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Touhou/nWoD Mage crossover CYOA: viable?(4)

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Like the title says, I'm thinking of writing a Touhou/nWoD Mage crossover CYOA, the premise being that Patchy and the other magicians form a cabal in Boston in order to find the lost Library of Elders. Given that my favorite story on this board is Patchy Quest, trolling of the locals will be what appeals to me.

Anyway, is this a viable idea? Do enough people here know enough about nMage rules to take advantage of them? (Knowing oMage rules will suffice for voting, they're enough that I can make judgement calls when there's discrepancy.)

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First off, lose the email unless you are saging. As far as the crossover, I have no idea. You really have to either be a good writer or appeal to the neckbeard faction for game-like, rule heavy stories. As a side note, /words/ is a side board and not really visited, ever.

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Hell, man, anything's viable so long as you can write it well. I'm not too familiar with the WoD besides /tg/ storytimes, but I've learned enough to know that it could be pretty fun.

As an aside, you should probably read A Wizard is You if you want to see an example of tabletop game mechanics and story interwoven well.

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A friend mastering a Pathfinder match really wants us to try WoD so I'm curious... yeah I think it may work but... keep the rules hidden.

As in, someone has Architectural Attunement? That's because he was an architect. Someone uses his Lunatic Glare? Magic. Someone creates a Relic? Magic. Etc

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I think it would be awesome.
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