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So this is something I've been planning to do for a while, now.
FoSL is a story with a lot of background and almost all of its future planned to some degree or another. I also wanted to try to make a "routeless" story while still permitting romance. Given that we're about hitting the place where that can become a thing, I figured it would be a good time to put up a thread for questions, context, and information.

It's worth noting I'm the sort who's okay with tipping his hand in advance, if asked. As such, for readers who prefer to avoid that, it's worth noting that this thread should be considered spoiler-prone. Assuming the code is the same as across the site proper, I will use spoiler tags for that sort of thing. Just wanted to give fair warning.

So I have to admit one of my big concerns is an early decision on who Kazuki will go after. I'm glad Daiyousei hit it off well on her introduction, but I don't want people choosing her just because she was the first clear option. There are a few lines already open, both affection toward and from Kazuki, as well as at least one case of reciprocal affection. More potential partners will come up as they're added or interacted with more. I can reveal some of the current information, or try to work it into the story as I've already started.

One other thing of note--fairies in FoSL are inclined to monogamy. While it's not impossible with a few situations to have a more open relationship, trying to get to them will have as much to do with the characters in question as it does changing the perceptions of Kazuki himself. No harem stuff, unless it really felt natural and "right." And I think I'd be the last to know where that could happen.

So enough talk. Have at you! Questions, comments, debate, discussions, lore, whatever!
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Who else would Kazuki feel a particular affinity for at this point? Besides the nicely sized fairy?
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FoSL. Needs more fairies. Gensokyo, at least in the games, is jam-packed with them, especially since Kazuki's home was Misty Lake. I know it's less likely he'd come across them now, since his haunts are human(oid). As to other fairies besides Daiyousei:

1. Clover. Haven't heard of her since the Apple-picker story. We also don't know how much of a fool Kazuki made of himself when it was his turn. Does he like it?

Did Biff Summerfree beat the snot of him afterward.

2. The Fairy Trio, were seen fleeing from Reimu's wrath in the beginning, but with their combined abilities they really could just show up out of nowhere. But since they show up together, a monogamous relationship might be difficult. Catching Star under the canopy when she escapes disciplining might work. Sunny or Luna getting left behind when they lose their powers for the day/night. Or something to do with their love for alcohol, like attempting to drink each other under the (small) table.

3. The Sunflower Fairy, who only shows up a billion times in Ten Desires, showing she really gets around Gensokyo. She apparently is highly fashion conscious, what with dying her hair and changing outfits all the time.

4. Lily/Lilies. Seasonal, but this story isn't alien to time skips & retrospectives. You could play them both straight (spring motherfuckers!), or (more popular) is making them twins but polar opposites, or they're just the same person with a different outfit. Kazuki could stumble across their home while they're hibernate or whatever. Maybe Black is pissed because she never gets invited to parties and has severe seasonal affective disorder.

Enough of the babbling of someone who wish he wrote your story. Tell us about your vision for these characters.
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Romance, wise, Kazuki is, as seen, most interested in Daiyousei, but it's mostly crush-level.
Others include Clover, to a very slight degree. She's closer to the girl-next-door (next tree?) than Daiyousei, actually.
Apple, the as-yet unseen merchant fairy.
While I wouldn't call it 'affinity' just yet, there's a conflict of feelings about Patchouli. On top of that, Koakuma was friendly and cheerful enough to leave a slight impression.
And last but perhaps most significantly, there's a growing sexual tension with Remilia.

There are several girls with their eyes on him, as well, or who will. Not many--no playboy fairy.

FoSL. Needs more fairies. There will be, have no fear. I have a few OC fairies yet, as well as stuff planned for the canon girls. The Scarlet Lake and the actual living on it will come back up as a major thing.
1: Clover's probably going to be back relatively soon. Kazuki probably fell asleep pretty quickly that one time. All-nighting followed by a good dose of hard liquor? Bedtime.
2: Three fairies are possibly going to come into things about when Clover does. My only trouble so far is with Sunny. Need to come up with more for her to stand on her own as a character.
3: I honestly haven't played a game after MoF. Not any old-guard attitude or anything, it's just that while I had a job, I would come home to relax and Touhou just kept me on edge focusing as hard as I could. I can try to work something in at some point, though.
4: I'm not sure what I'm going to do with Lily Black, but I don't think it'll be a separate entity. Lily White I've got some ideas for. I'm also debating making her mute, but when I had that notion the idea was a bit less explored than now. Might ditch it.

Now do you want more specifics of what some of these character scenes are gonna be? I can whip out the spoilertags and go to town.
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Oh, whoops! Forgot one thing.
Summerfree is actually a decent guy. It's worth noting that, at the time, he was just as drunk as Clover was. There's some more to that story Kazuki isn't privy to--yet. But don't write 'Free off just yet. Even just from a writer's standpoint, adding another male fairy just to make him a jagoff is kind of a cheap tactic.
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Well did you try reading the mangas with the fairies? That has some good foundations on their characters.
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I have not, just yet. I've got a lore-expert I grill for this sort of thing.
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So did you ever get around to reading those fairy manga?

Also, what would have happened if [x] I WILL SEE THIS PLAN THROUGH had won?

Blatant resurrection is blatant. Maybe this thread will get some use if the last post date isn't from two years ago
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I didn't, to be honest. I'm terrible at keeping up on media I'm supposed to catch, my backlog is insane.

And if Kazuki decided to go through, he'd have redoubled his attack on the carpet in pointless fury, then proceeded to go sulk-fly off to practice showboating drunk, which would have led to a varying level of shenanigans, ranging from "actually practicing flying impaired" to "THIS SHALL BE MY FINEST HOUR" crash splash 1d6 dignity damage.
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Just to see if things are still alive here, I pose a question.

If/when the story continues, is there plans to go through most of the incidents, or do you have a cut off point?

I recall you saying that you haven't played anything past MoF, though that was quite a while ago. I honestly would find it interesting to see Katzuki going toe to toe with the whole cast at one point or another.

And I'm just waiting for IN for the fairy to get some real revenge on the Witch and Shrine maiden.
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I do still keep my eye on things, yeah.

1. The general ideas has been "Kazuki is involved or in the periphery around the canon incidents," though to be honest I've been reconsidering that model. As time goes on, I'm planning to divert more and more from the canon happenings, since Kazuki's focus will be on his own matters.
2. At some point I suppose I need to dive back into the games, but at this point I've logged as many hours on the fighters as the main game line. I have solid-ish ideas at least through SA, and probably further, particularly if I play those games.
3. IN, being (relatively) close, is also fairly well planned out, and would actually represent the most major event in the plot as I have it down.

Also, thank you for your continued interest in the story, even after this huge gulf in activity.
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It's hard to not support a good story. You've actually inspired me to try my hand at it. I've been mulling over ideas to kick it off with.

To keep with the theme of the thread, what was the biggest surprise from FoSL so far? A turn you didn't expect people to go for, or enjoy?

And I really did misspell his name last post. Heh, Kazuki, the neko fairy of change.
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Hey, thank you. And good luck on your story attempts. They're always rough to begin with, but you have to start somewhere.

I think my favorite unexpected vote was "pretend to be the carpet," to this day. It was simultaneously so out of left field and yet completely perfect.

Other than that...I guess I somehow didn't expect the readers to dive for Meiling that quickly. Looking back it's clear as day, of course, but at the time I was genuinely surprised.
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I just read this story from the start, and I hope you still mean to keep going. I'm encouraged by the fact that you've continued after longer breaks than the current one before.

Just what is the voice that Kazuki talks with in his dreams at the shrine? Though at first I assumed it to be Yukari, it could also plausibly be Mima, Ran or even the god of the Hakurei.
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