuu a bit scrawny as well or something? Take a look at >>8426 , where Sanae is worrying about Hoshuu carrying a bag of rice... that she was originally going to carry herself. Even if he wasn't eating right before... hahahahaha.

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File 128021111485.jpg - (1.31MB, 1700x658, 7747e19fc67d6f9cdf56644aeb97f845.jpg) [iqdb]
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>> No. 17405
Very well said.
>> No. 17406
[X]"Yeah, that would be good."

Gensokyo is no longer a place where things like "Youkai" or "Human" are sides you take.
Right now, he's neither.

Keine or Rinnosuke could probably give a good perspective on this.
>> No. 17407
Youkai and Human aren't the only possibilities. After all, there's also gods, celestial/demonic beings, undead, elementals... Heck, we've even met a psychopomp.
I mean, for all we know, Headgames could be a construct made from vast amounts of spiritual energy and negative emotion and resentment, like our own personal Angra Mainyu.
Eh, whatev. I've already voted.

Thread 16438 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 127694799278.jpg - (862.59KB, 1458x2500, f9a75685e4b0f65e0882c940a49d7aa8.jpg) [iqdb]
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>Try to make a makeshift yukata-like thing out of the blanket and a ribbon/rope

You stand there thinking about it. Your options are very small and limited. You can't make her wear any of your own clothes, she would be far too against it. Making her always stay undercover of the blankets is cruel, at best. Making her walk around nude? No, fuck that noise. There's so many things wrong with that, you don't even know where to begin. But still, something is better then nothing...

Then it comes to you. She doesn't have to necessarily have to have the covers drape over her like that as long as it covers her...with a little innovation, maybe instead, she could just wear it like ordinary clothing? You always have an abundance of bandages that you like to keep stocked, so while it might look a little crude, it'll definitely work as a powerful enough rope or binding to keep the makeshift dress in place. Maybe make it look like a kimono or a yukata...something like that! You're actually a little proud and excited for this idea. You decide to spring into action right away.

"I got it. Momizi, could you stand and wait here for a few?" Momizi is pretty puzzled, but does as she's told. You go into the storage room and get out your bandages. It's mostly emergency supply, but you have a large amount handy, so it's no big deal as long as you go out and get some more soon. Taking the big roll of bandages out to Momizi, you're greeted by a gasp.

"Ah! Master Satoshi! That is a great idea!" You blink for a few moments. Was she that quick to catch on?

"Uhh...you think so?"

"Yes! Please let me see that roll of bandages." You hand over the roll casually, and she excuses herself into the bathroom. Looks like she intends on doing it herself. You still find it amazing that she caught on so quickly. Well, great minds think alike, after all. Maybe Momizi was thinking something similar. This changes when she comes out of the bathroom. "How does it look?"

"Uhh...very fitting." The roll of bandages was expended mai
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>> No. 17333
... threesome?

Nah, just kidding. But still what a rocky road
>> No. 17335
shame. and here i got excited.
>> No. 19464
Best story end I have ever read, and I've read 1984.

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File 126031300463.png - (330.59KB, 486x576, b76cb79b96037fb09aa149e3cb5db863.png) [iqdb]
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With the sounds of rustling clothing so nearby, the urge to peek is almost overwhelming. But is this what I came for? Really? All this time to find Sanae just to get a cheap thrill? No. Peeking on her now would be wrong and a complete perversion of the time I spent looking for her. So as much as I’d like to take a look, I’m not going to. To further remove myself from the temptation I walk across the hall and lean against the wall there. Good. I’ve removed myself from the temptation, and now I can more easily and safely combat the desire. Though... I wonder what costume she’s going to start with.... Nurse? Bunny Girl? Police woman? Or something far more exotic. My mind wanders. The possibilities are endless, especially with that closet of hers...

I’m temporarily knocked out of my reverie by the appearance of Suwako. She looks at me funny as she approaches, but waves and greets me as she walks past, continuing on to wherever it is she was going.

Hm. I wonder which outfit Sanae’d look best in? Something too showy would be nice eye candy, but wouldn’t actually be a very good outfit for her. Keeping her modesty while showing off the good points of her body, that would be the best costume. Tight, but not form fitting, Revealing, without being a celebration of skin. The modesty is absolutely key. If she loses that completely, it makes her no different than any of those models. Hum... Her normal outfit covers too much, but really, a bikini would cover too little... Maybe one of those American cheerleader outfits? It would show off her legs nicely, and is relatively form fitting, but without being too... Mn, what’s the word... Risqué? Come to think of it, I’ve never seen her in anything other than her shrine clothes or a school uniform... So even regular clothes would be cosplaying a little bit...

My reverie was once again shattered by the appearance of a Goddess. This time, however, I didn’t even take note of her approach until it was too late. I only became aware of Kanako when her face was barely a couple of inches from mine. Had I the room, I would have jumped back. Instead, I settled for plastering myself against the wall.

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>> No. 17060
File 128108560817.jpg - (153.85KB, 850x635, 7bfd042db972031081823806e3c5b006.jpg) [iqdb]
>> No. 17061
Only wanted two but i lost track. And see it more like encouragement.
It shows that someone cares and want him to write instead of no one saying anything which is saying no one cares.
>> No. 17064
the first two posts seem more like writing the story off as dead than encouraging.

Thread 16343 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 127640721622.jpg - (246.99KB, 666x1000, 796f9894454915bebf61a229270849685ac38e3d.jpg) [iqdb]
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>> No. 16820
...Tsukihime references are anathema now?
>> No. 16821
File 12799419981.jpg - (243.91KB, 958x900, Tak-CHILL.jpg) [iqdb]
Listen to th yukkuri.
>> No. 16823
New Thread anyway. No harm done.

Thread 15403 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 127198536079.jpg - (756.22KB, 1000x1165, b59bae6bcb9e07d02e9263757979b1f8.jpg) [iqdb]
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>She needs comfort; pull her in and hug her

You can see her hands desperately trying to cling onto the little light known as hope, which you think she sees you as. Her face is directed away from you as a sign that she feels rejected by the one person she believes could save her. Her resolve is in shambles at the task at hand, wishing for someone to take her away from all this misery, to whisk her elsewhere and bring her comfort, happiness, and ultimately, apart from the turmoil she's experiencing.

This is what's going through your head right now. You're not sure if you should believe it, but without asking, there's no way to know. The only way to find out otherwise...is to take that chance. With a steeled will, head full of delusion and an aching heart, you go for it. You quickly reach both hands behind her, and before she can react, you pull her into you, both arms tightly wrapped around her waist. Momizi can only manage a gasp as she's forced into you, and while she resists, the resistance is ultimately weak, both to you and her own resolve.

"M-Master Satoshi...! What are...nngh!" Momizi struggled with you and herself, trying to free herself from your grasp. She both sounds and feels very weakened, you're not sure from what, but you're going to make her give in for now.

"Momizi, calm down...this is what you want, right?" Momizi continues resisting, but after you say that, it gradually winds itself down. Soon, you notice that Momizi is now fending off her own tears.

"N-No...this isn't...what I want...b-but...I..." You look down at Momizi, who has her face pressing into your shoulder. Her resistance has stopped. All her energy is being devoted to trying to keep herself from breaking down and crying, but that itself is being of little good to her.

"No? Then...what is it that you want...?" You feel kind of guilty now for being forceful, but after loosening your grip, you realize that even if you were to let go, Momizi wouldn't be going anywhere. It's probably more productive now to just continue on with the plan an
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>> No. 16433
>Next thread will be Satoshi's last.

That's pretty Ominous sounding there.
>> No. 16435

>A note however. Next thread will be Satoshi's last.

The last? You mean, the last of this story, or the last last?

Because if it's the latter, that feels bad man.
>> No. 16437

Yeah I dunno Sukima, Satoshi is quite the likeable character if you ask me.

But yeah okay, its your story, and we'll see what happens. Everything will be explained at a later point I guess.

Thread 15933 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 127407337776.jpg - (324.46KB, 800x1131, 9f38e597b43800b2f2dfc7b147879473.jpg) [iqdb]
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So here we are on our twentieth thread. It's hard to believe it's been more than a year since I started writing this, but I guess I'll save the sentimental stuff until after the story's ended.

But I'd like to just briefly thank everyone who's been reading this.

Now, let's keep this pace up until the end.

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>> No. 16335
If The Game's Kogasa could be in more despairing situations and still get a happy ending, then so can Mikio.
>> No. 16337
[x] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyXXwzPvUBk&feature=related&fmt=18

(Seems appropriate for this story, no?)
>> No. 16338
File 127631476725.png - (48.86KB, 488x258, 124200146655.png) [iqdb]

Thread 15410 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 127199586653.jpg - (1.15MB, 863x1200, cast.jpg) [iqdb]
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She’s telling you to search for something, but it’s not like you really have anything in mind. Well, you are a little curious as to how this little device functions, but even so, when she asks so suddenly for you to just input anything, you can’t think of what.

Your lips twist into a frown as you stare at the decidedly uncamera-like camera in your hand, your thumb hovering over the little keypad. You feel a prod at your side, and your gaze turns its attention to Miss Himekaidou, who stands there with a look of impatience.

“…Hey come on! Like, what’s the hold up? You can go ahead and search for anything!” she says with a little huff, crossing her arms together. Her eyes widen a little and she lets out a little ‘oh!’ seemingly realizing something, and with a scowl, she speaks again. “But nothing perverted! And don’t search for my name either!”

“Why would I do that?” you reply, puzzled.

“Well…!” she begins, looking a little indignant, though she calms herself a moment later, settling down with an ‘hmph!’

Anything at all, is it?

Slowly, you scan the keypad, searching for the characters you want to use. Sluggishly, awkwardly, you begin to type out the character for ‘autumn.’ Hitting the enter key, you watch as the screen flickers and changes view into a gallery containing dazzling pictures of the changed leaves and the people hard at work harvesting the crops. ...There sure are a lot of results, but you suppose ‘autumn’ is a pretty broad term anyway.
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>> No. 15928
[x] The option that has Mikio leave the tengu.

It ain't over till it's over, but it's just about over.
>> No. 15930
[X] …

It sucks right now to be Mikio, but that's because he spent his trying to fit in with the other tengu by not standing out, and in doing so he missed out on a lot of living--connections and friendships that could have been made with the varied and disparate people of importance in Gensokyo.

The question foremost on my mind is is not 'Why did we choose to do this here?' but 'Why didn't we do this sooner?'
>> No. 15937
It's not as if we had much choice with all the time skips going on.

Thread 15737 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 127338063351.jpg - (481.69KB, 770x770, sixteen years ago.jpg) [iqdb]
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"Sanae, do you believe in miracles?"

A soft chuckle. And then another. A louder one. Now I'm just flat out laughing. I, Kanako Yasaka, reminiscing? What a waste of time. Life should be exciting! Nuclear Power, Kappa Revolution! I shouldn't be in timeout...even though Sanae put me in here for dirtying the house from a wild youkai party I held here...again.

I laid down and looked at the ceiling. There, in crude crayon markings, was a picture of me and Suwako. Sanae hadn't removed it, I guess.

I sit up and sigh. Suwako. Who knew where she was now. She was always carefree and did things at her own pace. She was...a good friend. She just up and left five years ago, and nobody's heard from her since. Sanae never seemed to be troubled by that, but she never really regained that old cheerfulness.

"Why, Auntie Kana?"

Sanae was the child of a bright future. She had good parents. Her mother was very faithful to the shrine. We had a lot of faith then thanks to her, and her husband helped protect the area. But when her parents died protecting the shrine from a drunken mob, it took a long time for her to smile again. She was now alone. Sure, it was a miracle that she survived. But, at that moment, what she wanted wasn't a miracle, but her parents.

"Don't call me Auntie!"

And all Suwako and I could do was watch over her. We were now her Guardians, but we weren't her Protectors. And because Sanae wasn't of age, she couldn't draw faith to us. It was a short time of much sadness for Suwako. And Sanae. And me.
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>> No. 15807
File 127353549498.jpg - (157.75KB, 455x610, manly tears.jpg) [iqdb]
>> No. 15813
File 127358675291.jpg - (109.93KB, 1250x912, 23138d9eb7.jpg) [iqdb]
<-- Picture Very Related
>> No. 15814
That was both sad and cute.

Thread 14685 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 126923197252.jpg - (286.25KB, 1295x945, village.jpg) [iqdb]
14685 No. 14685 hide watch expand quickreply
[x] This isn’t what I wanted.


This isn’t what I wanted.

I didn’t want to become like this. I don’t want this. Let me out. Let me out. Let me out, please.

Let me die.


i wont let you go

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 15372
Sorry about the delay. It's nearing the end of school for me, and I've got a lot of stuff to do right now. I promise I'll get an update out soon. Probably.
>> No. 15382

Take as much time as you need. We'll still be here.
>> No. 15385

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